Newspaper of The Sun, March 9, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of The Sun dated March 9, 1861 Page 4
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-!- - a l3 " ' keW i at , ' ,1V It. 14 -.- a eo MISCELLANEOUS MESSAGE FROM THE SEA. fty Ctarh PklUMi t vtut not omit to mention that the tor Hd watting-raBld er-ueere.1 to etciu a etnas u antipathy In the breast of mv lit. tUaocul mj landlord hlmeelf had a tail vratca UiniiR ua. I nappy to 7 '.'" child left tb room 1 tu otmaea to inwriere t rroreat Nelly from karateing her retreatlnp; rlvae. . . . Gentlemen, el pcrienc 1 traveler wn leerel that he mul til to support nature, oleoma; kla eyee, ties, nler ti all iirf.tee. lion. 1 et to work I lii-h, t tin omelet with tnerirv, anl at the tii h "Uf bread with teooTwiU, an.lha.tiw.ll.iw. I na'f Inm'-l-f ejf wine and water, when t 'h uht lurtdenly occurred to me wiilih . tueo.l in to net the itlaa down upon tl. Me. I ha I no aooner dooelhltbn I riW.! i a . u to mjr lip look a flesh sip rille.1 t ' ,iii.1VjiuI in tnv mouth twaor three ti.tta, an i 'pit it or tip rmthefl.ior. Hit I uttr-ei audible tone. themoll 1 Toe' Nelly," I til. wy loft who was I .111 ', in on lenn tfima Hi ' in ma in n one ai le ehtl frantic anl leneeiy wnii rer n. "poohl Nell)," Irepeaiel Incortceivawonotiaio e And what wu It thtt f t!m Hlirmatlie.1 What waa it that had Kfven me pause In the middle of my ilraunbl r hat tlnpuLt waa It that canned in to eel down my clata with half Ittceetmte remaining In tt.' It wet a auapl rion, driven etrslshl ami I ift a an arrow into the iaricrnioet rcctsiro of my noul, that the win I had Just len ilrink'nu, and which, con trary lo ray mucin, I had in.ii.lexlviiin wator, waa drngjf'l ' There are aome thought which, like noxtont laaectl, come'H back into one' mind ai often at we repulse them. We confute them in argument, proe 'hin Mimical, leare them not a left to Hand upon, and vet there they are the nrxt moment at Iri-k a lx, and stronger m tkeir pin I Inn eer. It waa Juat anth a tkr-ubt aa thli with whkh I tul now to deal. It wai well to Mr, ' I'.kiIi I" it waa well to re ralad oijraelf that this wi the Nineteenth rentaty, that 1 waa tint . ' iutt part in a Krtmh mcl.!riiia, tint -uli thin, aa I wil thlnkir of wre only known In rnmanres; It w a well '" ar,jue tint to eat arepitlljmia on .. a intiroVir, ln i ha h i J i ulmr r ! r -I f ami a acar wpnnhla rhik wtre nin ihutlilna to do. ihteierineil to I two epirctie part Im within tne: one riini'"l tf atvat Hiwiraof arpiment mikI a niol juil,:minli the lur, an irratimial ir vppoMtlon thirty, wlio-e i lncf firre conainted in a eratrin il deit Mrr mn whkli all tho uMli iif the ration ,1 pir'y wrre inunt irnt t'lpnt dtinn. It w i r."t loot; lr'irn an nilditionnl form waa iii'urte I to tl'o tiit'im. i.f t lie irrational ptrly, nyrpttiin fjniii'i iikwIi ill laan to ile vido'p thiiii'nUia in my internal oranlzitlun, and mvmiiihI fuvonJil in lit' view of Hie im I waaai an hma t'ireMite. Inaolteof all mw etfurta tntheiontrary. 1 toullnot belpfnlinK that rini xrrv ruiiukille M-naillona were idawlvaiid irrnduallr alrnlin'f oer ine. Fimt nf all. I la-iran to hn.1 tint I waa a little at faalt ia my ayatem of talriilatinit diatanrea t ax that when 1 U up any objmt and ttemntei to rriilare It on the taUo. I ithar brangbt it into contact with that article of furniture with a crath, in conmxuenre of roeoemag it to tie Dwrr loan it waa; or elite, Imagiaiag that the table waa eetcral Incbea nearer to the celling thin waa tbecaec, I aban doned whatever I held in my hand aoonor than I ahould, and found that I waa confiding it to (pace. Then, airaln, my bd felt llht upon my etioaldera, there waa a light UnglinK in ray kuda, anil a aenae that they, aa woll aa at feet (which were very cold), wereiwellina; to Ricantlo alio, and were alao aurrouodad with aumeroui rapidly revolving wbcela of light atructure, likeCa'brrlne-wbetla previoua le Ignition. It alao appeared to mo that when 1 aiok to my do my voice had a rurloua aouad. aad my werJa wtro very Imperfectly articulated. II wewld happen, too, that when I looked toward the glaaMoor, my landlord waa there, peering at me thront;h the aoualin curtain; or the horrid little sjlrt would enter, with no ob vkma iatantlon. aad having loitered for a little tlaae aJwwt the room, would leave It again. At length the landlord himatlf came In, and cool ly walked up to the table at which I waa aeat d, glanced at the hardly tasted wlue before at. ' It would appeir that the wine of the country la not to yonr taate," he aald. " It la good enough," I answered, a care leaaly aa I could t the words sounding te me ae it they were uiti-red Inside the cupola of 81. l'aul'a, aad were catyed by Iron tubes to the place 1 occupied. I waa iu a tlrange state perfectly c naclona, Let imperfectly aMe tj routrol my thoughts, my wnrda, my action. I believe my landlord atoed atarinu'down at me as I eat ataring un at turn and watching the Uatberlnc-wherla aa they revolted round bia eyea and nose and rliln Uentlfincn, thy eeeeed atienlu'elv to Ji:z when thty m t to the unar on hla cluk. At Ihta time a nutty Prly entered the main room of the autxrge wnirh I have described aa lielng vlalble thronh the gla-dnors, and the landlord had to leave me for a time to go and tlead to thrtn, I think I must Iwve I alien into a alight and strongly resitted doze, and that when I atartml out of it, It nn in consequence of tta tiulent barking of nit terrier. The Unci lord was in tlio room ; b'. waa 1ml tinloiklng tu rupuokrd from wli ib the little girl had taken the uier uriel. lie took out Just ruih anoiber paper jwrcil, and retamod again through the iloora. At bo dial ao, f rememlier ttapldly wondering whit had Income of the little ijirl. 1'rciHiitly his c II fare appeared again at the door. "I all going In prepare the ciifT'e," ulil the laadlord ! "a'rlmpa Monsieur will lik It Wtler tlian tho wine. A the man iliwpp-arod I sUrte I middenly and violently upon my feet. I coull deeoiv'e myaelf ne longer. Mr thoughts were like light ning. "'Ihe wino lialng Ixnn taken in ao mall a quantity and an prufutely mixed with water, baa done lla wotk (aa this mail can aoe) but Imperfectly. The ioiVoo will flubh tint work. lie le now preparing it. '1 he cupVi ird, the little parcel 'Jiere can tn no doubt. 