Newspaper of The Sun, 24 Ocak 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated 24 Ocak 1861 Page 2
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IP THE NEW YORK SUN. TIICRSDAT HORSIKO, J ANT 21, 1861. Wa hava tacnlly opened a new Publication Offiot fcr th Bra tdeelfrta.1 a In u'llmala and per. rnaBOnt centra) M M, 333 flroadway, under the ArnerVaa Muaenra a-a fM which haa bn Jnally tornad'nha art of New York" being al tha Juno. tint of ltd two grand thoroughfarei, and of every Railroad and Omaibu Ho In Hi city, with bat a ftw tulonr cjuna. To reach the new 8c 01h ithereAir, from (my put of the city or It environ, I U only naceaaary to hall lb nearcet tUg or cur, -and b et down at the door. It l evident Ihil there U only one inch place of buadieat In Now V n k. Tha old stand of the Sr, corner of IVtin and Hiaaau, will of coure ted be given up, al lnt f r ton time to come. BuMncea wiU tbercf na oont.n it la be eVme t both office. JLn tdrrgeorai proposal, hewere r ffor any other imrpoee then KUUyrwperJ tribe lease of mxl of the valuable prcrnleot on the old corner, would nil cUr-rded even now. AVAIA'ABLE DCtI R.OOM-prutb'y th most TkluabU In the City, many be (f turded i illf.Wry ouul, In our Dread-ly OOco. , Thf Colloa .Juration. Ont ''southern brethren" of the tecodiiiff. cotton tide hare ronfi lently rah ul He 1 npon (he power of their adored Klntf Collon lo coerce the Icjidinfj eUtcc-f Kur. po Into a rr-mtfiiitlun tt tbelr In Jepcn lence, and the eeuMialunont of direct trad wall them. In tbi dream of thi-ir ambition they re likely to ! mt disappointed. Though EivUnl, Vr.iii'-o (ill Germiuiy, will not I undir (ny err-all r com puUlon to buy American cotton, than tho pro ducer of the article will I invlir to nil it, the aeeeaaion trouble will kIv freeh Iraptilw tithe movement! already InaucaMled In Uur., to Main full and etcibly enpply of cotton, into pendent of the American cotton Male. Our reader ere already aware, that an Aaac. elation, commanding lav amount of capital, hat ln formed In I'-nland t prom it the prowth of cotton In I nil, en 1 that the llritiih Oowrnroent lia(rlen id (jut encouragement to the Utior( of Dr. 1.iIMitiiik, to 0111 In Euro pe(n commerce tho eiten'iv cotton krowlnt reirlone of Central Afri. Ilrazil drealy fur nlalie ( Ir (mount uf cotton of the very lient quality, end the culture of the lln plant lu that empire can I greatly eMouli' I. It lently, re notlceil more-men!, h itinjlta ll il'J t 111 ' cncouraRement of the (Tth tj cotton in the Central and South Amen. .111 DM--, n 1 tliu ori ginator tf tht tnatLinebt haa (;'""' '"' whiih remove) (II duMa of the entire praitlcal.ility of raiting more cotton In the Mulct ciulli of u, than can 1 produied in nil the date vthiih bare aecednt from our Union. Hut In addition to three proofa tliat the throne of King Cotton In the South It neither almoluto nor aocure, ono of Ula liee eul.J'ttt warm him that the reeult of the Uu war in Cliina may l" toraInpariy(twilh whiih tuciewi fully contend. Jons Mmiir.u the Iri-li rebel, the implacable foo of tho Ilritir.l tiort-ruinoiit, nd a ej-mpatlilner with the Southern State m much (o, that he once cxpreel tho wiah that be had "an Alabama plantation veil elmkftl with fal negroee," thua wrluw from 1'eria U the Charleeton Hernrg 1 China. l r'"l pwl1" een ' tlmoa m mu. h rrton a all Jimr a-mttieni etulm !'. l.iMlier - !' of tlie fint kliid. Imb e.1, l-ul t lb 'rt "J which iwn keen la nunle, lu lil.nui.m mi "''"" ." of pTe ce itxli"! ei7d.y. .-t. wb..j th.l ni.w gro, H la whuUled . tl..-r n I l-iier Mkmua ruw ami the nw.1i fl-enl aUnvi! 1- llea of Vwlnl Ohma. all aroniid tne II mn II i a I IteYaniftneKwlWrnere, are viUlnly MCuli!e "J ITMlurilu the l.l valuable H'. U "f tlift im-ful i.lanl a are the valleya ol Hie M iwi'ii un i iu .m !.... 1 j-.r. 1.1 fur ininininiii'tiiit. anliiwla literally nolhiniial all. Iliaflli coimlry in . uMei l, Eiiiuhr.'twi-Koera m.y hw many niiilloiw of labmeie, all l ""' l'""ir ' eulwel aj. fur what iiM illt one t.eri would b a l.iurlo.ia aii.ilr for (1 w IJhmaitien. The O.iln ;ii. Vn. will be aiia-euUrea. i elt. -the u it of Hid u htUda-aud lb" wti I1..H0 ... .runnel" rare In the.n, f .1 ind '..-Ibe "V win 1 Hie w.n k la got out ol tbem. I.i h..-i. ti ' - n Ui;tin ' loginaoo lh-ietw"' , yo.l may U.I e.le.iij.l.e atlm heeler and 1.Hhhi imuiiu 1 twl lut'ilU tnwiunc of tlie China war. Jon MiwiiKi, llioiili looklnR at the Chinos vrr and lt( pmbablo roulle, frou hia jMiliit of view, ttlla our snu'li-rn Uetlma of tho cotton isrowlnrf rtle unpilat nble truth, tho forie of which thoy mty not nt preaoiit comprehend, but w bull the fuluro will verify. It la only by remaining In tho I'ulun, and enjoyini all lla U onUc of mil external trade, mid the I reciircuiau.-n 01 i.ipi Ul, tbat the 1 otlon tatca lan lompj'.e with oth er cottonvrowin,; reionH, ami alai Urd a profitable in-iiki't fur tin ir iliief r.iduit. Not m Cheap. Asi AinNVMiica ioiiBBai,"ViK"T i n.rry with ut for atltmitUIn trcmon and in "our (outbrru brethren," it he delight to term the men of violence nn.l Uoul, who wikllm Mln cf tbclr country na a meant of unroitralned li cerme In public crime. Woyidd toiuno ia fra Urnal jnip.illiy for I ho true men an I wyim a of the South and v.e tirinly believe them to i a majority bul cur ''outhTnbrelhr!n"aroi.l.!ir ly a different rt from llmw of our cnrren dent. We bac mi ternu of fellow Jiip an 1 poll tical brotherbnod toln'Mnw uKin the cu-ti.111 tj he would embraie. 'lho ttrmt we apply to them are truth, and aofirr ttrma would I- f im- bood. I We do no think it ChrialUii-l.ke1"(,U quote (gain) ImwcMr "politic" it miybe coin- nerrlally, to cloak tho moat nwrn-lri'im crimet with a aatanic itloea of tourteout ioneiitioiiili- tv. We are frenhly ehia ked, mid nppreaxed wilh accumuUtlni; amizeiurnt, eitry day p livo, to wltneea the bear lien inwntibilily to triiixa wlik-li grow upon the public mind undir the form 1 of mercenary and pulile lompromioe. Weeoemtobj in the mldat of a re-action to almolute lurhariam- The (tandard of,eeitllly of public runr- alt, bju fur near a (teneiation utt Un falluiK lik I be barometer l fore a tui undo. The be-t no longer wonder, and the multitude no lontf thud- 4er, at the greedy adaption of any Rullt that e cr blackened bUtory, by cnllre public raud of men, and een by pretendcl mtoUtera of the laireal rellgiout fjilh. Our hut e learned to run (o low, (mldat prevailing doReneracy, that (vorag charailrra eerm now Ul retain little mora of the faculty of abhorrence than ia found among heathen. Nothing ia lil enough, to move men to paaalon 1 nothing it too bad to bo treated wllh complaltaiil bin, Uul- veraal flattery and hypocrity ateeatini; out in in- boo.1, and rotting lho core of aotirly. Ihe am- rwretl vlcea of the ak'e rlcmiiil ft.rn an I intolerant reprehcnhlon. N.enea of horror aul eamago will jill the fruit of thie mihIicini ilabumt and aciiliuimUlinin. We nuy look for it. It iaatriptlut neer l failed. But our nameleaa corrt'iident, who prcti ud to bo a tuhwrlbcr of the Sit, unleiul.e, to dragoon ua into ubiricny lo hU loinni riUl Intercata for all e (re crmlttel to kuo of lilm, la lho name uf a dry-pJa lirm in mitlicrn trade, OU bla cut dope uvl Am the readu Uf IKe lie can Rueit by w hat iin.uiia l 11 're ii tli' thunderbolt . "Tbu (.ourw you r purpling unuaf be any;', or do my bubacriptlon null'." (k 'jipotlc mandate lu bed, to U bckwl bj a penally of daptnee a wk ! A lut puelluy of inaoloiiea liaa Uubt thia anonj mout uusdil.T to aupnoM tlut bla biiyinu lho St i;iea him anj thuig to do vi lib ita couree in uMu arirti " be doea nut like it, u be not let it alouef la bdiuldci to blm for hit pJtry pennlea, or hla (till more tub try "paUonaga." If be bad been minly enough to ftvaal bla uame or addreea, ahould take pleaaura In (topping bla aubacrlption for blm ounelr", aad reeompcnalng the carrier wheat ' ' two eanU wk la the only benefit to any one Ualdaa UmU, U U aacrlncod by (Ulklug bl bum from our lubecrlpilon .1IU. U woul miVe Ihe fvwrik (Upenny diannlon terrorltt, of whom the dUUtbrfiil frra eptrit of the 8un hat purged Ita otberwlae bonorable max of duty thouaand dally bujera. If there are any mora who think themaelvea i-hardioMera la thlt Joun nal fcr dxpe noe a wetk, we advl them to tek nomrrerftbat kind of alotk. W wll mpiri of the St ! extremely (heap. Tho Sew ibwlf, we don't tell at all New Yota, ,tn. t. I'M. lihtor 0 Ik' Sun. Melhinkt yon I01I loo mmh of ynur valuable apnre In iMlehlnj lb letlw of that li lelllcenl ffj ubprrilier." r r my pvt, f liaTe le-rn ( reader of your rair fr the ln4 flbteea or twenty yeara, anl tea fin 1 ti f liane In lit gftner al f.alurce, fuitber II an a lillle lea politic! ail a little more of the dalrliiee nf Cbrltt an ty. whuh cerlnlnly Iniprowa II II hat a'e y ti my i il lt in, ptirmifd the earn lmn-. 