Newspaper of The Sun, March 13, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated March 13, 1861 Page 2
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ep-ar -m Rti wiyqywyinw -zxzw "iTM II l tfi i j ' 'm j ' svns wsasa an, ! --MtffrlW- - w,l,ygirnwihltt.$fc I f ,TOE NBW YORK SUN i irXDUBSDATMOSNCfO, MAR. IS, 1881. tW " f Ik WnktanM Tito ecrjntli ronnortnte, wli l(;-roU ad UW tad Intrlgu about th dty office, aleotlo, Mmlaallag convention! and primary mUci amd nrich thematlvej by dividing ihtfitmitt f oar great, plaeUci tod bolp' le drf sthong themelve-.thee are tho Vanteal friend, patron and political pit le f tb wcLU(men. Thee are the moil hi thhktW YwVa and traffic la them behinl tkaj najial. tad teach the pecplr to took up to flawrtW fcrOtecllcB, palronac; and publlo em vjtyatat. It li by th aid of th wot klaj-ten, ulir Air promt, thai the offices are eocured .tadtl ritfc oiaklnsa dirtied. What aUare fkllgt worklngmaa The klcktor tu sMUm lb. axAOkixt, the lucky and mighty atrwt cleanlng, contractor, Vnnws, and ao do thr poor oh vkoM braomi and carls th dirty city U IsBfwUeatly waiting for k m to eet In motion. 8rJy, irith A contract tlren to Ui highest Mddar, U defianci of law, and with n Rift of the eity wham for damp'nr? place, tho raalUy aharera of all thin plunder en the street clef Ira; contract, might aft" rd at leatt aary lihearelily to the poor man, and lie willing to tot hlmatwctk at fair wages at r nee, la ttU ( delaying the pot lie wotk in violation a? tWr contract, In order to grtod down the vice of the cartmen from nineteen rents to aUtaeex. VT do not pne to inquire whether Ixtora cert U a load is a f.ilr price or not altaeagh it requirea little knowleJe of batine to atswer lb" question. We avume that Um ouly proper trice for political eontrac Urs to pay to poor men, la te ef rio. Kn ployers who hare as mtiihas they can da to lir, with tho strides t care and economy in their luatne, may m ke the lt l.arjtln (hey can fur laW. Bat It la a tliama fur men with their arms into ll. city treasury to tho houidar,to hile fr a few cei.ts off the wa'S of the Tory men whoe rotea heto jVen ll-m all they are worth, and will U relinj on fr the like important sen ice at txtif su costive lection. I. ir atwa, W alluded yesterday to the Impotence of the national govifntrient, under existing Uw, .lateifere with the independent commrrciil or cither arrangements which any state may sea fit to make for itaolf, aad which serrn aoutbirn sjUU hare already undertaken to make. There U no poeaild wey at preeent, to proreiit the lntporUtlea of foreign goods at low dullna, to any extent, through the ports of the revolted aUtea, and their dlalribulion thence over Hie whole ceantr-. thus extinguishing the rorenue of tho government and destroying lawful com tnaroe, Aay attempt to collect tho dutlua on shipboard, would be etaded by claiming th right to warehouse the goods. Tboro la no au thetiiy for cloning rontaroariouA porta. It aooms M ha lapoaeible to carry on the got ernment, or I feeeiie ear lawful commerce from I udden ex tlnctiea, wlthoat speedy Ugtalation on this abject, by an extra aeeaiea of Congrcaa. It it g aerally thought eelf-ertdtnt, thertfore, that an antra leas on mutt aoea lx callod. rajcMDturr Likcolii yesterday nominated t the United StaUi Senate, Thomas Oonwcs, ef Ohio, aa Uiniater to Mexico, and Ciisius U.CutT, of Kentucky, aaMiniater to Spatn. la tho preeeat distracted stato of our country, and Um almoat openly arewed design of tl;J Soathera rerolutionista to invade aul annex Mexicea prorlnces for the axtonaion of ala cry, the Viaeioa to Mexiee assumes a character of tho very highest Importaae. It is sll Impor tant to us. In our future dealings with the so ceding atates or with an catabliahod Southern Confederacy, that Mexico aad the Unitaltatca tbenld be on the beat and firmest terms of friendship, and rrenartd, if noceaaary, to act cef ilally la concert. Mr. Couwia Is an able man, and ha hil much and varied experience hi public life. 11) was formerly a Whig, and waa Secretary of tho Treaaury under Mr. Kiu.mork. be wt one of the moit earwet oppiu tits of thn Mexi cut War, will recomaiood him to tho tiuvern ment and people of Mexico. Mr. Cut's nomination to the Spanish M 4oa muat bo accrptaHlo to Spain, ai ho b.ii Alayaoaedrilibustcrngepi'litlonaainit Cuba. The Senate, without doubt, will con turn both nomiuallons. rhr Fort aaa tor tela be lrnnted f Ucueral fkorr's statement to tho Cabinet, that the evacuatian of Fort Sumter, U a nut ter of military necesaity, Is said to bo fjundod npoaan elaborate rt port of Gcmral Tum'M, Chief Engineer uf the Engineering llun-au, to the (fleet that a regular sorieiof well cjnstruct od fortlficatlond, bare hen erode I aronnd Fort Sumter, completely enc'nling It, so th it very Urge land fvco would lo requirnl to eilenoe their fire, if vaovji lib rtluforccinenta were scei In the harlxr. And dispatcher frrm WacLIngton ft j!c Hi it Cpa'a VaaP. eftheeaTr, wlio lui HuJa a raeiai exmuiai ea of the cucuwhuuc, roiir4 that II woaldlMliopiwaiUeai eelltor aupiiHaa by water, ll&oul e oojtdrftbie sec tmonniiiMut cl -war Tfaaa. lokop up reutilrl attv'lt unm aba bo tile f nit. wui1 a irr or tu should be saaaiM tu way to lh wrr a jh. llaaibetaicutiia of mkir p'n wndd reyiir moit t'tn for tbe irokiinn of ti thai tmw re fnalf,h f-we Ainana are htalll la mini um il wsahictoi'p'cviaioD Hchvi pro rA-llniUjI akiata'aiuiMHo't nwtriiy i'li- uuUHLam.i u wie ruaa.lDf witbtn a f Wtve a. e .lire etbtua Ion. Ua4rrtleMetrciimt ntu u I (m ruiartard, thntul tl oit ap( ilwi, ty o otdar reoa'twot the (al'aat band, w o, fur a nisuv S4Uwe WMWttia, bavi warM aba ataia and etiljae la tba taee a aael of miton. Tn return of the New Tlsmpehlre eloctlon yesterday Indicate the aoeeeae of the KepublL caa ticket 103 towns grrea 3,77 ma jority for rlaaar, Bepahlican, for Governor. Luiuof a'i majority In the state was 0.131. Saw Moaic. Jenx 0. Daly, 419 Grind Mr a, tn Jnrt aaVlabad tbe Irlak D.iada quadrille," dadietted to Cl. Coa-oata and Lla Btgiaaeiat, the (Wu , a) ' 8 irjrU," " l'lyaway," aad rrolio " Falkaa, aad ballads, "11 .Natl re JLafadV aad " Tbe Dear IiWb Boy." Wotnao Meb'i Mitrriwu. Thus far tbeee meettas rare beea well attended. Man and 1 la their working alteesee spend aa aveulng aotstlsr to great profit. Te object of ths orlglni lor wee to ceodnie amnaement wllh Instruction, which, ee Car, haa Uea dene admirably. Ous of these meetings occur tkla 1 vrnlcg In tbe lecture. loeva, evmar ef F. loos aad Mtrtoa atreeta another aa Thursday evealng, oa lat street, between 1st audtd arsBuas, aad aootbar on Friday evening, 1 corner ef Meat and Houston streets. Pi sous wlsk-It-g aa evtoing's eoteitnlameol, of aa linpiovlng chancier, without cow, will do well to attend. Cbl'draa are not admitted, udeas acjemptnled by heir aareau. TJAJKjrj l!