Newspaper of The Sun, March 1, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated March 1, 1861 Page 2
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a. mm i' vrc- -,tjt p i i i iiTvlMS II" SEi..r'7J iSL'-'jnJ l .M9 C ' a ! i.i ' ' T r -n-yr"""""" " ' " .13W.-.' THE NEW YORK SUN. FBIDAT M0-VNI50, MARCT1 1, 18(1. Tea kle tteghlen .pare Two good day' worki wr do la Washington, jreeterdty and th day bafot. If til has. not beea don that rlftbdlrd,w have th con tint Ion of feel- Lng'aaaureJ that nothing hi been den ia panic, ernwardlc ar haste, to regretted hereafter. Thar remain Jual one) prarticaM and salutary thlnft to I don thla week for tb Taao Con- TMitlua'i amendment! cannot possibly eecurea two-third vol and that li to paa aa ei- Mind act far I ha organtiailra of tha praaant tor. rilorie Into Mates, and with it ah amendment to tb Conalltnllon rw-operly restraining lb - qulaltioo cffortW 1 thus t abolish fov.rlhgrtid ut'jct i4 sectional conten. tlot). All tb ilaunclcat lU publican orgftni Iheinsrlrea Ihoe Included which war all "batk-bct" when lb Trihn wat pU- rnl a an eel zo ai far a lliii at least, with tlio exception 1 ' ' the out-ind. it alx.ition bltr-tlMs. rVn no re tsnn wlnt. ever, why tho expiring (a -re an I Almiuli- fraiion tnnj not, l.y coin, 1".' the adji.iv. merits, Ilia t, I b i 'I ll,;' "C of (t tlrtr mure; nnd a boivo: t ri im an r h of I'nlvn with I'lllitrnintf nnt MrndiiiiC liuti, nt of tin atorm-lmei clou is, atroi our broil an I Irlovcl l.ind. TLm t!ie -un of tb ill. of March will rle glnrliiiiily ii;a a n r traof peace and union, ml tlio vital intoroslt f tb whole country, so lung palsied with aus nK aol approhenilon, will leap lnt Initant, itvli and t.rospcrou activity. The t'rwle Amendment Adapted. We cvrturatinVe our retlcra upon the action of tbe Moot yesterday, In reconsidering tb tejectlonof tb above amendment, and i imjit If a tic-thirJi tot. It rajeitioa tho day before, wat a matter of n- lota surprise tban regret. It imp1y gnartntcoi every a'ato against Mio Invanion of ltliotrnl aivrol(nty aal duniMlio Inalilutlon, y an mijority whiiterar, of tin oth-r ta'e, RC'Inrf within tha fotmi but (aint ,-iiil u'tho CjuUI tnlloit, w'jlcb intoubxl ' il y ail forever to reaerv thou tlSU to tin tn!a. N one liutanabo'lllon'int.lrti'nt.oa uHlrtato'yiiiurplng tha power to abulia1' lavi ty by f loral action, through the loop-hole Llth -to loft open In tba uoreetriettd provlnioa for a mnilo Ui Cm atitatioi by tLreo-fourtha o' tha rlttei, could iiaveolijectel aorltialy to tlio aloetion of thia Jnst Ruaraoty. lb rejedlen of the amwlmont, would tlierrfiire have ronlirmed the prevalent outhern approlionaion, that a formidi'ila pirty In tho North mibt one day havj tin piorai well ai tb wtll, by controlling throfourtbi of the etto,torrToliiUoD'. t'.e i rlnslplea of the gov rrnmeiit In thia rrrpct, and overthrow the out lal and Jmt aoverrljinty of the atatoi. It prompt altption by Cr.'H, Roe far to dis rx'ttbit apprebeiiKKm, and if we lnlntaV not Kreatly, will mve the mojt re-awnrlng anl liealing event of the tlmj. EKclally will thla be the ra-te, if tbe new Administration, ai we cannot doubt II will, rbould frankly and ener getically lend it influence to aecure tha alop. tlon of the anieiiJmctt by allj tho state leisla. ture. The grand bujbetr of n't'mtt larerurlty, which bai htantoj tha southern imagination, and prampted, more tban anything else, tha dpertt reilsUoi to tb fj.rei 1 of fro labor In the terrUnrina will thm b forever hid. Tb laat elavftioldtng state left In the Union, if it should even come to Unit, will be aa secure against unurputlon In hrr domestic affairs a If a full half of tha stat were united with her In sentiment and interest. And this la right. Abhor the entlavcnirnt of men as welhay, we liave no right te take power But fairly conferred on us, to eiiforie our convictions apoo other slates. The power to aid any state In a (.Ian of manrivition which it may chots to adopt, wilt not be affiled ly thia annulment. We tiust it will promptly receive a two-thirds oto in the innate, and go to the state legislatures 0 bakct by the umnimom support of tbe sine and patriotic moil nf eory party, at to permit ho doubt to rent upon its prompt approval by all tlio slates Il.iiy n NatUa. The fall of damn, of which we publish the account in to lay's hi ", frees Italy from the 11 ourbon yoke an I prepares tin wy for tho removal of Auntrlt from Vcnutbt by gol 1 or eteel. '1 he 11 1 n hi U 'S'.lon, h ij'ily. t n longer a iliHuiilty iu lliu futuro of Ituly. It baa beni iiicln.ilel t leai ly enou ;h by Lm ,a Nai-oi Mi tint in oeior.line.) nilli theneutl inenla f tbo vitiitl vr.-i 11, tlie l'reiuh army lull lie witb''riHn fioin Komn at tho prjMr time, vhen nufli ient k'u ir.inlie i'lall hsve Ijtm giveu for tLe l.ui rablo proteetion cr tlio iope, iiri n oth'r jhtmrr fc h m ill, J tit rvi.r.w i. TkU, aa il uoer l'ln;; dimiM'tcd by tho lVpii'i mitt de vote 1 adliorcnta,ill tcnl tuini ressetbat spirlt u il olov alwu on bi li bis real aulhoi Ity Jepeu 1'. 1 or Italy, then, tlure It ut leiutb a niitioiul ox. intMira, and a futuro in ire brill! ml In prj-ipcct th.m could hae tntciud into the dreams of her tbilJren Ittnwonly remilns fvi bcr to dcvelopo f.iihfully the reaiuriet nn I the opportunities bUh IheUoil of nations baa lieetowed umn her, unler tha coasuminiti lattmiabip on I horde b'ldrrshlji with ihb , Divine Mony bjs iromiel hor fur tie hour ol tier tliumph. NsnU 'inlln Elrullea. Wo nod only jmint to our ptrtUl return from tbe ibitmnof delegate and the vote on Onvenllvii or No-Cuireution, in the old Nort'i State, with tbe single remirK, that ai tha vtienglh of act ration has Invwriably U";n found in tbe titles and hotbeds of political in'riguo we may aafily comluJe, from tb defeat o tb ootu-pirjUirs on the r beat battla-lields, tha their punlabnwnt lu Keith Carolina at large l tha most atuunlng and eitermtnailnj In Its haratter tint they have yet received. The olden accumulates, that the traitors were lion too cunning, In lb Heeded states, Incut tiac off tbe people from chance to dehlierate and vote on secession. We think It abundantly evident, that secession could not have been carried by popular rot In fir out of the even state that habaen ruhl Into It by lextlonuericg chicanery and the usurpations of faction. Hut tint popular vote will yet hae to 1 beaid. Ix4 oat fir tbe couoter-revolu tlon, aud let every patriot strengthen and help It en. YIm t'apllalnilea f t.'nrtiu By tlw arrival of tbe steamer C.uialhn, at VxtUnd, (puULhcd a our first tf,) ws ba lb lmporUi intalligeBCS of th ctpltulstbio of OrUU tb gaiduitan force, aad the wllhdranal offauuiia 11. aud lb lojal fsuilly la aKieah vaaael, Th (arrUoo reinsia prUmers of war till th sur r ndr of b cltdel U Utaelaa, whitb, It will U nmembet td, eontloul at tba lataa date In pus. aaseluei of ta Nrialltaa trooe. Th defenc aj iK of Oaeia will oorupy a pmmtueui alere In tbe bwtorf U tba litlia revolution ( lsio 01 Urtves fnasa Mi!w, tb Kla na tUUwr !! In Beptentur last, aud Las malattiual a dVenea aauUwra) and protncMA Ujjod U essoUtlou of bia wa MitlMu. ' ' KUWrauk Ibttbf4rrnlnui0fatu. endurance, bava teilrae addttwal n4or1e7 funi Jhetr pjreUteni pruiecvion of thU of IheBo.r. lion. Tbey euiCeliMd a tarrtbl. ,i.s, i. i;ut wkM vuj.ecH-1, attket by tie xX'rta ,. i' UM, wfaea a Kmoooj Mnlab army . 