Newspaper of The Sun, February 15, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated February 15, 1861 Page 2
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r v- 1.JU&SB- nanrrit f ,-m aa aaa1. -lTTn. ,,... . . aae" e j M THE NEW YORK SUN; .Or1 FRIDAT MOIumtO, fKB. 1 W" . turn recently P"4 " Potion SiuLlrA ess """"V '""' "" IlLtla ji i- ,",B, w,ch u t""" J-1' Sith. eye .tf Mr- the J"' ajonofllatwo grod thmouihloree, el of evovy Bellroad end Iain In Ih ill r,,n '"'' hw minor .xceotl.ttu. therefor, from ny p.ri of " "' '- "t,", aadbe set duwa to "' U " """'" "'"' ,fc" Uoely cm suchplao I'"'""'" mNewYotk. fa. old atand of the Ct. t" of ruin " Mawara, will of eourenir.glv.niir. t ''" " maelimc to come. B lam. will Ihare'tr oootio u lo be don I"1 of"'"- Aned.t-i I""!"' "' f,,f "'' Mh vrnfinUi .111 1-10 '' Il" ' "" "' tf Ui veluabl. premise "O '" old comer, "ould tat Dot tlurg J"1 even ""' A YALUAHLB DEttK UOOJI-rroed.l j th mB" telueU la lli Utyt for msoy put,.e-cn ue 141 W ellefiry ceueviit. In our I!i lway Offo. ruVie KUrtumnit tkit Fr, n)nf. See ! Tttlisemet.1 ol Bav I)f Caiiiii-'h !" "o K'" Wlf'll. rrape ! ! I """' """ W re not the moot hf.1'-t people on h fee of the rarth, tlmuh Mm- holler Hi it we re I itte of rcndulion. Our .M.ionlU hav done ell in their !" to ir 'n a ure it hubbub, AnJ t Atirct t thi'ir f.-liiili m ive men'i the ttn I-t nf the 1"1- rl I. Iljt lnUlllir-iit mm, win' h.' H'j.licl Uumin n tas the liwi nhVh K"otn nviiita .mma ldtlS n.l cun Jaloof tho imllvci of m'ii. Uoui dVnutfVue n-l fiimm'r Ui ri"lini. !t, 'trh comurjllply liltla iinHirtmirn 10 U10 inoiraL-iili of the mlm.lin.', kiiiiMIii, ! mumlly JcliAurhel politliiini wlmnrem donTorinK to rom'rurt, on thl roiitlnent, ortofrlo corir.itliin, pn-l..irrj rnt,n in wliiili tLo eM 1 ajo nil llif luwur an 1 nil llm profit. Torre l ivt a ci'niin l.i Kur'pn who i;lvi'( trutli, or llm otiliini'1n In irl of tii Mriuutlioi;lt" to our 'lmtl( trou'lii that ri rWm to thi lulinn nnl othiT rolitnl qncr tion. Tlio linlirilmfit of 0.t.i, llnnlw Uonaln tho no Viniiiloin of luly, thodMlm of lh Frenrli r,inprror, n I llm .rulial.o inove mont of Iho (imilml lini In lh fprlnj;, to lilt. rtf Vtnlra from Aui'rlun rule, re now tho thirf auhjcctiof ronaMcrltnii In thn Kuropo an Cllnf t. Tho Amerlcnn lm-roi;llo thoy ro pard wltli comparative loil.flerniLC. Wo are ao far rnnoyt'1 from tlicm, and arp an little connected with their imlitirat an 1 dlplnn ttlc gamea, that Uif; are content te li'ae ui 1 me in the netllonwnt of our p-uliir linijultl-. They know that our relation! ith Kuropn and all the relation we tan i-rrr hare with It are thorn of trade, and that under any tlrcum elanrra, thcljwaof trade will ativrt llulr mi premacy. The Idea of conqneet or colonization, aa a tneaai to politic J power in tlus North Amrrl can conlimot, hat been alaaiionml y the Koro pen Rorrnnitnti. AU they look for now, on thla aide the Atlantic, are jxweuful trade ad. . rentage. Their trade intereH they must U 1lnoood to protect, tut tbey will norer Incur the loeeee and Jerll of war for tho pirpoee of winning the frUndnhlp of one claaa of produ cer, eieclally when they are aware that thpe proiuceri are nnder a great r nw-enalty to xdl Uteir product! than they are to buy them. Speaking; la a political arnM ; wnai inter can Knglaad, France, or the minufacturln oillea la Otniany, hare In the attempt of the cotten elate to etablih a eepnrat political rf;anltloa ? Not a pertiile. lint l'kin,t at the matter from a commercial point of view, It la Um Interest of every European nation, and 0 all oommcrclal nation, to hare but one hot. ornnent to deal with on thit continent. It would greatly promote the Interest of com. merce, If the continent were under one stable and effioloot government, and thi truth erery Intelligent trader In Europe fully appreciates. Th time for succemiful revolution, hated 011 personal ambitions and sectional anlm.)itle, has siaased away. The great enterprising peo file who Inhabit this country c inuul miintaln divided latcreata. They must m one nation, taring a common government. n)attf kirn la affortlnj alt oi tn his power to auomr the frln.ileae- II aocmdiog'y tok htm onboaid, and Dot having had an opportunity to Uk In any prorleleiw, eoncloded tk It would be sow thing of a wild gooe ckaae to go tek t Teta Crea, with men wboe eervleea might be re quited elsewhere. Thar thlcuon " narrated on the defendant slit, fcloul. IUwiot will also I tried by lie Crt on a very diffrtmt iharge. Comroojore Branvoetii Is President, and TejaiMter Cmmn Juitf AlrouaK. Th rW-Frt and It""ir Letter from the B"lh ! awuraniwa tt fiere la a lud la the wveeelnn rlimmt, and Ibtl lee l,rj-e "f an a-ntrab't alj'i-n"nl ate e'iilrlo. fiP(,-th- ItlaUlievedlhatlkeoll era elitM7 t'je M ntfomeijr 0ni are, In bewt. lu fivjr o( rrrt'Tir umilciatii their old condition. Tiet. n.n.meeof tli POintin de ,l,.liote'it ihre.lutl'nir M". ilfnwia ' Tie(li1MaiiiM'l'H''iiptov.i1 ill it 'l tr r toiv I tie I 1 iteil Bmlee li 1 b livl11 if ! 1 fniutast M to C' " '" iin.i ,i no u 1 11 ie t '."i ii 1 Ti ' fMl'B.tttmitit riititit,x'f I ' lrnti.filn,e. l whi'-lit aha 1 I' a . at a ! n atatra ir uiinnr n i' n- ' a. velt n n.t , ikI in all .rtllni 11 hi-fil "T.wiiiiis-y te'le C rm.l'il " ' "' ' t m .tll.r. MlAmi,T lhA I nvm wri'ini n --... I 1 l-ll II rl such dear proof at (jeeemuaoo wo THE LATEST NEWS. n Mr Tzutaiurn to ran w. r. mvm. m 0 ' Political Intelligence, xxxnik coMini-vtid .. rrnnm i. . . a. . t . .. -. .. f . mi if- -.u.nn P. iifirMiii v mm .ntv.tnira-.ion m Mf. H rtnhmffttm, Ftb. II Mf. t-AMRRoi (U.J i.niJ thM inrtof theptlI nl ib D MA , ' kafHl fa LlUtltUt aaaatlliat f ttUt 10 M4il 1 , a t,.,.l. .a,r. JIM.iaai. ,1 .rrrttilt) lea Ik id tttt m j ll.e l.iu.i'i""Hi aa 11 ie 1 ais olber petill-aM ar.ilelatwharr i but tw muoh divrallf of ip nlon I Tli Tn defeatlvg Ik b 11 nr.(OMVnI one thooaand dl are for the relief of the '- r - , , -. . ... , ,.. t- . Il.ail l !. hit I uni o-"."' " thi nrr.l. ill ovrnnieiit : nl u I ir 1, "Uri nirtti uint-rUI sovi rtniMit shall pi iF.wer I. ludrir irevnil eiuigian'e l ! t riltny f. .n. Iiiik wil'i tbnnra'iilidl'll-ir orlu. v lui.ia r aetvl'it'e, a-'.idnt( t.i tl.e ! i t 11 ka o' lie slate fr hi. WH10H am a -ramif m tr I.- taken, ur 1.1 lniialf txe nK . ornln out uf at., li 11-latioii. aid l uljei t J idii'l n;o sn e'iaiht.- f .rin-l fr a . i iilri S .iM, .r o 'iihoftie ho ne I 1 , stall la (ulmlliail li.t t'ia l'nl m 1111 l "I m ' with the orig ni !, with w " "' " nmaty a ivltinl" or ll.r,i the r . ' atiiii' ..u m I n.i di A , tint t; Krea s-1ij.I1 ii" hv I'm i,.i t.i ''1i-ij p'nivtT In nyatti. or m t'.a li.ttiii I ' 1 1 kiturutaa, iilhoiil Hie ivuiniil of M iry liinlan.l ViiKirl. . , . , Tb AM- an el" t"d la f.irvr pruhtb't-d tn I llliain.i of that art aitieieof n o nH ! tlon inb' 1 1 ba riitlrue-1 li rv-ni ar o' taa sttttslKtnllieibt.rieiusiA of the r'ug.liv a t law. lijT.s rfie'vM In Waitilngtnn 1y amttl em mm tiers of the IVvo C .bt". 1' te bit l.uta J.mll of Here talng a maj.irltr of the i'e of Teni.tsi-ee, Kctitnikv anl Mnamrl fir ttia t nlon a it la. In .n.rt-n H seeeaalnn,,-.i li.e ssjr, tbcre It no cwrclun atltnit- The net to Nrtae Waahlaaton Cllj. Wri publikh today the report of the Select Committee of the llouw of Hepreaontativea, appointed to inquire as to the exlatence of a conspiracy to prevent the counting anl an nouncement of the vote of tho htalnt, elaetio AnuAUAM LlMliLN 1'residunl of the Unite 1 SteU', for four years from the 4th of Mircli next, and to prevent bis Inauguration by ulzio the National Capital. Though, the (Jjmmltt.'O report thtt thsy failod to obtain poeillteetlJenceof I'meilit eg co of an orgmlzel n-cret connplrary, they obtained evldemo enough to couvinco thmii that the project of suiting tliu Federal Cipltal wa entertained und di'cuasoil bvpirtiet hos tile to the Union. I Ltd the vtsrof tho mn irator lecii surrounded fuarer ililll.'iil ties, thiy wimll, probably, ho uttcuiptol to carry out their plans Hut It nppeuri tliittiio plot to aolie Wuehintrton t.i m ul il.