Newspaper of The Sun, 14 Mart 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of The Sun dated 14 Mart 1861 Page 4
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iHHM r H r A T . ef ' ft eW -i r a Ve B 1 JM f ,'t I llM - ' . it'! . P tMr . 'J - ' MESSAGE FROM THE SEA. p- Clearls. DMmmi LosiMM, Aspiit 20, l".t. Thi wwUbexl Ut of thing 4ne not wl. On day I foal la full, Am, ciitr po-.iim of tny (mil, tad lh mil, perhtna, t m hurrlel to and fro with tin mt tormcntinit f ancle. 1 n ehedowi of Honor wherever I turn, en4 eh l no longer mot lonle Ifrfor tut beckoni tn with hr hant until I trewiM In every lim'i My heart In rick almoat to death. For three iy now I hr ha.l no ret. 1 rinnot elerp t aluforbieleou dream; and Anno watch dm Healthily, I ee, knit never ramilni too with ana ln(tr than ah cm help. 1 can per. ealva that a U afraid of me, and tht ah m. wU wmttklnit, witbout xactly knowing what. Today aha rauit need UKrt m- e Inac dtof her, and when 1 i-lin-l olnC to 9outk America, flie told in I w n "St for ll, ! ' aponifffiptooui tan "f t-rn -e-ocetioa lat I lifted my hand ant etru.k htr. Theehriuided, an.l wml alim.kin umei my area, ah (alii, "Jn'. Too' co",1 . 4bat of a madman Sin..- than I k i eh aiu with ma In Halt terror, I t earapo and find eome en to luten t yrievanor. Hat I ahall keepttrirt wir ha daea nothing of the kin I. I will no my foe of mrown houhotd, and nj flatrejillcimelleen u to put . it! tboaa whom Hod h Joined taitelher. Ac ll'i lio. .lir.A, 17, 1S1. It ti all monthi lnc I wrote the a'lore. In the Interval 1 hre lawn micrality ill, Riley. vuly tormented bo'h In mind and body; but ow that I hare (jot rafrly awiy from them 1L with the Atlantic lietweeo my..U and nr wicked wife, whoa conduvt towirl ma I will oarer forfcW, 1 can collect my power of fnlsdaaa bend them aia to my wolk. liar Um came out in the um r.lup witri ma b en irttte In the ina en'trpriv. Aficr f.'W d lyV rant welnteod tatting ou n our jiuiney t theminlo tinrlcM, here w. un mact. My headfieli oerfeetlr lilit ami 1 1 r, ll my im pteion aie Cutinct and thi I Kt.n, audi cn ,rt through a hr I diy' 1 1 tu Ir with out InrMiTen'CtiM. Ih-re n Mi.ilnit mr rawil liref, auJ n.-n i'i.i at rt rl.'bt ll m im unary .',, lJn .Iii,m iirrd. tint; I I y - i I It h.. I In. n i . .n'n ( on sradnall for in n,h. irl .hit tb ic mil tfi! at all cxti i.n.tiniiiy lit Inv il lil-i nn oiMae.l ''" ' "" aiw ) at ...ill 1, m " vrl-. Alii Am.', in '..'ri" it I y mil cni'y, woullhiv i"W'j: i1 met ir li'e I"' aarlum ' 1 "" l'ill" T wh i aie I in i n I 1 Viave rut ti' nni iln in my will fur a t lid 'in rn m .rinv. A ''.r apimi, -he Im lo n-'u'ii to h.r 'mn'v. md tii-yrrny kiMiher; ah. w.ll n'r inv f irfVn, '. mefrrewil". aliwa lue '1 he plcturi ,iin. of ' !i a 1 1 1 o . n-.t iiol.v vtariliy inai. i, '. r li 1 ar .r i in dewl ln r'nii'ii in ml i'i., ! I limlw. mttu. ' l",, " t..- M.ii I "f i;-. i"t i; tie atli uf Si. I!.,''' r. mm inda thi ln and bar nUli'liiit on ' t"" "( 'ha Mill, il.rton ajU'a.n l . nd fro ni I ia rimliloa ever uw wel-tia'ad; I" I Ind the lu'it toe greit fur luiihevrtli'ii, nl Imii e luln our Joarney iato the inter r, I mw iie"i an mj ureal . tharrfinr. Intl.i lti-,'tnl tin m now, ' Mritoo, April 21, 1M. We areU-tti-r p.T hoiilhn we anticiptt.l. Uerto ha found an ol 1 fell w-rw ail en rie M ensirerin,c tuti.r in tho hvhaul of MiDita,and ajiare are utilized ainunemapta which wo neith-n- of ut bid any hopo of UadinR. 