14,0110 mln aeaenliet aea, and lb deTinlera war oalj 1 foo la nbvi w! Mi 1 1 4ecea of eenaoii, acd an' lo (SHtno araio'isp, tbey lid cut five mnniba, aad oolf edd la eoasei'Miv- f mlsin der andtDf s armviff tb farrlami. from sb Ilia of reUusrv Ve th 14th of jalr. ISM, when, aider lb commend of It toe Ileas I'aiLirsf sev, (lasts leslaUd all tb atuckaof Ibe frooh army. THE LATEST NEWS. 0 Mr TXLxaura to ran A T. mum. Political Xntelllgcnoe. XXXritta CtMORKlS-Sceaad rVealeeu Nenala. 0 JTrrat.Vo, H. 2H. Mr, Kiso (N. Y.) ls-eiectedanumUrnf palltloaj al(nad by several U' umnd era in fa? -w of th CfuellluUoo. aa II la era the enforeemrat f the laws. Mr. F'vrrs (Ol ) presented several pet'.tleH la favor of Ik lltdr gut rtaotulions. Mr, I.a (Uregrm) if ported from It Com 11. 1 UI nf cntterewr im the Orefea war de'it VU, thai tha Bfliate ipieln fie lluus amend rent with an eminJa.fnl naklrir Ike amount paid two milliona amrhundrid lhouid dollars, aad allowing the Andlir to irertv additional evldmoe la leierd to repplirafurn'shM), A ., aad that tb geereur of tie Tnainiy la aiithviIrM l th clalxauMtu tbe b. tils of l t nil HUles. RiporlsireMn Tbe Pm.1 OfBte A rnrleii(i bill we uken up, tbe amendnnts rf tbe C'taaiittf oa nunc being nner ciORtCerftilrn. Pv onieenl Mr. tainmnaw fKv ) frwi lie ,r a C i"ir.Hu.i ln .it I,.. hyu I'ei Conw nxliei, eCertu a refmrt rvcjuiieuliitr We .eiof IhaliT ! 1KB. Mr RrwaaiifN Y 1 said IS ..(, trnra flliinls fMr lacmeil) snl klmhei fmuod a tu mini) nu tntociiimlUe,endwteM4 to a 1 trail 1 a nutstltii ai a ailnorlly rrvott, t"-l Ibe uiejorllj I d taal not eompstiLt, so 1 tol letre 11 u'im 1 , ilut laau'iiitlim lu bis nwi atiu. In wbirh U.S S iujr fK'fn lllinoiscorcun, Whmtu, Toe I. filature nf K-ntsckf, I llnola andNiw Jtnry laf sji.iid toO 'iia'iei toesll a cnnvrnllon for prot-it(C aaceodiaeoia to the (J mKtl- 1111'OD, UlUrt-MlP. ll-Milrfil, Thai the other stele lie Invited to take the aiiLjetl itiVi c iiaulfiretlon, aud eipreaa their ll 00 it eubjert lo C agrees In pursuant et the fifth article of the Grnisiit'itUin. Mr. IU11 (K. II )obrted to th coasldrallon of the revolt t'laj. Mr. iHviirrrki fVTls) ra'd he bal a provai which at a projier ilaie be ahoi'd nirr t' In flrel trclluo of th avsndmenl propoeed by th Cikven tinn. iteWifnf, tbl srctioa shall tike f(T1 on th ir reaa condltl'in that no alau or any part theriof Lfrttofure admitted or hereafter te be ai mltied, ahould have power to withdraw from tbe Jmlidtctlnn of the I'nlieil 8late: an I the! tba Ucm etilutlnn he the eiiptenie lew of tbe laud, anything eeiUlnid In any eontiiutlon orordtaenoeof anf aula or Irslnlstirc to th contrary liolmllnun.1 IV. Th irprtt awl amend vients anl Joint reee'.utloa war ut 31 red tobs pttnld scd ta'd over. Mi . Tanvnoi I. (Ill ) presented the credential of lISNar .l.fie, Bialrei from ladieaa. Mr. laimitriLa an mal a report rrjiu thC3U. rulitee to all on the rreeldeal and Vi It riealimit, to Inor 1.1 Hum of Ih'lr election, ami u.d Ibe c i.u iiiitiiebidiifurKiiUlhelrdiilr. Tbel'reldenlssld, MWlh deep frrabluiie to rxy oouairsuira for Ibeir mak of confllecce, and who great distrust of my aUIity to perform lh dutycvenla fvurebleeir eumeuncra, now lenderad doubly djiTwalt bth eilatlig otlesel peill, but with t la rellaneaon the st.ieglhorour free geverumeu, and the ulti mate loyally of the people to th Just piinclpleson whibbltwaa founded, aad abva all, with an ua eliekrn felih In the Hopreoi Rular of Nstiona, I aor t Ibis truxt, and ehall be pleaaad V algnlf my arcniUnr te tba rtepeitlre lloueea of Coogreea." Tba VUe rreldat paid, "P.eea oommumctt to tue Uoust if (Imgieea my avceiilauce of tie tiuet led t ue by a generoua poupl, ami while lb paattuni was belthar aousht avir desired. I eui truly grateful fur Ilia cetfi.bjoce reposed la me, and deeply eanelblo f the obUgton tmpd. II ahall be Diy parnaet effwt te diachtrge the duty In a manner which will aubeesv to ta Inter t el of the whol eouniry Mr, Wilson (Mess ) offered aa amendmeal tithe P.l OfCc bill, cbsajtjg lbs lluliaineld route, aial Iievluliig fl a mall by tbe oeotral route to Cell imla aad pony ezeu, ale., fur eievea hundred and fifty Iheueeod djllara. On o'elotk having aimed, a discussion erne whether th rejioil of th Select Committee wee in order. The resolution were taktn up by tb following voai Yut- Meeeis. Piker, Dsyard, IHler, Bragg, rtrrglit, CUngman, Crttlenden, O.i.m, lijugUu, Kllcb, flwul, IJUBttr, Johnson. Ark., Johasun, Twin., Kennedy, Lane, Meaoo, Nlchulsjn, I'saroa, I'ulk, 1'owell, I'ugh, Ki, Bebaetlaa, Thomeun, Nave Meiere. Anthony, Rlegham, Chandler, Clark, Collamer,rmllttle, lurk e, Kee-enden, KkiI, yoeler,, Hale, Uerlao, King, Morrell, Hew ard, Blmmnna, Bumnsr, Ten arc, Trumbull, Wade. Wbklneuo. Wileno U. M r. llaia ol.Jeuttd to Ve report going It ae etmd reading, aud after further diecueeloa the re- port and reeiiliiltono war laid over and made the ejell onler far tomorrow, at 1X uVlock. Tie Senate resumed ta cooaldwatloa of tha PjsI UfAe lull. 0n. Wnaoa-a amendment for a dally mall, waa aeuiaed Yeas tlioaya.1V. Mr. Uwia (Cal J, mured ta rluo tb amount of payment to one million dollere. Agreed to Yea, tt: naye, U. Mr. Ila eirr (Ind ), moved en siecutlt ssioo. Cemrd Yeae, k.'inaye,tt Aber en eitcullve eaeeion the Rrnsle rceumsd the ronslderailnn of th Pitt U flic bill. Mr, ilwia'a (Cal ) ameadtueal wee agreed to. Mr. IUib (N II joflfrrd aa amendeieol Ibaltha PuHt Mseter ilttieral refund to Fataaua Havmm eettsln rocnv da mteed. (TUU Is relative to tae llxtoo l'uel tldic matter). Tb ami h Jment was agreed to. After further c returtiuu the bill waa paired. Tha toll ir'eltve to lh diali Ibutlon of books, reports of lh Biipniis Court, etc , wan taken up aud parti e.t. 114 motion of Mr- I.tss (Oieron) a bill d'MMtlng public land. In Mlanee ta nd Oeeuu, fur eeaool jmrpiieee e lekeu up and paaeed. The Btuue liitu attjubiiuU Ilamw of Rrprrejealallvro, Mr. (in 111 a (N. t' ) nreeouWd a petition eigne 1 by ladnaof New Yutk, I'euneylvaula, Merylajul, Viiglnla, Onn, New JerMy, Delaware, Illinois, YtiuiODl, I'lluiua, New lleaiuiuilre, N nh Cemll tie suit ire ) airlitof Culuuha, end was pro-vel-11 e to tute Ha eonliiite, eayieg they prey CionreM to uke mesni.iee 1 1 rett jre jieat a aad reconcile ex lit igtlilTicit I is. when Mr Casms (N C ) luten lifted and demsndsd lb regular 01 1I1 r. Mr. IUi.H(. Y)siipprsd tb right of petition wee In ruder 1 auy lima. Mr, (, n are wuLdiew tba 11. turn fur the pre rrni Tbe mnlli n to rrconalder tt vol by which Mr, Con,ih'e(l ilu) roiiM.d amsudumut li Ihs C m iiitution jeMhrJey fillml to receive 1'ie re.vure4 tan third vole, wua annouMid as lh fiisl business iu onler Mr kanmis (lad ) who mads tb motion, celled il atu aslon of bis Kpiilillcsn Mftd lothslra-io-uiee of Ue vouthey were now celled onto tlva. Ilut a few deja sju, Ibsy atl emphatically i'e'laied by seix Hi uing the revilutlu iiihii'ti imly SOVpleil, ibel they bed no deiir j Interfere with s'avny in the atate where It uleta. If they bad i tanged their ground and ware now diepused l Invade lh eovnelgniv or lh states tbsu bs was no It'ti.blliwn. 