Newspaper of The Sun, March 7, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated March 7, 1861 Page 2
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-IT! il'I'I'iVf ?i".i' V"i'lrr'i ""-' f THE NEW YORK SUN.I TIIUBSDAT M0B.V1K0,MAB0ii 7, JM1. I Aiiiuamn for rtpld and Improved pew-work, Joel completed for thl Bow, gave oce alas tor ea assertion In an evening paper, lit) die Bgi U bMeraon th Ut ant present prcprle Ion bad cavwad a change of preset. gifarlathU from trwlh, thai th mart txlcsbltreUHons tuhslet txtwaaa Mr. Baton an 1 numel ree, and the meehtn loal impart; of the wltbllebrneol (In which he bu a Imsrm whet ever) U In onr tin ttd poseeaw Ian, 4 will rrmala el least onUl lb Improved p pmlm referred to U la cotflrtned operetlcn. r T print lh Boa this mornlrg el dnibl "llghl Blag" Pd, by mean of duplicate ec I of otoieo. typ plate, and a double prose tbe finl deity paper art to printed, o far ee we are aware. Our leaantloa 1 J barn to rua the Iwo In th SJm vault lsaullanenus'y, but Ibla doubla x paeaa baa bet aroldad by hlrng fur w Una, Ufa na p-ew In a hI hbering office, which a. ajommcdseeo Iweccmplcteeopleeof Iba Be fan loce,end of court pi lata Iwa roplaa of It paper wilb lllUa mora tlmi ar tspenee Ibaa ee. Hear th 'canard " it IatT t and I Jwcata. Tntx art two remarkable men In thl 'country at Iba prrMnt tlp Trni A. DorotAi and Adhabak I-olk both iloth ad with honors by tba 8-ttt Illinois, tut naith. ar cailraa f It. Tttj wtr born before Illinois' wn a St, but they wr lorn citl. -Reni of tba American Republic. 1 knout Brat draw breath la tba para air of " tha Or tan IfaaoUla" Stat, whom crialt rki may Well b Ukao at tha 1 pa f tba (olid and en daraU fonadatlon tpoa which tba founders ef ear BepuUic rouitrucUd III Government, Jjmcoim draw hit trit Uaalh la tba good aid Btata of Kentucky, which can boatt aoMttf lit Boni a Clay and t Cimucu, " i It la certainly moat worthy of rimirk that Dm "Llttla OUnt," of Varmoat, wkeee tolld' Intallact hai commanded universal attention, and tha tall Kantacklan giant, wboaa warm' and gaaaroui nttur hu raited Ltm to tha hlgboet poaltton that a man can occupy In thli world, should now, aftar Laving contended fiercely, with Illlnolg aa tha central battle Gale, for Urn highest political prUea that a free po' pie can award, ftaad tagelker aa frlendi upon tba atapla, bat florlaaJ platform ef rAliiOT-' XW 4ore of their roaatry, wlthoot a tingle aJmlitara of the kaee elenent of TartUaav' la the (read coaUat of 1858, DotOLia, with all tha power and patronage of tba to-called Denocratie Admlalttratlon of Jajiii Bccu Ajiai amployed agalntt bin, carried lllloolV galaat 'Old Uncle Abb," tnpported by thjj aWU moral force of the new Republican party, an 1 wet re-elactrd a Senator to lit In the UnV tedStaU Senate the noblttt poiltlon, after that of Preaident, to which an American cltl ea can aiplre. Tbosgh DocoiOJ beat 1,1- coim In the tute contest, Lucou becana victor In tha greater National contret In I860.1 Vhy wu thlt t 'VTe will not undertake lo ex tdaln, bat we tuggeetthe Inquiry and learal Bur rtadar to think of it, aodarrre at theW crwn coaclailoni. " Jgff But la there not eemetfcing that ceuelea taaJ fcaart ef a paUlot in the manner la which MrJ PovoLAahaadepMUd hlmtelf la tha praatat arid of oar country. II aaatna to bare rlaaa aparior to almealf and, beet of all, to bar I nunclpated hlaielf from all tba trtmmaljl I which Uw party btrlguen hare triad to ImpoW upon him. At h aald of Mr. Ltscoui yeeted day, In hit nolle apeech la tha SentU, hehJ M jxrfttoa h tht ralriot. itfi Army aaa Nt lateU(aea7S O ateaday and leatvlar, eVetaciaeati ( V, 1. reorulw arrlTed aar fraaa pteiladal offioeJ,' and were laiaudlalaly put a OoTeracr.a lIaaaV TM cuflerent r4eou la Ue city alao teal ti treiai aioada, wtun will conaMerablt ra-laf ahefBrrlaaa. Ther are nwre eoUlera of tke aaw la the Dtpartaaent of tke Eaat taaa there ha' been at any time elac tk arfaalutlon ef Ike arat; .ofUeCaUeAllatea. WimtTTi TMaleamaUp Denial TTabatar, wkUk Uflj port rjrriorlaa and Taxa lately. It expected w w"wH mivw tan. pm win nave board eu-Ji aoldlera front tke Tzaa Baa lmmi peara au awaier iroaa ue Ttzaa BafBaa a aaay not be required at the fort of Tertucae, TH fer, ead othatt. Atjuwat Qiaaral rera!lU ... here wUh the trcJJyjJgCTh TUU.i. atoraablp lupply waeput hriulJ i aalai il, &K Im-WIm m. nr-M and will aall oa Header, r ptrkap Veoaer, wtO aoraa aad prarlaloa fnr Ue kome innadrcnljW wv v wwmf .wwiw w.uvui.j W1 .IIIIBJ mj k aTtaraaUielhnwtlaatlkaallrai ttealabethlheaabnachaa of Ike uUkMrTkJ aaaoualriaalyaUMlaaaorethaBtaa-rVWA f all kWatkernoaVxn talk Army aad Nary TM w. ThtrariUUaMgailaenoroutbarntU Km la coTeramant pay, aad doing duty, while ea ly lit, all told, kate rerlgned. Mow Uaee eouth-' araomoerawaado not allow latitudinal eoatlat't taitiaie lafloeac that actloa, begin to ooBplala hat lb"iowra that bVweni dltpoaad to actio.-' Bloloualy lowardt them i to dafrlre than ef prlrM lag aad aaarka of eaaadtau to which tkelr rank aadtenaof earrlceemtlCe tkeaa. kUoy wUl re- BtgB aadar tha atearar f tkle in riaiuua UV.4It aa7 be wall to ay,kawnr,tka tba black aaaaa,' WuialharrlM,arkawa. tit45! Taa new earniafar of tk ate guaboal ItV Bwk,rleaalArrrr, reported for duly ea Taeaday. ,1 Oeptala WAua read hit dafeaoe befare tke Court . atartaU yeaaerday. The pnttadiaga go to Weak- tagtaa fer eaalraaatUia today. " ' VffSt Tke Moffdaly " of la oarla garrlaoa,wllk tnadofaUorafnmtk dlfftraal Teaeelt at the Mary Yard, aad aaarly ell the tftoera of lb rta. Moa, a full nnllbraa, awaaded tha funeral obaequle f Uwa, tata, from tk Mtral Uoipltal. Lieut. rauxai aattrel lb atrrloe U Motembtr, lltaad 1 andlatd with Ire yean and alae noatka ata aar. TU aad two yean ahor duty, Be wa two yean and flr aaoaua uaeeaployed. He wataaaalte rl Btarylaad, aad la alaoertly rfgtattad. Cmm Cat V Klac. Tax fhlledalphl Ltigtr, when preprittort alao o-a to Baltlmor Bun, ia which tk mit rampant aaoaaaloo doctrine ar taught, ap jlaudJtke kindly feeling which all theferalgu geremmeatt bar maalfattad toward! the Go vernment of tha United Stat, (lac the com BMocamtat of a wathern raballiea- Tb .derayii IllaaotaUKUeewaare that, while at jealoutel tash thr,aut ao ready to Uwrfer with each ttar aa ah moat trtroloua pretext, eltber a tVianda or aaamlat, their conduct to ua aa a natloa ' Mt-T? .U" "JrtT. aad yt U efery way awreanaetralloourOTrnintnl. aaa the imaii Buth thraaUaed lo briar ftaad lo laraa wlih khan by wllhkoldlai tkeS maah aaawerad by runnier malla ua hall SSL'S" " iai Ih prlo of eeitoa CiTVl ""- Uur of supply, and SgT hm-walea to lupplyUg eoMoa tna SSIjTi TbaterblaBaaaia aad domlaeerlag g?-0 ft 'the nienlmim wounded the Mtoa IW eauwTKrKZ "? " wlttoia. Ifo u vi .Z" "" maasure uey . Z? u au'ether hlage, he ' "r5V etoekly. aad lslrn to Metis. lean to wear t JalasVta ttoa dwreT as? ZXT " Wueter, s km? ZlLZ .22 ,SeT -"l re erer. .rwtgSt with Ut tvatwrewTtoratoreaf conduct. ft artry great UtaaWetcmiit'Cg0'" f HabbiaOB op Una lUaaiar LAtrau, ton calebrated the cloee or h..MTv.H aaJaiatratloa iby being married en Monda, X taa. Pact, via wia smmn .., trP""'''' moUr huband' death, haand , gyiilVy T-tlng, her wo'i houat 1 Nat la Ih maaatenaat of eualrt la the Army anf Mar, of lb. Vi 'Pfit la rtew of reoapt aewtsavtrTEracleeT It aatraT. a-l THE LATEST NEWS. ar TBtMLira to tbm jr. r. . XXXritth CO.VHBK - trA eior. - WatV-tf, Vo'c C.