1 he city la full of ancle t relic, ant BurUm la on foo'. a. rJorioK, day by day. I preVr tho lirlng la' rwU of Uia atranKe We, and wmoilmoa early In the amruinit 1 brUke nijailf lo Ilia market, place and wath the Imliaua tlrex iheiraulK ifu mailer whit they nil, the? derowto iheir abop with froxh bcrlMi and ilowpra until they re el ' t. red uwltr a la.wi-r ! trei dure, Thoy diaplay their fruit In op.-n liaekrUwork, Uy. ion lli rxurt aul raldni hrlow, and orerlni; tbrui alxive with olirouj flow n. An arlut might m.ko a pri-tty picture bte, hun th liiti.un urrlre at w Hm hi their taiata loxledwilh tin) produce u hJr ilutinir irardeiia. Xtit work llirtun, h- friend, and I are to art ut f..r the ininei u Moraa and lJel elwl ZJonte. 1 fh ml.l luv'erre.1 to dM.y rvir journey w"ii'o lonir lor rearonti'f nir own, l.u Il'ir k.i pri'.M. and wi bare already delayed than u'Ukil1' Moaaw, jiy 4, 1831. I am tlik of ttiii l'lio", but eur buiinraa liar ia nowf n the I trK- of cofplotiun, an 1 la a few da) we atari nnourexpodi i.n tolbe mincf v( Uuina-wato, The director, liurton. and iu -eclf, are all of opinion that iaimeiiee advantaner are to lie alumt by tniprofiin; Uia workiei; ut the miut" wbli b la, t f.rriit, In a ry dfn tlreeondi lull. Trwra ianreit mortality am mi. thelnliiuia, ho are llw la atuf burden tfi i. mtnre; tin) cull I'll llwlt ImLi ImiiU if in , of ftom two In mind and lilly to thrt buiidn. aolfnty rnunln at lime, ana nl'm; an I ill leadmi; tb Hi'-aiiiU if ati pa, in tiloi which ii'i. tain old men of and mere ih blrtn. I bate 1 la n riy ai-ll Lara, having bad aoiu. return of old rimp'oma, lul unl.r prmnpi treatment ti ey "liraed; bow.-er, I euall t thankful to I e on the move vain. l'AM 1 A 111 I, Alljtllt 11, lt31. Can any mail ivadV Uia tl.oiuhta, imp.lpilil. curaew aitliii in i i Lnart, iniKkui likelicild.i 1 Can not cviue mire. All )crtid.y I w.. liauntel by a tmlileanety und ilreal. Ai ejTery turn, ut cicry inmicnt, Ictre.te.lto iw. llonjr IJviiij!toii",l"'r lfi-ro me, but I di not aee L.r. 1 ha day aud the hitlit iwd,aid I waa frc.l fr -in tlut ureal h. rr..r 'io nr"t I ba.1 nit null." i, unt:l It biur nric ami leltHoiniLa lh' nmrini : I .in mi -elf it.uiu tny a,iintar'iv , I love ..iiid my o.iaui and luiw )r md t'l.t it w i, iu w I, nut a nub tl.i emaea'.ioii of no oan die vd l-ii.iy an mind Uut lh" tloubla, il.em tr.'ulileoin p,.r,U'ilit ttioiulna, bow ciini'wtlbem? Hurl.. vtr o'oirvant if i.iaut all Inn ,! jeiiei 4aV waicb'ula uii .mi'ili-iKr, ha aald bo lioro. I waa not i.' I". '" 'mv" '"' frhlilful fv whkh ia jrivnilini; here, Imt I kno be mem aowitlblnibu. 1 bam list u doubt now thi Anno and all Ibat confwUiiacy hint be i ... . l aul to bvwarai mo. fur I had Iwa u ad 1 that li tb curaud lia th-y aot abroil Udl All th world'a in id, or on the way to it llut If Honor had tinw ba' k to ineyeaterd i) wo mltbt bar Kn and ha e locked do a t irelhox into bull, tt roil h the ov i.a of ,1 arull . J ha mUeionirle cureel tlila fnchtful plae areberatloiuaimo; an.1 it ia arcutaed if eri (and waa. MotUlnK more awful than thia Ja lata burntnK waato which the aeat inuld lie quench. When I riainnUr it, and ad 1 under want yeeterday the lonfmion mid honor ruluri upon ra anuln, and my braiu awirita like thi brain of a drunken mm. I will write im mon tulUcieut to record that the appointed tim cam and went, and lloimr ldvncaU-u did no keep her word with in. Naw Out.i'l, tirii.n, 1R.IJ. I left Ilurtou (till iu Mexico, und cam her eloDa. lib! care and conaiderateiiea were inoi. thaa'l could put up with, and after two i. three Ineffectual rem mraiM-e, wo caiui to violent rupture, and I determined, to thrjw u, nr naagoinent, ratltr than carry it out ii eonJunallonwIUi tuihaman. IJioio waa le TOidlarf the ajuarreL Waa I to la titor day by day, and tho win bottle reunited ou of ruy reach? IU darod to toll in that won I waa cool, clear-Myaalf, in ahorl-there w . oo ma my matter la our trofion; but lb whan 1 bad drank fre ly, I wai uninina.'