1 be prpKieltlon to amend tha Constitution ektuld be leken to their aaeters, aud lbs latter should lis i"io wCMhertbty will approve er reject It. ("ur tbe take of the . and unlit of tb eeuairy, anl for the goid nf ths Kepubluan parly, lbs Kijiubh. iiuib ibutiM tome lor ward today end, with lbs l ems unanimity with whlth Ury volid for Ibe leaoluttnn te which be had re fernd, to deular th earn thing In the ioi eeill. n es an aniaudiaent to the Constiluil iu. f you fkil to gin reel's j oil wrong youreelvee, not Ihe people, and en your biads will fall th reason slbiliiy. Mr biakt. n (Ohio ) said wbl thsr war fi'tees. alavebnicilng staiea aknowliiig al'sgisece to the t'lderelUuVerunent, and therefor having In their fcaiida Ibe power to pmtavt tbemaalva agtluel an lavaelonoi thilr lights, 11 waa a matter of Utile coistiiuene whether ewh an amendounl of the Cunesiiueiiin ehould be tnaugurale't or not. Hot the elate of tbe country is now essentially an 1 ra cbaviel. Seven orclgbl etetee now deny alletlsBeetoiBgovnimrui, and have procemlel lo organise a eirte eoofeileraey lndepeaxlent ef tbe tedeisl tlovribmett Whether It will be recog nised or nut, ts a question fur tha fu ture. K tbeee etetes maliaui their oitdun far a yiar er to, and 11 ahould appiar thai nitii ln but war or aubjugeUoa eaa bring them back, be would be dlipoeed to ieoogntsthetr todenent nice. latbls sUle of things. If Ik ramalnlni lanboldlng etetes rewata la lh Union, Iber or entitled to additional guarantee (Ksolamsilona on tbe Demovralic side, ' U Jod," "Tua'.'s right,") There er now seven slavsbolding and nlneteu frMstatea. Inlinyeara hence Drlsware will, for all practical purpoeea, be free. Tee will malt twenty fre aud al a sleveho'dlog lUtea, ant In a lew ruoieyrsra we will bars five mjie fre etalec Tbcr would then be the re.uislle tbree-f uitasuf th state lo t hang th eouatitutlon, aud o infer in Ibe Ftiieral U veruuvtnl p.) war to Interfere with slavery la the stale II bld this waa power whiik should river b Ir.vfiUt In Congress, If lest wioniy em lsvhnldlng elate. B every wia a metier of local and atate concern. If he wen a ttt'sm of a slstiboldlog atat desiring th emsulpttiou of slavery, b wou'4 reniel Inter fertat by lh t'edeial Oveniment. If It waa their purpoi lo iff ard e inslllutlonsj pmlieilnn tolLss'av,fco'dng state, which It al. trVd Condition Of the e-tnnti, Simmi, ll a. Ibcumbenltosubioll tb propoelllon tJthl peinls W ssy si lral bow Itey wbl teonlt II. Il oughtitlloU laldlbst the Gonaillulloa of our Tether It InsunMent. At V Dm of l't sdvptlo-i. 'her was only one fre slat, th olhere were all e'svebolilbg. Tcifjre, ther were no aecseitlie then fcr inch gusraute as ar uow aakad. He waa In eerntel wbrn be said that be did not deslr Uiterfereue wltii slavery la the atslee, aad hasp. usbaLdtd that bis teaoctsle did not wish Inter. rreie. KikeborCer lav eteli rsmttalnth , u,u, .o,y neve a rtebt 1 1 demand such, guaran tee, and. o ferae h was concerned. Ihy shoult lavslkem. (ipplaa, frtu th demMralio aad eoiitbrr aid ) II wauld say t-t I Is amitbsni Mrsti If them ruir. ". U r:T !!' let naa forego aey lot of eeceaelm vvm; IVfr slal vsnipi;W.-tl, fcl a eH te th popl of Ik few etat. fXrai r- MrtAvatof fill ) ass th atai'st eoaraVo! aptalad to Mr. Btatrroa to wlthdrsee hi demand foe lh previous qiieeSliea. which Mr. Blurrow most npbaseoall refueed te dav rvvaleitleeeaahrialedof tb eearV aimstha uad, saying U wa Inepseslhl to. oa- I wrst we sradia? e Rom said the aau we ovine lo lb tars' av tsnrrg streageveoa tbe Tour, whUsothsr charged the dleneder to In aoembar tbeeaaelvae. The Speekij directed lh dour ktlr to pel form Theiitiewi uken sad lb Tot rejecting Mr. Coawini yroyotitloa amendmRt M thCnveo tlnn M leneelueeed ltlatralnetCn. Mr SfrrsHi (r islawl the (olntof orlr '". lo thirds war rvueoeary in renenslHer, I i.l th Breaker mcided a men aaajerlly wa uree.rf fur aisiurfwe. Aniber, and (till another outbreak of eonfualea. Men.bera demandid Ibe enforcement of the rule and th Sieeker oalled on th Bergeaae-ei-Arau te perform bis duty. Tie antetlna ws now presented tb era as yes teroey oa sgreolng to lb ameretmenl aa follows . Ni amenilmenl shall Ik mails to theCmsill tlun which will authorise er glv Ongrset power toalolish or Interfere within any elate wita the domeetie Iratltutlena there, laoludlpg thai nf per. e-eis bald to labur or aeivltud by the law of d," T1i(t(eakr arr.otitfed tl reau'l-131 agabisl Co. Vos Meeen. Adsnis, Meaa Adams, Ky . At lain, Aolrrb, AivHerxn. Kvn Avery, Utlibtlt, lierr lleirert, Hw k, IIAi. uiuHdniy, lirilaii, l:r-rr'. llnsra. Itrl , Im.wn. II inn II nvit, l.titer f.e il, C.nib.l , Itiree 1' Csi-. V rk, Mo ll-io'tie, II II Cs.kree, J d ( V . e, I illsl, C 1 a, fox. Crag M, Crate, ft. (J, Oatle, lid ,Hevie, I ml , II ijtineito, U aii, Il ra mlik. Hem. t)m nrlsr n, I'.ngllab, K.theride, t .rnx., I'ren ' , UtrneU, U irner, If , Hell, II. mil. n. Hirrla, Ml, Heine, Ve lltt k'n, II.M-n, Ii4ailik, II'Mid, II iln-sn, II l id, I) i , llvseru, M eh., Ifiihea, H m lrej, Jitkins, Jankla, Kellogg, M , Kevy i, Kllgire, Kllllkger, Kiukel, Lenabce, here (N. (,' ), Lekr, lej.n, Mwlay, ifsllory. Merlin (Oiiu), MeKIn (Ve), Ma)nen-, McClafnand, M KMi.y, MrKnlfchl, Mtrneneis, Millenn, Mmlgnmety, Me, MKeeheed, Mrrtell, Minis (Pa), Mrris (I'l), Morse, Nelaiai, Mbleek.Nitoa. Mll, Oll-I, Palmer, Peutlrti. r)tun, ranlpe, PorMc, Piy ir, Qnarlee, J.ihn II K-noMe, Bice, Kia-gs, Rialn u (B I ). Rbiaai (I I ). Ruffll, Hlii, Bilt, Bcraiit, B&ennen, B ikiee, flimma, Bmltli (ej. C ), Biauldlrg, Bunion, Bliatten, BtevefseriQ, Hlewerl (Md), B'okee, Burnt, Tneyer, Tnenker, Taomes, Trill ble, VePand g'lam, Ven'e, Verree, Webrter, WbHeley, Wladuoi, Wuialow, Wood, Wooiteej, and Wll.hl. Airrs. Mreers A'ley, Aeblry, nale, ft atham, Illalr, llieke, II eyloi, Ilu fli onion, ll'irilnsem, Rurtbem, Carey Certer. Cess, Cohurn, Conkllng, C-viwey, ll.via, DuelU hdrfertm, Moards, K'ist, K'y, 1'ainewutiri, Fentnn, Fany, K'ter( freak, (Kiab, Ornw, nurley, II ikmts, Uintrnts, ll'iteb lnr, lrrlne, lyellugg, (Hub.) Kilg-re, l.eHih,(Uicb.) Ie, Imgrnrtker, Ivi-nls, lyivejoy, Mirsturu Hn Keen. I'eMII, P.ter, I' .tile, K U Kymlds II ie, Hidgebk,, B itnnv, Hleveoe. Bieersit, fPetin.) Tppui, Tompklas, T-in, Vendsver, Vea Wyik, tede. Weld ii, Wellon. WeeUmrae, fVMs.l Weskliuine (1.1) Wells, Wi!0, Word n.O If Bkr. -Ther being lb necessary to thirds, Ilia reenlut im Is sdo4f d. Trenrnduue app'au a rn bnh lh tnmncrst'e ad ll-publican aide, an I from Ik gallerie. Mr Amu rr (Okio), l-nmadieiely reined a iolnt ef rOr tl at two-thirds is the wtofs number vuu ceeeary lo pee tbe Jolrl reeolntl'm. The H.ireker ovevru'ed Mr AeuiaVapoinl,rtiislng pnredinis to be qKid to show Inal Iwo-lhlrds of Ike n ruber preaenl can pea apou ameaurte which teoulr eiiek a majority of vole. Tee rrreet of the Commute ws temporarily pfe'TxeW toconetdnr the H-iuU's emendmeaut the Indien Apiimpriatloa bill. On motion of Mr. (lad.), the gnt' amendments to ths bill fnr stopping the mall In the seceding elate were conenned in. Mr. Ocattv (Ohio), from the Printing Commit tee, repined a rtenlntlon lo print Sl"i,iio eplea of th egrlouliaral ami to.noo of th meehaalcel part of tbe I'stecl Ofltc report. Th report ef Ike Ommttte of C'mferem e on tbe dleagreeirg vol on lb Weehlngton and O egoa Ver I1.U bill wa coneurrtd In. Mr. Mju (III.), chairman