Newspaper of The Sun, January 23, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated January 23, 1861 Page 2
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WI ftaaa I v-,kCrr.if' n W1 gW 'l.!.. -. )HI1 1 I - ' fWi 2C- A VUf a: 1 s BA tan 3 w ft' w ' h, n . I ft 4 1" r ) a I 'f ' 'J. : n M ; i a U - kw ' " I I4 t1 1 I bi ll i M fetyri .in: jxovr K prV Mir' ". Uj irra 'i 7 S, THE NEW YORK SUN. U TTKDNESDAsT MORSINO. JAMT , 1861, Mrafwuomcui If Bar. rewnlly or""' ncw rul.llcallon OfBea fee th. ecu fdalfwd ulllmau and per. MsmwjI eeatra) at N". til Broadway, iinler th. iMrina Moaewea r print which tu been Justly termed "Ik ey .of Tk"-bengal tb. June ' kloa ? I rend IhurergSfares, aud of every Rslkwsd aad On but Lin la lb. clly, but a ftw aslanr sxreptloria. To reach th. new In Ota Ikmfcni, from any part ef tb. city or Id .uvirons, II I enly tstceasa ry V hall Ik nearest sue nr car, ut U m daws Hlkl door , I ti evllenl that there U enly OM iwh plsc of b! la New Yet k. ,T eld stand of th ten. corner of I'ullon nl Hl, will ot course nut bo given lip, M least tor "a tint. U tout. Busloes wlU theref r continue Mklm l Udh oftVee. Aa, advwdsfeons propoeel. however (sir any other pnrpow than dally rpsr) tot lb ' of mri ef tare valuable jitmbIm p Ui, oM onrarr, wmili n"l U dUnordKl ftn now. ATAUABLK DtU BOOJI-pr'WM' nt nhkW, la lh City, mny pnrp.-CM U t tH4 W nlWWVry ecmMol, l cir Hmvlwy OOoa. Mr. rWltrr Pm-llan fl" T,U. At thUthr,' Union Mcrllnn hcl.l In tin t!ty aloul fire wcrki Ioc icommlltnof tlirw, coaaUUnccf Mr. Latiikr, Dxiirl S. Duki OS J Ki-IriiUnt r 11 lmorr, w wml'l t rrocpl to lh Soulh to explain to thuif acothem brelhrrn the mibjecti nnlcJ In Iho roltioiuaoJaJirtvaJopll) lk mwllnit, a4 to pr inch further aurncei milit o doMnod atmntj to manifest the drtermmatlon of thoac cornpoalns the mf lln to maintain tho rlghu of the South. Mr. Kit 1 mork'h reply to lb Utter notifj-in him of hi appointment I111 Jtut bem puUiiOie.l. lie appUu la the object of the meeting n! aiknowle lhe the liononMe an I patriotic tiiaractcr of the rn'iMion to whUh l.i le Intlted, bat he farcaMlcallr remirkt tlut xwr aoalhern brethren rniulre no aaanrance Imv. tmkI that of the moctl.i, an 1 the a 1 lrewea an I reeolatloTHS to coiniiH thm that the inomWi fif that meeting an I Ihow they repreienle I, n iu art, an4 at aU Um't hat brrn milling In tit tliwt jtutia." Therefore to k an 1 Inform them men 1 of thil fact, whhh It all the lommitten cnnll le, would be a wurk bt aupi-reroation. Mr. Fillmork aJJ I What tbey (" otir muthere brelhreu) want, ami wliat I wanl, la eom, aviuraiwt fruio Itie K'pilUHtJiit Jurtr, luiw d nn'lMiil al llieNmh, that tliry, or nl ul the pmiwi-ratiTe nrtiin n' tl.rni, aie id.Ij an I wllUnfr to rtmie form at. 1 ami repeal all line nut 1 1. UolialaUtelaaa.llteiiplnlhe rompronlieM of Hie ONielUiilimi, exniite Itie Liwr of Chii, li(nn-.l1y and (altUluIljr, and treat our BjuIIii' i. Iinthrei at friend,. Mr. Fn.1 more ronclu lea lit, letter hy stating that the lakora of the Union men in the North fhould Iw at home, and expreswa hia gratllid. lion at the recent Indications that the ronerr.i tlremen in tho KrfuUican pirty are willing to ro-ojierate In remoing crery Juat cauae of com- plaint whhh the South can bring ej;ilnt the Korlh. Apart from the rnnnidrrallon ttated by Mr. I'll l.woic why a vinit by him to the Uuth ' would be unproductive ot (rood, there It the fur Uicr conaidcrat Ion that though Mr. Kiii.worr, after hit acceaaion to the rreaidontial chiir by the death of Gen. T AH oil, alienated lit North MB Irlendt by what they considered hit aban donment of irinciplee formerly aTOwed, and by hit alleged endeavors to draw the South to hit aopport, only one. Southern state, Mar; land, cast Its rote for him, w hen he ran for the l'rcatdency In 1866. How could Mr. r'n.i mohh ko now to the South and appeal with any confluence tomvn who bad ao publicly and emphatically ropu Hated him while they ttlll profeaeed to be friend, of the Union. Nrlnrp of Arm, for Ike Heulh. Judge Smai.lkt' recent charge to the grand Jury la bearing fruit. If the wltmweet called lo forethe grand Jury all profeaa to be verilable Know-Nothtnga, their Ignorance ia not ev Unite that there it nothing of a treasonable thnraiter la thlt city to I nudo known. Tcatcrday, as the itoaraahip Monticelto, of the Cromwell line, was preparing to nail for Hamnnah, the Kirtt Ward Police, by order from haad-quarter, vitit- Ait Ik. uiuil anil BjiliitJ thlrtv,Ii.1it raiwa nt tnuaketa,piHtols and sabrre, Intended to bo a part of her freight. Nineteen of the raot wvro ul ready on board, and the remainder were lielng hipped when the police Interrupted the work. Thti aetiure, If the arms Khali be claimed by the party shipping them, will raise the question In a practical form, whether our State ami I'o lice authorities ran lawfully seize arm, in transit to States whlih have rolmllud againit the au thority of the United States tud whether alio, parties selling or sending arms to such Statet or their citizens, aro guilty of the crime of giv ing "aid and comfort" to the enemies of the Union. The Grand Jury of the Uuited Htatcs Circuit Court will undoubtedly lnvcktignto the circumstances of this alrnoet succoHhful ship, nest of arms to the State of Oeorgla a Statu which has declared hervlf out of the Union, and Las seized by force and tolence forts, arm and munitions of war lulvning to the United State. However the law of treason miy bo Interpreted, it U certainly the duty and the highest policy of the loyal State of New York, not to permit tke cupidity of a few of its citl cena to violate every dictate of patriotinui with Impunity, and furnish to traitors arnit to bo used In dostro; log the unity and peaie of the BflpuUlc. latent elcrefre-a Virginia.. tTihono that none of our readers will fail te read the report of the bold Union epeech made yesterday in the IIoqmi of Representative by Mr. Clkmehs, of Virginia. On Monday, Mr. MtLXaex, representative (torn the south eastern district of Virginia, avowed, in mild but im rcteslv language, his attachment to the Union aad the Constitution, and exprewwd his earnest bop that the Union would I preserved and the evading states restored to their former potitlont In the confederacy. And yesterday, the repre sentative from the extreme north-west of the Old Dominion, raised his voice la tones of warn ing U thoee who, In attempting to destroy the r Union, are madly rushing to their own do,! ruc tion. There Is much to cheer and encourage the ' friend Of the Union In these pit rlotlc utterances from two extremes ef a state, which ha given to the cense of American Independence, American Katlonality and American Union, soma of the noblest netnee on the page ef history. With all her faults, her occasional, but not altogether, lo- . excusable arrogance and pride, and the degener. cy of some of ber sons, who unworthily claim to wear the mantles of bar great statesman, "Old Virginia" Is honored wherever there U a true American heart, for the memories which "clutter around her name. We therefore hope that the patrlotUm of ber people will now, In the greatest crisis of the country which calls Waaii- imotobt its Father, stsud at a firm bulwark against the furious wave of southern teceaaiou Ism and unnatural revolution. TV Fs Alarm fas Braoklvn. It -.1 re-a. ""d J'Mt"d''y dtapaUh re fJT. ' -,K'r tnp.M InW.JUn,. tost. ttd that tli Governm.." con,leniae(l tie d liwfXrt f flat. rooTt of th itrookJirn Navy -. i, .nal..g to the local anthorltle. for aU , Atata. 5, W protect the fedtra projerty, -itho.t contolf J AU Jan ,., convention .74 s( tB fVrj Department, eepeclsllj' wbsn the j 4,4 rM.ilutlon, rsul'.ui tbe K-pit,i-livM '"federal force on Oorernor' Island cool J hive lu rjungrcsa, and autboritloj the Uevvruur to aj w ifc.ttUl-tontet aiiyendden surprise. It point Ualoua u Wsablagwn. ..i U U fcrtU-tod t Cap- Foot- wlU 1 nSkZiMtoZ'- -ii -.'.rttJUd. tit I claimed, however, that I H . ,, . o.t r.nui.ln a. ,.1j 'Foorm'tad WomJatlon of raeUr xja. (""- , . , . whldtbeconunoi otsreawo, w. -" what Ue cot-klereal tM speeawn - ."- Irtrt-W protect U-puMlc propertr. The Xnvy Yard It now .bii 1 l' pretested, nd hetldel other meant of ile'ence, Chief Kngi Deer Kimi has a number of powerful steam pumps and fir engines ready te throw to any part of the jard linnlrclt of tons of boiling water upon any rciklc.i Invaders. Mr. Kiro thinks hia scalding water defence might be uvl In slemliips of wir and fort, to prevent board ing or taking bV storm. From AtAntMA wc hive fru Intelligence that the northern pnrt of the state rnfuw to submit to the seceminn ordinance. At Hunt ville, the stsr and stripes are etill tiring, an I the prftlc defy the Ywirr traitors to come and pull thi.m down. Ytv.Rvmyyol hang from the bough of an Atabamt oik. North I'tiioust, a will lo seen by our dipatcho to-day, It determined to look before iJie leapt Ido the objaa of dlauulm. Arpewl for I lie tlilWren", Aid Koely. 8-irictv I, dejxnJant fir the greMer pait of ita ri imt vipon unmlkited contrllniUnnt, which are sent In, m smaller or larger suuns from Ihl city and from every prt of the country. In llinne of great public txdte.i,ent, snd In the more momentous na tional Imublct, the ciitcrprlaea of diily charity art naturally overlooked. 