. laluiutVc. Alof eoure; but uaeeru,Mjlou penecutort are difficult to circumvent. Anne' tnalW pumum in erun bet. Whoa I waa ou yaaterday, ny foolalew .r dot!i;l jwrllii. ilooaly wherever 1 went, and )ilipi an ai ouatof my delart will precel mo ti'inie; bu it they do, I defy th.ra all to do their wurat. AaiiKMtii, Aigitt H, 1413. Tbti old look turuil up tody, am .i? aou. trape that bar lain by iu ai Ion all ihe )ei that 1 have l lit, tlrat InMpiin. aud alWaar in Uuaala. Wll.t fo.4i talk it is but I uii,. tt waa truaat that'Mie. I knjw 1 walla , wretched condition while I w.i ia Mxcn aiu la tha Slate, but 1 have len une cuouli aiu aviund euvugk ever aine the Hliicaa I bad a IlaUlmore. Toprovebow liitleholl unmemi aaciant hoiron have retained, I 'Inl mjaelf a Aihaodall ia tb very auaaon of the; ear whei Uuur LivlaKHoa doatro; ed h. r I' -tomorro Utbaualvrraty of licrdailh tyi I tak in enemy by the teroat, and crush him. ili.i fan'aallcal mil idle wl'l iiol aland iunlul deterinlnud will. At Muaroir, at Olir-mi, a (VrchanKtl, thatiu'.hof Aiuuat ban mum m geo unwarkad. Honor faiUl of bar thr.a eiery arheie excipt at LUW. 1 atr her thr larlce, Juat before weiuilwl. I aaw lur whin w were off th it coaat, where eo pearly e caped wreck, riilnit aud fallm upon the w avw iMwber InLon Ion that dy I appointed t- Ann, llut I k bow w hat It meant, it noun, that I maat put myaelf In Umpleby'a biuda foi jk few weoki, d tnat lb ibaduwa will fur.i withTaoUh. Bhadowitbay araout of my o.i trala. ad they tak the tbarai of Honor bacau. ... a I It-. I.. .. Mil... I DAT lt ner UCOm uaau mj iu m..i Vet It la rarr itrine ttutt tU Uai 11 . TMV-ei ' -"' arpaared t n I heard her annak. t faaclod he aid that it wm almoat timet and than ld an 111 haant vo Jam, antil row rem to th Aahenfall, where I am nolo nowl" Ami with that ah raolh.l. Kancy play traar with ua,'and make oowardiof u alnuet at cleverly aa conaclence, 7b ra Cenlmi. HliUlClKA. dOOTIUSU UtTIKK. I naOal A. rUTrXRH. tt Onflrar. wrtftan t4 Mb.arnneinh.l'IOill remit me t r W re Uwd MM. WOWUrvf J tixntUNO tTBUP, ba an uareeaateoiiwl eat wtt Matneeaar uafwanre baw aaearaaana M ejarlaa TalalaibSnttleMlatBb-tr-tv Tn tra kaai aa that I baa endorwat a Mdlati rnr lotrtaaa t4 awalltie, I ora aafoc thla wret a n niaaainMilli ef ear at4 vl wna. I kaow ant it It maat U.n la. but 1 hener tt la eerfertlr banal eraf aaea, t know It (to th maanal aaUafarUan U pavanei aat nree. arVriln oAktikV an relM, rtthaaa aar aav tl waant aCraaa attaodi Ha na faea, reaiTtraOr nit. a. rvntxM, n.HoM ot riu or mts. rrntariwi mnrn iMlHYMTareoo o'W,t,tt rear la tb naKiat tr a eblldren .ai,ln, lth never faUla- ewnoww, i.ila( la Hantitt anal iaat am. HIM. W1UWwftMTtta aTECFkaur L owuUI tlie bewela. Unt an eomtnit la erery dr from drarrtata In a avtaafllMeoiuitrraeiidnaBKire f ktas. WLaV )Vj wwiaiNU tritur.a WKn f brt!aai of M . WIVBUDWB BOOTUHtll IViCr waeoiJerinr .w In tbe Ualiad nUtet Orfe aa aa 014 narea fee alaawe bwrldent t the ea AM iM'thlm iu ei.l ilri. Itrr-. ro hare Uiat at raraafnrSB wmta, to UvifHTio. VIA -WW umimi ivt k fkS. w Ptsiiiwi! WiJli aV ItUr uer rl tin ImuiiiUet reUaf. mis. wifnijars aicnraNO aruce i.aou aa id trvtifMrn tbrouatuut to Unital aata taitllLT ruTORTArn to MJTHXnu.