Newspaper of The Sun, March 18, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated March 18, 1861 Page 2
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IBWi . THE NEW YORK SUN MOHDATMOaNUfO, MABOn 18, 1881. A nambag Expw. A aeceol ttl-abatli meeting wt held l .Bj. Qerwiaa theatre lm th Bowery, yieril7 iAiiimi. Tb wail tort of reeolutlent and erwccbae, doeapyeJ ( rfuyuiae tb aelnah ob ject of th rvT, by a affected real for cUtl tad. NUchmi liberty, war put through, with ainaalmeuatppieuee trom " '"d1 crowd. la all the hlatory of Impideoce, we think ther ten Ix Bothiog; recorded more bretea and coot, than the BreUBce of (he traridou liquor dealer wh lead on thla noTement for etch It fdtllep, t bo the chirapioni of popular liberty and the right of cooaclenc I No flat otr would mor rlolenUy rpprwe an Imptr. tUl a4 entire repeal of the Ltwi which protect labor aad burinee of trtiy kind from eernprtl Uoa o the weekly day of reet. They art ail1 aware that In that rate they woald bo left cm a par with other claum of buitneea, and like all the reet, weald (Imply hare to work teran dayj fortlx (aya'preRt. W U knew Uit too well, that there linene too much baelfieet for the haodt that are to d It, working lx dTi and rawtlng on the er eoth. Well dona the law, therefore, aware a general agreement to apeal all ronpetltlm co the Mrenth, and let ereryliody rert, by uniraratl truce. The Sunday liquor-eeUert do not wliih to diaturb thla truce except eo far aa it biadi Oi'n! They woold lie at itrongly op. poend to allowing other burinee te be kept up oo the "Sabbath" (or "Rett"), aa tliey are to their awn being restrained. An impartial le. ., ... . , , , I (ralltation of burineM on Snndty would dry up I mach of what they new do In rplta of the law, by creating, other rngtpeniintt for working men, which would tadly Intrrfnre with the crowding of their llconttoue Sunday rereli and sfaowt. No it li a firittirq tlmy are after, un der all thla bomliMtlc dUplay of derntlnn t' the deer yrlr. Tliclr pntrlutliim Ij Jud at diilnteaaetod and rert.talile at thtt of an "Original Jaoiih," wlio thould (lomtnj In the n.imo of rrllglMit lilirily and thepeoplo'e right", tint hie eliop liull be allewed full wtngaeten daya in the wtek, while the other Jlrone orer the war mii't rbm on Sun lay. The wonder In, that I cor Itfelf can nuke men Uipld enough, orpoieoaed y eomuldletlo roltlot of Keta, aa to enable tbeui heartleit bypecrttea to tmpa upon thoir credulity with each a rMiculooe and tranipurcnt pretence. There are andoubtedly thoie who would die like and reelat (he rnoftt benifirnnl ordiatnee, merely became it came to them from (Sul After the leading motive of atailce, thtile the principal ground of opposition to the Sabbath. Meet elritieed men, In a ChrUllaa country, will nerertlieleee heartily e knowIl;, that (ha pleaaure of Iliit la wboeelofioitelytroead lVwer we lira and mora and hive our being, It infinitely the beet motive fer obeying crea the beat af Iiwi. Tfco Nawra frwea Karwpo. Ws bare tbe gratifying Intelligence by the Arabia of the aafety of the ateamahip Aietralaa (aa. When three dayt eat froao' Qaeenatowa, aha tireka both flangea af ber arrow, but coe tlmedker Toyee weatward until Tebrsary 28th, when aha encountered a heary gala from wiek-narthweaU Bha waa than pat about aal reached Queewtown ag ! the Sd lart, 1a the political wwe there areeaeortwo point of interaat. The debate In the French Senate ea the eddreee Is reeponae to the Im perer'i apeeoii, bad dieted from Princa If ato jmm aa important dectaratloa of hie riewa on the Unity of Italy and the future condition of the Popedom. The Sardinian troopt were preparing to torn the Citadel of MomUu, in SMIy, which waa atUt held la the name of Fa Aaron It. There ia a rumor that the Aaitrlan Oototo raent doclarea that H will nerer recognlaa VlO tob Em ah oki, aa King of Italy. Tux report of aa attack on Fort Plckent la not confirmed, but It la known that artira preparation were making by the revolutlealtta for an atwult, and that Lieut. Si-kmuu waa btongthnlng hit defencea. The Wteoior I'arle Neua. TUe following U an extract frem a letter of pteoeevger, dttrd tm bwd the eteemer 1'ai.le Btnii 'AoArVLro lllieoa, Feb. It. We hare bad a ery rough time on thla elde fcove 'ejt one of oar wheeie. eod ehell not arrif a at Um Praocleoo ufclil lhe4ihorMh of altrok. We eapertedtoarri?elheieofl IkeMthef IkUmeath We loal one of our nw OTerluerd. and yju uuet not have any aaslatj oonrernlog ua, IIonaini.K DaAni. The Sprlngflell Ryvi lican of Tkuredty eaya that a poor wanderer, who lehd to atake hie way B tat aa aoon and ohaep aa poeaibla, bad a diinoull and dlaegreeabla P age la 8rlnfl!d, over the Weetera Rtlltoad, m Itandej OTealng. While the eeiMrn etock trala waa etendlog upon tbe track la dreuibtah, atonda afUmocn, tbe eooonnloaj trarelar got laalda of a freight car. The ewr waa crowded, aad Ike tot oeaaoraet by a freight trala between aUbear end Bprlng teld betng nearly atgkt boura, aba maa became weary, aad fell aa'eep with hU awtnlab cowptntoae, and the latter being hunaTy, killed th poor fallow. 0" of hie earl wee badly Uttea, hla bee dlengured, and btth hla bjoli faUIy gaawel froaa kit fwa, while tbe remtlaloi petMena of hla body aad fwmnuU were ludia crtbtUy defied. H wet nt dlaoirerod uull aha trala arririd to S,ln! J. 8r, rATBtca'a Dat. The aniireriiry uf the burta of Ireland'i patmi ralnt, will be properly eelabrated tedty by a pubUo parade of IbelrUh, olTta tad aoUltary eueletlee la this city and Ticlally. Xno order of auuckUgwlUbeutullowa i 'ity-alalh Reg Iimi aad ladepeadenl Irleb ooattadie. Erl'e Clnk. Damlm B rlety of t: F-un aal 81. Pul, Aecleat Order of Hlbrratau. retaer Mwhew Total Ahalaeoee Daerilenl Swlety. Btrry Omerolenl 4ely. IlleeraUa l aMTleoi 0 cUtj, Tknmu Freoole lleaceer teiety. Deaareleot Society of the Tailed 8 w of Bda. Qaanrrmaa'e ualea PrteoUaley. Ilibarataa Ualrereal VurrUat 8o elf. at. Juaee' Biuea OeihaJle TMal AwUeeooe JieMToleat Mt-47. lABnehoreraen'a Beaeroleal rKlely. The military portion of Ike perale will ferae oe, aVoedwey, arier wbk Ihey wilt prooaed te the tarmlag plaoe of the aodetlaa, oo ICul Broadway, Bear Oenal elrett. Here tbey will bead Ike Una and the attire preeoaelun, beaded by Mtrektl Kaaua, Judge Cowaour aad C i. CoaooaAw, will atari oo the fellowlag Una of March i KtctDroai tj to Chatham eireet, Ibraugh the Park where obey will bo rerlewtd by kli Hooor the lltyor, aoi aba Oomow, Counellup Broadway lo Twenly. nblrd atteat, down Tvr-aiyxhlrd etreel to jrird waaa, down Una ansae lo Eighth etreet, Iheoci o Aetor Place, whta they will be dlemteeed, la the arealng, Ike aeaemsmWooedoffloeraof lh . Blitj ninth Bfloeal will give a iraad taTllatloa bell at Ike Ciry Awoesbry.BONM. The pretwiaUoM fer