Newspaper of The Sun, February 18, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated February 18, 1861 Page 2
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-WJ THE NEW YOK K 8VN. HONDAT MOBiflNO. FKH. 1. Hi. Tnr rTlilent-tecf arrives In this r Ity to morrow afternoon, nd out citiieo will hits an opportunity Ul' n vbeef ratios of the I'lalo, honwpnn prrwmap- upon wlioer plieul tier mil the most fearful crisis of (trrtt nt linn 'e existence UnltM clrcn over at lt of the Ilivlne mercy, th threttened republic will find that It prepared defence were hid len in their simple, unpromising:, but not nnper forminc. rood neighbor, of Springfield, II- HnoLt. I'nnvi thin flurrcm merry, which w verily Uliev tin man for th boor, w test Mr top" ,f n,t Mf t-i-rv!.i mvr prove to be, quit a mach npon ny speci fic trMfiir yet afforded. It I strsng re flection, Impreeelrely Illui!rtln(( the chilllah helpleosneoe of mea, l hU moot majestic ra tional rapacity, that the moat entlgMoiftl, free and powerful thirty million of men on earth, art now filing an anxious ami almest Ira plorlng K" rn on f their own obacara nil undistinguished fellow unliating.uuilie-1 atie by InacruiaM Irovldrnct and hanging, npon lie lp If h war a Rod, for th lightest word that may afford augury of aslrstion from apjirchmdod natloual desLruc tlon! Hut there srr, that far, boprfut Inllcallona af the romlng man, In tho little we have ami pf AaiumM I.iiooue. Th linearly amall smount of sclf-revelatlon that ha In Riren pine hi nomination for th Presidency, In other words, hia Rtt power of cool reserve It It If one of the brat of tl-s Indication. An other, evjuslly elgrilflcirt, l the perfect Men lily, in all hia Irond, ehrced weatem rnv tlclty of tlyle, Utwteu VwtAnl Liicolx, and pood Nolg,Mnr I.iiroii of Springfield foretime Elevation and conaeqnence crl tlentty nuke not the faintest Impression en hia nerve 1 1 protlnn thtt the Rreit tflice la not too ranch for him, In one sense at Icttl. Any min mtg,lit I axcaml for rpcaking with some restraint and anxious prfTwraUnn of jjiraaa, unler such clrruin nan ces but Mr, I.ii '01 i appears, Ixifure th ranted ration il audiemn, as much at liii ran aa If aatcl on a rail of Ida own splitting;, tliecusslnK the state of the nation with a fol low far nu r. Inleed he carries hi rae so far an to reem more appropriate for that attitude than for the one he Iain. It la worthy aim of note, that no careful h.ind of a prompting po litical mentor appear In Ida i-pew he. II la Ida own man, at all events, and will be no puppet of a eablnit nuntertplrlt, nor Im jlement of faction, caucu or cabal. The working people of America hare a great lake in the aurcea of the coming Admtniatra tlon. If It prorct fual to the emWRenoy, It will lx perhap the Rreatejit demonatretlon of the ability of th working daw to Rnnerate real aUteamen, and to rule th world, that haa erar been exhibited, and will extinguish onre man, for Amria at ieaat, theaaitumplioa that erudite achooling, faatldiaun culture, and dlplo roallc mannwa, are Important to the gTeateat taida and ofiVna of human life. Mbertr "irrtmi ka fweih Oarwtln Thkkk la an Election Diatritt la South Ca rolina to which somebody gar the nam of JJHtrtf, and the nam waa recognlied and kaewa in th Conttltotlon aa the L&trtf Dis trict. Bat sine South Carolina has withdrawn from the free gorernmeat of the United Slatet ah baa, by Legiidetlro enactment, abolUhed lirty, aa inoonaiaUnt with her aererolgn and independent position. TLe Conatllutloa Lai lieen amended by th following solemn resolvs of UiaLrfltlataret A in Wed, Thai the Election Dlatrlet oaoUred nl liwn ta th Omiulatioo j lb nam of '1brrCj,- ahall be banefur kaowa and ioojnlid l lb nan or "mnot." nttm la Daaarn I'eUtioa are being preentd to tha Jfaina- i liuaetta Legislature, from th Interior of the atate, for tho removal of the seat of Govern ment from Ikwton. The alleged opposition to freedom of speoch, and acts of mob violence per petrated upon citliens in that Uty la urged as fmfliclent rraam for tbe step. lbe CrUU-faeu and Earner. 1 be poet ffl e at Panaauo! had Bet only been 41a raaitlnued by the department, but nulla to that of fice, and that ef WerrlncVm, adjacent, have also lea dlacortlnuad. liiapatcbes from I'cnaviola rs port tverytlilng quiet, and a.ld, that aomsef tbe (.(Tli-eiaof the Wjudilta ballnv.led soiesoflhs aeredtra to visit lbs vraiol, as also F.irt Plcksus, Ixil wbeo tbej s-ipeared at Ihe latter pla.'e, I.'eut. Bi saeica tbrin that Via had atrb t erdwa to admit bo oue The beet hifonua.1 military men aay I .at r.,Oo(l men cannot take Ihe fort. A fiacaa ooiiiirad en Friday nlgut,at the Nation l II .lei, Washington, Ivteeen lm. Mr. Kail hi j. of IiiiUMie, aad Mr. Mm ii i., sdltir of the Chicago Trflit"i. Tue parties were rouveralng togsthsr relatlvs ti lbs recen'Jy piiUiaUed an 1 alleged arva daona and unfair latter of Mtion'a, profaaalnf ki glvs a rrpiit ol KaLino'a a,iea b, when tae latter, Iwcomlng exaaierati)d, alta ked Msoili, knocking bliu dnwa Mioii L's erica of "Take tbe man off." Iirougbl aasiaUuce, and tha parties wsre separated before eei loua dewage waa dJD. Wm. nsarunx Jombh, who went South, aa tbe 8tirlal An ef lbs Tresaury Dsparlntanl, to try and aave e alters at the South from eeisure by the Secessionists, has returned from New Or. ltana. Its U prsperlnj his report to Seeratsry Ilii. Us says that tbaiaxpls of the South are wild with cxolUnotit sad madness, lis lays all the blame lu tbe Collector ef Nw Oileeus and lbs officers of lbs cutter lt.Wit McCU"xio, which wss ths best cutter In ISs servles. lie thlbka all tbe atetss will bs lawk la a sheet time, with per baps, lu caotptlon of B"ith Csrollna, which will pcobaVf woie tk la tbe end. lie was treated nell there w.lhoneer lao eacejitlona. Us thinks )avu aud Brsrnua will favor isoosstruutlun, an.1 have bee e let ted with that purpose. The news of Cea. Dial order to hint by lotegrapa, publish recently, creeled moetlateoa etodement la Naw O leens sad MAills. Arsny sued Navy News, evaalurdavtbei: S stsaai gunboat CrueaJes, arrived at thU port from llavaaa aad Key Weet Tb. Crusade Is " preeeat o be put ol of con- inleeloa, bul aoy slight repair she nity need wUl bs effected. Annexed l a list of her ofiloers I Uwl. Coot, J.m N. Mirrrrn Ltauteoanta, Jaass M lraxeae. ja.s. K. Jswm, A. E. It. Baanasa, Msa- ter, A. R Wallms, Srgson, J. W. U. OssauiW( Ftist Aaslstaot Eoglnssr, J. A. ansa, Cajaaln's Clark, VTa l.rmajoim. Ths folloelag light draught fore Is now at th P ook'jo Yeid a siting ordsrat Vsssela. Tons. Off. A Hsu. a una, Mobawk o Oil A Crusater tO M 4 llarrletUne WO V4 & tiorwiu !W0 Itltb J0 W Vixan ItuO I'D S Pany iO no4 laannsd. o Total .1 8'JO MO Vil Tha II.Wj, Viseu, aud Corelo are engaged In tbe revenue ssi vits. Today at lbs Walks Court Martial, Meut. Ho. nor will be tried for shooting a uan, whe gave blin aoaie Inaolmce or alurojaol an assault, wbtls In tbs siecutioa of bla duty. Tbs Court will, It Is ex iecUd cooclnde Its business this week, The an-ommodatlont fur the garrison at Fort Jl Bereun bavlog been completed, tbe defoneive prs ptrstleos of that Impregnable lortraa are now psr fect. Tbs addltlooal pteceo of heavy ordnanoe which were landed a fsw days since have been mounted la appropriate positions, and, the aVrt-ralla tiled with giape and heavy absll. papula Msioe si) a thai tber are not vesaels nir gaas soouh la tbs wVels S-aith to la at tbs fori. tie provurieas sud stores oa bsnd an S'lltt.