Newspaper of The Sun, January 22, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated January 22, 1861 Page 2
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w ,0.r ,h'.VTA '10 TTAfl -, -e-aA-vas. naee- sT- ?;-mT. r.gca'wKTrr i JS.I M I 3 3 HV I M It. t 4 r c erl .aa M nt -r w tai -;.; Wi- b", i'. ;? oo' lpe-m; 'I .'3 .loir 1 HU THE NEW YORK SUN. TTjTSDAT HORKDrO, JAHTI2, MM. MWiCNOmOBI We hr recently opened a new FublicAlton I Otto foe Dm Bra (designed ae lu ultimate and per. imiwl centre) el No. til Broadway, under the AMrieu MTsseura je point which hu been Justly famed 'the y of New York" being l tb June Von of Its two grand thoreughfarra, and of every Bailroed tad Omnlbue Line tn th city, with bill a few minor eiawsuUona. To reach the nw 8t Office 6ijncx, from any part of Iht city or 1U environs, HI k only Beceauaary to kail the nearest stage or ear, tad be est down el the door. II Is evident that there It only one eesob place of biiM la Nf York. Tbe old Und of the ton, onresr of t'ultnn and Veeseu, will of course not bo given up, at least fir eejoene ika to com. Busineaa will therefore tail one o U dom at both office. An advantageous proposal, however (Or any other purpose than a dally pep0 the tsaae of miwt of lb valuable pre tu'isee en lha old ooruer, wiu'd n d be disregarded even now. A VALUABLE DUX ROOM-pn-babty Ida most valuabe in tbe City, for many prpne -can be at. firded to a satisfactory ocei pant, la our Broadway oaw. . TW f'aenffiaj Kit Kepablle of (nil no. The Cotton etatoe woull belter hate "loft well alone." They should hare kept the cotton nplnnlmr worll ejulci, secure anl Inactive, us lonff as possible, for their own Interest. Since, cotton it o Rrmt a potentate, they shout 1 hae teen mora careful of unwttlinic hi ro-ilonre among them. Tliey are drlrln Mm awny by disturbance, hkh lil.i t-nsulio fibre cinuut en lure. Tliey are re-cnwtln the fable of the daughter of the pol len-eurf Roo-k1. A movi-moiil it now on foot for the lultivjibm of totteii on an Immcnw K-nlu in the region muth of u, an I there l m much money in it, fur all c mi "me I, that it can hardly fail to i route a commercial rrrolutlon to wliliha pollti.ul ono like tlul of the aocoAIoulU woul 1 lie "a fool" iu trod. Mr. II. S. Manhhih, of Connecticut, who Ins trai ello-1 ext ni cly iu Contral an I S nitli Amer ica for four or Ihejejra, with a tUwtu ItiUatiu Ject, ha lately (then the rceult of lua obvrvii tioni to the public, through thn AllMny y.rrrunj Journal. He etatea thM tin re li a larr cotton territory of the beit quality S nthw.iril, th in the whole area ef the cotton ttatea of our I'limn. The plant Krow' rpontantiouly, mil the will cotton U in ininmon ue innw the mtivm. From rru, Mr. MMihi mw a riii;li lot of 1,100 Uilea coming or the Iitlnnus by riilnm 1, deetlned for KnUml) and though bally IiiiumI, m 6ne wan the Muple that It brought iu Liver Jol IS cent JUT pounl. I'lom Vinezuili, he waa fifty to aeienly-fivo million pounl are exported annually, imtly to (Sir many, at 13 to 15 cente p r un I. '1 lurl yrin aiace, the exrt from (iran.i It m n vrlil at 100,000 balua annually. It still trruwa luxuri antly, liut la mi longer culllrate.1 to any coinnl. erable extent. Mexico alwunda In rnh tolton landa, on both her eaatern and wealern comtf A coiulderablo amount of maihiucryU lin ehtpped now fiom Now York for Arapuho, dea lined for cotton cIcaninK In nrihlorhiKil. The aupply ami ortMnliatlon of lalwr, nppoars to be tbe only thin( needed to make ( America tho itreat cotton produclu region of Ihla hemlnphere. The cotton at ilea know It, and hence their retalliou, which U tutrnled almply and aolely as a meana of re-opening the African alae trade and of appropriating williout restraint this Krcat rojUn aa their pry a raoemett which will Just defeat itaolf till throw the cotton production Into the lunln of Northern and Kurnpeun capital, and of pii.l aul protected laliorera from other tropical region. The call aubjoincd, rhou that the wrik h lie. pin In earnmt, and l-fore the propool confederacy li half llirouh the I loixly ro 1 1 it baa cIiomii na a hhort tut to iinlimitil licence and booty, the cotctcd prey will bo aife lu hu mane and honorable hand. To Ae JCJilor ofth Sun .-1 Im following call baa already beeu aiKUi J I y a lare DitinWr of ilia palrfota, ruli'aineu arul boa honh nun nt the country, Vrhen iubllalieil It will be the in wt nnmer ui y Ignad, reieiiable au I tmiilnir call f r n publio aMetinr, ever nuol4 on tha t' mluif ut of Anon h a. TheMectaanuuht to ti uliU.iio.1 are -to IncretHe tmnieaaurably, breltlitly enimble ami tiwrul infc urefl. and wilb tbo cunt urn lne of the couilitnlt autborillee, ami lu roiitraet with the violent A lbu tertrnc ptitaniil 111 of the a'ave Kiwttr nn.1 tttenila aartea, tbe ruln-ortimfo exton bj rv Iiiirtneoirt Mw7lm uHth nilre hlbrir, wlthnul HefWiltK or ihvli-it-liu.Ltil.ilatra.aln tho bvwit fio 11 ilia initoiwl liaerent oft etlave HLitiaof 11 ert mill, but m ubulim r to thedMalraof a true t-illt cut n ttinny, an 1 fiMtn a ooQTlctleu that the ciilliTat oil of tvlt m by fnetutior muai lie an luei ram .1 aa t itave I'ua comity ai a whole, anil in all Ita liorli), ami pi-ilia, C lilril antl Booth AinerliMu from t le blUbt, unl 1 uie, aud do inictloo of ' C'ltoii, h) a ave InKir, an K njr " la older that the uiit-i'umi) ut 011 suiiiinrate a ornirae of m) Mteiunlii an 1 1 nut cul th.tuiu, it la ileiiu d eijtoitlrlit, I j it' l.-u-l . fur t i.lli.ikit iti Judninnitand niiproTal ua to aitvlee Unit iniiiiiiiei be Immediately taken in eat h Free rlMte, In I ire the adjournment ot their ryNjMti tire LoififtlatmiM u nv hi aemiliai, to trniurean at , f in tniMtrition In each ot tlietr Statea, hittirionitiiii a rtitiitany tir the ttpi Ifl AHiiectof theiuliivaiioiiof iMtmi bv Trie l.ilioi aiu theae aeverul f tuiMluea v. ill Ihuil be pritpmiil t attree uptai a loinim 11 rpn -iiilMicni an.1 illUWnl ooiM'ert wfaiiiei, uiwl 1 1 cuter ut on, e trioti the gntil work to be aMiuiplinliiHl It ia liopiil llutt whotTer norlTiiatlilo'liiii nrwnl 1 n ai fir lila nmirhlrir, but, without any ililuy, r; 1 u tik lu or'UUtlif aiuh a C aiti mid proe irln-f Hilt a 1 a t tf In t. porallun ill hit owu XUtr. 1'liewrilei o( IliU I114 uow bofoie him at veiul lettera, fmni atiuie 01 the v.ia at ant lieit inin ofthu 'an.1, 10 the itftt tint any nieb Cumiwiiy, with inou 1 f ch inu Ur tin 1 hUi 1 1 11 1 Mlltullluf lie II rl o 11 nvlm. will iMuiuiltitl any auiutuit hi rial iiitl, im unily riiiniiieutiva iu a tecuuuiry io,iit )l view, an.! coin iiihI th j utt vl syoiiathy aud ee-oHt-at. n of a ver I ( tve utii nti and of tha ftien In of freed an 111 1 of hu n 111 pMcena Uiniugtkoiit thecivtlijtd worM. lliauaderslglii'd lesiouiuiinl that a itte.ilhnr le 1 eld at the U a r I na Itite, in tha City of N w Totk, 011 - frtlia pm- poMof enrsnliiiiif au Aa iuIuhi for Ilia ("tll'irafrjii a Cksttan by AV Lalrit in IVn'rul an.1 tJth .1 in mit. llonnely vs. II lKt, When Conn, tha Oeorghin traitor In Mr. BciiANAj'a Cabinet, adrorlU'd for a TreaMiry leaa, a ahert time Ik-fore he ram-Mrf from Wash Intfton, inost of our capitalist instinctively clott ed their purse strinyn, ami those who in ide hi 1 asked from 1'.' te .IS p;r cent. Tlough soeej.doa &ad not them SMuinod iry tliieati'iiin oK)r Uoaa, Ccmiu could not (.et, even at li porcent,, aaare than half the am Mint for which he a tver tised. But msrklhodlff.rrni'eaiiiM the rabiiu-tlu bawa pur-ed of traltore, and an honest roan and devoted friend of the U11I011, Jiiiiv A. DlX, has lieen ilarel at the brad of the Treaeury De partment. Though the disunion mania ha ob tained the ascendancy la half a doaeu southern ats Uiouth forts, urseuala, aud ulh r publio .property have been ! d, and tho tslsbllslimeiit fj aeoulbern confcJcr vj lu been p'O.sol and 1. r 'UlBllld. Itlir e.l(UI-li-la -n.l n.nm.1 I... 1.... lianaed, wx capitalist) and moniod iustitutluiu come forward an.1 ftVr the (Juvrrnmetit m ire tfcaa tmrt the amount which it ake.l, at rate. raagUig from 9 to 12 per cent, 'Co14a sou tlu rn confederacy, with Conn as IU tloanoa Minister, and Flan 11 aa its War Mm. slater, borrow five million of dollirs at these rate, or any other rates, lu the city of New York? No. It could not borrow as nunv cento. Capital I provirblslly timid, an I the bids for the recent loan an. it.A ..v.u.r .a j l that confidence of our capitalists In the honesty of Jajr, VUtllAJiAMi present ronnttullonal advisers, aad tsf their conviction that our prcwut troublga )illl yt beatulcatly adjusted unbr wlmr and .May --Ja rii.b,He counsels. Had Mr. IluniAilN .j' pailAsd WU cabinet year ago, the dUuuioiifever W- JJaj pjot have attained to It present uc. UxTi tlve TlrulfOM ) tut It I, the itatcn wllvh will, t Iralfttl" Intalnitaaa powerful political or- C . .. - . ..II It t.,he Hjihta. I asBKauoo, ana w py " i - iTmleiUr Of LordBivoroiiAM, wbhh appear arMritr pace, (a a dignified aud Cttln. ro LjjWtl Uui Innaatdlary fu"lyi " Invited fcWtoTei with tbem U oedebratlag the annl rujotil de-th of Job Dow of Km ,, Ferry BotorWty. fakr rami. Accolnf to tb ttatrrarnt of an able ornlnR Jmirria, eur reHnctpel city rallreafl nrtt their rroprWort annaally between pre mi ita profit! on their ret, Judtrlng by th Infallible atandard "oc't quotation. The font cf three of th moft lucrative line it thti stated t OHt Oroaa value of eWk. Third Atenue, IMA,)!) 