Newspaper of The Sun, February 27, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated February 27, 1861 Page 2
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vrc- fij.i' ' I tfl THENEWYORK SUN. iinnti for neeeeerlnn of the w Preet- lent Km t la hotly wl n"MclJ' tb" P-"1 rf .hoBllrawtagof " pbllean r,trir, from Um t moment of hit rrWl In Waahtnirton. Mr. Ontur U there, In pjcbabty the Uttereit mood, o tu, af kit much embittered Hlt,c' lit, breathing (ml nnUmnrred -Inleno Ant detUnon, ul leading on recklca tUck upon Um principle and hffrton4 ot rnntnrratltm which Mr. Lnrcoi.M biiHltr peniilttod atone to attach thetntelv- to hi raHn-a It U not llrt! eurion to obaeB hw pooltloM htv been re-eraod and exchn.,j.l oince) th Rcciblk-n campaign Iwn. Mf. Oiaur, lwy prtTlool7 th trrilt , of kit forty In natemnorlilng nppot.tioa Try, .1 tho Chicago Coov.nllot '.. e- at on Mid and moder.'. ,V,cy m tb fnvtMHa t uiuiliim vin -. .- Snraan, after a conflict of ntfAonlumry laosta and inUnilty. Enwamn Aair tk caadldata of tho utrtm modrttoa nnJ'T CtMCLKt't loadorrhtp, vat art aaMa, bnt AaelHAJi Luooi.s, Kfntucklan lra, root koadad, and of knows noJeratlon, waa pot la tiooabutlon by tha ronrvat!vo KrpuMiaan Itatoa, and joyfully aotrplr J ly tha 0mtr party aa an araiUMa and national candidate. At tho aamo lim, tha Wkkh U). Sawaai fao Uon wrft and mrad and thraalonnl, danannt ng tha of that candidate aa a anrrrnkr of prindpla and a doptudatlon of tho pirty. Election paniod, and now tbo aaaia pirtlii ara artayad aatsat aaeb othar, fn daaily ha. tility aa before. The unantViatocaud ralir might naturally taae It fr grau'ed that 8kw. ako and Wm, true to their veteraa ihtrac tor, are firm la aa nnroroircml.iritf antl alaro ry rollry, and that (iarrmr, true at lat to bla lateat profeaalcn, Is at 111 tha rhamplon of a popalar, nallonal, politic admlnialtatlon of tho (TOTart meat. Neither of threa. HmrAan and Warn, ara now at the eatrema of modera tion U their turn, and poor Mr. Orkm XT, to maintain hla opposition, la hu'l.l back to tha otbnr extreme, from which he elarted. Three mortal boar, according lo tha telegraph did tbo Prkldent-lecl yeeterJay andara in cWt conference, tba Tahemont perruaaiona of tha tcrnatilopo'itlcltn who baa Rone to Waahlng laa to eject Mr. Lincou'a own dafeatoi rif.l from the poat of hoaor and conGdtnoo aoareat tho rreaidontUl pen on I Wo are coiifident that til argnmnita and tkreata of tbo rlulcnt faction will innV no Im ore.U.wbUTcropt.'w'"l"- 'w --ZZ I'd af I.iUh Ta ibail bo Rrlerourly diaappi'lnlod In Mr. I waa ikinuinLj puvd. ... .j ... A t,r !.. iratuiii A ConimiM'a of Onntarareo wta appntnta 1 ob tha Ubciaiji, and coocern.d Tor the pmajeeta en" 1 niMBg TuU, , u, o ii.ia! '. ua amaai Um eomalry. If bo ahall admit them to any In I mam, piaunir a duty cm lea and c'f.i. fluenoo Va hi oonncila. Tbey ahuuld net be recORnlieil la any cal-iw-t appointment, cnm aa A party element. Ilia eabtnet at ould I a unit far the Uaion, on a platform of Jo-t and li'mrat prlaclplea, with moderata and Ju.llcloui men aarta, and a temperate and conciliatory aplrit. Te hare aa doubt at all tbat It will be to, and that It will bo auraaBBwd by tho Union, loriaa; man of erry auta In which loyalty and kaaar karo not yot become a capital offnnco. Aa to the Repulllaan party Itaelf, while lt Preeideatial chief i erldeatly aa Arm In a moderata policy aa fat eoaeieUney of prlnolplo It U eqiBlly OTldent that the ettremtata are an aalaSoealial theoth noiay minority. The popular man which want In faror of Mr. Lii. oolb, by an otcrwhelralng majority threueh ut.UM northern atatea, la of euurae tho aamt patriotte and honeat body af eltlzcua whi bare placod former rrriideati In office, roll tlclana and part lie ahlfl In continual illaaolrln riawa, bit the dameratla maaaea remain atih. ataatially tha aamo tomctlmea kicllning one way, aad aotmllmea another, but nervr Inclin ing to dlakoneity, diranlon, Uaaaon, or fanatU aiam. Wo are confident that tho trnth and truat araaiaf Ihe people, rrpreaentad aa they are by a man of tho people, will coma out In the policy of tha new admlnletratlen. and In the baarty aupport which it will rccelro from the great body of northern aentlment, and within two or three werka time, will retire political and bualooaa confidence throughout live land. Tits action of the Ilnuae in poetpenlog, and Uiua virtually rejecting aa warnod by tho merer Mr. HrAKmVn Force Mil, eo callel, la elgnlficant. The chief purort of the bill waa to atrenftthca tho military arm of the execu tire by lai lug Tblunlo r mililla at hia dinpo aal in cam of need. Tba patriotic attitude of tho aoulhern border italea render! thla precau tion bow unncrea.ary, and aa a wiao mark of confidence and conniJemllon towalda them, the poetponement of the bill lit iiuiMliuu will have a happy effect. Tux extreme Republican! In the Heme y ierday, after bolog defeated oa eovera! attempti to BoetpeiM tho cnnilderatton of the roport of the Committee of Thirty-three, reeorled to GlibBaterlDg, and mccroded In preventing a vote, the lloueo adjourning at 8 o'clock. A lioon atory li told of Mr, I.iucmlh la con nection with hia alleged fear of iaauH and vio Aooa fiom tha llJtlmore mob. A friend aakad him, after bia arrival in Washington, 1 be were not afraid of Intuit In Hew Tork rlty, " Kot the lca.t," rerponded Ana,11 the New Yotk bejre are all for the I'nlon, though they did vote agminat me." " Were yea then really afraid of adilfereut reerptlon in Ilaltimoier" akod hit filend. Oh, do," tald Ur. Liv oouf, " bat jem aee, mr frlrndt didn't undcr atand hew to run thn Ilaltlmora macnuw," A holdWi'a llawar. I all age of the world, a eel Uer'a haoor In' lhar wf rd, hia cbllatlon to be tree to hla ''eommhaioI.', and tha government which ho took aa oath to I npport baa Ueu regarded at of tha moat eacred character. In a free ooun try, eapooially, the aoldler ahoald la tha em bodimeotof patriottam. To hla natlon-Jltr, and to hla fag, bo ahoald bo true to death. Wheat he voluntarily talUte la hla eoanlry'a aorriee,tLe pledge bta energle and ht life to It dafonoa. It la thla Idea which ennoble the a.l. dlar andera free gOTerneaent. Ivory officer and man In the military an I navel aervioe of the United State baa Uleu aaealh to U falthfnt to tha United Stite Ceveremeet, and It la a moat gritlfyina; fact mat while of.keri hare diahonorod thomlvei and their country by traaaonaM violatlona uf their aatha, not a tingle commou toldiur or .nurlne hai turnf.J trmUtr to hit country. A HcwmIob Ceacrraaaaaa Aaawered. "Uoa. Mr. JaxKta, a Kepreaentatlve from Virginia, recently wrota to the rotmeUj Oonaral demanding to be informod why a frlon I of kla, Tnoiia J. VfrT, had bon reiaovwl from the offloe f Mill agent, and another per- aom appointed lo hi j Uc i and why he (Jvk- ma) waj not eoniulk-d In the matter. la ro- p.?, Mr. Kino, tbo Pottmaater Uet.eral, In- form Mr. Janata that though rnemUeri of Coogrtaa, when agreeing politically with th Admlnlatratloo, are, by conrtcay, uaually con amllad la regard to appolatmuitt In tholrdlt- tricta, yot it ia net tholr right. Mr. K ma tin n proeoada U ataU why Mr. Waar waa removo I - Mr. Waa waa removed r laarlag hi ronU Till r patmlaeipa fr- tba DapaiimaDi, and e ajvaly tt-cafftaf la a movaiaaiil, iba arawadoulu at vtalek I Indaca Ike witbdraarml of Viriu a graaa aba UatoB la aaoar