-Oa mli)a of M. Atnuar(R l)lorcpl"tfth Ta. iff bill wen Oiderl lo be prled fr e tut of Ibe 4Mt. ktr, Wnaoa .-"or) nxrid Utat woaa the Baaato aUu l b ,""1 -"nitT- fir rt (V) b'ptd the iMira wuil ail be carrtrl e be and otke-a wire aottoae t gal home, aid If poarlble to tlmt oa htttday naat, fy. foul (U.) acq'iieeetd la thit new. Mr. CumtMAa (N. C.) eaUl Ibat U bualntet (n! i n4 rfi arly be pNeeotad he prtfmei te duro uoUlal ndiy. Jlf. WaaoD aild he nadehlt motion oa 11 MlullitlonbfMTrrol BanMori. Hi liaj dm Ida wbiaihey would baa'ilelo get Ihroufh bualaaaa. atr. imoN (ui ) tnarra a rtaoiuuoa loai id uiual number of copies f Ibe riendtsl'e loaugural betnlnwd. air. Cukoxi" fit. C) said, la rotlng for Ike r iutloo, I e did not wlb to be uncersknd aeea dralrgtlie pMluon of the lnauural,U bounder sid il cmaotly, for all la It wee dirk. Tbe twM prae which aeaaed to etond eut cleerty and dU r-i y, If eirrled out, won) t lead to a war ea'ait Ibe Confederate B'alee. Tbe policy Indicated mi, Ibeiefrre, uawlie, aad abuu'd be aroldid. Te prrildrnt eipreis y dec eras that be obeli tteat l,lruloe a if Itaey were all In the t'elnntend re gard the acta of aeoeeeloa as mere aulltllre Car tela stalls claim lo be ladipend'ol, end If iht Presldeol acta as he rnunclil, ibre inltM ti eull t xc t collision tetwientbim end Ibe Ifde raKltmniMol. II te plain aad unmlrtekeaM hat be lounds I hold, ocoipy atd p aiese Ibe tals, aisrnalv. Ho , In those Mosdid sules.wbea we kmw know this ran be done only y disptaw erelng tbe stole aulborlllM. The rollectionof tht rnsaue Ihenia must ale lsad lo a collision cl arms. AfiarwedeeUridour lndrpendsDceef Uresl B Itila, nobody lupposed Ike colon te would pay tone. In feci ibry refused lo pay be ore their d. rlaratloo of lodepaadiaoe. lie repeated If toe rresldint'a policy be oerrled oui, there must Inert libly bewir. Mr. DuooLia fill ) oeu'd not eonsrnt that lb S'oalot'a rsmarks abuu'd go etil unansunet. lit ksd read tie Inaugural eirefuOy, with I .s uw of undarslsndlng what IhepiJIcy of Ibe afmlnUtra lion II lo be. II Iscbsrsctirmd bygrral ablllry, and with great dlreotnsM on certain polDts. Acrft k.el ana ysls is necrrsary to arrlre al tha true ooa ilnicliva. lit bad pail ally made aa analysis, aad had come to tbe csLclueioa that Itwia a prate ratter than a wsr rnxerage. lie had eximinad It canddly and ctttlcally, and tbongbt tiier was no fuuadellon for a diffsieat eplaloal Oa the contrary, tiers Is a djmort pledge that Ibe policy ef the edmlnletrstloa shall be coa dudsd excluilTsly wHbrsfsrscce lo a psaciful 10 lutlun of our nallooal dlfficullKa. Il is Irus the I'.esldenl Ind'oaled a certain line of policy so lo be conducted aa to lsad to a psaorful eolutlon, but llwsaaolas explicit as he fDouaiAt) dsalred. He then nuotod from the Inaugural, la upjort of hi poaltlea, ssylng ualees th eaean bo furaL h ad the rreeidem sannot axscuto the lewe. Ue thought the rreeldscl In hlaramaiksoa Ibis sub ject was nftrrtng to lbs futaresrtlon of Confiai gtrlcg blm powtr t nforc obtdlence to tbesa. Tbe President must nave been aware that la 133 a law pasasd te enable Free, i acxaoN ta enforce lb Rnenue lawa ta Ibe pert of Caarlsetoa. Tbe act expired la two years. Was It to be supposed that Mr. Likooui thought b bad mora power without, loan Oid. jAonaon had with the aid of legtolellon, Be repeated when tb President pledgee blmtelf to collect the reeenu and enforce tba lam, unleaf umgreeewiinaains in reqnieite meane, u be not to ba mvlsrsrood that bl art la dependant on tbe future court of Oongrsss t lie thought that ih the proper construotlon of lb Inaugural, for lb rrealdent ease ha shall perform his duty so fr aa practlcabla," ualsse hie rightful maetort, tb Amsrteaa people (hall withhold the requisite meats, or la eotae autborltstlTe manner direct th contrary I The President further ears Ik power confided to m will b used to hold, occupy and poet est tha property and place belonging to lb goeirnmebt aad to ooUoet Ik duties and tmposla.but beyond what may be saw ceeseryfurthooob)eota,tbrw!nb ao Inrasloa. no using of tore atelnetr among tke people aayu where." The rttrUeal do not say h will take limnlon of tbe forts, but that be will hold, oooupy and posOTS these. This wa tqulrocal laoguafe, but be did not condemn the Presidio for II. Be yond what may be necessary for these ebjecie ther will bono ualrg of furce amocg th people anywhara. If tt te the duly of the Pree'dert to salons Ue reTeau laws U la bis duty to snfotc Ibe other law. Ilcaanolbejviitlnidthellher enue lews shall ba enfoioed, aad all other laws, wb'cb affrrd protactl a a compoasattont for tolls, shall not ba enforced. II e lbeuht there were two point la which they could find a solu tion rf three doubla. The Prisldsat asys " whir hsstlUlr lo lb L'nltod atatee in ear InUiUr lo. lallty stall be eo great and s unlrerf al ae toprai ent oampetont resident cllitene from boldleg the fsdsral offices, there will be udauempl to foiss ob noxious slreagere among the people for that o Jwl" The president drew a dlsuntllon between the exterior and I sUrlor. ir he baa power la oo ha powerln tke other. If ills hie duty la one ceee te enforce the lawe. It ia hie duly la tke other. There wee no pretleion of Uw which aulhorliie a dlulncuon In Ibis isepecl be tween pi eocetn the Interior ead on tbe seaboard. This brought blm to Ike coastructloa of another clausei the saeet tmportaal of all and tba key to tk ssalr policy, llul be wae njolced wbsabe read It. Ue Intltod ettontlon ta tt a showing onoclu us iDTieevj aieaniioa to 11 aa snowing onnciu ly that the rresldinl le pledged to a policy ich loekato a peaosful solution of our dlmciillte against a' 1 ethers. Ho cave the course herein- etvei. wblc nodeanunate'lethere. Iteeave dlcatod will b fellowtd anleee lb current of (rsnlt and sxennc ehau akow a modification or cbsngt to be proper, and la erery caaeef ex gency my liael dleorellon will be exercised, according to lha cir cumstances usually existing and with a view ead a hope of a pfaful scluiioa of the national trouble and the restoration of fraternal sympathies and entitle. Ia other words, the Presldiut eiys. If collSLtlon ef tha ririsus will lead to a peeiaful eolutlon, then II will be collected. If lbs abandon-) manl of that collaitloa here thai tffict, thin II will be abandoned. Bo ef Ibe forte and areenala ia Iht encoding statee. O will reoaplure or not lerapturt them, ead will retnferoe or not reinforce forts Busier and Pickens pledged in ltber case lo peaceful policy, and acting with tbia elew. If lhl Is not Iks true oonstnictioo, wby we there not ln-i eerted pledge to ue coercion, retake tbe forts, ra cist ure the areenala, collect Ibe rereoue aad oforct tbe lawe, unleel there waa attached te each oae condition on which the pledge wae to be carried ut i but th pledge le only to do It lo order to feaorful eolutlou, and for no other reuse. Without disposing of lbs question, Ike Bust went Into Eiecutlre Session, and a short lime