Newspaper of The Sun, 25 Şubat 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated 25 Şubat 1861 Page 2
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1 "tnT ilil i ww WMfHi'Mii " r "of1 - ttM wveri"rs, naTlng failed (a ssvlnil him, bar It .till In their power Id "rt Mil least thing for their purpo- t; to mil It ppr tbt no foul ply ,il Intended, and thtt tb panic wji ttuecdrM and rldlcalnus. cherish the hop that the (oarta Insisted, on ImprratlTcly, by leading politick! fiienda, accepted M reluctant ly by Mr. Lisccls, and nerreltail with in.h pareieatte nortltcatlcft by War men of the Presidential party, may yet be thovrn to hire bad valid axcuaa, at leant. A commendable eeiicltto'e to erold commotion and etrilement in a Southern city, may hire had ai muhto do with the plan, as any apprehctuicn for the fty of the IWiJeot. It ti Isle la the day for comment upon (Ms or any other aireclty which may be com olyel n located by the cortfjirtori agitnat our rJnrarnment. They bar eatablMial their character, and ll li enouph t ny that an at aieataatlon of this kind It worthy of it. The meant and enl of the S rather n con rplracy aro worthy of each other, and are alike characterised by that tuperlstire atrocity which begfrart Inrectlte, and whlih will rarely be denounced, lcaiise its simple aspect stirs the aliborrrnoe of mankind lirioiid belji or heightening from any eloquence. Jomw IUaarrr ( now the rrrfnlsr Carrier af the , en the rent boon led a follows West aide of Btwery end Chatham frim Batter lo Prince, bea-wto Said ran, theitre to north side of Cmil, theece to rtroadwsy, theact to Grand aod Muter BtrtU ITie ('rial cu nad Itaainr. Mr. Liroou ' taJlcn and unavpectod arri val la WaehlngtoB, on 8 .lordly morning, rimed a greet snlln In Hat ell, tad all llit sen-illon newepeper eoerespondsoU at oooe rushed ti the telegraph effic and wrote dispatch to the New Yerk and rhl'ade'phta evening pipers, that Mr, Xjbooiji we obliged to task hie entrance to Weehlageo clly incognita In avoid being amaal. Bated. Their stories wtre made up for the news boys and the aewspeper offices. Mr, Libooln had not on particle of fear of being BaaaaslatUd, but ha had perennal aa well aa political reasons for eaUriaf Wsshingl"n aa he did. He waa ao more In dasger of a peraenal attack, than Mr, Drmists wuef being pileoned ly Republicans, when the dead rata la the cisterns of tie Nttlonal II 41 Imparted to the wafer a pestiferous quel Ily. Tat Washington oorreapmlent of the ConmT rUl dgeserterr by the lolbiwtng tolegran, dwtr iy tb aeawaUenallsm of the eorreapondeaU who neither saw aer tpoke to Mr. Libcmlb, before they m eaautotarad their "eassaelaalloa" dlspaiuh. The alleged reason of Mr. Liooi 'a abrupt and untipecUa appearanee la this cite. Is that hie Int. mdit preaenee baa tean deaired for consultation wl arewtoenlraambeveet the Teec Conference and with lead ag Reyablioana, wbo are convinced thai Mr. (imieire proposition nut paaa. Tkla proposition aa amended, tt ta bellevsl must til adopted ta order In prevent the sareaetoa el the birder sUtec. Ilwaaeer laye-Urday Ihei lhar we a majority for the propoeillon If they war put to a TOM u lb eeaforn, The ilea correspondent thai speaks of the f. veruh ooadltlon of the Washington population i The pepalstlon of WaeMnglen Is In aa alarm log fever tdT. Dualneaa It nearlr auspended, avnd the peosle aland la grenpe at the street cor ner or crowd tb hotel. It-iiuora flv from mvuth ao aaouth, aad the meet etieurd and contradlctorf repertearareaalvednalj to be rsjected the neit moaaaat The peculiar oornnustiblUly of the Wasasaftoa aeopl aad she thouaands of sire, a sre oojTegated here wsa never snore rasnlfeel thaa so .. II 1 tnposelkle to give ear ade-piste Idea of the Kltated and ezollel feeling In all dl rtclleaaol the coram unity. The artlftolal society of Washington ell, and wbedlee'pUed aad corrupt me a whe congregate tber aboat the time of a rrealdeatlal change, ds esrve tittle attentioa frem Ike honest masses of our people. II la aald that man c f the South Carolina troops save been withdrawn from Morrla IsUnd, ani teat aeveral ( the harbor fortification are to be abaadoaed. Wn.Mla D. Ait-is, lion: fu. h. Dav-rof, of New Jvrss, and IVof. reiTon, of Maasathtiaetts, kavs beea appointed regent of the amllhaonlan lastitutlon. Baie d'sea application for patents have beea made by oltlsena of eUtts which haveseceied, a'ld laeveilosUBie Ihfjmttk' oalK t hU lltrj art cKi rone e (Ne t'mci fwo A.B Aker evident e of 1 1 ot n's tress n ha come to light, &veempac.lsof(lJverniisultrjip ae ata tloacd at F'rt lttudall on lbs Upper Mlsiourl, and It aow ajipear IV at Ike (l8 rrtir sold all rueaua ec ItaiMportalion ttiept enougb to move oat com. pen, hie purpoee being to prevsnt forces from be tag eatlld luto at lion to taterfert with bis ds a'4". . THE LATEST NEWS. jtr rxLiMiurn to tub v. y. bus. Political Intelligence. XKXnih CONHBS-Vcd I ateoate. irculsaafon, Fth. 2J. Mesert. Ki!a (V. T andTaa Eioa IN J) ir.seakd etiliuus lu lavr ef ah CeustJtulloo aud laws. Mr.WitaoN (Meet) rsuorwd U-k the bill for Ite bettarorgaidsalionoi tbemlhllaol Ike llatr.ctol Ooluadila. Laid cvsr, Tb r art K nils bill wa taken up. Mr Gwuv fCal ) eoLltnued his remaika, cotr rMuoed yeateidsy, ta revue of a eujiuiliiee of cutt Teraaea The qaeallco wa further discussed by M-sarrs. 1 1 alb 04. U). Latuah fCal ), Joiiae n (Ark j, aud Hwa (Minn.), and tbe bui waa aturd. Xbe bll tor tha pameal of tbe eiiene Im urre I la ik aapptceelun of Indiaa hoetllillee tu Calltbr olawMUksaupsalpas-f Tb lawthitloa giving e quit claim to certain (lads lalowawMt-keatp. After dlscuaalon, lb reeelutlon wa passed. Tb Mil maklag paesent tor tbe euppresslon ol ladlaa heetiUUee U lUa, U lstM, waa Uksu up Ta mitialianaou atipraprlalloa UU wis taken P cteveral ameodmeata war peaead. Mr. Ualb III U) offered an smsadmral fer Ihe pajraant of 111,000 t rateaun IiAVt and aasi ctatee for aaoeiey dspntted He eiplalned It was ta relation to the rewoTel of the fJjskio I'eil orLcs. A point of order was r'ed; and tht ameudujeil wa ruled out. Mr. Joiiaao (Tenai effsred an amendment! ean-y out tbe older of tie Bsuate lo iay tj lbs widiw of Ei-Beaalir Limb, his milesge. sVfter oaoatdereu! diecaastoD th auisudaatnt was TklepSed. Mr Uixaw (Ct.) moved en amendment to py esse hundred thousand dollar for iaub.tft.MLe Custom bouse at Charleston. . air.Gua.. ,. " "-d If this wis f.r work Jli HewopBuaedWW:.- -anas bouse la Beuta Uatollne 11'. Uixoa aald fur work psailj dont and ptrtl; to let deae. Mr. Biaaon IS I) said tbe marb s ws finish I and ready to be abipped, bat the UesghlllsMlbs 1-e.tlicoe U ship tlnow, Mr. rsaeaeDtB (Me liplained Ibat the contrnc tor had goo ua and pre,red a q suility of aiarb aod oalj eek Ike pemael lor wore uau. Th potal of eider being raised, tb BmendsutDl ire ruled out Iff. Bbbabtiab (AX.) effsred an amendment f tha adjueamsnt of tha auooiaiu f HaieiiAa Youau vetalta tiocuoto Bupertuuodeot ot Indian alTure, -A Iba payment of tblrtvawo thousand d41ars. Tht obiactloa wa wait that thl atstprlvtt c ulf' file t said ha wis for tht adjuvtutaT' ssi --- -,-:, m aoooual uausr sue triwr .w. "BrSTaLA. no.) asked If ht aald It claim tudr a higher law. Mr. Obbtab aaid that be never appealel to the faiSsar Utr ta tha Seaaa. lit did so sematUiiet ou li- ' wtwaAal. ertaaasaaadmaBlwaaralid eat. aftoV flrtkar ooeAslderatioo of vail am tad mauls After farfjear ooaldratioo jxttw'ttt J to adjust the aorounta of Ittioaajs d makt a report II wtr repo ted to the Sjaata- Adjourned. llowsc of HrprearestaUlTea. rcgnaaod Waahlnvm War IJsUbUlwu laeiw (Ohio) awed to Uke up the TartaT it-iuroed fravn h ft nets with amendmeet fiA'r (!f. Y) ap.ealad so bin to let tarrsUtd over iial ila, In onler to give rrs an rpiiortuultof etamlrlng II ttede to make no 'M-tiouopp"illon, tMl did destr 1 1 Ike IdU teats of his a iiialliurnls. PmkMii laU