Newspaper of The Sun, March 21, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated March 21, 1861 Page 2
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' ',W'"JHI "filler ' wn F tTHENEWYORKSUN. I flfWPAT MOaWIKO. MARCH , Wl. MertBVl Alaa-a-ex. fjrjrca tk eomiMoceinent of th eeion pVTaMt eTaaJorlty f th peopU of North an Alabama htv btu ppoeed to It, tut their rprsatatlve la iht But Convsntlon htv bM rest born by th accession delegate from tw. evtuthara nartlon of the itl. Hot th ex- Iraardiury wnmntlomi of powr by th ratal uajority in Ik Convention begins to dlaguM vn thne whs applauded Itt first or idtrarr t. Thus, th Hitfc AitnrHtrr, which hat strongly advocated aocrtnlon, pro- ImU against the tight of the convention to altar and amend t It pleasure the state Cn eVtfrntien, to alt In judffmenl upon 'aw pissed hrleWlW.slatur, either to ret1 er milifjr thesm, and to act at- U th full sovereignty of the fesople wer vested In It. "Our Sut Convention," layt th Xdetrtifr, 'wat called for it specific purpose, and hiring fORpll'h'd tint purport, it u or is ill duly to atjeurn." Th Airtrtittr oulit to kuow tint th OtEsanllon la part of th revolution ary "msthitie" devised by tha amnion con prt(rs, n.l tint they have kept it In exist ence for thnr vn'1' purp"""- fn Oonvei tian got up in tha fc'ccle.l states, while tbo popular mind tu under tha strong Influences of nation and prtjudlce, have all Unn frauds upon tha p'ople, and they wtro Inlciiled by tka men who planned the louthern rebellion to be fraud. They have all neurnml the aove relgnty of the people, and assumed not only legialative but dicUtorial power, remaining- In jinijn r adjcnmlng over, awaiting tha final action of tha Montgomery Cnngrr, a creature of their own, on a 1'irmancnt Constitution, that they might ratify it In the name of the tlttee and fa-den It irrevocably upon tbo peo ple. The AMilt Adrtrtiarr, while approving gen erally the Montgomery Conatitntlon, dotlares that it ought to have bcea printed and allowed ta b diacuiw'd by the preas, ao that defocta night be pointed out and remedied, "previous to its adoption In secret itesslon." And It adJsi "Itt hasty adoption, without public extminttlon and liacutslon, duea not comport with the dignity and decorum of to grave a subject " But still more Inexcusable In the opinion of the A d rtrtittr Is the adoption by the State Convention of the "Permanent Con stitution" in behalf of the state of Alamama. Tha Caavention, it sava, "exceeded Its author, itr, and that without any reasonable excuse." Itadft- Wa do acre with same of oar cvnlempira rlM thai tke C"tetllnilnn should be submltto.1 so a dlteot vole at the reople, bnl w do not lb Ink that it nghl In be seed ,on by oomebsdy elected by Ibe people ff the laasruaMal baa bean poUlo sad placed within tha reJh o every voter. We present these views of southern seccaslon Jomrnei that our readers msy learn directly from southern witaaesea the character of the Uoreroraent furmed at Montgomery, of the man who eowitructed it, and of the means they employ to force It upon the southern people. A majority of the peo J in roost of the sot odod itatea may really deeire to be cut of the Union and to live under a separata Government, but they would have little indeed of the American spirit la them if they did not also desire to have a potent oioe In the framing and working of tha institutions nidti which they are to live. The southern oligarchy have had muih aaocota, thus far, in their rctolutlon against tha United Slates, bnl they must now prepare to meet a revolution of the southern pei4e against their sell-Invested authority. OwfMalaai lk Tratfc. Tnr. New Orleans iJela, an extreme seces sion organ, replying to the arguments of some of its coteinporatie in fat or of submitting the Montgomery Constitution to the people, stye i Tasraeaisuln these suttee a put ef rotciuia, watih aki to dafat sad etMimeitbe new organ ltaUnt.MitoaKo'imlet any dalotl In tha iiUii, ayiijtcUoul.:ef,aiurs lutes Con.tituon, but fro bartiUij ta the whula inovsmaul, aid a nra fwMKS fir a fotilgn OnrsrnneDt, L'util talw ) T Jis pa it beic( dtuMI on the 11 mlloo (if todapeodauce, bopea iriw lo tri tmyh by a oktl ttoawtUi thiaeo woald C'cp-wn the uew iitti atlautiai, W tau of aoma fsatu.a they may out sp in other words, there Is a Union party In Uxilntana, which the Pdl.t cotsldsrs too strong and toe dangerous to be permitted an expres sion of its will through the ballot-box. How well tha Convention understood the danger of permitting an honest ve'.o on Its acts, and how Implicitly it followed the pUn Indicated in the following extract frem tie VUWt artltlo, our readers already know . Tka fi lends of Bratbata laJeroodtaca thmtM unitatodahsl Ue uashliiaileoa of ill's (r..ilnni party, and, aa tlia ent-iiac wia eleeiud with direct rrrK.c to th mvtr.Ki e the rtiats aad iDt-a;lyor IU, 8-ill, it wi I noly disshaive Ita ai.d avnmffnA ui nljt tWm if o" party, and, aa Ilia anto-liec wae r'.W'isd with I direct to the mn''S e the riirst. I ortniriWt en Iht )ihin ojntrnini nt tulimUUi In tt on I ht Oimw f Mini ntnrrj, A jouruil tbst could connul such an arbi trary arvl ahamelcse disregard of every princi ple of honor and justice, is a disgrace to tbo American press, and itt immoral teuhlng Insult tbo Inltlligcnie of the age. A Used OweaateaU Tna Nashville (lenn.) rtfriot, publishes the Montgomery Constitution, and makes this brief but comprehensive eiiterlal coramont i "The affarir appears to have bson gotten up fur tha purpose of conferring "lifo-nicyuUrahipi" tan hurgry tiftice sctkers." t ba racier Ut I. Wm it Ibe Montgomery Cunetitution wa 1 Tore the Alabama Convention for ratification, the folloatng resolutions Introduced by Mr. CI.ABRK, of Lawrence Co., t laid ou the ta ble by a vote of l to a : JteaviW 1 Tlst the po'ltlca. ptwsrlnall f rs -ejovseuntnls I Inheienl in the ptosis, and thai aut le ll filoge tbls crt-mt )iriiH.iple te daief ous la po.'cy, na dirsatly eubvs sivs of ilr.I Hue.. J- t. That I" right tr tv.ry -p' tv f.aiia Ine STttemef unreraintnt uiaar wbirh thay art I lire. Is a fundamaa'ai dxtrlnetaall tn (Ijrain csienla,anit abulJ astki qiee.loood or tmpatret t. Toat tee at koowiedgwert cf taaea asU'illahaii ptiBCp. tkeeptrit an) gaatceo Aai'rtsn lu I luluMaa, and tt well se'erta'ned piectdenu ol tapnhUosa uese liopsiavirs'y demand that the "C Joat IHit m cf lie Cwr4artrltaf Auerl. oa" ahatl r tL)a.ltad to is p pi of this aUte fee their isl.fioatloa or redaction. Oar ratal fglslalnre. At tbs aaaaion ef our S'.ate Leglaltlur aptaToach itt close, a sharp watch ought to be kept apva tht proceedlagt, Th lobby luvo aevoral "fat jobs" in chtrge, and they will emit no effort tu hat them put through. fm have the announcement by Udcgruph thai a accession ordinance hss been defuatod in Us Arkansas btat Convention by ailose veto. The sereasirnlats, however, will not ceiae tbelr efforts te tsks Aikansas net of the Union, but aa all ber purmsmnt Interests will b promoted by retaslning in It, bar intelligent, Uuion loving citizen will ttriggle earnwtly to save Utaeaeelvet nr.d the stale frees theevlltofi eaeriou. Tbovoh we have yet io ofllclal leafirui.tton f die fact, there is a lenger room fcr deubt, tavat th gallant Major Aaogasow anil his loy tdaonnrandwilllsat,, rh,f. tfcl, wsek, the fort over whlih they have e long kept Uieir cojaatry' flag floating U tj,, vUw , mi(llj trsalars. Many a maaly heart will telle with grief wlwn th new eomet thai that n tM leeau fulled (bgra. A we exported, ex-Seerettry Kuhd has