1 he biulnM d,prel tn. mor-ivrr, Wit moat heavily on tUoae front whom uyI of the irt of I nevolentaocletiMcamni. '1 he erTiacpience la, that In the inldat nf winter, w th the lumal, ami, (vrhaps, even a greilrr number oV . r (hildmidi'iatvlent iiptm tliem, tas Tru tea, of Ilia Children's Aid 8 wiety are etlrmnely crainieil dr means to carry on thilr various and Impoitinl enter priace hr the needy an 1 Ignorant children of the Tbev fear, em, that aims of thee monl ueelful rbar.tiea to who aun"r mt In dilreel tiiiux-lhs " or an! hnnaleai l.ttln onia of Hie street miit li given up, unlen more liberally ald'41y the put lie. Ihs work M h I, Mng don, l.y the 8 city, fur Che public li.t(U, la sa follow, : (1 ) They are foundinf; livliu'rtal & hnil; ami suiiHtiia " t,ilr,, wliOifilherrhlMren f r ltiai KatitMa an I the pul.lli nlluol-, an! ctlierwiNaaailnt iuwt lahorfo the i hlitlrpit of lherr. Tbore ar, M im (,ifee,l, aeen niora, nri. ..intim-tn I w ih theSjoiiJi. tlioifli ,u,'rt'iled I) their own llitrd,, ai x In biKtrl l l...'!is with alont ;ml 'li ! in. II . aid, t w, the lltlian 8 hl ant tho t' tlaa V e 8 brail, with about (Of) ik.hoUia, tie luan-U.nixl by ll.eHo.iity .fz ) Tin v are s.ipimrt'nt an 1 rnrylnjr on the .rir&ni lAnltfk 0 i'MiA, tthli h aholter, ll iw almit iimi mv". eveiT 11121,1, ana aome a.iiuii a nort uc ii. In the cnirN ot tlio enr 'I l.eao tai , are InatruoUv! 1 very evening, aud niauy ol tliian provided wilU p aieatiiHl r wle (t) Thiy are providing with g ! lioiaea, In Ilia rural cIInIi 14, In'in "no 11 noo ihtldreii nuhyear, and liave teus noit! alanil ri.lMio aior I1UI0 ouiaa einre the u t n.hitnn of the rial ly. for this purpose, two agouti are coualully (in. rh)rd In the Vit. tor all tliiw varliMit er teiTirlaa,, the Haletynuly exfenila hWiul ft l.'ioii 4 r atniuiti. 1 he 1 riHteea fe, I thai Ihey liave the rUlit, In View of Ilia great general tuii.itniite ftewitk, ire! It, eoiaKMny, t rem n I tliepuhlli al thin t loeol llielr 11 tedi , and Ibeyare lont'detit that their eiipen will a. In timia, pvt -l met lilenklly by all ho fid for aull,riii clul I h'"l. li ltiationa miy le tent I the of1i e, Nt. II Clinton II, 1. A-birl'ln e, it to. I. K IIM4WS, MrojiollCiil Italik, Trenaurer, or I laliy nf the ilmlerHlgllO'l Tnia teea niidothiera- V. A. Il'arrii, rreaiiUnt, 19 t'.t lllli Ktrerl. latao 111 1 1, SO Wfat Hi I aire. I. We. V. IllintN. ! Menhvili rxihan.t UowAan Pot Tnt, b'J Wall atreet. .Iwi I. roaiJ-a, at. I, 1 Wealey llm a , i'isr,W Firin,H (Irameiry I'arlc 1 V k. '. Itaaari, M 1'ine al-oCi Miiiuii, T. Ilswir, 40 Walker afreet 1 Aiumm 8. Hbwitt, 17 IMrllnr KHp iJtin II. Hi'tcl Man, IM) lai k llow . ll.iaaaT .1 LiviuaToM, lit Filth avmiiiei Wa. I,. Kino, V9 JohutlrextiC L lla a, 11 Ulnluii Halt. Opinion, of the I'rra. Tun Tiiliime dcilarct vitU a conil tenre whhh It nil! hardly Ilia Ire In other,, thnt the freeataiea are about to wllnea a revl ral at hti,lneaa, and of Ihelr Indaitrial Intereat, gr nerally, through the oeration of aeimilon, Tie gnmud Uinwblih Ittnmwihla irjiluhti It tLt it will "soon become nocestary to hluvk'id, the eeuiorU of the aorebng autoa, and to rrieal the bv.a ineklng them porta of entry." This done, " tho whole trnle of tboea atatea v. Ill I thrown lank nramthf Northern and rtorthwe,tern rallroailt. Tho ll'Ttrl', for a d'lftrcnt reaton to Ihst glveu by the Tnluiv, bellrvia Out sorewlou will make New York more than ever the great commercial center ef the country. Foreign cpIUlint, and traders will carry on their biitineia through a city In which thulr pn lrty will be Titet1od. The H urlil h"ldn, Hint whether the Arnerlcin I'nl.m al.u'.l I'unnliit of this or that nuinlcrof htatiw. It but a Mioudaiy couild -ration, lu judging of thechai acter and eflii U of the seicbalou looveuieut. IheOuU of Msxlro might swallow up every state that haa iiecediai, and the L'utlod 8t itr, would live uud grow, a iiiiiguificenl notion jet. It lauot the mere low ofao 111 my ficiple, or of ho mm h torril ry, that uiakoa tho dianairr, but t A, fiirrrahirVieii oa hiie Icat frcw,cnr, vliirh I'vtihl tnalii aU gin rrmiynf en (Aft crtirv-nf impombli Ttieraftiru, we say tlirre la iki altai native. The aeiarntlou, which la nglnt law, whuh vlolutealhe viry organic iirlu i Iple of uur veiy ex etiua e, itiuat u l lie uoluwod. It 1, a manor ui iito aua ueaiu, sua muni ue reauieo. 10 the last extremity. The 3'tnna Pipoaoj. ihs JViftirnCs priponitlon that the General (joveruinent should renire the bordor slsve et'ite, to freedom by pitahaalng their slaves, Mid propoxea In lieu thereof that the alave stile shall be eiMi'timred In modifying und smellorntlng the ciiuibtlon 1 11 ilr 'aes, If reeognltn and pniteet lug by law tl e marri-tfe relation 1 by having the alives tauiht to read 1 by allow lug them to hold pmKity, luveat their earning, In saving, hank.,, or otherwUis witblhcprlillikeof p1rv.ha9.ns Ihelr freedom. 11 sayrt Itnpnrwa the tri eminent were t rav tui-nto-Ar dWIur, m r slants lu ntiakt ou the Nitioiinl (loveru- ineiii, w tne auiiionuea 01 ea n siaouoiiiui siut4 wt Uh should 'li'iiigumto a syatem emlaalylng tluwe rtfmiii, lot for distribution aiuotig t he alavehuldera, but a, 1111 (HluitiUi iuU an 1 retonn lund, to be tnvealed In lull nml Improvement, 1 111 luduu uu.Iit that head the dr-itn'tig 01 ivtauip lain!,, u, wull a, the cu lalruo of iiu1i-mh1 and ,-iiuala. Tho alaieholdo,-,, a, the pnplUtott of tin Mil, would he enrhlied by Hie IinproM uu titrt, whlhi ail ilwiea would renp benefit, fiom them and from the tliiaiirpMed edueitloual advantages wbiih aolawe a fund wou'd sociiie. The tViawtrrht .Ucrrtuct tummentt on thaantl. duim, ratlc, deaaitli character if aeieiftlou. The ae ceaMlou leadtra, lu all their movement,, show an ut ter dr gard of the popular v. ill. The inference ia. Hut they are either citi-a Ion, or auapk lout thit the people, if ullowrd a fair opportunity 1 1 expiM, their views, would be foiuid nver-e ti the violent metumre. by wbli h aeceteliHi hat Keu luauuiwted. A promt lient antl-dtiuucihtic featuio of the aeciaahti coiivan tlonHlatheaih'itlonoftliesytUimof cri aoulous. Theydi la t wait tlio people to hear or read their iiuwt imiaal ml dul, tea. Tho Bouth Carolina C-ia-lentlttiws, in Miloii ulnetceu ihiya, aud thrve-fnuitk-iof the Urn wo r-pentin private eouforeiu.. Tl e aamo toiiTiie wat pursued by the Alabama and I- h rhlu ronvenLoun, thnt violating that great ru'e of iubllelly in the pmiecdiugt and act, of 1 epi wonUtlve laaliea, whhh hai ever tau warmly chetlHhed aud Jealoiuly guarded ly the Amorlcan people u th elegiiard and bulwiirk of their liberties. Another fn.t in evldnio of Hie etitl-demovratlo rhaiarteref the atn-eaalou inovetuont. la the reluc laia'isor the po,!ilva raiuaal, of the lewlure to sub mit their mmi lufutanl irmnHbu, veu cardinal aud oigaulo laws to th uiple lor their approval. llowiwn IhoeewltoHjiiniiiia to giiveru south Caro I'na, or Florida, or Alal auna, or liufnK inmipUlu If hereatter the paopl revolt attaliwl rAnr authority as one never tuuiitlouod by tbetu, and about which they were not ci,iauttd r Indeed, ll uwy wc 1 be aaked whiither a govern ment thus luaiituted rta be eucvmaful, proa,imua and ieniiaaieut, and whether II will nut nevaei lly nmve to b- tbe mire proltMe cltber to a dKUIorehlp (of oiut or mor) or wuircby. Prom .Nortlirrn A (ah ma The Hcen -4 HtHpr hcUl Afio-t. I he XgiJivillo AVicv tf Uio lMh conUliu tho followluj i IHnpatchea'from Montffompry anl private nl vhufrom IlunterilU and Athens. my that Col. Nh k 1ah ftlhrmod that NorthAUbam would int kubmit to the ordinance of eoceartiou, unlaw confirnitHl by vote of the people. Mr. Yavcby rrpllitUhat South AUbamn would compel thorn. Col. iUu imswero.1 that when they dared at Uiuj.t It h wouta head an army And rrnvt tliein at Hum! MuuuUln, anil try the Iwuo thure. The eurs und btrlpo are lloatliiK in UunUvlUo, and the people of that place defy the world to ttne and ttfke thom ilowu ' Ju3t lot e bw thd trultors hen 1 uplifted. Hurrah ! hurrah f Lurrah ( A Pptitiom to CoMourtv U in tircuhllon, lu l'hiUleli'hirt, akliiLf tlut a a rro rata annronrl- lion l-o inaJo by Ine National Uovermnent, to any utate apLlyhi,; therefor, to ontble mM etato tvtxtlnuif-h UbH thy title tu fUca within Hi limit. ,y coinrnttttliiiS , ly jgiJii ftr l tho holdvreof euih title, aud the eduvatlon of aucb ilavi. t,uU,B4 Jd BarlU Ballread, oooalaUug of 1 ,,,, i nlotiL brake th brktt. betweaa Jjowi Mll Mj cbeetsr, t, Klvs n .m . rouib, klUliw w soeep ana iw,, ( Ut Injury THE LATEST NEWS. sr lBLBQiura to rsn n. r. kits. Political IntelUgenoe, XXXV It h COUairVroa Hda. Wflthinjfon, Jan. 22. Mr Hr.wARn, (N. VM) prfNt-ntt ll' ltilicn of F. 0. luti -taw, nf A tnnj, miffrfffrtlnn th f pnliitmpiit of ofDrerfllnporttofxWtrj tjrcviil tla tniorUtUjn nf tlmlviroi lltntni k tntniKtiUI of ?40 cUiKitM of New Yurk ou thft ntat) of th nmntnr i 1w jmothfr mimorit ijn'nl y 1 0"0 Dltrrns of N(w York. tUl on th Ult. Mr, BAViAnt tr. (IH ) ptfHnivi tTlutkmifrnni lh lglBlturmifIo!i,r,tJirl at lb rtfirMmrU tlTM sUitl 8i-lnri it un tbsif lnHelTnU tor tb Itwig0 of lb CKlTTtjiMtii rkM1utiinA or sotrt olber Mr i in of Mfltiff th t MUm. OflrT 1 In