Newspaper of The Sun, February 26, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated February 26, 1861 Page 2
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- '&- -' -a- ,r?r in II ihipi THE NEW yORKSUN. TTJESDAT IfOBNnfO, FEB. JO, mu The new of this morning place Mr. rout's Mcrat Journey to Washington in a. clearer ILtrht thtn w hid hoped for. The af (llr It ftr from wholly Intelligible y at, but ana thing appears end Isputed, which decides at One the propriety of the course adoptc I. The warning of the Baltimore police, a.lviflng Mr. LnrooL af preparations for disturbance and rlolenra, which they cosM not promise ability to control, waft one which coul I not havr born disregarded without a contempt for the muni cipal authorities, anj a recklessness of the public peaca, wch m Mr. Llftcoi X should hare been the Nut nan to exhibit, ami of all pi ices, In a southern city. It li already apparent that the apprelirnilel difficulty wat not a plot of dimple atttislnc Uon, lat waa of Ike nature of a riot and a grot disturbance of the public peace, for which lb materials, consisting of two hostile rlasses of scoundrels (such a Iltltlmore la too famous for) were all In rce.l incus to meet in foriicloue CoUation on the occasion of the arriral of the rreelitrnt alt-,. One net of obnoxious charac ter had resolved to give him a weL-ome and a proeoeelon, the opposite aort were "liound" to tare a tight over It, if this were attempted; and finally, desperadoes enough were res ly to mil In tho disturbance with the determined purpose to fulfil .be staple threat of southern rulTnnlsm, that Mr. I.twrot.i shoutl nerer live to l Insulated, n iTcn to retch the city of Washington. The apprehension of the destruction of the train turns out a sheer fahrictilon f the "sen aillon" n porters, who are chiefly respooIUi for the doubtful and mortifying p'witlon Into which Mr. Iivimi and his friends havo Iwn temporarily thrown. So, too, of the diaguisu, another "s'tinr.lng" Item of the di-p itches, which tee ((.licit ly rontradictel this m irning from Wnn4ion. Probably tin o'.lur details reported will I , disposed of In the Sifne wy. Nothing ujp-ars certain but lint Mr. jntVAtn, and nthrfa of the highest responsibility In Washington, li til Concurred with tlie Chief of l'olice in In warning Mr. (.litem. of prclc'erniinaJ riot and asstssiinstlon at the latter pl.tce, and in iltitlng hi n to avoid Iv ing npKrl unity for an outbreik s foil of pub lie danger ai,d disgrace. His cnrnplla-ica, as well ae the a ivlco itself, It is evt.lnnt, is gener ally approved, now that tb.ef.Kta are bettor un dcrst'od. Flashing the Fat (. Tnn planters and men of weslili In the southern states, are now In a f ilr way of reall ling how much they have lot', In b-lm tho protection afforded them Ly tho government of the United StaUs. Men who hisvo nothing to loeo and there are plenty of them In the enco ding states can tuuily afford to become revo lutionists, but revolution csjuot be tu-Ulnel without money. Whence, then, la the inonry to be attained to support the revolution try Government set np at Montgomery t The Montgomery Jit.1, the re tra) organ of the rev elation, answer the question In this ruggce tlve style i In the tVmth, a everywhere else where tve sua ehtnee, there are theiM-ande o( mercenary, eeltlah, uopainotlc rich man men u (at trial lbs- hv bsoosne Itrp-aeot for all i.iod. Toee men I not the but ytidgre seAa( 4 bed's a fr people to i nd reVe-tare urpeaa'n7iy acute ae to west mtr, caa ar anil stfltwt Ihe vsloeef property. Tbe Id -t of s oeUlasesa with onr opptwaanra aleiraa tbem fo- their t ttey groan ever toe csjuuittion inslll eaay he km; suoosbs. poeesbly yesre. ere tbelr her vesi itsM skill eorae aaatn. llsaidee to,la, th-r Is Use paeafttotlltv 4e tbe epprehene ou of the ciae we ateeM ef ttiat yrofersy msv prmtnnly rtn dasrn, 1st wnkh uao tbey will be heavy lasers, of course. Of oearse, the rich, fat men of the Siuth mist bo relieved af their niletiea hy rellev lag theia of their riches. They mutt pay the piper while others dance to the secensloo misic. Aa OrvicutL ArroLiTtrnTT. Ono of the ooctal appmntmente muds by Judie MCaesi, lnoe entering (sn tee dutlee ef iqeofnce of euy Judge, hsa beieu that cf Aiisnoaa Wsao, a person indicted tor In ibery, at tr.e pjeitioa of ma ofttoer of tbe OMtrt. tferlii. We learn from a reliable source thtt the tppoiatmeat of Wann waa made by the Be cerdtr and not by the City Judge, Tun psirieon of Fort Sumtor flrelastlute of 81 guns, on the 2-M, in honor of WAsiirtn roN'e llirthdsy, and tho Charleston Journals reoord the fact as a now insult to the novo reigny f twulh Carolina I I low the sound uf those "aauct" guns niest have stirred tho re VcUIous spirit of the Churlostou disunlonists ! OpUilens of the Psosse, AU the Jiurnnls hare mora or less to say, tdivorln'.l, ujwn tba al egtd conspiracy te aMietln ate W. Liiool's, either la Baltimore, or wkl'.e un Lie way uotu toat city te Wlomoa. The Journal oj t'otemeree doabts tbe existent ef toy compiler j, end after discording the stories of the4'eenrsdot,''LeesoaereiirreeuouileoU.asuiUnly the work of their oseu Imagination, ssjsi In trui. He e la uiuclt in a'l tit cui'U'nitsnces, celcuta'td t eiiMKist the tbount tal tus wails effslr was lee!:i-0 as a uji d' rMt to vnd a(p'e. heuleddtneiilt'eeluHllluie. Osrlmlls lust sib'ees tbe I'residsut mImoi possees1 eit-nee ve etlsUotory to bis rnld toat eime evil dsiip gainst bis neron wss O'wuiipUsel, ms setto it dually reso'ved iiisin coaveye a vsy uugnt-ro i' iinputstuei oi tbe loyauy ael plri d. m i luv wtubiss uf Its tiuiore. Tie PbUadllU Vrsa aays; In Mr I.ikooi 's -ei hea in fit e't r tere em two lemaiks w iicq, t sontM exsnt, ii..tii,tst an ebeesuHiS of aa stUt a tefire bis tnnigiuuitoii or, at all evsine, ti at he ens ti'it c iimliler is c-ristn he would fill the l'rmirl-ritil ceir. Iiiblair. jsit'ke la rrp'y li Uih llsav, at tba (Nnsiiirnral Hotel, he s.l fi 1 shell ei-k. in si y neii W.n dsywesk, fsv-r. If I saxruH rmr so-ali th-n, it were ute foe e to do , nnw bis sosrecb at Iod psudence llsil, on Xridey m vnn, alio ling toooaretee eannm-ou of tee Deciarftti n of ItJe eiestdeaoe, te reneikodt !! teis eoestry rseot bt atved wlsbous g ring np ih.i k, - about to esy, smuU raltur tW asstsssfoo-'eil cm rtte tjM faon tt tumndt tr." It Is pifeihte tba lliwe cipiaeetont wj a usel In a general aene, tut it is j n eneaae luiuostlale Itiet they were dirsetly or Itiiirectiy otsisiooes u iv.iv u - .,,u(., , stssstaele alaa. The Tlsnee virtually tehaowledgee Ihtl the te taeelnatlea sensation dlsreleb, which It puVlahed oa Bstuidey lvealBg,waa uneuetelned by tresa wortky pioof, and eredlU the utemeot ef Its Weshtegieu ooireedondeal, wbo states that Mr. Lrsnos.ii pursued the course he did by ad vice est sAeau'a-nltueslasnMiore, iao.dr M trld tbe U asive measio j uf t of pretended political friends, slim rbsrstner at4 teaeral rejiutstloa did aot atTerd suinoi-ni wsrrsnt .r tbelr be Sa vior and tbsl the motive t the edvtea we to svs tbe clsy from Ike renarb of pmoerdlage wktch tbeee eu too mncb reason te fesr would lake plane at bis rsceptloo, Tbe Timet td Is I But even If the other report were trut ard tHs oliet 4 tbe uneoge of programiae bad beoe t avade the deeg.r of tbreeteaed tsaassissiiou, we see ae resam lee sey ceaeure of Mr. Liiuoi.tre oeuree. It .s not ewy 'oextg-iats tbe luierwa.