wa-oa, aa wai aiae Hfjf 1 ut aarwaioa fraaewheea traaaury laklng to daairoy Uie Uivannoaa awury he waa drawing alio mtaua o' Lee, aud wheat C0aUt.U.u .. . Bloociyfort. .JalJy tuMta'ai-c. ataawai jawv. ,4 I llf . la- to ou vo n iivv taat yon wev your!, n tew pg, Idoull not, fully crnrimlrled to tho eenewdon la te-eel in ur (tat. At l tho rmltrv 11 b irarm ed In tho Mara toward your friend In oftct. I tprek only of what may bo dona In tha few remala tng dijt of tbla adminletralloa I and I twlutl art to aaaur ymt that If, during tbi abort lime, any other twee Ilka tha to a, it coma before tae. I ball w II my Imperative duly to pnreue tha n nea adopt 1 In lhl Imrlaor. Ttla berng n etnntly an ofhvlel 1Vr, I may 0 rardoced for adding that I am tof tta I Mna wilk m raaai itticn. e-naliy a:nt dleuuloaleie ai tha Bourn etdabo'ttlou'e'c atine Nirth.ead lit tho juat rlghu of a'.l eectli In lie loien. Tfc Alle,rti! A-elevn Plot It ti new aaeoilnd tfut t'o dlororory of a f'ot to aaMlnata Mr, Ltnn.ji, whila patnK throoRh Ualllmnra t TTaahlDtoi, li dua lo tbailatfc'lra t(V,ir fthatMy irrnrntaalonod by Vl!c) SupcrlnlPpJwt ICm'iwly, of thla tl'y. to U a art of "aJrvieo BntftTof tha trotacllfo of ibo l'rraldrnt tlnct. I "a a r.'".. . ... V t,on " -f lh hlr ' djl'flra Wii ota lui irrra- 'a Mr. luinMt proiariDB'b lut iriilt, At loaat. waa lntMidl towaria Mr. Litcoit t oa hia arrltil lr lialtlmoro, th Tiihiu. WaaMngtsn ecrrfpoilc.t ayl Tka lawlr ai! k- 'lln 1moatrll raade en tha air ': ' Hie t 1iai lltitmrnre, ly wntea Mr. Ui" .(. 'a rei4a4 bare aa a aufflclanlJoMlnt'i.f tha couraa lukeo by hla frtrDda la bringing h'ra Vi Waahlagton anknowa lathe rnwdlta aial rlntera nf thai city. llUed aillialihal tbalr.ln wa it mum txwel no III ard t1 at B.ltirame, and li e Vifti and plalfaraia of Ilia rii lrutaally cnrerl It ai'reamlna;, ho nine yalllBK cni lol certun'y 1 loeull anrt ol mirlixn, pitahly nxi Tinlawa, aul, peruana lint n UKMMilntllen. tl wu rtetfvt r on'o-4ei f a mob of li.nro pmpla In hate held Mr, l,ioi. at U f-,r alt rmim, u'.jwl l wbaUrar iadi(-nliy aad Tlulwx-e tlioy ch.a la U.t rw. THE LATEST NEWS. 0 MT TlXZORArU TO TOK N. T, KM, Folitlcal Intolllconco. XXXTIth UONinUr4-rDd Waanlaa. Hcnatai. TCiVtign, fA. '.'!. The annual report of 11 a Smut. nihil Iiutilullon waa l!Mfd auj ur cert 1 1 be ptUitl Mr. Tu.nviri (N J.) preaenK d a petition la far m ef ihe t'aiTTiwnr.i rMM.InU'iua. Mr. liixnn fcii ) ne,ebu4 a rcaclull. In fator of tl.e tyaiJ.r a.ata raolnln na. Tha Jo'M rumlulwiu li r.l tha reaol ill la In .TiroKltowariHBU. waauken op al aainod. Tra 0Mn wur dchi bill waa Uken up, and nn nxlion if Mr 1,N (I) Vui)a emolHlra If nral. famitawaa aN.imail tai Iba aieeu4meut ia Ilia Uiijm. Tha blll(rtlenrruliktlonof the Territory of O'lntano warf liken up. Mr. (in." (M ) rotm that the Senate eonour In Ihe eturMInu in ul tna iimuw to. vraiSlli Lava la. I Tna kill U onjaniaa Iba leriilnrtd irtTarameut Tha Pufcl It rtila bill waa I.Wan llj. Mr. Bawaal) IH. Y ) pr.n'id Ilia rred"ntUta of u Uaaaia, ri-iatur elect, from Ihe Btat of Maw Yk. Mr. I.T"AM(Cil) then movel that the flaatte arr.e b Ihe ll-Miae eni-Hid-ni-ma lo ll.e r.a1 Ututa bill, wbUb aai nRrnd lo, and the Mil wa.paa-ed. Mr. tll (Oi.) tntmtunad a HJiiplaaMuul Pdl Bniitebill. Laid river an l-a rlnL Te Aiaiy Aprr.iprUUim bill vre taken dp. Tba rk-MOo iiKKxrdcd lo lb eonaiilacauoB of the anaodafcU propuaod ly the (JoraralWat on (V Bare. T tr Y anenal In Tarw waa atrtokenrmi.mi Ihe gieund thai Taxaa aad take powarion of Ibe araeoal. Mr. r bmkx (Me.) made a reimrt from the OommiHi of Oafarene on lh cnnaular and Ulpl.v mano bill, which waa agTecd lo. B i Iba Mil eland paaetd. A number af araendment war efferad to iba Amiy Ih'I, moat of which ware dinreed to. Mr. lUkFB (orvfroa) on"oT4 aa amendment an- prouilani! $nu,0lxi for Ihe protaclion of emirmnt io iiregna, and eigned tn tavnr of bla amenlnuot. Mr Laaa (Oregon) Ibouiihl the aiaounl wa not auDicUai to glva aay protectton. Mr. Maioh ( a.) apak agalut the amendment, el ralng II waa again! Ibe rulrt of the 0Mt. and asaiDatlheCuniitliutlen. VTa mlgiil a wall ak for iDiney to protect traveler li Cbarlmkin, f r alenir the avrniH', la what ia oalled Ibe preaanl "arllfi.lal ciUJ." Mr. llikta replied, eaylng that the Senator fiom Tiralola, bailaconatltiiliiiiuil oltjeiiloa lo every thing. DnnQ'ilxote waa net mora feroelotia (a eghn(f astoat lha windmill. Itelbeugbllf Ibe rieoaloi'e vltwa prevailed, M mlghlaoon La neeaii ir? an aava prote. Um In folnff an Caarlmlon. Mr MaanM Ald Ibaion Ibe ijueeilon ef preprU rtr, Ibe rlenater from Oregon waa evidrntly ad aca tad la a dlfierai t acbnol from htmaelf. If Ihe O m atliuiloQ detlded wbeo aookan of.ibea Iba 8malir ad tboae wltk whom he aou will anna make the a-evrramtnt. a indeed they have already done, a gnve rnmenl of lrreapoaviljle power. B-vlee lave altndoord. broken and vloated theOmailt lion, and Ibe Bi-nalar mliihl real mural lb. I lanae wbo go lo Charleston will take no proaeetloa ef lie irovetsm.nt -they want no aid from Uilagovara mei.k.aie! The monument waa adapted yea ii, nay 17. Mr. Jm.NaoH f.Vik.) iffarrd an ainandoienl le give a full aet of Ibe OvrvMfcmdl Ulvt lo each geeator vrbo tat n 4 lecelved II. The an tndnuvLl waa debated at aom length, and dlriagrenit tn. Af r 'inthcr rinaldrratton the bill wav reported ta tkaH.natr. AJjourueJ Ilanno of ItepreaeotiMlve. Mr. Krucoo (III ) roM lo pmaanl toe petition of li vctora ot 1 1 ntia, leaving Ibe adoptitin oi the p are prooaiiinne hviilo.oi aubruilted by hlax arif. Mr. Vnirrm (i)hlc) ebjectoL Mr, KKU4t.ii wa aitrprtMHi that any one ehoul ht unwiUieg n adiult aa etpreaalon of the people, while e ara bu'ii b'irnid in'o ihacilamlllea of tlvUwar ai.dtba diauptluuig Ihe ovurnmenl U Ihreawivd. Mr, luvia (lad ) preaentnd a petition from that laie, a nn d by uieu of all pai Lea, tu favor of Ihe CarrTaMnm (a;opntl,nua. 1 aa Biaak.r ptewuled the )iraocedlu7a an 1 reeo- ii tioaa oi tiie l inoayivaua tijmouaua Viinvatv, lion. laid on tha labia. Tue II mao tmk up tha volustenr bill. Mn Ilcwaun (Mion ) reaumed lua reutrka In fa vor ol It, wbuit be arjruod mely gave a oomtrao liini ti Iowa already tn exiateta'e. 1 wa lie duty ef (Joiajroae to tut into Ihe hand, of the I'catldaul, Ike nitaiit for ittftirndng hla duty, aud to point out II e mode tu which be abould do It, Toey ceuid not be re'iaaed from Ihla obligation. He rapeated thai thv rieetibnt aniaild have ILe piwar lo axa cuutht C'tLiillat'ini loan lla parta. Tea blghtat duty of a gnveruiieiX wblck daue far auleriur to all cnaetliull uia, la tu preeei ve lu Mr. PlTo(Va.)nkill waa lha purpose the domlmLI petty plainly inanlfratcd and opon'y avowed, to drive tluotigh the bill by Iht nrtvaui ef an trrtpieaalbla tale. A Ibtawaaa foragoa uanclualou, h tioped II would paa at ocois ti the end thai the iple of Virginia and the South mv be areiued to Ihe peril which menace their diiuctiua. II d.H.tnllv ehalleoged Ibemto a uoj it attliud of huallllty oorreapniUing to their bliudy deaigna. lie knew Ike RtpubTlcan lartv aie rwolvcd never to recoa-nlj loe tndaton. Menit of the .fowled ttte, uv to aurreader Ibe mntriil over Ihe captured forte. Ia ebon. Ihey er tea lved to Ihe South no other alterna tive but aulmitaatoB or aubjagaalim, In the eveat tbal the South decline to ca(llu ale. Omeloa by araia I. Ibalr purpura and poll, yj wbo ao bold aa to dny Ihla