Newspaper of The Sun, February 23, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of The Sun dated February 23, 1861 Page 4
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"y 7l7,yygnyayr',t,: ixjt V if i '.- ff ft,!' ' ft '" - TUB YEA1NINE. a rarer norm fWw n rtfexae la AaxeavVav. .H Ad iittiMi f " Afar M, CltArTKEXYI. THE Ttimn T1CTOET Of "XR1 HM. The nomla-rt of the iteuantrv nccumuUlod darlna; tli iilrht. I Infer Mil SpnkliA'W were en I he Jattlfeii, ml thnuvut 1i ll kl to their aumlartt. The raita of the Ilukt nf Panttic, when lie heard of the defeat of the Sixoet to the got p of the Kie-iih, waj ex trim. II rtfileotl In Miave t'ie roal im. ptail,l, n 1 pent Count Afro In cirri! jo, with otilv two outaMert, to inxtill Mnm (Coventor eif Hrlxen, llie nnl (.aTiD ! more quickly tLn hew 'it 1 'lull Inc with nee, m int on li f. .il hiniHalf, ftrvUrifirf lir wont. I na'e In 'lliLxeii" laf.tre he w le a Ki 'it Ion urutk. "Ilo'ter wal' 'III i an t'.f , ' r l rtol on gf !i t i i . r lie toM the illlikn tt't - it -I'orin that "1k wat i'"pj In ' h or i iln i urn rvuaan'.a," tut ho nut hit i fir aa lite Saxons ha.l J "tic. I he ri-ir nf hit J tailiment wat attaikiil Iv . 'v U Tyr. lee with xrett fiirv ml rm.Mite'y n i -I, tbev tore the dratfonnt from Ihfir bureta, 1 1 kllh-l thorn with the l-nl-nn-N ..f ill r mu.kiiti. The whole divMon li-fT--l . in I the duke made the heat nf hi way to liiiiabrutk, which he lpnomlnitiulrrtit.rnl, illiriiierd ai it cum mon tnr. And time hit Impel of chewing up the peaatntry wrro, for tho tcieon defeated. Seventeen liundrt I Iltvarlana, advancino; with the doaio of f on the r. ir of llner'a troop ner Sterling, were Inti-ru ite I l.y lljr of 'I t mleae, who, after mi oh tlnaV liht of nvtral haure, rtn-)lril I hem to retr al with grril lima. At Ir.'ik of day I ho rev unU ta.minercrd their Are ; lout, ll 1 1 in t!ia llit-anam would not imwrr It. a pfiiiM of eeo'!t1 hour pii'iii'iI, nt the nil of wliiih the Tirolrvt, Imp lent of, imifttcrvd to tin numlfr of jttioiit thrro hun dre-l, erinrd wild pi'hf ik' p ko in I in y IIum; and uutlntf Imtily, prvrlpitiel lliemaulttn toward" the furiny. ' tin, 'tcrriiicdat en h formid.iMn anliifiund ue.itoiM fif w ir, ineiuiitly Ji'!1 1 awhi'i'llv, ml iiiki iilitimmlly iiiireiidir,'.!. Ahmt iiiim Imn'rid mer nnl tttn huiidnl hire hi fell Int tho lunlaof thaae thriK liundnil 'I lnM, the re-t hivini: fullon or iixapivl. O: t 'i -(il'jMa, ni lv eormi wire klllM am! f. r ttiunli I. I' h ip It Mr in on thie ocjuiii that tliy dnra their rrUnieri into a hri;e ur rn tlirV.iHnlnrf to aluxjl thotu whe eiideatnrr.t to t , ft. 'I hue, with lilt the I'rlp ff the AmtriinK, the TtreleMi wire iitceffnl in linil evi-ry rn. rounler with their em miee ; and tli re eui'Cfla ee inspired them with tie in wt rnnlidcnt h.iu1 nf rfTritini; the lilnratiun of thuir ruiintry. An I i"w the Ttioleen drew tvethrr t finht Ihrir third ktorlu l.uttle of Ilr IM. Tlieir numWi mninie.l, ot the utmxU, to cliihti-ci thoureihl, lni Inline aIkiiiI throe hundred Austrian v luntrerii whila the Duke of Danlzlc found h mielf at the bend of twenty. Ave thnuiund ili.icltdiiitxl troop, with ferty picrpa of artillery. Hut hia man were unwilling to lit(ht; thu Tyrolem were burning to Ixmin. llofor commamlnl In imfn, and tnuk tip but quarter, an he had dine in 11 ly, at the little inn of "the Spade," at MihniiUrtr-. where th lied oa whii li ho slept la ahown with fu.l rev erenre t this djr. The r j(ht wing wai com maiuleil ly Sim khv her, under whooi the brae Uount Mohr ltd on the peasant. l'alher Jo.ii him caain up with the matu loly lurinir the niKht s and, lenrnlnp; where llufer w. immeJiaUly repaired to him. The tirad Saudwirth waa aoundty elonpln when a vigorous hand fhjok him v the arm and he ilarted up, hokint; a little Lewlldere-I, till he twnniilrwl tie Caput hin. ' It it LleaV of day, fath.r?" mil Uo, rul. ding hia eyea. "I'm ready." "Aliee, an 1 follow me . raid Vatltcr Joachim urienr. llofor, In tome pur ctrt on till iwnri Capuihin went