-s of hie life to tbeeuuusry el the present uomwt. Ills aseaeamatlon would, ueiond a I qiiselleu, pluagaiuloiocivil ennmioiioas, tne end uf wtlch ue maa caa forerwj and any apprehension of euj-b aa evasa, ibsrsgue, tarowe a snstr of pu'jlls oaoera. He tad nor'gMle reg.M i( Imu e atei-ely pareooal p4al view, oe te guide bis action ta reaarg to U by hit paraenal fedibge or vredlleu Uoaa. Tbe Philadelphia Vtiyt thinks that Iks change la Mr. Liaooui-s Journey to Washlogtoa-, Meet have been ruber to avoid de'ey from public reorptuniS, tba any suppneitnm test bit life was la danger, far be sutfund b e fuQts, whose lives war pmbtb'y as dsar to bim aa his own. Is go fir. wudaaongioaliy aaoouncxi, eud Owir safe arri val al BtUlniera, aad eubqu-ony at Wssoleiloo, Kvee new id were Ibe reports of deiaage to tte a, af Wowing up of II by greasdee. Of the aataaalnatloa plot tut Uslllmore Hun stays i Jt tela whole tad U aU IU petU a Ue, a gross tZa) etisceelees lie, ooooocted snlk t view lo e deid groaa tna ignomioy tn bib a'siwv4v, ui, ., freeldesA uf sb L'nlUd Btatea, as us ipeuist Vht people of BalUntora, TILE LATEST NEWS. mt niEGiurn to tub m. t. mxtk. Foreign IntollJgonco o Tftn hnmtk Amrtir ftdti Uttm.n Ir tlie rrlrl of tli UmJ.Ip Arlrl, w ki lit rMsAtru. Starotih lMh liwl. cvrn.1. ThftMi rnf Jimitiry ITi Btmr Varaa, lh pTflftni Mmutawnf tvh InMnor, bvl tvn mt olav J fur lh rrtldfif . Tb bk4 HrrttuQ of C iTotmI W U tlAaVroytHl by tr. Tr fl'tm-f Aior A. Co, fc4 tplrtvl, lul would mod b r)cw(t ftl lelnm attd Vwrii. AsV.RTtnRnorirnrtAnoH, Bmi Jntvn )! rfthaAtti of nttt that OMMtrfti 8aa bM umM with ! IJ ymnr if H a Lttnikb! Matrfkim to lbTd ptd Jiun, fcivi la (hrfi ibtsiwr ki jirurLucncl u ol m crfcif.l r, rno. CftUftn (IttM rf Jn 20 n lh fOTernmnt fttvl rfriftio fior-mtr- orn witickl lufftferi)wli(. oit to tti ro HfdrtisdinH f ih ew of lh xutirff att & ttihlrMtt Tn cuntr; q'lftsv rtf'itm frw Hi iWtwf-fti of nain.eit wm ovmttiflinL Awit-t ktwii pt tyi ralM Unlnctsj Ca11i m lo Tbi L. 8 s-bifH irrwc fcriil K.rrftftnMtt wcr M Cllo Tsiti f rmtr lu.J tyU .IiKh!y dmtjl by ft oolilnlot. with IU frifiti Hchai. roi fvu, Tb CaUnM hi 1 lvnsiid fjiiitiM, aol utnmfvl th nltfirtif 0'Vf'ii nut, .Uiaiki t-xik refug u CRMtiAi tntrk, Aiv fJranntta nm ,?- IIcnTAto, Iiton4ent of H.ittMs ib) i)wn awjipuiu d rmnninitiner Twhiii, itt o 4rviti In srrsnjjtn ih cl blui pmi 1 lt.( lHinli T'ftisvdS !" u4 Nw 04ut.i. (VtfV'M.o V'jiMf, it i rt iben fti Yn.msj mm lrmt,f t iti'tti ri!tiT j tl.t OeJUUsiimiti uf (Mi. MritM' Oi ! lb ft la ft" ri.Hft4nini WltD 4rf'fl' f.itlHt lift lsl K.t -hAtt'4l, AU1 llll CaHTA.s' ) ID till tKMMT4tua t-'i ifTa Kirit : Mill ht ftUnifini in to la tfln I TIm bt Kill iH-tUiC llt ! lMl -I'Hrll mm, lUfsskV-HMIi Ulitt)- i i'H s iili. I (iijrv.Ii L'rri, MBf lMXft.lnM.r' llli- lllt Iis5l 1-tll Otl'tH I (I'll IMhs 4i in lut fr.ittsU -thM utttriii'M uf p-i h. In-t-n rtJHwd by Mofl-juf; wn ,a ltJ't i.j siliMtaof fla iripii-t.ita. t-i M411 A Nrstt. It .M'.UIA UMllil urH fOI-ltttUilMllly fnUiU u tt r i- , ' Ut ifU4 tn,twaf-ui riu tab ottiii'j prtvn, in ft iut if hi tllliy. Hull tiibir rpT U. tht lie HW f M.silt-n i(t II liU h-l prsitifiiit i ml tn Urrr 'f AsWiHMtaMA, ftn rhuf of ln ctftMMsi.ofi (lt. IUna lissvl tim iin 1 bu In-rniti-n of IfHTWjr ti rt'biiry if rirnniniii Owkina ifpt-n nut eoofiUn u I)st,mi.n vno vtr s-IsM-taaii u r,nUrniy nhw. Tl OoTefiinr of llstlivU IhrtiKtffrM war if .aiD drMti I ftdMK Vj a mm iatrtuntlin pl cy. Term bvt Iweu m tidinjn MJ li ! l'h, at rnnft, of lb ftlootk-of-oA1 IeivM ftixl Ihfl J!viiMM l'J?i o f th In thdkiiiry circuiftUl m to her tint; in th Luiw J Slot, Political Iatolllgonco. XXXTlth CONlKEW.-Ce-f4 rVjuue. Wiithlnrtim, rrh. 25. A mossie wi re eeivid Iroui tt House annoubcing the pa.4e sf the Oieiroiidit s It'll. Dainctnn itMr I,4ns (Orrfroa) Itwas notlsUe ejwt rnt. r f I t enitrow at reif istet tl YI k. Mi ltirii t (1. ) .reeiin a number of pt.tlons in tavoi M tht CaiTiasrSM resolutiosui. Ur( U.ui iibsi pieenrd the risoliitiona ad ij t id b) t 1' 1'iejlonl StstvCouvMitlon. M" UU4l (Msasj orave.l uebiioae frem eitia-ueol Mteu'.riu.-ebteaul l'lulsdeluhla auslnet eon3rntie II'. 8ruaa a'ao .retectd a ) etltbm from eltU etiS . MiMtssc iiietls akti.g Oilftreaa to enact a law tat nupsi'ou shall bt bell in ae.vltude by tte Uwsotany etai, ao1 that s'icU perius u.iw held be dectarcd tree, lie said te prwentd tae ttuiun bwauie be tbongat It ble doty to d eo, tt havinir benpt evented te blsn la a pripvaed res nevtlul niiint.ut be would tske tnle ooeaalon ts declare, ox si i xplk UU, tl at he did not believe thai Congrsve tad any light to murfere wltn aiavery In IBs BUiee. M. Uisn (Mo.) prttentM a pelltlne rrnm the labsblui u of lMtatl asking tur a territorUl g iv emmem. air. Ircaliu. (Ill (eseated petitions against eoroprcDiiM. orapron.'se. I Ou moilon of Mr, Wa (Ohio ) IVe bill In rela- I Inn lo the .eui eei vke m Ibe fcieJsd sUlee waa I linn tektn up. Mr I'ssbct (l-d ) jiored It etilke out I ord insurre.ii ru Mr. Vai.a said he wat willing to have the censes of Ibe loaurrec'louanl rrslslsnoe W Ibe laws aa aigned tn tbe bill, atrhken out. Mr. rasara'e a'.saduient wae wllhdrawa. and IbeUllaineld'd 'l m.ituuof Mr. llttsan (Del.) eo ae te coiif"nu to Mr. Wear's suh'eesnon. Mr. JiHissoe (tik) prtewrfel tbe crodsntlaht of Cntaue II Mivi hm.l Beuitorela I from Aik.oee'. Mr. Uksu'iiui. iT'Xss) r irsd eaunetituie or tbe Mil that, srsrms revel al stales bvn wltb Irswa from Ibe Unit n, and tte laws i.f the 1'nlttt Avesee no longer have force tbsrefore, reeolved, thei tte ruetmanter (Jensral la autbrlaed ti diawustniie tKe tnsrtel aiivics, aud n.ake arisnuuinu woh tbe geverniuer.t of those autes In regtrd t tbe atme. AfterfurtLer dietuielon. Mr. Toiii (H ) moved to leudily tbe auieielaeul lei as lo rtasj, 'lt al Iboeteiee b cu have witwrswa Irons lae L'nlon, theP.wimssur ljin ul siell have toe power to eleoni'biio the p sttl !,.: yeee U, aaye SO. Mr Ilrni'miu's iloienl su then rejected yee 9, usys US. Tbe bill wse tten nssed. Ytss Msssih A'.tiiony, llsyaid B'siler, ITng hem, Cliarsiler Osik, (;!' Ler.C'.tt-n lea D s on, r title Imulii, Dniki. K-asetulen, fito, Ko 4 I'lwter, (tl m, II 1. Ils-ls'i J ihn'iu, u' Tenn. Keuel'y, K '.. L.tbaTl, Msil.l, Psr-, fl ward, r)' us svi .mtr, Tro K, k tuocoeia. Tiuiutun, Vaee, W ,llii i, w.l.i-,t NstsMeMi's II a.., B MM. Ce-en, lls-nnkUl, Jolituvm, .t Aik , Liie, ilsip, Nj-b!, I'ii, Uvit-'el'-U. Tbe It me 'am- ut A' p-ot.ruJt.A U'.l seas Isk-a up, aisS lbs Bt it- pe s ded t tr.e em.devs ot sbe velli.'.a af id'rnl.tsplikdoiU ul stLS in tie 1-MliTl'l'-, Mr (iarta'M..) 'fbe-id whtt le kwn at Ue C' lrl-i'.l Ai-.r. la-ut. Tee ae d.stptal Vi-;ts-s tl taja. Hi Mr I'.ua 'SI i n fielkt n.Hlii-.i evwd Is g uvs e & r met 'A a (, i 4 It sss tat p.t tir.e s lit ! o u ereie I. es Mr Iim r-t 'It 1 , '(T'SM ar. sn .l-ee-is ti rt ;i . v 1 ' n I-. 1 s tt .' I et" s b Ul ..: 5 . ""f I W t p. i.. 4 ,eVd arsir'e. Mi I": va. -. 1 1' t't'itl -ss - , ,, srt Me 11 n. 1 'II s s ri ,,.. '. :ii.sti rri id Mr. I'l.jM'.e a a r s d 1 t erf, A mee. UK -s rw-if.o i .. s--e II ,41 . , '. 1 t 1 f ' ad I d I t ' I . . 