thereafter Mjouraed. Assembly. Tba bill to asaend Ibe act authorising Ike forma tion ef a corporation for manufacturing, mining aad mechanical purpoiee wu leased. Ths bill to pretotl Ike Crotoi Aquedui t from la Jury during the prognee of Ibe woik required for IM completioa cams up for the third reiaiag. Mr. 1UM tuorad lo recciumil tbe bill to irtilo Its place In Ibe third reeding bills when sgain re ported, ferried. Ttt bill to autherlae tbe relln lion of eg rlcultu ral Utilities waa la'd on tbe Ths bill to provide lor reports from Supurlieit of towoe was pined. Tbecomeatidieetcaiecf lloi're sgalnet Kinsi 1t was laksn up as lbs ipeilal otder. Mr. Fiata ertiucl la eupport cl the mlcorlly re port, la fiTor of I loi i e Mr. Kia argued la lu-iirtrr Iki ru,,onljr re pirt end tbe reiolulion thai Mr. J, C. Kivirr li entillid to hie seal. Th ITIIaail Male Caarraileii. S'. Uuii, Jfirnk C 'Ike Convent iu net et lvo'iloiklMiikfinicg. Various res I'.utiom Uec'lclnr ci oosratlon wltb Oturgls, wsisirfencdtntht r-oiu.ltrs ut Brrt si polnlid ynlerdey to irpnit upon lit covrnunlce lloof Cituin-liiloLir dun, Kwolut'ots In inenus to cjenlou, leresslen, audlheio-i.retellinof tlelluilir fee ead ala Utes i were refund to Iht CuuuaiiUt oa 1 ednal Kslationa. Among lbs resolutions wee oneby ei-Covlrcol Btxwast, that uo ovnl kllul,,,,, coiamilMd bj Ihsrederal llorerumeutiojuiiiry cither nullifl lion, aeceulon or reiulutUiSj aleu ous by Judge Oaa-lbat we Lara Ibe ttitauTeinmeot In thl world end Intend to beep It. Resolutions looking to ths eswcdnieal ol thl Slate Constitution wst a lablsd. Atesolutionlo refer tbe I'irsldeuts ineuguiel acdree loth CommllMS of Ike Whole wis, aitei debate, withdrawn. Adjourned till 1 o'clock tomorrow meialag, Th Vlrglaka CMlea Wtiihtngtcn, March C The report of tkt Peace Commissioners wa I recited. Bivoiel eerlee of resolution of a ceeloa, aatk recession, and ai.ll-coeri.lua characttr wr ir fsrrsd Tbs peclal oommlus sa the! tubjtct reported thai la their i.ptalon lhaiehaebesniiomoremsul or armed men by Ue Federal Uorimmeal, log tbe purpose of attack or coercion. Th Aeaihera Caagrre. llontgomtri, Ala.. March 6 1 ht Soulksrt Coagreee re assimblsd today. The open proceedings were unimportant Tbe Uoncreeabsabesn In secret seer ioaiueel el tbe day. aad tc night Is sgalu la eeorat Motion. Mr. Liaooui's laauguial Aidreeels retarded here ea a virtual declaration of war agelast Us sv csdsd slaUs. Ifosjloomery, JfarcA 6 In Ih congreu tc i'7' . V. r''di en luotloo of Mr. Ctrxar, thai Ike Judlolarr Uommiltse U lostruotod to loqulrt late the expediency of problUtlng the baperutiee sla'es Into Ue Contedersry from tbi UnlWi :stntT!ldsloo l" YnXZ??i.tatlZet eeerlon. JoiVll .t!i?S-, Oongres ooofiimsl 'Mbli. "' "'"'WJti h IfnAmgkm, Jrarcd . Th MtgtUkmt freaa fadieo and Mitoearreratty paid their rspoj to ItierrrsilMlebJaannlrert Iorespeeue to laser rle, be male brief bat rtsaily mttsCtctorp; arlirwera TOftamlel?i of tb aw OebUet orlier bA.ebecae.aDed. Mr, Bewaan wet Ike Ant M tar upon the djtu f alsolSoeat the (Me De, (HtJEKBt. Il wis ec.vrtr J that Secretory Oil would meet biofliob)i;,u-ill! reiueetof his luxeseor, Oireiwr Cuue, b hIJl o?r Ul toovxrow. VT'enMr. Dneaiared upon ble duties, lb Treac ury wis lltoral'y binlKupt. Thsr were rejil.k tiore tathttsblt from lbs Dxptrtmi,t, rhl'k tberiWMSui rttuii e.fpiylg txoeedlng ILXW. (4,4 1 (1 adrg Wu Mies uope-d, et ouoitit to Marly Ik'AOieecd Ireeauty nntes rsr dus, amount ing te about 130 MO, la all t!.TM.M. Theae hi all b-ea pal J. Testerdsy, tbe aeooaal wre s'ated In tipertatla of Mr. Cause ea traucera lis dut'ea, aid they show ba'acoe la lli bine's of the treasurer ami disbursUg omcers, applioeb'.t to tbe current stiluses of th 0Ttm mnt, exceeding ItOiOOoa. Tnosa, w.ti thl Current le-elpt from the euatosea, amtuntlng te about $) 000 a day la oaln, II U UJueed, wUl eoibltlhlUicemlng Admlalalrelloa le euitala It f el', without etlllng for further ioui fjr a could er- aUa let gtkef time. Oa or tfuia lie ttk ef Mank, I,'uteatnl Gin al IVorraod others recti red tilgrephio rU patoh aaulleoltg them to be oa tb lookout fer ganpowdsr plot at tba Cepltot. Ia eonicquensa, ware diligently made by the pr Ike al that building, to eetlify those wba bad ordertl sack a examination that thire we uodenger frac'an dtttlne combustiblet. Til Boeels today nnaalmously ooalimid Fasa. W. B'witoM Assistant Secretary of But I hi fslhsr. The rresldant a'eo nominated Noaaan B Jvnn, of Illinois, to be Minister at Ilsrlia. Tks report that Don. J. J, Cerrrtnon will be eppolotod lo the recency lo Ibe Supreme Court It gintially btllered, but lilt aot cental Hat th nomination wae mode. AU double ea to Mr. Csisi's eeoeplaace of the B-cnlaryshlp of Ike Treasury are iemoTsd,ee cotJlng to a itatemtut ke hlmse f meJs to sne of hie files da today, Tbe Vtrmonl deVgetlen called today ea dea'.ral Bonrr and Menn. Swn, Dix and Ditse. flsn. 8vwtt mals a speech, U which t kkakll Tt aaonl for the Prealdiatlal rot la ISol, The Calibrate delegalio paid tkslr leepicii lo Piesidsal Liaooui this afwrnoon. Rx rre Ideal Baehaaaa la tlalllmera. llottimore, itarth, C.Kx Preeldsnt Boctt- Anaw left heielhls morning for kome, eeeoited by the lultlmor City Uuard. Th turn out we rsry fin. Chart! KlertUask ttamUlim, A. 1'., JfarcA C Tht townt of Uunlitcn. Muluon, J a too, Oaergstowaaad Drnok field, la Madison county, each elect KepabUce Buperrlecre. Orvxto. K. .. Harrk C Jtt tha ibarUr election udiy. lion. Ilenaf firraoaa, Kepublicaa, was elected Mayor by IM majoiliy. All tbetu puliMsir, clly, and ward offlcers wsie alerted, ex oerathapreisrsroftkePoor. The mslonlles ihow Itepeftilksn gala since Ust fall. Lociport, Jf. I'., UdfTh 0. The chirter clo tlon which loukplacs la Ul rilUg yisUiday, resulted u me elecllsn of Us enure Republi can ticket. Rspublicen Trusts were elided by erereg majoriue of 120. Utica, A'. I'., JfarcA C In this county, Oneida county, totrttea Iemomtlt and thutoea Republican Bupirrieera are elected. A'onrfc, A". J"., March C Cbntgo coun ty) Tb town of Norwich, McDenough and BaUth nlle, elect Ue Oemecreuo tickelj aad lb town ofOxbrd.rrsstoo, Cullfcrd aad shsrkuraa, elect th Republican ticket. Auburn, Jf. Y., March C Th Charter Eleo tloa la this clly yewerdey re. u I ted bl Ike eurceu of the satire Republican oily ticket, (laoao llsa ruirs, lUpubllcan candidal for Major, ha a ma lirtirof obi. This Is lbs bngett licsubltcan ma ortiy erer glrca la Auburn. Ostseoe, Hanh C. Rsturks fiom'tsa town aud wards in Oewsgo county show a Rapubllisa gain of four Supervisors since last year. PuuQhitrptii, Hatch 0 Dulchni county sleet IS Republican aad 10 Democratic euperviora seme ea Issl year. Tha Krto Railroad. Elmint, Hatch C lharitrrt and tlresmi long Ih Lrle Railroad tee not 118 unusually high. No damage of asy kind bss bean eustalned, and trains to all palate run regularly and without obstruction. tram Texae. AVer Otltani, March C Texet hat rtlilied the ordinance of It Cessna by IV.OUO te 43.CCU me Jottty. It la reported tfcel na. lloriTox rislo Us Oorernanblp of Tsxss. Tb rear Ilxpte. fri Ktarnry, March C The pony cxnresi aesd berssltoViork tblemornlc. can 'rncieo. ttb. 1 Uuilur tbe creek Fort Puint, at