escaped trlsl aid punishment, through the Uaaier if making him a wltneit sjalnst b'.in. eelf befii a Ctmmlttea of Cvngrcw. THE LATEST NEWS. r TRLtviurn to ran x. r. tea. XXXTIIth t!ONtK t. P.XTR1 KIWtfOK. WaAingfrm March M. Mr. (N.H ) offetod a tesoldtlMi, wkleb Use over, tail tbs BMai vltl adpiura oa f Murday Mil, at I o'clock, r. M , without day. The Baulo rrMnad th oona.deratioa of thsre aelntlrniraU tMoosaa. Mr. Flat sa (pel J aaid that he hi 1 at a'l titaas Ma.rit eo,li'i'd tits enure that 01 word from kla llpa thMdnavt a toviancy to lacra; :M aJlanatloa and separation. Tae iaaus had now eulnjaaied Uttba withdrawal of seven atsiee. llaonuirredreuiilun vaba InpraatieeUe atd there rinialncd but eas of two court to pursue, name lyi war with a v'ew to iuj-tlnn, or tha ackaow Urfjnvnt of their loi)eendees aa a asperate nailntaliiy. It waa rtvoiutlom by ervaalsM ccrrmiinlUM.aid by th authority ut to people ef the states In wnora U aovtiatgUy if la Im 0Vl la tha aaaia, whether It n,lui1iir.ry or lea', namelyt the aua tetirlor., ao fir as Ihey ar crnnernaiS, ri the eptra tin of tl a lawa t f tha t'adaral (I itminni It la la eb ti n. tmt n'taolitbe tntte-n eefr Wist a r-vtlut'o f ta lht form f jrr.vfttWMLt In wh i a sovattitaty is vvd In the licit toe- tf sr.litasd thaim jua at large, anl aHnilnfalertd by loam throufh represen'stivsa. boUtlxs efTjie dntl .r; their iltaure, fur shert std fixid lerrns, tr iluriia; gool Uatvinr, tne trill af Mt majiitiiy of s ilf auould bseoi' ui' veevl de.ieitf .utnoif th who's. Tue power and null to uodlfy or t be-in mint In all frta gov. eiLntcU TbaMtof c"l.,a la a rjra.Ci nfc ni pKl onlhe partof b secallD el-, and, t.tlnj aliio. Iiof onnpatt. and ailiKt il.awl'lof Ins I'ederal () trtnmen la actual lernlutlnni b'lt, at the name time. It is a iivalitioi Inaugu. raied j tit pupa tatrrma v c iliillniy. Ihamrutloa an't vio "uc, la a uttls, may U p it down by law, bat you etna. w.eet tie art f the coliectiv pwple estojit by war or peaceful n-gntl. alone. Wfcen a atal wllVdrawa llvffrim th t nloa lb uiar I labia raaull la the fxleral majla Itacy la tone, there being on federal offljers there in carry It It Is the reeult of revjla Una, but at the tame time it la the art of aa lad penrieLl onmamnlty la their oollot live c parity. II u like a Inaty brtkraliyeoa paily without Jim etuaeofwar. Tae raleial 0.ieinmnl rcnalnt a to 11. Aher atalea Just aa bfre. Tea an of le withdrawal of Ilia etve-al aUUa. abroa-ei the o rrtea of the paop by lb maalatrary. Toe al tered oondltlon of affaire la wlia tha consent of the rovtraed, though levtlutlnocry. It wa not de. sinned by the rrtmers of the Coattinnl m to eub stiiute the military fir tha civil power. Wt-ei re volution eomfa it ratio I without the law of tiea n. Allef taunt la eut to the atal a well a to tha Federal floret Draeut, an t the law of domioll seiut beneaaaitli govtra In it caaa waan a aula has sepaiated liaetf from ice I tdsrtl (lorrrniisiiV. He thin Indicated a pmptaltkm ht Intndod to offer, which, ta (ubataec, set rth ltal asven atalea, t y tha action of tha sampie therMf, under a clalas U rlgll, hare withdraw! from tha r.dtral I'nloD, and rJalnad, by lb saiue authority, a aejwrate eovernmist, atyled the Otraimiaal of the Confederate lutes. vThtthsr the right cUltiI by ibese stale be amor.; the ream-rod nt-hta of the elelee, or ramlutlonary la Its character, tha fact of erewseparaU gtirtni-ueol Is iallanultble. The enforcement of the lawa ha btoom impraelicible. Warcunot rr store thoM suits to the I alon. Ths pro)iririllon concludes with a rt solution that tha I'realdcU. by and with th sdr'ci of ths Beaate, b vested with full power and authority to accept ths declaration of tke aeoaded stale, that thy ooaall lutaao alien people, and that h cotwlud with them a treaty, eiknowlediloa; tbtlr ladepeodeact aa a aewarate natina. Other wis I the olhse aileron tlve will oocur, civil war, which ahou d b thus avoided. Mr Bavaanasads remark regai-diai; the ra'atiiai betwaea th suite and tha federal go. vernment, lath course of woleh he aildthitsa raaelaa la aot among the reset red rights of tae eute. Adjourned. HTATR LBtltStJlTTaKseaal. aiLta lamer. A thmiy, March 20. Mr. Uoss reported favor able tnielallsntotheealltctlonof laxaa an Itada tf non-rtaldeuU, and far th sals of such lands for unpeu texee. atr. afsjiiaMa reported eomplet tha bill la extend the chatter of th New York KUla Fir Insurance C mtany. Mr. Ilamioan repotted oomplete the bin to factl Hat th trial of civil action la which any ef Ue partita shall be liniiriaoned. Tbt following bhls ware passed i Amending ta act to esUbllth legu'atlen for th port ot Maw York. In relelica to ease of murder aad arson In th fl-rt dt(re oecnrtlog f revtoue to the 4tk ef March, laCO, uiij rutin. The ot oa the bill to amend an ad U ragu late the sale of lalioallof U.aer, waa recjnajd tted, aid tha bill pawed. air, (UaniMa tutroducsd a bill Incorporating tc ren ai Araoeniy ot vitiution, itrooauya. Mr Muitana tDtrcduofd ebt'.l deSilog larceny. Iipsridaetrat any psraon conrtcte.1 of stealing ptrpetty irom tae parann, aunougn or lass lias Al ly t.ollara value, rhsll be adjudged gudly of leteoy aiNj ptinlsbej as aut a. Mr. M Lfiin Moarnv Intmitm'tl a bill amenlln the ait in relation tj the public health. New York. ItrrtVdtt fur an appolutnient of aa lutpectei of veeaela. Amenably. A nnmlier of petitions were precntod In friir of railroad in Broadway. Mr Yaaiajt, from the mlnotuy of the committee, made a reuoit agalnat tka llroadway railroad, sal. tirg furth that piopetly holders Ij the amount of over si sty mllllocs of siollara on lb lto of th propoMd mad ar opposed I) It, while II Is eaksd lor only by those having no Intertal in said pop eity. Ths repirt girts ngutee lntandad lit show ILe lrjury the load would do lit ptopeity. It waa indued to te pilntad. Mr, Inili, frem the Bpec'al Commutes to In veetlgnte the esargaa sgatnat Jav Gmnnys, raade a dscUulrg blm guilty af ihs charges of brlb It y, and aabinittad the following raeo'.uiloni ianlrrd, That .lav IiIiiiions, n ember from the First 1 alrtit. Couaiv if Albaov. has Uen guilty of otriclal misconduct rendering biui uuarorahv of a seal In thla ilouaa. and that hebeand hereby ieeipelled. A donate aiirnna unon tha motion to adont tha n aelution. I ds'sy, in ardsr lo girs Mr, Uinauxs an opportunity I of being baaid. Ihe ev.dtnca acd tan rl evenluallv. war order ed to le pi luted, and tus rtaolutlon waa laid on th table fjr tbepreetnt. A nutnrsr of bills were reported, erang tka repotted favorably war Ihe folio wtag t To lucxirpotsis the Hew York Ner. gallon aad tiouiiaaluo mo, Ta amend lb KlilaMaaMon act Tnsld th Msw York Jnrsall Aavlunt. TbebiU tetuoryorata the t'airerstly of D-oek-lyu. waa ordstsd to a third reading. The bill to exempt the properly of Iht Church Cbatlty Foundation la Kings County boat taxa tion, waa reported ndrireely. Tteblll to inomporala the Children's II 'las B J iley wss ordered to a Ihltd readier. lli bill rtiulallpg Ihe ntrlgatleu of ths ramie and tl a colltc ten of tolla, whrn gtres Ue light of waa lo eleamb .a , waa rKtrtil farotably, and ua mIUn if Mr, Wiisoi. waa mrved ferwardttthe e ri nd reading In tbs C mmltteeof the Waola, the bllle to aid tn tha eonalntrtioa of Ihe Laanm Btlngs Itallroad, aad to trmba'tr uualslmtd ds pot iu la Baaka and ConrU to the Slats rwea-ury, wete reitrtad lor 11 e e nieldaratiou of the II ease. The Afu-rmoi aid Krardng8st'oa waa spent In debate on the Adnv and Biiequahame lta'lroad bill, which aame up for a llrd