'ta . s- blu tr. silo..i. e -i 1 s.e c s 1. s .e.i. fnen'e Mi I'r M e i." r t . rr. 1 1 s t, si r.e epieotlouusrit of nirn.teis of t it II . ' 1: fs sentativ.s iiiss tod. fids t io.ni4t4rn r.r i-M In aieaJiilitU. Mr I'owiii. rrovsl lot'J. urn. f.t- Mr l'aaai a will drew b s amen I brni. Mr r.iwtii. riirive tlatths Hofar.1 eternitl directed to leing in i e ahseet rner 1 iers Hulequenliy be with Irew ble aiuearaeul ajet Ibe bdl wee possed Tte temioriel bl le were taken up aii't isvts tie spswuU osdtr kit te morrow. A'jout ued. llouae af Urprvorulallvnt. Tht Ilvusn met at ton o'ebx k, and after the ntual wnimtig tutmeee, proteadod tl Ibe clnatel. emtio ot Ibe geuaW's aui andiueuu lo lae Tasilf bill. Mr, Lovrsov (111 ) waa llrel of Ihe 1 itlUb't cry of Fonnavlvatd for pride, tlan lo Iro air. sjaurnaia 11-4) earnataij deniel I Hat the bill wa tar tba tuwrett of I'.viatylvaaia any more than for produce a In all parte M tat con airy, Mr. Luvuol Juln-.l Iteus, dsnylag Ibal the pro duoer waa prut. clad by Ibe tail, Mr, Cox (Oslo) said that tbe b.ll tees to I t rested through In eocidstve srlth the Uspn-ui ran pltlloiin. He rStraoser s-d It aa mil" al ty. anry en tba great Weat. Itwas to t'iii,.e that Ihe producer tssre W41.I prjtnLtinn. Pmtai lion wa to becefli the Iron tuaeiere uf Tcutylr Die About flflyofibe 1M tmendnenls wsre t-s.1 ei In V mvihiei of Ibe Waole w it, 3 tt 1 ov rvt nus, purauant Wslb previoua ord-r, and tae eutire su'j Jett wae repelled to lb II mee. Mr, fiusttiair (Otto) urgwlltt necessity of e 1. curtibglntil Ihetsruulmrnts, te many of whist be wtt Pi'pesd.nil, ueder other cliciuslsoese would vote them. But hs bellevid Ibe vary sx su tee of Ihe gi veriiacai depends on Ihe ptompi is4rege of the bill, which Is substantially lbs au i.f WT. When the preeeut aiininletrellon ceme Int power, tbe public debt wse Iwemy-niae millions, wish marly eltbtarn mllllifit In Use treaeury. Bel now ILeiiublicdebl is ov-r ninety-tix aillleue. Tbe aioalleat possible eiuounl the goveraosiaii cn set elong with tho neii fitcal yttr la D ty tlgll mllll'te. t waien is.titj 10 pass IVsb II Tbe It' ua4tben, on Ibe mottou g Me. bustutv, pneetdrd tn tal, un1r tbe oiieretlon of tbe pre vious qtiieltisn, on all Iht emend mania Thetvtiidoeui, linpaaltuT a duly ef one reel aad a ba!f per pom. J ai coffer, tud un lea fmir, wllh lha Nwlditiou ef l-o per ceul., ad val. ism, was lejedtd by 1 vote (f IJ teeliwi 111. Beveml geetltuieu made brief and hunied Bt'lota. Mr. K11 1 utn a, (Ft.,) said tht Rtp'il.llcent teem filuhtigiticeir t'.pia"i of the lar'ff st Ibe critl. ial UKimebl II lbs Ni' wail rank as the Stot'e, It wt.nld b b et , tnaaiiwa, he vreuld take tne mt tsslatslii a1na.1Ju.4j. Is. M mey must be had It arry ou tbe Uot,nu.em ai4 eseculs lb twa, and this wae Ibe only chance lo eeuure eoacifio dusuai, andattbesauuitli-eiiratui't our sutferlcg Inlae- 'i'oii Tasne,tneae eraal oflwu. ihe 1 people wuuid Juatlfy blm In Irapustutr a tampora - af .n. Maia wwr! tUMM Wt W t ' 1 taken vfl eeesi as ta f S'le deM srse la a fair way pf, being I A'lidetod. II axetdnense save the list, re'attve le the wueSmstn eyitera, bavios: ben acted on, Mr. Ilaserfi (N ('.) nnnl tf aOjourn. Mr rvrssroit (Ohio) salot If the gentlemen oa ethir eice wte rnottieg to fiiibnstninir, tt the I o' nee of ssevtntr efl the m eldetstlcn of te vnU wor I' would rn.ld tbem lhl It had been in'I'Nj mly erlih Ibe andeisttrtilog tbat tt shoo d be Uk.n op at oua Alik tr1ayt after the iein uiu rum in m onn.rniiies till IbM tour. The anrAlisji to esjo,un s-e seiretlfei. Blr. Ilasadi niovrd to tUe tae wreHnise an mrlmt i.i, aesirua' to I are this regarded as a te ejuasll n on tbe btil. The trieino wse dleagited to. by a vole of 41 aslrt 101 S 11 the rVrusle's err enitmesisg wcie conojrred tn, ea.-ef4 tte lee rn see arid coffee Tbe MM therfr oee fcark to the flsnale. M fnrtvs's aeked snrt the llenae n1f a of thit.riirie on disesrevetug tl the viae of lsh It.mMaon Ihle an.erulwienl. Mr. HliT" (O-.loj called for kle Volunteer bill. It t in tb oroev of tr e 6j, Mr. mi re (Mo) alO o'clock moved tl adjourn, wMeb ws neesslvsd. Me. manors natt In gMwrur up his hill, wb'ch will l ih fl si bualnree end on soiwierow, Mr Wooisirr (C ) 'eesentrd a pHit'on froei several hut dim r User M Middlevtwu, Coon , re qiieeilaf bo scncn l bed by Conareot teneiu lo lrrlr or tn any way a'ler the ConstliuHoa, aid (eaylrs that thai reeentCensxtiition and lavs ta trtimor d, anil the hosnir of the ceuntry maintained atralnet all lelsdlton sod Ires ton. Ildon Ibe ta ble. Tbe House erreed Ibsl the hour of meeting here after be 11 o'olotk. Adjouratd. "TATK I.HOIHIUTTmU tlonalei. ARaitfl, '. 25. Mr. Makiprk Intr.i durnd a bill aisenoinrf the tnaner or New V rk my tbe llisrrau of Markets, In the Cny Inspector's di-artuieiii, so. I mtkne II e l.nrtju In thedartrnei.t of P Tne ixiwereof tbe Ciry leetcS4.r In sale buru are Iran ifernd to tne l rr t4f ' Her. I aid as r e for tbe pnnenl. Mr, Msisissaa Hlroenrrd a bill Inaldoftlia Niw )rek'e Alnm It provdee triat when tr-ey have r4iairisd. I y voiuritery Kli'Mi'rinM tKH', $iu,isju, tbe II M of Hniiervisors at tbelr plsrrMiuu wmj ralas JiU 000 by tatillon, for said Asylum. Mr CoMiniit Irilrrnluced a 1.1)1 to attend the at arfs lilirir fin.n tssb nrfl to lay r.nt tee simels Nmlb of ltfub ssiil', New York. It lr v dee Ibal the groono mt'k'd out fie pnng eball ticloeil and tern avniuse laid oiil. Aim In cntinialnn of lih avenue, and loe oirer t I called Msniattai 'isr- the m.ih of he luiur bi be i.sleetan-1 Ibal of It former IMlfitt. Mr (lsi'lrs ititiodi'cid a bill for the rel ef of VHTInirls n.d det.t. is. It rrv d-e tUat wnen mkh deleor si li tnbe en arfMsvlt sn1 esrve tne snie rsi lie Blie'lu", tbst b Is lies'! e bt anpnort birinelMrrilnelnirHirreillloee'iallpay two dol laie a wek for his (ibe d I trs) tio.rl. Tra bill Li iw-'rispti" lbs l'.p '! Kiv'nts lurk, New Vorl.. wss u'ten u,i for a thlid iwad.u. and van lip nin.t-d. Ketemt Inl s f local In'errsi were thru psl. Tl eHenste AvmI tl.e livie of meeting hei-eallar at 11 v'clo.'k In tue uvirnmsr. AtJ"iim.d. Aweinbty, Tl.e Aeeet,,by r.-notncd at T p. m T .e at- levw-a'r. w q.nie 'igrs. A flisul ifiiil 'nr jmuied In InfftVtr fsfeebltl at prveint Is tore see -!, t eotninitiee ee tbel! I r res 11 etcntf ibe Fire I rep trim t of N.w Yie, Mr I'lttuK teMreo l.v Iml 10 aid lbs Troy I'nt v.isiiy - a uf tVM.iHO eut of tbe Mear Y k ll-noelt Kurd. T"'htltj li.iirporstlnB IheN'w York pasengv and berjgsge line com euia were reported Csvora blv Mr. llirroim nan ported fevn ably the U11 to ex essipt Ibe telagrerh etoployee frosn military and Ju ry duly 1 al-ofevui-sb'y, the bill to ooneolidste the M.- York Dle.nei Uonrt act. TbeUllsto iiicease the niirulMr ef Justices of the Butren,e Comt In the 1st Ju leHal Ihstrict, anit lodlvdelbe 1 lib Will, II ojklyn, were rejiorud favesaUy. Tbe llnnklyn Qas 1,'gtl Cwnpany eenl In a re port of tbelr business la tetionsa to the readutkine of the Aseenibiy. Among Ibe notice ll'in was one of a bill It ItaDsfir the um-lairued depoelte tn the Suprenae Omrt and Court of Common Appeale lo Ibe fiete Treasury. Tbe bill te allow Aertcntlnral and Itortlcultursl icielUs toboli tW.w woslhofieal tatste, waa petard Mr. Rotwweoa Intreciurd a bill te repeal the acta for Ibe peynietite uf Interest on Canal drafts, aad awerda of ila Canal It ierd. Mr. NretiTf lnlradi.ceal a bill for the oonslno tli n of a rallroed on Bridge atreet, and other etirete In BnxkJyo. Mr. Taut a Introduced a bdl to aet arart .Tvnae RimNswYoik, fos tbe use of tbe Lwg Island .nnd sleea.Di aU Mr. lltanv Imrrdiired tblll ter ef Mew York In relation to ' to amend the char- Ike collection of ae- tiwmriiir, and press nl'iog certain regulallone In reeerd thereto; also a blil lo repeal Ihst as-tlon In tl N. w Yie k ui bill of last y air walen givee Ihe Cou sural CoumJl rsiwer to UKitra I for tbe elesnlng or stieeseand rrjiairsof rosds without r. fer-nce to tke loweee btdtier; t'eo a bill to provldsthal luspav tore of K'eillorie and Plstrlcteaavsae-re shall he residents of Ibe electloa dlstr.cte for which they are elei t d or appointed. On motion or Mr. Wi'mer-rr, Ihe lUI for Ihe bet ter regsilatk of the N-w York Fire D-parement seae moved tnrward to a seo-ntd Coaunlttee of toe Thule, Adjourned. tvelreie af Claverameat Preperty ha Texas. A'rte Oiicdae, Ftb. 25. The property of tba Vnlbd fttaiee In Texts, tea been q ilet y eurrender sd to tee etsls aulhoritlee. The fidera. troops bare been ellowrd to leave tbe state, e.l facilities being sffordsd them for a deisg. The ee aid property waaeelulsd. lie ve!ue le estimated at U J00.0OO. 