Newspaper of The Sun, March 20, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated March 20, 1861 Page 2
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n m.n.tnitttmfll' 3fTM "THE NEW YOKIV OUrM . """ ,i ' - VEDKaiUYMOBNlO,MAR.20,lS61. tW Bank (Mm. Tsr Washington MmpoiidttU " ' l ,tJathrttihofofflct beekett t V' (jtgteo, that Prett-lent LwcotJr ass been ob liged to re-consldcr bU ftnt rewire n aormUcaat. Is person, aed to adopt t. the Heed of the "Trtil D-pertrntuta, who fchUrfrtUbtm.ntbelrrtiti f ' tlncltof''i:tlo' Btalwart and lough , rreeiaVeat LHrcMJi Is, we cn readily under ,ud even bi rhyilcal Inability to stand, for an Wngth of lire., th continuous proerar of th host of Impurtonete ofnce-eoehere who think, or l least r rodr M1' ,h1 lb' contributed largely -' olectlnn ,ml "tetrve substantial rewsrd at bit bands. Hut this iuh for office tt nothing new in th history of our UovsrnmMit. It bat nrcurrel l titty change of Administration (r the last thirty jssre. Increasing, It It true, In violence, ! thedoctrlnt of "rottloo In office" was prsclioally Introduced Into li clewl of ptr ties, lb tb'.rit for office which hat heroin dltttee smnng very largo p-rtlo of our peo ple, has lisi much to do with tba deinorelia lloo whloh it manifest In tho working of iur potitloatUutitutlons, ami In oar nttlontl, ttitU andtocil legislation. Tho good oil matlm thtt tie office ibould seek the man tod not tbo man tbo ofltre, hssVmost been lost sight of. Now, ofbret of trust and gnat resnouilbilit aro sought, and too frsquently secured, b tho incompetent and most nnworthy. Wo tnut Ut President Liscoiw and those whom bo hss callod to hlj cninrllt will, la their appointments to office, apply rigidly tho ,ct "It ho hcuat, la be cspaide ?" Solar, tn th higher sppointmrsta In tbo Mloctlot of diplomatic mcnta to represent tho covntry abroad tliia rulo mmi to have boon wall ob served i bat Ihcre la da-pr that after tho first Impulse of honest, Independent resolve, Mr. I.rjootJi andhia Cabinet may yield to political preseure, or to what la called party expediency. It it (bit that we fear, ant nualusl which e we would warn our new l'ruident, If to do liroa, at tbo pooplo Lcliero bo duea, to reatoro th0Trnmcnt to aome df(re of ita original purity, and onauro for bia administration of It the rfwirt, tbc confidence and tho gratltudo of hlafeUow-cUliina. lly a careful and judlclotn aclectlon of these wbe aro to represent and maintain tbo national Inlereata and honor In foreign countrl, and by an equally oaicful and jadlcloua cbotuo of Uio offioiira who are needed to aetiet him In the ex. ecotlea of the lawa at home, ho can do more to curb Ue violence of party aplrit, to reTlre the spirit of patriotism, attauh the people beattUy to tbeir frre Institutions, silence tbo voice of faction, and draw together again tbo estranged aiellone of our belorod ccautry, than by all the e pew bee ami all the premise tbat either bo or hit fr ieads cvuld nuke from this time until tbo Uoeo of bia term of olbce. What tho people want reerarficu4,crMJfsKof hit wisdom and patriotism. The HotJtkom Rrrwlwilotv. Wr. leun by telegraph tbat on tbo 18th but, ibo LocUUua State CenTenUon rejected tho or dinanoelof)lrinK the refsrtnro of tbo PefmtB eot ConelitutW n (or the Confederate Btatea, af ter It bad been acted on by the Convention, to the people, for their ratification or rejection. Tbia action of the Convention waa anticipated, though the leading JoarnaleloNew Orleana and otber porta of the State hare been pleading eereeslly for a submlisten of" Ike Constitution to a popular vote. It waa no part of the plan of tbo leaden of eroesaloa In Louisiana to per. mit an expreKsIon of the sober second thought of tbo pooplo Iwpio tbey bad consummated their doaign of binding tbo State belpleealy to the new oligarchical Government constructed at Montgomery. What will bo the effect of the rejection of the aubtniuion crdinanro by a Convention, majority of whose members wero pledged to eaomil their acta to Ike people, wo cannot pre dict, bat if aucb sentiments as we find In the Hew Chios os HuUetin, tbo leading organ of the commercial cUasea, pervade the community and from the language held by other journals, reproaeoliag di lit rent portions of the wealth and. Intelligence of tbo atate, there is guod reason to believe tbey do pervade It, we mty expect a atrong and speedy reaction against the despotic autherity aasuaied by the unscrupu lous eeoeetlou leaders. Tbo lluUtlln wsrmlt declare tint tho Conetition as not elected for the purpose of pronouncing upon any auch insliaineut at a IVrmancat Cuoalitutlen, and that for it to do to it a violation of the very first ptinuiplo of pnlar government. It aayti TkO people, at.d tba people alone, are eovtrelgu I pruuaulr Tncy BMOue hve the ngkt 1 1 pruoouLoe woaVi (HsaUlleenntuUt unur wtse uUx. nj te tie pt-Tinnntiiiij 10 live. NtCibVcauoe wlltoussbetr .sji.e eothoi4eiioii twe a right So eaeietae euca fwwer in their Daaue. TbaHnll'tin thea refers to tko atrong sen timent which ealated In favor of submitting Uio act l eeeeliin Itself to the people, but wllcb Uie Convettlon wholly disregarded, and ddat Pur abet bod now So unleiULe te pus neally tipuo a peiueiMOi CoaStutiiu lr the io,ije, eua ignore aite,vsiir ihoti.ina of the uur la 1 4id W iv wou.d be ice uibth (or theoi o en lu . Tee eiflo oh auea ai alsU, (Xv t Vjs. attiHti'm en iitrj 0 ttmw eirii crcoievi er hi Un wettf. Vbetber l.ouisisru tukmlts to tho Mont rjouurjr (Joiistitut sn, or evinces a ilii'Hnlllo to got luck ioto the L'nlou In which she has njoyil to much lit rty and so many bcnellta, it Is already apparent tint the cll'ine of rcrk less jioliluUns, who have usurjud her eoer. ignty and trtmli-d ou the rights of brrpe pie, have Uforo Ikin a roonb rood to true , An llkiorlral Oentraat. KvtutT foider of American history knows Ibatlbe art 1 k of framing the Constitution of the United Bute waa a protracted and arduous labor, and after they bod completed that instru. meat of Gerernmeat which stands, and will over etand at a monnmeat of their wisdom tn patriotism, tbey did sot seek to force its eMlopUun up tho several sUUa w tho people thereof, by force or freoi, or vrltbont aUowlaf full tlms for deliberation. But la marked anj Ignoble contrast with tkelr mido of founding Uoverameat for a free people la that of tho touthora "confederated " revolutionists. Tbo franurt of tho United Bute Constitution, thoagh all tba clrconutaacee of th time urged to a aeeedy action, did sot dlatnut tba pooplo, or took by Ulegllinuto means to coerc their judguent. H la not strange, therefore, that organs of tbo "Montgomery Cabal" ibonld, presuming eat tba Ignorance of their readers, attempt U falsify history to cover to some extent tin usurping and uademocratie character of Ita proceadisgs. Tbu one of Its orgmt lo LouM aaa baa tba hardihood to eeeert that Toe Fed nloenlHatioa of HIT, which ra-Je souoo nsui tntporwal eaaafea U ska cud Coafode raalisB tueo Iks oeaat-lacioa at tho CenMeiaee atataa evakea la tba eooasx itlea of 'St, wea net auV maswd 1 1 Iba popular vete,aad wo aeons roaean why tnel ptccoleal ahoald not be followed on tela oeceatea. X tblt assertion tbo New Orleans ViixtfUM Indignant! replies 1 Beceuae LowlaUaa has