rea ling. Mr Dwioiit n-orid to recommit the bill, with loan t,ilinna to sinks out tie enacting olauaa, wa'ih was lea I tr) a vote of 40 to CO Th filande iJ IY bill were evl lsntly disappoint ed wiihthisrihUliliBofstrmigtn, and wbau Mr. liaisaoa moved an amendment, submitting lbs 4pi.aainntf tsx toe roUof Ihe ptt'rple at the next genual altii on, they foia.k their or glial plan of drivlrg Ibe bill to a vote loulsht, sod Mr. rsssv movad In lay II o the U'lle. Tn'a, after a warm aklrmlah and eonalderable delay in calling the toll, wa can lad by a email uaj.mlr -tSloM Tbs Uouas then adjourned. Fi-was Bt. teats Tbe MVaaonvl Brnte Csw- vee Ilea. St. Inu$, March 1!. Majer Watunr con eluded hie spates la ths Convene! ju this morals g, sfter which Ihe Iral eud second resolutions report edlylhe msjonlyof ihs Commiiaae ot Kate, a1 Kalaaioos wsie pa-eed, lie Ural bin with oaeult eeottrg voter, acd lb seomd uosulmoiit y, Mr. mavtd to auisui th Kot.d rssolU' lion as fo lows I Tbst wishing to teskir pete lit our evunlry, we deeire tbe Federal uoreranietl lo wtlhdrtw lbs ip of s lorn Ihe foita now occupied by Iheui la the see led stake." Tbe eiuestdmetd waa laid oa the labl. Mr. lvrr tiLTaaed Ik Cellowlag ss an addltloa to the t hi t d reeol uti to I 'And that la ibe treat ef a refusal by th north era tUtss to sen to such an sdjustinsal f Iks slavery qotalloe, our slatsr bolder slare eutea shaH d1de toctutiga tbir ralallojs with the garl govt raiaei t, M'saeurl will out teiiU'e to tak bar tUnd Iu far. r( her southern arslhisa." Thla waa loet by aye 11, nays till. Tbe ell er amenlmenla te Ibe third retolutloa we" tren lei t an Ue labia, aad ordered to bs I lilted. Tbey will om p after tke resolatl m aie parsed tpaa. Foreign goods, fre of duty, ar UdUalcg t aatdve a ttsts part via Nlw Orleans. leas last al ItarHaglaci. N. J. flweVigrort.'f. J., March 20 At th elec tion held km yeeSerdsv, tie whole Dsinierstie Inlsat tiokel was sleeted by ahonl one hand red mJajr, Tils U ageaatgaJ ersr Ihsopptsalo. raaaigUU CavaatMar . B Catarrh. v-tamel, if. J, March 20 The Maryland IS'VJ" ' ,l Bethndie. Kplsopal Ctu' jaaiaat has uvea l reeetou here elaoa W edits . it'.. "" ""' i" ' ' K o. teall 1 1 Irpinexv war dioutL I'CO. lay leatloo Va Alkaaan Mat) OesarMtlleaa, LmilitUb; Ay., March 1. Advice recelvaal ft em Aikanaa aay that the secession ordlaaass hssbxads.'eattd, by th foUwtof voVti Ays 15, nay en. Th pp' of Van Barm, Ark ar firlag a aa lut of t! guaa, from a cannon dug up a th battle) field rt Tmtna, t the honor ef th J9 mmbr t of he Convention who voted dew tha ordlntac of lamed 11 lerenlea. FrtYss) Wastjtagtan. Within.), Maroh 29. Much curiosity U mselfaatsd reapawtiag th action of Ue edmlaUtrtv. lira rdaUv la affairs la th Bonth, end vartoa tumors prtvall la this oontectioa, but Informatloa dsrirsd from authentic eeureee warrant the asser tion that whatever movemenU may b 1 ngiaas. Inrolrs notbleg whaUrsr of a haetile design. Oa th oeUrary, tbey art la th direction of paaae. II hi gensea'ly agreed, howaver, thai tie mlllury atatua of the Gull bits, now held by ths federal government, will be preset red. The Btaate, today, ooenrraed the fallowing bob I nations! Cot V Aftfa, Minister I P.sgland , 0n.T. Msa a, Mmetn to Haidinla , J a,. wti" wim Mikisiar, ikidtntat Cjnetaulininlai II 8. gun nan, of t ootHcUuut. Minister, realdeni at II J atom Wmttar 8 Tnlraa of Nw York.Contul Uattial in H,yii 1'aTen a ,f Diriaa, V, maul to Crs , (Isisn tiav.sephaw of C'assius M CJiar, HiOteun it I,e um to Spain. I'tAMialJtiian l',to.aawr at N.les. Michigan. tuoas, Puatjiatur st Frsnuai, Ohio, Th 8naie aiso unaalmously eanrmed the tcmlnatit na t f John I). Derails ss 8 Jpenatandeut af lLa Public Printing. Tula appal ttmenl Is papu lar, 11. will Immediately take po,iasioa of aad '6ttilrslus new O. vernment P.latlcg Buretu. Ameng olhsr bora nations today were the follow. ltg Anson nDauauatta, of Maaeacbiieetu, Minister to Attria. keivSKma.of Wisconsin, M aleter, iteldenl at IVn.a. Tikw. J Darta, t.f Oregon, ConimlsaHsoer to the llawtliea leiende. f raoroan B. Wo"i,of New Yurk, MlaUrtar, ra eldeiitat lt.nw.aik. .!(). PcvniH, nf New Turk, Oonaal to rf trra, Ka-Ciir'giea.fiiaa Fairnan.ll Mosaa of Mains, Ca.aul taLrndiin, J W Mrs, of Maw York, (iv srnnrof th Territory of Nsrsdt. Ttreslgnilnn of Obtain Fatnaa. of M'eals a'rpl, en Isuienant (rCaanon, of Bmih Caro lina, U lb of Ine army, wees received today. Hie two Indlrtmenla agslnat Otrenwr PLnvn, la the Court her, bars beta diamlesed as untenable. The Bast wa for conspiring Ij defraud the girero raent. The Dlatrlit Attrney etattJ la opeat Out I that there waa no evideaoetaauetata thacbargssnl, w th Isavs of ths Court, entered a nolle nrsauonf, Tha secoid was for mslfeasancs in office, in Is suing acerpunse. The art of UM ptobibiu a proxecuilon wkate the (arty Implicated haateMU nrd Iwf.n-e a committee of C mgrrsa leuhleg the matter charged. Tula hat b'en dssldad nstto bs apnrlleaeof lb witneea, but a mandate of law, and th oa would bare eome le an abrupt lerotU nation tn the feet aptiearlog In the eourae of the trltl On the fast being siihoiltiaH laadraaoe lo the Court, by concaal on both sides, the lodicl mtat wss ordered to be quashed, a II oeuld not hare been malntalne.1. The Contmlaetnnera th C nfdrtts Rlvaas wlll'wall Uiaurely for lb action of theOtmn netl. Great effirU are being made by dlattav auiahtd gsntleniea to effect a (eaoeful aolulloo of U i outs em coaplicaaion. Th gorimnaent at Montgomery her n appr-het-alooa of a collision at Fort riaksna, II i aatd that the asc Junta publiahad art gross I x at gerstlons of th Ira ooudltlon of sSUrs la that quarter. To Commledcoers have Infermatlen that lb beat of feeling exlats between the feieral aathsrlllea aad th outset la oommand of th OonftdtraM troops, and tt at no danger of a oollialoo la sntarUlnti. Halauv. Fort Smith, Ark., March 20. Tlilrty.nin gtins wirsirodlnHliclly last nlgbt la honor of tke roU In th Onrentlon aga'nat aeceaulea. TheiO 1 greet rrjelclng aaoog the Uaioa men. Frwsa New Or'eaaa. AVtD Orltant, March 10. The latest advices from Texas steU that no fear ar otriald of a celllali a between the tlouatoaltee and eeceaaionla'a. Further adrtors from Psosaoola renreeenl thai matter there ar atill la afoylo rue. Job. Wa. L. Yasorr, Commimlovjr to F.ump bomthUovnntofthCanfaxlraaa BUlaa, ha arrlnd la thla city. Tbe Louisiana BUI Coaventinn took up Ike per. saanenl oonetllullon todsy, but after eorue opposition lis oonstdstaiioa wa ponpnaed. A dlaiiatch from Baton Kouge, La., Uya tha Oo rernor las signed ire bill for tbe transfer of the trorpe, anna, etc, of Ibe state lo the authority f lb UcvetDmenl of tbe Con f. derate BUtse. The State Legislature will adjourn sine die on ADOjauey. Advice (rem Key Weal report no war vessels there. The o ty waa ltl, aud th peopl wre calmly awelttt-K Ibe dennunceineuu ef evinls. Tbe sSaamer from New York with armament for Forts Tevloratid Jaffetsna wss orsr due. lndlsnol,Txee,sdvlrsaof It 1Clh bars been received. II waaauted thai Lieut Wn.iuue bad reelgsed. Ol. Ilornsviixxoflhe Third lofantry, lata la onmmaad al Fort Cuuk, had arrived there eorouM to 8v Louie. 1 wo oomteutiea had arrirsd frcut Ban Antonio, and wer awaiting traoaporta linn while others were expected Lieut WAsnmo inrr, I'. 