Newspaper of The Sun, February 22, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated February 22, 1861 Page 2
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.. I giaBIMBI !-' .V fc . I 'mrniTWwwwm Hg THE NEW YUltK SUN. FRIDAY MOKyrWO, FEB. 22, 1861. IVaakHaA-t lllrtbday. Tub it9th nnlvergry of the t.trth of fimomoa Wa-bibotob, whoa ntme In trs tmni ia lb hearts of the American peopl, Al ' r.irter f to Country," will be cflclrt 1 todsy la thi city. Ami In other part of t'ae Colon, witb a greater MrntneM 6f foliar than baa ln evoked It any pretlny recur mtt of the nattl day of th First President f th United SlAtea the peorlciu eeUii r ah 1 th. par Agon of patriots, who tod a wroth I at couri pevu people through All th peril of rendu tlou to the enjoyment of the gran loel eyetem of ft government thai th wlloin of tnia Uaa devtaed. The nam of WAmoTrt li a rhcrlihn-l nam wherever there at men who lore or desire tro liheilr who icnrrate truth and eeleem virtue i and now when the country to wilrh hi wisdom and valor gave indrpen lent liatlnnel life la threatened by th Iiaso ambi tion aid corrupt conspiracies of ncklo demagogues, the warm and hourst hearts of th people turn with patriotic ffje Hon to him who knew no well how t above tiio Intrigue of faction an I t ho elan lor rua clamm a of personal enemies, from mil lion of heart th prayer will aria today tint 11k who created a WAsriivfiMi to, on tan continent the divine pilntiple of lib r'y, aa th intestrurtlble baais of La nun povernuent, will lnplr our ruler with wis. dm to jrecrte the prlcrle Inlierllance, It fAthera thia day tell their children tint Gkorok Wa-iipvotui haled, a. l.e; Hut In rarer anted deceitfully i that ho faarl only Lit liod, an 1 loved his fellow-men, th it aa a ton be wa dutiful, aa a roan Just: s an Ant erlran devoted lohla rnnntrt, and aa a ruler Impartial and fenile In th aliuinittration if Ui lawa. lbe American ap'o ar nvt trant d tu entertain a eopcrstltloui reart fur men, cr the ntmc of men who have distinguish"! thrmselve-, but they hate In, full iiiotaiir those noble instincts and Impulses which In to Attached men In eviry ac;o, unlin evtry pirt of tlieworll, lo thoao anorxluh tin their lite the purest examples of t am in exiilenr. Let our people, whila p-iiU Uom'it li the memory of IVamii-i.itov, result to nuke hia example their gulJo In all their actions a till r.ena, and Ine American Union will en luro. 11 Held on Ike arrrrt IVdtar. Oua MetroMtitan Police are Incurring th greahat amount of popular oJiuni, In conn rpience of their enforcement of th city ordi nance against street ped lllng, with tut Ikctsa. There may bo individual installers In whiih pn lioemen have attempted to do a little " LIji k mall"buineaa, but the officer! are not ble for Mmply executing a gencrl orler of their auperlor. If the p".lico w,.ulj only en foro all th Corporation ordinam (, ao fir aa it la their duty to do to, with rli.l Impirtlility, tkere would l no eauao of complaint. Bat lha ordinance agalnat atreet-pel llin baa lone l"H'n considertil oWlete, and the General aupeilnUu.l.ot ralht hare atlect! am mora Important field fur the dlnply of bi executive talent and xeal than that wblih bring htm and hit foroo Into rolllnlon with th poor atreet peddler. Wall our wtalthy merchanta art allowed to olmtruet tb tUewatka with their merchandlie, it cer tainly cannot be cLidered a greater Inoon ealeace to permit a hawker of email warea te walk th atreet expmdnft hi or her little collection of varlile for aate. Tht la at rain lag out a (rnat and iwallowInK th camel, a-ltk molt extraordinary Inconaiatency, Let n bar eqaal juitice to all ebuae ( let all txw city ordinance b eoforce-l with qial rigor. If they are founded n rlht prlneiplea, they aoouM h maloUinei If not, they ahould b npcaled. A Cwnpl fVncta) rarpaed. Certain ejty piditleiana have been enjaRod In a acheAe-whleh they thought tbey had matured for the removal of Mr. O. W. Smith from the office of Sttoet Commluioner, I nl th apintment In hia plaee or a Mr. OArrm, wh ball from Queena County, and I now employed In th Cul'om llouw. It wai ar ranged, we learn, that the matter ahould be "put through" laat cveninu in the Hoard of AUermnn, but one of our alderrninic repreaen tative, whose oto wa conaldrret locnre. In duticed "aecond tbouxht," anl, ronaeijuently, Uieconnunnntlon of the a.heuie hid to bepntU ponel. 'I lie removal of Mr. Smith, who hid proved kini'tlf an huueat aud cometont olllcer, woulj, perbapa, re-open the I)partinint to the corruptluoa which hate enrlthod a few men at the capene of the taxpayer!. Aliasing. OnTburalay cvenlim, FaH. 11th, Mr. Qit itt M II lUiua, ltKtituu kr or di.ln liiaua ltgut,lti lkaUaulaitdo.kUreauwl h for tu lalftii 1 at but 9 o'ehtk, aid ha not alnc two liiard Inm, Wind Eut H irthetrt. Th boat wi lb g iveramj ll(liHiim bual II hJ a aeull aat! on U ard, Vuli.r1d Willi oar. about a reel Llh, dtrk hair, ud about l yauaold An tuliraialioa Mul to Biuciu Cl-i.i. llawavr, (IreMwicb, U -on, will b tkaokfull ueid I7 hia frleuda. Nw Pabllcaltoaa. T)tt Childrtn'i Ilitit P,eti IM, just nuh lUhedfcjIhclIiaraa. la It fuunk In ihrlM oftUuatmdjuvUIb'ikof atorj Aud taiarui Uoa, which w bv bpor eoaiiuvod.d. r UtHiKoU JourU Monthly Tart V, of kl tlegaalatHl Imlj wekljr, rr Ju.t pobllahidbj IlaaTuiu. Uo , W Nth VTilluun treat. The Ut FautU a ad Itawora Intelligence frm the moat trustworthy Union pUtlM t tb Virgtala Convmt on Kale nti. Uaallj Ual, iuiIm Cmtmi akall adopt oai pita fenMUIaUoatMsTir dJournmat, iulr ikU wil Moed, dpltall data to piul iiunmb eww. AnSMnalvorfalaaoaxu4lkraal la MKh Cacohna, Ti Kautuckj, end Mary land, Icoklai to Ibis eoatl&cBcy. Or piapa'atloo bav aa mad la Washing ton I cbarv WAtBiao-roai' blnh-d 17. Th mili tary or Ik Duttrwt will be oalld out far pared. To naatr or tb FreatdoaiUl InauguralloD U a.", la pan, ot u r noes I r.b not Hlaok, Dii, 6it, ni Kma, 1 f ih 9nl, 8sin, rwai 1, 8awiiut, Kiaun., O , Fa , 8ma m Wliaia.oa, Annasw J..u.M, i',V,, Wu Cotxaaaa, lUux Pccoiii, ,, t;riar; a?'1-"!, IlwLia Rioa, l.iTiKH, lUara, Cmoi, Dn o Xne M"axu.Ll Ttifuum, liuaoijiu, tad tdk iioll. II la Odolrd vary probtbl that au utr sw. elan of CgrrM will li oilltd. Tier la ao tin aaeru aunuit of buainmn crowding on at tb eoj of th aauluu, to die. of whlah seems next in; tnaldea. It la lmp"-iblt to a), In then times, what It Ui.r be au-.taarj to do. Tb boua Uk.o fur lbe piny of th Praldn llni taking rapidly fl Wd up for Ihtir reitptloa Ssvsral artlsu bav tUij Uaa ou lb ground aksttbUg II. Gov. Iluaa, or Maryland, ba wrlllto a latter tatlng that U tb peaoe ounfareue refua to dacid oa any Mtlaturat of tb preaat diffl julties, b ahall oa auUml to lb ppl tb ejuwlloa whether lby will or will n bav a cotvaoiloo to oon (Idartb propriety of th ecealoo of Uarylaad. Tea army bill ha Ua nootud la th Bmi!, with aaDeudiurota It improving th loritaVatlloaa UN Folk. Mteparhufetta, Itaude M.ui, D.U vtar, IC7!adf and ! Fl Taylor, at K y titti, VO.Ota), and In Fort Jstfrxw, T5 0uu. TtxaM appro rlatlona for loulbetn foitificatluoa ar adjmiCeaal. A(fri.oloQ ar anleruiiwd of larg deCslca- J I w tta4sT I t nr fif rjl.h ir- i - -, a0ertk4tli f Mtie'. Kpy iffHi a-vmuara la ennfoalen, rpir're'yktpllek until acrang of Admlnlntrat on. The Treasury la nuw rtr'ct In a tpplylng IS te ceding rtite with tmiiey, Mtll eoolrset-f are farLl.bed drafts n the BiilNTreasiirefa, rov ertog a.l Ibe.r Mil pti, r that t lnl approprta tlm eaa aicur. It la tiporteJ tbtt the' Is quite anarl In th rmah l.r(ltiott, gr wlng out of oontradn-tory in rnrtnatlm amt lo Pnrla. M. Mnvtre,, alne his arrival, I as been Id l.e kse-lrg of Ilrojayiv, Kii I fi.i a M", who hav 111 ed blm with "'s. alnn Ida.. TbeiPlrlal repoitt rrom Cns lis anl itler aoiifiea. ooriflultd wtih bis dlsv.!ic, au-l einUiatloni levln-n ri.j'ilre.1, Ilirrn ron xl, lb lluealan MlnKter, alas tym. pthlra with MCMihiu. f)ia'ihr fpnm K'iroj amoim a II a thv. d lM il ration iT 11 e -iroj rtn ioaer 1 stand by Hi tiwl o ley cf r.ronlaingn.) n. w (l-ivcrnioeulbe-foie ila rrrnflnllon ly tie (lo. -.laout 01,1 of which 11 c new 011a has liet-n irvro:. " . revyig. nltlrti of fflf llim l.y Hi mrreas o' Vlj , iu )'8I, It tl'ii'y etiettlontil Is pdl.