diiilved her ronnoa- tion with tbo.' United Stales, it does not neoea .. aMi-ily follow thai bar peoyle luvo suddenly fur- catte all tba bar ro4 of tbo history of tbo glorious bjm caotuaoa uauoo, JlieUwy telle aa that the convention whleh MWIBbUd In rhiladelphla and frame.l the con. illation of tba United States, havlnff aecem- WSSgVl treu 1 ss sae pfeceuma: wseni.w - le issaltaated 8(ee, U Oaareae aennblel. end Ue II te ska opinion of this eeaventlen ISeS It eheula afterwardeVe mhselised to a coeveolloo or delefatea, raewrcln ear stats f rnpUthtrmr. nsWeeMM reonste.d.tlosi e( 1M L"elaaure. far their aaaeat issUl jatloi aod Ue esvh roof n eZenwectoeavi reltWa tie eaese. eajold ItaoTe. taeteol te Ike Caited gutea, In tjW aTiataal aaaauakBtblaVla Congress having ffCeivtJ lb report of th conrtntlon tirmlrM, iHienWownVf, Tbsl the eat i report, wllk the resulattnao end Utter eoeneBptartec the seme, oetiOAMBllted lotae eeverat L(ilaree, laordsr to be ulxnlsted M a ronvetittim ef derslia rae In arnre by UttpfU tkmmf. In eunrerartiy U Iheieeolveaofuoeiwvsaaieaasada aad prtnlei InlbMceee. In confotmtty with thl rtsolatlon the sUU Ssssnl acta for severally calling cenrenliom, 1 legatee were cbnwn for the express purpee of tatlfvles r rrlectlni tho eonttltutleo, and the conventions of tho several states rallied It, A niapiTtfl froas WaahiajrUn announree, "on cnod autkorltr," that the order for tbo etaruatton of 1'wtt Sumter has been Sent 04 by tbt 1'rtslJcn. Tnx msjorlty against heldm a convention In Ueorgla amotinti to 1,200. DeepetaVa ef forts, however, are being made by the ancat slonlsts to Induce Gov. F.llm to call an extra teuton of tbo tegUlatore, In hope Ihtt It me take the Hats tut of tho Union In sp'.to of tba, wlabe of the peopU. Hadseei Blvar II SnvBfta WsUTiixa oa Tint Ilnoaos Sirovr" BTnaaa us Bisiee-acbse-KaxsTrieu Ore or ta Eivxa Koaaa Faaaaoa errai Msw weauIsw Tixsa, Posra aaana, Ao Imee a week ago tonight, we here bad a verv fine ssosple of a few diva of Janaaiy wealher on the Hudson. Boow fall Ike whole of that nigkt and pari ef Thursday, asarly all along the r.vir, vsrjloc In dspth (nun two to six Iwhss. In Ibo nei(hborknods of Pnf h keepele, reekskll), eed Rblatbeck, the now wse la many pieces full six lichee deep oa Tbnraday. Aheevyahewer ef rata etied II. The e-ld on llnuid all lioadey, uptoTAlnk at a'gtt, when anew begea to (all betweta I'eugbktepeie aad New York, and yestere'ey morning the (toiad wet eov. and tnlbee'eplh 0( three or four Inckra. ItulUnle now 'ell about roughkeepaie, eat further biwmds Albany act aoj. The wealker, however, vu bitter cold, end tens! have been oa low ae reto. Yor several dele past there hs baea a coastaat abrm blowlag fi m Ike North, and thl baa cauead the water In tba river to be very lew. Oa Monday mntntag tba Veadrrbllt lay blf k aad dry upon the bsr eoa.e line. Tee rtvir In many place between Albany and Iludaou, yesterday morning, wet fro am aver tlgbl,te(rre the Nsw World cut her way thnngbi and al A buy aad abne, Ikt Ice was one sheet bom aboro bo ahoia,whea the ferry boala eioeeli g al the dlfferOLt points eel the anae In mo tion, floating dewa with Ik tide, rloattag tee eilende betwien RhltoUek end Albany, about CO mCse. All the streaota, creeka aid sltarllng water are froeea over, uasy tsra and three laches thick. The level Hudson la frorea over, and at Living. etot.,Crtk,bvwnTlvoll and Tarrytown, lw Seeeamea wero eioralig oa mot aa tho oxprea Irala peaatd thel point al kalf- past It o'clock ye. terdtv tnernlaff. Tb Htw World, due la Albany al o'clock yea terdsy morning, did hot errlvs la thai city uotU 1 SO A. It , kavlpg met with lee In (uoh largo queatlllie, batweea Tlvsli and AJbany, Ikat she had enwUsrahle dlfiemliy la going throagk II. A yeuog man la Foogkkoepalo awallesrad 1M clssu Ibo other evealng oa a wsger. aTlj eoospeei tw took 11". 8crD. DrUTn ritosi Drcikcto Ligeon. Aa unusual ease ef euddea death, without provioa alohnese or dellilum tremeae, oceurrod ibrouejh rum drltklxg la the Jell at Budeoa, Columbia cuuiUyi on Fildsy Isst. A maa aamad laaaa Fa ocsom waa found druak la tba streets, aad placed In Jail, wksra he very quietly died la half an hour. A verdict c( kllUdbyrum,'1 wee rendered by a Jury. 1'rioran m Dram. Oa Santa night, a liltlesoaof Ifr. Jmssexi.sgedC yearn, residing al Cold Spring, waa freaea te deelh. He walked out ef the door uueen, aad waa not solaced for some time, whan a search waa Instituted and kept up all eight, without finding him. On Monday morning hie body waa found nearly a mile and a half (10m home, on "Cel 1IU1." Hs bad probably la play wandexed first from Uoese,and netbeuc aUe to find hit way back, bad kept on to the place where be wss found. Navy aad Army lAetngrare. Yourg BncLTt, the lucceesful New York oomaoon aibool raadldate for aa Anaapolls oadetshlp, has Uen nenissllaled to give up bUgood chancr, sick uise tavln(cumielledhim toimlgn. Me hae ar rived In bwn. A dolactment o( I nited gtalo marines arrlrej al Ibe Brooklyn Isriscks ystoiday,frem Weehlngton, audkaviag "waiued Uemaelvm," left for II stton lulls sfUteocu. Tbey ere uschaaloa, picked out from Uegartlaoa at heedquarteraU aaslst Msjor KeyaoMs la bulldlof the ntw Lemcka at Ckarla towni Ootie'dsrahle excitemeel waa occuloaed m Illy marched lhreus.b llTcliy, a rumor having got out that lley were 'buuad (or Burster." Tl e adOlllea of a small squad of Vol led Btate re el utle to Foil Columbus, jeewidsy, mskse tba (evtrnoi'e l.'aad farrlcoa over 1,800 men. If for ne oiler rseeon then tke weal of proper aroemmoda U 11, a cotJsUttebls nuiubtr of Iruope will heve.lo be drafud from Ue ateltoa aor. THE LATEST NEWS. er mujmrn to tbkx. r, svy. -c- XWVHlh (MINIIHKHNNrnatr. XXI n ahMHiuf. WdsAiefen, ifank IV. Tho resolutions of Mr. I kULat In leteteeice bo tho brie, ersenals, navy jaroa and other public piopetly la Ue esoed cd ttatee wee taken up. Mr, Cuaauta (N. C ) aald lhal when Uo reeelu lion waa iffired to rlal the Inaugural address, he (Cueouaa) expreceotl the opinion Ual Ihe lat ter recent wer, end Uel the pel toy of Ue admlala tiatlco If curled Into ifisct weuld.lead bo war. He had aome hope from Ue array of facts presented by Ut Senator flam 111. Hal Ue policy of Admlnlelia- lieu waa aot oalculaled to Involve ua Inevibably In elvllwer. Bui If the policy of tho admlalssratlea be, why ahou'd it aot be anaeuneed f If as the Betalor from Illinois, laid Ibe President would announce bis policy waa psacs, 11 would keep us out of difficulties. He believed It Ihe eeelled policy ef those la power, to Involve ue In civil war. Why te there aa immense atrutmeat al New York, large Uaa fer Ihe bel twenty rears. If Ike t wero to be lli vetue Mwepeoara and private corrospntdearo. Mr. ilaiuis (lo) said slips tare not been order. td from lbs Meliteire. tn, ee be baa learned, Mr, Citvoe.H rrp'ei.Utlli was so elated and caked UeB.uaier (ilaiure) wasthet be bellevcl thai other dlauu eatua bad not been ordered Mr. Galeae aald ho had ao Isnowladre af each a tsoe, bevmi made Uqulry eulr ea to tuat putuiular Osse. Mr Cuasaaa said there eould be avi dsnbi thai trcepe ere belag Uiowa Into duaaul stauona, ami anuoibarof abire wero taking la auppllae. r.rxn Uformatloa bo kid received, Uere aie re-lalorce. meet aad biavy