'Nalatefroos t'a I ftneetrr. RtiUimott, t. 2"i. Th CVieleefo C ir ef It-ed, received tere,sye lil oa Wit" ' ton's bint dsy. Port Electee berate 1 sett a .7 I aalu e of "4 guts. I Ik Peace ( Me ve. Ebimrf f,i. f TU f-,. ec rt-u from t tS4s frsra t sieea-wd r esw Ler csft-e pee Oase,te, te sesso rsretrW ee the ' fV ef tie A soves ( ' As t aaiter saosei I rsae. S v be piera sa tee 1 ssoa sa '4sowt tsr, ,., r .d v jj hIujl'ii a-'its-s-i. ie . Tts ' see ss-t stut .- tie tr- toM Sift. .! a a vwvis erf-'-te. a, s l 1 r s'se-'rfseet-r-se-tsed A entww.i to f e t.e tts4 vsene "e-vws t-. s.ev A t a t-vf re a ei t a si sorase .1 she sua - vey , es us . f s ers a s, -r, s vt yv, sr ll T JS' sy l.n1 anve lr W sjotrts f tffes. M $ tr- A'a '.. Je Tae Vet'h't (Wsre-e '- .Met. i fcrf sy 1 nsi l eta es ir 144 O ais ti so. s at- 1. , e-M vmu. s a i4 toe vst ade w mt S -te tt' E'sv .ae iter ' 4 s set tae f,um 1 p-rfla -1 . vsit.a,a w-t rs et a ri m 4- ST. The n.vnrt on rt tarvwv wte ewwa 4 'fn f. s u.vewt oa tr seeve-y wse it iv raatai a te. eMiwr vw af asa. sat. II a. lines 1 lierr i V) & r - litvml 11 w J t. Iirimi., A fei.e, 4. lorrey M Ml. ISVVIS, Sf I.VtlSM If f.4. ee, M 'e-a irte sod Jwr g'sfrw f. .- a eotre tt Wesel' atMS. le en.. d tie s .tw te- gsuet. iA Fesvtda, w be saOjktwi tvv bsy Ulte .l.e. That Vrlaiet Msala f awesesrUw. Iliilimutvi, I'eJ., t'h. . 'f ha Tirlal rVVa trnvtaaum rt aaBetahlaO. day 'eeaum rt eaars.lit.d . day Mr. takbi IS, of II s.kbrtdae, cfkVred rawtletl'va dsaaarsdiag aartsrlsy l Virgmle eialaal felvee wneiii. Cv n( t e teiat. el eve fed- ppo.lag dim epievnof tea Oistaalw, ea- pfta.lse, eta steoienrg ttet i tee event of thet, af Its squlvelenl not bmng edofaed, Virgo e will be reedy toet,trlto a crmisaisiwith t'tnn etates ae will etrie ! the eeld I oinof onilss aiol form a tasw rotif.dertcy fiom wbleh til Ihe dlaegretdug etatve eball la etc udad. K-forrnL Mr, Misuut then aitdreaeed the convention. Ho ssid It tl Virytnla had no community of Inlarsat with tbe seoedtil staM He Ofife'enl ea, otslon te ht belirvr J it 10 Is a rtv iluu.atry remtty. Mr liotiitt, uf llrdfurd, replied lu ei'e S In fav of srteeston, w ttb rrt a'et m Kh eeusilou. The gsilevii t loudly applau 'el Mr. Ilooi-s at the aenluston of bis epeern and were tmnediatrly clsartd by rider tifths I'rieldipt. Adj tutied. Nose Orl .Nssk Oilr.mi, rVA. j OurCullector declJn Ibal all got dtwb'ca may be I and It vei.edby tl e SSib luet., ,ae be ahlppe.1 tat tbe tetam.hin B eiiville, tailing o, ib, of Mercb, I", v.a, ii a (a Un,., Atknaaae. Jfbiiis, Fib. 25 Newt from Atlantis le favu tbie t' ire balJin oft c. ,-r.t'ou aLd lo etcetei, T' irry swetonniis tTtj,. ,. H ditlosavl sevrs.icuttit and fil.taii tsiwouty eubals tlml.u tie alette 1, Vim Ctrren, A't, Frb S - t'Vtixtt lei-obi-dttil 7 believed to revs gitst laif iy eeslnat ercoa enet. Th weat cd nsrtnwat, i ftrat hated ram, era nearly unariueue (w tu-tperatlou .U tbe lion's r aleve titles. 'nrf fnOk, Art, r'o !3Hiurns fro- tea count sein A ksnsas, tbi item to htvs en ee foe a cobvtfillou. an.1 toat t'jo sat .eaiua i'av li. esleee'ee'nct..'. It le now cout J-d tlatlb-on. oniy fur a cotvrtdlcB la tbe tl4t will I trou 'our to five tLuutetal. Tvxa Fort Smith, Art., F'b. S5. Thalntermrlloa ef Ibe ov.riaLd mode In Txte wat caused by a party ef Ind ena anting lb clock, destroying tht piopetly, ate. t drlev wt kll'.vd by thtxa. Fran fVautkieiftam. Washington, FA. 2i. 3 iseatlny DiX lies re cently teeusd the) following ordevt Jient O. Baamrwuon, taptesa la the revenue petvios. baviaer, wbile tn commend ef the rnvsnne uttevR xr McC'ellaod.ln vlo elljnof hlsofflotal cash Mid of bie da te lb govemwent, euTro- aersHi eie veeeel to tbest.ieor tvnnetans, iiii B Oaurwau. and Thomas D Foots. Ileutentnte ' lZZUMrM!ZSri , etrb ken from the rolls of tid service. I B; order of the rreeidmi ofJhe balled tales, IOHH a. uix. Becreauy uf the Treasury. A dletlrgulehed Alehtmlta, who wet Ident fled with tbe Bn.L and EvstrrT party, but It now a eerteelnmM, wrltss to a friend In thlt eityi s You may aiif poee lhal there Is a chancslt rebuild Ibe t'slon.wbirh baetHn torndown. raerr ts none. Nor m.l is Ibers n 1 pnlwiiiliiy, but there u nnw.W Oillrtj en evsnl. Ws de not believe Ibel Ibe vtortb will give us any enrMtantlal gn traetMe, and wocudni't Inistlbeiis If tbsy did. Tbe idee, whluh seen a to have taken poeseeslun of the rece C irurreee. ee II le called, thet we will lit satisfied Willi Ibe prnnlhltlo-l nortt 0' 14 deg. 10 mm., ead eq'Ulier sovereignty, south of Um Uae, leagrreslns ill to our urlereaodtnk. Bsaseitred, we been no idea of emeuting eny suoh tertns. The ttutri Is, and our friends oute'dt of lia serediog a ats oiig 1 1 be epptled of Ihe feet We beve I.4-- a'lr'psof en euiltstle a'tjust'nont, and are loiklnir to tbe bayonet as tl.e final arbiter of Ue die' n'e." OSoael II K BrTvrcrson, President of Ihe 8 "1 tb em l'sc-fj Htllroed Company, has arrival In WsehlLg'on. Before he left Telle, he made pre Unsinary arrarigeraeute far building the road, bill Ihe oonlisct cttrxit be closed during Ihe present tnniblts of this country. A meeting of the dlreilors of the Cempeoy le l be held In Ltule rills 00 the fourteenth of Mrch, and In N.w Or leats ea Ihe loth of lhal month. The Msyorof Watblngt'in hat made auch a die. position of a portion of tbe pot I font aa to arrest p'lkprckete, wl ere attracted hither by Ihe Urge nurnlsrr ef visitors already here, and thoee who are to come. In cocjiutboi with the jiollca of II till moie, five plikioik-te wtre retenlly, it it tald, ar. essrd lo tne dsy. lir LirsMri a Ibis afternoon vlalle.1 ImUi cbenbare of Coiigieee accompss lee by Bnator gawatn. Ilia In each r ccestuned coneldoreble tllr and many members irowdxl arou-vt In weloo-ue htm; eria!ly ea Ibis Ihe case In Ihe II line, where be remained Iml a lew minu'e. T ae ii'orlee ear l. k of lbs cenroon curiosity aa I en- tea-nt. While al the Capitol Mr. I.iai .t 1 si I bis re fls to the Jiuticsw uf tbe iliijreiue Curl It their tnnsu.utlon room. str.saesirtL mot kue 01 tmiiis loirs, Nettie. Am.Miiit. K,te. M KierlunvrWlA ta .IJ,lian lUe4.irlel Co 1 J ' Irrvora t nl,str fM V.I'erswAlo . it l, ssl lol-ell 1V a ti) ... ,vl IS! I. tlt. Oil t Hi tn.M WtXsHM vn It an o-l IMti 4-01 I JsVW tM l et VNtAOi.! VI ..1 lf)a)l V 1 I.1U 00 M VI 'it vug M Vi MiOl 0 '."VI onAtati 00 W..4J1 OilO'tetHl 00 10 M (Ui to to atxapac vt VIM vn.lfiraar) 81 VI (! VlJWVft t AsVI mm r s an. iHue, eon as o . -o t a HASSt t.l.S.1 t,M I.I....1 t..s -,'S t 0 .! -I M...K) lisi.isst 1ISI.ISSI ItO.1") r,,isht Hn,ieKl f,.SH l,nnn filRV'SSl IK).nnu 1'i,oon I' oro lis), ism Ni.isit) in,i) 1. no tt,onj tin 01)00 in,a 4O.ISI0 . SAWO tVlbOS tvirso W.nno Mtno OlfO 41.000 l,ooo tkoot ln,nisi A.nisi lMsst B0.IS") lo.iss) (I.OiSI ,in 10.0ISI Ki.nno -) IMVSKI n,ni in, nm a,iK S.I.V) 'J.1SSI 41,'sm l.Vl gaits) l.'stj toe.) OoO S'Vsv) l",'st t rs1 10.eO HOW 1 t,s- lVtst t.isJ ),'SO tarJ. t'.n.,l-tl le. . Ilelit it IUvs.Mlc .lobe 1 .Joe.,, I 41 t U4-.1U A liases I herbs l.l'it I hnerl Ul ll.vva. . 'I rsitiv men's Itsok Vsrli r'srtsvlees M.N. Pus rail ( ,W. Crispin, Mee Chertes F. Kreerr A .leukli.ks .. Allen Mell.llle 11. lo t MrUoe Ilesijaniln I'eee I barnsll Knwt. Iler.rr F Veil. ... It.dxrt L Kennedy. Jetn A. HWvrsis . .. Jcwph eVropsnn Mermen! ttomsbie . ...., John I'. KIVmj. Connecticut. ltenb ef Luiskusbursb ..