000 Rixth Avenue, Mn.nno l.-m.m1 Llghlh Ateuue, JOfl.OOO 1,100,000 9!,ooo v,vt,,mn Prom thia It appear that the prlvileea which theee companiea enjoy frratia, are worth l.l.V), 000 an Income fairly due the city, nf i90,60() ptr annum, which ouifht cither to I paid lute the treasury In reiluction of our linmmw laxea, or elm to be divided among the In Itrldualu who pay II1I1 large sum In Uie form of farea. Teo icnti deducted from the preartit fare, ai pMio l I y hviiator IlAMaAT a bill, wouM certainly ik t abacrbone lialf of thiaaurtdus an 1 the rem tin dir w otiltl la much more than nufliclent to prori I" due arenmodatinn, la the way of tutting room and tvatain the rarf, for paaernKem. The ayv Irmatic outrage to which the Inhabitant of tho lity are ml JoiUiJ In onbr to nwcll the inordinate profila of theae monopnliata, la pant all patient endurance. To earo the expense of running ttuflii it nt rnm to carry paBiengera properly, we are compt Uel to ride (landing, Jtminod Into the paie-agea and entrance of the cart with Indecent and dinguettng el" m s and often obliged to wait long for even this poor privilege. The re quinment that paNHngem obliged to atan I ahall 1e carried for twoctnU, will put tan enough on the lines to neat everybody, in double quit k time. Tbe reaMnal letieM of It li so apparent that it la a wotidir It was not long ao enacted. Th writer of litis attempted uiiMiccevfull, some years ago, to bring the same J ro.iotial la furc the pullie, through tliepnwa. Mnallr, the three-cent fare, coupled with the nauirinntit of feiti for all who piy it, will an tmicli incrrnw the liuiliieaanf thn rend", site so muih talujblo time Mil strength to the iilua triottsf littte im rente so ninth the value of np ton prejrtv, an I all so much to the a Iran tagea of New Yotk, both for batinem ant real dune, as irtunlK to pay the city atly more tit in the entire cxres of prohl now KUetet by theiompiiibs, while still t".iing their buiimiaa lucrative In thu extreme, aul mrhip an muih an us CM r. 1 he bill otllit to pan, be 011 1 iptes lion. la It n t'oiniiroinlMe ? 1 lie 1 limiting argument un uhlih the ultra l!ruhliaui Inninur lou list mil most Inciwant ly. In tin ir oppoaition to n riKngmtion of slavery In anv purl of the territories, 1 tint the people luo jilil Mtlli.1 It the ulliir way, by the ilw t Ion of l.i suit v. 'Jliia ni unto 111 a complotn luistske. Wo wniiM not surreinltr u fiKil of free t riltory to hlmryi but what latin) prac tical, Ici-iil li million of our territories? It was really ilutrnmui l la fore the 1 ite h t ion. '1 ho isisiliun of Hit Supreme Court on tho subject width lannot, in the course of n.iture or Hlitl cal lmasihility, laMhangnd within the present Un ltn, until long after tho destiny of alt the present territory Iseettlml bid alrialy mada It Ctrl tin that flu very had an actual logiil afafiu in those regions, whether rightly ,or wrongfully, whldi (otild not I oorcumo by any act of Congress. To apply the Ml -sour I lino as proponed, to pres ent territory only, ami without a slivw-codc, Is therefore merely to rcixignlo a fact, ami Involve? no ancxllleo of principle or of practical good. No Mall for Penncoln. In conwipaence of tlio Intcrci ptlen of letters and (loxemment dipuU.hcs by the atate authori ties of Florida, tho lVtOlhte Department has Isnuetl an order, that all letter dirorted to Teii eacola (11a.), be sent to the letter OfTice, in Washington. The states which have declared lhcuveUi out of the Union not only tamper with the United htutci math, but have coolly rehulvetl toatail themselves, during their pleas ure, of the poftal facilities afforded at the ex pense of the Federal (ioverumcut. As the postal Mriltuintlio seceding rtates ha always been niaiiitaluutl at cuusbturabld lews to thoOovcrn inrnt, and aa the mails aro no longer safe within thtir limbs, the (ioicrument can retrench its ox pi mliturrf by sto ping 11ml communication with ull ut.-. where Ita authority li rcpudiutod snl tie tie I. ltrllevlnK (he OiiprceMcel- We are informed oil the best authority, that the sum of t"00) hi been sulneriliel by some of our men hunts during tho hittweekas a gift to a brm in Ch irlortton who luo lately boon c- uik llcl to pay a until ir amiunt Into tho '1 n usury of tho I'dlmetto Iicpuhlic un lor threata ofexulsion. 'linn ihurity in New York Is iiudd to repair the raiaca of robbery In Charles ton. Kamcis le ai pmd ai a state of the Amorlcan thel'n ion tha thirti-fourthilar tho bill for her admission lu!ng p.Hno.1 tho Hi into yesterday. It can scarcely moct with unnei c.iry delay in the huud of tho lloueo or tho rresidont. JaTT'tlTj Uiihilon of lb'' 1'rcaii. lilbe ri'uni thit ki that CM u If a Soutlurn Con-fi-dirney wuie totiuetl by accilu! seKesaloii, it would ce tit i ii v. itlon It Htif the eleiiicute of dtsaol utioii an 1 lumtcly. 'Ihe spiunnt unity lu the se esahai inovvineiit Is almply uerfatUe, There la acoiuiiim at'jaii;, led n i coiutu. u oh.ccta. Whon the seced httf itatis are f in ed 1 1 hok ti tho fiture an 1 iiHstuue the reeja uxiUlltiei of an In Ikjm'iiJ ii uMlon, differ Uh cm w ill dlsclcise thumsclvci mora nuuioroiis and radical tluiu thaaei which pui tod the Mirth aud the Houth. An elotnetit will always lie at work whluh sai eloiiN aouthenurs oteu ieak ot, but the etftst of whie h they ebi uot fully emulate the niuib!e chir aitercf tue H uilheti-n p'nuter. Ilia lite U sileh aa ti residir InilNieslbla that IUoroiia-U coiuhuialiotl and sul iibtyillouneiry lia icriu.-icu nt oiiustliou s reciailig both harmony aud pov.ur. A thorough aid haiuiuuloiu I nlou of the g milium 8tatea cousetpte ntly ia an luivieaibIea(Mr, Vv hut swlble Ilea have Virginia uad I, NoLe whuuvcu. 1 la y liave Uti liade escvpt in sufttaa, but thu til si act of LoulsUiuii In the usw CoufHderacy would l .i upeu the Afihaii slave-trade which VI r tfliu.i would uyaid s brr ruin. Vlrglula aud Texas tire iMiially Iholatesl Iroin each other. The weatern lonmlai) e f the littler has to be proln ted aud defen ded ty a luUHtaiy force. Virginia baa not una-half lite barren! to oonlribule U sis huu object sa New VukorMa 'athuseits, urevnn Kiutlaut or Prance, wl o ctoutiuuie leer (auductii, aud supply lu turu the articles h coiuniuu s. Viralula d tea uoither, 1 he lU, iea , of the Uulf and Allant'e Bcutea d tf r rsd -lolly. Tl cy have n i rvlslioivi of trade, and only vetyfrwof social tuterevunie. Tha burdena tn be Is rue for their mutual protee lion and aupMirt would be thecatlacauf eetMiiireineut, sodeep and Utter as almost lurlautly lo rl them aaunder. The HI. l.'itil IUi'vblunn believe that the only lar to a se tlltuieut of our ditllcuUic's is " the stub boruiieaa e f leadinrf K'l'ubllcaiu," and It Is of th opinion that a aettleiui ul ou the plan propoaod by th liirJor states w ml I yet preserve the I'ulou. N r elceutbe jieiWmxn daHatirthat a setllameut may sltll be enVe'tcd, ai many (If uo a navjtnily) of those who luted for I ii.tii-N are lu fievea of a lair cauwu-. luise, slid eveu iu the seceding states there U a etioitj I uloti party, If terms of oouclliateai were of feieid uau which they could rally. It also ad vances Iht opm.uulbut of iha l,ta;,lS voters who cast their iftasuH'ain-tt l.titana hi the al iva statea, Iheie ale not over Koo ooo who are alseoluiely for dis till e u. '1 hu mass nf the southern people are for the l liUai uiam fair lei us. The ryuMixn ahw ia4ieee w.lh autislaeliou the ei Idaoceia ot a bockr ailrit ia tlat free atnlcM. II a luiis do (Cans la) Lvdtr, stieakliut la bar iiaaiy with tha views of caluir Cauadum JouruUa, re g irds the secession luovetmtnt In oetr slave stales as ui a I ftailikh. Of the eiuxninuterwut whlib the ills luibulstsi'Speit la' 'ivai lMroawii anUous, the UaJU r m.yj There is nothing In tl clviuusUiu'ea of the fs.thcmrtvolutl u t-iiecieuuualtha new otaifvde lullcni Ui the synithy of Kuniie. Trade Internals are stn lur, no doubt t tut vera here tba enrumenl toll both ways. It uotton la iadispeusible lu bau laul, th trails of the N Mthrra aulra Is a, vast liuua In Its coiunieree vi that coisitry i aud U eu Ungear lbs latter loi the purpose of!uK the lormer laa iIL.s thul lu But llkalv m be anVtired laaac There was a lioui wbeii laiiiUad chaired tha diaruSjesi csf,, tbe Auuar can itwii mm iMinauria tn eiriatf e aesMM but that time baa p-ueacd. aud the whole moral lu Uiiriict of ttat country will now lai eaesd to prevent a result which, at oue -finl lu the htnsory of the UicTUd Statue, would have been bailed with dallgui. Th Albany Atku a Argv altar atatlug what th Bapubllosna of this sUls have don to shew their op. peasUesa te the pr4 BooU dcxUlou au4 to Irritate tha oath, pratieaos the feltessirf M a vfae seceasaeselste i fneeifyhaf " las) Mew Term declare treat It wtO. stand try tha Ckssatltutlon as now and hereafter lusoi