Ike eelebrallcm have bMB on a ery liberal actio aad will .undoubtedly Ueure a tery mxisl.ini foaait. i C '.be erealng, tbe friendly Bona of SI. P.lrlck will partake, at the AMor Uouee, of their Tlih an nual dUuter. VeetercUy, betng the tTu, tbe daj wat celebrated try high aaaaa at Be. Petrtok'e OMhearal, at alerea aeoteek,ai4byaUotaraa Irrtag Ball In the erea lag,ryBhoptTren,WObilk,g c. DctATKD BT, ,7B Stobv. The Souni aaaroboeai enoouaterad a lamptet oa rrldty eight, ad did aot arrle at tkelr plere la thla ally until mvaaa. Tea BtyBteta,aflaa fall Hirer Una, wklch 'yatlaaa Ifewpertoa Baaarday aeoralag.dd nut 'araaaaaart iratU hnaco8dey efraooa. THE LATEST NEWS. ' 0 i BY ThLhVlUril TO TUB X. Y. SVX. 0 i Foreign Intelligence). Arrival ( (he Arabia. Three Days Later from Europe. e BAFKTT OK TUK AUSTRALASIAN. The iltameLIp Arabia, from Urerpool the td, end Qaaaow ike erd lat., arrived here a Saturday. Tbe Catted had arrived oat. The Aacmlala attired M Q leraatowo, M-rh Ird, btrtrf broken barccrcwUlongilud 11 W, UtrBMllaaadpaetrngera are oa board Ike Arabia -all wall. Ureal rtrala. la the noaee of Ornatcae, ea the Mih utatmt Mr. C PottTaenre, It reply M Sir. L Falb. eatd a Mil WM la e lute ef preparallen In refarwaee MUl epot.lng e the ten Airy oa ike Red B.rer and Seeka-chewta., la D lilab North Aieriet, to cot onitetloe, bat tawM nM he Introduced vraul Cartel negotiation now aau.g ware completed. Mr, a. rm4eti.aek4 Lvd Bombm. whether he feed reeelvidei,ylafcmau a te a RMu uae roo.matitieg up tea report mtdebyin Otand Via'er te Hi Bulla, upoa thaouCMywbve of Cbrlellea tot iKflikal' tt; whether the mi wee tupporwd by ire P'enoa, Mmleter, ant wham er lie ovmaad wii'd be brotigtl befjr Ibe Cto fereac at Pertaj lie referred to Ike repirl of a reeve ingagrterat Iretwana Fraece end K Mela, 4ii4 alluded tu f e aami4e n R ta la b B ire.i ItoTlbwoTurti,tMlf t'leoretaBrrut, whkh wta eacUUf a eyim ut ieliloue rwalkswa tareiiabialtbt ireetlr wrekablec the lrtigo of the autt ultj of ibe g mraraenl uf the i'orte. sir J. Tntatrm aleo ra'lel mlwotloa to the Meeent nattwu of eeTitre la IrrU, aad nkel r-72?iV.Z,.S0hi't!!-V Ug rTolnKe4 bejino the perM flil htktCoif Tentwot Jnlj. 1SA0, ber HjM'4 0anmmeitl were mererea to art aeon tne rtrhl reeetTello cAfcer efe ty that ammniloa, or uniting tbe r Irenie wlthtaarteotrraaMla uenocuiMMna. lie ourepUuicd la etne g term of the conduct of the T eon U't In I ji ia. Mi tiri ! dem uooed tbe Freoth ocourax tice. mi tuKa 1U Immwllett coooiuilnn. Inil .1. 1(e RKif. Mtfl I bat the ilerruntlflfif Riele liej ltn rejrcttd tj the Urltmh (I .vareiaeni. tail t it it M (rrwl that the A-olMaawl ir f the d.U i! piyware at i; nilintioule ehiuld le iU ,' ' t.. pieeLl iig,at;nn tn v i p4i with le r m ti.e n erner in whih the rvfttrfie, gutreo. i .ii u.ftf itut (y the tieij uf li'rtl, noitld I. ittrrtirt iiut With rnniecl vi Byns lie tez ev 4 i, la lil yd tuoii.rriji nnk.h ul theewteimrtt i . l but, wr i vlewlfrf tne ettiiteieul wiilih it rj .tn iM--inl lu Km a. It aiunl ot Mimlwtd that lnuMnxrjti aw it taeT'iik lh llvTtiiji.nt In iulnrif a evip to tbna, Kir he belierrd loot Ihejr would bare ef tended a 1 or the Kl Tble belag the eiee, the goveniinent could rrnt hre opimewl toe pre. p-witioe t aiiet the fiirt wltnuui oiplng it. eeir at the enaige of dufenllng toe entbora tut tke m"rttrU tb'UlnigiidlM At the eeme lime he I ! uerer curmoaled Ibe objection I thla eoiiree ani be mubt (oltl outt'ie Uiiara, likely to re mill from a Join neeiipHlnn, In aueli a can from th tymiawiii wklch were mawtalnel la Knglend and la France toward dlfTreet parttee ta Brta, from wrioo eerlfm reeulie might have eoaued. lie belleri d tbM tbe Fmcb Lioirrur wee etacere in hla U teatlon to limit th o.iiietuio i la moatke l but b wa aony to My Inel ih MaronitM, In eowpiny with tbe French enloaoa, had Inn cted grl alneltiea nana Ike Drmea, and Ihl era a tween t atalrtag tee tenaieeatna of the eociip. lUm. The Fftava, bowtrar, denied Iheaa report, but long a tba oocnialoa eoaiinned liu ira. pmallil lopreraol ari of ladirldutl nmjacl. With rMpect to ibe Oiafeoncoe, the FreMti iCaie t.reraiaiedibnhe iinnarieawonldbraek out ea eteo aa Ibe Fraoh aroopa were 'wlthdnwn. Toe Torhah Aaeheasado replied that kit Uoramkteat onuld kiep order. After me diecawlaa. tba Aue li lea Amkeaeedor auggeDted thai a ehnrt time fur ther ahould be allewtd, and a da t id for Ik tr Bnlnalloa of tba oarmpatinn. Tal wa Merril to Ik Patte and aohoogk he belle d the oaoupeuoai bad beea ueeal, W area BOW daetiabla Oo aarmlpate II ae eoea aa pueolbla. 4waV BLrJ Ktrauarrva eaeeed a aerie or reaeluilaae for eoiurluf gTnarBclary In the Netal Admla Utrttloa, one of bl propnntionf being to abeuah tbe Board of Admtraltr, aad eahatUute a BtlalMer of at arlaa. Aaer a detate, ta wbteh tke preeenl tfflcteetr af Ike Mary waa eaueatii.ta reaeti aooe were wtlbdrawa. In Ike lltiuee of lyiraa, oa tne lav ia MtrrruM or Moinwnby anoaedmrtkewrodaetteaef aaena of paper mating to the olrtir of Italy, aad In rMng eo. be attaokfd Ike Strdmlaa Oorernmeal, and de- Bounced tbe polioy of Koglead. Lwd HAuaaaanr alao p-'" la a eo ntwaat auauer eveiav ..aal Lord Woutuocen replltdnd dtlrtJtJ Ibaoeura 01 III UOTanuneni. In lb Tlrae o( Common, an tba ttiee rreatag, Ifr Oairrrna eekrd whether aorerniaeattlionght It aeoeeeeir, bow teat tee neatiiairaa rariuimeot hail aaaNiibled, lo bo'd a Europeau (Juagreea oa Italian affair . Lord Jou Rruxij. aatd no croDieltlen had been made ta bald tuch a enfarenoe When a propul tlno treereoeWed, It would be lbs enough to con alder the queattaa. Mr Milan uioeoa aanouacea bi intention v akotlly InlKxliaoe a bill to abollab "paaitng toll." Lord Join Brwux egkln declined t produce Ih Byrliui ooirearMinilaiia el preeant, but agreed to mxlui' Blr II. briwra' rej"1". ralatire to the tale nf Ike Chili tltu eubjaru of the Perte Allheanautl moauaorthe Ureal Bulp Con. pany, the repoi I of the LHictora, the ptniealare of whteh bar t already been puliluhwt, wee agreed tt. KiteiitvelmpttfrBi.Ua e going Jbe-werdoa the Ureal Etaifro, and tliey are expected to be oem pleud In the court of Mirrh ee ta lo tlmll of ana lliertnjtge to Aaierict at an early date There are nearly iimnlent fut.d ee tend to prerlde for the aroike la imwreM, but a $0,500 tnu of onal and a large qntntlty of atorea are rci)4 red, Ai , a mail liti niay bare to be ra'ead. Tbe Duke uf Buiberland elet at Tientkaot oa the S'dli.agMl ?r. Oeaeral Sir Piratm O tat la gaKtad a Knight Grand Cm of ihelliUi aij the t'lauoa lieeartl. MoNTAituAN, a Kol.ol CuniiiiJ .dor of the llalb, fur eerrice la China. Franco. Tli Pari rattle ameita thtt lulwd of the PifctMb araiybalng uu the p-ilnt of letrmg K3ie, tne tnauuotiotie to Ga. Outan, are quite iaaae trary tante, Tn ptaioral latter of theBapof