gans guleg South loieke posese. eioa or Uo bo la North Carolina, Virginia, and eleewkern. Mr Ci isa (N. B ) said hs bad reesoa te bslUv nobody knew aay mora Uaa what appeared U U Inaugural address. Mr, Cuaua.n raid, II U act to bl supposed that If thla Oovvramenl threetea Ue Coolltdorale Blaise, tbey will wall till II la reedy te organist armla end pounce urea Uem. Mr. C1-1 a. 1 f you look at tba laaugums, you will iso tba UeFrmldentreye there c is tao assault oa aay one. Mr, CuaowaK But U Fiacldeal my that hs will occupy and po ares Ue sorts U Ibe Goa federate Btalee, Ue (Ouaenusrl eeuld nul edooi Ue views of tba Btnalor from Illlaote (UoesLaaL while all Ibe bacU pelna towerd eolllaloa and wsl? Mr. Hai.s(N. HJlareplvtoMr, Cimoule's al. ludoa te hem, said Ual ksdlSLBj knew ne mora what tbt dmacnalrauon meant er Inleaded te do laaa Ue Beaator hlataalL Mr, Cuattuaa Ihougbl, thai kla (llaxrs) re. maikt Udloaied greei waul e( Intel llgeace oa Ih eirteUeadasloIstealloa that Ue Bmalor from sw Hampablio bad not basa ceaaullid. Mr. lISLaagiatdtoUat (laiighberj but II was evidently true. He waa here aaa represent stive of New HaeufvaMro, aot ar ua Administration and kMmimaulltc atAuld susaata Ua urns relsaleaa s it lhal lbs gsnalor would, namely lo fire his, onr. j ami supfort so en pesrvsMe purswiae wmea mav eon mend Uemeelvee to bis ludarisvas. He letcs. dad lo euDoest U a aiemiaimmwan wnvsvj lis'msivissupiwtl. litre Just to himself to say ul to Ikla deraad hear ka waa lemaoanlaad IraorsAl of wkal Ik aamlniesreaioa leaaada to e. lleprteeeMdlbellhe PreeUlssw kMlhe siansftto hotiH ue eawsne eewsilwf the tile H etaS. Mr. Oaissui (Oslo) eald the the alee a-oea Ksstockf verterdey saada a restart ebuwt " Mead ITsMrx. aed railed II hie raaatuMaen deearla. Be (Catania) waa not the aeatxw etthal daeartaa. 11 weeaeumna-aiakad anaef YtvrtnU ea4 Kat tuckr. fnrlke taster vea ttseaaaert s Ue feasor esaia. wbo prnainifaatsi 1 the Mia. alluded to Janaaeost, who, la wrlUn: frees rrta,eald that 'theneooMe.Mfllelweve be well latesssl. aod l at lee tree oftltorrauel be rofreststd by the Mono; ef nsstoee aaa streets.- is aelnral aisnuta. The d Trsnsss of Ik "hlfer lew" ead the hi weessltiU eeenlot wtt aistvd be Mr. Iiesrs, aad the laaater (Wet Idii Ms bed seld tkatMr. Lmonsji laeaaureted th dnertr.e If the tMeatnr bad read the Bible, ka woaMbeVstmedthadwelrtaeweaaold benratha Msilbmar cuessl tie AHeeelo, aad Ksfero the Bevw wasbwn II wee lllemstedte tho history or raareosi eno. moesw. ae d pressseasa ee bdaw. lbs peoflo on the Cih ef November, eat oa this I real Is-ne, aad rendered a verdict and there wee a Ceer aad' denlentxei fer the sseluteleeate of the Valoa aad tho Os-' Itiilina aad the eats nanism ef tba lawa. The Bena tor tw pmnwtt to rtnpea a qesetloa whleh hae thu lava euled, end te Iseert hie plaaferm aakel s4 etnsile la the tllllloa ef Ibo Uened BHaVa. Thaaeopla have rcsxserod their verdln. Tbo o.Uoo esusot 1st reepened. Hs bsllevsd Ibstlf tt tstlleereke benaev waa raised la Ka. lanky It eroald be hailed by but few tepyerWrt la tk.e mml'mn scaSa. Mr. Paamnaairiol exp'alntd Ikat what k said ysMcf Oey wee wteh reference ti the fell ire of a'l eeeewiee of teenacnUael w, and tact the border etcva Hans would Iske Ihslr own oerse nndsswrvd br eetabeial Ibitelenf Woodletllnr." lie had rt hsaidiheEVnasni'a foimer reraarka. lie referred be the BeoaioiV letter, la whloh 11 wse eald lhal -tbc Union we not wertk eaytblaf without Wood Istlinf " Ae to Ike laagusfe ef Jrvrxteow, N wt net et ell i,.pifUs U urasse affelra. Mr btutee (K, 1 , effwed Ih Uluwtnf bnMal nisBi - air. ooua' reelctlea 1 tlnk emt all after tba wnr Bssolved," a I In oret, That the Committee oa Ike Judletaiw be lav air voted to mahe bra foUowlrg Irqulrte." 1 fV'T If any ilate or stales withla the Halts of tbo failed gielea of America have rkaaxwd or av d'fud tlailr laws rraptottBC th oath reqautd to bt tsksaby the na abets of Ike leglaletuse thereof, to eeoh en etnenl e to disqualify be aaarabere as tleoott ofeBeaabsrof the Halted Bkctee aocordlag to Die ptovielooe ef the Cooeaiuiloa f rVoewt If any Bseetor nowptcmlriitebeamani leref IbeBeea'ahaabtea else led by the I."tlie laieif sdvsuIs, thememi whereof were ikua dlsqnst'fl.df rXird. VATial vtranriea. If aav there are. la Ike Stoste, which she sxrruUrenf eayeute haeaeon Mtiirtlcinal lljbl l ruske temiiorsrj aiplntmeat, And Ibtt eld Cmmllte report Ut reeuU of lslr laqnhlf 1 11 the 8miW. Mr Biaaosaasld Ihiawaa a prefer atiVjsrt for IbeB-eeietiseluaa. The Senate from Illleeli bedesld, ha wou'd tre the lUpiUlraaa emus IrouMe Ivraiiae hs kaaw what their cohwnee were 1 now be (riixaiosej dkl 'cot kanw that hi brother Battmahsdanf seVtms. He Ike replied te rnmorematka which Mr. CLreouxa had Inciden tally made oatkatartffquectlee, aad la response o a queetlon by that feetUmaa, aeM, ka never dresnirdthat tba noa-peynieet of dia'eaby th Coefedsrata Bkttta would meke any aeadble differ. enee. Mr. rirweakW Will yen 1st then (e I Mr. Biuaoea Tbey bees (one wahoul aeklag, I am sua S lepoead bo luroe Ikara beck. I preratae tbey will lie elck c.f their ex ertmeal wllhla a tear, Mr.Ci ni. That 1 amain to be tested. Mr. sUauone, resuming, eald the country, la sir months, would oettle matters, la eplle of the reet 1 ea pelitlotao He bad ae more Idea thai lbs Admlnlstraltonoontamplatedthelavcaleaef elate rlhls. cry more then hafgmanite) did He be lieved thla waa getting to be well uedevrtood el Ihe Bmth, and hcaee new laauee and threat wcr made, end isw positions taken. Ctrtelo gentle men are In a wonderful hurry lo aetde everything l&e It heopeva. (Laughter ) We shall eootlnue le collect Ihe revenue ea heresoare, or Ike atatoa aebtbig ue (brthwcsitvee will eotee to have any bn dasse. UebeUtvrdlherrasldcnSkeeaaklail and peatflo Inlenllune lowarde Ihoee stairs aa aoy P ea Idrot ever had, FoUUalcna, however, must be ag itating. They never prodao a dollar, aad never will. (Ltughtert Mr. CraaouAB replied, and argued thai tko Ad mlalebratloa eeuld act euppott Itself from Ihe tariff lew.etnaldarlog thai the Conf sderele Blala have one much lower, ef which Ihe merehanla af th Wast will avail tkemcelvre. Arjeuraad. TATB LBUIrJLATVetB-JBeaal. AUomf, ifarth 1, Among tho bills re potted mvotaUy from la Qommltbeoa, were tko lollowlag 1 Tae unto eenead Ik 1 le we relative to Ihaaastsa meal aad collection ef Uxea. The btU be amead baa ohm bar of tho Long Island tVllvoed Cots pea y. The Oommsasleaar of tho Btnklaf Fand areeerd od a memorial (hvorabl ba Ihe etosteg ef HsmHtaa bVuere, aad Mr. Conaouv brougbl la a bUl for ibelpurpos. Mr. I'utsofrom tko Ssloot Committee, oa Ef etce. mniled a Mil to emend tko lew of 137. Ii re quires (ho Uomanlselonoreof Excise be bo aeioetnUd by Ibe II mrda of Supervisors, alae rcqulrea Ikem bo Slveboada Ibr Ue faithful perfermaaeo of their uttee, aad to report under oaihu UaBjardsof Bucenvlaoraal their annua maetlnaa. Tea Uoenae Ita la to bo reduced bom ISO 10 HO. Tb btll eeeka to Moure Ue mete amoleal dlaeharge 1T1U0 duties by Ihe Oemmiaeiottera. Mr. P F. Mrarav Introiueid a bill lo promotl egilculturoaadolvlUatlloaaasong Uo InlUa of Ua stale. Mr KoaRTaori attempted by nnanlmoua eons sat to lnlmduoa a bill le Incorporate sparring and fan olog aeeocUtlona, but