lusted by the wrveme Uourt, end the whole South will be ranlSsd, This din of arms, this preparation for defence, will oeaaealonee l 11 even, (all Inf short of this, eon ceds only half of the public domain (and only dtnina; the brief territorial period) to tbe South, and let th drrlsleei of the murta a to the rights f masters over ftUTltlvese, and the status of negroes he acquiesced In, sad the South will be peeined. THE LATEST NEWS. by TtsLBa&irn to tbk m. r. bus. Political Intelligence. XXXTItt CONUHI-rCrcoaal HeasiUta. U'iuh!njm, Jan. 21. Mr. Henrm, (Va.,) frmn Oanenittee rai Klnarue, rearted the Indian Atfmtprtatlun lit), and aaked to lai excused from further service on the Pinal e Oommitlea. He said It was evident that the party In the majority In the Stiiate would eassi beclsufeil, an I be lliuujhl Jua tlee to himself atid the Svtiate repilred him ti lie ex eusrd, Mr llesTra has Isa-n chairman of tha Can mlltee of Kinaime flrteen years If s waa ex-uaed Mr, liioiaa. (Pa ) pieartilid sHitlons, aakina: the psietaeollhe CeamcniiRN rewolutloeia. Laulonlhe tablr. Mr, Lamia fCal ) was exctiseil from service on the Tetntnrlsl (.iiiiifnlttee, Mr INmjk (Mo) laesenltd a petition of eitisetis is Missouri, Ihe siiftiatnres iss upyiurf fllteen q tires cu ftailsrafi, wrs)Mat In an Amuricuti fbn(, inaerilietl "liva l.i the N s-tli. South, fatal mid WijH," snkilu, the MVHe of th Unlteiuleu resolutions, Lild on tbe table. Mr. SiiinrtL f1,s ) aakrd that the Semite tike up the niiaamgr of the I'res dint in answer lo his rewolu tinn tnnUilou to his apiKiiiituieul of Acting Stvrelaiy of War. IfeaiaocfTereda resolution as follows- icvwarrvf. That lu the opinion of the Senile the reus. sues;! vin by ihe rnteident In bis inmaaeta for not ooiiimiinicatUMf Ui the Senate, at an earlier day, the fact of his having sisaitntial Jnearu Hot T actlnjj Sts tetary of War, ate not sallntiu liry Alee resolvial. That the gnauidi aasuinial by the Pnaeltleiit for muk lis; such an aj (aiiiitinsul d ir.n the reealan tf the 8t lisle, are at variance with the a hole spirit of the Unnatltntesi niul with the true Inlet t an.1 liinuiii.K of the a t of l!Wi. Laid over ini'li r tl e rule, Mr Ti nus, (Fla ) ssltl In nsise. tencenf Informa tlau anlhil titally ce inlnutilcatod, hi eolleai(tie and himself ilia meet it prnfior to announce to the Sailale that their C liiaa tn n w th this tealy has come hi an rn I The state of Khiiitla lu couviintiiHt duly as seinbti tl, bus sron fit to reca I the iowors tlelesttal to the rtiltsi slid ti rs-ueie the ietm-lhllily of separate fffivertimi lit lis wee sure the u,p e tit Fiorina won d lie ver lie msiiiaible tl thn tb-asiikrs and aelv inlKrs uf the t lilisi when dirts tfd 1 1 th imi'se cf e-alabllehllur JiihII. h mil tl ilneattC lampitlity and sareay. They w eill also lit.ld in frnletut inrmory the earllir histti y of tl e L'nitni. lint Ihry had dtcltbal that their civil sad social safiiy v.riejeoaiitletl by a longer conitiinin'-e in the Union. Kta i ut l vriita hail itnprrs sal tlteni with the la-Ill filial there IsnosaMy, rice4 Ilia willitlrs a-al. 1 hey wieilil rriui inlstr always the 'arire array of n h blesilrllaut the Ntlh, snd their iffnts to uphold the rr fflits Wi.h aritcfulenioiKiiisandaeknowhalrfe ttieuts lor the tiueny c.eurleeiei he ha I elij ital iu this laaly, alul with luottti nd ill wluhsi tr Hair fnrsn nsl weifraie, be retlrnl from their midut tli cheerf il siipi-oving loys ty ti his own elate Mr McujsT(r'la) mciem-d ucu wbiih emsetl Ihe seMiistlon, Isit Justified the slate. He el preta till Civil wsr,bttt sal I thst thsHonth wollltl lirvel s ill mil lo thedtisduliru ole iiatraiio-l existence uisler a vltisteil cttia.1 tutloii He at kn iwlitdaed a thou sand a. be of etouitee from Ihe other s de t,l the ehuiular, iniil fitm the true c hamptona of tlht on this side. Mr. Cl ev (Ala ) antttitincctl that Alslseina lied pass ed un ordinal e if seiAtelon, an I ssid tttat this wee an art of the whole ieop!a- i Juatilhd ait, an 1 chsrftetl the tejuibllcuu fuirty ss Isiinii tin aiahoraof the tniuble whli h caieied the seceasu n. Toe reptih lhun platttrtn wiia redaidi-d as a cha-lurstitMi of war aflauistthe lives end Inetitulitsia oft tie Hnith HcIm. nled rlnhla of euallty tn the S mthrrti Hlstiae, an I plsreil tlteen uisler the lain of stit h a Koveruuient, aiul behl them up to the scorn nf the cIvIUsmI world. 1 he MHple of A lai ama would not sul mil. su 1, aa he reuaulei It, the satsuf his sluts alisuv id litiu from alle Klela e. lis slinu'd return to the laieiia of his owu slate, and sltsro with her her f iiltmcs a id her fate Mr, r rnrsraioK (Ala I sahl he fully eu 1 iraid what had Isa-a said liy his oolleaau. Mr liavis (Misu.)niue Waiiiiouncethat,aitlie Stale of MIsnIscI pt hail declared her ai-panitiou from lha t uton, ef course his functions were terminal id here. It had lieen known lor many years thst he had adv h caled Ihetiirht cruccaasl n, aiul that he wnopKSMid lo nulUAtallou Nullifloati si uud uecesaloii have larn ceaifouisli-d totfrlher. He arauett aifaiual null! fleation, but clalmeil that a state bail a right to se cede, Mr. Cst u tiN ailvocated iitilliflcitl hi from his drei love to the Uniiatlaemiiee he wsnte I a stats tl bave some menus of otAalnliia; bsr rights In tha l uiocu Iteti. Jaoks m eaaly tav.irod the exscutioii of the laws lu u state which rcmaiuel lu the t nlon. He (Davis) tisiteiuled that 'KlahlyH lu the Drclaratlun of IndeeaiiHteuce re'erred to polit ical clnssiae. elne why should onr (ethers have ar raigned (Isohcir the Third forexttilng an tnsurree- tiiie. lu wrtiui( inuii tnoae arounti uun. a c-hiiii suy he tell no htsdilltv to any Bu wtor. There waa not one of tueiu out wbom, lu the pnwtcnce of liai, he could say, " I wish you well." lis faopnd, aud he was sure his u,plo hoied, that the relatlous of Is-tK-e Height b cuutlutieil, thouifh they had to iart. lecsrrletl awsy with him no bitterness of foelinjr f ir anv ofTcnce thai had lieen offered to him, and If he had etfrelulial any one. b was willing now, lu the hour of parting, 1 1 offer an a nlncry for delug ao, aiul to make all the rejtaruttou In his jurwer. As the Senstors from t'loritla, Alalaima anl M s a'sHlppI, wete alsmt to retire from the Senate, all the llimocmtlu Brnnbira crowjexl arounti theui, su.1 shook handi with them. Mfscr. llAta and Can aaore were the only Republican Bemtor thai d d en. On motion or Mr. Sswaan, (N. Y ) Ihe bill for Ihe admission of Kansas into the Vnlun was taken up. Mr. (Ibum, (Mo) withdrew hi ameiiJment crea II UK the territory of Jetfcraon. Mr. Km u, (bid ) the bill llnir rrtorted 14 Hi Senate from tl e coniuuttee, again otTcrcd but aiueud uient lu regard to thejiuliclary. Mr, lioiim as (111 ) arKiied ajiliv.t any smen lnienl. Mr, Hswakii said that t.y all fair ant Juul sirree meiits Kaunas oiiaht t-itai admitte.1 n iw. It was contrary toiualiitu In lutroeliice a provision like this Into a bill ptovldlUK for the aduiliwli n nf a ilate. The ami minimi uf Mr I'm u waa Iheu sgrood 1 1 I y the tollowiittf vt,te 1 cas-Meiesis. Ila)iud, Itttrgsmiu. II gler, ll-airjr, HrlgLt, I Uugnuiil. fiUll, l.iwu, Hwiu, Heinphlll, lluijcr, lierecin, Jchuaoii, ot Arkeusnst J thneon, of Tenucescv, KiiuichI, laute, litham, Mcaon, Nlchol sii, Piane, Volk, Powell, l'u,h. Rice, Siulshury, SiUiatluu, HU Ji II, Thomson, s iK(l-if. JNuye-Mewrs, Authouy, biker, llinith em. Came riu, 01 luidler, Clark, Uoilauior, Crlltenden, llixou llooliule, li iiuIim., feuaeislsu, I'o. t, F.wler' llrliurs. Hale, Harlau. Khur, M mll., Hwrd. 8 m. nous. Huiiuic r. Tun 1 yck, Tnimleill, Wsds, Wilklu aou Wilson St. 1 1ts bill was then rea 1 a thud tune and poased by the following v ite - Yeas Mesers. Anthcuiy, llaker, llaijhim, DIgler, flrlcht, (.uihcuii, Cliunillci, Clink, UoHamer, leialrn, i xini, iNinliiiie, Iiiiurlta, linker, Feiacu ete nJeii, Kile h, Ftait, I'o.ter, Uruiies, Ilile, Usrlau, Johmuiu of liiuusrre, Khig, bithain, M WTlll, Pugh, Hue, Be vaud, Simmons, Buiuuitr, Teu Kyck, Thtau son, 'Iriinihnll, Wade, Wilkinson. WilsoitUi) Nsja. Misais.ll.iyard,lleiianiiii,C liurmau, Ureeu, Hemphill, Hilltlir,, J luuon of, Ki ill cly. M i c n, Mi holaou, Polk, Powell, Sobistiau, Slide II, Wlgftill IU, 'lliet uiTrisMN resobitltns wersihisi liken up. Mr, HiaiKa(l'ii)priaeeilidto isjiesk st Isnjin In favor of their maoL;. He clatiuiaj that II wen rlut tot Ihe S-iiis to anicul the conviituticu. He Iheu rrfirred lo the rise of the country from thir teen siiiull i-tiiira to Its present giotticvat to thi danger lu which It i'w tttwdt of dliniulia aui ruin, aiul lo tl eient. thai have luldal exAiperillou to esaiprrallt u in laHh siatlona, uud uulll t ic 3 "Uh bave come to the belief that their only safely ilea lu eteraal srsiiili n. Ue then referred lei the eompm tnlseof mo, which gave euieki Ihe eouulry till I-OU wheu suoltrr ooinroiubie was rffj lud, f ken the autl-alaveiy paity epraeig up aiul our IrouWos la-gun. The raid of Joeca Us iwm uwit Vlrg nla, the endorsement of the Hacrsa Boole, tha doo trine of the "Irrrfeweetble contUcl" an I abise of tha soulheru iteojile foiloweil, until