Newspaper of The Sun, January 30, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated January 30, 1861 Page 2
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mm umi RMP 'UM vmJSte 39 at""? mmmmv THE NEW YORK SUN HTKDNESDAT MORNING, JAN. W, 1861. NEW fCN OFF1CK ! W km rvtntly opened ft new Fa VHcaltoa f)ftV fcr tha 8v (dMln4 as tU ultimata and per- NDlti al Mo. tt Broadway, tinder U l Mumn r- point which hae been Justly the eye of New TorlWnft at the Juno. atom of hi two fmid UiortrafhfftiTf, and of every Btlrod end Omalbos Line la the city, wtih but a few minor xrTlnrtt, Torearhthe n' 8u 01V erefc from any part of Ihe city or 1U environs, t U oal j mce-ve.ry to hall it t nearart etn,ia or car, lodtrtdowiittUld.rr, It U evident thel ihere U only ox each plat of buslnenatn New V'rk. ThotdMii of the tm, nir Tuli-m i 1 HjMn, w.U of cttr n t kWmi up, at leit f- nne Uma m eome. IMfnene will tnerefoi-i nnt in if to be done at la-th office. Andrnwrf)o pn-"l. hfwftfr (IW air ) mipnelheae.ftLly pIsrj fottpe '"a.. t ttt of she valtieb e I mnio m the oM ommn. u I t't l i.drref erdd won now, A TAI CAPLF, DFSK ROOM-pr 'i.b U rn-s sluats In tte City, ftr mnv mrimM t aj firdM V. eeMlataitory occiMil, In out lit-'Mtlaat orioe. rreMUn nml Dlwwluila.. Two verydirTerett thin,:- Hit - Mievi- in neither. The Union rn-ry U rent a-un lor at t ! cotton line, it t the Mip lint' ; lulr ace no teaaon ae tet to tliiiik mi h .1 result prlnM Whether rent aundtt ir n t h a mt. frhnl and fa have rraion to r -t i-ii"l ili-tt ihn great, harmnniors kinlrcl of etr, 'n croft a end men W not to ! W-r . If i !! n be eaweeeful, Ptlll the (Jote-intiMit of tho I'mied State will p on, more iwir nl Hun mcr. twraoee wtih more unity of w 11 iu H r uti I i more Mltl J nl dutiiut in u)I nnf Jeer. Jlut rrtii4ioii 'nnt iino'l. I.. fri iy oltcrvtlon nnil rrfirrtlon, i m r li ynri of rxporUme in i1irut. Au4 t!i. in our Aipnnfbi'liii, tl4' Rfowlnn'MiK f tin tn utrortlont of tin) timr thit it i- in v.iiu fr trultorn to ri'U-1 with unjii t or il lit i iu-n ftlnj-t ttie Ifurritriit nnl fr : -lit of UltfM Ul l'fl SlrtlM. Not h -'. nr w ill ln I t to our UuiiHi ttw mtmptil rnliti hi iiiir -l" rn Mnli'?J tlie m t Iii',iTu itr lilmilti-j tn I venkloM )i'iil 1 i!m Om; U'.iiI.hii lit uuIim n bnrlv It flill lo irltull u Ic it t an I oriliron ly in t u'tnliii tl.rrw Uf-. War miit row tli trci-i n li i ; loo far nowt tu u1 mil until it in ititnlinl. Hit i, will not IK a war of nni4 nnl Mild, rt.t of MaU inut UMpirlls1 wiili imreiTi :ni hi'-kh. HlooilMied woiil I Hii1y it with jo tin il 1 it v It Urk ml for want of wltitli it uiit fiift'iiml. lti Attemftod reolution U at I'.miKlvuntnf vrry way. It tlic anMor and tin n-nil u.t ; t U unprovoked lyml'lir riitroMi or wroiitt ; it can remedy nortntctlcjl eil; it caiiel.itli1i n- rlpht and It la miMatnM y no nun irtlm of i' Juatlceln tli ttiimlr of minkiml, or of duty, to tar tht' leatt on tho pnrt of Uiom) hUo niiixt twir it mltorHn. Wo ay It cannot aucrscd, 1ioc.hh eery dia pawiloruto obm-ncr purcciren th it it cm not pay. It Is liankrupt in every kind of rrwinrrea, from the atart. 'Ihero la nothing In it ex Icted gabm to coiupcniwto fr lu iuPtititMo fwrificea. It is like uUMet without thu only tMn that makea autclde rwiMe he. mem- of fmiahtxiK 1 suddenly. If a pWtid idiut, or nm tUinff aa sudden and lawless a a scieivioii ordin ance, could terminate actually, the rmiHvtlun ltween the Union and a state, tho thin,; would he already done, and sufTur aa they intent under St, the people miht I power 1M to Kt it on lone. But In place of such a hippy di-paUli, tiiere U a loii term of tho htr-lest kind of puaairo resistance I if ore them. If tliy could fidtt they inlht cnluro, ltiit they i.iti not sit still on I endure iilitlon, liankruptry, and stnrvat Inn, iifidortluftil'iit mil IrreUtilile protTSMH of l.iw. Tliat la jum the etitcruinnu-nt to whkli lli1? vrre not inltvd. Tho pi in of a iwift wild Iri Uiophant coup ie m ii'a, awitpin nil heforo thnn and estaMUIiin a reto,;nid imlfpiMi Inn in ninety da s, Ik 1i l foutitl utterly imprittii i Me. The leul auihorityof tlm ITuited M it- over every purt, erry rhip, un I eery Imli of count, akuuHleilid as it l and will , .v iry oT en earth, UMitlM.nt tn pruttrate the reUlliou mates unler diKiliinxt whKh to asiil with the sword would le I ut to Uit thu al . The whol truth of tho nutter K tint in -if on I f a dtffwtiHtf nttituh, an th' y nuppostd, tho) mttit!oiM coiiopiritors h.ic itn lrrMk'-n nn u' frijro war uson tk Unite 1 Nt tte, Tliet al ready riijoy uniiiehliiuod,all the rilits ui I pow crs that i-ouM hedfi'iiilel. AN tho ntn imiwit the Mik to iXervtHp, are alietdy tirmlr mil laMiully in the linn. In of their antaoiiitt, Ttiv ci ituot ein aMiui to sy nothing of pn-n. lu(anyof tlife power , until thfyhie con cptried thnii ly force f uruin, from a liwful aivl srtuil iof-wFK(ir of at lrut twice their a ze sim ; wir. If tiny could aail the Unite I f lu.i t; ,iA. their naj and drUo them from ll M.iti Pvdf, tne wtik would In d-um Sut Ihiathe cm utter do. Tliey mu"t attept the rxfeitUiiof prt-he rcsUt nuc, and endure Iduik ado, nou-latercoume and ruin, until under siuh turd conditions they can rl-ui to a mvnl iuieri. ortty auflUleut to lrek thu tmritimo oko of the Union. All thla inttcht Im done. In a righteous auid noceessry i am. The necjmit-ieii of a people, not their Interests and preferences, are tho stub born thluK that endure the iniwriu of revolu tion to the endt Imh-uu-w they cannot iIiooko hut endure. They will at lat tire out any autaA ailst who run hae a (holce, and U In a (Nititioii to yield the point without self-destruction. Hut tho pofdaof theKiuth ha their mveesitie all ooaiaaf rverance lo revolution. Much also may he endured and thin aehier 41, hy a people Inspired with the loe vt truth aad Justice, and bound with all the force of ne ctty, to some public duty and trust. Hut our revolting states enjoyed already, at once the highest freedom ami prosperity ever granted to tnaa. An Ineult, an anwnance, a putty pro utlon of wards, a controersyt an JnslttiVant class of prlvaUand Individual wrun'n all very thoroughly retaliated, by he way art the lit moat excuses tiny ure for taking the n-iponU tdllty cat th mont dt-eperato and terrible Tviiieity wbUh tlie Ital mtviuiUea of nations are permitted In the extrcmert com to eiciue ! reside cinnot suffer thu extremilks of jmUlc diatreva for causea like the, 'HetUln ia Unpuealblo i and when they threaten us with persist ac lo revolution, knowing as we do the la tlgniAcant annoyances wkUh ure them on, aud the tremandoua lilt which they aia to eu cowntar, we can as certainly assure them an I ouraelras that they cannot do itt aa that a straw fire cannot drive a locomotWe to the summit of th AUagtuuuea. The treason has calnel an advantage by a trick, Uthe Virginia Conention bill. Instead 0? providing, u understood, for a submission of 1U acta to the people, tho submission la left optional with the Contention. If tho conspir ators succeed In pat king the Convention, VIr gtnla will bo pushed into revolution by usurping demagogue, In contempt of the pro Isioiu of her own constitution. TTe have news this morning of the aafo ruin forcemeat of the Forts at Tortagas and Key Weat by the steamer Jovpk U'kityt whUh aalUd froca Uuatoo some time since Wl ACWOWLBDOIEOlBOBLIOtT1 t Mr, 9, B. UaavTaa, the purser of the ttea Uo- caa, tjuhao pepera. THE LATEST NEWS. IT TBL9QRATB TO TSM Jf. T. sTUV. Political Intelllgenoo. WXTllh CONtmKHM -.HrrAttd nlon Hrnle. WathingfcnJan. 29. Mr. Kiho fN,T.) Intro duced a MU t authorise tie i foployninul of volun teent In aid of enf itc'n the Uwi atd pr'itertlnf ln fiblle prt petty, Referred lo ibeComnuttre oa Mill tftry AtT-iirn. Mr. WiiH'tn (Mte ) tntcxlueeil n hill fir the lietter otKntf.tiono. the .lulu "i ttie Iietrutef (Iilurn t tn Kfctred I lueLon UHtif on M iitry AfTi'tft. Mr, poeiMt (O on f ofTrrtrd rr.ihiM'ti limt rniotii fti.rl i u vertf i of ttfi nlrmUtl w tne fl.ini i.( tt e (Ottinte. ,id otrr Mr I,atma(1,I jrtwtit' a)elltt'nof the eople f Vpiii I mh ti IR' iid OMil fa-MiliM. HHf' ((Hi I" tte OiiO'itU'eon I' HIH-m. Mr (imoim (M h fvti,tM four jctitlnnt for Im rejnl ol Viv KU.lit -Te l, Lei enU It UH' on1it1itlMtit 1 (,e Hiimml uioirt of t!e (' mn.Uf'ortrr of I'UenU frcurtd Mf.i onttt t 1 mIi tfl. 