was previnled by Mr. Kma aoan, wboobjeobtd. anxa rtssan. Ile'atlva to proteeba and legal holiday. To Incorporate Ue Bellevue Hospital Medloel Col lege In New York, after Ue adoption of an amend n nt, providing thel noising In Ikle act shall be ee ccaatrur d ae to prevaal bomiaepaUle ctudsaU from eawimi the Col ege. gappTcmeotaiy to Ua eel fr the foreclosure and tale ol Ihe New York and Erie Railroad. Aeereably. Tba Bpraker prscsedeit a memoilal fro-n tba Con ptroller of Now York fevorable lo Uo closing ef McaheMaa square, and a brll le cloee Ihe earn, wkluh waa launed bo the U jmmltteo en Ciues and Villages. In Committee ef Ibo Whole, Ue bill to amend Ibe revised etetutee reiatlvo bo Ue trial by Jury, shot I ef neauee, tbey shall be drawn from tbt pel t June a1 box. Instead of belrui taken from Wiseman, wee ordered bo n third reeding. Th btll bo serure tho people of the slate against Involuntary servitude, wtloh ts Us g sal AuU- Mr. lliaoiisa, Uo ebamploa of autl-rantlem la Ue tl4ue, aretied powaiiuuy la favor of Ueblll, and Musts. Kaaaaa aad Fraxos argued egalest After a loner debate, fnesicm waa reported. Ibe New York Post Office B U bill, ea amended, giving Us osceeotof Ua state to Ue parohaee ef coy SIM not moia tban M.UO0 a)uar feet In area, waa oidered to a third reading. kvaanta eexcioie. Tbc Areembly coaelderod In Committee of tbo Whole, end ordered bo a Ihlrd reading the bill te eld.Ue Feople College. Ii arpreprUtm $1,000 annually. The till to ad Ue Troy University by a loe of eviv, was aeisviaea py cnarging perceut. in tusaa, and then waa ordered I to an third reedlag. Irartala Bteua Oaavtwiloa. Tfit-'mond, Murch 19. Tbo Commtttoo on Federal RtlaiUna, led ay repelled Iks preposcd amsadmaole to Ue Ctmailluuoa. II la Faanaua's aulatlluSeekanied by utlag tba axpramloa "larol. unlaiy servitude," In plaoeof "pereuo, held to elev eiy" Tke rlghieofoemanar aot to ba Impaired by Congressional or territorial law, ar Ihe pre ex ldieglaw otMsxloe, la lenleory kareafler eo qalitd Uvoluioary eeivitude, except lbrerlwo,ls prohibited BOrUofMO W, bulahell net be pro. blbtled by Ooagreee or aay Tervtborul Ltgielatur souUofUatlin. la U Utrd section there ar venal nlhtrslioua Ibe the eomewkat better aeeurtty of piopetly la Iraaall. Tko fink aeetlea proklblta ine impcimsicm w aievsa rxam piaosa peysaa ane limits of Ua full tern Tho alxU aaceiea saakr verbal ehengee la lallea to rtmuaeralloB ef fuaialvee br elsewi ead excises iko oleaao lelatlvo bo eoourUf prlvb 1'gea aad Immunltlaa, The serstak section see tldUlsoblv IrexcklM and Ue light to keld efflce bt peraoo of Afrloaa laoe. Tba eighth my, none ef Uese amendaaaaba aor tba Ulrd persaTvepk of Ue atooad atctioa of tbo firtt artiela of lha Coaatllutleai, nor third peragraph of the aeeend section, eeeiad ertlele bberoof akall be amended or aboUahed without Uo coneeeU e( ail lha M. Loess BlayeraJlry Neonnaalloa-3nmsari Btala Caavaatlaa. St. Uu'14, March 19. DaJiixi, Q. Tailor waa noulDand lor M.yor yeeaerday by a cunvaoalon oflhe Demsetele, Usix end Evaaart men. Tka ticket wee called lbs "Vaiaa AatUIUpabUoaa tkkil. Major Wateuv eocupled Uooallr tune of the CoovcLtlcn ymtardey, la a fire boare esoeck, U fa vor of lie aunorily rejorl of Us CocuaiUt, of r dare! Belalloca. Tka New City Uvaitar Defeaud U I rbvaat. Chloai, HI-, March 19. Tho now city char ier, raceed al Uo last eeedon ef Ue Leglalelnrc, waa dafceled t, day by a aualnvtly of .lt. The rtenillla belag eelelrad el Vftuvwoawa effloa, by Uo filing of rocaale, raoais aad other daeraae taratlsaa of Joy, the FkBaaeephU BlaelclpeJ ISemtea. narruhurg, Monk 19 The Ilouaeraased tba bill pietpoamg Uo mualolpal election In Pelktdel. pbla tl'l Uo leasee! eleotloa la Us tall, smeadmg It to bkeifisctUlBOI. The Bantse refused to concur la Uo amendment, end Uellouee receded, whea Us bill wss flaally peeled. Bale OeoBiaasd gpinoJtclJ, 0., March 19, The Court to day en fl asad Ue eale of the Brrafisld. Ml. Vsr. Boa and Pittsburgh Railroad bo F, A. Lena, atwr. I ae fiir th boadhoMoie. iTem WautUkttrioa. TTasAaaeaMa, aYardt 19. DotraU, Ckleaco, end kVrtlaast kavtbeea eenetlteaod aaokaac ocaeos faetkerroaebaavreU aa ike ssrlabm aaIU,V bo eaaveeed a r jrtlaaa aa4 ttvarpool, or Klvor 4 Uea aa4 U varroaM taka atTert aa tko let ef April TbaWxeaar fistinetar wW mwllagly aoad lotmv lsa Fraasa to th peat emote of Ike etdm firm aheve assedliwl Instead of bo Mtw York. W II eeasa.l. Fracidaat af tho Centra' i..j Oaafbrata aad ran Faak Ktpram C,,,,. . teuutar of the r.Xxprw-, bee 'AvZt seoa tM I witi tho Overland U.-, Cemswerr, Sraaefened by Ue Id Coagvtee U Ue Oeaeml kvete, te rua Ibo mall niref fw.i th Moxrrarl nTerontHV t ttt tba v'.nd Comeuy el Btll LUa 011. The eeeorave, nf the ceaaua merehala la Ikt eoa. rcdoruto ereiee have not yet been eeetiei, at tho leaver wiuaoVd lha smhlls money tns vrbiek Ike fovrrrmrr dwlre fe Brake the peymoei. Thejisbs Dstatrtaieet la about treaaferrteg be tbt beveral assise aoMttla of Ue pteeege by Ovnariese of the Ml lowing asnpased taisaSmielte Hi. Conetiiutloa, which ebsll btooma valid whoa retlted ty Urovloarthf of ik Lflststeree, nseie ly No saisediiieel chad bo made to Ibo Oeaetltu liia which will authorise or give to Csurraee lha petrer bo aboliah or Intertrre wilhln bar etele with the nomMIe lojrulntlnaa Ihereef. laelodlng lhal of psnens beid te labor or aervioe by lha laws of slid state The Ceramlacleoora from tho leCser Couitder trj ttpeel no answer bo Itttr, kTwU oonunnalea Mon fer trn or twelve de. Thy feel oonndert Ikat la Ibe mraowkUa Uere wUI be be oel'taloa er obsjr.f ieru01Vy ste-us In tbc eecdd UU. Ttfy btvte!rpels eesureaere from M ntaeov eiy Us amaie arraof tmeel beve been mad to ava all I'o'ib.e for Ibe present al Fori Fiokena. The following named gentlemen. II Is uoder bfod, t eve been nomlneled for fottm tctei si Jeua lyxiawoon. aSMUwittkM. an,,,, i.V,ii Ibyeasaer, at ribui, Web A. Guana, al rraakv Case llowa hat been aomlsstel fcr aeUortor of Custome al Key West: Btm. O Faauta, aestetaal Tiseeurer atBt. Leule, andBsan. Loaa,of IlUaoU, Oooeul al Litelaa, Btaasncn Itianda. Bvaraalloa af Poll Naaatar. It la asconelned from a retleh'e course that Fort water la to be evacuated tomorrow. The order hat already gone forerard. A Bark Ashore -Ktht Frreewe DrowaeJ llreIta af life laleW 0. flooa,J'arc19. Tbo Bark, IlanestQueea, of New Vork, from rtcenoe Ayrec. for Doceei, le emong the la-eskers off Heiluste, cod will be asliete el low water. Eight of bsr crew wet dro smi la etumi ties; touted. The centabi wae oavedt At alalwcihaabeeadtaeeaehedfer her relief. Bholc blah cad dry Her cargo may be aavtd, If Ihe gate tow pisvalMrg moderetea. A old wondni ballfUraT la Rrxbnry, known a 'Uuel block." ectueied byesverei Irish (amlllee. wae dectroysd by flresarlr thla memtng 1 Joae linn, hta wife and deughtbr, aad Joan KliJ-T perished In Ibe flcreea. Jouu W. Ijuuimw, sx-eollce efRcrr, eamisJlttl tutalds this asomlug wlU landanuw. Tho aalllag of the Niagara hae beea postpoaod HU aooa b eoovTow. A vloleat nerlhwrnt snow storm prevail! kar today. Froas New Orleeaa iFire Heavy Iasa. New Orleani, March 19. Tb town of Nw Krt, FI ride, wee peril consumed by fir on tb ih, osiued by Inoendlarlem, Tke lorn reaohea f 110 000 1 Insurance. $20 0(0. Tho