he wis lvl t letra that ( ti' Uf oih Itri ws ilsiird, lull he ewired li mi n tl t if the Ml' was not uktn up mis, iwrojvinll'll ' It to a Bnal passage og t' r rtffvtil ss on. ae lloi se thsn wet.1 lAi Committee of the n'eenihe piMeo the Inliin ant t-nik uptbe IB I ill I a v. t . f DJ acami.1 51. Tbafirrta'n.t amrbd.ucut, redeclnj tht loan was c tcitie1 I. Iioi It; the del! M' rliturrr, (Y ) while die. eurrlift)eamriHJr..rui, aliud.d te the coming of Mr Lmr ij Lrit at an earl hour this morning, esilig ILe la'Urhad buinea trog1i Ita'tlmote, fir foer el run Yivirr ard Jrrr. Dtvis, who were Ibne villi a al pnundrr. It waa nereeesr to flit o additional lasre to Increaaa the pt of the Mtutrrar.l Otnetel, list be mWrba list en sdoltlotal ptsoraks plunie In the w es4erfiil career sgalist his owa nslire slate. rVTT had la ble n4is of ta csmialn n,'intoJ l'errviir, fie IV pe. aiid a'l the rere i laealcal pne's be mild Bed. Tieniateikl pnti'lshfti, but the crrn'nenee biajlrglteuierianll.eneral Monti ariet a aleep leee nlgll.ard a lal teadjcbo te Ihe Birietsior ivsr " Hers a pout of order was raised a sin it Mr 0stiT. I i set airman Mr. C'oirav., find ) aald the get. tlrman must coalite himself W the eubjet before tt e ron a Ittce. Mr. (isMrrr, what, la the pesenk's fetthert Ite tarn eewtd to diaw a rornjartftun ltween Ihe Duke ot WelliuuVm andUmiralH. rr. ptoaoun ing In fvr of tte tinner. M eie la v, sni-d to es tablish a In d guard fi-r B it to resist Jsrr. Da vie and eat. vernirisR TtU remark was n rl with his!. Mr. (ittatrr aald eerpmts were the pror em. bleni of toe dowufsll ol this c jmiit goverumenl. liwae enreelti intet on Mtil at lilo'thek, ll.e Tailu- loll t 1 nmlumeil lu Oonmltue of tue Wlole un'll 1 oVlork, w..en such atnwiJmmls as ins have Urn acted on shall be rcpoilod U tlie House. Dufng Ihe delate en IheUr.fT Mr. Busies t.S Y J said Ihe CI alrn an of the C nam iiee on Wave sil Mnana, In brlngin I'll bill befire uell nise In n.snwrl4, and lbr Lrejlngltie II mse lgtr. ant of lis conirnte, meinl to firud we a reeenblsnre Islareen Ihe House and Mr. IjlMoma ae ponaib'e, fir he (I.IN.MtM) bad aald al Pitlmrg thai he did rx I knuw mmb about Ite sarin, anl II appeaj rd as If tlie gent.snian fiotu Oilo (jiiiea. maj wished tbo II oie to know less, and thus to irasmlr the Presided elect, at leetl In linv-raiie of an tniporUol eul''l t-i ttit rounirr. lit rrmgral I'atrd the geullwnau from Ohio iipou the enlarged etalemianahlp wbli b prraldid ever the lncr I iai and elsb irsll m of this meaeure. A this inometit, when Ihe ConToderer 1 minaird ta lib dlsmi mlrmeit, ami alt ees are lumed upna the polic which will oieilrol Ihe K l n)oao attics, whi Iter It ehall be Che miIIc ef n-Hi-Interrtri m e, or the miIi of rwigidtt a of ibe eotilhetu oon'cjarkCy ,c cheirmaa tbe Coin Rilltee on Wss and Mean fSHSsese) wis offering the stmngut piovocUlon to KngUnd and France lo hantrn an alliance wllb the mlbera confederal , The renlleniau from l"llo had onl to pvralsl In making war upna the fiee trsde illo, b rs-aisu-guraling tbe proteitlve tariff eKtem, to aooompllsh tbls. Is this to be the conttoUIng polio aad the controlling ldti of Ihe m r'hsrn, eastern and west ern ioitli nsof this confederal-. Tbe getitlemin and Lis art lisi a for tart, la all their anil alavar crnaadf, leen tho niere tnetrumeiit of KtgUsh In trigues, wblih hked to the dlsmeraherment of our I'nlo u 1 bit la another etep In the earn down ward c une. Mr. BuriMA made a general repl to theoljeo tloia whkb had bten made from tne Democratic s'de, showing now that the public data was a buu. drrd miliums, aud that the SIT.fl of Ibis tailn would be to lik-resee the revenure. He liundonlall nieu. tloiKd thai the omission to print tbe bill was owing lo the neglect of tbt forexaan of the printing offha. He presetd the twcemll of the ponsage of the bill todey, aid appealed to bis part lriaad to tuataia hbn. Alter sn earnest runn'ng deVale, the ceu'dara. Hon of the bill waa postponed till Mania. Ileocas till T r. M. Oa rvaesenibllDg. epeechea were made ao Ihe re. port M ine.commmee ot Tmri-tnreei Aojourneo. TATB IOIHf JlTVUD Alltmy, Feb. 23 The Senate met tkli morning. No nnoruia preeeul. Adl u"aed till ht'.f (ait i oMluck Mcuda ivcuing. " Tb Cuetesn Ileaee dimcellte al New Or- 1 le-aaa and tat. Iwla. SI- Loin, Fib. 22. Maaui. Child, TutTr, and I'ivjt, Jtoy tht report recently published, that asvaral thousaad dollaia worth of English go ids belonging to them bad been eel red la Mew Orleans te secure the dutiee thereoa. A letter from Collector Uatvii of New Orleaa to Cellsilir DtirvAu of this city, says thai lbs brui ns of the Custom II iu so at the former place Is Conducted ae heretofore, e scent the! Iranatwrtstloa bonds are obliged to be oeouted for that part of the IraneportatUn. Tbe transportation of foreign good 1 In ao wlsa Interrupted, and the du'.lis ars collet led a uanal. Tbe Fight nuilaa I-aan. WaihitjUm, 'tb. 2-1J. Mora than two hour were occupied by the Secretary of thaTreaaury la openlcg t'.ebldt for Ike eight million loaa this noon. There were about 100 bidders, and the are. rate amount olleied ou th dollar wa atraittaa over IN). Proa ITaelildglea. rl'afd'nfon, Feb. 21. The Striate hat rati. fled the C'onveatlon letween Iba I'uiled flnlee and YeT.'ruele, concluded two years ado. 11 this, Vitesuela agree to pay Ibe gross sum of flJOjHM), lu liquldaltoa of tbe claim of suklton, Habjaon, and 1 All an .$1(0.000 to le distributed among Ibcnl , and the residue, Hat la to aay, tiA.OUO, to be i atd In liquidation of th r'alm of Lanu aad Iikiaio. Tb original claim wa ea acixiuot of Ihe Miner i lies, $or0,( 00 ard ou that ol the laitir, eiol.ioo. 1 hey grew out of evlitloa Irons Ave Island, by the armed fo-cee of Veaesuela, a d the oeueeiiBent abaudoamenl of valuable guano asa-seiis, sua erecsione rer its euijHaeui.. be Adminlstratbrti la aatlen d, Iroia ofSclal etannels of Infirmatlon, Ihalnone of tbe foreign guvemmon aym4.thlK with t- aMaaelonmeve meotalnthe Mouth, to. I ou lb onnlrary, stress the utuxet ilkliude lr tha preeeiVAUua of Ibe autlre I'nlon Yarloue amendmetts ale ystlol talon by the Peaoe onnlereia e. During leet night's eeea.on. tbey stored to the first branch of the penduig prop oaltion prohibiting tlavety aorthof UO30, and recognising tbe alatuaol slavsiy suth uf that llsej the elatea lurmsd out of Ihe territory to be admit ted with or without slavery, a their constitution niaypiasrlbe. This re lelveJ a decided af&rmative veto. Borne of the Coinmlsslorer who opposed the proiweltlou, iMitifllenliaPy aaeft thai, with aeveral en epilog, tbls is satisfat tr to all Ihoee fru the border slave slalL. Tbtprubulillily now 1 that they will net com plete their labure bnfoi e nen Tuesdsy. Mr. LlNOUlJi today, la cominy with Bvaator Bs abii, at'euded DliHs aervic al HI Jeba'e Ki's copal chun h. ladsAulte rumor areafixtt cwcernlng warlike dlsiatchea said to have bwn received by tbo Ue Terniaenl from the 8 iuth. These cause niaik e clteiaeel and many Inqulrlee, hut they caauot I traied to any rellalll simxs. There carululy ha lea no t'al lnet meeting todty to consider suoh dispalchis, If any such has been received. Yaahlngtaa'a RlrtkMl.iy. .Vets Cftlcan, f'.O ti --WAshlngtou's birth dy was as,nlflkul' csleksetcd by a grand military display, the leiKl Uniout nsr teen here, aa great ruenlfcetaliouof Joy. The city waa brilliantly Illuminated te ulghl, aud taoii in firing. SI. Looit, Fib, 22. M'sbJnplon's birth-day Ucelebrated,bralblaertin bv a futl tura-oul ofUen. rt'WT'a llitgede, and IbaMlsaiuil Yolun teara. The weather la Gee aud the streets are deueely thronged w th I eople to witness the par. ado A National salute aa fl sd early llii uoru- Toe marctbtll library ball la now everflowlag with people to hear WAeni-KJTiB s farewell address read by Rev Mr. llssuLsr, aud UaUa ti pelrtoiiu eoog lr amateur partoimeis, and aoute J0 publlo atheol scholars. IndlaiiavlU, Fib, tS Waibhiotob's blrthdsy wasraltbraledbTB paraleof tbt rulllwiy, a die play of national fl igs fiom many buslaes kuM aua x li .It reeidtut ee. CenTCallon of Vrlrraa Haldlewa. Miimatwtm, V4. 