ataerl oat They dealreloproolalm Mihe country laal tba pullcyi tf lb d ixduaui party, aud Ike tncomleg tdainhmeitonl k cairy alaugbaer aad aword tuu la noii of iba iecu',a of Ji B mth. Rather than toleiata the ex atence of a aoaitern nakleoiiaiy. ihe object la hi cbaatla aud aubdu tb eeeetdid atnaea. Ily thla bill the Pit.ldaal mty carry on agtlnat II u a vigoroua boatiliijIa fiwi It wa a meaaure ol fklrleuUl and civil wr, cluarly agaioat the latter aid "HI of lee Oual imloo. Mr. Cuariafloaajaaid Mr. rama had Indulged In a atrain ia' oarlaotalinn and uwuuuclaiioo aimllar to Ikat of bla oollexrii (Mr Tba Kauun Ucan were ancuad of med.uiuig eoerunai, wb.n iverylhlng they bad alone and taid bad an aih I earing. Toe garularoan exprveaed Ibe hope thai the bill would indilr paaa, for lha purnaeof irmmu Viralnla and the hViiiih. II did u I thua apaak to rv-UHO, to lie bill, ar to U aigiraa, but ti tae UooventtoB uf Virginia, aud lo tb eaeembita of the 8 mib, who ar Uking action Mabtl ale wa m Der onuury. Tho gannemaua naiMaww, that a xl'a wllblulhe I'mied Butaa, abould indu na to d'aw around ouraelvna all Ibe auaiia of power aud prelection we ran wav. luaud If we ar aalliai, we etufb! to ebow IU What are the pll'ira tl.Jd naae, wwdiro, aad p vier. There can b m g .veniinetit wiiliout iowr, ant mi law wilv ail, lb oiulaalon of wb'cb wou'd b mere aotloa Tae bill now jtodliig an fir mean of!euBnlfiirlheeikeofpr lie onutaodeo; lul there waa ruahing u no tut tutioaai I the bill, wll-h oafy exiwilait the provuiiiaui of exiatlug lawr, JrrriKaoi arnt Mamaii andoiber I'raodnnu bail Bower lo cull cut aula tiooai. lla reiieated Ikal Iba bill la Iftkaxled to aid la Ihe exuiion of Ibe law. , mtUi.tala eur oomiuna govai ntnaoi, an1 p'ottctaudableldourHiiaaue la allaeottoo. Ill aid nut inakewar on the romkarn alataa, bat every man wto ralaaa nia hand again.! the governmeot aa In .a a null.i.H b. . -i ll.i ..... .. 1 .m .--... . ,. .1, i ii, waa 'P million 4.iuat . I Ifgautleuiea have iff ottoo fur 1'ivoiu' liy, lit them .7 a.uuin. im aauiiaiu. 1U7IB la uu ptac II lanr wiu ma amw nun WMIJ , T0 peao aa'l eabaa of nclatj dertud eotl.e govraiotot, waluk I tviy man ia bound loecptviiv und tbegvarn I meiii I bcuud lo enpjaai every atau. There waa 1 u- rkl I fur any aUto tu iwcde. Mr. Blum (, aaked rbth( U WMkV I did art advla with you. brcaao I had fad WTOanrfiSRn - aa."lhtotUfS. Iraca at a Imta la tha aMod aaataa, ntw hdd y tliladoiollooBion,onda roaplroUiofci1 ikL oaUaa thav akaJI b amdred Mr. twnai replied thai hi parpae we lo m. port lb ( " HI'. bouI on pnaer ahall la naiad la klm to dj oUarwUe. De bad twerm I Kanrort lh CXoaUlatloB. aad mnat do en. II may I c be Bare. any lo rrlnibvtt Iheae Ibtl la tb i,Ml eaaaoatatxl ataU ef Ik diiMIO ralavL II ftxrane) m-noalaid reballlmend etvilwara x iatmg la lb Bilk. II wwild raw-rt l a'l boner elite aaaarai b avoid a ooaflict of aim, ar-d did n4 believe li wrmld be neoeaaary lo ra ve an army thither until the peopi carry Ualr htlltUa atianuA Ilia llnlud Blalaa Mr. Pvi.rrr, though not ifl4 wtH lh n-a-aer, aad ha muaiaooepi II. Il.aattd another eaUi'B InereeolingaHeaforclne; yoa hold II aroiaMiry la dolntf an lo tt-bVnro lb anii.barB ttrw hi aato of ihe Federal Oarers-, a em, aid In rtiairinre Ike pioittjf a.- rM-a ll l .&. rJk 1.1RI In aa la pru if.lm rat In ptriilio what II may be lha duty I of hla itmary In do. lla waiild onjy arnak ef de- I Ngnaann raiaitirea ia aecm aei'aiii tuny war fae hnftlile pnronwa. a, Inhla eaal nld -Mtiri'er. Mr Ciiana. in Ike enuraa n( bla rapiv, aald mvir- dar oaaMi fnvn the lb.r aide The M of aaaaa Ota wire nnl from the Karmh'lran. Th murdr ana exeuiM Ike gnvinmnl waa wleld'd ny per aieia eknlk Inc In lb exai mlve rbanlrr aad a-n.l t tb I BiltJ Bkatr. alriklng at tkelr own rajlher, B'Aber er.nMiy. Mr. Borarrv lallavedwlth Mr. rave, (bat th paata of teaHllwaaa farejrune er.o3luaion and oerlaralloa of war. B'Kh ronajurea tvr paaaMl UoiTaa, aor IMHnd tna anpmral of any Preel dm. Tbnm who framed and put Ibe Cmrtt tatKia Into nreralloa, eir-rtywly declared lit tinder nn lirauina'anee. In an enarelvalite tola of tba eaae, were Ibe military of Ike aavaral atalna av.r U ka eaI ad Inio eervlce lr la Fmtanl Orerranenl, arraiA maiijordinalina tn Ike civil pnwtr. The bill gave Iba Prmluent the nmtad Cnrer ever Ibe ariri and ravy, ted i-l"l him call Inm eetvlre I MM (mil velnavr. Ten lima ha (one by o deal with tieorlea, and the fad ul eefraa'on mini Itlniked on aa a reaUly. Tee revolution waa peaeeful, auorvMifiil, and Ihe re-. a-nll a On.ferMed Wae II not l-ralev r ua and our wtrly lo ree)n'ra that rinvavnnieijl i lia lla laidMuendanee. bul Ihe axial- Irg fact, ed ihea treat with H, Inetead nflnvulvlnr ardtkreaienlngrteronalry with civil warf N d an had mm lore for lh I'nliai than klmwlf, bn It rjiwitniof nattily, and KrM-icky wiuld alnnd by no ml er. In aiialm'og lb fiiiWieia. he aald tbey bad rJrt'd all ropoaiilnoa tmm Itehn-deraaierUtea, ami lai In aecapt leaf Ibaa wh.l ihey cmialned wnul be niabniinrabie. Mr. (Juawin (OSI.) moved I'.ial tba further en atdeienini of lb bill tie pntlp ibed till ThrJay,U lo'.lifl. Mr rtvaaTo fohlcl mid eurh a poitpnnaauel wou'd It ful In lb lull, aa Ibe Senate wuuld no bava limn bi acl lima It, Tl nintlna revallai, 0 again! 71. Mr. rtotn.ionr, (La..) Ifre v liiw, atld Ihlawu 0 e n.oM'uiiaat ua H I aver laireiu'td In (J io rvt ... HIimi e rai the bead and abame o Ibe maa wbn bwialil II hire M'. Caow f"i j iiivdlnrned tn lharinaldar. alii u id Im ribirial buaioeaH, wulob ba beua an f jr loa, TbeSiOakeranid Ibe reivrl of the Omuitleeof Tbny r lee ba.1 ptrrrdeo... Mr. Gaovr moved in poatj u thla aubject till !o a oi row. at one oc1ir k . Mr, ltioiuy (Uhlouiad Wp. rtjmnallll Situr diy. lb yea and aaya wer ordered on Mr. Ilimi UAo'a njiilon. Mr. IIhikbib (ra ) rone lo the question ba'ar Ike Il'Oie, and com mam nd aiieaklng. waen Mr. ioii(N. Yjcallad klm toordnr. The lattor waa I lurn callad to order by lh Re publican able, aivl a arrtrltd and hurried cnlloiuy i-nmud tietaeen Mfea. Hhixha a.d Biokl. who omiy dto-rei4 aide of lb bll KxLl'eriiem iverrwhere nev-k'led, Mr. Porrr rwia)and olbera bi.klig a few temf kaanud tae gi.hUel -o..llile lenfuelofi and ealla In aider. Tba Sneaker atld Mr, llmtiita bad tiara to a nnltil ol oraer. t.d reotmed aenllenien In lake etle,aa awing In tb onuimolbm ibey oauUL no latrlllaeiitly UuderaUnd wtt waa gotng on. Mr, Hioaxa" rtauminir. empbatlodiy exclaimed ha vraa i4 in le deteirrd from what he coualderetl Lla duty by Mr Bbvki ' call In order. He weald lot he put diwB ly wo.da coming from auoa a rnrmlh Mr Bieauai a decidedly reepnnded thai the gvn tlfroaa ibeuld be put down by lha rule of ihe Iloiwe. II bad called him loonier for oouductua becemlng m debet. Calla tn old or from th Rapalillnaa aid. Jarav Oumvaaa, (It Y-J moved thai Ihe gallarla be cl.arvd (Laugbiari BM ikat Ibe aa'lerlaa war bthavtpg badly, buthewa BawUltng Ihey eaeuld wruaaalhia dugraoaful acene, (Btnawea laagh tee) Tfc colli jiry between Meaav. Minuiaa' and Bioaim wa renewed, daring wbick aba ouafualoa amkacuiefreab. Mr MoXum, (S.T J elevating hi voi.le, la autre d i " we uoi a Bargeaaitl Araia V Mr Baaacn. fit. O ,) la aoalm laaa, expreeaed th ken thai all gealieateo wwnuj rt sealed. Mr. nioaiiaB, a rf-ehiagqutat having bnr tend, explalaed wbal ha had bee ala-lng at, Bamaly, m aiova