Newspaper of The Sun, January 26, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated January 26, 1861 Page 2
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vss. I HIH SS CJi mWI i-ir' I li 3. r N I. tes! I I vl - r " r -M rr ?! x; . JTHE NEW YORK SUN. rUTUEDAl MOEMNQ, JAHT 86, M4-. eke tsar-keheyed a' lb BeYeVren. la rltw of the present went of ernple-ment, and eonMBMl 0 street, among many worthy labor lnf people of IW city, we have determined, during lit tonthrainctt to epen our column te appeal tor esns4o7rnexi end t offer of employment, on easier Inn then are understood la be consistent with Ik dvv-af Inkereats of ft newspaper, W vro-oee, ft th preeetil, in admit advertise. tneah rviatieg o rrnploymeril, at OT. SHILLING W ONV LINE. endeavoring so l arrsnge an 1 olea ftifj there a to txfttm 11 thsl Is loll J necessary, In tool DM, wllhln ft ttntfa I In. All who Ota conlrlv to offer any kind of employ orient, will thus be ciicvmreged to make the chance known to Ikon-end Ihey are many who would b (lad of tho emoTest UMmrf of relief. Im n t very unimportant Job, shilling cn well U afforded, when It will bring to the d or lb very ftpflloftnU who nit need It and will be most willing lo do lte-lliuVl.aily. It usually happena that when person pj! f tsnployineat, on Is purt'ed to think nf anything fir thorn put not f ftnd on th other hand, m esmss wo have some bills Job we coutJ give out, wo remem. taw Ike ad entreaty of KM fellow-creature with regret and Ike wtah that we knew where to full klm. Then omploymftil t rnlt, It In lh mor Im portant to bring out !1 tlmo In of II, an 1 to diffusa II a murk aa pnwlbla amontf Ihr moat nly. Hut, In a lima Ilka thin, will f0 It lh a .1 it and a ptsanur to nakt wnploymml f. r tht tlaatituta, by (1rtnf ""' ""' which ILfy ar .ciinVmie.l to do IhmiaalrM, or ! karlnf aomtthlng dona whlih llify tao aSfurd but do Dot atrlrtlj nord. Illatrldail taalbjofrarlnc It In tht Fr", th'y will jHe It at onro to tha mokt needy awl the imt willing V work, Wa would fameatly recoonnetvl bmiaekpora ! niploy kit the extra Lelp they ran afford at thla time, IT they hart tha meant, lot them apare a little for tha ftrweal onarlty -liberal employment of tha needy an-1 ao aaaa their oian labor, it may U, or nuke II a lit tle aaalar oa washing dare, fr Inatanre, o their re gular dtxaeatica, A ahllllag Una In the 8ri will aare all IroulJe lu looking 'r arrranla, and bring the eery one who aie theiuaelroe locking aoiioualy for iu ployinenl, rUneralent paraona will often find that tha Wat av alMaire Uiey ran render will t. to iy for a few ahllling Inaertiona of the raae In tha Sea. On tha other hand, the Unemployed will be enabled by tha ftOooininod.tioo we offer, to make kniwn their wanU and wlllingneaa, and attract Ike notice lth of lanerolCHoe and aelf-lulereat. Luiploj ere will n lai Inrreaaing their firco, an.l the uae of tkleiheap tMllily, it ia hoped, will do tenth to brln both claaaea og4her, aial to eiptalize the diffoai ai of re lief. Tint cotntry liti calmed intoaiond liiiou rity in the Cdilily of tiiu (iofrnincnt to ll truet, tiuro the Cabinet wad purged of its trai. tore, and tlie fvcl,U and timid Treeldi-nt aur rounded liimvlf with patriotic and reaolutoad ylwri. With Mr. Dm, Mr. Ptiitom uul Mr. llol.T at the right band of the rroaidnnf, tlin country will Mill truit ery far to llioir firmnoiA dlacrelion, and au(rior irtnnilioa far judg- ing of what it noceeajry and prudent. Hut in aplte of all thia, there ia much iinrn-lne lnlh ftinonir men of buninepa nnd of palriolUn,, t Mia ox.aMnt londition of Kvrtt Mumtrr and I'iikena, particnl.irly the la t tor, and at tbo roirt of orders k-M to the nininand-r at renaacol vhhfa do riot contemplate flefunc to the extremity. Ifthi-roare aatlifjctorr taai miiafor l-lielng that there ia no real niaea aity for alrengtheninK thei forta, a puMio knowleilRf of the fact would I worth hnlng in the rirrumatmii ea, on all arroimts Ulhirwiao, there li no prudrnre utr fidtlily in a coure whiih leave thorn exjaivd to oirhilmini force. If the (ioernim nt are doinc right In tha matter, they ought to .itUfy tho public anxiety and diatni't In aomewa;, nnd thua, at the aarne time, alU eti iununt and rn4a-ra-t ion and promote a iliii-ition fur JunI tmnili ation, in the Notth. Tli absurd etatvincn. ttlegTaphvd jeitcr .'lay, from tha Toronto A r, to the cIToc t thut ,th Uritlah (iovernmont had docidwl to recog Biaetlw "ftouthern Confederacy," etcapod notice vita ua, mainly tatrau-o of it tranipnrent Pilli oosa. Great wers do not roiognle now gov crnraenta, until established lyconwintor com puUion of tlioM comcrnr.l, and InlciiUeni f thia Had are ne or lot out but In tho porfurinuico of them, for the most obrioue rouaoua. ' G rcat anen are not always wlw, ' but It i aafa to -Bum that they are nut absolutely tluldiali. MoreOTef, the well-known diapoition of Dig land guarantees that idie will l tliela.t to i OognUa, even if compilleil to do m, tlio diarup ttonof our goxrnment, un t the mUtltution of what ahe, at lcaat, would n-gard aa a piratical (laTft-iuaking) power, in any xirt of the prvMut Jurisdiction of the L'nitid Statea. Trwllora In Ike Aruiy aaal .Vay. Tu a disloyal conduit of a few ofliiers ef the army and nary, in diverting the stars and triH) to join the raemiei of the Union, lua treated the utmoet Indignation among their for mer aaaoclaten, and this feeling i dally cxpnaaed la letter to tho public journals, from ollicnra too honorable and patriotic to forget their oaths of allegiance, and ut treacherously toward their country. A few dayi since, the Charleston .lVi arary pabtiidiod a letter from J. K. Uamiitov, of South Carolina, lately a lieutenant In tha United Htalea Nay, lulling upon his forntor brother of&ccra, oaporially lhoc of the South, t aapouao the cauao of the eecedlng tUlca, against tha flag which haa hitherto lacn their glon mil bout, the Coiutitutlon tlej hate sworn to nip port, and the country in whose eon lie they are agaeod nd to betray, aa far aa poaeible, th material of war entrusted to thiin by their country, into the hands of thoao who ar look ing their country's deatrnrtion. TkiabaM appeal la nobly rebuked hy Wll -i.tmD. Vi'iimMi, a Meutenaut In the Navy, in a Utter publlohod ia the .VuiUmhiI 1iUhj mtr. llAMlt.TON'a traiteron appall, he a rauaded, ia a vaia one. Defending the honor and lidelity of tha arlicers of the army aad n ivy, l.ieuleu.iut WHmiso aaya i The aluoof which trallaia re nuuhi forms a inea gra alrtwsol la tha onualrn.'tien ot thacbaia.-ter of a whola-aouled aailor, chlra'.roua to an extreme, gau anroua to a fault, and proverbially omiu keaned. True, bare aud there nuy axial lata deleilloaa Irom our rauka bare proved lt--indivlduata ready to aac riftee honor to Intaraat, an.t Ita vow their uinutha bava UUered. when it beoon.ea omieemrrHT taujura them, but the great naa of ofteura af the nary art true W the Lo, aud to the uitba ofallagianet they em prod when tkry f.rnt arvaod unite under "the etar aauurled banuer of onr eounlry, and the pmiHi eitlonofMr, J. K. ilaiil" will n4only be lueffoo tual, tul ia an eene to them, Ueut. Wimtiho, thoogh connected by m im age, by reaidence and association with tho South. and avowing that his affoitlons are wllitlA South rather than with the North, dittlm thatt- Abova South, above North, ahnve all aertloiial par tuUitiea, ia my lova to onr eunutry, aod to the etar eqDgled bauuer thai prw'airaa her aoversigaty, aat a bar Ooatilutlen aa aixiied by WaamaoTea. Nor ut I aloue tu thia davotion le her cauae. huudreJ T my brother ofnera are e.ualy reuily to rally ta bar del!raret aud their motto, like my own win tie ''Liberty aud t'ulou, bew and lureer, una and lu eeMiraljl.M That Lleut.WlilTG expreeexs the sentimeiita of the man of hii brother oflicort we do not doubt, and while their devotion to their couutry will be gratefully renumbered, the names of those wlio bare been so iwut to turn tntir a words agahut their oouolry, to dismember and disgrace it In the eyes of all nations, w ill lie daced in history 1 remembered at all beyoud heir own generation on the roll of Infamy with traitors whose ctube was as dishonorable a their ctwduct. Mayer WohmI mmt the DWauleaiaU. Euuwuekb we publish correspondence by telegraph, which bos passed between the blatant OeergUn traitor, Kobebt Toombs, and the dls union Mayor of this city, Fkkxavuo Wood. Wood's avowed sympathy with the men who ri In arms against our government will, no loubt, attract the attention of the Grand Jury. If Woon had power over the police, be would, It appears, um it on bf of tbv eoenlM of tb E7aIon. OeT-4M Th AapuU (Oa.) DiipatcH U Us that 0 Tvnoas bu declared his purpose to adhere to the state of Georgia and to resign his commiailoa In the United States Army after the secession of theittU. It adds Bhnuld Bvtrhn KVwrr and hta mrmildiwn attempt to three na to submit to Pederal daajaillam at the point or tbe uayonet, tha long eiiawieuce ana milita ry knowledge of lien. Twiaoa III pre-etnuienlly ao. title klm to the command of the southern army. If the Ttitptilck had authority for its statement, we ought aoontobear of Gon.Twioo' desertion to the seccsbloniits. ttvalll ef Mr Yerk. Hi Is fur the State loan of Inlf a million were ppenoil t Albany csterday. The bids readied VS'i.OOO, all sbo a par, and the amount needed Is obtslnod at 2 per cont. ;rr roiuoi, 1 he Federal gotcrninrnt la.rrowcd ,0,,OW last week at 12 per cent, inlcr'tl. The Minn on Ike Harlem, and Trey and Ital ia ml llallrmda. The er proas train which left this city at 7 A. M . 