Newspaper of The Sun, March 15, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated March 15, 1861 Page 2
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t (M Cpe vr 1 t t- ' r I s r TOE NEW YORK SUN MUDAT 1IORNINO, MABCII IS, 186L Veaaaa Kxeweewted. Our N9tmporrj whose extraordinary org agslail two of cir Fire Companies we rstVred to yesterday, we re lad to find he completely retrtrted the itery, and a'eta In yeetrt-t'ey morning' lerue, on tin authority of ChlrfKoftiwwr Datem, lhat the lUat teroeit tho companict dlagracefiil etouirh un der any rircumeltnce JM no' o? ur until it. fer the melancholy tragedy In the lui itn building. The accutatlon aainit Hook an I Lebler Company I. 8, w are confident m equally trrounill!. Tie forem in Inform! a tint the loee of life wee due to a itrange Itch o' an In formation or alarm, of danger te lomttei ef the taildiag. The only pernon who Lad eipJ front above atairi and knew the peril of tliosi rem lining, appear I'.r the tteiemen , to hare len toodotlitutrj either of feeling r of salt, pttertttm to nake an effort In tholr behalf Our Informant wai (lauding villi truck aril company, retdy for K-rrlce, dot noihiiit t il , for ten or fiilocn minute, and until nil tout' lenl-eci over with tho tlctima, Imfuri any request for lUJen or intimation pin mt were ta danger, renhcd Mm. We are repeat ed lo publteli the following. 7 lhe KMr e Sun lliviagaeeo a ttalemer.1 In mora' of 1'ia dally pepsronf leKteidtr, tout a!T sot ha " N . vHiok ulLtldirC aptcy and entree. llea viraiathttrladdtrr, until the aa.Ltecet wat lei late," on L.I ocxcalm ot the ft-e in 4Xh at leal Thursday nvnntig, 1 take Ibenb-rtyof f, illy e in Imdwtlag lata letsnloo. The fact la, tail unorders wecegtvealtwsliarnli any 'aoorri, ao 1 that no enlrsntlwi for sselstancs run Ltd u until II wae I m Ule te render hit. I daf y ton eun aah i anal In that commuttnUon, so tnju'ttua I i the abivs men tinned rowpeoy, u prove what ba so baldly atwrta. PullaBlhmt y mar tie a great tirlm, I m, lo my opinion, J m ce It nneepially ll Thepere-n wke has that ca'umntilrd N II "k aai Ladlsr Company ought fuel 1 1 hare eai-eriele.d Ihatru-h of kit etatems'il before allowing it to aiireir trire tke public, I ud prrptrrd t aMa lo prora htf a mj pror auiboriiiM Ibal Mj. k II k an t Ltd Itr Oaaipaa d d eat orglfcl Iteir dmiM on Itie mo.-a-lofrflhil .-. J mi Wio'ita roreman II xk A Ltlder N i S. Frwn I'nrape. Tan Kuropnan inttlllgriire, puLl'mhe-l n o-ir first pee, Is of an lnUreatlng barrier. The fjuektion of I be African elate train hat agtin lvn the aul.jxrt of dlculon In tho Ilrllish rarllament. Ird Joiit Rtaaril.'a crnaure upon thecenluitof thr American (iocrnnint la rclati n lo the trade, and Lord I'ai.mir. aTOi'a mro emphatic condemnation of It, ani rf what be characterized aa " the abamolesa and rrotlicito toneucl of Spain," will attract at tention in tbia country. Mr. lloxroi ex. preaaed a fear that the eouthern etatea would retire the I.1 e trade, but be hope! the Brltleh (ieiernir.ent woujd never recoa;niae a eoulhern ronfeleracr without an expreaa etipnlatlon againat the rcrhal of the elate trade I A noticeable event In Fi;liu Icgiidation II the pMige to recend reading (muIv alont, ecording to Knglinh pnrliamenUrjr prarlire, to It ftaal piiaage) to the Houtoof Common, of the Church IUtee Abolition Dill, by a vote of SM againat 28 1, a majority of 17. The lull, hoireer, miy be defeated In the House of Lorda. Iu object la to relieve die. enter an I other who do not belong to the Kalablialted Church, freen the rrmpnlaory py. meat of local ratea or taxee to rtbuild or repair Uie pariaa churehe. The bill, though another atop toward the olnntary lyalom, doa n. t affect the rcvenuea of the LeUMished Churcli, which are derived from tithei and churcMan la. The important atatement la mide that Cil. Faulk am. ear Minister in lUrlt, had ln eflicially aaeiirod by M. Tnoovr.ipi, Mlnbi lor of Foreign Affaire, tint no dalegite from South Carolina, or from any other acceding Mate, bad ever been received by the Kinporo" or by himie'.f. 'lhe Italian Smilo bid paitd tho project of a law ronfurrin the titlo of Kin of Italy upon Vu Ton Euturt, aid mklu It he reditary in b'.a family. Tin wltbdraffil of the French lro.ii.. fnm Kjme, and lit occupation by a Sarilmian fore, nre qui'tiun whith it excted a fow woukt woalj ao'.vo. Stirring Inrldoul ah I iinuinrnt la Italy an 1 I Inn gary wilt l fount In tho ncwa. Aatheday fuM for th atioMtonor erflfn In Itiuia approaiho, tho (Jovcriiment n treR'lieniiuit uulitury .rrparjliom t ,r -ent Ui'tiii'i'n-' in inif' im. Till' fjinnui Ctinoa nw hit l.m-n do, 1 1,. J by tbo t'uitol S'i'ri Sii,ircinoCu-t li fa.i ofMrJ.Oifi. Tiui jnIi.tof jfimiral Inlorent a tlii- iiiuli, i' tliefa.t ti.i. thiuh the pro Ity to wi.':" ''"' dl'"n c'ulirca Mr. tiai.ors to I e the only j''itimite liotr. U In tho State of Iouiaiia, ilaimito leout f the I'ninri and to Ik a p irl uf another (J m fedention, tlio dudei of tho Supreme ourt have Iguo'cl rccetrlonanl ivo tbeir Julg luviit aa that of tho Supreme Court of tho Uni ted Stateii, whoe Jurisdiction ha not boon lin. jialrcd, ani within whoe jnriiliition now, at when the auit wa (RtTed, i tho .Sia a of Louhuana. lion the jndmrat la to bo en. oroe-1 It a 'itlon to lie itw.ldo-1 hereafter. Tilt II"?- IHvin AVtt-voT wn ymtordey thoeca by the l'enultuoia Leg'udituro, to the Htt in the United Sta'o Senate mide leant Vy Uea Oamiri'j acceptance of a icitli the new Calduct. Mr. Wiimiit'h nam) baa been made familiar to all nepper rea It r lo comiMt'on wuh the famou "Wilmot pnvlno," otTarod by tin In the IIone of Hrpreaontat.vwi In 181C Uieobjeit of the "proUo" Iwln to exrludo alavcry from any tettiUiry whiwU wo mijtbt (iulre from Mevce, TriR Uuitol Slate Sapreme t')urt deddel Mtoider, In the can of tbt Com Hon wealth of Xentacky ajnlnst the'lovcmor of Ohio, thi OviitMi cniiot Imiioae any fodcral duty on the cflicer of a atate, and therefor although the demanding atate hat a rijht to hare a fugitive fiuui Justice lettered up, and It 1 the ie'jr of the elate, upon whom the demand a made, to deliver over the fugitive, the Supreme Court cannot compel the performance of the duty by ma hmm. Thie decUon carriee with it Important legal and coninre, bearing upon tke comity exittluj betneen the itute, and ule upn their rrlatloaa to the Kudiral U vernment. ttnzvti ok ScR009iR IEcstles. On Wed need, the echo mar Rat.ltu, ef (1 eat KJ Uutnr, M J , waa aelaed by Clector Buiu,o' tbla pott, lor being deetllote of a proper I'olted BUtet raglater. It appeue Ihtl til It veaeel I from PnlladaipUt t Mobile under thi utaal coatt iBglleaoaa. At Mobile a ear(o waa taken for lit eaaa. UtrCtpuln,aa la utual, airrendared hla Ilceuae, aal app'led to tbero'Jaite- at M.b'lt for a regleter. The collet urged that nut liiaj a Veiled B alat officer he could not furniih a United Btaaeatog Mar. Tbtoapiala eeaeiliig hla proMHt, liad It eoanle-e'guei by the Bpaelth C jaaul at M w Hie, and ta tad for Havana. Attar diacharglng at lhat poit, and reloading wltk a valeab'e cargo o eugar. aid aejere, tha Ileatiaat tallel for Ihla port, Ml anlv.d la ibe harbor ea Wadnetday morning upra which Ike veteel waa eeUtd 1 CjUeclor Honau, aa not kavmg a p:optr Loll! Bialet clear urn. Toe forfeiture will probtU b iwsltud, on ibe ground tbtl after proper dillgtnc bat boao ea ewe'aed b the aaaatar of the vte el a ilearaLct eould ot have I a oUali (d at WobUe, aa ao a acta aa eataVd g a'et Co-lector at Uiat port. Thia uuy ke ateae atitliaut a virtual rioogalitou of the ooutlllut fw autbgttUaa Vf lit loilUitxa V.