a further amendmeat thai the report of Ihe Cemmltw of Talitylbie h poi poned till MaKi.y, at eleven e'clook. Diaagraad lo,MgalalltT. Tba nuaion te nnatpnn till Batarday, waa nega-. Uved U etalaal 11V. aud thai an poaliona till to morrow Ukewiae, 77 agalnai 111. Tae report waa now tiefore lha II .utn. Mr. Coawia (Oklojdtd net prepnae lo dlacna oy cf lb qiieauiw Involved. II waa ur Ik debet had lcwroa warlane end be did not aup- ros II poealhle thar eould r a chao' of Ihe opin ion ef aay geot'emao. Ua dealntl lo lak up au?h meaeurea without reajaa.! In Ibelr order, a Ihey might lie oonaldered vtal and of moat importance, an tbal If leovleataa etould nre with voting Ihey onuld omli lh comparatively Immaterial proaoal liott of the commute. Nearly one hour waa conaumfd on polnta of or. dir concerning what irnjioaiiion ahould b flrat voted uimn. Mr. VVaairncairi till.) eeid nobody aeevned lo na deraltnd Ibe cmaaiion, and moved t. aojaunL, which waa rerailved, the v.le beiug CI agaleal Hit. Mr llmaaaa (T) laalaled that tutie be a call ef the K a. Mr, rmvaa (Wla ) moved tn adjourn. Mr. 8tto (Ohio) nld Mr. Povm could not make Ibe nivticei, aa he wae not at bla tea veal, a nqulndbvlbt rule of Ibe II ma. Mr. I'orraa replltd, Uial lemaik wu worthy of the getabroan. Miirhcoaftialoa raaued throughout the proceed Iota. Mr. Amur COM"), when hla nam waa callad, aakud l-t b excumd from votlpg, weereuiain Mr. rorrra detuanded the yeat and nay. Tba speaker aaid that aaauch nation could new he rater tatned. The motion to arljaura waa dlaegreed to, ouly M vWnig la Ike afflrmalive. Aflar further dilawry proceedtnga, Meaare. Awnarand VTaaiiiitata (VTU) aevcrally moved to aiijura. NotearrVad. Mr, WAMinaai) (111 ) moved tha whoa th Uoue adjomn ti la tn Krtd.y. Mr. Ilatam (Md.) eald.lf to edjoivra wa amply te poama thla fljhl between Ibe friend ard foe af Ibree anf aaurta imiil tomorrow, U would be belter to to Ihiniifb with ihe Saht anw. Mr. WAtiieniaa (IU.) replied that be had n-i ill. rotltliB lo n.ibinner i he merely dedred that bla friend ahould have a vol oa lb enteral apa cISc io aattliaw, but of which tbey laougbl, fmm Ibe mm of Mr. Coaou, they wwe to be de prlvid. Mr, Kriioao (TU ) aald lie wanted a vet taken on the ptopoailloo auhmlltoil by htmaali, Bevcral more unaurcraaful aiodona war mad lo edj.arn. Mr. IIioiBaa'a motion for a call of th IX mat coming up. Mr. BoaawTT, (Ky. ) aikrj him whether he wai tUtmaUnug toprtviot a vol. Mr. Iluiakta rnlld. thtl he wanted te soma u a vote, not only on all petliag propiai'Uona. but oa every prenoaiilan ixet can be pveiented. lie want. I ad In tM.1 bla naaaki. nn M.k mmA & - I thai the whole euuntiy might eeewher he toa.L H waa wiling w wiieuraw at motioa, provided prnpoaltiona ooald b prentd fer vet wllB- aba mil dlicuieton. Mr. Kctr, (Ark )-T.l'a all w on tkU aid waai, Mvaar Coawiw, Wiaaetraira, (VI ) Guv and athna,etigagvdlaenavaiaaUoa. wlU a view te omproesia ibe diffraavaa, Mr Bcaaa-rv, (Ky.) aald he and hla Mead would not be boand by any agretmeat ea the otkir ald bul wou d tnatal ea Uktega viae, act -itlag U the pmpoattliia a they eiaaj on Ihe Jauraala. Mr. lloawia moved to pnatpuo. h vote on th ftrtl revolution In theaula repotted by him aa obalraian of lb Committee, In oidar I J eeneider thai pioiaialeg en eneadmenl to lh Ooselltutlnn. Mr. Bioaaaa auooaealvely moved a call of Ihe nuua,djouinjant,dot kulthey wr all voted OViwn. Th queetton waa ataled a oa Mr, Daowir mo tion. Mr. avanuarrdeaandr4thyraand ntn, any. Jag tbal if tba deeaa-atory reaalultna ae propa4, be ioiiW, t would piavent a vol oa Ik Oarv TaniwM reaelouirt. lb Speaker did ant tm to anderetead Ihe quaatlon. -.!?, 'LI1";. " V " oallaSed that a vela M eaUvVi Wl',"M " moni adjeura. Mr, toawraj mann WM dllt,g,, , ZiZX. ,U"k,r' M " thrhou" fJTATll IJaaiav ta-yr.,,,. ,,, Alkmv ,JU. 2iMairnriprtenteda "emcWoftbeLoag Uaod Rail Haid Com.t.v, mmoeotleg a oouipllauoe wu. tke relatlona if the aWaaUt 1 rnjuiree much Ubr aad axuanaa: anduaaklngrw raSiH. tlm t. prirV,eh lnaetloa. Kafamd. r " Tba fallowing bllla war pa a. ad r-. To aotaod lb revued atalulea la rarpect to htrh wave. T ohanga th aam ef th town Uaion, tn M t re oounty to tb aame of Uemlu Toioloiteiaprivllagi lo th B-iuth Side Railroad Om-paoy. Taervwilulkiaoalliag upoa lh Lang It lead Railroad Geaapaa- cartala Ufbrraatioa wa ap oa aiotlon of Mr. Lawiawoa reeo nVd A rwduMoa to adj. Bra at a quarter before two, aad lo hold bo farther evening aesaiaa we ad eatad. The report of lha Committee oa Paaarat R.laUoo fa tokaa up aa Ik apeolal order. MT. Lajl..ia umI.,1 -. l.nah C.m II i . ,1.. lam - .ZZH- " - w-B e ""- - Mr. SiMaar lrnrdard a VOt to prttbU that aa petsea ahall be lamovei from oOe dmrtiu in Urmtwwbtcka 11 elected or aannl nrad, bbi w malfaaeanee and Ikaa only afcee paotfle ahargaa bar been made asd beard Vafare a Jaailo ef th trpnme Omrl la the putrid where IM Mtef take1 frMMMeB1 WM CfKTlBalttBTaTlo Mr. BrtaniA Intmduoed e WH to laeorporatt tha lioiveratty la Brooklyn. Aaabty. Tha OoverBor preamle,! th memorial ef lh ! latalnraofKar.-'aa. totting forth th fact thai tb people tare aufl red during lha anmmer from one of the meal aavar draoghla over known In lb hla lory of the country i Thai ant lent than thirty Ihouaand panpl era da pendant for eulietaluve on rmtalde rranurcea netll next harvert, and that a large amount f aaid. Wheat, cora aad potato's will b wtatad tr early planllag ! ' 1 AJfl Tbal the area! drrHh ef aanw envertng lh drr graaaof ihepraineeetnaeaatarvHiiona'onngvl oat tle, end thai Ihe onadittna ef Ihe poopla In Ibe Spring will lie halplea without a liberal and prompt traponae to ibia err-eei. ThaIf'alatureanllrllalaMld from her 'tar atakt, and etpraaa bar i Kr cmfl lenee th l fun la a4i milked to lee eare f lb larnmrUl relief onnv mlPea,nf Ablain, will he ant illta- Lly olntilMil-a by mem over to t-wmory, The memorial la a1od by Jon W. Snrrrr, Spaekernf lha II ma ef Rtpretentatlveei Vf. VT. lirraiiv, l'lealdml of Ihe Cmncil, ant la ao e".pat.led ly a letur of enderaemenl from tlov. RoniKeo. Tee Mew York tax levy, a-nonnt'nf to three million, ard f iir Ihouaand dollar t, waa aenl In by CXrprrnller lltaa Tbertmaladnrnf Ihe eewrlan waa apentlnoon Btaerlng bllla on the genera', oritur. Tbccltal piielahmeni hill ha-l prnfreet, and ara mad th ap ttiai oraer ror tinvrrrow xvx.iimi aiae.o. The .ration waa apent In the ooaalderalion of prl vala tulle. The hill In pay thecta'manf lha letaea f lha nrplna waieta of tha Khe Canal at Ivlpirt, In volving ene e vi"0,iaai oirert, em ftpainjr tnaonor fnr a larkebidy nfolbnr elaimtnta, atici'eil a long delate, and tba ana tlnr cla'iMi wai atrlckea mil. Mi other btuUien of tntereat wet Iran tctod. Adj'nirnod. Front Waahlogton. Wathinfo, Ftb'Ki. Tho diapatih rocclvol yemer.lay by the Sa retary uf War, la'ormlBg him Ibal tleneral T'loot had iurrealerl Ihe military iroperty tolbe revolutionist la Text, wit from Iba Cnu.mleaary of S ibalalence, and dated at If iw Oiliara. lie add thai a a loan the nte of Ihe inveri.manl mean of trnepitallnn wai el'.oivet t lake the federal trnnpii lo lha ana hoar t, aa 1 Ih.y weie pcrralltid to take with them Ikree or four eamvm and their elde-arma. The SHrrtary received Ihla morning dtcumant D-i-wiTtia, bnlng thai at ear'y at the 7th of I'al'Tuary (i. TwiiHit wat entering Into negntla lli via with the Texan for the tlirtiiJer