ibe entrance of Hu l'reneleoi harbor, has been oocupled for Ue first time by V. B. troops. The flupreme Court la the ceee of Fiiaoarrs. FLoaxai hea decided that tbe holder of U. 8. pa tenia and lands, unier the Mixlcan grant, y-mrim lbs precious meaala oonulnsd la Ua lands. The Uowjiaor emt to th LogWlatur the number ef flreama In prsssaslon of Ue elala, being ka Iwera four and flee hundred muskett, ehol guns and rlfiee, generally out of repetr. From all part oflhe state fa rorable accounts are received of the planting operationo tbia eeaeon. Tbe breadth of land sown In wheal bl lag much greater than last year. Tke Legislature he den aot blag Impatient thle wiek(oa Ih Senatorial question. An alllaave kaa baea formed between tbe Rroiklarldge and a pottloa of tha Dtuglae Democrato. bo of thoee ruslonlat mat ba saucua ta Beciamento but eeeo tng. They were three lees than a mejoclty of ths LetsUeur, which baa la both noueca IIS mm. bare. ThU fuetaa unemeiil Is la hmr of to, and kle fklend expect a malarial lncrsese lo Iba lualoa Uemocratla elreogU, It It arptnntly abeul aa erto chance thel ao suction can Ink plscs tkls Msacn, es sfter nomlnaltag a Breckinridge-Douglaa candidate, and an oppoettlan Doug-Us-Republlcaa candidate, Uer le dioaer Ibat one coalition party will have a majority ol'tbe Senate, and Ibe other a majority of UoAeMmbly, ao that do joint convention cenb called. Allelaaseeof people U Baa Fraacleco, will Joia la a Union eelebralioa aa the tid. batlaem will 1j generally suspended. The steamer rsnama,from Ue North, bringt Victoria dates to th U f Fbrar, aad Oregon, to Ueltth. The Drttleh Colonlel Assembly wet prorogued by the Uereraer, oa th itxth of February. The price of Crown leads la to b reduc to four ahlllinge end two pence per acrs. Thar had been eerloue lieuble at tbe Rack Creek mines, about Us collection of duties. Al lbs gmilkemeen nine provisions wet scan and Iht weather eery cold. Th awt from Ortgoa U of very Hills Imaor. tanoe. Gold ha beta discovered In tht Spoke coua Tkt Indian disturbances previously referred le provee lo be rather mote thaa a lew petty thieves. Oa lha loth the bark Comal anlvld frim the Budwlcb Islanda. liar advteee are to Ih tih Intl., oaly four day later than previously advised. The Wyi4ii says thai lb sugar crop Is Just beginning to com ta from Hawaii aad Kewll. II Botlcesse!ea of 18.000 pkta. best quality far ship ment, al io. Moleese tt beginning to come la greet quaatlly. Bale of mall Iota at iO a x3c. Th census of 1M1 shows derrsass of Ue oa live population eiooe 18C8, of S.S35, tad an taereeee ef foreign papulation of D,VI. Th Nw Bfexlcaa Mall. Hdyrntlmc. March J. Th Bant I mail, with oatee to th 18ih ultimo, arrived today o .J.' HtLt . rrwAir, coalractor oa tke touta, came la with II. They report business In h!!w.ffl?.v? M ""1 dull. They my that iSSHSTJHvi".Mf of tkU mall wUl be StiVrSl lm tnm J'dlaae ere not new ap ITitv ThiT.?,p"' extremely cold weather lBnfort-0'' ,M"U fcU"" Large numhare f Indiana were aeea al Foil WlebtWwerll,el7rrWlTr Cel. Loamo, of Ue l'nltod Btstos Armr. who Is to lake command ef IhVbapartatnTo Nsw Mexico, and lUrm V. WnnueTrwiuStor at ?Tld1,l2,,,', ' New Jrey taglstatai. TVcnfon, March C.X joint maetUg of th Latalatur lakee plsoe toenorrow. The Middlesex and Ualco Railroad bill passed the Uouaa today by a tot of Wto 14 Ilwaeadve. sated by Ue Camden aad Amboy R R Co., for Ut reason Uat It would axtsnd Uslr road bom Bout Au.boi to Ue Hudson Rleer, II wu otoaed by Ul Msw Jen R. H. (la. The rrtnostoa aad Mulct eae IsUroad bill ha alae punt the House. Fir U Barlla, Wee. MVwaUe.Marth 6-.A fiia bxok oat at am Ua, Wlsoocwta, ihls morning, aad dsatroyed Iht store of CaauAar ck AJiouwa, Kaoira Hotel, aad tha derailing boeu of Mr. Fox. TU loss ta aua poeed 17 eumjuat to W.0J. aad U lanuaaot neailm a synA .The" Oeektthattaaal OoJaei ted Dsmmtlli timiall at, slews eslae d WtUAAsi aVaaswa. far Owewawri Binwva. O. Aaaous tar Llaa. Oersraer, aad Ih rest of th prsMot etoto euoers, Tax Deetocrell her ewmhaatod Os U. Vim be Coagnti, Inn th weatora givnet. Net oner Cong eaeleaal nomlratisei ar rat agreayian TSaoarasUonsadJouroed tsUeltih- Th Reub.lcsa Coaeentioo esete tomermw. Pita In Oeweg. 0fH, Mi'th 6. A fir broke Out in Joxt OooaliiA mnralic but wss jc I tnoguisbeol. Itoa- n ins & Pat J of bst aoi fiMtort wa. dirnsg- 1 tlA9 0'tl4); Ina'ind la tb wmwuneie Omi IliabockatrreeeOferwItri Ice aoao-mtof .ndj l-.ui.d In Ibe Aerlcsa Ktobarige Oinoa, M.w Y ki Rinsrn's feicy scd le y h-ts wee ismis.'i'labouttJIIO. lai'irrd In Ue itoiOSe. r 1 ws o lb but ding Is trln'ng. TUB NKVV ADJIIMLlTHATIOt. WHAT Till OUBcTAL (AT. Ilio Tnhnn correspondent a! at lb mo Ivt of Iht opp"lou bi lb Senate to the confirm, loo of Messrs. Derm aal Dlau at mtaUtrl ef Mr. uiaooLN'I Ceblnlt Whea Mr. Ituta't nomination came np, Btiator AHf eeaailed II oo lb ground that no eouihera am ahould boll office under Mr. Ltour.wllh e prite'p'ee aad paliry which he had announced, tenants Ui.rou sad V7iipai.l a'eo coincided la hUoptaloo. Mr. Dasoaiaaims end tbit while bla a tie nvnaiowi io us ldioh. w wvuiv uvw ..n m 'I tuetifisd la opp-ulcg nominations msd Ufi tht mulsni atole for uo other Ibea political a-.'S Lronlhedivlaloa,6inaeorsMAnri,BtAoa, ;lihuu, o-l Mrrossu . voted egelnethDomm U HnWrellc"Ta, Wlorl4,sndsnisoitsr, a'ued li vo"e; Tee sots eppwllloa wis meal eited egalot Mr. Datm, but without discueilcu. Of lbs Compoeitle of th Cabinet, lb World y - As while, Ik Cabinet bt one of Ibe ablest which luU have tea e.ltcted from tbe leadete of lb publirso rty. 1 bin srs la 11, hswrvsr, lepre ii till via of the most divergent scbooi of rrpub. lnUu-, end tl te probl.ea yet 10 b eolvvd IhMber ls eonfllctlog lsmcnts will be so bar booid,or lha funotiont of lis member left ao luiely encallvt, as to ksip ths Cabuut a unit, cd log, Uer. Tbe Jtrr.U, which de'lghts In mbichlef, predict .a eirly dlsniplloa of th Cabinet, from th (up. Ped Inability af the sum who compos It, to vork togttber harmoniously, llaeyai-- Aa lirepreeslble letween tbe rlvil fao liisbae oomaenccd alnady, and must cmuaue loulooeor Ibe other Is driven from office. Tte-e nuknjw tkeehnreitorof the reepeclive Indiv id ols wheat Mr. Likoiln bis cboeea Vt be hi advU k e, cm eateitaln but little doubt which eioiloa rill eucrumb. The Albany Affae J. Arjtit tayt t Ths C. bloat Issafnctently able, but II lacks unity 'I views, t'pon ths quest ion of talronags, Ue lamoroua radicals have pievedtoimuch for Mr. Iiwaxii, and bars Mixed upon Ih Tieeeury, lb fist Office, and Ih latortor, thus laooopolUlng L Cuev.m fiouaes, Poet Officts, Lead Otnc and Imeui Ilareaus. We shall bseurprlsed If this Inccsgtuou Cebt let bolde eogatbw six month. Th rallaislpkla rnwrjlntn, (a Bum 1 4it organ,) my I TcUcablnstUlaeoagTUMis, and ha within II be elmento of present conflict and future dlerup Ion. Betwein Biwaan and Cmil Uer It under load to be aa Irreoutaillatila bostlllly. Oae bead be moderate, tk other th coercive end uacoea aromlslrg wugoftbs R-publlcan party. Tba Draferenca of Cnaia over CiMtaoa. far lha rVeaauiy, It ea laeult and a blow to Feuoaylvanta ski bse laarreet. The Bianer Bill- te sligkt d, CAsmoa set aalde bet sue of bis