Putcller. la which b twrupare tba Euparur te INiaTiua 1'u.tT waa eltract ug great attaniua, eat it Cwi'acli il 8a waa cHt.ldrlng what atep hnn.dloleken in the nuttier. Qinnt Paaioat badla.tiedaelrau'tr nil minrUttaa f4 tue ietie Tan Fiteikh It ioua bad ga Aed ttolr adh-eioe to tba v ewe thioialojad in the rtoeut pcmibletof tbe of Or eane on tbe Roman qiteaiua. Omul FataiuMT la umUratued ta litre lealeled reit Hltungly, tt a metugnf toe CVilnnt Cnuaull, ua the uiTTt!" uf the accounta uf tke Credit -I llltr Cihi puiy. Tb debate o the eddtre In rcepoaa u IHe EraMturi eeerb, waa pi04reeiuir in the 8 in tie. aeeil membera tad ickaa In far r kf tba ratio tenticaif tbeteinpoial iwer of tbe Pi pa Btntier Pibtiu, lte Imperial CieanUaiiiaer ia li y, ein taoded that Irietrmpo'al poworof Ibe VJit wtt lota, and that France ebould onnflo hereclf le tbe prteaiTatlcaof bereplrltnal piwar. On the la, Prlix e Ntiiiaot eke upon tSt ruS. Jert. Ileealdi ' I am MKiuld l th tHeac nf tb dltuuion. I lann to llbaral opinion In Knrope, to Ike patrUlaan of Ih ltallaaa, la Ike aoe.OCO eeidler whe, with the Bfeperar at their bead, rnede tb cempa'gn of Italy the u-kef reply ing to tbe Inau'U, you bar lltienel t. fjhatra) Tbe Umpire repreteat modem aodety, lie pme" aW tenrlenclee, aad Ih liberal principle or ITS) (LMtd cbteia) Tb people ere not ntiattkea If hey rely Vmo Naita-awaM, who will at at I la hi nlaaloa. To Friwie liiau rwn I d II amidt of taKJrienrrriilogOtieodti4'Cuei naraaaaa confruodat Ilia wordt 'iHj" ant " tBipaiVy,, the latter btag en y rdt Ky the klmpeiee, tn Hi g ei Imaa otaaa uf I air, and lor the aHlea woo bar a tart taair blood at our aide, at afateolt eel BJferlao The Pilrta deteaded tba Lu la alllaace tgalnat the Marqule Ltaaaiiaiiqutuir, aad enld that alllaao te not wm e pantoular adalMM. but wth th graaa and liharal Kigluh Bapl--itleeaallltaoawith watch we can defaad tba gnat prlnelplea of Ul et) Mid prograea Tae Pjlnoejoetillad the pulley of P.admoil la Italy, aad ma nlalaad Ikal tba ualiy of Italy waa ta. rarablelo arhom, be eaid, aha waa Ih natural ally fit uttered eume ynipithetie wenl reepertlag Tntoe, but atld that be aboutd daplora tauntlaialyattttik. Hauiraatw tkal Italy united would toon demand Knaa aa kr capital aa 1 k oonllautdi " The dlfflrally I to naure tb tola. pudanceofVePop,wko oatnet become eaiject to aneiher B mveiga, and by oaaorlog to Hit P pa berlgttald of tbectlyof Borne with a Papal .errlaun, aide Papal badgd guaraalaad by tbe Pwer, hi badepaadaaii would be ln.urel." fbe Pilata waa eaaauilally oppead to Ike uuln of .he Unpiral and pU llual power, whlcb wott'd be he Bulifertloa uf cuuaclenca. Th eltttng waiad lourotd, Ilalj. Th llgtla eoruivtandlug IHaeltvlel of Mtadnt n.r rerop'fd by Cte Btrd't Ua teuoe. Tl e n.pre MnaatiTea of feieigit powvie bft iiM'A-thit Ij th eooBiat.dar of I' I'Uilol, aaalrut any dauitg wlnctnlilH ta r i. 1 la Iha city T'eVn.laier t Yar al Nap't htd lat nl tbat a'l irH a a't wh mT baa Oal uurcd te naU'iubxi A'aiy. or who kavr Win to t mlU iy taitioeol lha t ip and who Aoel't Juln fie nmuauiuai y Lena ui iKiutnem iwy, an., n mtn prieuntre, ad be Irtaltd aa eoldlara, bal will be puoltbtd erlth tk rretteet eererrty. Thelnuratl f.7aJiaf Terin y.lhat aeoetdlug todlijiaiob fioro OaneraJ Cuinai, th realataao 4 Oeswal Taaoot, Oiramor of the Citadel of Ma1it,eriae from unlet i reoelved by the Utter frjm I atiwta VL Tae elege waa to oiamauo in a few daja. Ilangary, It la aialad. by way of Vienna, tbat O moral Ktiev a, at a Coagre of Democrate aaawab'ed at Turin. badapokeaeialeallheeutVnakofa iceolutioaia uagary, thtt country Mag at yreaeol unprapani Tba Baa cfCrotla bed netlt'd lb nnagartaa Clearalb r that be bad glren ordere tr the traaefar of the lalatd of tb Mur rlrer lo Hungary, a rlwaden. V F. ArjawCatnm1woHnealaWiorjrtllcl tal ApiU,aSa4lblegthdin'reaoe beawean bonding aad warehouetog la Banden porta, and ralatag laa erarahoiulag duty ad eoterriii to on per aa thg tariff rata, -af S) Ham. ', Fearful Innndatlana bad aakaa ptaaaMOtlatg owing lo the breaking ap of Ue lee. Ilitedredaef pereono are etated I eere eoea drowned, and Ian,' Ml) qHtrtere of grain la aiaKtalaea bad heat loot. Tkeehlptlagaiiataia4daricHllngaty A Bt Faaaratnirg leltafram of Ike let eayi l ''It efulaKnaof current rep el I tb floraraor of Bt, ratereiurg, eanouoce tnaa a garertimanl out cernlag the raaaanla will b ipaklakedea tk tod of March." Tarkay. Tb 1xnt BrraU ataAe that th Porao htaW I lacue new calm to Ike extent of 100.00,nJ. A ebange la the UlnUtry waa expexled. AM 'An we fink of for Oittd yialar, aad Amiaan Vimi Errrata Una Mlaletet of Fwelga gfla'r The town af D'btr bad beea rritVageg ead bum! by lawurgeaoe aad Moolaaagraaj. Mar Uaa, M Mtkotnedaaa were klOad. lalcaf, tta Qaeeaaowa. Wtatw, BaMtrday Tb funeral of Ifioa who frli la tba reit dlalurbiaea ha takea plana. A (jacamlaie of Fubuo BaMy, ooaepoond olMama, baa beta turmad, and kaa leaned a proelamaalm, reqatleg tbe malaMneaee of order. IhNM ritraeierr. In a pmelamallee, rendnd the cltlaerte ilibejmrtto trblch Bnaala h ecoorded to lh M it lily yeara. lb Chief of th fjllae btrlig htfeneroiteded, habaaeiUeedby Col. Diaoooau Tt mueklralUy of Wamaw ha aeal an Bddraa I He Bror. Franort Aaaaraa aad tbe trail eralatlea. Tbe Fane letter of Ibe Lxtfl'l fnM inanMoae a a ntmnr InaOLraniMl quarter tbat Pithed kfarrR ateakae Jiwt umunieated to M. Tn,aiL aa lavpurtaat ante from tne Ouurt of Vwtiaa. Ia Ihl bote It I aeeotted Ibe Aitelrian aorfa i eat de clare tbat It Barer will tniaruii ViuTa Raaaoai. ae King or Italy, bill II iianea reual, bar trotpi from Home, eta will Immediately rep ae tham by aa Aaetrlan ermy,and that If the rewrliit aalete make tee lean rjanTaieant ia vaiuit o II inMy, abe will one tk Miaolo. A CeMatt eruacil waa held la L -ndoa Ihl aAer. Diaat. CaroaaerrlaL f.fryoof, Auni'xy, Marth 1 Cttrn-Tbe aale if oulfcoi, yenwro.), rrjtl l'l.UO baiea, lailad lug B 000 to ap ulora eriil trcirtere. Jaaai llranr A C". report tbe inaiktt Omitr, Ihtfl vleaa ier etaafntr Canada, lini artlag mora lobe, cloning with en wive, riig undenry. Tbe llrewiMufl Maikat olcaad anil ami un cbet Kid. Prerlrrnadnll, Iiaiiot Hunt Mtetr -BJur'ay arwlnr -Oivili tint at tl'aalii;,' ur nry, aJVIt KlJi fraiernt. AmtifaN Bio rTifirlm flitti-ilty Itlnnlt f'.litral aharea. 