-aiat. IrrttUJWB WamiLMaaYKlPla the ooJr futw it feu ea ralr umn to rfe riat v rmraelf, an a M n-4 kaalth U ar lotuit alBAWlNBWWtl 8O0TIUNQ S If EL Ph. an. aha tunant of reatorkaf the traoal a puita of auui awtlara. 1abhttMieaaoaUthrear U aa MRat UlWw IKW1U1J BYKUr, TW. To every mrtbr wb fca ebJldirai annVriaf are sr ot th eomilanita ln.1 nt to tb ia ef Mtav kx. w ear not let roar wa vretwaUoa. or th are aadlaea ef other, ataawl lathoarof th nllaf that tn be esfw-rea, abealaariy nr-to toDow th aa HaU. WlK8U)Ti tOUTLUNU oYRLT. Draacba, rfywbn bow kaae lUtav, WHWI) )1 VKrTTIIratl iTlttT fcr abiidrao leOhaa. M om4 ioabitNal'aHBUtaiMll.UkaU. ItU etaudw audlein t aad It faaae werlaVvIt Iari)eta.w oroar uvi oa It waonrrai It aiaa eneet haa) been ru Dortni th thlrtr rnct maaaViitad aad . rfwini pntwiantr of MiUt. WUraUvya BOO jKl tYUbT, Innumeiabai "tomui' aod ou er wa ruBd, erepan-d tr in4,ara if .0 1, hat nm a, -nd Ur-d but a oioahm eaktaua, while the 8.K TH M4j8YtlThMbeeaaiiataaUrloereaala U pop rtty, atdboiQalkaMebo)d rd end thoaaanrti o.tkria thank Mu.r1uiuwiur tha healtA of vbatr AOdren br the na of her tnrahiab' artiola. WUvthapreaantraeaof "Oordlala- bar MlevaC iu th foobdap f their mUUxrooa piwtetaaoie i fbS. WC8LOVV8 SOOtUDia SYlir wUI oe laoe to b t potular favottd aad a blawda I vr n-thir. ine teoola nniea the too bin m CI7RTT JJt 118, be York, U aa tb outride mii. VU' br trniairVa thoogboot ba wot Id. fvelra I all ea No 13 ! lfS New far. fib ootv W eeiA par tmni. ta'l 1 Y0k lAvntaMii umiiMtt. 1 UiKD AVKNll itAf UNiH BNft V UiTtHV TtMtrl AVrViU uvd -tr Kt r , iin hj tlaiavr ore TivrtMaut! 4oUn kV'U -tW'li ftWt 1') I I& tn p. HL, tBat 0, uwn'i niniujeyr Mia lUTjraar ! , im 1 . i voflV. swbfrw . ORP'-iv. it, nxx UfV kwhf WUNIKHN CltAm;-aV aVAKKJCY tim. tfA-Lha-O.Nn, ot llil. J IpTft -tMkrrl. In Wlt.UT-turptS hin-1ml HIM ni. Amu n t'ottllfitt einh biitiir-t ill or ltnr.uiiti-r anil thiei tram t to run. p". n 1P rttifitw tlut alfotu oouf Htipoi' .-.. Wu Ilic w.imc. Ad Ufc X. Y. . t h AanntTcan, H.W1. .IV'SltV VCkXt 6 AT IT 1 fkt II OTtMir I V -J ,. aw . a a wii ajrauaa ii puuxim t-t ' oil rftILh4 tt.n. foJ trfwd rut. imi ;oitl lurln Mt e untrt, vtb pnrluft H r, cn mS rp'r Iwt Fisip trR'ba p tr . ' Hif ym'r, errbbrCoinlrfirUid tr, Ji,l34 Jt OAKKUY FOU SAIK-A KlttST CL.S- 'iw-iru r liwliiMrf for : 1bnkfiilif r ilii ' tm lcfMttf fttnnuMi n nthr pool Imhni trtt-i iifirf tb wutt bnkrf tthrnM tilt kt W f OnvntU.'d re-al cvUU clIW. 77 Ctrdf iL 1?,I'A3 dakeuy ron SALK-WEU. loc.tkd, V ft pood tt"l fur fDfT rk4M, &c. 8lirao-tArf Htu r pUlug. AdaUM K. Yi t S3 1 dun moo. i.uu,a CANDY, TOY AND SEOAU 5T0RE FOU ) Mlf 1.1 d uts Hi4 piim tit 'of ft ftntlIkiiliaiU-rmrh',--ttlniwinaf ,tuU4Mrtli'wi er POM'KCTIOXaUY, TOY AND FHUiT O irtoralorMla ft ran eb&uc lh itocli ft d ittnfrapvftf ftncld i.ftMaiittd rinfirtloirT, t y ol fn t ttiA lMli In-nn otftM bM ltioa n Irtkilii'n, K H. l4lrtJof IM proyrttl.r, N' V Mn.Ul. rt ,neTlWh Vd rtrt. IM ,K l?tH)MX)UfcrOKSAI,EORKXCHAN(.K . an.l o aua kaa., 4IM Weal al.Blai.ilra A A HA'tlltM 8.140,' .JKlVfRY AN OLD KSTARLIHUKI) iX (r,Hr.r. ta M, rlnrh an I aiturr for aala t-'or ma arl- kL I'UhUt, lot Wa4 lleaadaar. aN'.4.ui".lia JRlCrRY Ac FOR BAI.K OR TO LKT, a tl.a tl,ei vinra V,aan,frrm Map ueft, tha atoll nd fvto r f f a iraeerr.wlth ahorae and waaann tennlf.