-p-n 1. nt on the tcitaaion of Mirlinl and ir,,lniu frim thu Union, an 1 uloi.poii tlu nni;lct of the Adniiniatral'.nii to priitllcfiT Ha ilfiuiu. Contratr to the hi a'a of the ptjlters, nvl Is -r Mar land iiur Virgini.i rnilutl lulu tin- dlsiini n matlslp.m, mid by a l.;ino in Iho ('tbiiie and the pru leiit mi'uniiia taktu bySotreUry Hon aiidlirmrul Sun, tv t.i tbo l'tctil mt'a aamlion, the stheme of the iliauutoiiiata wui ctimpletely fxjloli'd. 1.0,0.1 d -ulnl hi ut 11 n rrliiT nill woul 1 lne .tl thu wholn jlUunJcu uuvciuei.U Arolh r 3ovinuiotit htvlntko ItAAC V, firnvrly lVHtuuuler of tbi city, theted the (lovernnient out of near. !y fJOOtiOO. Tbeult s.'ulnit hit boulim.n, to recovtr Uie amount of their securities, has retailed ia a rerdlct directly Implicating thu Qortrnmeut In a guilty knnwlo.lge of bit llu,r a dtfaulter at the time of his ro-apjiiiutmrnit. lb vrrJlu, U.ouiJi li dia not Anally sottlo all the legal puiuts iuolted in the caao, Is con clusive a to the innulvance of the I'ott OllU J Depart nu'iit wlik a fruul with h ui romoalol I for political or otlur purp-wa. Caart WaHlal af t'upU IUe, r ike l'altr.1 Male Mlaieokio tul)i, Today, Capt. Walkb, of tho Unitod Stale. ViJ, will be arra'gued bufore a naval geuantl oouit mailial, at ike Ifo'klyn Nivy Vard. IN Is eba'ged with bring ng lha 1'ullel 8aW a'oreabl,. Supply to thla port when his oldars weis to protean to Ike rruJairjua of Ike btue wilb pm rialeaa. The tacts of lbs cats are aa f.ill.'wa t Tua Bupiay bad been diapatcbtd to V'a Oru will. AoiM fr lbs flaMa,. but Ufor aha hid dmlrlbu'el thena, o'dsra were received duetllui-; vr to rtliiiti to Florida, and tbe netdful I the grrlao'i at tke Yard, which wti suppose! t t oa short comuiou, or at least not M be too well provldidfar. This turoadout nut libav been lb eaaa. Tuar waa nutalug wsaU-t at luajard. Fol ritkaaat, kowevsr, waa not ao well a , and, t ua Baval parlaaiia, "all Ike elnpa Iba! eould be spared' were wa4oumaj thai Cspt. Waiui, luuiejlait'y auaplld the fori, and not having any supsrfl Javia prvraudaritiboaiabe waadtlwtiugwbat wsb.t t to, wkau tb xur of bNtv Yard, u4 Iba lAaJakjuaal of U, 8. aaaria, aud aallora, aeeueit Iitt luetics 'mm CI eilo'lin aUtea thai t'.sre Is gieal disarms among the w.irklnj; c'tawi, wh , lalde mtTrirg fin want of rinp'omil. are c 11 1 JielVI to rlo military ilnly ai d 1 withdrawn from ILilr ttinll aa IiMuloMli.tit', 11 and other 1 tuaea bate 'ui li the dec an '.on of liiartlal law on S'llll van'a Ij.laa.1. II la a.ked on all hands wVat berime of the .'..IKCI 000 or i,O0fl,tt0 olitainnd on Mr. I"uri'a aerej Unrse. Nulaily lllete Mr. Iteaasi I. hal bin a coa porallvtly small part of II. Il la freely ta'kedrf In WaahlPgVm that a large p irtiin has gnae tn carry out the southern rebellion, sal 10 All the prakela of the traitor. Tlie Bio rial Committee of tbe rti'iM will. It la and, lejoit ihe stionneat rea .lnluflw eond-mna-lory ot Mr. Tifi st'a eond,i t In areaptlng the realg. I atlona of naval offli era In arma aga'nat the Untie 1 Stale at Peneacnle, ami after Ihe Department bad trrelvad liiformatlon of the aurrendsr of Ihe Ktay Yard Tiers la a decided dispelling to Imneaih hire, ant) but fr the ehmtneaa of the time before the 4lh if Mtieh, that emtio would probe'iiy be pmamd. UlaoiponenU declare thai he o-nparat-ed with the dlsunlcnlatii, as long aa It was aaf. The 7wueoneapondent uadaratandi that Uov emer Itn a, of Maryland, twlldsd before Ihe II utae that a U ark tn the Census Bureau, named (i ii.iai noaovou, told klm that he was meeting nlghtlf wllk e band of men who weie plotting for the ae s ur of tbe Oplul. II la aald that 0l ramoa mail now denies tavlog had any aulborlly ftr aia-h a Uleassnt, and kl li lends aay b Dud It, la fright en Oov, II n ki Into calling a ataW oouvenlloa. Tbe n-llltaiy forte now alaliontd la VYathingtnn conalaU ofa company of diattxma, three light bat teries of ailllleiy, lour bitteilee of artl Isry, and one ef engineer, acting aa Infantry. Total number aUml one tlmuaaad aud twenty flv man. Nearly a many more are txotYted In a few day. II la now kuthoiltativtly Mseiled thai Ik 0v ernmeul will never abindnn Its fori alTortugaa, Barancu, l'aiuucola and Ky Weal or the lis of military defences alius. Iks wsatern frontier of Te aa. All of loam aie WJIepenaable lo the lntrlty of Ihe I'nlun In a strategic )olut of view. The farts are necessary to commaiid tbe Qulf and iro Icit lb trad Ld commsiu la Ibst ipiarler, and lbs Hue of military pouts ai esarnllal to prevent th Huuih from overriiuning Mix 00, Tt Utter are all In a pail of the rat of Txa where Ihe Union nT-tlnirnt la large' y In tbe estJindenl, so Ihtt tbey would bave tbe prompt aealsiance ot a large voluntamr foite, ataboit bolke, toald the regular force In wlnuver moviii.eiit might be found uecea aaiy toproUct 11. a honor of He tlagof tbeUulou. Tke couceutrallon of a strong naval force In Ihe Oulf, acd tie w'lkdrawal of (lea Twious from the comnaul of tLe M llttry D.-partiuaal cf Teva-S showltat tke A Iraiulatraiiun Is fully til ve to ll.e Imiajrtactei.f 1- lnls ludlcat-d. in bir i.r ti.a, f !ntt-i.l n lapnrnniU M'. .lOll t.M . li ) l-ITaeniei I' Jolut rean II. tliaia lie sta-t Horn Igla'atnre, esruvaing th adl.eieu e.4 M'th'sau to thai n of, , oTf-ring II e rLllliaiy fnilei.1 the fUte t ' Ihe Tatlaral lo. irnntiit, aiie aaatri 1.-u rn eoiMnaaifma lie o.l4 totratf-va Mr ltiaoiiaa aald that lhae re vj 11. I101 a bwl la a. t.e.Ml wltn ieal nn.omilt ', aid o tloiiKlt ik.y l.iMSrtl ti,a frelmg of lae alas. lie sal I II at i'ii y wntl I ail here 10 ll.e Cn.a.itnti'n aa 11 Ie, aid that trey l,a1 noeymiattky wtib he. iaa, 1 1 tuia-a 10 tb fivei iioiit who tiatk rue .f. iiiiiinilxtiiTil. 11. kola tl kta .outherii friend w.,n d yiiriai a 10 see Irm tra lai aay f r tnein waaii,aiilm,ti to tl,alMen'm r-ilenf lie (Tov-n. a 1 1,1. but ir Lot ai,d they iH4 la tlvtr eir tl 10 altiln v ti in r,,i"t ttiry lake tnereepua.kt liy Mr Kimi'N Y ) preaenie I the till a of lira I'aiiaatid luaiyothere In fetor of th II inirvaal blil. Mt Wai-xfO' iojpieentidatitifiaakJ f! m niw In flux ly tli Un.milillou a id Hit lewa. 1 1 e bill to make fm il,er provtalona f jr a conaoH did ai,o 1 frtie wna iKtetj uo. M' Kit (Vi)ofl, ted aresduiion thit s Ciir. miiiee f I rte rieoaiiaa bo Apt,ri'sd lomaka r. iaiin,tla f 4 the Inauguration of tbe rruai'lrbt I tail A.'oilid Mt 'ikrra fM ) f m the Onniilt'ea on Terrl lerea, njanbda lull to o'tn'.tr the tetninryaf ft vaiia, aid ii vide govaintoriia for the territ.-iry If I la ,laU. Mr hrwasn'N Y) presented a t'n fnan I'll rMitaof Watnlord, N Y In favor o' the fairrsa- I fa lei-nilitt.aie; alia memorial from Ihe Cot titiar I I ljoii.ti.eiLe I N tv Yo a, 1 en mum ruling agauiat II,- law-Mta of !' J I ti tl ot 1. Mr Wi'Kia ifVtinn) r.inud ra t II. fro n II eil-tnti- ot M Mo-waia, akio tleiKreia en fo'tt the laaa,aut pita,.iv tb C.inUiiiiionul t li' n. Abo to kren rlvtia nee ai d to reeapture fnta, aid aain-i aiceaton or ean,rom'io. Mi- Vlikia,a aaid If Ihetei.l anntn wlaliea to la e l " tl e lo In n's of Ihe , nle reit.l ara he intiet poany fton. II e Urgai tie,, he m ut e the t pie of the- V rt'n and Wl. If they ara willing lo rive iiji ll sir lutooiplre al lha bid.liu ot anoraaoir d laoel .f tt.ui ira. V 10 ever Ooiotal Hall eN lh and weie tr.ia t.i the t'ut.,11 lleH namr from VllRinitaa'd lliM hla e ha-l-nu s-ai'iig lur i. v ni'iitea, ail lha iiuh baa i riiaii anl at-, )itir8-u,tr Inrfit K ntuikr, wh i wtalea lit ave the t'lilor,Laa III word if ll'priat.'b f..r Iheae men. Mi Itioi (Hinn )aai,l I also ealtl.mi fiom hie aiaie lla thong! I the la-oji a h that ale.) vara fm a eaedy aetlleu.ef I of II e ci.tTi ulliea lnw In ti'aikif Hieroni.try Tl'e a-l tloaaeeie la favor of the t aiirkai.rit reMilutiiaii, or aonte oilier panto ail le U e iinalion. M' ClTTri.K (Ky ) .teeute. a large nnmbrr of 4tntate from tha ri ena of various ataiss In fanirof IbaCaiTTraliRN iea.itil'tir.a, A large utiiiiljir ol a-tili,-iui arte ,'ie-ientad fron var oils aeltabira, rw ti e tn favor of the