-b-ut for fi situs. THE LATEST NEWS. r TXLKaiura to run jr. r. mvm. Foreign Intelligence. Arrlml of l frtrtu Threo Days Later from Earopo. TheA'rlcs. from Mverpool on the 2d ln Unt, stwl from Qieemrtowe on th evenlna; of the Id. airlel here teawtjar. Theablp M if arj Cariain," from CnaneHon for I.Itt0"I with nitiim, waa Imrnt at aea. alnul SO mile taxi of tea banks of Newawodlaad. All bands ware saved lit fae llanrj Jiniiaai, arrived at f-tvcrpool Dom aavanoaa- Ttie al'lp lllark Monaser, of atvl from Stltlmor, (or Klo .lanelro, waa abaadoned at aea oa lai Jtna arv. Crew saved, and leaded as Qiiaeoatowa by U . 1). PaHif rtw, from UoUle Tbs shle Dsvd ilrowa, bound froat 0n TranoU re, (XH t,iverOil, sieuif aleak when at dart mil, atalfi undsred en the Dab. of January, ta Ut.SINonb. lnec, 44 Want. Tee an wand loMK-nror had n lafttke ship mai.j minute. Iwfur b sank. Far a period of 4 !aaandaltnlslbet remained slather, nreria( tbe ai snail piivaUona froaj uld and hniurer, (hav ing had to iaruw ovtrboeral Uie faw claase and pronators! thev masajed to (ret from tke ship,) when the lee Dla parted rempeny. One boa, eenlalnln;lte Seat mate, Mr. fiaLVt sir. Ilowaan, Kr. Meaesava, and Mr Itnasoia, paenencers: aad 14 of lbs erew waa puked up lr tke lakrk Sea Wave, from Fsrnanbuco, which banded tbeaa at Liverpool, Tfbe other boot, coeUlnllxj the eaputn (nnsr), Mrs, rearm, and two children, Mrs. Mesaat and rklld. Mrs. KainBT and child, Mra. Ooeumij and two child ree, (paatn(ra.) the naae and tbe ea.' aalidernf tbe en wis still mlaeloi. tluin iisaar waa roeUDK lor mi near sal weal lodla Islands. Tbe F.nirllah news Is unimportant. Qiren Viariai would arms In lmdim oa tha 4th of rrlmuary, prerratmy lo tbe npentntf of lsrllamnt on the MiowtneT day. liar Meety would deliver her speech la ertt. Fraitre. The Fmpemr waa to open Ihs senalmi of the Im. lalaKir on the 4ih. Ilia sexh waa awalwl with ronatdet able lotereet. Tl e itoi k of liu'llon In the Hank of France la nn- trrrtl to lave meleilally laeieaenl alnce the date fjf the laat rrluni. The I'arla ll'i'irem fir l.t waa rather Oat and a ahwle lower. Rentaa cl aae.1 at ii'iL lf. A leimtl wee current In I'arla thatflAataai.mbad ipiHud Caprera; fi r wliat 'lnt I n-a euvnl, bul It aa tlongbtby eonie that lialiuatia was bla danU I alien. The s rutof flietaijonlnueil snsun led, ant In snnuit im 7 of meaua to can j H on, waa ous o the ceiieea saalfrhed The compli rami! ef the ele. tlona le ft mth Ita1 la not kiiown, bill ontof SGOmemliers reSiirued Vxj ate favotalile to a molerat Kill jr. A nutria. According ta aeoriniia fjivn Vienna the I'.Tiparor of Analrla baa decided i glvltui ti Vetietia e new Cotiet tutlon. Toe government of the ominirj will lie left to the Italians, ami Venire la bs lie "oil The Prince pilmale of Hungary bed addressed a circular lo all tbe Comitate of Hunger, omtnaelliur Utemaoavidd prerlpitetlua. Drnsnark. TV a ffreat Knmpean powera have urfeotly re. oriented lleneaark to grant ennoeestnne toSuhleawli; llolstetn, ard have binteil the they would by ae meana recignlss any blot kads of the Uerrnaa ceeets wblok inlgbl be declared ly llanoiaik. Political IntelUgonoe, XXXntk CMWORKWt-aVseBal ttoeaUsw fVaale. It'iisArefon, 'ei. 10. -Vice PreaMent Dean, ivaiiw Uiog sick, tbe Secretary tailed to laa. aare tootdsr. On motioa of Mr. Powiu. Ky ), Mr. ronfVa.) took ths ohatr. - Mr. Hats 04 II ) said thai h had been asksd by the nxaaUDOua request of the Natal Committee, that lb vele eicuelag Mr. Tuoaaosi IN J) fraaa searlna; ea tke Navel Committee be re-ooeeidaisd Tbe vote was reooauldered aad Mr. Taaaow weal not excueexl- Tke reeolullea fcr prlnllng M 00 addllleaal -plea of the Agricultural report front lb reseat Office wss pseeed. Mr. risaoa (Md) reported from lb Coamltssa of Oaiferanor, on th Denolmcy bill, thai th Cene mlte bad agreed. One pert ef lb agrseasai strike outtb Chlrlqul amnedmenl. Bafbre lb SiHwtloa ws leksnoa agreeing to the repert, Mr. laaaa (Mo ) oalled up tbe territorial bills for Msva. da aad Deootah lerrUorl, which waa Ike special vder. Th Mils war dlsnuwrd tuilll on o'clock, wheat the tariff bill waa taken cm Tbe question being on Mr. Sswatn's amendmeat, eiteid of Ike time when duty aball be paid to three years, ta effect ef which 1 to leeve Ihe system aa il la now, was, after aotue discussion, agreed to. Teas K, nay 14. Mr. Siwaas moved to strtk oat all la th bill rdsllng lo Ik warehousing syMera. agreed to. Mr. UaNS seal aa aroendment to be reed, which he priHoeed to offer, which Is mainly th tariff of (144. Mr. Wan moved to amend so a to rale th duty on flu ted from ten to fifteen souls per bnsLel. Mr. Powku. moved to amend so aa to make the duly on wiaila twenty per cent od solum. The bill provide thst there shall be do duty on ooara wnola. t!onaiderebl diacusslon followed. Mr. liieauaa moved to eubatliute a dtty of three onite per nmnd, which wee loet i and Mr, Towou.' amenilnitiit was tben disagreed to. Mr l'o si I moved an oii valorem duty on coarse areola when ths price doe not exieed twenty-four i entsttr pound. Mr, Mawin ssld Hat tbe bill proposed a tax on cbaapcigaiaand a Inwedblgh piked onee retapa- tai)teixemtion. neniovcu viamena soastore duie tbe duy one l.alf on clgna-a. Alter ilebatc tbe armaiilmi lit was dlaaTTeed to. Mr Wnaon Intrndiictd a Joint reaulutlotitbat oa find after Mrodey neat the ttsnato meet 11 a. in, lAidover. AdjourtMd House of llrprraeeletlvea- ir4myofi, Vo. If! Sir. Kiti.iflon (III ) lirsaeailtl a lueiuorial aigmd by Sou iitts-na of the ilietiut I e repieieiits, egalisi the aaitudoieiiui to Il a Cow lllumm lately IntroitiKed by himself. Ur. June Ciaiiatea (N Y) orseentrd Ihe rrj- eeedliarsof tbe New Vulk llmioratid Unnveuuoa, signed I'j CM) dslegaus, relatlvs to tbs seUlemaul ; the national difturnltlee. Jjild on tbe table. P. Hate bl'ls wsre tbsa eoiutdsrwt. About twenty private bllle were pseud. Tbsametdaieuutolbedefiilenry UU In eonlro vsnry between ths two Houses, have been eeuled through tbe Oeuiutitee of Ounfereaiee, ths Senate tacedtng freai tbe ewiopriauon of three huudred tbouaana doners lor vairviog iaio sows toe eon tieut of tbe Navy Iisautuiui! with A. W, Tn"r aoa for leiubi haiUir and eol privilege on tbe Cblrlqul Isthmus. The II nue also adipled Ihe rejiort of lbs Coiomlt'ee of Coulerence on Ihe dust, gieelngameadnieiae to Ihe leglalallve, sxeeuttv endludlolalariropiUUonbtll. By tula the Beer, lair of IbeTrtarfury le aiilborlaad W dlaoo&tlnue nnulng at the M ml whenever considered expedient, but leave th pile for coining as It is now. Tbe Uovae ased Ike Senate bill le carry Into i fftel the cuaveallona between Ihe United Steer and New Grenade acd Owl R'ca, respectively,' Ssrlhe peywenl of Ihe olalma ef our cittern hr lessee. Tbe Ull merely piuvbts tor th apininloisul of Commissioner. Ks till T o'clock. vlaiaa itseiia. Lee tbaa a doeeo soeubar wen preaeal. Site of th pages occupied seals, so aa to Baks a respeo table axbltiltloa of aadltor. Forty llatsusrH war In th JjsJlsrle. Thetpnol waa krUllaotly UlunalnaleJ, at aa eiiense on hundred dollars par hour for gae- Maaaim. Semsa, of Main; BeaMUU, of CmawM cut and WiLkaox. sf Mlchbran. mads saeeches against ths pending wnuproulsea, and the xtaloo o slavsry. Adjourned. HTATK LWltHLATTHrJ Sesaate, rtxwiy, riJ. 18. The ari,atbbU hetereen th cmmltbr for the rwaj'tloa of ths Pcoaldonl elect and Ooveraer Moaaaa was brought np lo 11 s Senate this rooming, ImmedUtslj after the 'preeeotatloa of petitions, by Mr. BrisoLa, who asued to dut cbarg th Cvnuulstc ul Heceptloa froia further set vie. Debate Idlowal, Measri. Coi.vit, Ustirr and Smrme attackleg the action ol thecbalrmau of the Lrgiaiatlv L'emnilrlrt and tbe U jvera r, for mak ing, aa they allegtd, a parly affair of lie Prealdeui's raTeialoo so as lo keep Mr, Likooiji saugly aming tbe Hepubllcan politician, wall th WbuU pe'ple deelredtodohimhofior. Mr. SriKOLa said, Ibal aoooidlng to