J. Y. Jto.y, V.nnotit Brewster, H.est 1 le , Mass. V Ar J Fslllpln.Pean.. .. Willi sen Tlldra K tt Uarallron MiUaldreanlesf , Jxlis H BudeM'sun .. '.. Mcklm Ato.Msxjl.nd. .. )Cmsvtli&,tton.. . .. 1, wUMerirwor... Jsonbtt larky John IfcwUUerd F W gleab lletnlDsur nee... ., J. It. Tbarer. tt r. K keamey, trusts WerdaCo .... . . .1. T.Vsn VlMk Oeovre t teld Csehier K. W Ibinhaea J ItennendortT W. A J. U-Hrlen ..... (teorre A. Ktnne ... vt VI QMJO VOTS VOSVUSI 50 VI ! rt void l 01,40 M MM ttn f,.4)5t.!l VI VM VO S5 5.W.C1 Vfl lei VIS) oo?. eb.evt-S3 VI tat mt JS) Vt vi ts V.S&I vote w vies i VIM V-MT tei HI d JW vnjg Id V0 V-sl- Vl.M lAsrenns RU elalr Clsrkron Hr-th-re A. F. gertva lit r, 1U. Cel. . CK KoWrt O.N. Ksrell,.t Il1hlre.. levmonl llsnk, N lipehjrr. 11. W.P tUreoo. Jr Fuller Bsiterlee, i'esa. ... Jsme Kesl'.ioe nhlo fn-u'soce, Pieus .., tludsotj llsitk Jsnee Tattle tiaea .... .. 3. W. bani;lin F..L.IVles (t. rt rum JekkeeorVhatck It ILC.rsves t W (,rl)ld F. r.Jerue. Co M A Vehols K. It. lslreMl.1. .. F.u. rin lna . . J W rWetnner .. .. U M. eteeretsle.. . jleieeert l' . 11. t CUs, Mutritt nrrtng tis..., T'la' s-sMeS fvssitio But tel-tT,Tsd ! I '.- esjwedte he ll"-V CW ef v ica set'9' eardsb Ctaerai Telegraph. fewas vsWxa. .V m O' . tl .' u e-uaier Xs uus. see to v- vt eas ,vs uf 1 mt. I V us sie w f . IVisue Preset we .wslfMC ue '. eoitlesM i u a SejiU e t ate 7simiww 7sa mmA m se tt ir sd Km asijt' 0- a- s soe i ssme s tev 144 ? wtn-iw.4 esef e e ui'imf as lleew T . O iaAaoeo stvew-tHSete wee S4, m seut. f ttwiJm 1 s. A 'I.! .set twees svt X t ins t t -4 oAe a, n4V iseo so uv ever'oites w a tjet er.-.isMS-isie av4 wl4iss. aae ii wi .ee-4 t-a . tvvm ta at-eas? Se ae w.- 7 4 e st mum s v. Sieevtl. t l mS v. aid .Ute-4. sAMsma sou .aw wows swi t. - t u 4 s. "esd T'4 e t i-tw ty444.wn tmwt tvt ut bvwi 4. y,e raaes. smw- 4-u' . . -.'A 44. V4 rwA Yt eo. S . .V.-r, 1, 7u X- ' ffee SWS Vl( t. . 4 Jf 4 4-.4e4yS. f .i.t t t..etr t'l is a it sd - -1 "tntMed s ' a s. y vt-e t-wt 4-.4I S MV ' 4 i n0 snee -4. .mi e f wi.lfcM v 1 t V ma a .a I . tt ' a toaaiad . - ria , I s tA "-ait. - ,.arfa ial , t 0 a ? w . . .a . .. .. . . u.. a . k . . . ,, . F - w ,,a , m vtww-w . .w . . . -w . . rft 4has.tdaft at ttmf vt eaart.v ' '.l n"" is t-vae te 4 saeaa She sf ' 44 tur .41 S .rt -tat' st, it ana 't wail s.vrf 4 &14 .ei ,4-s.4 tA4v tiad a ,a-as .via..a end mttA mt tana,s,at 714 ady 4 v rna Waw t e tt ataa f Ate sasanji Mtoa saa as rts anartvitad aa sly as tnaaaaeia SaMtldae V te eavtlsaoafnt taaovaataae at 4 ei"i S.S oyailat sets -aae aaMHrU4 ooau o veaae ewaawwt sv tmm vasav wsw Ileal tajta) tta-eeaie. r-rvaVas fj, JT, i tJvA-t Ktit y ; e - .. s ta s .sf tanaa. ttaw I easts 4 fewakv awaaaee, . geaaasi, a4-4 Basra asee StatM a,4a t ea aee e- ftlitt tsay tef e e aa ead bft evaw eewtd Mtevi Uimwt. f Ota lateaajsly tlltalt. Fseses. fateliy Jm4t ea4 beaaaa 4otjsoeaSy Ia)rt4 Tea wssaa a-ad tree a laege leewie belle N .e'aaasst sai sasaittlaad to) Mta dd. t all k prise w.reet'd to be .e ttimtytm ei freaeed teytee 4 twtsig dataatad I bl sainaas af IHIegtll tbrae. lb satfleter peaa4 Ikvntsgh bar ea his wsy a Wilkeaktiiejsii, ysaaeeoay, Nratvaea far Mvdr. l'hiUlrlj,l,ia, F'b. VV Young AttttsTRtssri was sant. sna.1 Shis wad alr.g to las b1Med. I IS4 niurrerul lun.tsT Cite"t eiaaeit to the tmui I, d. lit eg ble an ", but risking sdisile ebna tbowingihal he wae luasnie way eunneotal with the tlfelr. Murdar and Allrissplrd Mulrlile. ll'iltm, Fib. ''. hi North IliMgews'er. this momn.g, e man iciui.d l llaiae, kid b'e wife y russlnn b.rteoat sad tf.trw.rd elttn4ed niw'- otaafolly tishoot bimeelf lis wae arreatwa. Tt Crlela ttart atd llamer. A fjwclal Ceblnel tneellng wee tsllsl tt elsveao'cikk, Buieley nigbl. Btiia4.toey luff tuatlon wae mid bofo'o Ibsnt Ibal a. la.u.aiW4 hoellliilea teed be typrebMde.l at 'J aa tdver.t of Mr. Uo I unnWnnes sun t-ifmn'ts focd lor seclallin. Tbe grnesel oyialiai la, It was t piodrniandjuoleioua muveuuril. Jarvswo Davis le now tn OuerlsHoe, to aae tidetibe potlihsi id the unhap,iy Muplre of B mlh Cenillna Bbe la spoiling for a fight, tn.1 yet, htv kg ttteied tte bsw ea.fat.racy, utuitot figbl with. cut t"ns4it of tht gi'Vernmeoi Dtrit ha give tb hotspur tbe good advice of a mill. tery mta ht has told th4m to hold tff fr lbs pre. tot. Tbe prompt taking of Ihe national lean ha In- A...l.. .1 ... .V.! aI..1&. I. W.ah. ltgtuti.aa themsn tt tu Tisaeur DaptrtmtoA kUppl, Tery general snrprts sod ptettnre la erpreesed la Waablngion In regard te lb rmldenl elect. Waking no claims to grac sod petleh. hit eordlal and unaffected n.sncer, and th frewlom watt which hsespreesee his optalona have given great Mtbtactlon to all wbo bars called noon him. The managers of the Inauguration bill do tot ,,( wiih very gratlfilng eucress. S'lbecrtptlone hard lime. ojraMng brr.rr. bidatiry general devotion lo the p.etauret of tr.. the dance by that portlnn of tht community given to the encouragement of public balls. General Twioot, eomrmndlng the southwestern division of the United S'etea Army, has surrender ad the entoa military propesly of Ike Untied gtetea la Ttxta to the eeoemloeiste, tod has tlst accent ed a Qeorgta commiaelon. It eeeiae to k ooncaded that Mr, Lraooiji will radtavov to select et lreel tbrae taesnkeis of hit Cebiael from the Berdar Blsve stales. Hen F.o. Bsnahas already been appolatad, and w!Uin' termed pelltlclane say thai Hon. J ill is A. Oiuibb, of North Catollna, linn ItataaoN KTirsainue, of Tsstneeeee. lion, II. Witrrra Davis or lbs. Mnar ooaaav Buua, of alar) land, will be called upon le flU kk ether two peel II on. ResSssnring tn Mr. LlKoote's movements, the Tribun eeye i We ar credibly Informed thai stockc have beta eold la Well stress for sever! days pest by partle who had received informetlen, on whlca they Ml ied, lhal ht would he hilled he fore reeching Waehlngton. A deraocrtt recently from tVmlelaje Informed us that he had pereonally Li-ard at leeal t hundred men sets rally thrtelea lo Ukshlslifs. ftevy aad Army latellltrenre. Tba Naval Ilegister for 1M11 Is out. It contains on the men-of war lint 10 llae-of-battlo ships, 10 sailing fr'gatee, tl railing eloipt-of war, aalling brigs, 1 echooner, and d atoreehlpe; Vital, 61 ealllLg veeels and T Aral class eteem propellers; 0 second c'aee do ( S class, tild and worn, d II eteam gun-txaiei 1 screw leulers; 3 first elaet sldawheet steamers; 1 eecont otese dv; 3 laird claee do., 1 elde-wbeel ateem lenilsr, and etsavt etorchl. Total, 4J tteamere; tV ehlpt In all. Alioul SO of tbtm are eervictable mas of war,of the modem stamp. Yrstetdsy, Ihe steam gun-toat Pawnee wat te have gone from Pelladelbia m her third trlat ttlp. Hheeud Ihe Pensacola are Ihe only newly-built eteareere Ibel bare never done any duly. Tbe Pawnee has down twice, and oeatlrurtors te'.t her a failure. Bie le over 1.200 Inns burden, ar d curries ever a burelred men. Tbe demrlnienl entl.'in'y ails Ihe of her next trial. Yn-trnlsy fonttNin, a Bosi J of Kugloeere con veosdsllbe Hnoklt Nsvy Yard, for IkeettmU nation ef rsndidste for adiaisslon to and promo tl.m tn the engineer corps Chief E 'glneer Kiea prtwdee, with Msesre I.irro and Brsvaaa. A d.techment of U. 8 rerru.ts from country dtt liii ta an lvel In Iowa on gutdsy, aed werelm med'ate;y t:a.fened te Usvernor'e Island, where there are etui oaough of men to form aa entire reg iment, notwithstanding the numbers recently seal sseay. Tbe last week's reonilllng report of Ihe Metro politan Biatlon showa a marked Improvement. All the rendezvous endstevt mora than they have dona fee- months. Ksch newly arrived batch of recruits receive all regimental rqulaltee, aad la ooavertei el enee Into what la called t diminutive portable battalion. The ordinance recently finished al Fort P.ll Foundry, for Fort Columbus, Ntw York barber, ha arrlvid ; and, we learn, will be mounted on a new sit en Ihe lead tide of Governor's Island. 