'em f-t, qtrnight foward cn-ne, ' Vnowit gtSe li " darinf it n aiiitpiin It," a b'enl t.laii w ik niniii, anl 1 Lnra ii .limit, aa In fn.i m n co, tl al th 're are t) oniandif of llnni ' 1 l'.i4 r.ty V .o Wo l'i lalSer gl wil.oit Ibeir moiii 1 ! rriit-ttt ..tin r mtnunta "fri." li( ecle tl t'.e , lumut la the " Orowler " 1 1m we Bnd etitywl.err, and It la natural H 1.1 in t- nd tauH Willi eterythlnrf, and where Le camv I fiud a reain make one. 1 tnud that the Ihw of " J. M.'a" iwlnaitg will but at-.) the publliatlnn of Ihe ' nff," at we ah uM tbcretiy La( lo eat our toaat unlmttared In the V'. Yfm ara, ?t K drlde it. hir HportlpR City I'mhrr. Tilf Hoard of All . in .-ia adjourned en Mnn day evening without lining any bu-inet, iMVau aiUonimni not preaent. It waa then whia TP'l that the I'rceldcnt of the I) inrd and aoma t'f hit aolatrs wrrs atlenlin a grand enk fijitat'a nuled curavanvrai on llarlnm Ijine. fiubaefiueiitly it waa rumored that the Illegal "atnuscniciita"(') b.iit trn prohibited by the intervention of L'apt. 1'oiiTK.n of tlie tilh Ward I'l'lice, It (ptpeara, however, that the Ciptain wia not amart rni4i;;li for Mho fancy," and that a num. Iicr of lho "bird," clipped an 1 apurre 1, fnnht, lied und died on Monday night for IlioibJeolv tion of our rilv rulcra and their Mrtinj frien U. 'lho "irl," It i aunl, di 1 n't terinintto until the dawn of TueMl.iv, and thnuaan la of doll ira hangr.) handa. Ariording to ono report, the granl matih waa m.nln between Jimi Mniiiut K, the pugilint, anl lU.siir W, (Ikxpt Moiu.ism v nutdiinn bit Troy "" ngiinit 0 rM r' New Y01 k "drey-." Tim affair, altogelbcr, It ninal ititrarefiit lo our dty, and tcllettt little credit upnn Ihoelli clen.y tfthe Wih Ward IVIim. Whit dull wea.iv. vlien the aecond hihcel ofliirriuonr inuiiii iial gocrnineiit in pubbi-hed tohiai'on Milmiicy, and In lho worH, aa not only the a. pik intc of cok lighters nnd gninbler, but na a in rout inning n b.iibnriMit practice, iondi'iiin"l n"t only by the linnof tlili ettte, but by nil it iIiimI loinnimiitira? '1 hit only can we n) tlut nidi an nflici r Ik either tinenii- m inua f tin common' -t rul" of 0llici.1l pro priety, r but aa utter cntitem.l for law and Ihn morul bj ecry good clll ren. I p tho worst enemiet of the disunion conapira tore ludjircn tlnir thnarn adiaora they could not hate recommended arlf-leatructian in more deoiaite forma than tho fvolinh wretchca arn ru-big upon. Hie unvcrnor of Miaaiaaippi, aa we lenrn by jealeribiy'a nulla, liaa actually commented firing on and overhauling Wenlern htcamtioftta, with batter iea at Vicktburg. Thia wanton deiwllc outrage will bring the greit tVmt down upon tlie conpirocy like an etin gnbher. There will lie no uao In elruggllng againt that reeoluto aeclion fir the control of the Miniiml.pi. Kentiii ky anl Minaourl will nevir yield It to tho tlulf atatea. Harem. inaaa'aaaapmnirMViiTiiaiartiiwna - nrT' The following litter, a.llretMint t the ihnlrmin of Nrw Y' 1 k K uwaa Kallef Coiiinoltce, baa Juitbenn 11. en I'd. All who have lu any way rnulrllinlnd lo tbe thinmanila of aiuTviera In K uvowi will lie lutcre- cl In ItaperiMil. Wi.l' IteiaiT, Kaih-My PewBlr Y'ir ill. aiiaUli draw tor three Ihonaanit JnllarH, hmigzhl teaiatumajiy ananaiona heatt. I re I It aloud. A annual ahoillif Mind blo Now Yolk' mlKliI lu li-'Tl l.ranl all alut. Y "l hae ili-Tlol hlieral tliln:. My freight b.lla thtt vi ry day, mi a lot of oral 1 aid for by II urnior im"i nl o'jio, were Jl.SIJ 'lima while III, in 'l vured in-niey m liny end al Ip en. h an amount of i rI for our poor nip1e, ynui iwniQorui-.ldli Ike entire tiaui.perUlmu t Kaowa. M nelbantwj hnn.lre.1 r.-enoutlrea every week -n 1 lm.m brie lor lueml .lull. Ilten Olty or in ire are Imliit lu a allinle it ly, and that whole miMlgn imnt will ii' l Ina IhoiiKiud tahlua, unl gie lile and eoinfurt taa many ho tachoMa. ' M' A.ot II ,iiiluCniiil),i nnet.vlay with I la two l.'jt, In l.i'lp drive Ihe ii n Tiny lul'l nln of lliefninly nl In me wttlinitliiiv tn fit mi'mi tlier eiiubl Ixrmw. With bla own hiuvla l.a cnll.vjli-l nln l u. 1 1 of corn, and a J n it !int a buiiiiu. l i- Ul. Iinati'll. Iwohmaw, lirircowa (ill he hndj mid w ih'a woUh 1 1 r.nne t In pny for lua f.inu. II. end hwl-yahad ImncuiLt tlia on their way I ill v, Willi alii.iMt u nlothliiuul Ihelr fif I all ant to II e wenthe vi t ilnwful kii.1 Leilthy anl full f Hlii ",et ible i.nimre , and lliey hud n 't eiWn f l (m twoiliiva. N iIIiiik iillu't lhm till, lyatfo.l (ltr, will 'ml. "iilaillm.lhey at d wutoevt. Tl ly l''ke. iimi one aiiolhei llll the tana elirtel, khiii oltheUiyi. kmiI, II v nine inolber and aialera . uli'lluM miy.' At Ibiiiiii'iilloiii'fniiithiir audalnltra i: e while paityUiw ed and writ aul rofu-iJ lo be c.iif.iri.'d. " "Pila pn'y will be lnndet with two tea-na tumor, mw, ami. like alhoiHandol' era. will ii"l aooii fa-get tbe klnitnem and lilmatuy that anil gool Ihina kire Yinira truly, B. C. IMuran. AUblaoii, K. T., Jin, II, 1I." Ii ualkintof money may be aei.t to .MI Wr-uant. Tie oeircr, l'niudent U 4raililaii It ink, N. Y Clolh. Ins, Ac, in ij-1 aenl to tbe u!n v, N . i3 0 Hijier Learnm Mowrr Maaarr, Frldaf A'oert Omaobj clo-cdaltlVa'lStir emaiey. Aanenran Btmte-The lateat aale war I TlUaoU Oeutral, 81H dlaoounl Erie, It I Mew York Cen tral, TO, tjktrr frewa Mealc. AVm Orltant, J,tn. ?.. The achooner Fannie liw arrived at (lalvolon from Vera Ci a, 10th Inat. II waarrporlod at Vera CnK that ami of Mlra ruMi'a prliaipat offn-era. Including bl llmlater of Imewn Halationa, had been captured by Inllaaai alan Ibat Urarotai hlmaelf had been taken, butailwt qnetilly epd after killing three In liana I'leeldtit Jnarea deirted from Vera CnK on the Uh fur the capital, to wiUWlnb a bberal goTemment. Folitical Intelligonoe. XXXtllh t'0flltlMrt-.'cciid rV-den. aiciinle W'mUfiitfm, Jitn, 2i. Mr. Hi'ii i n (I'i.) pro. ci"d n.eimnlala aakiag for the aauo of I m C1t leubn renoliiU'ina. Mr (Xi I aura (VI ), Introdn-e I a bill In rroitate lber..lle1Wai of mirt. Mr. (.aaf (M i ), Introduced a Joint robitlon Ilia' A. I. rjaniaw ion, RaiRwoT J-Hiaan, ami M'T'ioi. ntf 111 ara li apliollfW-d C'tniniaiinnera In In 'ka a loll and rM'lilthle arttletneiit ol all tlalina latweeu tbe I lillelHlateaiKl VT. II. KnaealU'l ov-r. Mr. Iioatfpaa (VTi.. preaujind tbecieleutialaof Mr. TtctanBti r-el"lnm. Mr. I iiaaflaaai (Ma-h.), preaetjted a memorial from the ritimnaol Ma hlgan, rem malratiiig agajut any tbange fif tlte CiaiHtitutlon. Mr. Taeanou. (Ill ) preeenud a mnnorUI from oitlrenaor Miuola, eXireealDg the oplnbai thai the (liviaiiai ol ihe lrrilnrlM oy tlie line oi an jo, wjiihi Iril a aallatai tory aetlletneiit of Ibe preaeul diffl illtie. dr. KINO tM. I pnweiinl a p"ininii lor ma pr aertatlim of the tnhai: alanout retuoUitralJvr ajihwt any f liange in the Piba law. Mr. ftui'Kll. Ilij akid that tbe H-nM take up tlieiewHUtionheorfHrnJ III regarl to the I'reeid'lil'a nnatffi, and ini'ved that Ibe niei-iie an 1 reanlutinn le tifened b tbe C-'inmiuee ai the Jiiliciarp. Airri4'l Ui. Mr. Ivaaao (da) aaked lo lie eai'iiM from fur ther eervhe on the Cennutu-e on Claiina. Ha wnd that aa aome qneHtliai had la-eu rabieit tbe retired arntbira. In regard l-t fl lint their pliMeNOn the enmnilUeea, lie would aak t- be eteiwul while li mm )nt a member of the Aiimle. a waa exiuid. The bill In rrlatbai In the aale nf tandt and remo vl of the I'mled Htate A iwnal at Hi Iima. and the eiMiKtnit lion tf a new amciinl at Jlf)rin llirraLkt. waa Ukfli tip and piaeil. Oil unarm of Mr llmou (!t C) neat Prldiy waa art a,rl for the r"nNidiraloti of private bill. Mr. t.AavHo fl'i) niove.1 t faitpone rlor or der and lake uptheTar.rri'lll. Mr. I mtniiBi (M ) aa.d that lb bllt wa ro nlol from the Uouimiltee oil Pinae-e, with a re liiuuiiriulatloll In ntiie till Ihe 4lh of Mn'h. Mr. taiTraHi.aa Ky ) "ppmwi any pinponeineni of lilt reaoluil aia. Mr. Halt (N. II )aVedlftbe bill reivivl detiil M i aaiiitmil on lu tbe Committee on Kiuam. Mr. Kiwaaine aald It hail le4. Mi, II ai a Mi.l, l.elaillevi'.l lhare were a urn- IbliiTt In it dctniMiiUl In the iiilere4 of Ina ili n, thai would (nverll bl Vole, parly or ll pily. M' I'mmiill aald, that if there. mien I itlon of Ibe tomilo waa not airree.1 to, the bill ought In l aent Inm k to tlie V, ituinittee. Mr. Tnraiiini., (Ill I aald, he wlnhe.1 1 irorreittb luipnaKhni thai the K'publicana ba. the awer In Ibe H"le, aa ll waa let en. There w ia a nnj Tily of a. a aia'lft Ibem I Veil 11 w, and be thu'Ulit the re aiMiailiility "f tiiai or rnuld li ! yet be laid on tlie K"pulillinn pllty. After blither dnK'niennn the tariff bill waa lik mi up, an.l. on UHitliai of Mr HlM"-ia, (K I I ref. rie. lo a l,'li,l iti'iiiouneof five, wllh in.lrii. tlnna lo rejinit m k Ibe bill oil WednneUy of neat ww k. Mr. Ilioi ra (I'i J ioore.1 ti take up tbe tjairraiiu nolulioua. M itloil dieimieeil to by Ibe following f 'la- )'M