thl program. ws of IL Oovemot's dinner Ubl, published in the tapers el the tliae of lb dinner to tbe Piiooe of alee, only twealjfuur persona ouuld b saatad, sod be wanted to know what chance tbe merubers of tbe 1.1-glslsturs would tsve. air, iiaueoNO ssia tni tney coaia piiaiiia seoond lis moved tket tbe L'gialatir Com luluee tirotldesuluUlssaaltaumts el stisssins ho tel, and that tbs Lsg's'slurs meet blui on hie arrival In the 0I17 and eecort him to bla quarter, wdcouM him to tbs Capitol, and Uuder him tbe hueuhlbi tlee of tbe eiaU, aa belt suits his IscUaatlon. Tbs t ball man of tbs commutes presented the pro gramme es published In ths A'seaiaj Journal, s tbst reeoeiaiended by tbe ooanailuee. Mr, IUmh iNuseaisudmonl wasadtied. AsaeaaUy. lounndlsls'y after leading the JeuraoT Shle morn ing, Mr, Beix, on privilege, brought hefor th llouss lb notion of tbe Coaiielttee on Ik reeen. lion of Mr, Liaouui, e&l Justified thaa.ioa of the CUatn-aa ul Ihs Iwo.Caaadusea, wrhp had r(ud o glv a Leglalallvs dlunsv, aud agreed that Mr, I l.oot.ri should din win Ooveroot toasaa, j Mr. Tmnrn, In a htimormia snd lsntthy epaarb, gsvesn aliegid history of lie pneeiduig of Ihe Urnimltleee, 0 larlnf they had been, from th firtl Ukrn under the Kteeutlve wing.ead that Oav, Mnaoaa bad eoxtrnlled tbe action of tbe Commit tee ami claimed p aaaeesion of Ihs President elert. ImnrgbU remarks, Mr. Ilsanae waa repeatedly latled tonrHer i but onntlnoeii toetanaetheeiiab bl'a of Ik toeimitlee snd Ihe Onrmr. Mr I'sovntTelaoepokssgeliMt tbe alon of the Ct aiiaan of the Oovnsnlttee 4nd tli Oovmor. Afier a rceo tmpsvalleled In tbe C'riamter, th n alter wss dropped, th nndersUwl Inf tielng that the Cos miilee wirn'd yet tasks a mJ jrlly rep t, adenaelllepUnof tli Chslrmsa lb Annual Aperoprlail Mli eoco.ole-1 th lalatr of Ibeaeaeion ta enmmitw of lb whale until ooso'slock. Fraaa Waahtagtea. WaMngUn, Feb. 10. According to rumor, Mi dtbat today la lb fsee Omfeeaae was ef aa I xdting obsrsetar araoog the southern and aorlhera extremiets. Another IneiTMual exTort ws aaad le admit repeateia Aa additional eompaay of cavalry arrived la tha city baa. RepraMnlstlve NiatjUTa, of lodiaaa, ha beta n salraaud by th President aw cblai Justice) of Ne braska, Th Viradaaa rttata Caarserlaa. icwiiaKf, Va., fe. . Th VirglnU Slate Oovaaitlen re aeewuUed today, Mr, Mai tntrodoxed reenlutlon, dechulngthet Vugiaia Is devoted In her attachmeeat to tha Union, avt will auk aoy tacrl floe enuaissenl with her honor le restore and saatnUla It, bul eke protest sgetnst e enlon, aad ta delermlned not to eulisnlt to aay adminletretlonorgoveromevaln which her right are aaealled, or not fully pmeoted, aad thai If th Vnlon rannr b raalored on tarn a henmab. to all lu component perts, than II ahall b divldsd. Measra Mosrrow ami Casusua latroduced rssolui Ueia of a aimllar cbaiacter. If r. I.uaa Introduced reeolullon declsrlna? tha tf tos Fsdrral O-iverneient shall uadartak forcibly tonuksthstrts In lh needing staea, Virginia will regard II ee en Invasion of tbe rights of Ihs southern stales, and thai If lb Oovernmsnl under leks to soiled duties In lb seosdidetatee, Virg nia will rrgaid such acts sa eoereion. and Is hsreby p edged lo reaistaao with all the mean la her power. Mr. Rututra Introduced ree itu'lma declajlaf that tbe crmiatrt between the etatee has been re- rtatadly violated and retm lleted tiy the Nirth,aad hwefota, that It la nrd binding on the other per tleelherelei tlial tbe peeoeaiiui withdrawal or the eoutheni etatee Is Jnstiftable that we will rertsl Ihe coercion of euch eUvtee 1 Ibet Ilia tbe duty of the North at once lo ctalcede such guarantee as will eevsnl a rneurrelte of our wrona and eeru ur equal ngl Is 1 the! a failure to do Ibis will bs ee evidenced Indlffitrenr or hnetllity, alike fatal to our peace anil prosperity Ibal la v aw of tbeae truths we demand eiedy eneuriiy for nue rigtM 1 that In drfault of wblrh we will dienolve our c m net tiiei with Iboee who fum wsi4ieily wriuig ua, sud Ibiei iilietiuals'y tisevere In tbe In iry, and tliai Virginia be loitb with pul In a ounditeea of da ft' Mr, Fticaeov Introduced resolollons declaring thai whO Virginia haa a high aiinrldillisi of the Misalnra intimled to bsascureil liy lbs Ciiuatilii lion and it e I men. sod will do mm h and fir ste lauah In itarjieltiAte Ibeie, she still feels b lund to ilec'aielnet IdctiLlj of Interaate aroubl demand snd receive lbs Inleipalllou of all her military strength le reel! any attempt to ooercs tbe couth. em mate , Dial Virginia hotc and eel levee that ly pudeiit meaeureeof rotitillallAnonthe part of tlie government enu a Juat appraxiatlou or our pr etnt dinbulllee, some meanuree of eiimpromlae may be edvted which will restore peece, friend ehlo end union to fwny eeetlon. AH oftbereeolutionawer referred I) the Com mittee on Federal Itelat'one. There was considerable dotiete touching national mailers. Oovemnr Wise reiterated his policy of fighting In the tlnti'n and counselled speedy e Ilea. Mr. Mooes, of Rm k Kidgs, opposed beat. II would not be driven by Ihe North, or dragged by Ihe cotton etatee, who acted without ooueultlng Virginia. He wee nppneed to coercion, bul tf loey eereded states chos to aesaull th ferbt, let Ibaaa tshs the ornarqurncs. Mr. CiautLS contended thai th Government bed never yet attempted the eoentoa of Ihe aoulh, and toat wnea 11 waa aene toe permia wouia Mr IJaewla'a frasTeas, Pttfalo, Ftb. 16. Th Joint committee front in ranntcipal bod lee end the etllaeas of Phil adelphia reached Cleveland last night beartag aa egroseed obrumeot tendertng Mr. Ltaooij the bee pltalraas of that dty. Thsy returned this saemieg with hi written aiTeptence. Tbe Prstraol elect aad his party war aooooapa. nlldfrom CereJand lo this piece by a large num ber of prominent politician of nerthaia Oulo. The train stoTd al Wllleughby, Pelneevll', (lenere, Aabtalmls, Conaeeut, Erie, Weetfleld, Dunkirk and Silver Creek, at all of which place large crowds wet a as em bled, and Mr. Ltaooui was received with great and constantly tncraaelng eu thuslasm. At Genera, Ohio, h waa addreeeed bristly by ens of the crowd, who exhorted him lo stand by Ihe constitution and lb cane of liberty. Al Glraid slalloo several bseketa of qilsndld fruit snd dower wer press nUd 10 th Presidential family. Mo llttl sensation waa produced al this point by th unexpected apparition on tke train of ll"ir Gamer, equipped with a vails and hi well-known red and blue blankets. Us was at sues conducted Into the rr of th President, who earn forward to greet him. II got offagala al Ed, after traveling about tweUy mllss with lb oompany. Aftm dinner at E le, Mr. Lraooui addreeeed lb peo)ils, excusing himself for not expraaatng bla opinion on lb ex sting questions of the day. Us trusted thai slim tie tune for speaking should come he should f). d It ne.ea.ary lo say aeihiag not In aervrdarko with lie Cot'titiitlou, togsthsr with Ihe Interr sta of lie p o, la of the whole country. Al Dimkllk, while aildreeiing It people, Mr. Ijnontja, grasping tbs staff of tbe American ttag, under the futile of which he stood, announced ble Intention ta stst.d by that flag, end asked tkexa 10 iland by him aa bsig ee be aboutd do eo. hvffjtu, till 10. Oo arriving al Bufftlo, Mr. I.INIXU n wss niel al lbs door of tne car try a depu tation of rtllaena, bra lei by I'll loans, Istwren whom snd hlnisel a hearty greeting Ieeed. A thick crowd hadlieen allowed I awall th r rival of lb tram in II a depot, ao thai bul a narrow tieaaaira oould be keiitoiieu by the few aoblicre and in.tlcruiendi tailed to prutat the Piesldant. lit Lad hardly bft his oar, and, after heartily shaking nanus wiin air, riiiHi'sa, m-o iw mvim wsrds