1 will leave this place while I yet ran. No ormert if those men whom toicis I hoar In tho other room leave the house, it will be toolste. With so Many witnesses no attcupt can be midc to pre vent my departure. I fill not aleajp I mil act I stiVC force my muscles to their woik, and get awav from this iIjcv," Gentlemen, in compensation for a set ef nervetof distteeairg a.iilllicneM-, I luve ro relied from nature a remaikebtn poaer of imii trolling nr nervra fr a time. I s'.tg:red to the door, closing it after me more t .ulently than I had Intended, aid deaeendel the fresh air making ma feel cry giddy into' the yard. Aa I weut down the (tans I taw the trucu. lest little girl of wbnm I nave already at oVen east er log the yard, followed by a blacksmith, rarryijig a bainmar and aome other Implementa of bia trade. Catching alaht of me, the little ertrl apokt quickly to the blackamlth, and ra ai lnftaat they both chiaged their course, which was directed toward the stable, and entered an natiumse on the other tide of the yard. The thought entered my head that this m n had been eat ?er to drive a nail Into my horae'a foot, so that la the event of the drugged wine failing I anight sitU bo unable to proceed, Thli horrible idea added uew force to my exertions. I aelzed the shafts of my carnage and romaenred 'raffing it cut of the yard and round Is the float of the house t feellag that If it waa once 1st the highway, there woull be lets possibility erferlng ay Impediment to my starting. 1 SUB coaaclosis. of hsviug fallen twice to the arremal la my atruirglts to get tne carriage sut of tho yard. Next I histened lotbeita Me. My mare wai atHI harneatod, with Uie xaeptUia of the boadxUll. 1 managed to get the bit into her mouth, and dragged her lo the place where I had left the carriage. After I knew not how many effort to plaee the docile iieastlatbe ehtXie for I was as Iticstiable of aalcuUlLig dlelenwa aa a drunken man I recollect, lilt how I know not, securing the aasUtauoeoftUeboyllndaoea. Iwaariuklnz a loal effort to Ueien the trace to Its little pin. wkaaa voloe bcblod meaaldi ' " Ar',y Boln.: wy without drinking your I tamed round an i sa w my landlord itind-J-JS Wilndme. He was watching my fcaegllng efforts to scur. the harneas. but he aaade ao meveaaaatt to aaaUt me. ' I do not want say cff, I antwered. sa. i&S&JSlffi-lL UT-M PB -" areat urinker, rou have not given your boras much of a rut " he ff ddfd praaeollr. ' ,, i , "laiaiahaata. What have I to pay t" ijt "Jit wiUtako oinetbing elae," aald the vlaaaUetii "a;Uuof brandy before iterUug (a taw wet J" " rta, aoUdag aser. What have I lo pay " " Ton will at least come la for an Instant, and I warm yenr feat at the atovo " " no. Aeu me at oneej now mica iiau raT n ilsffled In all his effort to ret me arala Into the house, my defeated laadlord had nothing for it but to answer my demand. ' Four litre of oat," he muttered, " a belf truas of bay, break feat, wine, coffee" So em phasised tha laet twoworda with a malignant grin " seven francs fifty centime." My riaia was br this time aomjtiow or otW buckled Into the shafts, and nw I had to get not my purse to pay this dem ind. My hands were cold, my heed was giddy, my eight waa dim, and, aa I br.ahl out my puree, (which waa a pnrte monnale, opening with a hinge,) I managed while paylag the bill ta tern the pur oer and to drop aome goll '-OoM !" cried thalioywlie hillieen hftlp'ng me to barneaa the horse; ajx.tUi( a' If by ait lrrelstable Impelaa, '1 be landlord mule n u 41 dart at It, but ina'.intl)' tlimked Inm-eif. IVrple want plenty of Ml "he s.t), "eh-n tkey make a leurney c.f j.' M l-e " I Ml invelf gettint? wirae I conM not pick np the gold pieces the la ' on tbe giouwl. I fell mi tu v kneea. and mj be I biwed forward. I i null not bit the plaie wftero a coin Nyi 1 iiiul era It but Iiouidnolguide my fingers to it. SmII I ili'l nt J hi I. I i-'nt niii of tho inenev up, an I I hi atlMe lmy, whl was vtrj , fli. ion In aslstliM me, gat me one or two t,itfca to tlni il.iy, I d m't know bow miny he eit I mt a glance, and seeing no morn gold on tbe grouu I, rai-ed myself by a deierate ciloriniol fiiml.ll tomr place In thertrrlage I shook the reins tnstluctivuly, and Ihe mare began to move. The well trained beat! waa begiintng lo trol awav aa ileverly aa usual, whnn a thought aiidJcnly flashed Into my brain, as will aomo tlmes happen when we arejust golag to sleep a Ihongbt wbli b woke me up like a tdatol-shet, and cau-ed me to spring forward and gather up the reins so violently aa almost to bring the mare baik upon her fiaundies. " Mr dog, my dear little Nellie '" I ha 1 lift her Uh'nd ! To It Conl'mutd. BIRDS FOB BALK THE FINKA OOL taction In the world A BelaUn, and strain ea. a-tr.surriatmiiekliul MriK end fnif Jt er.i(ro aad'lo blr4. ef ell kUXb W. t . M, llfi IViwsrr. OPVMJ' HlexiliaT leeeet. Mtse'l:l BHAlMNa MACHIVKS FOB SU.F.-74 Hraidln M-rhtims with shaVbells an benehns, 1 SotibltiR uit X wtniilosotiioet one email stra telue. Imiot-e IIHlHIIAN MOIIWAUT, e.r. ef let set. and t.MtNU st, Hteaia voerr aad rwmi to t, 4.1H. riARItlAdFS FOK 8AUC CIIEAr-TWO t-seeosd Sand rekftttave: one 4 aratAand one C saita; verr Hbt built, ealr a lew mouthn in ue be s prlrsia rall, i alao, lome nsr bo ws hit, sl.l'lnj taei emnenetoe: Mmeeeend tisal wtth top ana ne top; vatdBienn'hsndllehtelpreM or froarr nseina. M. CI Klty, t Ka.t ISth sKM Y, T,tot,l .IAN ART BIKUS FOU 8ALK-LONO V-tirM4 ta pairs ot slnilea, to suit anrohasers. pplr it TT Grw aelob eve, In ue rear, M"i llanmoo 4Bukkawrenl.t(..V, hlttUo-UI jtAlHS AND WAOONS FOU BALE 1G v tana or pUnWtlen rartisl and 4hiras wafons llabt horiia wsaen, Bw,ne carts, sprlnjt eerta, Oe, ke ttarnev el all kinds at the fvilorf et MtllHAKL MAI.L'tMK, Warren at, Jeraef CUr ,1U, COACH AND WA'iON FOR BALE A aoo