'n the Harlem Riilrond, on Thursday last, lied n'5 arrived In AMwny last nlgkl at B o'tloxk, when our reiler le that rlly. The telegraph wires were pne4r!ed j the sii-m. 11 aMsenzers, whoairlveil In Albnny la alnnceof the train, ws learn that the train met with the longest distention lt ten Miliaria and MilleiVm. Tha aniw Is re ITited to hare drilled to the height of from eight to ten feet. lYoni one to two hundred men were em ployed all yeeterdsy with plika and shovel, In mak ing a way, the train laiing entirely blocked up. Conalderable detention alao occurred on the Troy and Rutland Railroad. Oa Tliurwliy aftenasm, at S o'cliak, a train left Rntlan 1 f Troy, and did not aiiive lu the latter city until 4 I'. M., yasierdty. The d ataira Vet ween P.utlaud and Troy Is OJ utile. New Hooka IIahich i. Ilitoriims have just puMiahid Uie following attiadlve lsaks I 2 ht ChilJrm'$ fl-fure !,t e. Qua lrw;ieita -An t'iialj phasing end profluble laak for very young readera , a roinpaniou to tho I'lct'ire lta,k of IlirJs, ao.1 of Fables. ' Onrjif Thm'K firtyent novel frota the popu. lar pen of fn ti ra I.rvrx. Altars (irrrk and lAtin Terfs The preeent n'lni lar of the aeries la'lng a lasautifnl o(.ketoopy of ItrjlolMTia In two voliuiiea, printed In a dear, Isild tliaratter Mat a finished stylo, that woidd be a credit to tiielastt (tassloal piesaiai of Kurope, aul delight the eye ol a a. holar 7cirjKis' Clasil ,Wiwy The O lyesey of n mer, lilarally tranalated, with the minor pieces of the author. Il Tnaoiasxa Aims rtreairr, II. A., o' Christ Clmreli, Oafonl. For the unloanis.1 revler, a tranalaliiaof thia kind la, of oiuraa, the only way to obtain an idea ot II imer. Tha reading uf II er, evrn In .iu;lish. ia nelthei aatuly nora raerention t'i la dtsplaed, In any ilaaa of j!whi The Iliad, an.l the other lending (Irrelc anl Latin cliasba, are elao lta.bsled in the aeriea. Hrlvurw of liooda by Police. The fallowing dlapaUhea have pasaed between Ben Tonwiia, uf (laargia, aial hta Honor klyor Wo-nt, relative ti the aeisute uf good4 by tha polUe ou last Tuewlay I MllUlailtvilir, Jau U, 1SI. To his II mor Mayor Ww Is It true that any annt Inten leil for aivl consigned the state of (leorgta I are la-en aeised by pnhlte au tlioritlea In New Vork f Your answer ia important to ua aud to New York . Anawer al ou e K Taiana ! whah tbeHa)ur relume 1 the Wlowlng an swei llou. Ronton Tia'xiia, MiiJRiairvtiie, (la. In reply I our diapnteh, I regret to aay that anna Inteudid for and oonalgiied to the state of Georgia, liave la-en netted I y the police of this atate-Jut that the city of ftew York should in no way be uiade rea ponailua Ibr the otilraa-a. As Mayor I have no authority over tha polloe- If I bad the power I abould summarily punish lha au thor ot this 1 legal aud unJiaUflaUe seizure of pri vate propeity. FrxaAMnn Woon, Oplelon ef the lrraa. 'I lie nif urges eur legislature to seud Cuinmlaalnneia to rejreaeut the stats tit the Con vention to lai bald In Waablngton, ou the 4th of Feb ruary, to cmaider the Virginia propositions (or cotu saroiulae. It says i M ami ma of the New York lagtalature will do well tatTcsiiVcathat giaal reaaoua for dianptiroving aians uOhe-lfs'SSTinieialalloua of Ibe Virginia Legtalalure areaty rn meana good reaavna fir deelinlng l-i acouit its puurteoue Imitation totha tJ.aieution. Virginia's conii ruraise la une thing, her iuvltatluuauiAhar and in the Contention, New York's ouiupruuuee will weigh ss n noli aa any. Tie HVoM alao queirtlona the authority of the Toronto sailer lo declare Hint the Ililtlah govern mrul will recognize a southern confederacy aa siu aa It la fta-ineil. II shows how Kngland dolayed bar recognition uf the Independence of Texaa for a long tttns atter the decisive battle uf Bau Jacinto was fought, and bow her efforts to maks lha abolition of etavery la 1 oxas a c mdition of her fi lendshlp,cauaed Mr. C'ai not and other southein men to haieu the aiuiesation of Texaa to the I lilted Slates. N iw the followers of Csi li.'l's are casting away the protection of the fisleial goternnieut, lor the .biluaireeiiavta. lion Hint Fngland's need of cotton w Ul compel her to sld Ihearsisllng nlates. 1 he 7 1 mi a makes severe cinimeiita up-iu lha con duit of the iaitaiu and uwnera uf the Hleamahlp Moutgoiaery, for BAvaunah, onboard of whlih the slli eU'lleved there were anus foi the South, but weie prevented making a scan h, Ths nines invites the atteutiou uf the Legislature to the ueceaaity of legislation to ch k the operations of those who ate supplying tha seceding state with sruis from this port A bill la already pending in ths Iiegta'atitra, appli cable to ll e preaent caae. Wa hot II wilt be prrsaad to declaUe attiiej al the earlieat tuomeat. If the lliautilisilataare detiaairmiuea louglit the a ivern ment, II is iuisirtant that they should not diaw upon lu ior their supplies of weapoea. Cotniiionlliig !tjii tho Charge addressed le Ihs (lisn.l Jury, by our naw'City Judge, the 7mes, whiih rei neatly opp,ated bia election, draws favors bl etnleri iM-ea of bis future course. Wldleexiairi-eia-e has, fn many instance, taught the public hith erto to reiraid the eriahtiuaie of law and Justice wlihh Ihe i riiuinal lleiuh haa afforded, as only a eloak Ibr ea sallug ths tio'ition of csery jalni-lpkiof JUitUe which tnteient uf self or i1y rulghl deiuaol, Ihe raaiestliiukalkat Judge M Cria a aitiuns during hlanlioitiavupaia-) uf tha llou h, afford reaaoualile gnaiuda l" llieve that lis " honestly Intends to aot In acomlaiH a wllh this, his opening maiiifrat. tht the ssullou of the revolt luSmth Carolina, the TVttoiie remarks It la not In ths nature of things that a treasonable reveil agajnat const luted anlhcaity ahould aland still. Ikon in lha ruliulnoliun uf paaaion, II dlea of giaal aenae aud ftitajroena tf Ihe (naurgenls stop to tliusk. F.ieu revolution anriiurlna' ftom k-iaid r- Urea, aist aiming at righteous euls, niiul bars a large share ul lliat power whkb isjmaa from the strength uf taianlou , aud bow much mora muet this W true uf a mere relailllon onuoelred tu tohpiity and troughl forth in maduesa. 'Ihe H( ling field (III ) .true Journal, ths boms or gan ol Mr ljsnu h, baa an aiticls ou "Bsceaaion and Us KniiU," in whk b ll aaya that the ooniperUous which ths nvceaalonlstt are oiaiatantly making be tween their movement aud the action of uur Revolu tionary fathers are odious lo all frlouds of fiee gov emuieut. II says Our falhara had real grievanrea, and they exhaast td all praueable means of redress before they resorted tiiatma, 'I bs grievances of the severs are emovf nary, ami their Aral step toward a redress of In gl nary wrougs Is eeceaelou and war Our latliers drew their sworda for Freedom, and they had Ihe syniat Itiy and suporl uf Ihs world. They eatabUahed free gcvei nuient thai has become the world's wonder aud Uis world's bensbtctor. Bsceders bars drawn the sword for nleery. and Ihe whole civilised world fruwua upon theui. 