CaiTiaaokM teaoltttiena, and aoinanpiManal. Mr rA(N. Y ) preaent-d the reao'ullan of Ihe Iltniicralu Stale Coi.vil.luin of Nw York. I,ed on 11 e table. Tbe auhjert of Hie rrealdeni's meaaage was post taaird llll Tuesday llt. Mr Invoiaadil) preaented memorials agalnal ar f chanica in the waiehiaialng ayalem. It.eTartlTbill waa Uk ett ll t Mr. leTii(Va) ajaike agalnal the WH. Mr. Diamine (K. I ) trolled, rkrenllag the amend n etta of the C uuimuee. lis wtntel to ktow who waa raauonatMe lr the con lltion of tbe goveimneiit r Tbe Babalot iriy bad lb power In kaAb iiouaea, ai d bav itn trie mtuitry nan. rillA. Ileclalineil that Ihla tanft", by ralalug In price ofprodtlctlona, would be vaatly for Ihe lament of tbe laborer end produce re In tke country. By the wareloiiaingajatem, he aal J, ihe goverotn-at waaei-tnaily giving ere.) it and loaingluleseal to lae ainotintofa million (fd illaia a yaar. Esecutive aeloo. Adjourned. eantttit amaha Ike I Ikal huadied no aiu-h orasasaailoB eaistad, tf oatlaiae i Xanaas siifTerera waa reooaajlitarad, eavl the Mil r lhay bav parmllaad laqmrte and admlnayt aanrolltrd to th Commttti of the Whole to b settmonr not sninar witnia sae soopa ot wh-d nt ttiwiif, auter tae Ap(irorrnaiioa tbarawilvilXallUtoUaiarUmlad I their graet I WU I mJelad. ... anilely lo elicit the real facte, sod te remove no I Mr. Woni.atjrr Inleodueed Mil te prnrlda for a loundad epjirehenalooa. Ta eitraordjinary exette- tax on New Yrk cy, to pay eexh eneniiiar of lbs menl ex-rnog prvor to Ihe late Preatdatillal eleetlon Common Cmned fir llvl ant ISSOIwelve hint led dlaaffartMl paraons cf high and low poaitloaa, I dnd eJotlar a year far aarrk-e t after th raauit of that elertlnn became known, lo To appmorlate fvtoiio em of lha itltta Traas roomill vaetheron the quaatlon of aubmiuiag 1 1 ury to Ihe llelrew O'P'iao Aaylu a of Jfiw York thai raaii't. aid eleo npoa rarloua mode of ranis- ' city, foe a bnlldli g, a soon as fJO ODD baa beea tifa. amr.tur mh.e tn.rfl. eaaiuttanra tn lha aafnded I V the Irualava. to tetra'isa the acta u in uorrmnn mninen or Nw Yrek, re'aiira to filling nolbetol" on the aouti I Is of Kh Ureal, between lih and llih averwiea. Me wnam broorhl n a bill rok ii(lltaroa ofiflicanf tbo Chaiiber'ain of Ni Yn-k neaame ta tl.e Cofniarol er, aod auiyectioa him to removal m,iy for mftifeaaanre and liy tie aamo rae-1 aa re-. ifiiirrd fir Ihe remaval of ibe Comptroller or C ir(a ralloft Omnaeil R-a-eavlJllI o'cloxk. I tenia t. hav. etlaied to edmtof Ihe Alo,4lnof any I organ l plan until some oi the aula rmu,ei,eii t re 1 me the r Ihairieaof swwal n to iar'e lii t'.eo, piv-M tma d tfft'i id, aeatn li hav adopt. d ti tie lial all tea'atatce t.i ihe (luveinm,!, tf Ibra-e ta to tat any, ! al.illU bave M llaat t'.e Do or or I lata aliloorily. I If Ire ,traaie waa a! any tine entariain-td of formtOH.u otgtniffatinn lo ae ae Ik Iiatriit irf . ( i, all" a I'.e Can lol, or ptevtnl He in- ' aivu-ati iA n' M . Lincoln it aeenaa Irhavi l tl I irtidtrtd citittos'iit uaio Iba aeeeiaon of eliief tlarjlitn.) ir Virrfin a, a aeai'on or one oi tiiai tli't. fruin ntra.i'aait,aia, in IhU dla t ti-t ai.d ia Mirtlan t. that nrlnr tn lha Pal In li.t, iten i nava oeem cien y oonuoti , ..... cV.. r.ln i Mim-d ill rhaitv er of inililtry roramlltro Appointed I Meet Mr. I.lneo'n. irg-mrtt ol a. are i,awangaK-dta drilling, and sx- Jlujultf, tb. II. Oov. MuituA hat detailed laiJiti iti.wielba as va wna anna, aims trim - . i a...... tl . n.i" am otn.ea. aod inhere frem private ant. Oommlaaary ftenaral V, nxn. rrvjtiffa sitasiov. The Kama apt m(irlatl,.n bill was thrn taken in Me Krasr pr.p.a,l an aiaend nent lo loan tlisi- OOu to Ktnsa which, after a long dsoate, waa v d down Tns bill wti then atnendel by cutting d .wti the appropriation to f A non. an t I n oaavd by aye, vt, iiajs, n. Aojourneuai li r. h. Ol'lulona of the Pre. Tho Join mil nfOmm't tf, whicb It still p lb llahtal lnlblatiiy, ta gieally coniernel lor tbe su re, a of it ;et piojecl tbe d lai ".ll m ( Ibe L' nl mi. TtougU ll b-a lud yet loal lu coufljoncs in tns cunning anl cajaciiy of tbe tralvirs who btve mdertaken tbe foinution of a Biut'aei Cj (nlitaiy, It cartUiusly rtiuaika that 1 be ad ii'lou t.f a C.ill.tll'lln mvl the elea tlon of tftutre Hotter It, la an easy uiitttii,and iilLkly luti ni, aa webateaaili lit tie luiKwed ug St Mitt!f'iiieiy. Tlieetibilabtueiit uf aalil'ita i;n' in fneiil, aal.Uli a all laa ad-ullliil to the !'! ly of lial.olia a ait ,ilat, laiMMSOilK IMU lig I I J eVa ai and liiiitid.i.ttx lit' lie, alio I . i'ie.e. u. , i.u rial d retlii fiumtti ll Rovirui'iHi.t-, lathe ta irk t.f tune, it.piiruiB alatve nuftail e of wlidmia-et 1 1 eileecitl altttama-.a Ip It e ill'l-nnd manner lu wbi'k tb i aoilhtriii in ei.liatort lava f.nued their una kuiwicigid goe eiTinei.t, cnuaeatle.'i.iiriiiW n.n h mix it, n id 11 iapartnltlally frall'll Ittl fort gt Ittiloja Will u (,"v'ion,e.t while i'i I iiiwd (t'ldee Igiaireailai xiel.uie TbeU'W f umi- rrn co ftVi rat ) , t .bt'uiia, Lna "1.1 inc. unte. d f- Ileauat af llrprrateataulvrw. Mr. Moasiiaan IPs.) aaktd leave to Introduce a retolutlou, 11 WiAliiairroH's farewell Addreae b read by the C'eik in thla ball, on the Md or F-bru-ary, and Ibe fi-Midenl and Isslde"4 elect, me n bera i4 tbe CaUm-t. Judge of the Suiireme Oourt, maa.Uis ol Ibe gtataie, clnlof of the Military, aud Naval officer, and tba C jdmlaaloners of tbe l'eace O-1-vei.ttoa. be Invilid to be preeeat. The resolution bating objected to, waa net oor aldaree). Mr. Lxaxa (Va ) aakid, but failed to obtain leave, to iDtioduco a leantauoa far th pimlntmaul of a tuomaniu-e oi i nree so retain wneiuer me ttiiperia-Undi-ntof the Cenett Bureau has hereaofove In etiucted tbe clerk of that Bartatt to mak out from tb osimiu return lb name of tbe head of fami . Ilea, for lha i-urta-a of aaodlng lb em certain politi cal apeea. hea. air. ibtiis tva outaiiven laatra ao uncvuitce aue following aa a iptwlioa of privilege R'Arrcas, th lollowlng auletueul appeared la the IJi-w Yolk ritM newaoisr i It la ascertained th.t. In adJllloa to th other frauds pert eti sled by tke seceding Member of Oai,iee, lliej have taken from Ik O-fW'eaatoaal Lilaaiy, wluh In, prolatbly tbe beet In Ihl ocun tiy,ei4tain'ii ueiy Ua,ks wbtch cnn,l be h taioed slNaavkere -i me of ihe moat valuable vol tntea to Ihe who e, illiclton Thoitatuidaoidollara' aoilhlbvela-eul' in ali.lrailfd aLd carried off by Ihtee n.ctlta. Among lliem, a e'ag'e ttmta Caiollna niin.b r. 1 am inf jm-ml, ha more than lour bund ulitr-ilaia' worth of dlgeata, of the moat taubl chaiacer, ai.d tab ch can never be re p'aced H.'arte y iHie of li,eae fienltemea toik the trouble In letiou hla liv ka, Imt, on Ins ooutrary. were vety rttntloiia to have them carefully patted and nil a ft. tl ertloie. ,v'tvii, lto.1 a H-icvt uo-nnnie or Turee lie l jHiibtid n inptiie into the truth of Ibe stat-mi-nl, .,..1 liiat II . l,.uin,lt. hav. iM,a,ir lit amul fur terra-ua aid i'pirj, with leave to rrtwrt tl any j iiu e. Ibe leaoluilon wsapataed. Mr. PTaa-ron, fOhlo.) roe lo a queallon of oriel Irgr, aidtallid aitaUmati th rew u of gttur dta urlaate, a il apiaatratd in It (V(i(n aaytug bis colltafrne, (Mr Coa.) waa therein tiirvaiitei aa makli.gieiuaika which were nol uuartd m IhU 1111. Mr Cos, (Ohl ,) esplalued Ut th only auli-aiaiiUtli-iHiaalion.if lna lemrtik were al ibe r riuaatofMe, nioio-ma' eucraa, e, Mr llurnlliNa 'luat grlitlemun hud a.ked Mm, (Me. Cos) li al low him lollainrl a ptiaiaph de't-idoig It', litn MacH, ar-d teiiial ti hint to write one la reoly. Mr llavi'Uiaa aald that waa true. Mr hraaTo-a ai,t he waa leiNtitt-d as revising t-t a aia-ei n ta which Iblaevira od ury iiarairiaji ao-)M-bin. HfiUutd hliu In a aia tiuunf haviua! er liitttid a rental k uf Mr t'ov to gouul wllbtl llrep'y Ilia t-oMiat na (Mr Col) ltt ahowll an rvlraorll. uaryiaata aud inclination In raking up (into i4tr tela, aid biiumg Ihilr dirty linen here ami rai-bini.' il lu the Are of Ihe 11 nut. Mr, Cm raid II tame Wttb bad gnu's from Mr. Etanvom in airaigtt bluiuuder a preteitcenf aiptMa I on of iiltilree, when from lha Iteslunmgnl t ua I'lliHiltaliaal teim mild ui be bad lieelt t.ura led ly hiaoiioueuu In a peratua'.iy vlodcttve aiyle, wh'th baa ,u arallel lu lallillcal ceulimlgnlag Mr lUliluaarftld be deaind bla eolloarue (M-. Cm) lo il aril a aimtila Mtrarai,h aSnul Mr. ilut- strrli ti.t . Bit-e faraa Ine Commitn-e war ai'e .l laatn Ihtir pinto,.