Miwra. Ilayard, llniamin, II gler, ll'mg, flrlKht, Criiigmaii, ti lu.iel.ii, 1) enrlai, K.lch, Hemp hill, lliuiler, Iveraoll, .1 Jin Nl, "I Ttina, Kenne dy, Maaon, NlihnlieHl, I'earie, lk, 1'iwell, line, BnlMMtiaii, TUoiimoii and Wigtall 'IL laiit -M"ra. Anlbiaiy, Hiker, 11 luT'iain, Came, ron. Chandler, Claik, lillainer, II ..little, I) nkee, KaaMaidrn, To., Fexter, Orlmea, llwln, llt'e, II ir Imn. Klua. Latham. Morrill. Haward. Hunmona, a nil ner. Ten .yk, ItundiuU, Wadn, Wllkluanu aud WHmi..n. (hi ni.ainn of Mr. Uwin (Cut ) the raciR - Rillrea 1 Uli waatakruup. Tbe lienduig ainelldinetit of tbe Heaitnr ft Ira Ore- gnu (Mr. I.ib) In regard lo a lraiM.u ! rnl-eul, Or'icni, waa aureed H. Mr. (lain offered an amen lineiit, fcldinj aeveral uamea l.t the lb.t nl enrpi'ratiira. Mr, Ikmoiaaaald, thai In adding the mine from lllnmla, Ihey tial put on tare KpublUauaaud one llenaarat. Jcai WearwoaTll and olbera protected agallvl any itiHau feeling 111 Ibe bill. Mr. TatiMinii I. aanl there waa nn rtlaan chara. tar In adil ng nnmea. lie thnugbl Ihere mnt have Wen a me mi-ty feeling or there would have been n't com plaint. Iladldnol know a Mr. Waatwoaru waa apilallyaity man. ... ., . Mr. iNinni aa aanl be wm anlonlilwl b bear that Mr. WaataoKTil waa not a parly man. II waa the vcryanul ( tli llepulHiau rty In Illiniia. II nvafde.1 nim a the m.wt dangernua and powertul a.lveniary be, or tne Ilem.a'ratic irty ever ha.1 in lllilMil. II waillivi lile uiu airir-u w, n., - iNilitUa. Mr. Wnaoa (M.) aald he waa nrry to ee any feeling of tkla kind, lie did li't care whal rty men Vatbaiged In, lie wanlnl men of Influen e an I naauy to take hold and flniah the rond. Ue never woula elop to ak tbe question of rly. Mr. TaeHiieit.aal.l bta uo.leagiie waa the only man who IiikI liroughl polillra in, and inai ma wuuie our- dull ot hia eliejlll drill THE LATEST NEWS. by iBiiviurn to this ir. r. bus. Arrlaitlof the North llrllaln at rorllaod. Ibat man f ir in in be ap- piulml aa partiaana, after lui Iber diacuaaiou j M'wre. lHitiuiaan.t facanelU Mr. Hra'aulN l aai'l Ine oiu annuiu i ii auieiHliKl that anylaaly rnuld mm In. It wou'd b propi'r Vi have cnninnlle to Inveatlgatiitbe aubje. t, aa there aeeute.1 t lai i initih diffiirenie lietween Heiuilora. ao t aa there wu eoniethlng that did uot appear plain t.1 tbe Beuate. Mr. Doeuiaaaaid Ihere weie perhap other tbliija thai the lamnn lie mlghl invealigate, but he aenmed the linpuliitloil tint there were olber thiiaa, aul he would eeiini blin-ell II he were no tnae aa lo make tuili an itiipuiaii'm, Mr, llaajtali aald -Tlie Bnuilor mnat lie ml takrnnr elae be ta lull llliwarranllble Uilna. lle(lliujiii'Oliduota'Tid that there waa auy Ihlng laibiul Ihl. at- li .,.! Aa..iilaiueil Ibat he waa unbT mlaaii- prebrtiaioll, and luerelore would withdraw what be bad aald. It muted I" "tribe nut Iba niiuea of Jon Wtwi (Til aud N. II. Hrl-l'. lie and Iher waa rv.d i.Hy an nln mpt to nuke a paity uio. hiue of the I'm if Itailnaid. ... . Fuitber di'iiln enaned, when llit lunlljn wia lnel. by yena, H; n IV. I. iiIumuiii LHinliiiued. when Mr. I .rj.ii at .Tinve.1 tnMrikeiml tbouuiwol WaToru anl uweit tbil of llicalrt, ..... Mr. Ilaiaaald thia waa about lb amalleKt fljhl that b bad ever ami In tlie Bma'e, It w m rather a email Iniamea for the llulted Bute B'U-ile to aiujl out one man and ktik hiinout. u. ... (Mi . Mkrll(ll wna am ill hilainaaa bi aingle a uuui out, bow atua.1 wa it to ha e aingled him tut Mr.' nnai wa then agreed lo. A large number of uui wore Ibeu added by tbe tarluuaBuiiaUira. Mr. litem aald he wlahed b mggiMt lb niniaa of twoeuiiiieiiinilnadmeu. They weie John llaoaa. Jr., aud vrM'i.i. riiiiiiit, ol tbe uudergrouud railmad. (Loud laughUv J AajoJined. Vt. Ciam waa not trifd that, ll it, If (try ont dealrat to caal InpuUUm on hla. ba could In dulge la them for lb reaaiaa itve9. lie m-lld rnncelva of men who would be unknown either la thia or tny other Omare. had It not been through the li.Urpoelllon of rrovidrnr, tbey had been elevated lo the pnaltlon they lei hold. The Houae reaumed the eonalderation of the report of Hit Committee of Thlrty-lbree. Mr I'.Timaront (Tenn.) aald, if awire-t twelve hon Ml men could U to try tbe lame Joined be tween II, ( contending farthma, and balougtng to no f'llilhal parly, with no owitive but to euauin th ooiir.try, he oould aubmll the eaae to them without HrgnnKnt, And have a uniiilmoua, b.iluufor t'liialely a dkalntereHted J'try can caniart be procured, aiel the peoiii ara ailly rnoiigh tn at.ieal to tbl tribunal for peace. Tbr are .10 mm lera of thia limine, leit an e.'ial number nf aa w lee men cau be f nad In any roiigreaaional dlatrlcl in the rmmtry, anl yet we are tnld that beoanae thia Ci'tigreaa waa il-rled wilbnut reference to the pae a nt umum. It w.ll re InaUuDy atay tbe I da of rev. Intloni therelialherlanii bo lor a free mople, What rlglit have gentlemen bere to a"itne that they caniwtt elbei'ieell'inf While h would be glal t aretbe II iuaedo.nietblng. u4 m.nh ti allay Ihe publ lc ex. it Ineiit, y t he announced tbal If the If elae or Conrrwa fail to tome up to pan lc I(Na-tlKKH, laror Le v-ouid imiietuae v overturn id tempi ..fliUity aiidcniak the laxt hopnaor ti.e patriot, he woul 1 move an a.ljairiminiit nf the ind ng uiia lloti from tbe llouae to the ie-ple IhemielVH Tb revolution threatening to ribvert th reuntry wa the inol iiiuualifl'l'ie anl unpird uit e Ihe world ever la-be'd, lnvolv'ng tbe mol fearful caiaenuemaw, and yet men all over tb country are playiiig with tl e mad ataiolH rf th ieop1e, and atigmalir ng tboae aa traitor who wmld I. pnrllclale in the revolution. Ileprieeeded to akow Hie malnea ami (illy or auheertln th U iTrnmnl ti mm ur anv rtirt t wilhmil. that mar uot lie etuoya.1 In. tbe I'lilon. Tbe pervnal Liberty bill art n wtlbolll e.tin, but It waa due to truth to eapreaahit liellef that tbey would anon 11 HWept from tbe atil.lla lka. If HiKKiuet.lulioiial, tbey are Told. II eon atilutnautl, there lannrgbtl oompliin. Aato Hit Pugillve Blave I,w, fmut the enmmancameol of the pmanit century till mw, n4 a d laen alave hive been niAi nal from the aUt.ianthoritet. Why, Mr. Oat bini'.lf, i.fll.e kiiiicbiin .f B.ulh Cirolih, raugbt.r) aid ll wa aa atr mg aa any I. dy wnl.e.1 lo make 11. Wiiuldlbefugltivealavebiw be mora etrlngmit and th pele more willing tieieiulell out or, than In the I'lium f The northern 'ple have a'wiyt, and will evrr, lieopiMieeil oialavary, and you can make in m in In tl.t N irlb t pro-tlavery man. The atrong ealelavery men In the B mill are Yankee. Tbey no eootiar go B mlb, than tbey nuery a nefro. (I.l lgh ler) Ha beggol Tney marry a wimia with tuvnie, an I then tbey tilk about Hie right of alaviibolder. There waa not a man In IHle bo ly who claim In lie an A'mlltloiuat. I.' there t auch an one he wanted In know It. l:ee.anoi from tbe llermbiicau "N't one,' 'iioi" Mr. Iniamoe reume.. Tli nT"illlcina, Intbe'r plalform, deiiinini enl John llaowa'a raid aa the grel e.t igcriiniw. What other rty ba.1 lormillydnit thia I Tbe people r the 4 eith and the N olll .1 1 n bale arei'Jier m ire lhan Ibe "I I Whlga an I Dem mint uaMl I bate each other , but will y nl live one an. 'Iher more If yau aeraie f You will aeiairate on er, tail the Ohio riter la the only larrier li ae iiate the boetile etate. If you have no lovt tviw, will you love eat bother when you lieiome iu.ll.-n, and rlvtlar II uiiroiKt'lueut could aen Ihe fire aoller and enuthern riflical here emlrt-aclnf each otliertbey would not believe aw ird of It. ( vh e, that' a fin-t.) you bate otit another baama the In miml laaaigiv plane tt lb oula , wbeu piliti cal minority ii.iimI bike no their levtg'ga anl trivel from the Caplbd. fMugtiler ) If be cmld lo-diy aave the ciuitry by aell Innnolalion lie woo d i an, and tril.tixt that "tbera wnubL II it aenv tloii would lead to Wool, aial pre. Ipittle a war of loiit'ei Juralloli tliail lb it between the hoi M of V irk and I.iim aai r. Let tbeuuitral atae In driwu mm the ceiU'ioplat"! aoulheni caifedera. y, ten yeara will in e a. laifore the alumla-i ,ng fire therein will briak nut witk Inleli'ily. Iflhl ia ll 'I true, then hIMory la a lalaehiiel and a lie, f, aa ha been ibarge.1, latttbeni eopl are for legri' e-pialily, that la a malt' r of taale. (Ltugbtnr) llllwhllebe dd Hot lalli ve tlil", acwrtioii would eliin( their op li Imi. Up I" 1H34 flee liegnai bad th privilege of auffiage over certain while man in TetiueaaH. Who aaamlid In making tbe ooualitulmn of tliat alata 7 Aaimaw jAeaaoajaivl liefore It waa emended the taller wa twite elN le.1 PreMident ol the t'n td HUtefl. In New York rmelitly aalmdar pmimalti'm wa ToUd d iwu SU agalluil 1. I'llillral nplillty aa lo while end blek, eilatr.1 la N TtU Carolina, a) yeara ago, but uul not now. I'e would eland ly the Government and give hi leathern bretlnen a cbniae to progreaa in