8 A remslns to act aa quarter master and cnmralaaaiy until Ike federal troop bar left Ihe atal. Galveston sdvices of ths Oth are rerwired. Gormvor noreroei and Ihe Becreury af BtaU rafnsed te eppner on the liith hsfore Ibe vnarenilnn at AueliB wntn eummoned, after a nolloe, to Uk Ihe oalh. Tt other suts effice-a took Ibe oalk. Lieut. Gov. Ciabk wss to aaium the Govern- ot's pawsrs ou the 16th. It wss aut known what Ooremnr IIvosTit would do. Tha Cnnrenlton was rapidly maturing a defen elre forse for Ihe frnt.tier. 1st) leas la bugs number wars on tht western frontier. Col. Foan wss organising a military force to pro tout the Rio Grande. The Crrnllen nad ptaead so erdlntnre contin uing In the Stat U iverntnent the officers who look Ihe oath. Gtnatal Twwo ha deollned a Brlgadlar-0 n eralahlp tn the Army of the Cnfedsrava BUtse, in tooount ef feeUe health. Atkaaa-ta. aVnsAi iVc, March 2r. Creat excitement has prevailed al Little Kxk, Ark., full erring Ibe rejee lion of the Bereesloa ordloaaoa. A eompromlae baa beast uinds that the people should vote oa tke first Mandsy la August ntxi, for cevopsrellon or secession Iialegaie are to be sent to Iht B trdsr Slate C n veitlsn, and report on ths ta-aaarmbllug of the Cuuventloo, ea Ihe third Monday lo August. The Tlralala Convention. JHihmtnil, March 20. In the Contention todsy, Mr. Ilauaivas, of Albemarle r tunty, de le ered sa rl quant speech In fsror of Ihe withdrawal ef Yirgltila from tbe t'olou. The resolution relativ to Uiatloa wsr tsktn up. Mr. IlAUatonn mad a apaech, ranging a nxtiun I ubl th teeolutlooa, Ike Convention adjourned Mr, Caslilb will ffar an amendment to Ihe re- Krt or tbe CurnmUleo o Federal Btllons, a sjlsg Ik Faaaatui subiutuls anlir. Via Orarral Amsrlra. TTdsVeiofoa, March 19. Advices have been reoatvtd haue bom Carthagtua, Mew -Grenada, lo Much Geo MtaacxxA, lb Revolutionary Liberal lead er, bad reached La Meaa, user Bjgosa, with bis coequal lag army. Maaallrn,lh Capital of lb rich staU of Antlo. qui, aud nearly all Ik otker ImpoiUal towns In II had pronounced fur Meeqctaa, and hi force lecupiedMedelltro. He alao occupied Iht P) of Nare, tbe hey u Ihe elate. Um.lallnlvermallonhadben received at Carina tbaefhecaluieofthtllly afooaaa on lhe3i of Ftbrnaty, Gan. Paiomnand Ool. nr( were Ukeaprls oteieby Mueeorxt's rorrss, and there were at uken on the II dd of beltl UM Hand of arm and lCgiOUeaiirtdge. Geo. Niirro, of llo'ivar, hat lift Carlhagena with rsinibreewenlefof Mmejctaa oa th river Mgds lttia. Th situation of Preebleal Oaruta la vary preoir leus. He still thiestena ranaiaa with aa invasion naive 11 dtclerae for Ihe reralutlon. Blx.y or 10 of Ik principal famlUta I ad 1, ft rename for Ctor. leva, tad other place tftasty, although Ihe bail Informed persons d- not bellavs N eto will inrada l e Iatbmua Tbe P-aama delegaMon to Iht Con. gieattof U'goU had ell lavn ruedeprlson-rs by tie Kivolaavtoaist, and tare Vwea ttktato Vi'go L:r loo. All Ikelr letter wsrslaim aad published. Mews from Iks Sate of Ctuea le vers untUv.r ablgfot IheOrevmrreut If me kundrrd tkouaaad dol'are bad reached tke cail froao It lalsrler, aad wets bnegl I lo A'plawaJI In the Briain'i aUaaiuar Ccetway, wtloh srifved tbais with the firegoiag news cat the Tl nil, Jaet aa the Ntnth glar waa leering fre- New Y-ett. It B BAMcasia lauer lo Ttecscew Wsan, eat a free CoMoe Leastie for Ihe frmaheat ef Us culture f 0"ttr la II win tod Caaitsal Amertraa S ate, has aac'rf1haaacielaitnllo af rtdral Moti. leairuisrf OeVa Re, vbe baacadayad Inquulet to twnac utta praat oalitllly ef Mr, gairosn's tdtse, oi hihjudg rgfnm the of ths let- ! sir Islsswt.stesito tun lleusc Haae leans lob omlneat Amerteao ra- T1efcy afTtasalar. UniirUU, March St. Th Legletatnr r. eaaambUd to-day, aad then adjeuraeal till to mir row.taalbrw ttsaasaf ths LairUlsnrsIltll to tha 8truaiiaB'ihtsMsConTSntinnow ta lea. Bark Ma Asavore The flnavm tftrfM, March 20. Th laik Ida, from Mssslna, bound for Balantore, with a cargo of fruit, want setors oa Cape IIary on Monday. A portion of ktr cargo may rKSflblj W SSTtd U da Hatred loadllloB. The veetei will proUoly not be got off, Tta'ateamahlp HunlerlMe frost BarsnnaS, for New Yoik. arrirsd have today for coat, gas will Iter la lb rooming Kw Vork. Tha Ir Kaaeavrer. fonoVtui, March 20. Owing to the severs cold weather lb let few days, the river hss be come full of ice, which interrupts navigation se riously. The steamer Htndrlk ll'idsm, frcm New Yotk last night, bound to Albanr. llsaal KHJae beck this rooming, usable to praeed Her paseen gerewetslandsd, and wnl to Albaay by railroad thla morning. The Frte at Raabaty-Fiva neaUW. ftoitiM, March 20. Fiv deaths rmltl from th fire la K ixbury yawterdsy foar by Ike flamaa and rnv by Jumping from ths window. Tbelr rismts sir Jniia Barm, his wlfaaad dsurh ter. Mass Aa": sal Jons Ksl.IT end hie wife, BniTn'eback was Wok. a la Jumping Ooti a wla d.w, VVfta nrd Buseora The New Vork teenols se ol by f5 vtrnor Ran J sve lajen re'eaaei la ceieaeof Ihs releses ol fie aims iUd by lbs New York P.- ll-a). Accnrd.rg to It.e luil accounts from MsjirA. nr sa .n, his fuel must be r.itoely ttlnusled, and llgbu nearly si. Tl-e nly totp1 ea reoeived al the Fort are fresh previsions, and barely aufnaiast for the trsope from cne market-day lo another. Tbey may be evil ff capriciously at aay moment. Ill It listed that ore of Gmeral B-iorrt aids ha gone tn Cbailralon forth pnrpoa of making a pererna Inapeclbat of Ine ornd!tln of Fort Bumter exd Major ArrMrsAon's oomnsad, and, a far a practicable, of the n Hilary preparation mad by Ibe eUUetitlot Ill's. On Ibe llk, I'symsaler Urrrori of lh Untied BUtts army v'a tnd Fxtgiimver, usier a ft 1 of trice, tnd aid I ff nt) United BtsUt seldisrs. A dispatch from Coerlestoo, dated the lih, says I Major Aanusow ssat to Qstrlermainar Hatch of the Confederals army, destrleg to know by what conveyance hla troops eea be trarwpvrted Netlh. They will gaby IbeCjIambla on Batar-. dsy. Tbe ebendoan eut f lite fort le hourly ex pected. Commodore IrniSAsau and Cept. nAxrrrtia hive let Char eaton on asrret serrlcs, SII Is reported thai Ihe raiaei on In r rrtugtt he locn itTersd to aid will bt aorspUd by Mr, Casl, Brsivti, and that bs will bar th rank of MlnUttr Plenip itrrLtlary; thrrapgsmsnl long eoobtotplatod of raising that mission t to be carried out. The revolution at tbe 8 ruth le working ebaagee la the transit of merchandls, whlrk probably oarer werernctenplated. Irge qeaantitieeof ootton are cosstaot'y arrlrlag al Alexandria from Memphis for shipment to New York. Th prrssur upon tl rrrt'dent In fsror of Mr Carmnntu for Ihe vacant Judgeship apn th Supreme Bench Is rose nod. It bt eotatlderad pob able that be will be teudered th position. Th lumorad resignation of Mr. Diarrm tarns out lo bar, bean a recall from hla offlo ae MUUrUr to Nloarsgua, oa account of his BUbusUrlng qnal Ills. Major Baer MoCclxomi has recelred an appoint marat la the army of Ihe Southern Coufsdsratlon In reward for bit csrture of Gen. Taiou alSaa Antoalo. Th ntws from Montgomery Indlaate anything bat a pleasant ataU of affairs thers, so far a the of Bctveetkere are eonosrned. Maayof the bold and patriotic eeeeder frem Waahlngtm, who, a month ego rlgnil god poelllons la tbe departmeuts, ar la Montgomery al lb present aim, psnnllsa aad homslees, wllhcml sufficient money to entble tkem o redeem tbelr truake and carpetbag, which hotel propriatera hare stlssd to satisfy uapald demands. Th town I filled to treat flowing with oil at sssksrs, man j af whom ar from th N irtb, but Iht aoathera aeceaaioalate bar UttU coofiiano In northern pa Utlcltne. Tiik roi-ioin Colo Wcather osttiik IIciiion-Its KtricTs oa the Itrvrat and Boat Tiik Weatiikk Dxi aw Zero Tun Rivrit Fnx or Iie akr Fkozem Ovur NavioAtio-i STorrxD. The sharp, continued frctt of Ihe but few days oa th Itus'soa River waa slightly tnolerated en Tueeday afternoon by a warm aim and an abatement for about two or three hours of Ihe keen north wnl, wklch, op to that