of lb mill. tary opity. Tbe I'etce conference to dtyly their iion In VTtligib wu Mr, latnkLik'a euunHlute pineal tbrtiiMlvet in the poa lion wter Ihey abd a with ago, S ime of Ibe Houtbeni eommlaetone-a were rnch dlia-ouragad, bul Ibey were raihtl con-fi'ited by tl e aaeurance of Ihoee fiom oihir iMCtlona Hal Ibey will to reconcile Ihe c r.fl rt'iig vlewa n Ihe aurjert of elavary la the tirrltoriee bemcrrow, to wkivh day they adjourn ed. The rcmmltlc on onnference, Meeam, Tlmtjie, Sivmma aad IIcTra,cn the pari of the Battle, MdMeaare, IMtrLra and M'eou, ra thepait of thellaiim, on Ihe d1eagring ameatl meiil t-i tbetar'ff pUI,name'y, Ihe lax on tea and ccff.e, toalghl bad a meetlFg, when Ibe committee of the Senate agreed lotenede from It ami to re commend ceienncnt aitlnn to that body, whloh will dnub lilt adopt lb report. Tola will paet lb bill through both It tiuea. Taaaatlmtlol revenue from till count la five mLlloat. Mr. TtCMau14. en the part of lh Btatte, aed Mr, of Iltnelf, and Mr. Pcai.'atta of MMachUMtte,onl'.iepartnflieninea, having been appelated ajilal ermmllte (ir ihil purpoa waited on Mr. Uaomji, tonight, aed inform I h'm of kla (lictlen be th Prealdency and a.Vrotrde ealltduron Mr. IltairB tolnfnrta hlmcf hla alao Uon to the Vice Pceeldenry. Kich waa furniahod with th eert'Suele of Vlo Prealdenl Baauninti and Speaker PnaiaoToa aa lo th retu'l of the . Solal vole and their daclaratlnn of Ihe election of thee gentlemen. The Interview la etch ctet wai ef abort duration, and both gentleman larmtUy alg Btted Ihalr eceeptarea of the reaped! ve offlcea. Thl fact will b reported to the two IlJUaea of Coogreae. Th firal propoaltloa lo be voted on tn th Unite to-morrow In connection with the report of lh cnmmltte of Tblrly-three, I th reeoluliona of Ihe

ItepieaectatlveB from the PaciBo coaat, Meatr. Doxon and BTotrr, reeommendlng a ntttoaal con vmlliat wltk a viewte Ike eelllemealof eur na tional difncnltle. Tie New Cnblncu HtrrUbuig, i., 2fi. A ptivata deapatch haa been received In thla city from VTaahlagton, from a high Republican aource, cnoflmlng Ihe re port Ikat Una. Job Dxil haa been Invited to a atal In Mr. Lumen cabinet. Texaa. AW OrU-nnt, Fcl. 2d The election In Gal- veatou and I Ion tna, reau.tcd In favor of atccaion by a tuoog majority. Richmond, yj, IS. A alrong tpeeuh wu mad In Ihe Cmventlon .t-rdtr by Mr. Mmaa, of 11 -. bridge, tn Lrroiixa'a diatrlct, ilia auhataoa ofwbleawat Inimical to tba lUbte of Virginia. the whole 8 mth, n t Ine neou e of 11 ohiound. Ii waa Cecideoly Uoloo In tta t.dnry and atrongly agairan Ihe action of rliuth Carolina. Tli oVirioioai t Ltawd btl'a, calling every Ime anutbemer to atcaod an lnilnaltB nutetuig. Muaiowa engaged. Piteen butdred peraona a aemblrd near tna llxirutuge U.iteL end atmog mibern aiteoha wnrit1 byoewgata kiln tjouvemloa. t'x Uuvernor vTuie wa eel led far, bul wa UbtrtlL Tbo ni.el'ng adjourned to tha BxHleowoM Ilonee, wLer Binra ep.H;bat war mate. An aa tempt waa aude to bum Mr Moot la effigy, but wae etorpetl by tl Manr. The wbo'e aeclued eeceae'on denaonttratlnt wae gotten up by parti oa In tb aegro buatnaaa, aad Balling lalcrcet. Tba Vlrtal Mala Convention Richmond, Va., Feb. 2d Tba Vlrtrlol SUt CoiiVvitlnB icoaaombled tbi frnooo. Mr. Mnnara rpaoluilon were taken up, Mr. (ji M rlu'eled hie epanch In reply to Mr, Mooxa. lit affirmed that II waa the riutr of Vu giala. In Ihla trying hour, to go with the 8 nth, ee Ike only method of raetortag peace to tbt ooria- ul' Mr. fjrriflrif read a ar-l of reaolutloDt. wh'ch he tald be propted to olf-r. Toe reaolutlnn dwlar that th aouthrn alttoi should hav propvd ameidmeril to Ihe Ometllnlln. la p iraueao of th Mh artlclaof thai Imitnim-nt; lhal II lathe duty of Virginia now to luv ike Ike co-operation ot the border etatea, and to provide meaaure far coooumat aion hareotari thai Yir- Enla le atlacbed to Ihe I'olon aa It uJ, bul Ibal ae H l dee go) nrottot her rtjhte; thtl il beoome lr perple In ooovontloa to look to every ,emdy for relief, and lo provide tn Ibe event of failure, forthafutut relation ah will oeoupr, having a due legard t her avtllto a eoe of lh aeuther atatea. Mr. acMtntt mad a long aneeo'a ta anopeM othl rvaolutiona. lie denied Ihe cosatllutt nal right efatceaalon, bul be admitted lhar wa a rtvn'u' tloi.ry remody for wrong, lit wtatad oanaulta Uoa with U borderiutmmfin-mtoonfedoraoyand to IbVit other lo j.4b 11 nppiwad prenlpliatt a Uon, Nil wbearrar Vlrtlola winl otrl of lha Union he would gu with her. he believed Ibal Virgin' wou dbaloetrorolntue pmaenl aoalhern couM.r. acy, biilvbepmladforootiferebee with the North ha anw paaard. Mr. CoauiB gtv way for a motion to adjourn. Tec Naval Ornrral t'oarl MartkU Trla al UwaraiatLer Wat.. TheGtneral Court Martial, of which Com mndore Btrlagham la rrealdent, Captain Mwrla, Oimraardera Caae, Boaiibut and elhera, member, and Paymaater Calhoun Judge Advocate. r-aw tmhled al the Lyceum of th Brotklyn Nivy Taid, jaaterday moinleg, aid proceeded with th oaa of Ooma nder Walk of th United B-cei at v ship Supply, who I charged with dleobedl once of ordera, la brirgiag hi veetel frem Penaa tola to New York, Ina'eed of prnctedlag with hr to rejoin lb Buadroa of Commander Freodergael atVeraCnir. Coroniauler Walke pleaded Bit guilty, aal I.ieui D U leteef lbeSiuly,wa called to lha ataad. Ilia evidence went to eaow that iheapitt 'n al Vera Cut, etood la no need of provietont whatrviri lhal waiiera at Paotacola were aot eo ariaegid aa to enable the Supply lo re 111 her atone, awl again Jeta tbe equedma wlls ao? advtataim either to berealf orlh other ahipt; and thai from a biuioiaa pniai of vlw, Cimmauder Wa'ka. la bechmoallyaiaouoylngo-dera, a Had with a great teal of common aaoea. Coder any clreiiaatanoa, llep.iblle.wm think th auccor glvea by Own tudrWlklotaa exiled aallore and mtrlaa eiravnaw-,weUttmdaad kuaaauai vat it la not aulikely thai tbe dtaolpliD of tb -rvlc aiay romuatl) y regard hla ooaduct la a leee far itw abl I'gbi xae trial 1 eiatianad k dav, aa t pro. avlemWhakjUleavgaadtadiettt, " " n CMBlac.Vhtavia aad Karaxara. Th raaat aareelsa Irtaohary lha ha yet baaa ptpewwbtd la th Sowth U that ef Oeo. Twioow, wb wa la command of lh trooyv and forttnea tnnn la Tna, aad who ha aajnyel th favvr ef th KattBl Orrernmeat U aa naartal degre. Tvro. It appear, ha been for aom Mm aw. patted by th War Dapartmenl of Infidelity aad lieaenaiMe prn-pooea, and uemiH wer on f ot I trnvaraed him la th Tna divMoa of th army. Troop to etipply the place of any that h might hav dlapored lo Ulow hla ntrnp'. went nnl In Ibe Denial vTthater, aomedtyt Jae, and CvloBet Vvarra,bf Camp Verde, TetM, had beea orb-red lo reliev th traltoroiu Oeneral bill b muat hav (ol triad ef the IMnrlm and antlctpatod hi own tramloT ly a Iranafer of hi command to th aecMilonlat. Nothing f eaya the W) In lh aot of Drimci Aavorn, when he coaaplred to deliver th IxU at Went rlnt te the Drlileh army, wa mora Iratcherou., vtl and dktgraorul Ikaa thla act of General Twioo, IUthaa received la Waahington by rh Wa' Department attt that Twtooa had dlamlated and dlabanded hla whole fore la Text, eoailxtln! ef nearly t,TM men, and left them aaprovldol with meant of tranaportallon. Bevtral officer had eVarVd for bom with notbJag but their aide arm. The 7 (Mine Waablngten oorreepondont eaya that no danbl I (raertalned that Twioon' coiira wa the reanll