nut lido the oin air, loukud ap a moment at the Mara, and then it role forward without epeakin a wntd. After time, they found themohea in a little country churUiyard, with gnrlan la, crjuea, and tUlle team la of holy water oror many a rattle grave. The Capuchin walked on to ward a rruHllxi and then running and aJilrcwing ha companion, anil In a low vuii-o, "lt u piayi lut mt too loud ly, for wo are rlote to the Aiimrlim ino." Tho next moment they were niurmuring Iird lure moice up nut. Uhriet. hate mi-trv iikiii u. lird, lure inert) upon n. Then l'alher .lout him poured out LU aot.l In praver and tupiliciit. The action lOinm-med at kit oMotk thu nea iiuirniiv, Aupui the l'-'h. 'llie plan of ..It ukwry 1'iuil. to cm' .led tint of tbo''.ihif.Miy. l'.ir li urn, llin -'lut'olo ra,cl with fury, 'lie lti'l(-c t f il.o Mi h.h with grett l.ratrry I V hade, hut ntleii'tti the lliviiiinnE tie v, no I tritto Ihj hoii flying in ovirv ilir i utiii. Tito J'.trul -o nuh had ti'lj klll-d nil u hindriil ali'l thirly-tit'ii i um't'l. 'I lie lla ill tl ir ti lonant flvi ' la- ni; i n I n ' hundred won 'l li I f. II in . t'o ' ii ' , 1 1 tin ir li.' In a few '! the 'nv n. I .j.i' t I ilut'oiiu tir, leiiuuiiti.i ; i ! t ' 'li rrclrvilel Oil tie I'.h of At'i'iiel, llitr, luiin,; u third t'nl" ili'mii i hn iriinirv, n u lo hir tliimp'iul t .in Int) InimrJik III.- wifti u.'d c'llluil u o in ii lnl.'inr to wttih lit ei.t i;-. 'I ho oil trcct. ethtH'ii with the t'oiitiniinilt r mp of lliiiiitaiidr of del, and the niriy ca'.i I'thur. U lull, were ilt.mueil in thnioula, lltt 1 t,kc I grive, lint ilalcd, unl tiittitol bit a!ip, at le'nre, to tbo JmiHiiial Cbuich; where, jut K'fore he (roatod Iho tbeeebidd, the multitude reiiownd their acrltmatlona. He lifted up hia In.. J and llnir in admoiiitury action. "II u.t ' vw, prajtr; not hhoiittng. One above" Tlieee aiaiple orJ were hoard by all. Atlir tbo atlkko, he p'cciH'le.1 In the llll iieilal 1'aUc'N whith lliuuceforth U't line hit homo while he run lined n Iiiiih Vrink. llco lilt family, twilled , mil elated, ilu-lcr. 1 r wild liiin. lie imbiaivd them with emotion, then ipittted ihemuiel went out on theliahouy, loaddrcu the crewd Mo. Aud tkui", in i" in nlti idiraae. he pp .ke "Xow, (iotlealuteyuu all, my U loved lima, brmktrtl ltocaute you would hive me, huih er or no, your OU rciimaiandant, to am I bouiid to you. llut there are wine hi ro w bo are no Inhtbruckcri. All tint will l my weipnn Lirethere, mutt be leady to I'uht for IIM, for our Kmeror, and our fatherland, like I rave and honeat Tyroleee, Tboae whe will not do that, alinuld rather go directly home. My real weapon brolliert will not loriuke me; nei ther will 1 fiirmka yon, to true at I am called Andreat llofer. Now I have pkrn to you rou hare tpoken to me ao God preserve you all." tr the multitude, according to thojr wont, were to fowl of bearing their orn tweet toiiea, that even tboae few MOtenctf bad bueii fro. ejuently Intrrrupteil by "Jiave jou, Holer I Ifnrrah ! We're all true wetpun-lirolhere. And those that aro nut ahall befliiikoil in the lin Jang livo tbulltn perur, llofer for mt. Hurrahl" 'Ibe tKulwinh ktpt h'a fauuly with him only foity-elght hi u't. lie had a very groat drea I of III allurement! of wtuti. In him, apiwirol a very luxutlout capital. Ho Anna and ihete'a, having atraved n'x.iit thuiitr miih the chil li reo, vi!ted tho Hi iTUtr. be, tht maiket, and the public walkt, uiil Uijojod the fvnule prul legeof a I ttleibcppliu, voaicutelly rutrned then way home ou mu'rt for I hem are nana liut mul.vuth to Ibe IVwyrt'iil. Ilofernevir all, tod tho leal depirlure from the form af govrnment efn!'ud in the country by Auita. No Hep w.t lv him liut in tbo Da mo of the hirpvror, whnli tho people gMlyiilteYed. lie Itiid tlXJeto en t hie him toiarry on the war, inned a coin, ago of twenty -krcuticr pleie . dividid the miuntaiiinri into comp itii a, ,iul, .it fir ar wa iu hit power, carritd tbu an. icnt rvt'jm of f,oviruiiicnt into iflaii, CHaPTEK XVII. RKVKReM. 