-kliUrfJ.", THE LATEST NEWS. 8 i Mr xxLMtxrn to tbm m. r. mvw, i o i XXXTIIIh l4NnBBM-leat. Etta A Ksaton. WaiVtiflm, March II. Mr. MtiOf (V.) cfiVted a reeolulioa ealllff oa lhe S'cretary of War lo Inform tb Ste whether any portlow nf the Iiittilrl Mllllla, or any offiern therf, alnoe the lit ofjattiaiv. hare Lera miulerel lava ibe etrvlee of Ike leiled Bulee, or dly beta Ivpowd on Iben b tbo iitmenl i and If ao, wkether Ibey have rtlvtd aav,antl what, pa the nature uf lhe dutlia. f r wbal tinte emp oyed, ani whether Ul Itmc attll cotl'aue to be rf itned, At. Mr. Hmnta objeetlrg, lae reniletloe lite over. Mr. Illioli laovao, la taae up hit teaoluffta oflerid jrtuuUy, ealllnf oa Ibe Btrreuiy uT War fuf lafutmatlunralatlveto the eoulaein fur w, and oihtr pnbllo pioce y, Ac. Mr tU ) aaid that It watqi've ob vbjiiattiai Ihla wat a uatlnr ea which lae gtnale could net art, aa II required Irtltlalloa, and Ibny were bere rait aa as Meeiiilvt hm4. II there fore drmuidtd lhe jat and nat. Mr. Ucaraa (V) bopd tat rtaolutin wrald be t.k.nup IilnlanwiM te 7 di y ina riuntry wba want lo know weethei lhe are 10 bat petet or ar. lit aid not aree with the Heua or frj J Maine. Mr Cuoomi (1 C ) ba1 prewired a r 'ul'nn aJtllnglleI'rerildilloinkea treat will tie axvdad tUlM telabvt 14 Ihlf very prmort. I t.rjbxij edinltitd thai tat Prendm and 8fliw are tie lital rnakttiic powar, ail thai wuelever lae do la Itiat cai-aclty la Co.l. Mr. Doom ta thoiiiht the ma nit ought to ier mil hit retoUtlon l be taken up, la orear tbtl be (I)ocula) might explain bliol;clla clftrlni iti which waa fur ILc bett of purputte. air. Btaaon (a au 1 iu rewiution caiiea ior in. foiinatinn cgrtat moitml, aid If the mtjorllv re. f iiaad U Itka 11 up, the Inhrance wrruli bt Ibal lhe dMlredtaup,Hiiufiiatt.oa afTectlnf paact or wa Mr. Frtirrr fM) al hi o'vulont t) ISe tatoliiUoa. llianiiinlori u lhat II wou d bt na wltt to pwe II benee be could cml with iraw kit ot'Jeflioo. The iurinion wat taken, and the 8aterefuavt to pn nd lo Ine Otrfiaiaerati m of lhe reeolutlou bf tt 10, nat 14, a.l toe Ifpujlicaw T 'ling lo lhe tiefrattte Mr. rmrni'n mtrrd It takonp lb retilutlos ofTarid ty hlra lertridi, t einke fin Hit Mil tbenarmaofiritHodiBgBinttH. Airdcdto li) afralarl 11. M HvallNrri. Joemed II hltjjtf li In'-nliue the letolution, at ttkiblnj iht ollla uf the irtMlfnian thetln aimed. The C vittitution pre. vfdee ILal ata InlheBicate roabertme vacant t rraliLaUon or olherwiae . AfUr the desotrallont luade bthem,tni Ihili wllhdrawa', their attta bid Ueone t tt. Ttere niutt b ejma tlmi wlito the Btnata mutt act. Mr, ltvan(l)al.) motel, aa a aubrtiruta, that certain Senuart, bavin- announced tlitl 1 to envtliin at their treiitrtivi ataWe the wart no longr r member of the Htnale, at 1 withdrawn tier, fion. the Secret! la d rede 1 1 1 omit ih'ir nanitt In calling It e roll. Mr, ruvieidiied that t!.are had in rtalgnatloaa. ITjpae gentlemen bat avowrd Uat, t lie a'cexlen u' their it tie 1, lae iwtrealBgrr nieu.bartof IheSmaie, bullae m mli dil n.l leroju're Ike arltof a'cewlon. but 10 d the hive lha tight to onlt ealliou; lhair a iinaa, iut e Ihiy relura to thlt chamUr, could It then I tald they bad retigned. Tatre wai no pttataaaof tealgattion on taelr part, on thacoi. weiy, Ult waa oiaclalmid j all of them lltnre thi re waa no nettle Jy to paaa the reeolutlon In tale wnn. Me. M&aoa tuirealed IWa aiitaiiitiit'on nf t wutd on.lMail," for "al'lrkem." Tne viailullon Implitd Hint aula ware varanl from thoaa autta. For Ikla be oou'.l not vnle. Mr. rwi. acctpUd Mr. Mof a verbal mJ Iflceilon, Mr. navaan Nrt'ier cpnoaed Me. r'mninntvt reeolutlon, and advocated Ine own tu'iatiMta. Mr. Ka.aaai.aa, la ril,aalda Beat mtbtva. eatnl by Senator Mnn,lf; at to how he miy i It, w.lh or w.t.out aaalguing reaaunt, whether lbte be good e,r Ineufficinit, la a ma.tar onthe Stnatora own mind, andon hla owa eat. lie egiteel wllk Me. Baraait In the remark that arar balng eluled, tke Seualor had power over hunaelf and might owiliBue a member or not, ad. coic lag te hla will or nil eturr, exeent eo far ae he mUhlbecperaledoa CthU liody Itaeir. It wat not wcemij thai tke raalgnallaa tho Ud ba In writ, leg. Il dtpuded 00 00 form c( woida. With the rearore or ibote peot'emea who had wlibdrawa he had nothing- to io If tbey were eallaVtor to U em, 1 hit were aalu factory te klm. Tea ave declared they are no longer metabere of the S mate, kevt will drawn from tka Banal, ami ha rxrnla.1 that aa a rvelnalloa of their eeata. Ha had tlaplv ,I..I.mJI.I.1. LI. .....1...I ... j .. T.f v.n.TV ..I, iu ma laMuun. iiv umtrea wnn the B'talor from Da awaie. The aetta were atlU at the dtroeel ot theae atatea to be flUed w turnover tbt) thought proper to do ao. 11 Uare'ora held t-t ILootlgtial laao.ullon, which xptetee the fact In pmrtr pkraaeolrgy, end waa opposed to Mr. iuvaanaeukatlluia, Wceuee II only proaoted to cmteit theiell. Mr. Itavaao, la reply, agreed that a rttlgaatlon rq tired no patuliar form of language, but 11 took td hi the Intcutrf tke retlgnatlcu. Mr. rUtiBoe auketiauVe wu tejaote.1 by 11 egaliial (0 Mr. lltrAanmnvidloatrlkaMr, DanwN-a name fnan Mr. IiaatNoaa'a riaolutlon, iba Utiar nt ravlrg made the dtclaretlon luiputed to the othaia Mr. rrairwDaw did not know why tbla thoald bo drna. Mr. lUvtai.. Did Mr. Ilaonri iy he had with. d awn r lit did not i.p'n bla II,hi. Mr Iwuauv lie etaitd in advance what be w( ultl do. Mr lUttii. Ha did nolniakaeucua dtlar. tu n. ltr.VrMif.Mi. J think be mid a apee.h atat Ine what ba waa el-nut lo do. Mr llitaiii. Id u'l deny what Mr, IIkokn aald hMi it do, In ttt did ml 1I1. 11 I nJr. r.Un. of wbal a man to do d.-et U"l amouil lj an art ttnpa. Mr Wit ani fMwa ) nt',1 Le w-ull 04 atttmpt tj 1 1 u M' Iiaonkaim uye, la did loikaa ne lerltrll,.a end lit the BuMi. 11 Uouuli tha p-hite.1 Jl,kU- wt.u'd a-iuw lie ii-ifii wonli Af IT Mlblr 1 1 win! out. flfr h.irii..tIi .... i ltd bin aa for aevertl ua) Mr Kami 'roiulln irttnowir.p'el by Ilia hm.l r trom lit. Ure, ha trii'd tike mini lner itit inlhepmceoj ln, aiuilhel ha had a rl lna oaitua wuo ane t wlk lilm. A dav or Iwoafter laia Mr lureiutdi b'a ftrawell epeern and wlih.lrew. II teemed that f'oae HfnaUna btld a 1 n.u Inll.iu, at which Mr, llrotin ni-idaadei-laitticnaa to what he tboild do, and Mr littwiame In aud made a brief ftrewell ablnai Mr, Joiukon (Trim ) tald that M umlppl wut nit on the '.'lb, a d on the 10th Mr. DttitmitUe a IK uh ai d wll'idiea l-xiai the ttoaata. Hi did not think iretMr. IlaonN made a declaration that hie atkta bad withdrawn. Mr C"U (M J ater further prorr-edlnga, tutd tVai the iiiodiniatlon of Ire rrao'utlon rulred tl na lirreneit'on He nuivad to go Into aaeatcutive awalon, vehlth waa cat ned. Atar a aboil time apt nt therein, the diure were re-i pi ned, and the roua'derettjn of the reeolutl-m waa rteuraid. Mr. Cie fN II ) on ted a tn'-tlitutt for that of Mr, Inalaiu, which tut Utier accipled, ttamrlv Wreiea", Tne aetta occupied by Meern. Maowri Bad IliVIt, of Ml.alrtlpi I, MtlHWT, of F urlda, Ciit.if A'tbtua.T" nt,rf l orita, Daittuiv, of I.oulalana, at netubeia of t.e S-n'e, hive tt oorre vtcanl, Ibeiefoie, 'Afie.l, That the g-iretary tie dire-led to omit Itelr natiea reeia-ctlvely fram the roll. Mr. Miaou laeflic'iially nioptaad lo amtnd tha reiailutlou by mtking II ratd the geat etnen named " have etatt-d le lie rornil-ert " Mr. 1'itKk'a reeolutlon waa adcpled, i I ag tint! 10. lbeotualtad;tuiud. BVATK IJMlIMJkTTJEK-Wt-aate. .titVin.V, Sfmch It. The following bill, 1n1.11 u'llunt, weie repotted favorably from the alai ding commtttaee 1 Tbt llarltu or Ctlet Bridge bill. lhe bill to lac nporale Ike Mt lie tl College of Iht Delletue II plltl la the olty ol N in York. a cue iMaopDvxo. 