the door, when the crowd made a niah, and over! owerlrg Ike gnaril, ptaed upon him ami irly with a perfect fun-. A eoi ne of tbe wrlldeat cotiliuil enaurd. Major lliarm, uf the 1'irai ili'lil's eeoot, bad bla erm dislo-ated. Tbs Pees i deuleleclwsatalolygnl out of tbe ouly by tbedeeiieiate tffatauf tbuse imuedUtely aruuul him. Arriving al Ihe Aanerlca ll.ital, Mr. Ijmhh waa we lamed In a brief speerh Iry aotlng Mayor 11 una, to which be teepmded aa follows 1 aa. UNoeiM'ssi'aai'U. Mr. Mayor aad fellow cltlaens of Buffalo an 1 the State of New Yolk 1 I am here to thank you brief ly f. thte grand receion given to me, not ers m ally, bul aa the reiarmrntettvo of our greet and be loved country. (Cherts ) Your wortny Mayor haa been pleased 11 manlliMi in his addreea Is m lb fortuaats and agrseeiile Journey which I hev bed from home, rnly 11 le rather a oirculieat to tha fa r raj eepttel. I aiu very happy that be was en aWid In truth lo ooagmlulete myself and in. 14, y on thai fast- II Is true, we have had nothing bus lar lo mar the pleMure of the trip. We hart not been met alone by those who assisted la giving Uvselertica le m. 1 eey aot alone, but by tbe wh 1 e pecitdethmeftheeouotry through which ws hat uaaeed. Thl Is as II should la. Had the election alien to aoy other of lb dlMlagulthsd oeodldus Instead of myself, under popular etruutnstanos. tosay tbe bleat, Il would have been proper tor a'l cltiaeia to bave creeled hint aa iou now greet me. It aaevldanuo of the devetiou or the whole people, the Uobm, and tha perpetuity of the liber ties o this oountry. (Cheer.) 1 am unwilling, on aay eeeaeton thai I should b s meaaly thought at a to bave It supposed for a mocuaal that tbeee deai aatratiooo are lie flared la ua tieraontlly. They asa Isadeied te lb oouatry, ts in institu Ueea of tke eouatry, and I th perpetuity of Ik ttbaalle of lh ooualty ear wkloh Ihsse taaaUutlooa wet saada and created. Year wut thy Mayor has thnwghl At lo eapreaa th boa that I may b abl I relieve lb ooaiatry float lh present, or, I ehould asy the threatened, dluUWiis. I am eursIbtlagahserttruetoUeiruck. (Trsusndoue aivlaus ) Fur a ability lo psriornt It I must trust la the Sep eaie Ite'ng who ha aeeer fura akea tblafavorrd lead thrsuga th Uslrumsnlallty of this gnat and latalllgent protJe. Without thai SMlalaaae I alaall urly fail 1 with It I 'eras at fall. When ww epeak of thrsatensd dlfnoaliies lo ths isunlry, II U natural that II should be e looted that aimethlng ehould be caul by myself with re gard to pellicular mauurs. I poo ir mature ranei'tliek, oowevrr nu oanra wu. agiev wiin ins thai when II la consult sd that the illffioulltis arwllhnutprwtdrul,and never hev bren a. ted upon by any Individual situated as I aai, Il Is most woptr I should wstt and see lb davaloyeeients.and gi4 all lbs light puadble, ao that whea 1 do s.ieak autborllatlvely 1 may be as near right aa poaiius. (Cheer) When I shall apiak autbisAutively 1 hops to aay nothing Incvinslslent with ths am stltuilon, ths I slou, ihs rights of all the stalss, o' each ststeandof eech section ef Ihe aiuntry, and not to dleeptailnl the reasooabl eipeitatloas of thoss wtobsvsconfiJtd to msthslr votes, lathis couiieillon al.ow rue to ssy Ibal you, a a portion of th greet Amerlian people, need only to mauitaln your ceuqiosure, stand up to your sobar ixhitLcUoos of right, Vi your obligations to lbs CiHiatllatlou, and to ait la eivordeiue wlln Ihoss ailier cotivlc. !!, sid lbs c'ouds whb h sow arias la Ihe borU aea wlUUdlsielled.aud we aball hare a bright and glorious future, at d when this gsneraUon has passxd sway, tsns of thsusanda will Inhabit Ibis country where only thousands lnhabd II now. 1 do not pmpoee 1 address you al length 1 I bave no voir 1 It. Allow nut egala to thank you for thl msgalAoanl ree)loo, and bid you xarewell. Mr, Liaooui sp'ke with tbs ulmn-t diffn ulty , lelng eo boars from hi frequent tffjilseeto be si arcaly abl to mak himself beard. Although somewhat xhauated. Mi Linool le la good spirit. This venlug h Is hldlug a levee altheAaiMlcaitUi'teL ' Mm. Ujuhsui aul ta Umlly coutlau la good health. Th Itannon WdeetsiVI aeranede blot to night. Theiiroeiofth)Yieunf Mstt1 Cttrfsaaa Volou, directly oppoatu th American tlctet, had dlsptay d a Urge laoner upon which wer lb wold l "W wui pray lor you. tat ranaaiama or nil raanaevrut Tttf. Th tolbrwinf srhedul bow th arrivals and de parture la and from Ik various loeslllla lb Praft deat sled aad party will visit on tbsir Journey to New York 1 Ssanar, Feb. IT Remal al Buffal. Mowiiav, Feb. IS Leeve Buffalo at etc A. M. and arrive at Albany at three P M. Tcranar, Feb. 1 Iatve Aloany al ten A. M. t am amva at New York al three P M. rursidj, ier6. tl Lears New York at alee A. M , and arrive al Tranvm at It M 1 leevs Trenton at laifi a-l two P. M., and arrive at Palladalpbla at four p. M. ItUmj, rtb tJ-Leeve paUtdetphla at nine A. M sod arrive at Merrleburgh at one P. M Wwrdau, . Jl Iars llarrlsliurgh at nine A M and errive al Baltimore al rave P. M 1 leav Itsltlmoe el three P. M . snd arrlv al Washington at half peel lour P.M. aa. Leeoota n Twa arerxorovet. Mr. Ijsooiji tuts decided ta slop al th Aster rjouee while In tbe snetropoll. Buffalo, t'ri IT Mr. Laeeota attended th TJot tarlaa church this morning with Kx President Pn-ueoas, and subeenueolly dined with him Special train leevse for Albany lo-merrow mor ning at 4fS Five of Ore. Moaeaa'a euff, and Mr. Si aaierow. Mayor of Hecheatee, aad Chairman of th Kocheeter Cnaunttt, tola th party her. Mr. Uaxvxt arrived bar thl Tha ftaartbara Oaana, ifimfgrnnrty, Fti. 16. A nnmlr of mll flag wrrs preesnted and referred. A bill was reported from th committee relet v tocitlseiiahlfs prearvlblnspuilftrrm raise of natural Itation. It wss read ooly by caeition. Applb -lions were mad for patent and copyrights. Re ferred. Ths reel of th baalaeea ws transacted la secret ssvslon. mlrhbxea aad lie rear) CeaveatUa. Ifrtrott, I'rb. 10. The Joint resolutions, la rtrentogour ftenator and rermeatlng aur Rapre sesiiatlv.e In Coagreaa to epraaae any ameavlmetits lo tbs f'onstltntlon, reoognl sing the light of pro perly In men, or reeognlinlnaeleTali of alaea ry Into teritery aew free, were edefnod la the Ilonee of Kepraienlalivee ystsrdsy by a strict party vol. Suheeqiieblly, tbe reeolutlone empowering Satiatnre Csiamss and Bianau to retireeeial Mich igan In the Peace Convention were loel by eiat 40( ueys 44. General Telegraph. Terrible Tragrdr, FmtSimih, A'i.Frh. 1.1. A terrible tragedy Curved In thla city last sight. A party of fie Over land Ma.l and'e It-ak tench drlvere entered the grocery of a German named Itto, and commenced qitarrelllng plat il were drawn en both at.lee 1 the barkeeper, no-nad lleroiisa, waa ahnt IhroiigH tbe bearl, and dial InsUntly, 1 1 tons re el red a shot In Ihe forehead, and died al o'jl.a this meaning Three of Ihe drivers, Oaoa.ia IlBinsTr, Mtrr F.i I is and Pfisr Piixrx, era under arrest, sral guarded by a eonipenynf military. Ths other two escaped, lutenee ext Itemeait exists among ths citlene. Tbe prieiner are now underg-itng aa ex smlsstlnn liefore tbe Meyor. They will undiubt dby he banged toIay. fort Smith, V. 14 As Ihe trial nf Ilia priaav. re, for the murder ef Hanoi aid Ben use, was drawing to a close yeeterdsy, a mob entered th Jaatloe' fac and demanded Ihe prisoner for th purpoee of lynching Ikem. Oee of lh prteooae, aaawd Paaar Fauasa, broke from custody and at tempted Is escape. He waa Immediately fired upea and hwtaadly killed. Tb crowd then secured the remaining prlsnnsr and mad for a plsce of execu tion, but, liefor they oould carry out Ihsir deslga, Ihe autborlt'ea later fared and ee cured Ihe prisoners aad lodged them la Uiewwood itlL The exjila ment, la regard to th affairs, still ceutlnue and la Tbe AaJeraea Pagrfctro Have Caaa. Hamilton, C. W., Feb. It. Tha final da elalon In Us oaes of Ao aeon, th fugitive eleee, waa gtvaa today. Th Court mistslnsd th dscl Inn of IbsQuSan's Bench on tha question of law, aod was unanimous la discharging the prisoner on a Ischalrallly la tha oonvaltmans. Aaaaaaoar Is thsrtdor set al Uherty. (Ireal Joy la rmalhated, specially ameog th colored pepulalloa. Tae Vrtmt Weatira Hallway TntOo. tfomShm, C W. Feb. 18. TU Graat West era Ball ay traffic tor th week coding yesterday wee f 41,000; an Increase of over Sf ,000 as compared with th corresponding week of laet year, TV fs-xnutaaje la lfaaa Chtrago, Feb, IS.. F. Artt puUishe today a petition from th laglalamr of Kanssa, now la smalt, seating mrta the euffertna; people of Kama rrataruUy eekaowledguig the liberality of tha people la furnishing mod and alothtng for th destlaul, and asking apr-uprtatlao for lh purpos of buying on huadrad laousnd bushal of aprtag wheal aod a sufttolenry of com la tlm for airtog planting. Mr. AawT eeye 1 I haw Just rxtaratd from