'i viiltti Up werr mtd ted lilt on o'rlmk, wlon tl e . ft Itt irmfl I'd .(! 1k-n up Mr (iiANi'irs (M'lij nttn.i t ntnettd m s t i' . ell (Mil.otii of Uiil t tiitte, tn-.M.'1'lof ou". A iH"t. M . t'l " 'N II . tn v I i amend th-U th fcrit I Urol- St d IhIh in t ' e f i fid on Ihr i sp-rtl r mi tnnt (nMi e. I hrfor lmHpiwtrt- mi itid lte rv e n. "t the N't. Iil nl t- d in n ni the fioi MtnoiH't "I tn'MiiH-n y!n, M', V ti MX ( M nn . to ! t'l Mnfii'l tf nt'tV.. iii the MTnoiittt '1 " '" t'ntntl rmte R'tyntit lotm lidtirad otmxty hitUlotm. 'l KUni t'l the Mitri. etn tiitflvi' tiollioiK til! of tiilrt? flf lutllloiie, l) edrjtn te ik t'tpnnide f r thenortSem T'tite .y t.olhtr AOtei.flh ctit, Th nun iHlntrt.t wi Oi ne I nl n tne length atwl diAftrnilto veuil'.); nysVI Mr Wlihthhoi iuovl ntiother smpft lin"iit the if1(-t ol wiiu li li to p,M ii I.r t ie it HttnTii i'kiw. Ilea. I hed d ht M-eiht- pririi tyot Votm t irly elX iTllhl 'II to Htl J Ht 111 til IK t Ol M P.-.IOM. ntil Imi ptvlntr n rot I t ' trtn n t ln tl t th r- iitmriori. Iledii.t' in d tlm 111 1 n lull r aKtiiiiititti"!!. A'.' ttt nft-mii tlie huit 1 nettt wai arerd l', ; i w IM. ii" I Mr Wl'iit (Mi i in 1 1' firniml s i !- a xiy million t the t-ent nl route, twfhiy Hvc in II I n- to iiiu northern r 'on mi. thnt t n-'tiii n in ite. Mi te-I of yntto H i'i I'miu'm o, K hy the I er m ioniv' tlir I'ii h tii'tn ' ) iwtiil tli rint'ir tt wlhlrnw, f't 1 e 1 1 i f - ! in iui( to tllke uiil . eXi. pi tellttl tiile M Wiih s witlwl i w i.l.itnfn lmt t. M ( i win in id toat'.iifl tut 14.1 w) 1 n'y t ptnt e I ' ite 'ditrat io iir, Il'-iipriiil fi. J'.'fc-M--ri Atithitv IliVet, 11 nihitn, t;han I U'T I itk, I .i"nti r, l .'I i c K n leu, I' i, Kit lr, in to -. iliii. II ''! , Kitij'.M n rill. l'!k,H n iti'it. Hiinier, 'ln Kj , 'lei uhu'l, Wiln, W - v 1 .vn M"er- lllirtir. It n, n,,it,' CloTnum, (MtitHliti Id toii, 1 1 mill . I ) ttie, (Jriit, It m, hi'l. iiiU, , lniHiti, Miio i I. it e, 1,1'hitiu, Nit -oIwhi, I ne, I'.twi'P, 1'iiifli, II i r. Htnuli'ity, H tin 1 111 H,'itt"'t, Tt ntjiofi, 'i;til, W Ik t-'i -:, M. nu" fM.wt i H4i fl hm rtnifO liinut mil it t ittftr l to M' Mmi fotiVMil liwtrke out tlie part Mnklti kji mi n- titl uii of money to thi-ee rNt It, tut hrd .!... ft itmtliT oj r li-tt or the atal.' ut Vr l"tit tipn it tt in tifw d' t-t T''e tiinn tnUtit e m when lh t-t tiH wniitil li illnt on to notme ipti tl"ti ' the d 1 1, at.d he w u tu 1 it pmi i nittii.l ei Virglnlik stall niver l-y called mi t pi tul di-M. i i e no ( mln rnt was nii tel, Nofiiithit aineiidtiMiitft U-tiionVre), the bill wh rr)MitUd ti the H'tiftte. A diNftiMion et nurd on ntreelt( to eert'dn ainiMid tin nu, nnd on motion of Mr. Fr.wmni'N, (M.,) Ike Henute adjonrned. Ilouer of ItepreMeniatlvrMw Tte Hj eftkrr Uld liefure thu 1 1 ui the sHcu'tural joittou tithe re(.ttof the OujiulnlotMTof Pttnw. 'j (' eiiliject of pribtLnf extri cojum wim refm-d Mr, Atni (N. J) preftriited the rortolutionn pMKhM I y the lerfiultituto of Ntw Jei My esprotlve of llim atUihmei t to the I'uton. and ihe dly of e.nry pwl ritiri'ti to mitaln it. and f orli tht CaiTfft iir pii of.Uieji", aid the tailing of a ennvMiitkim of the tftt, Ae. Jjbid outheuUe audoidiett to ue printed. The II'Mute reoiimed the rotMtdemthnt of the B tuoVii aioetiCini utn to the ! ICmite bill, Ihtoie fuiul uitlon wa taken, the morning hour e i pi ml. Tte n ertal ortter w resumed, being the report of lh t!nmniittre ot Thtity three. Mr, HTtTfNR (fa.) regretted that he wnonmpe11ftil vi ttfUt mat no coniprutniHe iuim on mir, wnn ait fOHtfNiar in oprn enl nm'larwl mrmihon, havlnK at-lxtnl the puhllc fbrti and arenU. and rub !ed the iHfiple of millions of ouh.lo rojierly ; when he aw our liarbot Motkaded end nrmita m army atrtnt the flttf of our country, whhh has Iwem in eulted, he 1 Stl n hle tlmt oonceMlon, hundtlntloit or ctnoiiroHileeean have any ffoml erTrct whatever. Wliittoi tiflrmed bini in thteltf, whi toaeehy the pitpfMihii iroimnjr, tnat me kunfa-wn orsnita Caio'itia hni iiemitorlly reftna! to aninni cua- mlMtonrre, for then ii, that tliey liavsuid'Mlreor intt tiuonio promote te oo;e. tnn-curea mine vir alula reenlntion.v riVi rnvtiretiftrntiteeehv amend' itifi t-i to the l'oiittiitiiii. A S'Mith Cpolun li the Lend and front of the eere-mion tuovdoient, thU wm Ihv ttid of nfi;oMution and compn'ml, putlcuUrly nn It was f ithtwtnl u'.oiw'y by tue hIIliTtnt mhnhu if Mr. Trim ye-lerdiy. lie fflrrvKNi) ery H"tnhri-u inrt, and he ww rry to tht eeiy H'avuholilri thre votd a'tAliiKt the coiiulera tii'it o ihe iiiu v A'lnoi K.uia4 in-line i aum. he einthen Hfte- will nH lie t'innd fiom their dftllniklf ptMMi by Moft Wttnti ur U'onutilout. 'Ihe e aie hut lo nAnf lrkiui( ti,i the I ii on ; one by Hiiiitdiiiiut to t'ie tii-tltuliou, the oiimr li revouttnn, wiilth Mhin muM Justly hut tte m-t Into eititile oppireioen wih h tviwhere rx.MW. Hn prm4dJ to Kitk ! Hiuthertt crunltieif ttwtot nocthein iio, win mre ttrrel, fitvrrl ati huii ly noma. At ihe Ute elei tioii In Virginia, a mu wiiu V"Im lit 1 iiii m wah tkiti hy Iih t,n', i'ty, ht fuer li'm k n il, sik! exiled from Home. wit tn't mi fd for in t thrm imn t U'i Into Ihe eiutiiiTn et tin. Mr It(KTflik) liepitie! ou wht Mr. 8rniH iwilmttiMl.iA leinaik. M rVrHtitt 'A few Imulng-i, nod tnirlujaud fiai'n rit'M ' Ml Itt -t " I tw vi-r wftnw-w.1 ny A'lt h M'U,M M- ern rA -" J ii M iryUn I, In Si d llrton Vh ly 1 1 eft w in a 11111 htf of tit'x mi wh ittvit wtu Iu4 t Iwihr urn, Im v,ti4 tr Mr. laiiiu m, to pit Tn-) ri la hid one, howoir(ti oj wuttlar tin y nl oulil liHOiI htm " Mr hi'M.n.(M I ) ald, to U nis't h th ti4 bad tepriicd theie. lie rep-eietitid tual die ttl-t. Mi HikiN4 o ,ulw th, nwrjper-j.M Mi II eHit(V ) Ai t lli pHopUot t'l H tilth hjiiiftliia noilhriiicrit by Htore, we mver hnn lliem h) woiiM,hutt law, aawedid John ItHnwt iml hU Kiioinpltllll. Mr. HrtviN -Yu hung them rxhlly rlrfhl. n.HU'lit.'t ) Vu htmr thvm fur iriinenl'irwliicti Ibey iprrvM ilt-iith. Tne S mth U a heithvn Jn4-jM-tiem m- lar h te ttheniete ure onvemmt, mu I fie wl tiade U opanly jiutltl d, brother with other 1 1 mice, Mr WriiiTm (Ml J wUhel to tell Mr. Hrotfi whutlekiot feti wliin he w m a etnd'int ut (KiIh'h CoIIu'ei he haw a wh te mm, who went a'W hi netfnis, mniilfred In the vtreet. II a aeut, M . I.ji4s, went trtn Ui'tlmore county l.r hU e'avan, aud wm klllnl in l'euni(ylv.itila, un-l yet u luiut w.u brought to punthiuiit, Mr.HTrvsae replnsl that the ininUft aUudHl t wim nuiderrd by hie own e 'a vee, who rm.(prtdti Canada Mr. WkiwTim Thfie wm a crowd of white ruen thne. Mr, 8TrvrA Ns only a few whiten. Mr. Wriwiia -A horu wm bUwn, aud a Ure crowd uthiiel. Mr. Htxts'44 returned, argiiloff that the etuxe of the aouihein teUilliou wai the eltlon of I,i rv aid thetaklnfffnmi the Booth the political tcr thi-y htve held ho loti. Hither than lmiih. ehm toulirU he would seo the tl vnuuriit ebat teretl luto ten tbimaaud atouia. In oonululon, he said tte (tiutb wAnt a htMUfir tfoverument -a de. itiein. tAmloet4 tbe um of the Murtl arn aud ad Its oouNtitutUmat p. were toentbne oUdeii. e ta the lava. A for Mjr AMoraaoN, he lalno douU he will NUtvuanfolly dil the atws eud rtriptijorlike a valUbt soldier will, In doluj s aluk V bta Rory lnl. Mr, lUsste (Md ) eike of the ffbry of the coun try ( it Ui-muifVeiii teemrciwfir polttled ai-d ui al hailneA4, rival'luif tht moet pp eodld ntt omlny of luiwnr. uu jniui a vrDiDi-ni m aiwaeniy u tatfrated like a hmite of carU, built Up i toy fr children. Tbtaed AuiWni have aprutm fenm em(ay rte'riee of partle-i, and the Inutility hoaMteil atateainen to aolre the priailfm of thu ttiu of a territory ami luiwrrl tosUvary, Tne v-odit of aulinitialhiaUiry will he: No rrakni for the a HCMMimiof a aiole tttete, uor for a diarmai mot th Amtrhwn I'litnti. fApp'au-ui ) Tbe quu-itioii nro n aalo the aloe of the K puhIUnorDm t illc pt Vaa, hut en whom the nvwe terrible renpmulhitity t.f the fututeHhall rent, an 1 that will fall ou the iwtrtv or ait of mrn whuarenot wine, ami who will UvHepuin mere, luWrthla pily trammels, and coiue uo to the pant ipiintiou a to how a ifreat aitloii hll lit aavid. Far ton mueti of the preaent lnMrf bm u nw fnrtii the e-tiou to which he Monireil. It eprunf from over-anxUina deiir of amhlt out pjll ticlaua whowanttoreteaMiw iNlltlel Npheie at a greater tmliM-na than ihvy could ltuder the prea enteyNtini, i