time, had bean Uowleg a gale for nearly a week, with Lul Utile Intermission. When Ihe sun disap peared, however, In the West, lb thermometer rapidly fall, and Ihe wind, blowing directly from the aorih, waa resumed with isdoubled fury. At Kblnsberk std Tougbkeepsle, oa Tueedsy after noon at 4 o'clock, Ihe therTcomter ranged from 1 1 lolCdrgrete above rem. By ( o'clock yssUrday morning, It marked aa low a itre, and furthar towards Hudson, to aad I blw. Above Hud eon, to Albany, our reporter learns that In several InsUnoss II fsll lo S aad C degrees below, thus making Tuesday night, March lath, Ihe second or thbd coldest night that we bare had thla winter. The rlrer, from New York In Albany, la full of Ice, either fresmscross or Hosting with the tide, Frcm I'cuuhki epsle to Hudson, about forty mils, Ibe tlver Is tro-euover in tevetal places, and wker th lo la moving or autlonary, Is full from three to four Lachra Ih'ck, and at a gentleman remarked toenr lepoiter, "strorg enough to bear a bores," From lludaon to Albany the Ice la one nine, (with tha etcsptioss of a fsw openings In th channel, and where lb differ!,! ereeks and streams amply thtnae'rss laU II ) aad frenn from shore to shore the entire dleuece. CITY NEWS. W, B. Tailor, our new roitmiiater, whoso aipointinetA baa met with such general approval, waa first counseled with a pott office la Mew Jar. aay, after which. In 1419, he entrd th Ntw York office, when 11 employed but six elerks tnd six Idler carriers Hit business habits and acquaint ance with th mass of persons having correspond ence through Iht malls, were Invaluable, net only to the public, but lo the various postmasters, who always teulned him, la Hit, hi eppUoelioo to Gen. Tailoi for tha office cf l'jetcnaetar waa back ed by eltleeo hundred of the beet mercantll house and Waktra In tha city, but at tke last knar hi mdet woilh wa oesrbom by lb claims of a frothy politician la peUtios, hs la an o d Lie Whig, Mia Aral vote waa neat for Joan Quiaci Ao. aas, and bis last (or Mr, Liool. Ciumor ov OincK Mr. Tinvvta Uti I'lK, formerly a telegraph operator tn the City Hal', was removed by order of Ihe Mayor, and Mr, W. A M'STts appealed la hie p'ece. Mr, HAinn waaappotntad a belli lager al th Union Matkat bell lower. Dinn'T Crr Utr. The reported eecap r a eonrlct f oa Blng ting en Sunday night, Is lacor rsct, Th fellow Mcretrd himself In Ik cablet! shop storakouts i but, aliout mlda'ghl, le cold placbed him to badly that ht was glad lo shew buusslf, ZsTissio or Worth Street. Tbo Cenv nulte oa Btrte'a cf Ihe Coanuilmen met ysetsrday afternoon, to hear arguments la rrrn ef Ihe prepeeed opsnlsg of Wolth suss) from I) titer street, ta Chatham Square. Gnrtollmen Mosot, Jonas, aad Piacxarr, and aleo Msu-a. Nsalu and KaaiT,ipek la favor ofthalmprovsment giving It a fair ahotv In aaaltary aad oosnmerclal views Tka principal opposenl wa Kx-Aldarmaa Isaac 0. DASavs.wh spoke In behalf of Ihe Rut. gei'a Iaturanoe Company. hearing bis arga mard fur torn llm lb Oomnillle adjourned. Co'njn&rroiriottor EanoatTtox Neraot log of tbB3rdtook plae yseteeday aft t mo, a quorvar hav'rg failed to b praweot. Tae weekly et-lemtrt It aa follow t Number of emigrants ar rived tine tht first of January 6,111, eg trot,er during Ihe earn pilnd last ysar ldl arrived during tk paal watek i 1,0ft Inmates art la Ik va rious lnsillutlon uudsr tk car of Iht Boat d. Th aggi agate reeeipta during lbs past week are tl,ed. siyesdituiss $1 BM M, leaving a balance of lfitt 01 of the commailUleo fund la the bank. ATira Hew vTobld, which left Albaay oa Tueeday a'ghl, arrived eef la thi city ysetsrday nvsralDg about 10 o'clock. Of U Ut rouga paaa ages of this beat, this wa probably th roughs. Th tlendrkk Hudson and tha Vendaratil war not a fortunate, th former belag moored aleng. eld tks dock at Bhlnsbeck, and th Utter at TlvolU Th Bsro wa ebeetved steaming up the river lowly, near Castistoa, ysstsrday moralng, sur rounded with Ice. At Ao-ihe IlicltoaBlret and tlailsm Railroad ferry bsata, cross wltk but littl dsteallen. T - a. i i n ratscrn or Wntn bt a Ladt. Tht wits of F.xjudgs Dxaji, rsMldiag U Mo. US Mstlsen even, displayed, oa Blind ay evening lest, a nota wortby pi aseuo ef mind. Mrs. Data wss preparing to go out, and whllt throwing oa her eloak, a pair of lace curtain tank Ar from tht gat light, II pnlllngthem down eh eel Br lo her furs. 8k called for help, al Ihe same lime trampling Ibe cur tain aad furs under her feet, whoa Jadgt Dean reached the spot Just ss the laty had exttngulahsd the fir. Mrs, DeArt was burned abtut her handa aad arm. Tae names had spread sa rapid; thai tbe wood work ef tbe wiadow sashes an char ted asl a bureau l cor chad. SirtMit ioa CaaBLRStoi. Thj Mirion tailed f .r t tsrl.aloo jesttrday sfeeraa. Use hud few celin pasamgtrs, aoi at asaor'.sl cargo, uauiualli mall. Drnir atiom or A Chcri it. Tlie new Ger nan Lrangeilral Lutheran church o'fti Pul'a,on lletirne of 8 xth trasiia aad FlfMrnth street, wss dedicated yesterday. The oonsecraltoa ssrmon was pieached la aerman, by the lie, Mr, Wsi.i.avt, daring the forennogi Rev, M'ssrs Kaorrl. ani Ktanrrta rondncted t'rvicts In Ihe afternoon and tvealng, la bulk Bogllah and German. Isrraons will be dellrerid todsy, la both language, by Iter, Moars. G asm wain, WliJt and Karrax, OrxsiKo Ol THE NATirtrllL AriDEMr. Th annual txhlbltlca of In Natl aval Academy of De sign, o eted ye, terday at iu room oa Tsnth strait. Tbsdleplls generally floe, some of ourbeai ar tists send lug lo it chwsailerlst'e pieces of srtrsor-d-uvy merit. Oi'KiriNO Dtr. lliit Is th millinen' open, log day for ths spring aeateo, aad notwlihalandltg tbe unplea-enl stela of Ihe wealher, th various aho of Broadway, Cars', and Dlrla'.oa slreeta, txblblt tbelr usual array of sly I as, for the benefl of lbs fsw vsalurteom fair who may brat th peril of the mud to view then. QuABASTtXK ArtR.l50EMictn.. -Unler the praaeiil italt lsw, the biardlng of vessels by Ik Health Officer of this port will oommsac on tk first tf April aad continue until the Ural of No romber, un'saa th Urn should bt changed from the Iral of June lo the ltth of October, as now proposed la a lew before Ibe legtalaturt. Soctherb Steameri. The Nashville, which arrived from Charleston oa Tuesday, brought twenty paasengere, among whom were two soldlsts of th Biuth Carolina army, on furloigh, and a number of free negro. The erray repre enUtlvse were la uniform. Tnt Last or trr Soothers' Cadet. Csdet Kouso and Btaaae, th former from Flcsld and th latter from Alabama, hare both realgtad ttelr appolnlmante, aad will lea re West rslal lmmsllstely for Montgomery. Th lest, young genllenu-n Is a eon of Commander RAraatt. Brume, who reaigeed from the navy absul a month ago. Thar ar now no cadet at West relet frem seceded sUUs, Commow CorivciL liAnorj. Tha Common Council badge war dietrlbuted yeaUrday. They er muck mwler than thay wr In former year, being only one Inch and a quarter long and tar quaiUrtofaalnch wide, bearing Ik city coat of arms on their far, together with th nam of the member, the district b represents, and Ihe year 11CU Tby ar of solid gold, and cost about $11 eh. Military I cseral. The Garde Lafayette, (BSth Regiment,) at'ended In a body yesterday fore noon the funeral of one of tbelr late members, Mr, Acoisis Baxntxa, of Company C. Tbe InUrmenl