'llie war buret out afrndi In Octolier, G. n Peyri, at the head of alx tbouaaml men, ad- . vancod u.on Trent, gammoning the T roltw U lay down their arnu. Twelve l.undro.1 Tyroleee and Aottrlant met bit advanced guard al Amperio, and were rcpultol with great loea. A tharp action tock place at lj l, ia which the French wcro vlclcrt, and many . ajyndtee fell) but tkey rallied under Kiteu- tteeken, whot'mre the enemy back to Trent, and re- cnpled Latlt for tome lime. A dltmal revert awaited 8pt khaoher la the Ku of 8trub, where ke wat ampletlr de tied, with the Iota of throe handled brave men. urn oear nine uoy, now jun eleven, waa hanelng over him aa ha far terribly wcnnled on the field, and trylnf to tuppreat the large tear that blinded him, while he made a kind of tnrntqvrt for hli father with bin twitted handkinkhr, when a French anldicr came tip an I laid hit hand on the little fellow'i rhnulrtcr. "Ah, cruel'" irietl Jiietklnilicr,lialf ttart Ingupen hltel'-w and tinklnghack again, aa the MocI welled from hia wouadt, "Spar mv child '" '"' mint lrngltli ymtng wolvex," re pliel the raptor, hoaranly and unaware nf the talneof the wolf he wat leaving la hind kirn, while he drugged awty itt young. ,Hnn kl.acbcr groaned, an.1 clWd lilt eye. When cottvioutneaa waarealored. he found blmaclf In hia own dear home, with Maria niinittering to him. Directly the taw htm re cognize her, the began, to tl.c.i lean t but, like a hrae, woman a b. wat, the daabed them "VVhire'g Abler) " aikel ,H,eitkbi k r, fniiitly, ' I don't knew, dear ban tin atioul iiii' win re, Io king after yo be will -oon fir.d out where Mm ate, rely upon it ry i k Lather i .nil not, Ic knew ni reef h'l fitr than fj.e.11.1, but mI I lulhiiig. h'ltyiiav it atai to him' lie tnmirn d fir in inn If, fie niniitiietl for tho men be had lout, be iiiciitned fr hitcountiy, an I be niourn.l fur hit dier little buy. marching to a French prl a..n. lie tould talk In bit wife )f nil hut the laal, but she would not lot him be waa watk frim lo of blotel. arel the Inttttod on hia tl lcnce, ami en hit hearing her talk to him. blie told him that the 1 rrnleoe, aa anon at they taw him cut down, without being aide to rtiMiie him, retreated in dieorder to the holghtt of Melt k, from whence they afterwardt fell baik to Innabruik, fiithling at they went) that ltU'lolf had found hint lying InwMmiMe, an I Uirrte him off the field, and lb it Father Joixhim bad Uiund up bit wound, an 1 aont him home in a lundl (or low cart (n two fore wboi l,)well iiinhionnl with truacj of ttraw, and in clurge of two men. .n Npc.klmrher w her performini her vtrbmi little domett Ir duller tleingbt fully, yet i heel fully, and Iriliq nlxTod Andt. ill. hia i.e.iri ai K wiiiuii Llin Van I (i.iiM nut accmnt for tbo nervous fo- er that cioiaii'iiutl hun. Ilia wouudt wcro well dreafod, aiel elie Ihouht be ought te lie doing belli r than he wat. Ibe text tun iiin;, after a dreitny, Ilfjit Immlcl iiigbl. Hak'm(.lltr in a bill '.Uior, ht".rl, or wciuil to hear a vn.-o, u little way fiiln the Ci lliiie, atime.wbe o atout the ttablea, aay iboirilv "linll.i! I ere I ami" ' H.i I tec," giumhletl, or M-oruod to grumble Z.'I'fcl, in riturn; "what auolint hurt thou to gne of thvieUr" ' I'm lVii taken rlnner, an I run away, Ihe-a any one know nmthingnf fathir?" "Ay, suit li: be'ailfiu Lel. aa bad aa can I." "Oh. Inw (;la.l I am that be't at heme' I I. ft htm all iu a balliof blood. Zipi:"(in an eager luuler. voice,) "hit neither fretted much alamt mo f" "How iliouM the? She never wlatlurm ka.1 come lilh thou." "llarn U-praled t Father, tVn, did not till her, then I'll not, Zopptl. 