refienf-d ttiat aatMnloii w.a the oQ priaa of tk unholy amlniwiu of aouOieru ih1UW Una, and far too nnvh of tha artTUl'iu whhh hui iwnanl rebtnUni'e iu lh N rtU, Wiple ha tlUA esprratod Lliuaelf, he oouM appwl to thu Norta to aay whether there wi ih t-i i much arvtirtii on tbelr iwrt.and by thrlr repreeit.tTa whkb pilnlakred lo that aplrlt tn tbe 8-mth, whh'HwtN always rvaily toae(e, with avidity, on every evil, meaulng whUh they denlnd thMr appKlte ahould feediai. t.ah ai!nna mut be held rtwtouilhla fir theae troublea. The ancwM on of aixaoulhernMUUii met w tUi none of hie sympathy, or that of tke pile of Maryland. ' Mr. II cum aa fsfd ) denied that Mr. IWiku apoke fur that rt of Maryland which be repreaanteti, Mr. IWbbu reaumed. Aooordlng to bis beat Ju lif mauL there we not nine than a corporal's guvd lu afarytand lu favor of aaceaalou. (IppUiut lo the (allerlea) Me dented that aeieaatou waan4aeon atltutluual right, lie alluded to eeceaalou aa ft epidulathobertUreIavestataa, and apeted to his Men Ja from the North to do aointitMmj at oua fur pacification, t'uder MrjUu4 there a Nuinildir. Inrf fire, which might una out and aweup ker inn the current of disunion. If they pn.j-,- to l.i ut thlntf, let It te of the moat com lit ' ry uhm ult' Lit them rtae almve the prejudlcm end d t-tita oi party, In otder to have an nff-x-tlvt aitt amuot of the dlflicuJtlea, aui cement mora fietuly tliaa evr Ue parte daopoeiug tbe Auteriiau IFuiiHL L4 us aave luituedite svtlou j lees eluauce In rpeerheA, and roars pert nrnt eWpeiK-e of vote. (live ti. ihr I ttiittiri i snr similar irtiiii. tl(i; tke nitte art ai Sinj t a enwi of daiurc, Vi tre evidm ea of when M. Ilsatm ff raw fully jhilnUd. He wdd. M nie t-A, In ttid of wir ivill.ti' mml, bear th M ri 1 e, wh vh was nt miHl tim; tare. F'auat i-t i elotv u y eyre the flof di vidrd imiliia'lty trnt exute nt dev.rtion In toy Amerlan het( I tt let Ui mn 1 my pw pie g 1 1 our aravf' the i fiMCatid tnelodiee riugibg tn our ere, ai,l v r tta the di me or the L um u with all lot Cin t laUdetAis. (App'a'i-). M Wnioiw, m t; j s eiite or nirthent eiTea sloe Ili4h aom.din wrrdi, heRai.l, w II n it ova tha I in- tn tor a u d tte pl e of (Minting witri i htnr fetul etHpee otHrti it, U retlea-M t .e p m, i tie4intiiiitef .ii Tairtt'triree, in win t .1 a great nenl of titne wa n t Indfinia, whtn 1' wn ot vino the luiiirt "f no m.n wis to 1 i adhI in l v ioi i M oit te. i'i. !! teirAtkal tht it gt t 'Miig to wit. em ruin, lo u'i'l, with irn, e. t.. n they were all f tn-l Mi tl.u foci t t o i Mtitid I y it f.'iiieinan fr tn A'ktia4, (M li -n am! wen f 'itt n'ariy ptr . i r fin I ttlV n Hi i 1 1 i tl e - ti t pr ti ni kijtMiilull,, v. i- d oi the Mhho , I v i i viiri .) '! ft i Ktlitinty T.- plop- hIIioIm pit itt iilml iHutili i If l A- MM till innlitut OT. i ll W tU in 4 if 4 i . i t tl m i na imi i-o'il I the H mill I' I It t ihe itoft'ttMD mi n 'i- h re'iid las r. i . ta tnin an nf ii.if. It', tlii-f iiciti on of i -r i.. ji 1 1, hi .a"l tl a the N Pi j e fl w 'J i '. . hi tti i i uer ii i turn i. iitrni i. . 1 1 nn . ,t it ml hi with w ii . fit H rtoii t i tvt afr Mr taaWtiK'N Yd: I h a iltv I ! ir- n ait y of .t ut lir ir.iMit thiit'tiJ Mffit w ne Hi unf nr hi Di Mi i tnf t MM). IM? .1 ua (Jikh v Antui Hit oil the t tl'iii r 4o i it Art o tv.'thtl , NlH p finf l"i ii p. 1 mh ntiitii .file t'diiiii Tito .ri tie N ith atifi Hoijiii wire t)i4i ooikiNfrl Im il n im.iii. Ii d yni thin rMH o a giett N ainiii t urn o.' to iiii Mill m ti 1 1 witb tin tui i a it t -nvi i i im i- let Why '1 ini t en dfh, 'he iwit 'n f iiewi l'e MMta li n ivm the n mi ? H n IMI you tiitve gatni d i:i t-n it ri. titnnliera nn 1 mwr, VI thitiilo we find i'liti! In'enliaiiei wtio i'i t kiiiti; on the nwaini hum tu.t teiiu o or fiptthini7 Mr. Van Wv k ptTaabUt rr of fie ,,- ..te which friowiil tltf itilimlutt oti of t'.e p-ttthi pMn tn n tniiiy Aii.tbun tnin, M'tA, Hi" inh. WiAf at I (inma. of irtMii , M Mk i hikti, of (to ( it Mi-tM f tarniii. KutiT ml hft., of b tit ii Ci-ollliA, Mf nr MtttlMl t ii . I I'll1 I- wit.. of Kfnni kv. All liivui ibn pi r of tj ii. J'HHK -r 11 Vlt.' !' ftJ. I ll MA Mil. 'I tll'l t'lltmi ii'n' th' a u M.olu'i' n ot tin- I it ' ii w.ih uiai u tl 'Wlm'iy u wty a ri'tn vil oi the cone of ! ii ir will pro-lii . tiM II iititid ' Mitt'nt mti'o if n I .iittie iiv tit'ti, lit. in ive'y He f. We ak ii in 1 1 1 trinnvf, hut to t mn i.otr- dt U-iinti'tii i. tofitalit. Tlo rnidtio(i of mII ttm tetntnr rs w nti own ia wtitlfii, an I ws ha t nd' itflir V pitjinl T 'on an inlh U-ra wm ' d ml , hot I e V I'hai hut In a ,.e Iittrr toth tt v th r of K ' t . I v -1 I 'Th r'oi.t in, riuti iini..i n'T oil to lie ahut of fiotn a'l p -Mi -it tj ol x,iiji "ti thi tropic hy tlio tt It i t 1. ' tie Fiteia li or. torn u 11 w 11 hnr.iii'i li, ati't nhn'i 'ia wh tn-u tetiitiie liuiiniT otj I'ftJ thHi thf i errilor e. lei'tK t thf wi o'e 1 "nutty n. ii not th n ii-lwtt Iitp e f th wh 1 itM ! iiHitro. fit-of 'I he in iii ii v. "t t tuti Mitl v ' pi Ad oiii . ffti. nt on yon tn An when you 1 1 It ot in- inr t-T." if .j it nit a, whh'i li iiintftifd with font1 ai.d 1 km it.t1 wiOm tit vi't 1 u rt ) mi a fi n it oii'lt-il f 1 nt the 'I t fit. r.e.. tif yum -,ohi,imo w a'MlyitMtiri)rtrittf i of 'l in '1 to I. f of n- 11 -a ot many tit.ty )il'in iir viv loaidi tur Iii t ' f the aitt 11 euri, ae 1 Sie-! 1 hy ttie ani wt,. 11 ll e 11 . i;ro t '1 urml n h i tth.rn ho n-. A ft r I ti'p-t I.' 11 o ih p. t "ii 11 (S'.fotioi nH fi int llie H mb I 1 1.'), It w n mi it, thnt a' ire nh m d Letts 1' rdi '1 .Id ir, . ;;, , ,n K, itieir ..1 tlmt iHi . hint eauf li-i ' ' r ulnvt lhr ' u l I lo tiio d mi tha p'a i.a o Ktntnt. Ktotu !, I f i 'I ra-uiy hud the w ml win MNid to whin i aid h!ltiWAttn, New M m wai euirfti.ti.ti I tt elHvrt W Aii'.iMitrii ! ihe hiute foneot tut lnittif4 thin , i Hrj t '1 w- "niit Atititn t, I. m e we bav 1mhi to repreMti'f t at honie an I anpitl . we 1 kthir ( iii'titl 11 rrciMit'il.'.t d t vmi t nor in. f. yon lmei teiitid tblA ttturm, tmw Inn 1 1 efure it- rtry or hrenk. on have bteu thoin of yjur ainntU ly your own Iiiflilwh, and now In our hlttvlnnti w iii'd wrap tout artn aroui d the iillaie of the retnih Iran 1 (ptlnh In K4 ni'ii. Thith ur Alnvery,tntbelisgut;a 1 f the highwayman, ta d OMitiding our m tnev or our lite, otir (t ivwrnimm or nor prinripiea. ll cttti uifnktl on the demand- of the H mth, thtt free Attetxh and frre pre a should t rui'lath d, and ou tha lornatk of Mr. IioiuLAa, tlat Mr. I.H1VI a tii not goby the gravtaol t.Ufitlirra in Km tu.Jiv. Thru e rrferrea to ten power of tlie Ameriean 11 ig tipn tet-t MtTia CiTA In lb Mfdilnrrunein, and wlnrs llaabl for AttSAiiAV LiNiii.a and every clilsm In the Kepnhllc. You auk ua t compromise. What have we to Concede f We h-ive doueyou un wrong and projuaie none. You bavd beea coinproinlanijf for yearn; the only fluMily we haI waa at the httM lm in Novmnberlairt. You have pmpoe4 not-ntiipro-mine wblt-h doee not Involve a aurreudar on our rt. You want the OmMtltntlon amend etl 1 bow would that avail you if your present Panthai la eorrett, that one Stite, however Ml gut flu nl nho may he, t an dantroy the wbola fV rieT You, whobava violateil the oomtlttitlon and bav art the law at defhuu., are dftnandinf ooutl IntUmal giiaraLtlea that we will do neither t ! yon protmaaanyconreHAlmi fet tbe N'irth f Any aefiiilty I'i luVrty and life of the northern men In the aUve statin, id prnerty lu boka, o' the freailoa) of ajwrch and prena aa already anirrd hy the C Hu-titntinn? Y'mtwty that you concede to f reed im the territory north of 30 3,j r have a d.mhle life to that alraulyi first, by purcbeMr, and then by ontpti-t t we tmuf t It when we took MlaHourt into tne t'ulon i a alavaeliitfl, and tin 11 weonvpirred It lu the rt rife of a civil war. AllourAitura aivpila lion nnu-t I lu tin direttionof the tropica, ami you demn I It tin condittonal aurtenlir toaUveryf Yon want u ti ktirrriider to tmu, who thrumelvpa are compromlae tMkira You have 1een tellni( tu for yur, tlmt a 1 ffuoeraidoeal linee weie Me'tiotial and dm2erout In ltiyooeAlKbhahtd the Mowourt line to eava the t nhi, In 1Wt yotidt'Mtioytd It to aave tbe t'ulon 1 ao'i now you tan ate tne aiivation 01 1110 jctpuntk mdy through lur elthUuiitautad irjtunj,wltti the new and abirtllng conIliiMi aniH-XNtl, ih t alavery ntuM la- f -revfr pn t ted In all our future -w piliillune, lifhwc itot In rrvotirHruwtlnn: the oompromtuM ot the prr-nt lm-ititutlin lout, you never cm re pain. Ihlik yon, that Another 8 invite can m fornn-d whee n Florida and Iinlawarecan eput Nw Yolk ant Piuiu-ylvhiil? Yhi are opmat4 to the army ami iiavv Uiaumyot U.ldly amioiI, that an ttiforceiufiit ot tha law iiiHAttN ncoert'lon f atttni; I tit you weie willing to arud troopl ii,"Mt mtlv4over I raiitenivl die -it t toeive cur luethrrn In lUhj joiiuflI iheanuy Into KUMtil Y hi hivj utl fitlenil tnopa to rufote ibetng tlv a'ava lnw, and to neitie tlm arni'iial at Htiper'a Feiry fioin Jmii lo t. The ramp htiil no terror for you then; hat im'W you ofoA coercion; Jf hy loree of armd lui'ti )oil alre lht ("tlaat d tmvy yi-,l't, and tratiip'e th m and ntrlH lu tha dul Wado not main to tm tlrtvin In'iu tl.p I ulmi hy lve. Il iyju diulrea lem-eblileareeHN'tm. A nmveiitlon of ad the atitea would l OHhih'y bid yon devat tn jtCAt-e, Mr. Van Wvik wa in lavor of iHirrhAatng the alavraof tt e iMiidir Ht4itH, an I funtUlilnif tliHia a 1 ome lu Ctntr il Amxrlm, and eHke of tbe folly of dftr ying the U lio(teof free men, Inviims kjud nu'iiUlievad m unlvaraal hlwrty, and that the lime of retun.lng renrionor avenaltigjiiHtice would ima-i, You may dotioy the I nton, hut tht hnlicMt aatiM'ia tloiia ot a4;ea tocoue, will guthtr around and firnUU lie ruliiA. Frrra faltere.1 In the ith f duty, an I ML Ciikinv refuaed to iiiopromiHA anl e tilllhel hla iltvm ty. 1, ke I'tri-a. we are erring. If anything etMild aeditie 11 a from the integrity .f ur Uith, it would I -a i atrlke hau la over the altur of our common liber tie with nohla tatioU at the 8mlh and mi tbU Moor, who, fettling that they bata a 10111 tiy to a.ivaaud a tj d lo eene, hae 11 liked dlaunlon and trindml trettoii. Tint win 11 lha finger ol the Almighty wa moving ti the troul h d watrra. men and 11 itiona will di lint Uit'aln waning agauul hla daereea. an I In eomnro tinting bta Judrfuii'MA. Ihal when tha tiUlina4 of the nation wire cotmplrlng in the Cp'tU while treaann la tn fl Minting lu the Ierlriwiit yf the AttniinlMmtlon, and lAir proud eualgti ha Uen In eultidaud di flfd, yon auk ua to treat with rebel withtauiMiUAluteuat ua, atoleu fioui tbe nattoual artmay. Home of the stara on our glittering fold maydrt 1 It Into a rnniefa waudering or a mrtenrs Might, but tbry will ablne not eo brightly In any other eonitul la in n. lu IhemiiduaaMof the hour you dlAcard the HUr Hiwi'fUd lltnuir and Hall Columbia, but beware while ynuelne; the more Im-en.liary Mtraeillaiae t your a'Ni'i'a, they may lea in to act lta jxietry. The tune would again come when all could father mid r tiia aame etarry fold, and all aay, ll Jiuttlce the war about, and daaard la he. Who would nruple to d.eueatu Ibe flag of the freel Aljomuel. KKVr Y01UL LKUMIJkTUafF Heaala. .1A.iny, Turtday, Jan. 29. Messrs. Illll ltoma, .1, MiLia'ii Mcaciivand Uontware api mint ed the Joint aaleit et mmittre on the lrt of Ibe flau ate on the Virginia reeolutloti. ThehtU toiegutala tbe uavigatlon of the canals aud relative to the colleoiiou ot tells waa reported iitv'isi'y, Mr, Mt"ivmsiK-tlce.ll.llla relative t the puUlfl henltbot tbe MflroHtitaniHillce diatrkti alao rela tive to the iiuaiaiittne, and the removitl thereof, Mr, MAaittabR inirodured a bill t- Incorporate the veteiauaia: tb Natheud (Jnard, HaveatU Krt IIM-lll. The bill to provide for the ledemptlou of the etate atotk laeuedUithe Autmni and Kaheaier railroad waa pa-aid. Mr. KrnmvM called up Ihe cwimurrent AMemhly rtnolution, ttatdeiiug th pivtiidtMit tlwt tha hoapi Ulttltwof tbeatata, aud it wai ad4d ay ti. uaye 1. Mr. Lawasant votd la the negative. In Ceuiniltteeof lha Whole, tha hill m authorise Rctmond Ctmut jtolwrmw $i4 (MO for qutraulina lUiuagea, arat the Caual AppnrUUou bill were or der. 1 10 a tMtdnallng. Mr. Catais4t lulroduee-l a bill making Nee Yeai'eaud Chrlatmaa days, the fouilh ot July, gnue ral election, hurl atd thank slvmg, liial bohdaya. Mr Ktrn'ii retN-u'l a hill to amend Ibe C.'Utral 'rklkt. It prov dw that tbe (itveiwor ahall ap lailtit els of tbe preaent CommiaalouDra for five year fn m tbe clone of the prevent term, who ahull here 1 r oonHtklnta the Hoard. Tha AUwny aud Bua-jnahanna Rtllroid bill waa takati up, tail uo pnigreaa made. Aaweaahly Tbe whole mrtrn'ng was occupied in ciuuld eting bitla la Committee of Ibe Whole. Tbe bill amending the Agricultural Society Uw, by allowing aueh eneirtlee to bold real eatate to tbe amount ot $30,oo0, and lairaoual property to the amount of $10 OoD, waa ordered to a third reading. Tbe tall reieallng the prtarnt law relatlna U capi tal puidahuiiiit, and subati luting a new bill, divid ing muider luto two clae-Mp, providing a death pen alty ftar tbe flrvt degree, and luipriaouiuaut for lu lor tbe aeoond degree, Mr. Caarr moved to do away entirely with tui drath laatalty. Mr Knaaa oiiwaed tha motion on the ground o ftuMlo tiolity, Mr. KoiuaaoM ajhl Mr. Chat a ah a poke lu favor 0 Ht aboliahaient of tka death peoaUy, Nortar-arwrlea fgMatare, Set AVtVa, Jim, J3.l"he Senata U engaged te-. day til private Mi's. Tbe llouae enneldered the Settea ennvenllon bill, ftevaral ameinlmeite were adrajited, but no veto was taken on tbe raoMage. It cornea up to-morrow at 19 OVlrak. There wm a caae of email pox la the city today, and there la some ta'k of removing, aud mrn of so adjournment till M.nh, awaiting further devel optnetU. Tbe Trxaa IgWalere. Av Ortttw, Jan. 2V. Ilates from Auilln, Texae, to the 92d Ins, are retelvel, The Teiaa f.eglAlattire had afaeml'ed, and Oovar nor H'Ttrfoi hal Aert ia his tneanaje. Mefav.jrs the culling of a Stitie Convention. Itthl mtslad v -tat 1 to rrjwl the Karuas rea- otuln nA l-naed t y the f.gla1at Jre In lif. The It ne l- k up at d )aaed n B"ite bill, 1I reilieg the i; tint trol'er to proceed V Washington ami rtcnve' a0 oo due Ihe state. A rvAolutiori La I uiMiilmouaty paaeed the Ifue, dextrin tint the Feleril Ooerrntnont has no pxwert it"-" a a -overe'n atate a'Ter proni'inrlnf her aiNitattii from the I'nlon. The flrnate will pwnt the.tu.e reeo it.on bye aimlUr vote. Tlie lgVntur ftvora tte litiiued Ate atjCcSAlon of Texas hy 11 rniij' r ty of three to II r AInl.iinin Htnto Convention. ,t'firm'j AhUfJun, 'JU. The Conventlnn tii -tnil Kitn'on IimI night, adoptrd reaolutioni In- MiiAt rig ll.f itpt. tit-a to the rVmthern Omvent.on to Inalet tiiAtn atich measure a will forever prevent tlieti-optr.tng'f the Afihan alnvetrae. The OiAfiiit 11 tvlay Aied a aupplemetivary or d iwiitf, anthoila ng the tloverimrto eany Into ef fiit apnvit.ustirti iiaiho fr the protOLilu of the dt ri in en in li.e G' f. IV Oim tut n MAroxlauoTfl nanre, adAing aa Ihe Uw of AM imii, the laws of the I'mted Ktalae tt't,' titii.t' -it'ii in the tUhU of Invcutian 1 1 it ruiMof 1. I tnu aUteaUtes. A Ijnuniod to tbe Ithor M't'h. Ihe I on Mann Hate t'enveotlon. .V.. Ort.otti, hi , J tin 2?. Tlie Slate Con vruiioti tt einliid in thla rlty at nion to-lay, whrn a atliite "f fi If hi guns was fired. At hi f I rod i '. 1 k, the Convention want Into to . 11 1 a- on 1 ii ti e (pirtion rvlating t the n iv 1411! ou or tie MuiiHpjil tivcr. Hir llntenrlmMlU IVraonal Liberty 1111. Won, J'tP, '-"'. Tha Mfiti'l heiring lafore tin V n.ii.lUir nn I'm Pen Iia l.ilfMy tt 11 t ik placi (,. ny title II ot 1 oe K I'lfftniit itiv4. The Mr int fctiiW th w- if 1 11 wilid. and toii.d -vl wire un 1,1 1 h 1 1 1 1 It 11 lolin tti'M e F. I. I' 1 m. W. Ii Hi'ttr, H. K.KRaii. ALd Wrii'St 1. rniinra ma-le nja'acbea ni'ii iir-t t) t tijV of Ihf law. (It ul tn o' (.ouifutT weie aton!ael this ni"it 'g ht Mtt a littta lUliortto fl ovt-r o tl F' it Itt'fio e. T e te venue 1 utter in the harbor iit it few nt' n , who cut tt down. here in et 1 to I. v u t,nou Imrrel af mi'krel nt tied In ii"urtter, wilting aIe, the aoutSern ioake lor f a'i be ugaUtul chme.1. I 'mm Wlrhmond. I 'it font tul, J'tn. 'Ji, Kecuit proreedinT at the r..rreM of M 'fir"e h ive enihittere I public feel itf. Hie fol'-iwlng w.tvadopwd at a late meftln lil night HArfta,1) l.ogla'ature has frrnally declared thht tiny at t of c in on tHfaiuat a H'ttitiiem atkte will l-e rri.atdt ' by Virginia a au at of wr, au I re nthlrd wth all thf iiifnna tn ur tmwer. y,V(ri-tf, 1 hat tha ullrhllon of the I.eglalattre m betaby tnlleil to the fmt ofunovert ad of coen bm How aituahj la-ing erpelrald at Fottreae Monroe. I'rom tbartewton. CAnr'snav, A. C., Jin. 2. The stenntrr fjoiiinibla got I'fT tie bar and came up to the city ihlaruotntng. Her cargo will he taken out end "he will reload again at the wharf. The veaaal hi atralurd attnewbat, but the dniare la alight. CA.irnfoa, Jan. IK). The Conner and the Jernirj; of Ibis mi.mli g aay th it a large war steam r waa at eiyJJl.e harbor at duak on Saturdiy, aitd that abe allowed a Ig rials and atood t) the aouthward. It li aurtulaed that abe la atlll hovering over the neighboring ouaat. jw night a negro came to the city and Informed hla manter that a eueptctmui craft wtu aeen yeaterday near Clitirch'a Flat rlbne with twenty men on hoard.