at but a President waa circled who affirmed au 1 piuc-lalniod theae cLuHriuee. Now South Carolina, M selsslpnl, Akilauua, Ueorgla and Klortda havesaMded fhnn the lulou. Beuh is Ihe distracted ONidlthaiuf Ihe coiui try, aud eur mheiiou uow should be hi restore pence Mr, llnira then proceeded to argue the and propriety of a couvenlloii is the people to adopt amriulnienU to the Ccawlltutlon, Ue urgl the Beuaura est Ihe other aide to oonslder Ihe ns cesuily of o) pouiug liiase ear similar reaolutloua. lu leply to sivuruueita against these reaolutloua, be would ssy thst these are eatrewrdiuary llmra, and ilsinuid eslraordiosiy measures. II earnestly ail. a-alrd to Ihe aoulhera sUlea to svuae au I mnuider If they cou'd iwt etaaln rlghu lu the I' f claimed that the lerritntiea ought lo be e pened H all the people of all the states, Th oouutry must maintain tha OonetiliitiiHi aud arrei. th meanliar of the til hcuial whloh has the right to expauikl II. It a a fatal day for the country when a secthuul puty wsa formed. Disguise it aa ws may, ihe kfpulle'an party has for IU baal keatililyki ulirta y. Hue of the great difficulties is Ihe ebuseaiul lu-oilt beiped ou the raiithem people. They dsclaml wir airauial aeceeaion, and yet llieved redress for lha aliened grlcvaorea should I aaearht at th hands is! all the taeuple. lie believed Ihe laws should be maimalnrd. On this lxiuil he agreed with tha 8uator fieru Illi nois, (Sir. Doeucaac) yet bow eould w ccauve a state f II would be war against flrteeu states. Co erclon waa delualou. li referred to the irouhlss which must fall moetly oa the harder etaaca, aud closed by eninsnang fidelity to his own state. Mr. Cakmswh (Pa ) sal be ehould not make a wecb, asr though his oolkeafue representeil a great state and offsied aa olive brauuh of wacs, yet sena tors on ths other aid would not listen and reeiiond. The people of that great stale would do anything to save tba I'nlon. He was Ucllned lo vote fir the pmiio elthuis of his collsague, end would do all he cxmld to aave the I'nlon. Mr, Oiras Mo.) said ths senators on thia aide had se much uulWencw iu ths purlolisiu and devoUooof ths Senator frera I'lviaHylvaula, that Ihry did ra4 think tl necessary to watch him, but the other side did no wish to bear words of laarloci.m and devo tees. ' Mr. Casubosi said he wsa sorry tliat Hie aeaator who left Ihla moralag did net wait till they heard from lnusylraiiia. Mr. Ivawus (UeJ asksd If the Seoalor approved of Lis eolisague'a speech. Mr. CAaaaoM, very muck, and I ssy to the Ssuat-u-U tl will aave ths oouutry, I will volet for the proline. tUaaefmyeollssgwa. r ' Mr. BAsaaaresv (Dal.) said be wished to aay that th Seoattar from Pweaaylvanla, (Mr. Casswoe) bad mint fas sd e spirit of attrlutiam aud davot ionto ths oouiuwy aad te th Uulon, which he theeurhl all might Inutyte, ' Ut. Gaswva mf (a the Sesator from Oeorfla, hud all eawgwWjarnea hea tf they wUl lake the rsraMton efraVauaearu 1 wW vote l It, and we Mr, Iiaasna asked If he fCAmaeva) approved of the assatianent of his colleague agalaat ooerotea, that la the pevlat. Mr. Oajfsaow Coercion b tbe last remedy to which I would resort. Mr. Quant-Is It a remedy at all f Mr.Csnaow II 1 a bad reraetly. Ide not know as I evsr would resort lo It. Corteluly It la the last remedy to which I would resort. Mr. Misoa (Vs ), referred to the bet that th Sena tor bad voted against ths Csrmstufe rsanlutinna and for tha amendments of Inr 8"iuet"r fiom New lfsmp shtre (Ctatt), and tl si the 8 -as tor from Ohio (Wat a), preaeuted resolutions of his stole, cms of whk h was against the personal Liberty Mils, while ths House of Kepreeeulatlvranf Ohle refused lore peal e n such Isw, II wanted to show to the pen. j le id bis seals and the country, the difference be I ween firneesion and prevfiVe. Mr. CistmoN said the Senator from Virginia same ed to be anxious lor en rxoeue to leave the I'nlon. He (Gannon) had voted aa he did Iwvwase he saw no dtssae t.on to cninpmuiise on Pie other side unless le went on bend-d knees anl aekel fi tr'veneaa. Ut should aak no forglvenrae. teeuuse be had d ai no wrong, but still hs wis wlllini lo hn; vs ths bs. k slblinga efthaSoutii, sisld. al heeonl.l lo preeerv Urn I nlon. Itut ho waa mil ti bedlam medordrtv. en. He waa ths peer and eo,-iil of the denator from Vliiriii a. , . Mr. Mason said be wsa iiivsis Ions i f having said anyihlagti areise th wrath of th Bsusl r fnn reimsylvsnla. If (MAaoa)dld ti'it want an excuse ir leaving th I nlon. If he wanted any excuse, II was to know how to rem em lu the L'ulon. II had seen tajiy six Ha nelors taking formal Inava of ths Situate, and he knew the Laksi was d ssolvl,aUlutely d asolved. gt list trs tnsy not recognise the dlaNolutltSi, but that will not alter the fact. Hiatus are g'Wie, and the chairs of their Senators are vacant, what Is the ireietlyf Coenionf Wmild you uae ths discipline thr silageyiie Inflicts on the urchin at at ho-N f Ths constltut est Is agalnet coercion, au l humanity aiul the elvlllred worltl are against It. We cannot mike wsr untisa we rhsugs the laws, and we caniKd clainge Ihe laws imleas we viol ile the coiutituilmi. net the retention of jiesceor wsr wis In Ihe hsistl wf Ihe nuOorlty TheSmlh detloril war, haiatias rif the niiau quels eft, not from feari and if it were f iresd oil them, it would lai such a war as the world had never seen The only eicnaa bs wanted was to re. msin In Ihe I nlou, end woull to fhsl the SienaVar tnait Pennsylvania would give him such est etae, Mr. Csuiea in said hs had n it heard ia" any Ihreutl a war, I ul If It muat cmie, Pennaylvmla w rewly to meet II. Ihe iwnple of his state were ready 1 1 d i su) thing bntiorsb,e to ssve the I nlon i were willing to yield Ihelr rriidiis. The N nth has canmttteti ihi aggreuHlisc, no wnsig, au I you can't drive them I y bully. tig them. If you want the Union preserved, le 1 ua know what w rung we have coruiuilled, au t we will lltlrres it Mr Hapiauiiitr fPl ) hacked si the remarks nf Ihe SeiiaUtr In iu Pi nnsylvstils as an omen of g nk! Hs Is'lleved the S liutor was slm-eie, an.1 tlieigh Ave states lave gtsie, if this side w.ll null the Siu utorlu Ihe same spirit, the I'nlon will still remain He Invikrd lie Senators In Imitate the spirit of the Senator frten Pennaylvanla. Mr CsirrrsiiSN (Ky ) urged sell i on Ihl lmior Isut meaMire sod s ke again! any aslaiii-meiit. lis riprraaeil the hone thai ihe t nlon might remain a bsig time yi I an I the states lie reunite 1. On motion of Mr, I'oa si t. (Ky ) adjourned. Ilotiar) of Rrprcarnlallvrw. Mr. Iivwov (III ) asked leave In present a memo list fn in oi rlaln Methodist c le rgyuii n of I llu i s. Mr 1 cuwitt, (Ky ) 1 obju.1, Let them sttrtid to thtir oau IsiMlntss. Mr Flou-hi a, (Pa.) Lei ua hear what they have I I my Mr rteaurrr I think Congrras capable of minag ing the legml itiou of tl e rountry, aiul with tl le re Sfaat lo the clergy, 1 think they uiighl .i atteilti the buainess within Iheer legitimate sphere, ajatrt fiom pohtlts Mr. Itvainv Tlie inemorisl rams fir protection from rellcrlotis Mn.rtitnat One Melho'liat e ew ucui hsslain hungid in Te-Aaa, simply for hit roll gliein opuiitais. Mr ltcasnT-I bave uo object! mi ti lha meinoria! be lug laid eai the table. It waa ait ordered. Mr. 1 taiBRNca preeentfrl ineinorials from rhlladal )bts, slgmal lar clttrensof all partias.lnt ItlilUig aom wlio videal fnr Mr. Ijwoot N,aak Ing fir an adjustment of the diffliu ties on tbe (Jrlltrndun plsn. Iks floreker laid lief ire the II Mine a teller signed by the Alaisema delsgathsi, wethdiwwlng from fur ther part o pnlksi In the dnillaeratliei cs the Hause, In eauuHuiuence of the aeceeaion of that state. Ibe follow lug ia tbe letlert WaaiiiauTUN Ctrv, Jsn. 21st, 1K4. II in WM rONINUTON, Seaker of the House of Kejtreeentallvee, Sia lluv ng received iuibrmatlin that th stats of Atalsmia, thniugh a oouvenllon repreaeutlng her sovereignty, haa adoisetl aud ratified an or dinance ly whli h she withdraws from the I'nton of the L'lnUxl Blateaof America, en J reauiaea the towers hereteifore delegstetl In the Federal Govern inent. It Is proper thst we should communicate the same to you, aud throcigh you to the House of Ke preeeiihitiviw over which you prfelde, and an nounce our withdrawal from the further de-llls-ratliew of thst body The causes which, lu the Judgment of our itste, rendered such actltsa ueoesaa ry, we need te relate. It la auflioleut to aay thM dtitv reiiulrea onr obedience be ber sovereign will. and that we shall return lo our homes, to suataln her actlisi, and ahare the fortunes of our people. W have the honor to lie, veiy reaisiclXully, Your ooecUoul servants, AigurdJ tlBOaux B. IIotrsToi, BrmtintH Moon, lltvtn CLsrvoN, Jauxs I.. I'nuu, J. L. M. Coaar, JlaM A SrsnwntTlI. The eomiiiimiruthui was laid ou the table, and or daed to be printed. Mr. )nwsan(Mih ) asked leave to Introduce a resolution lo give the si isi t oomniltlee est the Presl dourssis'clal luuertaga leave to sit during the ses sions ot the 11 nine, with leave to rert from lame t tune, iu their discretion. Mr W last ow (N. C ) otJMetl. Mr. Coia-A flu J ) Introciuud a bill Lq rtlatlciu W th tan.! it set vice as follows i Whrrm, tn srveial of the stale of this Cabin, the Judges, district attornles, an 1 marshals, commlseion rd t y the b'nitetl States for said stulea, b tve reelgneal Ihi Ir eiflices, aiul it aptars Impricticuble In oaise ntieuce of tho revoltiliounry proceaxl ugi therslu to fill the vacais?les thus mated. An 1 whereas tlie Ooieinment of the Tulted Slates Is thus without any means of collcs-tlng or enforcing in such slatea the iayiuenl of the pact el revenuea from Ihe c frici-s ling the same, or of punishing vliilatlcau ofthe I iw committed by nibburte of the nisilsor otherwise, or of eiueircmg the per formance cif mall eontrae-ta