Kansas, and have with as statistic! taken from reports of Township Committee, who have applied for relief at Atohlaon,wbo ahow 11 tewnehlpa, with 47 000 dee lut penoaa. In my trip of ten day. In th lalerloe of Kanssa. I found over TO Isjuastsrs, with (rosea feet or beads, eevorel of whom, II Is feared, will loec their fees. Taama are redueed to skin and bona, too week for long Journeys South end Weet, and unless Legtalatlve sld is furnished, hundred will perish for want o( food. Tha Praaaylvaala ItaOraad. Ilarritbnrn, Ai., Feb. IB. Th bill to com mute the lex of tbe Pennsylran a Railroad passed th II us tbls morning by a vote of ti to 1 J. The Prewar at Albaay. Alhmy, Frb. lit, 10 P. If. Our doikt era still siitsuetged to the depth of several feel. The water haa tei edrd very euiwly, and tonight Is rls ng again. It Is now valuing la turrauts, aod should Ins stistu usitlnua ws snail nav a groatar rresnet than ever, lire al Neve Haven. rw ffneen, r b IT The daily mn-nirur .eiee ofnee leak ftie leal eight. Tbe niaterit's, tx spt tbe preae, wet destroyed. Insured. Th building wee saved, Tiik Treasurer of the New York Ktntvt Rt. llif Committee rrpoiU 415.141 00 received during the lest wsek. CITY NEWS. WttKuixoToVa IIiiitiikAT. Tha paculiar staU of lh oountry at thl tlm will rndr tb ill Instaut an occasion ef uncommon tnlret. Aming th piocedlng already Axed upea, 1 a grand pa rade of the military companl. The line of the Fifty-fifth Regiment will b formed 01 Chamber strait, east ef D road wey, at $oH lock In the after noon. To aoo-oommisstond BtafT, ploaeere, bead and dium corps, wUl report to th Adjutant al 1 O'clock P.M. Capt-A-S. Wolrr wlU detail hi cammand Air epealal duty al Lantyetl Hall. Th Be 4h, Eighth, Meventh, Twelfth, gUlyttintb, and Ssvsnty-nrst Bagtmsat will also pared. The Eighth aVftmssst will farm fat Seventeenth, streeh tha right resting on Broadway, Th Washington, BlfleewUl torn la U reel Jane street. ThSveu-ty-first Bsglnwat will parade la Bond rtrset, th right on Broadwey. Tn Twslfth Rsgbnol will lam a U Una la Flflh avenu. Thl fsvanth Regi sasalwIU form UlAOvjetlePUoe, right reeling oa rasuthatrMt. Al ahoal t aMaolc ta th afteraooa th Mayer will rviw th military In front of th City HalU Tbsfcllowtng ardor worn th Comiotndsrda Cklsf, ws received by M)or-an. Baaaroan oa Saturday aftetooon lsst 1 Oaaxaat naasucarrxas, Svtrs or Saw Toax,) AtM0TaT4aaaaaL1 tkrrtoa, V aUaaat, Feb. 1A, Wb ) Special Orders,! T N0.I0. The Oommandsr-ta-Chlef, In conformity with th patrbtlc aul Colon loving eeatlmeut sf lb people of New York, direct Majomisneral! Saaurosn, contmaadlng lh First Division of th Mew York SUM Mllltie,so parade hi Davlalnn on lhattd Inetant, In honor of th nnlvnrary of th birth-lay ol th Father 01 ci ueunaryi And air lb lurlher proper etnervaac of lh Jar, and la cnoamcwautaUoe of Its eaartshed tseoclalioua, nd uf ihs teachlnaa of the Immortal Weenwo'ma. Major-tleneral Saaiwoan wtll order the firing efa ml ute uf fit hundred guns, from Waaauwron's llaadquartsss, lh Ilatssry. J. Mssuroms Bean, J , Aajulaatdeaeral. The Division line will form an 14lk street, right Ketlng on Broadway, at J o'clock P, M. ToMcx-MB to alwati w U-ei-oaM.0n Saturday a resolution passed by Ihe Po lice Commlalooero, directing th elteutlou of Ihe SuperiuUl dsnl to the ptactlc of captains, ssrjssnt snd policemen appeerlng In publlo In clllieua' cluthrs; snd ordering ths Superlnteadsnt to nferc the rule which compels offt mt lo apiear 1 ual orm at all limes, whttbsr en duty or not. Naw ScRtTtrDxarT or MtlxKTs. Mr. Joas giawtr, formerly lieelth Waidaa of th Ttnsh Wsid, hss beea appointed I th ode of Bapertnleadent of Mark eta, rsadsted vacant by tht moral of Jaa Iswa, Ms. KrirrrriT ArrraU to t CotrsTt. II wu reported on Friday that Superintendent Kn'iM had earrendered lh ammunition and arm telitd by th police, ae th contraband good wer about to b shipped an board th ateamralp ItunUvllle and Mintirtllo, a fewdiyi sines. A writ of replevin waa aervtd upon Mr. K lessor oa Baturday morning! but Inttmd of retreating from thpniltnn whit 1 t had U'tnel wllh regard to lh ahlpmei I of ai tides contraband of war from thla port, tb Saperlrtendeut said h would avail him self of th three days which th law allows, and then mak aaewer. Ta Mini rifles and boxes of ammunition. In th meaatlm, are stored In th Flat Arsenal. II la thought that Mwrrl. lUirua man, SiwnX A Cxurwoui, th attoraeys for Measr. U. II. CbonwklL A Co will find our Superintend. U of Pullc a lough cuitonatr to deal with. II xpreeeed hi determination to hold th (nods, selxed by th police fore, unlit soms legal process U bund to eoapl him to d'.lvr lhra. StanATH ObiitAcr Mirnta. Th frland of lh Christlaa Sabbath held a pnVIO meeting last waning si Irving If all, corner of Irving riac and 15th street, Mr. N mat a Wnrrs In lh chair. Th hall wa H3ed to It utmost capacity. Th proceeding wer opened by prayer byth Rev, Mr. LiTiiaor, followed by ainglag. Mr, Warrs mad a fsw raraarka, giving a historical outline of tbe Rsbbath otaerrano naotsment. Mr. R.S. Coox, Secretary, then read tke report It declared Ibel lo thla oily " public sentiment la favor ef aa orderly 8 tbbtth I mor unanimous than bete for a grnaratUia. Thogromr force t of pr- faSMtlenhsvs been suppresial, aad tli outward observance of the Balihalh Is m a graeral fiaa at any rcent perlial of onr blatury. The report re fanedtotli utpnaloa of Sin lay theatres, tbe liquor traffic, gambling, Al.. "o lbs SaUmh. Al an avldencaof th affect of tloaln; ths 11 ptor stirn oa Ihe B-bUth, Us (set was git an thai wl.lls th tdsl number of airtsU for lh rarts-is forms uf dlenrdw and crini on Sundays, th last 14 months, (from Angus! 