( Ilonoa or Grx. Dix. A Vjody f gatlecoa, beade't by ex-Ooieroor Flail, vlaiUd the reeldeno of tbe lion. Joua A. Dn, yM. arday nvotnlag, taodarlsg bim an InvittUuu to a jiuliile kauquet. In aponclakon of bla juttrwilc course duriag his oonLeeaUm with tbe edmlulatra tloa of ex Freeld nl eoaAaaa. Mr Dn recelred tti deputation tuneeaa)y, but deferred a ra.ily tut a fcw days. Il was datsriuload to leave tke las ef tke entertaUroent to suit Mr. Pit. Th Joist Coin -nltus of th Cammsn Council snettodyatBOolattcCltyIIaU, lo decide fa wket meaner tb retpeel of ths city shell be ten lfd toatr.Pta. THE LATEST NEWS. my TBUKKin to a r. aw. XXXVUth tX)J(flRK"-le-U. Xt I A SK8I10. VmUfittnn Mnrrk 12. The .Senate took up W. Fnvii(Ct) reemuUim for the exputai-a of Mr WwAiiiweenoiiiwal'mof It' ! (It I) it, l 'her with Mr. Cttaoaaa'aCN O.I aulXiluU, waa rt'arred to iae Judiciary eommll'. M' TctmuPU fPI )fnmttieJndtrUrycomroite, lo whom wa rafirM Mr. Moi-a (V ) r inulna aSu Caxi ani gn'a i nrvdhark ter tntiiitu with Ibe ree'tninifodaan tnel it tie p mv poaadliU l-e IHtl Mmttavln Ii iib-r, which aee:riodtj. 1 be o le.ltu e dem II munn to nrdr rnyrnrnt at this lime. Tte ttiiaM went Into executive aewdsn and after wuda ajouit.M. (.TATB I.KilIJtri'Ul'.-eieiiat. AVort, itntth 12 Mr l.twncirr pri eoloi! at!noB Meet of) p .llo of iBeUauery for f-rry .n'ia. Mr. (jaT ei.ll the nrtly report fm . the but I'iUoii tn.ri le In for of toe oompla ami enlr(iiint i f the Antiura TrleMii, euimf I' at te dlwetitwl tnernfmaa M'. llon mini a 1 nailmvia riwi frim lie JianlsTj OtomlH , b taa Bitate la wilt out a lot alia ammiiUd 1'rfwldnit tunp-ire and ibatue appolimd dua tot bold otr Mr. llauaoan fiu nrnvid. tbat lln. N Lirnta be aioiniet rreMt o toinera. Laid oa toe tftt.le 1tr the pent. Mr .1 M'l.mnwrarnr bronsbt In a bill in cda Jiitiiwlirttim tt tee tnivt R'ai ot eertein Ise'U en the Miu1B It tar to l neouplel fur llbt kiuae puiyoaae. im.i rirt. To laro'Torate the New YJik K:'Mlo Asncl liim. Tu IpeorpoUi the Q n IJ t'litr a itloua Ft tax. A tail lr Mr luu v bold tranln aswlina WMlrstt jlrii' II A nt!i-n lij Mr Ot vt, li arp"'!"! a eowm.t'ea cf tatea ai anwiife ani c atftfy general ord-r fe the puipoae of eaoeaUinv bunnem, wat laid oa lae ItC irolttea of lVWK',l'ua Wluwlnj bill wrtinroaiel tia tbtiJ teMllba; : To tTMftl tin nt u'liiii reMlve It neaVrred osiimk In Ihefjouit of AfjwJa and the 0upreme tnit. Cnatli g the fffloenf f ! imtlnner o' 1,'inwv. To ati tit ike plan of ls,w Vk almira I JMi BlT'lt. T't lncTrat tl.e Nttloual llina Sbow lv itatiou tn Bnitnc Aa 'Viblj, Onn.Mlrmnf Mr. Ilianu, ti'e bill bt anient lbs rei a iHitriM-tiff ibe ooti-inirtt m of a rt'od tn tfi kln aed tbe ton of Nw I. Aa we raorad forward i tie reMrtoii eon ,it4. Tb Mile H uiriul the Kh'knbnckar I.'fa II am anon (h'tnpajir CI arlnr. einl 1 1 anood la -t to lii villa for II e pale of Uuda fur unlt tBeta Teeto)irfter tTouiit, were alao ordered t-i be re ludouiip!ote. itrua ra-am. In aditltlnu ih ar.d kracndury of, th art to en tbortre the pnymentuf teiUIn cbuiua axauiat Iba Cif nt In alj To amend the Charter ef tVNew York and Fluah irtt lltllrwwt CJontiaLy. Kr tbe relief of the Nw York State Inebriate Asylum, and for other purp a-a. At li M , Mr. Uajiiiwrr iutru)oeI a reeolullon, rapretaloff drep ejieplhf of the lima In the IxreBTMnent auffetnl 17 Han l.ooiu Rnninao. of I baajiuiif. In tbe lore or kia wife, who died tkle n.oniloK, al three o'clock, at tbe Dalavaa fli affr tm dara' alrkreaa. Tbe House Immediately took ariorea till aavea I'dork this sraaing. Piam tVaahlnatoau Washington, March 12. It la koown that the lutaallaaoftbal'realdent la to firat 111 tbe vacaa dee which exist, and wbloh mint be tiled during Iba preaeal session ef Ike enata.KXMplInf taa few iuaaaacea, other eppolnlaieDU will be deferred un til Ik la la dene, lathe BMeawille, applicants ere required to file their pipers In tke proper depart ment. Commodore Btswait, Jimt before the eloee of tbe law Administration, returned to Secretary Tmrat kle eommlanon aa Beo Uir riag Captain of Ike Ma, dated tn IV, a ,tp wklih he contemplaled shortly after tbepaae age of the aot which conferred this Dik of dlatlna linn u-on him. Vklle Com. Bran-lav hlgklj appreclaledtkefrlead 1 feellDgs wklah aapertadused Ibis expression of national esteem, ke looked upon It aa luSanded to ameliorate the wrong Inflicted upon him by tbe Naval Board, but II eeeme ha predsra that, Irrespectlvs ot tke Congreeafooal resolve, hla dlatlngulshed aervlcea te his osunlry shall be his lot de'race. lhe afBcera cf tbe Army met at the War Depart 11 ent at roon today, and la cnopanr witk Idaut Cen. BflT and 8eTTary Cauitao, noeedsd to IbeWbltult uve, and fornially paid their respects 1 1 tbe rrealdrut. Tke riealdent tod ij aom'nited to the Ban tie CAiaica M. O t at talulrter to Hpaln, andTuoiiaa Cetvi w mlnleler to Mei.oo. Tbe latter laooaal det sd tbe mtrnt Important mlmlon undrr the (1 Jvcra aieiitalthla lime, considering the terriloilal 01 pajubn qi.catiou,aa conae ted with tbe confederate atoe. Tke Treit'ent a'soanmlca'sd AuoeTui-a, nf New ltemi In, an Naval tiiuVer, al Iba perl ot II nttoa 1 Wnaiii riuiLH-a, col'eitiTal Stlrm. Mass., aad liriTB llo uia. as Consul tlneral al fraukibrt ou Iks Mtln. lie ouly nominations uaifirme.1 totay wars Ibneof Ai-uinan Wnu-va, DUtibl JuJe of Kan aa end Wu. r Dili, UomiuUdwer of lodiaa AOalis, Uth of Jlllxula Tbe i.ciiiikallnua, irclullug that ef Mr, I HTirJoii.s, if hew Vik,a Uoium! to L'strjioul, were rtfvrrad to the appnprlale commllleee. Jl 1 as Ti l'i"i represitiia tb'.l the statement tkat La waa c o,K-ral ug with ottiore for the election of Mr. Ulai iy, of Ublo, for tbe L'ulted tluiei Senate, It untrue, Ii, ilry Kt tie pnpor quarter warrants tka aa- Jlun Hat no eider bus vtt Uea laaued for the 1 vacuatlon cf Tort Sun tor. Ceo. ltiLHiai.TM, CWlaf Cleik in tbe Treaaary epartcitu, uudir Mr. Cosmv, today entered teaiporailly on the dutbargeif the dutleaas Aa-b-lanl8 iitnrnLip, al Mr Cunt's rsqusit Mr. Koimax its retunod to bla former position Hi Chief Clerk. (Irnri.t U llAKkx, of Albany, New Yoik, hat 1 euappoliitrdtottioditbu'eliig clmkalilp la Ike fate IVpailrueiit, vice gTViina, removed. The MuhhI1 a ilhorttlea of IhU elly, lo-day reieoted to 8 ualor Cuitskoin, a copy of the Irl leeolutlon lu Inspect tt hlai, adopttd hy the It ty Councils. In acknow'ed(Ing the botor, be i id, I'lelbs should 11 tire ftom the toll of publlo le, with firm conndince Its'. Iks nation would soon n ne out of lu etrttf glai, and be able te look back .lb a Ihil.l of )oj upon the daogere which had - mcutcd tuetn mere firmly tegetoer, and which I id niade thtin a htpj, peaceful aad glorloua up'.a. Tbe Court Mttlal for the trial of Comrnod wa . avuTSoii , w.a ornUd to lay, with the eelee I ia if C irumodsie RniwAirr aa rrealdeut. A It io! t prttalla 1U1I the uomlnatlon of Mr, t urrrntN, te au piy the vsmucj In the Supreme I curt, la now proliib e, If not ceita'a. Weal the Ouiedvret Butte Onmtaaloaere bars Ceoe ee far haa batu U aa Informal manner and In the dlnciloa ef peeoa. benator LiTuaw baa anecreded In gettleg a trl a eekly mall aerviee of four hone ooavbea fiom Baa rrancUoo to Lea Aognloa, with a weekly eervlae to f in Diego, A oentract Is alao closed for tke reme- al of BcrrasniLD & Co. to the central roate, with , uhn, ,, pUcervlU. Cl la six It nda-a daily, (Sundays laeludedj ahu, a Tony t.tpmt three times per week la eight daye, the aeivlcet) commence a early aa Ik loth of Jan, ranator Laiu-iu bad lbs coutrM signed today aad I le oveiland oommunicatlon to dlaeoatlaue till the 1 ttablbbuieat uf Iba cvatial eervire aa above. Blenh-lpal Ftra-ttoaa. Hangar, March 1'.'