-y durtnrf Ike prefHl cntiiry Ordits hate been laaued recalling maoyof Ih tr j In T'lH wl Ich are reeled for tl e proteo llnnr Ihe puhlle property In lh fallhftil state. t.l lie, whoenmrrMndid that division. Is on hi way boa e, with other rotnlnenl nfneer. II carta nearly lw millions annually lo mAlnlaln a aufll-.U ent fore In Text lo , revent I .Kan Inrureiona, ainl yu th reeent Convention almost unanimously ltd lor mrnuutt, and Mr. Wmrtu. dm'ared In the Renal It was a mtlter of li.Oiffsr.iKt wheihirr tbe troop were k et tbM e. Departure, of MrTLincoln for Washlnuton. o ms Hiu i:i'Ti() m ji.tiHr.r firvs Allwiablr Inrrarlcnry af lb Jerary Lily Toller. fil'Flrilt'S III' tin. I.ISCOLS .IAD IT. . I'A VIO.V. Ovlig t.ilheesr!y hour fltel fr lb dspartura of Ihe I'ii4.n eleil, f.w (ran were gaihered lo il.e Asu r Hm yrstarlay morning wbaa M I.iai.HN went away. At a little lefwe sight .' ik the enr'atea are drawn up In Ine i Vev a'rnt, urler the dlieiilon of Mr Va KtNrv, b 'Issliwl lnehar,ii the whole furnlah. Ipij of vehl. 'as (r Ihe e-o'iw.diioii of the Prasl rlenliat riyt dtinne their rrcrptlini an.1 atty. It la but ii.lirt.i M'. Van lloiivi y tb.thls arnnig.ri,u thronhoiit have lnoiii iliievi-eitlou He, an.1 bis cent' frunly demeanor l meinlMra of thepie.atenit less kotaworthy thta the aluiira ble manner In which he baa on Intel LI poition of Ike mly'a n.terl.lniuei.1 of 11 dlallnula'ied fient. Mr l.iKoniw eTner(f,1 at eight eMnck from the plvats d.oe of Ih hotel, and a. -ompanled by Aid. C"xei 1. and h'a enlle, drove isoldly to Ih Jaraty Ciy Cerry Tba UmI on which lb voyaif wa lo b marie lay In lha npoar allp of th ferry, guarded by a J ll..n of k t unJar cooiinand of Dergaenl Hxirxirr and aa tra larrlagss arrlvad they war dilsen on boaid Mr. Ltooi was then oorvl lo Ihe cal.ln, where by Mr A. A. Iltxiriiai.i, President of the Jersey (Jily C m m Cniaotl Ci iitlUje tf KteepiliA, he waa weloouied a fob lfai fit 1 W are comTnlsaleoed by the municipal authorities arnlp.oi.le ef Jaraey C ly to receive and wi'cu- j.-.n ti f.a a..ll of Niw J-rjry witi thai high reeriect e emlnenlly du lo th onlef of mUh'yi'ieiorireilahnaKaiiowelaoinyouln your pnvnea Ibiragh this tute lo awims lha ckalr at Wearongton. It i a pleaaur Iboa m rsel lb fulura rrteidenl of Ibl B.ubl c, lb people of wMob aia d solid la their aturhiuaui n Hi t'lilno 1 f ib aUlea and eltng to :l a in ark ot their p itlilMy. n ta their prayer thtt Ik Rr.oD.ic U Immortal ibat b who hoirla In hia hand th desl'Ulea aliks of Indlvldutl and lis tliamaygtilland sua' ny..uta all acts for Ih oomeivatlon of the pniille wel. Walcorn. lbiloW(k.ovje,tothaoilofNsw Jry. Mr, Ijsoiui brlafly and Inf.rmally retuma-t thank for th tilended him, and Ih re mainder rir trip acrose wa ojcpld la giving Introduction sail conversing. Aa tht boil nar.d the Jeraey ahnra, a stlul wa flrrd, aid Dorormr land, whhh on bjard th lt, bad keen iierfornjlng a variety of patriotic and other music, struck up " II til to Ih Calef." On rnlerlag th allp, Ih depot of the New Jr aey Traurportatlnn C impany appr4 crowded to It trtmoet lluills. Nit lee tkan atx thousand per on Slli-d th vat room, th great gallery or whiiU aopeaiedlobe lucuplad almoel ei;lualvely by la dles. Mr. I.imioi n, oa leaving Ih boat, wa conduct 1 to a aroll, cheap au4 gau ly plalform, formed by meareorruvsrtnga platform dirt car Willi carpet andeoloie-l nnuPn. A few mlaorahle, liieOio'enl luHklu o.k, gave up in boeleea Jespair lbe Ma of keeping li.e crowd In any order, and Mr, I waa allowed to flht h wy 1 1 t,e 1 1,. fotm, wlerobe le.ielveda wcU-oi1 M.yor Van Voiav. 1. 1 which le repl.isl vc y 01 ally, Kx-fl v tf I, IuivinU.ou aldroa J Mr, Lii com aa follow at Mr I tatoi i. In the ahienee of the Givarni-, Mtlbe 1) ois aultionty and h ma ealMti nt. I Kite J u a w.Ic.lmj to il 8a.eof Muw Jere. (Ap,.'l.e) I'oome, al, to li n Wnu tit loaiia-loi rtit x us. t'e may leti h. e to e. i mller:u.oaRttitton of our atontion that luMnid cwLt tvatl ti vih th lie accomiHUIa-l ton on y mr Joorr.j'i. le, dntlmotd a't'y of .leMlug w reoi.,d lmaia W d-ira lt let fy o y..,t,alr, otiralie.ra ri-til ud lilgb jpriiti,.i ,if y,mr per., n-.l thk-ai 1. 1 an i your pulillo mm t.i.n 1 1 -aura you r n I. y.Uj, tl.a imwjf,riug leyaitv of this eo lr lo thelawaaal Ih O.o.itut'it..(t. pU.ot)to i'trto y u their uirditl yiipttny ebrt si'iuM rt iu all rlgi tfiit toraeiir(-a.ilipg 1.1 th grtai Hteivetn otthiao 1 ai the psrpotut Il it of it union of tiu-ae etate Tiey dsor-to ! In barwiiiy witb tbtlr bialbrni a, a wl tie, ooiug juaiii ! a'l, au.l a.kli g o i'j a Mr renirn. 1 aio sure, air, I do not ird ou r. t oid Jen or iloiitit fill prnuul, whin 1 s? Ibry pief'rona couoirv, out llag, one deatl y ( Tt i.eiet.ois anl prolog. J app aiu.) I u you, ti ou whin a., muck da ltda,tley Irtl tl at Hey cu rely for that sr-al elem.til ot ami eaa, re. I In 1 or liu-u'loo. ,- m4 adj only. In o mini'. on, iliat Imid nxl as vmi will bwlthlh cars atd ni'.mll lilira of goveru iuerit,tba united t.ooole will f,ll..w i ih Oaoltoi with their 1 at wish, tjeir loudtal hope, aLd llielr eainrat pi ay era. Imd charring roullnue.1 f.r roma mlnul a, and when It bad In a tneaaure aubatdn.1, Mr, I.ixooia eoauMua-d paklng. II a word war bonr lnaudlbltdlatanrof Iml a re w feet from Mm, tb murmur of voice ontumvntlng oa UojIo ah rlalDg safBcletit'y loud to d own th strongest voice. llepoka rollowai Ladle and lenilmB of Ik Btalaof New Jsr eey lalall only Ibatk you brieOy for this vry kind rarrjaloe, given ate not ptrronally but a lb teinpiaary rrpiearntailr rf lb majiwiy of lb na tion. (Cheers ) (Here, a aesitanoa ooiepllaieatary lo ihe kiialoeaa of neaitof toe Jereeyilva, ws a-t Indial! rut HUla lost hi Ih reporwis ) I ahall a t ave lbe ttiength lo eodraaa yi u aud ober em hW.taileru.ta, even If I bad lliae to d i so. I i perbefi ju, tharefore, air Hula olae thai l g e you ano b Ully say farewell. You have doj ojethe v ry high tiaiotisprvetil youe reaia bi rat tlint gb jour (real u.mi. a man with whom It La an hiaior to he tea auto.t an) where, a roan 1 1 oit whom any atate m l I lie pr.iu.1. II aa'denoiija, aad by tiieaayingot It auigeaiiMl eu m,rti lo rwiuire aririi-naeor au hour well e .nlderuL loouliln.l a aubour make a w tl y re.Kioss It l, 1 havs tl eu oroniul uiyaelf, lad taaul gi-ntte-nen irN w J , with ITjeir. liitl 'n W oetnl1- J i end . ...r p-u.o V m vm l. au.rviu, A HOST Uie IllOlt tltl'fi My lo bid jou faicwelb Tba 1 ra.deut tlett and bi aiille remttuel f.r aime UiolueaU CO lie platform, aud a grau I rusk waa made by Ihe rroad loahake band i with Mtu ILeirp rusis, wk ba.lbecn f. Kid to a rile ou lb edge of lbe platfiirm, uuprolo tad la the ell.