seeoodhand baek eMehj pries Wi a ti iht brvry wafroo,oewrlgeedaaasw pelcellb. lajulrs at 114 Cllalon place. Ml,o F INKLE AND LTON8, 8EWIN9 MA ehlnew, prten rednoed. All maenlaee warraated ta alee better eat infsetloathsa aorta the aur eionrrMai . Afsw isnlilaas I rent, umxia 501 Hrodwa. aUtritt HORSES FOR SALE LOW I'KICr.Li work kereea from 14 U If X hands klsh, f'jn to treses eld: prices from aes to $ao; sine HI (oi beevr woik aad aeane for tlaht badness, J .ii ee 'IV leak at, aear wDinaioa, in we rear. a. , flOBSE8 FOR BALE 8 HP.ii.Mill) h-raee.1 sorrel, (rears old t two bee as. I tests ole1i)taliHkaa4s kUh, pmr belli, ju t irom t e eMatry, but walkeret e let eait, trueJt reipre. man. or ear heevr werk. Warranted uoil hoi1 klad la all bameas. Te be earn at tt Itola i-.T "f." I UORSlS,ee., FOR BALE A FAIR OF ilhenaa, harnese and biwett for sale, far M0. wtth Uesose for Central rata. Inqules eo Ike stsad, ath are and Nth si, carrUae, (M4, or at the stable. NUk et,betBrea4aaraa4IuVave. MOO, PONY FOR SALE C1IEAF A nAT Tony. 0 tears eld, werraakea reand and kind, aad ataud It bout trtof ; In tbe ewnerw pameislen two reyii to be area at fli Wee 434 st, uttU sold. t,18T,l SEWING MACHINES TO RENT AND FOR O Ml. -gUmf, Wbaeler A Wtlm Ocesav Bakeisaii4 otbir, now an scerad han4, ehasp for eaborpaitpoment. Baaoenfvldee,Daeetsliaipi ars, aeaeb. ete. MiabloM bonsbt, esahan4 and reuslree, br u. a. ' lUiin, hjo urowivar, room o, X. M. 1'awn ticket oa uMhuies, dlsiaon, ete. waated. nhai4ielT wCUOONEK FOR BALE LOW-CARRIES J 11 U loea. rraes 0' rest losaea. smina etron, ll,t and well fnnd; price f ,b00. Asp'. at owners, mini u, xoe ejoerrr su v,iui,e 2W0V FOR SALE Tn FAST SAIL, J tnasloop JOHN CinTRKLUof IMdirafiort. 1H0 oris ottroen t in perrert orner i latest impreveensaia, wuilla: drssUbt drsri water; will be sold lew or irbejiswd (or einsJl tow bust For fnrthnr awrtlen- es, enquire of t. at. MiKDUl, J Batterr Ttaee, N. V . Jlty. avxt ioia TEAM ENGINE AND BOILER F0R ' sale -sboutvborse ptwer, with a Has boiler t also n number of larger eusloea, ot d and 10 horse ,joer, utrt. I,e and lurrUiutal , ales a lot ef reiiber i. !5Kk A.N 1', VI ColululU st. 1.11,8 TN IIOnSE STEAM ENGINE AND BOI. A irrfor ssl t ei Under OilSlnehoe; Uller 14 feet v Ril Incbei. Ith l e return flues, built bp WUmertb, d hostoiinit ineompUtu ninula ordcri prlee too. tpp'.r t teB. U, U1IXS, 12 1'lattst. O.UJ0 WAGONS fOR SALE-ONE HORSE pitrdem re waamis and bnelnem waeons nee and ulbsid. Apply v UluM. bAaivi, IsTUipt. betxnn troailnsy and lutb are, N. Y. 1,1W,JU 30,000 BAIUUJLSOFTOUDMTTE, 1 UK. U)Ol MAMTTAtTrUKiMii OOatrAMT, arsaletuluUtosuU piirohaMis. 1 bla l tbe cbospot FertlUaer tn market f I worth illl manure an uraofCorn, will liters the rrop n iu on4hlrd te one half, and 111 ripau the crop two eeka earik r. lrlce,eTr T barrrle, 1 Ml per barrel at paoivtikt, Itk eatlafaotorr erliWoee and full par. iculara, m nesHtit sratlj to any oesseudin addreea . ktmNii, HKuriiKR oo; I No. 00 Uourtlaudt st4 N. Y Qe.xral Afauta for toe United dtates, ela HJH1NE8H C1IAIVCES. BAKLRY 10R KALE ONE OF Tir brat corner bakrrle, ltk 4 learalraee and a 1 tun complete, at a verjr Ion prlra sod loerea'. npl atthaecr. el Beutb d and Udsta, wiuiuib Himli. oa thoprtaiUas. M9l,VUloa jOARDIN(!ANDL01aiNG-lIOUSE FOR U rele chaap -To a eash ruatosser, and one et tne ireait birsalu ever nflared to the publle, the Uaws tck an bataeea of a well l:aatad boaraios and odslnt bouae, Ihelodile alone pa) a the rent, sltaal el at tt Jar etreet, aear Weet. eooventanl ta the New York aad trie railroad and Albaar atearaboae laad ea. ,IIM. PIFD STORE H)R SALE OR EXCHANGE dAwTt5t?"M"",MIWwt,c tttjf CM8I I, OYSTER, & VEGETABLE Market a. far sale vary cheap. CaU at ltl MadUaaat. a, 4. 'I.01TR AND FKED SroRE FOR SALE - theitoik. Hitaeeaenil soidall of sflmr a4 wdstoee,eae. ef ktrrtla andllraud seiav Bnoklrn, ow erlo a aond b-ilnei aatlaf astorp naasaa alma nr eelluf . taqulre on tke sremUea. 1,193,0 GROCERY FOU SALE, WITH rBIVI Jfeaeef lease; a dna erroearr rataMUkm int. ditas tood caaa bo.ireae, st U4 Bleeekar at eer Weat loit t Kteck wlleaaorteal,aad evvrtklnfiaoad order aijuiro oa the pieaalaes. K,l(kl JR0CERY STORE FOR SALE WITiI J leue, atcck, andDiturra,dolnaioo4eaahbual 'etas HI be sold cheep: this le a chaaoe seldom affar. d, with or wiihoutuoraa and wtcoa. Kor faetkar itmcuiare in intra u in store, eve raae aota a-, naar veuue C, T.Mllrl CJROCKRY (STORK FOR SALE-OLD K. tsbUpbcd. new dole a verr food badae e, will ie eold st a tatr prleei tbla is e rare chance fw ear niu et a snea iniaioeaa. apply is rr, i. biituu- CU, llaal Estate efUee, II Cedar st. d,MM flUOCERY AN OLD r.3TAUU4UKD a srocerv te let, etrrk end flitnree far aa'e. ITor ernia apple to B. tlUiBK, 1(4 Weat llroedver. 1 ARRET FOR 6ALE IN A FIRST lex cuua Mtffcborbeed. and new dole a load uatneea. and baMilaoreaaln dallr I receipts par lar. ao I will tw anid at a barsaln l good raaaeaa Var elflne. inplr at D Uudaea at, earner ef Mociaa, la POT AND CONFECTIONARY STORC Hr4 a-el timttE&SRS'JS? m a.u,i lIOKwaneS rONIUMFTIOT aVND ALL OISKASM pomTjwtrnoN cuked bt whatktex vesaae tnauaaa. Tbeao who ere entlwrlM wttk ear a tke area paaww ef eena ptleaa eaak ae eonah er relate of esattarf larrraaatli lanasi ee keek, usei lee id. should aoeaeaJt I -eei i eaaajnieuf nr swan ef tea) band, has aaade tke tree Dr trfuOLJL wbe itanent an sure ef eoasampUoa his apeelal atadp tW rears, an wbe ana refer to aemar- pa'tenla In the eltr and nebrhbarboed of Mew Tor. wttaaa ha baa aia1 ia- anaMbanLltAa In all ejwrahla vbarc he baa eeired of eaaea, relief raai eaSWIaa; le jnaranteed br the trai 14 brmra treatment IT kl. C. (rTM LF, Ooneump. tton rhaaloUa. r Tbiwi see. N V tiirAeaae DR. BONK, 1ST WE8T QOUSTOB 8T swrea dlaeesaa ef tke haart. I ansa, Urer,dripeer, lesnale aamptalaU, enronie. ene4ltnUoal and nerr Km OWaaea ef aierr ebaeaeter. el earea, ala-n, serecula an ad skla hamors even, Offoe, II to 4. tsMINva iROSTFD FT.ET ANB CHILBLAINS-Un RfHUI MaIC fRMM LINtkUNT. fold he f)U10N, cnr. Itoaaep ao lerand i, ae d oMier die- pba- i"B-iwgraaiiani I IHfaj (quia, ?,uio,Te T70R THE riLF.S. 