11 Mr. J. Mrl.vru Muarui 1 Te aulherlae a rail, rotdou theleib evaoue, New kork. It It 10 oume ficim M tttaat down the attnat, taioiigh II udeoa, gpiUig, and llrKme alieaU, Ike B iwtryto ft tha. rfntawitt, acd trew Iliwmy lothtWt'l n real Ferry, tl -me thirty corparaloit are named in Iht bill. Mr.nniiioiea letrodorad a bill toemnrmtke rurvlne of Ibe I'oat Offiee tltt Iu Nutau ttrett. 1 It the aaina aa tne bill lhat ku been tnaldertd and an en led In the Aatembly. Mr, t!oBou.t InTicducad a bill lo enable peiteua charted with crime la New Yuik and K ngt cm it, and lommlt'td for trial, te move for atrial aitt rtquIrUg the couittte take up tuck tila: lu pre. farvsoo to a'l other oauaet. Ill Mr MaBiBBBiloe.Ub.bih a Ni'itlcal I ool la New Yoik harbor, with lhe privilege to Jill clf alt la Ibe Ommoe 8:hel fund. Mr. Uauxoni- rrpoite-i for the eonalderaMon of the Beetle the bill to prevent aud puolah bribery and corruLaloo. Mr. Kit uuotn, fiom the Cauiniitlee on It dlrja. repoitM eavene' It the bill I J reduce lhe milk fielgtt oa the Harltm rallmed. Mr. XiTouaa move-l te dlaaaree with the report M earn, Ib'kBrraoN n-dKlTouta aamaallv arjro caltd the moliciu, and It wae cairiait, end the bill waa teal to tre Oimmlttti of Ibe Wio'e. The bill itltLvato the Sale AntLal end Itn-le In the city cf Broi-klya waa 0 u.l leie 1 le lhe C J-n-mlitteof the Waole, andoiderel l a third read loir. Tbebliltolnoorpoittethe Ntw Yolk N tlittlnu and Oilouiialion Ueclety, waa alt) ordered l)t tbiid readlbg. Atteeably. . Mr.Wiaaii lntrlucad a reaelutioa for the flj.l ajomoment af ibe LtgUlature, April lOlh. L.ld ov. r. The bill l emend the llieok'ya om-noa aehool act, waa reoorwd tavoiaU, and moved forward to U leiiurted eostpltle . ".'"' uomtae jud'caiycom-ninae, repw Ud bark tha hill irl tiff ltiae..n..nft nf tK .l.ui. I 51. TJ'w ": '' rt ,ul 8uk. f btd la the 1 1 ' ?"" ",k-fj' 'be pTia vf a Port offlie l-. L ..; 7; iit-.talhj g'.vjj Uf CJ4. ' aaaaM-tkeataletopnirtaae any elte the aaavha datermtavd eo by the geoarat goverBnteBt, and not emf trior II telk-iMeeaau ' at, aa originally get Ig new. t'adar the genaral ordere tha Honattsek flp, la Mtnrclttee of whole, lhe bill emending the exeeaa. Iloalaw, l7llmlUgtxemptlone oa elargyaaa le thote In actual charge cf a chorea or eongvegaatoa, or wbe ehall hive ber eo la charge Ibr 10 yaara. A long dttiate wee btld on the Mil and the Com. mlMee ef Whole atrork out trie eoartlegclanae. laltellouteMr. Maaam moved to dlatgrea with tie art Ion of the Uonimittaa .f Whole, and or dar the 111 to a third muling, oarrlrd BT to 85. The CnTsinltw of Whole alto took up the Mil relailng to the department of fiutnce In the elty of Ktw Yoiktasd trana'irrfng the atrea bureau to thai d'iartment,eaniedelta wae had on the bill when Mr. AaiciJitica moved ta rep a-l pro,rraa. Tbe motion wta ot otad by Mr, piaiwau. and other tHindaol the bill, but II wae curled by a vie nIM toil. The M I to t-rc vide for the better orgtnltitlnn of lhe mllllla ef the ttate waa taken up, and without taking aiy action, tke committee reported pro. '" - . rreador af Fort Itrtwt. A'rw Otlftint, Manh U. The Oat roe ton CinUar, of the 11th IntUnt, ttjt that lhe eurrender of Fort Brown wat (greed upon quietly bttweea the Texae Conmltalonere and Captain mil, oa the rth. The A'ne aayt that Fort Ttrowo will b given np at toon tl the mean of Iraeaportalton caa be foand for the federal troape. The Utter are to take ta their joatcf der-tlnatina 10 light batleclaatf ar Hilary. Toe tleaoter ptolel Wtheter wat Hill off rfaata, wa'tlng to take tSeMerel Iroopt. Otktr vatea'a will probably be dlrpitchrd lo tike off the remain, per. Te Teito iroopt at Tl'tiieare reptetentel to 1 1 1 .itl'jlrig ILt laltul, eo ae le mtke II Impreg nab'et. l-'teatal Weel aid the Rvaraattoa af Part rlamter, Trny, Mirch U Tho Troy H4jt of laat ever.lrg etaw, authoritatively, that tka diwpatchae frr m Waildogton, ilailog that (Jan. Wool, bad ad. v'ted the turned r U Foil Bumter, are without foundation, Fiom Waahlanloa. Wtiihifijlm, Itnrch II. Official dlipetcbi rece'vid Leiefrom HigofBeer Di.l,of tke Madller rareaniqutdron. aaylhalcnrjiptraelee and arrette dal'y occur, and lhe title of affaire are very unttt Had. Trave'eta betome afraid tl ootat lo Ntplea and epend a poTfon of their wlnte la that fine climate. 3 N rinaira vdey ei.leied uanbla dutl't at rhlaftlark In the Ntvy Deportment, U place of Mr, Wn aa, who retlgaad. The Cbailealan CVurdr of yeaterday slitea that tke ttteiiea hearing en lhe ehlp channel are ef the beavlatt kind, and Ibal Ihey erenow Inablgh tta'e of pripvallon, and ready for any frte that may iMarntagaltttthtm. IlUlleveelbo relntoroemenl nf Fort Bomtxr an Impoaalblltty. It ettlmitee tkal Here are three thoiiiacd highly dlaclpllncd iraope In Ibe vaHona rorilflualonx. The fVniriVr alto auiee that rffloltl lnformallon will Bonn be reeaived that the fifteen mdlion loan anthorlted by tke government of the Confadtrate Btalee liaa been ttken at a premium probably of Bee per loatum. la the Buoreme Court today, Aaamlala Jattlce WavKB aninniBC'd tha denlaloo ta lhe rate of Mre. MraaC Uiiaat. lit nldit watot lone attndlog, and herelAfoie of donbinil taaui. -rtia ..! coveted three thoueaud pagea. and at lata! eight of the lea poleU bad laa ruled by the Court with re- giu w iti iti wM it ni uaan uroiiga to a ooncla tttn The deetalon waa, lhat ehe wat the only legltlmtte child ef Damn. Uuk, and hit unlvtr' tal legatee under hie laat trill, aad ae inch enlltlad to all the property, real and partem 1, of which Mr, CLtaa died rwatianid 1 and the defendant. III. mo, having purcbaaed certain property with full aoltce of the nalirly of the title under which he held, eke la entitled to recover Immediate poatea alcn of It, with the rente aad profile. The C nirt Bald, meaauree would be at once lakea to anfiree the cucree 1 and Juatic WavaB aald la oonolutUm. the Aiture wilier of the IILetery of Jarltpnidtoce would be obliged to rogleier ihla celebrated caee aa moft raanaikable. Chitf Juetlce Tjuixt delivered aa cp'nloo la lhe mailer of tha Commonwealth of Keatncky agaloat the Uovernorof Ohio, Danmavoii, deriding It wat a caae of original Juriajicllurj, and,lo efftct,one Btata aga Inat another, aad, therel.-re, the C rurl hee Jutiedictioa usdir the C rt atllutioa. lilt a rate lo ooaipel the Onvtrnor of Ohio, by tnandamut, to turrecdar a fugitive from Juattee fran Kaalucky. The Court aeya that the detnandlag etau ha a light lo baveevary took fugitive delivered up; tha Ike etele of Oblo hte no right to eater Into the nueatloa ea to whether the act of which the fugitive eienda avcuaed la Oiimlnel or an In Olio, provide.! tl at It wtt a cilma la Kentucky; and II la the duty of Ike Governor or Oolo to deliver up, upon Bay proper prroft that Ibe art charged la a crime by the Uwa of Kentucky; that the act of Congreaa of KM dntermlute what evidence ta to bo Bubmllled I the alate of O ilo 1 that tha duty of the llcvtrnor It mlniatertal merely, like that of a aherffrr marah el, and appeal to hla good faith lnlkadtthargaofa constitutional dnty, for the naeon Ihtl (Jongreee ctnnot Impiae any fwleral diitycuthnolDceraof a title, and thai where inch mitre are calltd upon by an not of Umrraeeti pnrfntm am h fuiyaeil catcelvei to belhegood e niw and goot) hub on Ihele part. And on laete gn.undt lha iiuiniajinua la refuaed The eplnlmd In the Albany and Ntw Jertey b IJgectaeaaieretarvfd lor tht neil term, la Da C mUr. to wlilt h time Iba C-mri a.ljourtej. Tbt l.iuialana ac I of aeeeeiion done not efftrl the I tlkia c'tae dec turn, vihlch had tieen pending for alu-nt.i j-iiin, aiall ut'lrgiulu In the I nitej until C 'inula white reaitlentaof lliat lit It ware coiietiiideieetnett from lalerfarenie. Ine amiiult Ipcolctd la varioiitly eatiu atel at from two to Cfceeu n.llilnna dollnrt. Mm. (Itiira wai In ConrtaLd rtcrlrtil the mogratHUtiona of her ineuni Th rl-nalet-diycoilrmed the (o'.'