. At the municipal elec lon yei-teKtay, Iauan Bvrrana, KaouWicen, waa re-eUcied Major by itO majority, Sjtacu.'r, March 12. At the chuter election beu here today lhe H-pulHluana eleck4 lai entire Utytiiket, andsixuulcfelgbt Bupervlnors. Toe Itosrd kf Aldsncau aUs'ls 1 Kipuklicana, 4, Democrats, 4. L-l yte U waa 0 Ufubllcauaand J liamcarau. floater Crlilcadra. i'lU'on, Manh 12. Senator CniTTFSDXt hw aaate. tbe luviUttou of the Uily U -vernuuut, and will valt lloaton tome Ituie mat week, Mr. Can Tsai.ui wui aocouipwy bim. Mew Jen llelatar). rrrafon, Afun 12. Tb Minmeuth and D'lilUgton Raiirwl tall, f.TMj blbCie W ,lilD C,p14 Ud7i Pttnltniseabavs agreed to adwurt fiedJoa rouiedsy nut. Fraae Teoraa. I IfnK Otltmt, March 12. Texts advice re calved here etau that Ike troops bmerly stationed al Camp Kloggotd, had arrived at Fort Drowns, on their way te the eaaat. The eteaeeer Daniel Webster waa oulalde th baabor of tlreeo, waiting to transport tk federal tmree to New YoHt. It 1 repnrtad tkst lira Tea ana were sVtlonad at III Orande ctlyi sod rt-snf orotments were sttU sr-Itvlnf. Ths Ool'rctor of CuVnis for lb district of Itra. roe, bad ira'ft'ed his tfTice under tbe I'altel Hiaiee, aad than resumed lhe du.karga of tke came duties under the BUI antlinrlty. C J. I'osri wta at Dmanevllle (!-a. Mol.ton waa In onmiLBod at Draioa, and Uea, Mioiiouj at Polnl 111. 7 be Me flawipahlrr Octlon. Coa.-or.I, iurr 12. It eloctlon to-lay ca'IfA out almui to tiaual vote. Navnamat. K. Iliaav waaupinitdhy tke K-p'tl.lii sim for O iv eiaer, ano lmii Btaaa by lue Oeolloo. Tares aiinbe-e of t itfte were a'a vt ted fir. The vote id Concord was Usaar, 1.U1 1 Btlas, M'srheatev.. pfsr, 1 Uf Brtat,f;. Naahna-liranv '.1 1 Kraaa. Miii Taitnt int wwne t nof'r lltaar, 11 3 V , fi Bvtsa. tOtWi 1 acntierlnir. 41 Tbe leettlt in I'orlamouta la Urate "21, grtaa Til. lor CVairre Masavon, Kp. Till Mis' T, D'-n. 74I, p-wiof tailr iratiioer lalyearloV. II p m - IV! towae foot up ltsimv tl.'W, Bt'ls 1011. In; It 1 uMireos era elei-tad to IV f.-ff'slU'i-e In the ti wt.s tint from, and 34 Il-m crla Tna voeelre7 tec laid 11 ilioMee amJ-Hty f ir Braav littn R.frio lo Itt Hr.rtaa, It for Congima, In the ?! HisiiUt, will leieive fiom Hiw an 1,(M nir-y Ad lie II puVloan eandMttee for Cirffw are elrikd . four id w e five OutMi.lote aud algtit or niue cf tbetwa'.re 3iiaaia Ithade lelead I'ellilre. TVimA irt-e, Maid 1?. 'lb Denncratlo end Ceraittuitorial t'biori C4ieitn.a in tb t:atern IMikl Wdy, nKiilnat tVa P. Busiririn, of Neeje it, for Can m Ti e i'ietitiilionl t iton forviitinn of the tVeern I) einol noiainftta-l (IMaisA Itaowiaif tllmioenter,aboia the Utuii crate baa P i -oiia niiouiied. TJralolft 4'wnveailUa. fir.mnd, Murrh 12. Mr, Htrvvtxn today tmrie a i-wel(nl eaee. b. ahonirtt tbe tally of n,a I'g an Old imioecf iriea-lonfor reieretre, lodiv de tbe pe pie. He eeld VoK'nla ounnl firslloorn msLd ifeat a on ail aide, then t eall a Border 8 e Con eilrfe w'lb the -re iiooeiiif-naas aa ircaiit aNe lata of djiieUoafil, Ire c iiveollon ai a.lj mm 1 ver to aail Ilia, ria'ut He ei reeed fu'l couU- da ee lo ILe evrntual rtht-iielion of the I ufoa. naeearhnartle f sabdalarw ,'oifr, Afiir, , 12 'lhe lloiiao tuxlay ordor. et Ion thud red ig lhe 1,111 mMjfyln the Pars m al I.liieny law wblis nrent) itaacd taa BDuate, VoieC3,H4 Thr rrniyivenba Mreelenkta). Iftmiiburf, Morch VI Tiiore are tliirty-enn nonai.eee 111 tne Il'iuae ter M' Causaos's vai an-y The pilni'pal on.i are V II Aannrsoio. of ,v enraiugi iHoaaa Win una, of Allegheny 1 V. V. Krronaa el l.oriM Daviii Wiijs v.of ll-aeford; liiaoMta kitvare l l.ancaater and M btob Mt M ion Am, uf tfitlada'piie. Tbe L-glalalure baa btedTuuiaday nail for the eleitlun. avfeTtla of tho stu ! Tewce. PfJrnnl.mff, A'. I'., JforrA 12. Th St. I.sw reece Is eJier of Ice. Tbs e4am ferry boats com menced rigiilar tiips Ueweea this pbvoe and PresouM today. Maria Pte . KmfM, March 12 The ahia Victory, which weeitaebotana Cuntluck on Friday, want taplwreonHalurday lntheatormi ahlp e-t cargo a total loee. Bdwuoer Thee. K ITetl la aaher off Cwiltuck. OvlaUoe of tbe Freaa. Ths sotldpaled evacuation of Fort luaater Is Iks lmdlag theeae la tb city aad out of Ijwo Jouraala. Tk ITorU deelaree that suck a proeaedlng would kedlataaterol to every taanof spirit, but If (Jen. Boert and the other military advbaars of the admin istration aay that the goverumsal cannot, with tke I mesaa al it dlepoaal, undertake to autngtbeo Ma jor Aanraeoa with aay Ukeliho d of euoceaa, II must give orders fur the evacuation, however pain ful and htiaalllatlng. Mr. Ijeoot.s'i Bdmlnlstratlnn Is net l- be I lamed because II eaLnnt turnback the bsnds oa ths d.ak plate, and deal wttk this queetion aa tl might and euhl te have been dealt with four laoataa ago. Tbe Tinux gtvea a hlsliry of tba Fert Buster oc oupatloa, aad rrgirda the relnfonemeal of lhe Feit now aa Impracticable, with the means al ths command of tbe Prealdsul. Aud one of the quae tlese which It prnpenea to the new administration, lacouneellon w.lktbe reinforcing of Major Annex eon, lai In IhU iitieily hopeleaa enterprise shall II pr lil tate a coi rlnij the Cop lot able reaulta of which will be not ouly ine ltdiuiila! ud ai-lal tula of thia iet,eiaitnn, I in an inksrltanca of bud and blood ahed lo lla eucte,onf Tbe TiUmnf f.v.ts lbs retmlbm ef the Foil and tke call cf aa extra teeaii n of Congress, to cloths the Pie-ldrat with stub sddltional ptwsts aa may t rti,u red to enable bun to d.Ieod the rights aud bimoi of Iks country. 11 adds : Tor lbs surretdrf a noat bv tba new A-lmlnle. tratioo, iwfore it baa hen a f irtuighl In power, wbtch the on'gnlng Attn nlairatinn, will all tut InUoiliiy su'l pusillanimity, itlased in hold'itar. Is s sot walch caorot fail te have iunHt laaaert aulcotaHqamKia. H la, to begin with, au ace knowledguiant id Ine defeat uf lae I'ed, ral (lovem maul, and teed ctrtnaanumitioed lu Mr LteoiiN'a Inaugutat la found lo be sot liable on tbe v-ry ftisl trial. It la aa acknoa)lMlgrent that the I'tifon Is utterly itlsan ed et all iwwobtlily of rscouatruo tlnn, txeapt I y the mont abject conceaalona. Tie I'Told thinks that uuder all lbs clrcnm stai Civ, Frealdeut I.inooi n has no a'.larndlv but leabaidontba Kit. The Cvmiiiernol .1 eri-rfi t re -ennaenda thtl If the Praaldei I deride to aiirrrtier Fori 0 (inter to tl a levulutloii'ata, be shall Immediately call an 1 aire srselou of CorgretiB. That ntsaanrre niy 1 proininMy taken licall a lonira.Uou ef lhe peoiilv f r the oil p Me of aikrktw lietrg the in tiiei deuce of the Confederate t 8 akaarN'tth Aurt,a,'' be tbey seven, ten 01 fir. I. en, so thai a tierpetual end may ba pji 10 the dia- ikuicca to wk cj the c luuliy baa bea Bubjacled. tVehatt nobra ttion Id aayingthat tho recogut ti' n oftht 8 tiiihern Uocfideiaoy ahetild not be de layidaeay longer than can te helped after once lit! Hnanter le eu'rrndarad to It. VTnen MtJ'r AaeakkoNittrewta from I tat fortrcea. It will ba irr viuaby g-aa from Ibe IkImsI government of the t'ttl'ed Hum. Nl 'ciedname that It, or any ether foil will le tkin afiar Ibal Tba proud motto, 1. betty ard 1 uloa, now and for ever, one end tn eeraraUa' will ceeae to be ou-s. aud the t'olon It self, wetibdt d In tbe house of Ita professed frienda, will be ok en i f wllh regie and tkougbl f with a alga aa a thing ouly of the paat. The Philadelphia Xtsrsays Ihst, viewed as a measure of conciliation, and hot aa a caafeeelon of wiaknsaa, Iks withdrawal of tk ao'dleis from ll Sumter may bars god iffect In qulstlng aeo licnal eadteiaeut. Ths N ntb meriwn says 1 Foil Sumter le now a symbol of trailed S la tea eutborltj la Ibe South, peaceful, 