1 onns'ets rf 30 CoinsnWsds, weighing nearly tea tbootaul wunda, tied nearly 110 lone of ahell, lha gun being notched for a range of 4 mile. The steamer Thomas II. Sparks left them al the Fori, and 'went for more," If repot I be true. The Commandant of the Brooklyn Navy Yard haa g-ne, very unexpectedly, te Waahlagloa, hav ing been summoned there by telegraph. II la said Iks U. 8 steamer Mohawk has been os dared to tee, from here, tl one. Tne court martial on Lieut. Bitaor waa oeaclud d yseiec.'ay, but the verdict of th Court haa te be awl to Washington and revised there before It la tllowsd to b published. Tit main point af Lieut B4irort written defease were thai Ban asm eoaduct waa eo viol eat aad matlaeus a ta have a prejudicial tnflueaca ea the surrounding errw ; tbat he (Lieut n ) drew tba platol to In limidtte Bkijiktt. and thai the wouading was an tirely accidental. Lieut. Bttaor It a French Lou- iaianlan by b.rth, and epitka with quit pro aoucctd ti-cant- Tbc Henth nnd Ihe MattV, As tn cvldrnc of the discrimlnttliD against the orth, and in ftvor of the South, daring the pa;. Admlnlstrttloa of tba Fodcrsl Got ernment, it is Interesting to refer to tba Stabs bonds, held In trust in the Interior Dsptrtment fcr the Inllans Thoe ef the southern states amonst to 13,829,911 -. while those of the honh only smouot to .310,Ot,0. No bonds of rtbsrn tuus havs been bought sine 14o7, UttttVa depertaaebt ha evlleally purchaead tXtaa aiUni rJlt wheinever oprtsity ?.4j. lis Wl-wing uils will show haw U te.aCi eie 'liviied among Its tUUra i saws teoss t' (wda'ja ,. rr' tt . t'tiarrv) ., W'ejaea ,.7VHV) 00 . . ft eo 'rt .. irttn oa . nun si '4IVO '4 . W; vet i4 .. Ifey'et . . I it tun ttn iA . Unrfi Wi I tit f .. 1.1 t, oo '.et y-stsse; ess4 wrm. IT444 weAi Ytf e , ..,, V.a-eiee tvtm ' 'titty a, " Mwr-e-d - b.vt4 fee 4ha - Ia-v-4 ttt , "vi; yrtS A leess ., ' steed aw4 mr , ass 'rri'if ttimirmt la mthlay, In fJiita rsar Mr !'' n jfwleeee ff."s lhal M Uyl I wttl scgrtrlng te var-aly t 'tt -..jeat.hod tf.m iS. An Iropeetaiirfi ia " r ess m t .Me '. s,feagli.rc 's saairatlm, si... ... .,..... . 1. .,... 1 'low . i tn ai'.-.- .fn ipfiat it .aaaii, to.1 f'ot a . ha te ore e per a. lleetly, CITY TtfiWJ..' Free fattpt ? I sasarrww- M't I u 4 f.ifi.ieipi ew4a, tte patens tve wblab lbs 'rt uwtaaad tte IVVAAO, wsasatsskastbat es Ik .ley feet ysaaaety eVvaoeat, A large arewd ef ija.sanaae wa Is w sesss It. The Mwelet, it! a aa a AaaVs,4 ,1, vw yaataedsf, wa tail ta. a MeaasVuf If, mi yet the eearea wae Vea atatettaavey be Usee lteaetai I ta easao sf ese fesnsi fire Tbe eneageieeid tt etttat la if 14 easts le by maan ef lesblera, tavMdieg frMet ee k rakee, eed adjetted be Ik Mlldisf Th Mm Moopltat la edjualeg t lad. a atef 4ey, ty fset In length, wte 14 eeunad. Ta detasl uf iu estotliaeetl hart hsttn here tttses SMtli d I7 ue. Tun Kasas Kmrf Fr ten. Th Trassgrar itoeliA fey the week ending Febsuary tid, ameiiaMag I lb eum af BIT,).', w Vbrii OriiTiiAitiii! HosriTAu Th ant ual i.4meti-s meet ol tble hospital was held leal aver lug al the fnlvartlty M-dlcal College, tstn lost, before fe'rly filled bouse of ladies tedyas.llem.a- The tlsge wae oocupled by ! Fietldect tud Ilrentri of Ihe hospital . Mr. Parts Cam wee 1 ailed lo tlie 1 balr. Dr. Hrtrusst reel th nasat of lb gredutUe, tl la number, who, up"nrii'esl, etejped f..rer4 I reoetv tnir dipUmiee, which wtre distributed by Mr. Tarts Coos-ea. (arrnr ManTtAi. orOou Oorcobaw. The LouilMntl,liuiivRitd for the trial of 0 A. dit to aa bald a mealing yeeterdey tftertwia alike ! ry A i stna', when tl ess x(ctad thai JisJte Al... ti Msii would aum up for the prosaoulloa, s...,..n,l.oribetJiMioof the touted, how- r, lbs rate wee poetpeusd mrtll Thnmday.Wth bast , ( P M. Col CoeootAJi saffertng from a tevera tttetk f pleurleys Yoriro Mwi CHKItTIAB AtSOCIATTOII. The Young ll's Cbttetian Atssclttton, held I re gular monthly meeting 1 evening, la their new vwm.eUth.Bwe II .use, oorn.r d avenue and JlhttrttU. Mr Wti W How, read aa eea.y. ,.. t utioa la now admirably eon sa mod t ted. I lleiradlng room btng eatlraly dleUact frem th UUfy tod apt'tmstsl for otomlltt tnd MWr ltsytaga. IJavotteotlvsntoasfurrmittawUl be cetdct4 by etly peetort est Wedtteediy ead tastarsvealnge,atljf aCclcck, In th reasae. Yotuctaa,tnngarttadlhapablla tt large tra oordlally I a riled to visit th rooms tad attend tt mess bags ef lb Aatociatloa, Bnlraao aa Thirst avenue. rtrea, Aacldessi, lasrswasa, Vo- Fmn nt Vawtifwatkii sTmrrr. Lsl erem tag, al 0 o'clock, t trifling fire eocurred la t ward robe eitutted ta the upper part of th dwelling as. tl Yandawater street. Inn in EiostTH tmrcrr.Kl i o'clock yesaerday afternoon aa accidental fire broke out la tte tpartroenu of Jaaaa Coetra, No. S Eighth trees, end th content of lb room wm nearly de stnytd. Tae fire tvae caused by ohlidiaa pleytng with mate baa. Fi tt Focurn ATTrmi k tfnoy of vitilol In lbs vapor hatha located la 4lh eeenne, near Uth eti eet, waa broken leet night, about 1H o'tlotk, and tht pramleaa were eet on fire. The Came wet speedily extinguished Faiap. Alarms. Tbe First District alarm, eWt 8 o'clock yesterday morning waa falsa. Last tvining tit o'clock, tn alarm fee Ihe th Dlstiict, was raiaed al Ibe house No. 41 Taeniae rarest, Ktigine C..mpenlee Ns. 11 aisd 4T (aseaet.) had a rata Ibrongh Weet Broadway, and when ear Worth etreel, Ibe eteam engine was accident lynpett Asthecompaelee starved tt ge home, they bad a race through Bmedwty, from Canal street to Urand, and ae No 11 turned tlosrn lylag trees, elj. ul haif a doa-n young men left the repe of No. 47, aod commesteed hoiatng at tba other oon any. O the ropec of both eampanlee, ther were a lerxe number of young men who did net tr pear eld enough to be member. Fatal Fall MAttoAmrrrA Brntnin, t child eevea years of sge, died yesterday, from Injuries reretrtd last Friday, by falling from a flight of e'slrs, al the resilience of her parents, No, lis West Cfth et. Cusoner Uaisoti be.d ta lapieel u)t 104 1SKIJ. Fall from a wTmotr. (Jt HttftdAy night, t ma nen.ed Hastv Not atr, fell from t fourth story window of his lesldence, Me. Ill Kset Silk street, end seas very dangeronaly Injured. lie wee attended by I)e, Jotiseoa, of Ni IDO Thlld ev. Arrr.MiT at Suicidii. Miciiajil Carit, a laborer, living al .1). tV0 Tenth atreet, banning Jealous of hie wife, decided to and hi troubles by rutting bis throat. He did eo. but only deep et oiifju to Inoreese his trouble, InatMtd of pulsing an