.owlng nml uatloat W, N. Anrie, NtTVAiitl. Oitvi and FaNuia liitai, litiiteeaiilaln lhe nary. Jcnra Miaan, Aim W. 8taiibb, li. M. CcHirct firtl lieuteunu, and Jim 1'oaaiv, of Pmn.,Uiriaaoiiit.iioi.toii, of lhe llinllUtef ColutulU, eecoud lleuteunntt In the marine mrpa. Wu .til aa, Poatmaiter at AuWn, Ntw Y'ork. Ai'tlvm Ntval otWr at it ait. hi. Ki ri llcwyna of Michigan, Uouaul-general at Frtkrcat-inlhe Main. m l" Pun 1 n-a Ceil lector at Idem, Mm. Javto. Himiiii Mtaautii.fot the Njiiaera Die trctol Illiuola. t'Atit 1 M Ci av, mloliter It Bialn. I he nomination of Ui. Cobwin for tke Uexictn mlealon kaa n 4 been acted un, hie aceeinance not being determti ed. Ibe only nornl nation Bent In today to the Senate, waa thai cf Jacob T Mai.iaawAn, of l'tuuylvanla. aa reagent minlaler at Btockboim. Comailtnloneit I'oat mi and Caawvoan ttil, yetttrdty, an official note atklng renvnlllon, and atatlag aa auawtr would be called for today. Teat eetretery ef tke aocordlngly called at the State Department fer a rep'y. The rwpxire wu a I cquatt fur time lo eonelder their propoelllou, which wae aooetdtd. The op'nlua prevalle thai Uie AdulalatratloB will itfer the whole mtutr to the Senate Ibr advice. The Cabinet held Iwo meeting led cat In the uornlog, and tke tker In the aftaaoen, II la dialed la Admlnletratln clrolee that any oaneual naval dltplay la Intended lobe made la the aouthem walert, The vettela at the New Y 4k naval elation are, it la atld, to be placed In rea tl. neaa for Iranepuil tatvlea, upward ef 1,600 troope being bow la Texta, a a ailing eonvryaace north ward. The I-entthaaet Ceaventlea, Ac. Arte OtUcwi, March 14. An ordinance to euhmlt Ibe lermanenl ConeilluUoa to the people for latlfl llon er lejeotion. It uadtr conalderauon in tke Convtnlion at Datoa K nige. A neolulliei euthoilalng the trenahr of lhe elite niiuuB o ine rioviaiomu uerernmenl; aleo to al low volunteer lo eolltt under tke r.evuioual 0 Jv trnment, paeaed Ike House. A Jill I rten'utinn wae Introduced In the Home, lhat Ik tn vt niton ahould rib ell tht C m dltutlca ef IheCoufedirateSiateatolhe, or C mean. tlontUcted bylbeople for thai pnrpoeo. Laid ovrr, Vtxt Jereey IgWUlar. Tin',m, March U. ..The lelaUlutha.Un excilligtiuietociay. At two o'olo k.bolb hoaae were reaOv lo adjourn i Ji, beu a maaeage w.t rittlved fniu Ui t.oveiner. calling atttutloa to theifqulrtn-ent of lae roaatltutl"n In regard to epprruonlng the repreernutloa accaidlng lo the ltat of the cetiii a. and tuggetl eg the exjailente of iMloiisdlffli-tiltT it ibe nan eliclioa. la Bate tbBltheItlrtilUIwarfB.pu,d " lloth houita Iben Ttau'ndedtha ittolullon to el. loutn tine die, with tht view of rawing t-it r, ,tiA bill. Tbay reeolvtd to adjourn to mo 10 , but of the prvbabilillea to do e 1 there la much 4 ou'il. The alttmpta le hold anoikir Joint mUng hive beta deftaUd. TiraUla Palhlcw. rttetUurg, I'ci., March It. The vote for aud agaia I loeli uotirg Ibe delegate te v u for the troaeeioB ordinance In the coavantloa, waa conliau idtcdty I itraordinaiy exerlli ue were mide on tothiidet Theeao'hiutai waa very great. The follualng la tne reanll 1 tor Iht ti.uucliont , I.W Again.t OIJ Toll ti gaiuoi 1J for leatnittloea elaoe yet'e . d T.1U.U10W it lie Itttday of the v,aul an aii oiaW are lacguine. Torre it t.kit,g (,,ia vmlghl with a proeaa. HlBMearl Ceaveaattoau Bt. Ixmi, March R ta lie Oonveathx to day J edge Oaaau offtred reeolattnule aptetat delefatetarj lae Vlrgtata Ooavealon ta accordance wilk aa Invitation from thai atate, which, by re- 2 neat, wee referred to the Owetliaee aa Federal lalaliose. Ilwtt ordered to blpf laled Yeeleiday aid tolay were emUrely devoted lode. balea the majority report. lha Tlrglala Oarrwtbta. Itlchmrmi, March. 14. Mr. Tri.RH cloaed bla epech tgalnet ltiepee le-opoellioae. lit de. alrve) Virgiaia to piit forth an ullimainm deroaiiii. leg full aet urtly aa theoondliioa of reratlalng I n lhe I nlon. He thought rich eecurliy mtihl eventual ly brine beck tke cawon etttee, Tiralnl caaaol ex it without Ihtm. till tieeck wae generally conciliatory, but enequivocally for eoutheea rigkte. Tre propoanloa wat referred It Ctmmitiee. The CoDVrntlon agreed lo take op tne report of tke Uvuimiltee on Federal Rilitlona tomorrow. New Jereery levra B rotle). Jt'rvari: March 14 Jlurllagtnn County 01 Tile dty, electfd lo Kipubllcaae, freeholdera, aad t Drmcciale. Becttoe) af ilaa. DavU U II met bcbT. at. Heaatf rrwan Peaaaylvanlav. llorrUlmrg, H., ArorrA It H-m. I)vm Wcfc hot, wae elected III 8 biter loiay. In lae pi v e ef Mr Cannon-. lie received ta Stattorlal and t K-treeentellve vole. Hon W. II. Wiian, ra relved B rlenalertal aud V Repreeentalive Vote. rU altering 1. Trie aOVtlnge la Kniewe-Mere Ittllef Needed. AMrlfm, MirChU.Tli9 Relief Cntrjiltle have tecelved today over t-S 000 huthele of eeel wheal, half of it being Biirrkteed with the Ntw Yoik arproprtaiton, aai lha ether half from Wit c rln. About an equal amount had been pre viously received from va-1u e mreie. Tea Ikon sen 1 buahela were eklpped lo Ltavtnworih todiy, for dlnti ibutioa In I.tateowerta and Douglea etun lie. Tie demand for piuiiei fir teed It very Urge, aad thtre la ararctly any on baad. The rip ply of provlatnna It aim very tratll, and the receipt IaUerly have been light, although Ike epp'ioattoa are more uumeruua auu preeting oaa ever, The Caaal Beard. A flan;, March 14 The Canal Hoard nut today. There vhi la-gt attendance nf fo w.rden and commercial mm. The II ard fie-1 all Villi the name aa lent year, except grain, raiklBg all grain 1H mills. Tut taitet wkeat and c-n-n half a mill, and tlfctcuea btrley and oat. Tee actio) of the lliaidwia eameeil cpnxaed by all ctnunercal men aa Injurlou etpec tally to the corn I'ac'e. Tte Hoard a-ijouroed till four o'clock I un irrow. lire at lUtavla. HtVjifit,.V r.,WtrcMlA Are Iroke out here lal evitilng at hair peat t o'cloik, in the livt-r atablaladooglngtall M. Waa. Toe fire eooa epirad to the Ktgle barn, which wu entirely ou tlined. Quite e number of were buroed Tte fir v-at the work: of aa incendiary, Ftrr la Nt I.eaU. iS. ;i, ifiirc 1 1. Tli pLmlog mill of IlBAi.roBn A IIabt, comer of Hihini Wa'nul ett waebuiLtdlbiauoining. 