1 1 a t'.' '4 diait -utii ; F, te ahtre, VH"fH Nw auk Cucal K. IU lOali, ai rciip a. -WWIIIh (IIMJItl -nnlr. kxtra Ar.nro-r. ll',rj.'af,'Ki, .lArrr"lo7. tr. KttgfMlna.) ilelng tn a queatluo of pilrlle,e. cauted to be rt 1 the enyp'en emal rejirt uf Ibe II nte talari Ci mliteeveth Indian Truatnmja, la wklch Iber eay, Ihereienot thcallghtaal auaplolon Ibal thai Senator we Implicated la their ebetractlcn, aad that anything teeming te be la redaction upon bun la their main lepnrt ww entirely tke reeult ef ail t prebentlon. Tbe committee uaaalmuualr further aay, when the fecta ram to be kooem, tbey were aatbfiid thtt Mr. Uiea labored with eneiiy aal real Vi aid the goranimera, and b 1 entitled lo tbe thank of tbe llouae a id tke oonnlry lor It. I le eald be bad no ratnarka to make. Mr. Ixwourt fill J reanliUeu, calling for Infw- raatte a ta the southern roiea, &o , waa taken uj I e ta the Southern Fmta, &o t wae lakeo up. WnaoM(aCaa j mured lo lay It ea Ike affe Mr. Prrca.1 hoped a role would be pmnlewd to b taken an lb raaolutloa. Mr. Wnacet did not Wlah lo lupprea debate, ha Binary made the antlua aa a teal quaetloo, Mr. poem i bad bawd It lntl mated, that oa er two Seuatore deatre It pek. AI lb lusirailoa rirr. rpwali (Ky ) the eon. aideratloa af th .roeofottoa waa paaaed orer till Mmdar. Mr. Ilcam (Va.) Inquired ef Mr. rataaaacai wkea It wee prvbable thu the Broaae would be ea abled lo anjmira. Mr. Feaanreaor (M.) bid B knowledge on tbe awbec. He did hear that a maoaber ef Ik Cabtaet had aald la a aery law day. Mr. Macon fTeJ mered thai tba Bantt piiiung to nt eoaaidaiMlna of hla ianlnUon reialtr to th quartering ef troop la Waehlxgvm. Mr. Fiiiaia enrreed tn ga rotn to txacatlra aattn;wkl rnUd IT egalnel li. TkaBeDeaeaOaewardaaaJouraed. OTATl l-JUMTAtPM Baaall. roam. Mr. HrtAnrxna nportod farorably th Mil makbsg ajprtatealoaa tbr Ik auppoct of th Q J- Mr. HAaaaaw Btrerably. tb UU to alter tha plan ef MewYotk. Mr. Eiinon far irmbly, tba bill amending lha ek alter oi tbe tfew York and Fluthlng BuLroad Cotnptuy. Aiao, (aTorebly, tba UU amaadug tk charter of the V ng Ialaud Bteataknat Aot. Mr. BnaoLA farorably, the bill to aappreea la tnnpaiaoe aad regulate th aal ef Inwaivattng Iiquoe Mr.Cnm nrnrebly, Ibr tbe pfetirllon of tea grenle eid other orirolua'e to Nw Y k. Alt favorably, for tbe more certain punthnaeut fur oi laoea of Biurder, and araoa priur i the lal of May, 1MW 11 Mr. Tiimii farivably, amendbag Ike aot to erubluh tegulalione lit the port of Now York It Kerlde tbet ell flora ead ptnalileo recordable try Ceaunlaeinrer ahall be paid lull the Slat Tieaeury i aad divided equally among tba Ccm mlretnaar Uy Mr raoaaaa-IetmduMd a bill la rtj ctlon to laiead navigaili a ol laaaiance Comparae. Tbe bill loauthurlaa the aala of la Qltrantlne lead ww ordered to a Ikli d reading. AtaeaablTa There w a liht altaudanc ia lha Ataorn Uy Ibla rocrLlng. Among th paalllou prtteuted were two be Mr. altaiir a fa tor uf the pneui all for lb Nt Yerk Puat (lAc. Atuag tb bill nported fere -ably were Ibe fol low oa To extend elreet and build dooke aad laadlug placee ta Ilia klya. Toaullwriae auoet lallroad In Byrtouee Ta au.aul ibe act luourpotaung the MewYeik Esabenge. For the better regiltloa of tiwa rueatiege In Kabnmnd county, aud U prevent fraudulent roetag tba rat. Mr Muia reported ga'n4 th bill to raduea lb f.tiia.aiTlha Uivaklj Fry Coaipaaye luet. Baixll agreed to. Mr. Ftaun icputtcd gAnal lb bill emeodlng Ibe aot oua'erring a Idltloual peaora an tkellMnlof Towa Aud.tura. Agroed 1 1. Mr. Fikuh elan reiewttdegeinal Ik bill lo legal lae Ibe eale ot Jatdit by one IT B L'ea O anmut tluner, oa Ibe grtund that Ik Court of Appaale baa oaaevetal ouoaelona decided that aeal by one Commlaelanar era VJld, K apart agreed to by the llouae. No notice were preeetAed. Tbeoiilcriarlhalktrdreedlagcf bllbt area bvtd on lb UU la outiaequeno of tae light etteedtaoe au.ia urraoogoaTi, By Mr. Mi Drajaurr Fur a tall road la II luaten, Uaa nerl). Wats Bvrng, MtliJugal end PrlncJ aueetata BytrynadBetatoaandMaBglnelreate, locntuact wilo a it ub'e track oa Hiuaton atnel. lly Mr. Aeao Fer Ik relief of eurvtvtng part nai ba nihiarmjf ki aan rbr the evnatura and lahee I friuaitgtp bmnaae. . By M..l'iaietu. Te lnearportla the raeamtao I LeUar ea Parl UaUrerj Cjmpanr, lor the i apeatler and Nt'er uaaapartallen of lattara aad, ptiale InW-o Tn k and Kmg'tC). Tba iacixw pmatar eta Jane : tiniiiTaa, Wa. Mouiraut. f Jcu L Tatuig E F. Eater and eeaorleae. ThelwablUetolaataTperate the New York aa. aangar aad baggage cecal war rjaored gw tad ae UeCoeamilice elte Wool. Oa motion af Mr.Btaaa Ike bill to praearrc gajne la Suffolk aad O'teeu'e couatia wa awved furwtrd te be ripened coaiplata. Oa mntlun of Mr. Yooau, the bill to laoorpwat Ike Unlvarerty M B Oukiya waa morad forward aul ordered to be irpot tad auplt. Tbe belama ol lb eeulfm waa paaaed ta debal tag Ibe reLOrl of Ibe rrmmiliet oa (actuutlog tae boat, neaa e? Ibe llouae aul ibe propoaltlou to create a Uilodlng Conuu Uaa, Alter a l'Ug dilate a (ubillluU to create tbe ad fl raiding CuturulUac waa loat, tyayea, Hiea;a, 00. All the piopue lloec bttra ibe Hoaee to fhclUul btarlaaea wr irearaeJdnani. le Ihoeetaing tree ea of FrUley.tnc reaalatlon denlarlng tbat lEMa MoUaaa la auleatUledtc Ik eeelonuplid by lltnat AriruLAUine, wee adapted. Tke bill amending tba Ventral fait act, waa r dertd to a third reading. Tliatnla. Mtal Caareaatlea, fochtiumJ, I'a., JfurM Itf. The Virglnlg Uto Cviivtatluu re-aeneuililod today. Lnbn raaoluticaa. wraued la the tmerlrea Bag from Ike pet'p-c of Hot tuii. County are pieaeuted ami ta' lea. An'l-ceu,n raeclulloai wrraa'ao flrta end )erl. Air iuk.l ofTViM an ameudmacl to lb re oil .ft.,elVi.o4uee ou fedwal iclaaluna, propcajig !! i v,uk a tew to tba artatual rtvtuiatriw. I'.- w t a fnlot.. ... . , Itee anneal wa eidertd Mbeprlolcd. Mr. lUtaoirn rf R'ehmone'. mad a rh aiBlcetic jrepiwltioBe of tb 1'aac Cnnvaailion, tad lavotlog Blooeaioa. Without enydi Dalle actioa the Cwventloatd Journal. 'TV Voir al rnrrtbareb. Wcnliiro, FiU,iy, March li. Tha 'i. ,1b uli aril tl am. mi, win, .helulloaiogrreitU, VIM atiealweef we, l.b41 fur tewemton, ti eu t, Gil. The Uilon rutc lu FtbiUti wa 1,3, tgtJtetHn. Prowa WaeAjragtaa. WoMy, ,Mvc 16-Tha Charleetan teBrrcThtnaday, caaSuneai tke aonunlaataa- UgofthafLadyDarWa th Imt waryeeaelcf tk BowmeralOoaatdaracy. . Bh la armat wltk lwtatHeairniaT,aytluadr th aaaJaBtaA af a7aa,T.nMta, awoni! tvlAauta'Ocnta aOanrAtt,aUlaaof Ik F edarat 0 rraraaataa. iWoAmMto Uartk tVTh SeauU day orifumadth-Bomloa4n of Nrrana o. leant, Oalleator af DtaroM Waa 0. Brtiaa, Oodectee ef UaaidMi Diateltd.M C.iJorn W. Mokfam, Otl leaww a M rkilrmactaaa t J. W. EDtrowrj,-Cora-mbtaVmn ef Xt Oenerel I.tnd oo Unrti mreeaa, Treafnw of lb failed Bote IC. Q. BirLar. of Mlaeeenle, Reorettry ot Ltctilen to Ilruaaele, ami Janoa 8 IHuaaaU, Muueter Be Mental Bmcktuim. AtaoMief ofarmy appoantmeni wtrvj aflar eoa firmed. The trearywfiti It Wlonebag) JsdUaa, of Mla- aarte, aa rati Bed. WoMg4m, Monk 17 It U ettlraatart that here are betwten fire and tea tbaueaad applioant already fr appttntmenu, cewaected with tne Poet Oflci iMpartmea. Tba nmtf af Vetter dally rece.ied ia unpriced tally large. Sowutim enouTit'og t all