00 earful, and lantfijtnl. To abend II la ki give traltursewty for eur derlructlen aa well aa tbetr own, and ao n.alataln it by a oontosl of much magnitude, le to eidargev the atilrude of the I'nind Blalaa eutbor. liy to the South. Veaeeda at this Part. In compliance with th request of numeroui pilots, and of others interested, we give Uv following Hut of vessels due and expected to strive at this port, from Great Britain and th North of Europe 1 Admiral, BbrTasa. Havre, Jan. tTlh. Aahbi -.n Braolab, I.lvereool, Feb. It. American fnoo lluonant. Ltvetp vU Feb, 1, Anogsac., 11,,'dea, the ciyse Feb. la. Atnaa, llaitleu, ua C.jee, Feb. 8, Alida,Baiker. tbe Cyde, Veb 8. Annie Maria, Dregs, o. N.wi-orl, Acme. Haley, CaiaiOT Jan 20. Asia, Ilusini, Ablwei i and r luablng, Fsb, 8, Arctic, Terrga, LUrp-l, Jan. St. B tadu-ee. Coultbald, Olaagow, Feb. I. IlsltlcGrimtrg, Antasrpsud Flushing; Fsb, 8, ateiiln. , Arnwerp. Havarte, Vfooet, Havre. Ball e. Triega. l verruol, J in. tTtk Ilelle Wood. B'tab L'veipool.Dea 1A. B'u Jatket N-wall, Pec. IS. Coi cumeni, Titwie, Ardioaaau, De. v, Coluabua, Hasall, Ceidlff, Fed 9. Carol via Magnus, Ashley, Londcn sod ileal, Feb It. Oil A'aaua, Hills, nam. Diana, Iseltme, lluWia, Feb. 19. Dr. Baitk, Mier. Unhavea, Fab 9. Due Cogtatl, (i tas. Antwerp and Fluahirg, Feb. 10. David Iloedlfy. Porta r, L'peol, Feb. 10. Doru, l'rilaa, Sunderland, Deo. fo. Kviaa, B-aulien, Ilreoaen Feo. T. Fmi Ire B'ate, II lg(s. L'pool. K HamllioB llaidlng, Aatwlrp. K Buckley, K ea, Antwerp lb T, !.(,., rb 13 Feterrtae, Mtlawa, Heeie.Frb 0, Kscelaior. 811, 1,'pool, Feb. , Kii avald. rv l- f .....J 1 F. W. Brum. aUldaTalaraaltiM. Oraat Weatera, Perber, lpoot, Feb. 10 Otevf Me daw, B4Maa , Itswneetls Feb. t. O.T1 Lmer, BracHar, Qraveeead, Feb. 1. O. Item!, Ceppool, L'poel and laie of Wight, Feb.. Oeorg Dnrkea, Dm-ke, Oreenoeh, Feb. I. Oiakams Felly, Norton, Fluehlag, Fsb, I. Ilaleoe, , Bremen, Feb. 7. Helvetia, ni1 a. Ileal, rb 8. llalene,Chnetiae, Ixwte, Neweaetle, Fsb. 4. Harpawell, Coltoa, Brtaiol, Jaa. 1C. lavlartble, lUsbiira, L'poel, I'eb, 19. .1 Oidfrey, Cla.V,,lsb.lJ. daises llnvej, Kear, VfnuL Jeanne ne, runic. Ardnaaao, Feb. t. Java, , f .reanoi h. J' hn r'jf Lutber. Oreerweh. Feb. . Jer b A . e'areier, Young, Imdon. J W. Paine, O'lim'n, llremeu, Jan. W. Jaae InggeM. I,mlrt, areennrb, Feb. 5. Ixmui Nipoleon, Heilieg, IInbu, Feb. II. Imdnn, llorlloii.loo'loo and Pjriamtuth,l'eb. J. My and Aite'e, C aueoe, Ante-arp. MIOdleaex, Pat male, Liverpool, Utenuty, IVeiuh.IItvre . Margvtit I.rana, Btlnaon, Loalon anJ D'i M. N ittebim, I.amb, tlviirpoil, Jan. J". Ho timer l.ltbiglon. Bimpem. Uvr Jan. S. Mai ILa V ur yard, Weet, (.raen h. I u . f M.ryarH Ami. Ilan'y, nnl vlawota. Nailiaial flnard, O , Antwerp. ll)e,ClaiiM. Ai4evp., l.ird, I.don and Ora,1, "el. I. Plrmnuth Kk, llemmon'). P me-noul'i, Ir'eO. . Q iem of the Iee C yea, KeO I. j ipen Victoria. Ni' 'son, Niwoistle. Oilikitep, Wado, I. nd. a. It cl mond, Clark, It rbelle Feb 11 Itwabe, II ves, llnoeaov. ,'n. II. llHreat, Yiiog, Ardrotaaa, I. tl. Kliejoeid, Knipp. M11I n, I. vvpo'. reb. la. fnirrrkir, Haul. Lon'leoai D-al, F-h.4. n Fiower, Taylor. I . il. T. - H V (lrant,llin V'ey, f. verpoil, Jan. ST. H'r of toe Went, M i-i m, I. vjol, Jan. 16. I ameilaon. rtome., I'.vre, Feli.f. tH la, CUfV , N'swi-a-t. Vt r Keenndy, Di-'-""- '"- '" 1 tnrU, Anilaieoe I. nd'n. VI' I nne ,lme, P-rdenut, Jaa. II. Win. Tel, llonnf. II .vie Waablniffm, Mi I.iidm and !!, t b. t. Wl.1 I'nim C ild, l.'terpiel. Jll.I,, Welk imioen, at "brlrg. ri-iwa v, Jan, 1. tVal are. I.ine. I.lvariewii, Jaa 1. Yoiklowa, Criaby, (.ood'tn. i;iTY NEWS. OMisAvr rrtit TtA. The schooner Maty r. Iludaon eai'e-1 yeeterday fIJth) for Fort beriargooinialetaof caa" aad provl slims, wllib sbstieik In from Ooremot'e Iilsnd. Tbeiebieiso load ug, al Cleveinovs Ii.ndd.k, lhe s l.t ever Maiy Poller, ahe aid Uks provisleaj udora.e?s to I art Jifforaoa. Tim I)it CtitTai" of lhe Sixth Ward have turned otil In a atrike for Untr orlglaal nrlce, 1J ri-ater load -Mr. ItaiKi rr having reduced tke price to 16 cent. Ihelaoorug n.enoujbleuredly lo have a ilr rtinuneratlon eut of a contrail aa fat as tkat recea.lly aaarded fir slrwl aweeping, and tke cartinen of II e f.ib Ward rr rievt lhair netkbera In lie aan.e line out to Interfere In tbe cuulrovetsy agabul them. AttM i-or Vinointt. 'Ibe steaater Jame tewn aatle.1 for N .rfolk yeeterday afternoon, wllk a large conalgnment if cueing Inxee, ga ear tlaea, and ntber munltlona of war on board. The gnnoanlagee were for Oil. IttBteii 1-11, of Vir ginia. Tbe guna for which tbey were built were manufactured al Ctld Bering, and ahlpped ssrsral daja alnce. AieoTHra MraTtmiic Vot auk. The U. S. steamship Star of the Weal sailed yeeterday after noon, froan Pier , f "A of Wsrrsa as., at about 4 o'clock. Iltr deattnation waa not made public, not aren tbe baada who ahlppad on board kneeing where they were going. Fir tkla reason, muek difficulty was experienced In gelling her full com pliment of man. Tee lading consisted of coal aad provisions. DBiiBXTivaWil.LU!. On application uf Wiiajausoii's ooiiuel, wko wish ed to croaa-eiamlae Siiparlntandenl Ksessov, th case was reopened yesterday, and Ik examlnatiea will be continued oa Friday. Linn. St rr niroRK A SBxairr'a Jrar-Some tme ago tke Evening fUf bad aa article, etating that It waa rumored thai lha plalaUff, (J ma Kuia,) was quite too lmimate with a young lady belonging to theorem elreet M. K. church. Babaiqueally the Vf reti acted the publication, but the plalnttfl llng acbus lsadar la tho church, mail nseds bring Us eatlon for 1111. The defendant (Mr. Ilarisr.) put In no answer, and of c our re, Ibe da-nagee we-e lift for aeaetament by a BheilfTe Jury. Taejury a-ter bearing tbe facts now gave the p'alntlfTilu damage. RlSir.NATIOS K DtJTRHT AlTORSgr Ktblac vsi T -Judge Rn.STSi r, t , 8. D strict Attorney for this dialrlst, ymUrdsy rwlgncd his poslilun. A roar Ornci nonnt.a Prmcritii. Sine ths sppouAment of Mr, Tavlob sa Pjstmaater Bor stal laluta bars len ndaaed, suppited to have been ab.lne.-Ud hum the OlUce. Occurring al loug Intuva'a and amitg all cUiee of letters, It waa iHUnu'.t to fasten upm any one clerk, aa guilty. 1 Inally ttteutlcn was drawn to the potteia, wko unloik the baga, and on Moxdey oca of that claae, named Couuxaa, waa ob aerved eacreilng a Bmall package In au old eboe. Me wat al orce takeu aside, and tbe lettere were found In but poeaesaion, Tbe package recovered waa from the South, and c.ulalned remillancM to sc trial tanking houses, Kttala KritLV Fi'.xn. Tbe Treatnrer rc pmU"rrcelt for the week endlrg Merck ttth amoui ticg to the sum uf i ),tV0 1. Ptraons dcelrotis of contributing small sunis to Iks Kansas Ivulief l'uul, aud coui'dning lhair elTarl With Inatrml'on ai.d amusement, may procure tii Alia- ofeJutlaatou to Hiiuusi'A Mieeuu.for 2e crnta etch, at Ike bt a oflke. Tbead ticket are tke gift of Mr lUsic J to Ibe Committee. C'tlVlMl.'lOxrR'tOl roin-i.. At the soeslon be'.d jivleidiy, tl.e fullowiug pusons errs ep pointed patrrlmrn: Daain. Absoiji, II. C. Van llaaei 14-b l'.i 1ml , Jon BarBi in, 7th Pcecutci 1 Joua W tiiiisa, IIIU Prcolncl. Joua CitlT'a, Sid Frtvlutt. IkiAun it Strmt.soiu. At tho ropular meeting yeeterday, a comruun otllon wat received from lhe Distrltt Attorney Informing thens that the l.agtabaiue hnd paaaed a law emjtowering them lo hire rotma for Ibe Criminal Conrli. If aufllsU ent accomniotatlou CJula be prtcurod, laru Courts of 8 -lions coa'd be held Li it mouth. Bafsrrad to Ike committee ou Criminal Courte. The Comptroller eeul a atelemeu ef moneye la the County Trraauiy. The Balance Feb. 83d waa. .$133,3113 13 Uecsipte elooe 4.3Ui i $n;,ici m . ii,lT. 4 Payments. Balan. . XM,M9M