-i apaly for pulicuUia iMo.vvo w, -lb .Ii..-. Hluv.S TOII&KHUWIMl SHOP I"0R SAIE llM" v a .il f u( rv Li . n J lre ,t . k ,f,twe. od f lai tart r"o nf aerk 1b . cite. For ni-i-r p.r oalaiirilv'Nrrfoik.t.up.talr, 1 1,1T41 flOUSf: JURNISniNO STOKE FOR SiL 1 i ffderv an be fori labloaj e'ora, th A una, f&M)iU.),Brjok'r. 1VH.3 rhWI'.LRV MANUFACTORY FOR SALI I Wall Ct'ed op with toola, flitnraa, elllea farnltur .a iup.i..r raia. Bbaterat r-t B. K. N HU'us UMa...iii.t,up.Ulra. )4,l)I,i UAIJKET FOR HALE WITH MEATS oifb ra, clam and rentable ettnde, lo a aoa 1 1 lion null lov Colti BBne4 biltlrtv Thla U t ai A 'or a tnui nil of I'ti'lnna. A 1 p'f la the II k 0 11114 CO l', corner ef Mlfor 13.1JH lAt'UINn 81)01 FOU SALr?, r,9C'.err t .t irJ tlii inpeitr Ulna-. Tllaliai nlde .'li.ino vlo. aa I eUulat.4 f'irtfca tnu i ai iw tbvpi.uiiea. U. WAIa-itilAN. U,!0I.C UILK lt')v'K TOR SAI.K. AT e r, hi.ith Hmoklie, and fllraae it'll I. utiln ti It, horeaiulwae-,B.e lii.i lii"in-a.tuii u.llk oaua, Ll (Oud STilcr, nili-ni. lao,K"U., itsadir. lt,U .jr.SrAURiNT AD 1IAR ROOM FOl ta aae-lKi.nlo.o. vltnlraara lea' from lit la. Kewuii for alUua aud partloulara alvn LAI'lllt'AlllSr-tt.tnal. lU'.l." JTOCK AND F1YTITPWJ JUilluumiiau.lnla u.. Jvt T Z ',!''''.. r?ln to Call i" n Jt, H, Oirl IKDICli-TIiflf rKmsnumoR ahd all eisicaie3 J ef the hjiiaw, Ait, ra only bo re4 b arevara tlon f th atealean Aeaeaanlt Wanil aavte aivra, an rev hii or ut, u. aUUpXi I"), B4 Hiaaek. er at, rear Hroadvar. Ml Mm1i fONSOMFnoV (JUKKD At rTiUTKVJUt Vytaava uvlonal. Thnaa what are rftoliul aitb aay af the arraploina f n,Mn.natln, eaah aa anutfc er ralalDi of matrar from the lortaw, aoraa or ewl'-e t the ehM able ca bar, afiirelra tireathlai or A'Ma pwaaftl-ehiaV, ahnel nHwarl Ur irTOI.R. who aaama.le tha tr wtnwiil aivl rnre .4 enna.ime'liw. bla roarlal at, for raarv ao wb aan fw'er to nnivf. 0 tmia In tla iHtff n nHwhlwrrinM ir Na Tnfa wraiea h l.aa eneM .tf Ir all ew-ahle rl.f r fr airf.rlrai rn-rnl A bv the tret 4 Loor !!-4 r W.U. riT.WJTjr. 1on.oWf foo HiT-Mn. 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H. limimniv 13,107.1 I OlTAOn FURSALR FORIM'al, A.1D VbwIorraah-aframaeottua filial la Ithb-lea, e-rtainlt all rnom and td brlek niajinnot. o Illebarv ft, rrnoklro,aeeoad boa ft of frank" are 1 M4I'W ft 1 fH t'pi " t a rrr d. leibboihnod. Ap? r t, lirerna.rn, b"t rlawian 'rankllo. arlrf 0 p n , aralinfi,a.det.Newrrk.fPMatjl W. rJjr. BV l, I IP i'ra at lt COTrAOE AND LOT FOR SaLK l.:a)0- lao-toif e rfttre aad 1. 1 alt laird In 14th atr-at, Br'har-. Ilr-oklrn Tirmaeaar. laiulf of K. r PAY, 70 at, llrnokln. l.l . COlTAORniKKALK-ATllREE-SrOAT HiA haafmrnt rle o-He full I'd, oa o fa of the batfftrvtaiip'ew. nnaf tha full avnt anektlf forrlia. eaa riniala ew toad and e orUwa. for pae Irulara. Iinlra of CIIAII Kiwi. Mr Klahlh are. ho. fore e-cloea i. M, er ftr 0 P at. POCNTKT BEAT FOR dALEORTO LET. V outhoortk bank afthe Bkrewhorr Hew, at Moont'Blaa'k.imlin.rraoa toe.awui, 1 aertnfUnd. Uenmifweouiana Hroora nat-ha.wea e , hfttrlnd an M.lo Ad.lraaa wluJAM WPKill f, Inrw-a-flVn. Monnvmta Oo. H, J a or ea taavrnmam. WTvanflMH IJAUM FOR PAI.E OR F.XCIIANGK-A A farm ef 4.1 ecr, wit framn b-awe aud (nit bmwf, aid rand veil. I fcrre nnda'enlllf a'l." and fr.f n-In Wlfn-lo Pllrl $!!. klUllAKII "All. KkK.'a I'r-fpfetft, Biooklyrt. '3.IOtsa I.'ALM IXJRSALEOrt IO I.KT A SMALL i- i.ini of 13 aeera,! Uld In Villaa, Nawtaan, I. I. 4M B-lka Iriro llrftB aire. r. rrr, f r. fry, won mrrw lan.llran' WM. U. rioa., em, wen er .'too .m r PL IJ.I. V3V. We. Sfilh ft. ?4 Y. 13.130 3 J" AKMH FOR SALE Oil .X(! 