r Mrea fcuodnd, Itlaeteea eMkearc mc1 U aaendiag to Ik em. Ibe aupltcatinat fer aaanioyeaenl la th ether Ie aikraetita of the publla eerrice art oonaafoad Ingly nnnjeemi. Tae Benata baa eeaftrmed tk auaolatataaW of Meet. Dot. Loanio ae Aojutaal Oaaeral t Mtjer Tnvrmtirn aa Bealrr AteAetant, and W, A Hinaota, of tba, DLtrtct ef CoUmbta, Taaomaa Ttucr; B. Clmii J. B. Far, a aeal ataate, with Ik lank of Ct tal. Ill not yet eeeeiaalaad thai aay arder ba been leeufdbylke FrraldaaHal authartty la regard to the eraeuatlon ef Frt Bmattr, ea crtnt, howerer, which I (till eoaatdered, will awta InarltaVy eecur from drcumataeoea beyead Ih Btocutle enntiol. From wbal la at lally koowa a formal eorrocder of tbe poet le not anticipated. Thna be Inmamed re-alTe to aoutkara am merle bAally Clfrreoit the report that Fart Pioaena ba beea attacked or that each an act will be likely to crcar al pnewnt. Vaatbeirn Illgaa Hewtlaty, cVe, cVo. Lmiunllt, Kirch 18. A targe aouthern meeting we ke'.l at tbe Cmrt Uoum but albt, and attended wab coafuatoa. and Dually broke up la a row. I.ivi Trin aad tt. n. Dim, oil and prominent eltiaate. the letter of m on, died laetn'gbt. Tha8iutternP.'nc KaUroad aakt Ike clerk hol'lera In ttL on dollar wortk ef new aloe k for ma thai a. The ettaiheia Caagrrwe. ifonjnmfty, Friday, Mnrch 15. Tha teto pteetaga ufiiu are AfrWan autre trade eel hta hat th aecrei y elaitae rcrnuvel. The Pealiienlfhjecl to the elrte aorlluri of the a'l, which eutiorta the eieur AfrH'anatoihe bihet Udder, ee being op- tt, tna plana, f.rtlia l!uaatltiiiian rurhiilillntf eucbtraef, trid th mandate to leglalat tffaclaa.Ty to piev.nt ineaani. A t lawta takrt on iaclng II over the rat), wrt'h rieiilud le lSyeaali SI naye. 1 ir'i' i nutluag ibteiaating in tbe public eee ali ii a., ay, lha Oitjgrera eJ-uirria liraorrow, Mtiymniynf h 11 J in are- a Iim oouli-mad lb t.i rr ttttiiataror the Inrnit .higaa a follow A (J. Ujitm tVa. h (Jul'ua; li U Javaaia, ( u'l-l W I.ta'ta Ifaeuia, M eaiaalvii! T. J. nmaa Lvmalai at Joaa UumriL, Taxtr; Jnteir J illr lur.n. M-a-a KnQeeur and Mclemeu bare bean co II n.d Jul.x cl the Admiralty Court aa Key Wait. Dariu lloruini, of Alabama, Comaulaaeaer of IihI an 0ita Aiti- n.Winirtix, of Alabama, Reglateroftie Te-uy. IheLtar Bitra, of Georgia, Auditor nf tie TlOaaUiy. Ccugieea meeitt again ftnlgbt. aauo'TD prwiKH. iUnl(jiymrri, MarrK 18 Ceogrwa adjeurned ta n)gbllomtlagsinontbaoei4Mndy In May. Alabaaaa Hiaua Cwarraalaa. Jfontpmfrf, Unrch 19. The ordinance ha beea paed ailaiUg the free banking act,wfeli& auheartuiee tk alack of the Coaadrate BCtta far Uioae of tbe tailed Htatsa 'atotka, aad allow tba Icauo of two for one. Forcgn crtlaen nor ooraoratloa ait allowed to bald lb etocke. Ohta taatafaltTCaacaa. Cfef lmi, Marth 18. -.The 'Repabllcan meat bare held a oaueti rat algttt, at Cotnrabua, to nomli ate a fulled State 8, Bator la place of Mr. Caae There wera taiatr-on ballnto Tk laat ballot itad aa foluenT t Diaiaow, tS BaaaaA, (4 1 BiatiBTg, SI i IUblan, s Uoaroa, L TVa Tlrglal CwaTetadat. hVAmead, March IS. Mr. Oooort pro acaed an amendttent to tat report of tke Commit tee on federal relatione, provide tnt the withdrawal af the etatc, from the t'nlea, and, without drter- tniniag nor ruTure atencuvnoa, raoeaunatKl a con ference of the Berdtr gttte et LeTlngton, Ky , In Mty belt, lo.titopaa a pbut for caeuaruuuag a gcrorament to be termed by rani ataAe aad tb Oonfrderate Btttra of America, bat wtalou la not tn be binding till rata dad by aba tVmrenaton, wklch I toad)ouirI atar to await tear rt declarac thai the ankua eaa catly betwaluaed by aa amead Bant of aba jtlat.aa emamalmg free tke non alaveboldleg etatea (or In aaouiiky of (outhern ngbta. Th Boaihera JUgkta nartlagi UnUiilU, iurcAi;.Tu adjourned rVnith

am Klgt t Meatlngi yeelerdaj eftemoen, reed tinaaimoualy the rearilul on preaented en Friday night fr Ike ejiolntiLnt of delegmtea Ij tbe Mate Cunventlon, to meet at Frankfort on tbe 20th In the eraarng, Mr. Ji. Omnia addreaaed a Union meet of. cuuoeelllng uoderatlea, eeylng Ibtt rreetdeat Luaoot a wae hooaet, and that tha No th would ullanali-y accord tke Juat deavanda af tbe B uih. tttrit, .Vtrclt IT The a hooner L. Wtlerbury, from fit Mark c, bouniltn New Fork, with a car. goof cottun. went tahrre oa Lynn lliren.ln tb ttorm ef Friday liar cargo will be caved, but tba veeeel will, prubibly, If a total loaa. I'aalora Iirwt. BeaTen, ifmrMO -Fjur (lloiirwater Aahlug ret icle fur the (iaorgee Utah, btre bean ni'aalni ear era! weeka, and are probably loal wtlh from thirty er fily bvae. Tbe Methudlat Church on Harvard atreet. Cm bltdgt port, wee daatroyrd by fire at about luld malt l.oe $lu0 loauraicefl.OOO. N-ariy tn fol a' enow 'el between lea laat nlgi I, aud ninolBg, which U greatly drifted by tbe atrprg nortbeaet ga'a. Ilreaieed coowlug here at ab'nit nouo. There Vta been no aerioua ol atrwlion of the railroad, the varlou title du tbla fraaom being bealud tatly frvira teie to three boura. CITY NKWS. Loht CtiiLB) Fooxn. Mr. and Mr a. IatAo OatinK appearwd on Saturday algal al aboult o'clock, at Ike Olce of lb F Jloe Telegraph, weary with wa'k aud nearly ovueoraa with aagukrh. Tbey aald tkal their little bey, three year ef age, bad wandered from It tome, and bad not beta eeea etaoe aooa, eiuo which time they bad been diligently eeaichlBg. Meeting a reporter, that penon al one directed Ih paramt to' th ra il telegraph. Ma Cuarua polltelg 'Informed then, the a brief deeorleeloo-ef the child had bean gtren, thai they woald ftid lhU ckltal la U Itih I Ward tUttaa kauaa, whither aba pellea af akawvd had takea htm tl about T oVIitckt Tke aw gappy parent weat on tuatr way rejalctnf , and proaab,'ly reeUtad tbeli kerne la Pajard atcW with their child, el -about aaldalght. Tlere bee beea 1U loot eUldrrn reaaortd threugh thl ppllc Wtgraph thue far thl aaeata, i may be piapa to raattrk beae, that wheaver aay one Baa a lot wkfld, k keuld at bcw tarn tt oyer to a polloeanaa, what duty UUtoeee it proparly eared t at hat Btatlea houa. Vaoiac r. TtroMAi Duo appeared tt tha Magui' Offio oq Saturday, aad at i tad teat he bad beta ecat tattbar by tk Supwrlalaadaal of the Maaoa (Mat ) roorkonee, in Company wltk acrea other peieoa ia the Ilk, who, ar rirltg la the city on Ftidty night, penallea aad without where to lay their httde, weal to a atatiotv heutaaad irwialtct un.ll mxralag. Tbeaepereona wera ami lo the Superintendent of tbe Poor. Another of the men aent hither from Mmeea, Mtea , lurnrd up on Saturday night, al th Bxth Ward Statioa Uootw, where, cattta tk aa had bad iwtbleg wbearecr to Ml eteae Friday morning, he applltd lr lodging. It know aotkUg of the wkareabtiau of hta eavwa eoaapealana. Oaptala Dowue gave tb poor man a place wttaraea to lerp. A CViNrinascn Uah- Aa old