1st, 19, to February let, 1 Wl J bave been lf.4"3 those tor Tueedeys, during the eame perl ad, amounted te 15 503 j ahow lag an excess of ar rests on Tueadsyi over Sundays, nf ft CM. But prsvtoue to ths movement for dialing lb Sunday dimm sho)M, ths Sunlay arrsets exceialel thnse of Ihs Tueedejeof the carreepon-llng parlal of It aiortlba, by an average of 2A per rent. Al IliscloMoflh report, speeches war male by the Hon. J W llrraaai, Iter. II I), (laoaa aal Profit I) llinuinoa. An liitsreetlng letter wa read rVout lb Rtv. Ir. Si xisu, warmly endorsing lb Salajath inovement. Thk SrBK-r 1'ain.Aaa An tit. A trg number of street pedlar called at the Mayor's rflueca Saturday, complaining of being stopped lylhepolUe, audeeeklng relief, bul with no more smveas than their prlcaaaor. Among them was one old woman, nearly It years of ags, eleaa'y dressed, end bearing a small beak at containing sev eral spvlee aad orangee, a fsw string of shoe laces, and oa pr of pins, th who stock being liber ally appraised, amounting te about IS cent. 8h also mads complaint of being rudely assaulted by a policeman, and lakea bedr the magistrals slttlag at on of Ik up town Folic Court, by where ah waa released uistanlly. StLtra at tbc K avt Taip. A attlonal aalat was fired at thaMavy Yard la Brooklyn en Balurdey morning la recognition of Ihe V. 8. (team hip Crusader, which arrived early la th morning from ten spools, by way of Utvaaa. Uar efftcer aad crow at reported to b wslL Saiuho or Taoor. Information from tha War Depertmsnt, received her on Saturday morn ing stele that tha troop that cabarkd from Gee wnot IaUad an Friday, are mataly dsstiaed for Fori Waealta, ArbucsUa, aad Cobb, bt Tan, whleh weie reported by telegraph sarly la lh weak lob tn danger of aa attack from lh ea sloulsla. Th raanslrlng recruit will lv Oov sial Island next weak, aad b lakea la riotida. Aa army officer at that It I Osoeral Boorr la tsotlcn to ertlhdraw th Oevemaaent fore front Taiu, and let that staU saka car sf hsnalf If ah fiaxally decides to eeoede. Boors fob Major A-ocaao-. Th are allsd back atrop salutary boots. They are mouoled with a suitable pair of spurs. Thsy wsre naaau saotured by Mr. Loan Bsoesa, Ho. 1(S Fulton street, tsDeotualooalofovee t3t, Th prlo of each boot U tt. To Major Aanaxaosa thsy aro la tended a a tribute of respect, betu a U a brave, faithful, I'otoa-lovlng maa dstsonlnsd to do his duly to tha Union aad th Coastttulaoa, la obeli. eooe to th oeder of hi avernmeut, la th laet extremity. aV soward or a Iraltor oould not buy Ike boots at any yries. Ootd would not buy them for such mlKreaat. There would aot be enough ef 11. Mr. lltcoaa will sell th heel of boots I Demo crat, Republican and Ualou man who go for Ik Ceestttullnn and Ihe Vnlon. Va has none tienr enough for geceealonlaU. Us wirtwoi deal with those of no undernUndlngs." Its would not mind socrrctiv a fsw pair of hla stoutrat to traitors rigorously applied la lh rear Jew ion Etiimniov 01 thk Fbr Acinic my. Tli Junior class of tli Fret Academy gsvs their annuel exhibition, on Saturday evening laet. In living Hall. The hmiee waa densely (bled, and the exercleee were throughout of a highly In teresting iharacter Tb orations and poem wer Interspersed with music by Donwot i't bead. (itMSAtrio Etiimmox atd CiirgaT. A gymnastic exhibition ami concert cam off at llxiin'e Seventh Regiment Oymnaeium on Bstur lay evening lest. Cstrci-t's Ssveoth Reglmaal Bead supplied Ihe music, and a large number of amateur gymnasts preoent went through a variety of (tale of strength and agility. Rrea, Anlliara, laaaaata, aVo. Firk 11 Sivru Avbkck. At half put 9 o'clock on Saturday morning, while Mrs. U sou as, residing cat the first floor of No. taO Saveuth are., WW temporarily absent from tb room, a Uttl girt about three year of age, by mat ma same la pnaaraslon of soma makha and t aro to th bd tlothee In Ihe bedroom. When Ihe motber own ua-eteJr aha fouad lh room ftllid with smoke and fir lasalag trosa Ik bed num. The faUsr waa lylsg aalsep at la front room, sod waa awakened by the eriea of lh child. The alarm was quickly raised, aad on stream of water from a fit engine uatod te subdu lh , but not wunoul ar sacking laal neor ana ta arrm. nnumxt' damage will pvobiblv aassunt to about 1100, not iaaured. Thaeegw etsre U eeoupied by C. Daiiaxa, whose damage,! wets only, will be eboutflOO,aleo uninsured. Tut houss Is ownsd by C. E. I-xosito, aad 1 damaged probably to th .stent cf We, fully Insuaed. Firbis Kar IiiUr-Oo SstorJay even ing, ahoal It evleck, a Br of myatorloa orlgla broke out to the cellar ef the tenecaenl he ueejfo.t&t (est 19th street, owned by Ulan Bn.aa- Tha oaaaee were sxtisguumad baiore aay groat damage waadooe. Viu IK Wu lira rr, Tceterdg maroing an rHi1 '' firo brok ul la th cnjeenslisiy et tsohed to lh dwslllug-houss Mo. 84; Wsst 11th treet. The premleee were damaged about $145 before the fir waa put out. Me Insurant. Fiaa m rxtiu. Suaxrr. Last voiilK, about T o'Uoik, trifling a Arooccui red la tha tooaaunl hous Mo. tlT Pearl street. Fibs Of Daxtbb Btbbtt. A paid lamp, burst ta th tnmnt house Ma. 01 lluter street, alseit t ovlock, last tvsnlng, seulng th prsmlaa oa fit. Tb flames were eoon sxtlugutahai, Fovao Pain. Mr. Jacob Scf wtm, of Mo. Sit WaverUy Piece, found a female Infant la a sink la bla Yard, oa Friday sight. It was taka tt th rth Ward Station House, whr an Inquest was held, eiliet, Congeetloa of brain." Mr, liauaulM Cuss found, la a va-aal lot,bslwsea tlh and Clh eve , near 4sih si , a dssd tnfaot, tn a tegar box. Ofttoer D La WctT, of tha lilt Ward, took th body lo th Folio Btatlou, and a Ceroaar waa notified. A Child Scaujko. Coroner Jaonun hsld aalDqussloa Saturday, st N. 40 West 14th st, upon tha body of Mafl Ruanoa, sged S years, wh waa fatally ectlded fa Friday by acrtlauully falling into a large katllt of beQIac water. A vrdlct of oootasatal deal, vjas rodereda Fatal AcoDB-r.-PAiBtca: FIblst, kfc. gsg msster at IhaUvdasa Blear Riltoad Depot U Thlrrr-Irst tret.wa ervaba betat-oUg 1 yMtJ'..Ua-?alLllM'a'n: gag cars TUMdy freaeklll HtnlHATif or A Tocao I-tnr. MtitllAT n Jaasa, a vocalist, lately attached to th atret ic Concert Saloon, bt Brosdwsy, dlsd gstnrday morning, firnm bums received a few vnlag sine. The yeurg lady we staging daring IlK svanlsg leifceniema, whea, In croealog the stage, her gar ment ram In contact with th f lights, and aha ws mstsntly In bias. Th flames wsr apeedUy ratlneulebed, bul not until tbe unfetuaate girl had bean so serloualy burned sa to result In death. Miss Jtess Is reprsaented as having baso aa ee llmahle youag lad, whose aaoly ea'ary waa th main eurpon of a widowed mitber and three younger alsters, eh brroelflning hut 14 year of age Tb Coroner was notified lo bold au Inqueet. Tb Inquest showed thai the footlights wsrtnjl itected tn the ntual manner, by wire screens, snd the Jury tn their verdict, censured Oanaua Lam, lb pmreieter, for not having them thus guarded. Deceased wa a aatlv of Canada, 10 years of age. faUea ImelTlgaaca. Abdcctios. An abduction eaie waa on Baturdsy brought te th notice of Jusllc Coa wru r, at Jefferson rasrkst.wke lee ul warrants bv Ibearreil of well know ahllanlhroplsi and a pollceinan of the td Ward, Mr. Jntre MoVr, a reepectabl bard working maeheaie living at Ne. ihu K gbth avenue, omplalns that hi sou Wn. ui, sged eight yesrs, was by force carried away from Ua cuafcny of Meat Qairmt, of N. 110 Weet Mth street, by Mr, B. S. lit Lunar and a police man, whose earns la unknown, bul who belongs to the SOth Precinct. A w learn, Mr. MoVsv married tbe ugliler of Mre Oairrnt, but, his wife dying after the birth of Ihe child, lb grandmolheT look the Infant end baa bad tke car of it ever !nri lh father making ample provision for it. Recent ly a ferca!e ra Ud upon Mn. Gtirvia, tha utter being a Rwian Catholic, and left her a bundle of tracts aad dsyerted. gavsral days lalen sh reliirnad aad had another Interview with Mrs. Oairrm, whs she maalBwted a greet iuiareet In lh child, aod taelly asked the It might ! gtvaa to her, premising lo fled seme good Christie who would adopt 11. Tb Indlgmvit graacmoihar thereupon eaowed the woman lb deor, end advised bar not lo return. Ill) alleged that Mr. IltUjT'ar sebeequaolly appsarodle Mre. Claim, eiAertaialng the eamedeetgas upon Ihe ilv lboy, aad era reoiilaed to aa eqeally nnphatle manner. The alddsvlt rf Mr. M'Vsr cnargse thai on lh 13th lord , Mr. Hiiuntr returned with a llceanan, whom be dirtt to eelee aad carry offtberhl'd. Thle the affloer did In aplu of Ihe ileedingfl of Its grandmotkr