2 A CoBrontlon f ol I i.ii....:...i.ui imi.t.Ue. fa nisetln be BBasvittiej evetaeva vssrsee hvit ews-ri -- tween stn of tit vitsrut wlo hai not atl tlnot they fought biywher was very alT-ctlng. J IlLAan, of ad.ansilts, was boson cbtlrmaa, and Capt. ll.lUti an, seiioury. ltesululloas were sd.M'd, prote.tlng ajainst aiy tbamie of the U ji.tltulli u to conciliate li ailora ot auy section i sptroTingoflbeaition el IneBtrelary of War aud Oeneral B.OTT lu thalr praiautlonary measures, for Us pneiUon of the Uep tol, that "we will throw ourse'vss lute Ihe from ranks te sustain tbe AiaerUan flag, K'publit and Ujvein'uenl, as aw organised, and euawian g the riealdsut la the at ecatlon of the laws." A resolution v. as edi4ed unanimously, re questing the tliiieral Aweaubly to petllloa Ca great to tnind the- uainlvrs, so that penetea j tit ...t t... t.i ,.,n w.m sin.laviU from IWJ . ! surgeons Bleach drawing ol thalr peMtoua, to pruv Trad btwr Ilaetaa and tarleaasrm. Botton, Fth. 2J. Tb tteamer South Caro WeihuiVcrt'thUafMrooon.forCbarleetoa. lia tmLafcebthLusuag la tsirtof!; utW t In profusion. lina i with hundred u; 1B la profusion. Startling Events! i 0 i CONSPITIACY TO ASSASSINATE THE PRESIDENT ELECT. Tho Plot Frustrated, Ihtrltlutf, I'rli. 2.1. The people of this dt wert tidonlahed this morning I an announce mint that Mr. Lim-orw had started la a apeclal train for tVshingVin,dlrpsir Lee having been i e telvrd rrqulrlrg hlspreeeiM-e In WashlngVm. Rs pnrts art biitl! clrcu't'ed that thrrt eras a plut lo aesaeilnate him whilt sssag thmigh IlsitlnKirt, tut such air tlee are not belltvtd. Tea Baltlmor Ccmmitlee la heir, but did not hsvt an Interview with M. I-ikim. A crowd bloc kid up all tht Calvert street depot, and on tie arrival of the train, greeted it with groans, on learning that tht report of Mr. Liaxnui having slolia a rcarah waa aot a hoax, MHrnmr, rb. 13-1 P. it A rery largt cmd gieetad tie train lieerlng the Presidential party at Yotk Mr. VTiMin anominred from the rear plat form ItatMr. l.l "il was not aboard, having gone direct to Wssbtngton. M'. Woos tben InlroJunrd ttoaiar I.IN04JI, who happened to alsud lieslde him, whin ts ry murb to the lattsc's aelonlehnirat, the trata moTsd liirward. At 1 1 so the train passed the Marland braa la- T- The Comnillee from Rslllmore Jolne.1 tbe pari al llarruburt, consisting of It W. Bsenis, T, Vf Maisiuii. I, llmsteisa, W Hail. J Huiior, W, K. DirsaoT, J. M. I'siara and K. ft t'osa am, the Utter oa betell ol Ibe I.ierbiral College. A.I ol them feel eeiy Indlimaal at Ibe want of eon Ailrnieln thecltUena of lulllmore, as ev.dtnced ty Mr I.tNivMa'sciuree, a thoufch II Isunleral-irvl be wse ped to It, but was ovmult-l b otber taitlea, who have staiinied thoomrol of hi move U.I tit. Most amp's arra-gameut had been made here for sei-uiliiK the safeand tcxneulfut transit of Mr. Ijm c i ibionah the dl. The police torct wsa all out. Bid fnll eielppd, ard all tf"ol clltasos wre arixh ua tliat oo lidlgutiliould have been nuuilfreVd. lie epprehenalea eoleulned waa tlat certain disirtmlab'e psilee, who letelyel tedidihemselvre to Ike K publlcsn organisation htte, at d who vrere etpcid to mske a demonrr. Uon, wmdd have arouMd bsd fseling In tb mltd of some, aiidpaitlall caused a dlslurMnce. Ob. erwlse there wa no reaeoo to prebeu 1 anjthinj unpleasai.t here, IsiUtmor, I tb. n Mr, LiNwote arrived here al lo'iloik.fncnp, and went direct lo Wsshlngton Ills fsnitly snd tie remslrulrr of bis party will ar rive at I o'slcck, Mncbti leuiant waa oucaeloaeid by the ruee MoJuiififin, V II -Note little sensation pre. vailed tbriHiglioiit the oil, Ih e moniliy. hiikih II brraai k nnwa thai Mr. Ieo-n h I a 1 arrived I the earl train. It was unsucessfuHy sought lo imceel the fsit, esclall from the newsoajier prcii, his prenenc here b ing al fl'sl communlett. ed to a fsw po'lllcal friends la e -nlhlstK-e. II was met al ISe station by several genlleinin of distinr. tloo, without ae forraa'll, and wa loiinedlatsl dr Ivea ta Wlllard's Hotel. He wa veteids advised to mine hither with out delay. l'festrallons hsd Inm-q made tt meet hlru al the station, this aflernooa, aud Ihe Msor of WseiilnRton wa to make a welcome adlreas, but Mr. Liixoije ha thus spoiled Ibe programme. Aljout la rckek. Mr. Limooi n, aocompanleil by Mr. Bswaan, paid hla repte to p.saldenl llvomiA-i, sprnitlag a few irdoutee In geneial c Miverastton. Henati r Hull ta and KlreentatiTe Joins Coon- abb haeened to be at the While Mouse when he entered, and were accordingly Intrislui ed lo the president el I. Mr. L. afterward returned to hit Louie. truer auriTon llarrtt'tirj, r,b 138 A. U -AnttiUB Lie ooijr, the Freaideal elect of tbe United States, 1 safe la tht Capital of the nation. 11 Ike admira ble arrangement uf Uenarel Boott, tbe country hat blest spend the lasting dlagraoe, which would hart been faaleBid Indelible, upon II had Mr. Libooim beea mutdeted apoa hi Journey thither, at kt would hare beea, bad ha followed tht programme as announced In the japera and gone by the Mirth em Central railroad lo Baltimore. On Thursday night after be had retired, Mr. I.r--oolm tii sxcAUH d and informed that a ttranger de tlr;d to act him on a matter of life or death, tit declined to admit klm l.n'eee ht gave hie nsme, whWh he al onto did. Suoh prestige did the nam vvry, ,sn wuiii ear, i.i.iK.i-n wm gisnled aa Interview to the taller, carry, that while Mr. I.inooui was jet d trebtd.hs A prolonged conversation shelled the fact that eat otgaalsed body of men had determined that Mr. I J soot a should sb Inaugurated, and that ht should never leave the clly of Ualtlraora alive. If, ndeed, he tver entered It. The list ef the names of tb oonspiratora present ed a most Bflotilablng array of persons high la Heulhern rosfilsooe, and me whose fame la not cot fined to thlscountry alone. Blatremcn laid the plan. Linker Indorsed lt,anl tdveadurrr were to carry It Into tfleit. They un derstood Mr. iJanoLM waa to leave llarrlsbiirg at 9 o'clock tht morning by special train, and th Idea was, If poSHib', to thiow the tars from the teed at ome point wteie they would rush down a steep esnlsuikoretit and deatoy la a nmmeut the live of all onboard, lacaseoftbe failure of thU pro Ject their plan wa to aurround the oarrlage oa th way froaa depot to dep,a la lltltimore, and aeeasel aale bini with tlaggar or pistol ahot. B i authentic wae the auure frota which th la (niialton was otalned, that Mr. I,io-ii.a, after oouneelliig his frlenls, was compelled to make arrauKeniei.ta which would enable him to subvert tbe p'aiai of I la enemtee. (Jreatly to tbe annoyance of the thousands who desired to ra'l (i blm leal ulghl, be declined giv ing a reueAleu. Tb final council wat held at S o'clock Mr. I,tncsiiJf did not want to yield, anl Colonel PeaetaeituaJlyciIrd wllb laibgnalioa but. M-a Ijnismji. eeoi.deil by Mr. Juno end M'. I.Nisu.Ne original Ufonrait, laaleted upon II, anl al nine oVIoca. Mr, Li snout left on a apeclal train. Us wore a Booti h plaid cap and a veiy long military cloak, eo that he weidlrely unrsoonlsable. Ao oompanled I y Buierlutsodtut Law at and one friend, healarted, while all Ibe town, with the eiceidlou of Mrs. lJMHiiji, Col. BoBBia, Mr, J son, and lw reporters, who were awont lo secrecy, eupposed him lo be ssleep. The le.eerat n wire wet nut berond reach of any on who might dtsli to use them, resin eierATc. Tb raaeoa for thbt movement, eo evtratrJinary aad unpriredeiileil, la that Mr, UiooiJi't frlenli believe, Item tntonnaltou eouired I am not per mitted to tell how that If bs carried out hla pr. firamue, Hid left ly special train at nine this ai ra ng, the train would either b run oflf