1. tea $15000. Tm AVMnii-a on tiik IIohjot N'Avtnt. tion, cVc The weather aincs the recent cold map hee changed to uncomfortable and chilly, wta aaa'moat oomrtanl fall of rain or enow, goowfell from Ntw York loAlUny, all yeaterday, In ml place fnim one to two tnchee In itrpth. Ntvlg. tlon It now regularly remmenoed by nearly all placee or the river lietween New York and Albaay, U and from theee dtlee. The firt tow from New York arrlvtd In Albany eometime on Wedoaalay olgkt, al about half peat fj o'cloik P.M. She wae obterved nrer Btuveeant by our reporter, with a number of Ice baigea, caoat boala aai achonere la low. The floating Ice la rapidly dltappearlng. nut Iwo eelllsg veeeele have been Been laia wtek between Iluitoa and Albany. Shock uo Arrxta Mi rinrrtorji Attack Or A Bom CTo-i iim FATnaa -.Conaldarah'a a. mil. meat waa mated In the village f Spring Val ey, Bockland Cc a few daye abxe, by the report lhat a vouna-man. aaaaad MeAntm. ha mmhIm kl. father by beating hla braloa out wltk a flag Iron. The pertloulara of 'the affair are aa follow 1 Young Mi Abaiu luJdtnly eelatd a flit Iron and eiruck hla father upon tht head, until the eld una eu inaenaiDiv, wata toe young uien uta. H tdlca aid waa procured, but It le feared that Mr. Mo Aoava' Injurtea would prove fatal, aa the ikult waa bliken la upon tke brain, A number of the piece werotemovfd, and lhe old man waa alive at laat accoutte. Young Mi'Aoaua la about SB yeara of aga, and haa, ao far, eateped arreet. Hi It mp. poted to bav been laboting under aberratlen of mind at the time, and from the evidence of hla mother, bad net bian In hla right ralad for eat er! dty, II wa a tailor by trade. Opinion af the Prvaa. The Journal, hating cvprease-1 their opin ion on the evacuation of Fori 8 imlar aad the n. cettlty for aa extra tetiion cf Cmgreai, den le Ikelr altintlou. In tie abaewe of any ntw aeneallon theme, to vei loot eubjecte, Including the Incklente of the day. The Ta new arrlted at too late an hour on Wcdneeday lo admit cf extended ec.ik.riel comment In yealerrjay'a papere. The Ketnlnj Axf, Lo a ever, devotee a long aith le to it, Afer elating thr iitmpli g and tjrai olral character of the, lv.e Wbijii It It ml wonderful that la Tnu, where the ae. retaif.iiiela have btbaved the wortt, the reaiUort aliould begin aooneal, aud that lha vluleul nieiUmle lekiuthuiiid laiget vu.leuce In return. We tu tl y conceive why Ilor tn ahiuld obje t lo rilaricg Tent under H e ru e 1 f Jlrriruo Dtvu, whom tue letple of Texae btve taken no pari In tlmtirg, whole no niore laeir sovereUa 1 puilic oonetnlthaaHAiiTA Aaaa voulcl be if bewerelt ltiut ut (!a vert ,n. anil who le bually occioled wub, hii eeiiullloia in foutdtrg rt military tyranny which It 1 reach from the Aa.anlte U -eau to the

ll.o(, radii. The wanluref Saa J.clulo eepjito tt la Mcttalon, bul wUhi t te preeetvt eomewktl of the aptrll ol popular government la the aew lnttl tutioua. lie (wa the aagv Uy to aae lhat If Txia beoncetUdlothechaiuitwheele of the 8tulhem, 1' aifiTlettcy, the tucut b dragged a'ltr It into Ike ruin toward which II It ruehing. Hi prefere to krrp Texat c in atargled and ladeie-iuiena, no vaaaal f the ne.irn deepoilam, able to take a lvaiiiage, at htr oa oiaoiolioa, of any aoportunlly of extrt eallog hareelf from kor preetnt piirilona oonlltloa. Toe ieiralln of Texas from Ihegtutbeea Confiderary would lirpue a eerleua aud alatoat and almott latiiperable barrier to It scheme, to d.memlr Mexico, and If Cn. II traroa ahould triumph over tboae who. ars woiklog to unite Taxaa with MuaUalppl and South Carolina, Jarr. Davib may march hla artay acroaa the Stbtae to fight a battle oa the eld war ground of Alamo. la the meantime, there are manlh-elatlnu of dlacotttnt In otktr ttitre, with tke tyranny prac. lli-ed by the new Meogomeiy tljtarsiaent. The Wad dti The example of Hctoton In rtdatlng the unur. patlona of the HmUiem Confederacy may be Imit ated la the other ootvta stetee, ant the none now kladled may rprmd from the Stbtae tolheStvaa- Beh. Whet ceurse the frd'rel govt'nmest will tike la Ihla matter; what aid or oot'liirtgaroeut may think pit-per 10 lent to Hofitun la hit oppotlllon to the revolutionist wno have eaiebllahed their heed-quartoro al M ntgomtry, 11 te almoet lot eerly tecutiitiltire. Otaual Uoiomb tua a way, uu'.U wlihla a few dtya, bten etltemtd a firm friend of the Vnloa Hythemea who Ant plotted nalllfi c.tlon and than itc-eetloo, he le Intensely hated If ...j lu in upj iibibi, niio. ut get pieei cf bis pereun, they will aituiedly hang him. Toe It (mint eee 1 If I'ttevarely alone for a while. It it probable Ibal lhe acceded auua wLU fall lo figbliag among themiclvee. The ITerM argute that Oivtrnor IIoriTon-a let. tar to (leaeral Twiuaa, la regtrd to Ike aaft cub tody ef Ike foite, artcne 1, aid other govirnmtat proper y la the elate, waa utjuatly Interpreted al firtl, ae evidence that he had gone over to the ee ceoloiUi. vf tlamotlvet andptllcy, llteyei labia letter, wrlnia Ubte the aeeimbllngft' tin couvratlon, wh'ch would uru-p o much an. thoilly, he opposed teceeelen as vigorously at liiMinand JounaoB lathahallaof Coogreia. Hal anticipating, probably, lhat lecrattoa would nol stop uu the beoks of IfieBeblna, he then exerted all bis aireogth to give tke eaulhera ewfederec He limit eud lu boundary there. He held up be fore UeTexana the eld vialon of an leolate empire and a destiny nnclogged by entangling alliance with eecedad etalte. Hit tflorde now are la pur. eiiahceof t-e tame policy, and we venture to p-e-dlct ltat, if Texae la the first atel who g.eweick of aemalon. Gen Uocrroa will be the firtl man to lead her back to the t'aloo. Amotbvh AniodBSMturr. The court mtr tlelonCoI. CoBonxta, of the CDiti regiment, arte tier eeaalea of which wu to hat teta tel I j-atlar-dty e-lrtoeon, waa afaln aJJouiLOl until tke Skih Inat, at 6t I'clock, 1" M, in ctntequtic of Iht piotiacted iluiea of the aocaaed. rKRSRirrATlOH. Tha presntation of tht magulnetnt medal lectnUy eeul from Ben Francisoo lithe Oik regtmtnt, will take piece al thoCilr .leall; U.cuu Ilia esaulng at i o'clock, CITY NEWS. Pcnuo Iticimoi ov Kz-9axmcTAT Dix. The public rectptloa af ex-Secretary Dtx occurred ta the Ooveiaofe Ktom, al the City IleU, ytttardey. The flag ware displayed from tha building, and, Dctwithetaadinf the uapleetanl wiaiher, a large aamber of cltlitne, ef all partlee. aalled to pay their cot gratulatlons. Mr. tin, tn a few n nitric, expreeeed hie thanks for the welcome extended to him through tha Mayor (who had previously male a reception epeeoh), laying, among other thing I t am led to lafer that this mark of kradaeei waa extended to me, on the ground, ispeclelly, of ray recent oervlcee In the Treasury Department. Hoi I frl that In this position I havedtnenomore than aiy sincere friend of Ike L'olou would here fell bound to do. K the public credit Is la danger of being diekonwed, where le the man whe would not ds all la bis power ao prsteel It f ir lhe pub-. He authority Is set at detanet, where le the el turn with ea hone heart In bis bieont, who would not do all la hla power t defend and uphold It f These duties, sir. are merely loyally to tne foveromeot, aad lo Ibe Vnteo of welch the government lathe 1111 eimtBilvo. They became mine, wheat ceiled to tkat eervloo Bad whatever may have been th Ctahcnorof dltregaidlBff them, the matter ef per. forming them la no molt tbm dolnr what II wt ild bodtehoncraulenvttorio. I feel I havtnt finthtr claim thaa tbla oa tha aoprobttloa of my fellow elllrere. I am not, bowever, Ike lee grtleul for the honor done me. They Lave given me the miet grateful of welcome, tail which tprteire from the 01 afldnce c f tboae with whom we live, an t t beg to (xpreei Ihronah yon le lhe Coromoo C'uooil Ibe deep atd laet-rjj tout I fell for 1'ieif kind. neaa." Mr, Drt was apolaudftl at th doe ef hi re mark t. Clttaena, friend 1 and aomialnltataa than came tip and expected their