political ai li im e. Aa bt Jon llitnwa raid, be would aak hia aa eding filenda, would tbey bare a in ve atrtngent aide out tlie I uion than tbey bav now I Tbe great evil of tbe time, ia, that Hie eopl have tuner e.1 ai much from mlrepreetital"U anl lienaiateiil raleeli'MNla, thai ihey un.ierac.KMi one aua anutner leaa t.lay lluui they did (a) yeara ago. The higher law men propagate tha libel nf the diaunbanala, while tb latter publlah remark of northern f.inatUaa th opinion of tb parpleof the N rth. Thia ia doing Ita evil work. Aaanevideme of hia diajMie.liun for peace, he wjnld aubuul 4 yeirt longer In th adjtfnlalratlon of Mr. Ilncntaa. (laughter.) II would aantail to earthingln h CaiTntNi.KN or th bor-ler elate oouiproiniaa, or tbe nanltilloti wbnh he lial hluiaalf (ought lo lulrnd'lie bere. He would g fr tbe reoomnn datkon of a aele. t coniuilltew of thirty-three, twfore be would gn out of the I uliai. P tiling lu thia he would met t tbe diMiiiuoiilat witii torch in nua liand aial a aword hi tbe otber.aiel i long aa tb Bur and Blrlpe wave over Tenneeeee, be wou'tl never aunniil (Applaaae.) Ha pioeeede.1 to ahow that every alave act ol Coiigrraa wbbh baa eielt! "ib llc la-tne aial diai naaitai, and baa Ueu dutatail by oillbern aUleeinen or adv aleil I y them. In every Itailance where southern atiteMmttu have dnnaald ctaieeeaion an.1 giunanteea, Ibe North ha lieen yield ing eve ytblug tliat wa demanded. tUeogll It might 11 reluctantly, lie referred to the atxi'llaition of Louialana and Florida. In 1M5 tbe clamor waa greit that tbe Kedeial govenunmit bal to nunhaae that terriuiry, Im a'la tlie penliitula "I Florida muat Dot lai in the band of foiclgn power. II curt fire million' rtainallv: ftftT inil.ioua more waa aiHinl lo aupprea Indian iiontiliilea and a million more to build f-'itift alum to guard our commerce. After all thia Florida, with uot half aa many people Iherel aa are in hi d etrtii.and which caiuel uuaier etiuugh of iopte t Mlaatmy her "alUgabira," aaaiiuie to aeiia rale fnuii hr alera. Blie walka out of tba Union not only with our fortlfb'attnnsaial public lan la that rf-nreTl dedtrce, Whaleve-!, n J tdi un tUr other carcmneUitce. nvr, a OaaJ live, would h( vot( f'r any partW'le of oompmailae, viitll the In tuit to o-t Bag ahould to apologtaed for or avenged. II wanted to aee Ible dhnnuan faro or tragedy p'aytd out. Il wa aald tnet In crmifa-nrraarnf theeilremeaof tb Republican party muat bel off. lit wiahad they avmild lave a merry time ofll They would be actio? Hamlet with the character of Hamlet left out tit appealed lo hia Kepubllian frienda to etau I Una and decld'd, end not fail with tba golden oppurtunily tl y now pneaee lo carry out their principle. Bland ttlli end aee Ibe aalvalloa of the Ld. (Laughter) Mr. MnwiwaaraT (penu) ba.1 a prnjuailUon t make. An ailjuaiment of d fflcu'tlea waa imioaaliila wtih he preeenl raemlra. owing la Ibelr vtnont e.ewa. From optninna ripreaaed ll waa airent that aome were not ditxe. to yield He tbetef.r, propped tbt every meinlernf the llouae rea'gn hla pi., and M tbe iicple have another oloutton beerrt the 4lb of Mr, b, file of "agreed Mr.Oow (l't ) hla culleag'ie whet rer hi aiu ceewir bat net la-en rle led. Mr. M.iTO"Mrt rtpliid I mean an elect m fir Ilia firrfw-nl and im tl. nvl f!ntirre. Mr. MrnutMil I Pa) remarked that II ha.1 been aald we are In Ibe midl of a revolution, mil be though! we were In the prefnra of a i miplracy. The blow crtne from thoae wlai almil that long ag j they laid the plan, and oarefjtly preNml tb laeaua fiir Ita a.tanpllahlnent. Inalludng to tb hietory of event In thia cobnertion, he aald tbe Cabinet offf i era had uae.1 the machinery of tbe (1 rVHmmerit fir tbelr n' farlo'i pur l.iee, aaI even Ihe lime anl Senate chamber bad not ea aid. Ha chara.teriaa.1 It e movement a dprtlr, originating In diaippoint ed jairarinAl ambition and nurtured in Imaiily. In reviewing the prngrea of event, he said "U thing wa certain. Toe Union waa not ti be deatfoyed, for tlie eople would mamtalu il. A'lj'eimed. NEW YORK lJJIMIJtTL'UK.-JeBale. Ufiey, Jan. 2.1. Mr, MAVtynRr lntro.lurel a lall to reorgan.te th Marine C met of New York, te cnnalet of eight Judge, Ihe term ig the preient J.i ticw to lermllialei th laat day nf lctnber, 11,1, Thoee Judge fit at e'e tnl at tbe uevt general ele. tion to hrild oflioe, for three, al t, nine and twelve yaara, to l derhltd according l-i the numtierof vote caat fnr etMb; tbraeafler IwoJudp'Sto lai eleit-.l every third year for a twelve yeara term. Thia bill eiilaiga the t.iwer of the court He 1 ii rd alan a almilr bill in rehiti'! to tbe Biifiretne C "irt. Mr. I ikci n aile a rei.irt lav iramy ti tue oui ari iropnatiug aai.laio for arming an 1 equipping tue militia Mr. MiaiRrtaa -To provide for the lazier govarn aient nf the oomiiKm a hMa .alba city of Naw Y irk. Mr Wu UAiaa -for tbe Marine Biv iiurallinknf New York. Mr, rUaaar Intn.l.ieed a bill ti provide for Ibe completion of the Buaipiehauii lliliro by tal, the pn-eent tear and nevt year, of thren-alllrelithe nf a mill eaih year, one-half of ihe pro.Hrlt ti he paid to lheeomtiiyfi completion of 3oniilenf mI, ail the oilier half on rompMloa uf 10 luilea. Tne Ul will realire fr.un.o. Tbeeiaalaluid.; the bill relitlva bi tb Fintnee fleiairlmilit In Iherltv "f New York -waa taken up. In OanmlUre of tbe Whole, Mr. Fitai In tb (.linr. Mr Hahmonii inove.1 to rei 'ii ler tbe afnriut live vote on tbe ameialmciit legla'.ating Mr: Ilcvua la ' flic lit Mr. t'taaT moved t-i emeial the charter of the city an a Intake Ihe er of remnving the Cbtmliar laln fWaii the II wrd of Ald-rman anl th Mayor. Ayicd In. Mr. Ilutimnmnel to etrike nut tbe euicting ctauae of tlie bill. Lad. Th. Irilt waa than raiMirtad tl the fleml. Mr. IIamm nii renewe.1 hi amendment, ti atrlke out the amiaiduiHiil bi tbe aec.M.1 wall m, aa before tnovr.1 In committee, i 4. Mr Haavoan rruewa.1 hi motion lo alrik out the chatting .lau.e e( the bill, le" llti lo. lhere.tof IbeCnnmlltee waa agreed ti, and the bill orden-l to a third rea ling. A Ijournivl. mm. only Mb. tue wnrht abe leave no preetigeof tb unity Two Days Later from Europe, PaitUiml, Jan. S3. Tb ttcamililp North Britain, freiu Livcipuol, on Ui loth, tu Iuid" drny oil tbt 11 lut., arrival her tli la tveulng. Thilnlaleaare two dnya Uitw thau Unaai per Ihe AragoatNew York. Tt-e IkiheiuLin, livn) Poillaad, and jGlut, from Kir Yelk, Lid uirlvcd nut, t:rcl llrllaln. Quite a panic prevailed In aome part ef Liver iiool on ibe I'th luil. Itutnor were afl iat that a mob had eidered tli laiktra' abeii and helped tbemaelve. owing lo the advance lu th prh of bread, and tha auxprnalon cf u.bor in conaequeuce of Ihe aeverily of the weather, and tbal a regular riot had broken out. A Urge numla-r of ebopa were forthwith cbaied, and a fiatling of ilaru prevailed in the ily. Tne report, however, allprotedgr.iun.i'ea, w bai oouadaia; wa uuiikly reel. 'red. Tliere liad len no brk In the aeverltr of the weather, uud navLjaliou waa gelttuf ui.ire aud mr d thcull. Many part of th Thaiea war rhnknl up w th ft.wtiiig ice, unl Ibeenliaa.oatothtdxk. bad to be kept oji'li by .tu.inluga. Italy. Advlcea fmm flnela, irior to the preaent anuUrtlce' etuu tin. I the F.edmuiiUwe were t'oiutrih tiag new Uitteilta . nly rtielnuvtred )ardi fnnn tbe fortre-t. It waa aid that tho Cabinet al Turin had reanlved t M.'li rale fie liitervonilon of no .Iher power than I'lui'.e. aiel to iialat by force aay attempt of the kliel. 'I l.e Wiirtemltrit milfiir aaya that Bardlnla will ehoit) gite n t..e'rniuu lint tlut differ ml aiuti aiinauit tuid foriiuitioni f Ibe Italian kuig tl. in, anl tbal, tlieri'itnon, tbe liletwilt refuae l-i mill,! Ire any ripreeiit.itltt nf thai klugd m. Tht vame .inal U'ahla of the lendilirtt of the Pruaalan aiidlieru anfoilenilaniiy to meet any enemy. laird I'uliiirralon on Ibe tinrrlratn ("rial, L"id l'i wrnkToi, In a ie h nt ruthauipbm, ienoTe.1 tolbe a'tnitlonof atfuia In A'uet-i.a, Hi aald Ibtit there waa lu.' mil. o reaaon to luat thai Ilia I uuui, wblih 1 ad loudnoid W hi muih pro4)erily aud lmjipliiee, wiwlu ibuigei oi aiai uptnai. lle&. i.,.m a.! u iL.iiiiit boiai. wbilner tbe Uiilouwt m.i.utilli'1 or daao'tiJ, It I I y alubal It incline, a.' tliat Hie woi Id might In a.tred ejaxutcl of a b.aiUlo wufln.1 botwoau bli Ihlia. IiaiiM, Jin. 11. AH th Chine port ar new pin, and da-eign ateamera ait i'ruultd to tr It ou Ibe Inland walera. ,.,,, . ... a ...l-u... 1. ., ,-Aui.ld In Viicrli.n.l. A t-murM" o"" ' ' r' ' -- - I lu New Zealand tit ual.vt Ivbal.iuuiaU bav beuii , (lMlVUllMl. About eighty tbouanial aiverelgn win taken from tbt Ilauk to-d.y, of hit h fit v tbuuaaad la for Cana da aud tb balanr for New or. In th Part diauuunl market in'iney ia being free ly urfered at tariua bviow Hum of the llauk of Tht Aeede aaya, that on the Id of November Ik Kuadan Anihtaailrr at Pekln