1 hey would dealeay Ibe beat govtiuuiiiit on earth, aud huuuuuly evervwustsirles uut agaiuat them. It theu arguea Uial ths North, which hss long hot lis with "the wsywardaeaa of the South," U now aroused, ludigiiaLt, ready and determined to up hold the G' eminent and punish tieasou,at what svsr aacrftte uf treasure and HoimI" lu drlrbig Ihe North from them, the seceding atatea have loat a powerful friend and gained a terri ble enem Ihs secessionists are anekuig colliaiiei with the Fisteral tlovernment invltiug ilril war. They are not prr)aired for eaee, uiut h leas (ir war. 1 hty ars staiidlug over a tnlus liable al any uomsat to exphale and blow tliem to ruin. Biaeaalou waa liuuguraksl to perM'tuats slavery il will end In Ita total uvetthrow aud entire suoli Hon. A few week slave aUlea have banded together to perpetrate a great wrong agatnat humanity, and in their blludneaa Ihey have ruahed Into war Willi au aLtl-slaveiy wtarld I 1 hs result is not doubtful, Ki'iTox N. Y, Si' I I pros thai Iks visitors of tho aior lu various tert of uur city volunteer to keep a reoord uf ths unemployed aud destitute fas many uf them already do), au.1 frum such a list, In answer tu Ihe application of suiplojers, send a person suited to the calling aud wants of each. From my present list, I will, with plfSMure, furnish orunmeiaiable help (uatlvs or foreigu) as fulluws l bookkeepers, cletka, carjauiters, thairinaker, uouldara, englusera, lallors, boxiuaker, j.lalu or Hue sawing, washing and Ironing, laborers, aa', I will alao recoivs aud die penes Iks cart-off clothing of ths i heritable, who may wish lo enable children to attend day aod Itbbelh school, aud adults lo enjoy gospel privileges. Fionas address J- B. Uses. Vlsl'e.-, Aaeiclatlon for Improving Ihe (Vxolitusi of the Poor, Wi blalrii t, h . 0 II arstiv at. X- ' Yvaa, Jau. 1M, WU TliE LATEST NEWS. SJ r musaiuru to tmm jr, r, wn. Pollticai InU-Jpaeo. XXXTItfc COXaUBMA sseal We lem. rVwate. WaJiinqtrM, Jan. 2'. Mr. llinij-a (Pa.) pre sented IsAiUia-M in bvor of ths CairrsaiiM reajlu lions. Mr. Totg fM) presented petitions of the same character, signed by aeveral thouaand paraona. The Bonnie iuailel li lha oonaUareilon of pri vate btlia, a.ter which It a ljairned till M aiday. Ileaec of It iratatlve. The Ilou-e considered private bills. Ibe 1 louse then reauimal the oonalderalioa of the ol thsC niiulltuul Tklrty-three, Mr. Nnaoa ITmn ) stood here to pWlf.rhts loiiirtry. lie did 4 wish to say anything which v-ould becaislnierl into favoring tUe afsreaaiou move loeot lai lha una baud, or the H-taibllanprty mi the other. NiAwltbataud ng tha gliximyane' diaaa tnau of the IJuim, Congress have done uithlng In the way of arresting the evil, and roliev ng ua fiotn the dangers and dlfneulties by which wa are surrounded, t.entleinist haie dlatuaa theae qiiea liiaia as if they were uf fleeting and transitory iin MHtaia e, aial wilbout oonaidaring the moiiirnivnis caiHefpieta ea luv.iived. Tna two cauaaa whtuh lie al the fia,ialalli uf the diSsreners which eharaa-tfarise, are, first, tha pride is" opinion t aod, antml -lastly spirit. To ailhers to these In the preaent cilaia ta unworthy lha reiireaasiUKvea of freemen. IT, Instead nf disseminating with llghtulng apaed Inlelligeire Hint uothlng will he d aie, anl hojai is destroyed, Uiey would glta evidoia of an eanieat dnnssilmai bi wrf inn theii duty, there would lai more prutahflitvof agreeing iiei aomapbtn of a.1 j'latnient. lie adrscoted the Csirrriisi ilan, which was rallying aunairl everywhere. Ha had hoped that, when lu canmlltee he offered the reatiaiiiin, In .ili1.le, 1 1 the Mownirl Uannmlias Una. that II wull'dbeauepfcilby lh rtias. Ha had thought lha Reaililknna would atianl it, bacauaa lbs reieal ol lll caiipromiae was ins origin in sueir i7 He believed that If lb If inaea would ad u tbe CaiTTRai.ns plan,asva would lie reatored lo tbe ooun liy, an.) thai a lo..rily In the southern la would aoi'ilisae In II. The IVonth have auffered grtevni4si Irnin rsul liberty bills, nbatna tliais to tlie eie t Uoti ol tlie fugitive slave law, and atbMna u kindle the flame of liuoinrsitiou. While ha alrwalod the reaViralirai of the Missouri line, and the Csrmmis plan, be would Hiatal upon thla aa an ultiniataru, Mil aa Die laala of a ai ttlelimit. lie d tiered la opinion wllK Mr. Rear, who yester day aald the cnmniltKeof Ihlity three was moat inlaerable al.rlliai, and aiiKiuoli-d lo nothing as lo ipilrtlng lha people, flul tha gentleman from Maaa ai huaotta (Mr. AnAMal offered la the omnniiltee ft pn ailtlii III the hlgheal degree creditable to him, vis., a ire.Mal!iHi hy conatitulUacsl amauilmeni nav er to alsillah alaverv In the HUlea where II eilau es- ' ce I with the aaaeia ol all the sialea. Thla If edo- ea woillil go lor to remove, anil euureij oswor, eveiy lust aonree of apprehenalon on this subject from the Republican paity. Mr Nil ana adverted to the reiaeiimeiidalinn of the ttsiimille aa lo the renl uf the I'erwaial Lilmrty lulls, the Fiigitlf e Hlave Mw, eta , aod aaul that be saw lu this a diai'witliai f"r reiiairlliatlon anl nc Pummud Why, not then, give to the Bouth In a conatilulliaial lorni what la aiuuiuwed In the nwo lutliaia of the C-anmlttee, ami the territorial ipieattou could lai nettled by reat-irlng the Mlaaiuri Una. Mr BrxaVKM IN J ) asked Mr. Nsiaoa whether lie would le satuSwl with thai line eitended lo Ihs rclfie. Mr H1aoNre4iel Ifameialfsllosilil tliechange. csaalitiiai , f the .saintly. Mr. MAUJ.av (Ky ) aak.J Mr. 8"ttov whelhei he wuuld give that Hue by coualilutiiaial ameiid uieiit Mr. Hvisrroa reilnsl that he waa willing Hifi'e the MuasHiti line la Ita original language. ((Jries uf gl ) Mr, NriaoN remarked thai he would Iw willing la re.s-lveaii.wst anything, rathir than toeee brother arravisl i;aitv4 bri4her, and frieajt agaiuat Irteral in dreadful alilfa, aiwl this would lai the reaull II soma thing waa rvt aaaalily done to ipilet tha diautilou leeling leiw a-evai1ing. Mr. M'aiss (Me ) aald that Mr. Nioa had read a paragrei h from the maaaaga of the Oovenior nt Ten- iHiaaee, in wnicu ll waa enarge.1 mas sua iiimuici tatrty Intend lo alsillah alavrry lu Ilia Uistrltt uf Coliimhla, and tlie aWve trids between Ihe si ttea, liut Mr. Moans said, that never aince Ihe organisation of the Repiibiltau arty, has any man North or H Mith ever heard a RejniUluia take any such ground It waa never an u In any Kspulibcan platform or siwocb, SDd the Retiublicaa lairty do n4 waul lo d any such Wilag. Mr. NnaON waa gla-l that Ibe gealleuiaa bad thus exav?naed blaiaelf. In the eaiae aaeaaage of Ihe llovemor of Teuneaase, It waa gravely charged, that the Retatbllcjuis exalted murder, iuaurrectioii, araou, and herotred the pertaHreUa- uf aujLheriiuea aa aaints and tuartyia, but noiwilliaUialing thla, Mr.Mi.aos: snid. If yon judge of a party by its platlorm, II dla-tiia-tly detaiuueea raid a aud Ulerfernnco with alavery tn Ihe atataa. He made this remark fn- the aake of Inith, and for the la-nt fit of the people of Teni leasee "let luatice lai done though the heavens full. (Ap plause ) Ihelioveinor of Temieaaee, also, says that Mr. laaisil N advmated equality beta enn ths whits and blk race, but It lakuoa-nliiat I.INCU.M in hla die tuaalou with Mr. Ir.aiui.aa, disavow ed any such doc trine. He (NaiauN) made this etalemenl berelav eauae atvrsalon ta swatailng over Teiuieaaee from aiuh Influences as thla, and It was Impoaaihle to arrest it, savs tiy compromise. He then read an extract from a letter he had received from a frieud in Teuneaaee, who wea aa much a friend to the Union aa any man In It. Tlie writer aaya he Is sorry to say that the onuae of a eaeliin Is gathering ativmrth there, because the Republicans reniae to do anything lu a way of conciliation, linuiningin me way oi ooinpniuuae la d.ate by the 4tu of March, Teunuasce will gu out of the t'uliai. Mr. llesarrr, (Ky ) lu order Ihtl full Justice la) dune the Repuhluau jauty, alluded to a niaolutiou Intnsluetdby Mr. IIi.ak last aeaalon of Coagraaa, an.1 whlih riaelved sixty Riaubllcan vutes dschu-a-tory ngalnat alavery, au.t luairuituig Ike Caiumittea i4 JiiJiciaty to lngutts Into the esaidUsicy, and re port by bill as to giving freedom to every human be ing, and Interdicting alavery everywhere, Mr. MikaioiiT (Pa ) reinaiksd that ou ths same dsy an iispiity waa projsaiad on the other aids of ths House, why the mechanics and worklngmenof New Lnrlimd abuuld not l auttjerl to slavery. Mr, Hi tss (Ohio) said that he ulleriat Ihe reaolii tloulo whhh allualoti lout beau made, but be never entertnlunl an Idea for a moment to assert, Cairo), or Interfere with slavery in Ihe statea. II waul lo no auih evteut as aseerud on the other side Mr. Httextrr aald that uo such resolution aa re ferred to by Mr. MoKitmiT was ever paaacd. The resolution whiih Mr. Uuaarrr read instructed Ihs Committee of Vaya aud Meana lo Inquire Into the eiprdleta y of rotsirtlng a bill to auiam iiU lha