ao embaak nient, h.owu up ly ireoade placed benaath tbe Ua k, or some wey destroyed, bet wet th M erlsad line and lultlmore i or thai, tbl falling, Mr. I.m. i oi m would be montied and aeeaeetnated la II dil nime dui Irg hht lid from depot to depot. lUw Unmtneut his fiisnd thought tV'a danger was, may be Judged by tbe tact that on of tboee who wa aware of the plot, but wa obliged to go where Mr. l.iKooi a went, made bis will, eratled up his Klre, auu (ireiiarea lor euaaen ata ia caaa Mr, toiji should Insist upon going an ihltmoro Isg. Although not divulged to Mr. I.twom a till yes. tarda, aoni ssy. Hit weol plan waa arTAUged days ago. tint J three porrui wera to be let Into the ph t. Including M't I.isimb and Mr. Juno, of Illinois. Mr. I.iemoji returned front tht cere, monies al Ihe Bute llotiaeat three o'clock yealardty afteiaoou. Tbett the plan ws laid before blue, lis t aeld to have lndlguanlly iejecti 11. Mrs. Lis ooiji begged of him lo go. Oilier proa had to b let lalo the eeoret In order to persuade Mr. Lib cvkb, anxsig them Oovernor Cctni". AH astd go. Colonel Bobbbb almoel wept wllb anger at IUU nlaa railed II abomtaable, and aald Mr, Luoolb waa a brae a any man, but b bad cowardly filenee. Mr. Liaooue was assured Ibat he would certainly b aaiasBinaVed, perhape the whole family deelrctid, tud that aa altack would be made upim Fell Buniler at Ibe same lime i finally, hi friends' pertuatlon end Mrs. iJsooui's tear Induced htm, who wee to let eurfului Jaukajn, to ooneeul to lb arrangetatiil. ... , . . . All the peily ar en the trala, though but few think we ahall reach Weahlngt-n without aoul. deuit Colisiel t.iseoBm expexte tha trala will be iw bbf d et Italumore. Tbe iailydou'1 talk mueh. Tht rmy officer are veiyaogry. Th republican em batrd, eoiue of thou editors of leaduig Republican J lurnala, are ontrsgesus. 111 advisnl, IcjudliUiua, d eve ry ei ithel le eheweird tipxilbe moviment. Bull Mr. Iisooin lenolblsu-ed, but only hi alvlssrs. Others ln III a drleiwehy ssytng that Mr. Liaixil a can do aa be pleaaea, that K U ltlv to lit prudeut than rash, and that Ibe matter waa one of life and drelk. Mr l.iHi.iLi'adialiullnalioB to fe Is ali e'luptiu,ae 's.i lbs tefuaal of the Us'llmore Council to Invite him. A Washington ssys -Mr. I.tncoih verti advised by bleb authorities Vets lo tome through Baltimore In the a'ght. In order to avoid a diffljul 1 growing up Uilhalrity about who should I cclvt blm, and bow 11 should be doue. Senator IswAtn received offlc'al Inlelllgence on Thaieday evening, from rllhl, thai a most dlibollcal plot bad beea ucxeeefully ar. renged. ao tbe part of a eecrel organisation la B .1. t'niov. iTaa-Jelnate Ihe rreeldeut ele. t or bis ar ilval in tUI rily. Mr. Btwtaa eommuiiicalsd Ihle nlSllgettVa'lrw private frltd. d "J da terndnid to dhnetch a meessraieT al ome to Phllf,n.h.mof tbe-and arglng him louts an earner traia, w.v. .-.- ----. ---through la Ibe night. M'. Ubomji aMsil ad re i..ved tutelllgouo from Mallunoi al a aladlar na ture. There Is llttlt doubt that th feeling aad eenll. .-... ,j i, .nnia iJ litlmare te eery UHer ' against Mr. Uboojb, ao much ae. Indeed, Um , laac might Uvs beea attempted. It kt reg VJUMUkS!SSSf' WUM'.Pwui oUd. afoai M Ttggi .... w. --. , r - -: - , - BO mUOB B, MMievis, -'. vi- grod i. PrffUB tbCablMtwiTU aeaalon. Tha meeeenger an vxmnctd that Mr. Bswaaa waa la to eettroeav, attended by Mr tmom w, lb rrvttdewt elect. Tne rraeidrBt an Dot swar that Mr Ltaooua had ar. rived, ner wa either member of th Gabtaet. Mr. DvcuMaji prsoeeded Imwwdlatelf to bis prlvax recrpvloei lejm, and aoca Mr. Lnsoour aad Mr. BtwsBB war srowa la, th latter InlrodoelBf tbe toeroer. Mr. Rixsiabab reeelved Mr. Ijboou ve-y cordially, and a pleasant Interview was bad. Mr. UtiniAKA then Invited Mr. l.lsooi a to vlsll the Cabtaei Cbarnlen-, which h aocrtted, and wai la trodncedto each member. The Intel views were wry agreeable. I pon leaving Ihe Whit Ileus, M. Lmmia nd Mr. BewABM made a rail upon Lieutenant Gen erel Boerr.leittbeod chief wsa aaent elwmling to Llsofllrlsldotles. At S o'clork Ueneral Boit rM-irnrd Mr, t.tie coin' fall. He wee wermly greeted by th I'ree -deal elect, who ispreawd to tbe ilmeral ble liiBDka for tbe many marks of etlsnti 41 be had hotra him, especially la detailing aa eeoort from his home to the cspiiel. Altioiork, the I linole Cmgreeetontl delegt lion, without reweetof psrt.beaded bBialor Ih 00LA, tailed upon Mr Iimioin aud latui thalr leepeite. Tbe meeting wsa lee formal perbape than wtu'd lave ten th eie at tb Interview with any other delegatbm, from tb feel that they were all friends and aqiitlnlincee berfora. T.i Interview le we n Mr. Livonia aad Mr, 1) icala we peiulieity p -essnt. Sir. IJtra'n' flrat UreeplUn at Waakw Inglea. reMaianvii, Feb. 21. At tin o'clock, T)r. PoiaT"B Beotetary of Ihe Pete Congress, present ed a communication t Mr. Libooi m, annunoing that the member of Ibe Congreae were nations lo peylheir reecl toMr, Liboolb, and re'piastla? t"e latter to name tbe lime when be wjuld re oeive Iktm. Mr, Incour replied Ikal he would be beity t" receive tnem ainineo-oioca. Alsiveoo'olock Mr. Luowus left bis hotel, and prnierVtd In a carriage ti the residence of Mr. 8Ati, with whom I e dined. At ten minute b lor nineicl ak Mr Libihmji returned I this hotel, and wa leietvid by no eiitiuslaatlo crowd, whs rreewd Llin as though be was their lather and life. H me weie o d mer anl eoine old and eirneymng Isdlea. Tl.ey reflntcil the geiersl feeling, Inst iu Mr LiBfvitN ree't Ihe future bope of tbe govern mei I and the I nion. Mr I tNooui sumrd throueh the long parlor hall, thronged with the eifnaisi fashion of the nvlontl metre i.ille,ehsk Ing bands a fast aa b oou'd on his rial t and left vnib lad ee i.nd geat.emen, eo toleeieKly Intel est.! that Le lorrot even ti tike hie bat off. which wa evcu'ed ly a looker on, whv remarked that Itwasnewariloutah'Bed tbe crowd. Al nine o'clock, aiv-ording to previous arrange rrml, Mr. I tvcHB recclv.d the Fiae C enrrens. Tte munltfre formed In pnseesioa la Ibe lusll where they meet, and pro ended lo the reception parlor 1 es Pierldcnt Tvi m, an. (iivernsr Cuts, i.f Ohio, led the van. Toe latter Introduced Me. Tvisb Mr. I.ivioiie received blm with all mm respect due Lie poe.lion. Tee eeveral delegates were then preeenud to Mr. Litooib by UoeeroT Ctitaa, in Ibensual manner, The greeted ruri'aliy waa raanlfTied to wtl. new Mr Iimois'h first receiAion In Wsshlmrl'm. Tbe notel marvellous thing taatoJlurred wt th rnaoueeiaiiou uj vi m m m, wuiMi-w.ui metuory. ll wil. be reuienibered tiial ths Convn that la oorapoeed of many tueu. who, allhougb die tiiirfulshtd la their time. Lave until very letely IMt is-eit very much known. Kech member ws Intnduoed by hla last name, but In nln cas out of Um Mr. LtNooui would promtit'y recall their entire lime, no outlier how many Initial ll con tained, lu aeveral InsUurc h recited the hlelor leal remlidsotncee of families, la short, he uu derelsa Is Ilia iraierlal t f tbe Psaca Oongreee. tbesi tha tall Ilmeral noe.rms, of M eeiurl, ws Uitruduced, Mr. I.mooiji bad to look up t catch kirMA'neo. He Immediately lnuuireiL 'Is tble lenmriu. who ma-le Ibat apleadid march at roes the 1'lelns, aad swept tbe owitt Cv manchea liefor blm '1 usna aided theeipeditloa across the P. aim,' modestly reranidcd Ihetleueral. "Tren you I ave ooena u j to lb steadied of my eiHetooa,'' r Ined Mr Linooiji. Alter tht tocrt-tloa of the Peace Cmgressws enocluled. a large number ot clilaen war pre nted. Mr. Lnooijiwa thaa nitifivd that Ite ante-loom and main parloi of Ihe hotel wort filled with ltdlee,wbodadred to pay their respect, to which th rreaidrnt elect very provptly con eented. The la tie than passed la review, ih betrar Introduced by th gentleman who aooompa. nledber. Mr Libisuji uuderwtnl lb ne ordeal with much good humor. Al lea o'clock Mr. BeitiAKAB'a Cabinet