ratified a Couvaitlou with China, oounnutng prlvlUga oo Kuaaia la re gard lo lb Anyair river, ud (itoudinf la hc oova uituvUl rdatloo. llouae of Itrprcweutatire. Mr. Cot rax, (In I ) calle.1 up the pet route bll which paaaed tbe llouae laal aeaaion, au 1 wa return e.1 from tbe Beuate with ameuduienia, wbith were uow caiablertd and ntatrly all agreed to, laolud ug provtahaie It'r pna-iiriiig an I furuiablug on ciuil atainiHMl wraiaaar and envelojie rwpilrmg lettar which hv lawn ailveitlaad bl Im relumed ll the dd letter office within two month, luilera fur the a.wl.ati.1 to la- reulued for a lunger mrio.l under tbe pont-trnc regubiiloiui j unclaimed money from the dead letter oltkaj to be applied to tht elB tiem y uf tliat bureau. Mr, Ciao-at eaid Ibe nmimltue nn poat uffi.'ea and ait riaul rtooiomeud nuu-ouik urrent In Ihe Bnuite aaieudnieul proailng lo Hunt tbe c.iniMiiiatioa of railroad carrying lb maiUto tloo per mil par an uum for flral ruuw, JHO for aecoiKl ola, and 40 for third claaa ped, tb eed not to be greater lhan twenty, aeveuieeo and twelve mile rupeouvtly for each claaa. Thia would save tht traaaury (JW.OIW per aermm, bul Ihe eomuiitle Ihuik Hial auoh naluotlou would uowbi(thetftat of eodaugerUij tbt prtawul ya tefn. Mr. Biirxut (Ohio) gave bl reaaona why he hoped tb araauduieul would be adopted, having: a vlw to uniaauy, M r, liata.n (N. C.) epiio'ied It. Th compenaatlon wa now Inodniuate. Tue red u. lion would luduce tlie aoulrat lor ki refuae th oontrail. Tbtre wa no powr her lo control tb ee4 ot cart. After further dulwla the ameialmvnl wa rejected. The Benal aiiieudimaa. giving atwaiatiajr and rl.JUwl dealei Ibe pilvilrge of rat eiving tbelr tup- tiltea al pro rata rale, lib paid by regular ulMcri" ara, waa vouanlereil. Mr, Bu'ai re (N. Y.) offeiw.1 au anieadment thereto, authorialng the r.ialiuaater Ueneral la eetahllah a dally or aeuii-weekly delivery of leltert by t'arrlrt through a circuit of nine milea front the New York City Hill, lutdir tb upervlb uf tbe City I'oatinaaler, whenever the leveuue ait euffidaiil u pay tli eiuae thereof. The Benatv'a aumudinenl, thua auieudad, wo nd"ied. Alao ameuduienia fr making lilbegrapheil mapa on roller, etc., aol for charging at Hi r u of ou mil r ouuee, all mailable mailer H auy pai I ol tbecauuiry, wviwmw-wm. Furtlier proceed uiga ou Ibe other amend moati wert InWnmaed by Ibe riplratlon of tk morulug hour. Mr. Cijuirn (V ) lumg to per!! eiplanailon, aald be i.'rcuvud from the otlloUl rMrt that hla cub liuue(Mr. Matnajla ieorted H have eapreaaed a wub Ibat l.a (Ul Miul abould goon with hi trait omturemaika. He uu.ler.lood that hla oolleagut, did uol rtath bta ear, 11 waa now for blm to aay at firat a wall at laat Ihe ruelton hacoiaeivad it In duly uiuklu tbl na imtl aiuerifeiu-v waa lakiat dalibeiatelv. aud With th eiiaa-uiiou tliat be would b aubjevl to peraonal defauuiy, If hla eolleiigu' remark wat Intended to give offvuo b rdonod kun for tb reeaou ht wa now laboring under phyelcal lufarlorlly, with a read ing wiauul m a parauutl reiaaaitr. If hla oolluegu had a Ilk frv lur lo tbt thigh hone, aud had bean crippled for Iwu and a half yeara, be would And a bullet not a eooifovtabl (enaattou, Laughter.) Ht did not daair to b put U a oouditWu la Fuach or Vanity Fair, a leaning on a can with ont baud, and holding a pUtol In tbt other. (Laughter.) Mr. Uumaaa, (He.) rcaaundad tht ganUaraio that kit eotltague (Mr, kUarui J wu not prwent. of tbe atate. Why la II that Florida uuitiot proU I heraelf fnnn lb alligator w Hi aid nf Hie Fe deral ti venimeut r (ltughter) Florid l wia pur chased at the tnidaiiie of amthern metk They demanded ami obu ue,t Telaa. The B mtb. In 1I9J, got tbe Fug live Biave Law, and In 100 olaained a more etrltii enl one, which the F.ieciitlie aaya haa lao'ii etifone.1. In 1";ii lb M url Comnmmla waa)awMl. B.iuHil'rnaUteauiemaikh aa Piaaair, hailed tbl aa a gied aoulhcln Iriulnpb. When a reinaNlful abtlaiurut of aiuthrn grievan ce eltall lai mode out, he bal no doul that the t- pleof the N nth at tbe ballot 1ml would grant all tloil la.r mindi'd inou ahould aak. Mr. VAiiAatU'iiuu, (Ohio) aked If the gentle. man' atatenieiit of the caae between the alavebold lug and niai-alaveholding atate lai true, ouht the atipleuf the free atatea to buuullale themaelvcfl by pi-oi.anng any conatitutiotul aiueuduivut or (uy ad ditional liarlal itlou f Mr. F.TiinuiMi, replied by allying ao jioraiatenl hatala1!'!! Hie liiitppretienauui or repreaeutilion of noitheru men high in .iaitiou aa ti wluit w.iuld be the Kepublluinpulliy that the people of the Bmth are willlug to U-l.eva a be that tbey may b damned. ILaugbter.) Mr, VA14-IMH.UI (uilher aaked. whether that wa a reaaon that tbey ahou'd yield what ted reapect foibld.T Mr. FTTiiauTxit aald 11 waa known that tne panpi of the B mill are like a tempeM. Tbey were insane, an.1, tu the language of the rVrlpluie, he would an wertbeiunabtwiiuld a fool lliat la, a,-cord ug lo llieir folly. If the iwop'.e are raialwl. In Hie ninie of bcaviai, wou'd Itlai Juat to aay that tbey aball n4 do what la i .'ht I lu tha conrae of hla rem irk a, h read au article fmnl Ihe M.'Ulgomery Afoul, In which the edikir aaya Hial tht vlicy of tbt Itupublloaai la bi turn tb nrgrue; aud compel them la Inlennany with twa.r wblbae, Ac. Wat 11 not Irut that Kmrrr alleged that Mr. Ham in waa a niu'elt-it and did lait MiauiNuica aiuiouiae on tne iiuia, to raiia of a high aud low degree, tnclildlug phi loaophert aud (hurt-boya, that Mr, lliuu la a uiu latbil Mr. VAUjianonm Inquired whether anything In the CaiTTKM'im proaaUtliaut, or In tbe resolution of th Ilordrr stale C aumlttee, or In the recommend t lluna In the report of Ihe Commute of Thirty-three, la raUiilatcd bi remove euch delualnu a wa apoken of, In the mind id the amiihem people f Mr. tVnnnuiHi! rvplle.1, that men aundlnf In tht Bimtb to-day ara taaliilg eurroiuld byatewpeat, I7 a Are, wbkh fowl Ibailf and I all-dtvourtug. II I well known that Ihreughoul tkt uth, where tbt Mnllnient predominate, ll la a rlgn of ler. tor. While convention atreuiteaabailnCharleaton, Mentgoiuery, and elaewhera, th lullllary were liemg drilled while men deliberated on tht fat of tbt empir. Mr. LlaaB (va) waotem t-i anow wner vu gen lUinan abaal, by th North or by th 8 mth f Mr, Frunuaia I apeak on the aide which haa few rpreett!ve. I am apeaklug fir my country. (Ap plauae) After alludiag to the fearful cuditlouuf thing In Ui South and th alarm of the military movement oocaaUai, h aald, ha would vol for any propoaitluu tbal could for a moment rellavt Iba pub. Iieinlud. I will, ht aided, return 1 1 Tenneaaea to raarai the wave nf dlaunbai. If Ibe wont come to th worat, and I ahould b dragged to the fearful preol pic and nuvl an unwilling oterver of my eouatry ruin, I will w leh my hand! of tb ham au 1 crlm, whbh will albal. lo ihoa who would overthrow tk MiUie lilrfa-iv aial niaka our country a deepotlam. I will cliuutoHi tlurof mv couutrv lu tbl darkaet Aaaeiitbly, Mr. Fini 11 reported agam.t all petitlma an I bill In.Tea.tng the fiai of w'tnfMaea, Junira, an.1 eoiiita hle. In JiiMllcea itoiita. The re"t wa agreed lo. Tl.ebillbiniHu8t. Felitatreet, fliaiklyu, waa re fMiitid favorably. Several bill uf a local character were aae.. TheSaker aimd8iainf Haaaa, of Troy, Aaalatabt I'uatuiaaler of the Aaavmbly, I iu lava 'iiO'ini. fly Mr. OnnL b liK-orji. irate tht II imeoalhlo Meilnal B.a nay of the atat of New York. ItyMr M' OraMoTT bi prohibit tht charge of the reia of meteit try ga cnmpaole. Ily Mr. Ki taaoa. aiu to aiaiprlale money for the ) ineiit of tbe aerelrea of Ihe commleauaiera anl iJerka under Ibt bill lu relation to damage al Q iar amine. Mr. Tow Kn Introduced a reaolutlon approving oftheaitof Ubele lalaud ui iepe.!iiig her peraonal liberty UIU. Mr. t'ia h moved to lay the reaolutlon on th Utile. Tbe motion waa agreed to by yeaa ."l , nay a 3 1. All tlie lleim.ralic memlara voted In the negitive. Mr. Fian then offered a reaoluliou rapiaaiuig the Judiciary committee lo reirt at an early day a hid U repenl all a. la In confll.