New Knglsud men suit mechaigcs engaged tu shoe making frous the tyrniuiy ul capltallats, by reiasvllng all du ties tat lavta, abets and ulliur arllules liiiported for the bualne. Mr. MoKaiurrr- Iid r Ihe reaolutlon reogtilre the wiaking meu aa slavna r Mr, llsaarrv The resolution Is to euisaUpate them frian tyranny, Mr. Iti-aas Tbeie Is no Intention on ths part of ths Nottii l.i luterfcre with si ivsry In ths statea, Mr. Nhsosj slludeit to a remark lu the meaaageof F.i-tiovetuortliav, of Bouth Carolina, In whluh Ibe hitter recommended to Ihe l.eglatature of that state t. tuea a law to oreveut the tiitrudailUm therein ef alaviafnim the lander atatoa, tho daatgn of which, was ta d rtve those ate las Into Ihs disunliH) moveuietil. South Carolina was the Aiel lo put boraeif fn an at titude uf retmlhon, and the coitun states foltawed her lea-1. Was It rigl I to drag tha border atatea into ae cceaiim, whether thev are willing or not f As a Tan ueaechui he taiae.1 bis voice sgainal lyrauuy every where. He wuuld ralae it agalaat tyranny from the North aa.1 all attempts lu exerclee ll from Ihe B mth. Mr. Casus (N. V ) Mr. NxiaoN tliat other aouthrrn alalea had paaal lawa forbidding tha tnti oductUai of alavea, aud aald that ahurtly after tlie Jiwn RaowN ralil. South Carolina aenl Cnumta slonets lo Vlrguils, proaaTiug a conaullatlou auioug all lha southern statea. But Virariula rafuaed. Mr, NxiaoN resumed, aaylug that be ounaldered Kx Uoveiiaa Qbrr'a moveuietil an Insult to the bor der alave slates. It be undecstein! ths mmioIs of Ten nessee, Ihey were not to be ooeared. Tuey would not submit ti dictatluo from any quarter uncW hea ten. f Applauae ) I aay that they ahould resist thia attempt le coerce them, aud vhey ahould reelat It, If aeeda be, with arma and lo ths death. Tha disunion movement dona r4 reonmraetkl Itaalf le the peoule of Tonnseeee, either tn arguueul or In the manuer It waa gotten up. The people of S with Carolina are already groaulng under taxation and heavy burdens, and If reuneaaee should fall Into the movement, the tax gatherers wtll soon be al every diaw. If war comes. It will is4 be fought by thoes who want to be masters, but by the farmers aud laboring men. Its would ask them, are you willing to submit to this, to build up a leunpared aristocracy la tha South iu- a military dcaianlstu f (Applauae In the galleries.) Men tn Ihe South are afraid apeak their aaullraenla. Let the Bouth beware of a military despotism. Hs could not recognlss the claims ol South Carolina to aeceue, r ns remembered neltitug ot bar past glory, and ha would veto to receive ner once m.are Into this caintdsrary, wrong aa aha and other atatea have acted. 11 them retrace tfaelr slops and let ua all do luat aud right toward one soother, and If we do thus the present difficulties will soon pass away, Mr, Use (Ye.) In the course of bis sjieeck remark ed, IhaltheReinibiicauaoouldnia) aay thai tht y had not had warning uai warning ft ou grave statesmen fur years, tail the proruunlilous wsrs unheeded; Ihey were told to beware ef Ihs danger, which tf not guarded against, woidd ultimately teeult In Ihe state of things which are now presented. You have wrick ed Ihe ship, and you are entitled In salvage. Mr. Lxabi proceeded lo stats ths grounds on which hs bed eoens to Ihs conclusion. The source of Ihe evil was In the dominant Republican party. The whale oonlroveiay regarding alavery waa nut wall understood In either eta lion of the oountry. After dwelling eometluie thereon, ho remarked thai the elxikai of s President under Ihe form uf Ihe Consti tution never could be e justifiable cause for a dianulu lion of the confederacy. He would aay, however, at Ihs aarce lime, while ths ouoatltutlonal form was ob served, ths North have given Ihs Bouth the rtha uf death. It waa for tho Republicans to Inquire whether Uiey have given Mis South a soul. This uudarl es Iks preasul dlflh ulllae. The North had eanctieoed crime and canonised murders, ami made 11 a filgh crime and mladerooaaaar to obey the laws pasaed under the Constitution. Hs rsfei red to lbs remarks of the lead er e of Ibe Republican party, aud aald the Governor of Ohio refused lo surrender a fugitive from the Johu Drown raid. Thla gave rise lo a running delate between Messrs. Lisas. Bureau (Ohio) and Cox (Ohio). Mr. Vaaosva (Iowa) mads some explanations as lo the cos duct uf lows ss to fugitives. In couclualon Mr. Lxaxi argued thai the North bad broken lha unity of the stales; 11 had refused a compliance with oooatltutlaual obligations, and offer ed a premlvm on perjury, Mr. row u (N. V.), In reviewing the events In the Bouth, said tho latltr abould seek redress for grisv an, ea In a constitutional manuer. lis vindicated Ihe nrineli.leaer the Renublloau parte, which did not dm Is) any state tug ovutral, si hoc em, dMtk lu- I tMHtUne and rights enter the Oonstitntloo, la pi seem asttlude of toe loi-h, Ike Kv-hUosns wrU not edify their views relative to a very. Meeonv prorales wktch does not look to fee protection of Ihe rights of tbscltlasa-ot all the states trader the Cow etilwtloB, could receive kls eaaeMoB. The North ere tor Ihe entaveinenl of the lew, and wtll vindicate the flag from Insult. They have but one motte, "The Union II shall be fraa red." Mr. Gaow (Pa.) aake.1 leave lo Introduce a reaolu tlon Instrurtlng the select committee of five to Inquire wiether any seel or organltallon exists In lha Dis trict of Columbia for eatsing Ike federal buildings, and whether any officers of the city or federal gov ernment ore members thereof. Adjourned, KTW YORK a-WIfaTl'aUU-8ec)aae A fan, FriAay, Jan. SJ. Mr. RonrTaoi reisirted a bill giving Jurisdiction lo the Pilot C im oiU.lrr.ers ever piers which sre now exempt by lew. reported favorably lolhe repeal of U act appointing commissioners of reoord fir Ihe City of Now York. koto or an ia. Py Mr. Rtuarv To abolish Ihe ofljco of Court Judge eg New York. ... lly Mr. Csilr To amend theoil designating holidays I be obaerved In the w) meal or prom.s mirt Ia4es, etc. Also, s bill ralstive to the law of div rre Mr. Roatsso lutnalmedablll for tho better pro- tetl'ai of game, Mr. Maatraas Introduced a bill lo repeal tho act authorising Ihe amalna-thai of a rallrsavl ti a k tn 8-ulb, VI eat, and other street In New York. Aearanbly, osrrtAi. rvsiaiiMSNT hii.h. Mr FiaiH reported a bill t repeal Ihs capital ptiniabna-tit art of HOO. atat to aabsllluto a law dividing nmnler Into Aral and set-end clasa, tho Aral puulahable with death, ami tha eeooud with Imprl notsiient for lire. aenl. nee bi lie eisouted not earner three, nor later than aix moutna lrom Ihe date of aennaice. Mr. IlKanacT rejrtad against Ibe special ael t authorise the formallidi of the rallnaal and alaain-. biad life lnauraiire company, aial In faVot of an ameialment lo the gaueial life Insurance a.t, so as to suthorlse the f .nuatioa of siuh couiiaiiiee under its proviaious. Mr. Wavwrrs) rqaiited favwaldy cm the Mil lo pro. vide flir the jaiyiiieut uf iutenets on canal drafts snd awaida, Mr. I.nranwnon waanppointe.1 a meinlier of the raaj.millee tai tbe Internal affairs of towns and ooun tiia In place uf Mr. Waieo. resigned. Mr. Jaia Ct aarv. County Clerk of New York, re- f ntted that tbe total nctt ie.