plceeme at meeting blm. The rongral rations were warm ani earaett, Yeu bev done yeur dnty, -r," wis a very oom menrerrark. Oae gentleman cmgratulatad Una on upholding the honor of the oountry In the do speech to a naval officer, la which he tald "If any one attempts to haul down lhe Am arte ta II ig.abotl blm on the epot, Nrw 1'oiT Or rut- Station. A new ul. roelifCce, to be called station 0," wu opined yesterday, atNe lie Hroalway, between Thirty, first and Thirty arcond streetr. Mr. N. M Line, for nearly aloe year coanected with the carrlet'e depaitmeot of the nit olhce, ha beta appelated euoerlnlndeDt of the tew station. TiirDiiit Ato AinCinrxut publialt Among thlt meralog's notices, a call aldreitel to all daaeee of wotk'ngmi n corjoemed, tx a prtllralnary meeting of delrgatee to take measure far a pub'le dsmunttralloa in favor cf Mr play to the omp'oeet Of the Bt'eet Contrac lor. lbiar or ConscitJfr;. In tbia BouJ, last evening, leaulutl'ina were adop'l, Inviting Hon. J kin J Ca vtbvmm to vlalt the city as the guett of lie Corpnrat'on, ami also temoxttratlog against any bill reding te tke L'g elature land anywhere below lhe I'ai k f ir a Po.l Ofli. e alia. Toe D u-d a'so adot Ud a memorial to Ibe Lglalalue prtytng thai dutiet on relet al auction be paid Itlothe City Treasury. The stale has re lined, it is altted, nearly all other portions of the it Me of burden Impneed, for the building of the canal, except New New Yetk, for whlcl, on thlt amount, the net has real I red some 7,009 004). KVaranos is also mads to tie fact Ihtt the city has paid $1,OOR,000 for the support of common ethco'e in otbtr oounliss, and it It therefore urged thai the city ahuuld reoelvt the wikui 01 tuia luoome. The Hoard alat adopted a memorial to the legte. lure lo close Manhattan square, pursuant tu a re atlulioaof Ibagjiklnfc Fuitd C.rfnmlae'oa. A tepoil In far or of an addition te the 10th Pre cinct ttaMeo kouse waa adopted. The Uaud oonrurred wllk the Aldermen In an. Ihorlilng application to the leglalalurs for author. Ity to taiae more money for the work ef the Crotoo. Water Kx'enslen. Tbt resulullon to aak tke legislature for tke re peal ot lhe city railroad grants waa laid on the Bible. The reaolurloa to eend a committee te Albany, with a view or having an act paeaed to submit Ike resolutions ef the lata Peace Conference si Wash. lngto to ths nenple of this stale, was aleo laid on toe esvir Aaiourneti. Hrre, Iaqaewta, AecanWeata, dco. Firk in llrrwos Stiiret. evening, a few mlnutss before 10 o'olock, a fire broke out fat the front portion ef the stationery atcre Mo. CM Hudeoa street, occupied by BisctL V. Eouat Tka eatly prseence of the firemen and polloe prevented the fltmia from spreading. Damage about 50 ; lnsursd fcr $400 In theUt-alltoa Inrurance Com. pany. Acxnur.RT. ItnAn. Wk.cott, a young man, while crossing ths Second Avenue Kallretd track, al the comer of e. and atreet aad Bowery, about 8 o'clock laat evening, waa knocked down by a car, and bad one of hla lege near y cut off, by the car paaaisg over him. He waa taken to the New York Hwpltal. Rnt Ovbb AID Kit I ED PT A TltAtW OK Car.. 1'aTRirx Lynch, a laborer, wai run over oa Wednesday, near C5'h etreet, by a train orcarsoftheNoHtvanK It Co., and Inttantly killed. Ths engineer. It sppears, taw him, aud Bounded the wLlalle, at ths sams liiu rsversing the engine, 1ml I.tkctt, wlo wa deal, seemed to per no attention 10 the warning, and was run ovar I (cue the traiu eould lie fully stopped Itq Met to day by Coroner Uasnia The remains ars at the 1st rewlJence of deceased, lu 41ad street, near Cih Avenue. SCAIDID TO ItKtTlt MAitr Carlfv, a (hlld.lwe yeara of agt,d nlon Thundry, at tht leeldeuceof lu patents. No. 90 Se-vsl Avtniie, rem scslds received a few wvtks ago, by tsllucf lLto a tub of water, Haxsah Thank a ihlM of 17 motlln ol I, whraiauUiesldeatNi -0- It dgs street, dlsd jestsntty, from so ds re-lv4 on Wdoesdty, by upeil log a cup of tea over hor JacauAx bald inqiettt la both ciees. Peltcw Intelllrrue, Ao. Ciiarlk or Arhoi. (!. KritiTit, for. merlyaHc-oud bind furniture dealer at N. COTi sixth avenue, wt amaled on Thuradiy, charged wtth having, (t ILe !3J of I) iotier hut, felonlmie-, ly bred bit premises fr iht purpose of defraudia f an lniiirem-e eotor.y out of about JOO, he which amount hla ata k waa luturcd. The building wat one of a row of old frame boutea, the uptr ptrt of which were cocujied liy poor tunUloe, sad all of which ware cnumed. Kranra wis arresVdat the lime en euepltkio, bul ike evidence of guilt eealnit blm waa noa deemed sufficient to wsrraol hla being held for trial, and be was discharged. Kioent y, however, additional evidence of an Im portant nature hat bean obwtned, and ks hat been arretted and lucked up lo await anolksr extmlaa. 11 oa. 8iAum.No. Tins Manama:, a laborer, wllle walking in Avenue C, near lllh ttrtat, on Wedceaday nlgtl, wa aiaaulled by three or Ibur londlei who beat him, aad afatrwarda tktbbet him In Ike leg. The Uik Ward police CJoveyed Lim to Ilelltvue Iluapltal, Toa luwdiea, who are uiiknoan, ics;d unit. LEGAL HF-TORTa-WKDNBlDAY. 1'ahecl agBlea Otsrrlcg Cwart. Sail VtutU i $. Steam CruftSckocmrr T.Clf wan rt Seavur Jthn Iort auJ not reraa -These Iwo at-llorai were brought to recover damages for a col- iiaiaa vtiwetn tea two in'ps U)ih aclloni we tiled ea coat end epon the tilal II apptaiad lb the col litem uoraned oa lhe li of Muxh, XW), I lawn Werds Ieltrd and Ibe L-ur Itlaod ahai neiaa vtiween tae two in'ps U)ih aclloni ware Bd thai ittir " " aaii aay laraieitutei. I After hearlvglhe caae, JutUce UrJU held thai ths tula of lew was, thai la all ctaeecf eoUlaioa be. tweraileem and talllngeranL, the steam veaeel waa preaumtatohavetkeadvaalajaof the Bailing erat In lit capability to manage Haelf; and Ihtl tela reel creettdapreauntplhvi against the ilea tit r, which could only be removed by poeltlvt proof to the con trary. TheCnut thougai the ittextar had not tbown thai tht could not have avert 1 the oolltaloa If theVtd tried, and that laoonteqaenceof such dsfsult the JnegmeM thonld lie for Iheewaere of the veieel. The case was referred to aaeee the caaoagas. mrregwte'e Oeail. Deqntit la a colored Church The will of Elletbeth Via To1 was now admitted te probata, leering 1100 to Ike colored chrnch of which Biv. Piter Williams wae pastor In his llfs. aad (108 te the A'jlum Hr the B'nt ef thia ct-y, Caa I ef Craeral Besaleaa. Hatbre Judge UiCvrn. In this Court today, Henry Kins wu tried of a feloaloas assault with the Intent to kill, and wa convicted of ateaull and battery. Tat com plainant waa T Acmes Knox, a clerk In a book-store (Jamee Millar, fM Broidwiy), who charged the prisoner with tieaUog a book on the Ith of Febru ary, al Ike above ators, after buying and paying for one. Ill wuarrttKdanddtlained by oomplalnanl until the erilval of a pa Ice offlwr. In the mesa lime the prleenar atlemplad to ebuot the complain eat, and In firing e plilol tht Utllpeaesd bet trees the lege of tht complelnut- The prtsuuar, who had been a lawyer by profusion, and who appeared to be quite a liierery character, defended hlauelt, end In an elaborate araumsnl endsavored to oeo- a-u.1. ui a..i. a . i V7 viece lbs uy, Ihtl there was no falonlou latent on hit put to theol the oonplataaol, although th litlev had not only Intuited, bul made a double ateaull upon blm (the pnaonar) The oontpUlntut wes la error whea he eatd lhat he nolo the book it was bought al Apptl's, aad the imprint