llmrefoie. Us It eu led, etc., thai In all slatea which are or may hereafter be situ ib el as alaivs, the roetmaster General ia hereby directed t discern tluue the puatnl sc-rvlce for am h perlisl of time aa in his Judgment the publte luteniata re. lire, aud suali tepoit his action to Congress. Mr. Iixani-ii (N. C ) niggeutetl tint the bill 1st re ferred to the select committee ou t'ae 1'iesije'nt's tneuueige. Mr. Coir at. prercrrrd sriul ng It lithe Pad ATI e (kaiimllttc. lie d'd nol know wluit IU ae ti at woultl tacbuttle giiilleuucn fr ua N rlh 0 irollua would luivsaut nmituiilly tobeheard. We have nothiug now topreik-cltheualls which are llsblo to be rub bed aud u.i means of enf irclng Hie penaltliM. The bill waa referred to th Pout U1..e C.unmlUee. Mr. Ie.i lait (Iu 1 ) oflcred a preamble, aetting forth that lu the alatmlng con litlon of the country mere dlflcireiutra of opinion should be diaardedand all so tliuiat diffi reiu-ea removed, and believing ih it the Carm.aiiKN pltn of adjustment la au acx aable and honorable eompnitnlMO, Involving n i sacrifice Thcrcfiitr, KmtttJ, Ihallbe Be loci Cimnilttesnf Thlrly-Thrisi be Inatrui le.1 without delay 1 1 lake the biccuHury measures 1 1 c arry It Into prsctluil effevt. Mr, Inuiisii ruoird a uatcualou of ths rules. Lost, CI til'i. Mr. Ksc ixait wished ths country lo Ukan itlce that lbs Hvpubllcan side will n I allow a vote thai-eon. Mr i.BowfPa) Ihe l.epublhaui sUe will vole wboathiy choose. Ou of Mr. Mouals (IU ) the Committee on Judlclaiy waslrstcuete 1 lo lu.pilre lulo the proprie ty of auii4ullng the neutral'ty laws, uti aatoprevsnl lairsesui of one slate from tltiiug out mlliury expesll llotistoald lanunus tn suteta whioh have declared them, clvra oe t of the ftiloi , and occupy a poaltlnn outside i the rlgllfui authoiltyaud laws of the I uileal S'ules, Mr Asimvn (Iowa) a-ke.1 leave to offer resolu tions, declaring thai the 1'ederal Uoverninonl kas no awsr to Interfere wlla slavery hi the atateevthal whatever may Ihi the power of the government rela tive lo slavery In the terrttorlea, etu . It la uo ground for dissolution nf the Union t that II is not expedient to auirud the Conetilutlon ul this Liue. A govsra ueut without power to tualutalu lUelf la n ! worthy to be prrrerved. Ha, however, withdrew th reaolu lloeui lu view of the oinisidsralieai of the report of the Committee eaT thirty-three. UetAlemen on the deeinsuntio si J earnustly aaked fir a vote oa them, Mr. UcasxTr (Ky ) saying be was Dot afraid t J vote. Tbe House proceeded to the coiutiderallon uf Mr. Coawta'a rciairt on th crl-ls. Mr. Ci an in (Ohio) said, thirty years sines he took his seat here, as a Ke reeeututlve Ironi Ohio. Then South Carolina dec) irsd that a certain act ot Congress lor the collscllouof the revenue wai unconstitutional, and (awseed an ordinaure absolving herself from th remainder of th Union t and now, near the tenalna llon of hi natural and iHilllaoal hie, bs was again called upon to a.i uieasurtM having an appli cation to a similar condition of arfelne. II aald Incidentally if a state may withdraw bar self from cottoectton with th other states. It d aw not follow, that If she did not chooa lo avail barself of th beusflt conferred by the Union, that every vital law to Die exlstetvecf the Uulon and ne eeneary to the carrying out of all the alms of the V nlon may not be stuurced without disturbing th tavuofth state. Hs proceeded to show that the passage of personal Itbsrty bill cannot possibly have any effect ou th rights of southern men, and argued that the law fear the recapture of lugtllv slaves de pends upon the Cunins of the United States, and as such law bsa been declared constilultonal, II f! lows thst acuh Isw Is paramount to any laws nf a slide, or the oisiflscatlon uf a stalej tbrefom,t such sU'te Isws are effete and null. II Is Ihe d ily ol every free itdu lo eiijipreei any publication lutandeei tebe circulaud in the South with intent lo cre aie domeetio Insurrectluo and punish th author thereof. Kvery society haa a right to protect lis own life, wlietheumeuuced ky th dagger or MbsrwlaA 'I be i winiaper pres uud tke orators o ths 8 mil iiae e magn fitd by esroLie hiuidivtl tune the lmiglu.iry chin ff is In bo aprehsieled from the Kspubllinii Ad nilnlsln.l'i It, tut however from anything that this putty hassvowed, but Isvmcae Ihry tear a wlckal da eln In lice elrotitai ot LtaeKji.x aa lo ainsndusuta of Ihe Constitution to Ilia Injury ofthe South relative 13 sleveiy. This wai absurd. Tncie sa-e now flasen slave aud tlgltirn free elslas. Tohsvswwer to a luead there aiust bs twulv laore free stales hi order to pro. lira ibe ne .canary lwo-thlrd, aud beslda three-fiiui Ih o the states miutt be set iire-I. llmc there la tsi causa for fear m thia uiut. Th esia ulllee propoe au suieadeuaut aukuig any cha irs on theulsietvqiieatlondepiudsut on tbeiiutioci of every atate What more la neceaaary or call be diaAuvla(. U daucTlbod at baUfUk the cWillou of lha iBirlk). rise, showtof Must a large pertloaof them are uaiit d hr sUvsa, The Nertb was awl le be blamed for tbe eUeaate and paaturee, and ether adrxsilagss of free labor. Slavery la already esSsbuahed la New Mrdce, Why not then let that antltotv, where there I the only BrebabtlUy of eetablishlng alavery south of Mold, come into Ihe Union aa a state, thus taking away brewer this fire brand of slavery In th Territories f II would trust the people of that territory to form a stale constitu tion. A to the apprehension, that the Reraibucatuc Intend In Invade southern lost.tutiona,he had already shown there waa no cause for alarm. TJul It waa known thai the minds of hi southern brethren were disturbed, and tbereture tbe Committee bad nhmlt ted such mmeures aa would prevent such wroeg.even If any be hereafter oonteniphUed from any oource. I conclusion, he alludrd to the Liberal party In Mexico, whose efforts lo establish constitutional law are now likely to be crowned with siMceas. They had followed our example and Imitated our Instllu tulevaa, but by our present political cemtllliisi, we said lo them In effect i Turn bark, y ftsillsh Mexi cans, y are wrong Ile had only intimated Ihe mo tives which bad Influenced blm anl tha Qonimlttes. If this dlfneultles were not removed, he would not attempt to lilt the curtain on lha future, and th eon sequences whloh might follow from the unhappy de lusion now prrvaleDi. Mr. MnaawN ft s.l presumed that no man wants to dbsoutlime Ihe Unhai aa the Constitution mads It. rrrhapa the worst sign of the day Is Ih levity with which disunion Sonne to Isi regarded by many. Th first thing to be understood is what is In he settled. Is it the election of LraoncN In the preeewt stale of the country thst Is lo 1st sdjusved? lie had been asked In Virginia sh mid ahe submit lo LiNom n. lis had refilled tin, never. II is Lincoln that must uli mil Ui Virgiula, because be must discharge the duties tmpneed by Virginia anil other slates, who, In Iramlng the Oaiatliution, limited Ihe power to be earn iard. Whoever receives a majority of ths aleo torsl voles must, under the Constitution. 