A cmmunlcallca was received from the Counsel to the tjo'foiation. In answer to the resolution la-aank-ting htm te have Judgasiauobtelaed by lb Factae Conuniealeaeia agauist liqutr dealers vs sated. He as) a be haa no such power, but he thinks the Kolse Commbailoners oaa hivs Ihsm vasatrd. He, however, adds thai Ike discharging of judgroettta by teem would be t regarded ea a breach uf their duly aa t treat as publlo smosrs." A large Bomber of a 11 bills ware ordersd paid, Includlcg advertising bill, amounting to about $S.0ii). TteBeud adjourned to Tuesday aaxt, I-Ire, Iaqaeata, ArcMeeiU, tie. Kirk im M'ii 2Utu Streit. A few min utes before I o'Uock yesterday aftenoeu, a trlfllag fir occurred la th buUdlug, No. 821 and 813 Weal tGih street, occupied by BosaaT Mixcaxa & Bao , manuuwtureis of oval IrantM. liittAwAT AociugiiT. Ms. Jos. CitoRcn nxu, of HanhattaavUle, aad a Mr. Jas, Boon, war driving up Broadway, on Monday, sod when near 90th aired, ihslr boras took fright, and ran away. II ilh gentlemen were thrown to lae pave meat aud at vara y Injured. Tney war oooveyed to their reapvcalv reeldeacm by the polloe. Fatal Fall Coroner 0'Kkric, held aa laquent oa Tuesday, upm th body of MioaAH, Vfautn, a nallvs of Inland, tl) year of age, who died from a frautur of the ekull, by falling dowa a flight of stairs al his ieldaoe, M a. Hi Sullivan street. D.vsaaed waia poteralln 11 m lUuas. A veidkM of "accidental deala" waa raadeeed. UcRsm to Diath, Maut AxiMcnritr, a child I years of age, eras burned to death ea Tues day, at the rwldacoe of her parents, No 43 Hirull. tan elreot, ty her clot at a catching die dem a gratt, liqueet kday, Folkw Uteailgteaoe, &c Gikl Shot ix Tin How ntr. Aboutl haif iaa eight oVlock last evening, a man named Jaaas Buavi eotertd the cap store if Ulan Dui, loth. ef Me. lltM Be-arv, aad Saab ad late erves axe witk a bey. flvaAVB appearwl U be mtoxlcatead. end said to the tr, ewaer batl boot y-a." drawtag aa old trlstol from hi . Awa Dtr, a daaahtar of the preprlaa , about II aw avf ago. wat Billing tn tbe shop, and oried ut 'doo'l toDk. wket lpoo Bmain, polirtlnf lb pta lai at ber, find. The charge, onnelstlaf of bock hot, lodged la ber neck, and BtBaob threw the Maol dowm. aad flsd lo tie "Ba y Oat-dew" la ger beev saWex wkish Is slluaaad ewar Irt-ra Bt a. Tba 10th Treclnc pollc Brreeted Brtaca, aad locked htm up to aerelt an examination. Tee girl was takea to tbe New York Hospital, and har vtnvte. which are not danrsrotas, wars drssssd by Dr. Roreia. dTXAjis's friend claim that II was sa scrldrat and that be waa fixing th ntatol, and la Jot" so. It em 1 off. A his lefi hand was wouad ad it gives color to lb story, All.rriRti BorinRnT. Gito.CATt.r, ctrpen ter, residing la C ready atreet, was arrested oa Thunder, eha-ged wllh eteallog a wallet contain ing a lltO Mil, from Ike pocket of Mr. Banner. Ill vrl. teeldleg at CI C Inton street, while the lat ter waa taking a nap on a sets al C-atral II al. C an tra atrert, on Monday night Jnsilo Brass c im milted th accused to answer th chart. TiiuCahi or Mr.. Rraarit. Dibt, Jr. Mr. Diar wat arreeted a few days ago, charged v'.lk feloniously taking abiul tltoa, Ths matter has been Invaatl gated beore Justice Oenoana aud reeulted la tbe honorable diaoliuga of Mr. Haxr, tke complaint having ailsen ant of a mlaapprsssu- Bin. Cn.lrviK or nrRortnr. Jottt Krtiv, a German, was arrested yetterday, charged wilk havlnr, nn Minliy nlahl. broken into the deall Ingaf Mr. June Aallasats, at I'jrt Waablngton, and ribbed It of natkln, table cover, btpkla ting, Ac., to lha value of i Tae stolen proper. Iy waa f Hand lo pnaeejMtnn of the Bceueed, end hs wss kaked up by Justice Baowntna. for trial. Drat KIT llO"T A J tMUt two Hoi'aK. On Mondsy eienlng, the 1Mb Ward (allies mads a da stent tn tbe gnmbllig house of Oao. Brxxa, No. 1 Citrton Place, end arreeted the proprietor, together wiuiahonttniity rtbera who we e prewnl Tney a'ao setstd a i itnl ty ' ct-da, cVik. dice. At. Tbe prtaiae s wete lirotiglt tteiere juntos cove 'L IV. who held Bkkbs tii tall tn $ to answer a cbsrse fdkerptr g a gan4lin boiiaa. Several of tbe tsbers warn held In $300 Bach, a witaaases, lbs teat ware dlschsrg d. AtTTMIT Tu Hi l.!t A IlttMirvu, Mat nrw Dovi B. a mteot, 1 t adi, wae arreeted yee terday, cbarge I with atlcrcjtlnglobura ths pre mlaee. N 1 S".i First atarue, ky klad'icg a fire wtih aoree tt es In tbe mid 1 f of s re an hick hs occu pied, WLeo arreevd he was part a Iy tn 'evirate f. Slid li'a w.fe staled that he bed williilly fired the rcont b-raiiea aha le'uatd to nlve btra mmav. II waatiktsi tooouil aul lockel up for further exa-n, fuel ion. I-EUAI. KXltlltrt-TIKtBAT. Sejiperlar Ceart- Jit sruriiaoi C'li .V. I". HMnj dad UlnfOt. rs. Th' 8"jfoien aauratce Ov . Tie do III n la this cava . turned upoa Iks raranlng of Iks word floor, and nol iipei th O't-aber of Iruuiiwaa statwl yeaterdey. Tdb p-tlloy rehired irato le kriton each flair, aad the defeudaate Ciairr'ftd lat thy were not liable, einc no boa waa kept In tse attio. Toe Julgsordstsd the case to be dismissed, aud aa appeal has beea taken. Uautt af lleaeral newelesw. Be'ore Judge MoCunn. The city Judedolitered LU charge to tho Oranil Jury, The Court en arged upon the crowd ed stat ot the City rrbarrn. According to tbe state meal ntade, Ibe number of prisoner In Ike City Frtet n on the lat of January wee 3il, on the 1st of Feb. VtiD, kitd on March let til, amounting to V03 tiriamera. Tne nueaber of prtaenera confined la Ibe city pi laoo, who are to be sent to this C url for trial, arnouLted to 4'A for thrae muatha, bestdss ball cases, aurobenug 211 char fed wllh offenses, msklng tn all C74 prlavmers to be tiled. Felix MeArale waa coavlcted of aaductlon, and remanded un41 Saturday fa- aentam a. Tae cm. pUinsnlCathsrlae 11 intieuy, agitl HI years of age, reetding with ber mother and slater, al Hi Wit al , where la Aninal last, the on" toe wat emamltted under promts of marriage. Tb defendant In the meantlm married another girl, wko waa La Ceart, vary much sfferted by tn scandal. Joseph Gerhard was eeul to Ibe Fealttmllarr for six months for ataaling a walch. Tn defendant, a Uerman who has been tn Ik country stnoe De con.!, committed Ike offence In a c te of uoeaeiv aesd, aad wee let off with light puialahmeaa, th Indtctmeel being fur grand larceny. Jjha B-aler, a boy. waa sent to the II me of Refug far tbe latoeay of prnfniseorr notes far $i(M. William Ballard, accused of the earns offenct, wss dlacharstd. aa II appeared that he had been led stray by the other , ucary wuonx waa Bant to tae reutenttary tor one year, on plea ef forgery In the four degree, a belrg eba-ged witk passing counter tall bills, BROOKLYN. The r.px-xsT Atciriirr 01 nig Lota Iv LAsd RAiutotD. Th inquest in the case of the bojr Fxxrmrx Fsrr, who waa killed some daya aince, by being run ever In Atiantlo street by a train ef tke Long Island Kttln a I Cerapeatv, waa eon eluded before C roner Ilra-roa yeatevday. After tbe examlnatiea ef a few witness, th caee waa euuidmate tbe juryi eix or lbs