called aad paid then respect. In realms to Mr L noi t'a enup d'rrat at the Wmte Ilius tbl monuij. Their raoeptloa wa very plea eaot. r It may be truly said thai Mr. L'inLBa fi et day la vTMBington a iiaeiaeut uni oeea a eci cldsd moreia. Democrat aa wall at repnbllctas art plead with him, sn 1 tb ldi, who thought h wsa (wkerard at first tight, change.! their opinion, and now dectate him 'a very pleastot, xwUbl geatlunan, aad not bad looking by any means." Mrs. I,ioom, who arrlrid with tha main of Mr. I.iBiiH a'a soils In Uis avening train, did not receive cellere tntirbt. Msny etiqulrlea wee made for ber by Ike lsdtee whegaUd their reanecls to Mr. Lmiseuf, but (aligua from the day' travel wa th auu for bar urn ppareac. Froaa Ileadaiae AaotWer IteTalallew. fi'rw Orltant, Frb. 25 Ily the arrival of tha eohooner Dew Drop w has rjondera detee of th loch last. liar advice stele that another rsvilu tlon. orla-hutlnc with the Reactionary nsrty. wee Impending. Urn Oacbhioi a aad other governmsnl efficere had beea aipelled fim lb country. nd there were ei roug ladhallens of a speedy eurreader of Itualaa to tha government of llonduia. BarnkBg of a Caart llaaee, llilMyrrillt, Fib. 21. Tho Court llous tlt ualed in this cllv ws burned d wn tbl morning. at 4 ovlotk. Tbe books and woer oonnectel wllb the bus lb see of tha Court were te a great ei teul saved. CITY NEWS. t'ArinunK ron rnn rar.tiniir Kibct. A fin coach mad by Messrs. Ilrwstr a Co , of Ilroomt street, for Mr, Ltoooln, was sent to Wesh ItigtononSetuidty, lilt a testimonial of person al regard, from some gentlemen of thla city. 1 s Interior trimmings are of crimeou bro. alalia. Coal l,bio. Maitkif. iTHOuvrii r. Tho "uso'ul, ornv mental aud royetkal ail .lee" hitherto euiploei by Ike Boas of Malta In the celebrated IVo 1'elrla lodge, No. UU Broadway, wet dlsjoeed of al e'lc tloo 00 Bsturday leal. Th lodg room, first fljor from the rot f, waa otjadad with spectators maay oflhtm brother J, A 8. of th ordsr aud a th vaiioua atllcle wera diajiceed of, much merrlaiant wa ellt lied 1 y th remlniecenc of thou who bad Wen "tried atd proves." A most helerojeeeous tuliture of things paseed beneath the hammer of the aiutloneer, furniture, n organ, a gang 'fbo merly used by th Kmperor Chow mow," Damas cus blsJes "wed by the Kalghle of Malta eighteen huodrcd yeaie bofere the deluge." Apron of lano cetue, heln tte, suits of armor, dopilaoes, ate., all weut 1 ft at tht lowml price. "It nigged path" only Ln" t the eeme price 11 would cotumaad If cnanutkclured Into firewood. To "mystlo vjl

urns" and trvctal peckagea of artlds tacrtd lo th gtst of brethren of th ordsr only, wsr privately I urchaeed, ll wa said for a lodg la aaoahar city. Tin Jawitu FurivAL I'tKltf. Tha Jaw. lah festival rurlm, observed In th oommesnara. lion oftbtcscspe of the Israelite from th antra of IIauab through tat lelerposilloB of Qieea iMtun, oommeuced oil Saturday avanuig hurt anl continued for twenty-four hour. II la obeerved with feasting and merrymaking, aud ia each of tht synageguea, among other aervioe peculisr to tht ocoaalon, tht Dxik of Etther U chanted. H11111 lUutr Coumittsti Tbrmiba. Tt or its Labob. The final meeting of Ike By rlan relief CommlUee took pht:t on Thursday af ternoon, Ibe list Indent, The Tiaaurr submit ted a fall repoii of the receipts of Ihe sum remit ted to Beirut, and the eiptusee which hai been In curred. Tbe committee paseed a rot ef thank Wilis Treasurer and the Bemury, for the servlcss which they bad rend rred lb object for which th committee was is-ganlted. Tbe commutes also peneda resolution rdpiestlng tha Treaaurer to trauamll any donations hlch ht may yet revelvt to th Aagle-American cemmittee al Delnt. The tarn total received by Ihe Syrian re'lef com mittee hat Iwen $19 Oil 81; tli amount remitted t Hetrut hae been IMcU) t8 theddference, JIT J J", Is tht amount ot Ike eipuaee Incurred Ly Ik I rluling aud tlrculatlug of lie site thouamd c'lrcil lais, oeiage, ai.d dla ouut on uncurrent money. Nl'W VuRK llilil'ITA.-e WkfAtY BK.rOJlT ta FausiAir 12, ll.Hcmalnlng m Februtry U, D(W 1 admitted to kebreary 91, ti . dacharged, cured or relieved, b.' t 4il, 1 1 HnuluiBg at iUU, !H3 t ua'ae, til 1 feuvaleis Si. Flrcw, AacUnua, laqaejte, tVe. Tiik is Ciivbit Strekt. A fir brokt out at 7 o'clock yesterday morning, oa the first floor of tht bull J lug No, IT Cherry stiset, ocoupled ata gi o-ery si- re by MatnN Kitei. The dimes spread rapidly lo, the upper portion of the building, oocu. piea uy a numuer ei poor taminve, inwi. store ss buret out, and oensldsrabl dtmag waa dona to lbs furniture of the ttnaat up-slaira befer tht firemen ceuld sittagulah th femes. A daaiage of about 11,000 vn dme to Ihe ssexk of groceries t fully Insured la to Hamlltoti Imntranc Oempaay, Th building, owned by J abb TuloaaAea. was damaged about foOO t Insured. Tha furniture up etalra wa aot tnaured. It I aald U fir oif lasAed from t ietecUvt ublmuay Baa, Flag r Eiairrn ArEnrt. About II o'clock TMdey alght, a Ira broke out la the boot aad aba (tor Mo. C Eighth avenue, occupied by If r. J A. Jostbsob, sod awsed by Hseav Yone. 'Cafrala Bit end ifficer Bremi"! t, of th lid ward, wb hanwaed to la passing al lb time, gar tb alarm. Bar), altar breaking down three dooes, siteoaedad la reectdBg Mr. Jammm and bar five ehlldrta. who were tslerp In the beck bu-roenl. I) unsge IrifiUg. eTaaPB'' etxrk le Insured la th Peter Cjoper In surance Co, for ITCO Fish ni tub Bowmr,-About IH o'clock B durdsy morning, a fir broke out In th carpet slots of B II. WHAtra, tod II iirery, 01 the po lite minting th atr,thy found a cum'ierof roll of oil cloth piled up round ma et ivr, and In such clcee proximity to It that one of llem had caught fire. Damage ensUlned about HOT. Fire Marshal riisra weapotifil to Inwwtigalt Ihe case, whloh, tb pollc think, look rather suspicious. Fiee ia Exchaxoe Tlace. ToaltriLty mocvdeg it 11 o'clock, in eonsequenc of a defect la a chimney flue, a fire brake la Ike office of the Toledo W Abash and Western R ft 0 .. e tuated on the third Door of M Krrhang Piaoa. A damage of about fa) was done before tha flames were esvJa rilebeil. Th building U owned by OWeenor Moariaa, r'iBE It rioimi Avtsrr. Soma ROliln th show window of th dry f d store No UA Kighlh avenue rsuLlfl'fnwa a ge light, and a a lose of about Kan was BUiitalned, Insured. Fikk tx IlnoitnvAT. At half past twelve ulock oa Saturday night, a trlfl ng Ere rtcciirred In a dwelling house tt IheeornTrof Ttroadwiyand Vt lb street. Faiak Amrm. An alirm wtl struck on Ihe fir bells at alioul 1 o'clock on geturdty, which proved to la false. Fatal Act hunt wiiii b Fi.tieu a Kite. Joins A Saim, a Ltd 15 years of age, while fiiag a kite from tkero f of aa unflilshed building In tli st, neer 11th a trans, est ititiiida,a.-'idanta'ly fall through the open hkyliht to the bAsement, kuf. Ing huu alm,al in-deolly. The bjdy wtl taken to the residence of bis peretita, corner of 411 street aid 11th avenue, by ofll or Hi ata and Vea Qiiim, ol lb I'M Ward, sn I th conacr n tilled. Scunrn Dfitii or A 1'oi.k fmai. About .1 c "clock Bslurdey morning, ALMavnir Fssrs. tstro'men alls, bed to tht Niath Ward polio, was found Ivlng In the stone yard ef Mr. Seal ra, cor. nern'lluik end West streele, In sn uncon I vus roaditloa. lie wa removeltt hi resldsuce N. 110 Wsehlnglon strut, where he die I In a few hour aftarwsrde. ratas was laat eee alive at ravea o lock on fridar night, when he was pre. mil al tbe roll call. Ill e ippneed thtt hi llealh waa ciued by an eUttk of aimpbiy, Actitprrr ati Kviiwkix. Join Si iikar. back, a joutig nian, while ttprrlmenllng la his fatliet's labornlory, on th ecnal fieorofNt. 