of the commute en tbe alearacted Umde, reported a Julot meoliiUoa er)4nling Meeere. I'co (Ohio), Htaan (M I ), end Csaa (Iud), CommlMloner to mak a full and eqntlabie eeUlement and adjuelmeol with Wa. n. Iloeenx and others cm account of lb abstracted Indian Tiuatboade. Rejected, 1 against Ml. Ut. "iVaeneoaes (I I.) from th ommtte as poiated to aoua'al Mieeirs. Liaooui and tlauna of thtlr election to the Presidency aad Vce-Piel-dency, msde a repoil similar to that of Mr. Tbum nei t. In th Bitnate. The Huae eooeumed several hour acting en tb S-mau'e forty-two amendment to th oivll, mleel lanecvs and anproprlatlon bill. Mr. BianTow (oil..) Im ffiotually ndvord te have ble vuluateev bill taken up. Tb llouae than adjotirned. Hf ATB I.RIlIMJiTTrUlt-rVBate. Mr. Finto msdsa melorlte rstiort be hill from Ibe Committee onmlllury alTeira, to limit tha tenor of thee la the Mill tie, eteUng that tha bill wea re pertrd (rthecoundeiatlon of tbe Benate more ent of rtepeet for Ibe petitioners than any favor. able Judgment on the bill. Tho bl'l amending tha New York Central Pirk act was tepoiud feverably. The bill eo no'ilre street eonlrtets la New York to be oncflrard by tbeheauaof depaitmeota, waa ordered to a thlid reading, Tbe report from the Committee on Federal Ha lations wee then taken up. Mr. Bnrrnut epnk In ily te Mr. Htxuosn, reeding horn editorle'e In the .Stole Hjutir, for merly edludly Mr. Htuwinn, In which eever at teieie bail teem mad on la fia eotlero and aNilll bilea, who bal been denounced as dieuu-onlets. ACjeurmd. Aaeeaably, Albany, 'rb. Iti. The speaker announced the fbl lowing t) licet Conimunw na the prupuaed amend trenl u the Conatliuil'O to prohlhli the eale of litox cailnglliiiiirsea a leverage r Mssis. Waosa, AMirt, CaaiuAii, Joinrao'v snd KiiiaoaiMin. 1 1 aroiisl acH.nipriaiiou bill wes peesed, aa wa al.ii ike half n ililon trill to pay Imeroet on the debt ci ret, J uteler attUile I of the fjonatituitoa; atd Ibe bill t authorise the Commleaiuaer of lh canal lund I luvett a purtloa of lb c insl dbt sinking fund In anticipation of a lax for comple tion of cai a'a. The Iluue then went Into Commute of lb Vhole on bills on th genrral orders Tbe bill U la-oiw I Ike Cml n A ifdml from In Jury durllg the pn grea of lh wu.k re.) Ursd for it ltnpn vuneidor eulMgument, waa otderedtoa tblid riednig. Tbe bill l'ir Iht lifer reauletlon of lh A-ems of New Yolk tUy we c nidrd In Cmmittee of tb Wide, and orderec ti a third rending, mi i a iMiHonucsti. By Mr. Mtairnaa -To provide forth mar cer tain and guerdid pro, edition of vegraaey anl Hr Itiy otlnitij in the Pilice C'arta ol New Ynkciiy. Trs Inil Is very lengthy, and entirely remndele tbe law In reeim l to vegrsaey. llillatinlnnraltkeUeimaii ll.wplul of Hew Ymk, and relative to lo al tmproveaienl ta llrook 1H. were peaked. Mr IlAuoiiilntioiueedabllllolncoriioraltb New YiakCtaCo. Mr Keueit lalrudiieeda hill lo repeal an ail fur 0)nlng a atrert In New York, between and per. allel with 4th arel MhAvenuee, fYoco ll'.ilb side of SJJ rti mtlo south side of OOlbsbsel. ItweeatlU I I'M. IVSHintl tSSSIMI, Mr. ran m by loueeot. Introduced a bill authori sing the csnet'iicUonuia rallened from tbe 8 mlh Kt rry to Wtb en-eel. The faia la limited lo five timte, ai.d mvcsla ia made for lh compensation of Ike oily and prop-rty owners fur tbs slraele. BiU'b onniiensetli u, if agreement cannot be made. Is to te flved by three couim'aelonsis lobe apisrtnled by the Hipieios Ceurt. Toe enrporatora are to Smn lice me wkole'etoi k of the sUige oomnls oa he route, aut all omaibtueee are li be removed f ran tb mm Btiingeat provlelona ar mad far II convenience nf pasenera, and fur tha proper rilr ofina s'rrela by the company, and the road Is to be under tbe coutrol of twelve prominent cltt aenaef New Yoik, I act a a Hoard ef ! reetora. Tbe bill was referred la Ike Uailroal Committee. Adjourned, Neilk Cmrotiaa ySectloa. Riilriijh, fro. 2 The wte ill this city, so far as Moerteiud,eteiMle UelonluketTls. 8phwII1. Fur Convention SH. Agalnel C. uveallon 61. I'aitul le, oils from the prelrcla alve a'mllar re sult. rttrrtburg, V. 28. Waro To., Including Ks'eigh, give l.lHio fur lb Union liuket. Tk ma jority againel tba 0 uiveetii a la Urge. Del New Uenovsr 3 prsdnct give Mil nisjerily for lb Cenvvntlon; IL other prolnc.u will Ui-ely In ereae Ik m"lity. Tb eeceeon caudidatcai will t elected I y about 1,000 me J n Ity. Hnuurwkk N doubt thla town ha gone for lb Convention, and raceeaion delegate c ted. Implln 3 precinct glv V) Tor lh C invention, and 3 sgslncl Wajnr. .1,000 A r seceaalon. Iseelt for Precddeal Barhaaao. Jlaliimoit, (, S. A batUUlon of the City Ouarde deeign showing lasr rtspct far r.eeldsal Ilvtiiuiaaonhle rvllripg from ll.'e. by giving l.loi an fiwoit with full raaks, Item this city to hi bom In renasylvsDla. Tbe Houlbtra l'afedeiary, .VMlgomery, f,h, a". Mr. Watoiii'.t reso. lulion fur dlecueelou on a tiermamat eoastllutiea, win i vp icr panic cou.iorrslton torn mew. ate, Clin T0' roolullou instructing ne Ntval UuumnVre to Uquire InU the pro)nisty of oon tiuctlng Mtsral lion plattd frigate, we a. ujaed, Tosscl lo la'ie provlsloual force, of Ibe Cwfed oral B ate aad fur other puiooeea, dlieou sm.iig other provision. Ibal lb Prveluiol shall laks it sr.-s of alt Bitliiery openllou between lh Ouo feeler 7 and other powers. An act ws paeeej t l alee money to support Ik governmait. II aulborlts lh Frasldeni lo bor nw f In.fOP.MIO, payabl la la yeara, with Inter. nrtacSperceulum. Tb Issl taillel direct th laying of aa txuorl duly of Ho per pound on out tcneaporled sfttrlh Aral of Auuat,t creaM a fuid to liquidate h nnaoisla atd latrt of Ik bnt Trovin:litoeat( ha ot iwfortai. rrwa Waaacaagt. VTcMaievfoii, . M. Th roatmater 00. eral era, tbl mrnlng, advised by talegrapk (rem Fort Smith, that tk Orrrland mail wa slopptd V7todlana,ootbyTasoMkaaVareperVsd, Th roetmaeter at Wtdlaoa, Florida, l nslng doraastto aoanufsotnred poeteg stsmp. contrary to law. Tb tpartmenl ha been fumlaked with Ictaia. A alut o' a k't -dred gnns was lrd at noon, today, by th fallr. Stlte betterlae here, In honor of th paclnaetloo agreel npia and r cemmecded to Conarea testarday by tk rsaco Confee; Tb Benat WM abort lira t 'Z'-nU to skn todsy, and CtZZii th Domination of A. W, Boessit, of tb D.etHcl of CitumMs, aa pty aeaeter In the navy, la ootweTienc of 0n. Twino Ut eondjei It Texaa, bit nam I te be stricken from Ike army roll. Th Se'rcl Committee on th alleged abstraction ef book from tk Congressional library by mem bers of Congress have mad a report, and ths tefsrd treti.tii crge grnrnd'M, and ' arao. ter e It es a Mr sprdmea of tie mtsy senvtliea apeeial dlSjWtchea sent from Wv,nilon. Tnsy ssy tl remedy f r tvl! Is not v.U the Hoes, bit w.ti be i",'e ...reiite In lb mr canlleut oe,' i' ' irrei- i.'n 7re ; ' . bin Ineee In C"3ras It In grea'tr tttte of frraerd-eM lien berebi'oi toa-crds lh (Ira of Ibe session. Several of lh general appro trittiow bill ar fl r" i th dasgraelng sm'ndnieu'e ln'weon th" ta brsncbi. Tb l'res'dent nas pi roved the bill eelablLshlnj aftrlinal givrrameil ftr C' .d, laolulln Tike's 1'ikk. TbeMUlt allgclnar silent on lb uHeclof slsvery Brnatnr CarrrsjrbW bal an interview with Mr, I.taoTiJc to day. t irglobi. llichmonil, I'd., . !M. MeaiM. TrfKIl anlBei'ieiM were sen oaded bmlght R ith made speeekra and deneue ed the resUlof the I'eece Conferene a wfirtlilets affair, Tb l'uax eon 'or. I U gen-r-t'y coadauael. General Telorapo, larllna Iranblr la Atlrona. St. lmt, Frb. 