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It le not Intendad ea a cure-all, but as Its aaa-s Indteatm a Beronpineme aaeaieine lerin wen eaa IhibliltaSM. It ta purmr aewatable, and naiblaa ef a delitnima eiafMee w used in Ma preparation eaia wa rearantee. lbouaandaof femalia) ars drtoa ell entk what enaar enppieo tXiNrit MllluN. 1 1. U la a a error. Wa are snppiee tXiNDt MllluN. 1 1. U la a a error. Wa are more the euablr reiiU,red of this fart Iron, the m anr eaaas which bare eine at.der our ewtloe durlna ties paairpa aawiroiiropiainai r aiiinin, inaare weaa aeaa, I alf tine:, acaueh pwnancis da nut requtra to be dewed with ellfa, nrcurv, aa otkar dabllltatlns druaa .they require enrhenndlrlnrs aa will Rtreortban and cnitet the ptervmie BreVm Ibbl prevention la ai- preaalr dealrned foe Ikat pwepone, aud br It uae. fou l I net eofr reealn ftrnr ateeeirfn. tail e fteweral re turn of lieeJth huh af n Ind sad bodr. Trr one hot- w ann ow eoorinei-n. ie is pier np ai vm verr low prlneof tl.vr INU.I.AR per bottle, or 0 bott'ea for $n. wldrh nlaeea It wltlito tbe rearh of mane who ran III aAird ie. par a hish'r prtc - fw peeparaU-ws toull aVvotdef ear beawlletal eflort, rev eels hrL A.llaadlre,! Brtith avex. betwweq lath en Iran eta. I Urer A Co., 4T nooond aranae, earner cf a hlrtlrih street Ibaade Co e-iroer ef Are. II aad Houston st. New Yark. ArenU la vviiiiam-iairsD-' seaiknx oor. nn"n nen ane Nth si and of I'r. NowIIL, Ml Grand at 1'rlnHpal Wbolmale Ajcenrr, 4.1 rvaith beoend etreet, WlUlamabnrih. IJ FADER, TERUSK THE 1TOLLOWINU AVa-aaeraent and then iid-e of lt f seiafor roaraalf. ynji,oi nrooairn-n. TeweUanewnein . ha auflerad fram I irataifiala for eitaaa aaajw. without aa-rnianent eellef, nntfl bs tried Arias hua, erhtoh taken aeoordrna to the dlreetlona for this eoea plelot, restored him to health In a few weeks. 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Bore Threat, Ipraua, Braleas, LaneaTeaPalnalntDaUajiaBlaXaV!aW,a,pwwrUi3 taSll7. 1ktseMllentwwUMennsartielelaM been tawrouwblr t-wned diuio tbe bat two win ten, and eaanr who were wiflarlna from tha eiaiiitlatlaf peine efRhewiraatlaiThereriew.intoedbeahh. Iteanalwan be had of the followtn Aaents l-At the ttaoaral Va liTa.8i"? r;,K8,,d . I the Dm Btore, eer. Booth 0th aad th eta, and at tha VarUtw Btore. Dt vbdao av, oppoalts Tth at, WllllanuburikT Hew YwkUrasjitore, 4H Second av, eor. of Snth et. I Mews Uepot Vnihr talon at. t Nerwa Urpot, 60 OoluaiMeet,anat I.TTTLK.IAljnk 190' HowVr. Prloa.TWItIviciWTB per bottle. Islpui7 .HACni-tEKYl DICK'S ANTI-FRICTION MACHINE, FOB ri'NCIIINO, BIIKABUta, - ..-N" FBKU8INO IRllN. e. ' TTTje BlOfTT KKKlt IKNT, X)NKBlbtI, ANT) ASiffi tWmW1 1N TUB WoRLO. krklloTj b all bat dono awar wiU, next U no ell la reoulrvd In runola thamj and ne main are Bead ed far ream the larpeat machine require Iran than one-borae power, for Blieartn and Ihinohin Iran, U onelnchln thlckneaa, with no Mweeotlbla aflort, do. tne the werk In the moat smooth and peirfsot manner. ..r""''. "! f"1 m anooesahd esUb llabnianlj In tho exuirtrj-, to loam tha value of the various machines made under HICK'd I'ATKNT, wwu aa lAiuru m uiwrrs, 'ireaion, re. .1 1 uoitLlaa Sraaai bsoleaOi, l-rorldanoe, B l.i 1. II. A W. W. Uoaaaai, Jaasa, Ua A ti , New York: Wran- larrra Hnl llwn llti in. Ib-eamll Ulh , ...,. a.fl KeoroBr, UelltnarUks ct, aad maar ethers ta New ar. . Slaw L..Ib..i v,ali ,..i i- r t. l.- Be 4ke manr ef whom, after iialoa tliera far twa er three rears, ear thee would not be without them for three er lour tlmm tludr eoat; and olbara ear tb I la eempartaoa with eor other machines known te them, that tbep pap (er their own eoat la every si mouths' All oi ders promptly attended to, aad all Information (Inn br .. BTEVKNw BROTIITB OO , laau-14 NEW VDRK. I EIUUM METALLIC FAINT-THE UN-a-aaWrlaaoed. aaenta for Una Invsluabla palut, are pre pared te eupplr tbe large claaa dalsara at tlie lowsat mannfactanva prleea. Ther warrant tha article to be anpertor to anr sold la tub market beln fullr Tl pr eeot aietal; for pnarrrla Irjw end otlirr raeUle, aad weed sad eaovaas It haa ne niual. Brick hulldloea rilntedaltbonaeaatorthbpalnt will U kept per etlr drr for maar reee-t about noe4blrd I he price 1 pare lead It b worth vaatlp more for all auch par ee. . . ... BTl-TEKB BROTTIKK A CO, la tf 81T tn ,'osit st. No Yerk. TVKW YORE MACHINERY DEFOT. It BlLVrNa BBarTllkB A CO- . . .. Everr daaertntlon of ato,nar an awwa-vi enslnna; eeutoe and hand lathea power and hand plan era, drills, pear-euttLns machines, bolt ruUrra. martls ln aad truoouii niaeldnee, tc i alao aire alar aad up rtrbt aaw ml lla ot varlnaa kinds; train auliu la creat vailrtr. AUfcraaleattba very lowest prions to suit the times. latitTHl TkTKW YORK MACHINERY DEI'OT. ""iT.TrMS. BRtmnni co, m iVim. ilTHavrr. NKiar viiur. HANVTAtn I KkUB aad ult ALKKS u r.rTdeaerlp tlon af BTAT IllNABY and fKTllLK BTRAkl r.ft-OlMaiidlsmj.KiWx!DW0atriI-d I'LASKM and all other Wood WoBiian UiraisM. LajiitB, n-awcHetiiKILIiV, BATOn'ana UTIIKlt COMrVBiriON liBTAlA, With ell o her articles nef.l lo a blachlae BkopT "P. lUCK.B" Olrtiratad Antl-Prletton wva-c waauiaui aiaaooaw tir niirsKs, ii.nuurjearKS niitKiH' pai aitTiNii hi PKtelje. 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Anaaera te the name of fUOL JailreatlOll,Uiweyst,Uster. 