jurort, Hsttr Cwmi Daniti rtninas Jians K. THonntov, w A. Bnuxr llxaatJ ULaJikaaa and Joua F, Kasvan, agreed upon a vet out to lhe efTei, that lae Rui ned lnpanr waa guilty of neg' rum ng lielrtia'ns from liedlbtd Drpot to Smth. Ferry tbs luoomotive icveraed. It haviug been rheenty the rvlaence, thai the train waa running backward wb'U ths aoolJsi.t oocurred. Ths other jaisr,asmed I, O., signed a eepirai verd 11 which wsa to ths diet tkat ths b y's desib wssowuig totuvident, omitting ths ceasur of lae Company oentained In tks majority verdl A. Eciuirs Death. Wm. II. Mfrchaxt, late ly residing la tali street. Bear Id are., Ntw Y-k. fell dead Jual after stepping f um a car at Full in Frny on Minday evaidng. tie had been tltltmg In (latea avenue aud wsa on kts return boms when he waa em diy taken ifl Ilaa33 yearaof age. An imiuret waa held Iy Croi,er lloBTtin yeeterday and a verdict of death from apoplexy was reodsred. VF.tbKT AOAIStT TIIK C'lTT. Sir. A. B. WAiitUoughl an action in the City Courl against ths City of Brooklyn for damages austalnad. Plain IttTle tbe keeper of a livery etable in Ntw York. la June las', he let rut ooe of ble carnages 10 a taiiy of yiung men, who took a ride to Steep's', ead Bty. lla tnetr return, lhy drove om to 9ih aranue, aad on teaching tbe Juattom of Frntouah avetne, tie cartlege tell down an embankment, nearly d.mnllablng it, and Injuring lha boraee. It waa after daik when the aCv-tcenl haopened. Toe grae of 1'iatluab ae.bUB Laving len luwsrtd about II feet, left I'lk avmus that number of last aovetle g ayle, and as there e-e no guards to prevent siu.n an oraunence, the carriage was run over tba embankment. S into of tae party ware In jured, btil not daaiferoua'y, II waa ke.d. on tie pari of tbe tlty, lhal tke conti actor for lowering Flatburh avenue was llaNe, aod not lbs city. Jndf a llnowa beld that In snrh caaea, the city was lab.e, and tke Jury brought In a vsidu.1 uf $'& damagt. Court or Srssios. Defore Judg Gtit amrm and Awot unai R. D. 8onaxuxx, Wa liasnasend II. Kaeooi'Ba were arraigned oa an Inulcimet t ft misdemeanor. Tney are proprietors ol a II e IV llmg Kaiabliskneal la Ike Ninth ward, near tke Fiatbiuti line. The place ha keen fiequeatly oompletned of as a nalaanae, by param who have occasion to pais Bear the factory. Oie wltnees testified that he saw two loada of offal, wbloh bad been bioughl from Barren Ialaad, de livsivd at lha factory. The mailer consume! la tbe eeieblbhmeni. Is represented as highly uffen biv. To weal, do, It appears le converted into msLtirr, t r d the Doc ea are uted for various chs 1. eel pu poet a A number of wtleeeees ware atta ined, wkea the trial was pneaponad till this day. Tbefollowlrg perBooawar arraigned for Bailing Pqu r without llcerae, aad p'eaded not guilty 1 Aabon JaMAtaow, Joeni Bnnv, Jerm Wall, Jeun rirnsns. Prune liaooaa, Jram MoflABvrr. Fxtsb I.atcmi, t anaaaMn Hrwrv, Al a Faaat, Kawaan McCBtaa Tbe rmiiw ng, being arraigned oa etmi lar charge, plead-d guilty and war severally fined Sib or tu daya lmor'sonmeeti Jsnrs Btsaaix, Own Kalian, Jambs Uan-nn. Jon Dotoaasrt, AoouBTnt Vta.BBBB.Wa B Howaatn ftevaral email caaes were disposed of,aod th Ceurt adjouinsd. Fibb EscArr. Brooklyn It to har a ten eatloa tbl evening, la the ahapt ef axperimsnt la the Cre escspe bee. The Cosinioa Caanoit, eeme wet ke since, made aa appropriation far the purpo. of testing MaoslKUl's uiveatlon. Ts eppsralus baa been putnpoa tae Globe Bole) ,1a Fulton atreet, aid tbla evealog will Ik beouthl tt a practical last, as fkr aa can be don without burning up the hotel. There will be tar barrel, calcium lights, and such otbtr Booseswriee a may be nsoeaaary to throw aa Ulnmlaaioa on th affair. Fiiuta u FxBBDARr, Tba total numbor of firm la February ware all, lavolvlef an sgg'egale Ice of cnly about $000, wbloh was oovaisd by In euieoc, WILLIAMSBURGH. A MisTiRiou CiRCUMJTiaog. On th tOlh of February last, two young fellows named Kannv aud Barroa, residing at Oreeapetnt, dlaoor. eied a well dreeawd elderly man altuag upea taa dix:k star Bstir.m'e ahlp yard, buady engaged wnliug m a plec of ehavmg abool two feel la length sod Iwo Inches wide, which had been eat hem a rper. Curloelty prompted the a to approach lha old lea, aad upea dsoavsrtng them he hastily turned Ibe piece of wo d over, aa If to conceal what UwasdoUg. Tbyaug fallows lha went awsy, I ut a drstr to kwow what th old maa had wrlttee, aad tblkkutg that the ptee of woad might have Iwsa left behind, they went dowa to tke dock tbe following day ead found Ibewood sticking Into a log le the dot k wllh one side -ered with wrtllag la a p'ala bold band. Il la ea follows: a. iiqurr as lor my aasa for you oaa nvr find e-T all I leev bshlad la Ut world. BieM. ted wHh Ike awaa you tiiieites. Be aet Ilk at, d awattsfed warn ye lat Vn llfej bwl wl am I dH swatetewr 1 bare aeuawi th of tkis wsrld's goda, bat all msBrmt eelm th diaqnlamd of Ik Immortal mind. Now, whomever Bads tkla, may fiad my lamalBS tat lhe) rlvtr aaar thia spot, wllh aa old silver WBBrh la my pocket, a few ea 1 and a knife. I kave ao bland to oars for lbs aid body, ao 11 II go to FJtaat-s field aad rest la obllvloa. and to all worldly enjeymenle, a wall as sufferings, I bid a loBgfMSweU. c F. M." Tbe pier of wood la now alike lTlhWarl tta tlon hours In Green Fatal, and If a sulo'de ha been committed, H nay lead to the :aiion. Tb body of e men waa fbuad at lluntev'e F ont, on 8'inday, but II was so much deem ip wed that 4ea tiCcatlon waa Impeeathla, and II was aoaordingly burled. To rtR LACwrtiKn -A ahocner yacht of 130 tons la lob lsunrled,tkls fWdneeday) fnwiioor 6 n the ship yard rfM' Tlrvxr Bvxaaa,alOreo FMnt, litstobece'led lliaa," end U ewaed by Mr. Iveeof Prmrltence, K I. . Mr B-nnrtt.Jr la hsvlrjasehnoner oflMlone, built si the saais yard, lo ba named t'UenrletU A DAxtirri Tnizr. Last evenbtg, m darirg thief enlered th gTooery el we of a Mrs. Misirr, lnRiuthtthetnet, tl D-, aad dirlng tke temporary absence of the oocuoatle ro'ibe.1 lhe money diawrr of $7, took a ham and a bed Cird thel wsa laying star the door an I eavepvl, Ihiiigt ktaly pursued by the owaer of tbe atoie. Firk .i Rorg Walk. On Mm lay niKt a fire occurred in an old, an I but parlia,iy nocu- pit J, rope wi'k In Meeker avenue, between tliah-. wb kaveo-.a and Smith street. II wa nearly des troyed tfte lbs arrival of the fl etnea. Tie b'tlld tng waa owuod uv Pevsa Owes K1 and reated to Cnanr rnn M"Qsa, Loee laHO or )3or), nt la- tuenre Tbe fire wee without doubt tne wwk of an Incindlaiy, JERSEY CITY. RgtittTRKTrto Ilpiiaoif CotTTrr. In th new apportloameut of the Stale of Niw Jerasy, on tb basis ef the new census, Hudson county dou bles har Assembly repreacneaUon, gaining three n-Mnbere. 1 be ue't arretged districts with their Kioulatlon nreea follows: Flret nitnol-lt and Jd Wards of Jersey Cdy p-jtiletlon. 10CJ1. 81c nd I) tl et1d a-d Cth Wa'dl at Jaraey Citv popiilBtlin, 9 3f. Thbd lliatrut 4 h anl W Wards of J-rey City population. 174. Fourth pistilrt Mobnkon and Wschewken pootiiation. 