nd aanl, both of whom b treated In a very grnV and brutal mea ner, lareteiilng to drag local both lo tbe statlon houas If tley mierteral with him. Iltvlag ob tained the child, Mr. Hamper, a It charged, baik II out of thai pulloe dlatriot to the T jmbe, whsrs by making an affidavit of vagrancy, he bed the laal oommlttvd to lbs Juvenile Asylum. Tho sffiilsvitof Mr. Mi-tsv Is cirrouoraiad by thai of MsstAsn IMaacuv, snd stso by the ettlement of Sour other petams who witnessed the sb Iticlloo, A leorotiiih exsmlnatlon will la entere.1 upan 1W1 ring Die nmiieg week, when belt eldae nf the loty will le ful.y abown up. 11 Is a matter uf frequent complaint awuig the poor Catholics of Ibis city, Ibal lKelr children are sMuited ty tbe sents of our pht'.aiil.roplc lastl tntlieis. Wnlle our retHirter was si Court aoilag tbe ebi ve case, there wars three Illustrations of this statement A poor man, a weever by trade, came lu to 1 laiin bis boy, who had been sent to the .fuvenlle A'tlum a fsw dsys previous. Us said thst his son was a Hills wild, and would sometimes carat, friml him Into Hie etrsea. lie had ters been seised by enme Individual who knew his condition, a caniplalnl of vagrancy wa mad against hlux, and be wee eMat to th Asylum. Tbe father eoiiht Ihe city through fiir hie son, bul obtained ao tldmrs of him until yeslerdsy. Toe man wa a Catholic A bard-woikuig Irishwoman, with two children la her arm, appeered te avertatn what step it would b nweeaary for her lo tak to cur th onalody of two other ehildrea who had been etolea from her. She said that the had beea living with her mother, and that recently ah left her chl'dren will her mother while aba weal out lo do a days work. O returning in the evening, her tw s oldest one war mincing, geveral daya elapasd Iwlor sbs gained aay tiding of them, whea aae learned that they wave la Ihe Javsmls Asyluw. Sh ap plied thee several Usse to ee thssa, but was de aled, aad yaeterday learned that both of lhasahad been sent to the West. Thl poor w asa tied eer eral wltosas of respectability with her to taastry to bar good character and ability to support hw avralry. sh aald that previous to their nbduotleo, a gentleman had several time asked her te glv tlie 1 away to hiea, and he promised to find them good pises to live. There wa still saothsr ease of a similar oaaraatsr lo tha last, where a mother kd bee robbed of hereof, and he was sen! to tbs Weat, All theM complainants allsg that Ihetr, onlldr wer taken from lham becauee Ihey war Ro man Catholic. WhUs there are douhtlaa om In staaoaa when roliglou ballet baa had It aOsct aa on those who thus ssia upon hildnn.w are la clined to bellsvs Ibal the police are to blame la a majority of caae. An ofltcar Dad a number af mla ehlsveus children uon his round who cause him (aorooeleeatnwyanra. Forthwith hoists upon thara,oonvystbeabefcresserlstials,sadwsn4s them up " vagrants. Aa classic eoaac taoo .per mlta blm to snaka the required afiVdavlt, aod iraa ha ovse mb th child's rhtbsrdrtak g'.sesca boar, ha will forlhwilh war that h U a onflrxad drunkard. Soma vary "tall waring" Uoftoa showo an In our Poll Court by tb oouatar seals 1 manl of ume out wltaaaaee. Tha pel Ice. In the matter of cblldra s,ar carol la thslr slaw mnt a they war rerantly shown to b In regard lo vagrants, and tht Megletralea are often thus led to anaamll a wrong. If a law of tbees officers war fcr oar Jure. II aaUhl Drov a wholaan na tolhawhaUfcio. raontrorriAl, EarArn ritOK DrUTn. Captain Sqcrass, of th 1 1th Ward Pollc, reports lb fcllowlBff mhaeulou eope a having taken pies la hi district t a 11. .1. u aiy M . e -.aa. . a. j& u,w .-7, TV wt a t " ua .'in n Amvm. Wnana, raaullag la Avenu B, near 4th etroet, oa Friday afternoon climbed np the acuttle.end M oa tip of the hous. Tn mother won cuisssd th child and began to search for him, when a cry waa osara ia tn street, ana on going ous, tas cnua was found on the sldswahx, hs having fallen from tbe top of thehouae (four etoriee, of mar than or diner7 height), strurk a tla earning that ooverwl Ihtatdtwak, bmks a hols through aa clean a a cannon ball could have den it, splintsrlng ea of th Johns, and ptselng through, landed on Ihe Sag ging, rerame 00 the oppoelie aula who saw him fall ssy that be cam down straight, head for e nioet, atruck Ihe awning, paaeed larough tad struck lb sidewalk la ihs sama position, of court, hs vena Instantly Isksn up, but, I net sad of being killed, hs only npfared a little frightened, and ecrabbled off up stairs to his mother. A phy sician wna celled and examined him, bul found nil even an abrasion of the ekla ur any eigne of injury whatever, excei I a sllg hi lump on ths hsJ, whlik lsaaicely itrcepttble Tbls morujig h 1 appa ret .tly aa well a svsr he waa. Itr.cntrjo Srotu Ooois. Mrs. OnULtA bixii a, a widow who keep a thread and needle tor at Mo. ITU Klghth avenue, waa taken be ire Jusllc CosaouT on Balurdey, charged with ra ce! ring atolan g wd. tin lh night ol th 4th of (Xtntr, Ihe stirs of Aavuonr Ruriauroa, Ms. 87J Broadway, wa broken Into by burglars, and robbed of about $ worth of alike, Isrsa, ribbons, etc. Recently a portion of tbe stolen property ws found In Mis. Knaica'a store. She clelms to have hon estly otaained the goods, but, unfortunately tw her, sum of ber male rotallvee of the eame aama. have been too frequently la tha euatody of the police to entitle her to much eyuipalhy r oredit. Mat aa RoemTHtit, nflljt Carolina street, uaeams surety to 11000 fcr the ladyaeppeeranoo fcr eiemtnsll t. Abrmt iinu opa rxstixs rromvat raisr Lmis Sauna, an English woman, about t year of sge.aod ca of lh most notorious snd adroit plck-pockete known to our criminal eulherit'ee, arrived ta New York Saturday morning, la custody of c (Beer Ltkw, of II etoo. be kaviug arrested her at tha requssl of our robe. I-uxi is undsr iodlet- ruent ea vrai caargaeer larceny, anil wtu aoea be arraigned bswro tn CJurt of General Beaton for trial, Laet November eh we caught la tha commissi oa ef an of hsr old tricks, aad aftot a brief Isnaiuasaama psrsutdid Mr. Caaunasi VOosm. crfMSulUvaastrosl,togbaUlrhrljlhseumof tl.Mtoear her fume aoosaraare. Thedav follow tog th txsoulkai of lh boad, howawsr, Latua fcrftittdhe hall and Red to th "city of notions' and ooneewiaatly wa not torthoanung wkao called a trial. Tne uisanct Attorney eul aqueauy took sctlea agalael VcasL, with ths view or reeoverbxg Iheamoualof the bond, aad eUaoted $06 of the ttott b-ridsa which lh victimised Vcaa. waa eoaalltopsyaaaUlhhaMo(Bharisr feaa. Having aanuanc that a part. If not ihe whale af tbe money thus paid, would be restored by aeedae log lbs prisoner, Voom. made vigorous offsets to secure th trseck eroue fuglttv, aad auecaadtd alter much trouble end expense. to tb Tomb aad kxktd up for trial. Bebolabt. Tha premise 8fl Contra ttrcat war aatsrod by burglar on Friday night, by sua of bunting la lh window of a room on th first finer, occupied by Loest Coroa, and robbsd of clothing valued al BM. Th burglar aro still at laiga, Fiorrr cr a Porm-Horm A Oustablb BAaacaocuT siavw. Last Tuesday night a quar rel occurred ta th porter-house corner of Ud street aad rth avenue, fcotw ea a nnml r of mn wb had congregated these, and during tha fijhl Fatur FlTtrarona, a driver oa th Nlalh Avaau Railroad, a 1 charged, struck Pnmr Kva, a ooaatabl of tha Ttd Ward, oaths bead wllh adeadly wapcn.whloh felled him laasnsiUy to th ftnor. Kr. Im wsa conveyed lo hi roaldWe, No. Wl W4 44th atrost, snd Ihe attaedtng pbyalcum consldsr hi conditio 1 extremely critical. Isunedialely after tht somwls alon of to felony Fmraraio fled, aad managed to keep out 1 Ue w Ul ii t lay evening, whea he waa arretted by Sargeenl Mssi-ar, of