304 llrtMolwty, with some cbenuWa, on flstarday af. ternsm, met wilh aa accliWit, and aneiposloa followed. Ills LsnJs and face wete liadly burned, and tbe 1ec wa eel oa fire. Tbe fl tmes, howev. er, were ext ugulehed befor much deaug wa done. The ?fiifiiB NtnAottsETT, while off Govemot'e Island, on Saturday afternoon, we rua iaio by an unknown vessel, and tuuk. At far a knowa, no live were lost. Death erou Viot ei cb. Coroner Somn ata held an bvpisat at Mo' 114 West 3Ilh st., oa lha bolyof lloua MoTar, ayounjman, who dial of lnjurlie received on Wedneadty night bat. Dr. (U0B0B llotrrois made a ewer mortem eieeolnatloii ol the testy, which reveal! tbe fact Ibat death wa tb result of oompealoo of the braia, ooneeqiunl iipn a fracture of tha skull. Th Jury found a verdict to that effect, adding thai aald fracture wa prodoeed ta aoene meaner te their knowledge un known. Pettr LalelllgCBeo, dc. Ae Oij Ciiaroe KKTtTKn. Some wtekt ago Mast M bab, then a domestic la the tmploy of Mr. Jab Brata, a widow lady, ruldlng al net Greenwich etreet, wa arrested no auspletoa of uaeum stolen a aouv Blal a i,vuvotli, doib laeuee oc ILe Chemical Hank, Por gralr eecurlly MrB. Hritat carried her money pUmal to a place of eivuies waits ana eeeis so ataar ao wsea, but unfortunately ah forget to rsosov lb bills. and tkla act ol lurgetfuUieet did not occur ta her Mil lha wash waa la, and Mast whaa applied to dealed laving eeen the nucev, and hence her arrwn on sospbl.n. The proof being Insufficient, nhe wa subs, quel Ily discharged. Since thea additional evidence he beea offered egslnst lha suspected Af mealic, aod Justice QeAcaBaaosa hae Ueued a warraU tar her an eat. Oaeor two ethara,aB. pwtd lo be lmplloaled, have been taken Into cu. tody. A Wot.r m StiErr'g Cirrirnro. Officer Wfna,ofihlTih Waid, onBttnrdey, err sated a Ueroan aarrxd Ansa Wauita, on complaint of IhneoTHBA TJioaa, a washerwoman, living allfi. 13'; Orchard at. DoavatA alleges tha be earns U her hi nee aad represenied that h wanted eome washing doo, and, after challlog a few momeuls. aiuaoumtd that ha wa a priest connected with an ealenelve benero'eut Instllullon, and desired to contract wilh ber for aa ettanstT anvrunt of "nta. gllng." To cocclnf a tha bargain, he pulled a email bottle from hla pocket, and offered her "eoeaethiag to uke." Bhe arenk from the bottle, and tinnedi-. ately thereafter became luaeusible Walleebe was In this condition, he appropriated various articlee, consisting of ahlrta, elocking. Jewelry, At., b. longing to ber customers, and deistrted. Tester. dey, t a eaw him In tbe etreet. and caused hi sr risl Tb prieoBor wa takett before Justice Has. sv, wbea, a portion of the properly having beea found In hi poceerelon, Le wa hld to aoewer, TKorERTT Heioyekrd. On tbo 7th last., Mr. W. Habit Case, proprietor of a billiard sa loon la Spring street, hear Droadway, lost eight set ef billiard belle, valued al I lit. ( BUurdsy, Oillier llaira p. VAllac"T, ol tbe 'gntb Pre. cinct, found them la the reeuurent of Mr. W A. Ai HSB.coinerof BulUvAnaal Caaal street. Ti ettuer idcsiti Ad end clalraal ihe ball, which Mr, Al asms scld were left l one Tuoa te No. a a in hi hi aaliaai, fir eafe keeping. Toe otilosr there iifn eougLI Tmba Noiuta, who lea btr-teoder, atd a native of lia'and, agid twenty, end took him before Justice postaaaaav, at tbe Je(f.rein Mir. kel Police Court, where be elated Ibtl bo hai te. calved tie tall from a auysleroi aua In the streets the particular street having escaped hi memoir. Justice Dvanasatt required him to tWi;anZttV& I he wa cmimltted to anawar. FinrMEji't Fiaiin. Yeaterdty morning at th iiemeo were prooeedlag to th fir In Kt change Plana, Itoee Company Ni. to aad KugUi Company Nt. 1$ came la oolllsion at the earner ef Wall and Nassau streets. A fight was th conse quence, in which wrenches, trumpet, ais aad fire oapa were used as waie of attack and defence. A ruanlcg fight wat continued down through Broad slieil, sou when ill belligerent ctme eppotiM in 1st Piectnct elation house, the pollc aaiuea out in lara number, aad arrested MicittBL Iloia leho had aa aie la hie baud. Several otter were ar itated, and ta a few minute th disturbance wa qualltd. Th prisoners were Ukea to Court and all were dlschargad but Dean, hs being hsld for tiled. In the collision el Itie oornr of Well and Nsaeeu streets, lltatr Sxirrror, a member of the 11 lee Co., wa run over aad eeriouely tajured. A lb ooruanlea wer retamlng from Ibe fire, IL-oe ComMuilea 10 end to eommenred a fight la rarl atreel. near Wall, and 11 waa ooatlnued lor eome tlaie, taalll tht police InUrfered. Member of U4h oonipanrae wer badly Injured duriag tbe Sm z i be at OniCKtE LnouiATCRtt. De. lei live Bs-uirrT ard Maanntoat. hav been busy among tha printing-offices duriag Ih past fort. Bight, snd an Saturday they seised la Coartlandl eueat, 4,(10 ouplee of a libialaoae print, which ha taan druulated among erratic bore, Tbe form al. eowerateissd and taken U MMrepolltaa Head auarUr. Tb t ffloers arraeted Joua Man is er, Mikiiam. PmnkBT and Pbabim O, Puue, prlateTe, end Rasbst MitlaTTta, neweboy. Thee psram wer Uken befor a maglal.-ate, atd bald lo an swer, Ccta'iTXErr.m. Tut pollc made aeveral arreaU oa Bsturday nlgkt, of persons who wars. engaged la passing coun'-erfell bill. Tht money. repraacnled ia a bad lmltlou of th three's of th lenlrttillollaak.rf Warwick, aad tha WyemlntT Itnk,of Wllkeetiaire, Peoneylvaaia. Alteratloae on tbe Cantrevllle llatk, ol Ihe denomination of (10 and of $5, had born afloat for eome month. CaA(,EorGvAriI.ARcv!tT. Joni Simos, a carjeuler, waa ajteeted ou Stturdiy, crrged with aleallng$;oO In bank. bUla, from Mr, Cut ajervsa visa, oj aa, i. nrvwway. lui ;ui, II appeare, had dene eoiae work for Mr. A., and oedled for hla pa. Whlkt la th office, Mr. K,,wa caileil away a few mnmenu, aad left hie wallet, lenlelnlng $3,eufl, tehhid blm. Biaon, aa alleg rd,heliedblmaair to $W and after gelling hu pay withdrew- The money was missed eoon f terwerds, ami Mr, lb teuaed Ih arrtat of Ih ao cuard, and he we held b bail tn $1,00 U ant war the charge. II had A cpaenlly been eiaploysd to do email jba for ht:. at , who alway th ought hiss honest. Mo portlea ef th mhteUg money ha beta recovered. CRAJtSE OT FAUE ritETTJCIA, lEVBIO J. Coob, a marrkaat, doing busluaaa at aVread, N. V., wa brougtl bo this clly yerierdsy.U answer a charge of ' fklee pretesicee," preferred against blm 1 Btobb- Bn , of No. Ml Chaaabara st wha cailmthalaboalaytar aga, Ihey wea laduied to I Ive hiss endit on a bill ef watoh', ataouaung U $IOI to, by representation n men ruaas, wuica e r now charged to be faJa. Th aoouasd denied tb truth ot tbt charge, bat wa bald to ball by Jastlca BuuBAB to answer at Caart. Aeraplt vvrtn a IUtoekt. We. McKe- ow, a liquor dealer al No. lit But lOtls st-, wa arraeted on luniay, charged with aatmalting hU utter, V.uiabbtw MoCtaa, and atabUag bar U tha baadwiU abaowes. Ill latumaUd to pluag th wteaaealuUsMC braasTet bu ahj WtrtLtd off V ibTet tad received It la ber hand. Tbt accused wa bead to bail to aaewer. Bore, BgrrABt. Officer QfLxoett, of tha K'gbth WarJ, ea Bslordsy arraeted Job Limeta, aa eppvewtlc la a dorra-toera bookbindery, wb wa complained af ly a grocer ia Vender etreet, who stated that Ih boy In that netghborhnod fre quently gathered la large partlae and aroused Uemeelve by throwlag etoaee UU tradeeaneo' wludcws. The accused was eonalgaed U a eel I la Ite (tth Ward suiloo-heuse, and bald for eitmlnt Uob. LEIiAI. BETUKra-HAriiaDAT. fnltrd Malt ClrraK Caart. 