It ok place la Calrary Cemetery. AarmiER New E.ioi!te. Engine Company No. If will ehortly receive a splendid new steamer, which La being manufactured for them by Mr, Join. eon, of New lleren. II will covt f 1.000, and I Intended to be run by hand. Not Yet Oivx.t Is. Tha ash and dirt cart men, who refused to accept Ih low wag oSsre I by contractor for thslr labor, has not yet given In. BrcrciD Waoes The Drickltyert As- eoclalloa at a recent meeting, fined ssvsral of their rnetnbere who had aubmllud to the, btaaee, reduo Urn of wagea frem tl T8 lo $1 no. CoRREcnos. In our account of St. Tat rick'e day, w mentioned Owsa KtsrtAi a the rioeldent of ths Accisot Order of 11 bemian. Tbtowas KxaaniA d' s're ut te etsU thai he la lb present incumbent of that office. Would'it It I a good Idst for ill iuen.biri of the Order to know tbelr Tretldent's name, or at lisst lall the right nau to an lcqulrlng ref oiler, A lctter-bac, for th U, S. iqutdron, In th East India, will b mad up al th Naval Lye (urn, Bro k'.yo, to go out In a vassal lo tall Ih let of April. Tbeva'sof Ikl sqiuvdronaralk Iltrt. forl, John Adams, Venial La and Baglnaw. The "IIoi'ehoij Joi-bbal" appatrtthlt week, enlarged and much Improved, The present number comrneracee tae aeoord volume. A map of Ihe world, oa wbldt are shown IU gleet highways, Isglvtn. St pr-nniEMiritT Kessept in Dasher. Yenlerdey morvlng, Oanmal B'iprintstdsnlKu- si t r elvid a ihrtaleulng lstter,of which Ihe fol low Lrg le a copy t Mr Kr.Nier, B"p9iintndenl of Ih Polio, New fort. Br if y on feeder with the Buolay lawyokkoul for you Boddy som Forty wli kil jiu" lloAmi or Exci'ation. Th regular semi nKilh'y intetlcg of Ih IDard took place ysaler dsy. Aa Invltstlon was preeented by Mr. Brotrr, to be rterent sl Ihe opening ol Ine SJbool N, It, la Ihe Slat Weld. Accepted. 1 he let"! of lb Committee In favor of biUdln a flis-irocf librery for lbs Free Academy, was then teksa up. A lively dsUu nsued, la wklch lie lollowlrg gentlemen partlclpaMd: Broirr, Bis. n ct, Fata and Ticxaa, The motion to defer tke mailer till Iht second meeting la April, we floaby carried, A mot oa to ad'.ouia wu loet The special order ef the meeting, the e.pialtilag of Ihe salaries ef Its taachare of the varioua eehoola waa than Uken ap, and durlru tbe dleouaslon the time of meeting waa exUadad foe one hsur, Mr Feat ep ike ta fa rvr of tbe report. Mr. MAiaiet tltka eralnet it, and rartlcularlr spoke la fever of paying higher salaries to Ike taaebera In tbe lower elaeeee aad the Primary De- pwn anenve. tuaa ta rrpwt noroinaieo. Tae deci sion In Ibis mailer was aleo raaatnoncd. Tks Comptroller wes directed to p'sc al Ih dlrpaeal ef tke B rd the tust ot 7o 000. The Finance Commute rt ptrled thsl the aanooul taeerred for special pttrpiaa for IMl wu I110.1W CI, of wblca thsre bsd been etpaoli 7,KVj 01, lterlng a balance ef $IJ,U 111 ni- p ao so. The earn ef 111,161 waa appropriated le (reel a new ecbool la the Flrel Ward. Tke earn of (3 i was aleo appropriated to fur Blah Ward School No. 3, In the Ninth Ward. Too sum of $i,'J0 was appropriated to repair Ward Bohool N W 1 th llik Ward. Tbt Bjaid then adjourned. v CctssiitaioRLii of Police. The followlni patrolmen war sworn In yesUrdsy i-Mioheal Mel. Iigan, 3d Fteclacl Patrick Heyee, Olh Prwlrclt Alexaedar ll)ga, 8ih Precinct Elwsri p. Wsrdrn, loth 1'reritii i James Ribnrunn, llek Freeinet i McMehon, WtUlam P. Llb eran, Napleoe Waahingeon, Billvar Murray, ltokert Jeers, ICb F.eclnct Patrick Oinnln-. bam, Fgar A. Drake, (Sib Frectnot John K. Ptt Hsod, Slea Prrcleci t Alsnsen Bterwoed, Wd Ff. cltcf; Well P, geamaa, U4 Pteciod. Tke cebibrured Wllllanuisieeee willbe pro-etS ed with today, It appeare a well-known mlaleter, who wes formerly eonneeted wilk the preee ef till try, as present Mine inuiview te wniea VTIr-lUoieaaaurharg-dwlthbaingdruetk. To ga lleman front, molrVt ef deHoacy has kep) la the lackground, bui(iior comae tar ward and says thai Mr. Wtlllamacu del net appear to bt Iu Uqusr, and up to lb Mm that Ih BdparlaUaJtol tueautued to k'ck Willlamt cut of the room, the conluet of Wtllumion towwdi tke luporeuitodsnl wet vry tectful, " sytra. Ugaeeas, Aent lines, V Tire w tbb Bavn ir. A tn brok tvat tt C o'clock but avenlBf, la IV ahew wtaoVrw of tha fsaarfoodsetor, Ma. tOS Brwry, oocupted by Bnoa Cau.. Th stock veae daanaged aVrtil 8! insured. Tk fir ortginaud la Ik care, ansa see of a clerk who Wa lighting Ike gaa. Fob n IMd Street.-At 9 o'clock on Tueeday evening, a email frame building on Ik eornr of 1311 street aad 1th eeenue, wa destroy ed by tr. IlwMoceairledesabntchtr ahop by WitxiAa Insisr. Iata about t0. a laitiraao. Fire ni tbe Bowebt. Yetterdi; nomine el about V,'kv a fire broke out on Lljnt floor of tke building, Me ! aT-TT7; """plad a a grocery stors by Wn-uast Haara. The fir origlaalM la th centre of lb floor, and 1 (op posed to have been ef aoeidental origin- The stock wss damaged about Ron0 Insured lathtHudeea Mutual Insurance Oo. Tbe brtUdleg, owned by B. L BornmiB WU damtgsd aboat BM; Insured. Firs nt Carlisle Street. At a few mi nutes before 11 o'clock yesterday morning, La eeaw Mquene of th boiling ores- ef a kettle of roofing eonpeelttoa, a fire broke out la lbs tins n'th shp of Ttatorar Lvrira, Na. 10 Cestui street. Dtmsgt about ,b; no lasuranc. Fatal Fall Tiirovoii a HtTnivrAr. On toMnef.'ay aflirnvm, Mr, 5tttita Srrrjntis, o'lhs firm of Bitcrirst & Paiurat, oouf.clloa. err. at N't M D' ane striet, wss lartan'Jy kll'e.1 by is. nt g ti rousn ire natcsway ot tae rnri nitd rr tot tbt liiirvtsleiy loins sabcelUr, It Is not kaowi io waat aiaaier ti.e aocident eexurred. A re wear sago one of ie arrrktnen was killed and Mr, 8. wks eerere y trlured b the failing of an e era- tor Mr BTitDCtMe wu a native of,49 yeais if se, and a widower, la pieet today. Asutiier Fatal I'.tLt Acucstk Heller, a Orrrau M years of ae, died oa Wedaeeday, from Injuries rtcelred, the day previous, by falling down a II gkt of aulrs, at hla residence No, M Avenue A, al which llm b suslalMl a fractor of lbs skull. Coroner 0 Kites ktld aa Inuisst upon U body. The Late Sncins nr DitovvTrtsa. Tht nam of the man who onmmltud tuloldt oa Inn- day night, by Juwplrg Into Ihs dock fool of C Uha- rin strest, hsalaasa aaoettalned ttb Jauea Hti lv, a aativaef Ireland, 4ya af sgs, whose fam ily rvstae at n a. UJ stilt aireet. iiscstaai, it ap. peva,keplaa ntetar salooa at Nt. ICt HwUt etieot, and waa ItUmperaU In hla habits. Boats waeka ego be stated publicly that he would ntlbe alive after Bt. Pali Ickt Oar. and en last Butdtv evening he prooeeded to Ibe foot of Ceerry street, aid Juutprd Into tbe dxk. A watchman eaw him. ana tsiew a rope it mm. Mil be rereaad to lake II. Tie CerKiet's jury rendettd a of "Suicidt by drowning." AcTinrHT. Jonst nARTTVE wtt nil over, aliotal T o'clock last evabio;, In Ciatham al , by aa of th Id avenue cars, and luid one ef his tVel ao bally crushed thai It will havs to be amputated, Ue waa Uken to the II japiul. Follre IatelUa-e-ocr, cVo. llEtrrAL Ass.lrLT nr a Father. Fatrick CtjaaiaouAti, a labrrer living al No. 110 East Silh etrert, wa arrssud ysittrclsy, charge 1 with heal ing nod kicking hie sm. a led tan ysera of era, tt aarvrviy anaa nu lire u euaangerra. WaOO ed, Ihe accused was groaaly into tie tied. The boy waa Uken up Insena'ble, and oenveyed to Ballevue Hospital. Th falkcr wa lock id up by Juatlc (Jonncoxr. laBOAL nsroUTAt aVUD.XKSDAT. Caatt srf Oyer and Teimtnsr Sentence for FaUt rrcitncti. In th cMf Beajaasia Llndatmltk, Indicted for eb alalag goods by Btlea