1st Prssi tlent. II saw nothing In Ih Pmsaial Lllsuiy tall to Justify a diesnliitifsi of the Unlet. There wis a dieptsittiiai In northern legislatures now to strtks these from the iststuts bonks. Dut ths 8Hilh, II wss aattl, BiipreheiMled danger in Ih future. The lerritotlal queatlt. howe-ver, Is already stltleil by existing laws, settlftl by the Coustiliitusi and ly the Supreme Court, aiul si tiled In fav ir of the Smith, llellerefore supiweeed thst in danger threatens from this eirce, ami there waa no Juatifl tatinu for hurrying into disunion. Us would, as a slste-rlghls man, dt fi ml all ths lights of his state. She c-mM throw sway ber rights and commit sul cble, Isit he wesild maintain brr rlghu, welfare, and safely, Commerce, Industry, fas ami eonsltlera titiu al Inane ami ata-oad, tn short, ail the Ineatimahle olewaiiH?s still la us ncs srt-ured to her I y th C nvctl lutiisi. If combined iwers should atteniit ti tak from Virginia these rights, be woul I have her de li ml lirself lolhe lt, so. these arelhe stale lights whhh some stale rights men went her ti throw aaav. If tacly to ehow her light tn di so. As lo South Caroline, Instead of eei aping rr.,m Ihe Uaitsi, be would liave her call a convention of ber cisifeuerutes states and nia Is kn iwn hsr rrlevaiiceH aad her puroue lo withdraw. It it having withdrawn shale not to lseonen eel insny f irwi. Call araiiveittion, mecllngonetitial terms and let it dtleniilne what slisll be done relative t-i the seceding states. Boeith Carollm niiagulded, as he tielievtul si e Is, Is still one ol the original authors of ths Osuttitutlirti Cotigreua weie lmt the creatures of the slates, Infct tor In H inth CsrolUia, and may not ae t eat the ir will lii di fi un e of a sovereign m ind its emanating lrmn that stale. During his remarks, he exprrsartt blsalmlrstlin of the teuiur aiul tone of the whole of Mr. Ctwif eiieech. but while there was miu h nf the spent h nf which Le apfimved, he regre Ileal be was uu ler the ttsceusUy of dissnln fnim one of bis iMwiliieis. lie said be waa opfioard lo Ihe Bttiiib' li4i of Kew Mexko, for leeesia whtilly tl acouiuaie.1 with the sectional coiitroversy. She was lmt capal le of oociiiytn7 such a a aultlon. He cmild nut vte for the bill rro!tedly tbe ca.iiiuilttes rilallve ti the renitl lloti e-f fug tlve slsves without some amendments. lie fnvoivd nil amendment 1 1 the Conut Intitules tlie i-ominilten reiaitntni tul to pin e slavery In the stiles laynnd ( ceaiirul. Ile regrettetl that ail litlonal latnutituliona guaranteea had not been suggeetial as the times rcpilre them. If Ihe Ri-puh-liieus tlo lud conernt to the m Ulemeut of the present difncultiee, Ihe aettloism ofthe American people, Notth ami South, will compel them, tsit for lite ben ifltnf either sectltm, an I fur the common Interest aiul general welfare, lis ex reset d au rwmctat hope Ilia! the tubal msy yet lai prnuerved au 1 tkeaeced Ing autre retored to their former puuitlou. AJ Joeirned. NLW 1 OIXK IJMJLSLaVTURE. rtennle. Altmny, J,m.2LTha atten lance waa llijlit. The bill to make an approjirlathrii toreileem the utile etock enured to Ihe Auburu andRxheate Bailroad waa retKarled avorsbiy. Aaarmbly. The It aise was rather slUnly attetuled. Mr. Fix a reirted favorably the bill H prevent aiding arul etunting enemies of lbs Rspuhltc, and moved that II Iw the special order for Wedueaday next. Agrred to. Mr. rtancn also reported favorably the bill to pro vide for the better eurolmeot and deaclnluia of Ihe mllllia. Mr. Bomxaow movet to rank a report from th Committee on Pederal Ueialttais. II waa uiade the ssulal order lu committee of the whole tu the House on Tueeduy evening, and to hold a BOasloo for thai pu ranee. Messrs Rina. rnav, PsamK-r arel II. Seivn en deavteaad to piaitinne the uouslderation of the report. U. Surra moved lo lay the subject on Ihe uble, which waa lost ty a vote of SI tn IT, aud Mr. Rosinson's motlem was adotted. 49 to IT. Mr. TraNra moves, for a sele, t Committee of five to liiipilre Into Ihe suffcringa oe lbs pcojil of Kansas, aud treiort to th Uoiise. elojaud, Tlrglnla laaglslalure. RuhmonJ, Jan. 21. Hie aecessiou ordinance or Aiaoanui was read lu the senate today, aua oraor eil to 1m teiuted. Itotk Houses havs adonted a rente to Ihe Mmmli. sloners, to ths erleel tliat the Leglalature Is uiisule It lniikeadefliilureeuniue lo Alalaima imtel alter the action en tne stale ejonventtnu. Nothlug else of Importance waa transacted. Horth ( aroUnaj rrakdatare. Rilrigh .V. C, Jan. 21. Today the bill pro. vldlng for a State Convention iavsee-1 a secoihl read ing lu the II luse. aud couies up agaiu tomorrow for the filial reading. Mr. IJncoln and Ibe fialloaul Dlfncallh-ac St. .(itei'i, Jan. 21. A apoclal dispatch from Springfield. UL, to Ihe Rs,u4 tin, says that On. gm-smen Kin hum srrlro.1 there on Situnlay night, and is lu ocmfereiue with Mr. Lisooln. His object Is supiuaiid to le in re fei euce to a cniupnaulse of the untloiin.1 dimriiltles. It Is believed that Ihe Repub licans wllh Mr, Liscni it's muftlon will prouaee hold- inj a National Couveulion aud red ratiou of the old Mlesourl hue to California. Mere Volanteera. Il'iriawn, Jan. 21. Brlrailicr-Ci ncral S. D. ITliHcirxrosn, commauduig Ih sixteenth Brigade, fiurth Dlvlalitiof tbe New York Bute Militia, has signified his willuupieuB to reutaaid with his com- mund, comprising .Icffirsou and Lewis ooimtlsu. whenever rtnulred to ephuld Ihe Uulon, enforce the laws, aud puuiah trraeou. Fram Waahlugtoa. Washington, Jan. 21. Numerous application continue lo be made by postmasters in the seced ng sUlea for oiippUe of poslage. n, f.ire tke order are filled an affirmative resptHise la ncoeswary to the question whether Ihey do now aud will continue to hold Ihcuiselvee resionalbls to the government In conformity to tha exl.tloj laws for all Ihe postal revenues received by them. The orders lure been filled accordingly, tha asttmaater tbllowiag th ex ample of Ihe Chsrlemt in uuliuaaler. Thus far postal comniunlcalion with the South continue unlnter ruited. Judge Ganmwoon still ha Ihe lender of the 8eo relaryshlp of the Interior under coualderatlesu. Tbe Poet Officesl Peuaaoola was abollahed to-day, the mail service dlucoutluued, anl the Pcaitmasten Ihroiighout the country directed by tha Pout Office Dejrtuinit lo send all letters addressed to Pensa onla to Ihe tieud Letter Office. This oourse la la ootr sequence of Ihe luteruptlon of the malla by the rkw rida aulhorttiea. The capilol pollca) force haa been doubled by tbe dlree tlou of tke Vice President ami the Speaker of tlie House of Kepreaentallviw, Is it because they thought this Increase neceaaary, but In ciouseuenos, II la ssid, to quiet appreheusloua In other quarters, that anal tam 4 may bo made to aelse the oapltol. The force alhigether la only about 1) men Mr. Coua did aotjolu bla oot leagues lu signing the communication addresued to IhB 8eaker, anntiuuclug the secession of Alabama, and their wllbdrawUcg from futther deliberatloeia ol tbe House. The bill which Bussed the mouse on Sslurdav. for the payment nf the California war debt, appropriatea $100,000. II waa Incurred In the auppraaslon of Indlsn lioetllltiea, and tbe appniprlation waa uiale un ths principle recognised aa to other sluice fur like service. A special cabinet meeting waa held tod ty to o insid er Ihe object of ex President Trura'a mission on la-half of Virginia, which looks t an agreement both on Ihe part of the Proaldenl and the seocded stales lo almlaln from all ecu calculated to produee a collision between those sutea and th dene re! Goverumuut, penduui Ihe proceedings Initial ed by Virginia, lb General Assembly having In View an adjustminl of the present dlffioultisa, Iu anticipation of official Information from Oeorgia, oooceiulng IU aeceason, a majority of lu repreuenlav. tlns have already signed ths loiter to he laid before the House, announcing their withdrawal from fur IW deliberations of that boJy, Messrs. IliU. and llAaaxiua have not yet aascsHsd lo th conuuuiuoa tloo. iltmphU, 7Vtta., Jon. al. A bebjery of sis teen Ihlily-lwo pouaders la being erecAed bare, and au euUbllshnuml for Ihe maaunwture of oaon and ahelk la U be eedaUlshed. f Jreal Aaaeeuat ex OaUeei Bbrppest free New Orketaa. jYeve- OriVemi, Jan, SI. Fifty ahlp cleared fxem thia port today with U(acsN beJat ca? oottsaa. n el e-asFieea lejItaMaas ' CJerrcefeit, Jan. tL The few aoldisri frera Ferl ajinnter, aa wtuessee la a marder ease on Sstur aay, attempted to aerate by Jumptag out of the grand Jury room window. On leaving fbf Port Sumter they' were placed la a coach and eaeorted by a til of elate soldiers to the boat, Oovemor rie xwe on Sunday, aent a lot of fresh provlalona to Major AsrMaaoN with his oompllmsnU. Major Asranacm refused to accept them, but returned hi thanks tar th courtesy, saying at th euros time that he would have to decline receiving anything un til be knew what the gevernmea! at Washington In eaded to order. Everything le quiet here Ihla mem Ing. Five guns have been fired Ibe Die sensdlng states. The tffect of the seoeaatott of Oeorgia upoo the peo ple is very hsppy, but no dtmoostrallou has yet been mad isa account of it. tieercU ncsspeaisa) la New Terk. JfieVecornfe, Gel., .Tail. 21. The Governor of Oeorgia lent to the Sttte Convention this morning' the threatetiing resolutions a 'opted by the Lsglala luie of the slats of Nsw York, on the Illb laatant. After th resolutions had been read, Mr. Tooasa i ffi reel Ibe follcwlng l Aesnfred, unsiilmnusly, m a rseponse to th resolu tions of th Legislature of Ihe state of Mew York, thai this onnventioa highly approve of th energeti ami raitrliAia conduct of the Oovemor of Oeorgia, In Ut ng aiuaeaulon nf Port Pulsakl liy Ih Oeorgia trsnpa: that this ctsivetitlon requset him to hold ptslueesioa nf aald fort until the relstleos of Usmgia with Ih Inderal Oovenimi-tit l ball be delsrinined, anllhala eai y of this resolution lie IraoarnltU I to the Uvera or ol the aula of New York. This resolution was d rted unanimously. ts!iaaltona were nuuteln the Convention this morning, by the leading dsasersllonlsU, which show tl si the ordinance of set fusion will be signed almoat If ml quiU unanimously. Judge Isorr Introduced In the Convention a pre amble and resolution prepared by Hon. A II. gra mma and Judge LisTnaj STrnnrws, as f slow t pTru-ri-aa. IV lack of linanlmilv In lha a. lien nf this Coii vi i,t ion isi the imsnage of the ordinunre of arceeslisi, liidualea a difference of opinion exiatlug auaaigel the inruila-rs of this Ctsivinlinn, which is owing not ao ninth ae to Ihe rights which Oeorgia cairns, eirlhe wruegs egwh'ch ahe complains, as II a in cur ren raj auci iiaafiiiicauon, ueiore resorting lo other ineaueof redresat mivfirrnu. It la tlsairabla 1 1 glvs expression to Ibe liiteiitlou whhh reaffy exiaU am mg s.l Ihe mem bers of this convention to eiiataln the state In the couiee nl si tlou whlih she has prouiuiued to be ti,a-r nir ii r tuTauoi ii. loereiore, lesn'reef. Tint nil the menilstrsnf this convention Ini lutl ng Ihoee who toted s.