'Mth.-The Arizona corro sidnilof tb nyru lean seys, th dsy s'tertbe attack rn Ik ev.i aid Apact Pees, Ik Inolia sppearrd al tbe sUlmn In Isrgs numbers snd boistrd a white flag. Cult. W t'currs, Ihs stall.. keetr, Mr Wsiu, bis asa-atani, anl J surra V tTsLuar bla oriver, went ona to hobt a ronfi levies, wtin the lad ana atlompuU to eeia them. I'mvsa wet wounded, Wkm u shut deed, aiel Wenauaceptt led. Jisia A.Vftan wseeko! A B ;CoLea. brother of Ike ahxres namid woui-Ced. A nucn win r.ej Ik eaorsa te Tumot, to glv lif nrel'naof lh elel of eOhlr andprauraaeelslerce, reporte finding a shiart das lane from lb stall n th rena'usof a wagon train with IhelNHileertf e gbl men, who had bean mar dared by Ibe Irdlans. Two of the bolls war ebalned to ths wsgon acd pre nented the apjiear iihi of laving ben lamed at the stake. The nsseee of Jth men ere not montlotutL The road ws ob.1 uct'd with Mcks fr ths dislao-e ef lero Nteans Plre Itagtae Tried. PhifitJiljtln, t'tb. 29. A contest took place this af eruoonbitweeni a Nw York steam fir n f;lo and a ralladelpbU eteati fir engin. Tn

alter ws victorious by 31 feet. Weather Report. A Ibany, Frb. 27 Th Ira went out f th river epposlietkl city, today and fny b et will run tbte afternoon. Tb waathar I rptlt warm. Tha Crka'a-wact aad Basset. Tbo leediug member of tho I'eace Conven tion do aol expect any eclim of Cmgrwu. Tny are wlllleg lo g le tb B srds aisles up-m Ibis platform, and Intend to mak 11 1 distinct Issue la U approachlnt b ct'oaa, and tb basis for t'nton or. ganiMilnoa. They declse opsnly thai thtlr skat can b bald la lb I'oUo, and an willing to try the question before ibe people. Mr, CarrrtaMDj feels entirely confident that the Virginia Convention will acre, tkls .eonilualoa, and adjtura without taklrg any further (tap. Us has been In fi oon manic ill on with th delegatta, and ought I) be well luformnL Mr. Liecoi.N baa Invited Mr. Ctuanoa to a seat la Ibe Cabinet. To the a tugreph letter from the Pieelder lct, Mr. Caaaaoa ha rasponded fever ably, and acceila the place. Tbl U regarded a a noes, ausplilou movsmsut, and th onsrvatlvM take 'teail of couregs." Tbe Times reports Ibal a genllemta who arrived la thla city by Ibe (learner Cilumbla, and whs prtfcuwd to be wtll lnnirmed on tb eu'ject, atelc list ahorfy after lb arrival of lion. Jar rraaon Rtvia al Cbaileelon, II waa quietly ar rant ed for him to pay a viail li Fort Bom ter, wblch waa accomplished privately, Tbe Interview Is represented to have b em aa earnest an I pro. lenged one, btil all not Immediately In Ibe eeeret where left wholly to conjeture aa to what took place belwirn him and ll.jur AiiKtov. II has, howtver, kaoirlngly been given out at Charleston tbaltbera will b no flhl at Fort Sumter great traaa evldenl'y Is ing plsced upon the (act thai these two o'd eciptetnlalice In the army cannot be brought lato bloody enntt cl with etch other, Oa the other band. It It bells red ibal If the al. Irgrd v sit bad elicited any particular com'ort fur the great leader of Ibe seceaalon movement, such gocd neas won' J not havs born kept fir private toiuiiiniition trnrely. fellletlet Oplaloa. Ekvkrk. The ll'iirW says i In rsnes'log the loaets which our army anl na vy bars eullereil iu tbe resignation or eeeekHils!4 snd th trtsiesi of trsilors, ids tlos at exs nlnatloo will baidly flat one name upon the list which the army and navy register could not w I sffird to rpar. Th' who ar beet acipielnted wlih lh ticrsiinnef of tr.oee departionnie make thla asMrtion tvn.fl lM.lly, end ace even glad that accession ts so thoroughly weeding out the traitors and poltroons ll Is cena'u, al any rsle, that tue bias of O.ntral TKioe Is liuls t.) be rearrettsd. llalaofaclasa mvsr to fsw In numtetre ae now, whoee courage 1 of the bail 4og elrtpa, aid a derived from nillv uoUlity r integtitr of claracter. A big, swegger. Ing, drinking 'oiavs," vulgar In bla taoies and habile, be never counted fur ujre than oat In battle. Tb Tintri noM In tb following manner aula, atanc of " carrying out a principle" In Liulslsna Th New Orleans paix-re of a lereol data, aoMcee tbeaimt of an Individ ial who wis sueieetedor having altemptexl to enter Ibe Lolled BteM.nlln that city el unseasonable buura. The tnoidsol Is only awahar Illustration of l'is coiutless inoooele leoot Into wblch th asciMlsmstt are cjntlaaally bstrnyed. t'adouktedly Ike heplosi prisoner bed determined to secede from the etele, as I dsiirlaz te enter upon hie itdepenCect career folly prepare! for all pscuUarv conungeuciee, la un ta on of lue exawiileof Liuiaiaua tereslf, niadiup bta mlmi to approptlals wbatsvsr was left of Ibe ft re or six mil lion which wi tn Ik M'at when la scat lira a iT bar elltglanos to lbs Federal Qvvernmetit, Hadb leen suoceesf ul In klienrrtt lhr la na reason to lelieve Iksl he would have been uol'. ling to plrdga blahooor-certalnly sago id securi ty ss cou'd b offertd by say ona wwo baa bmkan bla ath te euport tbe foiled Sutas 0 vernmnt, to meet Ibe ttralu of llov. Mo -as n ms full amount which be found In Ibe vaulss of Ihs build, lag, paitH'ularly if be wars allowed lo fill.iw tbs eiaoiple of Louisiana still fuitksr, and fulfil tku obligation, or n.4, s lb fancy eesad htm. Th I'vriumj Jbef advocates stroagly Ike bill to reduce oily railroad fares, lately introduced In the State Benate by Mr, Masisaia, aal urged kreto for by tb Bum, leooimon with moot f lb city Journal. It asya Iru'y, as ws have often said be fore, that The city ralltoad eompaoi kaami rich at the public t xpense, and et soma of Ibem rondJol their buelnort on the ml niggardly plendmiltlng pts aeuKsrs to a er, a itey do, ualll ll Is a crowded that all oomfoitla al aa end. Tb railroad fraaohla belong ef right It the people, and to the p-ople only t If the privilege of a cllv railroad line I wuiti a million dollar or tsa million r'olUra, tbtl auouil whatever II may bs, 1 the property o( the poop's and not of a corporation, ualiee, Iniieed, a corporate a eliall per a (sir e.ii vslstA. Ths system of cheap fare wou'd secure to Ibe people Ike rpetu4 tejoyasent of Iheee fran chiser, snd would be far more beneflHsllhan their s!Mveafi.ra larg wu, Oar city anthoritle have oaany plans fir roiblnglhe treasury, thai a eale would le of little benefii to th pub lo, wbll tb reduction of car far wou d bt a tangible guud. Tb Onimercdit urge ht Leg Islslur to abet Iha mllll'a ft . nulsioc ind swladls i Tb peonl of thla slate have king suTeral nadir tbl li 1 otlon, and. In Ibta city and Brooklyn par ticularly, rav been greatly annoyed by lu opera lion. If pealllae ere nweeeuy to proa p our le gislators 1 1 notion, signature lo thtui can b ob tained by th leu thousand. The RorU shows th swkwardnsss of the Com monCoaaill'a refonn In atrret-auubarlng. Ta ful'oeiag plea Is much lss oljectlonable. Flret i let all tb numbering fullow lb aua,froa res to wast. Beoond let ta old number b on the right, ov emtn eld i the vn rumhere haUft, aad eocath. Third i ct tk aectleng Ik aroea-etreete, ewt off by lh lphabtlcat svs auee, have a separate aumsrstion. Taea