of an nnderatandlag with Jerrtatoa Davw, and wa nperlndaced mainly by Ihe belief er knowledge thai lh troopt In Texti were to I ( ordered away, lie Intend'd lo deprive llie O-vv-emmentof their nae et tale time. Ill tindtta natelbatka waa not taken prteottr by aom gal lant and dirtns effl )cr, ar.d eonelgacd to Ihe deom ofatrailor. The lalasiaUe old mat, U.i ht drawn ao moth tnony Irrnn IVe Nttlontt Traatary, I an "acquleHlon" to "tt.e 8n-itkern C-nfe.lnac)" wlUb no trus aoldier will ei.ry U the f-Mtaeelou of. The 77m' haa another aentatlon report from It WaahlngV n correapocfccut. Illeari Information la before tt wiper autbo-U'ei lereV Ing to provalbat anorrftniai-ilbtndnf nee buretrad iren lav aanmll'al M'. n.t ahall peter elerplalheWLiUIIiua. A d tatire. w:.oj iw.l them, aaya the plen le et fjl'owt Tie entire hatid aie to ix. tipy a poa t.on at near In th IVaai dent, na tneiiru-atlou l)it, aa Ihey cut oldtia. Oaeof llielr numla-r, attuding In the ceotre ef tl em, la tt aho I Mr. Linii.ii a wlU an alr-gitt, when the crowd cl mnn eeoint the artela well ao I Ide blm aa ta render datai tlou ImoottlUe. Mr I,r-mt.v gretlert dinger la from th 'air gunaMofthe newtptpev onrreapoo lent. Ti gnard ageinut llie piaiiblliiy of Ija fatrtitlo of Imiiroper pereona al tea I wig umtion, IU Cpl- lol Police will ail'all in atiaogara axjept ladle to the building, aiat no gentlemen exoeot Ihoat having eardanf admiaalon fnim B mat ir I'oor, CjalrLutii ef Ibe Committee on Preparallooa. Benator Bawaan baa m'.ien a dirnmeul ra- tl t wMafwilim nf iLeKtilatyComtuiee, wbo feel eg. grieved al Mr. Lttrou'a couree. Ua, Mr ijmMinfrnm all ahare In the mitt., tii. i . not ex.iie Ihe city of Bt'.timm. lit repreaeiiv .. far at II I wlae U do ao, lh d-iogara thtl la- .ml Mr LtaooLii'a following Ibe oilgloal pnv ---.lae, atd thault them fir their almlral.le p- A"1' ' for the aafaty aad comfort of Ur, Lmonut, Mr Bawacp imMondiybx-la the rrteijunt tle.'t li to theB'nate, endlnt-ulucedLlm to the llmbd can gtiatora. lie then nop ted ti do llkiwiM lo the II inorrata, tml Aiatw Jouv-ox waa thenuly t.iutbern one who aocapttd. Virginia Maeoa pointedly declined. In the Um thar wtt mora DwBOcntle cotdlallry, but It came very eloaly, Tae (Kiv-rnment aeema lo hav made mom than ratlTirttogtt poerewrlOBof the balllea fund In t' ,t.w O.liasj M -X T a'joirtcr Oeneril Kim, nn tl 13. h lnat,drw ot Mr. GmaT, aw'.taol Tresaurrr of XAmialeaa, for Ihre handred thou aaad dollare, hut hi draft, like that of Birralary Dill, wa dlahoaerad. Mr, Ovraort reply y " Toue draft waa aot hoaored for Ihe etmnla ra- ana teat atld bllloa haa been taken peeatoe of ny tna atait or iinniataoa, am wui do ratamea ror farther entile meat with Ibe failed Bltlea, aad ka nwi tao llabl lit ef lha government, which hav bara eMumed by th akat of LuUrUua." plererehea lo the Ooveramont report a larg ra tylltlnu leaving aelveetoa Sir the Rio Grande, eo-alallBg af el compaale from Oalveat.n an rjouaton, aad two frem th Interior, Ik object d. clari d lo bo th prowctloa of th frontier, la Ihe event of Ibe Uoited Stale troop being withdrawn. Col. Fdbb, an eld Reoger, command tn regtmoat, A alrocg praranre la making lo lad ace Secretary BotT to aocepi the aomlnallon for theBipreme Bnrh If ItLtra la withdrawn. Thla la the only nomination for thai poeitioa which ha th (light- eat ehanc of curftrmatlrn. It la pieanmcd In army circle that Cil. K. V, Eciuru wCl be prcmctcd li the eemml.alna di honoted and abandoned by Geo. Ttviaaa. M i offloer In the aetvlc hotter deaeivee th dlttlnction. CoL II. 8 Winn, wbo aervod In the Mexlcai war, hrotber to J. Warao- Wina, la la Mew Or leant, t effrr th aervlca of hlmeetf and four eout to the aoulhern army. It la niniored ttat SocrcUrlti D. and II n T wCl be retailed la liio Cabinet for a lluaundtrMr, I jnc OLN. A atroug prer-uie l being made on Ihe Preal, dent eleil by the partlra who ar oppoeed lo aay adjuelnunt of lha p-Bteol national dlSUutllee. Tbey have not enceecded aa yet ta geirlng aay die tlnct avoaal of hla Jilloy. living warned of tha fata nf TvlJrx. Fuxunxa. Wanavaa and other oo o promiaera. ke eaid tbal Ihe w.rning waa nadle, aa be lucl-rtbHU tie p. aitloa. lie It enxinui It edenra lo hie frtrnda. and rvnleem ibe pledge ol kla elorUooi bul he ia greatly bured by ceull.ctuhg aug geaaiutui ii uia irieuoe. CITY NEWS. Tsins Trrru mr rdiorn. Shipping Rooila from tbi city lo th tectded atttee le ill II g ting oa, Indard wthln the Mil three weeka It baa lccreeaed mdd-nly ! a conalderaMe extent, Tola la partial ly fcxwm'id for tbe fact that gooda ahlpprd prior te the U of March will not be aulject lo th dull which will theicafker b la-ipoMd upoa them by lha eeulhcrn ejon'ederacy. Out another (act 1 that aoulhern merchant Cad II a Unpeexlbl to do without New York trade, ai fiey fondly hoe th Noith may Bed II to a tSUl without liJ patrentg fr)oflhcoH-i,. Dry good, ngar and 'Ya. ke DOtloot' farm the principal perl of Ike ahla metit. Both the "Mmtlotllo," bound far Btvaa nah," aud th "Jameetown, for Norfe'k, left her jaaterdey with heavy fralghta, and bualaaee aever appeared more brlalc about tb pier employed y th Charleatoi Un of temer lha at praaaat Tha'tJolnn-bia'' la now 'otdlng bar for Ckarleateav. Th very Indlttluot perception of lh right of propatiy evinced by It public act of Ik eeoedlag rata ha had one aotloeebl affect, tha lb met of ear marcbauU doing bualntee with m amber f tbe Boulhetn Cmfederacy haa beoome "Otuh U Ktnf Allowauc of th aherUet tlm Il quit a rarity. i i Tfrt PtrcBi TtiuilrJ 6 tne Vfrnni Ilor. Mr. V., D. Daker, E lit or of thd SprlngSald ocrnof, and lady, Mr Eowai,l bar of Mil. Libooib, and Mot flenf or, all near re. leMooe if Mr. Ioi.w, ar al Iht MetropolltaB. Thry will remain there tor a few dtya, whoa they will leave for Waahlngtea. Mra tow tut, Mna. Daara, and Mra. Gamaiir will aadMMia. Liaooui la dotag the henora of lh Whit Uiua. The SfKrT Ci.BAiisa Costsac 8io;fo, Tb aeooid it junction egalsat th etrulog f the above coniraii raving beea dlaaolved yeat irdty morelng, the eiatract wae Immediately algaed by Ihe C'ty Irepector, Comptroller, and Hi Mayer la behalf of th rfy, and by Aanaxw J, lltuxLir, lh octraokar, and Taouaa and Aavnorr B II or, hla hoadamon. Th tenna at $tI9,0(H) par aaaoaa fer 8 year. The (uretlee traooot to $00 103, IUrcnuoAX CrcnuAt, C(.db. Thb club held lla regular weekly meeting lord evening, al their room, C loper loatltute. Tha room wa full to ovetBevrlng. Um. II. J UitBOra ddraad the audience for a full hour and a half la andorae awvjt ol lh Adam' prcpoaltlona, autborlxlag New Mttloo to form a eUt ooaatltuiloa, Mr, Rtvaoa' remark wer received throughout vrllh very gen eral approval, and al lha cloae, a vol of thank waa uoaoimoualy awarded him. LkATB of Abskkci. It U reported that Weal r jliit cadeU have uvented a saw modi af ob taining luave of abaanc from th routia llf thar lmpoaed lapoa them. Tbi la, to procnr eubptuiM te attend a wltoeeeea U oo of the Ne w York oourte, th a aogemen! being ao mad that they 111 rmaaU arar luadty U th otty. aTBTRAT Alat F0 Ml SaKZaAargaTS.