feeble look lag maa callid el a battel mannhdory, Nj. II John all tat, on Friday laat, aad ordered Jt large quaalby of cWtheabaekete, which h aald h Ul. lindedatniUagtoOallairala. and deeired them to be deUvuil al Fainoat hotel. Oa Stturtaj morutatg, aha.uauperlag maauuMturar had lb gnrdi delivered, aad ia a ahort Urn er called to get tk annual of hla bill, what he wa told Ua lb old lent, had gone away, taking the btakele with htm. Tb locer kaa advartlaad far th oar man wh moved b good, and it le hoped k may be able to gtl coat Iniorajatlea ef aim. MrrrnorouTta Police. Th four hundred addltltaal iKtlUeraaa have bean BirxuulJ, tad tb'. ro now KitnUr t rouBil 1.IM tun, SaIliho or SrrAwarrrrt. A Seat of fecal a u-tlgkled with prwrlaleea aad mnnlllona of war, have been aachired al Quarantine for ccreral dtya. One by one they Blip fkdr cable and depart tjaon their myttetlou mlaclOB. tnrday, th Teektewu, Ihua fretgkted, atiled far Morflk, Pa taraburg aad Blchmond. Tk CcltmUa, with a aatgw worth 1109,000, departed M Cbarleetea. Br Acer, bear endarlk Ikal Ik mwvhandia wa purchaard before the Brat ef March, and will tk sab cached to enter Ih good without annoy. bdc free the gratlemen who undertake Uiellaot tb dultee, wklck kar beea laid under Ih actio ef lb aoutktra Cngrt. EeCArg or Carr. Latbam. It wh repert edfeaurdiylbat Ciptalajocn LAraAu, wke waa arrarUdln January laat, charged wltk ptrary, la bapatcranectedwllh Ih baikCora, (a lb elate trade, bar etc pad. ' Th aoaaaad kaa bee ooaanei IntteF.ldtldpctnetiaU bra long time. , It to aid that ea Friday ba waul with otae ef tke dermif tailed Beat marekal to i clotkiaf ator la Bread way, for tk purpne of baying a nil o'elotke, aatdwin tki deputy wa oecupUl ia lookiag abeut him tha captala dipped out by a aid doot aad dUapprtred. II had not keen an cat a I al lot cat eeaounti. Aaortm U. 8. SmAirrn vu a Km mow Votaoi Th (teaurwr Coatiactalaoa, charter. ad by tb V. 8. Oorrnuacal, H la aald, to eoarey ctorecead (appllca to tbe goraramen! troop In Tnaa, lift ber Pier, Ki tl N. 1, oe Saturday aftornona. ffhewa htarfly laden with coal aatd provtaro, knd, a U lb oa of th ether govera meat eteamr which btre' recently called front thla wharf, all about her wa ahrouded In myatary. "IO, Tnu Mot I.toiA"." Several frleoJi her arreaged fer aa crklMtlo by th ftmaa In.1 Ian Chief fiwm Oregoa, now la the city, af tl air cvuB ma, earevaonlee, dance, Al., al th Ooejier InatllutetbU traalngbeliig t the baae rlt ft Ibe pr,r Indian faaulllea laaur dty. Judge KraOMawil dollver aa aldraa. For particular, ate tl tJtinleetnenl. Tim i'al" of Friday night wat rery aerore from V, I' T1' ateamerc 6m IB Matward, due al daylight did an arrive t-nMI about I P. kC, aad did n' etat agale el 11 e uauti hour. There have ta n aittva'a from aa oa Saturday, xcrl Ik ah p (Ji-al Wtalam, end etatmahlp Artbia, Ctpt. BT'iMi, who a Ih gtl of FrldiywM th mt Mtei "t e,r fl't on Ihl coaal. Wa kav no lruVm.aU frum tke ouaat bul a Ik lelagrah teprnta tk pale aa baitg fe'l hum II a to N irlolk. Hie fair to upi'x we may aipat to hear ef aome dieaaler amort vweel near Ike ooaet. Nw YonK IIosrrTAU Weekly report to Man h ltth, 1401 i-Bamtlnlng ea Mtrvk 9lk, tv , edin'lled to March ISth, 41 1 dleuharged, cured r relieved, li i d id, 1 1 reratlnlng at daw, 101 Melee K fentaJee 3a. Ftrtw, Iaajaaata, Aoetdeata, cVoa Fk is Fcltoi (TRREr. Oa Saturday (vtnisg, between 10 and 11 o'clock, a fir brek oa eu tb ercnad flwr of the balldlng, U Fulton tlieet, occupied by E. A. Baooaa, bont aad aha dealer. Tie early praeeau of the nremea pr vcaicd Ike flamea frem epreadlBg briuag tb Ijot ea which Ike r originated Thaaeeak waadaaa MCd to tb extent of about S3 .BOO, and Ul buUdlag about BIOOi Tally luasred. Tk ortgia of Hi Br to wader Invaafgeatoa try th Fir Mtrckal. Al prteeat It appaaja to haveorlglaaaal elder a etalr way. Tke ator. had been cioecd about aa hour wkea th alarm era given. Tin nr dcuxs BrmxgT. Teelerday mora lag, about half peat ntu e'Uleck, a Bra wat'dlaeo red breaking out ea Ih flrtt Soar ef I h bulldlak No Beg Oral atraci, eccrjplad by Xtf-ear, A Barf temo, grooata. Tk balullag I owned by Caav. Bauaaaaw.aadwa damaged aboat SM inured. Tke tlcrk of groccrlea wa dainagad aboat StOVi laeurwd Aa Ureetlgatlm by tba rlraM tubal lad to Ua aireat f Km-atx, whe wa aeea aaer tha pramlaec a faw ailtete Bwfccatkw Br wee ataxic, red. II wa held for furthag attttnlnallnt, Fnut r SgTnrm Anacg. Betwcea 2 and S o-oleck yeatarday aftoraoea, a fir broke oal tn tk lower portion of U building No. HT aad MB Skvwatt Avenue, end known a 'Mlllaanan'a TIill" To lower aortlcaer u bulMIng wa eoaadara bly daantged before tke taaae ware eattagulabad. FBkvcaUK Muxaaaji pocuplaa tit flretfioor and bojouicnt ee a liquor aalnna. Ilia Iimb 1 about tl.OOt kamrad for rt.&tig la tba Qommawoitl aa Aancrtcaa dcenraae . Ccmptalaav, Tha aawk' of LAwagaoa A Fcant, geocaia, wko aecupy No. Si9, wtc damag'd to the extent df It.oeO; fully bum red la tbe Bowery Inurao4C. To cauat of to fir ta nut kaowa. Futa ta aAAartfOirD Sawrr. About half:. peat aloe ovlock,oa Friday alght, a fir broke cut I tb raeldenee of Mr. Baiiirr, oeraer of Baaa mood and Fourth a tree la, by a quaatlly of clothing balrgplaecd toe near ahactur. Damage aboat lei), FiRi it Aa-t Smnrr.At about 9 o'clock, Sttunlay tvrnlng, a fire waa dlMorared la Mr, n, Boi.omiK'e gV.i refining catabllahmant, No fi Ana etreet, ooraatoned by en overheated furnace. Th naroC, whlcb le eligbt, It covered by lacunae, bat ia wret compaay lha reporter did not warm. Taiab ALAm. The Gtb. dlatrict alarm at about IJ4 o'clock laat evening, we fait. AcriDtoTS. On Friday evonlag, a teamta remed rrrit Ruxbtta, employed on board th wamabip De 8 Ao, lying al the fool ef Murray aU, fell through tka hatchway of that creamer, and euav ulnd a fracture cf the leg. Oftcer Oiuam, ef tha UJ Ward, took kutt I U City 11 wpiui. A ltd named 8oiiuoa Kueatrru, cged (it yeara, wa run over ky an eiprta wagon tn Cbalbam et-, aear Cbambora at . on Friday, tul lakeo by U later Aeaea. nf tb tth Ward, to tae New York It wfrati. Jiarn Hub fell from the fairy bridaie at tae foot of lljuatea tlieet, ea-Frtdey afeotneoa, end wa raauttetl bj OlDcera ClAir and Ltoa, of Ua K a veulk Waid. A man tamed Aasarw MoCabtt. a 'longikor. roe. m b atru Ibe b.if Ltbaooa, lying al Pier IT.r.eal Klvar, art aartoiulj Injured an 8 tlur day. by enma lumber falling rn him. tie tn takea to tba City lloepltai by OflV-er Mia of U F.ral Praanct. Aaothar 'luagabitremaa named CaatLaa Ban, employed oa board lb ahlp Caagraea. al Pier 1, Beat Breer, fall fcvm Ua deck late tk ketd, and ww t,vrely bijiired, ralle laawniswae, Va Smziso Am OnacKaargiucATtor. (Wicar DuuTAraa af th Utk Ward FeUe oa Friday ar retted a led earned Joux Dcrrr, wham h ftmatt on