1 ui ax hun gfj'." ' Uo in tloort, boy, bleaa Uieo, and got tome thing to cut." "I think I mutt." And Speckbacher, whote hearing waa quhk, ned by feier.nreacntly could bear the boy'aelealthy footatepaln the adjoin ing room. Meanwhile, hit wife, waking, and leaning over him to peer Into hit faon, and tea how he fared, pcrceive.1 a bright imile on hit llpa, though lut eyea were fhut. "You're khamming," aald the cheerfully, "what art nulling to about, Spevkbaiher?" "1 bought of my own," tali be, trailing etill. "Come ! tell me." "lk Into the kitchen, Maria; I think An derl hat come baik." "Ah, thoyonng rogue, Irtitt him for that." Wit! did not tlrejtt one bit the fatter) and, w hen (be entered the kitchen, greeted ber boy bit aa utual. He pprang In to hia fathor, gave him a l.iluht, Intelligent lotk, kiteed him, and Illien laid hit bead tiealde him on the pillow. Mother knnwe nothing," whitiered he. How capital of you, father. Are you gelling wit.ri f "Tea, dear Imyj now you are home, I thill get well very fatt." He did get well tory fail; and waa toon up and doing, kgbting with the enemy at Wald rung, w hero bo nearly fell into their haodt. The overwholuilng force of Franco and lllva rla, wat dia ruing the Tyrolete in every nuar ler. In the nil.let of thlt tlruggle, la which the inountiiireert wire to willinnlv pouring out tteir life blood, Auttria concluded a treaty of with Fran c, and the Tyrol waa made over to lhiNoria. 0t)ccive the feeling) with which a reyoltel live, eHcird buck to hit native ihiuftaln, would tied iilm'clf rentlgtitsl by him to the pliva ilealer again. Uuiccivi, moreuver, that Ibe native elm I bid, In the first iimUnt'o, hire I tl e flare to return lu and ha I .enly cr m . retlr ertoiiriigetl him all along. To kf (Xittimuid. lit MMllKN .1IA.X:M. (AKHir r1)K SM E TIIROO'M) WIU. J ' aiJtttiin. M a Ural rat, .at.rt II I.I.I-. ecr ik Will tat .-.,1,1 rln at. Ap.lal Hi Ka.t llt-ii-l I (ttil.t aotiiM in, 1J,'1..',I I riCIICK MiDl' roKiUI.K -F.lil Fu ' llur t juiie t KM.. .j,i,urt t I ' ..til. :i,w,i , fok si.i:cnni i I., . i.t. II ki nxn. M. w i nrk Itall.u a-t.tnn t il Ii oi.ofl the tnat net. I li, rli tte la the cltr. r .Mia rur fl;tiiiit la on areount of the owner I ilea an .tier tii-liea. and, t' iannot tt I tiloliti Api'l t liwoautr, Hi Uroiineatrutt, conn r t roa'iv it. tl.'.'T W iMXlHIMI-FOK BALE TnE HTOCC V 'aoJ Calnret of an old ana well eel aMIaheil tmat I at, eneol ILe h.att a'aid la the ni p r eaat of the cl y for nteu aod Iwt-a eloUthte lhe aruouni ra.inlretl ' be bcl.u $.MVlau4 tet. A leaae of tile ylaoa .Id ta- tlven iit Iwe reaja aaluqaiie ba uUbia ave. I J15CCKKY 8TOKK 10K 8AI.E TDK -4 li at-, ateck tn.l fliturea of a awe. rr at-ire; tie ic i ir hat a anil wanta to eell oa: eart roane? eau it M.alu or a p-rtaer wauud. applr 10 CImiitv bL afujr '- I' at, W.UiS v;'ionF, tok"sai.eITsmai.l STOUE, j unlaid for afaner treeerr er ratlk depot; will t acid cheap. Ar-ply on the preniUas laitlr wo tt. ( VSrFU SALOON FORSU.K A IliJAlf V' lloitlv fitted up oyaaev aa1i, with la.tte, private ii nper riwfna, VA feel be 5 wUa, wtlh a btlUaril ro m a'.taoWedi wtllbeanld totlter er ecporal. Appiyen tin preiclia,eorV)rdataodKliihlUave. le'Jlo'tm I iOULTKY AND EGO STAMD FOR SALE a el.iPeneuf tbabtt paettrr and eva atandila ttaeltrul llrooklyB. lmiulra ol L IIKINKrt', 5T a. .1 V'34 Kulton Market, New York, vt eu tli- t uid, it I '! Unwklni, Jaiuea' treet attrket, 14,130, 0 A1NT HTOHE FOH SALE WITH .. , futures aline. e , al Mr valuation, or a ihnut 'lie tie, k ll dratred, for Uvl, One nan kept e. iiHaitljoiiatirii.ork. Apply outlie premlaea, 114 iIWhi ave Urooklyo. ALa a plumbeCt alore to rent u al dtwr, V,1UT UBl'.Nft. J JAIlt DE tXJtt ALbTUE VTOULDM, VBXXSl 00.-8 INSTANTANEOUS HA)U DIE. it B1T aud CUK.lri.ttT maiiraoturod-ulna TVTKwrrnvB cum Pur ni. ' ei.aifea Beit or Orev Htlr te Uf-lka WjM-i; at f JWN, arlllitatit lujury te the llalror Jvlo, and ablck i rarrnikf to be It aood aa any iaanutaolur-.L Mannfacturetl and for aala (Vvhulnaa err aUtalt b, I ll Hll-air, No. 4d Boutu 8ti. nntmcr. Ivil l iiiliurab, anl to be had of toe feUevuu Beta! nla' ' iw York I,. A Hoiiiiarr , tl EUhlli are, bet leu ( d 1Mb at,. ,1. Uivv Ce , 47 Bemud ate , onr. 3"tl f nil ecr. Allen and ? ita.i Uao A Oo., ear. ol a.layiudviithiit. lir Hutu, 4UVUrandit, near i '"H R"' H."iean ai., our. of avenna l. uiiaatKaiainiius4ia lludiert at, and VJOdliU ! ..Hi,J"."Ve!VS,',V,"Vo4' " WvlaUittianiai 1 iriait, bft Columbia it. niaf,n lir It. MCwrta, r. W. '"l irii'it ' U' """. Myrfieav ,'i''.'hU,.""