fevering her. Ad Ca isa, who tortl via t trt al Isast qutwtlo-ls,puiftvsrhlsa- To kartk Amrrictit yi W.ehnald have preferred that Ibe poit folio of be Treasury baa been oonfided lo a rcpnssntolle lorn thle state; but the preeenreo. Mr. Caasaoa nUaWer Department will fiiralVh a guarantee bet Ue material latoreeU of Pennsylvania will not overlooked. II la thought at Wasblagto thai Mr. Fsutinu r Mela wUl b ssot Minister lo Eoglsod, aad Mrs loawu of Ohio Minister to Franc. A AD CALAMTTT If At BPrALfnt TilOMAS rorran at Haugus, Matt. Throe wtekt tga, me of hit Ilttl children wt tcslded to ilcath; , fortnight ;o a second met bar detth in tht trao manner; and on Sunday laet th renuin ng child wat bulled, bet log died of dipbtht- (iur. ASOBBW ATTItDKIi UIMSI SERVICB ,t Charleetown Slate's Triton, tlttt., oq Sun U)S when, tfter the dlnoutre the chtpltin en lounred to th aritoncrt that ont of their num. er, Joili J. llAtDKX, bad lieo pardoned. H Ami rwKriaaoTA noia In bit throat, at Nttilurp.b, I'a., on Tutxdty, which netrly licked him to detth. At Uat be mintged to willow It, but he died in great tgonr, tb ion htving Ucertted hit iloni.ich. CITY NEWS? Tac WeuiHAB. After wtathtr reniirktbl er lit eortsesa, followed through Mondey, Tues liy and Wedaeeday, with aa Utuoepke e dlmgree ibly chilly aad windy, lie tomrer again ahanged ul evening, and about ton o'clock Issued la a nlnlalur new stoini. Us snow malting aa It fell, tbaul half past Isa th snow subsided, and th ilmosphn clsared up Into a mora genial mood. Uittos Coicirt. A Union concert wat (Ivsa last evening al Irving Hall, corner of living f.a.e and loth street, by the children of th Wew folk Protestant Half-Orpbaa Asylum, aided by ktr. Flex' Blct Cbortstor and Ih BunJey

I 'hool Tocalbrte, kmJed by tb well koiwa Little daaraA DAnn, with a variety of other mUurer rolces. Tke half-orphans, to lb number of about Iftyboytsad girls, occupied tk platform. Tke tell waa well filled. The ierdsee, consisting of ulos, duetts, cheTuaee,quaiteltoe,glteo, national dra, Ac, wsrt received with general ealhusiAam. little Minna, especially, acquitted keioelf la a uuoer worthy of her well-earned reputation, BJUlk Caroline'! Ucod-Vy to Yeukie Doodle, tuog by Maeler Hxaxr, amlstsd by a chorus of Kher vocalist, wis particularly grseted. Tha ' Star Bpaagled Baaaer," sum by all tks vocalist, I little boy, meanwhile, approaching th free of be platform aad waving tb national colors, cloeed h exenlee amid stormy tpplaus. Th recelyte if the conceit go to th Half-Orphan Asylum. MAosiricxaT Medal fob the CPra Bam. tin. A msgnlncent cold medal ka)ast ar Ivedfrcmgia Fraacleco, fcrUe Mtk Bsgtmenl, inlckmof arprovalof U court f lha regiment a rsfuslcg to turn eut fer U ramptlea of tbe IMnce of Wiles. It U Ihrea taekee la diameter, a luaitoreftalach la Ulakceea, aad la valued at (300. Oooneelde, wcloaed by a wrealh of gr tea inamelltd tbamrock leant, It tkt tallow lug in Krlptlon i Treaeatod to th Ctth Regtmeot M Y, I M , by tk IiUkmsa of Baa Fraaclaoo, Cel, In ippreval of Ik manly oourea pareaad by lb regl uenl.ln rtfuslag to take part la tb dausemlratli as honor of U rrtix ef Welts, darlag alt visit to New York ; Ban FiaacUco, Cat., Jan. 1st, 1 1 0 Iht reverse, snclosed by similar wmathls leg tttff f.-om which fioalt th Amtrlcaa tad o .lent Irish Cage, the Utter gorgeous tun bunk Beneath oa a scroll art Ut word 'Krla gi 1 bis splendid mtdsl will bt preetnted uu the even ing of thl UU lust., tt Ut Cily Amemb'y Boonit At tht mm tin a (word will bt presented to Col. CoiooaAa, la token ef approbation ef bis conduct In th rrino of Walee tfjelr, and a Sag to Ut reg. Imtnt. Titketo fur at J recantation may be ok tetned from any of Ih oflksrs of Ut teglmeut. Fpsechee will be delivered by Mr, R. 0-Oeasu, V. r. Muaka, Judge Fjnu-rraad ctbeis. The Fire Coumuiioseb htld their rttjaler weekly meeting Ust tvtalsg, U Flrimtot Mall, MsKtr it., Uaaii Wttaoti, Lq., Ul Freeldsnl, la the obalr. Several mlaor ckargee agtiatt Bremen, fer conduct unbaoomlng to member f Ih depatt mtal win Uveatigated, and a Urge numbtr of tp pllcatloM wen received aad confirmed. ElECIIOJI W TUB rE OarABTmswT. Thl members of tb aw Court of Appeals frem lb doclrloni of tht Fir Commissioner, reoeally eeuUUbsd by th Lsgialstur. will b tlectad oo. Th Board of Repraaentotlrss of tbe De partment, will bold a special aaattlag fer that pur pose withla a few day. CaMUMtaaEBB aty Kavmbatwb, JtaeRemi. lag of ths Board took plan ytttotdty, no sjuorum being priimt. TU weekly atoenent I a for lowt i Mumbw of analgitat (rrlved stao tha trstofjtaury,aJll agalaat 4.111 mm tlml list year t $d trrivtd drtng th past week. Mumbw of Inmito la las) wsrtou lamttejaloat aniw tkt car of Ih Board, Mil. Aggregat rej, eetpte daring tk past wtak, Bl $B , ayaadt tvje Ml Kltoe ketone tt tJUeeXM 4 Orrr trwroAr tfoaoxw, Boamu-Ta) Brat tyetttasiy mittlig f taa) 0r Bwalig'teheet Bot Sy wmtMmtemvwdmBa)aaas(warof Mh.adAajeB. Baw, BV. tsmmr iiiih seMagwtmprerw. The Oerrsepoeidlag Btoraaary, tsi be Cfarsrty ierstolcdlhmtfcsrwwcwihihiiathfty tad eternity bobmglag to Wto BecUey, of erbect, eeUyltbdeeatlnthe(rnvrte. Ia tkeee, ther ar ttT seals aad JO female teach era, eaad the asm bwofctoUlrrlstorad U BCTt.of whom t(S ar malm i I tn fsmate. Ta rwsg attend aot, howevw, la baea but t CM maUl tad t.CTI females. lath'Hsn of tba scbela, there are re piUdl7tm'aeutt3)feua'.e reotVssM of rali gto, aod la Be of Iba oiwmls, 44 male and li f mslm eie tep;itid at coa-., ted daring tk tuarter, Tbt amciat couerted dieHag tht quarter la Ceurtera of th echooU was II, tot 01. Tb Jia street M. C Church B. !. Cu'lectot for ea rloat purpowt, $9t, Tkt Society then want Into a iUmu n nflti fellawlag qtettlee "Dlthl prtval Ingmtthedi of rewarding Bun. day SoSiolckllJisa forth pesfoenacc of dmy, operate fevorab y or uo.voraliiy ou their chares. ten, or promoto the real tatorosto of our ec bols r com l tinit epant la dlscussia la swell eg ad.o-jrned. Coablutom Ta Apg. 11m tamr Ni-h-Till eallsd for CharUstoa yestordey ater ma, with a freight rained at IM,0f0. M.M of hr (rtHghl WMOompaeadofarticlM Ccarged with du Wm under the eouthtra tariff. DoARnor Edocatiow. The rtgulir mt lagoftb Beard took place last avaauig. Te Committee oa Teachi-e to whom wa rtfstrt d the miliar of referring tariff of aerletfir I sac hart, reported that tbaaalaile a Cied Jsautry let. 19Cl,d f ide the amount ipoJed vary uniquely, tflh number of pupil taught la Ut vstleut Ward I lekta lata coUlrtla. Tne salaries amount l $C,1CI.M. divided a fjllows, rlti Ma' Dipertoitata of arsumsr Bohoo'a, Fema'a Iieparlmenis of arammar Bohoola, tl40M,00 Fiimaiy Depart meneaandBchcwls, $10,194.60, Cotri BcCmls, Btl,IGO,00i Bohools Uregularly orgaaled, $U,lu,. 00; Tearhlog special sub! rets, )tt,0?,00. Total bo4o.ici.w7 The C nominee believe Ibat this Biard abould adopt ualbim aalarlee for principals aid v ci prtadpala. Uu enabllrg all local U lee ttecu.