jrrlntM. Mr. ItHiini, (I ) rru prt llinne ftAiiwf .rib stuHwK if th CrtrmnMuf rtijUoui t l ih pro ctMlnrn ( rritun uitftlng In rnuLty1r'kiA Mr. FrMi. find..) movcxl th b 'u Prwildnt l ftiitiHit-lrtxl in fill h wnclM on tbe aimmluM. The Vti rrnitjpt)l Mid lbni m m rvcoM In tb Jtminnl of i.jjUMno of ny 8 lister, aud be tl oiH'lifWfillonof ILflliiri, ftiul Ui binm wwo HtlU fullod on b roll. 1! wmi'd like Ibc Bn.le ti liir.tnitvi m i4 whether Le ehould rrou,i ihe-r ftb- HrlK , Mr. Frmi, find.) tiinfird there were rwnctt In th otitntn.liarm atiJ ihectuilrrntn of Ihe oomaitl U might rt"rt tbe ebMuce mUtm the otainiitee mr rumiml. M IlAte.fN. II ) IhU wm tbe proper wif, M' lrtiii-Ai, (til.) Mid there iK-emM In be no t 'tt'.r. We luirr Iren in4iflttl tht cerulu Seuttore litt nil nil il dn not liitnid 0 be hnre tfn (I. wnUm i hence th ne re in mc-hkIm. Itiolr ttikmrf hiive line utlhhig to do with tbe V1(,-lm vht-thrr Ihe uU9m kre out of Ihe ITmon or ii"4, Mr. iHOMneuflll ) tbuM l,U oullrftue'wM right. Iletlmughlthpir iMtiire nhoutd le nlrlcken fiom th roll And 1e ronn.ilvTfi H-tt r i,a Intver. Mr, Vhbh, fMM) Mid he t.dut mlectm thnt Il. mi HtOAt4rti liad rmlgn!. The HiitM in'inH'Mith Ctroiinehvl rrwlgiiwl. lie culd rrcf. tilre ttir (At t tl-t tin SrawtVini were tmpirrily ftlMrnl. Uil coiytidei cd them tiiembwe of theH uite )M. Mr. HxeiitrmiT, flrl ) fttkrd If theSefWlore ehoiUl com Imu k, oirti d ftiif iiwer prevrtit their rutlivf Mr. ItmiAwiN. (I.) thmight tl elrane thrre nhmiUl I mi? ,Uti'-n W fmt. It wn frtthM thnUie4hii'l ftirHtcd. lie thmigitt tht fct ImiI thiJiunliih(nildretxtiil thefiM-t ttit the B-o -T4 hftddnUrrdthHlIhe r hUI Lad eeicdoi, eii Lull wttiMlmwo, Mr. Frwrnr?i, (M )" Ifflvfttnrs cojU re in h in mirr ItiMr ntntM IiimI Trdnl. Mr IltNiAwit C ril n hi my ojilohm. Mr. HAfti (N Y i MNid, we wwuld be d nng ft dlft ConHrnjr If we put Die but un the rtvord witbu'it atne puttitig thete ttie rrimiof the B"uilr4, Hit he wm rirlirplr iid to ttmklnff uny rtitrrtif hii trftift-w twrti Hslhtsiigbl the Itvuit eml th'inM irrfitdid. ewftfr lmlorf Ihoee noli fir th Hnintetnt, tr other It eutor from Ibctr nUi, tt ro. eiiine In Iheirowii gd time. II lioyo-l tLe tiun ould U"t ln hiiM lrfre tbiy wnulJ be re.imid If tin riir Ik are i.'jr fr the iuitniitlou of t'i ty. tbr fiilu.(( t-i rrvml thl triin tUiti w. i 1 i a ImfM b or (hiiInhIoii nnrr hmwrrd thMit ulmcrtw i t. Mr. rsUvirMiKNMid he huld ni'M dcdlly tlt u iiUte Itiw right l. ptw, hihI ctiioiiiiititlr thti Ml of wlthdrnft1 ftflri-t nicHwtlttitHtMl rhfht, II tl tliefitlH, thpy did rrlirn, in mailer whether we n milder tlie rrmtm nJid nrnt. Mr. HeiTfJi nf ) dul n t iui IrmUnd they hl re elgitoilt nd did in-i belivve m reMlKiitlMHi rmild le tiuideimlfwi liiwiltliag. lie tht.iitfMlhifie H'Uthint euhjoi I ti the rftll of the Htuttit.ftii I ibe irotxwif ine Hxiigt-iit-iilnii( ftiul th oii'y rrm herniildgire lor i milling them ftj, biaiUMi their fUtwhiMl dm n. Itul the H'iiitc r m d fill the vtrn ie la the rfttiimttlxiii. He thought the q'lmttluu wuldcome up mi h qtsitttioiiol ii mini. Mr. l.wuAtJi m'iMl tlml the jonniiil tieroriet'lol In rrtYtid the ffut IliHt the Pmmtnni Irtni AUhin-t, KlnrnU ftnd Imve Htiu lumped th! thulr fttAteft here eM ottrd en I rmiuniHl the iMiwere drle;t r to the Rpntfnil grvrmmrut kikI wllbd wn. Mr. vtfiu (III.) rmt(-s t tmeul tbAt Miwire YeiJ.1, MAM-iHf, fttidothere hre wiiMuihr-l tbttt thty ftre no longer memlMrmfthle btMly, tit w th drawn, that their nnmm be ntrl:kvmfrm the roll. Mr. IJvNTfB (V ) wftiioirptiMHlitithie. He thuuhl Ntnklng the iuiiom ftiim the Ml euld be njwuli liig tlmt thrlr eUtiw have anrvdctL Mr. Hiwiin moved tu Uy tbe whole nW t on the table, Imt wlthdiew tbe niwtiou trmporarlly. Mr, IleNJAMtN argud tlml ae the retiring Bnalore bad etiUd the fmi that their aUtM hd eecetltnl, it ahould l put on thelmirual. The ttunntinoe on wim omi tally made, and the Bmintore withdrew, two fiute whkh nhould Kaon the record. They did w-t rrrniga turmmlly. bnt wiUadrew la OWiiijeie of tbe M-emlnn of tlitfir etlw. Mr, o.ii.A enid, Uie fiM-t WA4, eerfrnl Bfrvitni bfttl withdrawn and (tieiicprtaln ree-tM,aimieofthe rriuHiut te thought iut true, ami It wm n'l pn.pnr o put nil the rfiM wi the record, the Htmile ciuM roiihgnlre thefttavt of their withdrawal without ia doming tlie rwwinn. e-Mr. IIdntx auld, nothing wve put ud-mi the jmiinftUbut what wu preHriiteit !r the a twin of the Bfniite. N action hwl burn had ou thU wii1lrwl. Mr. ItEfiJAHiiv rend fn m the Glob to ehow that tbe Benatom bad elated aa the rnuton that tholr aUtei had wlthdntwu fVoni the I' tilt). That wu the only reftjton (Ireu, and he thought the 1-.1 ahould be re corded in tbe Jounialn. Mr 8awAairt-niwcd hia motla. lie tUnugVt the qumtlon would nuiii-up at ft proper time. lit had in i wUh to rut oil delude, Tbe mntlim wee agrrM tv-.Yeu 82; nayM S3. Mraani. (IwUi, Lathm, Butilnhury, lliglrr.aad Juhu eon, ef TriiueMitv, voting wilb tbe Kepuhlioan, TheClwir ftuiitiiiued the u until bed budlnem of jetrday Mr. CiTTWTtN'a retluthnui. Mr.PowRij (Kr)pruceodelftt length. HeaUudnl to the hut that he hd ftdfticetil every meM ure iftlculatcd to remove the diOWultien and arjpied that a divlatini of the tfiritoritv. a pro pped by blacollrngne wa un and equitable to all. The tmitorliw wereaipiln-d byll the HtHtee. lly the prtijHMted dlvliilon the N rlh got nearly (urtlmee the tiukiility of the B mtb, aud tfu liuiM tbe value. lie thoighl ll fmlnmitly pror thai the aettlemmt should apply to aU f'Uure ncqiiiHition, ao aj to take the quentiuu firevtfr from the halle of CngreH, and conUudfd that It would In no way eiwoumge Blihu tt'iing, for teiTitory could n4 tie ftcqulrvd Inauobft way. He Mid the olijoi tlon that It roi'o.rulftM elavery waa tit.t well taken. He claimed that the Cuitltu tum ditl rMgnire B a very, aud at the time of lu fotiisrUtmi It wait retxigulMd ever) where lu tbe clvil Ued world. He rbhlrued, ft'nn. that Coturrc-4 had on many ocuuhmi rMtignlxed Blavery In tretlee aud vtu-hma ways. He thought there wae no need of ad Vim athstf the duty of proKxtlon. ajj.rolvxlltm wm Ibe plain duty of every Korernment, The 8 mth claimed no iuon than wm right, and for the Mke of peace, ftnd to tranwuiU the luitttutiotu of our falhe-n to po- teiUy, they weie UJlng to yield Car more thn wu ngiiw, ajuiyri ieou)rnigi loemeu w ie apunioa. lie wa, lu uvur of an amen lnienl to lbs Cutiatitullun t sitirwa th. alave traits forever, eutl arjriil lu Uvur uf a law reitili iuK hUUw todoliver iinfiuUlree fnnn Juatlce, sii'l aim, In fivoror'rv,iitliij allluva ainu of atatie. If tlivae tliliiga w,ie fair, h reiuarkeit, wlivntl jiiit tbiiu lu lb. Cunatitutlun m aa to be Uymiil lbeniHb ofallaaitlniul majoi Itiea. lie rrfurreil Ulell li other ruxat aninvtintuU, a,K.I,lly to one diaiylnit ike rlgbl of auffnaire to txilnnxl ier,iia. If llin B, are a(alUHt Nro iialiljr, wby should tlmy 11 t le willing te mt till, aiui'iiJiiieiit, lu ih. OouMliuuon. lit brllaved lliat It was a fivimimiil aim la'ly fur while mi'ii. II, aald, Dial the Huuatur uf obm, Ilr. Wads, had aaked v. Iial tlie rhartfo, wre ? II, wou'd rviwal a few One was Hint luj, ware orgnu sad lu Irw autet to alralilie m,irlv of th, rtoutb. Mr, Wans (oblu) ai-kinl f..r a I'louf, aud aald he did ut !alirs a word of i(. Mr. row si 1. aiiid, Ibe ful uudnrirroiiiid relliuad UwfUklMiwu. II, had rend a lettor of a manilair oftlielluuiw ohl's Mr. Cx, aiMuklu of Ibe ffnal nuiiilier of alavi4 larrlrtl on. Tbla, If it wa, a firelffiMtiiintiy. would ha acauaeof war. Tbe ier isiiial lilanly hill, w.ia alau aii"ther cause of ooru I'lalnl. 81a b law, are a t,lr tlulatiuuo(tUe Couall IlltllO. Mr. Watt said he watileit aims siskini charge SKauiat lllilu, ao that be could auawvr 11. lit was tired of hearing cruei-al charge. Mr. I'ow si L ta d that Ihs Unvsrnor of Ohio bad rr fueod In deliver up a fuirlllve from Jualue. II. had aim relaiTvd to a lell.r of a oolleairue of Ihs BNiabir. Tbe Itauubliiauia elaileil a candidate on a platform uuaiua 10 10. Duiiiu, aiu uaa eieciea a rrceiaant who declared he wwuld rt vole to adiull a alave state, ut4wlUMlaadliie: the declalou of th. Buinemt Court Mr. Ttrei'tru. fill.) said that it wasdlmtlj th revene rnau what Ibe 8lialor had aald. Mr. row ai 1. aald he would examine, and If wrong, would strike out tbe siaaxh. II. had no dealr to do lujuatlc. Mr. IIiolu (Pa ) aald that Mr. Linoolm had aald he would vol atni. allowlug elav.rv la a lerrltorv, Mr. row au. said that this auuuuled to the same thing. Mr, Tssmivi 1. reed a answer of Mr. Ltami n t sn Iwiulrr, where he laid, "1 d 1 uot now, aitj. nsvrr did I tuiid Med agaiiul the adutUaion of alav. st ties luto lbs Uniou." Mr. rowau. Ib.iiiRbt that If be w.uld 4 let alave. ry go luto the Wrnloi Im h could bat, no luur. alat. states. Ma Powm.i. contluue.t, and aald that If anything waa to be dune to save tbe I'nl.m, tt muat corns from the Kfi'blku aide. II, would nut die. aa, tbe light of eiaca,lou. W, wrrsaurrouadadky laiU, wilU which ws mtut dral, aud be did not believe thai, under tbe Cmutllullun, the I'nlted Stelae bad any right to niake war on any SMwdlng rtu. It wa, niad saw. to alletnpt to irc,arva Iti. I caon by fune. War waa diaaolullon, and ha tbnught thai theet reaulu tlon were Jual and aatiafw-tuiv, II ut h, would not spesk fur Kratiu ky. 8I1, would niart Ihs crbila,au I, whatever waa her deolaiun, he, a, a loyal sun, would obey her high behests. Mr, Wat said Ibat th gai.tor from Virginia fMtana) bad said that the LKlalur of Oblu bad reAiard to repeal au uucotuliliilioual law, II, Jul nit believe Uhlehad any law wbkb waa uumnatilulloual, and he tbmuibl tlial lb giual ir waa iniatakeu. Tbe law rranupil iaat war irlviM further aecurUv to free ci hired peuiile, aud wbvu II canie up this yftar before the Leiriautlure tt waa ixwljamed. Mr. Miaou (Va ) aald that Ibe House of Rapreaeu. UIivm of Ohio bad rrfuaed to repeal a law undsr whhh Tinted State, Marshals )ialbuitilaiirlaoiied. Mr. Wans said lbs ou'v law of Ohio ou Ilia suhjai I waa cowled alumal eulirvly frosu lb law of V'rirlula, aud sm'b a law ought not le be rmieeled. 