-, wntl Iney eympetbtr.! atiojalf w'lh tiei al Ineratauo proof thai lhay tl let d to slut, k eill er lha Capitol or Diatri,! of r- 'un bu, iiuiraa i-- aorraa-ler ak aiM bedaraaod id l.a a Mat. t.i whl 'h lie; pr if"s a hlb d rlegree t-f ileg1at 9-itne of tbeae cimptiA ta It. iimore i mf t l-edrl'llngf ir tie a la mir tae if orevtnlti.g ,t ,r aillllary e anntalei fmn eaaliglbMih thifai of M.ryla.I. V Hihr ll.e.e terettalloitaof 1 e llraa.ea of liear e tie. pne 1 tot r.i or rrl, iba CommllW rrs failed .nliaia.verny aai''aitiryendM eliat lhay havs ary piup -e whfii v.r aa a mere mob, w Ihout lha samlion . I H'alHaiil'in iy, la a-te k theCt,'iltl or aiyiierioi.ii p. e'l; in una ii.iri. i, or i re tlell -Iriil trtla'o'll.l b alinlltel that any ofl-irM.ntgan faloaia wrre hoat.lalt 11 TIV erituH I i r int-iia ire I unlawfii' puro lhy ara it i , ; ein.ea. I anl a e not therefore . hsaic ait'O'.la'-el in th rr-l'-l.on of 111 ll.otir Tt e V rnnt tueateii'.iul n na'y o' lha oilti.m tlat I1 e t vitie-c-1'i'd il t'-eia does nit I 'iivetl e as'-itr. a -ar?H rgan ri ion baisor elew eie 1-iatti e 1 1 Ire ir.v-rmi.ol. Iflal hal fir I'e a-t-J-t t. uioa il-. u rtiiaiitailulilr, an alit, lipou tie C..lf r a-iy . IV of the palill p't4t- m I ere. i r an tneriiiilon of any isflnefan, i mi of Ihe Movrili ml. Tl e i, -mm tes anb oil herewith alt Ihe laallini. r " liikeu lt -i li e ril -a I, and k that lb aa na, and ll e le pr'il d. abd lha t i minlta-i lie oiihari-id Iroin lie furiber couai'leralion of Ibe sol ml Mr nation fN C.) fom th ame ooeimlilaa ie--.ltid I.Im Vla. a follows ; Toal be r na'il 4 eltirey W'lh lie inaj mly of tie coinliilte-, tall II e Hal'niot y dm a iha ealttiliah Ika exiatnncaof a oniieiraiy, t.i e out taiee en the ptrt of aay p nt ma lo a- se the put he pro,arly in Ih I) nlrlcl of C t. Inmbia. or tntnt-ifeie with Ihe regular oparatl ina ti Ike goverfia.ent. II thinks H ha baen eatab. Iiehed, lu lalll.alaid ug the difficulty of orov lig a've, that no atii-h c anaplracy daaa exiel th. er in Ihla dialil t or elowtee II apuear fm-n lb ieatiiiiH.y id I.leut (lao. Aoorr thai aevan c an. (Hiilea ta artil'eiy, aa.t one onmptnr of gtp-tairs aa.1 Muir of tue regu'er army kav linaaTl ordered bare, aiel are qilerbsrel la the ctly lu tloae vlclally lo Ibe Capitol, outer Ihe miataken belief that tbe putilie a-rtitiy la Ihe Dialnrt waa or would be In danger, id tlie Coartmlttee belna unamrnoualy of Iher pinion that no combination, or oonapjwcy, or l-urpie biaaltle lo the Government or lis property t x'ata. tbe undargigited emuid ask fte paaaage of tbe r,,liiwlng reWutlnn i . "lMtie Tiattoilrg of Iroope of tb rerular army la this ttiatttct and around tbe Capitol, when not neceaaary for their prot,ction from a hoattle eit amy, and tiurli, th aaU n of C ingreae, la toiov lltlcei-d tff-nelve, arrt tf permlttatl, htiy become deetitictiveigoivtt liberty. Anillnlbe opinion of thla llouan, Ibe tegii'ar tfona now In It ought to be RNthwitb removed therefrom. Ha dernaads Ihe previous question. Mr. Howaan undert.iod the report made by him to be uiTaslfwou lis wh not awar last the Committee had the eubject matter of the reeelu tual bf.a?e them. At all event, there had beea no ooporiunlly alTorded the O-mtntttee to vote on It, Its did nut uialeratand how the gentlemen c-iuld make a mtaorliy report under tbe ctrcuojataaca. Mr. BaANori aald that be did Lot preeant the reaoluttoti aa tbe vieare of the Committee, Itut a a mliMtril repeat. Toe taromlu-e did not rite on In but he entertained lha hope that ell the members of th Committee would vole for 11 In tb lime. TH Speaker pre lompont. Me. Ksi lnnj (III.), Adjutant Osieral lttrn, Ibtpeotur Ueneial Jataanv, cjintar Mtatar (l-nentl Va" VsouTSa and ej-il ,nel M'Olilaii Aid rte-Caoip, ta meat Mr. 1 aooi.iv ereaut -anrt aim loAibany. (Im.Wsuu anivl here tialaa lit aI Vance of bis aaao-ualea, who will Join him toiaor tow and Uaaks tie nreiaaary aeeana-.meAl. ... , , . , , ' MNoa, lo wtnt-h iie(ur imruiiia) would raoir in rau'lleealJ id.Ua I. stil iuinicnae l.iagu tud', evl- t ,., ,,, , ly ,,,. n,, boevnr, did diht to ttt-i It llo 1,1,1, i vi r, if d etn la ly to evtry allait verludentof bl t .rj " lint 1'iao, no! preenuiia 'atgtly iit"in the )a t.ful dispel .u of Ibe I'l.lou-iueo, uoitli aiul e.iitb, when llaki them to aiitrnalcr every nail, .nnl rt.jhl nndeve y iHuc!p'e of couat'tuiloual govirumtnt, that tho aoutt e n rebete n ay easily ta 'nsunimata lhatr plan i. Tbe H'nrlJ notices with rails', lion the ipi'el a id oi daily mam er In which, aoooitHng to Ik pro slonsof lb Com,! lution, tb elivtoral volae f.,r riseblriil and Vlte-1'iaaldrail were counted sad antouotvd lu Congrese on Wtdoeaday. larafa. enca to tbe leporUU design to prevunt Ibe cnintlag taf tl eleiloial votes, tbe H'crM rays i Let factiou rsit aa It may, 11 dan-a not Interfeie witblbeee luejettie eugolngaof tie ti tnaiiiiitloa. Tbe wleela ot the givvniment move in, as tho stats kraptbelr guiieee Th truth la, lUtlillitt fearfui ud an atni'l lmw aalkle thing lor eadlllo t 10 plant llai If diieclly lu Ibe latin of a govnumeui aimed wit tu h moral ai.d nliaiial fdi ' taoioa, rJiierelt n isdinaia'ia and new cull I luMoiia are a I ey iteniKh toplay al ist pwr , jieiU in ml p.' uietlu 1W uiayraadily rnuigU tie luiiaoviu,! , ami evtu volumeer ndlitiaoicu may ha mt-vm I .. doiilile-atitiik Ins lull unprolei tut forts and st eeual bill wbeu ll C Ultw I ' a able lilt tiavera o of any of tb neceaaary oeratUiua of g tv, tu ii-u. 11 la quite a dlfb-renl mai-er, anil no truuon IS-1 uv Aore jirt a, en, or Aaf( aaa, ta t-pial . Hie H'vrMalao d,aw favorable tnfeittn fioni Mr. I.lai'uth'esperchiei Tba firm an I yet cnncillatorr plrlt maail'.'alsl In Mr. I inja-a'aapeecbie, on blarouteto the eeat ut I la duly, ie ad i Ir.l.ty to re aaaura ibe imUaru'iid, and gitaauoieaa to Ma endeavora I. ntlme ll.e.' Hyps ' f patriot n. If Mr, Lis ttiia la a'f aa i iniatea be tit the reputation of Lies an on nuti w' o know bioi, of a I itatllet, and bal aa.aa.a l.a a"-l aa Itnio il.' ' as tie h-at ski u bltoae f hv i it atlelMiaa in s ha av ul.!!).!, we may t .(, 1 1 , hi i im .n adniiniaiiaiioti of inin-t- 11 fliliioaa mat oti nat n, wuuhat ti.a leaf! alll save tl e w diw-.i .uy o i i uf tle ooillitry. Ibe 7'innsiooalda'alli.t Ibairlelaut the I'ulun baaMa.atd, iuj1 in an ailk' aj i rot Ingot thocim. ., luias ,n.lau of Mr. Auat, ol MaSa-wbu-ailti, a)s : ttrtiting on y the a'. Id'u!i( ami theaivai. alt nota ll.e ektieio. ol ti.a two sei noil w- Ii lus that tie gteat balyoflbs A urlcut peu; ' coral. Py dealt e the adopttun of a poi. y waU li aha'l tA only ui Mai u a t aa.ii, hut alie'h to little Uoidar alaiaa. ajid 'eava open a d air tor Ibe return of Ibe tti.Ua that lavaatd d. Nir io webs lev J Hal aLy tat-rifl.1, eilberof taaenllal principle or uf valuta inleira'a, will be requuei ou either aid fir , IbeaUVnuinlidtUstod. I uol a' I let oil. aana'a reolv Mr. VlTtJt (Md ) n.e lo a question of privi lege ut g waiieltigitlvealtvacaae lu I. at lial, 1'a . ral ibg mil Mrvra. Brsvsas (1'a.) sad Jui. si" (ra-)lnnply. Tbe bet ate'a ainet to the Paul ft 3 K.l'raal blil waa oiaialdared until Ibe eiplratlou of tbe luoiniiK tour. Tbelloiieealiiak out, by M attain. I CI that part uf the pri oaitloii that Ihe C.utr.l KallMtd ah all gu via Foil Kiley from Ihe tuoulb of Ihe Kansas river, I be n ,rt uf Ibe Cuunuiue is Tblny tbi ee taiut up. Mr. CAtii-iinx (Pa ) alluded to Ihe present ootid! tloaof atlauit. If oonclllallon falla, they sboui,! Im k tbecai.gvr la tke btce, end ect aa hauonee man. If IUa tuea who bave aeised the fort, ae aelak'e, and other pHblto ptoltasty aunandered Ihent be would btef Ihelr ctart),lalnta, ard if wed huiad ed, lul blah the nteaaurea ig teilreaa. He argued tlat otir fjovtaruiaeiit Is grand aatloa of taola and uot of aietee. Ins auprsms, end tbe hereay of aaetiviKai tea maks no Impression on toeenna'ilo wnds lotto aatrded alatea there are men true to Ike tiovtiuuienl ai d who pieaei ve I hair alllaii.-e tnthal'nicn. II norabd bum-uily tit it Hey I pnattl-d. Any iHbercoinae woti'd sink lb O .rmnniilt, perdition. Aby (Kiveiniuatit not pni e'ling then (roui iieiaeaiitiou ttrtitl-taiou aiid a atlia te not worthy of ll al taenia. T1 ere ara let gtleviunaa which caiemtW rtdrewed In Ibe I'tuou lltwat wtntnR to Co sonulbltig H'r MarylauJ, K.uiULky. Tintieaae and atntr etatea, and for loyal t-illsta in Oeutgla an I A'abama, who rcqiiirs aarlal inca 11 1 argue that Mr t1airrs'aisa's poisitlnn tn effa I. waa eta deluded In Ibe laat IVeaideellal eltxllen, by