8,11 1,1 MONEY LOST-10 TaEWARD-LOST IN ths ettyof Ilrooklrn, a sum of moner, a few Sleoe of (old, and the remainder la till bin en the Uantle Bank ef Brooklyn, wrapped ui la aa eora lop with tbe owner's name on k la rrbrnarr laat The Under will please eeU te COBNBLIl s DWYML la the U heose from Baltic st, U Msymeud st nroat SLUT LOSr-$'J 1IWARD-LOST ON Monday, elk lie., a small Blank aad Tea thit, kit att aUerbrekaa. kUten bMbodjIT.bti WAIfTEB QJLDDLB WABTKD-aUrT ONE HATDrQ 9mcua4,sfimk MaBaAia. rjOtJinTCLIM'SOTTICE- JrSMlj ;-V, U kevrW Jfc XL?JttXfc Mate hi skaU prwawad to drew pweta eiaesn far the fatlowtsaT Oeores be heed lw en for 'n eltr aad atHJawwraaar Hsersms I aa,UL aS Claaa h Tiiala.l PavS I A panel ef iou rent even w epreaaa Out, Ctreutt rartl . Twa par eta ef W4 fetH Inton each for a Court af Coewwawa ftene Paltal and I. Twa paaetaoflMI'ttH.arere each tot a io parlor Oeort Vsrai I and 1 A penal el M Ulead Jurors for a Oeart ef Oyer eal Termloer A pone ef M Orand .Tnrere, end a eaeaj af ISO PeUt Janve, fur a Ceett ef Oeneral Paaalawa eVlll.l JOHN CLlNCr. Clerk. CEALED PROrOSAU WILL BE RE. O eHredby the eeholf offleers ef the Ittk Ward, ai ths ofnee ef the Clerk e the near ef Rdeoatlen, ear. ef Orand and Urn afaeta, until Welneadar the uth day of Mareh. at It o'clock at noon, for ereatla wlnra t Ward Sekeol llon-c Ho. tl. In aald Ward, and ethirwlaa a tteln and repelrla sal hulldlnr. I'laiM and speeiflcallans far said alterations can be at the efllce ef tl.e Bapeilot-adent of MehMM llolldlsaaof tbe Hoard of iducarlon, lit. ntl:ro,lir street rropab eh utd be elireeaal aiBchiol af fleen rdtbe iVth Ward," eod should he Bceocaptnled with tbeienHwof tee raepoa dole and approaat euea lloa. The eorteart will he eaaread- ether thlnra be loeeipal, to tbe lowe t reaeooetlila bidder, olTarln aat'afaelrtr eiuetlea, thonsh the eebonl ofllc ee of the Ward tew rrette rlrlit to rejert st r or sll of fis oro fwaebi tdlered, If aimid for the pnhllia Intindtedo so. JAMaje MeCKt.vN, ) dnilNM BKK, Cera-nltte. MV, II UAVIIirt Jl,'K)i) al.mraOnita ReVa af;t.N. B0U1STT LAND SOLDIERS', BAILOhVa end widows' claims far bonnte land, pwoMtona, lata tjreraawullr proaeeutavt by the wifcacrfbec ta all eaaas shore a ralll elAlraeeiata. rartloular attealoa siree te euapenoWl etalae. CA f-VUt W, IkUTrt, Boutbeanl sorofUiaeahaTs and Chaibaaa ska, to tatVlM NOTICE THIS IS TO FORBID ANT perm rrstn rruetle my wtfa, MABY Nlkfrn'0, 10 raaei st, Jersey City, for I will par no eMa of her eon traoUnisalerlhbeWe. QBoiUB MUCMO. fall IB R EAL ESrATE-OWNERS OF REAL AV sedate karle heaaas, stores and tots la ear pert of tke eltr, which ther want le sell, nut or b-a- aiar find rnatoenen for tlie same, br applrlna at W, U IfrjUIIKIJailBeal KetalaOflaoa, iftoaar st, faI 14ac14 UKXKUAI HeUHIXKSS BARNirM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM TIIK IIRAHA, W MaN IN WIHTR 1IIII AtTKRNOliM ii EVNJNli, aUat'wo'tloek or other ctirloaltlaa, m- Museum ade eat Id paee. AdabwJoaVbornla Children uodorlo yean, lCnte BBU8HEH OF KFERI OlWeJaUfllOI at tke lerea raekery, Tmjt st, tUrpee-t Botld lare All articles a reaaonahie prleea, vtaobval eea rSall. JOUM K. UOrrata. IS Heart at 111 eWae C1IFAP KOOFINa-SATURATED FELT and tarred paper for reofle aad aalerterloc tie and alata roofa: aup rlor wupvluaa for tli kinds of rei-fine. I iralen eoppilod ea liberal terms. .IK, MUS Brothers, ft Uuilo BUp. ma 4eel cnrmirrn street distillkst A7 Itatahllakisn-Tbeaheepeat aad best pUek bm ane brandlea, erhMa, roens,whiaklas,e. for whole. -.vrX1. 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try Ina this article, aa we are awindent the wfll not find it tn the leaet ewamled. J. K. URKY, 419 Bwoan Avnea,eor. of oiltbrt AraiU for Wlllaune. lMk,J.LIrteatanVuthBeeoadsti f e 4dae RA ACIIADOOR TATEOSTAN-S CF.LE. AA brated Oriental ft Paata, ae eoi for weak atmae end for the waakiy an InArm. made br aae "aa Mfaan, awa aaa awow aaw lor my eraoe tears. the Stan and truant aad mr InltlaJb 11. f- DO other tspenalna. 1UCMAIHKJH TATKOeJYAjt, Honataa- aawwpaaa laraar. ooaa wr an erwji nanears. TTTLiaae LpT, ROOFS crjRED-ELLERY'S palnl iiae' 110 bJOYE OF STBONO DRINK CTJBKD." ea no asesso. and to be parfootlr banntasa, Prise oejta of prloaT r"lm' "" mAU' rl ST10 M DItVUb "n roraalaatMnka'BtM0ketavT14Sthaeaaaa. Brooklyn. Mm. 11 area- acancr. ITS Pnlton strsee. Newark. K.J, at Dr. Waa. t. atareert, tM Broad Harrialvwa, H. J, at 0. V. Fraemaa' store. atoSMaeH PERUVIAN 8YRUP THE GENUINE l-eHaata Jtaaaa ( VaA tat Tea aaasmatai eue wuala. vbjen. at 40 Beattt Beoeadet, rellllamsburtk. SAVE a OUR DOLLARS .. BkUTU, TUK IIATTICB. can be found at hie NEW BTORK, . 1S1 NASSAU 8 rBEKT. Tw doon from llaekmaa st, aad aeat deer te tb Neman Bank. Wner he eflen for eale HIS SPRINO 8TYLK OP FlMt MULEHKIM BILK 11ATS - AT 1. The tame aa are told sleewhere for 13 aal 1 1. ,, , CALL AND EXAstlNKT viTLmrhf.chAn"-ejd every maa should ear hu dollan, II be enn. Yon ran ears a foliar be BL'YIMU AT UMlTIin. ml Mae CPECTACLES BOOKS WEAK SIGHT kJ Improved by Profeaaor rRANl?8 aelebraled eye eewarieeia. All kinds a strertanlaia haoaht anl. a. caiauuron er rrpaireo; oaaro mo urana se ,nnsr Boek etsnd. eor. Grand anal Bldrtdra ata. I Ulaw. foraaJa, geaume ioen aargaia. qO THOSE WHO POSSESS A SEWING A inaehlaa-A w tnckla aad plaltla attachment for ae win maehlnee, that Urn simple and earfact la IU eperalloa aa te astoalah erarrbedr. kaolualra aewncy, Mae. DKMOBJUt I'd Mueala IMS Uodws, 471 Broad war, Frtoe eft only; warrantad to aire eatlo factlen. Te families It le worth 1 times Ha eoat. To dieeamakan It b invaluable. Pleeae call and eiaea Inolt a,iss, rpOBIAS' DERBY CONDITION P0W. A den for Hones. A safe, sure aad speedy euro for heaves, souha, eulda, distemper, bide bound, loea of appetite, do. Olves a Uae silky eoat, and will brim a horse Into sondltlon In ten daja, Kor faat totk they are Invaluable, u cents a box. Bold br all llnis-ibta. OfnoabuUntlandt etreet fCJd, tUac'130 yRUBSES-DR. RIGGS' WATER PROOF J. multlpedal Truss baa met with a anonees lo tke eun of ruptures aud a demand unknown In the histo ry of Truaeas, Warranted cleanly aad perfect ia all rerpeots foe Ave yean. Youn subtests Invariably frrdl Us aneoeal frase aad appUaness for aar tarawdwljB. 1 Harder et. lMSCMa WATCHES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION sold, er repaired le all their branches- all work warnott t done as It should be, by a praetlcal aod ea parlenced wot kman. at muoh below the usual raUw, II. P. PIAUVrr, waichmvkarandrepaJnT, author ef the treaties on "The Watch," (price 6 cents I Si John et. 4.131. w ILLCOZ A GIBBS HawiNii uarietara " niCB IM, ftutj BBOADWAT, MIMnM 1861 M'ME. DKMORESt'S GRAND o l?"ue ."' "jr1".! Patterns ef Broedwsr.lMCanal standlll ilya, also Mirror ef Taatloos, 100 ParePaah- ana Afi I, Braekly rwrnpont JnB, mha ttar.lTB CI WRITING CLASSES WNITlfTJED--J fme.w T? aaentluer 19 laatens ao- Hmll-a ( avUlna anJ avJakKualOlA . .