Newspaper of The Sun, January 21, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of The Sun dated January 21, 1861 Page 4
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' SgMS-f-'i-.Sj ml 4i-if.-.vTdiyWT '" " ' - mAn Ml a-JT.... J""V MTtvtnt SRTSSBf ''-"WrrVr H"M','1'' -nuwwsl , .-,;-.- , y .Alfc rrtrrTOrxncr3rr t j 1 at - An.rrj ! 1 - k ry ate awi 1 I II ' " " wll-MIII ' '"I A r - " ' -... -. i :. mnvM -. uxatjio ta a H mi i t l" i ii ''' ' j j .","''' J. aw . ' .''' I F -wr- it i. ar-iaa .. 81 1 lat 2 Ita Uri tk It r. . t i ? I " I V . kariyr- 'sMfjBI UCal'sKsAa. to. ffT!W(i-;4. IS. ' w rr ftnM;wJ lamina, wnalraa Imotinml e .jmw arleAtiBtauil, howosnl topoorf fjtd n Ikta rich Mora I la Jeeua, my Bulk I Pal mteUrftaUa tat, ac-notunai. In a bleak. .I draw aa bit Bank fcr bit 411? trnrtply, Aad tmr WU did my tukii dny t i-m Mimi wm in port Ktmi to I that tAtak tny lektor mutt eurttf mltcarry. 1 met of Br Iwltara arala and amln i j- ....." . - ... MMM I 1 wait rang ana no kunt main 1 Ir-anfcl. and (sat hM nr Mill ire relerMd i I ewua auca a wirt never acceraea, I Mad ethers of rnrh twuj date, r en tardy I Mnd them Win lit. Ita aaa destitute, wnntrbed and nor, I M backward la drew any mar. lthPM,uneTpertd, wUlurlnf A to from my bjikr lab I then I ecu Binf i Aa4 white the lank ex In link l and ttJ, I ana kraal 10 my banker, and do very will. Bat when alt la spent, rich a poor (not am I, I faar than to draw, leet my tank ahonld dtay twaau nf mytelf ITn an wretchedly pn w, 1 taw euch a beggar He'll lura from bit dor. Itnt thla b drivs-m my Hanker, my Mend, tThot troodneae, and wishes, an I lovs, never end i Oh, eould I bill draw fiw" ten thousand lime mora 1 Tla a ahama that tl.ttuo of aktnf ebuuld btpoor. 1 cant draw a tail Ihat'a Ion lanrr In amount. fllnxa Ohriat and hla rirhM atxnd In my armnnt Tla wril In Ilia look, with my laMiar-a ciurirs Thai Ika whola ihall ta mlna aa I anatv(ne Til draw lhn amla. my lauiker lll y l Jla aTr will turn a ir Ix-atirar ay i For though ha wan rirh, h fur ma trcamo poor . Ilia rlchaa art mine, aul I'll tlill draw for mora. 1 nard r lo frar I h1l draw my IUnV dry, Hot antrctaln fvara llial my Uank U1 draiy, V'nlaM I arid liilla which I imnVifhy ahama, Indead, t'tt aant imuiy without any haiua. All aurli will mint Intk, an I In tmd Ihal'n no won Irr, Yet my ptmr atiiitil wnl until mnktaNiirli ahluixlar ; J ml mi anms (cxd drrd, ami riika tiirm my luk If I draw it leu lhunaiul, it la a I a tnauk. Hut wlitn all In irma, and I'm wrtirhr.1 rwra, 1 ran my liillt, aixl I knak l ll.n iV.r i 1 hand In my chwk, whl h la wnliin with lt'o d, 1 than grl Ibt cah, nn I tha muura 4 my ijtl. Ah I Hil It Hit tlxiifctr thai IB Vr d d refilna. And yot hew hiNKo"liHt I o'trti ilitnrl Thrraa rtioiu'li In hla I ukI i 1 n waiita a arr')' lit Ulda ma dran trrr1 and He'll ti I ill ny Tlian why, 0 my auul, aliinrdvl t' ml a nL indMniU', P n"a .lrairt ha rlrhra rn kiIi and t rmrf 111 diaw tai my lUiik fi- a imiru liktr tniii. Tor although 1 in a Uv i I tin a Km,f' mi. 5 ahall toon m of airt, atvl th what an amount MT lUnkar haa laid UJ, Lu 1 1 to my acoount t tit rym tvtr aaw, aul imi rar rvrr l.rnrd. ,kVhat (ld, ny daar IL-iiikar, fur ma haa rriAral TI1K IiWB OF A SPINSTER ; OB UOrEH ANB rEAJU. Tba next day wai Sunday, and Merryn made the unprecedented exertion of going twice to church, obaenring that he waa getting Into train ing, lie learnt the evening in dwelling on Gorily Htymond, who teemed to hate I men the cheerful tcaardlan elder titter of a larga family in narrow clrcumauncet, and an great a contrail to Murrj n Limaal aawaa ioor Lucilla to Kolicrti her hoiuo jineaaand aerioutneaa lieing at great liiudramea to the elder brother, at fathion and levity to the yougrr. It waa at if each were attracted by Ilia jndennable eanence. apart from all niialitiea, that cniatitutea the arlf; and Jlardn'a air, learnt long go by Cecily at a turtirit to her father on Jut lilrtuday. had eoked tuch a healthy thoat of lor within the lat twenty-four houra, that Sferyyn waa quite ttaivformed, though ttlll Talliar nntultatilv tentlble of hit own tacrillee. and of the favor 'he wat almut to confer on Cecily I 111 entering on mat inetuauia ierioi wnon ne vnatt neaaa to lie a irrntleman at Iarim. On Monday be rame down to brnak'att ready Tor a Journey, at I'lirrl concluded, to lindon. Hlie atked if he would return by the next hunt ing day. Ilaantwereil vaguely, Uien routing himaelf, aald, "1 aay, l'hobe, you mutt write tier a cordial tiiUj-ly tort of a letter, you know and you might nuke ik rlua uo It too, tur no )Mdy elte will." "You are going to Sulton 7" "Yea and, at I told )ou, I Irutt voa to write tuch a letter at to make lur fevl comrortahle." "Yet, Mervyn, I'll wnto, only I mutt hetr from you tlrtl." Site' received another kltt far tkowi worda, ami they had been an effort, for tho ilrtignt on Heaochamp weighwl huat ilv on tier, an 1 1 ho two taaka that were left to her wi re not congenial, fche did not know how to weleoma a t'rango plater, for wliote take Uiu hut of the Merut yrat grudged her own Inherilanio, and alill l,wt did alio fol (Unnoted to luritt her mother will) a new idea, whhh would inolve her In l'ilil.r tnent ani ditiuuiun. Nie could only hope that ttiere would lw iiii-piration in Mertyn'a blank cover, and tupprvat lu r fcter of antpiniitf, rVenneaday came, ll ty ufter dtv wore on. iinil ttill tlxi pott-bag wat rinp led iii vain, uiti l'hctbe'l pat lenre .it kept ou tenterlioikt, till, when a lull fortnight hid put' I, rho burnt thriMgh the tcrvuntt tlut Mr. Mervyn't jnl- roln and valet, groouit and nortet, lint ixnn enl for to London. So be had ii u rrfuwd, nu 1 teiil I nut hcur In tell her to 1 And hi re the wat di44ppoiuted unl rltyinp, and aa cxrd wi'h Mita I! ) mond nt if t bad not been no more than he deal rved. Hut tioor Morvyn ! he lud expected It to little, an I tiad been to raally nttuihcil. tint lioartily griotod for lmn, ami luiigi'd to know liow he bore it. It waa the old ttory of the pariah prietl taking liui.ilt, and by dire neu-tMty only hulf ful iillwg conllictiiig dutien, to the turilko of the snol of all. Ovrrwerknl Utween pupilt and ilock, while hit wife wat fully engroteed by children and houtohold caret the moment hall not boon perceived w ben tin lr daughter laicame a woman, and tlie pupil't t.rt grew to earnutt. Hot till Mervyn Fulinort