-e Sual latest, without rtsraoc lo Ik num'xr of Udren ttending school, sod thai II will bajtst to allow a undaim nvsraga par pupil for the tultloa ef tht It wer cleatta. They race mm end thl follow. tag! rrtaolpalt of Mela Orammar schools, $1,600; ds Female, BloO; do. Primary echoote or depaitoiets, $000; Vlc.Pdnol's of Mele Oiammar school,, $1,100: do. Female. $oM; do. Primary srbnole or Depanoeou, $4M! aud that thire be no other mlary allowed ta any department which aball be a grealaathalof TicaprUiipali That Uees'a rtea of eealstant toerbercebeU not exceed $lt VI per punll for male grammar ec Solars, $10 10 air pupil for female grammar acholara, aud $011 per pupil for primary aohoiara. Thai In all grammar departments la which tk average attendance ahall not exceed IM, ead la ail prlmerlit la which mid average (ball act xced U. ther ehall be ae Vloa Principal TU prlmarie N w. 1. 1, T, 1, fl, 15, U llovrad eie principal and w vlca-ptuxlpal each. Instead pffwe of each grade. esUey naveelpieeent. fBTte Eieeuure Cieualiu o Mormel School preHuted a rseort, icoommeadlng n school for fe stal, lob ealltiid th Dally Normal and ll'ga psaw. i im queimseair ns ror aamisstoa provlds that appltoaase must b residents of lbs city of Nsw York, ead have attained Ibeageof leirtoen vears, tad btve aklllvy to put a good iamlaatioa la enwin lociuainer insevase, oisooum, percneage, profit and loea, and proportion; gaevrapby, with : algabra, aa three nur nuadratis enuatioas. Inciusivs, Coastltulloo ot tke I'altod Bites; com poaltleo; aad UUIoty of th U ailed Statoi, aad of Eaglaad. The full Normal Sohool course of etudy Is to h (It toesas, or three years; but all who poesese Ih lquisltoqualifioatlaamy entor tb h ghr class e. Ia aa oae. hovrever, cea a dlplema of gradu teleabegrantodtoapapllwho ba atttaded lam thaa Iwa consssullva torus. Tk High Bchool ooars I tocoasletof bur larme, or two years, aad aball oaly be token by auch a bare pawed a ealialhctoryeiamlaatloa la all Ih etifUss of In Nee man School feu re. Th report we preaentod et the last meeting aad ordered to b piloted, end waa bow mads a special order for the next meeting. A reWetclou wa now made aa the Cueptreller fer $104 000, for th us of tb Department. A laport of th flnanc commute was adopted, appropriating lha sum of $31 ot for the rebuild ing of Bohool No. 1, ta Ua 80lh Ward. Another report of tbe eama source, appropriating tba earn ef $10 ttt for the ropairlag of War Bchool No. th. In Ue lbta Ward, waa alss adopted. Thsnwo-i of the Commltie appropriating Ibe turn of $t u0 for lha repairing ana bul.ding nttre wings to Us School II nue No. JI la Tb Ulk Ward wae adopted. Tb report of ths Committee on Fr Academy, (aaouacbg Ue reeignsA.oa of Prof. Oiam aassxi ta, (ad las i temporary esgegemsnt of Mr. Aooira Wa pta la kle plsra.was reed aad adoptsd. The special order bMng the report of Ue Execu lira Oommittee oa Fro Academy la favor of adding are proof bulldlrf forallbraiy to tke Free Ace demy, wa thaa mica up. Mr. Taoaie aald ha thought the proper wey lo proceed was to ascetUln what kiud of bultdlrg Is ranted, bow much It will coat, aod then to find out whal proepeel there U of getting tb requleito ap proprlatlea from lha Cocmnon Council. From tbe design for Ih building which bs had seen, he calculated lha building would ooet al least $76,00. Mr. MAaxxaa, a member of Ibe oommittee, made a long epaech ta favor of Ih report, strongly urging toe Importance of building n fireproof library. In rder ta occur a suitable place where th record tnd eUer velnable property of Ue Uoard might be ept. Th hur of kdjouruescat havlag arrived, tk frmldeal declared Ik Board adjourned. i Fine, Aceldama, Ve. Tstttaa larAxrt rocsn dead in a Sire. Tht kodlm of Ihrt Infant m found ymterdey la Ih lak rear of No. US Second svsnus. A cord waa about tba neck of sack, and II waa (uppeeed that Uey bad been strangled and Uan aid lo th tak. Coroner Jacxhah, oq repairing t Ike place, fouad the twlahborhood In a alata of nMl e.rli. meet, which soon subsldsd, whea th true elate of tne ceee nsoame Known. II appear that Mr. Ax tmera Biwtlit had reaeatly purchased Ua drug euro coiner of Md Mraet and Second avsoue, and amsoglbaaaaeomlcal ipeclmae left by lit fonaer occupant, war U bodie of th thr Lafanta, which, having aa ua for, Mr. Bnn.iT wrapped up la paper and threw Into th sink. A post mor tem eiamtestlon ehowed that Ue Infants wsr stl 1 bora, and verdict to tbal effect we rendered. Bbbawat Axidisti. Itr. G. O. Corrnr, of No. 101 Eleventh street, and hU daughter, 1 yean of age, wire yestordsy thrown from a car riage which Mr. C. waa driving la Broadway, sear Md street, aad both war considerably UJured. Tb horse, II appear, look fright aad dashed up th street al a furieu rata. Mr. Corrne waa first thrown out, and son after, hi diughter. Both wwe ooaveyed to ikelr reeideaoe tad lb koree m Stopped by the p jlloe. A If ktbbt. Detweta 8 and 6 o'clock yet tordsy afisreooo, amber of clllrens wersgrsp pUagttkfostof Mth aWMt, E. R , fr U.body of a bey wh had been drowned, when torn hosvy inject waa drawn up, wrapped la blanket. On an examination blag made II waa found to b thu of maa, who apnareaUy had beta dead but a short sims. Nimaikaaf violence were foaadoo the body, which wea taken to the dead bouse of DeiUvu Hos pital. The effalr will b investigated by th Cor. atr today, ratio lateUlgeare, etc. A CacatBTMAit Swindled is a Moce Ado rtoa Store. William IIammarii, a Ger- tuna retiaing la Btatea Island, complained al the Meyers office, yesterday, of being swindled by U Pear Funks doing buslncm la Ue Mock Auctloa establish nieot No. 100 Broadway, lie bad com to lb cily to purchas a lot of Iron, aad while going up Broadway stopped a minute la front of Ue elore above refened to, ad looked on as seve ral welches wer put up for sal and cold at aatoa IsklntT low Crloaa. All Inducsmanto lo mike him bid war land, sad Anally oa of U sharp. w,p,.wi biu to iva ua a ivaaos tv, lorwnioa h wtuld give him U watch la ptwa until he could procure Ut money. Uaxsuaan obligingly forked ovw the oaak and received UewiAch.bul could not again fiod the geatleenan to whom be had given U money. Anctnw chap Uan told him to Klupth watch al auction and get U mony :k. Us did so aad II brought nly $3, leaving him mlnna $T, An officer wa dlepatchad to fist the ewlndlers. but up to U( close ef Ue Meyer offlo ht bad aot returned. ' Taxrrar a 8evait. Ellxh Keboe, a servant In tte family of Mr. Joan hf. Boott, N. IM West ttih strtst, waa arrostod ymterdey, .tKI-1 etoallng Jewelry to th value of $11 ko fxm hsr waployw, aod Uen deeamplag Oahwrrthconreeaed her guilt and restored the propee ly, Jostlct Cojovolli lacked her up for Alleoeo SwisTDLB bt Alt AocrtonBiB. Auaa J, XmuatatiM Oatrm, aa auctlontar, wa errsetad yestordsy, charged with defraudbjg ktr. Jooa TnOHrioa of Brooklyn, out of SIM. II p ears that Mn T. atuaded a aal of furniture at a boua ta 10th tree, whet th Mcuasd waa Ua auctioneer, aad purchsaed parlor furniture, lace turtala aad iiiilliiiiu a 1 furalture wa rspr. ssatod to be rosewood, but proved to a merely en Imitation, th matt rs mm ispimsnfd to b hair, wsr moss, aad th cvrtola wsr- net Neltiagkam Uos. sa rrpraaaaud. U chargad Ue auottoaeer tih fala ptsssoaaa.- ead JoU.