--.. tesaonseech. pl&M Mercantile Ool Care. mT Bowae-r endMrutton t. BreekJyaTooL AlSi he waa ft IB run. A FEW DAYS LONQER FURS. - TU ladies wtUAeweU I Uafaotthelwt of ear Fib a jrW, tor a abort time, eeU ta balance Cost, to eloae the stock, New Yerk ITwirataaf. Oa, C Cw-nCmatansast. lell saae108 rusavuvii, MTIIIGI MAHUB. THIRD AVENUE SA VINOS BANK. Oerowr TUrl ieane an) Tweaty-n Ih at rjhamsred: iTxnxcnrr i lona. allowed aa an deposits. rem foe dollar te ana t Bank opea dally from 10 a, m. to I p. bl, alee an Monday, Wednesday and Babirday event nn, ft on i w I "k-CB- ygvaiB K. BiuA PreaJ. MWUkJL ESTATE. EARM FOR BALE OR EZCIIANGE A (ood farm eflM acre, wiUreeeaaaary buildlnea, stock of cattle, train, faraals uteojila, tV: free ef in- r IQUOR STORK FOR SALKTnE Stack B1 ead nature ef tha Doner alere aomer of Jane aad Wai eta. wtth Syean leeaa Brem Mar let t ae aawatoaWapely, Apply ea Ib petBalse. U1M . t j - leafj' I "' i w-f' nCILDUW XeOTf FOR iiiX-OK szxtt&rrzts, Twieek,ai POTTAGES FOR SALE-AT MASPETH, V l I. ew miles frees the WUIiasn iarh f rrrtas E-aaaaandtwel.llO eoe bowaw and fear llboe one larse konsa aad le lots, ftSoo I one borne sad strfsea lota, tkvin, oa easy temae e pavBMrnt Apply U A. BkriiLYB, CI Jeha stAliM POUNTRT BEAT FOR SALE OR TO LET, vS aa the north bank ef tke oerewtbary river, at Meenrv book, 1 mlteetreea tbe eeeaa; 1 eereeflend; ie reeewa. ooe-a Ireot wllJJJ IX, at Joe Act bathia sol ftahlnf. Addrem IXLAM WBldllT, Beae- Vllie, aeeorneasa tak, oo tae premises. twii saner tea CCnTAGES FORSALECnEAP-t BEAU MM eotttaea, altoate oa rVHrd are, 4th hone Bern Park eve, tweet minutes from t'a'tee lerrr, end twelve m'Butet from Peck nil". PrlcifllM. PeK eon remain oa bond and mor'aa. Ia lire oa twpreniLes,ofU.u. WJUUU7, or ex iaara for a brick bouse. T. 101,4 PARMTO EXCIIANGn-WANT TO EX. A rhanre a verrflne farm of ever 100 acree. W entire been New Y ee, lor a heua, aid lot la Nee Yore ia vl"lnitr ., farm Is free trora eorunibranee, lKAbK,boi ll7,Baemca. for Ikredijt 1,111.1 1?AIiM FOR 8ALE-2.74 IOR A SKALL rsfiea, farm seet rewltenee O'dv ft miles frtm S Ya m L It one e-re et eieMlnt Ian, with rood heu-es bars end eit-euUdloaa, of fruit, e sieo e (rail hoiiae and lot Ii Nselnwn. L L, for It). K A. I'l V. City UaJl Pltei aal 14 ejeatr street T.lvS.1 FARM FOR 8ALE-35 MILES ON L. I., rear the depot, 40 eeree, emd henna aad out-bulld-Inea, vrell f.'Oeeo, aood sol', plenty ef wood, watv anl frnli; pie J & caa lay at C Par eeet B. PlaAKlfaltUambanel. T.lotl ra eleutv a en of 00 aeraa, send aolt nnlldlnes, fruit ..laii. K. at. Bl NUB, 1 City Uafl Piara. a of 00 to l ortoe ao.ia and 14 Urntr etrert IMVT.l IARU OF 100 ACRES FOR SALE Cheap, . oa I,onlelend. 'i miles f em Broeklre. ar es- rhanre fas city p-operty. Intube No. tv.14 Odnnibi et. Booth liceokiya. mb Mac' UT ARM OF 16 ACRES-BUILDINGS AND A nneefftaeras,wUkbuUdlta,tlstl crmflkman Icqulrs on the premlaea, i eve. I'stk, Brooklyn, ef BALI'tl LaA.NK. s ef 0 scree, with bulldl tea, t let te eirdeiers aear Mrrtis D,iao, IARU FOR SALE, CONTAINING BIX acree, under food cultivation, lerln bath sldae of tbe road. Will be aald eer arete or toaethor. This firm b siluaiid one mil east of the thrlvtoa villa ot Jamaioa, te enleuW walk from and oppjalta tbe Willow rres station. Persone wantlo e farm aliould look st HiIa. Can leave Houth Perry dlreet, or can frera WlUlam-buryh to K. New York, tbaoee by etaa. I er partirnlan eall en L.C0B3IU-, on the premlaea, Jamaica, U I. maStiac' FARM FOR BALE-ON L. L, W MILES from Brooklyn, M acree, haoae, barn, waters, Ac. alee Iota In Hi b Ward Breiklya: aald tab would be ltsxT Ira J. fvAUtfifl, .l Urait4 U N T. or P.O. leaf. PAHSin, HU uratw afw n laUrr, lit I niton st, Brooklyn. teal alaelli, FARM FOR SALE ON 8TATEN I3LAXD 3 acres, et Blonenlervlew, with abendanae ef fratt aad Bias wstar view, b mlnataa walk fr.m depot eiuirr-w aod schools. sV ltlU Y OO, Dl Ubertit H ARLF.M LOTS FOR SALE IS OF THE 1 ia-1-u.ta.i..i.a ITS T f-f lmmal le trnproveaTjaat, at low peiees and aa easy terma laJOJMea B. BUDY OOh bl liberty st. HOUSE FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE I2f the villa of Bpeiaoarkiea, Celnmkl Una a baBdaome hooee, and about one acre of lead, ad'ola taa the gpaneariowa Aeaderay, aad b meek needed a a kVkardlnf. bona tor tha pupUs ef that tnatltuUoei. Apvtytoa. W. KBUUY, Uk Orand st Wllllame bnrf, U L 0,lla,a H OUSE FOR SALEA HOUIfc AND LOT ta Both at north aide. ISO feet eaat aa J .. fuU lot, brick kouaa, n br M feet, notary and baao- emn rarvi ia btods so se, a, aewaon waxer ana inqaire aa a prteaawie, n,i4,t H" OUSE IN nOBOKEN FOR SALE 3 story Philadelphia brick, balaoay, marble msn- ete. aoe ana eota waeer, naan sow (bk renbtertn; .ankMr peloajt.-sja laaalre view PUaoe, Bebekea. ef BOBBB' TTOUSES FOR SALE IN JERSET CITY A A B-.., aaae Iborjeee. L Beveral aew 1 , eoaUlnln all t ta a fcad naiahberboedi naakberbeedi prleea frees Bt(K to j aaeunt raunirad la eeah. Orlea, T Jarawy ef 4tAstaeartbepTmltas. i,ft. 400; senallameui ave, corner HOUSE FOR BALE OR TO LET A Neat twootory and beeemeat krlek hones, klah browa stone stoop, aad Iron nlllos. ta 4Tth st near Ilea av rent Ibo. Inquire at UI West 41th et, er at II Kim etreet 7.1SI4 H OUSE FOR SALE 1.4W Wttl BUT a new 1-storv houae. with rood eallari lot tbatTa . Also one brick store for flAou, on Mb ave, one II story end baarenant, w Ith aub-eellar, brick kouaa for 11.00; alao one nice dwelita ea corner for 1L5U0. Terms from MI U400oV)wn; balaoeaeaji be paid or 60 qaartertr. Apply to D. C DANlkOJA ooraer ef bth ave and lath ot, Breokla. 6,1 W,C H OUSE FOR SALE IN WULUMS. bunh Two ttorr frame house, full lot frail trees and eventbln In tood order, lamlrs eo the premises No. M Uevee 1 1, or II arandet W01 be eold ea rcaaooable tenna naft Kiac 143 HOUSE FOR BALE TO CARTMEN, Manufacturers, Ac-A frame houae wBh 10 apart ments: aba, tb next lot there belne an anoecupled front of 00 feet. .. at the foot ef North Tth street VV U lie maker th i peiee SI OuO ; f 1 kMH) oa mortsara: aba, acme very cheap brick booms and Iota. Inquire at 111 Jay etllrootln,et lor o'clock. 