-btetl degre by ihillc, were now Jamme t agtloal It by th i iow J, whotuabtd forward In a per'ect ware, howling and yelling Ilk a ninr iIsikwi, "lliau.i" " UiMiia" waa loudly callad bylh nowd, but when Ihry wai aaaurad MtVLta waa Mil prt'tat, tkey romnoemed ibeerlng Liau IJI and Dirioa, uutll lue tall rail. splitter wa again b oug) t fi-rward, and again addiwwtd them Tbrytrll in that I ahou'd hat this pluform ileatexi, loordar tnai you may bare au opportun ity of Mwipg not, and 1, you. I Ihiuk, in rafuram a to ine upt ar tier (uouipiad rxclualraiy by btdlea) I bav th of to I trgain, (laugnter and ap lylaiut) bul aa to the lowar ilr, I wn'l uuu auy ooupiooiiaoa. (Cbrra and laugnier.) Aud now oetumeuced the atttiggle of Mr, Lta ooua aul bia auty to reach lb railway ear. Th p illo wr won than uatleaa, and Ik ruffians In Ik crowd jammed, ewor, lought, aad yelled about Mr, Likooln and hi ulu, until they had achieved tb feat of eauaplxg lo th car. Two oai were provided fur th oeaveyano of ; Mr IiMnnnnti,,!, tj,, vet rat wa a mrtltf o.m',otl and etegarjoa. It sea deooraa w ih ma'.l m.l,ni over th front ad raar wlV dow, and feaVwn and roeetu of lb national caWns, In ilbboni and Imntlrg , mr lounge, two aiaiMa-bnd lal.l,,, Mi half-d,,.,,, ordinary wai. for mrd lb I irn lure of tM s car, O . on of IV la' .Us, agorjaotiA louq'tet, inaa oval batktt, abed fngrary 0 Ih U r, and en I .a other UjI a Urg stiver, plteler ltd fMeta, oT eolil allver, wsieplartd r.r llaue of Ilia lOiupnoii. Ttitcar wee richly tara.ied, awl wa mad ky il. I, , air fmuvra, with self acting register, an I col. n- 1 gas .ratii. 1 be looomotife "Ouv. IMi:Jnf ti" wa onreied with hnclful decoratlone, pen. neUs, era goe, t'Binn J , aid all a-irta of bunt Irg. Tb nook ataikvaa painted In alternat banlaUrnl, whileandblue, ra as to retetihie a btif laibet'a pole Ot Ihe rront of th arnak alt, k were the figure oijj6i ,0(j ,he WQt(j , lailm waa r uu on ench aid. Al-elalyuine, In rant war drawn oul of lb di -d l.y a roj arrai jed f r lb imepoae, coupled lo lb loooiuotlve, and away went the train lo Newer, departing an Id th enthuthtatle ckr Itg .flli Imrrrnae crowd, whleh was aaseaibl'4 a well wltl out u Inal Je the dent. Mi. Maoot n aid ao ui alao went on by IS apaubd train, hating lawn lakm over ! Jersey 0.1 in a tin carriage, w thoul any para la. A'lt-m, X. J., ,. 21. Mr. Lticm i ar. rived In Hilarity at (i)fi.vintk, and was ii-ll by a onmnjilie f tb Onimna Oiurwl , rm I M br lb Mayor and a deimtatien of R.puN.eana on lioriMlatk. )a etiUnng lb depot Mtyor Biuauiw adreMeo Mr I taootn UltHy, Mr I.iaoii a to a low lone, but with emphasis n.l'arieutfrmiallyaar,,t: - M Maioa I tnas k you tit the reception J-our my and w.aild aay in ts.jme, my heart Is ainietelyUevis' to Ihe w,-k you dselre I should do, Wilb ray own ab.lily I cannot au s ee.1, with oul Ihe auatrtAme of i viue ri-ovdeine an I .f this gnat, frie, lappy and intelligent i-wole-wliloul thm I . ant.t koi autcao-l wild laea I cbi.ih.1 tall Aguui I irtoili ycu toy ILiinka TnePria J.btel. I an I thai i n ivti-ei w-tien rn.rti-d to tarriaiiet ao.i drtrej I. the Uheaaut etrrtl dl. diataiu or on ln.le. Tncuuh Mil .d ktttlt, which waa lilrial J tur. ngJ will rautota, while every avaliabla n,c lulliiti'. r-.uwIlnghHildings wetcott-upted, irkdlc r.atatUtia sill ajnii.Ui.1. When the .ns.erwii.n Bi f trred. It a- In ttafa. nf a tt'i aud a'. n let bllml-bg fa I of n'low, whlre, h iwarer, a in Mila.1 1 led, and m tu' erdtd by a geii.l sun an I a I lend, aptlng like alp,er. u.ati. li 1. I "ted. ol lb lului Mlailolalratli n AalhelialiiiiHedotT, Mr lla. t lwwe.1 ), , aiknowladgnndaiulb trow Ifniu tua re.r mil of tl e care. fee lw Ihrtand tiff ti e malkiona t at. n .. !., yean nly, txd elngi ior.)' .., f il,rrtni waehnrdai any time, bul plenty ef ibeers were glvin for Ue Iks d.i.t elw.l. TinilitA.lrb, SI The rr-iwd In th iieyttwl. " "" anivai ti ttr. i.r . ii,w4s Home .as leaving f.e I'real le-1 eletlanl one, untHi ai I IIM A.M M'. I.l-oio rl Cue ml of tht cat at lbe dip 4 And waa met by Mir ir Mil I a, of Trit.w, who aldrra.d him as To l.iat HoMiani Hi In Ine n.iu- of Uie tut teas id'lh C'ailtnl rl Nw'y, I te t' .r. ..itx'-nl to you a rootl oordla' w i-oniloou tlly, and II wl'l be ap'eaeurelidoeil in ourKjwar to make May au s ng us agreeable. An.l, air, if y.ur offlmal would a'low yott lo p.ol.g your vlail, w onuld 1'iiLl you lo Incideal In lb early elrugg es of otir faberatbai would excite la yeur l.rea-l, a tl.ry l.asa Iu the btals of vty true pttrlot, 14 dei-reet veneratlort f.r the viy a ill on wnbhyou tna.1. Hal, air, with yuir wrmlalon, I will it tw a-coit jou bi Ih Ua, atate, whet in matober of tee I.e(s atnte, atal the stil aulborT tli a are In waiting lo do you further hit.. is. ThrMaasrlben Intmouced tie Piealdent elrel to the Piealdeattf the Uoianou O iin.-it, and lae nemlwrspnrwxl The iity were then taken In cart latrea to Ike 8 ale llou'o. Toe crow I of pe tl lo be seen waa perf.ctiy alatralng, yet the affiolanl pn lea anangiai.iaii of tb Mayor and ti iniiuoo UuHnril, eiikbltd lb party to reach Ik Bui 0ll loi In safety, tATh ptvceaaloa not a'eUd of about 100 mea on botaetak, Ir tlly Illuea, of Paianoo, t be Oar. man K Tea of Trentoa, Ihe Prwtldanl elect, to. Arriving at tb SiaU Itniae, he waa Aral Intro-dui-ed t lb Hiaiaba, arl the rrldnt or tia Ben-. ale In a very eloquent aneeoh received him, wbea Mr Linooi replied aa follower Mr. frtnlml and oVnflrmen o tht Srnatt e (A rVtiite .rw Jtrtf t I am very grateful to you for Ue honorable reception of which I have beea lbe object. I launol bul lemembor the plaoe lhai Maw Jetaeyhoda in our early hletory. la lbe e.rly revoluiti taty atrugiile, few or the atatee among tba ola thlitaea bad more or the battle nvda of the couUry wlthla leelr llmlu taau od New Jotaey. May I be pardoned If, npoa lb la oomalen, 1 mention ttial away Wk In my chllabo. d, ll.a earlier daya r my being able to read. I got to d of a lmk auck an on a few of the younger u,u.lra Lava at er aeen, "Wassi'i Llfs of Waahlngvio " temember all Iheaoooubta there gtv. n of the ka't'e fl'ida aud ettigilae Ihe liber ties of the country, and nie Bled themeelvt upon n.y laagluatioo ao deepi) a la atrnggl bar al Ttentea, Tl a mawlng of tba rivers the conUat with Ihe Uieetana, the great ferdh(pa eodnai el thai ti e ail tiled IkeaiMlr oa my memory m r Iban aay aingle tvoltilitiry vut and you a 1 know, for y u have a 1 loan boya, how thws early Imp.eaelona laat lotbterlhaa aay other. I raoollal thinking theu, ley even though I waa, thai there mtot have ben something dots tban common tlattreaamnaliligg.df.r. I am exoeadlngly that thai which tney etruggled Iioij inai aom.iuing evan mars than nation al lidrpsnettre , Dial that held out a great prom aa to .11 Ine pi,.ln of the w ind bi all tuna lo couie, am exialialy aaxlous ' II at lb la Union, th Oobetituthw, an.1 the llla-rtlee ol the im.