luul hit Sutton for the Unlveraity wiro they aware that be bad treated Cecily aa the object of hit alToctiou, audlud firomued to Mk her aa eonu aa he aliould be hit own matter. How muth wat in bit mir tliey knew not, but hit wav of life toon proil Idm rareiett of deterring lur, and it wat then that the became tiaid and earvwi rn, and her youth had lott Ita bloom, while funed in con rclonco to rondemn the coinpunmn of her girl liood, yet unable to take bin k the heart onio be vtowiil, thoUKh ao long iirglted. Hut wlieu Meriyn, derUrlng himaelf only net t liberty by kiafuthcr'a death, t.irwl at'.Sut ton, fjocily did not wair, aol hr parent! U Iield tier Jerition, that it wul4 be a em to unite Jioreelf to an irreligioua mail, and that the al pencoof principle huh he hid eliowu male it iimioMiible for her to aicept him. Butan datcrilicd her at going almut the next ' morning locking at though aoine one litj lienn killing her, but going through her duliet at calmly and gently at ever, thuub preyo.1 on bv the miaery of the parting in iQiger. and the threat that if he were not good enough for her, lie woald give ber reason to think ao! Of Merry u nothing waa beard, and houae and ia-operty wanted a bead. )lattert came to pour lira, rulmurt for decision wlikb were uiibvarj t in) ttertet auil dlttrettot to ber, even when l'lwibe, iutiruited by the ttewtrJ. dlj her ut jnoat to explain and lell her what to do. It reuld cud by feeble, Wxi lered lookt, and toart tarting on the pale ihnka, and "I don't know, riy dear. It gort through my head. Your Htir ?aia attended to thoee thinga. I with tour bro her would come home. Tell them to write to 1dm." "They" wrote, and l'ble wrote, but In vain, no antwer came; and hen the wrote to K.U rt for tidlaga itT Mervyn't movrmentt, eiitrellug that be would extrai t a reply, he aiuwered that lie eould tell nothing aatbuactory of hit brother, nd be did not know whether be were in towu or Dot; while at to adviung hit mother on butinvta, lie aliould only make mitrhief by to doing. MUt Cbarlerote knew more than the told rUrbe of the tmraocution that lColrt wat un dergoing from a vettry ootoriuutly under the in fluence of the Fulmort firm, wlume interett It Wat to promote the vice that In came to with stand. Even the ladt eaiployod In the dittiltery Inewthat they gratified their emplot r hreuu Tagea on the clergy and their adhereuii, and there bad been momenta when Itolairt bad been erpoeed to abtolute irtuntl danger, by mobt stimulated In tba guihept their violence agalnt bit attacka on their viclout practice! being veil d by a furloua party ouiry agatntt bit religlout cpinlona. lit meanwlJUi tet hit face likearoik, nu tirmg, reeolute, and brave, went bit own vey, to uumoved aa apparently almott to prefer 6-zj Ilia own aaiiagvuiawv eiuiuia, aiei uoiuiug rair llXlUto weary out bit enemiea by bit conhitta, or to Ml a.V ... -II mi iIm.,1, l.w tha fliarttUi of wliL h Ut U ., ' J- - ) f til W f .- .... V. T.M-V- ., Mli- ,a.u ltr j ., fc ajiair t WU lot centra. CltaJTEX IT. "My dear, I did not like the voica that I Iteardjaat now." VI am aura I yu not out of tamper." "Indeed l Well, I am aura any on wouli be raxed." "Cannot you tell we what wat th matter ajrllhout being aura ao often t" "I am aura there, mamma, I beg your par dtp I Ml HN I did not mean to complain, h "OiiIt. Hank, naltka vrat aaaaa' kad aawaV . Itfafc yoo m tan irbaaj bothing hat (bm iwiwt. nuiwHiir -it ii that rtwtotrapriT, mamma. MUtDaaa brook It aobuiry with it f I could not copy la my truncation that I did yrataiday, becauw tht had not looked orrr It, and whan aha aald iht waa rominic prraanUr, I am afraid I aald it wai alwaj nreamtlv and nayer prrarnt. I brliera I did My II (rowdy, and I am anrry I domed It," and poor Sarah't yolca wa low and mark n ou fll. "Coming t VTbrra la U t" "In thadark chamljrr, doing a poitirof lb Cathedral." Mr. lrtndrrKaiit tntwed lliaatlioolroom, Out alda which aha bad lorn holding C"tloo,nt. The pawrrfol run of MkIi mimmtr wai filing tba room with barred light throoh the Venetian hlinda, and rtrtallng a ralbar confuaod maw of the apjillanm of tlndr, Interrprraed with aau. rrri of walr in whlcti ware bathing paper pho togrtpha, and rvery tbtlf of hooka had a fringe of oMicra on glaaa art up to dry. On the table lay a paper of Uaika, a threa-tallril artificial minnow, and another partly clothed with rilrrr twit, a Uy-liook, and a quantity of feathcri and til In. "1 muat tell Francla that the hJioolroom l na place for bit finding tackle I" edaiml Mm. ITendergatt. "). mamma. It IiMIm Sandbrook'a. Hha Ii teaching him to rlrrnt flint, lieraute aha aayi ha ran't be a real ntherman without, an I the trout alwaTi rite at hart. It it nmta Ututiful to urn hrr throw. That dc.lkate band it ao ttrong and XrAy." A uoor wat ononea, ini out or m nonwmaiu a rloart. riiifmdea from Unlit by a yellow blind at eyrry rrcrlre, rameeairrr exdamatlont of "Fa mont, t;apltai," "ihe tower rrrmct out to tarfiilion," and In another mmnrnt, I,ucllla nandlintik. In all lirr bloom and animation, wat In the room, followed by a youth of riubb-en year, Frtncia lleaumont, an Indian ncplnw of lira. I'rrnalrrgatt. "Hit off at lint. Itn't It. aunt t 'Ihnte dog- touth moublingt will aatitfyevi-n the undo." "lieallv It It very good,'' taid Mrt. I'mnder gait, aa it wta h Id' up to the light for her in tj mrt Ion. " M Im Htmll rix.k hat brwiti hr 1 I he rmncrt," continued lie. " llnj oil reim nil" r the libleoua miul'llv of l.l aumiii T f Hut, oh' MUnMjtil bna k, we mii'l h nc one mora , Ike nun will bo off bv-and-liy." "Only ten mlniitet," ild I.ui ill, in a ilepre. lating t'ltn1. " ton muat not ki'i maroiic more, let the tun be in ir tuih gixnl buinr, ('onto, H.rali, cmiiiMiiid bhow U4 the ptaojou aaid MuliM Ihj rogiod." ' ,'lllliM. ln.t,"a,iM Hirnh, bluntly, "uud I can't wntto tlie morning." " Will, yon pitlern-piipil, I'll roiiw pruently. Indeed I Will, Mrt. I'rcnilrrgiiM." "Iet mo ire thit ..n, Hirah," tuid Mrt. rrniibrgiitt, a tlm plmtortplirrt ran down ttairt. Mie IcNko-I orr it i arcfiill v, and aa the ten mlnutet had paiMl williout t'gn of Ilia govrr pett't return, atked wlnt tuiturnlly fullOHod in liie morning a empln) iin-nt, " llalinn remllng, mamma t but never min I." "hind the plani, my dear. "It it only whiloVramlt It nt home. Oh, I with I had not Ui n rrota." An I though Sirah utuallr Inrrd to