11 (Wans; aw uo reaiu to uouipromia with aaybodr. Tber I, uo organisation la Ohio to iuUrter, wlla lb law,. He dtd not duuU there were eaisped sUves la Oblo, but he dialled tber, was auy otvaulaed oouipanj to aid lu eacaitiu(. Mr. Miaou aaid that Ihs Goveruorof Virginia mad. a demaud uiaai the tfejvwruor of ob'o to surreudsr a fugitive who had ouuuultud murder and arsou bt Virginia, and th, Oueruur of Ohio l'nd to deliver hlui up. Tbe fugitive wa ou. ot Jon Hsjwa'a ooniiny, Mr, Wipe aald smJi refusal wu uot peculiar te Ohio, n was a vsaed quiwtiou evnywhtre. In re fareue to the oaae la Kauluaky, The Qovaruor of Ohio took .nwosdeut front the Oovemur of Xsn Woky, Mr. Poww-t said h wa not awar there was such a rea la Ksutucky. The Oorernor of Kentucky I wuldtwt Lay. raV " th. ground of Udutpptug, steahuliy. lfrt.Orr eiwolld refuu he dtd wrong. Mr. Dr-ot-s said, tsal b had trered some of thsM f 4 aod ftmnd then ennroen te ell the atalm. Th tint one wm la 1711, when th (1 rvrnwr of Tlrftnla refused to deJIvev up a fugitive te peuuaylvanla. The (lovernof of Feniwylvanla eenllheptnieatoOeneral Wnmro, who was then rrealdmt, and hs sent them to the SraaM. Sirs a than, the rs had barn va. tlouacaaM. lis did A think Ibis could form a sub iai-t (if Fiitntilan.l nnv. Mr. Mason aald, th case In Vlnrlnla mvnrwl be- I fire there was a.y law rptiiig tbe delivery of f fusltivt by OKigreM. tlut, If th Senator, think tl at Ibe contumely, aud Injury and taault heaied o. th. slsveholding alatw, for tbe laxt Iwrnly yaara. Is to I amiMM-d by claUnlng to go tmkloth. Erat wronglrt tb.m have the hmaSInf ibaarirumaiit. I will not prraetit a bill of Indu tmanl. Tbe hiaiory nf tke cmuikry ehow the wrong, th. alave-holding atatea hav. received, and they wilt determine for IhitnaelVFS whether thstr IntereMta aul saMy will permit Iheni to remain lu the I'nlim. Mr, IwiotA, aald be aimply wUhM to aiiow, (iwlngto the Conatitutlon of the law referred ti, thrie was not a clear cant of It violation by tbe uottbern eiatae. Mr. Wane aald, that all the eon plaint against Ohio rams to one thing they aay Ml th etiemr to aav tb I'nlon came from us. You, who ,(Mk to overthrow th Oinjititutinn end wb aty are about to nbel and wage war, ahould give some ajwrl ".na tion wherein we hav, ofianded. Mr. Ma" explained Hat the raae in Virginia omirrwl liefure any law of the t'n tol Sti'aa on the sutjert, and the Attorney General of Vliylnla, baied hi, ilrclalon on Ihe fart that there wat no law authorising tbe arreat. Adjourned. Ilaawe el Krprrwentatlve Mr. WnrrriT (Del.) presented retilutloiui frma lbs sute if Il.'lawar, urging the adopliuu of Ibe CktrrKKt'Ssj aaripromliie, Mr. llAsaia(Ml)eavaiKilloathalhe wou'd move the raaoiutiont (4 the Uirder atatecMtimitueat an aim iilmrnt t-i the proais.tlun, rtiairte-1 Iroiu the cmnniitlre of thirty ihrer Mr Iltsaut then prfrnbl memnrlsls fn-n a, v. entera Ihisa-and elbtcua of Mtrylauh representing evaiy dialikl aul auibily III ibe aUt , In favor of the au plliat ul ine lairncr siaie rrauiiuiun. Mr. Loirat, dud )fiiiilheatom e rant a tt, rrrt,. ! k Ibe bill Ibe 1'oditwler ( uei al ti auhiid Ibe uiail Mrvice hi Ihe eexeding autra, t tc Mr Ciatx aald that be would n4 hate lnl ducnl Ihe btli If tha frdaral court, bail rem lined I11 u t lint now cr, ,ia may eiicii Ibe mails and rifle ll.rin, snd Ihcte ia rvi meaiut ly bk.b they may be bioufthl bi Juilice, If Ine (t-tnalrr rrlaca to pay the draft given bi It e cobliaueia, ll e Inlti r itni 1 .1 1, il'rie,, re,am siblr, Ihcril.'ie it larame th. im it ve duty of Ihe (fi tmtiiiiriit to d miaitinna II - iiol aervke where there ta no niMn, of pitiatiuii 11 Mr HatMU (N (' J wiahiil tooff. . taulaitlliiterev. mug luutegii.uiid than w pmiKi! I y lb, bill ha fme the ir.ilae Tie I'leadrnl ha, coin n'tnlciteil 1 1 Oaiirreaa, that owing villi, exiatttu innlittou ot af. bnta, th. Uw, 1 annul lie rtimrceil In 8 nub (J miluia i hat inenNnge 1, ttuw lief ue ll.e aa'ei I ooiiiin Itra. M '. Itataiti'a sulMtiliU wa, than rivvl, uanialy 1 To the end of removing all rauars tnt 111 ng force and to prevent breaking mil "f 1 n.l war, n ling Ihe ilulllieralioliaot CutureHtill theeviatingtriaiNoritilb li afldlra, all luea ft thn 1 11 I I Stat", li and they an hereby euapeudiil until lb lit if J imit-y, lii, 111 anil over ttnaie atatea whuh hate herel if-wrs or nay jrcvio'ia bi an d time ad it oidiuaOLe, of aialMamll." Mr t'iirtx eoiiM nutarcrjit the auliat'tuta. Mr jitHsa fMaa, ) luqiilied wnelbnr II was hi, fC"! ttt'aj llitei.t nil bi nmve Ine aaags of the bill tindi r the 1.1, rut .uu of the liri vm ia ipiealiuu 1 Mr CitrX irplieil In Iheafftrinative, Mr litMiiiMinl.l lliat Ihe Mil wt, of b much luiaiilMiNa tola lliuafuned lliruiutli the 11 mi. Mi. Julia t'iNlltiA,s (N V ) r,ial Hie i larttiun, St b. whitl er tbe liw, iiiuld lliu, be cnoal Inti'iuilly SMaeii.d f ThU win, grave tupiiry. Was this, a, Mr I'niVAX attnl. a iiiraatir, ul pea e, or tbe pieie of a lue..Mire T ( I.kikI ter). Mr t'lnrit ie,'atnl, tliit In view nf tbe e1atln revullltnai, lief Hiatal law, could ul be rxulcd. !i I ouenioii aa profaiadl. Mr HTrvKsafl'i ) t-ciiaweilt su!ititiite,siiUior1xlur sral emtaweringlhe Pre, diml,when heahall deem it neieraary to ain-la-ad all laws and art, of law, Mdwiillhliuairt, of entry and ouIIolIiuii diatrkta In South Carolina, V nrida. A'alatuu, Miaalaaippl, or any other at ila that haa now, or may hereafter, se cede or l in rrlisllion againat Ih tii'teJ Stataa, and Ui ciMiliiitis such smienaluii until sia h aubja shall re turn to tbilr loyalty to Hi, I n ted Bute,. The Prraldriit aball g've notlee of attch suienttnn It pn, Uinalion and stub suijuilou slialt wm. meiaebn iUs thereafter. During tbe suspension It shall not I lawful bir any vessel ,tr,pt auoh aa l,'btig b) tbe t'ulbd Btitea, to entwr or leave auy siah fHirtiof the 1 nlud Stttr. forCnrclgtt port, or ciaotwia. If any veanel ahall be found violalunr the provlatiHia of Ihla set, such vesat I ur cargo shall lie forfeited, line half bi the capbirs and the olber balr in the I'liited Htalaa aud thuaa uu board any such captured veaael ahatl ba tried before any Adiui ratty t'' tut having Jtiriadntlun. lae Prealdrnl shall also havs power to siiapeiul all laws eatabllablnfr pt offli era and post routes In any of Hie aereding sVAWe, and tbe tuatls atiall lie caniud only b tbe Unea nf aucb autet ex ent where It I, tieoewiary to pons through them to reach a loyal stale. The raall, shall not li opened In a rehellimis slate. Aud II Is fuither provldeil tliat the I'rual lent havs awrr to use lbs army aifl u-iry fur the x.ullou of the laws. Ths conaldenctlon of tb. UU wu then postponed until Tburaday wek. Ths 11 'uaeietcrvcltheconsllenitlonof the repoH of lite Committee of Tblrty-lbiee. Mr. Himiuav (t)bln) would not withheld his sup airt frutu any Jual legislation whli h looks to ths su lininai'yol the laws, but it would lie lu vain to en deavor to aav. the Constitution by the aacrlflna nf Ih. priaclnles whli h underl.s and coiLatittite tt, vitality, lie, with minimis, abaal by Ibe Coualilutlnu aa It la, with It, bleaaed euj ymeul of tbe preaeut an 1 tbe iherlabrd bo), of tho future. With uplifted hau I be stood bete to deny that any aUt on by any eipliauos rightfully sijiarale one section of tbe country from ths rest, or savor tbe various tie which blud birether th K"p'il.llo. W hav on eoiMtiiiition and hsdenlfd Ibst any st ites lauatrikoduwntb unity of th government which cuualilutea ua out people, lit dsniod lu Ibe uaiae of Ibe Auiertian eiiple, thai any bUU can let bait. th.