!"!Tl'tMtl4?Jcl," ''. eee.tH i ,'''5 ,l' " ","' S 'Irani at. near wind it I l'''isv.ll.triUro,Vil6llraudwWBuUi lIl'a.HoujIiKllt'i.e.r rleventtlat " .'v-ark f liu,llnWiTto at., ind fM ta'e ' ravc:4b'e lUttialait aod laooy.ioioa. " i r NtlTirr All eed. ra to reeelee alter.aiai,1haev , ntnktfL ' -' " 'H . HaWlHWlW MMh W-MORESTB PATENT fBIZK aaamaaaatM OOaUU pOALA LARQR 80PPLT OF TiTK BEST Ir . T!i"'2'i?iM r" "' ") tt eola the tnaiea prlee tkal (end enai eaa be reneMfnr. alae Oemhedaavl tat btaekamttka, at rant 1 aod It lleiav veU itrnet, two Cbathaaa, r. OAJ11UCK. lell telae pOAL M NUT SIZE, STOVE, RANGE y Kef and PiiniMeatae, st prime malrttea at tt.eeoal aare, 14. 8.1 Btanba at telaren 'nrlbaaaii Lbrlntie, near tbe tleverr, lUIWAJillBrUlBeJrV f.lll4a181 nauoaoaaairtaar- pOAL THE BEST RED AND WU1TX vaah eeaj nf til itaea alwirt en hand and at the low. eat market price. 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Apply al 113 Bowery, IU Qreene. and t'rf Prorane H. JlOtlB WKHX. laH TwiM POAL FAR 8UPEKI0U IB QUALITY TO VsuatofUMMalioldlD thai ar, and prepared) e. tl lealy M famllr wan, b orVraat, delivered, at Vaa th n Prtaal; die B oiaa-kat piUja, Itoea varda tte) fjraajd, at) a, o-oea yi eta. O. f- Wtrtl fViei aaVHIlOeehard Haaua. XlVAilCUHllff pONSUMlTlON CURED BY WHATEYER Vranae liideeed Tboae whe are eunVrlna with any nf the of rofunimptlan, inch aa emiab nr rilaine nr matter fmrn Die luumveoreneM or paint la the H net, ilile ne bee. npirfawWe breathtna cr djaak ni-w nf the heed, llioold enneult Dr. IrTllJI.K, whe h'l matte tie-treatment and enre of eoeanrnptlatt hli If ertal itiitly for yeara, an whe eaa refer to nnmer noe palcnia In Die cttr and neUhrmrbood taf .tew Tnrk wbem hefiaaenmd of ennManelloa. In all curable eeaea. ml. f rremaiifirlna la ruarantnid by the Aral dhnuralreatmeiit lr M (1. irTtJOf.l'. Itoneump IKiu Phralclan, Ki Third ave, N. Y. li,lM,iae It. 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POST, Aator plaoa. U,l' BaimiiKa or evkky DEacKipnoM atUelnaiirae.ap,,,- trurm. ill artlrlea at paaeaiable prima, wtwiaaaaa aaaf rwaJL t)UH K. IrOrTXL, l rwati at, )aU 8e BAU ROOM FOR BALE tlM WILL rnrrbaat a road pa lit bar room with bank room lad n Mar, Ineated at a markit and ferry. 'I ke plana oelfHOtodt no, ant will be ted Ihla daytotlul bltbaad bidder, fnr raeh Apply ti Broadway. mi la. U. U. llOWrd at tX). Ia.101,1 FKIDKafBKBai UCKSSED LOAJ OBtta, W "aud Broadway, ear .Seammal at 4K. r. yam Uberallr adranoM on watekea, dlamooea. Jewelry, nL veraiidplalMwatw.eloUilDf, dry (node, hiddlna, and aUatherartlriaaofvaJoai tnadn kipt aatialw pjaieara .a-vsr- UO r.atB.raUOafB TincEjrrn street distillicbt- A. Ratabllehed ISM-Tbe eheeaeat aud beat plane H MV ttae brandlea, trtawa, rtnna.klektea,e, for whole, aaJe tad raaatlr knVde, to at t Went lrA pa. 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The tadtet wtll de well to mark tke faaa. ah it we wllkfaaiaanetttme,aalltbebalaaeerew riae A tavr, ta ena the atawlL Naw York Var kfanla. d CTiattiam et. telS 4ael(a) jrLBMMU, kUnaier. RKAIa EUTATKt ASSKINEE-8 SALE WILL BE BOLD at pteblle auction en tht Sad diy ef 'any., al the India Bobber rectory, ractoryrlUa, Stales laland ieam eaalnea, bollera, akaftlnt, beltlaa. latbea, ma chinery, toola, aad aiabirlaJa for the maniifacturina ef will paper aad otlelMta, and a elnek ef wall paper, flnlehed and nnflnbthed Ttie prnpertr eaa beeianitn ed It theuieinWw. belrul tha laetery lalelroeenpled bf TIIUMAI1 BMIIIL Tarra. ef aa. aeah. The above tale la peetponeil ta WEIINMIIA V. Kebrnary 7lh, at eama time aud plioe. CHAJ. f. atAPM, AaeUoea. UJ,lvl, FARM rOK SALE-JECURE AJI I.