end te Iheiu. lie wa taken to Itellerue Usa pltal. Felkw UtdlltTnaae, oVo. rFsirr3rt I.twcoui ncwi m Krnir. The llce, on M.nday tnorniag, received aotloe that an effigy of President Lieoous we euspended tiy tbe neck from the maethead of the eloop Kotte, lllng at ue foot of Terry etreel, N. It Sergeant bxvotjutv of ttt ih Ward, waa eeollelne place end feittid a large Crowd gsaing al the efflfy, ueoa which wse a placard, elating Inat Freeldeol Lrn tioLis waa hung aad gonatnh- Tee crowd ai taared lo be much Imtsnaad at the atT.eal offered to Ihe President tlert, but the Captain of ibe sliop, Wa Btirsromi. refused to take the effigy down. Tbe 8-tgaeat want on beard to pereuade blm to al low it to i removed, out tee sjapt. aeisat a matna eplke and threatened to kill any one Ibel dtred ea ten pi it. tie wae then arrested and take beturt Jiieiic Coanoixv, who dlmbarged him upon hut promising to take th effigy dawn, which h prompt1 y did, SravnisQ Affray. A (Uht took place Bundey night, est ween a petty ef Americans and Germans, al the lager beer ssloonNi. Ul D.vltle etretit, where they had t,omllad during a dtacua- strm of roHtlcs, and Fsancta Wootmar, ef Nn U Allen ties, tad Btown Kosrraa, of Its. St Mai berry etreet, were dwgwroueiy etabbed. Moctmar waelahentotteIIoepilal,end KuoTiatn hie reel. deaca. Tbe police arrested liasar Wllnt t being oa of the partlee oonornd in the row, aad Justice Btssm oommttled him, Tbey ars on tus lack out for ethere. CArrcRR or Borolarsj. A yoan mta named Tan. Mlata, waa detected aarly yeeterdaj meraing la the pluabtng eetabllahmenl of 1L WeonaaTt. No. C04 Eighth art , which ht had broken Ins for th purpose) of tstsi, wksra ceptorad he set about lee ting with a large tall of lead pip. Justice CuaaOLLT locked him ap tax trial. ttoRS Hout, an IrUhmsn, wu trrrtbl om lfoadty, by offiotr Ootnse, of Ihe Cth Ward, whllt In the act of attempting te aall a broche ahtwl, which pcaved to be one of a large number stalest from Ibe store of Joeant Buatn A Baoa , Mu 11 Mulberty etreet, which ere brokeo Into on Wed. neecey nigbl, sad te'ibed. Tbe prisaner bee but lust beea releeeea fmm a alx mrathe oonflaement In Ihe Cdy rrlaoo. Ue we loefcad up by Juatioe Osamui AhasidoiTiko as IxrAirr. A yung Irbth trsnst, named Anna Mcirnr, waa erreeted yae levdey, charged with abandoning her Infant, tad leevtag tt la a vtcanl lot at the corner ef Mitt et. aid 4th Avrnne, where it we found dead. AOer onet'o lequeet showed thtt tht ohlld had died Ittta expoture Lttd want or car on tn nan or it mother, Asea Mtanir." Th aosueed wa locked up. Fartit CoFotsTizn. Tb a cs of lr- eeay, Involving the theft of $700 la beak bills, re ported in the gee yeste-dsy, lis name war con founded, eo that Joun Buiom waa said to htv beea arrested for steatite from Cut. Rei rawer at. Tat etateraont should bsve been lbl Bisios waa tht em ployer, tad caused tht arret! of Uarswiisa. Board or Alpkrsiicc. The Board couU net obtain a quorum last evening. Board r Cocsciutos. At th regular meeting of the Board yteterdey, revolution wt effsttd with a view of furnishing Information t etraogere, that a placard be put on the brwsvn eteu statu In the Path Inforaeleg the public that It wa Intended te reoresent Oremt Waauutorori. fra nitl'Nilbeebtlmea wbo ogared lae rsseolu wm wm given 4rittis4t"n to wittdraw II. Tteoon.isj I mi rsilrowU teportd In ftvor of t rseas-ietaa elr.'tng Ibe fluCeu Riv-r Kstlroed Coo p-e? I. rvrna ve ibe telle ant awltobee el Hud vat arid W' rtk etia e, and Dust end lludarst trsee, and tlon direstieg Ihem nat to bstd or iu d tbatr rare, seer al'w tbem to stand la Huvbvo traet liet.eesi tk.inloe ead Castal streata. Tr.aO-ieto lais wrakly etalemeol wa tublalt lad. It sho it sne fnj'ewirig figures r llelaeee Feb. II. ,U,I11,0 SI KearipU IIJ911M T'Aal Ftyrr.seAs. , l.TOMAI ST ,., ttl'Jj U4 Btlarm fAn,tllK3 The Birsat U anatittt.mer anbtsiatd a eteteiasnl sJesoo rt 'sterol bis iitrtitient,tiy commiltesa end Members ef lbs Cooiroai Oiuwll. Hsstawe Ihtl fio carriage M'S fir tyimmnlata In IsCV. re 1?!s!i i ns were reswie r sk ssmiuii uf 4T 411. anl last she eo-is-int eld I w etaimusry. ruj red by enaseiare I 14-0, we tl,414 00. The paper was teierred. Tbe teei.lulbai of the Board of Alde-mea, la fa tot of tie llsrist lb Olillnsnis forbldslleg lbs laddl eg of smell weies In Ibe etreas. wte lie suV jtat f nasa.datsble delatta, tad waa finally letf at.4 reSaevtd to lee Oommlttsm on O'dlnaaoaa, Tb Boasd Ikea edjusirned I Thureday. rr :iy ItfivTB, Tlalrtt Pdtar). lARBT'l TMOOFBtTaOtBl SiaBWS . t suwr . the beat end sheepstd trtleU fie frtng, eleanlea. aatine. erteervll aiTlasUeetrytt. lotdhyaUi I trtlei V treastng aa taas-st- ving ta rmt'trtng us laruuaaa. A Fit rn Fact wot DttrtrntTi, Dr Lb tvnae Yellow took Sway, PeaUlvely curse FUsswTry b, K. r. BautAjM Wild Cmammt Birnta. siAtrth tba best tmrrs gratis the ba4 suatmisl. ei wwak eafbebled ra-rtoo. ea gateaase maktne slow proarta try Tun wrLu cm irnutt tVLTRM. be tn tmicttd edtb has We sraald reeommtrnd au i af tasaaata.nlswaeaa, tarn la tba ebast, r the lead tuea laetdeal I eba tpsinf saassw, ta take R. F. UIB AJUra Wlat Qeetvy Mtb-n It tt utliits's eww rem edy i tt taanet fall te beaefit tb invtlld, a4 srt wleb neet4lswst4ftvslMteUeJdsbt eMIstad where tbev est (a this unrivaled yiotsaa. Bsst a ausner- etse rraoos nan rjeea tvarlloaa ef ue. an ae a eutw srll etusrry blttars & Ha4 m eood,- 'eat. yassr phytl alaa. ae every doctor tjnossi tbe Bitten ts purer maa H,M,Tt4J.W HAYSs.lltaMeeatsaBtoXya. PlXttOTS FATwr tmmnnt AANnjrl0ATO iBamBstttaiaava teah t niistal aaareloai Tot II ftf. tad natetdvea swdvantd tsllsfsotlnst, te-jEt&ttW tr eaefel kseeesa I ar Vaoille. the iridaUoa ef tb hsoee. tablttt las-lbu. t-nesrattaa, Dlmlelab tae-vouelrtltabi Oy. 4. Car all dlantvee tdtte skla. J. BnBtTaUeflBt44efheefeATCaa7, a, Uva tnoa w wa nian-ii. arintns. f, Qtseensa telllefa end ebstructless. A fksre t ssasBon nous, rtvsa aao ttttam, XTrttrtJa. tsat. salt aestitt, tioaa trsraoa, tsaorn, mauuu The WrAg and Dkbilttatiib Bh uld try fr. Anderson's Lift ruRDItU Price tl per hotrle For etle tt tl Eighth tr, Genua to Ska Siur owssicu.t wnnLTt find tt to their adventee bt hav the head af masters, ate and eatlnnj carefallv exemln-d hv a eompetenl Phreooloalstbeforeeendl-stt-mtoeea. Do Ibis, sad yon msy klow tb Ires art charactere tad oooipemnor. Fowin 4 WtuAet.rtroaday. glv verbal ed riuaa Otertpi lone of character, ghea attired, w Wt a ,,ar be relied oa for tooiutcj, ArlvrstrtltMntfintal fortheSdilllOlll ran urn bom tn trnxn lit M PTttMJKEMrl OF Tnfl AOB. A Ntw rtctuTT in AU. tus Btanxnt ar Un t Th Cltopct tesrj to .H ASi'TtltSa new, ADYERTtmUMU MVX. Anything wauled can b had or heard of en thg beat cftenna for ONE StULLtNO, by AmEUTfl.Ms IN TIIK rtDNi CITKAFF.R THAN WALKINO OR mTJINO FOR ITI KVEBTBODY CAS AFFORD IT Atn FOR LVEKY FIRFUSR, lataaeasta IMabtxssWsl Cy Ctrcsalaflaaf DAn.TAYERAnF.FOR 1HH. ,? DAILY AVERAGE FUR IH l,lrj DAILY AVERAGE FOR IHtM !, CIKIGRAL .NOTICES. Car year Caagb far Aa) Dtsaa. TUE ruOR MAN'd FKlAVNU. ManAafE ZADOC PORTER'S OOlflH ALf Atg, AA. t 4-ew 1 least. I 4 tae thai- a vesptsbtervm-oviorenusbis eous tttirst, at ins.innih.Aa Th low esiaa at whisk It leas' blee every ese to k es It a eveulent fee ese. ee lae Umele nee of a elnile DotUe will prevt te be vena. b ty nmesiuemt. DOI W7 au amrvieni, ana rr II AU. A KCCrrt. s Oreendei s. rries 10 ets; lerne bettls at HO ct. rs.lSv- tr need trHh sr-et wire a The list s dies for neeriv aB th Ills that flesh le helrta- frta oesits per hex. FIULLIF Lttt, rmyrtetee, tS Dsotasray . teie w It HOCIsTTY OTICEM. 