77i Mum 7Vwsf Fund I-itlralimThl V. 8. U. Vai AnTir-ITuf Bank of A fl-yruh-lie rf af Judge Bnslliy on gau-dsy dieeolred thlnJunrtlori against all tha defendant herein, eirept K chard B bell, he not having appeared 1 tht waiter. Tha Jadgauka lb ground thai aa IbsUtdi were intended U be aeg iab a, aad bar. In eome Into tlie hand of fi nresenl holders la got d felth snd wtlbnut notice, they ctanot be de prived of them. An AII'grA OomUrfiitfr ) trhn'yd 77ia CAT rs, A eYeAam yirdindid. To prlaooer, who had been Indlcttd for passing a counl-tMl tweniy ehbllng piece, wa on Bttarday morainr brourbt lnoiCouitfor senifcca. B eae tune einse he,und-T the ad vie r f counsel p'ead gul t, but the D s.rlct Attn ney, tbuklng blm toe young tilt eevsrely puiilaced. lucireeled lithe Court that he had al ready been enOcleut y punished, aad asked tat aakaceL su.pendeii, tb Court aotal upon th tuggestiet, and the prlamer wa discharged. Blcij nf Itoertdmp inlkt Wool Ctv.Th' I' 8. ti. Dalft HVW motion wa mid no BAlurdsy morning, He 134 IneV, befere JueLje ghlp a an, lor a etty of dlnge in thl cue, In order lo give the Dmtrlft Attorney time to make a esse atd rrcttiies. A etsyeit granui by the Oiirt antil nest flilurday -ihe Court remarklag tkel 11 then wlehed u bear Ihe argument of oourmel wn tbe ceaetntctlon of tbe stsiuU wuJsr wbloh tbt wool was ailaed. Clamman Plena. 71c Ktrrrl Cttmmy 0n'rari R rir'. H'.i luim D Uiam rs, IU ilajor and dndrn J. II uk-t-y. This rrolLet came an U b hrs-d Jedr Krady. al tbe chembrre ef this Court, and I for ao InJimnbTi toreatrain thecorpiallon from allowlag llackley tha eontract f.r ceaeug the etreet la thl cl. Tbl motion I similar to Ibat made la Ibe Burartor Court a faw days since, aad tiiea slated laTnsFcie. lb plaltt ff claim to hav bnn th lowett bidder for Ihe contract, and that lia Com mon Council la bout d le give him Ihe contract. The drfendaota, bowtver, aver thai under the law af lo0 they have tha right of dun rell va In sm h nutttersof awarding cintree'e. Ihey also eonleetd tlisl aa lb plaint tT ha no vested right ia th Biatter he caennl Interfere with the ecu of tbe or pnretl'U by euih a preteeillug. It le cwtanded that this Le a A a proper oaa for aa Injunction. Maprrsno Caart, or trouble nooiif CVrwrofwn Con'raef I7.s rmylt rx. rrl. Jtrj.h It. HVsf t O. A, Smith, Strut CVmrnuetmr Thl wa aa epplictliea fer a mandamus to eouii el lie defendant to award the contract fir retu'elmg Mth ilreet, to ike, be rlalmlnff I let the lowest bidder. Ike defendant eel up thai the eintrarl bad al ready been awarded to John M. MesUraon, and waa never tfor th Common Cmnctlfrr conflr n atlon. Vader these circumstance h clelmed h had no longer aavtblpg to do with th nutter, Tb Court eo hold, and d Tiled tht motion fir a vnondamiis. The matter was be 'or Justice Leon ard lucbambera. Kaprrlar Caart. Drparturt of Juitice Iloiwrth firlht South. Juatlca It's worth on Bslurdey, th Nd lmn., Bailed per the Yotktowa for North Carolina, ha travel for hi health, but eipeiUte return In the oouree of a month. Jvritiiction af WrU af llabttu Corjmtln tU matter 0 Nathan Dmcn, Jr II appears that lha applicant, Nathan Drown, Jr., wa a abort lima lnca committed to th cuatedy of tha sheriff on a Btillwell warraat. He now applied for hi release en Aabsoe cervetu Messrs. Oskey Hall and C mrrnty moved to quash th writ on th ground that It wa allowed by a Justice af tha Supreme Court, and made rsturnab. before a Justice of Ike Supreme Court. Thaoouneiel c'aimid that tha retarn be fora aa efflcer other thaa the C anmbtaloaer lmulng tha writ, waa applicable only when tbe custody ws In a adjoining orunly. Couneol cited t Hill, CM, Hill's nolea, 11 err and Morciae'e case. Coon theaa aulhorillee Justice R iberleo gran- lad th motion, and discharged lha writ. 7 Wajti af an ArcMtrdlCcAari i(. Bunt ta. Klrazrr Tinn)y ThU case cam on al a trial Urre of thl Couilbef Justlc lloCTotaa. Th actioa I brought by th plaintiff to recover $1.4.i0, for hi aervue allegtd to have been ren dered U tha defendant, a an architect In drafting the deelgn and sjiperlntendiag lha erection of the building No. II west a-"UU street. The aareniant deals thai tha plalatlff ever rendered him earrloea al hi request, but admiu that the house wa built upon hi pneparty. II appear thai tha house was erected for a friend af defendant, on J p. Rwtur. Tb deibedant llogee,lhatalthaaiiReetlooof the plaintiff aad under tha paraonal direction of Rietter, certain ab. terallcn wer made In It original deelgn of th kulldiag, which was not to add materially to lha expnaof theliulldirg and was to be a great la provement, that tht defendaal, for theaa eerrloea, bad paid the plaintiff three hundred dellara, but tkel the plaintiff and Hauler, while th de fendant wa In lb country, bad ordered great change la tha eooatrucliua of Ih building, utitrary to hie e I press instruction which had med ti building coat $11 000, Instead of $13 OCO, the amount which h had intended to xpend up lu construction. Th deferdtal also alleged thai the plaintiff, for the purpose of gelling hie name up eaanerthlteil, had built a peculiar lac upon the fn nl of the bul!d,ng. which he tad agreed t pay for. but Lad nut done so, aid th deisntaat eel up tbeee Items es a counter claim. The plelnliff testified thai there was some pent, llarfealureo ta Iba oonattuctloa of tbe bulldtag wbtchmade tbe work ecullarly laborious. Among these wa a ayttem of suircaaie and dwr by which u Individual ceuld go over th hous will ott being otweiT'd, and a 10-wn on the ground fleor, which, lo height, Inclu led lbs first and se cond etortee, aud had a 1 ailing arouad II. Tne caee ll still on. A Xutorunu Pnarderly llowf. la the Court ef Speilal BwelouaonB.lurday, th ess of Mrs. r.llralthV.lrtlllJ.C1.rgad with keeping a die- orderly louse, al No 144 West Fifteenth street, ws called up for trial. Mia. Fairchlld wu one befor lb public In a mnr aolorloue manner, she belag then the wife of Mtrcna Cicero S ily, and hla af. lorte to obtala a divorce from her attrscle.1 much attention. 8 nee thai time. It la charged Ibtl ehe hat kept dteotder'y house of In various part of lb clly Sb ha th custody of two children, a Utile boy and girl, the mull of her nnloa with Mr. Stanley, and It I lor th purpn of rescuing them that this prnserutloa I eanled oa. Ot the Id of Iieeember, Mrs. Fair, child waa arraeted and taken before Justice Q iaok enhusb, when eh demanded en eiamlnauou, Kt Recorder Smith appearlag aa her oouneel, and Mr, Cbarlee 8- Spencer for the proeecutioa. Mr. Suta. ley U not the complained ta tha cats, tht woman' outraged nelgbtmr bavlrg take tha rn titer In band. Th defence oontrived, by on qulldil and another, to protract tha avjtmlnaiion for over two nonths. Witeaaee of tb highest resperubllity teslifisd cltarly to lb charactsr ol tbt house, their BtatenvenU being corroborated by th teveral women wb had bean Inmates of her house. Ol of Iheee unf-rlnn-'t girls wbo passed by the ntme of Canais Mot arrows I toe daughter of highly ia. apectabla parent, living In a neighboring stars, wbo wer Ignorant of their daughter whereabout. lathe hep of preventing thtt wttneae appearing al she trie, enns one wroU her father aa ano-y aoeaa letter. Tbl noto, 11 1 alleged, wa written by Mr. FADU.-nuH.who had been the confidant of th young woman referred to. II also appeared lkt tb defendant reawtly Induced a Utile girl, aged 11 year. ton sober hou la tbscana oity of cLamlarmald. and having ttn bar within her den. compelled her to submit to tht dselros of a wealthy maaoftbUtlty. Tat uaan la Ihe father af aaugbUm aa old aa tbe girl he thus ruined, and proceedings wbl ba commenced against him for ue outrage. At tha ooncluaVm ef th e semination, Juatlca Quacktnletsb he the aoouaed ta anawar in th um of 100, and she elected to ba tried befor Ik Court oi Special Bsseions. Tbaa the ease waa cad. ad ywlardsy, ei Recorder Soilth moved to have tha rasa teal to th Genera'. Sessions, clalmlnt for bis cl-ant th right of trial by jury. A leugt'ay ao gum ene-aed. BROOKLYN. Aeoiuir Fatal Baruiwa Ti cm Acctdfkt. A domtstlo La It family cj Mrs. Ttiuun, la tth street, Cowanua, died al tht Clly Hospital, aa Friday night free 'Juries emrulned by th burst, inf ol a fluid lauin. which aha vea Bard ia liKBIlBg faw evenings prtviou. Tb nam of tha dAeeasad wa Ana IRiia,agsd 1 bora la l.agland. Alarm or Fire. YeaUrday aftaroooR, about one o'cUck, there wa aa alarm af fir la tha First District, ctutrd by building a fir la a (tort ia th Ueevawn! ol K). ISO Fulloo etreet. Th flu being to(ied up, tb roem became filled with sunk, and rusting la volnms out of tha dxir and wind owe, leased Ike alarm. Officer Alii Beta carrieik lb slovs apoa tk aldawalk, and th aa cltorawjl eooa aubaldsd. bWwiRAUB. Should tb weather pror fTOf ahee th woik en th eewere will eeoa b rariuaed. ut year, between lb 1st of May and IS ef No veuiUr. thirty miles of eewert wer Kid In th etreeu of the city. II U anticipated Ib'.l aa eonsl. If aot a grtaUr number of mils of, pip, wlu b Uld th oomlDg ee a- TAMiita ConmtRigrt BrrtLa. Oa riatur. day evening, Anoarw J. Woaoa wa arraeted by officer Sumiof the 4th PreoincA, fer pesakag a coua terfelt on the Wyoming Rtr.k, at lb store of Wa. C.Ct.4twwiJe, m Myrtle 4Xvenu, UtWM locked rfgttboarUf. ' Ctrr MoRTttTT-Tbj total BitaW tt la thl rite far 0a wTk adiagtbatM wee IMt of whkn.44err aVedeaj aaat M feasale. 