demon of dlacurd to breathe dlKonrd .nal deatb, au 1 rulliite our beartha and home, with fratricidal blood. ii view of the aelsures of the forts and araauala, an t ttber lavile,, inwiiiiires, it la tbe duty ot Coturea, to strengthen the Executive arm b enable him b sum mon Hie eoils to tbe vindication of tbe outraged CisiaHtutiuu and law,. Mr. lliioUA refuted tks Idea of the Covrtlt'l tlnual right ol secewlon or revolution, aud sniffed at th assertion of diaunlou aa a peaceful remedy, the exarclaeof which destroy the right of lUlrty-out nuniouaoi peii.e. u cuuia not im ps.oaui. when It blobt a great nation fiom th. mass of natlou,. They might as well talk to him of a peaceavle earth (piake, wniih envalnpea cltiaa In a comiuou ruin. Tbcy might aa well talk of a iieaceful storm, which mis ine oeavrnsMiiu iiaiicncM,aeiaiionauiiu.iin. Its cuni luded by srgulug that the states had no right bi secede. Ihiy piweas no lnharvol rights stall. 'lb, pcoiile bate uo causa uf grievance which Jualifl m revoliitliaa and ovorlhrowe the C null tullnn, and tbe suprenis law of tbsland. uur duty Is not to amend, but to maintain and u.ihuld the Cou atitulinu, on l on Ibis hiala hu would stuud. Ut nj awed Ibe measure, rccotumuudi'd by a majority uf ine committee, lie would not vote lor I ne itauiia- slon Into th I'nlon of New Mexico, until she refuel in uicjiii.1 slsve suae wutcb wuuid tiring a uiusu to Ibsibwk (ifCAUerLA. Us would uot aid In mak ing this a slsve gncciunient. Us wished to puuish trenaon aud rwaj lure Ui forte aud other publio pro wrty. Ue piled to Ibe apl. Ij uphuU th. Cua stitullotu Mr Ctruxvs fYs ) would speak as A wo-lrrn Vir glnuiu, identified by I Irth. eilucalion, reaidenae, aud all ctl.'a, withllie Soulb. Miny of those who ituiiiKUratcd tbe preaenl revoluliou cry nut, with Uv. lilted hiu-ds, ngii nat tha effusion uf hlcaal. It wat tbe Inventor of the Uulllotlnu who waa It, find vio liiu, and Ihe day is uot far distant wbon they will rely on tl e magunuliu ly of Hie people Ibsy have out raged Hifuieilod he believed Slavery will bs cru cified if Ihl, uubaj py coutrovaray onus In a dissolu tion of the I nlon. If am crucified, ll will carry the death rattle In lu thrual. Ue might baa timid uun, and afraid lo lake up arms tn bis awn defenc. II remained bt I seen, huwevsr, whether treason can be carried un There ws, a breve aud holy minority bt the slsvs stale. LAttatm Is uot deed, but aluupvlh." The sbiue may lie rolled away aud we have all Ihe gleriearf a new resurrection. We live In sn age of oinical paradoxes 1 briwd, expouelve bud become a cuaeaiw 1 pairummn is a ioor aurveiin, 1 a aulas man mind bi Ilk a blind burse In a bark mill, obey, mg the whip of perverted opinion. Us must Hand In Ihe Bensls and glory In being a rebel and traitor. He must dsclars ths death uf the L'nlon, and, like aa undertaker, invite tha people to Ibe funeral. II, can take an oath to support ths Constitution, but al th. sera, tint nter into a conspiracy to overthrow tbe government. Us can advise th seliure of forts, ar swale, navy yaida, Ac., and then flud a couveulsat retrcsl la "state authority." II hs. been said that bt fore we wen muling and puling In our mother's arms, there lived an obscure individual ua una UtnicH- WAaitiNuTow, w ho beuaiue eminent by iilrittli!g a joke of luftu'te moment, to Ih. effect aal w. ahonld properly spreclate and cherlah at tachment to the I'nlon, and ludlguanlly frown down any utteiu'd bi alienate cai. portion from th. rest, aud Bewrale lb lies which bind I ham together. Us referred to ths ultralsts al the North and the South. who hav cordially shaken hands tn their dis union movemeiita. Lik tb ox with lb gar- lauds of aanificit, Ih Uulou wa lo b. 11 to death. Then were knight of a new crusade. The Constitution la lbs sanctified J.rmalem against which Ibe cohort, an ariwysd. Tb ar slat rlgbu far lbs g 111th. Whli South Carol 1 at declarea for atat rights to preserve slsvery, the northern stale rights men, the rabid abolitionists, desists (ur state rights to overthrow slavery. Ue aked uo fators for Ibe A mth, but demanded that Justice only which sprung from honest magnanimity. North Caroluia,wbloh Unit proclaimed independence, and Ylrgiula, whloh gave birth to it 1 both ware al lied to Maaauchuaella. Us believed there yet lingers a patriotism whk h will sav a country whoa gUa-y beluiigs to us all. Will you b spiald b lo step forward and meet us lu a siirlt whhh mad, y mr lathers llliu.ti'loua, aud nut shut oul very aooes, 10 syisMihy f Mr CLr-Mjraa procaedeil to show that Uie Irreversi ble lew ol population govern lbs qucuilou. It waa taipu.aiiou icu.1 capital the South waut, not territory, le muld abow lhal there must be an Irrepressible camflul In a southern ooccfadjracy, for then will be a honied bond to greip Ihe reins uf powsr. lit showed Ihe object of such an organisation wat to re-oien ihs Alt lean sia trade, air a neano could ba pure hass-t ftum tb coaat of Alrlca far 100, aud lU-twl into shape by b.e lilcaaiugs of Cbrliibui clvllls-itlou.wUtl. bi buy u slsvu 111 this cuiinlry. In u slav. tuart, uowt l.oOO. Sui oao tb. Bouth does not get the so, 1 silly Bhs lium, lu a southern confederacy what then f This is a pruUeui b lie cyi beied oul nereajktar. He shuwid that Ih ijuto, out of tb Union, never would lai ablu 1 1 scvur. any teiritory, nt so much a l.t could bold lu his hand; and alluded, "Ja-i, la lotnisi-f riptultlon, In th rkstth arudiOA CArasnle uuiie to I uro'ie to effacl an Qffimakve and dsfenflv. alllattoe against tbclr Itrothei-, h an-mage au I Uu eaif. liulln lb mldat nf alt thee, tronblti, be trus ted ws wen hrbthera tn anVeion .UU. Ue lead from ihs latter of Joua MfsxtLk, laud paste, dated IjM, m Dow Ht1hU W th Bottlt, ThssuVlancewas, th, stirring mil Wlto bv surrtoHoo, and keeping th dissolution of Ih. I'ulua steadily I view. Mr. Atrav (Tenn ), lntemiitlna', said Mrxtnt servsd out his lime in Ihe Prnltentlary InrstmliruT. Mr. Cijmxk. resumed, ami 1a the further discus sloa of tbe snothern mnrederace said. If Ih. Smth. aheuld Uks th. Constitution of ths t niled States aa a provisional form, tbe walon state will have Ihe legUlatlve power over Ih. border atab'a, which will I bound band ami foot loa policy as nppreaalvaaa they .ves were undr our Coaatitullou, tutausiSsd fifty limes. Several gentlemen roovid that Mr. Ci-MXhs hav. leavs tu eootlim, his rernsiks leyond lbs one hour allowed lor detatte. Mr. Mastisj (Vs ) exclted'y expressed the hope thsl tl.e member would not bi allowed b oontiuue 1.1, tmlu mtis remarks. Calls tirnrdtr were loudly made, aud there wu mtK h c(aifiwiou, but It saon subHlded. Mr. Wiairarsvn, fwis ) of the minority nf th Con.tnlttee of Thirty-three, adv mated the report made by blmaelf that the eonaUlutioa Issmpls fur the prvarrvatinn of Ihe I'nlon, and the protection of all the rniiterisl of the country, and that It needs to la obeyed tsllier than amenda.1. Hs gave Ihe reasons why be omaauw! tberncnmmeada Hon of the manrity, notbuiug dlsiwmllo auhjeit Ihe oplof the Nartn to further contempt. II said Ih plain qiieaUnn wan, and II wmild havs to la) met, whether thy1ih,ll gtva elavery guarantee In Ihe (Knut!on. He waa opposed tu lbs admiatioa of New Mixlm. Hs would not consent bt bring two tnoie slsve ttat senatms Into Congress. Hs wwtld not vote for the admission at a alave slate. If Nw Mexico ev(n were to present heraslf with a free state constitution, still hs would lie against It, Hje haa not th ner rsaary pojHilallon, aud not Ih ability la stietaln a &ovemmerjt. la mm lueksa be said, wraisver may come or ire aenl hs had an abiding fallb that Providsme would nvrntilell forlh.sood and wsllhr. ot our. selves atal mankind everywhere. Hut one thing Le deairwl to ttnpreea on the mind, of alt, ard Ibat waa If tbe Tnlon wa, oim e diirtolveil they might ha k in vain for II, reennat ruction on any baels aa It now eland, tipnu. If recmutru, led, tbe N ath wtll Ax Ihe term, ot Ihe rcmuitrurtlon and will luaud Hint thoe who now seiede shall com. Iribr a nw 1 nlon. If Ihey emne at all, on term, of eiiitalHy with us. Hut, said be, if disunion colne-i, wbitl ir It cotueaby laaceaUs seieaalon, or through fire snd blm d, snd i ivil war, ws shall hive tlie cun aolatii Ibat, when the rntitlirt la over, thoae who etirvtve it will be wlinl tury never have been, name ly lahal'ltaiita of a free iviuutry. Ailjourued, NLV YOUU USIILtlTUnK-Menalr. lodey, Jntmary 22. Mr. C0101T.T offereil entK?iirnnt resolutiona, that th. conservativs action of l.iriler slave aulas ui refusing their sum tlout ue ccsislitiillonal measures of Ihe secewion sUte, merit Hi grateful (MklMiwiedilemeiltaof Hie ieiple of N.w Yolk, that Ihe rrfiisal ot tlivstnu- Un st of Mry. land b.oouvetielbe Legialature ol Ibat el Ue to pro nva the ot'jnts of the sia.-eaain start itfs the pnv. fiainilest adinlratiisi, an I our country wlllaikiliw. leilite biin s jtriot of lbs highest order. Liberty will own bun asabrustacbr-tbe biiuiau rce a, a fried I. Alias that a copy of thee r.Heilutloii, he transmitted tollovrmor I In ss. Adopted by III ti 1, Mr I.AWtrfir voting In the negative. Tha tjvenior tmnaiuitleil the resolution, sjtlnat se a salon sdo4ed ly ths l,,glalaltire of Ohio. Mr Ka,av liitnaln.d a bill b a maid Ihe art 1 1 nwtlildeihe pmgreaaoi civil a. lions In which the (wopls of Ibe slats srs parties. Mr. MAKirxsa introduced a bill ti enable ths si si the fourth Waul Mtaalou, lu Ni'W Yolk, b tiartlc te lu tbe distribution or tbe comiuou school tuial, Mr CoanitT Introduced a bill t empower tb 5trect t'o'iimleaioner asl t'oni.trolier of Nrw Y ok to Be tile old i-onlrsi t for haal lliiproveiiirilta, A The reaoliition In fix the fuh of Fe'aniaiy forth nil Hisi ol a t u leil riutes 8 li-ibir. wa, ado!el. 'lhe(ioeniorsmeaaatl'e waa made thesjieclalurde for Krldiy Tha rewi'iillon f.r the appointment of a "1M com mii(ie to revise tbe excise. Inw was sil ijited. 