- leal I lat 4 rpi mated, in aivndance 1 witb the orlg sal Idea for wi.u ri that lrugie waa i and I ahall I tiintl tn.lee.1 if 1 shall 1 an htin.hie ma runi.nt in in taint, of toe Al mighty, and ot lb s I ia alraoHt tbotett people, a the cnoaeu lnliut.nt also in ta Lands ot lbe Alru'Bl tj, for r,t,i,i ngneol.)rrl ol that xreit etioggle Yoitgivania tli.a reei4un. aa lunlar ttano, wit) . ui toalu. louifpaity. I learn ttal II. In UNly la ton.!-.! of geullrliian who, in the eaeutreof tbair U-ai Judg ant in the choice of a i thief rtaiioliate, did UA tbit.k 1 waa tba man 1 uuil.iatai d, n. v.rti el.aa, tn-l lliay t-aiae f .rvard be'Mlextfril me na the Lt.ri.muvl. mil Ties dent of lb I'l.lled 8'a.iea a rllisena of th fried tliatrt bi mrit ih num. who, fir lb llru b-lug. It tl e tei rcartialive iimuof tcauitltou. un tal ov a plirjaHO IO etliite the t oion A4 l.tentlea of toe pw I let aa am a l ecoei4 tuia rnritien mare gtaUlully lluulcoul dldld I belu'te tl wa tau tleiro to u aaanu ludivulual. ! Mr LiM-oui llan grauefu ly chwed hi areecht wbhb was f..llowNI ly henitfrlt aplauae. 1 A ft r liitirtiiti. lion and ununeaie. Mr. L. WM takinlo lbe Aseenib y fjhe.iiliar, aad tnlediioad I Ihe Blebs Committee U Ine gpeakerof lha II I. us. . Tre8iai.krr adlitneed him aid Mr. Laaooua rs- I plild a follow Mr. tjtcttlir and (limrtrmm t I hJnet.Jeyart th honor or a reception by Ihe other hieni n ot ibis IrgisWturo, and 1 teturn to you and theie toy thatka A r lb recaption wnica the ji lsof N.w.I.rwy bavaglvea Ihrough ihe.i el reeo reee ntaitvea to me, aa lbe renraaenlaltva, for tie tin, lbe mijeeiy of toe UakMul ntatea I a. I roprieie lit myaelf vary nstta of lha drmonlraiiet tg raepect with which I knve lawa rt rel d. I ihink llile ahould be gtveti tu auy man, lui thai It aboul.l be a mablfoaatioo of adneieuL to II luioo aud lb Couatitutliai 1 uudarwano mysalf lo ba reoetved here by Ihe rf renebUtieta ol the people if New Jeraey, a m. Joiuyof a him differ I opinio from ibme wuk whooi 1 base sued Tola meai'eeuiinn la Ihrre fr to tw regarded by ma a tiptaaamg their de votion ta lbe Union, tbeCooaliluuou, audtbe llber titaof the people. Yoiu Mr. Biakar, bare well aaio leal thia ia a time wbea Ike and setae Irs k witb dout t and aw upon the aaiwct presented ! by our uaiismal affair Under the circumstanoea, ton will read.lyee why I ahall not apeak In da. tail of tieconrae I ebell deem tttawllo pursue. It ta proper that I ahoaid avail asyaeu or all the luioiaiailoa aad all tae time al my onmmand. In order that when the lime ar. I rivet. In which I rsutl eak ofBilally, I ahall I b able to take lb gionad whtek I ctaeia the beat and aafsal, aad fiomwtlchl may have no occa- airs to ewetre, 1 annll eudravor lo tik tl gtouL.1 I deem moat juat lo li north, la a sat, I lb weal, and lha aoulb, and the wkol country, i I wl 1 lake It 1 hoi, 1 goad temper, ceitauiiy uo malic loweroe aay efctian. I akall do all that , may Ik In my powr tu promote a paaieful senle i n.rul of Ail stir d fl)iulia T i man d'lea not live wlo lanervtitviritd toacthan I ant. CCtiers ) NMie who would do mot lo prrserT It, bul il miv lw iirciaraiy lo put thfodowu flrmiv. I (Hire the diet i-ebr-k out lMocher loul ai d lot g tr hi fir aoin toometita it wa imp wtatii a . I. Ier Mr I.'avoc-) lacoullt,uediud if d . py dur aid oribt. you l' au.un me, wlH J )t.u-p If (1ml.tTrris, aadt-t1esuf"ea, )ea we wl) Hiid a. lambj toe member oi I14. I la'aiure, the m J. ill .. whom do not agree with I me In 1 1 ial a-i.t iii.nia, I oiab f at I usy bate lliaalr haalaluii. aa & iJit. sll.akkl h..ra a- L ... . t " a'pieiista 11 'i I'ltuaj inn !, vi t instieju thta v ytpf, nrr.kttjdtsi ly nl. M it t, !"r f il 'ouM piiiHr blink n.iw, tber will be um..K1 tiff wa) lor i-vjr r iitra. (.Mi'luin. n 1 Iih , ly i.kco Uofr Vn Ital' ril tlHlfct laUi lTtt I Ulttp llrtf. Ilia urttfvxiu Ibiui mtiVrtl Ul thtt Trmitai-ilftii. 1. aaoa .1 A rpleiilld caliatl.Mi wa then glvin. ant al -iibely to the paity left for I' ill .d' I hia in rhaig of the Ououlita of inai city, Ml.l.ltt lb lbrr or Itlaaandi. II la thought thai wiSi),riai p. pi 1 Miami. ll.iUnl.lnhut. r,h. St - Mr 1 arrival bars nl 4 oM.aL, aid waa out d.Httal 10 the 0 mil. nil HiL.1 wh.r b waa wale autd b Miv.u llanav. aud biiilly rvepiaided, to the preeeiaeof au lm runte Ibrvug. Iu lb (tening be held a rac ptloj, Twoirrrm notg TRtsrn a i.oat, In Kow an Co., M, C, laat work, till the brute turned 111 them aud bulled Ibeni both tu death. Uasiki. IWoa'a friend, tba vearrabl John Jiiiinhtuii, T Ohio, wa found dead in hi bed, at Washington, mi Sunday morning, the 17th. Mr. Johnston was MJ jcrolI, and bad tute etriUillo th A'ufiottdf JntcUynu trior alxly J earl. I'THE LATEST NEWS. r Truviuru to run jr. r. bus. Political Intelligence. X.TXTItfc CONGn!Jaecnd ftnpdaa. rrntr. Uaitinfoti, ;t, 2t Mr. D00LtTrt.11 rWi), iMtite.1 petiilon from earner f Milwaukie, uumeroualy sinned, aaklng Con gteas to etau.1 l.y the Comrtilullon an.1 tb laws, end rusk tin e mpromiee wlib Ira I ir. Mr, I'owri L (Ky ), p eaet led a tltion o' cill sej of Wleoi.ib, Iu fcvor of Ik Vrlllendta ri luttirfl Me-sreDnon fCt) andllrrtini fpi 1, prasmtat tuiMtnuapet.liitiafor IL llaidar btal an.1 Cr.l tHi.'eli reaolions. Mr rxaootS C ), jreaenM Ih credmwlal of of Mr, CUoaAa,re-Vtd Beuator from Mirth Ce llo . The s male reau'oed the e-msl leralioh of In bill r-r Ih d acmtlnuinc or Ih postal servL la la hc li state Mr. Ilimxx (V J, -.ll If state ware In lb I non, w. bad inrlsMlo out off It.alr pontal bte lit Ti. rrtl lawa ha. I not been ralatd, ami w. mid tad tlwierlaka, tinier It Cllltil lllon, to ti'inlrb stalee In Ibl way, 11 said lbe exprwaian ur-,.i, in iihi rtLenion in tr inn etnid to o oil ttera which weitid and In uaing fire agalnai the euiie. Me IlooinriaraMt as It wa a maaanr ef peae mt war. He aal 1 11 waa Ihe duly or the Oisera-rne-.l Vi a. knowltdgs aial race toe change er the day 1 be Id. a whic a a have to meet Aral Is, Ikal aver y Is a Meeting n a proper atal of Kitty In our It .itl lie. Tin a was red ednltuulby Ihe ni wn.i ftrme.1 Ihe 1 .n.titution, leil waa Ihe Ids of Caul oa. Tt If. a now reign duspotie la the 01 1, sunns. 1 i.a ic. a iw reign duspotie la th aoull tin atalea, anl lureatena bi dostroy evert thin iin'ees il le adinlib-d and rea rnlxed. II hnpa. Ihl i'l would bs isajl, a Il waa on ot Ih ittlnr th, Kia wj.iiu give peeoe tt tb roion Mr lloTr laid that l was g.a I bi I, ea r that thla waa n4 a me of roorclon, but be Ihougbl II not nereseary lo paa Ih I'.otinfcuer Uinor--j I ad al I II Miwal 11 -teaaar y, Mt roer.ii. s-k. igtiralihablll, anl said that ir it pei-aid It wotild glta lha power nf d.pois vi It. hial clMk 1 a drpaitibrul, aud dudrvy U liloty of llepeipl Mr iKMtaai.r (Me) tiiAitgVt SjhaIot w.