an overwl'oliuirg'iiiajiiiliy. Ibe ptia,i"Htliiui.f the Bila.1 Comutlltea met hli approval. Ilewte In (av,r ig tbe ptataieuf tbelr reaulut'on, rec miiaiel n the rcpeAt of tie ittr sowal lilaitylawa aadof Ihe bill anend.loiy ofibe ruir,tlv Slave ki I. II was In the mwer of the Slave atites t.i qiiet tb ta agitation bv aband uiingastreine viewa, givinf up th Criitrrdeo roattmire an t other tintmalt,it. lire, sn 1 oou hieing on the aduraai m of N iv Mex ico aa a stats In lbs I'-.l, at. B'lou d c.u.ili.t a-y rreamrts here fi I. be irould advaalelh i'a'lin of a aatlooal convention. At a'l ev,uta, 1'a-unayl. van'a wdl aland I y tbe Union aa it la. Mr llowiiui (M'.'h ), frouilha 8 le-1 t'OTiiullloa of Kite, ii arte tbe u Inwiug reitt un l.r lb r lul'oiiii.oi luting Ibeiu loiepoit aa I j Ibe alle;t corai.ltai'y, ll.e Oinmlllce in'errd noon It leveaiUttlon unl.r a deep rena of the Impoitanre end Ibe la liloalcdiin.'iiliyof Ihe I nq il rr, to prove the ex's. teta-eof estiril organlsaton havlrg far liaobj-cl reeMel ce 1 1 and II overthrow of the l .vernoirnl, would In Ibe very miiire of Ihe case ba.edim'u'i la.k, If such ano'ganlatliia reallf tmtexed. on we t Iher hnd laa t'niolh'gnexciiaiJtriit,ronequut t,ion Ibe revoliiliouaiy events tranaplrlng a'l kioucd u. it mlglit well be thought dliBuu.t to all- aid that lb lepurl of th malnrllyaod that of Mr. Ilkawn had beea reoelvad by itommoo co eent. Ha announced that the iaao.ulloa of la lat ter wee now tbe llou. Mr. llaAHi a aald, that tbrouf honl the delibera tion of tb committee there had been the utmoal eouitrsy aod kladaeea. Bo Car thla baveallgttti a we col- ma, ne we prott to Bay every memee-r of ti,e committee ha.1 exhibited the ulmoet eanlor and fall naaa wilk n,t deelre to suppree lbs Iniih or mak pper aa truth that wblob wa not ao. Mr. Dawes (M ua ) was recagnlsed aa entitled U tbe fliair. Mr IISAiai n reminded Ike Chair that he had da maudtd tb prstiou gustloa oa his restlution. Mr Pawk wauled to knew kow, iftb majority riil a unanimoualy agraed to, taere could be sl-tiino, tty lepnrt. Mt. MoCuiaNAkO (111) wanted him t yield Ihe floor. Mr. Daw a replied, that after en much trouble to get ll be could not reliuqulah It. Mr. iacii claimed tne light to mk a parson-. al aspbitath u. Mi.IAka aald the reaaun why the had ntabeau ah ett prove ibe exislence of aeon epirary waa brcauee the aeaenLe of Inaipe pre. vetitad iheconai-iiai-y f'otn belngrlpeuel lubifrui. tlon, and that the pmeiaetif Ibeaa troop eaahiat the tt preaetil a report .tiuwlug that nun laiw axUtd. He moved to lay Mr. Baaou s rtsulut'oti rai lb taiiie. Mr. John C"'i'st(N Y ) oblVnidlh.e Uairou Hi Ctldnlun act-d IjM' nawlallal b (Coi'll aasr) would renew Ilia motion tu lay tne reanu titai tat tbe lahle which Ihe latter be t in te. Mr I'laiiKaa til that rd-pieealaala miiolt M ItkANi ll or any other lover of eivl a 1 1 mil. gioua lll.tly th Ka.tierlng of au armed tore warm the Ceo let 1 h eied atal tie I.-iiieUlura aaaenl kie.1 and a. hue fre. aech ahould ni I ouly be tuU eiat. d but aueta'ii. d Th. evIdaiKia ahowid rwnc'ualvely that a'lHiuh there waa imw n i organisation threatening tue lliatibt, f Culundea aud tht IVdaral aiarer, yat that at oue l-erti-d of time there w.ta aili'h d titr, aud iiitoora aud reMata eUiaotlng toe alleiitloit of all i end biklar tbe ptu f of tneae ruu ore pit, au tmi.aiy meaaurea w.ieeb;Oat li Kve a pr W I lig foicaaf luiluiaiu lb Du.trh.1. f r If b re inraiiHeiad r gl.l the quieuon put m the let ler uf the ft1elai wa, w elher lvllaQL abouM rat I Itut d on I e ar forcea rather than on Die tm I tia. el in hi icp'y indl'A td that lu Ihe lace of the tliteleiilng evi'Ua It woul I be lujre Wlaat eld indent for an exiieileu'wl levler to re'y to ll.e ligiil.r fotvee in ll.e eM.lM'i f a lucblbau ihi th untiiia, anl tbeae ruts-mt lutlita..! the Coll.niltlea. M'. ht'Ki (M 1 ) dealre.1 lo aek M'. Ci'iikt witltirM IlKusv. ar n ,.tf.'re-t I ie rieiluti.,u la alnii ting the C mm lee t.i lixp e at 1 1 It a alleged cunapitBiy, waa laf.tie thai C"in,niltee, aul aruel i er I e e'a e.1 on what authority aut inforiiaatuo be thought be wn! i ti tng lha a ibjivl Ih-1 ire laa C m niit'te. lle(KnRri) wn aati.rat I' at tbe tab i e Ibqulailli u ot Igiiuaiitil wilb lna War ll.pat,iietit or Wllh the l.t.uwuaut fj. natal i( 11 at.iiy, al wll aie rieouiu,et,tUtion It miliiaiy par wt aa.ttiiilad beie. He ltnvid thai the object of liiuiu.'ila tl iu waa tu fuin ah toiaeciui.liy aime plaiu,tne pro. texi fur a o morntreiinn oi t .e military foroe ol th naliuu al II tsplloi, and to give a color ef JiHlift call, n lu their ait un, or els the ll ivmor of M try. land or luuieotSer etutaatry be!etiiHirtnliid the movetuetd, ltauMe he waa theonly man who kal tbe eml.cily or the t-marity tati that auih a coabluaiiini eilats la Ihe auie, of wbtcU be U Ibe unworthy cble' aai; strata. Mr, rkikuiAa (Oalo) in "t-d lo go Ulo oommlltre o( ike b.4 ou Ine 1' ,at ufll e bill. Mr. Wsnena (Md ) hi pad bis consigns (Mr Kcaaei) wunM guen. In oider that ne ratghl have au i''iiily lu auavrr blat. Hs ad la), teal (luv. llima tadactud from jiatrlotio mutivae, aal irul bis eondiici was appruviat I y io-ihlrda of lbs ot'lsoflhaiatate. Ihe uii ation was taken o the resolulleu, anl taliltd-Yraa YVS ns)alio. Adjoumad Fraiti aahbogtoaa Pit. I.RVHiKrr DitAiu ar, of New York, the Itivrblor and laiielit. of ttniatr ant luioior.iaala In t legrapblne, la it tw bare 1 1 opta eof ejaa'tal b-el.Tatiou emending tha Mists ima-ntt, cli-mtni that tl wm'd bave the eff-ctuf prtvuling the pipiliq Horn eiijoyitg the e,irauttea or itn,rtva oena whi, ii would reduce l-ie c irt of lleitaphliig fitf lar i etilum in Ibe pieaeul rttea anl Inoetan the f fi.'lie of teaiatnilung likttir lo four fold lb anHiunl now eent, and on th around Ika any et trtia n ao'i.if, whils injuiinlh ruMIc, only lam I fit a i oi pat y whi 'h b ta a iu tuip ity Tbe ml rto tial firtboMjittr eit-ii.ion, will be oppoitnl lya taO'l.tet n.CHM rial. Tfce Ari' pnatu n bdla have lieen reported, w th tl e li.Uul item uudir tuers ting la., w,ih,Hit re'etence lo the a.t,.eloti e, .aiuenta. Tear I no ai p.prlal on r th hnurh mint al Itt'loneaia, (I i . It al iraiilut ill tini ct ret ujttttrae, an 1 f.i ,, i ars avl baa tie i titi'.e luu e a nouilatl titenre. I, int. Hive, of Altbsnit, i f the Mir n c ir.ia, trelgniii bl tomm a , u tMiay, and wil' rilorn Lone 1 1 e Peaie Co'.f. rem e C trnmlttre. It still rnjt jl upon a plan of cor iliatntn. rl'veialaut'eahav ngaaawdid ln" Mr. M-KoVi bill lo cleats the pot la of 8 mill Carolina, waa inlro diu-ed, J.