lh rid Word Po'.lc, and committed to awall aa lamination before Jusllc c woli V. AaaACLT WITH A TuTul.. At 3 o'llock Sat. arday morning, en Joaa Furs a, whll la lh lienor stor of Jsaa MoQciD. eoraar of 4th avenue snd Mth street, waa struck oa th head with tt butt and of a pistol tn lh band of lh bar-kaajar, ana seaij snjure. ur, warra wa oeuaa, aaal after th wound was creased lb tSd Precinct pollc conveyed Ftiaa lo hi residence In STth itassi. I'lUiroonBT. Th 4 LU Ward rol'turrotod. thld TVadsr named Oruija, oa Baturdsy, fcr I th Pocket of a woaaaa vhoww satoriag xj:OtX BETOnn-AATCKDATa staarasaaTcaart. Bafoe J dg Laoaaaa. Tht Walton ittrderArfittHtfiv far f4 -. . . . - . . u r.a-Ja aa anal fa aSI wa mad for lh dUcta-xe of Charles M. Jsffsraa, tadlctwt fcr tU murder of John M Waltsa, U July Ua. The tnutaon wa urgsd, os lh ground that proper diligence bed not bean abowa by lh pise eullun, to bring lb prisoner to trial. Tbe application wa oppoeed by th District At torney, who uiged that a term of the Court of tjyer and Terminer had been called by Ihe Governor, end would b bald on lb tTih of 111 month, whea lh pilsesirr would be beongbl to trial. The Court derided that no ranee bad been show) by tha pobtleprosreuke- lor farther eetalnlag tha prieoner, except that a B, clal Term of the court eg Oyer and Terminer, to be held la this city, haa besxt called by tha Oevsraor, br tb TTlh ol February lnstar.t, al which tlm th trial of lb priaoaara will, a th prosecution allege, b breughl aax. The abort tlm which will elapse befbr the! eeurl will b organiad, and tha enormity of tho rffiaans with which th prisonsr stand tnalctod. ladaeeA tb court to regerd th cans aeslgavd aa a at IssVtary s wlthla tha msaalaa of asstina la, and to detain th prisoner la custody until th ett tttg of said Special Term of lh Court of Oyer ami Terminer. Th application, Uar a, (tends adtonraad tut Much next, or It may b then rsseissd If the ac cused should aot kav been brought lo trlaLt James T Brady apt arad for lb prlaasr, aad Mela a J, Wats) y fcr the people. t'ahrd Htal drew It Cowrt. Before Judgas Baaixar aad Bma. TUAlUgti iitritr en (a tligk AhAK fXs lYimmtr JXorAarped Tb Vntttl BtalM s. Oerden ntm, Xtmmi P. Unt, and rstMK, la tbls ess Ulr waa coavtoVd ofmsaataugmsr cat th high tea. Uaoe waa tried fcr murder, a4 th Jury dlsgtd oa the qusstiea of his iaaaoo y r a vsrdld of maaalaaghlar, Tuthlll,whwau. eaptala of lb aulp, cam forward aa wttusss. sad. th grand Jury being la session, be we ladiotai a aa aider and abetr, but wa net tried. The pertte trtr brsughl la Court this saera tng, and their oounael, Jamea T Brady and J seen Rtdgwsy, ;-., asked that Ihey abeaid be dia paeedec. la lb case of Laa either as should her another trial Immedlslsly, ee that a node pre should be granted, and tb maa dlacbarged. 1" had been la class onannsment ovvr a year, aad hv th District Attorney of Ihe railed Stales snli not ronars at to that course, then lh prisoner might be admitted lo tail. 1 Tha Judge aald lh Court bed no power I erdr asuilsncMoradmittitall la a capital ease. Mr. Ilrady said thai lbs noUs pro must la lh ai I af Ihe pe ruling oflkrwlta lh consent ef the Coin! Tbst waa II s eettled practice. With reel 4 lo the ediaiaakiu tl ball the state court hsd re.vrlred that right, end ha went I riietka cese ul !ewla litter ae a eaee tnro'nt, the Ceiirt having tlie aiwer hi piece the amount of ball heavy iir ltet.1 In nioriion to lb requireansala er niacaltu lete tl s caae ' Juda Soialley said II at be ah mil 1 d clns aashlea sny older withuiillhs asisnt of ths United stats Diatrht Atbiraey. Alter listening with rare aad allatic to Ihe tvlden on both trial b bad n heelutiiea la saying that lbs svbleuoe was Issela cleotto viovkt him rf anything--either marucr or mana,stihler, and tha Colli did not thlak ths evidtnoe of Ihe only two witneeee adluoeat fee th gvernnieLiI wea to lis relied on However, Ihei might b other vlJe I pee eeeelon ef the govemmeal not before It court, a4 II wss not thslr Intention ta give sny advlcs te th District Allsrasy. aa thai olhear may bars geeg taseoue tor not tatacing any noUs proa. At this twins. District Attorney Rneeevea waa aenl fcr. II aald that h had beea occupied with ether business la Ihe District Cnart, and wss at thst moment angsged there, lie had not read aha evidence la the case aa tried her. He had read tb examination In lh Kngllah paper aad as es pied Into Ihe nswspapara on thl aid. Judge Bene! ley then wanl aver th presalasval point, and rat tented hla former optalea by sathsg thai b had com to the onoeroalea that th pitas- r wer aot guiny m tea ou WILLIAMSBURGH. Bf.ak Tmtr-Lait trailing tb hall war af Mr. Wa. Warn, Wo. T4 Booth First sti set, wa aa tared breomtanaaktuaf who carried oT tweeeata weeth and woeped detection. RacovBBY or aSroLi- rttorBBTT. OnxaaT Rcnn, on Baturdsy, recovered from oa board tVa loop "Maria," lying at pier No. t, IsM Rlvar, ca-f still savd a oaak of eoala, valued Utllw. Tbe) prepsrty aad bean etolen from Jaasa Batrra, deaag bustaat la Qrmham avenue. AS TJaTROrRABU BtTOLART.-0n Uasw an Balurdey night, tb eoap maaulactory of Wl'aW A Boa, la Ksnt artana, waa rntarad by burg as, who, not finding anything an th premises Chew could carry off, aot to tbatroublaof bt swing p th ale la ihs onto, which wa amply. For Cis y Iter a, Xatlrd !: "Fleckbo was tub rrRKo with inowt fsam. Dot th robber turned not hack. For a cry arm from his heart's bast btoed Aad tb foe was a nls track. 'AthouesjdpoondsrortaTaptkerat4t' He said through his glasPnlag teeth. Aad ha rede fsr Ufa mid the aae aad err. By the laa oa the ha "Hie atroai head fell a th brawny threat Of him whom steed was the best, And wstl It bad been for the rider there If the Inn had another uaat." The Gsxat Tali or nra Hnmw tr, entHled JTIDITT BRADEtOr, Tea Maaaan Roaaxa or II aaure Baaru, A Romatu (As Road, by Dr. J. U. ttobte eon, will be ready la Tua New Yotx Mxao sr at all the news depots at neon today. Niun mana tabraAes an that U bewitching In elegant fiction, and will be published only In Tn Maw Yuaa Misi'ier. PnotcT PATEMT sTTLnil R Am aTllDICiT-B ." VAtVIt UAII1S, let FII.TON iT. NKVT TOKK. , and No. 0 WU-LOUUUBY BT. UJ(UUaU.T . These Beths hve beea In eieeeaaAil eta alls far 11 yeara, aod have glvea uulveraal ratlgirllaa. Thl a ttatbe Arm aiaaful ber-anae thl 1. Kqiullaa tbe elrculatioa eg the blwA. a. aie-f ataniiaa inaenanie neevani I. liimhilah IrrlUblllty, 4. furs ell d eflheskla. a. Reaieve all enWts et free aae f mflrean r, t. (lire tenets the dlaniiv ergana. tf Weeeo a swelling aad ehetruotiea Curs a waaaoM oolu, vsvaa aao acra, aaasras vuua, saxt allien, auaa raaoas, naarsr, a K. F. DraaAan Wild Cxixtr IVrrr a Metterthaa the best pta tbaa th par M-macI sr a an 1 oaaa insiiaian siwai weak easasbled prw tone, aad p beat mat late always eaaful ii ulalle I vsnag area We wwald laasu ui aad aft whnareaffllclod with to ef spyenUs. faliaaiaa paha U tha eheat, ee Ua laa tnae VneaaV-l to the earing iiliaai. t tak a. r. UD AJU r Wlid Cerrr BiuVra, Itle aetarra en roe ayiksaaiiMnuJtokss-mlsUvaltd.and wh wanaaatraraaeraveieetetaiiaum eaiietea waei tber caa find this unrivaled panacea. Bel ee unmet oasfroaas a neve neen prsne lee ee lat,-naa as a oa araetleed wtid enerry Utters at -J stsa, ss every doeter fc stasaood,- faak year ph- LTSi stsa, ss wnrf aceter xaews lass vr ateel port wtaav) be sera ye pvrvhi piniaa m pu a r ua aaa tlte onle am IBnABll.lOf ISrib yalleaet.Brssu KOTTPB Tn RFPORT THAT TsTH nwwAs farTo-ert PATKNT BROOM, eaaaetbeiapsiied I Ksaxa. tny ea ne na ai depot, Wstalsw Laae. hev caa be bad sr a aw dart aeUc (re tBHireKJJL. IfOTICKaV. 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