menoa at Flrel Avenue, with Ho 101, IM. AM et Beeravd Averra, with N . Ml, tol I aad Ik u let each number of Ik Avenue Infallibly mgf th hundred ef tba amse-aumber,uettl th Rsrth River Is reached. This method vrlU have lb extra ad vastsg of istailytng th praaant eeofnalna ef e saet," and went,' which census so many weary Journey to the reraises end Ign vraat, Chang In a block will affect that block only. Tb World la tscetton over the minority report of tb House Committee oa th eeceeelon oonsopoud. nr, which undertook to Jnstifyth PrtsldsntM having don hit duty ttb 8uth Ctrollnt Coot mlratoMrdatruUnitheoiad trailoT ought tob weared. . . v vii.ia k. tmtrtA tkat Mr J ins uonrnaaa. -u make Hi mlanrtty report, ml matee too highly Ibe fetal euVt of a peruaet of Mr. Uoonuiu's lit erary productions. CITY NEWS. BorritMH SiKAviaa. Tho itetmslilp Co lumbia, Cspt. Ilrasv, of Bi-orrtv & Cll.tT.K'e Cbarleeteo line, sailed blwan 11 and t o'clock, yrateiday, carrying a (u'J re' ,M and th uiutl number of raesetgera. Ar 'y el Wedveliy t Columbia was ob,lgsd to riwd a ltrgs q'unlliy if fie'gU, a d U Marlon, which la 11 aall lo-mor-rr w, la alnjy balf full. Tile prewi-e of freight fre ut'. em p r. la tie reru't o' tie i w lanff ln ied k tk M ictrf-unerc t. nfrie w ' b latu UkeiC. ci lo afrw J.) a. Tit p we. .a ut In wharf and piarat usual kaough tsecs wes no ti-OsmeLt, and a nolinp ; Inlicatlog Htintra baid"ati .re w vji'jIs bi atlemil at ail re wta mada, WiDr-AwiKr. (JmraAt. CoMHiTrnt Thla Commllte aiel last evening at their rooma, Ni. CI) Drnadwty.and nnanlnvua.'y resolved ti rcom mendliut II, ticronr fir NcryAfitd ftrrr Ihls port. A conimltis of Ihri was aj evil ntd t bear Ibis reoommendstinn to Wsshlpglvn, sn 1 'lrfe'M'. Iitrrreis's claims f rr the position. Another reeola tlon ws a.iopted, warmly nibrelng lh lloa. Wa M Brwaan aa BertcAtry of Stat fur the tnjomlng admit latiatlon. Tho Norfolk itreet M. K. Sunday School, reet Ihnir patriotic analveresry cibiatU4 law avsulng, B tdrsrtlscment. Tll CriMMrTTJB o.l Amkval Taxus of lb Djard of Cuuoollmeu prsnted their report last veniug. T report rtcnmmenda the deduc tion of 1-0,000 from tbe or'jlasl sum j JI5.C00 from Ik Htm for roads, f 10,00) horn th lUiu fir grading nf Hamilton 8 pure, and lh be'anc from tk ltm f rr claanlng of treets. The Commit! en City also reported lafsvor ef anendlng the ordinance referring to laaUling small warea, so that llcentes mayb taken nut al lh Mayoi'a efllos oa payment of M ceal CoMrNCKtKsr or Tin IIt.MartTDic Com i ua. The first annual commencement of Ibe Hon nopatlo Vtslloal Colleg waa held yesisr. dsy noon si Ibe room of lb Hlatorijal Sxlsly, comet of Second avenue and llth street. The kali was crowded, and a large portion of the andlsnc w'r ladle. Hon. Danisx, F. Tisuass took th cbetrand tha Introductory prayer WMoQVsdby Rev M. II. Ssrr. On either elds of Ihs ehalrman, on lb platform, war tk msuhsrs of lb (acuity, p-s lleasiav, Wain, Htnrr, gaunt, Kisnv, lam aad GaaatKeian-, Twenly-tlx graduat received dljdouia al tb band of IL chairman, wh 3 compenled th presentation with om appropriate reanarke. Trof. J RtaxLir, M. D , delivered the va'tdlctory ad Ires aad Rev. Mr. Barm pronounce 1 Ike bsuadU-tlou. Dopwobtu's bul ws praesni and perform! a sslectleu of choice music Wonanro Slut' Lbctoru. A course of free havtur Is to b glvn, beginning this velng, at 8 o'clock, al th lector room, oomar of UM and Houston elreets, to wotklag men, lnHrspeised with music and econee from a magic lantern, Tbeee lectures are to be delivered by on wbtsaton a eho bench fer tea year, and who la himself, a evotkinsTtna. As th admlasloa U ft, paraona snould g eaily to aesiir seal. Srairr Cucatiho. Th contricter for eleanlng tbsatieelsset 2i3 ash and gtrbagttarUat work yesterday morning. II I la et'd (that aver- al of th alderman ar already dlnellefled with Mr. Haoxiav, h having lefuasd to employ eeveral of their proteges, although they had been la th employ of th City Inspector for a long time. BorMi) roil Cauionxu. llajor Wood' eldest eon, Jieve-pit Laaa Woon, a yung man of "cut . yean, will leave t-.lay for California. I'l Mic CiiAnrnrs add C'onRKCTiox. Tb following stelemsnl shows th number of per son remaining la lh various Institution under the charge of Ibe conimlsstouer f public cberlllsa al th J.ts. D.aJ during tb week 49; dis charged 1,4'. I seal to Rlsckwtli's 8JS, sent to stale prison 10. Total 1401). Remaining la all tbe inetimUona D.IH, being aa lacrosse of 33 over lb parlous week. IIoakii or AinxRMAt. Proiidcnt (Jiutcr took IL chair. Aid. Fxaaa offwed a reaoluli.m lo the erT-ct thll. wheicaa a bill la befur lh Lialluie giving to tbe Long lala'd Rtllrosd C impeny certain ferry light onthelliet Rver. ibsofprrf, Test tVe nard rs- monsirat' agaioet lie avasge 01 said bill. Ad Vted. A resolution to procu-e a p imail of Ex Ouvamor Miaon II C'LttK waa rtfnrid Aid Ihytov i tT red a ruauliiiion calling for a 8 1 lect C luimittee to la.c lire wh.thar seiae r.f it printing and dvritUlrg don by lh ordtrs of lb viay newPHUW s uui ue uiepeiiMal wltn. AliLlben esid inatioinllmt slues hs, IVvri , ofTvied aeimlbur leielttuon, which was vetueil by tbe Myi.r. A d. HttroM said he wss willing to allow Ms re. solution pi lay over, uitil the Mayor's vetoo of Aid. lururs resolution r reached, aul 11 we so or dered. Thevetue was shortly afterwardi taken np and irad, end ths sdhered lo lis resoluUon to api'csnt a Be ect Curnmlttes. A'd. Davven said re did n-t consldsr that tbe reeoliuiun oove'od tba same frouod aa hie, anl he therefore moved lual bla resolution bs lakes from lb Is'J. Tb motion ws lost. Tb sum of 14 (X 0 was appropriated to purchase a steam fire engine for Compasy N . M. A ooiumuatoellon waa received from the Comp troller gtvine- a list of the onrpwetlon oontraot Q sxl la Lia flaw during Ibe past year. Oa reitlop, 1 .000 copies wer ordrd to b prtilad, aud lb 11 surd adjourned. IbiABU or Cocacitsiu. At th regnlar meeting of the Hoard ysaterday, a aunemloa, offer ed by C nimllman CiaraLisn, thai lb Commllte on andOaab lnstrurtsd tolnqulr Into tl virtues of Joiistoa's dee Regulators aad Bant ers with a view to their use In public building, wee leid over, Ou motioa, tue Strt Commlastoa r wes dlnt'if J lo iBfurm th Ilu ard by whal aa thorny ha authorised Asatun JJ Cnaaiooa aad l'aiai. k Mti.uasNBUtodowoik al Essex Meikat, while holding position aa Inspector of Ineunv bisncss and Wbarvse. Tns Vommlttet oa Finances inbmltted lb Bud. grttfltvl. Tb comultas bav aided $3il,o4, aad deducted $lll,CO0 Th Urard oencurred ia riroonstrailrg aialuat Legtslallvs nv-tntrnte, with a view to give the Lorg Ialaid Rdlroadsxjluslv naeorceraeUn p'ere, un virl ial ptrmiaalsn toea labltek a feriy to Huater's Point. Tbe Hoard then adjourned. Vtm, AeeUeata, laaTaessta, V. Fatal Acciukut at tiir Navt Yabo. Cxoner Jarsuair held an laqueet en Thursday, In the esse of Tuo Waiiaca, whe lost hi 111 oa Wedaesday, by felling from a yard-ana of th fbeuvtiu. lyleg al th Nevy Yard. The decaeatd, II appears, was sent aloft to overhaul th signal baliiaids, at d wall that engaged, luel his (jotlng and Wl. alighting on a platform alongside th ve ssl. When token up, life we extinct, leosed wm a nsllv t f Mee , tl year f g. To J ury rtoierrda verdict of "accidental