-sliutl ths or Imam e ai well as thoue wl o voteel f ir it will aigu the aims aa a li lice of the tininlnious i!rtm.lnitlon of this con veiitlon bi susta'n aiul d ft ud the ulate In her course ami remedy, wllh all lit resionalbllltiea anilonnsn. 3 uteres, wltlinnt reganl to ludivldtial spproval or enpprt val e f ihe adrrtalou of the isrdlnan e. Tha ord naiu-e was Iht n signed by ill the mem' ere of Ihe Convi nib n except about a doren, whi It la be lieved w ill sign II tomorrow. Hon. AiriAunrx II. STtnnrNi, Judge Litton Stv runs and Oovemor Jisiniuii, hale s gncd thaordl lauice. A lu honor of Ihe seieasion ofthe slate is go'ug on, on a grst d scale here tonight. AiijitMa, Jan. 21 Tlie se rashm of Ihe "lata I hilled wllh grrsl Joy here The city Is Illuminated tonight, end all tbe latlls are ringing merrily. The Washington Attillery fired a salute of four hundred guns this aAoiuoon ti oelebrate the waeltloa Oi e glu has taken. Tlie rolbUry anl firemen are oul oil a gran I pa- lade, Herlda. TallauuMv, Jan. 21. The State Contention adjourned today In meet again al the call of tbe Pre sident. Hen. 8. R. MAicoar waa appointed today by tbe Governor, aud sonfirmed by the Senate, Judge of Admiralty al Key Went, riu Maooon, resigned. IaalalaaBV, IJaUm Rouge, Jan, 21, The delegate to the stale convention are arriving here rapidly, aa 1 the town la filling up with the people. The secesnlon aeutlmeaU prevail, Vsilnua reioru are In circulation regarding the coming of Ironist from the fiorth. I.'nlon .llesHlng at Trenton. Trtntfln, Jan. 21. A (treat union mooting was held here ! might. The committee on resolu tions reported recommending the adoption of Ihe Crittenden resolutions, or some other atclfie meas ures wllh such nual ficatlona as may be deemed ex pedient recommending the Legislature of New Jer sey to sum a law to tak a vol of the people, ye or no on th Crittemtrn resolutions approving uf tha conn of Virgiula In appointing a C imralssion U go to Washington, and recommending the New Jersey Legislature to do the ssme. Mr. Dmj vtu a then offered a series of resolutions, recitlog the wrong agatuel tie law ami property ot the Vulled Stated by lha southern stales, In their re cent rtUllli.ii scaluut Ike Federal authority, com mauling the President an 1 Cabinet lu their efforts to put down rrbcilllon, aud In support of tha Conatilu tiou and laas i op) oung enucillallou while the Pede ral aulbmity Is defied. The Chair very emphati cally ruled the nsolutlurui out of order, ai at com' lug undrt the call. Mr, list t vii t a then Invited all who lad v .let! for Mr, Luiooi k, and were not ashamed of It, 1 1 follow him, and eigahit a meeting lu bout of Ihe IliU. At this ailut a huge number left and organized oulsld. The hall waa rt.ll crowded, and tha meeting pro ceeded quietly. The resolutions were adopted A resolution of thanks lo the ibstrmsn, who U a firm He publican, was adopted. Ue returned thanks, and spike In tetnia of conciliation. Six cheer were then given for him, and Ihe meeting adjourned. For a time there was quite au rxillauiin', but the fortunate secisslou of a patt of the mewling prevented a row. Dcdrgatre la tbe Hetnocrallc t-tialr Convention. RocKuttr, Jan. 21. Messrs. Jacob Ocivi.u, ravaie a Hakbv. Isaac Ucrre and Jons Ltrrxa ware tealay elected Delegaua to Ihe IJrinoc ratio Bute Con vention (re in Ihla iiistrict. General Telegraph News. Tie tlevelaad Fegltlve rdave Csumv An raueacceesjful Allempt al Itrarur. Otreland, Jan. 21, Thefuirltite slaio Lucy wua beougl t Iwfore Ihe TrolaiU Court this m milug, whrn Judge Iiuibn ordered her dUtchargo trout Ihe cushdy ofthe sheriff. She waa then Uken lu cus tody I y Ihe U. 8. Marshal, and removed hi the I' 8 Court, where she is now undergoing anexatnlnailuii. On Uie way to the U. 8. Court Ihe crowd mads an uuauce eyeful site nipt lo rescue Ihe fugitive. Tbe tatraaner Wan. Jenklne Ilnrnrd. BaUimort, January 21. A private dispatch ssjs that Ihe steamer Wm. Jenkins, of Ihe Baltiniore and Boetoii line, slulership to ths JesepU Wliltusy which wsa chartered ly the Gevenimsul, has been binned at Savannah. Particulars are not received but It la uudersVuid that Ihe burning wsa accklsuul. Tha Wni. Jeuklna went to Savauuah from Ihla iiort. Fire la Ilharsu ltkaea, Jan. 21. The entire stock of good belonglug to 8. P. AtwATxa, was deulroyad by fire, ou Saturday, Insured for $1,000. Tbe -tore belong ing U Ulan lUsuaao era badly ilauiaged. Insured for $3,000. Death ef Uev. Dr. Ieawcll, 4.C- Dodon, Jan. 21. Iter, Cius. Lowell, D.D., died yesterday, aged TO yesis. The Journal sutea that all thousand atanda of anna have, been seul South from Walartovm arsenal, rftrsuner Cerm Aaderwea (taalu St. Lovit, Jan. 21 Tbe ateanier Cora Ander. eon sunk at Eagle Bend, 10 mile above Vlckeburg 8bs had a ewrgo of 000 hogsheads of sugar, aiul SAO sacks of ootTee which la a total loss. The boat waa valued al $.t),000 1 probably Insured. Tbe (ae ef Jarbalew. Trenton, If, J., Jan, 21, Four witneeec were today examined on the part of Ihe Government la Ih Jacuauiw ense. They proved thai the Spray waa seen on the IMh of March with Jacxalow ana Ihe Lmt ou board. On the 17th and 1th tke vassal was seen ou her way to New York with Jaokaiaw ou'y on baud. It was proved thai on th 1Mb of Maicb he went to a grocer In Brooklyn and purchas ed one barrel of burning fluid, one tierce of lie, and nin barrels of crackers. Wheu about lo pay for these sitlc Irs hs took off hla boot and took there. from a roll of bank notes, one cf which was a fifty dol'ar hill on tha Mechanics' Dank of New York, and wanted all specU In change. Three are the material point brought ont today. A iroucas waa issued by th Court to Or. J. Vf, Wicav, of Pennington, to act aa interpreter. On ap plication of Mr. Voosarxas, one of Ibe prlauner's coun sel, Mr, K. U. Oaaudiu waa aalaoted (o ct In Ih de teiae. Vr City News, Tblrd Pace. , What Pnoniesic.N Bhall I Fcnxowf 0 alenee te PowuaA W sua. No. SO Breavtway, and ark Uurmte.examlaeyour bead. TW will aire rua a eareaVlaaalrBleefyociraassiUI avmaidsatloa, that wlU from yeur own sUsf.l tnowuulm stVseruslt, Vad tactiea-tloeisofUtentlMwia-thalhaisltliaes rlsea bssurs wesa as bs a drssaa f eenvtuse rou of lia esrreataass, aad feint out the etro to Uks Is bs sueoraahu, and oalel skat ruarw IngforarstUoaiilehyoibadoAiablexfyoeu; siulilyxe TratVsuk aitd BKBU.rr.tTM tncmJb ef Dr. Aw thttM fix east ABUte' MtUse avac ttohftt. PhamsllieavrortaxyaMss. S. f. IIinaASD'i Wild CHrmurr 1 We weaM reeswameaded all whs era afllehil of aewatlu ralotoeaapala la He erains eaenn. theraestjert eldeol to tbe serine eaenn. te Uke H. T WlU Cberrr rUtasrs. it is nature berrrBmera. It la nature's cannot fall Is benefit tbe lavaild, and rwnnea iuu w lit III inu lanutt, unai w. wm a tmaipetliTotewlo tell sll ths arntctsd whsve hsvs bsea ra-actioed ef late, and as ne ether wild I nil inia un. ! uui iiaiiaiaia iuuh bitters )!-: as eeod,- (sak reajr ahfiAeUn, as derfaur Itum thai thia Fllttera U eisrer tbaa auas wines,) be sore rea fscrehsse the sale retralne t h-rr Hitter, ef R V HinilARIl.101 PnkWuu ua. I Yerk, and J. W. HAYlal, 115 rulloa et, Ureeklra. J Kow wrnrrif Rrucn or All. nnnvr.R A nAirT.R.s mciTtaATrn nimhflkh seWiiki mac $10 aad epwardall Dnadwar, N. T. TnK tTfrot, Till wnot. Cntoit NOW AM) POIlKvTK . a 1.KA. CLRN. riiRa. nn)W fMfTT. , KIJXtXrO,MlUasla Baxrt'b TttxraniBytTa DARXI I J aiCDraTKanTOVJ T-UB I eheepevt arrtele fur ctreswtag and heal I a. eurbns, in earn tag aad reevortag ii trrlt- SoaaniraaleBagkaa. Jl Is lbs beat aad ebeeorat arrtele fur drauwhul and 1 fries, deanlna. eurbns, preurrvtaf and resvartag j KctEsataX. WOXICBaTc, Al Its Aaaaal Meesfca. f (tue Itauardi ITnateea ef Ihe Near TolH Mrs lafaa-Xmenl rand, a w uauBuaw iiaei. i lee, ia, incsi, wm Hoaxe wss ergs ut iwrtawi. oe wwt lounwioa omcesu, aaa ue ep aaen, et ua iNanuHewai as naatea Deiow aor the yeari naeimrNV . . . HENRY A. nilRR. Oor.efOllIanillranliforliaVshotiaa N. tt It 1'laee (siai alrenl. SKcBrraar afc M .-. . ..eiM'neii r. lara-Dii . i Res. 1CT t IC Pearl .t.-hoaias No. TV Uxhvrtoa ae a-'aiaiiTTVH uu niacTituai, w JONAS N. rilllJJPS. Ne. SS Pike altti-hoaaa, Ns VDI If talk St. JAMU Y. WATKINH. Ne. 10 Catharine ut -bmuwc No. W IleafT St, - ... .IIMIAUMILIA Ne. Ut Fnwtl ul -hoaae, Ne i Madlssa at, B1UI VI 1. rll.lUtM..