1 tie Heliate ba.k up Ins bill relotivs tu Ibe fututc. di tvirtiiietil of the 1 lly of Nsw York. tin niullo(t of Mr Hriwiois Ilia amendinenl wat aibnteil, nuinliig Mr. D'Vlinlutbs olhcs of Cham berlain liy a vole ol II bi 10. Mr ft MirsTMoVe im-u lnienl was slao s I iited. pro vldmg that Ihe aiilne 1 hnuilairlaltl may, at any lira I and fnnn lima to lima, dtiange the ltuk nr It inks of dflii for the UK'. f th cilf of Njw Yoik, f Mtltl city, ftiitl tt nhall 1 the duty of any It ink or ItfUiku hfetdlnK mith tutiiyi at tha lima al aiuh ivtut1, ti Iraitafor th aam f.irtbwUb t the Ittuk ni4..flo.lluiiu,li nutUf.nhtl In cam ofrf-alorMti h Dntik. It liny l-e comptlliii tiv mau tarnti to make mil h tnalr, atvl nhafl l liaUU it pay fire imr cent. a, i1j.iiuv.iiw for Uttftitlon. bmidee iuLtreht iroui tUe d't ul the 4lnnaiid. AJtor aooie dtttate pntifren wae rqxu'Urd 011 the UU. Adjuind. ibty. Tb Bfieaksr nameil th following committee on the condition and wants of lbeiple of Kuwat-. Mel-si's. Turner, Killdall, Mills, Mvaaulier, Hsrgen. Several local Ulls were I-vcod through tbe Com mittee of Hi. Whole. Th. resolutions ou the siibjecl of sei-easlon paaaej by tbe General Aaeembly of Ine sute of Ohio were presented !,, the Uovernur, Mr. IIiximall made a m'norlly report from Hi. Committee ou Federal Kslalious, cipjawlng any com promise exceit Ibe faithful observance of theoouall lutional vbllgatloua by all th. sUlea of th. Cnlon,sa faioilng tbeenicircemeut oftl. laws 0 Ui. fjensral Govarnment, at all haxards. Mr. Hkkoen Inlnidiiced a bill to repeal tbe sot closing the Atlsnlie street tunnel lu llmuklyn, sni prohibiting the use of steam. Mr. Vabian Introduced a bill to prohibit the llomiiviiialby College from confurrlug tbe degree of Iator of Medicine unless the party la 11 yeire of age,liaa leu tbne years with a piactlclug physician, ami attended two ouurbes of lectures lu an Inourporai ld Medli-al Collet;,. Mr. Bonvti 1 offereil the following t yfrsofrW, That no resolution referring claim pa pers b. a Committee shall be adejeed, unlSMs such reaohitlon expressly s(t f)rth the date of such claim, bow bnig 11 baa been on file hsn, and bow many times. If st sny, It haa been before the Co'nmittee on Chiiiua aud by thaiu unfavorably rejiorted upon. Ad it ted. it (so. That no leave of absence be granted to a member hereafter, except on a rejuest tn writing, glvuig good reoaou tbsretor. Talileit Adjuuruod. Illinois Igkdatare. SurinvfuM, III., Jan. 22. The Apportionment bill isa,idbih Houses ol lb Legislature to. ray, and the bill for Slat Cisivrullou also panned tbe Souale, NUl Wltl Iiuuaiui l-a-a, auv UOUSO HllUOrrOW, rrnnsylvaaln Irglalalare, llarrijiurg, j.. Jim. 22. The Kepttbliran. of lb House tiavoiahio bi th rrieal of lb elmoxtou pruvialoua in tbe psnal ixxle relallre lo the rcn litlua of Aigllive alaves, held a laucus today, Twenty-fuur were present. Mr. Axaivra.n-,0, a Rppub-ioui, made an able aud eUajurtit S,ec b tn the llouao favurlug Ihe Cxrrrxi-nx-4 ameuduieuU. II produced a very taiwerfut ef fiat, end wss lbs finest ctToil tuade Ihl seaslun In ultber It lusc. irarrUiiiryS, r. M Th. II psssed the Bentts reailiitluna declaring atUcliment to tbe I'uiou, aud that Ihe Constitution hss sufficient power to la Hu la iu the the lulegrity of Ike b'ulon. 1 bt resolutions were iaed by a strict ,iiy vote. Aiurndineiiu tavorable to oanjiiomlse w.i. 19 Jectcd. Dlnaearbuartl IgWInlare, Union, Jan. 22. In the Senate a Joint special cnaimitlie haa betu aj p ilnled lo coualder the expe dieiay of ao a ui sliding the city ibarter that the po lice may le aipoiuled by the elate authoritles- Iu lbs House tb CAiuiiuttse 00 federal relatluu, wire Inetiiii'tid to iispiln whether any munitions of war sre leiug msnufacturrd and a-ild in tbla coot nMiuwealth tu nmus residing In, or to the autliorl tiee, or Ihelr sgcuta, of states having seceded, or thrcs-leulug to sensl, frum tbe Vntou. Kentucky IrgMatarr Ijoutnillt, Ky., Jun.ii. The House yesterdry, by a vote of bT agaluatO, jiasicd resolution! offartal by Mr. Kw mo of Ixgan ccaiuly, declaring lhal In view of the men ami money tendered by ssveral northern slates lo U e general govenumait to coerce tbe wiutheru sUta, tlial lbs peoile of Ksutucky unibng with thsir brelhrunof tb South will rsilst any invasion of their suit at all haxards aud to th ll extremity 1 1 Tb t'aloa rVatbsvrwt la Iteadotu Won, Ant. 22. Th Union petition in Dot ton baa received nearly H.OuO algnatures. A special commllle will irobably Isars today with th. docu ment for Washington. Th. following geullsmrn compose the Commutes to bsar tb Union rwlilluo from Uostun to Waihlns; bmi Hon. Enwaan Kmm, Chairman! Hon. Boaxxr C. WlKTuaor, ex-Cblrf Juatlee Last est. snaw, Hon. Eowaxd 8. Tonsv, lloa. An A. Lawanoa, sul Hon, Cuaauai Wonusoar. Th. Couuu itu. start tomorrow. Ytrartsi Rickmtmd, Va.. Jim. 22. Uot-ernor Lbtciisr ooinmuntoaled tn Ih. Virginia Legtalatura, today, th. coercion resoluluwia adopted by tb Stale of Ohio, with a message ssylng. thai th sealing of such reau lullena to Ibe alavebcddlng stale ran hav no better .frees) than to excite fresh feelings of resentment. In fisme existing prejudice. Increase tbe present diffi culties, and embarrsss. If not dafaal, au etTirts lhal an new being mads bi adjust thecoulrovsrsy bat ween Ih North and Ih South. II. suggests Ihs propriety of sending, aa a rubuks to Ih Governor of Ohio, hi refusal to surrender Uwmw Haowaj and Pbamcis If xa xuh, when demanded by the authorities of this Com mouwMlth. Laid on th. tabbt by a Bmall taajority. Th. Senate, I xlay, debated tha Million Dsfence bill, pending whhh an adjoeernmfnt ws caniad, Narth Carolina. Ralti)h, A', C., Jan. 22. Ttaa call for a Con ventlon I. more doubtful, on aooount of dLaagreemeat as to time. One party is for hasty, and th other for deliberate action. Th BemaU agree on th slst of Fabruary to elect dcJetfaUa, whlsh date will Ukely kill 11 In Ihe third reading. II waa debated lath. Hotu to-day, but no action waa taken. North Caro lina will prove conservative, but not submissive. Everybody Is for eoeaslen If It becomes a necessity. TV Mayer ef TT am ABaerlcaca Trtttnb. 7Vroo, Jan. 23. Ur. Dowmu, the a.wly. elected atayee, in hit speech last rdgfat loth CouacfJ, stated lhal large aoreaatan le our populatloa might aoon b .xeoted, oa aooount of th treublai la Ik. Vnlud Stat, and reootiimondtd that'.uch a polloy In rtgard to taxation, oV, aW wilt atpecialiy fkvor isaghlnJgricWUaci4d. 'IVrMM-tJbrily ItM f nhV lafned. lYoridrMt, R. ., Jam. tV TJ (tenet, hai lb ad repealing Ih Personal liberty bill, by a vote of 1 1 to . Th II011, after sora btcusslorj, pottpnued farther consl deration of th subject until Thuradsy, ne f Sewrcte Male la vent lew, Mitttdgtntle, Get., Jan, Yl.K numlier of ro solutions wtre offered aud dated, Includ.iur the bllowbug On, apfolhtlng s committee of sixteen to rejajrl on the powers of the coavintloa to reduce the number of Bieml era ef D. Irgiaiature. Antlber, thst Oeorgla will demand hor share of th. I ubilr propeily. Another, p'edging the sute to psy the iur the tranaeslatlcn of Ih. mail. In future. Another, Inatructlng Ihe committee to report aa erdinaoce ailhorttlng a council of safely, Bi t delegates entered their protest against Ihe or dlnaaoeof secession, but pledged their Ursa, their fortunsa, aud their hitior in lb. define, of Georgia against onenbaj ami Invaalon. An ordinaui e waa offered dfclsring all while per ami bt Hi slate at Ibe time of th ordlnauoa of aec, dun, cltlsfiai, without rsgard to their place nf rwll v.ty, or Ihe lntb of their residence in the stale. Heferred. A long letter waa a-eeutd front tbe Postmaster of Savannah, detailing the rvileof change in th. pr,(ot oftal sffhlrs. At Ord nsau. wss ad ipled providing fir fie elect tlinof aenteiaea iielbythe Feb ral CiutW for tbe ixecutlon of proc-eeaea Issued liy lb. aunt Cuuita, and to preserve tbe Indictment. A ord namw waa offereil aud niade the sjieclsl or der for to-mormw, continuing In fores all Ihe federal law, in relation lo the African slat, trade. It will be unanimously adopted. II at. Wm. J. Mas'ih ws, appointor! C'SiiruiMloiier to Loublaiia. Oenersl Ststiroan wss sppntuted Cmumlwloner lo Ttxs. Ilamon 1 from the Home f .Mr. I.lncelu I'hu-ntn, Jtin, 22. The Mprinfield corre-poti-dittloftbc I'hlrigu TitdNwi says thai Mr Kaiioiu, Member of CongrrM from the 4th I) strict. In Ihl, state, srrlved st S,'riunld yeateidiy. R'tnvir as signs to his misMlon tlirre objeita, one that he baa cum to urge uan Mr Ltaooi n hia tinioad ate de rture n r Vaahluri, another, tlial he I, cotumls-siuiM-1 by lbs Hrptibltean ils'egatmu lu Cougreee bi preiKiit b this Legislatuie the neces.ilyof eudira Ing the border states resolution,, another, lb it he ha, come b) Joiu In au itTirt to prevtul Mr. Jsun's ap pointment In the Cabinet. Mr. HoxAr. Otaiirr, Gov IIamss, snd Mr. flAtM are exported this wsrk. Oenllemi n, arrivrd this morning from Bpriugllold, state Ibst llitrei, but little douU thai th I.itjlala- lure will break up bnnorrow by tbe relgn.itlou of the Democratic members. l-rom Woablnglon H'lieofon, J,m. 2i.