-elia snd fees nf his office r Isnn, asaamiiled to tlo '2isl, ami there ba-l been rs relvid tn a4Ha..n ami nld to Ilia county Treasurer tU tsft ex isatr the ain.iuut of feea, all the espouses for srmrs halla-eii ek!d. mi ia tsTtortri in. lly Mr. Snnwoon- To regulaie tht femes between Ni w Yolk au I Stolen I. land. ToltHaa-siaie the Couiiniaiwsalth Bsvmg It uik, Nw York. lly Mr. HeTrmmM T Incorporate ths L.ieners' Dwk, New Yoik. lly Mr. Iiaaaiairr- To prohibit Ihe nso of caraphen and liunilng fluid bi private hoMsos.hotelaaud isaird llig hoiiaea, lly Mr. Fxovnar-To facilitate the collection ot miaieya on exerutmns. The bill for a railroad on Spring street. New York, waa taken from tbe table aud referred to tho Commit tee laiCttiea aial Villages. Mr, Mooas moved f ir a report of all the assets an 1 reiwliita, exia-tuMsi end divhteuds of the Rnaiklyn f las l.lghi C,ei suy, under oath for three years inmI. Agree.1 lo. Mr. Flaunt moved for a annllar report from the Itrisklyn Ferry Oaniainy alta.e its bicxap.a-auoii. Agreed to. Adjowrnwirnt ef Ike AntMHbxvrry Harlrty. Itefnaal of Ihe Maimrhasrtt lckdntarr le loaa Ike Morlety Ibeaue of llrpr oolallve'e Hall, Ar. (, Jan. 21. TA long report of the pro ceedings of the eoclely yesterday afternoon waa plao ed in the IPsstiai telegraph ofuee to tat traaimltiel over the wires last evening, but 11 failed for sums reaw.u lo dime lo hand y. I. IlyirUr. ma trsaiao nioriraniaae. After TrrmoDt Temple waa dosed last night by M i)or Wiiiirra ta, at ths renpiMt of the trustees, al least five thuuud people gathered In the vicinity, tbe majority believlug Uial tbe cksilng tf the place wss nun sly a ruse loget rid uf the mob. After waltisg two honrs lu a polling snow storm air lbs reopening of the ball, lha crowd broke up Into aetsvato laities, and gradually dlsperseX Alamt 200 of the crowd vial lad the residence ef Mr. Thh I irs, In Faaex street, ao I threatened to "clean bliu out," but Deputy Chief of IVilice, lUv, with a squad of pullcometi, preveuted the outrage aud uivle several arreata. Tho colored potmlallon beciuwe greatly alarm ul, aa Hi reals were mode by s few of tho m .b t visit their hoitaea, ui deanonatralbHia, however, (were made. The police force called nut lo praaerve the aatco numberid une hundred and fifty uiom It la eald that Mayor Wlghtman was Informal that an organised attack, by a strong force, would bs made ou the Temple from the oulalde In case Hut oouven llon re-aasenibled In the evening, anil U prevent tho destruction of Ihe property of the numerous occu pant In the lsement and iHher lairtl.aj uf the building he was Induced to cloae tho hall. The M iy r haa decided thai the ball alu.ll let las rc-ofa-nod tod ty. There waa a large crowd about tho temple this foreniaai, and the atrect had to lie kept upeu fur te hkles by the police. Tho riotous deiianwtratiou, however, la uow ritlre ly ul an end. The A nil-Slavery 8- lelr are holding a session at Die Salttj's rooms, Waalilngbm street, todsj, Ths police sre protocllug them from outsiders. Tbe meiting adopted a series of resolves that ths Society has proposed nothing but In strict aocordtnee with lots to Uod and all mankind that their con stitutional rights have been trampled upon by Ihe mob and tho Mayor of Thiton i that the eullie re raiuibility reste-l iqion Ihe Mayor and appealing with cuiifldeiice from his malavlmlnUiratiou of Ihe law to Ihs country, ths civilised world, aud to Uod Almighty. II was then voted lo apply lo th Legislature or the use of the Representative Hall to-night. Iloilim, Jan. 2i. The Anti-Slavery So. lety re-elected the old Hoard of Offii-ers this afteruoon, re ferring Jit aeoa'e declluatlon of l'resldeut to a com mittee. F-issosp QriM'T explained tho pmceedlngo of last night, exiaieraling the 'I melees of Tremoul Temple rum we uie. He pronounced Mayor WionrutH of ne conse queuw, rematklug that 11 was doubtful If there was any Mayor of 11 arum. Borne conversation followed, whsn the Convention amounted tin die. In tho afternissi an order waa Introduced In the House, to grant the uae of Representatives Hall for a Iiublio matting of Ihs Aatl-Slavery Society thla even ng. Alter a warm debate, Ihe order waa refused taawage by yeaa Otf, nayo ISO, The House was dense ly crowded during Ibe debale. A bill waa alao introduce,! In the House, giving Ihs Governor power, ou the application of twelve tltlrena, to uae the military force, under orders of Ihe Sheriff uf any county, to supprsas riot and protect free sieei h. Tho bill was referred to the Judiciary Coaimlllee. Tlie remowtrance against ins repeal or trie rar aonal Liberty law had a hearing today bet- ths si lai committee. Rsv. J. BrXLUt Mima (colored), Wimuvu. Puim s T. W. UnraiNanit and other Aln lllloniata, a) agalasl ropeaung the bill, whoa tho couimluee ruao. (Icergbt Ceavewtlea. MilMjtvillt, Ca., Jan. 2UX.K report wat offered that uo state be admitted Into the southern fnlon, unless 11 be sleveholdlng, and If subsequently abolishing slavery, ouch state shall be excluded frum the I ulun. Tabled for the preaent. Resolutions .were Introduced, relative to direct southern trade also propualnaT that Commlsslonsrs Uaenl lo all slavelieldlng stalea. Objectlous were made to aetullug Commlaslouers to Debtware. Re frrred. Tbe following ordinance wore offered, and all nude tbe eiaaial order for toaiorrow i To abolish the Federal Courts, and re-establish the authority of Ihe 8tt Courts t continuing In force certain Federal lawa under tht control of the slate I declar ing what shall oonatUute treason concerning citlaeo ahlp. An ordluanre waa paaaed resuming stale authority over territory which bad been ceded to thol'ulted States, The Cunveution will probably taks a recess after Vsday, sveath Carelioe. lla!timorr, Jim. 25. Tbe special Charleston correspondent oitta-rnertain, says that ths South Carolina Vlglhuao Comnilltee have ferreted out a man named Donoa, who enlisted at a soldier al Fort Meultrto, charged with Iwing a correspondent of tho New York JYtlmsv, and compelled hlia to leave Ibe (llkwasslppL St. Until, Jan. 25, A snocUl dispatch to the crjacWawn, fioui Jackson, Iflaa., 13d, says the ou ventlon has elected seven delegate tJ the southern eooventian, lo meet at Montgomery, The conven tual alao ed an ord.nauce to ralss sight regl siehls of trooie, aia! Jorrxxeosi Davis was elected MsJih General. .Maryland. flatmore, Jan. 25 Gov. llil Kt ho appointed llona. drniM Jounoor, Acorsvcs W, ItaAnmau, WllUtK T. OoiJausoaocoa, Jons W. Cxitsrion aud J, Dtxea Rouain, all dovceed t'mou C mimla stoners to meet the Commlsaloners apiailntea by ths Legislature of Virginia la Washington ou the tlk of Fela-iuiry, Theae gentlemen reprsaeut all aettloiw uf tlie state, Haiti more city, eastern aul western shores, ou, wvtftvtu HtrrlkuL, Sij Union Ren j, Jan, Th erlintaca of ie. cesaaon was reported to Ihe Convention by tht Com mltteo of rifteen, to-day, aad wfll probably pose le A resolution was reported to tbe Convention, that the following be added to the ordinance I " We, tbe people of Lnulalaoa, recognise Ike right of fret navigation nf Ihe Mississippi River and tribu taries by all friendly state bordering Iherenn we also reongnlse the right of Ihe ingress and egress of lbs mouths of tho Mississippi, by ell friendly states and powers, and hereby declare our vrlUlngnsal lo enter Into stipulations to guarantee the exercise of those rlghla." Daiim Xougf, Jan. ViThS prospeiie this mera Ing are decidedly lu fhrnr of adjourning the Convert' tioa lo New Orleans. HkeeV Island IrgWstlare. rroridtnee, Jan. 25. The House of lleprewn tatives bars concurred with ths Senate In reiosllng the Penssial Liberty bill. The voU stood 49 ti 11. Five members were alieenl. Naval. AVil, Va.,'j,in. 2J. Tbe llrookljn aailed yesterday tor Ibe 8 ruth, with sealed order, she Ukrs two companies from Fort M mroe. From Waaadnaieeu WaMngton, Jan. 2."i. Mr. Cot fax's amend ment to the FuMl Route bill fur a daily overland mall propose that II ahall atari from a point on the west em frontier ofMbmouri, accessible by railroad from the cast, and go through to riacervllle, Instead of 'mm Bt. Louis to Ban Francisco. Letlets aial newaiwpers sre to go through In iO days, ami magaslnes and da-iimeul in HA days, but these may be sent by the contractor by stewmer, at his own eirttue. Ho showed. In hi remarks, thai it would involve ily $JoOtoou per annum over the pfencnt system, latiug the thea)ieel daily plan as yel ssaael. Ibis amtndmilit la still pending. 'Ibe matter between repreaenlatlves Rest and Dei V la In tlie hauls of frlerala. It la not ei.axted tlial a bualtle meeting will grow out of It. Tho BniiAle las csaiflimed the foll.rwlng rjomliia lloua i()renvllle W.hs. i, toiled gules Attorney for the Western Dlntriil uf Arkanaaa, rtos Wdaon, tealimed. inuurlea E. Jonlan. diltt latem Iliatrhi. H Hat rail, resigned, James M. Itmwn, Marshal for Ibe Weatetu Dlstriit of Arkansas rfee Jaooway, re moved; W. J. New kirk, IVarlmaatar, New Albany, lod i Lieut. Jamea M. Wataou, lo be placed un the reserved Hat of Ihe navyi Romaine Dillon, of New rk, Secretary nf legation al Tunla; K. II. H-ad-Cd, nf New York, Cisisul Ueneral to Bimoda, Ja I an: ,1. J. BirliwM r, uf Pennsylvania, Consul to Ve nire: John A. Parker, Vs., l; maul to llavilulu; Atalrew tl. CarcAhers, of the ltiatrlct nf Coliluibla. I'isiaiil to Turks Island, William C. Iturcliani, of New York, lo Camiayugua and Tygirlgalia, Wllllaet Carroll, nf St. Helena, Oajsul to llial place; Robaa, nf tluttesiburg. Consul t-l that place. Hand Porter Heap, of the Ilialrlil of ColuinMt, Consul Ueneral lu Constantinople; James Mi 1) rwell, of Missouri, Oiisul lo Lyona, Charles Frecht, of Caliaa-lila, Coesul t Cologne, I). 