1 aNIIK rOR llralrn pf tart, mum f 41 fffea and oie M 11 eer.f, alt'ia'ajouth oa'h.M'i.f L, I , nn tiM M.nlck li.rt.pikn, aod full vlna nf lb. aiath HfV: pUfta. t.tlr fitn te.1. oalliffarniaarBOid rierhium aLd aiaat eothillMluie, f A n.Qlirila, and ttia lani lalo a nd .tl-e r.ilrlva.o. 4n far eir'lo.i..r. WILL AM ataUKr, t fultoii ayriiilt, Hrkln. i.1nn.A I 'ARM HR SAI.E-ON I)N( lAIA.II). m trf 'UtovrJarrea, with h im ai.dUrti.l outholld. .ultibie to r.lfl-v v. t aMiaof llklno.:l.wltl.laea.y ealfor tb, Nrw Vote mirHAn, In-lui batwe. n H an i n.lie fr .. "..utU l'rr),Xr.a.klmi'd orar WoooVavnn K E dip.ll rloe $3 h par aem.or the hl. will b for S,ia i.tlnBnilnuli'ed, aad lenua eaay App'v t. O TAt Leo. MKa.daat. U,IT58 fJ-ARM FOR SALK 4 MILluS FROM Haa- V tleahw. I laH0ere 7ellMr'ed, bones barn, Btuvarr. out bnUalnra. e w.ler and pentral fruit, terom er Apflr le 8. W. OKIFrlTU. JI fj'aual t,orr. W. ait.lll HubtloBirn IVfad I ITAhM FOR SALE A SMALL FARM AT X' H.naertlfe.lll.terCounty.N.Y.fftboitlHmU (na .b-an.ta-.t U. It B'rmoa laalint), Totalulj a aerfaof laid ill BoderewlUvft'oo, rt a lart enU Irtaloi. if leupgfmlttrene of tlia bvl vartetlia,ber iit,4e,Aa, Th.r Ub tbe pl.oaa f.v beoannnd b'f,aoevfrfal1Uiefpitnpnf'frth aoaa. Ad'tiea ALKX. OOGI'AMI, TlvoU. . Y. 1U1. 17 ARM FOR 8ALK-0F 114 ACRES AT .a. ar.nbi.r Waltrnaford, Bear leew llavwn, uona araaaad rait bulallaa.l aevl trnra, f w aat er firhaoa jT iBiarwvvd praaMir la Haw Yerk er Howklf... tl. KK3 iJtftVt, No, 8, or 0 Booth Ilh at, It Ulum'barira teh Ikia,.' IM FARM OF 100 ACRES FOX SALK Cheap, oa Luue laleod, 40 Ballea from Brooklyn, er ef bane for eity b ert, lavaulre No. b.14 fjolnmbl. at, outk I ofoeeayB. mbO4aeM1 FARM FOR RALE. OOHTAININO SIX aerva,aadar eoed eoltlvOlor, larlnl both aldae ofaberoadU Wlllbeaoldaapd'ltaortoeethar. Tula farm le eituaend ewe mil eaat ef the thrtrtax ellleae ol Jamalra, ftw mloutea walk from aod eppinlt tb Willow ire atetloa, lef enoa wanlln a farm ahoukl look al thla. tiara leave Health Kerry direct, or ear fram Wllll.m.bnri to K. Nnw Ynrk, thenoe by ft am. for partlrular eatt ea L. VOKNK1X, oo the pom laaa, Jan ale. In I. wnA M-jni FARM FOR SALR OH L. I., N MILES rrnm ItrooklrB, 30 aerea, bouea, bars, watera, Ae. alao ( Ha tn IT. b Ward ttrowalra: aald InU would M enkd low or rlrhftrtaed for a (ana or for btatfe aod aho a. iwiplre .1. nAMUla, 111 Orau4 at. N Y-.n-P, 0. Bel J, Ut Kullon at, Uroeklym. hu 4atTi. FARM FOR SALR ON STATEK ISLAND Jt aerna. ai Bummlna-vlnw. with ahundana froHaod Aaa watarvlew, f mluutaa walk depo, rluiiarnwaadachaolt, a. CDUY 0n Uhnrty at, rt.lk4.tl4 HARLEM LOTS FOR 8AJ.K-M OF TUR ioet Aentrahle lute In Iiarlem, ready Pr-r Immedb ate tniiTovnrofwit, al low prion, aud ob eaay tnriaa. 'MH'in llV fli. Ml Jh-rfr m OUSF. AND m FOR SALET MEL- rs Wratehnater Coontr, N. Y, tin mlnnt-w wnlkfroai llrleui ttrltlye. BrouinWa walk fruni Mai- roH.otpot. ilia hou-aeontabia T room., aad la well fliilha. Tlielut latiif.n-tio.ra, and la wall lm- I'rovfd altb rholne fralt of varlau klmla-all In bnar. op onlt r Lawattl Iu If alma, rt at-end tunim Iron tie railroad, tor rurtlmr lof..raiatton luiinlra ou the imnlww,orofH R. fdWt.KK. hat .lore, y-ai (Irani It l-tf.w tvr.llliand ridrMne fli. 13.14VI LaOUUkH AND IXfS XlR SALE , 000 aa Kor aaln, either ttmether either tnaether er ia-parat1y, 7 h mmm a. d W ta. Bltuali d In We 4 farma. wnatoriaainr