-e diAwlng oe thilr IruaiiiUien To bill almply gas lower Ion I'o-liosHer Ueneral t susmd lnorillri id th Itw aril r.lirv hia. or any alien 1 1 to enfonw ll.e law II Is moel emmet tly a tai amir of pen. a. 1 l.e a . rid ia, thil gentliueu want ft force U V) a knowlIB 1'ial enistlll is lawful Mr li thus fil.) si 1 It aee-ued t.h'ma m uraol Jraie, and hi wisgralided ti tee It f m n that aide of lha It .tiae. Ih geoalnr fm n Virginia was inb.ii.ken. Iiwasn.ll. give -irr lo atop lie H. n .nwn.rv ooiae ti.ere waa oiattrilcliMn or r. aiaiaite llelnoiitbithi wot wlaa miwaur end raluiilauxltole .ve irulaliHit, tv.tbuul this, tie Petiiit.ier n ... 1 . m inl bi ciny the mails iu aplteofi.ti.i.rx'e II- brltisnd there wa a dslllie. lateplilto .. tJt li, e I una uuder a preteueor deerllmi, t si,.t4' tbtre wate aa maiy d'aun lonieteli tiNtii . th8iuih. The us ef Ih military I. r e im.-l rea 1 I In civil war. A man eaiav ia ., wi si-riea pol ey wnlrk jsda ti w. 1 Hmator fmn Kinliuky ha brei.g'ii f ow.i I k i.-..,.ni ,n, which will tike lb qwiiisenl.U'rnw lor ? er. Mr ft.i nit. a quid. fnaniheirpeerhnrthe Sen ator foio (Mr. Ileavan) lo aiow tba II waa a u will a tbal alaeerr was A blea.lng, la Ilf. we hail pea. . Thla Idea demanded the repeal of lbe MlMairl 0 m.promls. T Bta lor fr un naUAiin.llialtMsd 4 ll lil II wi does a., eulJuBailpg Kanaaa. anil II la now drmandtd that fre latribiry be inm up lo slave ry nt a ptoviatun mad In lb C-utltjlion W prote.1 1. Mr, Wai (Ohio) Apealed lo the friend of th meaeur lo let Ikem hava Tot. Mr. Docui.a nmloialad thai Ih difflniHy com. menrvd alenii ihe lime Ihe altvery agitatlmat the N elk did It ni said II ahould no. rarer Ike disrii.alon t f the Nebra.k bill. The Bsuat-a- wa with him lb, and only ebangad to a K pahllran after being defeased f r Owgreee la 1V., aad be rame a eons ert in tnx wiek Mr. fmi said he did support Mr, P.atoa, but he wa not a candidal for Uongrewe a a lim orral In IVifi. Mr. Dooart eald be had beard thai he wa a candidate, and aupportsd Me, Doriiiaaa. Mr. roumi aald 11 wa 11 a ao. It only chaaged wbtn the lloua tried toforreaUonstliu tioo on Kaoaas. lie aaver ripp-wtd th Banator hlea ef repeal nf lb Miaaourt Oi-nprasla. Mr. Gaaaa (Mi ) eald II era a raeaauia of peace, and rniiat h Inwndad to prevent a oollislor, bul tb Executive Oou'd not Intarfar wiln (bra. wpts en Application from th state If there onuld not n a collision under th Onstltuilon, th kill waa a nar pretence. He proponed an amendment, thai th Poaamaeter alao auapend th mall la th atals wher any orgaslxailoa tor runolag ff alave vlat. Tb mlaoallanaoua appvoprlatloa bill wa Ukn op al 1 cAliKk. Tee 8-liats wsct Into Kxerutlve Bewroa. After nearly three heuiearwait ta Kxecnlle Baa alon, lb Batut open, d It doors, ant ptm-aadwl to th ootitfidarati 41 of th mlaclbuvoa appolnt menlkllL pa-s ng aevaral of ta antandmanl f lb Committe of Finance. At five e'olerk a race wa takea till sere. In Ihe evening Mr. Wruon, (Maa ,) apaka In opptsmlon t tb CairraaDDt reolutiou, and th Bnnat adjourned. Ilraeeof Urprrarniallvra Mr. Dawkh (Ma.) from the Select ComtnlU tee, to whom waa relet red lbe P aft B1 Meaeag of lb Hih or January, a ipori aa to the sunnnlng of veaaaia of lae navy In am a a mea lier a to neglect the defenr or the whol Al ai.tio co. daring in preva ante or lawleea vilmi. Tt number of shl lying In port disraantl i and Uifllhir etvcls 9t, uel mounting In thaanrra gal 874 gun N w in c mid b retialitd and put tinder nil ioott if nv ral aerka tlT.,aa.l tuaay ot lb. in wuuut rrquira, for ttal purpoae, al 1. a.l en mortha Ni.tdar kai aa yet bten lasued to pit any of ti em in rdinee The not ni ttir dliutmed mheraulerta eotinect ed wiln tiiatav). and pniaw-e a reaolutlou tbal 11 a Bi-ciiU.y ot ibe No; mauieiAiog without d lay or irqury tba f 111 enioftheaavy who were in araut ga nit lite government wuen las derli g lbe earae, aud of Iboae who eought lo reaign thai tbey n.lght be relleeed rront Ihe re

straint !mpMel by Inelr r-trnmlaslan rn eniaging lnhoatility to lb ronatiiutloual aiuh ultira of Die nation, hate coutnimed a grate einar hlgb'y pra Judulal to He di Inline of the aarvlce and inju rious tilbebotM.r and tfll. lencv or the navy, fur which ledeaeiveeib lenauraof this Urn. Mr llsaeni (NO) Muhin nd mlaontr rrl. J (N V) alao dimkuu f.oru th viewa ol iLe o.ajor ly Mr Ia wra gave Mdlc that h will aak a vol on iherrwiiiiiiououM .lel.yor Tueaday, Tb M eiM resumed lb i-onaulerallun td1 Mr, Briar n-a'Ohlo) Volnnteer bill. Mr, ll. t a, (Va. ) renumed, and concluded hi remark trom yesterday, eouteodlrtg that in bid ptopoetd an aIumu4 lo nf.irr the federal laws, IiKJetndetitly of the -Ivtl power of Ike cntnlrr. He could red nay what tb bon.vralarattea would do Iu the tvebl of the passage of tnia bill 1 bul be knew that irslult ie conmtted, and ker honor ai d Inter required she should reeial Ihe Intended wartlike erireaslous 4i lb olner mlh rrn suiea. Ifth Mil beoome a taw, hahaiirded th opinion that In Ion than thre monihe all th alavak-rder state, wuk on or twt exenutlona, will be found atanduw with tba eece-l-l alai-w. II arguid thai th Republican puly la a h anil orgaulaalum, becaiiM tta corner ear. latooprawl tion loth iitrulou of lvry, end lla rallying cry 1 that eouthm tnatitutloua ar lib clrcuv arllird and oppteeead, while thou tdeooat4 br that party ar to b ext-nded. Ia eoiictittnw,kald ta R-publloan adhar tu their ilatform wiui more tenacity than lo th o-matliutinn, aal In tba name of the oonetiiutlon wblch tua bill v nlaied, in ike nam of bis ernatim-nla, who were te be iJart by tl In tb nam of th eoruoBoa mmatry, wboae pao wa to b deMroyrd, prhi never Mba it. atored, and In th nemaofhuruantty, bdsaiuacd and eieciaud th bill. (Bupprtaaed analauaa In tbglll ,r Mr. llowtanfMloh.)characerladauebrmArk aatboaa.fMr Iloim'x as met claptrap. Tb ap peal nf tb teutleman wire mad in h nl to Virginia to influent th ronveatinn now I ewaloo. In aaa rl rg to b-eak 00 the t) ivnaiat, weloh ba lak't. l.e tu eileuoe of auor tban ha'f a century I sstabliah. Tae gentleman denounced tie bill l the name ol humanity, a anoonetlinlioaal, and ad peal tube Hon to lit tl encoding etate go. Why dent we l.t item gif Tbey can Inlt th I'eton itlaaaltl. eknglt prom, la their hapni maa, but a they now Bid ibey oaaaol aocure it, why lit oltorui g. f Within live Iban elxiy dye elilrrn ftuis have lien ec reo au.l .'f tbru beM agaiusilbe piw.r ol It If 1'ils s-'Hir wis u ada I y auy f r lu k-ovarumunt, or all lbe uw eiaol itie wi rid ctiubiued, we would now ba In aiu.a agaiiu-t ll.em Tneae forts mount alv-n hunilred and twenty four gone, and It prope-ty i.tdelx u.iltt.aidL tars out of in pubic In-a.ury. The s.rj aol baa b.en pun hoard, aud the tula to ll.e IaliI la In the Uuibel 8 le. N 1 power on faith b.aaihlktto Interfare with t'oouMtl, Hiey have ben aela-d nud at now bld, ant certain gaitlenien ar n. laiarmwlalall aloui Ihadlaiurti- d iea.s) tf tb aiunlry uat no, If ti Gov ernment whhh w are ewirn tt iiooiirt would bo allowed peaceably and quietly lo ge oul of f xlstena, then there would le 00 mor war ortuitbl 11 rewarded all appeal about co- rclin at Intetdet k. dlriat Ine pubdo ramd fiorn It., trulleeue. Ihe cbari(of coercion te mid ab eurd. C arrion Is an inipoaaiblllty In the very na rure . f Ihitoe nivtitduig ti tae organiistlon of Ibe eita and 1 olerel o tt erne ant, wbu.h b woceedsd tt tbow, ud la Ihl oor-nection. referred to toe eel tur or the rovarut culwr, lb mint, money and other public proiwrtv, ano arguing that anygiv eiim.e't vhtb tt.ifully exlata, baa lb powarto ir Alplaln lit rxmtno. ir government bae not Ibe power or auch dtferaie, II bt no goserumant al all. Ilfr b eoiHluded tb morning hour exceed. On anainn of Mr BTAkro th further ccrmldwra tioo of Ih mil wa t otpnd 111! Moalay. Mr, Aralu IN Y ) preaanted a aie-oo'lal from Jtteey CHy. 