-t with Ibe act of tha United Bute for the rendition of fugitive alave. Laid over. Mr. llABt'T Inlnalueed a reaolutlon, rilling 'HI Ihe rreaidenl aud Trenaurer of the Union Ferry Cmpa IU7, of lloaiklyn, to report forthwith, and In writing, a full, riKiiplet and deliuatel abatement of the aa atla, llabllilie. racelpta, eaiauaea, diaburaemeuta an I divldenda nf th Coniwtny for tbe paat five yeara; Ihe estent, eliara. ter and eetimated Value of ita pniperty, and it rate ti ferriage. Tba whole alaMuieat to Ge tenth d by atlb of ottuer. Ad i.d. Tbe II ue Hien wi tit Into Committee of the Whole nn th .iMVial order "Au al bi prevent the aiding. alietluig aud canfurting ol the eueuue of tbe Kapuu 11c Alao, on the Mil to provide for the complete enroll ment ami diaoipllnanf Hie Militia. Mr. Puc moved bi make b4h bill a aiavUl or. derUir tomorrow al 1 J 0'clo.k. Canted. Adj lurned. Maaaairhaariu la-glalalare. Jl.vt.m, Jan. 2J. The Senate Committe an Feileral Kelatloa reirtal that a law to prevent aianhfir runaway alavea In MaMaihuatat would lie In violation of the ol tbe l'intl Blateai Tb name cnumilb a reported tbal Hie mili tia lawa of the comtnouwaajlh war In conformity with the federal lawa. One. Aanuw anil In a meaaage to the llviae, eia bating a ixunmuniiallon fiom Col, Jonm, uf the Cih reglioinl, tendering the aervuee of lb regiment tolhe ffotemmeiil 1 alao a almllar offer from MOr (leneral Birrroa and aUff. The Light Artillery, N a tiiial Lata era, and uumeroua other cm ienl luillury i'or'.r iheiily aial elite nave voted neany unaui biiauly to ne).'iid bia call for a. tiveaervice. The Committee on Federal Relation have voted to reiairt leave b withdraw on the eeveral trillion for a law agaiiD.1 alave-htiiiling lu M wan huaatu. An order wa Intr-alueeit lu Hie II u', baiklnx to Ibe ennclincnl of lawa for the pnaeilioli of our till aiai tiaveimg lu the etalea, wbhh waa referred. rfptlrl ttat that would baaaact of war agataat tht rrattcd fUlo. nt wm (Barwarl eonducWd into tU Nary Yard and In tb prvaveoc of CapUln Aaa araawo, who had already wirtmdared. Percelrlng tb naadllion of affilrt, further refuaal to nrrender bla dbvpatrbe waa nnavaUIng, Al Tori rhken Iher are (houl men en'y lo I 1 gun. Lieut. Buoaaia. commanding Ih poet, ha bl family with klm. After ht had abandoned Fort M. Re. hi wife went thither to procure aim of kit wearing apiwret, ami it lanng denied her, abe indig nantly left, earing the hereof, on her return la Fort riikenr, would man one of the gun. Bnator Mallear and Yoiota, anl Rapraaentitiv IlAwktaa, hav been appointed C rnnilaalonera fr rkida,whoaeduty It I lo negotiate w th th tl thnrltie al Waahuvton for tb aurrernler lo thai elate cf all tl.e navy yarda, forli,araena!a, nmgaalaea, aial all br puMle pmpaity within lit Urn t. (Vpertvtl Intjn'eh ta IV Kvtntn) aarf.J VTiiaArnfr'i'n, Jan. 13 Mr. F. C. Taatowar.t, nf New Y'k, on Bal'uday placed In the haul of Chief J.iatitaTaarr. eiialidav.l charging To-ama, Oxn, llilh, Ivraaia, anl aeveral Cougreaimmi, w.lh treaann ami mieprlalon of treaaori. Jmlge Tarr yealerday refuaed bi laau any pro cee. aialtbecltrk of th Supreme Ciurt rHunied Ihe affidavit aaylng that th Chief Jiutic ha.1 .r uuia.ed It an Improper paper. Fraoi CharleMon. Chatlrt'i-m, Juny. 23. The men (t tlie battery ou the beach at Bulllvan'a laland, flreil Inbi but from Fort Sumter en M ai lay night. Tbrtt man were lu it. an 1 a tbey approached the lavth wllli muCleil oara, Ibt aatary hallod Ibem and warned them off, bul faiibig bi olay the wara'ng Ihe eentry find Ibeir muaket Into tbe bait, whea 11 turned anniiid aral went away. Bo-ui aVr a nolae w 14 heard like Ihe hauling up of a boat e! Fort Simpler. Oat man it ia aald waa wounded I lly. It I ii.ed by aome Ihil tbe olrject of the three nun in the bait wa deaertion, bul othere think 11 waa a de)tate tffoit bi run the gauntlet uf lb ken trie and eptke tbe gun of tbe lltry, Yeaterday the Belial refuaed to make an pprnprla tliai fr laying a eubtuarine tlegraph hi the harbor bi coiinr . t Ibe ml'tary t. aa the War I) 'pertinent of South Carulliia would do il when it wa naceaaary. The Lagbtlatut wid not aljimni befor Friday or flaturday, Tbey eaiuaa do It. Th aivereiga Con velituai will tl eil lai alle.1 again lubi luaMuai. Uoveruir I'i. ansa la iulbe rcelpl of many Intuit ing amaiymoua leltera, A young in in fnon Ihe N nth haa offered hi aer. viuee to tbe Coieibor, aial wiaLea bi lie placed hi the B'Hilh Carolina Nivy, lit will bt areptd, ant rertaumeiiili d t- a place, If hi credential ahould prove tolw ff"nd. Cnarba-rim, Jan. 2.1. Tl.t Senate ha avael a tat bill which rirovidea for an Ire ren.ed ttt of Ji) lair eint over theyeer 13. 1 meet the demand of $1.. tvti.fanu-citiary for all Bmth Cirolina'a purpoaea. Treaeury muvi were laauM for, anl bill naeivol.1 of aUl for $3.' (,r military c iulin gejn.iea tlrorgln. Milhihrii'lf, Jan ?3. Tho Convention liat delorioiticd bi elo t bmioniw iieon. 10 delegate ti ti meet al M aitgoiner r o 1 the 4th of February, iht mend rt lo be li,.trin Ud, and all aoulberu elate in vited lo arid deleg-itee. The ordinam about the AfiU'an elave tr.l wa amended, deilarbig II ni t p'.raiy, but aitlietitutlog for violation of th former federal law,lmnrlon- njuit la th renllenliary. It wo paaaed uuanl moimly, Mr. llnx, of Troupe, offnre.1 an ordlnara e, which waa referred, providing for a cont'uuaur ef tb pre aent inl n venue, nod other law, tht obaemnce of trealir with, and aaying we ahould .ai haie anUber govtmmenl eatahllahad on the baa! of the old one. Judge llanai!! offered 11 ronntin ng tht oHrtlnn of tb lawa about th inler-etate alavt trade t alao a reaolutlon apjiolutliig ootnmlaUnt fnm all the nlaveho'.duig etate. Mr. C"i'nrei.rtel an ordinance revoking federal jtuiadietinq over all land ceded, and autliorlaing myniinl for fort.ficaluaia, araenala, aud a'l Improve nienta and ebirea, Ijthl over. Many rumort ara afloat alnut the reiir4cn'a've In Moutg.aiaary, II ia generally conceded that M awra. Tooaut and How ri L C'ona will g 1 frm I'i tt at large. Tbeie I muih air)ilexity aliout , dele gate. N 1 ngard will I paid to tbe preaeut C ia gTeaaamrn. tieivral eatialartlon l eapreaed at tht unanliuoiie lammige of the anli-alate ordluau. e. It baa beeu raining tbe entire day aud night. ALt Atrf lJoof.-.TrmiM a rr mi raerebaavmrag" l Ibl eeaetrr a tywVea efaelll peek tag (trtag to th aauuktiir a pramlef eof kind of fc-wetrr-aometimea evea a ioU watch or a plate diver lea arrrlee, . , How Ihla eoulil be done ha freooenwf yoaaW e. Tk bneki an fold at the eroal eubil Jied rate, and Ike It a elirnean a good that which la gewerallyeeM b retail Jeweller. ... . . . .. lUdn ew aninalnUne with the ravirvMor eg th VetroMlltan Oin laxik Store." Fulton at llriot lj-r, end harln al-oarnaeorlority upon tne annjert e gift enterprlaw. we det' rmlwd to andrrrfaa ah wiiol w-ervtwhlrh. alter all, lie ta a oot-hell. vUt-Lar eale and imall irotrU, In Urt wb-whle edltloa of work (re rattiriaeed nf 1 our al conabl.jabl kiwe nrte than be amall eetaNtabmenta. Bookllere uaualll notke a piufit of abont l l" r emit, la-tead o( tal li th. whol ef Ihl pr-fit, Mr H ttltb (the proprleb of th. (bore naffied) derob' 83S per cent of aald prenl t Ira PunbaMatabolmakiof Jewelry, watchea, c. at th' .wert maautacturera and Imptirtera prior. It I wet knoan that the retailer of Jewelry make enermnna r Ht" Iponthelewilry.Mr. nraailj. make nprrtrl. The varvoaaarHeieafrom a raaiknlfetoa (old wab-K A. t-wmA HHnL,4,llul ItMM A Va.Ut.V a&d WtlheWk Imnk of one dollar and upaarda. one ef theae lift la tut order la a bk-h II la entered la printed, ao that lk-w at the r'Milera rnfeel at Ut KlllHTlll MlMM! laiU.tRS WORTH eg preamt are dletr'bMt- via every tliourand dollart worth of book eold. It ia no aainbdn ar lotb rr. bu' aHir and rtrv bt forward aratnu of hni.lneaii eonnilvod Ly a good tacti clan, and ll rarr ed ut hone-tlr aa It b V men bi be 1 1 th liotirutian nalbal (hnv. It -anmd le.t aatl fatnrv to btb the flu re I buurr. lh.rtnf fu wen pree.-dln New Yei"a, v e uotlc bra lo-ioklya pi r tbt the miax of nimard of elau-en r-alii 11U ara tie who rrerlvrd WAR 1UJ1 with lea. purcbanw. la.'a lno.nlnlaiblndthiA,atlie partaaa gav Ucar ad dreaani. which were publiehed. ... Aa all b.. k. are aol.l aa chaaplr al the 'MeteoaollUk flin lank Store" a at the ttorea ef anr other bookaelbT. the iA otaadned tarure vain. We .k auem t al hona?able enterrbaw, (nd eapeelally to en whteh ana More Inetrnrtlon for the peopl wllh preftt to thorn en aeed In the bo-lnM. W a aay, call at the Mrtropolltaa i.niimriK ntorn.a.'a ruibmeuitronairii. an oar new ark frienda al tli branch In that city, and rna wHI ha Mrt-fted that all we aav la trnUi. Th whole tyataaa of rtfta roneti tn makine In tbta way. a dtnraint fram er duiary retail prlree for tbe eake of encurlaf Uada, R. F. IliBnAnn'a Wna Cmtytar Brrnrjoi.. W woold reeommended all wbe are arnlcifal witk Mat of appi tit latntneaa,paln In the ch"et,or Ibe laaetaid la- I rldeidbi Ihe aprinoauam, Intake K. V. IU1UI tHaV I Wild I Iw rry fllttera. It la naturet riedr ina eaunet fall to beneet tho Invalid, and we wlah we kavl a trump. f vole U b'll all Hi erltlrtnd where they eaa find InUunrlvallnl panacea. Butaa nenwarona fraaav ti.v Im-tr nrartlead nf IaI and aa 11 otbia? wild li tu r la nud ufaxL1' f ak rour ehr.lelaa. aa doctor k nova that thl Mitbra I tha roiad port wine) ta, aura you pur. tit. th only rnala Wild Clirrry llltb r of It F. lllltll IR1M01 Fulbna at, Hew York, and J. W. 1IAVM 1Tb 1-ullow .1, Unoklya. A T?... n.i, tM nitr. tion to an audlon .al tob held TH1B hVKIIV'i, aat aiaienntii Ki'tv t.vr.i'Nii at tne iii-ia an t'Alir, eorel Atlantic and Clinton, ata, llllll'IKI.YN. Yeuna berierke'per and eld houek"ep -r, will rtnd It lor their Inb-rr-t la atbn! , a 81 1.11 I'll ttUrM b buy rouile of aurh rarenualltr aeldom aeem I ha vei ara all ufth beet pualit.aadMLBr Uli SJLD. What i mt Hot CArtara or Doisa f nate bla bead etamlni-d. Fowira A Wrua eaa bal ron what rrade or boalne ha will h moat wcjvawi1 aa. lall at aos llnadway, and II will ear 1 m eaooh wwukta aadaalhty, Tim INniv, rna wiiol Osiow NOW AMI FORKVFU 1 lUd, FbltB, 1 1 Ra, flKIIW 0H1T. K I.LD HKJ. HI Canal at GK.tUUaVI. NOTICES. Hrv. reler Cartwrlahl will give hi Meraaal liy-tureen bULlfe l.tu'rieuo-w 111 the Weat, at Uf Chap. U ( 'ep.H NYU H-'l, below "tb l ' IKIa (VT -nrlarlavf evening, JaU. IWd. 1 Ickal kO eta. Camai ctwat ap'cluxk. U, The. IrWda I'rtrathaod at lloinw nod ArL- Rev. ir MAN All AN will repaat hia ba-ture nn thl, t ik iert In t'eop r In-titut'i. on aunday ueat, JtaaaryTT. at 9 cclotk, P. M. I.c4rtioceott JailflU rVyrkalogbratl rxperlawrata rvrry rvenkag, tat ltlia-eki r hull'tliiga, eorui r of Hie Mker and MarUa eta. byl'rofM MchVlMM AtraWloa ID caaUtUlaraa. k crnU j frout Beat for ladlea 4 Kryalprbu, lllMrhrd Far wad fl-aplr or Sdckly 1 ured by the eleaindu. purifying aad preatrfa ve prolMTli'W of IIOLLIIWAYII relabrabad Pllle aaat Ointment. 