- gewan hld him to bai to aaewer aivMBA, (xmgosxgm-WBtViRcMeekae Aelim eVmWed sr - tVweli w Vam BTawX-IaahJt ee ikapUtotU of on m-rtJadf. I wtwm a octets' ut awa ersr ahcrwed for this wsrt. Deter tba rrtoat af tha eaege, etoeraewr, th ooastgwa. wy ksty. saact smtossiml rf al hi preerP. beta h al seev ta tht Ouswm House, to Ih plain eT Thedsfmdeal.aaBhwto'of tbaomHy.byetr-t-awTen U hl hands, as' sad upon tneat saw ue Ibetr urlval. Th pUtntitTikew brooghl this acts e recrrse poaseaeton of ehen. claim ing tht they tuemsd a pawfjf ike aatUatd property. Tbad-fsadMrteoawMsa tbU. th-y sin not eeiher InUsetrlgnne'SMor or thttnetom Hcues when Ike tjastgnmonl was nttl, Uvy w,m nut In uded. The Oourt a held, and gave Judei for th ttofeodaat, Cliff IhmanJet to tU CuJlodf of IU rji. fed tTlaOt MartUl-Bfator tht Uaorat On- BV(io W. Otp ThU ees now came up at the Ohssabwaof lb Oou't. Ilws Uted In ths See oa the tub lactone. Tht Court now held Uat the lelotortolcerailrwitaintt euseodr of the Ualtod Settos aeakorlliaa, and thai Ue Court baa, there lore, aojnrtsdktto la lb ceee. The well era coordlaglydlimlssad. The eae baa baea eevwal lowto, recently, etetod la lb Sea. Sapevtor Uoutt. VenUcin Summtt Ctunlf Dmi of OH . Tht rtawvt Dtmk of A'ts JVt This cam wis tetod la full la yistord)' BfJ. Th Jury now ttodwid a verdict for tk defendant It will be rennbered last toe Dlalollfle awuhl to tecover a II ofexokange which Uey alleged weedrpjeltod rll .to tea uaio i.iia aoa iruei i.4mpiDy, oy ipsm, ' ollsction. Tosr ccaiDlsaad I aal tnat Cum- any cube, q.ient'y assigned it to Ih defendant, la lymeue oi a a rot. Coeweaoa Flew. ?if f Rtrovtrfvr Fenonat Ijrirt3"ry On re. tht HKh Amu tovfrsaJ (Vmeiemv.-. Ft plaintiff herein, wh to Infant under tbe eg K teraniT-o vein, brtnaa this artim li. hi. kuardlanlo recover damagta. whien are Uid at tlO 000, for Injuria received by roeecn of ble bev big beea run over by Ibe car of lb difendanta fne c jmp'alnl alleges that Ihls oecurrtd on Ue SJd KJiouaii,l7,uallhe child (uffered aeveraly tl a retuliof thee lr juries. The child wte to la lured that It wa obliged to have Ibe entire fwt imputatod, and th pbyuclaa tceUflu Uat the Iptnc le thrown out of piece, and that oae limb will t'.wtye be ehorttr Uai lbs other. The defendant allege carelsssoes on Ite part af the child, and hat ihi lajurtee received art lb result f such "ht oast U eilll on. Carted fjtatew CUcalt Cat. The ttml ecutlfce trial itrirtiTh Unit. iStaltt, etfV'owbafeetieocC lathUcemU levernmant eoughl to reeder torfWI flfMen ba'ea of real for aadetvnluettea. Tbe caae baa been masy Ima statod la Ih an, and II will be rtmemberad hat upon Ua trial, the Jury gavee verdict Tor lb lUlmaal and against Ih Oevsrnmsnt. The DU riot Attorney naked for aaw trial, wkloh wa rwdanlad lean elaborate oplaloa f Jualk Ihlpmaa. Tb Court ordered uat Ih wool b de. Ivared up to U cUlmsnt by ta Marshal ef Ih CeaH af Ctmaral faatsem, Befer Judga McCvn. Tk following prisoner were aenteaced, oa Mr p1af guilty t Joka RUey, attempt to cam. ill grand Uroeny; Fealtonluuy r oa year, etm FiUslmmoa, attempt to commit burglary! tuhmtlary for lea month. Miry Htskell, a yourg roetaa obarged with passing oouator ft lie; penltec. ary far one year. Jimm Foster, petty larceny! eaitonUary six months. Jsmm Lelaa end J tha elan, two brother, war mat lo ths rwnlubiisry iron year each, for passing ouatoifeil money. aeea Riley, who plead guilty ot fmgwy la th eurth degree, wa remanded aaxil Beluioay for antonoe. Jonathan Ssward, aa aid cellar, was tried ead co unted oa a charge ef alleged felonious asss uU wile marling splks, wtU th intent lo kill an Daalal fcCarthy, a naterlou character, acd a deals, a af Teter street, who, II wss aecermlaed on trial, had so laslruiasoul In swindling ths sailer out of ht totwy, aad maltreating him to a considerable de tee In den of Infamy la Water street, Th looxl rwaarktd thai Joaalbaa ought to be oa Ua rttomt stand rather thaa la Ih priseneii- box. August OoUck wa tried for a toreeay frem leary Bpagabarg. amountltg to $10 of money, ly picking tha packet of Ue eoaaplalaaat. Th krlaoaer wa erqulttad. f Thomas Lewsoa plead gidlly of fcrgary la the Bdrd dsgres, aal wa nmsaded until Baiiudsy fer Mutoaee. Tkls tormlnato Ue araat tmniu. sUa of ta satonsivs torgerlse of deeds for i and real sataaa la lha nnM, n&ri mi th. .it. a rissll liable amoaat, la which forgeries ve- pwrew wvn cvsH-araaoi, acme oi WDom nave eoavlcted and ia aa tha "-- lenely, aaswly, th Iwo Tbompaoae, fslhsr aod taa ewe wr lorg ery. ana ue ousr, us eon, for r. in giving mis nan ror El ralhsr by twmr ihe ownartblD of ahousaaml las arbick. i. were owned b Contain Hart. Hmry Ring, wn said be wa Uwyer by duea mwuaa, va i wa aaraua nimeall, rea arraigaed for krtaL for a feleulone aemult, hblcb, Il wu alleged, k eomsslttod at a fcaok Bora la Broadway, eome time ege, wken k wa letoctad m staallsg a book. He objected to pro Wed to trial, for Us reaeoa that his witnesses wer Meat, by whom be Intended to prove that b did tot steal lb book la queetlon, but Uat be hough! B. Aocordiagly Ihe case wae postponed. Tha ceae of Charles Howard, a young English Baa, who waa tried for grand Urraay af a sum of koosy from kle employer, Mr. Feyna, resulted la hxjulaal.snd ha waa ai one i arretted tor ambet Bsment. Theprlsoaw, l theadvtoscf his ecu U, realetod, on ths ground that Uw waa no war. hurt, and Ue result we aa exciting acese. Tb irlsoMr was brought back Into Ceurt by mala kroe, and waa eemmltted, after adjournment of the Dourt, by Judg McCuaa. The oouaml twk out t writ of Access tvrput, la order to rdeae Ihe krlsoaer far Ik reason that he was committed without nay paper. BROOKLYN. 8xBitjt SrAtiieo Appbai. Cue Mar PAtAtxr Isrtixa. Between $ aad t 'clcck last Waning, aa affray eocurred la th grocery store of .Ji"''...'''' Amity and Colorable recto, ta which twe brother, named Cuiua and Una MoOtvnxT, ww subbed by Jaui Uaxxi tad Jem Dotl- II appeara Uat Doilx received ooaatorfeit ten mm piece bom Lxnor, In tx thange for torn purvhaaae. He demanded good !f",'t H "" n,7 wor,l, wr exchanged. POTU left U store, aaoTsaoa returnsd la oomumy Bilb Hatait, determined to have sstlafastlon.Tn ereprietor ordered lhm out, ad UeMcOivaxvt, kho were preeent, took hold of U two men and kied to eject tbm. Ia tha struggls which a- sraemaSor Mdu.l tl...a. . . t .-w .HW mnvm-wmsw V..T. .MIIIMII ' w ThV.:Tr.-i' ? .!" ,. v." v; rnr-.7r..7-v"'.?'r7 -, -f--a. ..-.t".