'goad by 1,313 peraotu, got) of whom are Republic.!. 11 Uo preaeuud a memorial from Msw Itrurw wLk, (Igaedby over 600 peraona, Irrrapeetive of lrty, Including Mr, FuuMwsragK, who, Mr, AtitAra aald wa no tea dial ngulskad fir hi Carustian v.rtnes than fur hi patriotism anl love for Ih Union. Tfcey pray for ta adootlon of th Carnxe t.ra prr.poaltion, or a or other C msiltull . al mod, for lb adotaimanl of our national dt!B cijllita. Tb report of the Committe of Tblrty lire wa Iskia no. Mr lUtxm (Mlj spoke Incowleatinallonoflh Reptjbittaa trry. and et.tared bis pmtaat against frctasUri. aa unjust to th border esowa which hava retentlv confvd ated nogbl I bav rerttalawl In th Vn'on, And therein fought for their ruble, i.iit the flrat niore m.M t.rdscirclrn wreild unit M-asenl anl all IL laJei Mat lo renlst 11. Th llo'ie -Keeded lo th sonerlderttloa or ta Bmate bill lo ptovid f.r th trinei,l of Ih ex peters leeurred In Oregon ant WsahlnjtanTarrllv ry In th uiprrrelon of India hosti'llie la HM aud lbd, lathacmraaoflii JeUte Mr. Ilaaxta (N. V.) 0nMedlhblllandiropwdto re'er lue aetti. went of the anxnml to Oenerala -rr and Wt M Pavat fVs.) ald Ueneral Wooc. I.l thrsa'a et.J lo carry fir aod awurd bilo tb B nith, arel (lenats'borrrhadorgaaxada mlhur des,d.srrt In Ihe Catrltol of the Rapibllr, and mure an baluial feeding than Comoiaan. tropoatd I) mArch on bia .an mother tute. I'nbk tb tew. pie of R.ime, lie peoiJe or that ooe.iumws.lih would r.4 seek to cooclllaM hi rae,i by la xhl blllon or Ih tear efthtlr m-aher acd alafra, ".''..T1"1': """ lllla would bacons lbe raina tr Vliglnl Mr lltatndi.rjild hlrmirnlVMlI, and txprewwi aisairprlaethatlhejtnt'eoianrrom Vir glbla had attacked lha ehinM-. ..r th- ...n.i.u- aoldlar or tLla or any other cuntrii Ih man v whom 11 e gentleman's own slat (it birth. II wa aiirprtaed, ton, thai an aitacV bad been male "".P"1"- wk0 m th M. xlcn etmpalgn with ( eneral Buott, gave to tb Union Texae e-.d II gold.netai ol California, and who la now hate aa a rorrutlaalomsr from Ike greal aute of N Yorkloti-eac oohfaren" eogagodlaaa tfluil lo quiet ll, dlsturl.sjice f lb rountry Tl. Sarjit Mil appropriate. $l,io.rkH The J louse re.lil.iHl th amount tu Iran ism J1 no,) uisl, bul wilhout d. floitlt action 00 lb bill, adiounutd till, NTATK IXmtI.ATt'MI-Vtit. Album, rrA.21. Mr. Urt u upon erne, lion ,.f prmlrg. aa-rl-1 thai llm (iaKA bad miareprwenieil tie pipilsr teallnr in elating that N-wYotk woiu ', ei,x , ,,, Jitity nf 110 Ms) .ga'ual the Reno .lican paity, aud Int'odi.od reeolallonsl.1 thai tff s-t M' llonraTeoi reiKiitnd Die bill for lha ltr pv.i.tii.n .( awaoilMiis, similar lo that of last year, Tb annual appropriation r ' the st its lax, rr th euptsut o'loniibiss a. boo a waa lata mI Mt I iarMRinlro.luedhlll authorlalnglh t ntt iller and C anmlsd.sirr of Hi Bieklng P'lldof Nwrk loleasean rtliot nl Ibe ll.ttery loth lirriie to gutou laln. fir a term of tan year. Mr. Oes ca'W up th prnaiub'r anl rei'uione relatlrg to Ih re.lpro.ity I. eat. InHwren i',a Linle.1 Bl.tra and Ureal Itntnirs II provi le f.r ll.a.aiintiuentof 0 imiuis.lonai 1 1 ceuiuli w ih 1 1 e Cr a I urn i-omui'lt aa Vi tba m a.1 pruper mean lir prteilltg ILe Ln Iwl8ta4. Aanrwtbiy, The Oommlttt 11 Privileges and K'ertloas hav sulsnltud a rotj inly r)on, tb. Daam M Utee te uder lit ed lithe eeat now oxupted by llavar Aa. fnBios Laid on the table until lb tuluorlty ret., 1 1 presented Th annual en. onrlatlon bill a reported by lb Committe. waaordorad to a Itttd reading. I'rawt Wtushhagton. YTiUhinyton, Feb. 21. lie t ween nine and ten o'clock l a morning a window awning al th War Ivpartmet.l caught Br from sparks from th chim ney. Ou tb Meaarnger hoisting th wtndaw t upprea th flamn, they were blown laU lb Bec ritarj's room, aoorcilng th paper cat th table. The early dlacovery of Ihe Ire wa fortunate, s-mv-iderlDg th build ng I Dot fir prooC Tb Baor tary, wb early enter up. bia bualnesa, wa pre enl and lie first In give tn alarm. Captain Mn.M ba returned rront F.orlda by th dltertlon of Secretary Holt, to nnmi th charge or II Waahlngtoa Aqueduct, leaving In charge of the fotllflcallnn al Ih Tortugaa, Majsr Aawoui of th artillery. Ha repraaetda that lhay Are In good cvulllioa to realet attack from any quarter, ai4 bare by thla lima been reinforced. The Secretary t,fb Treamiry, tvlay, U re. a nee ti a reaolut'ea of th Ujuie nilimlttad alab orat d wumabla. In which h nay It balltved dunce tn import contlnu to b ooUecMd m Ih port of entry established In Booth Carolina, Osnr. g'a, Alabama, Itulalana and Florida, aad thai va eels ar enWrwl and cleared ba the uraal manner but ae far a th Department ha bean dvlad, Ih Collector aaaume to pntam Ihelr duties under autkotity of the Male In which lhay reside, aad hold and reeerv the duUea euljecl tnlbtaam utharity. Only about half tb of lb cuto la thee Mete bar resigned tkair com. mlaaloo) while lb otkr AppMtr to hav entered on their dutlee to the government of theae states, without conalderiag It nenwaary to perform this cfflilal caremony, eo greatly ba Ih moral ton of Individual bten impaired by lb example of d ta li jrlty to th I atoii. To document transmillad enjlrare onrrerpondence relallv lo Ih ciurtorrut. It New Orleans mini, etc la speaking of Ih gtnoral uhjev, lbe Secretary aye: "Thronghottl the whol cours of eiKToacbraeul And Aggreaalon, the fadaial government bee borne itarlf wtihaeplrit of 1 alert al f abearance, of which there la n enro lls la the hletory of public clely, walling In th jell. id Lo lhal It eaiplr of reason would la tum lta away over thoa whom th xc'latnent or ) taalon ba tl aa far I llnded pmd Iruallng that the fr.rrjde or giaid on'er, wearied with eubrataslnn lo which tey dlaapproTet would, al no dirtant dty ra'ly U'dsr th banner of lbe Union, aed exnil thetoaelrs wuk vigor aod auocee aa'nt th preealling reck'eaanea end vlnlenia, oftMa! tdvlree were received lodey Irnm Fort Biitbti r, bul n 'thing of eaptxlal Interest 1 there! n eniloaed. It appears, however, that Ihe garriaon 1 la want cf money, but I bar I ni convenient ibreu by wbl.k tb government can supply tkl demand. 