41 adult atd (4 children. 7M prlacravsl dleeeee wereCoaewmptloa, 14 cartet iwver, croup aad taAaaasaailna of lha long, t sacs) dlpat theria, 1 1 maraemus Infsatila, $ 1 acrofala, f I email Kx, ll lockjaw, l.Ao. Vnder I yew efaga.M Iween I and 11. , Nttlve at Ih U'vd Btalea, TT I Ireland, II , Midland, I ( Eagiaad. 1 1 Germany, , alher cvuntriea, t. Fiiim 11 jARrAET. Th total nimbcr of fire tnd alarms In Jaanary wsa T, aad th aggrtv gat damag did nit amount U M. The AiAiiRMT or Miaic, Rrrry dollar at th stick of this entirprlse ha beta subscribed and paid In. For City Iteira, see Third Pattf3. PlBBsTra PATT3TT STJJJlIt R AMD MIDICATRB TAPtiR BATTtS. . lot FTXTtlN ST, NlwW TORsT. aad Me. WIlXJlX.tUJlf ST. BAVXaaXTsf. TVeas Ralhs hav aeevt ta etseoaM eeeratloa for It reen. aad have lv 1 aalv sal est 'aeth . Theaa Hatha are nfnl t-n kN trvpiBiina trm eireuiltion ef the 1 ReeetsMUt Iraas-tbhi r (rati I. imnmisanerTouslrrlUbllltr, 4. tSirsalllUe sof lb sklaT fi. ReneveellefvcaeffreaigBjawjr . Olva ton te th dlmvdie eraaera. T. Oeeicome ewelllnts aad citwdrartleVA. L Ours seoBteoB nous ssvaa Asuj aava. Banana. maie, salt tartm. fete taaoat, stom, bsdsacoia R. F. nniARDt Wixo CmnutT nrmra. Bctt.rthan tb b-eur than th parse-med free a tbe tmet matortala alware aseSul ssesclallr to t h rr--ti'-lr Tinns suil pisewis men atlas flrtaa ileiaaa making slow eroaroee TRV TUB wnji ClintRT rOT.TBTai. We would. evaoeaBBvid ail who ar anlleled with lee eferprtltei.fsbitaeaa.Bala la to cheat, er the lee tnele Inridmt e In rpeint srasew, U take R. r. IIIH- BAJUI-H WUd f em Itlab-ea hies ady t II eennot faU te Keaeflt the Invalid. r w wish ws had a vote te tell all the allettal wher thry eaa Bad this nnrivaled panaeeeA. Bat s Beaver The Wkir and Dr-nii.rTATTeB Sh-iiMtrrTir Anderson's , roKbiAi. Trice $1 per hot Ue. i'or sale at fl Klibt av. lTTivjjajrJ ROTlCEtS, lor the lematrdlata etlarlalUn ef Ike. r. ereclatlnr tortures ef RheumatUevnas HOLLO WAT'S I'll la snd t untenant-they are guaranteed to eralkcaU thlsolsraee (rem the sntn, If tbe lestraelio-c ea rornpauyuig Uiem bt Istrictly aad falUfally etl-w. CMtTera nenseepntada Wyeretl are need WKh ereal euraea. The list eeeaBrues I enss tor neainr au tn 11 ee mat flesa le hair to rrta gi oeni per aa. rtULLdr UU, rroerlr, MB telt Is IBS aocMfinr mmc. ew Volk tlptbalBBie llMnlial tK met cement The arofeaeton and students sg medicine art respecrfall Invited ts sttond the eaaael eemmeweemeat of the eheve InetltutleB, at thetlat veraltl Msdtcel Colleae, 14th et, en Monday evenlaa. VSthlnet, at I o'clock Th" ed 1ree lo ihe eradatles will be grlivprrd by Dr. JOHN P. II ARRIS H. The vah-dlrurrregdraae will be delivered he lle.JAtf.e V KICRNAN, oue ef the clsae. Ne York. Peb. iuth. 1SC1, Ul A lrtee,laa, nf tbo Mewkers af Iba yrfva PolctslBkaMlerlonwIllbe held at tha elae Ula. v Mondsr evenlne. to form a Preafbee AsaeelaUeeva As i. u. Bene r rut, rrt. um teLixiu,Bee'y. lag A. O. IT -The) Meeaher af the) Haetrel tu re-iueeUd U meet at tlie h-4uarters, tit nssteret. this Monday erentn. at H o'clock. Beereterles el renin, at 1M e'eteet. Beereterles ef rwiulred to brtnf their book a, wlthovA ' at JAS. BANUruRll, H.l. JOUR uivtelone ar 1 tall Hy order TbCKrlR,N.B. DEATHR. PEVNER-Ie Brooklya, Frb tsd, alter a abort Ht- . uatoanna 1 a aetlv ef Trakte. (J. Irr. Ire 1st , In th gist year of ber eg. tee. Tbe rrlande and aeqnalatarMea ef tn raaanr n reerpeetfellr Invited to attend the funeral, this (Ms ide and aavptalntarvaea of family ar iBVueva ae taesa an mussel ibis iis-m. dar) slUeueon, koth Inst, at t o'eloek, frota ta rvat dVnea ef her son. Usury Ueoner, 01 Mala st, Break, lea. 144 BROWN On Bttneday raornlag, Feb, 134, Joseph 1L frown. In the burn vv sv of his ee. Tbe retetive end frteee of Ue tunfiy are reeeeea. fally lavlted to attend the funeral, this (Msaday) saoen Ins, tMh Inst, at 10 o'clock, tree hie lata raeideexva, lit Fast 14th st. 111 FRASCR Sstlenly, on Saturday morning, ltd Inst, Alriander rraser. In thettth Jeer el hie a. Tb iattves and rrtana at tn raendr, and tea member, ef tha Polls Depertawat ef which be ess a member, am respertmllf Invited to attend tha fanes, this (MoaOar) a tsnwon, al 1 e'eleek, tram the J an t-M.K.Cbnich. 1 FARREU.Y-(m Raturdaf , tb 13d In, Mrs. Jo. Ferelly, in Ibe 124 rear of br age. Her friend and aequainUnona era reeaeeafally lav Ttted U attcad her funeral, froat ber Isle revahteaeei. Bo tSl Mulberry si. Usr remalne srlll be takea to Calvary Church, this Monday afternoon, at 1 eleak, for Interment ISd OAIXirjAN-FrtncU Oeniran. son ef Patrick 1 Ellen (ealllran, aged V yeeerai 9 months aad T dsye. 1 ae reieuvee ana trienas or toe remiiy are mile Invited to attend hla fuaeraL I -le (! arte moon, iixh Inst, st I o'eloek, rr a tb raaUt ea af hU parent. Mi Third are, ear. of loth ee. 0 OOINO-On Feb. 14th, after a abort but severe Bt- aeae, ratnea uoicl, in ue ouut year or aieeen. The friends u in ramus are 11 umiallr br to attaetd bis funeral, on ruaedar arteraoen. Ml Inea. at a e etoca, n-otn ais inte roaiaeews, os ncanwaei sa. BARMAN-Oa Baturdar, Frb lid. at hi radge) In Walton et, near Utrrtsoa ave, t est Brooklyn, Jeha Harman, aged 41 fears and 0 interne. I tear friend, than trt icue, I shall teles thee. Mr remembranoe ol thee. In Ills, will never fad t Mar thy bndr II evi r al rest. And mey Uiy eplrlt be among the ble 'd. The funeral a 111 Uke e'eos this (Mondar) sfter noon, al I o'clock Ills re atlvee aad irieads arera aprcUully Invited to sttrad. ltd IlKNf.RKK -tn fisturdav, Feb. S.T, Catharial lltndrlrt,ln tlu fit yearor her ere. The and pdstlvee ef Ihe (asdly, ant her loxthir, II. li. rierr, are reouee'ed u at'eed tb fomralsiitlce, at the McthodUl ohurck lalth etreet. tlus Monday, at 1 0 clock. JOHNSON I'deard Johnson, ntUvattlteaaiart, Med bb ye sre. Ills funeral will tske place frota hlelaW restdenea. M North tth st. WillumsOurgn, ou 1 needs ate, nooa, XGth Inst, at t o'eloek. M I.KK-Oa tbe 13d Iret, Ada U, daughter af gteehea Hie friends, and those of Frederick R. let sad Iletirr lirinker, era reepilbllr lavltod U a'Vaedlh a funr rel. thla (Mundar) aflerteon, 3.1k last, at t eTlk. from l!9Lldildast,wittoiitnarU rlnvlulljB, 00 IINN-On Friday mernln. Feb JM.Ortoa, enlr child of Robert L and Mary Una, li Yerick at. McKVOY-On Burdsv. Feb t4ta. Ar a bogertner lllaeea, Mary, bsdoved wile of Jhn stDRrey, toraarby ar Aratw ejnuutr Louib. ireiena. Tbe Meenks end aeunaeutaiwiMa af a faaaftr are M. Entfallr lavlted U a Band lha funeral, U la (Men. rl altrrneon, Ibth last, el 1 , froaa th rest. denoe of ber husband, M tTeet gist et. an McCOBUACK-Mary MeCor-aak, th beleved alfa ef John hUOerma ca, a aaUveof U Ualoa, Ce. Usr. ire lend. Th frlmds of tha fessll, snd rhesa af bar brother. Jeha Bcaeilaa, are mpactfiilly iavtsed u sttead the funeral, IhU (stood w) arvewnoe Feb. lath, at t 'deck, frem tier UU nsldss a, Molbsrry et. lit qt'IGMCY-Oa fUlardar. Fara, 13d. 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