oaiielr. Bl, fnllt a Irani 11 -rL m. the moat valuable nrnntTtv In the town, .a all occupied ea atoree ftad dwnlllara. loiiulie at II baaaau at, loom 1 lLlei, nOl'SK FOR SALE IN HHOOKLYN A Sat. ry and banHraei V I'blladelphle brick front. blyb atop aad cellar, luftrble mfti.tlea, alidlnx donre. ae, wiu ra. rota vtr ennnp. r. meuU. I.gulrs of K HLllllr. e. will bn rotd vinelinao. on ba paid br loataiu nn,ta. l.oulrsofK IlLllllrjl. IM Sloth .t n,r AA ate t alfo eeverai col I Mm for alia oa ey torai. . t aio i V.U4.II J()L'bE8 FOR SALK IM BROOKLYN 1 a., oew yatnrv OMenaeul and aunsellar be Itetnry bMerueut and aurHsellar bniifwi. filled 1 B. tin rw-tf, marble maoUna, water ftitd gae and pond reman, rnn-a. eacn nai I r a-ma, .l-oau . B tne weal al'e . f I. inraan . t, n. ar A ave.: prion 3.1 no eaeh. 81 Umie.o rnrnaio: alao,f eoftagfaoo Wlll-wuch-bv aw, bear the above: prior PI fKeaeh 81 taaj .aa remain Apply te Waf BLUtriM, al the, or r rauhlln are, bar at) ra. W.iOl.I HOL'bb FOR SALK OR EXCHANGE IH the village of BpnnenrlnwB, Celnmhla Oa, a Baadanrue bouaa, e4 about oue acre of land, adota. uia fha ripniionrtowa Academy, and le onion Beaded al i btarclrva foe the puoila of that rnarltovaura. Apply te U W. aOUaVaY. It ftraad at, WUllain. mira, i i. W.110.M HOUSE IN IIOROKKaf FOR SALE S etnry FhlladaVhl brick, baleoov, marble man tele, bet end cold water, h -th ftnd aaa' renfta for 1 11Si pvloe, (.Mai. Irarulr f KOUUiT rtrhK, 13 . vUw riaee. Uebokeo. ftttbd 4toM 14 HOUSES FOR SALK IM JERSEY CITY Beweral fiv hnn.ea. amtaiotn ftll eowve ttenena; lo a good a4hborbood: prleea-fram tl.eoo to pi,. ra, small amnunt raiulrad la afteh. OlBae, TJ J..raty vn, ooiiKt tat ta et, aear tb preaiLta. t,l;M TJOL'SR FOR 8ALE IN WILLIAMS- A J barah Two etory fram boaea, fall tot, frwlt krvaa and evwrvthtna ug IB igoedordrr. laqau o thn permbae Ke tl Deva il, er 84 Qraad rt. art. win be BftS Jtao 141 bom eo reawenaie urou. aOL'SK, avo., AT ROHdVILLK, STATES Wend -at etnry aaid aMM fram boaaa, bara, klenetke with earn af land, van ll.aainlti 1 wtad rear tb- vtllaaa. a th PTaod-row Unad, lrad Pf teltedepot The beoee ti acarty aew end ta geed nj-ualr, dr, thar I ale a rop walk apoa ta ernmi. M lor b-rma, Aa. apply le JOUM koblti'l.lal a , im rn ra, uu,x4a HOUSE FOR BALE A J-STORT AND baaa-nent fra. braae aad tot, oa tb aorth rid 4 IMd rt, bei M aod M area, tlerlera For partlea f Inouir of A .1. BTILSOtt. eer. INd at. end 3d v. Alno, a farei ef aboat lai) earafc ta th lawn af VhrMX rerartlwJuvniptBaaav nrlovfaL i. 1 1 liD. BHhei. tt. 8o,b-T,ll L-jOl'Sra FOR SALK IS JKRSKT CITT- l-r ju Buaftii rrrlck biaaa alee eetoe ef the ata I to enyi elee aue large aoaa with 13 tele ef .tuodA )q Hergtm irju. Tvrma avo nrr eaa. lav on.1MVWTeet. Jaree Crty. tall4cnTl' fJOUSES FORJBALI TWO BTORT ' Bad haaMBeat bnek hooant- vith thm miIm I. a-ovvaieoka, altoatnd to IX Kftlb ftv, ftdjolfttng thaeor f Bkinnaa rt, Hrankl-n. Inouir of B 9AJJKAU, V vv.apgrriwbioaionrtwTw.i Mn4eai0 rAJIDLORD AMD TTNANTI eat AattKEMyxTB KXW TOBX SLN IkLPBOVED fvUtt, na fxinrnfai of tub bum orrw. . annin pnr not, Mperbjuvdrea. wttaa pBOI'ERTT IORSAUE AIiD EXCnAOK -fltyaue CooBbry. We have good ejtr pmorrta ,a Ik. Inenllooa eJeo oouotry aeate. aad farm Ib ew Jaiy, UaaHolarettB, 4Vuin.etleut, on Loog t aod. ItflaBlalaatUbt New Yrk, apthe llndaeu. A. ear. brm and paoAerate priora Wa have good laudiww propeity la different tncallene. eat Weetera ands f. aale ar aiebaoaw. OHICKKnUNQ A UO, leaJlawBiekerJllWaalBt,I.T Bahtttaclf SALOON, Ac. FOR SALE B250 a"loA0 A eetoeoea Broadway, imi 8 with or with nut euDDnw rnrwia. Abo a aoroer liuuor atnra ttnn. fV .ftja o-, fp4- .tan 4. .real tho l.Udlaaall. AW aaw UttlHmi, lip gtalta, i4JUA IPBA LIO TILLS. ctitx sick nziDiaa. CUSJU KERYOCa BX4DACIDL CUBE ALL KIXDa 0f IlEAD ACH M. en Py tb ar of tbfwe TVm, Ihe pnoodl attaet l 5frre er Blek Utklacht mar be prerwoted, aod If akea at the nwoa.a.naoiaot W aa atuok liaawatlat r. 