11 04. FJib D strict K-t.h Bilgru aul II irrlam Towa ahtnl4iiitlallrn a sill. 8111b Dlatiic -S-iulU Blif a and lluleoa C'ty Iojeilatioo, 14 t)r. alor.rr Canal. If tha we it her continues favorable, navigation will be ree imed on tbe M ir- ns vstiai, on or aoout ut 11,1a mat. Oitjiiso or Mirt.0Mrtr 8rmrr . Th Leglalatm of Ntw Jereey, now la eeealot,ht petard a bill p-ovldlcg for the ojiening of Mma gmry aireet, Jcrsty C ty. Tela loiroteniaut will ed aeveial blocks tn the prinolpl Ittealof His city, affird laiieaaid faillitisa for Irarel, lung needed and deelred. A DARfixnora rYwmow. Vesterdsy afber aooa abt-ut 1 uulot k, aa tba Nawatk train was leav ing the depot at Jersey City, a lad waa discovered otowed eway upon a tnuJc under a rjaaermger car. Tbe lonomntive waa etorpf d sud tks lad wsa taken out. Ittitu utab's to pay, the coada-tor allowed tlis llttla tellow a dead head passage. IIOBOKEN. Cotxirow oj Tnr. -Vhbtii UiVRa. Tester day afternoon, about 4 o'clock, aa the tarry -bH Chancellor L'vlngaton was oroaalng from Barclay street to ltobnktn. ahe waa rua Into by a email pro peller, which earned away om II feet of tk guard and a poet a of tba rail. Taa Nrepller alao bus talnesa damage, btrt to what extent waa not aauer talned, aaahe at oace prooeeded to a dockoa the New York aid. New York KAMUS UEXJ1.F COMMITrEE. WM. CURT INT. Chair uiin. JUUNX. WILLI M, rreaenrer. Cnta. II Mttanirt, Oimi r. BsoS'i, M0RBI8 KSTTIIVtl, IU.m,!BRW, , Ilaniai, !', B. II. Mofrtaov, Sxra B. IIckt, UhiiiuW, EuLMTr, Jura g, Waobwobtu. Ponatlonsof money mar be sent to T. E. WtLUAjss Trenenrrr, rreetdent MrtropollUn Hank. N. Y. Hun It of t'bithint. ItoiH. and shoes, mty hit sent to the oMce, No. Cooper Institute. Tub Weak ajvd DranaTlrxD Shtobt try Pr. Andersonl LIKatCtlHDlAU FrlctSlBerbettla. For sal at tl Blghta ev, Now wrrnrn Krirn ot ALU . OROVFIt A rtAKKlrr! ClXrnRATTliMIISKI.VBHHKWIllMACinXH. to and til'ear,-4'ja Broadway, N. Y. arauRAia noTicus. "Mate the Fallca S - LOVE OF STRO.Nd DKINK CVRKD DB. ZELLS NEUVLN'n r0WUER3. May be gtren In Coffee, Tea, or Lliuor, unknown to the drinker. t or .ale In NEW YORK at No. 03 Division at , and S'.lllslith svs. IIKiiIiKI t.N. af HaveeX 17M FuPan at ret L Ilr. M'rre.SJI Itroad strut. MtllllllnlDWN, etc. V. fr-emen. it.ire. , F.C. WllJjj Al C04 Wbolasaae Ageuts, Ut Frank llnjtreet, TRICE ONX DOLLAR. H,oOrt,0 laidlra and genllrmrL'e aaraiau. all kind, (eltbm't ilcplnsl at 4 u llroera at. car, Frottwar risia Ban ttney sytinx r. I,' inn. L),' U0,ll je teller. Trlrratm af tba War af lSI'A. aad widows thst made claluis f.r ths uea of elothlnf aug arms, will call at Lie Itotratr Leus Ofllco, 4 city Hall ruere, anu prt-var ao rnoetvn irteir e'rvinc 'lace, and n rwreto rnoeive Ihelr e-rtirintea ef al- loeaooe for tho money. itaanoe for thu naonev. laan. 11 K IV anvil, lata Colonel. NB .All hs kavs net aaade e alma, will please eall as abova. 11,111,1 To Ibe trak and DekUtated. Tables who ars el etya eomplalnlnt of Weaknesa Faliitrw, Imm of App-libs, tb-neral Pr tra e f,a prclaily In the ttprlrai do not need rills or elber weak entng yurvatlvt-e tbey need that which wtll braot up tke if etem, and etrensthen the nerve lie the net ef Dr. Anderons IAfe Cordial, every trmale wiu find berhralth greatly imprond turutisbout, as it Is lbs test luvlforstor of lhe hnoian arstom sver Intro duoed. General Wbolewils Asener is at 40 Sonm Beeorfd .1, IV llllmre.ri- and lob had of L. A. ItliADlavY. 11 Ughlh ave, N. Y. Prtoa ft r bo. Ue, or ll lor iw. ml lrso Btmaasieew Cwrevd-Tre tawaamatto artee am, at this eeon of the yrsr, suffering from this eomplslnt, can be eured br tiering 010018 flenteoaw IhteBllllritts Fills. Frlee M oaa te ye box, I.VM. lut Hmad way. mhl u r SOCIKTT ItOTICES. Jaararyaa Raaa Pahstrm, Attratleau A mass m.etlnt of Jeurnermrn henaenalnters ts te be hrlJ at Myrtle Hall. Dm Mrrtla ave, drooslyn. ea Thursday evenlnc, March lbh, at 8 o'clock. l-.lOA.a'is Tbarrgalar meathly awrlbia af the V. Ma nirtstlanaeaoHalonef IheWa hlnjton Chaeah. will b held la to lecture room, tali even tut, 13th (net , at 7)4 o'c'ock. aa .asay will he read end dbetiesHd. yeont ntea eis eepeelally Invinat to st lead. W. W. CUK.NKLL, Proa; JAJIkld U. FKLTt IM, Bee 09 Pa T Itaraasw, Esq , will 1ara Tempe rance, In the Ha tlatChuica.bolhst, near JJltlo aet, on tbla Wednerday ei enleg, March 13th, llvil, at l.tfe'dcck. Come and hear kls. I No, O A. O. U Ulember are reqarasted teata. aiyeolainaseiiaaatirialr itde reom, eer, rortland sue Myrtle eve, enTtetveay. Man- 14th, as boalnee af tnie rtsnealetebetisaaaM-d. Iteer der.JAMkKlUlTluUi, Fiea'l I JAMCJ KODIN, A. Oa II., No. IS A aparlal aaeetlac af Iba shore number wtll be held la Paoenlx Hall. East SMh at, en Tlaraday evenloi, March tith, si TH o'slock All mrmbera are r luestid to attend. Br erdere ef JObN MAlillai; Fretldsat VUitilS O'diNNBB, Sesaretary, " ie,U0,ils A. O nRierataaw, No 4. A special Meet. let ef tbe strove number will be beld at reom !lAUeetr itrret,ea Thursday sveelea. March the 14tb. to make fisal arrangtia-ntt foe lbs roaning eejs taTatioa. All memben sra rent ,ted te be yurmiual u tneir eitanoeae. MiUilAaL, Mett UUi 0. Pr i- T-SitxsJ aoat, jaaaxt avr.1 X, Beentary. A. O. t nihovalaaa, N. 0.-AB the taewa. bers ef thia ptTtslon sra teqnasted to aitmd a spaelat meeting, ou TbsUr, ManJa liih,al II4e'olsoa.P. at , at aauuman'S listi, oor. ilea sa. aoa tui . AVLhJLAlSDUt LYNCH. Fret. JyU.t MELtiD, sfc.0. ee,aQJt A Wprrlal BfeMtaa af No, IT, A. O. II.. wUI be bele el the Unit Uall, oor. el td st sad 3d arh o Wcdkeedarsvenina, March 13lh latlt. tl half Mat 7 a'cleck All meoib a an rwrueettd to attewd, aa there bt bnaleaw of Iniaortaoca to ba d. He erdar of JOHN Hll V, Fratldunt 1 FKl'U. Btliru, Secretary, ,, I-wgrnhorrmea's 17. Ba Htrlety A special meetiui ef tbe sixes society sill ba he'd al their meetait-room la ttnesevrlt t. ei IVeturelirana. lug. Marok It'll, st 714 o'oltct Punctual atrfead tree renuavted. J'r order of JOHN KANt, Fresldent DBNld 81U.IVAN, Secrtiary, XI f Nep aoe Dlvtntoa wUI held a pablte aaeeu "J..1"1, concert, this ev-nlut, at 8 Ess Bread tsr, at 1h o'clock. .Several fir t rte slatan ars aagtfed. Speakers are lavltad to come snd help oa. Cam early. Free admiaalou. D. WALFOBD, TT. F. it Nelloe The tBeeta aaat BBembar of tke Oat hlauOoerd are h reh nettled ti attend a meet ing at the U-dsou Kxchanta.oor.of 80th al. and luth a-e, oa Wedureday evening. March the 13th, 1 sot. wociin r if otice9. a..B.Bf la I th Wt be f Nsa. 4, era riiaiietug toattwd a ss seal muling ea WtsHvaw day, Me h Uth 101. al Se-e-ee. r. M. at th eet rrsf a turtle ejv(mmbla straws to tveaat aaS tere tor tbe Hi k of Marsh rwaoeaal attewdaae te re- n-jeatMl. Rerda-ar r AJiuuaxWJMJI-aa rraat jahlES IBOB, Secrete ,-m NtUre-TV Ofl aad Me bar eg ller- mrtere 1tdt "A I. o. o. r- will Bveet at shear lodre Ituome , 111 Bewerv, al 1 ef lee, r. M- f eer the last rea rtl enr lat wormy inraner aaaaei r.Bizttvtuir.H ZBI'WIKB Tn enter In general ere meet r ifaillv Invttrd te ett4. Hv erg.r ef Wt, XNA. N. O- TUO AS MIXNI8, Seej-. 