pretatvns, the Jury rendertd a verdict ef guilty, with a recommendation cf mercy. TheCiorl eanteacad th prlsraer lo th gtals P,ia.t al Blng Blng lor two reere. E a-Judge giuarl laasada to appeal on a kill of exception. Trial fox Murder. John Renter wu placed at th bar for trial for th murder of John Ilugkee, on th ltth of December last, la Stlh street, be tweoa let and tnd avenues. The deceased Used la a rear building. II appeari thai hi wit ran lb rrlaoaer'e wife had a dl.pute. In whloh Ihaarhns band beoaras tnvol red, and teeulud la Ihe rartaoaer sbootmg U ugh. Tn defsna U that the prteuner llredUeguncirUiedofanca. TUIrtUoceirptd ta aallr day, sjaprenee Cwnit- Tn VTatt1 frf firrrt; contrtveriyTht Wall Ferry franchim. Jh JUnrrt ti tht Major, de., n Hot lurk. Thla 1 aa notion brought to ree rver the sam of ao,ciuu, ae aamagna rooaatoned Ihe nialnliir by tk silegedfeullef the defeodanu. The plalatlff. In July, ISM, laaasd from Ik dav fsndaat the Well street Firry. II le now alleged that, upon Uklrg roeaeeaion of the alio, tka plain tiff wa evjointd try an tajuaetlea Issued at toe In stance of Robert J Murray, who claimed tltla to part of th allp. Money wa aucceeaful In tht sull and the Injunction wae made perpetual, and ta plaintiff was obligsd lo agree lo pay ft.OOO a ysar for tea yiars. In crdsr to snake hla lesss of any avail. He the a'br elalma to re cover $40,10. th amount of $1000 a year, for ten J ears, which he Is obligsd to pv by reason of this efecl la the dereodaau title. It la claimed by Ibe defeadtal, thai the plslntiff bad notice of Murray's tills or Intereel In Ibe slip before Uklug tha lease and that his ortgttal bid, which wu 120,000 for the lease, waa reduced to ao-OCO, making a reduction oft IB J en, for b purpoa of cvrnpensstlog tha Claiatirr forth claim tbea (listing 1 favor of urrty. Adjentrned until to dsy, Katt 11, Hale, rtCharUt tt, Ri'e. Report ootfinaed tnd Judgment of dlrotee granted. ('mwtn Pleat. ABejcd Forjtry of a Check. Iten-Urton ami Dart re. f,e tank tl OrmmomeralfA. Th plalatlffs In thla actl, who are broken In Ikl city, bring this sutl to rsoover of th datendanU the lira of tiTtn, which Hy claim they had on de poelloalhallal of December, Wa. It la admit ted, on th pari of Ih defenlnnu, that euci le the fact, but they av.r that tha aame was paid out sub. eaquentit upon plaint ft own order. To Ikl the plalctifla reply thai the cbe.k upon which the mo ney waa paid was a forgery, and thai II wa Im pel par ly paid bv tbs II ink. Tts defjidanu were allowed It aftl-millr of the 'as is, and Mr. Height, tbe Preeideut of th Bank, Uet.fild thai thee b k wa geniUna, and thai D tit, on of lb plainliff., tal so acknowledged. Mr. Hendsrana, the Aral named plaltlifr, Iratiflsd thai be wu Ibe only peveca euthorliel 1 1 d aw check for Ike firm, aaj ti at the check la question wa never drawn by hire, aud tkal it waa a forgery. Theresa la still one I'ahed Blatra Matter. Cowrie A i-tinnajaintt Common Carricrt-Fdiearrt tf. JWtVt rt JohnQ Iamannd Jvhn narHioj'un, Thla wes an action agnlcst the defendente lo reco ver daasegM for an allseed braexb or contract. l' repieeenu thai In June, lssT, Meears. Foadlck A Co, of New o.lrana, ablpped with tke defecdan's a quantity tf tooleaeae, for dallrery In New Yttk, unuer a uoutraci lo deliver In agcrod marcbauuble oonliliou. Tt-ear, howsver, allaara thai whea tbe molaere ar. rived In Ibis city It walla a condllien ao unit for rr.arkas thai tbey wer soj-ui lo a loaa of about tt COO. Tcey aver that lot wa on auuotmt of tha rotigk handling DtfendinU ueey thsc allegat'.en seulng up th ountroversy, Cs llill on. l'sir af lieavoral rVwnUne. Bafae JalgeM Con. Th Grand Jury prateoted Iht morning a large balek if raw led titmanta, and a largs a unbar of prieoneri war arra'goed, who wsr rsmandsd for trial. Btvsral petit Juror war fiord $15 tch, for noa. appaarama. Tk Court proceeded wilk th trial ef Ilonay well Vincent for forgery, whisk ooeapted the llm of Ih Conn for ibe remainder of the day. The de fend al wae charged with Ibe forgery of aa Instru ment purpoitlng to be an nesgainsui of property, to be locepted ty till girth 8 Ly"e, wltk the tatenllo dtfraud J. M Kib.naon. Tneltjtrlct Atlointy announced that be intended to prevt tkal lb prtenrer wae eoavlcUd of a forgery, and sta Usoedlneerve a term in IhiBlaU P.iecn Tte dentaal. It appear, prtnded le b In Ih ital eatais buainaae. and orcupled aa cmo la Neeenu slrael, eppeeile Ihe Poet office. Thle wss in of those compl 'rated swindling cues In which a real ratny qaulions of lsw were Involved, end dircuned by counsel s a both sides at great length. The DjIticI Attorney, however, ebetdtned iLe charge of the eeoond (fanes agalnat Ibarolaotar, aslheeubfo-na for In wlrneeaee to prove his pre vlot coavlctloa had been misdirect. ;d. The caw wu not concluded until a Uuhour lad night, BROOKLYN. Trr Trial or abAlthibmab rOR Viola tiob or OrnciAL Dctt. Th trial of Alder, man Dajtiit, Gtxur, of th 10th Ward, on th charge of wilful violation of effleiel duty, la sign. leg cillnl.s upon wklch the conlraetor for clean ing the Mioses lieaived bis money without Mr. forming his dttli, wuconliausd la Ih Court f evasion ysstardsy. Oa the part of the proseention a number of witnesses wsr enawlned, wbou te tlrooey waa lo In cnVM thai lb atrssu wer very out? scj thsl tt sootraotor had ant dens hla duty, Bx-Mayrv Banen. Bansi laatiflsd thai bt went to AM.Caiiwel ibe begleniag of list sunsmsr and lo'd him that tke people of lb Ward wet making great scmp'smls about Ihe filthy tt-U of the efeetZ The AJdetoiaa Uld him It pat kl somptaint la wilting. Neither Imith etroel aer Oalleiia Place had be slssnrd ataet July lata. Tht trU near hi own hones, la Bmlta etraes, were eo fi'tteyand It sUccti si ettensive Ibal he bad tbs gutlsri cloned at hi ewa expane Thseoa ttbltof Ihsgvttuit bsd been kseiwd up with the eppatsi'llnuntloa of e tiling Iketn orT, hct the trap 'tms'md.ara wete scstttrtd by the wm4 and rale. Th srilaaaa, wk rnt th lMk War talk Baaed el gajaikwt, atwkaA ta hot emeu lamination that k gar flat I II at msa a ckectitoetoaupayalectcnaa,,., at Mat at sea the betk ran est oa tlokst. Its also gar tat la Aldevmaa Dovsls for a etaailar purr ane. Aldsr cau Otmt wanted 1, but th wttaaaa rafassd It give klmtnore then half. Be had tve D14aaU towards defendant, ptket witness at teetlle k gaaptpee had bean laid or aeware oovistotrfiV the month of Beptemaer. nroarriiJbrZ.olIri; Ibe strsee for the time betrc, and eraaSIifJi? doal rf dirt, bulUu- ylB tr. th work Ih oontrsoeor of thene lol- - Tl and list tbt dirty ibu- "'jZZl. " n1, "eV of wueansadlre ' " "eetreet ensplaiaal rirar.!crM8assttsrla th JJi, " -ay of bualraess. Th prnarrat on baring y -ed, aeveral wKneeavcs for Ike de'anoe wsr ;. Tte tenrlaney of tbelr testjatsay wu that som Oi its etreeu wsr ao diatisrbed by the build ing of eewere tbst thsy oou'd not b claaaod. Th grial will probably b ooneluded toJay. The Drookltb IIobticcltteax Soctbtt. TU Spring exhibit' en of tk Drooklyn Hsrilcul. tural Bxlety, which war to bar been eponsd cat Mondey, ha hewn poetpoaed until next Taasdaae th ifttk last. Tee waatlvar wa s eeld aad etasanav tbattthibitoreeouldnwtaimrsalenlly bring tkexc planle. At t meeting of Ike B ard of Dirtctmv, at appaare.1 from tks eulemenl of she Treasurer, that Ibe etnotiBt of fusdson hand is $.131 tf, end tkal II will require $1 K0 for premiums alone, for Ih grvleg tnd Fa I exMhiilons. Memberships II ap. twars, harsfsl'satffdnrlni ths ysar, ami if canrot be ralae-i ty the admlaa.oa of new