---It t theogUtbatUerelaaUrge body efaaaaka Iht ttvy wbo ar maklaf prprUoa to aet taoBii wlU th atoeaatonlet. aol that they era aadw Ik eaotrol ef a geaalemaa oocpylag a high effvlel po erklen, Already ihaBopeTlntenden of P hu laetftatrd iaqnirlea ke Bad aol whar lcr arxa. rleaara lceatod, la order, aa doobt, to aad prootptly, afanitld II prv trn, that a email army I q-tlaaly drilling la our anldat, to ra'Mca Federal property la thla locality. CoVtfTMiOTrrui or rinurs. Alth meeting yeaWrr'ay, patrolmen Mlehl (rBrlen, Sih Precinct, ead A. M. Cttwroto.ll Preemct, wer dlemlaad frcm th Detrtraent for general neg'.ed of duty. Patrr.lmaa Oalltghaa, id Praclnet, reelned. A. Bin waaarMinied a deputy clerk, aad 0. AUl ma, on of the cleeka aa lee general offl t, wae Med In lh If nue for 1 Men II on uf Witnettaa in White Hlreat. Nearly BBy poltoemen were A wl from two to fl ve daya pay tor minor dereilotlea of duly, Roabd or 8orKgTiioit.At the teg-i'tr meeting of th 8'ipmV.a.r yertarday , I it -vtak . akaaroecl nf the Comptroller wae rec ilvel : ThelwItnroonreUlClh.wa S,IM 31 Utrelpt 83,040 It Paymnnl.,,. ,1J3 H tl!nc Feb. Ml 4,1 13 The quarterly bill for yioaf Bwrfente amormting to neari ton. wa delttted ard finally adopv 1. Buperviain- Waiaataa preeentol a raaalution that the itonmltlee ia Orunty (jOe b IniVuitnd U report aa to lb loaaacalily arrl neceaalty of lo p'. ylrg two pract col anrgo ina al a reaa mable atla ry, lo hold all an and jaf mvefem exarulnal eta Inaiead nf ooeiiinnlng th preaenl xpniv eye lean. Adopted. A few iit aarr I Ilia wer nrderM paid, after which tb lraadJnrnrdloTueexay next, rirra, Aecidcnla, laqacola, Oca. Tirk r (JnA'vTt Hrr-irrr. At a few ininnlea bef re 1 G'ulm k yeateidiy mornlag. In ocmtc inence nf a leakage of gat, a Cre broke oil la the eerar etnro,Ttt ?7"t Ortnd .trfrt, OXltpleil by I.fwi Pro, litnut,'annnt$lo. inaun for $AIJ in tae i'e fie IuaillainComiory. 1 1 nit ix Tmui) Arn?rr. H-twcn 3 and 4 o'cliak yemerday ntorulog, a fire broke out In a led room oo tae third fleir of th dwe'llv hnuae Mo. Slrj Tund Aveau. nnennlad bv 0 A. Hnvrxe. The Mamre i ion ext,niriiu,ked before y gieat aanitxa u done, laaurffd In Ine M-w Am atcrdaat lMiirtnwCo. Tee aa-ae pemiaee were eiiiierbly burkad im Ine mgbl of Oooa r Kte, 15.0. DrrmMnrrn IyctttniiRtsM. Oa Monlty nlgbl and yraVrd.y mornlr.g no leae Ibaa four at texja I ad been to fl e the derailing houae vt. ti Vandeweter alreet, by pleolng comauvtible u-tealel In alal around the lavl and oloaat. Tbal 1 iilirtlle Fit Marabal lltata, la at m ' luv, aiigaling the affair. rmiora Fai.uTmomaj llioois.t, a por t r rtore of A. W. Ora A Co., ill llroal o ytalerday fill from a ae ond atory w'Mlow aa verv aaiuereiua y leiuiea. ut wai ia.a I. New Ycrk lIo.pitaX. FeDct aBlDtgoact A.C CAnrRr or Yoesa BiRofint. Thro boyi named Tat. McDobjxU, Part. Kaaxri.i. and Ml tun, Fakam.',, charged with baring, the nvht prevl'eua, broken lav? Ihe houre No. let WwttJde re.1. whkn bad the day bntor been vanated. an I etole leerefrm e mantel e'rek ta'ued at $U,tiilher with earn other ar- tlelee Taeckaa wa rroovred,aa4 ibeboje were locked tip to anawr-. Ljut. IlAOf. or 8ri(iE Darrrn. nr tub rmjoa Ilia member ef the Bio-lwty police ar retted on Monday evening a larg number of etajo driver for 1oj p ng In front of theatre and other placet of amuwmeta lor tbe purp ate ef walvlag for pateeoeer. Yeaeerday movniag taey were taken bofcre th Meyet'e Matebel aid uoed tl each. Tbey wave remtmed not lobe eaugblagaia on tbe aame ww plaikt, otherwut lhau lloao. would be re vcktd. SonBcnr at A IIot-i. raamr. Kobibt , a aervaal of Mr. Pant. Gmexra, reaidlng at lh Orammervy Taik Htel, wa arreaved yeekarday, ha ged with ve-Iag )00 tn bank btlle from th room nf h' emolier. lie waa takea hePre Jji vtre Qi."ae,"ft .-d -"Iwed far txtmlnallo A Sroanxo CitARicTrn is tiif: Toxbi. . Haaav Jnaiant, proprietor uf 'Ktrrigan'a liall," N fl White atrcet, waa ana'gned yeekardey be fore Juatlo Kai LT, to anewer a charge of keopteg a dlaorderly bouee. Il le alleged that lh nlaoa la a rewtl for Idi baye aad maa, who aaaemhle Iht re a wilnrdog Chte, rat bale, cock figita, 4ri., ead II at at lae lima of tae erreet of Javau, a do figtl waa going on. II waa looked up la Celeult of 3v0 bail, for trial. Tukft or- Boon. Jon Dooi.irr, who for the laet eUtora yeara haa boon la the employ of J. Suaw & CA, bookbladar, at No. 60 Walker atrcel, waa ametcd yeaterday, charged with hav ing at. lea from the bindery at variont time, a large number of bnolcs wkl'h he eo.d In enndry iat onaiy d!.a la liiV.alca eueet, Abiut $1 worth el the atolrn leKike were recovered from theae dialrta, ard the aecuaed waa eomnutted by Juabc Oent aa for tilal. IlKtrtmiMO Mr, Jons LAnl. tu, who waa arreated m 1'iiday, aa repoitnl by ua, far anaulling M. Acerar guiaata, with a award cane, eaeurra na thai lha eirrnmaunce weie aa f 1 leoet Mr. l.taaa-na, wan ia Ihe ezanl ef the bnua of llrxata, of Pari, had eo'd to Meear. Suaauaa & StLTHon a quantlry of llquore on bektlX f hla tiru.c'1!, for which they wr to pay $30 oa dad very. Tb good be'og delivered, payment wae n funed, Ike parti ee claiming Ihe rtgrt te apply lie amoual on a del, due then Vv Mr. Laaaaria. Tha latter gexAlt man Iken pmuoaed to retake petHMtoa ef Ihesiaaie, waeu Mr. Bncxaaa atiaiapltd to put him out nf doora, aed otbarwot ma intUd htm, lltbmdlailajd bla etna todefead him.elf. end Ibe police wer oalleu la. Ol examination before a maglatrtte, Mr. LajtAara waa diec barged withoal ball. Fr City Iteiraj, see Tblr. Pace THE LATEST AND GREATEST Improvement ! A 9EW ICDLIC FACILITY CRE.ITLD. TOE HT.N MUl-MXi HTnyi Domn aaiit t tlOlSK, TF-TatET, BTOttrJ 0 BUOl' J fiend a SAlUkv Unt UtUSU.1 Htrvwian0V8E,TKNiiMXST, BTOUE or BliOP kBHdl Brno a Bituti 1am it uusuj: Do yoa want HELP or II ANTnt of enr kind r JJctkI a AAiUtng Idru lo (A) BUS I Do yet wat SnVATIOt f titnd a SMUine Um U (A SUJI Do yoa want WORK or crsTOM f -( a bkMnv Ut Utto3P.fl P yeu weal WORK done f 'HF.AP f Send SAiUi v Lint ( ttoBUSI BavywntLljtKtI.rrreAPf . . Stnd a oAifling ifiw ( fM JM t pywlahBl7ANYTlIIS0raKAP ' vVrkigSMHiHtliKlvlAffrj Hav yea 16 jibing veil nee.1 the UotY for ) Btni u U AllW IMt te IA 8XTH I Bevevnn ron eat toon a UOt'ST-urrtTINa f Pont do bat brine the houae. U rou, br Semtine a UHmiv lAn to Ikt SCSI B, Dav ye LODarflH to 1.4, or BO ASD lo offer avid a tfUlinv Um f th SCSI De yoa vast BOARD or IXiPOltns f bend m SSUlmj ten. fa (A. SCSI Do yon want AJTYTinNa IN THE WORLD f MSMD A bllll JU.MJ L1M! TU TUB &T7I t IniBtrt Ktabnbed Ohry Ctnmlatloa. DAILY ATERAUF FOR 1SH 0,IT DAILY AVUIAGE FOR IMSB !, HAILT ATERAOB FPU 1HBO !. Piriurr'a FATENT SUI.FHl'B AKO MCDICATD VAFOB BATMS, IfU FIXIOH ST, NhiW YORK. aad No. b riXLoUUIiUY BT BhoakLYK. The Ptth have been In eueeeaaful eparaUaa for It year, end have aivea unlvaraal aaajafaotloai T ki Ralh. ara naitil Lanauat hiiv 1. Kcaal la tbe slreolatlon ef the blood. x. Kavtoiian "a-eiDia p-Tvpir 1. DlmlnUh prrveii lrrlblllt. 