rvnd to her mother, the wat un eaty all the lime, walihiug the door, tut ptut. ing at the mutt nvrt lug pattagm. It wat full luiu-an hour before the t on et were heard return ing, and then there n I rail, "Directly. Harah I" tlio dark ihamUr wat thut tl, and all euliaiiled. Mrt. rrrndargatt tttje.! on, ,n t.Ite.f an im. IJolrng glaure from her daughter, aad after an ntervalof the liijttcrlout manijmlttiont In the cloaet, the waa borne forlli In tri umph. I.uril'a looked a little ahaMied at finding Mrt. rrrnilergatl in pretenn,and began Immediately, "There, Mr. llouumnnt, you toe ! I hope Mrt. Prendergatt It going tobaiiih you forthwith) vou make ua thameful' iillo 1" "Yet," mid Mrt. 1'ri-ndcrgant, gravely, "I am going to carry him off lit once, and make a law againat future inrttiont." Kranrit atlrmpted loud appeal, but hit aunt qnathed tbem, with demeanor that tbnwed that one wai in carncet, and drute biiu away before her. l.uiill knew that a lecture wat Impending, hut tlie rmill v Im k and ettemned Mrt. I'render r;att loo mui u to prrnaro to cnamp tne mi. 1 ntt ivlj't warmth and tiinpli(ity, and above all, the larginettof mind, tlitt trevcnted her from of fending or being alfeivleil by trlriea, had endeaiwl her extn'mely to the young governeat. Not only had thetecig'lit montht iMtt without the aqnab ble that Oweu had predicted would tend her to . .l. I, f.ll- I...1 jI-.Ma.IIw iiiMiiimi in it nn-H. uu, viim m '-viv.. , though iiitrntililr. laid aside many of the senti ment! ami ntimi in wnuu poor iionora o)ipotltlon had merely confirmed her, Th effect of tlie tuffuringt of the patt summer hud iuImIumI her fur a long tlma, the novelty of lur jiotitioii had awed her, awl what Mrt. rixiidergnit trulv called tlve reaction, had been to tardy In romiug on, that it wat surprise eten to herself. Sensible that alio had given rausofur displonxnre, the courted the Ulf-r-trle, and hertelf began thus "I beg jour pinion for my hllencei. It it a fatal thing to lt rncilled to the Iwo pUKsiona of my youth fishing and photogrtphy," "M hutlwnd will nlie Franria employment In the morning," tall Mrs. rriavlcrgott. "It will not do to guo Sinilit n.iiarai irritaoiiuy too many exeunt fur outbrejkt." "She never aeirptt ei lines," tiiid I.ncllla, "UioiikIi 1 am sure the might 1 have Usui a tore trial to her diligence and mnliodlralneat J and hrr toul it too muih bent on her work for ui to drag her out to be foolisli, aa would be boat for ln-r." "So it might I for her; but, my dear, par don me, I urn not tpeiking only for Sarah'a take," With an nd.l Jerk of head an I h ml, (Mir ex Halmril, 1)li I tho ol I ttori the othor f Jirt it r "Inviortiid tint t I never thought tint," tried Mrt rri'iidcrgant, thoikel at the word and Idea that had lieirr crossed her mind. "If not," auld CHI i, "It It because you are too innocent to know tlirtlnj nlien you see It ! Dear Mrt. rreiiitcrgiitt,! di.ln t think' you would bar lot ked to grate." "I did not think vou woul 1 have tpnkon to lii:htlr: but it It bluiii that e do not mean the tame thing." "In fact, urn, in jour uietnett, think awful ly of that which fur years was to me like breath. ing ; I inougni mo taste wai gone lurover, out lou tec" and her tweet, toil expression pleadet for her "you hat e made me o happy that th old tclf it "i nnui buck." Ihnru wat 'a silence, broken by thit strange, girl saying, "Well, what are vou going to do to mo ?" Only," said the Inly, in her tweet, full, lm plYrsiie oice, "to bg')ou will Indeed bo hippy In git lug oursclf no raute for self-reproach. "I'm pant that," said l.iullla, with a tmlle an her lip and a ti ur in In r et e. "I've not known that teinutlon time my father died. My thief happiness since tluit hat lain in being provukiug, but lou have takeu away that pleasure. I couldn't purpuwiy id lou, eieu if I were your adoptciltlulJ!" Sincere wai I.uclllt't Intention In ntume ber igular habita. and put a slop to Irani it lkiau. moot 'a attentions, but th attraition had ll- lloiit, Ll ready gone t fir that repression rendered blm the mure assiduous, and often liore the ajrpect (if It were not absolutely tlie rornett) of coquet ry. While dtiircrating from her baart any at tailinunt un hit part, her vanity waa fanned at fiudiug licralf hi her present pwition at irreilit ible at ever, and hit eagc rnena lo obtain a tmile or word from her wat tuch an agreeable tltilla tion, that cvirithlngtlse benatne Oat, and ber hourt in tlie aihoul-ruom an imprisonment. Sa ra's methodical earueatnene in tludv bored her, and the waa tlik of restraint and application. Nor waa thit likely to be merely a past ing evil, fur Franiit't parruti wer In India and Southmiuater wat hit ouly English burnt. Nty, even when he bad returned to hit tutor, Lucilla wat not restored to her letter self. Her crai ing for excitement had been awakened, an I her repugnance to mental exertion had been vleldedto. The routine ef Utsont bad heroin bondage, and the aougbt every occasion of va riety, socking to outshine and ilaitla tha ladiotof Southmlntter, playing off Cattle Blanch fascina tions on curatea and miaor canona, and aoma tiniot living at higher game, even beguiling tba Dean himself into turning over bar music whan th tang. Hbe had at Ant, by tb nw or all her full- f crown faculliee, been Jutt all to keep autBcitut y alieait of ber pupil but ber growing iivlo. leni- toon riuted her t ttlp back, and nil only did tha let Sarah tlioot ahead of ber, bu tlni lie cam impatient of th girl habit of accuracy and research i aha would give ctreles and vex atiuut answers, lmU petulantly on eorrao ting by tb ear, make light of Sarah and tier grammar, and haitiry rejuct or, hurry from the maps, dlctiouariei and eyilopttlia with which harab't training bud taujUt uariuiesu ana tearu, uui uur aisuxaoi trou ble lu lupporting an opinion did nit mike her lent perlli iiiociout in nnnoM nir it. an . and thre were time when ihe waa wratWul and pe nlant at Sj rah'a presumption in maintaining the. rout rar v, venwith all tbt auUiunUut la thi bo Ashjlvls to bat k her. w Sarah 'i temper wai not lur prima quality) ater catlont began to run high.' Each dltout that took bhvC4 only prenarod the way fur anotW, and Mrt, Prendergut, having tiktnai-overu aUictly to lav her daughter from being fritted by inter, ruptiout, found that her antwvanc were Unfold Incmased. and Irritations WJZA: .dwirXion(urhcrijiti(umnilchmmnxlttU U-fM. ft-rwiaia ll,. f-arilln thatatv lx.i,.r. . H.AhUe, ilktMUl Witita tax porfoctivn, t4 wMlWtea4lhMntrUNBa.aBw1iM th wrong bad bees cbleiy cm tha aid of tba learner. On the whole, la aplU of thit return I) Old ftulta, lAidlla waa Improved by bar reaidenc at BootLmlnitif. Deflanc had fallen Into dltute, and lb habit of retpert and affection bad aofteo d her and laeaaned her raid titer waa mort devotional temnrr. and a rreater desire after nllgloutway of life. It might be that her frtt fnlneat waa th effect of an uneatlnctt of mind, whii h waa more hopeful than ber previous flero aelf-mtl'faction, and that her aberration! wer theltit elTortt of old evil lial.iU to re-establish tbtlr gratp by custom, when ber heart waa bo. coming detai lied from Uiem. Re that aa It mljrht. Mrt. rrendergatt'aArit duty waa to her thild, her aernnd to the ntlihew enl rusted to her, and loie and pity aa tho might, tlie felt that to retain I.ucilla waa leading all into temptation. Her hatband wtt slow to am th vorilK-alion of ber reluctant opinion, bat bo tinn ed to ber, and it only remained to part ai little harshly or Injuriously at might be. An opening waa afforded when, In October, Mrt. 1'iendergatt wit entreated by th widow of one of her brother to find ber a governess for two uirli of twelve and ten, and two Imyi younger. It waa at a country bouse, to muih secluded thit suih temptation t ai at Southminttcr wer out of rea h. and th youmrer pnnili were not likely to try bur Umpcr In th tame way at S trail had done. Si Mr. rrendrrgttt tenderly eTptaimvl that Sarah, la Ing old rnnngh to puriu hrr ttnliet alone, snd her titter, Mrt. Vt illu Heatnnnnt, 1 Ing In ditlret for a governosa, it would be brtt to trtntfer Mitt Sandlironk to her, I.urllla tarn ol a little pale, tint gave no other sign, only in twerlng, "Thank you," and " Yet," at fit mo menta, and arcedlng to everything, etui to her rpcrdy departure at the end of a week. She h ft the room in silence, more stunned ttinn even by Kobrrl't annnunrrmint, and with less nctltlnut tlrength lo briv the Mow uiiltri had brought on hertelf. Sha rrniired to the achool-room, and leaning her brow agiinst th wlndow-punp, tried to gather her thoughts, but arircrly live nuiiutci had pustcil liefore tho door wat thrown bai k, and In rushed Sarah, paasion atrlv exclaiming "ll'tmyfaultl It'i all my fault! Oh, Mitt Saiidbrook, deareet Mitt Stmibriaik, forgive me' Oli ! my ti mper ' my trmtt-r ! I nover thought III goto papa' I'll tell htm It it my doing' lie will never never le to unjust and iruol '" "Sirah, tland up; let mn go, please," tall Inrv, line la'piug the hindt from her wtitt. "'ilia it not right, iimr father and mother both think the tamo, and to do I. 1 1 it jutt tint 1 tin till go " ' t fit shan't tay to' It It my rrotsiteiu! I won't lit you go. I'll write to I'eterl lit won't let tou go!" Sinh wat nuilly betido hertelf with detlr, ami at her mother ail rancid, and would hale rpokin, turned round ilnrply, "Don't, don't, mamma; I won't rome away un lets ynti promise not to punish her for my tem pi r. You have minded those horrid, wiiki'd, gossiping ladies. I didn't think lou would!" "Surah," taid I.ucilla, resolutely, "goingmad In I lilt way Just shows that I am dnin,r you no good, You aro not In baring propc rly to your mother." "She never acted unjustly before." "ilisl it not for )wi to Jul7. in the fint pi iret and in tlie next, the ai It Justly. I feel it, Yea, Sarah, I do; 1 have not done my duty by yon, ami have quirrcllcd with you when your intirtst shamed me. All my old bad habits ire roino bin k, ind our mother It right to part with inc." "Iliere! there mimml; do vou hear 'tint?" snbtied Sarah, imploringly. "When the tpetkt lu mat way, can you tlill? (ill I I know I wat disrrtpittMil, but vou tan't you can't think that waa ber fault f' "It was," laid Lucilla, looking at Mrt. Prrn dergttt, "1 know the hat lott the self-control the onre had. Sarah, this la of no use, 1 would go now, if your mother begged me to Itay an i that," the added, with ber firm tmile, "she la too wite to do. If yoa do not with to aln me, and put me to aha me, do nut let me have any more mill exhibition. I'ale, ashamed, discomfited, Sarah turned away, and not yet abl to govern hJuinlf. rushed Uito her room. "i'oor Sarah 1" taid her mother. "You have rare nowera of makiiigyuur pupilt lor yon, Mitt Samlhruok." i r "If it wer for their good," alghed I.ucilla. "It haa been much for her good; the it far let uncouth, and lew exclusive. And it will be mure to, I hop. You will ttill b her fneud, and we shall often tee you here." I.ucilla' tear were dropping fast; and looking up, tlie aald with difficulty "IXm'l mind this; I aovw la ,a iit;u,j a uaii liua ucn-iiei alio i)'l hum thit yon nv given me here. Where anow ii it ngni: 1 nave not uetervea me ntppy Here 1 am let! hippy, I hop that I may keep a better guard on myself. I thouicht tba old wayt Lad lieen dettroyrd, but they are too ttrong mil, aud I ought to vuffor for them." Never lu all Lor dayi had Lucilla spoken 10 huaibly I 70 t Cowfiaaeif. HATIXvU DAitHtJI. ATI-ANTIC 8AY1N0S BANK CHAT- -fa. ham B'tiitre-eiarof Vew llowerr, open dally from to to It, and fn.ra i to I p. m. DepoalU of Wl emits it Souuu neslrsd. Blx mt cent UileraA allowed. All tumt deposited on or tiefur th teak January, draw laterrrt from Ihe 1st. at. ii. vax rt.Li, rrdn-ni 1Y, Iraainr. J I'.UNil'kJt, dlfi na144 II1AKLU 11, Beerctary. GREENWICH SAVINGS RANK, No II Blltk tve, eor of Wa.itrloy plaot. JANVAUY llfiuuir IOK 1ft,!.- Ut Hoard el Trustu s hsve ordered tiitarvat lo ba paid to defMaltors at tha ralti of Klva par cent, per auuuus, ou all miuis et five htmdrsd dollars and iiiuler thai mar b ntitled tluweto, and on all euwa ovur five1 huadrsd doaart that Dtay hntrtled thereto, four par muL pur annum, Eysbkl at Its Hank durlnt Hauk hours on and after UMlAY, Jan. yl. lnlerwst not drawn will be placed the credit ef depositors at prtuclpal, aud draw tar llie Buk It open dstly from lo o'clock A. M to IP M , and au Meudayl, Weduea1aya tad Krldai t from 6 to 1 1. M. II. A I rill at AN, fraudeai, WASHINGTON K VKKkfJXYliil ti all TIM KINGS COUNTY 8A VINOS BANK, COR. fourth tad South Ith tla, tlrouklya K. U. rrusleea. 