3( i ., Iaasaieteaien'e I', n. etarlrtv-rha Meww tewi ef tbe above Sorbey are wivwte4 te ms-t al tbelr meselee room In Roosevelt et. oa Tim4s.. Ken's- 1 0'h. si 1 o'lWk. I M.loMy the test tribute ef r. eperttelbelr deeesed brntnev meroti-r. FATot tr llillMl. Me nntrr ct JUUM KANE, Frea. DH-su LXUVAN.Btc U A. P. A trvare vttR be de'lve-tMl la rHamerd lAlieNt,,t l. A, cor Couit an I'iM-vs ote.rlouth Hroi.klin. ooTueeiiav evetrfne. Feb. tfdt. 1 tn, by lv R.ll Que-roll Bnbject-Lhseits ead lli.nor. For te lien, fit ef memb ts who areeutof rmplnrmert. TlrtrtiVfirentseseh. te eitinlt a sew tlena. and Isli lineee open at half peel T, leetinr t aommonee at g a'clock. IS llassr t become yens oven Iadlord !( tte Fntrrpet-e llrmeetead Assnrlatlea; saeeotlng Tae. stay evteilngTi o'clock, IvO lleaere. M ISAAC B. REED, kVeVs Watth ladaes Na. 0. W A- A. tTV merrberece svartb Ititr., No. Ilf, are her by wira muved to sneet altbe Isidee room, Ne a SC4, Braad wat, on Wedeeedey, et 1 o'clock F. Ma far lae sair paae of slbtullne tlie fun.rel of our 1st brother WILLIAM llAlrLKY. Mitubart of the rr.ieraitr ere reenectfuliy Invlt-d. Ilenvder TI10MIM nA NAN, W. M JOUN W. TIM9"N, Bec'y. x tM II DKATflff. BEAM-On Tneedev, Feb. ltth, ef eeatiet farer. ror, rtfa I sm. n siasm. sna oi a - rt ena rataeeeta naai teed 1 year. 1 months and 'a dva Asm, oa Sends.. Feb 4tb, of eeerlM fever, MxtJa at. ne.m. snr crinu ri aesnro rt. to xaiaaneca tte asejs s tears, o matiint en e dart Tb iwlatlvoa and manOa at the fkmftv ar foUr Invited to attend th fnneral ee the letter, ew Ultttr, tta WteWfVMS ItMf rt ibwl Wedoeadsy moenlna. TTtb Inat, et 10 o'obe tke residence of Ms yareaita. lMtxi at. aad wlthonl furlhesr noUce. BRCKN On Feb TTh.Uarv Itreaw.rn.tasM of Jsmss and Mary Ana Breea, e4 1 year, 4 aae. aad Ho Seve. f The friende of the family are latnersfailr tarltatl byettend tte rnoersL fretn the reetdeeioe ef tla ptresrte, , tt Boasex .1, Jersey City, ea Toeeday afussaeoa, tsttat to, stlocloct. lib ftnf.TjeM 4ni ehmdav taamtna. WH aera. aftar a abort lilaeae, Charles Cobesi, aed go yean asad 1 mentlia Tbe relaUe and frteods ef tt f atalty as rsstjsat felly Invited to attend the Amoral, tble tTnssaer) aftersooa. trHh tnet. at 1 a-clncb. frem bis tale ttt- enrja,1M4Motirnst. ritrtber lavltarl s. ITS) J DF.TARY At ber isaldeneN Marstret Derraoy, aire ef Jamee Devany, In the 4tb year ef her ege. Tb frtende ef lb ftmlly are restwesittlly metiaa ta artettd tbe funeral, skis (Tuesday) a'teraeoa, Tr Inat, tt 1 o'clock, from her let resident, Vfl last 1Mb et. Ctv tn Bllco psraoi pleaee copy, 14 GILLEN-On Btturdtr.V3d Feb, after as mt. tjlrn Gllb-a. Id the TSd rear ol bar aae. tier rrlaovm and mass ar saveuuauy lavrtasl tltond lb ItuwraL tble (To-eden nvrnletk at VV Uock,(rom the reeldeaoeof bar mss-U-Uw, WUIlaa Clark, VKast "uth rt OOINO-On Feb. 14th, trVr a tbert bnleerat arse, rasnek uoas. in ue nuts year ar hie a a. Ttia ftianda of tna fainlls aia iiim.siiis si la atland htafaaerai. oa laeaeay uternaoo. Ma I It o'clock, (rata his lata rettilssie'.M UADLRY Oa Monday avanlat, Feb. ttvah. i woeuait toa. W lilltm Uadler. tied tl yean tad 1 moataa Tbe friend ef th family, alee th members wortn Laasa, N m, r. a a. tt . ar i as pet. any s attest t t4test toe mnaral, en weoneeeay erwwi tbe VTth hisU et IX o'tuosk, from hie laie real tie Lreianory tt JonNSON-Kdaerd Jehneon, a ntUre ef Deeata teed or years. Ilia ftinaral will take ntace from his late reeld 88 North 4th tt. Will Urn. Worth, ea Tweed en Boots, KOtb Inst, at 1)4 o'clock. V tIlIT.imiar.YOn Bnndav. Feb. tk. Flame ena s John and Catharine Muironev, native of Lelgbtsr tfrtdg, tja. vartow. irviana esea te yuera. tie lived, loved. And dts4 lamented. Th rel Uvea and friende ef tte family are menaet I fotly tavtted te snua ta tusienu. lb iinaeoar tnssraoon, tout tost, st s vviaca uom taw stsionv e hie mother. 191 second era lit McCOSstCY-Oa Mmdiy, Feb. (nth. Ells.bstl' MeConbey, widow oltlie late rbumesMcCoic,r ' Tn relaUvm and friends of tte fsretly are siV falls mvltwd to attend the fnneral. on Weosintdav s. aoan, 8TU mat, as 1 e'olnrb. fmsn her lata rid her lata rvald- L ItsUoa. a 1 Inst sll's'iijael ess, tSartnaST.. . leu leuta eve. wunoet lunaer tutiiti UaOtlHUICg-On M aids v. SlV Inst a. a l air, m ruu. w. r-w. ,i i a. .m a ., fArailrk. halnvMS l a uf Jaiusa Met Vtfmtck. s 1 he tuneraJ wilt take ylaee rrem ber lato realdao? OA S i. a ...I at Shla t fnA .Sal. a. - o'clock The friends snd relatives of tbe ftmllr. ( tteaaer tor bmtoare, wtiiiam tea iosei it. -.nte bare, trt respectfully savltaa te ttteaAwttbestt fur", ttotsoa III McELBOY Mtrraret McKlrer. t aetlvt of i Fasiah ef Dmtenre, Connty Tyrone, Iraiaad, ta t tot b ) ear of bertgs. V May aht r-tt la peace. Aroeal Her friends, snd those of her brothor. rellx Ur rov, end ber sb ter, Herab Matclro. aed else t.r 001 sin. I't'rlrA McNulty. tit reetaethtlu lovitad te s taaat the faneraL on W.doeadav trtantntai v'Tth li.a tt t aYloeb. frem IDs TV alien at, Jtney city, le r.. I vary Canister. X ,,aaanr.a e at... .!. u. t.l. w-u Su' I ttirana.i. ,.a am.." l.u a - Dr 1'itrr eu lreterre, anarleeol eraue-, la I Is yer. and for the It. t BS veer, a reddantof telt nlty tunasel arvie-elll ba held al iheh-nse.f hi -n Dr P. A Fntsrrt.MO FetrtsLon Wedoealer. fa 17th. alio A M llisfrlauits.antto-eorta-famll are reapectiullly lisvitad to attrod, eltteut lurtuesr I alt.lln.. St VAN ALBT-In Branklra, on Mnedav, Felt. Vft t H eotrlet lever. Anson Ha u ber or utta-re es Stst Vss AM, ear dO yaara and V m Withs. 1 1t ralslltta attu rrtssaee e 1st lataile tr saat fully lo attend Uie funeral, tills (iilndit aibmocn. VOth Inat at B e'elnck, IVom tte teal i-o ef br ptretitaVtoCnttotwrlaodaL d' VANIlttRPOnL-sj Monday, Feb tnrh, Issb 1' lafsatceushterof Wm II aed Babrcea Vtndtrp Th raltU'e end rrtendo ef the renslly ar r-a.-w billy Invited to arteod th fnnereU t It ( Tuaeila afu raonn, VeVh Intt. el 4 e'elork, tmta Utt realw at ber pareota, HI Christopher tt, o WILLCTT-O Monday, Feb CDlh, John, ears ThostiM a4 MtlincUt WUietl, tged 4 yearn, ( tueal tad so dert The muulvae and trleade of tt ItaaOr. as seates f tlir Invtted to ttteud. tb altasaaw.lNlth Inat. tt I hU pareafa. 114 Blxth tve. WILB)M-At Uobok., Jemee Artnusweoa ot aaed ID teara 1 meale TWs relaUvm aa frtso ftillr lavstsB) to ettesta artssToaa, run mat t Chords, or. el Otrdea rCBSOltAI NOTICES. TfTFORMATIOW WAWTED-IF MlUT a. A fit'OTa wierit t. SMma.!. nwltat al Nal Bond -t, Brooklyn, will tleas leeve bar tddress a Ul obllte t ladyrrlendiltUaflmeoTttstee. a 0TICB-W1IKREA8, MT WIPE LAID F L. EARL, matde name, AOi'i, i liaitiMiHf.TttLft bv bed and board 7 cans or pravieatlon. I then fire f.rul all TCL trusting er htrborlng her en mr tooouct, a I ba (e be eeeountete for env debte einlraev-d by h-v so ktaaato. Feb. tCtt,lrML UlLBERrHARIaHlts tl, IHREA8, MT WIFE ELIZA JA?i tXlblld. baa left me bed aad board altrant f hir4a.nsenrvrevoettlon,l forbid anr person f it v tmsiegor tmstlne her, es I will pty no tebtt of ber rt taWaWtl . atUatIS U. UOSIW, s BOABD AUD BOOMS. , B0AK&-A RttrECTABLK IX)E Vi msnwenld takencblld to hsard, where It have t good home ena t matber's etiy re'en . give irreotilrad. CaU tt her roeldeooe, TT Weal at, U floor, beck room. V BOARDINO A FEW BINtUE QEITT. mon can be eocommndat d wltb board. 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