deeti." Falte iMeltlgcnetv, t, Captv bk or as Alleged BtROLAs and RxcovriT cr OooiAbout tw week ago two men hired a room In th tenement heua, No. 131 East H.h ttrtet, but a neither of them oooupled 11 dsy or Blgbl, suaploloo wa xcttd thai they need II fur no gcod purpeee. Toe polks wer maid ao quslBlad with lb circumstance, aad Bera-eaat Watnand tffiaerVaa BsrcK.ef the Hist Ward, procdd to th place, and aber fuming opu lb window abuUera, observed nethlnj la Ik room ex. oeptasotof burglar's tools, aad a largs and well (bled ssck. The latter contained eUke, ladles' kid gloves, Isos oollars aad vellj, velvet, , te Ibe value of ttvrral bnndred duller. Tee oil wra ooa- cealed Ikeeneetvee tn tbe room uanl tbe men came. and then eurceeoed la ar resting on l asm, tn other baviM fled and escaped. The fellow proved let Jcwallaowa aa old ial prUonhird. Ha wa haloid np by Juetlo Coaaou.1. To goodi ar nnpoewlio b seslsu property, eaa oea nsi u l Ihettst Ward BUtloa houst leth tret, aatrtUt I . eaoa. ' .""' Mrx-K ADrfrteieranrsni rrn.t. (Vim irtW. A warytat named DAvra VAaaaan u. kali lag from Otraago County, oalled at th ktsystl efBc) yesterday afternoon, covnplslalng ef bavlac havaa windlad ent of about $40 la parehaatag bogn gold watch, which, M k alleges, era net worth nor than tl 60, al Yaw Siosias naoek aactlea ben, N. 1 park Row, OtBoer Toaatwow wa dlav paloked, and, lanmgh hi loterfsreooa, th (harper war compelled to refund lh money, I,EUA L RKfOnT-tmaS0AT. Hwprasaa Ceart. fnrl fttjml IX .CimW h.tftSMt iw.'" IVr.r, I ee !" I'l .-, i?..K-fllrJ, rjder. Thla case came on atOeneral Term, ll was motion for aaattecb hVent, to pnalah th defendants fir a allseed 0"n. tempt la dlaregardltg a wrilof habtm torp'H leeaed ly Justice Aixaw to bring btfor Ue Court Ike perena Joseph p Swxrr, whose easl U alrsedy teaaUlar to th tmblla. ' Th Con rl now decide Ibal Ik writ are eVfaetl v In w btvlng attsclied to II the seal of the C mrt, and that Ibe defendant's wsre o buand to obey It, and tksrefie thr waa no ountem)A. TLe motion was denied. TVierrg tflKt tlialJt CommUtii'ni .Tit Pm pfa, a rrt Sara-p r TA foard o lln'th Thla rsscsaipe on rl s O-oerkl T'rm of ISla court, befi a Jneiicee Clerks, B'l'herland anl A lew. Th rsla'or In Ik's e ie bad possession of dama Ing grounds al Ik f4 ( Bith street. Cpm coei. p.e ci tht mantir wa allowed to rot there, lh llid 'll-a'lk m el'e4 ramovtl. This ws a ftrfi 'oti ' IL revitwof the procse-i naiof lh Hoard ofFea'ti, .er. er. n aiag that iiey ha. I It-eeded ll.elr poe-e The (JommiesiiT ts deny that sueh was lb eaa, and ermtrnd ie , -uri la without Juriellciioa to livlew II li ifce. legs. IieeisL-n reserved. ilotitfift Cm-on Appeal. -Chm. ft. &t'ri eeMre Tit lfpl J" Tnlscsas came oast lbs general term ef thla C itrt,hld by J uvUces Clark, Sutherland aul iDgrakam. Illsanappealfrorathtjiidg'aenlof IbtOnirt of trTeres isrnainer, convicaiag ins piaiauu IB error of manslaughter ta the first degree. The oounsel for the wrteoner now contend that tie Judge erred, npnn la trial ef the cenee, In a 1 ulttlng the dying deiarallon of Lt Rwbelle aa v Idanc, aod lneisckarge t-rliiejury. Uislon ws teatiTed, t'entt of Oeaeral Stesaleaa Rtfot Raiorder Hormta, Andrew Rjs, u old man, eonvlcle-l of rscelf log stolen foods, vts scni.u.ed to luerisnnment la Ihs renltentlsry fur en ) tar, and to pay la addU lien a fine of !f 0, One Ya'entlne MiSwteesy was sent It tbe Peni tentiary for six mortes, on a p rt of an attempt to euremit graod Urctray. m. Ilikir, a uerro, was found gn' f grant larcery, a seenmt effence " ' ne pvl jrt waa a atanard if a ficakl mab'e b ir Jt tg house In 1 tik at., wkere, tome time In Novemler, b committed a theft amounliag to fV0 worth f property. Th victims of this larceny were tf . and Mrs rergel, border al the house in question 1 1 1 ww reman ded for sentence, wberaupo Ibe Court eJj lumtd. BI100KLYN. Tnx IirrrsT 8rABnisa Akihit ts CoLtrK ma It. Joan McCoamtar, who wu Injured la aa affray with Jon Coware, oa the corner of Colom bia ard Atlantic st.. oa Wselnesdey m rrnlng. lie al lb City Uoepltal In a precsrl rut oonditton. II appear that bis skull wa fractured, llher by a blow with Hue blunl Inatrumoi.l, or that 11 wa eauiHd by biLg thrown upim tb ldwa k. Cow ab, who I ale et tbe City Uxiiliel, uatalned a severe cut ta tbe aid, but s no vital part was pen etrated be wLl JnuUleae recover. An ante-mortem xtmlaatlen In MiCoaarat'a ce ws mad by Corrntr Hoxtos, ysaterday aaemoon. Tub Fibs LhtrABTMKit. A moating of th (fleer of tb Fir Dpartm-tt, western district, was held oa Wednesday vntog fur th purpoe of interchanging lb view ef tbe member la relation to tb proposed new ordinance, by wbuh the annu al a; proprlatlun for repair, amounting te about tlt.UO, ahall be distributed among th several eompanlee In stated proportions. Tbs general feel. lag appealed to be advent te the project, but la order lo bee line Utter ecquaWled with lh pro vision cf tb ordinance, Ibsy resolved to attend lh next meeting of th Commas Council Committee having the matter la charge. Tub Old aud tub Nkw Uaa Coxpaitiks. atom Usneio In Director of th Aoadsvny c Music sdvsrtlsed for estimates lo light tbe building with ga. Tb nsw Gss Light Cimpaey sent la proposals la repeetful terms, staling their rates, Ve. A propositi ws also received from the old Cota pauy, which wa te lb effect ibal they would fur aleb ga flv per cent, cheaper than any other com- Bany. Tba Director of lb Aiademy oooatdered lis proposition la th light of an lnauit, and unan lmoualy reaolved to give the ooalrart to the new eumpaay oa the term proposed. Work wa Im mediately commenced In introducing the pipe, and lb building I new Illuminated with In ga of lb New Company. Cocbt or Semioju Bxroai JitoeGae. now, JcmcEs SrtLwn l akd Hotr. Qko. Rooia aad Jou 8. II.Te-i.rao, kerotofuT convicted of fergsry la reaalng counterfell money, were sen tenced to lb Bleu Pileon for lb le-m of two tears each. Paltot an roll, plealrd gul'ly toaesanll and lacttery. II appear that In November last Oaroil attacked a man named Ixisn, w blla driving along the Clove roal la a wagon, and Inflicted eerioua In jur! ee which confined him to bis kouss a long time. The d fendaat was eeatenord topsy a fine of $250 and lo be la. prisoned In lh rsuluintlary for on year. Jonw Lvoae pleaded guilty lo asaanll and battery apod Eurn III as. Tae pint's reside In me earns house, to T ynxiuth sir Lr"e and Mrs. IlLiaa'a hiulstnd weie fbrhtbag. B .a weal lo the eld of nor kuelnnd when Lion eliuck ber. To partie bavfng bee ime frtenda a je n, M ' Ritxa came Into Court and hoped tbe Judge would f-rgive Lvoee thla lime. 1 he Court, however, tenieoced tha de fendant to tbe renltenliary for three mouth. WILLIAMSBURGH. A Ciiaitir or Ait iiirnt. Mr. William lticiuiai, res ding In I'a'on eveaue, near Stegg at, waa thrown from hi wagon oa Wcdoeaday, while riding on Ibe Cypres. Hills road, and free lured one of bis lege. On lb sams day, Faxuxxioa nxonxm. a bey aged 6 years, wai rua over by a e.mlcart In Union, aad severely lnjared. Mrs Lxnt Wool rtav, a O-rmao woman, residing IneVstik fd at, waa serusie'y lnured by beieg truck In lb breast with alarg alms, earele-M'y tbiown bv aim b iy 81 wsa rsaiered lasenslbl and It la feand la iwlously InjursJ. Yesterday afternoon, a lad