Ibe corner of Broadway and Tenth aireat, offering end arpoalag facetiae acmpaprr eatltled lb BoortlagLta," aecarrulewa abaet publieked la B wtoa. After hi arreat tka eoouaed Infarvaad U TBoav tkal Ueagewllir the caJeef tke "LUt" la tu city I one, team i,n Tanrtv ooraar af Aaa aad Naaaa ttreew. Sutwrqueally eflloer Booaattvaa krteated Tatrar, and Bvuad BT( nuadred coplee of tkLiB''utbiaa. Tea egent when quaatioo ed on tbe aubjeot eald Uat Joua Brarao th pab Hekar crtheuhtckgimrtekaat badpramlaad toee kite arteeled frem aay Irwabl ta which h mlgblbeoonauuvlvad through the tal of tka per1, wraraoa pubikrhad the tret City Drew wkWh wwe haakea up kola ttw weak ctnoa. Tka prtaoner wee takea btfat Aideimta Faaaa. aad held fcc trial. Niw Corimirint Th polje telegraph a Saturday alghl warned lb polle lha (a ., tornptbadbrta BaaVelaBaklyato pes Into-cuv, aattataBBewerjaatocfawoatkCaatlneakiIBBk of Baton,Mte.,of Ik dtanaalaatlan f 1 oo' ontbMtlaittt.'Biuk, af Abtay two' ua It Btakef ttow'Yeek, Hew Ywrk attyi oceiartdj Iwe'e ca tb ClUitaa Bank, ef Hew Jeraew, .CUaf toa, n j t nvt'a o Ik Biaic or the Ctpltol, AlbeW vl y eaa aniwa-eruaae varment Banc, Bttaeaelier, t,, are Ike bttaal counterfeit la circulation. UHUL ErORTaV-aUTUBOATe H.aVDttttotOart. Th Blutitiport oaal Arte Far Jerry fx Otw Tir V. B. a. Tk BlUalMhfarl and -Veto Fork J-'erv Onapany A qaeatlon a to th Jnrt-. dictloa of Ul Court, In the ebevc action, came up foraheaiiag.ValbraJedge Sklpmaa. A Ball waa eomaneaoc ta Adaaiatily, and a bbal Bled agtlaot lha eteetaar "Water Watch," kelonglag to lha above Compaay, to icecver th penalty of $3 Bta fartolaatonoftkaaufl8U. All th ttet war admitted la tke ana war of Ua neooodanta. but tkey eat upjtowt vcrAkat tbey were ebael ted trot It, aouivy te paweeeutioa Mr euea penal ly.entar eeetaea Oof U tofl3M. which aaempt faery bo feed Ian. A anrumant knvinar be Ul point. Ja-e Bette decldta that tk dafi wera net eo eitraptod, but bald tka attbl wea aot U proper nncetdmg, but that tha penalty muat be eued far la aa aottoa r dabti aad Uat alter Jadgiaaat a liked I tk proamr proreadlug to euiueue tha Jadguaaiatobattoed under aecbacaioo. Sacn aa acliea waa aooordlasly Mnmearad. tk deamdear eatatad a eWwla jorwoi and after being .Te ?! adjaarattoa Von now comae op far. ,u: vi.i EZ TT 3&SS Caheat Mat Camealoaleac Offir. fJB AOrgfd LetUr Stealing. Michael Corchraa wccTunltledlogefkultef5ba,oa a charge' ef Pea Meg letter frem Ih Fact Office. LI mad aadtftaa. V ( Cwwrl af OtaeiawJ Baawlaa ' Th curt met on Saturday for th a-rpo ef paotakf aaatenoM. Julio H. ltardolf, who wa aonvlcaed ef aa amaullan Mr. rigoo,wu flned f10. John Eawrrnachl waa cent tha PeaUawllary irr ea year, aad are fiaad, b tdditlea, (tad oa coaiTMriioB or a rcioatoue ABram B watntola aad Btarr Stoa war aaat to the Fealteutiatr ear all aaawaha each, ou eoartcwoa of rerwlvlog etelea good, Baatirla betng Bead 1100 tn edemeo. The prbtoaar war respectable eTeriag yoaag Btea, aad a deplorable eeea la oonrt ere tkttr Uctc taking ftwta their wtve. Herar Kuig wae wat to lb City Frlaoa far thirty day far aeeeuH. Patrick Cooatantla wa real to Ih Swt Prleon far two yeara, oa conviction tar receiving Btcaea goeda. Patrick Cat waa load BIO nr ootamkv ling a falnaloua tetania. Several aaotloaa war kaard tad th eourt adjourned nntll Moodty. BROOKLYN. A Kotr tir nn Vnon Corrmo. Tb Oanvcatlea otUad by lb VrAoa Oeaeral Com atltto of KUg'c Ooaaty, mat la Montague Ball, caMmdayaighlbrUepvaocecfaeailnatliiga naaildalc tw Mayor." Tk hour find for ergaolta lie waa 9 o'clock, bat half aa hour Wort Uat tint party tdarcteod to fiver Jcu A. Dattm fer Mayer, get Into U root aad gaiad with cteaed door, by eelectlag Mr. Jcaa C. Jtroeie Prectdeat. Tk XMMwvtmaa parly mar aballed tkalr for and brek la taaaoor. A aeeaeof wild Tenement eacued, and wtmaattr waeacnl to tbeClUtll for Ibe Folic, IawptckJ Four aad aereral officer pimially made their arpearanca, but ,l net laawrtar. Aa tn fonsel belkt far Mayor area taken, aad out ef 41 vote, D arrow received M, tk rwretm der betng divided batwaaa MAana Kttaruaa aad Axnin M- Wooo. Tb aaraauacameet af laa rcanlt wee Ike abiaai tor aaothe row. One ataa undertook lo burn op Ik minute of Ih Convert- tirm by holding them orer a ta light, bal beiag etrark ta Ua fa let them fall cm tne Boor, aad tha Bahtiaa heaaeae aenerel. Ia lha mldal af Ike aielee tae ga wa itlagulhed, leaving all ra the detk, tml notlxrVjr come bad receivci buaged S and Uoodr aaece. When Ike gac wa lallt, dlnrdeilyaemorutratlocewtrrriwd. Alible Juncture tbe loepecenr of Pnltoo tnformet the Oou varjlUa tkal kc eaould withdraw hie officer aad let tbm alone if they did not adjourn. Tbla bad the dmlredt Sect and the Ooovenlion waa thea da dared adjoined. II wat nearly midalgbt. Tta Ptma men auliarq'ienlly met I another p ace, aad the Kamnirfera man were hunting about far tbe AMwraaa fgilljuntnij until a late hour but eould not Beat him. rR-Cna-TTATIOT or A IlA-tlFn TO Tltg Fmrt DirarriirjiT. Tke preeeoleilea of a new banner to Ike Brooklyn Fire Department, W. D , took place at tha Academy of Muelc, on Saturday ren log, prtvlou to lb eatertelnmeal by rof Aa neteo, which wae glvaa la aid of the Widow end Orphan' Fu I. Tk banur wa preeentel by Mr. Jauea L. Dtca II I of Uk, about by 11 feet la dlmesaiona, and finely oratmca'ad with approprt atodcabrn. TheBgurcof Ltboet cteade upnaa rabtad tlatfaTM In Ua centre, aad oa either aid 1 rtpreawoted a aefe aad aa Aeaaiieea ahlald, b atalk which I lb laaciiptien eVoluntory Aid." Tba tight arm af lha Bgur la outelretohad la Ih ect of crowalrg a firwaaa with a aiaath ef iaurela. A auaabar of other rlewa UU up Ih eratoe, preaent leg aa a whole a baaatlfal appaaeanca, oa In ra ran aid la a rrpriaaulMkat ef It burning of Band traet Ckurc la ltti. Tk trard rook- lyn Fire Depaitineat, W. I), aryaalaed Jam leak, rtlt, lncrporated Aprtl ltth, lrto art plaoi d oa IbctaauMrUprawalaaot latter. Tb arceeatetioa oa U part ef tke city, wo mad by Aid. Fnaat, of cDwaBwmia tarunmi uimimittBaa aaa tee uaaaer wraaraeeivad Wp Mr. Jratn Wooa, rrldot f UuinoklyBFirDaartmat. DwAieATtoif or a OA-rabiio Caomcn. at jMtphvtK'O. Cbnich, allaatod la taatna at. Bear TwBaarbtB tveaaa, having reaeatly bken'kf largad to koootumodato a rtrJdiy I not toaa1 eg eaa. gregalloa, wa dedlceted yewterdeyt Th aerrle war oeadocted by tke Ber. Dr. CAmu,whadla aaauaed elnrptaliy apoa th duty f Chrlatiaat, aUaaUagrooeeteaaily Vtb iwonrraac of tk Aa. BivannryofaH-Fatrlck. Thepaaaor oftkaektuob lBr. Ftka?0'Nan, tkiough wkea aartteat. mainly, tb additta to U old ediie wa ereetad. That buirdlag I tn tk Ooatil trl of arehlto. Uia, cltolak. Tb M part 1 H by 4 feet fct aaaiidltloB. belnraoac the Btthi todr. la B W 10 leal, wtlh U ckaaoal I th rear, 10 by M ktet. Tka Interior