eleamehle llsfwna be arrived from neveaa wlU daaea lo Ue lMh Inel. Tae Karaak, (ram New York, bad arrived out oa lha 15ch. BaOraad CamptotexL ImurSU, March U. The last rail on tb Ira'cville, Claiktvlllo and Memphis Rtllreed will bo laid tomorrow. Tke C. O. r. tuad P. F. Eayreaa. Fori A'earaey, Mark 19. Tba coach of tka fl. 0. C. and Pike Peek Exprea peeved there to dey el 11 a. m with Dcaver City dtte of Ue loth. The organic act ef Ue bssiltoey waa reoalved oa tka lfilh, and gives general setlsfsevlon. Baxter, nedaea, af Ky. aa tka Valavj. iMiUrilU, March 19. Ex-Oovernor Haruia, la a letter la th Cbtsrter, adeem as U union ef ell tea alavo abasia ba prevaal civil war. Wartaa Irexaalsia. KorfiM, March 19. Tba acbaoaer Susan I. ASbebL from Phlladalahla. houad bo gtvaaaab, ka arrived la dlstraast sails gone, aad mease epraeg.i Tb asaeeaar Wean, or at. Andrewe. front Mslareea. bound be Msw Ymk vrllh ail isic 11 ts abwdonsd at era Friday. Crow bakoa off by schooner Edward Use ben aad brwngbl hara. rVll PMMMi A do obearvataoo with th aid ef a largo B" sas shows tbat tho parapet guns facing Fert oultriebavo been concentrated en tba at It face of .tola work, to bear on Camming' Point. It Is aossiblo, however, that some of the could be brought to bear In tba direction of Moultrlo, If mounted aa traverse. Tbeguas aro apparently crowded, aad this ahowa that Major Axtdexuvw propose paving his respect to a onsldsrabl extent to the ugly looking batUrles on tb Polat. Charlatan Miriuiy, March U. CITY NEWS. Wa understand tbat Uen. Winn bis seat wwd lo Waahlngua that b will poatlively declla to aeoept, If toadersd to him, Ua affioo ef Minister oTuikiy. Eaoarn or a Convict rnotr Srra 8nro. About tjf oHilock oa Monday arternoea a oonvlot escaped from Ua Btalo Prison alBlagBlng. U waa at once solaced and a csarrb made, but hs eeuld not be feund. II le supposed Ual he escaped oa board a aloop loaded wlU ahooks, bound for Nsw Usvan, whleh left Uo prleon deck about Ual ttmo AdescrlptleaefUo sloop wss telegraphed to dif ferent peit along U livev, vjrlU order to later. oe) I her, Offlcms aro la search of kite. Kajis ti Rmrp Tho donations to tho Nsw YoikKsnaea BeUefFacd, for Ue week ending March 15th, amonated to M.TU.TO. FurUsr con tributlons ahonld be ten! at once to Uo Treasurer Joua K. Wiuu,MetropolluaMinki and bua dls 0 slolbirg to room No tS Cooper lnttltabe. OnrBiB CmiDaRN ron Tin Wear. Mr.

H. Fainoia led thla dry yesterday arternooa, for Uo West, In charge of over M children. The New riot's I.idUglnuaeisol out a party of fine lad wlU thl compeny. Orm ai, VtsiT...IIon. J. C. Nasb, Maor alrotof Rvkaster, Is now visiting UU city fjr lha purpose ef htapoctlng tbo aalf jrm and equipments of Ihe Metropolitan Police, wlUavlow liflilleg out the police of bis owa otly la similar etyle. He ealled apoa Us Msyor oa Mnedey, and was pre. seated by htm wlU a specimen shield and bat bona, obtained from Ua Police Board. Ua. T. Shxxjisjv, who says ho realdo la toe heuao la WalwotU street, menlleaed la our Brooklyn new oa Monday aa disorderly, send os a'note deaylag Ik sJlsgaSioaa made against his tsballUkmant, and refers o bo his nelgbbeva, whom be seje reepeel him. CoamiMiesxM or POUCR. At th sestloa bsld yesterday, patrolmen Taomi Pousxton, adFrerlalTisoaiasNavtUJt,rtk Fredact Wn usa II XiPs,mkFrertnelwexadlmImedfrta the IMpeitmsal rbr neglect af duty. Fatrolaiaa J. Hiixoasa.ltikPreolnct, was allowed loieeelvsa reward from Iko Baak AawalaUon tor Boa, tr as. reatlsg and convicting a forger. Wobk m tbrBcrka or Sabttart I ricno. Tbo number of nuisances abated ltd week was 1M sink aad wetecoleeeee clean ed, 1M t lnada of alfbl-eoll romevsd tram tho ally llmlm, ;M t deed borsea aaMMVS, kegs, IT 1 dog and other email aalatals, IBe) 1 aumber of barrels of offal, MO. Of unaeead, dlceeeed or uaheellkj meal, fisk, poultry, A , 4,3B9 pounds were selitd. Tbi Ship Zonhar, 1,200 tons register, Is now aa Uo greet eeotioaal dock tor ropalra, Bke win be stripped, reeoulked, aad nswly coppered, rim mo Trrk. X full slisd rpoclmen of U's.smUsiabce, wUklltlaxurlaalbrV, saay ho aeta en Uo Broadway front of U wareroema of Mean B M A E. A. Warroooa A CH owner sf Ikoedwey and While aueeb. VrRT rcmarkabls rsrlval of religion ar In prcgrom la oevoral of Ibo KeUodlal Efieoopal ckurchas lu this dry 1 AUsa sUtsl, rsrsjth street, Oieeno sbreet, Bcoosid street, lllh sareet, Tib street, JteJAwd sued, Jan sUeet, Istk, ilh, sod eOik aaiassa. AJao la It. Faul'a, eoraer tlad. and Ilk avenue, Uere U the eommeioemeal of each a strl cue, gradual aad ttovoogk ehangs la many, Ual Use I esse to aa-poot a larger lagethsrlng Una tea already occurred. Bi"J ""-D." for tb put Z"'U 1 ."' "-obwmk-. wmi I, Bcrr,r,k u Tm,t "-.-. ckreala, 1 , xaernal eaaara, M, aetalta, 1M, okU drea, W aaJe , f,,,,!,., 114, colored par. aoas,t 0rwrso or tni Caia1 A. Urg namber (asea are tmpleyed upon Ue V Jeedea Level, aad tho Qi mialssim-r and F.nglneen Ulead to beve thai aertlea f Ibe canal put la oxeelloal rraaMtiea by bW middle of Aorlt. Al Pert Byron, nam, tho canal I being botveraed out be obtain serea fee of water. II U Ihougbl U caatl ertll bl open attbor ea U lSsb, lMh or lttk of April. Tin GaranaJaVpublleaM af IhU dty ar dreuurttng peMbteaa to Loronui la bakalf of Cam. Birrex, wkaeo etclm oa tho A4mlaljtTalia they suaallar kv beea dteregardsd. Tan steamer Jameotcwa soiled yeeUrda af ternoon tor Norfolk wttb sererti eaaaa sf rifles oa board. Tn snow storm which ccenmeooed aa Moev day ovtsnag laea, eetaiauad ysetardsy, and eloihed vrllh a snowy sheet Ihe dirty atreete wklek offmd ah eye la every sretion of th city, - I IV0UlO0r8crmBVMOB. AtarsgularDAWt- J tngof UO Ducrd, keld ycebsiSy, k repnt vu pniwiltdkybbt CauidbMOMCianly OOjee, dl ndiagtbo Corasara harmftor lo sbtsck to sack btll for ysiafnurfeva iamutatloa a etstemeet of toe roaeca whleh tnduoed Uexa le direct ruck Oxaarlaatloas to bo asade, wllbci wblck no btll vrlllberaanerbepald. Adopted, aad th Bmrd tdjouiaod to Tureday neat. HiLtTARi IsnnJc-no. Commlsejontrs bars been appelated by Adjutant Oca. Rate, b prepare a lull course of Iriabrucaloa tor each arm of Ibeaallllla servlos, during lMt, Tkty are aa Isl lowei Divleloa nsrnetlexcMser Oerds. Bannroxn sad Deaval. ai d Drlg. (leu. Kwm. Urlfede lastructiaa Brig. amis. Ulu,Yafa aadBwta AitlUery Instruction Cola. Hiaoaaa aad Bi-aona, end Ceio Vans. Cavalry Inatruetlon CM. FosTtsr, L'sul. Cel. Divie, sad CaA ItaAcxxrr. lu'j:::? lawuuaioaxCala. Lauu., Larraan aad Flaltaxv. I.'aht lasseilij Iaeej-uotlooOota. Brmrrnui, Harm and Faarr. Uppers cud Hlnere (Hogtaeev Cwpa of Begt aoeMg-M.)or UsiiMnj.end (1-pl. Vrnce Manual ef Arena tw Rvlaueaw drur detr k I,'k labulry, wllh rlflsd leesk Lt Cob Wsjso, Msjor Bnitn, scd Capt, Towasurs. Btrra, laej AsdiissTa, oVev Firb OB A BAaaK. Lett evening a few minntea before It o'clock, a II re broke out la Us eaUn of Ihe barge "Typhea," lying la tho North River at Uo fool ef Jay street. The flames were eoouexungelahed by Ibe firemen. Damage aboal gloi insured. Toe nre ortguuaed of rubbiah ea Ue floor, aad I pram i preenated to ka af inoenaiary origin. StnciDR. Coroner O'Kxxra held an Inqaest ea Tuecdey, el Ue Clarence Used, Ne it LI spins id etreea, upon the body of a Mr. Haaar, who com mitted raictd oa Monday, by