-ii i;.4iiaaaR. of lhi!umtnlit-e, tt which 11 aa leftrre.1. La report. d a bill a;i,illcal)'e n a 1 esse. rlovemenl of ,llr. I.tnrota. ,9'etio. nri.e, frb. II. Oji tlio arrival of the 1ny bate Mr, Ltniivi.! waa wekaimed tif J ld1 .L"Vli. Mr. l.iaiNi.N reatKimletbilerl, llaaaidl 'I feee that Ike greil c,a,fl Isoc p'ace.1 ta my aliililr la uefoiiadiviL 1 odaeil Ian sure It Is. K v enmtwaied by vast diffl -ulilne as 1 am, n ithiog shall tie wanting on my part If euaialned by the American peep'e and Ood. I believe the dev-tlon to the Conaltttltlnn la atpially greal on bath stdae oflherivur. II taonly tie ditfraiii ondsrtaa,llng of Ihat Inetniraetit that cauaes d fn.'iiltr. Toe only rllsputeia, hal are their right r If ike mijor lly ahnuld not tela, who ehmild b th Judgef bare la aut h Judg ta be f mod f We ahould all I la.urd by tbe majority of the Anierbiaa pipls. If u'tt. ihn the miairity muei tiatrul. .Vouid Ibat be right 1 Would It be Jnat nr gen Tout t Atiur. ed'ynot. Harelirraiet Ibe majority should rule. If be (Linooui) ado and a wrong piliey tbe eppor-. lunlly to condemn hint would occur la four years time. Then I an be turned out, aud a better man with better views put la my piece." The tlrgka'a Skat) Caevetat'aou Rlchmontl, I'd., Ftb. 1 1. The Sute Conven. lion la auw la aeealoo. Tbe day he been devoted lu computing an organisation. Tba rredeallaia of lb Omieelsalonee, Jnniv B. PsreTOi, of 8 tilth Carolina) FtbToa Aansaaua, of M'a-laeippl i end II 8 nntnio, of Oeorgta, were itcelvto, anl a oninrr.liue anpolsted to Invite them to s-als sail notify them eg lhatr read I noes to ro- cel v commumcatiuM. AQJourneo. Mevratrvtl of ika IVteiMcBt of the Sowlhera CanfetVermey. Montgomery, Ala., 'ti. IL ITon. JltrrgB. ami Davis, the of th Boutbern Coofeda racy, will leav Jackaon. Kiaelattppl, thla evanlag arthlcily. He come vU Cbattaanoara and Atlan ta. Ill Inaugnrvloa lakee place no Monday aext. General TelegrapH. Ilrcrallag ar tho FreeknU Albany, Ftbruan 1 1. Iu ring the night the water Ml eevesteeo Inobee, bull! laatlll hlgn. Tke weather laat ntgbt waa rmety, and tbe prooablilile ar thai th river I c I. wing again. Almf, Frb lt-T f. AT Th river 1 falling rapidly. Tbe Nw Yuik Central Railroad 0. will dtliver down frelgnl acroas th river tomorrow. New Way ta mrrawlme) Here iladasxry. From (JU A ufmMm Id.) DupaUk. Mr. EntTOR t ijem aari (iaco a member of a dUtingnitbed fsmlly In Sonth Carolina eaUed at a furnlrhlng store la our city, and asked for a Georgia-mad stove, a he vu dona pat mailing tho dd Yankees. II wM told that tbey bad a firat rata article, pointing to th Victor, mail In this city. On examina tion, he painted to another, and on llng told that tt wa mad In Albany, N. Y., be remark edt "I suppose yon hat paid for III" and totk it, In preference .to the Soutliem-mvlo ar. tide, at the feme price. This ll a new way to eocourtge Southern cnterprl. Victok. "crnf kewsT t'AntcATtrM fit Him fto5. tn almost tvpry street msy bt reen carloaiure on IU present tnea sion inoveinenl of tbe8uth. Ois ef tb caricature represents 8 "ith CsrHtn a a jackasa. ttrlvDgla va'nte break tbe leltlwUshfaetens 11 lo the poet of Union," while the Pa'toell fitg wtvre proudly from It e'evnle.l tall. Another reirnla cnntn, supvieed to b loaded, Oov. Ptoss standing dirre'ly deore the murr', wilb bgrled niakhlnhl hand, while P-e.lVait lltjtiiiva with hauls upra'sed sltads brnftii th ut. Fort Bomlet appears In lhedlti e. Pi 'xt et -Itlms, "Ifyouduu'i s.itreider IhaA fort al eoc III It toaredlf I don't fl'e." Booaa tmnloria(ly, f)b don'l, Mr. rii-axia, d .'t ' untd I'm i't it OV'." If perfrclly evldet.1 thtt if Puata woa'd file, k would ceiUlnly "lie blowed." I a Ihlid of tbeae picture South Caiollaa, as a nan with a Palmetto flag In bis hatvt aad annulled on a hog, I leading Ihe oilier ereeding at ales, mounted oa dmkyi t a pre. Iplce, dirtrtly In froal of which wave of th rrean ar rolllag and breaking on the taoeef th cliff Gr-egla ahrae deviate fro n the path p'i euid by tb otters, but lath wayi leil tt tbe bleaker. A foinlk of these satirical ptct'iree jUcee a negro at Ihe baa 'f a hu; pyiamld of cotloa balae, each niklked 'Violence," "lunatic,' Cruilty," "Tira'Very," '3ivaiua," "DlSunlnll, etc. A plardtr la rtnonmaly naing the laah on the da'ki)' p'lj-cllug lodertoit, sal ti el el mini, Iil ua slnn I" An lnietiious tAtldermlat ha vpol ta his window group of two monkeya one caught I II. rcl of auvrrtng Ik cord whka bin Is lha North end South, and grovelling to lb earth lu oonaolou gulll, while lb Ither etauU Ihieatentng'y ever him wllh an ttprkUsd clu's kloraed rlti the stus and stripes. A ctante monthly paper, In Ihe poster sntviunolng the pubilcallen of lu edition tot next ntouth, ha a reitearntatlnn of Ucnaaa a an eld wnmaa of mouniful "phi r," "and wearing a night-rap, while ut demtath la lb snrjrativs word f double mean ing, "JfjrrA ." ' I'nc' Btm, a a Yankee, la represent. I in an other nailcaliire a leaning over the glut, and with outatieiibed anas Uaaptng t'gethar all th state o th Union. Th Itggat Wkotswjtj fttotw U two VTortl Meeara. Curua, Kaaua Co. av)aaa ui-n. Iea af lha Drbg J a meat Madbeaa. rairrbtAfvn, F'b. II CuatLaa O. Moaroa, male uf Ike brig Junta Madieuo was plckal up at psa clinging tu a s(ar, and Itfougbt to this city. Tbebidy of tbe captain waa found en lliawalb lK'h, and bulled by th voluntseia stationed on Ibat Island. Deaih af Jedge IVhltooy. thn$lm)tm, rV. 14. -The It in. Vivfievr Viiiti V. luriueily a memlier of the Aaaemhty aud Juilga uf tue C mi I of CoJsmuu l'.eaa, diel hoi at 1 o'clock tb t uorolng. wrAri: i.i:i.ii.tnri(r.-icnte, .17..iay, Fib. 1 1. A Urg number of bill, many ol nal Uilueel. ae eieuitod Uvoralily try laouuilitiie. Tre b 11 to tiwiorpoi at the vrlartuaof IU Ntlioi al Ouatd (aveiith paaaal. Mr C'lkauitv lunvad a leqinsiliou for a re,iorl fioui 11 s Long Hand U.ilioa-I C ittipauy, u' a'l ilt I ii-il.eas, lera, ,ttc , ttattn-r a a reaaou ft iffni nig tba rraolulo mat lb otn 'era of the road b.d lefnred lu show lbs books to stvkhnll re. Adapted. Tts reaolutloi of lbs Aaeerahlr. appolntlai.' Ftttm la rigaauaa C-vin . i-abauor to Waahiita-turt, in j.laie ol llilRU'W Wsi'n. w. oalli.1 np, aud. on moUtn of Mi. 1'ucvA, laid on lb tab! IS to U- ... Mr raai-ralirougU 'a a un aiin aotrt li iiurxuidi Appniir ii i . lll'ilt'llt ., . , l'a)li ,i ." Itnki'i f . .i p. .1 o m , ..;-, i t e 'a'ler rn ' , Hi. a Jdn W. tl , I fnl -. '-Ol , I Ctna 11 tlveiceti'to l lit uaak tut . i l--ll.a,i, til t, n i a inure .r ,!.', ,ii, lip-on j; .tl 'i-tit. 1 1 icnfttia 1 . iii. ,,ii . it f i V. Wi t 11 -nr I'll., no,., j. llioa l I . K 11 8i''.l.liiia'ai,.l Joaaph 1'iel'i aie aopiintial a u mi li.itaiii i, lti,thrulie iiHae aut a. u tua oiu i.ka In toe llatai or. If tne al .la teniae 1 1 pin ht u ll i in, anilines na than I ' o-i'leci lckit toilon kllboBUovei luO fill la Icuglh, for uvjf tstauly ycute. Aaaratblyt Tbe A".n,l,ly eta eei-ulirl daring lb wbo'a eea.l, a In tw.iiiNliug Ibe eiHtrofiriatton Mil, an an, wo in, ul biug imaaaied to Insert lot gjiwoiu spprtillal I'll fta? boeaelaV. A 'oog tjstaalo rtiauid. Itiuiaaa Kellel. Tb S'lltl of tb WiavTOslo Leglalalur ha ap. (rnptlsu J the sum of MoO ti be seat to Oaneral 1 ottroT, la Kansas fir the relief of the destitute. Tns bill stipulates thai Usaeral P.miaot Is to re port tie nnner of lbs dlabtteemtnlto the 0 iveru or of thai sltf. Const lsrlng that the alale ht al leajy aet.l luiinlQ'enl conlrlbutioti of grain, th spptoprlatlon uaoil Is a noMs a t. I'orly tkonrual ptupl ar oa th verge of sttrv-. liot., i4 itlmast a tlsat.tule of clothing a of total. Humlieda of families, well supplied In the fall, bave div ded elt'i their poursr neighbote till raft are alike dentiiule. Whole familloakav died torn hunger, naVaek nana aadiaild. aod if te'iof la rs oulluueJ, uoB, tleatha will lis faalfull) tnulliplb'd, i rain acd pruvlalon a frtety given by the V.. um Italia, bulN'W Yu-v n.aat f.uuiah raonay fit attka and traiiaforliillun. 1 rn II otiaaud do lars cr week Is m'.ld ie p'ae thla anl cloihing wilUiu tl rettch of lb alaiving slffne-. 