814 S Cltll Bfa.N Nettrr .A. O. II. N. 1 -A aprrtal meat Inf nf ttteebnve ncmriev will be bete at Mllllmen'e II all. cor V0U1 ! an 51k eve, oa 1 bared a r e ala, March 4ta,at 7e o-e act, tor arTaae-maaiie 81 Taa nek's Der. Alimemb- ere rwrueeted I sttewd By e,drr e John wALUAiAB, rra.i FATKICK CAMFIIKLU gee. b Aa . Ita Thei mrmbeir ml lha Baard arw reotieeted tottend B mertlnff st headinartere, 1 1S ll.eur .1. ttla (WrSitwaaii eiet.lng. al IM e'oeeek.ea bu-lneea of ftntpuatar.oe. Ponrtnaratteadaene la re- 3airel. and no fall. jAMb OATtajeVaUS N l. uu.t Tickt.K, a. a. KlilelUIUUrS. rtoireaat f'p arwpat a baera aftka Atesie. neet, f 34 t e rttet of ri eve, I!. M R WIU.1ND l.ector. ft'.UVIi EA eeerr Hnnoty, at H A.M. and 7wr.Mteod tv.rr Wreieeoaf, at 14 t M BUI DAY rttlliK)!, at A. M andtl. M 8INJM1I B' 110OL tveiy 1 buisday, at 7M P. M. AU are leri led ,e Rrv. A. V. CUKCl N wUI preach Ihli trTed nredat) rartiteg Wei Kit e Til Intr-duee TOMORBOW frhneader) HIMMi. a!.lal, U huts, Bud Itmas to e Use a rd tor rani FR. m M.X r el NDAY dnrlnt Mvralag gWrl . tk Pit lOR lll eumt-later lite Sanramewta e aAP 1 1bM Tbs niibentllxd of the andar Behest aeet tint I'aneh e-i.trall,, sra anactlaaattiy Invited to UOa"ttl'.xt J' "antY FVFNINd, ths Eight Ber. BISIIuPd il'lU TKI I pr-aoli. Ibe 11KM A.SMVI.IIAaHY of tklt rherck srfd beh-ldi-t HAI.U MMHY BVKMNlt. Mar J 4. Tit I til.Y IHIMMINION alll be e-lohrat-4 aa r.Ahtrit MitHMNH. the 81et nf Marea All ar very rertie-tiy taqnaated te make amiable yavparattaaa audetpasuuBeat Kaaler. 141 1HAKUIAUI.M. FIU3 PRATT On8turd.y,March?t1fit.hy tii-lire M lint klyn. Ilea ere M. H'lt,ef M e 1 01 k, to Mbe MiaeUth Ftatt, ei Slatan Ialaad. iii-.vru(. nr.tW I I.Y-On March llth, Mrs. Sarah Braetey, Sg'-l A ti are Ir ir.jul. of tbs fsmlle are reeyeetaany lavaea to sliced tt.e fuieiaL 011 Wtdn.eCa, afWweon, lata fnt, al 1 e'taoca, iruai bar late naiaeaon, IM Wtt J'.lll ft- 843 I l.AKB-On M'ndav. March 11th. after a ytlalwl lllreae.Milt sun lliake, aaed 10eaatant iftdava. Ibe r Ktie-e and frteitoa ot imj ta.mi, ssi ef Ltrtatlur. r.ti.rk llmliit, aret.eprci.ilr laettesl toatteud Use mtbI, 00 wmntacar after neats, lath lo.t, el o'clock, irvm bar late HeUoVtaee, leo VVieta err,. I let CuNNA.1 t.lirtiK -Ou Tm-oar, Mtrrh llth. renro r t tnt Biisritssi, eonef Jshn tvim-BushUm, ot Ostfield, l'.rl h t Atiahrlni, I'otintr Oalwiy, In I d. r-e tf rears, in moiiina ano ax aa 1 The mroaa an .ptnaiLtaoot ut tb famtrr er re. lpreiU lrrtl-d to attend IL mnersi, on Tnoivsar ah. moor. M re' 1 Ph. at rrelock, trosa to relit eeeaj ei uis varenie, ei raen iziu aa. xsa CIZNEU-Ia Brocklrn.oo Sunday. Ktk Intt, Mr. ITt Hu as O . Curat r. In I ke 70th yer of his as. Hla raniatue were taken I Northampt'io, Mats. 198 DAI M- At St Vlneert'a Ha-pllaU on Tn day aiotalog. 12la InstMias Ann Drum, In th 71U year sf 1-er age. II, r riualoi elll be remavrd ftom thello-pltal this tWtdiiosda.) He'd rk.te St Mary's Cburrh, wt-ee s Solemn Renlem Mass will a ea bralsd at tvlnrk. tier faneral win take ptaurre tlie Chorrb, tmm.dlattly after Mas. The fnendeed the lemllr, and tke membera of tne Beta leiMy attached to Bt. Marya Cbuich, are nepeetaaU laeitad tostteod. 184 CRT7.BTnGr.R-In tilt etty, en tbe lHh ket. f eonruaipttoas. Jams L. ka-Uburier, In tke 6M year eg hie ate. Tb ralatTvee aad friends of tae tsatOr are fsaasa. fnlly tarlaed to attend tbe funeral, ea Tknreaaf Bflnrnoon, 14th Inet. at 1 etlooB- frem hie Let read danre, (4 vandam at Uia remains will a takea to tort Lee, N. J., for Interment. Albany tat ale copy. Ill ORADY-On Menday evening, March llth. Mary Elisabeth, youuirest enlld of Mieaa-t and Calhaiiaa Uradr. attd SieaiWtleientlisBtdbaaye. Tne reiaavea ana meoasm ana maauy ara r mile Invited la eaten tba fnaeraL UU f H atVrnoon, at 1 a'cleck, from th ree Hence el ber sa reota, 36 itatUe st, te Calvary Cemetery. IM IUMRLUt-In Brooklyn, en Tueslay afternooei, Much lath, of eoneumetloa, Cerellae, wife of Job Uaaibk r. In lhe 4' la ier of her are. Tbe friend and aasinalntances of th faailly as) retpectiully Invited to attond the ISineral, oa ThnrB. day afternoon, 14th Inet, at K oleek. from bee lat rrildeoea t)0 Varderbtll see. Her remakes will be lekea to Oreev iwood Cemetery fur ferment, II I1EINS On Msndae, March llth, John J, sea el John J. Heine, seed as years and 14 days. The funeral will take pta that f Wedtaesdav) arVw neoo, Ulhlnat, at Is'cJock, from tS Monroe at. 117 JOBDON At Cetitreport. Lang Island, oa Meaday, MareN llth, at O'a P M , Mra. Ata Jerdsnt, beloved w tfs of D. C. J or don, Sr , aged 00 sars, 11 moaths aad II data. The iTtPtida aad sraabdaBes af th tnmfly tea tv tectfully lnvit"d to attend the faasral, oa xwaredar sfVrr-oen llth Inet, Ml a'tibe-a. fro tke rastsVwKe el Mr. Ttrsnas Fames, 881 Grand sU WUllanubarih. LOMUARD-on Mondav, March llth, after a leag and pslettil tllnese. 1'atiick L aiihard, aged SO years. llie friends of the lamlly, sna those -f his bretber t In law, JeSe, Fdward at d Patrick Keating, end ef John Cone on, arereep-etfolly Invited to attend bla fu iMTtL this twedneaVa ) atternoen. at 1H o-elock ere cl.elr, front 1 bis late residence, lTJBai rtltHhst,tvt let anaiasree. lis MILLS- In WUUsmUireh.on Bundsv, March 'nth, Samittl D Villa only cH.l nt Aadrew and Mary Mllla. esed 0 montl 1 and 4 data. 103 (CM 11,-On M nday, M.trh llth, Thomas rrteO. ami cl jsmea ij-raeil. ere 13 rears and 8 montha. The rclarlroe aad fiicnda ut the fsmlir are rmpt- ltle Invited to atleiid Ibe fuiftrel, on ?dneaJay alternorti. Dtb ln-r, at 1H o'cick, from the rest .e of ble father. 4 at, tlia ntntiue wtll ba taken to Calvary Ct n olery far Irttrment. 1C8 KUXV- At his r'sldenoe. 111 Front at. Bra ktfe. ef C"auiuttiou, J. U. Klley, 1- tbe iUHh learof has aee. Further partlcuVs In tomorrow's paper. IM BMITH-A)n March llta, at har res'deaoe, ltd Lad lo el, MaXCknt M 8a.Uk, agtd 30 cats. Tbe iviatttm aa-a frweaae at the leirtty, th mem ben or Alitn si. M. t'. Chill oil end the Pdlosef In lixb Went are cieprct nlu u.vlted to attend ta fneev rsL thU I Wt-dadsri HuiMn, 13ih lost, at I e-oUwu at the A l-n tl M. K Chureb, bel. Delanoey sad Rlv kfiton its. 131 SMITH On Tuesday, Match 13th, Jeha Smith. Bt'dao jeers The nlattvee and friends of ths nasally are rwsssl fall, Invited to Bttrod tl funeral, tint f Wednesday) aft nor, lltb Intt. at t o'clock, from hit tale rest. dor re, HH giah at. 17ft 8TRUSG-.M 3AM, Tneadar. March lrth, Mortl. trer hurts, in th. Cd ear ef his asn. 1 ho fuiu rsl a rvloes Id he held al the Beuth Third st fmloiii I aiirsk, or. South 3d ant btk ess, L I , en TbtiraSsy aftrrn a, lata Inst, at .1 'tb rk The fihuda of th laml'y are re tpertfully Invite lo attend 108 WALLMtNN-Yeeterdey.ltth Ins. Anna CUka tlna, taucbttrof Mr. Frederick Wa'lrosnn, aged 1 yt ar, 1 n.oith aud eaea. 1 he Irlenua and eojualntanoee of the family, ales nit'inlfraf f Troon K, i.enuan lloeasrs srerwspeat fullT Intttid to eltond Ike f moral, tbts (IVeonesaay) afteront n, 13th.lp.kat I o'clock, from 114 Oaamber tt, tl bent furlKiTrkTllailot.. Ut WIHT.A4-On TneeABy, March llth. of ees ties of tbe brain, Mlchsel Whelan, ased we years. ilia ntiaii e IU U Intoned ihlsf Wed ?) aft . noeu. at X o'clock, from Ms let- reeiaenee, tii 8Ui. van tt 1 be friends it the family ar reeaecfally la V llsd ts sthttd, wllawnt farther aotloa. 8rtg WYCKorF-Uelaoas Wyckolt, soa ef Jeha aaf Alette Wyrtufi Tb friends rd the family are rej rpeeirany Uvttal to attend tbe ruMeraUf a the realdeiiee tat his servants, 1 UUanda U I. March lith, aitnoul farther asaiaav rinu.ic i:Ti:RT.miMFs- s JJAICajal'S AldEBICAN alUSEUH- NFW AVn FTTBAORlTrVARY fTmiSITTM I TllKSTKANlikSTNOVKLTY JN TIIK WOULD! A beautiful and aeooinpHsked Lady, yet ba.fa iiib.-ioa'c.i. aoaiai, it llllAVY HKARIl AM) WIIUI KkBar aceemaanled by th celebrated OUEFNllr' l.ll.irrrf AN-t, MItM I! th celebrated KEKD, tw LNTV.TW11 ri'imnin. 83 Incboe t lih, welthe 31 Bnands B fit . WirK 111 OKN. 'ItlM THUMB. GE177.I.Y BKAKS. SKA L'ON, WHT IS IT. .. (11UND A0UAK1A. HAPFY FAMILY, Ae. 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