The mrn woie 00 uniforms and ap.ired to bewltt outamiA. IllathouKht Irom thla, that at attempt Ualxjtit lobe outde to oun e down on the plaula IIoiih. The State LrgUlature adjnurned tHtu die but night. Tlie UritWi tavrrnment autd tho Houthrra Confedrrary. Toronto, ( jr., J'tn. '?.. Tho lspUr of to diy aaiu aetti and guarantee the eorrectuai of lie r'tuier stmounoment In iegrd to the poTlyof tha ll lilah tliveiument In rtUVreiue to a it hern Oniluiterae) Italian a Nrwa fstmwwth, Jan. 2'J. The admission of Kanna lulo the I nimi crndee conalderahle enthu alatfn araoiig all political part lea. One h mi tied guna were fired ti dy by ordrr of the Kepublican Ciidial Conrfoittee, to cell hi ate tlie evrtit. From Vt ajditngtoa. otihit'nt Jan. J'J. Col. HtYfKdjcs not (elleve In the tmthof thediepMUh from Chvletton aa to the remtttl 1u1u-im whht uvupied the at leu titaiof thel.egl.ittue in afirct aeaa Ion yenterdiy lie h'w ttcilvid tiodlsintih or cnmmunl cation fntm tlov. pnhraoniheul!ecl, Te report la twlleve t to I rp oily enoneoua aa that whhh let'imtly repre 1 en to 1 11 st a bo it fiom Foil Suinler hal bteu flrud Ir.Ui fiom otie ol lha Ch-rl alou forta. Col, lUtNr baa nuul ui uVmaul lai the Federal Oovttnu ml for Uie aurrender of Fori Homier, aud U tatunl1y nwaltmg the attumof the SmthemCon greM a". Motitgamery, whit h will aaaemble next week Iherrnuidof the ptrnnt alimp Ilrooklyn la be Ueved to I of a penfeful character, will a view of tuterri j tlntf hostile demonatratUaia mi the part of the gulf ruadivu. The tioopti un board were d-Mllned ti the woiLaat the Tirtugaa, whhhare atlll In pa-Arta-lon of the fodernl authordlea, but wit ha ut edetpiale for'u to hold them, Cat. tlu IIarxow waa aent by land a vik el nee on a almllar errand, and has probably arrived there by this time. Ilia dUtwitvhM to Foil TUkeua an I the naval conmiandere in the G ulf were of a inoat wd fi charatter. Owing to the urgent remonetranre of Secretary plx, the marine hnepltal affair at New Orleans hat been eiitlwraibirily arranged. Capt. Fadmx, commanding the revenue cutter Harriet Lane, la in Waahlngtou. Tbe Vnlted Htatre Kevea Cstter, IwlaCauaa. A'rtft OrUam, !., Jan. V9. The United fUatee revenue cutter Lewis Case today re. elved or derstopnaeixlUiNew York, hut Capt. lUaauwooo refuaed to uke her out of the river. AntUSlavery C waveaulaa at Styrmcviao rVeaew ef enfual aad rloalaaj af tha II alL Sfnvvit, X, I., JiTn. 29. Convention Hall waa taken ai--aeaain of this efternoou by a large body of men belonging to tkla city, who had pre, concerted their arraugemeuta to pravaut the meeting of the Anil Slavery C inventltfn. They elected I). A. Oiutit. Chaliwau, who wilhothr men, occupied the hall tbe entire afternoon. There was such a ecene of coiuuaion kept up, that the Aitl-8'avery men reuld do nothing at all. In the evening the hall wac!oaod,bul a not ay and riotous crowd gathered around the bid Id log for a couple of heure afterwards. The Anil Slavery men aay they Intent to hold their Couvautlon tiwmirrow, but there estate aa svident deti rmlneUtai to break. It up tf they ehouhl attempt to do ao. I'nlon aad Camprosnla Wert I a a; la Detroit, Mtrfcu Jhtnnt, Mich., Jan. 29. A largo meeting of .tttrena Uvotalle to tbe plan uf the U interstate Couuiittee aaaeiiibled lu the City Hall, laat evamuj, pureuai-llo a tall of th Mayor, Toe ball waadenaa 'y atked, aud huudieda were uuable to obtain ad nulla nee. Tbeinetitlng waa addreawed by prominent I)sni vrta aatl Hcpublliwua. Kfaolulioiu wet ad pted favoring the adoilaelon u the teirittny amth of 30 On, aa a aUtwilb or without lavriy, aud all uoith of line ae free 1 the AUiendtiifi.t of the foirtive law to nrevent knlnaiN pilg , tta repeal of ibe praial liberty laws tue pntlituiii'l li4erftruce by Ctaigraae with slavery maUve it. tea, aouthem dockyards, Ac, and with the tut rniel e'ave trade pniclaliuing nendutar feremw wlthalaveiy In the lWlctof Columbia, ex cept with thecouaunt of the people of Virginia, Mry laud and teOatrut, aud tn favor of tbe perpetual piolat at on ol the African slave trade Three dt legate were apa4uled to proceed Is In alni to uigetL Lgteluture to reieal the kVreoual Lib ity law. New Jerwey lVaUatar. 7Vta'o, Jtm. 29. The Houie tolay agreod to a ootM.-urrei4 reaolatum Invittiur Mr. Utoo'.a to vtvit the Capitol of New Jeraey, on hla way to Wash ington. Largo FeUryi of a Hewtaa II17 tJoada llouae. JiLmt Ja. 29. The failure of Mwira. liutua ItaaTUKaa A FLANiULas, dry gnuda )nt4iera In Fiaiiklln atrei-t. for a von hundred aod wluhi thou. I aand drllara, waa aiuwuiifid todiy ITfco Jauimalaw Trial Trtnhm, Jan. 29. Mr. Dtrrcma ermcladed Me arfurartt on the part of tbe Government today. He wae fnllowid by Col. Catso, proaertrtoe for tbe irnliedBUtea. lie pmcelcd to argue Wat Img lalantl goutid waa the high eras sa that la the unn ckwad waters of the ocaanmiUide thejaw of land. tie frocM several author Itte to atwUln hla argu nent,abdthedrtalenof the cmirt tn thaAmlatad caee, an that re the ahoiner Klliaheth. Mr. Ytaiajiria twit followed ou tbe part of tha prlaoner. JufeptmrvAow said that he was of the opinion that Long llaul B mnd, In any aenae of tie lrm, la not a part of tbe blah aeaa. lie did not conlder It hla duty to a -t aw t the cauae at this ettga, and callcl upon the prlAoiief'e counsel to make aueh defenae as they intght be able. Hut if the jury shoutd otmalder that UieprlMAier canmitled therormery, they wnu1), under the direction of the Court, make a apodal ver dirt. Mr. VoteutTM then proeeaded with the dafenM. Itea11rt two witn-eAt'a Uon the stand, but nothing waa eliuttd from them. To CtfnhiPact and It n mora. leading seressionNts In Washington, hiring d. nailed of the Trealdent definite Inf irrnatlon whe ther reinforcements had been Rant to Fort Pickens, be det lined to answer, when they Informel him that they Inter! retrd his refusal aa an affirmative reply. It UeuAprcted that the aereMMinlstA liave sent dis patchrs tevoklng the order ti delay sn ntU- k on the fort. On M today, the PrevMent S4ee-)el t the repiewt of flenctal Stftrr, for the employment of two more cnfTarlfanf 11lng artillery f r the protet tlon of the It.etrb t, b'd, fifteen tnlnutev later, withdrew bis ap proval, When Ivraan of Oeorgia, was making his with drawal epeth In theflmate, his frwpient forillnh de rlaretiobfl ed itel laughter from W th sides of the 8' rate, andiritetl trrepreMa.ble merriment hi the gallerlea. The Texas Convention cal'el t meet yeaterdiy, haenocotiitt.tntloial ot legal exlatnre. Tbe legis lature authnrlreil thefloveenorto tall a Convention. If he deemed It neceaioiry. If a ha nit exerrlelhla authority, and the call for a Omventhm wtathe woik of a lnd of aerraaionUU. The I'nlon mn paid no att'titlon toll, heme the reports from New Or! ana, of the sweeping aet eaalon rntjnritles at the election of delegntee. Arrival af tha Qaaker City TMK FI.OHIUA FOItr-. The IT. S. Mail steamer (J like r City. Ciptt P. W ftiior.M-v arrived here ytfteHny aftett'n, from Havana, having left there lant Frldiy,2rth Uud., 1 P. M. Tle Q'lakei c ty rerirU the health of llivaat got d, Tlie weather waa fine and clear, bat In the Interior of the lalar.d, lunch anxiety waa fait as to the prolat ble future of the eugar crop, there tetiif a ptotpeet (f a drflril, the cvte having auflVrfd from drought la thelut fiw hi' tiths. The tiilute, Itt lltvAna, f-f the rHperUMe houie f Htpthik A C'ti,for two million two bin lml thou, eaud dol'ara, cauaid a great aeruritlon among the metil ante there, partlt nlarly on tlie d aonvery f the Irsutla iijin the 8 tgar Warehmiaaa, by ftle wire bouAeteitifiuatrA whhh were