4.1M, H0U8E AND LOT FOR SALE IN WIL. Ilematinrph-neuse twe story, be tern tot aad attb t bit aT. br 100 1 ereUr la. Thli property a well worth tha attention ef capitalists or those In want of beuae Ihrioe ,KI. Call aud aoe tho premlam, 1SS Beuth Beeoad si, WlUlaeasburib, where all Inter motion will be fivea. ,U0,1Mtc HOUSE, Ac, AT ROSSVILLE, BTATEN laland-a 1 stwy and attlee frame baoso, bam, Ao, kofetbor wtth seres tt land, very pleasantly lo cated near the vtllsre, ea the Wood-row Bead, iead- ian ao wo oepot. -4 oa The houae b nearly new aad In food npelr, Ar. there b alee a rope wai k upoa the premi eea. for ierms, Aa apply taJOUN keOKKdOBal (JO, 114 Pearl st LlMiaae HOUSE FOR SALE A 2-STOBT AND basement frame house aad lot on the Berth side ef lit J st bat yd and Id area, Harlem ror pertleo- MlnmiMl 1 aeiiintil u ,-1J - 1. .. a -,-uauin.a. Diiuav.i, aar. J-w a.. BOO HO Also, a farm of about 14 acree. In the town of To. a-iao, a -arm or aotau .ii acrea, in toe lawn or BetheL (X For partleulan apply aa above, or to WM. A, J t,l)P. Betkel. Ct. ' ti,Sl,U HOUSES FOR BALE IN JERSET CITY BliijaoanBrtek laouaaat else soma ef th best Lett la tbectry. aiseeue terra kouaa erlthl lutaef frouead en Uariea 11UI. Terms made very easy. In quire la Barrow at. seyUty. awatbl tiaenTl J HOUSES FOR SALK-I TWO 8T0RT end basernent heiek bnnaaa with tho anodam in. nrerrtnraw situated In Da Kalb aw, adjolalna Of Bklueaaa st, lireoklyn. U-ulnTkl LOeiKWlHin a Oj, aalWeshuajloa st, Mew theoor DKAU. VerlWaeJ tUdweapeiot STORE FOR BALE THE STOCK, FIX. turee aad food will ef a country store, situated la eae cf the moat business localities la Dutchi-se cuu'.r. and where hiwdoea te tho amount of Bli.000 veer baa been dona. Tbe anderaiana vodl uu. fa. r kas bean done. The andorabrned kuileloaa aad sell the stock, ar, if the piarekaaar are. fsrred, would sell tne property entire. .To preens wttk e small, cash eaellal, en exaellent eppartualtr. d4r. I-oiTMAJTtB, Attlebary J K'nuwlei,' Co, N. Y, w l,lj, IQUOR STORE FOR BALE THE 1 stock, flrtaree and taaos af a wall aahlLaha IL- onor ttera, new dela a (ood cask buslnsaa. Apply at 40 Jamea at 114 LAND FOR BALE TO FARMERS AND aasdeiMtrsDo flrrea of Ian. In alota from a to on screw, eltnated m tbe town of rlattmah, near tha soua ty bulldluas, and within 1 miles ef tbe Cite Halt. BtwcklraTcrma eeay. Apply te L. T. BBaUlEN, W rnena. a, 0,1.1,1 ' ANDLORD aVND TENANTB i AoaraoiicNTS. rrW T0BX BUM UtPBOVKD roBat, Par aoia at tin 00VNTM OP TUB fJTJM OITICeJ. wwaowjp-wwia. Mitr LAND FOR StLE-160 ACRES OF Lead, looatrd la Illuaoia. neer a larpn twwa, er wenU rachance fur hoiaw end nardao, near New York, to U near ann road depot or aveamboailandlos, loqulr efJ.ILUATCXI. No. ITS Ninth ave,N. V. lii,i r IQUOR STORE FOR BALK THE Ad itork aad inures of the eld eaUblbhed Ibinor etora, eoroer of latere and WJUi sttoetker with the rood will ot lease. This U a rare ehaoo for a oaah ruatomer Apply on the premlaea, or, to WM, K. Bltrst'KRli0r, No, IU av C, befera 19 a. m . or betiJ and T, p.m. mtPlM PROPERTY FOR SALE AND BXCHAQE , ..- and Ceuntrr. W have oe alty property In lao beat loeallotae i elaeeonntry teats, and f areas la New Jsrrey, Msmscheieetta, ConnectlouLon Len I- on eeay teems end moderate priors. We kave tood uiDa, BWBa isianw, an caaw and. U Maw Yark. aa theHaaweoTie ne eoq moeorai oomtrln dlOarei as propeiiy ta ainnreai toceeieeie. an westara aaaawa aaw oa u aawunaa. uaivaaa-au aa aV oalEMake Blekerajte llWalTst, N. Y. aah4 4eclTl i a, -..1- . ,-,k, .. n ear saw oe QiUCKEaUMa OO, TO TRADE ON BTATEN ISLAND etker preperty In thb 'cRr, Breoklya, Jeeat Ae; eleo ) aero, timber land, clear from branea. looulro ITt Kaat It at Id Bear: ea FOR CHr- DntUeeM. J AMW lYktktd, 4.UTA L QKfBALlO rULI, Cl'U HCK IlElDkCHU, CCBfA rfEBYOl'S UZASACnE. CVA8 ALL riUDi OF UEADACn E. ran Byta as af thee pro, the pvrledla attack of rtt-reir Bkk aTtvdaramaybeprereateAend If takaaattheeommaoeemaataf aa attack lanadUt relief from aala and atokasee wis be obtained. They salde-ai fall la reauvlnf the .Vaasm aad UmU Oca le which lemalee are se sunk ct. They act fentl upoa to bcaela-remevlo Ceefi'r net. For Utmri Mm, Sfulml I, dettett ri male anl all renent ef sedenfarp habllt, tbey are valuable aa a traffra, lmprevtnii tbe appttite, (ivlsf foataad tfimr le the dlgealr or(aoa.and reatorla J tke natur al etaetlettr and strfurtll ef tbe whole eyeti m Tha CEPIUUC PILtJ an Iks result of lsn Urea. tUmttoa, and carefully conducted etperlramta, barln keen'ht uae many yeare. durln vblch llmt they have pteveatrd and relieved i vast rua-vint offal a let 7 (rrt from Uredsrhaa ahetherertirloa'iai In tbs n'r tout i ettm, er from a derencd atate of tbe t!m i, A? Ibey are eutlrrly vereUhle in their eoxpedtloo, isrbetakeaatalltlmit with perfett tafsly without makinf any cbaais of diet and Iht tWrrt tt aey dfearreaoK (iitt icuitrl i. raty fo oimjnie'rr (Arm It thxltrtn. DEWAEn OF CCISTJl'tirst Th penult btrs Br sbmsteret of IlLNKY C. BrALMNQ oa each Ttei. Bold by Drvwb'a and all ether Dealers I Urdieinet A Boi will be seal by mall prepaid oa rtorlpt of th rmuc u cent a All erdtrt thcald be addressed I UXNBY C IPiLDINO, Be. Cedar atN-w Yerk Tne rotiaOrjm ENrxmKne.Yrs or pau itttrd CEPIlALlC FILLS, WILL COsyixjp ALL WHO IllFIkrRJM UEAUACIlaf, THAT A . irrinv ami bcke cuie in Wli IflUB TUUK KtatlL A t lift TtthtumhU vtrfunmllcltfl hy Mr iret n tao,(Aev avord vne-weafmnooja pnntof (As ri!