otdgla firm waa on It, to certify IhU fact. ... WUn ths case waa Tasted. Mr. Aikmaad, though iv a eouneel for the prteoner, euggee'ed thil there watitntvlelenoatballkep'alol watleeded; further, t'atle Wae BO tVld.U, ihetlt WeStNbUidll la coenirlaleantg II wa potated to tha floor. Thera araTaeerjTtctloa of k feloaleaa bbbmiIi eould aot be The erlsoaer having beea fooad guilty of a dm ooeatBeult,wasremaodsdualU Saturday, for sen lew a. Pttrtek McD-ameUand rarrell were een to tha State Pi Leon for Iwo years eech. Patrick Mclatyre wee een to tte PeolUntlary for el X moatha, fer pet ty Itrcesy. jthB I.tuer, charged with assault aad battery, we fleed $S, la Ike caee of Abitra Koeanstrln and tllmy Hone wbo, yerteroty, were tried for receivlag etolen goodi, the Jury rendered a verdict of guilty, with a atrotag reoreamendation to mevcy, Bantence wa raawrnd until Saturday, In the cue cf Itenry Iieilrtrgel, for felealous assault, th Jury tailed to agree tpca a veidict, BROOKLYN? rAatrro A CorrrgirnT Biu.. Two young women w re arretted yeeterdey by Ofllcoc jAtraa, of Ird Precinct, on the charge of passing a c-mnVattall IS bill on the Beverly Dank, M. t , at th store oa the comer cf Dlkeman and Conover itreeia. Te atoueea ware brought befir Jostle Vo -aaiaa, but aa th person upon whom Ike bill wae pitssl re fused to maks a ooinplatnt, the parties were die. ehargad. They wars luheeqaeotlf re-trreitrd and brought ben re the Inipactor of Police, where It was ahown IhU Ihey bad reeaived the bill for wage da II em and had pawed It without knowing lie cLaracter. They were releaaed for the eeeeod lime and pevanlltrd to go home. Their names ar Meat Jan a Qtnaa and Mtar Orutixrui. Assault Mrrrit A Cabt Ko.vo. Thokm Oats, a cancan, waa brtcght before Joetlce Oari. w ai j. yestetday, oa the charge of assaulting Tnomi rtrrnwitia strt rung. Tae lallsr has cha'gt ef a setter oooattnctlcg In narrlssi ttreet laedt ftndant Intisted la driving serosa, altho-igh laform ed Ibal II wae dengen us to do ao, lleactthe dlS. cult. Uats waa toed $15. Tnic Bajb Ball Clou. Th Oae Dill Cube ar maldng neoeasaryaiTangewients te rt-coat-aneraee their gie aa boob a th naunarmlat. Dost DutLIKO rot A NrjIIAITCB. Th trial of It, D. Bmxrxrix, Wu Lttx.LX,aad II. Kara ta, ladlded for miademeeaor, la malntalnlag a nut. ante In lhe Math Waid, wai ft tally termlatted la the Court of Station yetterdiy. Tae defendant are rnprleWri rf a l-ne-b riling ettablishmena, whlcn bea teen c-naplaltird of a Causing a diss greealile tmell for a great dittoes trom the fact ttt. lhe defence brought wltneatte to piove thai the bustnee might go on by mean of re to; la, eo a le llitctYoiilii eillatit iicmipleintlof, and hal If defeudtnte now tiaed fiete retorlii, all dtea greeaUe enaequenone would, conteqtently, be avoided In the future. Ine Jury, aflereconildar. ilt tirst epent la delibeiatloa, brought la a ver dict Of aa N guilty." Tnr OLuLAmrV IIomv. D.tto.v's ori. lorlo, a rialae to 0 rd," waa gtveo at the Academy f Moalc, laat evening, In aid of the OraSam Inill- tate.orBoailfor Aged, Indigent Fiutlav Amaclt rrot a Crnzf bt a fjrrti'KR, lolLeOurt cf Seeelons, yeslerdty, offl-er 8r nits Ott.itvtt placed en trial on an Indictment cUrglng blm wltk assault and battery wit Intent to kill. Ths corop't'nUig wliaeea waa Wna.iatt Krun. residing oa thecorwr nf Columbia Bad Vice ettepts. who cbarged lial Coruettruck him with hie club and Injured Mm aeverely eoout the head, some time leal eummer, the marks being etlU vitble. On Ihepanofthepollttmaa II run. lesated tbtl Krl ano wae drunk and dlaerdetly, aad used most ltnattlng aad Insulting language, anal tkathsaxerc S'd Do mtrs than Buffi-isblforc to take blm to the alatloo hone. RvLaJin, II appeara, was examined before Juatic Cubskbu, aa lb ohergt preCsrted by ths officer, and the complaint .HuHuirwi, cvnawn suoeequeaiiy Drsaghl btfis-e the Police Ctmmlnloeeri, 00 th complaint of r.vuitD, but th evideuo bain? coatlrallctory, tha oooiplalnt there wes elemlsse.1. Tha Indlcaneeg waa arVsrwards found by tha Grand Jury. Tot ceaa (In Iba Seaslms) bslng given to tne Jury, a ver dhtof guilty of assault end battery waa rsndsrei, asd detandanl fine S0. In eonsequenoe, bowevir, of lhe peculiar el"curaitncee lavolyed in ths case, half of ths flas will t remlttid al the rpenlag of the court this moral ag. niDconow ue Tua ric or Gas. Th HrcokJnOnL'ght Company her lttusd clrcu tars, laformlng th rsildtnU and buttnaee men of Fulton stieel, from the rtvar lo Fult-m Aven-xe, Fiiltan Avenne from Fultoa street to Washington Avenue, Myrtle Avenue fram Fulton Ureal to WeabingtceiAveaee, Court atreet, Montague ttreet, fromCowrtto Clintoa, Atlantle street, from the rlTarloFUtbuah Avenue, Columbia atreet, fross Atlantle to Fkubush Avenua, tkat thsy will reduoe the prio of saa from ft M per 1 000 cubic feet to 81 IS per 1.000 cable tiea, on the Irst ef April atrt. The nee gas company havs laid pipes, and ar for. nlahlng gae In all th above named streets, henrj the efforts of tke old eempany to retain their cue tomer. WILLIAMSBURGH. Drtnrm at the Smr Tarim. Laat fall th ehlp bulldere ailldpeied one of tke busleal eeasefis at the wpenlng of rprl V. that they bav had sine 1SB3. Ie coneequanc of political trou bles theee projects have bten partUtUy abandoned for the present. The following Is a list of vssetls now ou the etrike 1 Al Willlsrosburgh Messrs Laaataca A Fooi a hsvsiwo vtsaal oath stocks, onsa first olse steamship, approaching ooupletlso, f ir Me. Geo. K BTivrxioi, of I'alladelnhl. BaaUnamadlh I'ayutU ds Maule, Intended for lhe craal trada lie tween Valparaiso ant Ik Province of Mauls. Bie ie 10 fact in length. t fee beam, feel hold, and about 400 Ions buidao. Toll veieel will be nip. Sllfdw'lhtwo cnudenslsg isglnes, li loch cylln. At ins sains ard Is a propeller la frame for .lftiiiag Btsvis, if Floiula, and parties in fcsw Yirk, Intended In ba run between New York aai Jacksonville, die will be Isunchsd tke firtl of Msy. At Mr. L'i-iok a yai J, f K,t of X nth 1 1 atreet, Iwo tchctuwisaodepnpi laraie Laeour.e if oootuuc-. lion. AM. Wituiw, tx. of Nirth 13th Unit, It building a fine y load tied Ul uleke jiac-ht. named Ike Neutilue. fit Mi. Til.. mi Xmv , of Jertey C ty, ard tniendtd lor the New York Yacht Club. She UtStVtt long en deck, HI feet beam, 411 fatl dan ai A or. .,n- h. ....- At Qrterpolut, Mr. K V Wiiitaue Is bulldlag a pilot tnt for tha J.itay l'.tou, Capt. Baoaa. die la ?0 feet long. 80 f.ol Uaiu, I feet 0 Inches deep, sud IU) lost maaaai-emaui. To be launched In four wceka. Mr, tUMoiaaoN kaa nearly cempleted a side-wheel sistmtlus tiamsd the Santiago de Culat, for Meiers VaiixstiA C , of Cuba See It UO feet In length, 8S feet beam, SI feet deep, and about 1. MO lose measurement. Her trams 1 of while oak, beckmatao and chastBrt, put tsgethsr In th most tubttantlal maimer and iron-straBped diagonally; Ike p taldrg Is of while oak, aad ine ehlp la to be ttu d up In elegant tlyle, with accommodations for on hundred firsl-claa passengers, gns will ba Biipnlled wtth a bsam engine, 01 lncb cylinder end 14 feet stroke, sue 1 to be launched on the ilMh Instant. There It alto at the eame yard a tent bolt par tially la frame, a mala to rne recently UuntihedVror Commodore VAaaamniiT. Bhe le IU feel In length, aadleluteoded to run trom Stales leleod, hut w what pnlrt Is not known. Mr. Llanaf Bruaahattwo vemlaoathe tlorki, ana a eteamar nearly oumnltted fir M. U. Bobsbt for ths Florida KallioaJ Work haa been sue. pewded oa tbta veaeel for nearly two months, but Wednesday Mr. 8 rem 1 edited ordere to prooaed with tke wmk, wh'ch wUlbtooopleted about Iht 1st of May. She le xM feel on dick, S3 feel bum. 13 feel helal and about 1800 tone measurement This boat will be lupelltd with a beam engine. It Inch ryllBder and Iff. stroke. He has aleo nearly fiolahtd a gist class echooner lechtfcwMr. HasBBTt Jr. ti feet lo length, W feat beam, 8 fiat 4 lochee deep and 140 tone mea uremect. Msssis Wibb i. Bsix, have a th'p oa the Block of 40 tons f w Messrs Post & Svmt wklch Is about najy to lauweh, but nothing ta betag dun upon htr, JERSEY CITY. MrsTXiiioia DiaArrxiatscx aud Sor rosao Ioul Tlay. Iatlia for part of Jan a. ary laat, young liirrata named Adah Sonuoaaaa, rasldlmgal Njwaik. left thai elte .. w. v.t. for tke pnipuee el tercivug several hnsdred dol lars from bit agent, Mr. Santa, of Nt. 804 Broad way, lis called upuokls agent, but the remittance UvV1v,.,,""v'! 