memSere, IheB'OiHy wl I tie compelled ti releo tb snouut ssnongst Inenetelve. A Joviviie Orr.ntTctR. A Ul Ityetrt of age, ruunel at .aos Catrttr, wu broavgst bo for Jtic C aswsi u ytetsrdsy, oa tlit ektrg ef obtaining money from etnrek'ener la Mtrl't aea n'i,by la.saly repressallcg thtiba tad keen e-anl 1 1 borrow a emal' am runt by pare vac known u the atoriVitperi II-wit ell for a htarirg. WILLIAMSBURGII. SrrrotEii Ijcf.vdiart Fire. Between It and It erVlcxk on Tueedsy night, a fire oocmresd tat aa unoccupied frame houae bt Skilmea St., beltreea Orshem evenae end Bmlth ttroet It wt owned by Mr J on a Cnaseivsa, std waa onetroly eVeeany id. Tbeloeelaee med at front $3i t tt $1 a), a which tksr Is no Insurance. It Is supposed tkal Ihe premises wss set ou fire. AntHrr to pass A CooirrrnrriT Dili. ABaantawdJoRsrtoTi.E.residtnglalJttoa.N T.t wu arrested yeebrdsy afwtoooa by Officer Bloat, of Ibe Cvh Preclsct,charge. with attampttee; tn paw nccuuarfett UJM Ibe "Ootioaotal Bank nfBve tun, Maa.,"aiiiiatoTeoi Mr. waanaei.onlkeetr ler c( llllt snd South tin atieste, and at e-re-al f'crs la tbs rami LOIgkb-xhood. Ht wa locAed up for exsaalaalicB. JLUiSEY dTY. CuLUtiox and Marrow IVai-e, O Tuesday nigbl, about It o'jlnt k, a cotluiisa oo. curtsd atar the Bergen Cut. A heavy freight traia of Ihe New Yo k and F.-le roa.1, which left Jeney City ai It Vcocfc, was ttopped near taesiv nonio wait f, r a I ela one front tbe weet, (aneratxring but a elng'e track al thai piTJ but negleeted, aa t stated, to tend tack a waraleg signal. Wkd standing there, Ike 10 o'clock train for Newark earn through the Cut aad wm within SS0 yards f tt F.i I trala bafoi ibey obaerved It daogeT Tbsbrskee wete put down, end Ihe speed of Ih cars wa eonslSerab'f diminished when Ihe oeUll Ion took piece. The locomotive broke i ff Ihe amok pip, demolished tti head light, beoldes doing otker damage, but no person wu Injured. Th psseeagere wetedeleyed over an hour until aaotaar erg in wae procured. FlBB AT ELIZAnt.TH. FOITB ItoRSEt DsRs tn Between 1 atd t o'clock yeaUrday morning a larg sUUs keilorglng to A. DixLnnacE proori- tor of tk Union II el al Kl'sabeln, took fira. Ow ing lo there being a cemalderabla quantity of hay la Ihe bora the Bremen were only eel to ear arm wagon, carriage, alelgha, eVo. Four raluabie hoteae wte burned to daalki Iso of litem wsr owned by Mr. Diaxreits. a. and Ibe ether tare by FnucuBAtaasud J.un A Dtx. Mr D.'e loss waat about $1,M0. The origin of Ice fire wu not aeeef mined. XxTRirstVR SvrnrrtU! bt A RtritrrKR. Mra. TXBJor DieArrXAtAiic Oa Friday last a Osrmsat about TO years of sgs arrlr.d In Jersey Cy by Ibe New Yotk and Erie cars on bla way In Orrmeay. Aa I alleged, he wae met al Ihe ear by a rttanor named Wm. B a sous, who keep an effios la Kx chaag l'iaoa. Tss o'J msa w laduoed to go to thi offlo with llAtcuie, and Iter bargaia for a paaaegs ticket In Ihe steamer which wat I) aall on ike f -lowing day. lie bad with htm a draft for tl,S00 on a New York bank, wklch Baecni got poet stsslou of to EM II caaherl, and oul of which kt was to receive the passage money. The old man 11. tn want Ioa German boarding hoass la Mercer street, csar Oreen street, wltk hla belgege. BAcnisdeoaTltd tk draft In hi own name al the MtUanlc' and Tralara' Bank la Jer sey Cily, end on Monday be drew Ih money, slace which lias h has bean missing. Tb old aaaa baa nal boon seen or beard of el no Saturday morning, and bis bsggsge still lemalna al tha boatdlrg bouse. The manor wa bronghl befor Jnatlc Bxnrosn yeaTterdsy, by a puUer of Ba. cut's tut as the old man waa ihe only parson Ibal could rrsks a oomplslLl, tb Judgt could do Both lag In the matter. To LAwrrRg. To r icTorneMrrt, too sluiuld liret nndrrstaad your cspabllltlee aud powers eo fnr In lile they may be latent i a PhrvnoloirirAl ar.. amlrellrn br I'rof. Fori lis A Wri ijs will snsble eon totueeeforfenraalf If euchte theraeo, ant ahaw yovi Iiow Uicy nily be devt loped. Call at Ii3 llroadvay. TTkik atd Drnit.rrATEn FiKlUH tB0ta not neglect getting s bottle of Dr. Anaenuu Lite. roRnuu Tkev wilt And ss warm weathor nomee ln thai tneir fencrel LealUt thrcniikout will be srnatlr linprored br is use 1-rlee 1. To be had at 1 Klihli ar., sn our. viira auaoianion sta., n. i, Vaw anw. tla.M. a St OROVER BAKFH-8 f CKLBPRATFDNOlSKLIUaHKWlMa MAIIIMEB, ttcl and nwarda-4e iiroadwae, N. Y. Baert'i TRioornEROM i TRioornEROM it article fordraatlng aad baaatt L, nreeerrlns snd rs .toeing tats Bold by ail druggists. ta ins oest alia cneaseai an log, eleanios, curing, pr iui a-eauaw try it. DOin QEiraKafaJL NOTICES. IV Oaaaaiawpt!veB PrtMaL COC0H8, COLDS. RA18INO OF BLOOD, PAIH Ol TUB 81DB AND BBEABT, A. Thee and tfreUar complaints ar mast arUialr are by HYATrB Pulmoale Uaaaam. w-vaweaar Depot" Grand at, I esnta per bettla. Ui Cart) Tar nwaaw far aaaa Dtmav -Tun FOOH MAN'S rlBNO." MAaAant ZADOO romtl COt'drt HALeVAtt, aveaaublenmedr (or oooeha. aolds, a.Htma. whaee lngoeiik,M, qhelow prie al wbleh it is sold ewav bieesreTyeoelokaeipIt eonvwnlsnt for nan, ant la Jnlrueeof etngl botUtwUl prev to k vrsews Rftr tlsses Its erst. Bait by all druatrUs. and by UALLARUCKtrurtOroeewtstjet, Frtosltels; larg bettlee al wt el. ','ul,A IlaeVeaa nJI,374 Iladaeta at Ragllett Tm. peetrr, Taj eopertins Insrsln, fat: slegaot luaraln, le od. and He l oil clothe, Se u.1 cit yard l paper beueiDee. a larseaatortnwut. lJUiOoN,tT4iiuc(soa strwtTniar King. ifi An Excellent Cengk Bemealy. An who ar troablad wtaTcoiXTOS eg COI.tX, and would got speedy our, should try a buttle of Dr. IYUI1 uuvuat BXTEBaunaTvm, . tlMaaeteettcleettbaktndMw etVred forate. Trr il II on tha ant appeareaea of a Ooagk and row srOI Brad. ' keenre aamer an bottle, that th Oeask kas antlrair , Uft ran. FrV W Oote pew bora Fee aal al the &2! HnwWgaad ! Bravsradetl ABTeslUna at eicaedansrlr fatevl at thla Mteea. teer T esee hee wHhlnthspaea week keen t-mplstely eared br Rnllawar's Fills and L Ointment t tbey remove tbe tieiulag ooagk, and sir health and eoee to Ut patient. 111 r and ratlesnea'e ant sea eels. I nite alee r.Broaav (.USool tipping) at s Broome-' FUln and feney dyeing.. F. LO o laTbaanam Owrvvdejrh IhwaareuaaW ajeavaj al iwtnt froea this ecTrVj, Ti lordHj Itaiaepeiaaaav. ox. rmLurTia, i am. at thla of tka Tear. awflWini plaint, ean be eured by uetng laittoril' miloiie rilia. rrteoao easts par kox. etii ttraaeway. OCIBTT neTICKS. nee. ciawieie-e -sraspwranro leoejiwasarsva ion Is pietpoaed till next Wednewday, nth ine. when II will arm otT at 1(4 Chatham at. Addreues en, ill alaea -a- - - a .. AL- aT-ll 1 . . "' "" tsrajii niTHVa rjy im 0WW10 ! 1- CkAVVFOKO It. M. POEat, Ea.. JOHN DUNN. Ban. aad B. U vvcrHlt ta ' It AO n No 13-Tla ibara af tha akavw rtnw Itataiairak nontetedt attand a meetina, to ke ttcll llaii, Lavtbaaai st, ea q'baradareveealna, k al TH e'clor Br order ef JOUN MX. rss: LilCMalM O'OONNEIL, 8m It lLtaThtkrtl(Tl U a wale Wl.l aB TI UV1HK, ITee; DKMMM O'OO HATKtGS BAnKB. ATLANTIC SAVINGS BANK, Jl CTI ATI! tM QcJARr.oa Now! Opam dally frem lo to a. and tte T Bee. rVrafclt. from K naoU U .V1 reewrred. Ill PB rnv r irtTr NTrw1ITSVNBt-afr)af tsonaed nndar, Is ar amei aad n arte spun t TFatPaV HT Wl WILJa rtrwrsrsetl B COOPE. Bee' r MrTR VUO.VAM . aalxLllaVjCTll LB AatLEB D. BAILEY, Treejarer, Tt TABrtsTSS' SATIKOa BASK, Ha. 1 TUai i ill eve, ear. 1th sl. DravCts made ea er hafare aba 1 M f A tse 1 will bear GtXrA fkwm kkwl tiUlS i apeo dafln reasl t-j gjr-rav. and ew Mraaday, Wet J "rfiV aaesaW ereea Vto t teat. I 'lliffiS'1 rtaTii.ntwilii.Ti r n.J xv I 1 aVJi'. 'Zrg-