1-booisa O. Moan, WlUUm A. OoUs Jaiaa liall, Han. ry K. kllpley, Job Louahraa, JamntB. lt,rua, Aadrew llUodms, iriKbalck bdiolaa, Wuu ClinsUI,0o 0. IteniHitl, Jteob 2tnuuer, Joun Behaeldor, Oeo, B kla- Eath, Pster Murray, Usury M. Haarna rk.inita O. oore, lYsalJatitL Jamas liau, 1A Via Prald.ut, Ja cob Zuumer, Id vice irsideul. Jaants B Hoarna, - retary. John MoOaan, Clerk. Depoaita rMWIved Iruat (htfnniato tenmu. Hit poreetit IoUtmI allowed on suna from tl to f0UU, ouuiiuolua 1st of Jsunsrv. AorlL JulrandUclobcr. Hours of bualasas from 4 I I p. m., ea esoh bntlneat 4ly of to weak. UeptMiu maia en or bsfur the llkh Jauaary out will draw Inionat Iran th 1st of aald mouth. 43Mt4aelU fTHE TKUSTEE3 OF TUB INSTITUTION j- ior ins HA VINOS OF MERCHANTS' CLKRKS. hart onltwed that lulersM be paid to depositors entttlud tin n4o, for the as uauths ea Jiiit Ilea, list, as follows t On sums ol t&uOand under, at the rstaul sit per omit. raw annum, aud on aims xoeediatl t&iH at the rata uf five pi r etuit. pur tnntiin, ptrthl on and etlor Moudar Ii. ll.tlo.t "' All kdcrert wUl he ertdlted te dtpodtor aa prlnelptt. MlMKlill ANDHXW WAKNkJt, Bw'y. jail flat) auirrua. I JOB LIVERPOOL THE SPLENDID SHIP . 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Illseaswef the keart are very fre tiietitlr ittended with llnailarliea; Aoaemla pletkora trs alM tfliTtlont hlch rmiuently eeeatlan heedaeh. ldlophtrle lleadacht te alio very common, b"lir nstr aJlydlrtUuralshedbrtbe name of "friwut AyadavAa, tomrtlmMeooitnienruddi'nlr lo a rtst orappatraur tnundhialthand pmetratlni at ones the mental sad ptinlralrni rt. end lo ntlMT bsaanest It eeniss on So. lr beraldiHt br d. pre-rion of rpulfs or "Wto of temper, lo most Inttano the pain ta In the front of the heed, ever ou er both eyes, tod sometime prore kliui vomrUot. under Uiia alaas may also b naoed rc7tnwtnient of etther etatt of nsadaeha, the Oe- rhalle I'llla hart bean found aira and taft remedy, r levlna Uie mt scute Pains In a few-minutes, and br lit tubtls power eraolcallnr th otaeam of arhloh llead acbi It the unerruid loaex. narnorr ktlssntwaoU yon to send herabeiftfCe phslle Dkie, no, a honlt of ITspared I'llla tail I Jn IhliiklntUistinotJnet II neither, but perhsi r" II ba alUiev kimwliia whtl it Is. Ye m she's nlth doail and Gioealhtlia rllck ll.-s.lsch", shewanla too Bwr of itt stmt tlitt ss rilalved lirr In for. I itOiM.ltv Yon Drift mean Himl.llnirv Cephalle Pill! llailwtT 4wJi I sure uow and you's.l It. hum's the quaniier, and air me Ui rnilt,aud dont U til day about Italthnr. oonstipation, oa ooflTirKinaa. Ma en of the hnanr flla flnsh la hetr ! Its areva bavt, to UUae undi rsbsid, and aa moth nwleefod aa Cuetlrenem. CMbn orlsliistlna tn eartlensiiens, orsn dentarr hsl.lts, II la retarded aa a sllaht disorder of too linhiennaeioennteeacit amltrWkua In reality It a Iks precursor and enuipankm of maoy of the muet latal and danarrcnis dlanwes, and unliwa early ertdlea OM Itwlll brlut Uw tof.rrr to tn imtlmulr arara Arnona Ui llaliter evils of which eoAlveneat It th usual atttiidant art Headache, Uolle, Kheamtilsm, fuul llrrsth, 1'llea and others of Ilka nature, while a Ut train of frlahtul diseases, tuch aa Malumaut T nn, Abaessea, 1 If-en Urj-, lliarnnl, njrnpepsla, Apo. tli xy, I4li1y, Faralrsia, llrstertt, Ilrpuehaudruwua, lelsDeholy and Inatulti , fln mdletU their preaenee In the trttira br thla alannlna symptom. Not aufre uwiitlr the dlwauaa named ortatnate ta ConstUiatlorl, bta takt en aa Indeinodeiit exl-teoel nnlaa th canes It eradicated la an early eta- from all these ennaldera tawa it follows thit the disorder ahuald rseetre Immedt ate attention whenover It occurs, and no person should i.mm4 ti, mA a u,s of Otttiallfl Pills on tha nrst aotear- aiioc of tje eoBiplaliit. at tholr timely use will erjnd Hi bieldlout tpvroaclaes of ikum and Aattroy thla Aaaaeroia lot to hamaa Luw, a bxal BLraema. PkviiMan Wetl, Mrs. la bthatbtdaeht VraJenea Oona lMcter. all toot I Ika pill roa son! cured tne la hut twaatr aulnuWa, and I wlak you Would aend toore a that 1 ecu bar them heady. AvMmaa Yoa raa trt thrm at any Drunrkst. Call for tvepaaii lllia. i rmd tnry amr lau, aa i rwoom- aneod tkern In all ioi iiaacsiDa .... arrt oaet i tnau anaa tor ooxirscwr,ana aoau laU til aay taArlnt trtauda, te tsvty an a rati Matewiff. td tor box furecay. n tnau Twaaw afnuoai o Doaua Arav-irr. fepald Ina haa told tw million at bottle of hit awlabralad of hit . latohh fftpsisd (that, and It m eatlmaiad thai aob boctkt tart at least lea dollars worth of brokaa turnltar, tkaa at sk int a atareaaU of twenty mllUom of aolksrt rsotalinad rrofa loua sobs or viu vaiuaDM mveauoa. uinai taut kit lllu a booaanoM word, b aww truliaat la do th world still rreetar wttIos by eurtnj all lb aahlru) bead I with hit UelaWM nut, aaa If they an a toed at hit J Qlue. Iliiliikfa auT naa vantak awaf iQt) anew tal Jaly. MT Ovtntuutaaaijdtaewmtolfiwiada kdy, taeideM I (lot atUutluB lo btttUMts r study, ar eroona lb aumeroua euaa of Narrows Ileedech. Ihs daurdMvd Hat of mind and body Incident to nils dlatrewut onplalak la a taial blow to au energy ao BunVrrrt by thla disorder ea always obtain ua from these dlstraalua attacka br slna spstdy relliif ou of th Calphallc I'llla wheurvar tha srmytoma ap pear. It quiets In onrtaaaad brain, ana Kuust to trained and jarrlna narvta and ralasaa the toaston of th Uooiaoh which alwart aoeompaoiat and ataranaai toalsia-ondionUUoutUibriia. rov Woara Krowma-BpaldUurk Oephall FCU areaeertaUi cam for blck llinaoha, UlllMaia llosd Mba, Nurvuua Usui ache, OuatiTtuaaa aad tramral Lst kUity. OwaA Diarovrav. Arnotuj tb aaeat traaartaat of ill the great medical dlaaoverma of thla ate, may ba ouo aidarsd the arwkra ot vsielnatlua str krntealjoa from aaull l'os. tha Cephalic I'Ul lur rUlof oTUeadachs, and tha aae of iulnlo tor the prwiaaUoa of Favor, either f wtuVh la a aurw aSMclfia. whoa baoeflxs Will be exan- asaoed by aunVrlua humanrty loot attar thatr Iteoovwren aesiorrilloa. fuTDntrwa f tat eoa throbtilail armptea, th fevered brew, tha CISWDIICW WI Wintsasi wanMt ia,a vwww, ms lhli.( end duaraal at Ih alahl offo. liow totall anhl yow were fur ef lb Cephalic 1 the sulleiiaa whlc eouvenailo ttudy. Oaa haiarallevad all iioutlieaexi For this plni aisrpoa roa SllOlll' d elwar ban a boa of ttaaa an tuaaasH raiolrsa. BWABE Of OOVNTnUaOTI. Th taaalaa hav tv tlnatartt of nnry 0, Bln1nt ta took hoc old ky DraMkd and all tbr Daalert la Mtdtotaa, AuaIUUieBtbyBiau,Tid;eB laottalaf ska ICrl, CKNTB. Aa tran alionU b addreated benbx a irALDDta. 