-Sj.'rotajy Ilt tolay commnulcatsil 1 1 the ma au Imporbcnt d icumeid, In rrp'y t Mr Buraetv Cbilnniu of th Cmmitto on Way, and Mciua. It wa, -1-t. Tb amount of lb jmblic dul I. and a dclolle 1 d acrlptimi of the dlf feiFtitkindiofdilt: 21 The siiniuil uu 1 d'tihtof the 11 ailing debt aud unjiald balaui es aud talma; 3d. The amount of a cejiUni'os aul other acknowledg ments of debt, by tbe difforeul department uf tbe govrmmenl; 4th. The facts conse. led with the re cent sale of treasury nolcsi 5th. Tb. aiuoust repilr- rd to iay th. public dues accruing prior to the 11 of July next, and. In Ibis connection, the eatiivitrd amount of revenue from duties snl Imports, the pub lio lands, and inlscallsneotta source up lo that dale. lis estimates the amount ma eaaary, prior 1 1 July 11 next, in addltlou to the ao. ruing revtnue, al tw-nty millions of dollars. He then ftuggeats mmsure, to rabi. this money, aud, am nig 1 tber main,, refers ba th. surplus ravenu. dr)aMted lu tb. st ties In lS3u,s, a special fluid, will, h might be pledged or rlled. Th conimitDlcul'ou show j th. precUe con litbm of the tresaury at this time. Th Navy Department ha, received the realgtuttl u of Couimauder PAkaAMn, who was attached to tb. Prnsacjla Navy aid, aud who wat among thoa. who, In th. nam. of 1 lorlda, demanded Its surren der, and also that of Lieut. Kcssiiaw, who gave th. orders lo haul dnrn th. flag of th. Union. The, resignation, were accrued before It was known to th Department what part they had acted ia the, proceedings. Lieutenant EouXKSTOt, attached to th. steamer Wyandotte, which Is In that vicinity, has al so forwarded his resignation, which haa been no cjlecl. Tbestorytbat tbe Pietdsnt c'.eit Is coming to Waahuigtou In the earlier part of February, uud that be will be tbe gueol of Benalor Tai xiil u. Li u. I well founded. Itrpubllru IuUlatlve Caucus. Allmny, Jan. 22. Tin Kf publicans held A s crrt uaucu, tbla evening, b consider Ih repoit of Ui. Ouninittee on Falerat Kabeliont. An effort was nuvle ly Messrs. KtiR, Pcuitv and otbora, to find Kpiblhan, to ub'de by tbe tctluu of t. caacua, with a viiiw of pontioning action. Mr. llouiaai a ulm1 an abl. sieech In support of the rejant, sud in vludicstlon of tbe pulley of coucllU allon which it cuiiteraplatea. II, deobered that th. I repoit ahuuld b. ducuaaed lu th. Uam WsduoaXiy a.. .. ... .... ' whatever in. nciiou 01 it., caucus might tie. The ilibate was warm aud protracted, and uo defi nite action waa taken. Tbe general Imprrs -rn It that Rodtm'Vs resolu" tioiv, w Ul i In th. House. Arrklrnt at Ihe Capitol. FlWi.'nycxi, Jim. 22. While a derrick wat in use on Ihe d jm of tb. Cspitol, this tnorulag, lb. nutiu shaft broke, the falling timber materially damaging a portion of tbe cornice of tbe Iran d)m. aud injuring scleral of tbe workmen, ol. of thcut seriously. Tbe Jnrbalew" Trial. Titnlon, .V. ., Jan. 22. l'.loicn witiiMsci were txsinlned In the "Jm kalow" case t.xl ly on th. part of tbe Oovomiuent. T bey pruved the fa t, con nee sad with ths rnnniuM Into ol the hosier 'Sprey ly Ihs "Luolnda" Ihe pri.oniT-s refcwal tu let any eneondeik, tbrmtililng bunt ikeai with a hat'bat Ibe picking t'P of Jai saiow by t'aj. Wxiin the Iracbig is the prlaoner b Nswsrk, when he sppllsd for lodgings, sul seircted hlmaedl' la eiellir, aul that be gave two different names. When at Kirf llaibor, the prisoner bild the sams story aa I tbe wberealouu uf Ch. Lot and bis brother, and Ibat be taiuglit. In Brooklyn, one barrel of flour, sosp, lusUbea aisl tautims, acwi In Nsw York, two colls of nijx. Tbe Government haa thus far examiuet IT wiUaMws, on half ot th. number .ubp,iined ftrtitrnro of the Adams' Kxprewa ltobbrra. friyjaii f, Jan. 22. Tho three I'. roU lrs wsiv today stnteucal by Juljo MoCosnv bi flv. years bard labor lu the sulci's Prison tbe full statu aery limit. For City ltett-a, atee Tliird Iacx, What Pwnwiioi Siiaix I Follow) 0 stone, to PowLxa 4 WaLLa, No WS Hroatw.y, and Bak them to exemlu rowr head. They will sire vou a eanful aaalvsts of your mental evKanlastloiH thst will from youvoem suabt ka,Udira of voureulf, sod laduss Uoosof latent tower that haa at times rbtaa before vow Mine dream f ooavtnce you ef it, oorractniaM, and total out the .trp to take to be suosHaarol, and quirt that roara tns few a portion weekhre had ctocibtodyoar ability te R. F. HlBBAn, Wild Cnutar Drprnaa. Ws eoold reoocnmeii4ed all one are affllotod with loss of Bnasjlte falntneaa,tala In the chest.or tbe lstads ha. eUeottoUiesTrinasaaarm.t.take H. f. UIBUAsVlri WUdlherrvBiaore. It Is natcut'e own rsmsdr t It cannot fail to tssaent ths Invalid, and ve wish e had a tramnt'sveiloslatellaUt amlcted whan there And thU aniivalled panaosa. But a, namaroeu firaads have besa practioed of late, and aa n other wild cherry bitten te 3ust as rood, f aak your tkywlelaa. as every destor knows thai this Ultten Is pursr shaa most port wtnaaO w sure yoa purehase the only ipenalne Wud us-ny bitten ofK r lUHHtKIxlM fuhon , New ssrs,aaue vi ,aa.is4i iioxnuonss tsreeoiya. TllR tTinosi, TUB WUOLB DXIOS KOyr AND rORHYKR. 1 LIU, Fllid, F L BA ItELOW COST. KKLJJXKi, m Canal st. To TUB I'UBLIC TUK COMMITTKK or KELHsr FDK KANSAS an convinced Ucat ths atstemimt, heretofore mad a, to the ratcnt of the ruflurui. from drouth were not sxsssefa ted. hut titve been conAmed br recent relisbla sceouuta. II U believed that over tblrtr thoaaand paople will need a be Liberally alded,or ths mwt dlasstrcm. eonstaiueuor s wlllsoHie. lbs waut of fsod,rlotbln and ether neeea. aarbas sniwt be followed br sull.v nt, ab:kaoas and death. To alleviate, and partlallr prevent these evils is Uw pow er to those a ham Providence has blaaaed, aud le demand ed by every dictate of duty and humanity. Tha soflerer. sn our o o eountrrmen, roostlr lutf Ubtrnt snd reap jcU. bin, who hsve never befun felt want, and tb cause of their sntToiins, eoald not have been forcwoea or vrevenb Tho tiemila of tha Wa, hin lwan lo.j, lh.1. .rein, snd loa Csniailttea have aided In Ita transports, tkm. kutlk-f kaa bewn eiteudl to a larrs Dumber, but still Hie wauta of the sulbirer. eontlnaa, and relief must eotiUnu ta be afforded until a new crop render, further aid anneeesssry. Nuruoroai letter, reaslved bv the Committee, some of which have beea pobiUhed, esntala alarmloi ascounts ef surewtoc, and cement ri1 '. r vTinor stpsaia es laa aiommmiie nave IVJ ft KV respetias freoi many scnueas. and about aiojmo hare been reoolved and applied i but In vlow of the ammirit of 4 rellof needed, aad tks good to be aocmiptbhrd, th Cetnmlttee aeaTn urn npsn the frtnulf.f satWuis bumaaltr to aid them In nlbrvtat leu of tuousanels.whe may BerUh ualss, they an helped atone. Suhacriatlon, may be siail lo J. B. WILU laMd, In. MabreooUtau Hejik, and douttion bt oKfc Waf 0, BRYANT, DBEKNB O BRONSO JOHN E. WllXlABTt, CANIKLnRKW. chaA H. M aW Alia R H If oOURdV, binuM low, V jruumeat ux atY, BtrmPiUUcct, Alt ABOtrr BopKa.rrTni"J nits' tears then hsssTmm this seauu a sn e1- tk, sad srvtng ti th pankaaer a. Perot ef saead kind a)awelfr--iiasrune, even gold watok o? . ltatoftj stiver tea service, . How r thi, eould he done hss rreonentlr putsM otf, T is srs Mid at tb evaial eubHahed rata,, and tke t, poeenaagoodastkatwhJcb ts generallr ssM root, rtrvei aII J.IIj.. IIaIm annM MiuLiliM, arlth lk rmortetoV ftf I MrtrmMlitsn Utlt Book Stetv," ti Ktilbin st., Hciask- Iriuand hsvingal'e sltt enter 1, baa. we d rbwltvarjnn tha anhiaet mtm silt enterprises, we deteraahxas te aier "and Ihe boteJ wirrri, w klcli. alter el rnrii visa iisi !'. im 11 duwh.-, mi na. k sale an email rvoflt-s In this wles -ohele alt ws J of works ars farrnawal of cooras at a nonstd rants Iswvrf rau than kv amall artakllshmeata. Woekaelaar, aswllrt mts. s profit of sbnet toeerosnt. Isrtaadof taalnellie whole of thle profit, Mr HcaaiLl. (ths fvrna-istovof tsn1 arjovs naaieaj aevooe ae-t per eeni 01 aaia pwii vnaex loweet mannfarturera and rcnaee BI a antopaia 01 fraeiir. wscriifaH ! awi 14 I lei water, rvtona. II la weal knosn tnsl in mailers o. jewelry maae fit, I omi tlie lewelrjr, Mr. Iftaaiu. inaa ne me. re entered tanmleruoo r upon a rasbar sod with eaoai I 00k of one dollar and npnarda, aoe of Ibeae strt, ! tba. 'oia iinMia in (Ha iram a DiDira al waat ortliT in wtikn tt it enwsa is iirsasimii. is wsi w,as BI the T-tnUr rvtOrs at least I.KIIIT IIUNnUBS IX)IXAIIK WDKTIlof preaenta an dhtrikulst was every thousand dollslawnrUisf books Mid. It is no raahlln, nor lort rr, but a fair sod smurM. forward .1 stem ti bualaesa I conceived by a anoi eianl tha tin c and If carried oat honcrUr ei tt I, known te be fee f J in-tltotWi nailed above I It cannot b"t rnt salss- M ervlub'tlithaaelirrand bnrrr. Iwrtne the wes M Clli ICa ull.A.iu( a... preradhis New Year", e notice bra liroiklrn wafer mat ue nam", of opar, or atttetn reaioenis an jfivsw a who received WATXIIMvitth bmek iHirckaaes. There i Is n. srttln. behind Uila, aa the parlies gsv. their AtaaiAMK. Ktswh tsars aailllh.as4 Aaail book, an Bold aacheaidr at the eMarrntotlwtttj Olft Hook Htsre" s, at tha stores nf anr otlu r tMoksaaksrsI ths gin obtained le pun (rank Ws out suoress te 1 honif ahut antMrnrLwaL and Maoeplalle ta (Wis wktna SSI bines Inetnictain for Ine psnpl bh profit Is thes (rave. In the taialneea. w,riaall at in stewofaNw aw (lift Hook Store, B-.'O Fulton at, llronklrn. and oar New- ..! (wwiil. tl lh hranpK la Hid rilr. ani IM will W, sstbned thst all we -ar U train. The kola ayateaa C taj rift, ronat.t. In matin. In tbla war. a discount frost. er- dluarr Mall prices for the ke of aecorlns trade. - a IF-tEB I, ltOnCES. relh-uiTllto aad loMr II1H Tai Coth etor of tin Bttrvfl Taitw -ill nit at his tyf. i (rant -n.i HUh-th, on Tnlf aal Wrtitw-jfiJ Jan.rt.ia. .4LX KoLP, CollixrW. U fblM1 A a KxreUeat !'