reeie.1 llixsvNaw ma, iseldlng la Bowenvllle, auslalned a disloca tion of lb collar twos, and savsra Internal Injuries, by falling through the rafter of an unfinished buns In Morrell at, Jr'iEB. At 8 o'clock yesterday morning, In lh upper pert of a tenement houae oa the onmer of Cook aad E vea ate., a elraw bed accidentally took Br from aetuve lo a leolag apartment. Tha 4icia ariuinn;. For City Tttitrm, Tlslrtl PMVtkH IttMBtas Sale, Tb continued reputation and Immense sals e( BRANDHJCTafg FlLLi rrevatbalr general trtltlty. TTTOniANM OIVrM UP TO DIIS 1UVE BEEN REDTORCD BT THEM te robust health. Tbe thousand wh bar been tbo restored ar tb best, tun et, and moat reliable method of tendering IheJr vlituee knova. Tbe time leal head wbea the whol world will conaede that BRANDRETH'S TILLS re the best and surest eariellve, aad meal eertala oarer ef ell ecnt disease, and moat speedy eaeers of pain, whether t resent In tbe brad, la th lungs, la th bowels, la tb musjloa, or bones, And because they at way ABSTBACT ACRIMONIOUS MATTOtt FROM THE BLOOD, which srs ths sane of psln. Thns having palafnl af. frcttoo, or whos health la feeble, should glv heed. Bold at SScenU per box, wlUi full directions, at iV4 CANAL 8T, and Ne. 4 UNIO'.J SQUARE, riBRCT'a FATKiT Sri.PHI H AND MKDIOATED VAPOK BATHS, 10J FULTON BT.NKW YORK, aad No. 0 WILLOUUUuV UT, BRO JaXYM. These Baths have been la eumeaafid epersilen for 11 rears, and bare sivsa bnlvsreal estlafsctloa, Tbes Baths are ueereibeoaaeeiher . 1. VVinallse the circulation ef the blood. 4. kuvwIsblUh loeaoelble erepuaUon. I. laarvoue irniaruiiiy, 4. Cure all dtaeeass f the saia. 0. KemovesllefleoUoffreeueeof mereury, 0. Olve tone te th dbrestlve ore ana T. Qeereeaue ewelUnas end ebslrnetlon. a. Cureaeomnioa cxilh, rxvaa aao Aapa, aaxoicA. ruua. aai. anna, aoxa Tuxoar, paorer, anxaLeu, R. F. IlniBARD 'g Wild Chebbt Brn-BB. sVtsrr than tha tiead aaime th.. CK. m..t K.- ireia the beat matetiale always naaful-erpeclallr te eawaaaaaV aasvarsftamaHlaidl m m .- .... . . JiT'."";." n?? pereon. ncovenag treaa TRY Tefaf WU.TI IIIURRY BTTTrHta. weaU rnennnend all who are atlltleg with lax W rfjfrwi,t?f'""m u tn cheat, ar the Uasa. tade lneldeni lo the sprtnc season, to lake R.F. 1I1R. BAlllr. Wild CherrrtlerTll UnebeTewn rVnt I It eaanel fall bbcnenllhe tnvalldi aad we wish ws bsd a tmmpsfe vea I tell U th afkleted whet! tasy asa Bad tbla unrivalled nan KXJl ans have bean pra-wiaod of Bull few ft sVs have bean pra-aiaed of lata, and a no ethof Wild Cherry Ulttera te ",iwt as rood." (eA ywaw hr siclan, as every Doctor knewe this Bltt-ra la purer tha mrstp-irt wines.) be sure yea purehaee the eale raroa, lMrflHlerrBlttrabr R lllHUanj,oiyI l THE LATEST JLND Improve. A SVW IVBLIC FAClir THE SVtt iSHII.IJ.MJ Suo?f" noCBE- nm BendaSMUlnj Bar rri g nOtSIt, TaUiTMEXr Vndgs(lIiV DeyoawantrrgXPoellAVTilof v AwndaSAaUirwi) I' I'll I DtnaktnH7,nt, !! Do yi Wtnl WORK or CI'STntl rnd4rViiUintf IX yea went WORK don CHEAP , end a SkOlxw I) Have yea talking ti Brtd. CIIKAI I oVnd a oAOline Do yen wish I PIT ANYTHING nend bmuiiw Hav ya anything rtm need the M fend a e'A Umiy L Have yon got lo n a llOlfE-IH'N lt,butbrtnlhehouelora' . c o'cmfiiH; a SH'Utx. ' I UvyouLOrxHNOHto.,orn t k...l - , . fVl eon aranl nrtAltn ar f.Ot". 6end a bHMinti J.r D yon want ANYTHING IN TIIK. V HFD A MIIL1.1MI I.LSl! Tt laaaneaaaa tstablkabod City t DAILY AYTSAar FOR 14 DAILY AVxKiae FOR DAILY AYElUai FOR 1Mb , Tub Bbooklt Citi For Da. Im t Fownxea to rrat I Daiaallaal Mae. Iltvas'lieimt 1P1 H l'WCK OM, UOLLAK rl.J , E?ri:nAis KOTi llratlewira' Trwl (ala. Lttlrely new psttrrrs Jiut reeclet three riotlsrs each. WeJTanted to seat L1TMU byUKOKUbUALLKN, rcllver llaallaa tfntchew. WARKtNfUl TOKIH'COIt Jnet reeelvei, and for sals very l-e C. Ai.LKN,41b Biosdsar, one dc-a Oenllesnea's Flee UoM feel (1 a runt) I aetir l viw, I'll paair vrry liyor, ALLEN, 41 Uroadwar, f irmrrly 1 1 Hold ITantlaa Vhm INOLInll PATf'NTtrVtR KOK(lNTLtJHKM -JI'MT Kll Ferssleviry lew, by OKORllK 0 Proedway, eo door below Canal at, f ji tree. -- IdiealJald llaalkaaVta fa eteerant essoa, wsrranted to beep en received and fer sal by UroRUkl (J roadway, 1 door below Caaal et. DtnUnene Cared. The tk re, at thla season of lb year, uai year, suar 'rTt ' 5oenB complaint, can ne enrea Df t tide Hllllnoe tills. Price Oo u, ocj vroeaway. Reveng ! Repent ! Ren The Issl anniversary of tbeAebun' Pon'lsy School, Norfolk st, bet. Klrist am'eai Br nalvtreal desire, ths sohoo repetbion ef their analvenay, glvea birthday, on Friday evenlns, March 1st geenraUors the same aa ea Ibe previous a mtle anaretiea In the Order ef Kxemk xjnonr ana lima ueore even et ( p o coesnaenae ea p. as. I ie et zo eenl tvnts: to b bsd st A. RKLkHitl.'H, endalBKN.I.Jl.APPTt,8ol lirand st tk bexeebt f tb Sunday Sckeol, iaaOiaiaaewUve FrteeaZ Cwuana. oolds. raibimq blooi rna BID! AND BSXA8T. ' end rlai flar aomnlalnta u moat ti I Wy HYATTtl Pulmonic Balaem TliePnTl la dally raruag tns wotntaia ias ef tlveee e. II enrad Mr. J. U. U-JrUm of pala la th asn spiiun: si oassa,arisr n nan tw am and wss rednsed to th last ataaesof wM sidand beyond (be reach of Dasdarine. aaaino. lit rjlsabeCBst. ale H Kiieemt of perfect health. Let the ameted eaU and sn4e hlx. at. teeausapar BIEDICaUVEN. rJOOTuma LErrEE. OE0B0S A. FOWLER, of Qauford, ! ateerjnnlrlh,lSGOi rermlt me to ray li you that MRS. 1 OOTHIXO BYRIT, ha aa aopreeeden me since my crutotuers have ascortalne: I Thla U the Irat time la a thirty-five yeara 1 neae that I have endorsed a medlclu fur li quallUua, I never before this wrote e reo' of any patent medicine. 1 know not whal I tlon la, but I bellevs 11 la perfectly harmie 1 know tt xires the greatest wUsfsctlosr' nnraea, affording quietude and rsllsfi pleasant affect attending Ms nee. YciornreeetAilr. 7,ef -TwH Ltes." Minions of bottli of MRS. WlL,jw' trtu bi Hirers now usoa every yeir Is Btetr for children teething, with never fal KcUoIiiiaaibiATIaudoutaul, MRS. WINaLOWa SOOTIUNa SYEbi regulate the bowels. Orders ar coming la every day from dru I parts or me onuntry, "Send mi mora of M I LOW'S BOOTUUtU 8YRIF, MillUo of bottle of MRS. WTNSLOWS B I BYKbT ar mid rvrry year In tk Uaitod bl Qlv as an eld nnrea fur disease. Incident liodoftetthln In children. Hers yea hsvl nurse fur SO cent, la the form of MRS. Wl I SOOTHING 8YRCF. MRS. WILLOW'S BOOTnQea STRUT to glv Immedlsbi relief. MRS. WIN3L0W8 SOOTmNa BYRLT all draiglsta throughout to UalUd Btabo. HIGHLY lafPORTANT TO MOTHEk WINBLOWa BOOTUDiaBYRCPU the e that yon eaa rely upon to give rest t yeursoli Urf and health to year Infant. MRS. WTNSLOWS SOOTTUNO SYRUP the mean of restoring tk .moping aybita mothers. Tbla le th season of th year I oa MR". LOWtt BOOT1UNO 8 YRl T. To every mother whe ha children ea-Pl any ef tti eoBtplalnta Incident to Um tttfy Ing, wa say do not U-t your own prolsdlojeToi' J.dleee of others, stand la tb way of tka n win be ann-yas, absohitcly surs-to folhtw tl MRS WINSLOWS 80OTIUNO BYRLP. Dmgftats averywhsre new keep MRS. WIN BOOTHINO SYRUP for children tmthug ; elae In the United BUtsseellslUsU. Hu's tncdlcln i and It (am rla-wld. Pnycl, and ass It eberevw It magical ncta has i Doring tb thirty ytsreof awsreoedentod ereteing nopabuityof MRS. 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