- cvp 9 tAee freelp arM(is.diecorery. .. . Ui)iriut,Co.x'rb.o,l;t, Ms. graumo, Smt I here tried your Cephalic, rills, and I Ills tktm tt irell that I waat yeu t send ma tredodeiVwerta mora, partcf these a-s for the nstrhbon, te whom I rave a few oat of the find boi I got from yea. Bead the PI Us ay mail, and oblhre Year ebt servant, jamiui Bttssnor. . mturuAD, Fa, Feb. 0,1911, Mt.Brll.Mhn, a -, . fliat I wish yen te eeod ma one mere he of vour Cepba lie PUl-i Aart rivrtrsd a prraf deal ay btntjllrvin tkm- YeOT,rewpect'.llr. MaKYA-NJI BT0IKU01BK. Brtcn Carxa, Uc vnieovnw C., Pa.,) ttCBPALmNO,!,. - ri'.At.i Biat Too will sleaae eend ne Iweboiet ef rour Cephall rill. Bead tbem tmmeoutaly. Keapectf ally yooes, . .. . . JNO. B BIMOSll. r. B T nave nepd eaa bet of vonr PtUa an An i tkcm cxcrllnat. TtaiiaVaateore.OUe, jBn.lS,190L BewiT 0. Brsi.MM. Kea. Please Bad Ueloesd twaatr Av e ata, far which sand .lxrJW)suVrlrli., mJ Plree a. aieivwaT. w ar . Belle Veraea, Wyandot Co, O. .. c Beau, &,IT,," - " 1M0- me IwWk fsrjoraa.eJreulanarUrrt hw bfile la brief eaaCephatte PtUa snore partUjoJa'lr bwfore my canr teeaeva. If yeu have aaythio of tae kind, please Vtftfaom1etoUml te eever tick Beedaehe, fesnally lasttna two daraj era cauwd ef aa aaavjen an www wear y ywar rule wnien 1 BaepastfuU) W.B?WlLKX3. aVlTaoiMlilo, 1'raaklla fx. Ohio,! . Jeo., ltesl. (j nawBT C. Brainmo, Me.SUadari,N.T. . . .... UeBBr! loclosed fin tweatr-nvo cents f2l. for arkUh aea boa of eajhalle PUla." Bond to ad draws of Kev. Wa"- J!l.lV,, "XT! fraaldla Oe OklsT Yaur Pills week Ilk a charm-euro Ueadache al- imiai aiaviiaiMvr. Tru'y rones, wk.anixcB. Mr.SrAmhd, Vr.aa.Tmilck,Ja.K19CL Hnie J",,kf alnoe I .sent to yea for a box ef Cephall rllb for tike cure Of the Nervous HaaAaaho aniT rv. Uveneaa. and received i the same, and they had se lead .,",;, iua a waa ,iaa,a:wii to S-WHI lor mora, Pbaa send by return mall. Direct to A R WHKKLP.R, Ypellantl,Mlcn, PretM IU Examimr, Xorfolt, Tx Cephalic PiUa aeeomplbk the eblect for whleh they wen made, vlu Cun of fcwadaehe la all lb farm, Front tl KtomlHtr, JVoroU, Ta. They have been tasted In more then a tbeesaad casee, wttk eatlre euessaa. Frvn tU Demtcnt, St. Cloud, Jfia. Ifreo are, or bare been troubled wtth the headache, fend (or hot, (Ophallo PlilM ao that yeu may kae tbem la case of aa attack. FVeTfkAdrTTrer,jeTPnImoif. f. TbaCrpkaUePlllsarBsaldtobea remarkably ef fective ramaay for the headaoha, and one of Ihe very beat forthal wry freaeeut complaint which ka ever been discovered. Frowt IA Wultrn R. H. Oatttt, Chhajt, 10. e W.' b5fil'U,,,,' Mr' Bpaldiai. and bit anrival ltd Cephalic 1111a, Front tU rTanitrA FaHrp- Star, Kanairhn, r. W an sara thsi persons sufterln wttb tb beed ab,botnrtkemwUlatlcatatucm. Frtm tUSoutUrn rath nndr, .Vrtr Oiieana, la. ..Try them I yea that are afflicted, and we are sure that your teatltnoay eaa be edded te tbe already nu uarons liat that kas received beoetlb that ne other medicine can produce. from IU Kl, Lvit Dtmotrat. Te ; Immense demand tor tb artlcU) (Cephall PUla b reuidiy Ucreeaiaf. From tu Ottttlt, Darnirtrt, faint ., Mr Upaldln would not connect bis name with aa kr Hete be did Bet Anew te posesa real merit. From A Adrerfteer, frottitiut, R. I, Tb leatlraoay In tbak (aver I atiwnti from lis Boat respectable qaarten. Tom IU rjeflp- Jfiera, .Vfisrwrf, jr. J. Cephall FUk) an takln the place ef aU kinds. From tU Cemriii JhiHefia, Botfen, Jfef, Bald te be vry affloaclous is th headache. Fkrewt tU (Vnitnerctoi Cincinnati, Ohio, SuSerlnd bamauity eaa aew be nUerad, SPALDING'S PREPARED QLCEI SriLDlNOn PBCrAKEO OLl'K. SPALDING'S PREPARED QLUE 1 BATBTIUriCCUl ECOKOMYI DUrATCBI nr "A a f met iii Tim Bart Niaa." .Mt At accidmlt trfll Uppm. nm fa tee(I-rerBlf amalire, B b very desirable te have eetne cheep aad eonvenkat way lor npalrla I'uruiture, loya, Creak. '7' BrAXDINGf raKFAKBD GLUB meets all saeh emarsenclea, aad ne household eaa at, IS'iikm?tt- ".. awAlrsaTOB CoXPLX IN XYBXY U0UBB. V. B.-A jBraeh ; aoeompaslea each beta. Frio SO. etata. Addreaa UUiBVC bPALllINtAr ,w' Me.4i Cedar tt.rVew York. CAtrnriM FAteertala eiaprlnetpled perssns ar attamptiai iha caf ew the nnseispwliLi ajLiii llt-iiITj' RlPiaeTi ne j iu ilT.iJP,r!r?" ".""eas et i aptJaiU isnin. hST. ieT-1 " rrrarssc T?J?Z e aaiinebefon ia aaa ,"f !! "ewwB eer, TttZSxjt,, eetinfrraf, neU'H TJOI jt uu atxAPxar tokb end seii kiuaw.aewnowbotaaeeo ak aaWlea nrtarn. a iwiwieeaeweiowBiaaiS'iiiissn sma laaeakteieteatlty. Ulre waatanatdtAeaTth's la tae ?!3te?; t-easalt ytat owalaTt. ietTu leeeVtrera .TnOMAgBTAOl d, St Bd areearbe aad year own laleeeata, en bar ywat rrer,teaa a inaaar Oeaee tVsllvered frraU tllt'lrtly. "LaAda.'! aa, aa, - r "" "l . -wa. -- BBUIe A PERPirCT TUCKER. PLAttER AND S." .onfrter attaebenevit for eeeinw macklsea, tba mctt vaJatbU and ladesMtbUnunpeoromaet on aealas meehloea ever lotrsduead. taenia it totnothera as la ee rrnrrallr, ed lavtlnaMe ta Tees maker, a,4 b-ajera aaam,e,ll end eiatalea It MmeDrMOBMr, Meula Oa Mds '. Breaowty. Aettb wsoted. Prleep ,ant I, se part ef tee I aloa on receipt of pilce, with timiMi laetruciloaa. 9.141 e REST FASHION MAGAZINE. NEARLY i?....,!'.!" rnrrevlnraBpilej Ne. ef Mwe DR. MORIBT'B, quarterlr ml enr of faehtona. sld everr. where l enlr ft cte. Sent by mail post p.M on receipt of cents, 471 Broadway. Inh1i4ac'lbl DAMAGED YARD WIDE KNGLLtll taUcsl.ta.hune, tnneh Prilled Csmbrto, t'lel Alspeeev Poll liech-rre, pr ss tlonda. Ilrowa anl W bke TahleCWtha. mark tlnth, teoaskln Owta-rr. flik Velrii, Ac Koraaletart kwlorcaahby.iaMrA BArLK.4r.thrlnost 1,1 s MMi: I)M0Rr.Sr'S flUANII SPRING opening ef Batterer, 471 Hr la-lway, ! I'ana' a llianches In ail prttciptl Cities. uhatlic'lei Ml OKMORESTS FATEBT rv BBaMalaktrtsara Past vrhat evorv tail' Av ro watrWi eperatu, aaraoje eaa enea iea. Haet beeaosa tlaar an ttw rheapoat, end cheat id heeaiiea they ere tha beat 41 maudlJU Canal st tt4 Qraadst Ilk and U4 rierrepont at, Broeklre. OeweA swaaavrayi avv airwaava; &Lei TRIC0PHEROCS FOR TOE JIAIR. KX IceaUperkeUU-ruRrER m PAIBClllb ' l ncopnarene preerrvoe tae taair ie its ertrlsal V mtekliostre and Baanty, pnvectlnc er rntve BcrB, liAMDRlTP, and sll P.kTpriVe. m, tAHtAcdthevitadeodBtla Prepteed by PORryq A PAlRCIIILlSlerfamera,4lUadaa stand 1H Blith are, few York. mbll ttaoll rpHE CHEAPEST IUIR DYE IN USE I PBICK CntTS FEB BOX. BSTTZX TBAH TUB BM3I. ,Bre PRIToT A CO."reducd tk erlo ef tkx UAlKDtBto . . 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