-- wu... tuvtr injuni Hra ik. .llt h?. rtAsa, who fouid Uat CBAaiat MoUiran had hKslvsd a ttrust la U abdomen with a knife, leveral of taa Intostlnm war cut, aad Ua avU laaomar UalhewiU net leag eurvlve. Jam IIoOivsiv wee found lo bt weundid In Iwo place hi Ua thigh, oa tha bead and on Ue right eboul er. ThtUurles,Uoughmrioue,artnolconnd. peed ef eoeoeaeertly fetal charactsr. On of lb tocuesd, ntxxis, waa arrested at hie residence la Vin'i.1lt''aen!UM'"M d BtraiK.of fet Id Precinct, The other, Doru, wa taken Into lustody by cflkw Tiomr. Tey were lock 1 ua. lurgeea Ball took Ue deporlilon of Cuaxlss Mo. t"!1' ." "M renalderad douUful whether b prauld eurvlvt till mtralng. Selbctios or Tna Smt fob a Kew Cocbt Pcta. Tht subjsel of ml acting a all for Ue pro paced Court Uouw, wa up again befor tk Board rlie0!!!? r?U,,U'': PrntorTALof (Sreel resolutions to purchase ih prcpsrty f Mr. U. B BoBOLm, bounded byLvs andMiroeravJ uat i aad Hooper and Hew streets, In Ue loth Word, at a com net to exceed $100 per lot, Thtt th Coualy Treasurer be dlrtoted to boo bonds or toy In ess es soon a U till U v.itad la tU Illy. Tn ratoltttloaa wr carrlid by 11 arm to II aay. wkereupon Supervisor Csuss declared (kal under th Uw il reqalrad a two-third two to purchase a site: quit a dUousatou eneoad, Ihe Fi. judsnt lullng wltn BapmrUor Cxooas. Aa eppeal wae token U dscldoa wa rtveiaad by lb neve to S aye. Frevtoa to tk above actloa a propo.1 ton wu rexetvad from Mr J. A. Look, ofiirlrl SO sns of ground oa Myrtl avsaus, between Tsylsr tadWLeoa streeU, fer th turn f $30 000. Ths wmmunloatloa wa raftrrtd to th cemmlUe ea Court HeuMstto. Coobt ar OmniiAL bsmioits BgrosB fODOB (JABBBMST ABB JoETICM lni,WBU, Shi!iT!lJif'fti.1' "drlloa of BLtthaV hii?,..uS!!rrd, i Oc,ofcr v" . ! . Poor health, wa die. fbarpd. Thjdrcumstacceiof th cm appear to tMLi'fS4Sa,"Ur- PortmknvnerVk tHJilJt?am' A w,ch tmaid aeiag ex foetdmi th. letter's parson, MoOaw remaikscT that M nil pretty faliew to tarry such a raluabU aitl. tie, aad grabbing It. tor U off, and kpt It. Tk thala wa atlmattd al aU oeaes value. Taking tU ta egrcamstanM togetkw, U D lair lot Alter, key thought he had been euifioUntly punished. Caiuabib Bamurr wa tried em aa Indict mm I barging Bar wlU committing aa assault upsn aoir llAaLXT. Th dsmaetaal wat foimeily a ensal ef complaining crimes la Ngeth (tb street. E. D. A dlfflcully arc between them, andas lleaad, Hajtlst ealled bar (ota bad aenas wka ,po? ".5-M4.,brick 4 lnc hlm'n Ua iced, tnjurlnsj aim mvaraly. Th evidence was rh., tann V fktwAW e l a W " FhUndmr, U icumdBumuyS Iter of Urtun Hallo, bi VnMcZv!"-!.?. .2 cTaJ?itoramhiuflh 7' Mth.,o7thTt3Jirt.,rUlw" -lu Tsti Boars or EDocAtiew.-Th Beard of raataMea, at their Ut mestUg, tleotad U fellow. lAJtvTiVt, ' " "' """' """w"! " iSn. nan aiaervma IlABSr. Tba eVmsslto to Ska Uak Bw (ttiiti taa twafti vwy awaeh V arvstBWvrtsw. Blaea Ihalslof asaawaa i.eewen ervar vbm mmmm. wiwtnea en Btta. Taa totol dsiteti smt wat ea BtT,m. Th tarmbtr f depaettor hat lacrtasad (ram TAta vMS. rmoBAaaxT. Caboubb aV. Mraaa, erht) wmmtimdomadstBBanataaoharg f Uy asatcids, Wto dUrhergad by the Oarensr, Iher bslngMsvioarthMlaaAdlntaaitosnllyeaurd Ut tamat't death. Fibb A (tabla, dtnttttt la Franklin tvt, near Taa Bursa etrect, wa daetrayad by ft. about IIctockonWdeKley abrbt. Tb propvey wm owned by Taotu Fnmu Dtmrgt $30 , ao lirir. WILLIAMSBUROH. Fan tir A Mooldiro Mux. Between $ aad It Celock on Tueedey alghl a Or oecurrvl la Danaat-s p'anlag aid moulding mill, la Nxtk Fitmmrent,betwatdndadtrMts. Tie fit maawwaqulrkiyat work, but La ccaeequbnoeaf the ebararVr of lb bu Iding and lis on mtnti tt wttj mptslb to d morail.aa topre ettpt th xton,rMt of the fii s to lbs edjo alng liul g. taga. Th whol IcUrtcr of tb banding whwt tat nr occurred, Vg.lbar with It contacts, wit entirely dastrorad. Toe building wee o ward by Mr. Jons M. Wooo, who aattmetee bU Inns at toot Helnsuratc. Mr. Ditaii't toe U $LD00. Ilke wl unlnaurtd. Bibalikq rr.on a Cnoac u. Trroa. Oti TW. wa yesterday seat to th FsnllentUry months, by Justlo Calabab, tor stralUg a etlr? randtestick aod sevtral small Ulngt from Ut R maa Catholic thumb la Beooed at. Stole PEtstri. K colored boy ntmed Bam Dtvit we aent to the renllaatlary for month, for steeling 48 la per tie from tb money drawer of Mr. South Sd etreee. Darbt's TftirorniRorjt Is the baet end cheawMl article fordrraeiny and b-actl- Eing, clcanlit.cnrlne. preeervlns and rctorlag the air. Ltduatrylt. Bold by all druggists A Fixed Fact pot DisnmTx Dr. Lumrw VelUw rtnek Hrvat, rWHtvidy rnree PILE -Trr tt Fer saU at HATKrt, 173 Fu.Wa e', Breeklya. Tbe Wear awd DrntUTATa BhwIdtrrDr Aarleracaa J ., Lire CORDIAL. rrtottlperkotUe. For etle al 1 Rlghth a. BAp."ecM'a MitrtM comtiscm to attbact rrerdsof vUlt-M, aawell It imv, with It, long list sf attractini. The truth le. there le not a place In the world tbet rives so much for tr& canU ae litmum-a OKleXEBAIs NOTICKS. Bargalaa. ne . j. . JFvTrXRT. CTht mbterlbsr bavin e beau appointed Agent by Sv trtolarcMtmirmfseturlng Jewelry IritabuVbaasam tkUeeoAtrr,hevlnimnieaeitockseahaad,klssi they are detavmmed.-u redum et aar serrlooa, ba ta Mosalva,&Aca-BJjMSSArnaA$8aset; et,Oed gina,Oarnet and Enamel RarRtaga aal .i,,.OTiiuipm,iK ranu-, Carbuncle, Mamie and Lara Bar Flas, $1 set: asual pries $. Mesale. Lava, Carbuncle, tlsrnet, price $( AcRarJUags .Fins, $1 a set; eumal price $ MralJtaaaMlid. Carbuncle, Levi SO. MrufUMM, tyarntmcis. Lave. ( .JP1,jlleet, neael artcn $. Oval ftaad Bracelets, fteechj osoal eWFar-Rlagtaml flaad Braeelets, f leech; osoal tries Bl Oval Baa Band DreceUta. tl sack; asual p-lc 4. Rlshly Ear eva and Chtssd Flat Band bracelets, SB aaeh; aeaal trice . , w BagravedandCbaeed Flat Band RvseeUea, $1 seh snal nrtoe Be. " " prtoefS. rrlet a. lteUttswaltrtot neat) SrioTit"4 Wd Km,tm' !! ajTLidoraLOaract.tU, $1 each; asnal TU.U tfloejijCortl Amalsts, Bt wnts sack; aaatl prim CMUrj6sral Heeklaom, M mntt each; canal prim Udlee' Ctutelalat Chalat aad rtaa,tl msh; amal rice SO. peatlaman's VestChslns, $1 each: asnal pries $11. i'"".", faaTtsoaotypas or tiair, l aaco; ." .... l nalrt rmul Ml., a Ell aaala I. T. -. Heauemea' ""iptorvf-jottoas, tt mate to $1 aeh prlca It bo to a I. am's Btads, is mats te $1 a tot, aeaal prl Bentl.1 toii. 111 Real Jat Braeelets, St each; e Ceuktrea't nastllnge, laaaalprlsstt i sent u si a-S?Bcafm,fmat..$lM, Reel Jet fiat, $1 each: aeaal prim St. w Real Jet Ear tUnce, $( . pr T oaw J prl pnneina,, lesarussen-s Ladle.'! AAvaVOoJdFsns and lacua TooffpfokafrVtCKerv, itelt-Bocklta. Chain- jreeem, bum Oood. arat by mall or express to all parts af th tJaitadgUtojandO.auUfreli.fet -- OLOROBC . ALLLN. Ageats for the Maaufttan, vTholesala aad Retail. No. 410 Broadway, on door ha ir Canal etreat. ,l61,s Btwdacbea, dludneaa and aaasca af lha ftomtch srs ths efle te of eoetlveoess. Hoilcrar'e tolebrated Vrs'tobla Pills rare a direct action on all lleordert of ths bowel.; ther not oalv remove Ih aueea af ok r met loo, but leave the la a saaiioy oenainon. kaU A Prayer HertlaaT la BoU everv Tbarada tveeUag, atOe'cleck. at Ue Navebave Home. lNKn SRr ilrll". I?? ." e4Ully mvitod to ttoad. w AeWVWB V1BIU, TrtpraV FUkv-Krery Haa Frlnd.-A" S!Sl"Ill,,dr.,' FrioaMemUahatUe, ablch Iwtll core any dlecaw. For sal. h. I wr FhUClTTWAL01Ld!dIrst. "' " T ?' Ratlcw-Tetctaaa af lb War af 1810. ami "i?"" !f!a B,,.J1',,, ' ,h ue of euctbiijg and LI"' wUieJI nt the Bounty Land Orbes. 4 Lit, THall Plaoa, ed prepare to raecivs tbeir eewtinaetos ocal Ijaance for tha money, (tea. H RtYMOMD Ui tiUoeb M. R- AU ah. hav net mad " alei? tui Uam call ae above. T,1b,S Tba CttammptlTww kTrliad. COVOHfl, COLDB, RATBDva BLOOD, FAIR 01 THR STUB AND BBXABT, A. Them end similar complaints ar mast assklals mrbrHYAl'TIlnitoHlsS " PeyetteOOrandet. 75 cents pw bottle. $,101,4 Ta Ik) Wnk eaael DabUatBted. a W" w Ki 1r eorapUUUa of Weaknem, f!uMMT' k?lA'rUM' "eral iVetrat'oa (eT teotally ta th. (prist J da net need mis a aUcr weak, mUi rimllves-tner need Uat abloh will krao endetrwuUieii thistervea. Btkaula ft Dr. Andsnon'e LUa (JordUL avery famele VlUfind C".!"? 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