baking morphine, II eppeerc thai Ih deceemd put up nt Ike hotel cm BMnrdsy evening, la apparent good hoalU. The followlnc day be bought at Ren-roe's dmar ebore, Broadway, en mmeo vial of morphia, and esral' lowed II at Ibo betel. Tke next morning he was faun la 1 le loam dying, a pkystolaa wea CaUee, aad preeortbed, but without tfsct, Whdher or not he baa frlanda la Iko otty I uakaasra. Ho waa about SB years ef ege, aad merely rrgMered klc aemeaa "Mr, Uxertv " A verdict of "eu'olde," was rendered. Fsdlee BatelHatmcelv eVo. Dkhtuatb aTioa-r Axowa Bowim. Oa Menday niakl a row book place In a cellar ta Bss- stcr strool, near Franklla ttrse. bdweea a party af roagks wko had got drunk while keeptacSI Pat rick's Dey. Dartag Ue fight, Taaaaaua Oinnur of TO Alea street, bad kla evr fractured by a blow from Mean Ceawar, a Bexber sareet ram seller, wrie aJee bit eeT a portion eToae of kla tare. Otk see bfbhe hdltgeswam were kloaed, gouged aad lea ten. Oneway wa arrested, ead Juettc Osaoaaa locked htm up la anmaU af B09B bnlL Bcrolact. Tba itor of Mr. H. XrtrrRial, Ne. tM Third avearae, waa brokaa apoa oaxry yea bsvdsy morning and robbed of B4M worth of sloths and clothing, wlU which Ua kesraiars escaped. The ltU ward polloe are ta search ebbera. Fobd or L10.BOR. X confectioner named Taouas Fram, who dee bodnees la U upper pact of the city, waa oa Monday arrested by Ofnoer MowTeoaarr of UcfTwsary-Ulrd Frootaot, ektrgal wlih having tread el eaCy spproprlated to ktsosra uaa a quantity of Uqaw belonging t CaaBLta Naaua. Toe preserty, valued et $115, waa sub. aequeatly leocvervd. Jectloe Baonasxi, before whom ue oeae waa taken, held th aaouaad to anewe ia toe sum ei aaau. AsdAcxT. A tpo, named Wiluax Samo, waa oa Moadsy bakes before Justice Coaaaut, and bald to aasww a charge of felonious aaeauli. Tbo eowplalaeat U Mr. Jajtxa Coawau, of N-v. 130 West TblrteeaU street, who ellegee Ual on Bslur day evening Mr. Baaro came to ale houa InloxU oattd. and a quarrel ensued between Uem, when Ue teiaoner sllmied a nalr ef brasa knncklea aa hla hand, aad proceeded le backer lha faoe ef the oem blaUaab. Juallta Conaoaxi ooodgaad the braes anucaes to qneo," to await a trial. UBOAIe BJElOKTa-TVK8DAY. Ceart af fryer aad rersaloe-. SUlf Muliigam gictt Bail. Mr. James T. Biady moved bo have Wa, Muillgaa aetmrbtod to bell, a new trial hiving been gi anted him by Ibo Suprsaeo Court, General Term. The Jodre granted the motion, and Axed the hall at tAtOO Hr. Janes Mullban, blaeksmiih, of N. tbi Weal FlflesnU atreot, became bondsman fur Us scoused, who was reloaeed. It Is as Ual Uo bondamaa la not a rat. alive of Uo prisoner. Mulligan wae la Court, ele gantly attlied, a usual, aad wkaa Ihe order wa granted admitting blm bo ball, ba retired from Ibe Court room apparently much gratified al agela ob taining hie liberty. Fait jrrefencas. The trlsl of Beajsmla Llxdsmllh fi- mlee prettnora, la obtsialng from Us firm of Ditlaad,NerUAPlablaquaabliy ef merekandlta, The pvleenar came from Bteden. burgb, Ohio, aad calltd opm Ue danaadaaui be wbeu he (falsely It Is alleged) represented Ual be wee worth ansa dereble property and owed sxrody enj-Ulng, Oa the ntlU of Usee rerrmcislstluna be cbmlasd aome teBO worth of geeds from varloes merebsata In thla ally. Tho trial occupied Uo on Olio dey. Blnilnci Cewrt. 7vw GorH-nor PtcktM Lut hit Bagjag FVsmWe W. rUken as. Tin -Ycrtk Atlantic Aeont Ihlp Omjoay. Gsvsraer Pickens of South Caro Hna, waa leoeaaly Veiled Btatm Mmlttor to Bneda, rvuiulagUUe Fall ef Uo. Ua Ue Both of Oct bber, he t mbarkod on board Ue Adriatic, al BsnU. kamptnn, Rw bia borne. Oa Ula trip he Lost pre. pen? (beiges) estimated el U, tor whloh hi kaaslJency see In Ue Marine Ceart, U Ike sbreiga B see of New York. TneUovemor'e oifidavls ful. ly mto fmU Ue faol among othere, thai ke eeotpedallhaFlfU Avenue Hotel, and Ual kbl baggage did act arrive. He believe Ua Company, aad holds Uem responsible eosmmoa aenlere.' Tie aefrndans pat la Ibr aaawes a general deal alofUeeilaralionaiaTlkaoamdelna,Ia regard bo Uearuelcaet aptaueU Rcepecslng a moeae box metkileeadeasamg Ike artjtasm leet. they put la Uo eUsaaeelalhesaeoesiealiaiUeeesi Fires, they did not have Ilea bsaidi aad r sadly. If It waa an beerd, not belag bagage the abunaiffeamldaoS re cjesrerMavahialnUlakoatenagclaalUeca. Tka Jury gave a vda4 bv the deaaadaaaa, and Ue Gevesaoe soot aie ceee. I'aUod Btatea Ctreak Ceart, Th tteapt tf Captain Lathawt. Mr. Lott, the Clerk in Ibe U. 8. MinbaB-s oflce, Tuesday morning, made bl stalereenl rslaUr to the onoap of OaptsULaiksaa. II Is anbatt arte lly tke aaaa aa Ual ranfe by UeMerskaloa Messier. He can that ko gave Ike prisoner Into Ueeasledy ef CaU laekaa la perSrct goad falU aeon plaue able isaiimsntatsoaa made to blm that tka peleaasr wanted bo go bo BiookC elotblng tore to get a asw suitofeTeUiagi Ual hakadae esmpltctly whatever U hie oaoape. Ho further ssaaedlhal every effort to bow betag aaada to re eeplnro Uo prlconer. llltUslnaentlea of tk authorities to pressed sanlm Calagban lor Ula escape. Lott la net oharged Wllk any cjomptbotty la tka matter, Tahed Btalee Diettlot Ceart, LiaUtthf f SUamtuft at IloU Nicola Oal. lo re. (As Brmmkeal C. Xuranf -la April, 1SI, tt brig Povire. which Ubellsnl aUsgof belonged I kbn.waa moored la the vldntty eg OU Blip, la Ulaolky. ThOHPtaUwlaWM toreaaeve ksebea pier el Ibe (set of BM atnsst, Bee River, pnleula tlgaal for a lug. TaesbaanerC. Dareaaanasaaed, aadeonlrsctodleBieve her for ST. The llbelmni Uen goes ea to allege Ual by taasoa 0 Ua aegvT. ssnee sad usekllfuloae of Ueee having charge el the eld steamer, tho briar waa nan upon a took la Ue rlvw aad Injured These eUegettona Ita owners oflhe ilnanw deny, attrgtag Ikat Uey were net llablo ae pilots, or tjc Ibe earn eoavey of Ue veaad ea regular pUda. Tke SscUaaeay belag ctoaod.Uaooemeal Vertke rmpandsabs moved bo dlemlaeUe Ubel, oa Ua ground that UleOeurt he ne juvledtctUa of the eettea, tk oaoaraet key. bw beea saada wtthia the )atlsdbattea ef the stake of which lb state couitomuat kav xs'uslfeju' Itadlceiaa. Thai lb owner ef Ue sVsua-bag aro ne liable le tk aaeaa extent aa regular ptlota would bet Ua easambaga era aalf llablo for ut bio obebractvooc, aad not ferUeee obetraobloa of which lagular pilot ar only oupeoeed be know. The oaee being submlbrad, basj Court isssnsd tbt asrims Ooent. Clnsad for A ynrrcAoM if a ref.. O. Uetawsaa . aVwamea . aew The aotloa growoutofaaatoWUebarM T;iu,ith Watts' sbr the dereadeal, be ea Anteato Millar, as agent of. U firm ef Bare A Co.. ef Be. Thome, ef which firm Filutur waa a atamber. Tba plaintiff la eewlfne ef F-Bltnr, Tho com plerBteilepeUettte o(eadeaton UelTUofN" veasber, lt9T, seld U Veeeelbe llirvtA Co., for tba ana af BU 000, se keif ef whloh was paid npem the arm, end tba other half waa to be pell oa the list ef November. Thai parental le bhlsooo trad FUUrur took peaaaaeloa ef Ue veaaal, aad pra eotdod bo fll up Ua seme aad prepare bt for a vojsic Thai tba vamel waa gveetlp ew of repair, aad the aaiisisee of isaeilag It re wse much mors Uaa bad maa expeeted. Thai wkaa Uerepelre nearly eompleted,Uo defend cnt, U VoMlonofrtigiement,tO'k pieenealoa ef Ua veeaal, and Iharropon repuisated hie eaoO' act. Tba drfeadaea dsaloa all aba allien 00c ba th