0 "r'rad. and he left, since which t!me h ba not bten heard from. About tea day alaca, the body of aa unknown man was found by acme ragpickers la thi Morris Canal, about two mtlit from Jersey City, upoo which an laqueit wae bald by Coroner a a mar. The body was examlued by Tie. Qo dob. No marks of violence were observed, and II having been la the water eome length of time, the J my found that death waa eauted by drown ing. A few dsya sine, Me. Vaixstibb l'lrer, aa BHtoclale of BcuiOMiaa, caused ths body to bs dlaw Inlemd BLd was vsry pollute that 11 waa th body af Bt-ULoassa, At the Urn rf leaving home hi wa kaown to have on hla person ovar $100 and a galvanised silver watch 01 (J irman manu facture. Bcawtesa waa a tingle man, a natlv of Darmatadi, UtrmiBy, where no had a m1drabl propeety, end waa tne owoer of aa exaeaelve milk route el Newark. Tka metier will probably be further lovetllgated by the Coionar. Boat Bcildiso i JemrtCitt. Meter. J A J. M gttixuaorx have, oa th slocki, at lkLr jarl, al Ik btad of lludaon at , Jtraey City, th following beets ;A proptller, C4 feet In Irngth. 14 fett htem and 8 feel hoid, lor Jmrs n. (iAcnts A Co., and thtsndsd Ibr haibor lowtn(. Be will Uauppllid with two SO horaa-power eeoiuatlng ngltMB, Ulath cyUndar, and 80-llch Btrekir. The kiel of a ptopaUer haa just beea laid for Taoaut F. Hou., Intended for towing water. U .Iff?. ia auppllng vateels wllk water. She will be 41 feet In leegth, 11 fket beam, and B fret deep She will h euprdled wtth 1 oedlUUng toglnes, and for wai d will be ooarructed a water. lank capeble of canylrg 8.800 gallooa of water. Tbt's Is also oa Ibe Block 1 la Mtssr. 8siiv. obovi's shops yacht nearly como.aled or kfr. alv4wDtl'atgv4tts l.-lJ. HuuUUal laagth, tt (ett beast. Bad I (set held. Tkayl eiev trecatuy a eau aea vm aeaa in leBana B feet beam, for Mr. Cauauai Warn af Perth bar. Held to AKxvr1r.1t. -5Arnt. Swrrrr rn, ? nunc maa mawtloned vaststdir. ohars-ad ariak 1 terngiilBgtopessaflredslar cwawwertHl bflluii Bhop keeptwe, wse yeetardty held la 8M0 bnadt Recorder FrxLMii, le appear fer trial al next Co- a Nrw Toek t KANSAS BELIEF COUMITITE. WM. C. BRYANT, JOUNB. WILLIAkM. Chairman. Treaearar J Cat. H MAamti.L, Oivmrac. rnoveoa, j Mobbib KBmuoa, DaamDisw, I llaiam. ixwH. 11 it m,-. t 8tniB,UCBT, sai.saW, tLUOTV, eaaas s, TVaiwWOBTB. DoMtlmvtofirteeer WnJJkA - -rt -w"-n, ai-Hsviaiiinaa liana, rt 1. imnSles ef Clotklaa. Heett aed Shoos, nay be lest i Tn Weak awd Dm-aaxrAx-BS hMMtryftr Aneenea , -- . J" m viaoiac, licetlBerkottW. Fer saissttlBUhtk t ft ST rMxmnl . . - 8i Kow wttbiti Rxtrar or All, f. ...-jcarci't ait rt IT. Ultra CELIBtATTJ) NOISKLKIUj 88 Wild MefWTirA aw aftaa uyaarea aire iTroaovay, n. a. IlFTtR URtKnA H THE ORiatfAf, TAWWBl or wild beaet-, who maO inch a f nreee of er .itim. b ivwj ears aro, u row ai namum't Mutmei oleyij au nine 01 luany irsnsa wiin tss lieera. OIEatLAVX. HOTICBb). Fa J, Laaabeit. the) IUh Apnreoltoe Iter will lecture et Starveeent leAltnte. On ItrotAatrl thlt (Krloiy) everfeget In'rlork. SnhMwti Aaelen I and Modern Beynbllea a pie tor th preservation e I thelnkia. TlckittWeeuti. Ill "Save lha FaHea!" LOW DP MTRAvn unrtrn r-rrssva DR. ZKLL'S Klttfrim; roWDKM. .. sfay be gtvea la Coffee, Tea, er Ulnar, ankneva J la HrW Y0BJI at N. ti Dlvisloa U :i r isntn see, . HR LYTt, at trivet's, ITS PaHaa strrL II MdRKIirnWN. sto V. Preeman-i stirre. r U. WELL8 A CO, Wholcsals Agents, 11B rreak llatree. PEICK ONE D0LLAB. lUm.i T the Wretk and Dcklatuaasd. fAlea hA are alvrn aatntJainlna af IB . I i i Faintnaaa, Loss of Appetite, Otueral PrtstraiwB t r nedallr InU-aBnrinrl do net need fuller ether awl I ealne aairratlvepthev need taat trhloh a-lll ansa I V tae srstem, sna trrestTnea ine nerves. If, the eel her health rreatty Imprsvvd tBroiiraout, aak is sj lr. AaarnMiv I jia ammiftL. aaaia reawaia a-lll ad, pest inviroriior or tne nsmso sniea svtr intrt-i dused. ( Wholesale Aavner It at 44 fcstl jeeortL et, rVIJU nulairjh ; and IlUAm-r V. t Wlath eve, N. 1 aial .to bs bad of L Al eve, n. x, rnoa a 1 anr b. lie, or e ror bo. mt u oe Cwmpwaad Twate fa Ik Oer af rtaetl rnniam-ioM use at ins irsonau-t Il1a 1M1 (balhtm et, and st" C, f, Mtaelal strost. ,iaics Ijadtew' and sralhr-Bsen'a araants eJll klnds-clesTwd (altkovl lie pint) at 4IJ Hronmt ra.1 otr, arroaasa, rutin ana lane ay slog, H M)tU). u' 0,SJS Bllawsweea CairdTac Ibewaecads evwal Bre. st thlt .saeon ef Iba a-aer. anrVf laia One, Ihla awa. 1 rlelet, etnbeenredby ula uiltorot lltrrj-pathlo 1 illlmit Pills. IVteeeenUprbox tlllLLfiukEe,! cait iireaawajr mai tl Ettt BOfJIirTsT ItOXICCB. Tte dirt aad aeh rwrtwaea af lha t tie eeel iti 1 Warda. are rwpiestad to erst a d JeataUoo sf sws er , mere of their nnmbertsa awstlsg ta be held ttt It' Monroe it , thlt day at 1 1 o'clock. It maks rreean. tlowt for ths raU st a eubll meeting fer th Verkta. meat of Its city, to denounce Lbe taftmsas swtadls reuee ine sarsei reairse'i ana 1 1 adopt efleoUv seat evwcugueurrignimay m protcetea naalerits serwe, i A. O. If. Na. a0 A speeUI Btewttng af Htak atwaeasB waetH-.twte es.111 tkaa B..1A .. I'.u Shi trt, Md 8rd arts on rtidar, IU Vl-h lo4. at V sj-e ay tm ( 8U8 liatwalllsT mm sTejqilsTPl 4) fMI Tfe at. O. H . No. 91. A swssdwl afOaa , above number will bs 1 rth ttreet asd Tih avem liarAro.,cloek.P.M teeTUrd. By order of '" , y wa uaa, a aauiWBBDt Bait, SOT. . i ? V'S"' " rrUv ovsaras, Kama wiu be held at MUleeaana kalL nil UHnaii-aa ITT nwraejeM QKO. OMUL, ltat, WBL MoCAKfUY.Sec. A.O.II, Na. 9 -Tlaa BBisahsea esf asAe aV ylrlen are rwrnrettd to attend a special meein- a Sftr".W.V.."iff'''.!iri iiTJeOr. .m :bbbTsbW saeVnsaaiaBSIej UBH tWglatsFr aakUrU - - - , - NATiec'7. ' a-es-aVtig . - . aAfl rio. I'A. O.IIaae,nlsBav-Astar,ac,C rat of tha tlwve number will bs bald at Lairsat OaJt. nithit aad Tchave,ea8atur4aravtBlng, at kiUeest seven o'ek-ck. to maks srrsngemeatB for Salsi Pst Jlik-sDar. Punrtual stseudaaes U rwisssted. PAT HICK McLLUUk, I'rtaldent Diautio HgircSf-k BecnHary, iorrs,s KEIalUIUUS. The ItajtleaalAa At au I -cc r .. eoniee of aneirtlt Aveose ard rttlec .treit. iaei .fi'oJ" '."cTS".? "H """."'T. ! Marsh. ,; ..' "'... v '';'? ". ". rae. Ifr. IV, a.AIHLilj. ... i.. wiu prescn u Deaicitlou Btrmoa TiskaUof admhelsB 00 ctntt, I3.tJa.JU Mmaxs noal arrangrmsOs for tJl.AfttM herein arreara are reqattd to ersw;" m Jtm 2l8ai w PavIILIC llATVUTAI.H.lir.lT, JjAIOtUM'S AIlEUICAJI MUSEUM, y Hlsa-TtBr ItAI MV.W ansTsTVil awe. 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