1 h Senate Irday went Into Executive eslnn by the raallng v.te of lbe Tic Frealdent, A larg niubber cf nomlt atlona, to which ao oljtloa wet made, Including ) ronHdtona In lb array and navy, aLd Deputy IVelraeilere, war cooflnradi alio Hal of &r-otaiiv MtabAoa, rg ladlAoa, a Otil.f Jnail.w of Febnak. A laotlon wascralalo laks uplh aamtnallai f Jndt ni.aut ea AaoolU Jiietle of tb Buprtma t'i urt, bul Ibl waa disagreed to by thre or four mij iliy, while itveral wVn ar oppnaed to the ap BulUmeni, voted to proceed li Iu oooaldaratlo. A elmllar eeuia wa pursued In relation t Ikal ef Jona Prmv, a Dlalrkl Judge of Xanana. TbeN.e) I)-parln.enl ha eoceptad th raalgna I tn nf Cad. Tatnau of Georgia. Th rtwalhern Cawgvram. ifMlprntry, Ah., Fib. 21. The loathoni 01 tn rea leaaavmtled thla lurenooo. M r. Conn rbVid It (ollowiog t Ineiftvirf. Thai lb Committe on Finance he In. (trwied to Itqulre Into Ibe expediency of laying a 1 xo. it duty oa Ike ootton exported from tb onbe.iaia iliut. o any foreign country. Adopted, The Pieeldeet he nominated, end lb U mgreax et.ivflrn.ed, the follow lag moibr of tba eabia rWrrCory Moat Mi. Tooaaa. Mrera-ory (As TVeoaww Mr. Maaaiaan, Smary 0 Far Mr. L Pori Wtun, f Twrrra Uaaaty ttlactlasav tVrlaaeiu'j. ftb. 21. Th twenty-nine town In Bi Ltwnau e County all elaut Raeuultcaa taper, vlaur. Sir. Ynanry and lbe taaatbrrai feafederacy. Mnnitimtry, AUi , Feb. 21. It tt unlerttool It at Ml Yaacst decline a eaal In Ire cablwM. II r lbttiggrtluuofhilrlenda, be piefar to repre sent Ik goternnirnl la Europe. General Telegraph. The Pony llxprrwi. Torf Ktarnry, Ftb. 21. The l'ony Egnraaj ta.a.d tweslb A M td.y. tan Vannsro, fib 6 Tne rxcltlnf; topic la 8 in rratclsco ia lbe heasy f-ilureof ort gis mer la, and yeaiMday Hie old eeUblisncd house of Tsar. Mil'aiuu & Ci, wa ticbd for rMnai do to 8u Pranoitoo rndibire, amn tnliug 1 J3.H,, (iNi,iuihririlabiliiearaoieanl dtonagl 81 mm, t.rwbicb eon.e $00,l)oi) I ownt ia Ihle oily, nod lleUUn.einibera-1, their aaaet UDa.rulod. but ibeir Caiifutnfa end tor warn to think them. b-Itui eecure. Th ten failure I Ikal or Boiovoa n norm 4 tn , lunoillng ory good tnenkeuta. Tueir aim ib- mem levied amount to $0x0,000, Tneu f mow-d ibacbniM.u on the dry goods houae of Tuo r.xa. IV. Ibrr 1 tu iroapact thai this b .us a ill coiupicmla with IU ireditora, and weather tba atorm, Tba falluraa ctoxed a panic In lbe dry gnnj biieuiise, which baa beau aalonltnuigly bvaiduna year isus) Taara, M.Cimil A Co owed Ba Fraoclaco UbktieaUojtjoU.bOO, on wbjcn tusy war ii. ll.Srcwil lairnanuth. ' ' Tb Posy Kioreaa, dn Sunday Id, hat not arrived, tb leieiil Tiny dale from At Loila being thaltthult, aod theae from Ft, Kearney of th Ilia nil. ' It I auppoMd that th P my Kxpreaa hat been deulped by anw La lb Bocky M Ainlel rg on. Foaaa' wirxbouaa, corner uf Qreeus) and Uaor at , ga Fiandaco, waa partially b.t d n Ih tiL. datboying aia.ut gtr. 000 worth of dlr. moeuy bldia atd hrra. There Is itHio late news of In U -eat Tb Lrglalatur la d dng little, walling to hav theSenatavUI election querjtina retted. It la n denaond lhal Ik advocate of Oaavxa w ll put forth Ibeir be staff oils to bring en the e.ei-tloo thi wet k. Thar b been n 1 at-toa taken on lb Union reolullia)et, aaddltouamooaooatiaii toUkea very wid rang. Tke Haoraiutnto I'nhn credit Ibe rwootl lhal Bou or Woo men r snr-1 1 in Ban Franc io a l&nlghu nf u,. K.lden C'n Is," whoa enjnt I U Uvor ibe eilakilahmmi of a Pacific RapiUie. Tb while and Ind an In lha ne mlr. of II tm UildtDey, ar reported again at war. Tairteen nv live bad keen kd.ed la ot o .eltngV. Atulcat roeMIng la to bele'd Ihl ereidngla Almado rourdy, tenia II e bay from Ssa Fraoclaco. En griaiar aid Col. Cam am are among tn speaker aonmmord. Date from ItrlUah Columbia In th tTlh nil , and O-egnn It lbe Id Inst., have been reooirtd, lb new Iwlng tin'renorVant. On It S-kth ia January ther wa a Urge 1 of reel ratal belonging to in Uodjna nay l , aitu alsd near Ihe id Victoria, leal nag tlll.AiM, and the property ld was unuensliy kigb, Indbw Un a coollnutd ounfljemw In Dritiah U4arabl.n B. Oregon rapltallste ar tboul tt ship flnir ftotn lbt stale to Liverpool, Fire, ka Richmond. A'liAmoitd, I'd , Feb. 21. Fnrnniit Matoi Tobaoivt but. .17, waa deairoyed Ibis neirniog with II roaienia, lulu ling lark-e am tint of mtnu'V lured Inhere which wa ready for ahlpment, To total very Urge, wilb a partial Inauraoo. Tae building originally coal 3a,0t, and was owned by Mr ' It was lb en of lb famous Cur dinner la ltts. A emaller rH..ry adjoining, ami occupied by Muoa Si TiaiisaiAax, wa aieo deal-vyrd. Array and avy Nrwa. General Soott ' quietly re elvlng lufurmallo from all th army atatloa In Ihe Union, whleh will enabl bint lo lct th peeper effi er aud men for etaergeucieaor Important poa lion. The troop b ha ssembld at Wiahlngtin, arjltke officer who commend them, bit been pritately teated, unknewn to tbemaelve, befir being sum mrn.d lo the nation tt .alia'; and lh fact that nil single reelgnathm or mutinous act la rcnrld, how with what accuracy th muvaiuniU were mane(r-l. At 11 o'tbxk yerder.Uy morning the Court aeala aaaemb'ad at ' Lyi-eum, I t'i bmk ya Navy Yard, Ueut luanor hating reared hia oa. th two wltneaee r the proM011ll.11, wh had b pre rented by from ap)ilog Ufora, war rttmlntd. Mr M"twxv, corporal of mtruiiM, gate a general account of the ahmtlng anl what afterwai d ncurred, end II. t o 111 aa, eaplain of th forecastle, gave tome account of the taute whleh led toDxitarrr'aeiitimlUingblmeelf. Tom rrrow Ihe Adv.Kte wdl sum up, and tb aocua will then bwellowed till Tute lay toprepaiehbt adlreae tithefjirtirt. C mmid re Aau.rxoae havtog returned from Waahlngton, the court autrtlal on Commaader Wai ax will, nnsl likely, be resumed un Tuesday or Wednesday next, Another Uaatkfaman Sfalireatrd. Tb tarring anl faalkwlng the English captain, fir allowing ki colored etavedir Halt at tab'. with blui, waa 111 th only Lutanc la which a British subject ha bren trailed Ilk a northern,, la Savannah. We Odd th fullowlag In lb Toronto Oloasi The following I an extract from a letter re rrlved yesterday from Mr. YF. Momtmr, of this city : " A'flut anven week line, while In Savannah, a colored matt came an board our vi feci, bringing me a buket of fruit a a pre sent. Seeing a newspaper lying on tha table, he aeked to leva It, ao I Rave It to him. lie bad not beon long away, when hi master found him reading rJKrcuKa'a sermon. On being atked from whom he got the paper, be refdned to tell, when b waa eent to the Caltbooee and wh'prsil till he gave the information, lliemu'er Immudiatrly came and (poke to thtcapuin, wishing him to giv mt op to th, but they arranged it for m to leave next morning by the itwrner for New York. The matter aoon ipread, and next morning, before tb teamer aailed, two men came on board wish ing to are me. 1 asked them to come to ae th captain, and they offered to let me go, by nay tog tbcm M, which I waa glad ta do, a thura were loud threat! of banging, AVo , 4c. 80 I hAd to leave my veeeel, per 5C, and feel thank ful thAt I am free in New York." The perpetrator of thi outrage on a British rabject onght lo be called to an account for thla lnaolenca. Wa trnat that th attention f liar Majeety' Minister at Washington will be di rected to the matter, end that an ample apology and reparation will b demanded, either front the federal government or th auLhorltloa of Ueorgia. A Hard lilt at Cabb. The Simthfrn ConftoUracy, of Atlanta, ticorgta, indulge in a aarcaitic fling at How ki t. Cobii. Suggeetlng hit appoiatmeat a Secretary of tbeTiaasury of the new " con fed, racy," it aay 1 " JJjr the way of an additional reconmenila tion toMr. Cunn'g claim for th poet eu,--gctted, we tan AAfely Ay t th i'reeidert elect an.l tha Southern Cungreaa, aa a point f economy, that r