dejHMited by this bona with the lUtk of lUvana. Tbe t. B steamer Cnialr arrive.! front Key Wevl, .1 muury 2rth, anil rrti the arrlvil nut from l)witon,t'ftheSteatuer Joaeph Whitney, with U.S. troope and store. Ihe Cruader coLvoyed the Joaeph Wliltney, with a ikhooner tn tow loaded with large guna, ti the fmt at Tortvigaa, and when she left there, Cat 4. Mnoa, of the englneera, hal with great peraevciatue and luJuttry euoceeded In gelling the (it In giMKl oavlithm for defenae. The V. S steamer Mohawk, Capt. Catvxw, waa alao at Turtujit, aaalat Ing the mlllUry officera. Captain Dbainan, of tbe Artillery, had garrisoned tbe fort al Key Went, and It hi rejiorted aa aecttre agaluat any attvk. Bub of theae effioere are eald to havs dlaplayed great seal and diitcrethao, owing to whhh tbe government pro perty at Tortugae and Key Weat U reported aa being perfectly eecure. It la alao rumored at tha latter plaoe, that a force from New Orleans baa chartered tha steamer employed by the Federal Government to carry the malTa for the rmrpoee of galling poaaeeaJon of theae forts. In eonaaquauoe of which many peo ple were leaving Key Weat, particularly tbe native of the IWhamae, aeveral schooner loadi having eU rtady gote, being In great dread of the "filUbuiterA," aa theae aouthem volunteeta are calltd hi that Wand. Jtut complaints were made at Key Went at the non arrival of the nulla from rouaarol and other poll -no Information could be obtained from thla place either by Utter or on board of the mail aieam er. Aa theae venae. are under government enutavt, It would be as well perhape toaee,lf they are acting tr or aauuit the party which employ them.-Il la ptulble that an Invent ff a lion would Juttify Ihe lm nadlate withdrawal of the government patronage. Navy ami Arwiy Newa. Tlie Norfolk jatople are loudly cemplilnlng that only 400 lueu sie emp'oywd to their Yanl, wliile the (ifvmantown and Merrtinac need refilling. The authoritiee think thte vitwwle are far alvanced enough to avcupy pjrtamouth Junt nw. They will nolle butrled. A letter ret elved yen tarda, how ever, atateathat the Meaimao la tobewiuiptied forth with. We have news from l-s V. fl. aleamar Diootah, uowonher way ti join tbe Ktat India apiadron, to tleVVthof 0t. She had reached Mturtt.u from C-i-a Town, waa laklrg in oaU and provlaloaa, aul would lu a few daya for her daHtinatltni, Aetuallatliindof the nwuey due to the Brooklyn labterahaa been received. Toe St. U.ry's cisw have Iamii wreUludy fl.eeil hy land aharks In tt ii'?.puike of their not being able 'to pay their wey.H Advlcce I y the Niagara report the arrival 1 the I'. B. steam frigate (flagahlp) Rlchin aid at Oaata, Italy. Slie a luted the old NcenoUUa flij, which cauaed aorae diaaatlatartlou to the Sardinians. Tbe eteamahip Kdleaae bad sailed Uk RoaUm with Inva lid. Tbe newly arrived garrlaet of Fort llttutllon have amHeedtd In making thlnga look ehlrwlupe. The qua tiers were routing out of gear, being e long td'e, but fifty hardy koldieri will at be a great while putting them In trim. It baa bean decided not, under any rircumataocea. to dliulnlah Ihe preeent strength of federal lrooi bi the bftlUaial capital. Thera are now nearly SOO IT. 8. marinee In the nelghtMirhiod, and a large force of regular aoldlere. AUthe mea that oen be epared fiom Navy Yards and northern military poale will ba aent to Waahbjgton. The dlDgs of four geueral court-martials, 00a at Fort Rldgely, one at Fort lavn worth, aud two al other poaU, have beeu subtnltted lo the War Depart neutK Captahi WstaON, U. 8. N., who wae in aommand of tha marinee at Pertaaoula when the Navy Yard at that place was surrendered to tha Flortdlana, arrived la this city yeaterday, and vbrtted 0(4. Uaxvooar al tha Navy Yard, Ilia ecoount of the eelsure of the yarda Is mibatantlally tha aame ae that aliaady pub lUhad. lie aaya the marluea and oflteers of tha rv. arnnla Yard are uq Ward the sloreahip Supply, and that they may tie expand here In a few days. Companies C D and K. of the Artillery, went for ward yeaterday from Governor's I land to Weehlog lon City- Tbey numbered Uj men. Opiates af tha rrrata. 'lite Tribune takes eicetdloa to tho recent epeeth of Casaioa M Cut, la which he advocated eonreaalona by the North, to strengthen the p.1 Han of the I'nlon men In the border atatae. It exclaims I CnprMuiee We are alck of the word. It mean I either nore nor laaa than cowardly subuleeiou to rt1a aid ti allot a. If oonceaaioiie weto be mad, lot Hi cm ta made by tbe South, which la wholly and utterly In the wrong, and n4 by the Nrth. wblco aunda, aa It baa alwaye aViod, up-m the fina platform of tbe I'nlon, tbe Couatitulloa aud the lawa. The 7'rttam alao rwualderstbe preparatlona far the defeia-ooflbe National Cpltal allogtiher lasuftTwleat. Tba aeale of the J reparations for defame there eoam mote like thoae v( fouia lUy Oei-eaao principality man like thoae of one of the Aral powers of the larth. lu another arl'c'e It argues the queatloa " What ahall be d aa with tbe Slaveholders Bvbel-lloaP---aud arrives at the oonoUieton that tha Uarua now to be tried la, " Whether tha Federal ConvUu tloa and tioverBment hall ba deatrvyed, or whether the elave power aliall be broken. " It aaya 1 Slavery Is either now to receiva lta death wound, or it la to eprlog luto tew life and vigor. Tbare twliiottlatu the Uitereatof Slavery, la Jtir Slavery, aud Is for t otbing elao. If the Oovetntnent auooumb. tt sucimada to the slave hold -re. If It auocoMarultj ntUU tka rt UUlon, It does It In the Inter of Free, dom, and then tbe rule of tha alaveholder La broke. In tbia event, weaball have no more aacoaaloano more attruiu at the breaking up of the Ooverat&ant In the Mure. Tba exjiartment will have beam tried kidfioientJy. There will be no temptation a try U over agatu, however great tha prvvucatlojL Dot, If He rebellion Is auaceatftil, tt will prove to be only the flritofaseriea, that will finally Vod tu thade atnatUa ol the ttovernmanl of lbe.retnalalag slatea, Tba Ti'tnea quotas frout the. Constitution of tha J.l. 11 Oj .ill. Cml lit . L.1 m s tl.-. V& .il nfll,. I "- v -- w - t imi turn -m.iv4 w iui 8ccimIuu CuiirauUM 1 HC wd TJ. 11 tilt Omatltattaa. tha laftaUttve aathariry of the etaU la vested la tha Senate and Uonae of rpraaenUtlre, and without aa ameadjneol af tha Oonaaitotloa, no laws paeavd by any other body of man can have force, as laws, Bui there has been ao amendment of tha CotwtituUou, and therefore the act oi eocearrion and all tha BacaUed acts of the late Seceaaion Conven tion are. In no proper eeaee, the aeta of South Caro lina. This whale trsllnrrma movement of "precipitating the tMtcn Stolen Into a revolution," ae Mr.Ysa Ta fhraae la, ha been coadtaad thu far, every where, by tanda of Indivlduale who have usurped, theblahtatpoweraof the etrvva, wbtle all the regu lar ot natittitional author Mm nf the alale were In ex lien and In functional a.ilvlty,but uA acting In that buaineae. The HorM comments rrpoa the President's Meaaage to Oevgrtea, comiu unit filing the Virginia resolutions. TLa rieAldetit, It says, inakee the faUl mUtake of conalderlng the ecalltd eenedtd sUtee as foreign govemoients, and confmnlmg doroaatle rebellion with the hoeii'e at-t of aa Indrpendent power, lis t conga hla duty to protext fas Wie rea vntir,9o Ut as ra. lu able, In the aecadlng RUtea, but aaya butt word aamt hla d ity to enforce tbe revenue law. Ia (act. norm hit d'a-trtne, that tbe ewtdeil atatae are ut oft) a Tulon, he can Inhere In nn such executive twe',for it woul4 taiexorctaail ontof Feleral JurUdictlon. He should not unlvr laketonthk hf a own Iw enKTt mrf dutia la the war n aklng iv were of C mgreaa. Tne two kin I of re AjA'tieimiity aie alaolutely iudeperttlrat of rvh mhert end be should not bo allowed to shift any obligation which the Constitution lmpoe tipnn him. Tbe euta which VM-d the Rereaalon ordinUte did not thereby bemt-.t aetet al sUtee. Tbey are a rwrtof tbla Federal I nton, aver which the F"trel C -natilMth tils the aup-eme law and no official lan guage Is, on any account, juatiflable, that Irapllee the iiitrrj. The HU altrllailea to the eecret orgwlxallon, known aa the order of "TheKoighls of Ihe 0 ihleu CirhV a iwerful agerry In the work of disunion. With tbene coTieplralors no terma ehould be mads. To the true 1 nlon men at the flouth. who .r breaating the popular paajtion which theae crafty trattora have rained, we would concede much to slrettktheji their laitlon. Hit let not a atep lie taken toward their inetuica in tne way of propitiation. Thieeabond ! rtvnuJed w.lh umuitigwd abbor rtnee. si d Oratt vith mtty as traitor. Tlie erotf, which hot'y defm Icl PreAldet.t nc citAsoiIlouaI.eitmiptoniillcyf now etys It wimM havn -rea well f.