-iDB-aa. pendeaee and be .i of the reavo of paule-ln, Kt, HO a r HO urea la rood land at eaa be frmn.1 on L. 1 ow theR R , near a 1epn, 44 mHea dletant, altll lo M anaet. I all al HWul . Mora tj lt.lVLI 7L'lLDI.NO LiT3,rOUSALE-ONDint. X aHl Illlla - -v 1 l .very n Iota y loetled lota near lit btiken and I 4in; I lit no fnirae er rmta Herrene rylnl.ln.oa HUi, lr, eu Ae I'lloe.'V U AT n Termt nrf eaa. Apwr at il Wat aV to 14 alae'lel CHEAT FARMd N'F.AS TUK K. R. BTA. tloo, onlr 41 nilloa on L I-A traet ef ereelleal farmlaa land, all prodia-tlt am toll, level, free from atone or tna aud eaally colQvaled, for aala l eeao Utkai to tan, at an arm, Tamt eaay. It A. PILNCB, the owner, t City tun plane anal 14 IV tre at. M raaelta rOTTAUKB FOR HALX TXH OOTTAQEa, K- with full leta, raiTlna an KrU and arkM, rraaa tinno nv te aavajo,an well ImIII and aVwtrabla lanadawa, wttaln twenty mbiutea if Booth aad UaaUton Kerrtea, on Railroad. Termtaaaw ; Apply to 11. R. tIJcrtjIlfJL eer nf a aeentva aad ITWi ati aaa. Peearirex laM Mae T7ARMS FOR SALE, CHEAP, IN MON. X mruth Vo. N. J i one of At) aeraa, anod till, erlee tlNae, one et 44 lerea, eiwllclit land. oil biilldlt.ea and feneea,near a village, ehurahemchanla. Are; miet f livv: alee larrer larma. Apply hj,u, nruiMiiaj rliiN, U Wall at. i,U74 T,'AP.M FOR SALE ON 8TATEN ISLAND A -Maorea,et Blotimlnvlew, wtth etmndtnre of fruit and flue waWr vlow, b mlnutre walk frara depot, cburrbea and Mhoola. B. KUUY A (XI, 01 Liberty it. leYi.lot.V4 L'AUM FOR HALE OR EXCnANOE A A f,rm efBu aeraa, wtlh rood deelllne; hneae, bun, and nut-hnnaHi: lend In food eindltioe, with orehard en aaa r. flliiatetinL 1 , abnit Iterty mlloa fnim M. V. I'rlce wt-eel. B. W.ALLa,N, lJl Uraad atreel, Wll'lamelinmh. I. I, i,l3A,G 1,'ARM FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE A A farm of TS irrea, wdth bulldlao, wend, fralt, , In Nem,leraev,Temllaafrmn Jerawy t'lty.wlthle half mile of a depot t awed loamy aoll. Will etchanjre It for Improved property la the elty of Brooklyn. If not eaM before the l- ef April, will ha reeled tea pwnd tenant. Apply te MO WlXt. TU-UNO, W f Wl Adanil trt. Brooklyn, N. Y. UTnj FARM FOR HALE A FARM OF 80 Acres In I'nlon no., N. J4 with belldlnra, fralt, wood. Ae4 within two boon' rtila of New Yark. prlee llrnaj, Terma very May, Inquire of WM . It. TRACT, 41 Ann etreBt,N.f. 'jj,!,, r'ARlIB FOR SALE OB KXCTiArTUB-II , , i.h v.k uh a ii, id, aerea o tuaaww ana anwt, ui paln(VM (1.11 on flHlRil, ) Woet WaeWnrtaw araew vail, tt ruitoo at Baturda r ruitoo et ataturdan, lOwpaA. lUtadaa'Ut Iran mnkiu any, nunnnia HARLEM LOTS FOR SALE M OFTTIK Bioatde.kbUloto In naj-lean, ready for inimadl. ate lanjnvvanieot, al low jrrleea and an eaav terma lMJ'J.Staa u. 0DY akUO 01 liberty at, HOUSE fte., FOR SALE CHEAP-A rhaneea itood houae. barn, a larae faetory, and 1M aeraa of rarden land, with plenty of fruit, In a thiiflnavlUaa-e. one beer frameMybr N. J K R, two mlnntea from ehuroheo, aohonla and dope. K. A. BITNCR, 1 City Hall plaees aad 1 1 Centre JT tU&i H a piwu OUSE FOR BALE A STORY FKAMK a. "rr. k.Tvr.jrrA- .".-. 3Lrrr-r,!:," er iiiviiir. aiwemi aaati taawanaaa weMaart- igg lira fiHInt Infaajj prtoe W4oi .termt eary. A pole to J DAVEjvTORr, earner efiutton ln ua Oxford pt, Brooklyn. V I-WIHI-, IIVUaaTJ HMAl 1-IPtaTW WltflY ID! IHl TUwl : !, HOUSE FOB SALE IN BROOKLYN-A boape eonttlnlnaT pla reoeaa, aarrtd aadeetlar; lot of extra width, with rlnaa, alirubkery, Ao.: Rldjre wood watrren the premlant. The above property la ettuatedoawaoteiAa VandertlM are, Mb kmmaorta Fark avenna. rrUe, liaXtt, tl,lH, HOUSE FOR SALE-11500 WILL BUY a new two itnry brick dwenina and etoro, with rood eellar. en Oth avenue. Terma, a down, the balmoen, tt qnarterlr natll paid. AnalyteD.U. UANikUat, earner of Oth avwona, kndTeth afraei Breeklyo. ULIU, HOUSE AND LOT FOR SALE IN YORK. . vllle-A neat latory and baaamenl hooaa and tat. lltonted In Hid pt, near 4th ave; erptna water, marble mutele, Aa. for partloulara, launlre nej the liemlf. UnJM H0USM AND LOTS, 4e,. FOR BALE a rare ehanoa-a henaa and i Iota, brlek etabK room far 5 horena. arape vlntw and ikrubbary In abua danee I alae t Vermont Black Hawk and Mori In eolta, 4 er 6 yean eld, vary One and klad aond (ra- vrlera. I mini re rli lleaui it, Braaklyn, orof tbaeub- crIWv.J