1. Henderson, of Kentucky, Oastul to Carrara, South America. Represeutatlvs lloci.ioav, of Louisiana, declares tbul he was elei ted as s I woo man, ley c'nlon men, lo repreaint them In the I'nioalhel he haa not changed tf they have that Ihey cannot taks him wllh Ihera Into secession, sad ho will continue to oo tupy his seat unleas be Is called home by the slate. From Fort He aster. fPiqxtrA ta las y.eniwj W.) Washington Jan. 25. It is understood that Major AM'sasoN ha determined to allow the wives and iauiUiee uf the eildieri under hi command to I removed to New Yerk. As the men have been una Ws to receive any pay from th 8 ufu Carolina tub trceeury, they cauuiH well suiijairt Ihsao dopeudsuts. Some uf them ars pair and In destitute (trcimv etancea. and niay tased tho klad atletitton of your charitable jaroplo. AsoMtaoa and Us tfTicers were Indignant at the offers of ths Bouth Caroline authorities to supply 'him with fresh provisions. They rejected the offer with scorn, and demanded free access lo Ihemarketa slating thai Uiey would pay for everything they wanted. About two thousand persons are engaged In get ting up batteries and fortifications oo the various slants of Charleston harbor, but In must of them are unsuccessful. Their works could sadly be taken by any well-trained land force. Ths guns of Fort Sumter are able lo reach Char limteo, and will not fall short, as some military meu have aaaerled. The Rhctl people are very dissatisfied wllh Ihe dilatory )adiey of Pickens, and the lort nay be aa ssiled by the armed populace al any momeoiwithoul permission of the authorities, Uut tho Vnlou turves are ou tho altrt aud prepared. Theae things I learn from a letter from Fort Bumter, A rumor Is current In the city that Ihe buoys In M ibile barbtar hare been removed by the secession ist. Theae buoys were placed about thirty miles from ths city. New Jersey lataUtarr. 7iwMti, Jan. 25. Tbe Union resolutions, re onmineuding conciliatory meastirea, and aptailntlng CHistaa H. Ouia, frm D. Vacant, Robist F. Stoi k-roa, iixsjauin WiujAuaoN, Jaru RcaisajH, Kun.rjiicx T. FssuaonctsiN, R.mtiAri M. Psics, luouas J. BTiTkrs, aud Ws.C. AisiAaoxx. Oia- mlssloners to go to Washlngtou, and meet Virginia aial other elate Oimnusslonera, came up In the Hoiiao tiaisy, and after a whule days aeaalon w Ithout adjournment, they were iaaaed. It toll. The Re publicans offered amendmenU, but they woie voted down. Ou Monday a bill will be offered In the Senate lo take a vote of tho people of Ihe stale for or against a compromise, similar to the Crittenden resolulims, or some other conciliatory measure. General Telegraph News. flrr al IHurlne, Wevravaeto. Racin. Jan, 21. A fire this morning destroy ed the building scrupled by Jan m O. rUrriXTT aa' a dry good a store. Ni4hlng was saved- Lose on the building and goods ,000 1 Insured for $4 000. The fire is supramed to bo tho work uf an Incendiary. Mar- nkatcr., Jan, 25. The schooner Jalia, of and from Orland, Me., for New York, with 1,100 quintals uf fish, went aaliors laal nlgbl oa 11 stent's beach, Newxirt. Bhs lis U a bad iealUou. All lund weie saved. Tbe Iteesrn! Nssw Mter Boston, Jan. 21. There was a thick snow storm thia evening. II is raining now heavily. The morning train from New York wa reported al S SO F. M , stuck In a snow drift near Nsw Brvukflsld, aud nut expected le reach Boston tuulght, Ilaac-c at ( -svhu-li. Cincinnati, Jan. 25. PATltldK Hcllcoil, whe waa atasienevsd some lime suae for killing hie wife, was bung here today al 10 o'clock A. M. Tfce Jackal Caae. Trenton, A. ., Jan. 25 Tho Jackalew cose Is still landing. Five wttuoaece were examined to day on Ike raui of Ihe suvemmouL amona- whom were Mrs. Lsrrs and bar daughter EuxasarB, aod Pr. Qriroa. Tus bvdlee corroborated the testimony, and vunnrmed the testimony hretccre brought out. Pr. Qcauoa testiflsd to o of blood found on Ihe ball of twine, aud thai these spots had been oovered over with vermllllon paint. During Ihe examination of otra. lx ere ana ner aauguier, uie prisoner exniiiitei a great deal of uneasiness and nervous agitation- A ra-usound atlllueas pervaded the court-ruum during the time they were ou the stand. A witness ou Ihe part of Ihe Uovemmeal being absent, aad, as Ihs court stated, the court. Jury, oouasel and witnesses had i id s laborious week, the court would be ad journed to Monday next, at It o'ulock. After the adlournmenl of tha court la th morning. JAOKAUrw aald( ' Me know 'em," referrtna to the Lure', " Sorry Opta la Lxers gone." A Berage tnr ITrvUc. The Tribune says it is apprehended la Wash' ington that If Fort I'lckena, at Pentacolt, be taken bv the rebels, privateers will be framed), atelv fitted out to prey upon tbe commerce of theKertb. Mr, UrjciiASAN, instead of tending reinforcement to tbe commander of the small force there, haa aent Instruction! lubiUntlally directing blm to surrender In cat of aa attack. If renncola should fall completely Into tbe hands of the rebels, it will become a most con venient place of refuge for pirates, and no Amor. lean merchant Teasel will be safe la tbe Uulf without tha convoy of a man-of-war. (load New freea Kentaeby. A letter of recent date hat been received hy a dUtinguh-hed member of tht House of Represen tatives, from tn influential member of the Leg islature of Kentucky, in which the important fact appears that lion. James Gtrrniua, lion. Johhva F, Ban, Col. Habxet, of the Louis ville Democrat, Mr. UnnaitwooD, and other Union men, hare resolved to resist the calling of any Convention unlet it It postponed until a late day say the 1st of August, 1861. There seems (o be little doubt but that the Legislature will act upou their advice. A few dayi ago a resolution wot introduced Into the 1 louts to raise the American flag over the Capitol, which wat carried by a vote of 70 to S3, when It wag pro. posed to fire a solave of 83 gun in honor of tha ceremony. Qor, kLtaorns refused to give them th uae of tbe guni la tbe arsenal, upon which the Union mea threatened ti break It open. He finally ) ieldml to their demand, and the ttag wat rtUed mi the gum firod. h Wm0Ww a"eMave e A battery of n-roamAart li te be erected ea the bank it tbe Miaaljolppi, at MsenpMe. Tbe rive crt will therefore be com pelled te lie ta at that point, aa well M at Vlckiburg. The Tenntssieo MlnaU Men eec te be the erlrit ton of thia new outrage. Vf quote the follow ing from the Memphit A raian tht of Monday! -The Minute Mea hove had tendered to them six teen 11-pound cannon by Major A. II. Dat-asa, who became tbe purchaeer when the Federal Government diapoeed of the Navy Tard of tha oily. Theae gun are in garni condition, and will tnuusdlalely be put In working order . "II lo tho rmrpnee of the committee to apply to the City Council for the privilege of ore cling Ike battery al such point aa may be selected, aa well aa kit aa ap propriation ontumeuaurate with lbs plan proposed. ' The pins nee ot three oanneu eaenu elvaesC nrorf- eettrial, end It le-hoovee us, uxupytng ths poaluoa thai Memphis does, to avail otiraelvea of every means to revel ths attack, and Insure safety, should actual hiwilltiea,o which now, there seems little doubt, occur. Let us lv all meana ntreiurlben eeraelve la vei y evetlaUe manner, ao as lo be prepared for aay and every coutliiKeiM'y. Wo truat that our triotie and laiblic aiirllad cillffiia will aid the committee tn Ihle work, which mar eventually t rove our ail vation. ami ahnw to abniiliontste aud their federal allien. If Itier ahiaild attempt coarclmi, thai here In Tenneaaee Ihey will be welcomed with Ihe courtesies of war." Ths Louisville J.rtimal haa the fillowing t "There is no lunger any room lo dotiM lb report that a battery has len eretted al Vlckslairg, Ihe ob ject of which la lo eulorce Ihe order compelling all descending eteainlaeita to laud al thai port and sub mil to an lnaat!on by tho constitutional authorities. Steamlsacl men who arrived from that point on Sun day and yeateriey confirm tho Iruthof tho nm ir, aial have fumlahed ua the names of several boats wlu hava thus been coninlled to land and mvlergo a foruial search. Wa are also assured thai an h IsiaU aie required to aty Ihe usual wharfage rataa, al thottgh their btielotss engagements dt a-4 require them to latal al Vlikslsirg." The Clncbuiatl jCVnuayTi-iil says I "Tbe Mlaalaaf pplarts are In ' dead earnest In mak ing all 'foreign' bnele su-p aivl give au aoeounlof U.emaelvua. The A. I). Taylor dieibeyed Ihe first ln Jtuvtlun delivered ly a all larund