4t (Mat ttnet, Hew Tork, 1KFOAU0 PILLS. CUBJt B10C HEADAOaL 0EPUALI0 PILLS. tJHEa NKXYOUII QEADACHa, CEl'UALIC PILLS. fXATtal ALL ENDS OAT UaUDACDM. rwMasafassatrTJs rbayertaa attaaka af JTsr. twaterjlalgteatenlitaaybe prtrtntsd, aad Utakaa at aba ewamtneeiasd af aa attack ---"-'t talkaf from pain and ttaxnati wUl to obtained. They ttlll fail ta - i-i JfaiiHt ml JJjaI tk la which taaalej am to aibjid, neyfMltut-rPa tbt bola--reinovtcai OboeiB noti, rer ff4Tws- rn flrtat-eaa, thOaata Faatlai ant anrataanacd atasaarr fcahtia, ttay ara vataaM a a lwtHt,wn9tUtmpvM4,M)rint.UM4MAil9r ttoUawattnrtana,and raatartaf th rifanl ataa ottr and ttranftxt af tha erbok ytwaa. rniAJJCrllJJanltM-wadti: V lava. awAata and earafully aaadaakal tBaarkataki, kavta tsteatasatavtay-ttw,Uaiat attah man hybwv4 rrwrtoMtaJrttiivavat aawtantof ptla aadaul tkraxt fr Waaatai, wawwyafaaisati it UtCnar. ois4'yaktarnwaaafrintdtwtaafaM laa ara atajiwly vwtwlak lata tbaU ataaaoatllta, and naFtatakaaal all limaiwlth -ttraM atAtky wttaaal maktaf aa akanaa af dsakand fA abttas a aay tVtatTMltllf ftaAfrttl aaatt. ad-kt,a!rAtae, rvfMi aUn ft A NA RT TITTTTW FOR nAlX-t 0X0 J Lewd-hi tr or lrli . aylitiat. A faar at If oreeat tdi trv, to th ff4 Bank tlli n. I. KINKLK AND LYONS' BEWIKO tA. A? eklnea, prtea redwrod. 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BUWAKTS Vfatua laoiory, ua muec iiroatwtr jslt flkl and Mh aieriue. jtfjQ NEW SEWING MACUINE. $50 TmsrvraiMi antin hllkfjl HLTION llnl.rn, monms ami ijmioii)Rij4,i'KrTtTi.Y. MlirlerAlllson,Unntr A llskera, UI 1, Web ster A iio tt, 1. kf- Binrer's, and all other mod srwlut; tusrhlnrw, tsah new endaceoud hand for aala very cheap. ar utai seeondhand anwlna machlawt waaUd. CKllce, M0 llroaoasy, M. Y. . d.UKdae'lM UDTOW8I.KY FIIBS. ATTKNTION, FURS, FURS. iV Tk New York Fur Manolaetartna Oompanv will call Furs a few dart loaar el eest,to eloas up their euUreitock. Mew York Far ktanufaetortni C H3 I'hatliam at. ialSUacnSI FLEktUiO. Manajer. I7RENCII alINK SETS AT ft M FRENCH . Bable sets it ti not and all other kinds ef tadlet fancy ttirs at retail, bo per etut lower thin it my other store la the city, el th lladsoo Hjyr Kur Companrt Warehouse, M Uroadwar. MAJUC 1. aOllU. dll 4oUt FURS FURS FURS HEW YOU. rv qOkfTArTT. IMlMtff ANT TO Til LADIES Th Mw York Fur Manufaclartua Company, lstiot W Chatham arsrt, orTar to th ledC ol this city the best selected stock of furs U b fouad, and at tha fol- ewiiut rstea, wtacn nu ue fsnn u mqu par cant. heaticr tbau toy ottier house la the city t Witrr Mlak,balf eapa, muff and euflk, t! Marek Mink, ktU caae, muff and cuffs, (11 rreuck balae cape, muff and enna, tT la tt I Freuch Mink eape. maa ,,rlir.lh.HUIIOi franch Mink molL tl lo tl M Water all ok mnffc, tl u ISBoi Franeh ttable monka Wafer Mil il Ml tot! Iloflll OtoJUi teVlotorr t ou to tt l w tier tuna tua rrenea a ins, oau eapaaa r rencn naoi ana ssanns r itco, ua cwp Water Mlnbrrtneh Mink, ind franco Ba- VUiurloaa. tl U to. Bible, Btoo Martin, Utah afarUn, Mink Martin, Brook Kink, tad UrsyBIbtrlaa bVtulml vkstartuaa, M, M, ). n, ana ruu eape. aiaauy low. A Ursa variety ef Uuldreot Fancy FMra. A pollu and pleasant ealaewoman la artandaoe. Mew York For MinnflrAlirtal 0(0 Chat aeai aa-ai TKEDXC1XVM. DR. BONK, 157 WEST HOUSTON ST., cunt diseases of the heart, lunar aad throat, liver, kldneya, file, scrofula, cad nraa, puaplea aid all Ilia diseases, rawaunatlMu, frmal aamplalnU, Ac. Omo hours, 11 to 4 aad t to I p.m. alfg4aloi FUUMAN'S RHEUMATIC AND NEURAL Old ANMIIIUATOB, For lbs psrmaasnt ours u HhasnaaUata ind an lit kin dred atksxlotia. Thla nmsdy hat bsea tkoroualy taafe ed, and maay who were taneruia froca ih vttwutltflnt palnaof stheumatlam ara now cuoyixui aoed keaJIk. lirr It t trial aud yo will aooa tuuai eoavtnassl of Its aianlcal aflucla. We hates ttthlttlild a 4in) ta WUIlaiutbariih,itM Booth Buooad si rt ran else be had at tlia Oothle Urar Btere, eor Booth tlk and 8U sts at Ue Variety Wore, Ulrlsloa ars., oppoaU Ith at. In Maw York-al the Ntws Depot Til Ulvkdoa A ti uie neaar nwtw, ob vonimts ta, an im boUle. "X T70R THE PILES. A? HIL Ll'HAM'H 1 1 hil iiuAMn vtxsrrABui rxBcrnABY u a nsrtain enra fur flbw la avarr faroa and eoodttu tiS tjtiM. uomrr a. 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HA I krl, lit ruUon at Wimsmabnrs-h, 1KKWW lMUrandH. 41' 14 naa'lut kkjrOVE OF STRONG DRINK CURED," Hy nr. BELL'S Woodseful Powders, which may bt liliutunanowa lo the diinker If need bel la auffus, tea. ur lk,uor. Wairanttsl entimly hariniaaa, aud wiu never prcauos nsiiwa. boui or Biau on ruoMM ef pnat, via. I Un dollar. 1 eruirr prleo, m aad tb rr peokaire. For sal at No. OS W.Uoo at, eor. Mtrket al Mra. UkAt 11a book atore. No. K14 tashlk are. New lark, and at Mrs. UA UI', ko. lift Fultva at, Brteklyo. "" UlttiafM MAGIC OiL-IADAM MORROW'S MagU Oil and tUTOlutsanlaerof thtUiimsoBrstam- drlilnt Ihcrvrrcoa all acrua and pains, BtMM win b paid lor toy eat. ham that will 114 thla for th folia. lowlnt 4Mmki staeumstlsm, aettrtlaia, sontraalist loliita, pslua I Ihe side er tack, I aortitis aud aura throat. Frio ad let taw-boil!. Bold ouly at hut rtaUaoot, 14 Ludlow at, aU aoon buiow ix ouon ou jafi4ltt NEW TORK INFIRMARY FOR WOMEN and ahlldren, ll beoood tve, m atteadod by laay pkyslolaaa. 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TbCli oo quaes nearnim, tiui a muuiue Koot and Herb Ms ha above eseeUAnt flwwearafLwa mb ki,j as an.-. fallowliit widl know druaaiala t New 1 ctVsvtW. VKZblk IV i; Orey A Oa, 4Tt Bscend ava, cor. loth si, and ear. Allsa aad BtaaUat stsjWtTr,44604lMkUdA(W.liitoBj Baooma KoynntAs, (BO Court at faoailla, Bt rat- s-W.yfaVai.i!f X,i,'w 0o swxtktaal rkth akvi Nowlli, tt rtraod at. fl t priaarpal wknlettla tasaay hat btaa tstabUaaai jAVKr-Kow., ylladrk,ax,UA. raUCBOiaiiOlXAX. 