1 hey have never failed ut alogl laataaoa out of Ui'MjHUida of caae. lag POIaITICAI. Itkb tardTlio lieaiorniilr Itrvak41ati Kl.rtoi .of tk Blrb-enth Ward friendly ta regalar naa lntiona and the ueaa.w of the party, are rfriuoat.'d t at tend a primary election, to be held al the ao eg Micliai I llalpln, cur of ITth rt and Vth are, on Tburalaci Hie Vdlh day of January lnaut, ratween the hour. t Bv udwven, for the choice of elf mmliert of tko tleneral C'anmittan, id member of tb Young Maaw Item ral t'ommitte's and a Ward Committee, fly f dor of tha lamorretlc Kpubllran Ueneral Commit. Tammany 11.11. Jan. ht, 141. Till). B. TAFPBJ. DtMrl MCCARTHY, MUSIS W. UALH, laapaobATa. jruna (i.lo4 HOCIKTaT nUTlCBH. I)atalruiR. I.ifnn iiuoe, Jan. 22. In the Lerrialaturo to day, lb llovr'nair miNaxag waa rea.1. II aaya our eiH'iniea will Ibid Ibat throughout Iniiautnt we are one poeaile, one In heart, wiiein miud, aud ar not bi Iwrajolid lubi an alwialmuieiit of our right, aul not to I eutliied. All ho are al au eud tbal Ihe diaatiuilun tanwecn the North and Bmth can be healed 1 all the pp.jaieillim of mnieral men bav liewn caiteinHuoualy reieite.1, and th cry of Hi North I for cemou. There 1 no longer a d mbt of thewiadoHinf tbe .ilicy whiih deiuaud that tht coi.fliit tball come aud l aetlleil now. The bmo of tbt ueaaagt 1 uucoeiprouUauy. hour of ler lord aiid cling to ll aa Iht aalul would 'InglihUUod. (tpplauae) The Speaker laid before the II mae t oommunlra llon, tiguod by all tb Ueorgla BepreaanUllvea, Mr. nilJ. ei.-'l'led, (nuouialug tht ae.'Malon of that aute, and lhal In nmaequenca of thai, they ar uo longer niomliera ot tht ll.nwe of Kepreeenutivaa. A roiuinunUatiiai wa rea.1 from Mr. HiU. of (ieirgla, In which ha aaya, 'Sallafled at I am, lhal a majority of the people of Georgia, In convention uawln aeaaion, daaire lhal atat no longer lo lai rtp. rea mod on thia ll.or, I, lu obed am-e lo their wlikea, do hereby teigu 11 e aeat I uow hold aa a member ol Ibe llouae of Kepreaentallvea from that elate." Tbey ware laid ou tbe tablt and ordered to be printed. Mi. LovworO'l ) argued that Ihe theory of our government I laid down with a pblloaiphlcal preol. Ion In tbe lleclaratlon of Inlepenlenee, aial In the Coiialilution, aeceMibai wa treaann and rell bm, an 1 irlmeagaiiulllodaiklinan. South Cirolin could not d aale th lnlon tb did not make, eaoept In coui uiulion wllh Ihe other aUtee, aud II waa ml eeroble, iWieiv ueakrryfur her to attempt loan auliebrr peoplefiiuoallegloiveli the government. lie allude.1 bi Ihe aeUure of Ibe forte, araenal. etc., and tn tbi couaeitiuii wa nvcakUig of ooervlon, when , , Mr D Jttarrrt (V ) caie to a rpiatthm of ordr. That Mr. U'vaioy wa uA .peaking from hla aeat, ta required by the rule. Mr. Lovuot Doe th gentlemui from Virginia mean that I hall elaal In my iholr. (Liurhler.) Mr, D JaaniTTa Al Ihe ravpieat o( my fri end 1, 1 withdraw my queatloa of order. Mr. Lovuoi, reaumlnf , aald tliat h would not coucillat wllh rabebj, who tltaxaptad to ot tht From tYaablncton, W'aJtintfon, Jan. 2.). Tbe followiii' piper prejatred ly KepreaeuUtit Mould wm, wa bnlay clreulab d lu the llouae and among other haa bee algiied by Meaara. lkaea a, Mama, Va- Bicaua, Ftoaiuvra, Montoowkt (rel Ci-iaim(. We, the iiuderalgnid menibere of the tCth Con greaa, covin ed by Hie varloni vote taken on Ibe veral pro.ailiona preaeiiUal for our eonalderation from time bi time, lhal there ta no hop that tny taeaaure, which will reciaitll theeaiatiugdifferenwe between tb xvtlnn of our country, can rtcaiv a vote of 1 conntitultoual majority, aud aa none of Ibe preaeut wemlwra wer ele. led lu view of theeaiating trouble, aud Ullerlng tbal la a time of ao graal peril It 1 proper lo reler thl queatlou to the peo pl of our eeveral dlalrtvta, propnea, tbal Ih member of Ihla Congrea (ball realgn, to lake effect on lb Hat February mil, and thai w Immediately provide for the election of ourtiuxawaora by th p1le,wbo ahall aaaembl hereon the I W day of February nut, and to theee Raireeulatlv, bawring th Inelruftlon of lb peuile, th varlou pn'pualllon of eompnania now pending and htr ariar to lav nmnuaed ahall la) referred 1 the election la re to Interior wh thtoflkar and employ of thia llouae, Th Iloua Conunllte on Election today (greed an unaniauou report, oonfirmuig Mr. Bioaua in tb reteuthv of hla (eat. A naval ofner la Washington aeveral day (go, for Fort rUkena, with tuch Inatnu-tUin a may pre vent a colllalou wllh Ih Florida authorltlea. A dlapahh received from O.ivernor Piuaam aaya, tbal tb brat rindtreUnduuT t J lata between Major AaMum and tha South Carolina (ulhorltle, aud then I 00 (rprabenaloa of ImmcdiaU hoaUlllie. Th fi-ieud of Iht Vlrglul peac propoaitlon aaalgn aa a reaaon for preaalng It ou tbt attention of other border tlavt elate, thai ll will bav tht effect of pre venting them from joining th cabin ita, aad If adopted by them, will afford an opportunity for tht latter to return to tht Unluu. Captalu Akaurranwo, lat in command of tht Pen aacola Navy Yard, arrived her today, He preaeut bi Ih Navy Dartmeut, that of the ality offl.'era and nam who wer (I that placa wllh hi m, about tbrea fouitht wtr eceMlonlat, who would have revolted had le etteinwd lealetauc to the over 400 under Major CiiAtt, who demanded tha aurrender. There (ore opaaiilon ly him wou.d have been uaeleaa. Tba oceeaion feeling wa au rlf a lo (ilciK tht Cabin men. Thl wa Uluetrtted by th cue of one, who th day before, tbu (vowing hliuae'.f, waa etabbed Shortly btfort tht turrender, th (ceaIonlt weia by no meena dominant In reuaacola, I but Mar Cnoaa, through ( public nia.ting al which ae.eulrn reaulutloua wi a.ed, inflamed th Blind of tba lople, and drew thcu generally Lute th movement. When, under th order ef Lieutenant Hm law, tha American Sag waa lowering, II (uddenly fell into tha duet, whin a loud about want up from tb erullaal multitude, ltd by tn officer attached to th aleonitr Wyandotte, which will auoa proceed to Philadelphia, Lieutenant Baamaaa, who wa th bearer of dlapatoh. at to Captain Aaawrraoara, bad tbata demanded of him at bit quarter by twoeealen ofneara, but ha re fuaed to oomply wllh Iholr raquott. II ml lhan Ufccme4 that they would bt takaa from Urn, fit North Cwrollnn. liaJrigk, .V. C, Jan. 23. Tbo Couventloa bill wa cnuaidt re.1. A diaruaalunoii filing tb diyoc rurred. Are lullou waa offiire.1 bi lanit Com nla abaierato WaAhiugbai, In accordince with Ihe plan of Virgin.. Mada tbe ejavial order for buuorrow. Theiwnce of Ibe Civeiiliou bill Uatl.1 doubtful. nrUau frtr;i r.ii$arola, Jan. 21. A aalute of tliirtecu KUnt baa been fira.1 from Fort llirraucta In honor of the L!e Star flag of Florida. Two ciNiunbUd kav lcn mounted at Fort ra. Foil M. Ita la leingraviipled, dal Ihe gun manned by the alLed Jt tea of Florida, Alabama, and UiaaU- I'nalllve Hlitvo Caae.'.mI, jn. 2.I. In the caae of the fufittra alave girl Lccv, th dtffunc wa withdrawn b-day, and eb will bt returned to Virginia h-nvTuw aiomlng. IHerlloa af I'. H. Wenntor. JAiJi'jnn, jri Jan. 23. TlMOTIlT 0. Howe the Kepubllian emtio bom'nee, wa eleitod Va.ted Slal'w tf rnator by tb Lelaloture, bid ty. Trillion AcnluM an AntbeaUvrry C'oavrntloo al Albany. Albany, Jan. 23. A call appeared In tbe even ing pepere for an AnlltlaveryC'aivention In tbLl city early lu February, agalud which )t.tkiria hav beeu prejaued and will be lmmedately clrcu lated, urging tb Mayor lo lake ateiaj to prevent th boliLng of lb onuventlou, aalhe a-tilioiiera fenr In tLa preaeut exulted atate of publb feeling abroaibor the publlo ao would la Inevitable, aud might leal to eertou reaulla. twdealanlaa T. B. Horleay wlD twl. ww. llo OMaJn at their hall, lai Howrry, thU Wedaaeaa erenl. when addnawe will tie dallvered br Maaar. WL M FOLK, Dr. MlLl.IK.CLb IF. andCKUW, and Or. HUCKK. The pubUe ar Invited to attend, t. UKA.NT. If Inebrlalrw Home, 131 hathwm. Werrlaa from rum. NoBiaitb Carulbia humbug. Blrika wbll tb Imu I. hot Iiv youraelf, yur e luntrr and ywr Ood, and alan tba temperance pledge thai evenlu. 