n. nnvruH, r, aAli.4 t HOUSE FOR SALE A TWO STORY Prime 'houae with baaement, on a lot loll br xt fact furntehed In rood rtrle, with marble mantlea, pae, pna rmtoa water. Apply on the premlaea, 8IH fe eaaiif 1 bird ive, In mhit. JAS. U.KUD, m0O House ron sale or to let-a cot teie btaiae iud tarden ittnawd at I'Hremont, llerren II ill, nilltw from J truer Cltr larrri auax rari tlte propertr evtry boor n-.w, md the llerkftn otirt Hone Kailroad will be ra .1 lut thli netl anm mer, ltHn liof..tof U.apnui'. a loiulreof lOlia" U. KYlJKIUautLapnauU.wor JlKeVt V i.17t, I JUlhtS OK SALE IN MiSKY CITT A Six email llrlck boua.. alao mit if the lawt U ta In therltr; alwoaa lare kou a wltk 1 lotaef rmtnd nn lleriren lllll. Tt rmi Uiate) Very eaar In quire 104 Harrow at, Jereer City, feltrtae'lTlJ HOUSES FOR SALE 1.000 WILL BUT a raw twftatnry ti.mee and let one nr 11 400. lot l by m I $1 Tuo fur a two-otorr and baaeuvtut houae. T r.wma i j.ueu far corner etore and lot; aoe daelllni far $4 604', raved ita, irood one block nr leaa from eart. Terma Irom Sua) ta ttiU down i tha balance ran be paid Irom tin to kotl unartertr ApolrUli.C.IlAyilSaJal, eor.of Oth ave and tetti ata, lwooklyn. fvt O'UI YJ0USES FOR SALE IX BROOKLYN t A new I atnrv baaeanent andrab-Otllar heuaea, well bnl't, blind In who. brtek. tin roofa, marble mantlea, Kldawwoad water, yaa and ttlturaa, and food nttlak bjat oed . coDtaluLtf t rli I roomaj altuaae ni, weal alJa ofklllmanat,aear Wlllanrhby ave. Prlee JlltaJ aaehifl.MO eaa remain. Alia 1 eaOarea new nnlah Ina, ataiUi ilde of WtUouihby av, near the above A IivmvM aiAU,iti, ai ine eoiLarre. or to Al.rlal. hDUUHXU ear Bedford and Park av. HUM'S HOUSE AND 4 LOTS, WITII BARN. Ac., In Itrnoklrn. for aala- taaitea-aelaaajK, rnent frame hauee, ailed In with brlek, with eitlatioa la the rear, built plain, bat uprewly for the eomlori wm owtTnuTniae wia owner i water eun aaa tnroao- eat, bath-room, aro. Iraa aardeei, with abmdtne, t' ol fruit Very eoeeaalbla tt every boalnaaa part of Naw York Will Meold verr low. lor partlnulaea, Umln "' amjs aaa runea at, eppoaiu Cltr natt, BrookUm. 1I.IIM HOUSES FOR SALE 3 TWO STORY and baaement brlek honaea, with the modern li- HOUSE AND LOT FOB HALS UOUS8 we atory aad baaement. Prlee twrn. Apply oa tbe, tromleee. wuth-waal eornar of Rlehardaua and Banlli ita. rVWlaanatmrfh, an the Una of the Itnahwlok woolevari, aal4vlN ' ANDLORD AND TENANTS a! AORKrMKNTO. MKW YORK Bl'M 1 Ml' ROVED FORK Kor aala at TIM OOCHTTH OP TIIB BUX OrTICR, d oenta per aet, tpluidred, MttT LEASE OF FARM FOR 8ALK OR TO ht, rhrap A throe yeara' leaae of a dean-able little farm, nraated at Wandbrldira, N J , near New Hrone. wire. It rotitalna flftoen aorea of food lantl, and did teretof aalt meadow, a 6ne apple orehard, and aa alaiudence of peart, aberrtet and enrrauta: baa a flee iprrnief water near heaee-wkleh la IX atorttw blah, aad onntalna 4 reonia, beaida eellar aod ditrri aoei barn and atableai aim, an extra houae, which leta fnr JSn ir iiurni All fur ll'a) per eir. Apply te AMK4 MoOlVEN, 114 South it!, Mew Vork. itliM PKOPERTT rOKSALEANBEXCUANaE ty, enantrr.Raatern and Vfeatern propertri aim 'o'Tj'."? Ttty prooetty. CHlt'lVlYrlo iloWlaO th-tora, U Wall it, (L q orf, noruE, e., for bale-good U bueloeM property. The e-irnnr jevnra. hoaan, Ae. nwtiiaivtoor.Uraud aod Boonnd U WUlUmabnrr't, k Ible int an) auxHXt. ipp' Wl W. ft. TA Y UTH, Jx Uaaeoa ire, Tnoalya. I' xJjVlli CCH0OL HOUSE FOR SALE IS JER. y auy tlty with larte play aroanda, avmauiwa renin, te. AM rieor btted lor iwellinf; ttnna eagy. AfPl Tt Jarwy are, near the premleoe. aAlIM ClOKES FOR SALE ON FULTON Avenue, J Iwooklrn-twe ef tboae Amrwtory brlek atoeoa pint aled en the northerly aide of Faltaa are, bet. Lawreaae m twvore Ma i terma eeay, Atea, a email, t ww-aury elaaw, N I Baltta itreeV U perawnt erelu. Apply re lUJAan aUVUM riOkM T, .