-. Hm4j. r Alt bo sre troubled with UOUOItS or OOLBC seal would set epewet relied, ahould try a boetle ef tWJ IY1N S COfOlI I'TTEKMINATOst, 1 i the WA sitlole of ths kl.i.i now orb red for Ml. Trv Mar en the hr4 aooiaranee of s Couali snd roei will Had, esHU. fore iuSd ii eetla, that ths Co isli tu entirety bs rou I'llce'.bCintspnrhottls I'nrsebisttkalti -pal 44 Smith Seeuud ,t, WUIUmaburih, sod by dninrUa. geoerally, lall t " V lire, rrtrr Cartwrlahl will alve bk, rteetsl liTtureen Life Up rlene In Ih, West, at Hat-, ( lianit, (o.iot. N.Y Hob L below li-tj thUCWsd, nilsiisileeentse, Jsn. VJd. 1 ickcts Jb eta. Cornmna- crest (to-clork. 41 !J POLITICAIa iotici;s. l:isklb M ard-Tbe llrmarmttr ReaablleastT Ilia-tor. oftbnt 1.1 ih Ward friendly b resulsr noeab uatlnua snd Ihe u- . sof tlie pert .are reuied t at-3 bud s primary I bd Ion to be held at 90 Ci anion ateatn Widueadai, the '.Md ilar of .lantiarr. In tail, bHweaaaa thehonrnof flee an1 seven In the slternoon. for tha-. choice of rll in mbtriof the tleneral Co'nmittee, six memlaTf of the k .sjtl. Men's tleneral Comiu.llje. sod a ard IVmimltWe. Ilr order of tlie Democratic K pub- lirau lieniTal tmiiiiltiar. lamminv 11 ill, Jaauarr ivrth. ln.l. TIKiMAn KY.ti, rilOM.UI MMKilf.,. MU, JUUN ilcMCuL, lasiectors. IM p lOib Wnr(I-.Tfce lrmocrutlr ltrpablleaai th Wr. irtfadlr to rtalrl Elirt.M ef the Hiitirnth nomlnatlotM and ttie imct of the ptrti are i,u.ak . tiiUii(l a riuiarr li-t?tiii,V)be beli at the h eC Mkhai I lUl.iii, rT. nf 17th nt. and Htb art , on Tour ? dajr cvtuliitf.thv 4Midtr of Jnurr lnftnt, ln4eaa the ItcMini of Are aiid Mven fnr IhecholOftef alx raav Iwridf the (icuiral leoraiulttrt, ail nimnbpn of -' oun Mn'(lfMi-ltimminetraii(l a Ward Con-H. te, Ht order of the IfcnioeraUo IVpukltcae Oti'f. 4,in.mlftt- '1 tniminr lUllt.Un. Vl-I, 11. TUU0.r II T All b-.N, LhM4 McUAJiTUr, MuSM f. UA1.; ID-Mll(rfa. JSlriTtl X HOCIEXT NOT1CBS. CalrdeaUa T. It. Hoc let y will bald st fab-J He nw, tins st Ihelr ball, 1st llowery, this Wednssdar evenins. when adrlreaaes will be delivered bv Mcwsrs. K.1 M 1'lltK, Dr. MILLrK, CLLTK sndb'KOW, aad Dr.' UtAXl-K. Tbe publio an Invited to attead. J.i OK A. NT. It , 1 DEATH". HAriRLNBlRO-Oo Monday, Jan. 1st. f ssarlet' fevi r, iieorse I redcxlck, younitst child of Joan an andJ ire- ssauiaa nenrr-uuurx. Tbe friends snd aeoualntanee of th family ar spectrally Invited to attend the funerab tbla (vTedaaa-j day) artemoon, at 1 o'clock, from tbe residence ot ber a-f renta, Vth are, eor. 4Tth at. 1U Hr'NF.lHCT-On Tuesdsy atornlng, Jaa..Wd,gtibla Benedict, sard 71) eara. His frtiajids, and rrlativi ef the fantllv, ars rssfiet fully Invited to attend Uie funeral, ou rhuraday siler-al noon, 4U lust, at 1 o'clock, from his Ut residence, 10 trexrt. IM I BROOAN-On Mondav, J.n. Slat, Mrs. Cathatme. rirosan, a native of Uie l'arb of JUiioore, Ce. CavaaJ Ireland, ased 60 rrsra. 1 llie friends and relatives of the famtlr an iiissectftslis Invited to attend Uie funeral, tbla Wediieedav aAsr nooii, at 2 .'dock, from ber Ut. residence, KM atadbam Ttl'RIt-On Monday, Jan. flat, Jeremiah Bash, a - tire of tb Partsb ef Doneralle, Co. Cork, lralasd, agtst, fit rears. " Hi, friends and relatives an respeetfully lavttel IsS attend tlie htneral, thl. Wednesdar alleraeoa, al Va o'clock, from bis Uie residence, lil llaxter st. M BLTCIIEIt-fluddiinlr, en Moodty evealnit, Jaa. tLl Maria, the beloved wife of Zacharlah llutcker, la thai &4A year of tier M. . Ibe relatives sud frbnds ef th family, als tks memliers of lanle Lodsa, No 41, K. 4 A. M . an r1 raectfnlly Invited to attend her funeral, the, (Wsdaee-. dart afternoon, at 1 o'clock, from bsr Ul, reatdeaee, kxT bread sb 111 BAKEF.K Ysrferday afternoon, of sctrlet Ifsven. FJlen Louisa, youngest child of Israel A. and fcllaa KLUs liarker. Tbe friend' ef th. family are respartfuny lavlted te attend Uie funeral, tomorrow rrhunds" morulas, all KI4 a'clock, from 141 Lafa.ette ave, Broeklra. Herrs mains will be Uken to Caat Cheater for u rmeat, Alt' CROPSKY-Oa Msadsy, Jan. list, of peaeaarr7 eonaumpUoiH Itoress f 'ropasy, aged Tel rears. The friends of the f.mllv are respsetAilly lavlted U. attend the tunersb tbU (Wedaesdsrl afternoon, all w I O'clock, from the residence of ber brother, Natksa P I Ctoawy.lW South lit tt, Urooklyn, b. D. lit j CROWLKY-Ia thl, cite, en Tusslsy rnnralal, Jaa4 Kd, Mrs Ann Croa ley. the la-lovrd wife ef I) inlet vnwicy,oi iraiee, M9. sverr, xreiana, Bfeet uyeass. sad 6 months. I Her frlmrta, and thowa f her hi bend, are rasytot-i fully Invited to attend lbs funeral, tliU (Wedoaudirfc aftrrnnnn, st b'l o'clock, from ber late realdeoaa, 43 trsuklortsb 1U CfRBY-Oo Jan. tlA, Mary Curry, wif.ef Paaby Ciiit) , asod f4 years. lisr friends and relatives an rwrpectfully lavlted bj attend th funeral, on Wednesday arlemoen, t3d last at I s'ciock, from bee Ul realdsnoa, tt Wtst Hd t. tK DO YI.KOn Moodsy, Jan. tlst, John Dnrbb a a r or Katnarum-uo vvicuoe, lrriana, aged to years. 1 he funeral will Uke place on Wednesday aAanssesta. t3d bwt, st x o'clock, from his late rest dsaee, 181 far-, sethsb lit friend, and relative an reapsotsliy tn-J Vited tn attend. I J DWYHt On Monday, SM Insl, after a shsrl bed asJ vera llluess, Ellen Dwyer, wlfs of Daolel Dwyar, aged xal yrara. " Tbe relative, and friends of the family are rwayeox-' rally Invited to attend the funeral. Mile (WsdnaUar. srtsrnson. z8d lost, at II e'olock, from bar late rostdeweeJ 11 Ave. A. lc 1 FIClIt US -On Mnndsy event a. . Jan. net, Mary i irncus. wiieot vtiiusm r.icm lis, asea it yeara. 1 ha rclaUeaa and frtimda nf Ilia famlir arw n fully united to attend tlie funeral, thi. (Wednesday): art, rnoon, at o'clock, from ber late nsadsaea, Benwo, New Jeraey. lit FAKKKMOn Mondsy, tint Inst, Hies, blVrred, wife of The, C 1 ,rrtlb ased 1th rear, Tbe frleoda and nlativee of tbe family are r. ipset. nillrluclUnl to attend the funeral, laU (Wednealav) sftemnnikst 1 o'clock, from tlAMadsua ar, eor.Ttl axy st, llrooklyn. ill f 1 RA".OBY-On Jan. flat, David Orosery. 1 he friends of Ihs fsmllv ar re. pect nifty lavfted b attend tke fuueral, this (Wsdnesdsr) atternnoa, at o'clock, from bis UU residence, 4 Priace st, Brooklra, wltboot further nettot. IN ' nrjLLY-f n Monday, Jan. tlat,' Marxaref Uealr, a naUv. of Moyadd, Queens County, Ireland, aisd Th yeara. Tba rejatlvea and friends of th. dsetssed sre re- spoctruiiy Lntiiea to aneoa ner ruoerai, tnis iwh sy) sreernoon, al x e-eiora. rroro tae rasa , au, b Vsnilsm st. Her remain will be Interred la Calvary uemeaery nUOHKt-Oa Taeodsy, Jan. Kd, of crasinnttisse, Msry Hoshesi wife of Usury Uughes, seed M rears. Tberrteadsoftbe family are rssoectfally lavttad I attend the funeral, on Ibara dsr aturnoow, Jaa.x4sk. at 1 .lib, from W Ut reabienes, lit Maaberrr 1 daore from Urend st, M . UUGUES-Oa Jsa. flCharlotUHufbes,.Jb-1 breed dsiujhter of Jams. Uugkea, ipii ysacs, months and tl daya. . Tbe funeral will Uka plae free ths rtstdsnee sf bsr father, la uiford st, Sd hoaaa tram Klushtns eve, Brwis lyn, ou Wednesday afternoon, tad lust . at 1 e-ciook. lb JOUTtfcON-On Monday, Jan. tlst, after a short 4 severe Illness, Mrs. Fhrbe Johnson, relict of joaa Jabsv son, aged 10 years, 4 month, sad HI daya. Y.a bare gone, dear Bother, from as now 1 'eto Ood's law we meekly bow t I You will wait In heaven for vowr ehildrea dear, WblU we taebd weep In sorrow bsra, Tb. reUttve. and friends ef tb family an est -felly lavlted to attend tbe faneral, this (Willi anerooen, at t eUek. from Has nwHanse of bs, la-Uw, Asa K. BnwaTtCO Blvloftoa st. 1 J0HN8T0N-Oa th. fed Inst, Emma Jena, una danbier of John aad Anna Jobnatm, sfd b saoal aad 16 daya. Tbe relative aad frisnds of th. fssally an rss.set fully Invited to attend the funeral, taV(WokMsdayi AarnoonatLe'elocvkfnmUUlrmuihimst. IM LYNCH-On Jan. Sl., WUll.m Lmch. th bslsved ebTld of John and Utidgat Lynch, aged , years, ana, and i daya, Tb relatives and friends of the family an teawet fally Uvlled to attead the funeral this (Veawde r aftarooon, al 1 o'clock, front lv Aibany st, bt CaJvaiv Ocnatery. f ML'KDOCK-Of pleurisy, aire. Bartb Motdook, afati I'STrtenos of th family an rpretfaIIyliiTlt4 1 attend tae f nneraL sa Wsdnesdsy sJUrnoo.. ttd last, IX o'oWck, from hor UU resident-, M lioid st, uruoa- PASrniLL Oa Twssdayv Jaa. nd, Janus Pu Ul. UTii.'l.d'rrTaK.oftn. family ., ruUTlnvtUd 1 U attend tea fonevft, thkt (Wediut saM krternSoVtdl.'cJock.haratnwlinhst. lu) PRK8TON-a T-tsday, Jan. ttd, Carrie E. Prastaa. aWbtaroitb. UU Jaaasa k. Prwetou, aged nw , "rbV frkmds u4 aentaledaaaM ef th .faaTy tab nstsctnUy Invlud ko attend the faneral, thb i Wadoas oIvTalkerwaoa, al i o'uUwk. from lb nabUnss ber graadialbse, Eiwrd Kaloooar, Et, ft Manila it. SWCNnf-Oa Jan. 3M. Ana Swtnsy.ln pa. T 7 TkareUUveTend friend, ef th. deceased, an raveeet futtylavlted ka attead tb funeral, this rwdaavday afternoon, at I .'ckiok, front bsr W. ia EUaabsth WOLCOTT-U thl tty. M kt lay. J. . Rev, Cboroh, Ud WfeoeUr) aTMnt ,'tM Ma,, :