0at pekiiiaiid.luain(. N. LILt f, Pr-wt. Otoj. Y HALL, bee'y. TrrTlb! Kxrlirtncnt 1 Tlie Proplo Araaaeat - A t'mr' meetmg will lie held ly the lMk aad rthtiai Central 1 eiupcranc Bocloty ou thia I knr dayivrine, .lan.Wth, lwil, at 7 o'clo. k, at th M K. Iburcblas-ah.t, lat. 3d and Leilmrtoa area. Tk fi.lnaln- p iitletnjn areeneaged toaddr aa the meet. g It M I'OKK, It". WM. MILLhll and Kir J. HAT. Wiaill. '1 here llllx loud alnflng. WM. U. KiJCK Vt l.LL, Pre. J. I'AKKi ilJ, nee. DKATHB. PARKFR Yeatarday afternoon, of tevtet fever, HI leu Lotnaa, youugtait child of larael A. (ud Cllea Clua llarker. 1 he trbinda of tht family ara raepectfully lavltedt atleud Ui luiriral. to-morrow (Tbunday) meraloa, at PS o'clock, from U7 Laiaretta eve, tsrooalrn. llarrw malua will b Uaeu ta IJul Cbeeter for lntermtul. Ill 111 RKoV, 6 I lu Twwday, Jan. Kd. of l Mia I lai'bie Areauda K. Iiarroaa dauihtornf tae I dalt. Wm. Lord llunoae, aged ti year, 4 moata aad I l. l-.l .. u . . L. . .. . .. in. r"i,HTia ann m in laaiur. an taaa of lur hm'bcre, Wlldam II , H.rd M , Robert (I. aad Amiiew W abai Ue inernbtra of Hoae Company lie IM. and llaairalic Fatrol No. 1, under couimand of Cap Utna Weterbury and Marker, are rrapeuiuily Invnaat u attend th funeral, eu rrldar aTtenionn, vatli laat, at 1 o'clock, trom bi-r late raalileiiee. No. Utt Klvlairtou aa. Iler remaiiui a ill ne taken to uieenwood tmaet ary lor lib rnient. ban Francirdo (Cal.) pipera plea e yy. tl IIL'IENS -Biirldeulr, at lur rojhlenco. ImJ Matt at. a dtaeaae of tn heart, Mary llnrua. wite of Francia ataraa. of Ualaiuuck, Pariah ul Ulhibeaa, County lxaagat, Ire lano. 1 be frleuda aud ac-raalntanee ef the family tr ra prctfully luvltod to attend tha funeral, thia (l'enredey aiteruouu. at a o'clock, without further nolle. l(t IIAUTFN-On Taradar.Jea. 31, Jar HlVa.! native l tb l'.ruh ol MuUlhorn, Count Cevaa, Ira land, In tb Umb year ol bia at. 1 he relailre and trienda of th family ut rraatolralty Invitial bi attend ta luueraL thia criinradarl afaar- VJ wu- Duon, tt It oxl'a;K,lrom ma lai Itit .1, wiuiout runner invitatien. lOw General Telegraph News. The Itallrwad 1'aavrotlao. TTujieofoei, Jan. 2d. Tba lUilroad Convta tion of tue' live caatern and weateru trunk llnea baa a.lj.irnl lo meet lu New York on lb loth of Fob- niaiy naxtf a KL.u'a of ratee for freiffhl betwawu a., aatern aad western ailnla wa adntded. Tkla reetore lb figureauf the SI. N.cbola 1111 aud Saratoga met Iiia. with a ubrht vailallon I regard to iataangra. Tb find and aaoond taction of lb agreemeul then entered Into, making lb far uniform, and eUapao (Uig with ruunera, war re-all r mad. Th fact wa dvrloiwd In th court of tht d liboratliaM thai th freight from th aouth aud wrath, weat with the ea.eptiou of cotton had groally do cieaaed, whll tb movement of pruduu from Ih a.athweal and tba central weat, math of Ibe Ohio Kivtr, waa unuaually largo. All th ruad report tnrreaaed receipt ovr tho of January, ImM, aorat of lbm vary heavy, and a an inatanca, ll wa man Honed thai the Ualllmare and Ohio mad, Ih muat outhi ru of th 11 v great Hue, (nd th luoreaa of w bl. h ia lea than lb .there, ahow ao enlargmanl la revenue on eaatwerd freight of twenty- two thouaand dollar for th firat Iwrnty-two dayt of Ihl proawi! month over tbe almllar period of laat year, A general tailing off waa reported la paaatnger receipt and westward bound freight. Mia k of th prod. a movement It for Europe. AU tha (tva Una ar deriving Inoreaaed buainaa from th diversion of Hit ootlou of tbe aoaih-weauro ttate fium th wmiharn Atlantic and Ouif porta. Th Omveutlou Included Hi leading railroad nitud f MtaAachiiaetta, New York, I'ennaylvama, New Jerar y, oblo, Indiana and Keututky, An ea i client feeling preiailed, and Ihe proct of aa eaatwaid Uieuuaa regarded a uoouraglug. All I aitlr wa med eanieatly auxlnu for tb aettle maiil ol lb uiitioual difflfulliea, aud th Convention plan or ita rqulvalint met with general approval. The iiieniUia of tb Convention bav curbed their leet rffnit with their leaiaatlve luvmbata of (Jou treaa, and otbtra, to net lira com-UlaUou aud piMKO. The Jackalowr TrlaL rrfiidm, i7n 23. Six wltneaeot wero v(m. hied baluy In tb Jaikalow caae, ou th part of the govrmmiul. Tb evidence today wa nuilnly (t to the prieotier trying to buy boat, and offering to pay (xly dollar lor it, fur lb purpnee of goiag alter blue-flah. Two tvitlMawe teatifled to havlug gniw lu puraull of lb priamier, alter teeing tb ao. eoiihl "I tb colllalou published, (with Ih Lucia.!) aud the eiipoaed tragedy on board. Tbey found blm on the plaukroud Icldge acroa Ih H.keujwk dot k. lii pruaiuer bild tbeui that h wa an Coal ludlaman, aud gav bt nam at bah 1-atuu; euu after Ibey got him to Jeraey City ther bund two baga tied around hla lly, next lo tbt tkla on eon talnlng gold and Iht other allver. Th eacitcmantoontluu uuabatod, and tvary part in aad near lb court-room waa crowded during tha trial, etvtral ladle wert praaant at tbt trial today. For City Itw, m TlOrdP-vtt), UIOLr.l-vii vi eqiteauay, uao aiu, imuw hhm. ler of Ueuiamln 8. aad Sarah J. Mly, aged i yaara, I month and 10 dai a. '1 h reuutvee and frienda of th ramDy (T IvaTpeot faltyluvited to attend the lunerab en Friday moraiaAT. Win mat, at 10 o'cloU, from IM WUlougkby at, Breai I) o. '.M HAYPF.-On Wednrwday, J3d taiLWlluam Hay dan, a native of the Comity Carlow, lrelaad. '1 he Irlesilt tf tbe family, aud tue member of Ik Harry 11. Society, are reepecttuUy lavlted to ttad hi funeral, ou Friday afbrnorn. Vbta Inst, at io'elaek. from hi lata realdenre, Tl Tbempaoa tt, IH HldliKB-O Tuesday, Jan. Md, of onriawmpllsa, Mary Hnybea, wife of Henry Hughea, aged ao yaara '1 ha friend of th family ara reepectrally Invited t attend th luuoraLoai rhareday aitarnoon. J a, aora, at 1 c'd.k. from her lata raaldaao. 140 MU)rry at, 3 daora front Uraod st, M X FLLY-On Wedneaday, Jan. tSd, of pUrorlaT, Mary A. Keily, tbe bakived wife of Tboauaa A. kCaU, aad augbter of 'I buua and Calharloa Oarranao, aged M WAra At.d A mAi.lhA- 1 be irleuds aud aeqnalntaneee of th famtly ar ra. tpeeuully Invited ta attend tba funeral, Due rrauraibar) eitarnoau, at 3 o'clock, from her lat realdoaoe, Tl W(Abkurbjntt,Drookljrii,wtlhoatriirthralle. IM Mlltril Y-On Wedoaaday, Jan. tad, LtwTeoa Mar ph, a uatlvt of tba County Carlow, lraUaat, aawd ( Ubfrbtuoa anl reUtlva ara rparully lavtkad ta attend Um funeral, tal rrboradayl albarenia. at t o'clock, fawn BU Vlsoeuta UeapitaA, tlbk at, r. ftk (TO. Ill O'KRILL-On Wednesday. Jan. la, Margaret O-MoOt, an.Uveoi theFarlahof UallnAraan, Co. Deary, Irs land, aged Si year. Uor trienda and relative are reapeiAfully Invttsd ta aru-nd th runaraL thb CrharwUy) anernoow, Mtk laat, at 3 o'clock, frvaa bar 1st naideooe, 3M Uowery, Ui SMkllECK-On Wednetday, Jan. Sad, Job Sn.ebda.r, Med COyiara. Hi frleuua, and relative of th family, ar raaaeot fully luvtUnd ta attend th fuarah on Friday eikar uoon, Kbtn luat, at 1 o'clock, from hla lat rtaaUnca. a CUflrt. SMITH -Sudd aly, on Wednesday marnlng, Jan. ti, rilAAlwah. in lJ..ed wife of liauraa W. Mmllk. 1 laa irvrno of to family era reepeetnuiy invrtaa as alteud tb funeral, thia ( 1 buraday) aibaruoou, .ih laat. at 1 0010- trom bey lata rvaldanoe, oo Cmiiurva at. SMini-la Brooklyn, bat (vaaug, WUUan Smith, aged emotiUiaandllda). The relallrea and mend ef Ik family ara reeseet fully Invited ta aruaid tb fimeral, on t'rdoy altar Barn, at a1 o'clock, from tb realdenot of hi parental, (1 Btat rt. Uroualyu, 141 TWADPLK-On Wedneaday, Jan. 331, Mary Tad db1. ayad VI ) rare. ine reiatlvea tad frienda of th family ara reajeot fnlly Invltod la attend the faiMrah tbi (I bur -day) aitrrnooa, at 1 o'clock, from 41 N lull are. Ill WATKBBlTtY-OaWedneedey.Jan. SSI. Bpaueer, ton of Wm. U. and Sarah A, Waterbury, aaed 0 mania. 1 b relallvee and Irleoa of tn taiuUy era reap a. ruby Invited to attend tbe funeral, op tnday af ar noou. Wh luat, at IH o,oW.k, at 60 South W at, Dra .k. bu.F-H. . ' Wl Bli-lt th roaldeooe ef her , parent, en T 4tr, fVdltt,efu re abort but aerara Ifl-Aeja, Mary I now '. tb Ulovrd daufhtev of Cbarbw C and . F. Vi ebb, a BASRT'I TBIOOtwjCgBOvJi fathbeatano1iepeaitteUfdrtalug andbeaaU- itryTLiT WAHTED. T7AKM WASTED IS NEW JERSET OR 1 Lct laland, within 300-) mile near a dert,ta Xddra X. Y. Z, tal BW, Bun grata. TJOUSE WANTED TO LEASE OR inBK ssjtttauara, .(aaarwa

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