(( tl atxl Wl I niru.Lio PILLS, 0CM ncr IIKADACTIat. CCRa KEKYOn BaUtucns. ecu au. aoroe or tTaUDAcme. r ttae aee ef aheae ITun, the period ewtaetw Pi HWeeaeter fflot ITeadavtAe may be prevented, and U taken at the eopnroean latitat tf aa attack Imraefllaee relW front pain and aWknem wtll tot ebtalnan, Ther paldaaa tan ta reaaarrmd the Smtt andia4 aaAt to whlnh armadea are ea pherA, Ther net Hotly aaontwe he ttto reaBOttnifAitflea. Far UUrwr Mm, BtmUutt, leBaato Iraolei ani an persona ef ednfarw Anfrtfe, they are valneMe u a ZatAvrtea,bnprwvtn( the t)ttefra, (IHnd toM aaal twor to tha dlreaUve eriana, and reatarkwt the natoa. al eleetlcirr aod ptraoarth ef the whole Prateam, TfctClaTlAUOlTUalarotlMreetJIaflenilaTee wcaUaa, awl eareroliw eamdnoted aaTetixaaTah autvtPat aonnUtainMarre4n,v1nfahloh time they have ptwveotnd and reUered a vaat amount of pikt and tuf-an-totomBopAabasbtbeatnaJlMtotner. mLitTTUPerrromtaortaiAWdttaaetftrjatrorejiaA. Tbey aro entirely veaable U their eompo-lnoa mar be taken at all Umee with perfnnt tafet wttaont pnaklna any eharum ef diet, end IAe a6penep a any dieagreoattt taaH rrnaVri If paav to atlraamtltr IV-a to pAaUrrn. BirWAU OF OOVMlKKFRirB I Tna) rename hare) Ira atrnaUuret ef UXKRT 0, TALDrNO ea each Bex. old by Drerflata aad ad Pther Dealert ka k"41dreM A Box wfl ke emit by mall preraUd ea reeeipt ef the PaUCB m CTCTTa. AB oraare ihoold be aAdnaeea to BRaiRY OBPALDnerj, ate, a Oeaax it, Kew York, THE rOLLOWCKI ENDOMElfEKTS or BPALDINQn CZrQALIO PILLS, WILL COoiYlNCR ALL VTT10 iUlTER FBOU UEADACIIE, THAT A BTETOY AMD SCXR CVU JM tTITLlLN TIIKIX REACO. Af Aeap Yrarfmewiala taera tmaolteeavl bv Mr 8M two, (Aey OaVonl urtTuaectewaotr twna oj tht tpl- tewv V Ute irwly eoMnftfe Otaotwery, HaeoirntLt, Comi Feb. S, lstt, Ife, BrALDUPe, BiXI I have tried year Opeiane Pint, and lot Mean ae tpeUthatlnanlyna to aond nut twe doUan worth Part of ttiee are lor the pJjrhhora, to wtuca I five I law uti, oa vtiw nraa uua a av ll ana nat i-iut ay aaau. , aid obluro Year nhA Servant, . nUvuLTon,rAFel.l,l(ri, oil I wa yon te oanJ me one mere box of year Cephn. Ul Ule, i Aataj reaner4 a ertoi oVala imtMfitm Yean, reapettranr, MAnV aUBTOrxnOCSat, Irnoa Caxnx, UeBTwoToa Co PaJ alaonAry U, liyaVl H. C BTALDDfa, Baa. Bail Ton wfll eteaae tend me two boiet of roar Qrajhille nlla. aMahena Immediately, atmpeot rally ronra, JN(). .oTbTOWJ, PJWTeoaa4eaMhoxefrawinUeaatta4Uana awnUJv"aaUOt,rAla,JaaLlMMl naavaxnDhB. Paa Ptaaaa Taxad haeloeel twenty-wre eamkn far wMeh land inwoajl aa.BTUVaaa,r. BLt aWLVYeraam.WynnditO0aa anrrxa3.r,afaavDee.lLl!e, BL a trauma, aw, I wl tar paene tarenlara ar larae itoy baTto to ktrnt naUaeaUePule more nutteaaaaiy bafora my eew- u yea nave aayanuai ei ua xino, iiotat aaaa ODeormyenaaopaaaewwexi auhlpnt to parrare Stek aTavnotxaaajma, Frank tie r, OblaJ aa-r.,aw -" ata,tnCeda7pl7y.T. rraaxatli laAaann laet twwula Owe eeaaia PVfW. Par aMai aaj Tear pin. wort like a ehana enie P-ny-T1-t - '""WM. tt ITLLHa. YreTLAJrn,lfaotu Jan. 14,1541. Kr. Braiawaa, Bra l Not lone aloee leant to yea tor a Wb eroeehana rtlto foe tbe oara of the Nerroae Headarhe and t'. ttvenaaa, and reeelved the aame, and they had ae 1004 a araeat that I waa kadoned to tend far more, Fataa tnnAWrwbani mall. IHnotto at, at. WaKKLRR, TyatlanU, Ml oh. jOrewt tht awmweior. BtrfoU, ra. Cefbttlc Ptlla aeeoro; llah the eblect far whlnh they were made, vuu Cure ef headache La all he forma, Frem f Ad aximner, Rorfolk, r. They have been bated la more than a thauaand niu enure jProm tae Awaorraf, St. Ctoiat, Jffnn, If yea aro, or hive bta troubled n Ith the headaebe, pewd for a box, (Ce ah alia FUavJ aa thai yea may have thorn la eaee ef aa altaox. From raw Jdrerftaer, FnwUmt4, K I. TVe Ophalle nila are paid to be a remarkably afloe- Uva remedy tor the headaehe,and one of tha Tory bant for that very troajarau eoraalalnt wkloh kae erec hooa Alaoovtfwa, aeremOd rrafem . R. QaittU, CMoave, m Wehaieptilotea Mr Jtebllnfc and hie oanranl mm avt XoMwAat rattey Sfar, Xeneajka, Fa. We art rare that pereone anfreainf with the kill aawtetatavcawmitleAtothaaa- Fvowt raW Btoia(jra W A ewtey, Sm$ OrlMHU, la. 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