eowwlalsd, aad allagm that FUktur waa uaahlelo carry euC tie eaierpriew, and rr,aeaba4 ibo defead- aatte Scka lank Ue - - - A motion wea mads la tcjaault Iks nU'atlif da Ua grouad bhall bsd ae lateena In 11m eullj thtl Ibe ecle era sssds a IiLaee A Oe.. aad net to F Us. bur bfid.Uer(or.ea eeelrnrreal for kirn eJd noteotferoallo plalatifi; eey tneerest la Utcea- IlwaaiMsArodcdbvUa plalnsllT lhal a.lbeigk Ike sale wa nadenom nelly, tout r ef Bill A Co , sMll Flllienr wss Iks reel petty Ii Interest, end an aastenmsnl from blm waa. Uereforo food. The motion wee granled, andhe piaimlff non suited. IilaiumertdUUUeveaeeiwaalateaded tn a alavtr. Cemmea Fleeva. rcrattrf in rhalon'l Cnt J. f. aT. SintM tl. Uari rkalsex Tkl action wae brought be rs. cevw H,allHd rob du Ih pUlntig, aadar a onabrert made wlU Ue defeadaat, Tko partum. bus of Us case wer dated la Ua Sua of Ihe lttk laataalt eed tt will be remembered lhal tb plain HaTwast furnish Ih defsmlaal WlU oerula re dpes Ike naanafeotare ef pwfrimm, aad Uo de feadaat wea to employ Uo plalattsT la Ike meaufeo lure for two ymra. If heturaed blm off within Ue ceorad year, Ue plaintiff wsa to hsrs B300 (far which Ibla action it bruuthtj unoa hla dlsoaarxa. Flalnaff waa ee dieebarted, but did net gel kit aeirwy. Tba deface to S; aonon la that tks p'alnWff was T"'t Igooranl ta! Ue bias aeaa ef perfumery, ead thai, aa consequence Uereuf, Uo d stands m suffsnd greet The juiyaow gave a verdict tor Ue sim de- Importantt Cvmmtn Carriert-Gtixr;e ir. xrtlttrmtrs Alexander JJeCand, TVsasursr Amer. ranirw Cmtieity.Ia thlseeee the dareedaal was surd aa Ireesurer. fer a boa atclea frem tko clorebDuee of Uo Aoarrtoea Erpree Crmpeay Tbo avtdenoa of tbo case chewed thai Ibo box la question waa taken to Ue eoaeigaeo by Ike do trealaal The ooeslgsee refueeet to accept It. wtevetirxa Ibcdereadant took lltoUa ctoreaouee ef Ibe cosapaay, aad pecked II ewey. vrauaiae a-x wea snaa ia aeeptng, me store bouse wae brokaa lata, and Ua box loeaUar witb. eUer me Iter, earrled away, Tke plahstirf claiming to owa Ue box, now breagkt cull lo recover Its value, contending that ae aaouia nave aeea notinea ny too comseny Ikes bt was not received. The Oeurt held UU aa tka acme of Ue earner er reader ef tke box neither eppeaied ea tie box er in tho receipt, Uo com pany oould not be bsld to knew wko wee Ue owa er, and could not be expected lo notify such per son that It waa aot received Cewrt af Csairnl Hasatsa Before Judge Mc-Ce-aa. Jama Hood wa fined 10 for assault aad bat tery, having plead guilty of Utt offence. Tbo la dlclment waa fer a felonious seeauli, but Us com plainant Inasrosded la hi behalf. James Parker wae eeat le tko Pealtonilaiy fee dx anoaahe tsr ae ecele aad battery. Tbnmss HalpU waa tried tarn falealoua eaaaaoJI la using a clung akot. The oem- Calnaal tmtlfied. vrlU pee rduesence, aad as s Bht eeeuntd during n draakea row, the Die- tnta Attorney ananaunej ti Ih hlonieua pert ef Ue charge. Tbcjurytmndlht prisoner gallsyef ae snula and battery, wbe waa ent bo U City Prison Ibr ImptlBcsamenl far twenty days. I Tke Oowttwa unable to try avetbor 'cam oa se cern! of the elaonoeef Jurors, TteCly Julgogeve notice tbat Ue aiaialna will be Seed Its each, lor Una delaying the bueUeeaef IhtOoart, 1 BROOKLYN. Trial op ar Aldrrmab or thr Ciiabor ea MALsaaaaaoa Tbo ceee of Mr. Ditnm. Qamm, Aleeraaaa ef tko loth ward, wa taken on ba the Court of Btsdsns sisttidcy. The tndti cbarge him wttb bavtag, la tka nsceah ef Oot obwlast, defrauded Ua city of a eermu amount of sneasy, by sertlfybag to the bllle ef tko euatiau bmrreleeaIngUestreetoclheloUveavr1ea, ween aaa aot beea performed. The defendant cote up hi his defence, Ual tho Mlkt aownicnneoerwneawere oorreel, ue oonrrsslm kavina retaered oil Ihe dirt front Iko atuste, and that the dirt complained of by U part tee who Gooured Ue Indictment by Ue Or and Jury, waa fl by tho eewer and gaa contractors, whose doty II wsa 10 1 amove 11, and not the contractor for cleaning Ua straits. Oouned fer defendant moved le euah the Indict ment on eeveral grounds, one ef which waa, tbat there we no law requiring aa Alderman lo give eat tl leasee, aad anoUer Ual Uo streets oomplainad of were net ntmed. Tbo motlona wore argued at length by eouoeel on boU eldes and war doled by aaeuuui'. nevenu wisnwaea war taeaeaiisaon Ua part of the proeecuUon, after which Uo Court artjoumed. Ttero are eoire forty wltnerc to be examined In Ue proeerotlon and alaaoal Ue seme number on Uo part of Ue defease, Titr Brick Yard P'rrcvi.TY. Tbo parties charged wiU riotous conduct ta a brick yard la Yea Blunt street on Moadsy eveatag, wore ar reigned before Justice Blicbit yederday. Tba correct version of Ue affair appears lobs this- gems twenty men ere employed about Ue place, meetly Oatmaa. Niarly all aroiaeraberaef a oertala mu sical aaarclauoa. Use of tbdr member named Kxaoa Paxaisa wae, for euma etuee, expelled. Bubeequeatly, the expelled member waa appelated foreman of the bl kk yard, ard, aa suck, waa raUer axecttng In bia treatment af tboae under blm, espe cially upon Uoae who had voied tor hla exeuleioa from Ueacoiety. Mrs. Maar Faxaxaioxa Msllbb, Ue wUs of one ef Ihe defendants, called up-m Fab. ama, aid demand. d to know tbo nice why ho waa eo Mvei U bto treatment of her husband. She wea eoooir peeled by n number of other wsmsa, and Ury oonjolntly made such dsmonatraUnna aa to nigatea Faaaisa wko, bsllovtag blmeelf lo den ger.dieearevolverbodefeesd tosaeelf. Ol this Us mea fell upea Paauaa, aad heal him la U moat uernvmctfaiBianaer. Nlnetoea pereoa war lakaa lato euatody. All were admitted to ball to await extmlaaAlcn thla morning, Bvnrvxw Dratr. Mr. Cbarleb Uaibv, on of lha fktiy electors al Hamilton Avenue Ferry, died ncVlenly al hie rveldeacc, In ltlh street, ea Mmday evening, vrhU.I preparing to laka bia wlf to a ball. The ecu e wse dlecece ef Uo heart. DsUTH rROM Bcrkb. A little (Ul, tea years of age, named Mtsv Ana Braa, we ao ae. vsraly burned, aboal three day staco, by bar clothe taking fir from lb dove, Ut ah died oa Monday Bight. Coroner Uonvu keld aa lequad at Ue residence cf lhapueaia, In Hamlitoa Are nne, near C jurt street. Tho Jury rendnrtd a ver diet la aeoordauco wilt the facia. Uaa. Tbo sew Citlxent' (Its Light Com psny famished l'O COB cubic feel of gaa oa Frldiy n'ghl leak Oouldmlng lhal Ue pipec ar aa yet laid U but raw aires, ut I a Urge amount, Ward aid Town NouraATiuta. The Be pablKan of trslOtb Word knee tsoealnaled Ut I salWwieg ma dl date iaurrbjor, W. M. Taoai I a 1 Amsjisr, Wa. H. Hastlxs Cestable, Baa. aaarYaa Wraaa. Tka fnlbrwuag mndldstae were aemlaabad a a Feattle- Meeting, bn the bewa ef New L'tveeht t- Susecvteer, Wat J. Caorear 1 Tewa Clmk, Jsam anaa Yen Bseer Osllemor, Ouvan Yrnomrr 1 Jussaaa oflhe Fcaoa, Joaa A- Eaaoarst Aim men. CUxan H, Hannairsiaon 1 Osmmlmbmar ef HlgW weya, W. W. Bxaanrr Conabanleev llanat Don vu. Jeme MoQivaa I Uspeebor of Kleollona, A. vaaraa, W. W. Faaaaa. Joaa Cosraa, Cublb) W. Cavaoa, Ji aa T. Desman, Tine Circttt Cocrr. Tbli Court standsaojl Joumed aabU tko second Monday of April nam Alarm or br There was as alarm of fir M neca yesterday, ceased by U burning of t chimney lu Hamllba. avann. BaoosLrs Commom Cossctx. The Board mat Monday Bvanlng. Aid. Jsaana pretaatod