'M fn. aod atekoera etil be orKained. They BUVa fail la reaiovlrit to Atutat and fat yA4 ftblrh A-mabw ara m aibhet They act teatl opr tb bel-rmetu Ceatlca wa. Toe lAtmry Mm, BtiMtrnU, AetteaM remaire aaa all peawaaaef erdratarp kaUU. Ut ar vauHbi a a auafie, Uaprovkvi th at'tttiU, ilrlaf fond aud ttvvr to the oriaoa. aod rd.irtB laaaatar. I .aatlritr and nra-Kth af to what BBfeoi rb CKP11ALK1 PlLLal ar U MenU ef leal lawa. Ufatiew, aod earwfular ooduetad elpartiamt. kavtoa! Wa In Baa raauy yean, divto whleb Bin the. kar peveutnd aud retlered a vart eanau of pal aad eat. Ana- from Untdacbaw ftbeiher arUtnaUaa la lb ewr; too afauaa, or from e deraup t- of llw. eroraarA. nvp an otlrtlr rfwetabl- In their enaapnalUon, Baal ba tak at all tlatf with par (not aafelp wltboat Biakloaaoyetiftuaaor dkaUond IA atamoa ef ir OmirrtabU UuU tmdtrt U aaap U mtmtmbtwiktm I eaaUrrw. BKWAJtB or urjfNTntnxrst fh BwnuiM Bar r i(natiana ef lUE.fHY a II'ALI UNO oo eaeh nnx. old by Draaartai 4 all ether Oeaaari to MndUluea. A Bu will he a..t by mall prepaid oa rooatpt af ta riUCkt All ardore aboild be ddeuwd to IlaWHT U. iraLDDO, . 4J Oodar et4 Ml v York. tllB iryLLOWrhKl PpDOwirp!IPi.'fr Of 1'AU li(i' riu'iiALic i'lLu, WILL COSYUI iK ALL WHO Ur e. HWM ukadaciio; HAT A Brr.rnY ami araii f.irpr Ia) WaiUat ILJtatt Utan..lL at I fhf v 7yffra.mal4 avr-'-wnaeitr ed bv Mr Pviia.- iau,f An, ororif w.;wfnfiOfnwe -n-o.o (A. Bel la irwp ecwvMVf aaerwrerr. alaaoaruaat, Cora, fib r, isol. U.X. BraLMfu, unit I bar trlod yunr Ophelia Flila, v.4 II tf tAn a ftfeal thaA 1 waut yu to Baud um tee ooilara' werta mre. Fart " theen ar for to aotaubn a f gar fnwuwtof tha rir r. . J fdrroai ya. avand Uut aUe tr eaaua, a.m ohlu kU'd.t nnrvAnt. JAMrat Ktt.VtaDt. Bavaaroan, fa Feb. S, 1ML Ua.BVAiawea, Bit i 1 fttdi fn tt annd m t aanr oaj of rnor Ofrha. Mn nua-f aatternwieodairruU oVwta tmtJHjrrm CAawa. Yeurr. reapecfallr, m w y amm oToixnocaa. 0rmnna C&aaa, UvFTiwoniM Co, PaI Jajuiarr lii. ,imL, ii. u. orAUiiona, aaia oiai Yea wtll elnaaa rend ene two bona of roar Cepkall Flu. ouJiawaHnmnrUtnl. bawveoUullf youra, J NO. It. tfVOKS. r. 81 ha Beed aa a f rear ttile aad Bad tavamr0tert. arataJ Tni, Obla, Jan. IS, 18CL Bawrv O. Beauoae. Kei. rteeae (lad lacloaed tweaty-flr Bt. tar whloh eend ai aanthnr bni f v.nir Ophelia rui. rkev part rwlyfA(auRUawWann'rraL Utwat A.8IUVKB. r BU oDa Yaraoa, Wraodot 0a a BiTBaxr, Kaam, Deo. 11,1808. B. C. (ratMww, & Bra I twteh rereroeetroulanor uarteabowMIIatebrtnd roar Lephall 11 11a more partieola-lr beiere Bay car loovn Ii yoa bar aaythMuj of tb klad, pleaa aeodtom' my eoatomere wh I antdeet U eamre 8lek fteadaeke, (ueiallr laatJn two da a.) waa enred of aa aitaok ta o boar by your Pill, which I seat bar. atAapeotaullryoare, W. B. WILKES. KimOLDaatKi, i'raaklln O., obloJ Jaia. V. lMiL wif I nawwT li orat.iwww. tw.aidftfBt.N. T. tai8rat Incl.ard find tweutr-llve onnta m) for wtaleh eew4 bra of 'aphall FUli" Snud to addrere of Bar. Mm. O FlUer, Havnoldabure, rrankllo(!Obl. 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