-r him If, In Km, when Finn, TiroMiwoN ami Ctwa boiteroiiHly urge.! him ty ad pt He I.mompton loriAtitulion, ln-iteal of eevidtiig it lark to tne pe-'ple, he had diainlAaed them 1 1 to ofl eeand fllll their pla eawith men of ibtegrty. Had there tien no slavery tanue In quea tiotf. In the lata preal'tehtlal content, it Iscertvu that Ijnooi iv would have becu all the aame el tod, from the diioi ta'itlion iidro-lut'td Inli the demot ratic rairka ty tie diahftneety andcortuiitiou of the publlo ofTklala. Tlie .Vein fMyor W'ton's organ) arguea fir the admlalou of the M rart Il-adl delegatea from this City In 11 e Albany Convention, which tuents tmior row, to the exclusion of the Tamtnaay Hal. dele gatts. CITY NEWS. Ttir .HoMirl Ilrlratr. I. Alb..;, 'llicfJIowiiiK ore tln nnm.. uf tlm Di-Ii'k ilri wloctwl to rcfircitvut Mcxirt Hall la the Alb.m Convention : Fiiwt ImrrunT T..lm r.lUli.n. ll.nrr H. Crim rll, Alv.d w. l kwl, .1 Im II 11 int. 8b-i l)i.Trii-t Rl.hnrrt llirry, J ihn lUtilih, IVrlck (l.trlik, 1'rlix Murphj. Tim:I)ibti. t lltnt.ll'W.rt. MVIi.elJ.KxHT, J.iiw. N.w !, ChrUlM 11 Wn!r!iir. K. ktii DurrtHT -.Lint R K.rtiir.. V Ileua.. 0 k. Kitmt ll'.UT, Jr., John 11 wh. t'imi IM.T.K-T -Hnnjnmln Wil, Irutlm FIjdo, lAwrrar M. Vu, Hlwln Wllnwrlifbi. Burn iMn-min Nul.iin T.jlnr. J.iue. I.jmb, Onieliu. Cnmn, M :Almm.r. Kr.niTu KimuiT Mw.rd J. ILmUVm, Mirgia I. ll.rrl.. Win. J. V.n ArU.l, 11. K I.iomtii 1'ixt.ict lohn (ilnn, VArt M Knight, Wni. II K icb. J.iti Vt. CrnH.miui. NtKTll Iith 1 El 'J h Wud, J.ium Wfcljwortb, V4r Kulliir, J(4in CWTerr. l.Tn Dnmi'T Oohrsiw, Gorg C. 0 nrl, Luk. F. Cuu, Wllll.m A. tm. KiKTKxTn nwmuT Wllll.m A. WJker, I. 0. M(iUIm.t, C, P. fr hmmarhnrn. A. 0. Horton. Tw.ixni ItnrrtloT'-H.rTMrd Ktllf, J.niM II, ItminlD, J.inr. M.r.h.11, WillUra Trtintnill. TlnaTKKlil DurT.irT. Ilenl.mln P. K.irchl'it, Amtin. L, I'uuiej, Tbomu W. KOChon, J.uim W.l.h. roctTTrTii Pinit(T Inu C. I)lrlln, .Iih. K. llMkwt, II. VnorhMsHiuuil D. Field. Firt.rKTU Uuiri(Trrter 11. J'km, Gilbert Pin, JobnC. Andrw, (.'tuu-le. Onidtnit. Birrnm-ni Dumirr. Eotirrt Karl, Ruuoni C. rwka. Br IMwllnr, John MiilMire. BiTnmi.Tn Pw-niirT Omrad 8wwkbunr. Rid. ; r. log mn, TGMldeu. P. Mutl, J. IM llinl. Cornr" Martial or Cor. CoRroRAx. Anitbr.malo.orihe Court M.rti.l of Cl. Cok wm wm held jMtrdr .1 th. City Annul. EslIHgmdier Gmerel a. D. Mtiu wm th flr.t wltoew. II. Jnlned the mlllll. I. 1H, nj re .iKnied In t3 or M, ul In that Um hadb.ld every rank from Kmlgnto Drighller aeneral. A fUM tl.o of the Judge Adrmte, m to th. ctutom of lb. uniformed rolhll. In pending for purpoM. other than eterrl.e, wm objected tn for rfm pre.lou.1y AiM Id elmll.r cum during the trl.I, eud tl. to the ground of 1U being . Ieling uitl.n. Th queMlon mi wlthdrewn, end moJifld la " wm there inch ruslora when you were In th. eenrlce I' tn wbkh tbe wltneM rqilinl In th. iffimi. Ure, irtillng U.t the Di.hrion pamded oa all ou Mion. when ordered ly commanding enfere. Fioin thle wltnew, lh in th. dinut .n 1 eroM-ei-mln.tion, mmh lnfirra.tiin wm ellciud In retfard k the minutiae of the fonaatlon of the unu.lfunned militia tf thla jnrtloa of the lUU I. earlier tlmea. lie could remenilier nothing, however, of tbe num ber of wbo'e Divlaion Ir.Jo. held In any year be tween "IT end "M, f.rtli.r than that there wm usu ally ou on th th of July, auJ aoxther ou the S-'.h of Noveiulier. Col. Teuaan wa recalled for cmaex.mlnatloo ly th nuvd. lie wm uked If there "I. any cuntrni In the Pint Dlvieion granting to Ibe eonv wandant of tbe Pint Dtvialun th power to enler the plvlalon to pared, for other than exer dM,nr oflroer than twice a year Tbe aiuw.r wm "not that I am aware of." Query "II. there ever lo your knowledg Uen any eurh ruatom In th Flrat Dlvialou I Aa There have nt been a ufficteot number of precedent, sine I hav been connect.1 with th Pi vlalon, for m. to reoogult any nnh cuMoni i have alaay. regarded Dlviainn parade f funeral iro cemiona, ininui.tuorallotu of great (venu, etc., m volioaary, and not compulaory on the Divtelun. Q " Hai not the Mjor Oenaral, In advising with th efBcer. of th Divialon Urd Mto pivlaion pai.dra, ftuently Informed th.m aa an Induc.mwl lo their eonMoi, that th uualo bill, of their regl. meuU at eald parade, would b paid by th Comraou r (Objected to by tli proaetulloa, aud allow. 1T th. C'Hirt.) Ana." II baa, on Mveral occmIoim, k Informed them." Q " Po yu knew of any military cuatom which rendered It compulsory on yon to vaiwe your regl. menl to parade lor th receialun of tbe Print of Wales, In obedience to u" Division order of Oeo. Bixoroats or wm th pared of your reglnwol on that ocomIuo a voluntary act V An. " do not oonsidw that acurtom, er thai a sumdent pauedent ha. bean aslalillehed la a legal mu to warrant mora than two paradM a ywa, by plvlalon, and lo th latter part of th questtua, M to th Prince of Wales' parade, M I received Ihe order, anil understoood It to b a Division order, I ecqui wiA" Th Court then idjourned until Mosdsy Mil at 5 ovlcck. IforE nK Uomki ium Chjldrex. Th really kind pel. of th West, who hav. received . many ofthtpoordektitutachlldraaofour illy Int. lhir homestead., r ready, with the saiae gvanln. hu manity, to lak car of IhuM waj ar. now friuJI... .nd in want of home.. A company will Is... th dry from th Children Aid B"cLty la bw day.. Poor boy and girl, wh need hoaMe, aI parenU who drain to hav good one provided far their chil dren, will do weUtooaltal tb. nV of th. Chil dren' Aid Society, 11 Clinton lull, Aetor Plaoc, on rrldtyoett. Tbe athoener UcU llrau-len, from thli city lor an esswrn port, with a cargo of grain, wUl pacing through 11.11 tiaU, yaUrday, wlihoil a pilot, went a on liidd. channel reef, wm aAer waide got off, aud tak.n on Ihe railway at Atfcuie, ha her rudder badly d.sugel. Cxn. SARorHr, of tb eliip lliioin, of DostiU, .nl.edU.t evening from Blungtat, U u. titl.J to tb thank, of our ghlp N.w Collator. M hi conduct yrateidsy to hlin afford, im Collector an .-p.iuilly to uontrMt il with tLsVi( othtr mas-. lor. oi vesaei. amvuig ai inia port. Utelllcnr r. CiiA.a tt Akhon A yting man named Gbdioi ttkurrawMarruiWxl ca Tuesday, iharg4 with Laving on bud Wednesday nlgbt, Mt ftr to lb '"Vl '? "". chemlat, at Np. &1 Pearl strew, fot la purpose, m k admlla dntroyliw vW.uc. U hU having robUd tb place. Tb llr wm oulckly d soor? al th lira of 1U oocurrwme .jj extinguiahed by th polio. Tb young man , beliw arrested beoame very much alsiio.ed,.udidmltl,l Laving fired th plal and atolMt Miia article, belonging lo hi employer. These latter war recovered, anl hi IU locked un hy Jte. gom-.i for trial. ArntitrT to Bxtow Uoirrr. Aa tattief,st named A. astimt. twlainf U K. M-Mhatk t- am. WM arrested oa Tuesday, o oompiainl af Mr. ltmnaw, wito of Geo. C. P. HrioM, ef . i IS Leiintrtoo avanne, who chart hint wlU kavwsf Imwtik havwag TM wLt I to extort awa-t jrV e2d Inat.tVa tj n, aad ear, a 1 ring ll a eoaai lftf uneiied bar reputation ana eiiempwa ney from her. fl .ppean, tk.l on th I SAMuetl railed at tha house of Oen. Tl printed document ef which th following I Fob Bit, A email bill of K . on Out. C. P. lt'rwrnsi. No. I. Unn'ton avenne, M. Y., (laM of W.caaana Nlcaraipian army I vit l To H mn I.rr1, al IIS per month (4 To (suit, aid bo U tot hi m Jons t 1. To one .0Kked h.n ., IM To ru h advanced to J interest on guns st th rwnU.tkei'. . tsl To ea.h adduced to hie wife to enable her U he p.-ett t the Jsr-neae Rocrptioaglvra by JiMraGotnoK UaaniT., , B 4 T'Ul ;.i...i f Tlie .love email bill nt Oi Onrr.l lo b. aold lea rned ately fin- cah. Apply to E. Einni T, No. M. Nn.lhav.nue, ti. V. Mi. HruMMisai alio leetiflM that the acciaul ealinl twic at her uoii.t, and left lb following not . J.nuary l. ll,-oot) Ninth A." 'GrnnuL, oa Ma. llr.sisM.rK. .If this bill I. not mi;-a; In loiij-mrM houra, I an. II .end f oo. anmnd New York and B tilth. A F-AaTsaiT. 