Ik follewiag petttlea Is relailea to Ut propoeed Frnspect Bill Fcrk, OenllcsDcn The nnderalxaed. owner ef nron. srty ta tba cltj-ef Brooklyn, reaseotfully beg leave to tugged Ua renewing sMaraalen U tho bouade. riesoTUe Park. Tke ismtlsllaa af Uo day Is ewreedtng rapidly aa aa easterly direotioa along AilseUle. rulwn,Oeta and oUar avenue, while Ue Peek ea at seissnl laid eat, ettendl Itosif la a dlfrarrnl direction. Much ground available Ibr Park puipome of aa unevea grade, and net ibeeeaira Ilkdytobe valnejata Ugh price. It Just seat of Ue preeent Park losakea. If Ueee grounds be Included fa Us Peek limits, lbs general akene would then conform to the apread of populatn above nsaidloBedi a U Park would Una 11 ms a slop tuwerd U eed. It would alae aeam bob. Khipted to benefit UU rapidly Imprevlag porbtcm ef us city. The aJUraUoce wa wlah be aagreet aro a BjUowsi Lsl Iko Umlsa be extend ed on Its oouUerly die along Ue dry line to Nsw York avenue, thence Bortk op Now York avenue to War. ran street, tbeooe wentrly along Warren street to VandaiUlt aveaue. This oabsndsa eeuld be ta nail snsjipsasalad by emabbag off portion ef tke Pdk ea al present mid aat but wo shall not design neie env larttcu'er pert which oould Uus he left out. Tbs psUBotaars hope Uel an aoplluatlnsi will le mad to tk ts.tslaiura lit amend- ! by a J. Cstecm Baaeuoav aad tl sbbar. Thai . Tba Mae for babdlag a pterat bke feotef RwU Id serves, were seumsd eed isemnd to th CemmB) SA mm m - - mmM .-- - - S. .... '. be tba as la snitscaia bsisesbk. A otmau.lcaal'a waa reoalvad . trm tke vire ' 1 vvrcossmeweea. w. v maaiag sae shew b pmmed. Bar da aaonaba, Boaaasr Ttnraaiaael sane, huassjt; Tewae aad Bmtwr a of Hook ed Ladder Ke, I. aw I sod Ladder Me. l.oa the retire sry leet. Tba cettoa of the Qeaa, i iiMjatv. msrnoae or Honk andLadde rnessag lase norm end from a fire ta Jsesune-r 1 mladoaera wee eiaafivaBad. TbeWofXegtaeereUe FWePmirlaurd pre waatdkls eno.sJ rerjoet free waaeaTll etasean that Uere are tl aoalve aaembare-Ua there are ergleee. It ae earrUgve and thrro Beak end ladder nocks U se lveerrrtee. The auaabav of beat alarm daring Ue year wae (T. Ia addlHcabe these there weeaBB caul elarvaa, making a total af 0, sf Ueee U veer tsr tree. WILLIAMSBURGH. Finn. At 6 o'clock last ererilng t fir . cured In tke ayeer bert of TmvVsm-satci shots U Dnakem peace, Bear Beuak U street, rausad bp a lighted eaaeak drofped anddeateUy arnevkt a bd of tow. II wsa, however, cores exHavrurhedW the Inmates of Us shop, wllk but tridiag dasaeereT JERSEY CITY. UbAtt RooBunr. A mm auatd rAtraioa VBrnsa, teatdlnf al the mvaer of Colm and Bewth td swesla, while leeklag at Ua prscaadoa la Bw Ymk ea 81. P snick's Bey, bad hla pnekst pasted ef MK. raiMAtr blKtmaa. The DemocrsUe s Mettorel Valoa Electorx of Jeiaey Oily, willJ" rnaeAlngara tislr fsapertjvt Wards to olset Jt -gslea bo Uo City aad Ward Cveotin, DsBTROTiaa roriBTT. A nun auaaed Joans Caaantx, was at reded yaatarelay eesraoea, obaeged wlU breakbag dewa a deov at Ho. I M v Bteuben street. Bed committing a vleleal eeseWI V and battosy on officer Oun who beek aim A ' ev-tody. James Cobbot ast Wm. Dorrr, of H erk, after oelebtalUg It. FabrUkt day, In Bew vrk .1 u,. a Al -lik . ac. .. . na,iviiin,vuiwiua taut pwasn ia mi rare at Ue dopet, aad did owelderabl damage, byl avvsaie; wirsaew. n-onreer Tosmr requine. I'am to per damage and a fine when, they were dtishsrgea. A Cucbkship or Tntnr.. Fovnmt t, Warra, Bt 1 Broad way, oan, by an ecamuiatletti ef tent bred, bf-11 yea what te nnOrtake, with a reesAeUle nope ee sueerea. u earls, triui ruU vrlUen and advloe (iveel dally. Wtc A.-ni Dkbilitatro Fbmaijm saetA A nsslsd eeltlnsa btteof lr Antermnt . UlCCURITIAL. Tbey enl find as trann weather enmee la. tbsl tkei I rrnrral bralu tbroncbout vlll be xrxetly Imarersd brj ny imareeed kef lagbU ar. aael 11a ear iTioeai. 10 ne aaa at vii eor, Allen and atantoa etc. 1 M. X. How wits. in BaaiTM oe At. OROYRR t BARFtrS CtTIjroRATf2 MIISKLKAS BSVTINa t0 sad vwvat-ai jkroadray, iVfiT OETVEmAxcs nomcBB. J' Trke Csnammpilve'a Frtred. fXHKJHA, COLDS, RAlsnto OF rILOOO, FATB Df' I TUB 81DB AND BSBAST, Ae I Three end ettvllar complaints are mad arbalatt I survd br H YATTB Putmonle Batsara. I PrpetteSOrandd TB ceets per bettto. IB ! Te be Beaeeled The Kjrkatjem ef'tw. Stale asraat teesaveeeilimcl Obnreb, Bredityn, a be rcMcrcS Tbejvdar s revenli els,. g, uw last, TWereaaeA. - A vsrietr ef lalencriceptceec wlU te prossmW among tbesn-Ortbee's CtUioa. Onr South T CemUae ' tJonsu, apiimma wacss. vv eeaiagtea'v isream 1 as esmclade with StarBraarbrd Beneer. by Mice MAIK, AM. tdmlttsiiee IB ce.U.ekildrenU cents. in j tVe Bey Ftaasksr erBI leetaure ad fAXre. patrtaaUelJ, Oread .1, betereeai tbema tslnilBin. eves. Tfiiilsmebarsh this (Wednmtey) evsaSna. ecf teeok Sebaent -Bt Fa-rlck a Prot-daetTI. w cental nssstt m ne nee as me Seer, en Aa BsswBea Oeagrk AM who are areehltd wbbk OOOOHS er OniIrL emt weald aet speedy ear, should try a bottle of ta. CXXJQB BITnUsTaiATOB, bad artlelecf the kind new eabrerf sW sale. Tr I aaa asm spraaranec ee a ueaga an yea wHI tea. nir&aWiaaSL 1 aaaa erase - - waTa. ef the veer. iiCftaTfwc ft iw thta . lions Fills. Frtos cm ne vuiue 97 nstog uraoro rtcm isjeetlt tl: -z.. n-'in 1 v:rrr- wt SDCaertaser box. FBILUFljjh DEATH. CONXBa-Oa Taseday. March 1Mb. Coneee, euagasl dsusbbr oT Patrick and an. aeeaf lb syallis end It Aava. ibt lalleO fbe Meads and relatival are rarsed fully lavnee? atiend Uo runsrel, frem bsr late rscidaaee, NaT) , FoorU st, et 1 o'clock, en Thursday, lid ust, IUk further notice. r- DAJHaXSOIt-At New Durham, R. J. March li Mary RlleaheU Fee Dmar. wbe 1 Edward A. Dent con. ba tba IfiU veer ef her can. Bsr friends, ead aleo tke members ef Cdamfe. Lease, ne cs, 1. o. er o. r , ere invitee te attee. ne luaerai item tne ureve tmurca, weenawaenvo Wedmsenr.tou lad, ail o'clock. I DOKHAM-On Taesday, March 1U. Marr fbatj can awn es oaeirwa, ivcunt inoun. irviao. aged 11 tiers. . , H.W MmJ. ana .Ann.lnl.fMM- ..I It .,a M m brolher Jneeab ate Invited to ntt-nd the funeral U inecncscsr) aneraoca. at 1 o'clock, residence, til WM 10th it, between . nvenona. V FLANAaAif-On Torcdey Bornlcf, Mart r use, 1 ee mvea wise 01 niemea r iana4en,a m our, mam vo , ireiana, lane Sinn Uu.hL . .iMItl l-.t- IWhJl. I-.I... llle INsneral will teke elaa aei ThnrI...IS.Ma ei.s' Bt 11 feleck, from hla late laaldetiee, 111 Adams H J Breeklya. un LOWRTB-O fbe ItHk Inst, .Tames Nerval, youn " aeeTeblld ef Will lam aaa Frauds Lewrte, eged ' menths sad 8 daf s The reletlyee end frlentlsal the family are respsd rafiy Invited to attend Ue tntrSTfnm tie ree ekmee ef ble aaranla, 1S3 Wed IVU d, Ula Bar (Ws. Ifftyee are. et Chiasmi m. Jk) ''. la-A. ' a jr. -it rear mr3c..e.- Tke rdatrwe and frtends ef the family nre reaped fully tnvrtad to attend her fonrrai, frem h-v Uvu Jl rmleencc. Iff vVedlld st. en Tberadar anernoea . ilstlast, et leTJoea. Her remains a-Ul bs laberre, la Ceivary Vsaaetery. 14 I HUOHIM-OnlkellUlsefdiM.mdbaehsn., Ifl Jeba Huahee. a native of Oeatv Uahln. IreluA . ' I aeeeay ) at i o'deck. Tbs reeiaieswUlbetaka reeMccca. i MAHONCY-Baddenly. ea Teeedav, March lerenee Mahener. In Ihe T0U rear cf hla cam. 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