1 KeHktebllah '- velble p-npiratloa. A f nra all i Uawee of tb .kla. B lii move all rawti of fie. uee of mercery, 0 (Jlvatoubitbdlireatlreerrana 7. Overenni avrlilna ead abatruetiea. ACareaenmmoB itun, rrvn an anira, xnacaa. viex, aitvantTM. aoaaTUaotr, naonir, Banaiou aad taaay ether dleeaera. Oonro) to BiA. . Suif owni wodud nn It t tbeSr advanUa to have the headeaa' meat are. Bet and anliora oarenillr exemlnod br a eompeteol Pheanoloat before aeadiag thm to a.. Ua Ihla, and Sou air klw the lr exact charaotara end ooniaoKuar lUVyilu,M Broadoar. (Iv verial aad arutcc tn erlptert of character, h.a aoactrl, tilth BMcrnt4earenrt Bnarutr. Mwrnfr;. W nrvfU atrenUoB te A Tb Oeaav Jrwat av SroB. 41B Vrendvay. aear Ceaalrt. New Terr:. Ta re offered ar ear ae farmer!; Maid hav; keoa Bought enl al the Br.t atloaa aame. Foe a rw Dav Ikete ran, trill be mid at tb UaaprV earned. jwlevhoiMrar1yla Um day, If tbey what t a M tae creva. Oo Eater. R. F. ItmsAKii' rfii.n CnntBT HrrTrBA Heteerrbaa the beat-Barer that tha eorrat-ma frem tho b4 materlabi alvava napfnl -rep-eiftMy ta weak eofa. bld aeraob and arrvou rjeovertag frami dlaaawamak Ine alow prnrnia THY TIIK WII II fl:r.3Y niTTTTe;. . We wenld reoomnM ia all vro are vnteV ottk lee ef en-tit-, falotnco, tin In thv ileal. er eh Iwat tnde Wldeot te Iba .pile. i in in. to lake H. P. IllnV HA Bint WLdC'hervr Wt-ert. 1 jnttaeaaattw edr i It 'all th-iienl the I- rtlfilul v kl ehlaltrrmar velr In -ell nl U-ei arlrtcd ak-ew th e eaa f nl le nut' a!1id t-anann. Hot a noi on. naiK.bae'vntra t" .od -. 11' tlllih-rrv Mi fie - at ae a,wd." ( k ve.r kfa Mlltllevirll irrknow.thl M'teniBierih io -4 v rl wtnw 1 ! eur yon pi . e oilrrw I-'hiri ! l.f-rte'f H V HleinAkil, ei v I' r ct, . Y , a j . J. Vf. 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Rtfc loat, J Bvaor. am v .ona and una a uraag, aged f anootha aad dara Tb relaUvea end frlene. of th fcrnOrani mllrlnvtted o attend th " li liaB aneraoon, xTLh Inet, al li ntlook. from 47 Rldgea II U nrnaln will h ta-aa t Calvary OatatterTfaa BRITTB-On Tueeday moraug. F.b. 10th, Marv, auaaieT , ,. jaaraiaa in ilia, alia a J and 10 month. Tbe reutava ana men ex m ramii ar follr Inviird to attauO tb funeral, tbi (VTedaeti-g afk-rnooo. STth hv. at IS, e'clook. from the raaUaao ef her parent, 118 :t 4id et, hot. td aad Laxiartaa area. M CLARB-On Mender, F.b. With, afteraahert aad avere lllneaa, Mouor. wlf of Joha Clare. Her rrladraa and rrtrtM an Imiawtaily lullktl h eatend be fnaaral Vom bar lU r Idenea, Itv Cbnrry tbU(vTedntday)aftraori,atlMe,ckMk. ltd TASKY-Un Tbnraday, Feb. Mih, Eihm Caaer, a natlv nf Cnrrrdamia, coanty Tlgrerary, Irelaad, tat tbetltltearot her a. Her reUtlvr and inrnd ar rwryeotmlly atrtled te attend tba funetal, thU ( Wedoeadav) alteratoa, ttth lnct, at S 'elwk.rmm tier late rtelomoe. 41 tUk eon at, althnut further notloa Iter remalae will a taken to falvary I lemetcry lor Interment. IK FRKNCU-Or Mender. Feb Snth. aflar a .hart 19. area, Nauer t rem I', beloved wife of Ckaa. A. rn a ia lu the 44th rear nf bt r etc The funeral trill take place from her late reatdene. IM Wtoater et tbla (Wedaeedar) ailM-nno, a I o'elerk. '1 be frlnd. and ae lutlultneea of tbe tamll' era nvnetfull. lavlted 1 1 aueu. wIUmui farthe bo tloe. CalUoiTUp.peniUa.-i copr. II Fir.OrRALH-on Tueadav.Feb Mth. Catharba Fltrxeraid. trw ra'ljvwl wl of Tboraee FUaerai4,a aatlv of the l'ertaa ef room, Coaaly Llmeriek. iro lev A In tlie 4 ,at rear of her ace. l ua rruiuToa ao a iriniua in tna iaina7. n ta af her brothm, joarpn ond Joan Maraaall, ar m Siramllr Invited to attend tbe funeral, oa Tb Air r arte, aoan, xn loet, at 11 o'clock ereeleat., 6t tor Ut re-done. I4ii A v A,te-t link an lltkTr Tmr C. Y 1 auoUaierick y.peorle teo-f. to.. 1UDLBY On Mnnday evenbu, Feb. Iota. e eonaumyioo, vtlllm Uedley, age St yeara ead lv auotitba '1 ne reiauee an i irienoa or ine ramny, an neea ine rrunna ot tn rxmiiy, aim ta member ef Wmth !.(& Ni yila,l(ik.MarrhMpaor-,lrlw it i iia ia iuimtu, on rveoDtcuAV th. 97th Itul t IH ioc- from 0 1U tht fun-r&i,oo WtfOMwUv ifarmmm. ilODelaucry.t JU.IAN-On Tnroday mnrnlM, Feb. lath. Mar Jane d.iiehreref Kienard and Mary A Julian, aged 8 leaia iiioiithe u V3 daj. Tbe relaUtr aed Inena. of th family ara r;an tnllr Invited to atreod th funeral, thlt (WrdataiUvl aft. moon, HT-h l-.t. at a'clnrk from the raaldia M aer rimus iui e.i xvia ti net. i.i aa ra avo LOOKKK-On Feb rOUs.of dlrtharlt, JaeehloeK. youtirrat daufhternf Jnaepb a 0 lra, 1 mouUi and IS dare. Iba frfouaiot tu famlv ar irrat aauinierev .inaepn aaa auiaa ttaaer, aaf ara riataiullYJIrhaihaav la Boon to rumrai, mit iwwmtatn an, rneea, xirw Uiat, at o'clock prvclai lr, firm her Lai rmldanea. Ml Whi XuiheL llr remalnl. will b lakmt ka Ctn wood Camelcry foe Intcruent. Mew Bavea Palladium pleaao eoyr. tf 0 McOFX)l'GII- On TuNdar. fCth but, Rdw. Mo-G-ouah. a native of Count Mo-Mchao Ireiaad, aged troyram The relative and frleoda ef th rkmily, ala thkf of hit eon 1'a'k ,and bbir n.ln-lav, Jaaani OaAer Smith MnUali. Tralnw, irr.U aad glurtoa. ar (wicrlfuiw Invited lo ef a !, at 1 l-s froSTooTaCraJlWciv."7! fT MKALY- (la Satnrd.y evening, Ptb. ML af 1 bolt lllm c kMeya(D lUnrr. aul, aoo of VkeBM aad Margartl Moaly, aged meatba aad 14 dare in MYfRd-On Tarodav morale, Feb. Mth aft-r a hnaf lllucee, Charlie Mrens oai ao af Abraham and Mar kf-rrt, am 6 reern, 4 manlb aad x4 dare. Th reiauta aud nieo of in raaturt alt ma) mouibeea of roka L de. No. t4t, F. tae A kL, ara roepectUUj In vita le attend e fnnenL tbla i Woden, dat) noon, et It 'cloek. from IrVHamtuMtdai. Uie remain U1 be taken to Oak Hill Uvwatjry fer I--. BtcaA. IM McLAHF.-Oa Feb Mth. John VcLaa. a New Tarfc Bolaoi-rv of the M xloaa war - fl rat S rt-ont af iVm. panr K, ef to Ut kULmt.t cf Mew York Yeluata- aredSTretra kotlee f the ranertl -HI be tlvea tamorr-. Real. deiie,fiMFvarlat,i,erUegu. ar MeCONKKY it Moadir. Feb tMV KtUibeai MeOatdiey! widow ef tb 11 rheaua MeConka, ag3 fll vaara. Tbe r-IaUvm aad fiVode e th faadlr are . lauj now w anoai ton lanw.i. mna boob, HTla Inat. at 1 Ylonk. n-nen her tat 040 ItftU are, without farther LurltaUoa. ' 44 u.vrwr.v -wardPl MeRlrer. a native af N A rSSft&z;,., ur: T'to,. " ' Ukyearot aeraie. May the real tn yeara. Ameat Her friend, and theae of bar broth. Felix Mae. rev, aud her abtar. Sarah Mck3rny. and alae bar an on, Patrick MoNaltr, ar reep. ctfallr lovltad I at. teul tb fuaeral, oa Wedoe-dar tA-riteoa. tTth at. at U ,1,11. hM. 11 Bim. .1 t ,M . -1 varyCcnetery. V RVAt-Oo Tneadav, Feb. Mth, Jeraaj, yeaagmt eon ai Mr .laha Rvan, a4 I weekt and dare The relative an frleada ef tb owly, and Ihea ef hie araodmothi-T. Mra Wa-ara. ar r peat bu ha. vtted tteod th Jnaeral, tbla (Wetoteleyi aAor. enon, tTth tnet, al t olnek, from th raatdewa af hla parent, evr. ef York aad Staart eta, Brooklra, IM BOOMalY-diB Frb. MUc, Patrick Roooey, a aatlv af IluLllr, Ireland, wed 17 ara Tb rrtewdaeg tho fuauv, and theae afhb hierlii, John, end tba uinkn ( In Uere Benfjl SooWto. ere mtpeetmllr tnvttag to attend fh funeral, thai (Wedacadavl afbeenann, Feh ttth, at Hi fetena. from kla late p Ideoee, I4t Ellxab th at. m . Btornu, bela-ad ao of Gaerte Mad Aliee Bbrmt, ard 1 rear, t mtbe and IT dav 1 1 rrl uda and ratati.a. ara laMiaH, laaliaj ta etUmdthefiia-rairrom UICI rkaanat. II KPRTRRRR-In tbia eltr.ea Mender. Feb, tan Dr Peter A. l'rrt-rr e aatir oTrraaoa, I hie (id year, and far tb laet tl rear, a re-4d-ai af tula oltr. t linaval w rel- a 111 tx bald at th hnoee ef kla M, IV P.A Fretarre,B10 Fartt,aa Wedneadey, Febt tTth. at 10 A M. Ulariiaad.asdUaMiftkaaallr. ere rwpootfuLU Uvited te attend, wttkaui fortw la ai WILSON Al nohoeaa, K. J , aa Mead i, Wt Wet, Jem. Artbur.aaof Jauaai , ft, aad ICllaaWlaam nam t " i . MaU.aa aad art a of beftmHy era rtiiiat vvted t eUand U amoral, aa vendue. tew Iff ik Im at edoek. erom the ttM. oer.eaaHeaaWata7uaaka. htl faflr uvlbed a ita-l etior-ooB, O-arak, eoe WILLI 4MB oa ateBdar. Fab, rib, Marian v l. it-, nlr dauabtar M niiuaaa ant at ia wa B.-t-akiik.aUer-et, " "' tYr I ! V li