ahot, ami a twenty four mjder was loada.1 with thain-stua an.1 aiinod at 11. a boat. Fortniaitely or unforliuiately, aa the raae may las, Ihe gun'mlaaod fire, and g"t lieyond the range of the Iwttery. Tho Tylor landed at nutlet's wharf -boat, was boarded by a dot hment .of ailll laty, aud mads to go lank to Ihe encampment, wete she wis thoroughly overhauled, ami then per iiiiimI Li esi tai her war. Atl Cincinnati Isa4s wdl 1 ato,a-dty the soldiers uf the new republic." Tho Vic kebtirg Whij of the ICth says: "Th lamittMi uf ths military cmemnie having teen changed bi takw the ateamlioat landing, down stream laau will an be required to stop alsive tho city. Csaliei should bear In mind that they wtll is t lie prriallied to uia d twn below the wharf boat with their boats I torn indicating their Intention of stoplng, Asb-atls at4diHn lata here without latal Ing, they will flirt no trouble ia complying with the ainivc." -hlp :lba. rtwraotois' svatmjxit. We, the undersigned, pasaengert by tlie Bre men ship (llotaia, bund at sea, certify that on the I2th of J musty, about 4 o'clock A. M , am ike wa discovered tiy the watch on deck. Issuing from ths hold beneath lbs cabin, uf which Ccpt. lltAsas was al isioe Infonncd. All rsvsalble exertions to discover the location is the fire ami eiliugulah it was al once resorted to j Cai. B ; a bole wa cut lu th rabia floor, but the em. .ke coming nut so denae waa obllge.1 bt stop It wllh bedding; all on board then went lo wurkbetwecu decks, rlearing away pruvlaione sn 1 merchandlso to net at Ihe fire, but were compelled to alwndmt their 1st sir after a half hour's rxerttiai. In ciaieequaaie of the ami ke and great heat. Cent. II. II m bad tho tala cleared away and provided with pts.vialoaa, water, aad nautical ltistiumenta, after which, by htsurder. Ihe hsbhu were fastened down. In order to smother the fire. A rt of the crew and peanengrra were thou put lu Ihe b iat. Opt. B. ietrotially aitperiiiteuitliigtbe embarkation and neelog that fall was proper. During all thla time Ces- II. had nothing on but hla nlghl elolhea. After this be returned on hoard, aud had ths decks kept wet, Ibe Isr al ths time was melting In tho seams, hs continually en outraging the asengrrs, snd eaaurlng them that they ahould be eaved la fore he would desert the vea eel. At I F. M. a sail hove tn sight, when the ensign was run up uulou dovm. Ths veaael bors flown lo ns, which proved to 1st ths British ship Mrrnlnr Bur, t. Clarm u Opt Bi-Asxi then boardeil her and requtsfted to have the passengers and crew taken off, which wss immediately c.sisetittd to I y Opt. C. by whose aaalatance with bia boat aial thoao uf the (ilobua, all were safely put on lasurd nf the Morn ing Star, with tho sxceptiuu of one man, whobeiaiut bewildered, 1ums?d overboard and was drowned. During ths Urns nf erubarksttou a heavy aaa was running, but good order prevailed owing to the promptitude end cuulneaa of Opt. B and but otfi -en, Capt. II. waa Ihe last man to leave tho ship; previous lo but leering one c f the halt hea wsre opened, and ll was found that tbe veaael wa on fire, for end aft. A heavy gale sprang up al the lima Caiit. U. left, and hla boat narrow y escaped being swamped before reaching the M ruing Star. Signed, HsisoPpsn. HKi.rrt, Jaxsi. Huuitta, F. Ism. L. II. Kan. And all tho paaaetiei s. Variont means of settling the South and pre serving the Union were discussed the other eve ning In Washington. A gentleman at length taut that Kentucky hod both the will and the material ta stop all the trouble both now and for the future. "Vest fSenllemen," laid he, Kentucky Aeotrt la what alone Is needed." rKKsiinxsT Baii.ti.tM has m itfd Ueneral Dix to remain a guest at the White, dur ing hi short term of uflioc. CITY NEWS. AsxivKRsjmr of tiiu Woman's IIosriTAt, Ashoclaticus. Tlie titth anniversary of tbe X. Y. State Woman's Hospital Aaaia-latlm will be bald today, al noun, at ths hospital, be M tdieon avenue, cor. tRth street. Fan. Rkamxo Koomi. The Kov, Howard Oooon lately called to the Pa. to rat of tbe North ruptlsl Church baa hlied aud fitted up rooms al 113 Chrislopher street, to la) used as Free Reading Rooms for the young men of hi congregation aud for all ether well disposed young men la that part of the city who may wiih to and their eveulngt In this very pleasant and profitable manner. The murnlug and evening papers and the Issst of ths weeklies, with a good suply of Magaalaae both Araetlcauacd British can be found there. Besides theae, tho roomo will be supplied with religious and oscular paper from all parte ot the Country. The room wsre to lie opened formally laal even ing by appropriate exercise lu the Meeting house opposite, (Ihe Notth Baptist) but owing to Ihe uu favuraUs weather, the services were pjstpoued tall Moodsy nsxt. Qeod epeaker are engaged and a the young men of 0 neighborhood have taken a deep interest la the movement, full boua may be expected. New York, Jan. V. 1C1. Cos. JOHN W. FARMER'S fltKK DINING 8ALO0X, 4T I uplow mivr. Come and rat, ye poor and hungry, without money, and without price. Open from C la tho evenjag until midnight. Tbe above I a copy of a ticket, of which a quan. tlry ha been cent wa for distribution to th usee 1 lous. Mr. Faoata says I " I am determined thai none ahall go away hun gry as long aa I ahall bars a ahot In the locker, Tbe tins lar opening ou Ihe ticket, I Intend to cut off, la cose Ihe times should become more pressing, aud keep open day aud night." For CUT IVe vr-ts, nee Third Page. tasvi kit omcKi TTs have recently opened a new FaUteatlon OS i tor tht Btra (dsalgped a It ultimata aad per oaanent centre at Mo. CI Broadway, under the Asnertfsu i Museum j a point which bag bean Justly termed "the eyt of Now York" being at th Jano Uon ef Ua two grand oreaghres, and ef every BaUroed aod Omnibus Una la the city, with, bat a lew minor txoerdiona. To reach tha nsw Bon Ofl o b sreJore, from any part of tha city or It environs, 1 1 o y necessary to hall the nearest stage or ear, and be set down al tht door. It la evident that there U only on neb. place of bu la New York. The old stand of the Boa, ooauer of Fullo and Raasau, will of court not be given up, al least for tome time te coast. BwlUtarfor eoatlau to bt doe at both office. Aa advangeona proposal, however (for any other purpose than a dally paper) br the loaa of moat of the v-uablt premise on the old corner, would aot be drefarded oven bow. A VALUABLE DESK KOOK-arohably the most wuabl lath City, fcr many rwrfoe--ei be al luded to a aatUhctory occupant, la our Broadway Oflo. TrtE WEAK AKD DEMUTATBD tUOULD HOT neglect reeding Ihe 4vtTama of Dr. Aaoneoa st"Tet iB ka lAjTtletefl.'oa t amrth page af this taper. Ukaaalvrocy atrial. Wbtav u mt Bot Cifabu o Doava nave his bead examined. Fowua A Wxl eaa teal yesi what trade er kuaera he a III bs sack sunns mlsl ta. tail at toe Uroadwayi tod It trill tavt yea Btaok sreuaat ta4ftnxi etfi S. F. nmABT Wru Otuarr trrtl . .-- - -- aril $tt&T,vr&Gl eaaeetMfekeettavinvrUts IrvMweal votes ta taD an she aftleJed Wet adlbatunivaUedaaaaeee. Balsa easree have bsesi aewetl. I tt late, aad ao as eOer wit briten ta "Juat as reed," fiak roar rkratetsa.s aac tor xaews taai taw i thki Rlttsn 1. etsrve lhaa wtnea,)eai sere e ma ssuMtiaea me ealyesanln rsjrev Httbss of R F. IIIRHAIUt. It Fultna If ark, end J. W. UAI-f, lis 1 -tea at, Breekl1 A ILtaa Oris9TtTrT. Wii CAtx, ttoats an aacttoeaaU take held TIIIA KTFsni alaaowBATI.RIlAV r.Vr.NISd al Ike tJHlN t'ADB, eoceg Atlantis anC Cllninn, eta, BRODX Vmhi. knMkaewea an aU laalikase ra wID 1 lor their Interest te attend i as SUCH ClIAm bar emds ef eneh rare sjuauvf eeieom eeeer are ou ot uo nasi paauir, aava ua mm s Th TJsnfw, rmt wholb O-aaeet ROW AM) IDRkVFR . rLica. s Lac nriirvv i KJXLOOl), I ntaar'a Tatcormtttoeaj Is the beat sag akeaseat ortlela for drswdeg and 1 frtna, eleanlns. en r Una, I riser t lag I aair, UMiesiryl r BcU by en eragglskj. A MrntrAi. Novxt.Tr. riFRrVH PATS NT F1LK FIPB AND PILF1 i ssr rs i tor ins inrAano. oiner uses all draiitsU, anil at UU Naau mL New k ork. (1m id th. SISIisiKIm ..mmm. h. IhU iMatewmB St. -..,!.. I .... J .. .. .k .-. - .-.-I ...-. anwitm, w, nw---,H.y ,v ,n an,eq pa.aH Invention has mit tnfSinost unquallned appswbsll I'nrevriatie ana sitrsona, 10 wnoni u nas naea swoass Ihes-e era msne. too. who bare experienced Hsbsrl w no sia aa tn 11 in manctf praise, BOfnenv caee-' eipetalM hmolrodsef dollars wllh no relief. A li. n riutvi, ueneral anuer, un na 0 K tnti Ac in Mi-ittvu Watmi.