U neatly, fitted up, aad eeaitlaatwo Id geilerle. aad a gallery far ta chelr. Tba oetakoultl,OM. latkaraar ef Ikeekarek, end ravwOaaaatret,aeadllkeeokao(tuea,Mby fact la extent, to wklch baa reoent'y beea added aactker Mary, mtktag li now thiaa etotiee I httgbt, aad of eamdaat eapaetiy to amnmmadttt tboklldrenoftkptxiaw. CotrTtTBrrnT. Two voaag woroaa wtr uv ratted by Ue td Preoiact polloe, rat the eharg ef peaahig couttteifeil Ikrta ea tk Beverly Bank, of K. J. Tin Firr if 0Jjro 8tber Dcitk or Moat Tamoa Aaa B-Taraoa, lb wmaa wh we take frem Ih kovue. No. lOd Orange atreeS on Friday mwatng, died Saturday moral ng, al U Ctty Heepital. Btertmtlaed utcojeoUu from U time aba waa reerurd from lb burateg building, oatt aba died. Sk wa not burned, bul her alaalk tea can d by uffjealloo, aad Inhaling Ik kanted alBMvhar. Tag Fibb ia OraxoeStrebt. Th funeral of Mia Wuaoa took plac yeatarday from bet leUat' realdenoa. A large conooura followed th body to II last reatlng place. Ooroner 11 trim held aa loqueet upon Ue body of the other rxUm, Mlta Aaa B. Taaiaoa Tn yard bit of Ue Jury wea, Ibal tbe died of ooBgeetloat of Ike iucga, cauted by Inhaling emeke. Tt engineer ex ue aeup tun lectory, Mr, Oeoao Amaainr, who waa arrected aa euepittoa of nuatrg th fire, wa dtarbargtd by Ua Coroner, Iber betrg nothing wkatevar upoa whlck uch a okarg oeaid b baeed. Aa,lMFOBTA!ir WnsEas la the Columbia etreet homicide, lo which Jou MoCAvrw wat BtlaUy tebhid by Jon Coaaoa, wa takea lav caetcdy oa Friday tight, aad lacked up m Ik llnua of ltanatta. Ml aam le loaat fm eaaalJs After the above eoeanwace ha left to city, aixl did not return until Fiiday rdght, Br. r-ATmieXDir. The aavnlrerttry of Ireland' petroa eaual falling oa giadty, tbe car. aooalee neual on, tkeea oocaatottt, will be obaarred today by UepeaaOwof eevwral btatrrelaal aeeoela,tnita ikaevanlngwttkadlaner by u St ratiiak' Bolly, Citt MoBTAXirr. Th aumber of death In Bracklya during tk peal wek wa 08, of wklch K ware adult. M klldrB male it, famalaa SO. BonniD A CamriL A man of rvy gentla. manly auaaca, wa datatiled oa Friday after. Bwen, cUtllng U crlmaoa cloth from Ih commo. niou ttbl In th Bformd Dutoh Charek, ba Htr. rteoa atreet. It gar hi nam a Oaoaea Tauetraoa, aad wa eaal to Ue panltoauarr for thirty day. Puvouuu.T noma Dsokkx tv-Tk FoUaaof UaBtk Freoutct, aa Friday trUyhl, aaad deeoeal an a cUaoraarly beet la Wl worth aaraat. ewww.. wwi aa wwiwmu, aiiwaa, ;th l eeea I of peddler and tkleree, I eeea1ag baa for a load Urn beea to Ih people living In tk riotaiay. Th hovu wae .lb l eeea I aad their night a an aaaoTeaccto A aumber af pt awa war la I h koaaa at Ua tint, aot ail except rw. wao gar toaar naate TMoataxiLaa aad Taiwan Baitw. ttTaoted tkwir eacap. Tkey war arraigned bafar Jaeato Teoaaaa aa Saturday Baanlag, tad ammfatid I SvBkOd atb a OofBT. Th wUbj-of tk rat. Wtrtag named pcraor kar been Btrelttad lie aroa betedartag tba weak by Surrogate BaArwaaoa-. Jwae FAaaaaaV Joua MoOowab, Jorne T. Cetnr AT, of Braauya, atvd Edwabu Buna, of New Dire at t. Uboialib Citt CXKrmr.No caloodar at ) ry triala wbl be ttkan ap tn thl Court bafar, Wed. aaaday Ue I0U In, Tk jury will be ceiled oa Monday aad dlacharged till Wedaeaday. wkea tk fallowing calaadar will b takea ap t No. T, 4, a.-t., U,M,tt,t3,4i, a, to, ;,, , a,M, na. WILLIAMSBwIRGK. Fbosiblt Fatal AaaAoLr. OBocri JoentaxwaadBtviaoftteoth pradBCt, yaatorday anected Ha. a Caata, Xwaal2 J ataa aaaaad ttataawa. aa Italiaa, ?, aoamlWag a wteleal eeaauhxo Mr-aad MaaJUaaa, tatldinataSavtrgtt-aaaruaimi i aew. uat. it. ta laTilataat kaVkad anid tha complain .rte aeiruTa--hlat I for StOO. mat be kat racers ttlnatowl, att bold a eaatel morttita tn at he tana Tnla ua' ha. eotmlng wea not wo, ana naana.Kiiw ptaleday Dn-aaia and Caara. want to th bona of 11 tea end aawawplad to take Ua machine away. Mr. end Mm. rkajrH omjred pretty ueaemuoci riajaatnta, aaA la doing aa ware merely Injured, eapeeialir tr weenaa, who, it I trered, will act recover baa tba aSkct af bar lujarl. Tb Bad war takea be fare Jaetloe WAxraa, wka required tkam to giro bond to appear and anawer tb oha'.gc on Wadaaaday aexv JERSEY CITY. gftAkigrTL BoeBgRT.-Oa Tnortdty after I'tresa.titUddlaHtdnttotBbUbMUag mtawiU I ealuwUbiabaBdjeairMttUercaldtaoeof Mr. h eairtebcadeaoaaof aehank, and tbe kite wa to precura board uaMl armr tta aataWk. ' aekarc oV t- requcet waa cheerfully oompllcd wltk by the Ud who aoreropaaled kha to tb beet aptrUett la Ik T- I-" " nl glai aal . , ., rpreaaanga auaar to b aloMfar B aiari bteae Mi bwtylen the room, cod until Frtdar aaerwl UoughlMBtoreofhergiMBt. A) he tUd ae mat huluwtracalU breakftet tabt a, tk corral weeawattohUrocim,Btd traadltwaeamrAr. SI UajimeB Mr, gnt, arb icpalrcd ta tie epart Baant, ead Brand the ber ledger had robbad kar TBluabM actuie of Jewelry. Krrw Tatg KANSAS BXUtF tXaOtTrTCK WM. 0. BBTANT, JOH2f ft. WILLIAMS, tynairmao. CaAa, PL WiaewtUa rlnaui Kavraca, lantn. Ixotra. flan new ft. B. . Mr-wewT, Barvw a llaaw. flaiauM iw.tau attata B. VVarewoBTB, rtonaUon of manor mar be mat to J, IV.WriAJ" Trewiauwa, piaailial MteieciAllaa aeaaaVM. T. "" Bundlaa of CVIkln, Boot and Shoe, aaag Maatat tb onto, M. CooewrTnetltoic. OrlrrBrj to flat nrrrr owbbbb wotrrtA) rtB Blevkeiraavaaitae to hare the totaea et am I maa d ration carwrally ctamlaed by a orwa rbrawottatjt bewr reovtm Iheva te eaa. p (bta, aa yea ey know tkatr euet ertareatata end compete rr Fwi ra A Vn I a. It. K1 Broadway, give vw awIeadVTUte deaWelloaa of chanraar, ctoa airArblek may be rrtWd eat far aeearaey. Tar Witt aire DiranTAaaai atacal try Pr. Aad laece I.iraf iXirutltL. FTolerbot.. Poraafa-etrl HOW WITHTW P.BiCW 07 AlX. oitoTRn nA;rij CB-LXWRATTI) NOIat-LKM iBVTI-ta MAOOSta. 80 ad acetrwa m Xlraadway.K T. tlaaat Bargalaa tw JBWirXAtT. Th artcci Itmr harim beea a avawanaaa Aaaat kr IV Jewetrr awJakTklaaaia tt ataattwk aa kawwGa1a Tth " tb largeat Bnaaufaettartng Jo ami cwrorrr, earing rr are detartnlned to at war aawrtaaa, he a pew mUlna thetr aolU Oold and OalaVai, I Oaia-aiata Aeweji eartnaaeia taUtrdara,alaat taTtn been in the Jeweirr bawbaata here Ibr ebe real rvewryolee Fearc, tk tabil ea daaewd e eocene pact Tvewyee rearc, tae tobtl tae; daaatt evt nwry Betide beln peenaely a repreaented to ctmvr laaaw The (eoa are ail eiD ma, aatd WUt (tta ea RrvwaetnaaNuwrwcMPT. McaaJa.LrvUorai.AaUtaUaaartgPto,Maeat( BBwaausJ vBjfftf JetOoM BUne,(Wnt aad Bnaraet KarBJnaa awt FIim. tta ant, ttntl price $ III. Tarqnctee, trnneK Moeale and Lara Ear Blaaa aeg Vina. e eet ae-ai trie. tt. Moaa. Lava, Orbcncla, Oaraai, aw Far-Bktga eat Fine, tl a e-t. axial price . OereV KarmoWd, ('arhunob, Lara, Aa, F" llapmaf Flue, flaw! emal prlae ft. Oval ttmauf iiraa-i-la, ft each; oaual trvoe . 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