boo Id he bo appointed, It would lie entirely tiaelee to purchan even an lion i.i'o or jiretiare a vault for the confeder atoa' flat. Such expenditure, lu view of auih an a a.intmoiit, would bo the greatest fully and a precedent of utxtampled extravagAnce. Bllscellaneoni Items. Ciiabifa Wili'a ha recovered IT.1M, for injur lie euetained by a train un the Lung le laml 11. h, running off the traik. TllKEriniiaii (Rcisxr Eal-nm repture.1 the aUtt-r balk Clara Windsor, of Nw Ymk, off tb toast of Ascension, witb 727 alaie on board, on the 4th or December. A "figirRAL srnvicg ok rcrRAiji" In Fram r la conducud by a company in 1'arlA, au tbonred by law, managed by a director, with a hie. I tari!) of prite. Tim MiMrnii ArauiwcnE aay that Prof. Wisn, of Aemntutlc feme, is at preeent engag ed in telling apple aad candy at Lbe alreel cur lier in that city. Tub Cai ironviA Iimikwg cAnnot be Induced to settle down un the reservation act apart for them, but resume their wild habit when oppor tunity c!Tlr. Tiik AnnrnsoxA or AtixairA lutva got au mixed up in Europe. The noble Major of I'ort Sumter, and th fugitive elave before the Canada court, are regarded by thousant of tcrsotu abroad ai on and th aam Indivldaal. Tun Catiiouo Butitoror Ptmarroii, la recent lecture on the SpanLta Inqultition, ahnwed that the laiulsitlon wa rlht in itae'f; and that ill aboaea wire traceable not to tha cliunh, Uit to the -culr power thathoded not tLe mandAtoa of the Holy So. at UTUU IS OS TH) mcRMAsa w Ekolasd. Tb number of yacht In uh Uet year wa 7 id, with a grot tonnage of 83,7X3 t an average toonage of tl-8 1 employing 3,400 men, and having get np US cooteata, th amonot at prltca offered being (21,3o9. Tin rorcutTion op HorrrmgAt, CLh 1851, iu 57,715 1 it I new 101,602, aad Itandt tenth In th list or Nerth Anttrlean eitiee. New York. l"hilajella, Brooklyn, Uiltlmora, Iloetnn, Nw Oilcans, St. Louis, Cincinnati and Chicago etanding before it, and Buffalo gext after it. AeilOWXB OF TRnTRATBT) nAT fell In a car. den, at Putney, near Loi.lon In SepUnilier last. It came Trom the West, and at there had bo hy Iwen yet made, nearer thai the South of England, It I conjectured that a whirlwind curried It the Co or 70 mile. Tub AMrxiCAsj ay Victoria, Australia, akrd perntianion to erect a liberty pole, to which tbey would put the star apAngled ban ner. The request wis Immediately declined. ' Well," ealu the crowJ, "let', rai-e a pole and tltk the ntg of all rat lent npon It." And ao they did whtt they laid they woukl do, and a jirficouf waved from lha lilwrty pole I PABrvrt is C111SA. Th extensive author ity of parent under tha Chinese lawa, Is well known. A Chinese of forty years eld, whose aged 11101 her Hogged him every day, shard tears in the company of one of his friend. "Why do you weep?" 'AUit, things are not as they und to bo! Tba poor woman's aro grows fee bler every usy!" Hob Ai.ik" AtrAblt, who died a few days since at Kochester, has left 0 000 to Geneva College, ,10,000, and t0W to tho Episcopal Missionary Socie ty. Then, after various iKkiueida to bis fara'ry and frlend tun will directs that what vrr may remain of the enlute ahall be disposed of at fi Hows: Two-tfiht to the Geneva College, two-fifths to the America Bible Society, and cne-Cfth to the Miaaionarr Society almv men tioned. It la thought that the'tneefiftbt to (iratva College and to the Bible Society, wjU tmotiDt t tt but t0,000 for each, ' i CAt-rA' IlAgTOW, Wltf) WAS CtfATTCTI w t friend on board A iteamer oearUor th I t ,L' I..1.. - - -1 I.M..J r.m.A L, 11 .IT gered and fell backward through th eago ' il If tkviignti railing tm tb angina, tae eran caught him at! draggl him Ihroaga framing on to the cvliuder cover. This was work of an injtaat, and Ihe machinery revol Ing once literally tare the unfortonat diai boily to piece. The raglneer with great prora1 tltud topped the retrine detd, thrown them out of ger on seeing the ekvlight dtrf eaed and hearing th on will shriek whLh tj unfortuiiAl mn gave. S oulikly was tie roai binary ntonpe.1, that only half a tnra wis takm aner Captain IlAhrot fell thrrmgk. Tk remAlns war eveatuallr gathered torelheij and eewed op la a blanket, and aft! war it landed at Kyde, where Captain Baaros re tided. CITY NEWS. Wla.r.r., vm' Tt-a.-... -a.. I .1 ' -...iu,. i.lhiiii.,i,iii reriaw v . review . I roar- I 'ha haa mi I the flrat dlvlsim, llay, will oeour taenia atreet, al hJf-pet tw o-olock. Tk I nanh will I dowa Broadway, around ind tb rirk.t le of Ik Park S ia front of th. i end ap Cbatbam atreet to Ik east gat c Tb marching aalute will bt given ia City 1111, At hAir-tal tkree o'clock. The Veteran oorj will meet at Ihe Merrar II mw In full uniform, al altera o'clock, to eelbrw tl Th Republican Aasodatton of Ih BliteeiAji taa Ward will mbS as thai Va, ti... - 1.1.1V OVMSW B at tw oM. k. I Tb Ordr of United Americans will celebrate tb day at NiLlu'a Qardin, al hall-;ast oae oVkt, aaa an oiatlou otll t detlriaad by ItuW. It'tBAO Miraixn, M. C . of Tannea-t. In Ih vtung Judg Cvaovix win d4tver aa onlk al Hoi ChtpeU ua ler th auaplca yT Ihe i It -publican Central Committee. Rev. Dr. Anl will lecture on the "Worn J ig IL lltvi.utieu" at the Cxper Uslitule, la Ihe eeeotu. AtHM,asalubjof6C0gunwll be fl,d from ''I thelttttery. I th evening a large namber of prom aenl R- I pnbllcan will celebrate the Auiiversary by di. ner al Ibe Alor II ua. WaahlrutonCtapierw, t, of then t'rofUn'ted Amwhan. wi'J oa'elirate their annial annivereiij of Ihelittlidiy of,I y agraodlwll. The "WanhlogbMi Aascialiab" will gire tieJr third annual ll in the evening. The WMhlnxm Dreys ib It-gm.ent) glee Ibeb neoond annual imwrAlrm al ll.eir arraoty. HxaeaAsiT greal uuing of WAsiure tov, which Laa ooou.iel a p! in the dsrantk KegtaiHtl Aimory raai sin iu open a, est tkt occaaion will pieaentod t. thai R-irl.nent. In a.Ullb'ilo Ih regular oieriio pettnnasn ,i ai in Araemy el music in lb evening, lb "8 wr Spangled llsnner- will l tung by t'i entire mm. luny, od lb nat onal anthem, i Halt Ci1.ia.1J- will b performed by tke orchenia. The Altdeoay l wtu 0 illuminated a oa Ik xlua of th bill t VI lb Prlna of Walt. Tb firtrl co,,esiy Washington C-iedlacaug a Ouard, CAaia O. Ynises, In acairaUac with I tbelr usual cuttom, will make city pared. V II Firf. Wwit WAsiiiwortirt Mabkbt. JC?. I a a . i a . . , . . . a "i o w o-viock, taai areoiDg, a ore oroke ea la a skaoty connected with Weal Waahlngtoa Mar kit, but It wa xtlngulahed before aay great dam . egeweedoue. oath war la the fi.a, H-ig'M C No. M aad Has til No VI ha.iu a--.t , . running fight. In W. Droadway, bat tb M Pre- '- i-i.w iiawiivm as in crneror Yeaay t , and arretted a number of th oombalant. Il L alleged that the Ilea Con pea commeaoed kow. ttlituKbyAunnlsgaotMa tk rop of lb Kaguu C-aniaay, Fibs m Great Jon-s rr. About 19 o'clock yrtrdy moramf a fir brok oat oa Ihe aouU floor of lb rldD0 of Ja O Loan, IT Orta J Jones ttret, oaiued by tk datottv wtmeim I oia grata. Tb building wa damaged abwvt (it and Ibe fumilur about (sot, pully oovarva by I Inauraoo. Few Clly New), a. Tklrel Ikgrb- . m Wahbisotot' Biktii Dat. Church, Narfstk at, bet. 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