'taUMSa TUB TATTBlSALLS'niAVB POWDERS, need to Veers hi knakvad and 11 rear kora, mum lit i aa, tout aad gold ta hortta, and aalrraaa the ani- oau Dsuse ma ear ewer eoaatann meaieinti rata twVSSilU. tolT-lll I -n w ihiwii w aua, nai iaa umsj as ana asuwa. Veuaa Renef dilstU conratutloas should ah tire thla anC t a trial, at Uarr wiu Bad a anal chairs ta tlahraon ral health, after Ukluf a fcwtuttlaetiThii Btranaibaa. lat ConiDuOAd. i 1 twItttaTawl tvoo Lotrr-) rkwawj-lost on m -Ushoot dart tan, a htwwa sha wMiia trkla ttrhrtwa Ihefwstwt: atamrtisthetsut! tlTBj eoa ear fa twt al...4-M ftfc A ,h -Skv Tka tnder will I wiu rsetare shm reward ky brU(ta be t II vTw fstli harUIIVTttl eihstao Vliav. jtua trio WATCn I)ST-l BKWAKD LOST W ttVT.iith,lwaaivwrwalekOnselayaeaa4 Ones, la Leele. t tnakera, No. 1 nJ. The above reward will be paid ea n beJna k X)Y. Ctvnrn llilla, U. ea-W. with th mv. OIO. II. ate- rtfil-anwrf.Crprral Hiu cittnurr. t"" " TOIaBT. ArAnTMENTSTO LET-ON NASSAU ST., Hrsoklra, by floors; five roomi en each poor, rent per meeth til, flnasd ft respwrlrelr Aialy lo WIU JAM WIXDKC1I, root M. 14, WI Braadwt. jiiirifl a PARTMENT8 TO LET-A PARLOR AND rt hedrtrr en tmt floor, and front baas rami, at H riaearPK tt, Urooaijo, near Mr. eehrt ehnrnh. APARTMENTS TO LET-CONSISTING ta. of fmt snd bsek rooms, and tw bad-rooms. Kent $ln.S (to a small arrtecl (amllr) Na. tt ncejumal rt- also Iks Srd story room and 1 bidrooms. Kent $tV 60. K. W) 1st arena. JiulrN.nik'X:. )alt 1101 17ARM TO LET-AIK)UT 7 ACRES OF X land with rood bnlldtrurs, for tardanen or milk. larailra an th amnlsea. near Mrrll v Ptrk. urootjyn, a,u, uu-u uuia. artlMc'lU H0C9E TO LET IN 8th tt., WILLIAMS bnrth, ottaa bonea, eontalnlnt 5 rooms, btsemeot ind cellar, aaa fixtures In bona ind wtterj fall let. rent ild t lis Id floor, d rooms, f 4 roswia. $0 I 4 roems, A on. IfHiuira it eottace, Cth st, beOtorth Cth snd thsts. Jail nit HOUSE TO LET-A RARE CHANCE - neat twottory and btaeniant brick hoiaa, ba eomplete order, situated on Eakford si, near Mssrrol ar, and cenrenlrot to th Ureaa Polut firry, for th lew rent of tlAH per year, for ptrtioulara, to'iulr of O. VT.KkXrJkY, lla Ut aod tt, VV uUtamaburib. Jao2sa STORE TO LrT, NO. 403 CANAL ST-I3 en of the tart stands In the etry, well titled na, and nilhlnt to par for niturea. niTurea. i an nave rooms in lite liiMuir at Mr MoMAIXY'b, nouse, u riuirtu. 'Iholulaainit. jais t itv iJTEAM POWLla-lO LEASE, SUPERIOR O rooms, with stesdy poser. In th splendid new btilld lii on kits Nos. 4A 44. iO, H and M Ureene at, tlie beet and most ci ntral location In th city. Parties In want of finWlass seoumoilat Ion should make Immediate av pUcaUoo to U. UOW AKO, ea ike preuu, aliiselU SLWINO MACHINES TO LET-SINO-er.t, Wbiwkr A Wilson t ind Howe's, ill the last Improved, to let, b rms from $4 to to per month; alee la dks tauiht to ota rate on all kinds terms lor sit, ti- snd taut to U work; ftJt 11, nry tt. lalhJ riat CsIiMUlAIa lHJNI-tKtlH. A FORTUNE FOR EVERT MAN AND womant wart te make money. A man of oral, nary oiislneia aiiallAcattona can make from t) te fgi a day and ne rkdt run: a lltht, tenteel tsalneaa. For par-tleoUra,addrejapott-paJd,L.bLkUJk,aatlonU. roaV ofbee, ew i ore. our, antioti4 a hum atad ttAma, Iailt4ac144 BRUSHES OF EVERT DESCRIPTION attheHrosh I aetory, tt Pearl sU, fiarrara Uulld int. All trtirlea it reaaonabMi loloss, wholenale ind rvQi JOHN K. UOFfU, Paarlst. Jail 44 CnAPPF.D HANDS AND LIPS CURED la a few boon and th skin kept delicately tort, by tlien in. sofTADMANIICAMr'lIUUCAKE with Ulyeer TAIIMANAIO., Dnutft-ts 61 Klevcker ttreel, myi l ouria ire, tna atoaicat iiau, lortvtiia. ooia lallrooklrabTestlrton,illCourtsl. and B.V33I71T, eor Court ind AUaotl (ta. rrtc 11 eenta and 98 eaota. alUUcU4 CLEAN WHITE TEETH WOUI.D YOU bar themf Yea can. If yo daalr Uiem. Just mrt I at the eoraer ef Allen and Btantoo eta, M. k and (et a tot f UKkY H (UU Harlow A Co t, oKKia Tixnu FAtrre, whloh ecatt but it cents, and uat tt nlahl aad tnorntrat. ao4 w will pledtw cur word for It, that yo will And U th best Drullfrlo TV vr aaed. J. tw UktC Y, partner Ith UAU1AJW for tk past fir years, kavbut boaahl out th boalnesa, will couUno th maaufacrura f tb trtkl al th taaat pile All tt. omer of Btaotoa. Calk or address roar orders t J. K. URKY, and thy will receive Imnadlat atUutloo. Atent for urooklnt 40 Boath Beia4 it, WUllsmslsirth i aad for sale by all rerptetato 4ratttits tad fancy alorta. 4X1 UteaAa) DB. BLIVEN-S VEGETABLE HAIRT0NI0 -Aw enstUraly raaiorlna, tstsatUyui aad ttrtactb alaa lb hair, aud prevenuna It tanuaa trer wr rantd th beat article ol th kind vr Introduced. For tal ti 440 Uraad at, to 4mt ftam MUt. Frtotal eanla. artVasAI FRIDENDERa-S LICENSED LOAN Offlc. IWV Bast Broadway, eor. Beemmsl at N. V. Money liberally adranoad oa watabea, dlamorata, fcwalry, silver ao4 plat4 ware, elotbinc, drr foods, buoalua, and all oner aruciaa et vaiu t laoaa apt aoutly and corttmlly for one year, and lonaar If desired. KlfaWi'sv r.AaraUDENBESa. FRENCH PASTERT-J. ROCHE A M. CutXIcnON, lately from Farla, woald ratattfuUy taforxu tue public that they have always ea baud a tare tupply Hid aaaortaiaait of Freaok euufectasaary, paatery. faxicr cakia, A4 at Irrl liudsoo St.. above Canal a. AJao laacy Freuch bread, kserttlai tllooa for ladioa V I IMwise'lst HELLIER i. KELLY, blkAAl, sKjk Ji5n iMD KlrTSrAPIU ADYKU1 IBIMi AUKNTS, ANLi FLBldoUkJUi. Fubllshen of the llrooklya Uuaiuct OtrerAory, Ind Na x vra Fockd ilualiuaa Uarectury and Diary eocu- bluad. II tlvruoi it. New York. Ml S4ae'l i ll PiTO MORE EXPLOSIONS. M0 MOBK DKATI1S ritUU BUBNTJK1 tXUIO. OUUTUIT D18O0YF.RY or TUX AQK. COMI-OUND BAFli.Tr FLUID, AND MOM EXFLC8I k. NAPTUAL OIL fja n oaea ta an nuia ismpt eaa. tat Thaws fialds an oAmnl to ueaim aud the ally, aa IMA! OUKAIIir UWOOVkkY OF AUE. Tbar ar NoN-rUFLOBlVk ta ihulr I t llltt natnro, it a ttrutuj aud brtuiaiii uiia, aad wiu burn lotiaar baa any eoajuoa fluid. M) ALTkJUl ION OF LAMFituri nry!. their ass. On ktad will auavtaaa I OS B BALK BT 8AFET ETT 1LU1D COMPANY. iUrweawtct,Nw YorA. Ordnrt by mall proaipUy hiis. Bute aad Ouaiy flaka (of aala. JatwiwlMl PAWNBROKER'S NOTICE P. 7RIDRN IUJUj hsa rifuoved lua loan otuot from 4M Modaaa St. to tVk lausl llroadaar. Our. of nosmoigl street, when ueaevw wiu urn aauNw us ucaeia swavwea, ua Pawa. UaiuateiliiiMarik4niidtasaytsni.frwtaBt a til". lla-U PRESERVE TOUR STOVES 1 1 1 i kiimiAThacB "StyuTiisTOVK POLisn i B30IIT KkAsONk WHY IT IB TUB BKBT. Lst lltetaitepinkolUataBdalaari fwadytar at. tnd It has up amelL td It wiushet rust II u bat ltprouucMuodlrtUalahtal. Ok It dost not toll th fkiaenla tteva ft ItttanAitliraist4trTaeofkaA . fan YiwwUlBvtrsaaytki(yaaailvtt ahUrtrud. IT PBFAFJIVW TIHOf Otre-TUIAD LONOkMI OMaVIUlttO L0N0EA aMovta will last otuvtlilad kmtar by osiiia this, llkU. ANU MoNtY atAValr Ubas stood the eennvttaata. TIUUMl'llANTI TRIUMPBAimi isowNtiSliQulDHovK roust Ureslwt libcovrrV of the Art) -0tK -IkilAL WILL ODNVINCrS YOU. taT-Bold by U lirwawM, Groom, sad Hardware Dealan (i-m rtlly, Mr A Ubersi dlwiount to tha trade. aur.ntB waniau avrjiTWIIAItal. Price 11 aud IOI fkuiU h.jsi rtio lot I . i ... "l ---- -- - .