'P. 8 I deti't want lo do Ibis, but I mil- hsv. aa tnnrey. or .end. A. R Me. II denies owlnir tbe arruaed any money. II. was bMtiKhl l(ot Justie. CoknolLT and comantM. or es.niinaticn. Ai I ynrn Fri)ior Af LV.", a young man reaiding on the corner of TUr. ave nue and ITlh street, wa. arrested on Tuesday oat .!... Af f.lonlAii. ...suit linrm VAitv fl.eas.A- ...Bl ... ... .".-..-.. - -- T' -- kerrora mh. .a si no. nuiBittn avenue, ill. a.- .'x: Isj.s.1 . ttsk. !.. aljweiiaaskil nld.lnail fa.rrsasahMasassMl a las . fl aaliwrn arel refuaed to pay for them. The proprleeer atlem-vd to call a policeman, when the younj nun drew a revolver aud threaiened to shoot htm If ho approached the door, lie waa takon hefjta Joetico Chnou v and Iwked up for trial. CiuttnR or rRETKNCM. A maat ntmed K. It. Kfounwim waa arreated yer4erdUfv charged by Mr. Oro. rmis. keeper of tha Jomm llnfi.a flers... lis.liii. .lsrMi..1 .1 kl - - H"'"l .' ''i "J i.ii (ia viitH utiiiuiir-i llllfl tram . - ot l?r. he lraetniaT htm from the 1st of 0-her taaft toUe ItratnfM.y nett the premlaea No. IM Rat tL siiietteei, ine a-euaei, it appear a, claltm-d tbaa lie waa the owner of the preml aea, an 1 at aueh fava Mr. Pnata a leiwe of It, and received tlxTiaa ad -vntverett. ll stitieeqiienlly anpeand. aa allafexla that he was hot the owner and had no authority te leaae the plate, and M'. Prats, lo aave hlmaflf frvnm helng ejei-tM, waa otillfffd t pay an additional $W. The a-TU-rd was held by Juelke OtaaNB la awaJt esamlrwtloii. CAmiiK or A nrRotsAit. At a lata hour est M-nday plght, palh-eaian Kmoht ofthe Vth rTarg, olwerred a man attemptin.' to break Into the llqaer atoreof i-ne Fsin U rn the enrnerof CLirkaonanl CIreenw ch atresia, aud endeavotol to erreet him. The fellow renlated, ated aalxlug the oflioei's olati, etiuck him a powerful blow uioo the head. Aaetet ance wae, fortunately, at band and the burf'ar waa eemreil. lie (rave bis name aa Jon Pirn iweri aud wae ha ked up by Juatlce fur trial. CiiARf.n or eVAm. A young man named John Cti r. was arreated yeaterday, charged with fraudulently obtaining a horae and cutter from afr. Oro. I.itata, a livery alahle keeper, at No 714 Kifhtk avfmie. It apjfii that he nirtt.enud that be ba4 leeu artit ty a ft en ll etna a for tbe cutter, end utmr It waa delivered to Llm, he drove off, and aoiae hoens aflerwartla retnrnM 11 In a drtmafftd atate. It waa thea aeoerUmed that he had no authority to call ftar It. Juatlce Conoult held him to answer. For City TUcxth, tir-r Third Is- To 1 jnpl.yi i. and the I. view of the prevent want ef niiilni (, and conseqtieni distress, among many worthg lahsaw Ing people of this city, w hav datarmlaed, dmrwsg It eontlnuance, it epen onr oolumn to appeal, lav employment, and to offer of employment, on easier terms than ar understood to b ckmIsmuI wife tm advertising interest of a newspaper, W prnpoaa, fir th present, t. admit adnrthsa menta relating U employment, al 0!(l BIHLLma for ONE LINK, endeavoring so U -4- V- airy them M t eipresa all that U taally I anost eases, within a elngi line. AU who can eontrtv to offer any ktatd of I meut, will thu b enoouragad lo masM Ik. kaovea to those and they ar many wh. wavsVt ha (lad af the smallest maMui of isUef. Even Isr a very nnimportanl Job, a atlTHn , wtllb aflbrdad, whn It wtU bring M lit oW a very applicant who most need U and will b aaaa. Williac U do It aatbdhctorlly. H msually happens that whea pereoa. apply ka enploytneut, on la pusaled to think of aajthhag tm lhm yaaf new ; and on th other kand, a. esas. sa w hav ami tittle Job w could give out, w rsaaess. bar th. aad entreaty of rat fellow-creature wiah regret and th wis. that w knew where to mt Wheat employment la scanty, It U th. porUot to bring onl all ther U rf It, aad U i U m much M poailbl. among th most needy. Many, la a tlm Ilk this, will ImI 11 hoik a aay and a plawur to rwue employment Sir th destrkwaa. hy giving out work which they ar accustomed te Ihflruaalves, or by having etwnelhlag don whLefc ihf can aflbrd but do not etrictly need. II Uiililaa) thai by offering il la the Bow, Ikey will give M a noa V. th moat needy and th moat willing t. wark. W vreuld earnestly recommend bouaekrape. to mt to J .M-to. "t nploy all th itr help they can aflbrd al this I If the havs tbs mesas. IM them srars a Utals Asp Baa truest charily liberal employment of tk. needy east 'TJ to esse their own labors, it msy be, or make it a haw f tt easier on WMhlng days, for InsUaoe, t their lw- i ivesr If f guWr domestics. A ehlUUg line tn U Ba vrtE an. all troubl In looking tt ervsnts, and bring thai one who ar. theiasslvM lookutg aaxioual tw eaa ployment- Denevolenl psranaa will ofban find that th heat aa dstanos they can render will b, to pay for a he billing iDMrtlon of th cae la th Bbk. Oa th otbn hand, th Unemployed will b toaaaaf. by th acooaamodstloa w offer, to mak kaewa ahslr want and willingness, and attract the notio bath af benevoleao and self4uereet. Employr will Ma b lncreashig thair foroa, and th us of this akeaae fccillly, It U hoped, wilt do aaaoh to bring toth Classes together, and to e-jualU th dlffWstoa af tw Uef. TBS WSAC A1TD Dr.IUTaTBD IIMU rtox ttlii. raaalag th ateiswaasmut ef Dr. Ajenaawsaa keadad "Talk. Sick and AJtticsd,'a BM faartk tW aftbiaaaaer. It la t saeolotn wottay . trial. A Mkduial Kowkltt. PtrHtrrS PATENT PILE PIPK AND TOM OTJ. Hi.n t lor ins riLfJS sua etner uu I drasalats. and st 111. ru.lon at. Ns- York. Ons of the dilBculties ev.roiisM by thU toi lisaaasAI the .rplleation of thsrnnedrto Ihsdls-MMMrts. TU Invention ha. met th most oawnallfled approbsths. sf pnralciaas and eurgona. a. wnem tl bu Deea tssneaaaa llwra are maav, toe, who have eiaerteaeed lie hassatsam sbo.prakoflt in Maha alas, Bom.o aaeas assl eipendMl bundreda of douara, wtla no reuat. Aadiaal H. K. PUJtCY, UMral Afeney, W Pulloa at, H. , riKKCT ' PATENT Bn-PUt It ANTI ItXTMCATaS IM PTLTUN ST- rU:W TOJUT. and No. 5 WUXOWJUUT f, MtOoZLTtL Thesa Ttstha hsv been la. leeeasfsl i ran. sad nav. slreq. aravatssi Mnaaaawsa, ThM Haihs ere asenil bscsess Uiar . KiuaUa. tn. .lmulsUon of Um Moo. . B. estbllh laasmiibl astspeaaalisa. t. IMmlnuli nerSD. lsruaUUtr. 4. Cor. aU dlseaua. oflli aain. 6. Remove all effaste ot fasa ss. ( msseary. t. Olv. tons to rbs disesti. onaas. J. Ovaroome ewelliaes an. obraclaoa. . I'm, a on a ii n n. ia. i . aaMiaa.aj salt sniva, aoaa nuu.o oaortl. a, nasi aaany other iH.a.iies. K. 7. nniAJiD . Woo Ckbut BrrrwasV- Better than th. tMaa-pusi than lb aurxlaaads mass lb. best mau-rlsU-absax assiuk, esanciall to wsah saw fsebled pmons, a si asanas tssavwug tnm dtMasa. I ",.. fTOHW. 1HV TlUt WILU OlIUT BITTKBfJ. L 1' to las 0 We woald reeoaunandtsl aU was ar amlsSsa Of eeoKlU falntnsaa naln as Uss rbisfl isr tha IsssHssas to. eiswltottoTHwiwaaonltataasi tL. P. UlUUAUrrsV VrUdChrrrratssBSa. It Is asassf. asm reaaasr i to ess not fail to bene, tha tovatoL aad w. s-Usi Tasi Sk. trsmasf. was, te aa to leeil eti I where tWaasT And tki. anrivaUad ibumm. UtoM namarsas AnasV. n pmswww w. mm. ssmi as DS Kwr nw sssssrr wn w u.. as a aacaor a wtnesJt Chenyl era,. CKIKHAL woTicaa. Paedaswasvat. Tka Analvaraary af ua Cannon 8trl nstosth Bekool wUl Uk. rise, en Thass dar .eulo.,Jan,IUst. la me of stoin wssjaaajla rill oaarar en PrU. toaulni, Pen, Ul FrlMafaaW miauou, SCO cents. ll aOClETT PfOTHCBg. A PahUe Ftanarraueea at KIT Itaaaaae, k Kmnlre felon. No. S, Thursday ertmln., Jan. Mm. AsV IrMesa hr Rurford Crewe, sudhs-J. W. Praser. Blaav to hr Pmf. Itrearer and eihan. Th pubis, an torttaal toattond. WATTItOM, W. U. M Trawrraavr. Meedtaa. TVe lTath assi lata Ward Central TemMrenea Bocu wUl hoM a aatoto at, a-j yuarea, awa av. lavwiwd UI eaVtress ton nia.ttna. Rnvsrsl sosd slnsera .resent ta ani .an the mwtins. WIIXIAM tt. BOCXWaXU PrasMaat. JOUN CABKOLL. Bcey. laj. ri Neatau. Dlvtsiaa N. ef -ft. N. S. t.01 haU the Ut ef a eartr of weekly puhll tempraiea meet in., tht. (Weduewl.y) rvrnlas, st Mi. lnrbnyn Items IM Chatham rt. Ths lUv. K.M AKiiU audaU. DUN Of to, H let. lemncrauee tJakss-anai tners, wui ajlJr-a th aadleane. Inin byMaswa. U UAA4 fi RCH I. and than. Speakers, ajaieua, aad tssasw brr. ef all leinper.noe eisnclatioua ar. imautaT Ito tltcd I leo II WC I tmu totailntWh, Hf jor. K sMk-. us rsaw snysisiaa. m essara um msa us) sSBBu. b ptarvr Inaa seas, asr. JJ esa. rea aunaaas tbe eolr sasssiaa WM Mtoasefk.aiUMaJtI,ln PiSLsT ssns aa ai. w, uiil, ire nutoa rt, BroaUra, 3 la "! & r r -i a - a a ; v 4 r! I . R- .