- and tret a pamphlet cotitainm the opinions ef k.d rhomUla and nhrsK-tans resras-ttns Ihe ess wat. r tn tbe eases of manr dlaeaaea nf Ihe homaa s Testimonials from some of oar most resDectable e are edited Pamphlets aent by mail en apeliei HIRAM W. lumTWK'K, (lata of IVarulnshOoie t Btivroaiiiii uosei iHiuams, oi ttrswaea. UIKKAJL. ItOTICKS. I-ewt-Ororc Notice--Ts soelks fer leasl via. Llvertmol, per I' H. stealuir FDINHt'RllIll rkae at this nttKsi on Saturday ths Hota dsy uf Jail at low e'eiock, a. tu. W, IV TtYLOR, rianmwl .. Wrwtcbesaicr f'ewalv Taaeav-Tlasiat nnn, Vfsk.neld, I nlon Port, (lllnvllle, Felnaul aehlnatonvllle. Central and tA t Miwint ternnl 'I axes ar now ous auit may no pata uireisn it nerlb.r at hlaofltee.oor llrand and KJaabeth Mondsr, Tuesday aod Wedmaslay. Jan XX, ti. !U list of back tains are now e. rreeted, and mar tie s above. JUllN S. tOKKU Ueneral Collostor. ).l TVe Irkak rrteatkaaMl at I leas aad Ahrxl Rev. lr. MANAHAN wll repeat hU lecture oa thl.1 lect, inCeopir lastitule,on rtunday next, Jasaatl at 9 oscluca, 1. M. Tickets so sent. laitiM POIalXICAIa. C3rr al Man. Mcvtlna: ef the rrepns! VTK MIST HA VI. HtU AND NAltun HIX1 RIIY, CnNnwirw ami fsiMPKOMIgf. TIIK I NIDI Ml HT HK HtVMH The I'oopie vf the city m New York arc rriiowt aawnina in MAM MIFTIVI. ATTIlhl IMIFIR INHIITITK, on MONDAY M I MMI, JANLAKY itlll, IM31 UALr-raav eaiaa u'cuxia, te delita-rate np,ai . OIR NAT K IN VL (KIMS The following dtatlnsnlahed speakers will be M snd sddrta. Ihe mi ting r Hon. JsmeeT lusdy, ian. Illram F. Can. Johu Corbrane, I M t haa. U'Couaer, " Hiram WalhrlUge, I " Rodman M Tries Otn. R F, Stocktou, I " Haotrl F. Dick Hon Wa. Irvine, Wm M llrrhj and others known lobe devoted ta our I.NiOIl i Pr-At?. and who endorse tbe sentiments eoulaia the "cell." rite undeelsned, helievln that tlie present f enndttlon of our common eountry, tho threaten strueuun el trio t nlon sno ins aroeius asasera ot war, render It Imperative that tho voire of Now 1 should now be heard In favor of such measures sa calculated te I'KhtiMtMll-EAti: AND FtRrKTUATK TU I MOM. hereby call opon their fellowasitiaens to aasemble It MASS Mr.KTl.Vl. at tlie UaiPl.K INdririrri on Monday evenlno. Jannarv xHUt tnat et half seven o'clock, te eonidder such qiieNtlona and to tna oevociMion ei ine uut t ail IV TH. t NIOSI, TIIK IJl.NSTITITION AM) THE LAWS n Rlydenburxh, Joseph Stewart, JohnWLewk CV ft Ostrauder, W.SIa?rwcod, Co C F llniiter, C'yrua l-eck, MTm V Bradr, C 11 Mary, Wm. I). Murphy, L Appleby A S Thoa Samcll A narrow lieiirimo, Cornellai K ttona, J Cnddinitoe, riaon, Jaeiah .lex, SB CuahiD, Chss r Crete. TDanolstown, Ihtvld llsden, Klljah F Purd. Ileni 1 llrtub, Lorins Andrsss, Raulara Lesga Matthias Hark, O W Leake, ftelah Squ.rae, Wm JissO'BrlenJ It Nelson, Woleoma R lit 1 boo Williams. IrVThos I ae, tMoFHope, 'sirse,FrattAO,ACJ!,abrlaklo, Wm II Haaeln, Henry Salisbury AW F. Ikn, Us aid 0en to llaytllrother. fer, Julius Wadworth,M A Ihimhatn, AND 6,ouu OTUKR3. 1 fJrOClJEXT nOTIG-W. The Old Caaal strv-el Ts apssraatce ftocl meet eorner of Christopher snd Hudson sts, so Son evetilns The meetltis will be edilreaetid by Mr. JO CAKUllia.tlU)U(lK K FIERCE, r.. and ot eminent epeaxers 1 lie friends ot temperance are vlted to attend. JOHN M1LLKR, FreaUent, CALV M. FLCK, Secretary. I Trarirserwiieo Tbe Olive Ilrwarh Tret renee Horkir will hold a publlo meeting en Han, rveulug tnsit, Jan STlh, at I o'clock, at T Faut Brc wsytsofkaa-. I rlends of the cause are inv Ited to n I early. Oood spiaklni and .losing. D. WOLltil l-rra.l U. A Tll'JKN ION, Rec. Sec ll Irrvllle flardner's Iaakavray Teosperat Club will hold a meetlus at the tourth Ward Read Room, N 11 New llowery. this (ileunUr) event January With Mr. R. M. I-OFR, J. W. IUAsKK, others will sddress Ihs meotlug. Also, good aioglus Tine Caaal street T. Ik Heolesty war-rt la I marline Hall, eorner ot Mh are. and (Vth st Sues evening flood speakers will tie present, whose only Ject is the rernrmetloi. nt tholr tallow men from tale ranee. We enrdlally Invite all -greet and ass BASSET1', 1'r.e.i . SWAKT Yv OCT, Sot. I Inebriated llewse, l.Vt Cksukaas at Preen Ing tomorrow al halt-pt 10, prayer meetlag at B, te peranee meetlna st 1 o'clock; tlie Rsv. Mr. WIIITNI of Boston, will address Uai meetings. N. VVfr, Frw. OKO.T.UAl,See. It- Ra-LlUIOVS. Pisteest FeterepsU t'ai Osera-I." Weal xVth St.. west of Wh M l.rriP- Vtoe Ht,lesa 1L3T Wl Prwtewtat KalerapaJ ai'karrk ef tbe Vr eve. Kev. UtJ westsotnet. IrtTtneaerviee every Bonasy at no. O'ewex a at , s TMFJd. Seals free. altaXW'lf Na-er 1 ark Yeasm Mesa Chriat a XmnH HOB in nev. i'r.AWSSII Acta, wui uiwua aaan- evenlno. at the rruuestolin Asaootailsn. m SOS r Bsptist church, ear. Broome and Kliaabetk ok, at lu the ri W Shetwstl f, "Wl e'eiock. Tneputillcondeepeeiauy young vlted te attend ie. Mate Mrwrt reaarrgratlssBal rtrarrfc, s Tint at Rav. Waaliloaton claddun. Faator. Freae ' las tonwrrow at low o'clock, A. M7 and IH la the eve tog. Buuoar Dcnooi ai v ana s swws. sat rUweauf rtcrvke. -The lat BeHadeeie ae an .In I nlan 'h.Bol.tiae. af Uroadwav and Xttki rhetor oolngte the row. Rev. THOMA - - .- . -.. r- "..... -.Ii.,c. l !..: rmiiauur.T win pa aanw soaas Rev. THOMAS W. CON W A Y (Baattstl Moeeh al UH, and Prof. MATTISON, al I p i li evening ilUoourse will relate to Ibe Dctrli Oevrrswat and Design ef aniepsudent Mithodi chuchee." leu BaJterr Ckapet. Mat at-, SMoeata Ca t (iardra, llsv. tllARLIJI VT. DHNISON, Ohaplal FubUeservtooe esery Sunday. at lost a. m-ly aval IHlotheev-ilns. Ulhlaa, Uumenta aad Iraeta ,1 du-reat lngojao, eatrlhsiled. besufrae. lit Aatlerk fhrra rkarrk, rear, ae Broa. Iwa and W th at Rev. M. CVMM1NII8 wj aeak U 10 ealark. A. M- on Bandar, the ITth falst. Bsrvtsss eves Buadsy tasrnlng aad evening. Deals Dee, Ua rwMIe rHirw saw-Beslwre Mr. Ba taai a th Homaa Catkoll etda and Mr. MATUIBON ea t Freteatanl side, will be held In the Ulaaokse Bel ha, ear efRlreaksrudMatsaslslaaaswveweveaia. I half-teat t ireloek. uheot-" Baoe of Ike Maa 11cketa,I0ceuta. IM Ckrlatlaa irTUlee J. I- B'ahas ta ta aevaatv tavenorrew eveeias. at IM o'clock, at th Saaotuarr, II in at, en the fuUflmsaTef Ihs hblela the ins aa eeeond coming ef Christ, the Usees ptlsn ef Mlllenkim, Ac, ac Beaia free. He The) rrh ef naaor-Vt ObeoC,aad Beat eetsU the Human Family, vs. the Fmtsstaal Ckareh e kaetare In Hbasokar Hutidioea, ear. Meeekor aad Mas too eta., Sunday evening. Tickets 10 oeeta, te eWre, Sipra w. Ber. Frtcr C -rtwrlgbt D. I rke ITttae Conferenea, wUI preach In th lane htU ef the Oeepe I natituU Sunday afVmoou, Kith Inst, eom meaning o'clock. Tbe public arc cordially lavttsd. Ul Market Hires Ckarr--Bev. C-aaasey B f Murray, Faator, srtU prewch te-aoenew asera-ig asji 1 erealng. Morning servkaa wlU iimseaass af la,J o-clooa- Evening ssrvleee at lajeuea. "jraws-n, jw j others are oordlallv bsvtasd SeU wU bowevialBl Notice of Yraing pioplet I'raycx Meetlag win be give. o-clooa-' Evening services at Ikf W. S?at-rs aMf 1 from the pulpit. Rev. J. C. Jaeehl wltl JenvwrBI v -.. , t--.K4 !!- la tat 1) its) Feces. m llvlas ortglar J ot Chrhdutatty, tn k 1 bomss Wssksa .Cyjd. e-. lT7B"Sattjjgi . w?rtS!'XV IJsiax-rsaa4 aii- InvOad: ssets free. lot Bare. Dr., Inar. rsuatev enf IfceJ 1M W IM " a-aWKIVta-t w-s.-a.- . ataelnk- Ckarck. Baptist .Oka Bed, Mlai at-,1 Wclak pbreys wtll preach at ths Wetak Mt-km ef ths M E. Lburch, tx Mulkerry et, N. , tetaorrow, the TMai tnat. at t aod 1 F. M, and the7illowln Sabbath. The Welak are rvspecuiui) uvtwuwawruu. 114 bet td and em avre.rTeacm awiisri -. tin ii Huhwet. low. the Inantratioa ef tbe HlbbK at rsoriptore tertimoov ooaoernfng ks MoaahA (Chriat. 5rXUte,a TlUfr -Ufra.. - " - " IIHtl-rV II etxin wruu son ARaTJ l.Wan tier, Jt KU tils The re fully tavt iMtlhlr CLARI Oclehsrd Hlsrrt ta atten click. onlJL I. Ob at Colei The r tally " Ins. mi lathee, I sjraasJr CtTJ aanahei tjer ess TV I epoetin! awee- a t. Baa Ciaah. art. alba Funer afekok. id da I. I 1 Usttet lUti Ins.Js llsns, i KK.' fialvtn rjelovec yshii 'I he I tH o'et ef Our Hues n nteu Crasa, Witnai Mi IN llneaa. fclsr date. (he fally I no as, luiV Meli JOilSx Her attend 1H e ar ' and! Mel Here The fully I noon. cor. I Mrs J Me Tlu fiuir noon Sdar Mr Metli Th so a-1 at v f.ul Mr Dick eun "ft. (uU nor Mar IS. J rt e H atte si'cl UL R at.t Kll T pe ftlV WOT B & 1 all 0e. 1 art l fro 1 Uu Ys 1 art e e 1 f I. tr I - jfi1 .1, 1 . . s 'I M d

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