1 iglalat tu aid can on'y beexiieitcd to provkl read, w I at, cm, A3 , for wblib lbs sum of $i'M),. HUl Is required. If tkl kineunl is raised, aod the pcojle provided with seed, Ktnaaa will, next aat. eon, be eifiatly eelf-aualalulng. Oov, Moaxv, lata ol K .was, says that gaod crop are sur to ittn r xi araaon. Judging from Ih plentiful annwa i ut there Ibi wkiter, Kaoaa will thereby tt al le tu aaii im very proairovia career. (let d rotttlli'lllona of iu.toay to Joux K. Wil- una. tl iro'!iaanuik,N Y. Hunt bin d ei of clothing to room Nj. W, Cojper lutilulr, X y WwaMagtoa Trrrllety. W have received copy of th annntl mes. lag of f)ov, JIiUiLI, of Waskirutoti Terri tory, It U a well written document, mtkintf a rttiuphlrt of sixteen page. We extract th lolloeing rwrtgntphs descriptive of tho growth and resource of the Torrltory i But a few ) care have clapae.1 a it mors than n n 51 air lu' IN Utarioroi our Territory wt knowu oiiyV ll.e tiaptier ant tbe Alf'oagll un lit alid in Ibe n.agn Iloun'aof ita tjtrary, ti wat -IWV'd tute'eifa tuiliiOaiiitaule, aud valueleaa Kit tbe I'tnpo uf agrieiiliute ti w gr al baa Imen the u iage our lib tVlvite sit ik'w Miraboied by u.ouaauda. lo pripurtion to aire. VahltKl..ii Territory, weal of Ihe Caeoad u tMiUall, O'Llalba as luucb gnd arablalinda st.y .Iter poiltoi of nureouuiry wsaiof I1M s sotttlilvir. ThaMill isof n.mik this fertility, aod all the cei taa'a, liu'tasud v,'ala'il, a, oom-n ,u to a ten it-rat cliuals Ikiivs well, lu uo other p lttion f Ike country can Bto-k rai slcg ati'l wool grow.og te sipta fitaii'y f'Howol. Ai a lumb-rlng rea-ton the anoteaul Piiiret 8 mud are kuowa Ibruirhout tee wuihl. Uur nib.ilts i toe boston the I'm fli i ol, ku i coal a f aupar.or q U fouul lu grsal al urt.'aiM lu mditl'u ti lhas liistSaiiaMbl amtca.i of 'ih, ih lari ituiy la kJinwQ to lie rich 1 the pre. ti.iuau-etala, luriiglial auiaiuer new guld atg jiipgslsv, Im3U cun niunced ihi the W- ntohu9ul C'leiwatet liveia. Ink itanes of ti"t C 'i'l uhia, and ie lie v,llyof tie 8 iii'lkaiii.iu ail Uttntiai i,.l fmni II e nisittuf tu-il ft" itnl ruivylar anl i tea,. a, oat la nd m'H of the ex am . uf ito'd 01 I. i'l llll, I !, fa tall lb rlvtr ii niii.a):i I i f i net-, ai. m.iimi.i'u. Tract , a., b 1 1 ,M,,J at 'ti-a'l'.e ntuiaof the I ni II .1. u and Wa'lt Wn'a toil, t the Ug ll'.. it ol liter, n .a t..ut aid 11 'U'ljie iieakt. A Sr.coso Jack SitF.iTAitn. A boy of about eighteen yrsts of sge, 1 at present confined la Ihe Tomla, on a charg of burglary, who his ttiry bid fair lo rival that of tb notorious Jaox BuirrAan; Indeed he la said to have uttered a de termination to be a great a man aa that worthy III real name Is Juna Maaonsv, but k ha been known al various time TnnaA MiCatTV, Eaxasex, and Joiim Diaaoa Under tke Utter aim he I at I resent cot fined loin three years store, he recaped from the 17th Ward Station houses In the beginning efliM, he wa lodged In tke Wait treet,IIenof Patenllon, aaa witness la a cat of receiving elolsn goods. From here he managed to eaeepe during th oonfusloa conaeqiietl upon his filing thbd la bis room. InFsoruary, , h wa pieced la th Tomb en a eharg of grar d lar ceny, and hi eacap from thi strong kous tn Ih April following, waa on of hi greateet explelta.-. He was ceoflnad la the Boy's Prison, th window of which front Franklin street, and kl cell being cloee to lie stovs h Bfsl angled to him by mean of a nooaed string, a heavy poktr with which b tried to pry off Ih door of hi cell. Feiliag In thla, k managed lo pane hla hand and arm through a narrow eppar lur la th door, end with a nail h had (bund picked the padlock which fastened II, and waa at one enabled to enter th ball. Here h found a crowbar, with which h attempted to pry iff Ihe bar of th window, and, nnl uoceedlnl;lii this, crowded hie body between them throngh an par tor of only lx tnchee In width. II wa follotjad by fit other boys, and this desperate eacap wa sffected at five o'clock In th afternoon. All hi companion wer retaken, but b managed to recap to Jersey, and a few days afterwards wee heard of aa being tn the B-rgea Jail on a charge of grand larceny. Mr, Btrrrrm, keeper of the Tumbe, tent over to claim him as a fugillvs, but for some reeenohe wa not given u,. Th keeper of Bsrgn Jail we warned to take good car of him a h would loanocptortunlly teeacspe; nut th very next day th keeper left Ih key lying on a bech, and Ih boy dlaappearrd. A week or two afterward b wi again ciuzr-1 in tht city, tkken leuk to Bitrgen, aud atmtenced for a terra of t ne year which be served. Clone upon bl libetklloa followed bis return tu this city, sad Ihe arrest which ha placid blui In hit prent I.k1 logs. lis weai tbe meet iunocenl cast of couote nance aud la rather a good looking boy. lit pic lur Is to th Ktgiie'a Gallery, though he ha clanged very ruuch alxvca It was I tkeo. Iu Ih po lie record, be la d-ncrlbad aa "be'gbt 4 feat V I lubes, daik complexion, b'aak hair anl ryes, elliu, 11 years, f. 8." II always promises It go to sea If he can oo'y get off on each occasion of hi arreat, 0 ulneter g') sod Ihi "louaomnmlon de voutly lo l"t wiabtd" t now oilers end pretends lo bop fur. their magalflcaat new bniMlag oa West Vroed w" Chun and Worth etrart, which now raaaa aa largsm occupied by any one firm of wkoleeal di . gocU dealer U Ike world. It prwtonxe a n-oot o thro bnidred od eeventj-flvs feet on Worth itr with a deih of eighty feet oa each of tk otb treet. Th height I flv stories, with baseman and sub-ctUar, Ih beent opening on a lev with West Broadwsy, thu adding to thlsst.r) awther front. A prtval strset, Iwoaty feet ll width, rnn through the rear of the budding. H'r gooda lolng eeat away ar taken by otrt or dray, from tibr on of three ho! always which si lend ti lb sn'lr height of tk building, aod ar uatd t ecnve, f-ora stnty lo Mwy, or to th street, goods received or for shlprosnt. Th ba'es, r boxsecf gmd, when tbey ar rscetred, sr feat passed Int (ub-rellr or heeemeat by three ellrVs from th pevement of Worth" street F.nlrtng at ihe Worth utreet donia of the first floor w find tuiealvaa ta a greet hall, open the tnt'rt length and width of Ih building at la each of tht Mket atoiles. Oa Ibis floor are alt variatlea a" pi liita, detail ea and d-iroeati font's. Th Burp's room and acting department ar also al'stlad a Jan tlon cf tkl stiry, Aacei-dmr to Ibe seoond floor we dleoovtr aa Immense slock of Unsnt, shawls, silks aial c'oth. Onlhethlid floor Is Ibe most liunalve hoelery department In Ihe United Bute. Il oocupte lb mill width of th mom for n extent of over on. buna rid end eevtcly frel, and embrace ai quality and sty's. Nulls th embraldsry depart. ment extending fifty feel farther down thla Ira. etieuee 1 all, and tb remain' ng space Is dsvotid l Ysbkae n.alona. Th fourth ttory I sacred to th boot so t she trade la all Its branches, anl here cleikl anl aa'eemce are employed who ar parVcule "ptakJ" ou It, and not espaciad te know aayihi1. of tbe busneae of the other deptitmenU. To, mm 1an It otwerved tbroughiut Ih eollrt e Itlitlahiceot. lie fl'ih floor I filled with unopened g.vl The private aod public tfScee of tbe firm and th aaleemen'e tuVea ere on a portion of Ihe tocia-d la tkebaaetcent ar tbe two ateim engine ud towtnk thehottwya,thbollei blng tnlar Ih private street befaie ment'nn.1. An Imetena temt safe, built by Mears. Siranaa A Maxvia, sal raldtottth lariat In !o bsrs. Two other afa of amaller alse, furnUhal by tie kaine firm, are slao la other poitlon of the bud 1 Ing. Tbe sula-el'ar la devil,, I to unopened ('lo'la h' k also fill oonsMirabl vrtlnn ef Ihe basement. Tbe Aim of Cl-arua, Msuaa tk Co., oxupying thla Imroenso bul'dtng, aUrted In butintst la tht cily about aeveuteea years ago, oa cap'ltt o( lea tbaa ai,lpO0, and wee known a lbs pioneers ef the "short term" trade. Tbey have borne aa un pottsd repulellon sslrusinea men. Bad leday tke firm le worth near t.OoO.O M3. The etnek at present In their bouse 1 valued al about M.Wn,o, and their sales fur last year wer over filJ.oOn.floO. Wllh their present sceneaajodslioaslhey eouldhsv old at least thiee million mar. Th aaaoucA ef businee 1 unequalled liy any kaaae either leaVti rop or thi oounlry, xoepl th houa of MotaS nt, Dtixo At 00 , London (which ha baen eatab llabed tr a cenlorj), whose ealaa last year wer near twe and a half million pound sterling. A T. Bviwaxt A Co., of this city, reaohed laat year the amount of $4,000,000 tn their aalasi but only three or tour other houae hav aold half that amount, Messrs. Curuv, Maxxsa A Co., bsv just com plsted a building which, wllh th groand, hat cast no las than $106,000. Yst, they here not fbHow-d tb example of raaay house In th trad In cutting down th salartse or number of thalr amplijsss on account of hard time. Tk numbr of their elerk aod salsstmen I about JOO, and a fk-o of forty por ters la employed in th building. Thi firm efls -ed tales last week to Iba) amount of $10,000 and while thousand of d-illar worth of foreign good ar lodged In bonded warehonoe by other mer chants, to whom they ar cooalgDed, Meeere. Cur ua, Mn-unt A Co. Uk out all they receive and mak their stock a perfect, even ha the eo-called "dull time," a if th pcoaseet for trad wer never better. Tit ll Hl.lllWr.ttMKN TltlKli TH miP Ol.lVKR Sunn I it, Siitmford, Cl.,011 Wudiicby nil. bt, I ut Ins liairne ran away, Tbo asm ras rala eksayial tbe tame gum ou Hmi'llKl Ntctv mai, few minute afterwards i h jumpsd out of liinvson, aulgitvti IwlU a novere. puin- UkllllilJ. BtRErT Ciiildrkm. Nsw Yokk, Utii Fitn. ISOl Tolhf KM'fo t)4 Sun: Would Ibst tht Isnevoletil t lloila uf the Fourth Ward M'aalon, Ihe lulrreating annlvetaary of wbtih, tn td.y' Set, shows wlat la doing to ret-laim Ihe waifs, bad no back (mat no dark shadow, i'u'tou slrttt, (turn Broadwsy to th Sua oWj, alone eupportt a full dtitn of ttreet cblldrcn, who beg, aud peddle btutlhtice, and who kit tbsn fad by Ikaeoiliig Lniu.e acia i I aay mora Ihat fed, lahauaa ta mor tban oae caa, tbal bts come lo my kaow'e lga, not only tbe (ate U but boin'ers bave been (uppiritl by these crae. K.ctnMy, a little buy, euoi seven ytara old, mor truth than buslnnaa amart neaa, la answer to my require, ,now mtny boardere has your m4ber rt" replied "four." Oue of the smaitsat of this liul gang of lnci4est vtoe, which will, la Um, grow ctopi let b brveated in our jell, hos pital aud woikhuuaea, I a bright-eye.!, lutellU genl, mork-modeet, un terelsad little girl of II ae-. tn her owu Blalemruta, at different timea, ber onHbar la blind, alck, and geU bar living by tewing tblrts both parent ert down In bed with fever, or sold, or rheumatism sad half a dosen other lies, told wllh suck ohanuing noteefs, thai half Ih wot Id would be deoeived. Fulton street I her and her emalltr brother' horn, alore, echool and playground. Tbee children, when they want to get up an excitement, and a rich harvest, go bar-, lltnt, eepecislly In biting weather their parents ar able-Walled people i twice btv I ubttlned the oOVr of a retp'AiV'Me aud klad home tut thi gtrl, and bav ben tat- rafuaetl, on her euau!talioti with ber diatolut parents tba dally mrndicaal harveet was tto pruflubl toloat. Bmevolenlaicleileehere ara kalplea ( but tf the police a trotted tb children sr.d tbelr parents, sending tbe fiisl to the wotk home and the but to the lu teutlary, a alo.i would al ouce be put to thi crime nturiery. A I'ci.TiitSr Mta. 8aib op thi Firnt Ward tlom. Ann ornaa Rkal Kotat. An auction aal took plaoa on Tueedey, at tho Merchants' Kxehaaga, of the Fifth Ward Hotel and other properly Ubaagutf lo th "Bily" aetata, in the earn ward. Tb be tel, corner of Weet Broadway and Franklin tree. waa strut k off fur 18,000, to Mr, Joua Kaa, A house and lot, to by 100, corner of Yarlok and Beach streets, brought $14,500, and another, at th corner of West Btvadway aud Walker atreata, II by 07, brought 1 15,W, A!l!TAt. Ef-KCTIOM Or TIIK AKKRtCAR Ij STncTt Tb annual altcllon of officers of th American Institute, fur th ensuing year, waa held veeterdar in tb room of th Inatilute, In th Conn er Union building. The pot's were open fees ie until T oVlo. k I. M. The Inspector wer Mawr. N. Il MotjkTroao, J. ds'iai aaa j. M. Avsx. 1 aa nuvia uuuiwr iq .wm,.., ...a a.-u( aiaa ut tbeae Ihe fo.liwlng ticket received a majority of over 9T0 1 Fur rrulJrnl Wa. Hail. For Tic Areldewrs-. John Gxat, Dcui-st 8. duo av, Wit HlaaAka. For Rtrorimj Secretary Mato. For Cot' rNnioniing Srrrrtanj and Agtnt Tu.a. MoRtaan. Fur Trtamter llsatiuc-r Lxwi, J a- For Ftnon4 Ooiemifree 8. B. Coasna-a, Prrxx II. Tit a, Joow M. Ksxis Tut M. AnatABca. Wa. 8. 8ixai. Th Frsaldent, Vice-Preeldeota, Keoordcng and Correspond ng B"crttrl, sod the Treasurer, t. gether furm a Board of Tnialee. Tiif City Cuamukrlaim Ann trr Crrr novuaukiiT On rrqti-at of th Cimeilsuinra ef l'ubllo Cbarill-a and Correction, Mr. Dxvua,th present City Chamberlain, advaaoed Ihe in the aura of $100,000. They heal exhausted completely th sppropt .alien for th past jssr, and but for Ihi actim of Mr. Uniii, Ih Contmlaakmer would hav l-etu unable lo piuvlde for the poor, IblARDOK AlllKRMKf. ThbT WM DO qlltw run. of lbs lWaud last evening. For City News. Third Pate Tiiir ir Kioitrii tininT. Aliout half past taa'ra oVlcxk, ynterday norn, fir ocuureden Ihe fourth floor of lb bulldlcg N i ?TT E'jhih at , caused I yebildren playing wuk mawtbejt damage $'0no lusuittiico. Thk GrouoiA MfSKirrs Autix, Tlio Un caaof muakvta, fcbuiit which ao much hat betu auld, lbleld (or lltortrl, sn 1 seized by lha pi'tce omellm tines, bavo been re;lmiuJ by 11. B Cmamu. it U". Ii Is ruaimaJ Ihslthey w 11 be icstorfd lo the r rcj ' ilnantt lojaj. The aromuniVoii stljut by th pil'ce on Wrdnea dsy laat, when about lo be ahlpl to th 0-airgi Rvolullotitat, will not b rep'tvm d, liecauae, a I said, tbalegaj procetdlngs would bt likely I cost a ai uch aa Ih articles art worth. Raid on Snir-KT PuDutARs. Th nolle ar rreetlng all stiout vender and taking theoi t J t'i omlw, where a to of $1 1 Imposed. Pre ROT PATENT BUI-FHUK AND MEDICATED VaPiiK BA1II4, IM FULTON 8T. NKW TORK. and So. ft WUXOJOUUY Ufa BHuOaXTM. These Bathj have been la aooeeWal ewarailoa for It rear, and here riven nul venial aatlataetieev. Tbme Hatha are tuefal becettiie tliey 1. hciuallse tba eireuJa4loa tgth l.lood. X. He-eauuieailuearlbleivraplral 8. Itunuiiab nervoua IrrlUbility, . t lire au eiereaaa at Hie agie. tv. Kemove ell eeVtla ef free one ef mevenry, 11. (live ton to tb dlaeatle eruuia. 7. Overeorae aveUlnss end obstruction. a. Care a aoatiaoM, ravaa sen eavm, wavrtxa- Tiaa, balt BHtra. aoaa tiuoat, naurer, axcxALata R. 7. IIiBBARDa Wild Chrrrt Brrnnu. Bttbrthaa the beet panr thea tbe punvt-mad from the brat aiahrUle elwtra uavml aetiallr ta weak enfeebled pereone, and peramis recovering from dlavie rnkkins alow proa tea. 'IKY HIE WflJ) C11KRRT BILTCBS. We would reenmmend all ke are ailtlctad lth loot of kppetliasfatDteeaa,Tikt In the cbawt. er the laeal tune lmldi-nt te Ihe .print aoaa en, to take R. If. HIM UARlit! Wild t'lerrr lllttTt. It U nature's on rem edr t It cannot fall to benefit the Invalid, aod ee eteh wehadatramp.-t'arnltirttotella'l th atHlcted where they eaa had thia unrivaled p inatva. But aa nnmar ous frauds lisve tMeai prsetloed ef late, end ss ne other wlMcbtrry bitters is ujuitt at suo.1, tek four pliasi dan, as every doctor ka, ws tn's Bltfera is purer than miwl port wines.) he sure yo,i pnrohaa,. th on'y tenia lite Wild ChetT) llltrers of ll. f. HIllllAlin.liri i'nltca tt, M. Y4 and J. W. HAYKa. US Knit st, Urootiyo, Kow wrrmi Itntcii or all. OROVKK IIAKKK.8 ..- CELEBEATED NOlSKLFM HKWIVI MAfTmtl J and upaaraV J Broaatvay.N. X. Prnmo niK iiiiFi.ttRiTii" ok CiTroi can-ed hv the bonibaremeal of the British, the svie;, elv medlral varebouse of our .eountrrinan nr. J. u. AnLrfiiwaiL tti,. .lanol efklst'tirrrr rectorilan i rata row I.DI nail, ml. u.ira ' " " ( L , ,, ertlc lllia, for China.) WAS totallr deatroee t He mak.rf.tnan.l niKlll our SOVSmta-nl for lA- ., i. m ,w. , . v.1. na..n.rtr. an neeee wi i ii-iiiiiHf injiu t". iwaa w. " I-,r---', a.i- rmw sootier nut to crack ell? eld-r brothor Jol.neyrmlekloitlka-lori sud If r O.vrerom.nt n slnt 'ins air rlrttt ererrr root Fills i r jeld, w hi.llonivbujrrt"lentrcUUit ar very btr-rtu.-i.yonMrr. arsnfe". A. J. How to Risk ii tiir World Tootio Mid to Insiirs suctMws, tnoul be Unawrat. aotlve, Murka. oT.iTiian eareful, peraeverlnr. honirah'a, kanestV MMtfo Wereiia. and shoul I geaallf fKnow K mieUes l-tirenoloth teaches sol' kuo rlde,kti a III TlTallthe Chrlatlan ra, tosether vkl Ihl roi-aeiVerandlcJ-rtajutln tke world, Practleal In. iwtleusglveu by Fowl tk WauA, Jvd Uroadway, I V