- v. iu aaa less US c rilalnta four, alx, eUU. . spUmuid UtkoaTaphiS ids Mck Patk tea. ud twtiv dotau. A i aaw Card aocompaidaa tack Bsjtkaaa, s-rvry autrcaaui tiuaisa aaak a IJtADBKATEBa 1UNOWMKD Addn. mLltek.. nta, TsV MBfw,-ja- rBIIBlAalHllaTt- orb.iUraiioaiAT(l T. steUTsU0 CKATES-LADIES AND GENT'S FINE s-J ttaal aad parliar tkatai to lot al 9B eta. per day, or 4 ota. pe hour, at 44 Broad v ay. a1, a. hiiulei, man JaMiUJ uauarort A-1. JAVK TOUR M0KET "ECONOMY IS welta."-tiua dollar burl a new pair of rubber thoea: eld em an aiadeTi !'.""!" o quartern the foMfisbLjsii Uki . MaCOMA 141 Bewry. Look out tJlti' Ifa. tall CPECTACLE3 GOOD AND CHEAP Wak wj-w- twa m taatasaatH mrtaAfajalll. dmU tUaautf OB aa. atonntj Mt4c-1M ItatearTaalVSrr MUMP 1 WBITINO CLASSES-TEtr WBITTNO JP-J: twaona ill. ttaoUarpiaa-aVauiat aatrr BO par morAh. er tit Ueascot aall-aitad): wrlttac sadartthm. JSmX9. 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J. a IAVlHi )N will eoatba bctratltiauatUesIlo.tA4Tattav. i alms M CO Ala. POAU-OF SUPERIOR QUALITY, P! v-'paredet tea for furnaces, artiaa, tlova and larte sit nut fitr small stoves, for sals at thj raei J marks! rtss eric lor rian, ll ine ou talibllihinl roar I of Delaacey and Uoerck sts. lelt r 1 cur tftOAL NUT it LARGE SIZE STJT w smau siotsj as oui un, rear. , ramaea a.1 rlove alaes, at the lowest prlosa aad prhae qaalMy. Y 1 aoeianionai, r. r orsyui ana iirriue tt, asar riowat COAL DELIVERING FROM BOATS, FOOl of Parry at for ail dare-Boat anaUty Anthraal Coal, for eartmen and rroeera, it a very low trie. C teEiT,l',lucfil?,' t rarda lit WavertyTWl oars receive at duck, nr at rarda 1 IM Washlnttoa at, lit Wwf lllh et din ITWIM at dxdtTiclM K. TsUDWalx POAL FAR SUPERIOR IN QUALITY ll mosi oc ue eon aom in una cny. and prepared fnaair ior lamiir use, a eoerea. anurerea. el leas sue msrtri pric. irom raraa tt liraoa. nut rai u.L.1 WHtantif and 111 Orchard sts. BtAOU. int 117Y0MIN0 VALLET COAI FURNAt' , Oral, and Rant Coat, of the best euahty.fot. I BMetleoss. Welahl warranted, aud detrrrredl yW? I order la aU parts of theclly. Orders reeelrad at the Yd I a city. Ota 'tasky. tti KW.lll AT,n -awrsrjtk . I, bMIl . 1, bMITI iaMae-Ufl buiuauu. DHEHS. HAIR DYE FOR ALL THE WORLD ft I PRinrr ,Tt I 1119 1 AMI AMYOUS UAIR Dl Tha ntJCT and fllllEAflJIT maHi but TWKNTY Fl Vk. Ci-NTH Per lloi st ol,, or Urey Ilalr to luVUks BLACK or UEOWN. uuurr so roe tiair or naui, ana woiea w aooa at any manufactured. Manuiarturad and Cnr aaln fTrrbiiluMti m t i fr J. I. tHUhHT, No. 40 eVirmi Baoowa Bvaan, Wllila, e. a. KMMiina. w wvia sauusp ITiarf, WUUai burf b, and to ba bad of tk foUowtnt' retail enta i tnu-f n, tnd to b bad of tk fouowtnt' retail aawnta i int sra-C A. HOADLKY, tl llabth ar, b3 I andlDthtt. J. (.KEY m CO, 411 BMond av, r a tsis:ATJvLSn!f r)r9.." a. w a era a. andlMhtt. J. it, and sor Afl Broadway and 1 kI BidVajXHUc dwevan4liatreel. DR. 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Aar liea far sale that J wants to buy or t a bakorr would d, ' ba all l W. II. HI I III artau la baacfTl IMONET TO IX)AN-fa0O.00O TO L r.JT.SP !? aasrtaiaa, U toxta nailt tppf AMill -i-aI) I alao tn rtsi for tk urahi a . w I Apply U WkL U. kiJIUIU'XL' aw-as ivai aiwooa mo bstw Itroadwty aad Naaaa it. a aeai aa MILK ROUTE, HORSE, WA00I . JV-.,-.!"-!!. lamdnMlatxtaaioaai I, 8 P.M. Mik fkYSTER AND DIN1NO SALO't -Bl Third Avcnu Lunch-1' will Itaos, stock, aud niton, with eood bar, o. ,. V'" lon. Itulrecathepii vatbaadCothat,wu4aida, jaul. 1ETTUIT1KY. ARTIFICAL TEETH-PANIC PR "" """ ""' " J paaan vuicanlle, 1 10 1 , Bstll atalkl I teeth, it UuM-aihant irirk. 1 aduaa l anted. u NaUaul liS.tal Uailrrr." eur.mwal Ur. MANBoN, Utoilat. ).!. 4 ARTIFICIAL TEBTU-CHKAPER1 "'Jl tftutiabstlarthantliobetikycthei without the auabt-at pain by uar saw and orlsu eS?i-5?.0,iTr T"1? wtts or itractL, arttBdal kstia an tia-a-laJieetu ea eHm tMiUaaout ruia. tlft lr. tTtnutii A aU)L( niCaual tt, opposite Wad ltnadeay. )a4t4a DEAUTIKUL AND USEFUL SETS T AA at 11 per loota, without eatnottai tha not dadrakl t all taiarevwtuaula ta ah dautal art- poo flllunt, At. Ufboe of tha crtatloal Frew tlrt, NAI'OLkON fKATttkJAaUe Aa. A. W1LB srssAwmy,Barlaiardti. detlttao' "TVESK ROOM TO LET-ALSO PA1 - mi umiot ra aMWi,i lllliwa -J. I aad cured withoalaaia, anaauUl filkat tjaO U BAlUUt, mMjfyp.,, mm U vx anome toaeaaUaf, erothara. Teeth a, iloualoa. DR..U0TT, M BOWEBT, OPPt s .lU1iltlasrUfuUaeasftectJioaaurtil R! tuwi txl puuino, B arUAckvl bar fjnarrtad without pale), u oacU I aokLHIaad 60 l A0 work warranted. Jat) 1VT fjniVrlW A ttnia fSDwrtort Tl llfljlP "! f'l tad sal Falloa tt, Bi I kaawrtfuU or partial atte at" bath ea their bam I mosfliarlc (lata, with er cHkaal ertnoUn tii I -np au'sf eoi nai ainiiw ee suooav. aioi aa BXattaa,flM partial aetata Bold. 41 tar ItKaVI feS Ww--ifit ,! n wtiwiri MM ClULXAItEOlJaa. tt 3 AT SEVENTH AVENUE DISTTLU the alae la ea Ita uU 11 ILmmhU. nSE5uu niBavaathail Wkt. M. B.-Lkuors for IMA piFTEKNTn STREET DISTI LLER 1 A- tahll-Jiadlrlu.ThastiMieAaadkttdas F an pranaiaa, win, net. wblaaJaa, Ac, I fad family krede, Is el WV'rt lfk st7 N tTttwataas. uLLB-WfOTrFroerielor. TIQU0B STORE, WITH STOCK I A- Ftxtarta tor tta) ta a rood ktillwi aeolt I Water ti, Jal I T IQU0R 8T0RK1 FOR SALE f 11 JUiauxilalthlleelc,lats,aad txtaraaef t tldr Uutasr tton, waa. ladiaiaal ttlufcsd, at mrnta which leave etan almost mrnta whlcn leave mra rOAFrTUI V7tw akatadt real fma- Iway, . TVTEW TORK CITY AND 001 Ai Prirt naiaoavr twehtr Tka ntwi taerarajet wruvra aoastar w ui at nM t kloswe, eor of Bk-rekrr snd Oreeti ate, a all a Ma .'IK'MABiV ardrro TO AID 80.000 STARVING JL t,gtt) MCBXUM an tit asll tl Bis tflata na Ifa aoaJBuw Tbats tlfkst an l tfant li atal afMr.BABMlJlLtaaU tk peer tatsjAsat t ray, iissiiw aeiatiinr t ait tjU fliaJtwatAAlfatisaSiara area a loth iiwi of FttnuMl jiatttd m aatwaa aaa) ffakt taw st slash taMaaaaa toti iiifsVitswkaajC a tttr f Maw XmE' kitkskr of Haai. aa lataaaaJI IAMIB, Mf Din rerLWitaKa. ua a. uusaaar- aaldaUrl 1 avr atras leyf, awa, IMw,

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