- -.icriji.. , 'a.1 m .ia, - Ho Si llerkmsn at -hoo-e. No, Ml Wad 1Mb st, s a r - Ne. 11 tc.uu ut -hoo'-e, Ne 131 lleary st 2l N. S Deeereter it houau, lad A, h. . Id and etk 01 JAMfJI IIAKrjfDKK, l Ne, M Nantail et hmuus No. Sisi Wast tntk at. ''I tiiauim.n.uiNnnt- C-l Jas. Y. Watklus, KoturtMoi. Inula, Jiaa IWretaOjJ RIU'UIO. ,a.afUlTTKUa Samuel P Thomson. Jsmea Y. WstkinN A. P. shacuwrn. Kt,Vu rt MctllnnU, IL A. Burr. csiMmTTrB on rlNANoa. A. r Onkcrahauarn, Zonhsr Mills, Jonas !t. rhttl gsTlwt fsaiNssam-i a.wa traiwrf. '" I Robt Mofltnnla, Samtu I II Thomson. Jsraes Psmwral I oissi rrsBoN ussarivs AwiiTeeeijuiST lonenoss, I ZofNuu-MIUs, JasmesY W.tkln James llareraoe I inuii n uitj-ac, rresanrer. Ir I llb.UY A. liLUU, Prealfltwatn I ceo. r.Niann'T.Suc jaas siiiat rrThamvllte and lroaperl Hill Taxea TV OIl.Ttcir cf tho ahoie Tsxes will alt at his ofhee, cars l.rsnfl sni Klisahtth. on Plleadsr aud Wedneada. if.ut.iiia. .air.ju nicr , cviiuciar, JSSSSlSAliB nntrrprVae llonie-atrnd Aaaorlntloa wrtll luel their rea nlsr moetliia this ( 1 utvdsf) evrnlna, IH e'en lVb llowcrr. 1 he term ef the Sfsuvutmeiit ia $ 5. ptfabx Insunisof $t fiup r wia-k, eititllnsthe mtinbtrs to orJ Int Vr,.ltairiM.t uiatn tha Pc. art,ian anA 11 A -1 M U faime to the mere ting and learn lull particulars IriAA II 1U.H', rJicy lac) c Wewtrhefrter (oamw paxres-inonel Te Prlharavllle, lulou Port, Olluvllle, Wa-hlngtonvtlkal Wakeheld, I'rorncct llilh U. Isles nr be aauejl ciiruuiui iiiwsuiutciiu. r ul 111a oiuou, cor, 01 uraoa I-uuu.iu at,, vn aiuiiun, iiuaaiuruna II liillliua.1 Jan. tlst, tli anil V-kl. Hack Ux-a msr be Bald and I sold lor taxes redeemed. JOHN B. YOKkK. Oeaa Collector. Jalt rift v rOI.lTlC'AIi NOTICE. IOih Hard Tbe IVaieucralio KraabUeau Electors of the Sixteenth Ward frieadlr lo resnlae nonlnsttons and the tisssea of Ihe partr, srd renusuter lo sltrnd a prlroarr lUrCI.Ki, to be held at the hoase eat tbe boase off I re , on 1 hursl I Uat, bsttreasl sof six asal tubers ef toe , atunari uaivin, cor. 01 inn at, aud vtn ave .on 1 so uur wTinuia. uie aainauf ch junurr iciscaai, I the boors of tire and seven foe tbe cutalaa of uli hers of the General I .ammlttee. alv tnutnliara Viu,nllMiflan.HlljrtnmiU. .nl . W.-l fl... I, tee, 11 order of the Lu-muaraluj Kepuhlleaa OeDsrai i tasjnnifttae. Tsmmsnr Hall, Jsn. llat, lil TIIDHll II TAr-l'rje, DIMS McCAKTUY, MUdkS VT GALKjl Itutprctora. Java au-tea i MOCIKTT ItOTlCIM. Aaotkrr leMcraa fleaec Brother Veterans of tlie Wsr of 1911, MS snd 'la. art Lot n I nar atAasntluad are Invited to attend tbe funei al this dsr, Tntwdsr, Jsn rJ, st oi e o'clock p n, from his laU residence. So. Tl ( Usnirooud st with ths usual badjte of nieuarnlng. Let all attend wedout know wfioae lurneomes aexl, 1 11 order, II KAlMoM), Brlxadler GeaaraL i A11U I1AI l.V. 1'j.lJ..! ISAAC M.PnYFtuAelJt aUEAXIIS. .BROOAN-On Monday. Jan. fist, Mrs. Catherine Iiroiiau, a nsUva ot the Pariah of KJJraore, Co, Cavaa. lrelaud. used BO years, . IbeWeooasndrelatlvesof thefamllrsrsreuueoCrane Invited to altand tlie fuueral, on Wedorsasf attar-1 noon, at J o'clock, frvra ber late realdcnee, tbi Madlsoai street " M I iluf'iW" A"". V.' J"L.,1 Jeremiah Buah. 1 aav J wj? Diuoralh-, Co. Cork, Ireiaad, aged Ills frViuIs and relatives are respectfully larlted te , attend tlie nmersl, on Wednesday ettenwoo, at IM ! oVlocs-iiom his lata residence, lit Baxter si. M I niMoltl) In Kenalntrton, Connectleut, ea Mass. 1 dsr, Jan.ia,uardA.lluauteau,Bed ltd years and I mouths. IDA KIMMS-Oo 8an.lsr.Jin seith, Metta Marls Sophia t Ruiiae, beloved dsughterof Ulederich aud Maria Ja luns Huiiiie, ascd 4 ) rsrs. I be frie nds of the fsnillf are respectfully lnviiav. ltend Ibe fonerat, this (I insular) aitcrao"' . i-". mim h.r law iV' Jmee, 0 nj Water . t 1 os. I ( i B.lScN.?r,B Wllllauishurah, L. I, en Saadsy.tOUh ImU Y, Udam Janusa, auS e? jsuies Wuilain ail 5 Urcall)tne.aseilsraoDths. " j i1!!.!11 'itn-n,uisisy)aftaosw. ' at I o'chtk. from the rosidenoe of his parents, Pu5 "il.0. tlllmor piaee. and friends are mpcctlcibr luvitod to attend, without further notioe. CAHR On the $M fnat, at 4 o'olock, A. M . Miry A Curr, tlio beloved daughter o( Pat.r aud Brlelget Usrr 1 arrnU desr, do not weep, Ism not dead hut be re do sle-e t A slerp from paiu aud Urmi nt ires I'nuare, you it shorter lollow ua I Jhji Me i da and acqiialutenoes of lha family are re spcrtfully invited to attend Ilia f uuersL thia ( fiaiadarx fhc'?nou'; ,"cU'ck" -0 awnart.t.wlucHilfSl oSAv.K. Mi. " UtT Cat t ."' 'net da sua mtstlvre ere reweet falls Inrtteal Le II i Ai u V"".1, "" tVednrsiiar aftenioon, rati taut, . l J clock, from Uriels rsuiduuce.r. West ild si. 06 viua le attend. t . lliyilS-On Jan Hat, ChsrlntU Uaghes, enlr bev leied dsuabtrr ol Jamee JX Hughes, aaed reseat months and tfl data i na mnersi win uke rises from the realdenee of bar father, In Oxford ut, Ud h use from riushln. ns ave, Brocux tle'eloea, HS rn, eu rrroDesaar ailercwon, X9d liiat, at AKKV"cT a Moodar mornlnit, Jaausry tlst, Wllllain Larklns, sen of Jsmea aud Hannah f-e'a aged II mocUbe and 10 days. Ths friends of tha fainllr are respeecftiBr lnvtted la stteod lliu fuiiersl, thU (ToeadsyJ afturaooo, at i e"o"x, from M Dos ulna st, 11 LYNCH-Oa Moodar, Jan. list, William Lraola, arcdsorcBia 'Hie limeialwlll Uke blsee from bla late real ilea se, oorSuutb cab aad 1st st, (hla (Tuasdar) alteruooo. a i , MAliBIIAIJOn Jen. fist, XaUsheth, rstlot of lha late Joseph Marshall, In tha kid rear of her ss Cslmlr beautiful wss ber death, leaving with ae taut eenifoi ting assuraooa that ben was tbe blesssd hope ef a brikbl inuuoruilty bsroad tbe grave. Hsr frleads. oast Ihoee of hi r sorain-law, Albra Lrone aad Peter Oul ai n, sre re siaaetScllr invited to attend her funeral, frees harlaumiiisrce, 1 South Id et, WUUsmsbeirsa, ea 1 1.Lndaymea-Luuj, Jan. lath, at 11 e,eioek, without fivr. MUKDOCK-Of pbrarlsy, Mrs. Banh Moidoak. aawat fisrssra. """"" Ths rrhndiof th fimilr are rvaaawtfuUy tnvtted he f !tool!h"J"D?m,V,,, Tednesdsr artanuna, xad Inat, I IX o'clock, fiom her UU naBaVinoa, UJ Gold at, Breetv lie. 'IIS uar'n'i1.. i a , . a. . - . -- icuiua-uaaouwin.iii, siscjona xtarua, tne beloved sou of Jstue aud tatliartne Murtha, aged S years sad 0 nootiuv 1 "J ,,"'u0ll,. aeeieajnianeiw of the ram lie are re sreetfullv loi tud to aiund the funsrai, this f fSiaadarl afteruoun, at 1 o'clock, from xi Keel Ulh st. 17 McCAOT Y-eDw Jan. list, Catharine MoCerty, agesl Hreara, Uaionlhsandlldars. Her reUUvea aad rrlends are ress sttfull larltaul le attend the funeral, on Wsaoasdaf slWooon, at e'vak. frcm tlie rerlCenee of her parenta, Daoial and Catharine MeCartr, liarbardseu s. near Huahwiek aa I Orakaaa a. ev, llroe.klja, K. O Hsr remains will bi lahrred la the Oineterr of tba Uoly Cross. Ill OUBTtD-On Suodar, Jan. tOth, after a abort tn newj, of Inflsmmatloa of the lungs, Wm, Oiatated, U aba 67th vi or of bis age. . T JaT f Mends ef the family are rsspeetftilly Invited U attend the funeral Ihla (fa-d.r)eaTailaa. S&SttbSG&R, SMITII-On Moodar mornlnf, Jan. list Jor-a, tba beloved and otu atus of Philip and Mary T. 8 BauOc, ased 1 rear, 11 asoaths sad Id dara. Tbe Meads and aoiuaJntsnees of the family are re ape etfnlir Invited U attend the fuuerat, ulsnsadayl KfWn evaioeax, ram the r IM 1 bird are. reel flense at aaa paraana, 164 TAYLOR-Ia this city, Aaole, vrlf ef Joha Taylor, ss- sued Tl rears. The truwwlu us iku r-mltu um .LainiSfuTla lailui aa TAYI Taeti attend Ihe funeral, on Wednssdar morninf naxx. al f o'clock, st the Uareao BapUst Cbureb, ear, Usdiord aa4 Powniaieta. 100 TIIOMPBOrl-aDo Scmdsr, Jan, 1Mb, Marr XaWJah TluMiipscui, danghur ci Joha and Jane Tanaajjiaa. asjext 1 WaSXW axnall A saiaa,lka The friends and aetpistnUnees et the Ikmfly at) rai aiia e menua. he friends and aeoiialnUnees rrepicuuuy invited u anenauie ronwsa, iua 1 1 wsaaara BiUrnooa, at I e-elnek. (reaa tbe rasVAxaoa of beg. grandfather"t Weal Kith st, Ul bb father, c WILKINSON-At WUUaiiwbarab, N. T.aa Ssaxsr. etsr, lltuat, of brcwaaaltla, TUojisa IX AraaML aaa sf Joha and Saalfcs WlJIiljiscua, aged lenaallajaadam. The (Meads of lbs faaaUr are lyanjeetrullyCvrBidla atieod the (suauraJ, thu (liaadar, sJWaaujn, si ssb from tbe realdenee sf bis parenls, ear. of SsnlVh aaal AlnsUe eta, Willi. nishoinh. Phntdslahla aad CTjsujia auepers ploase eopr. lea CAaUtaaaTJat-Oa Mevefuvy, Jea, Mat, avaaalavajlajg Taitaaia,. esuaaiiar es uteaaauaasi rBaaaaes aauvrssaaai oT Jeba B, aaal Paawnes I aged 1 pear aad da Tka and r aaa a ear. Meade ef tba. harty are ravsad. ftillr Uvlaud toaaasod the hineree), lik WussasHr) saXuaa- taooa, sxa i&e. as t lea, at SNlnth o'clock, front the raaateuee of bag parents, bJO are. uv .i'iTJc1'," ..u"1:?"t'Jn .lsUJohnnovle.snatvi, cl Ituthdnro-Co. Wlcklo, IreUnd, used lijeara. T I oui1! ""T'S1 mU ui? f'se on Wsdnesdsf sJVturnsaaa. !8S.uYt' f fj.' frm his Ute resldeoee, lI Por- II Blthst. 'lhs friunila .ul r -I..,- -M ,Zrf.fl-I 11 W0ODBUrr-On Monday. list leal, of eoatlet fuarsav' John.rcuBsauSeidldelCBJlstiaa At. sad J aaa Weea. roS, sed ISI vsars. . . The ninl aur vines wni laae xaaee as va rssiainee eg -Teuaaisr,! bust, st P.M. let) iKi B1 H,