Newspaper of The Sun, March 21, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of The Sun dated March 21, 1861 Page 4
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rpPSP- - - -iit"m-iw "n .Her"' f I ( 'I H , a i4 ' r; JTESSAGK FROM THE SKA, sw fa-aria MotWi I Hi rrr fooltoS thin. Wllnout stop-lalna- I tsk counsel with mrofK, I trtd off L .eons nd did lust what th rhatrman hfl beddea me. U they hid waled the wh-il alht long for It, I should nerer hare told there the itoTT they wanted fr.m m It Brit, hATlaj all mylif la-en a wretched bad hand etwich matter for the reason. I Uk ill, that itorr Is bound to lw rnmethlng which it not Ira, tint wh" I taunA the pnmptny willias, n sadden, to pot np with nolhimr tattler than th account of my shipwreck which It not a t'ory at all), th unex-fected lack af twins lot off with only tolling lb truth about mTMli tu too muih of a temptation for ra 40 I up and told it. I pot an well enough 'th th stnr-n, and tka striking of the Trl, a 1 th stranic rbaaia, afterward, whl. h prnrel to lw th r In of mrlifo th . rn'iljr all listening (In Til? preal strnnec i as n mey on i nrrnr nonru anrtl.iiu of the ort Iwfor. " Itul h tlio iie-re-ily cme in'! f. rj'cin lut'lnr th ui Una, unit f titling them what hal litp'ncd to mi after tnettvlniof tnt ltf. or, input It Jin rr, for trUing. them what i la I ta is -at r wajr on, aaiwhat rontetnv s aat w In thi Ward died straight it -n hit lie 1' t t'i a reason, nttirly, that th. irt u ir nf my Blatenieot ma I opjut that p.itluf it which I cwUn'tand iluretn't lat out to strangers n, not if mr mai amon,; tlmm had i fferml ma hundrel bo'W'Is rire, on the tpol. to do it ' 'Ooenl"Ts tlssiiitlrmvn. "What hip- rwstadnextr How did Ton pet nn shore?" Foaling what a foul I hal Iwen to run myself heelloar, into a irrape, for want of thlnktag Iwforal apoka, I now, cast ahout discreetly In my tnlod for tha Woet moans of finishing off head without letting out a aor 1 to tha cam rny concerning those particulars 1-ofors mn alaood. I waa aomaliltla time lfira sulnj my way to this krvplnf th dulrman ail company, all tha while, waitlnK fT f n answar. Th Clah, l'n pttiei re, In ronfrqnenci, (tot front staring httd at ma, to drumming with Ikair foat, and i-n to rating nut lustily, ' Oo ' en on ' Chair ' Urdr '" a I such Ilka. la tha a-UM of tbl hit I sh hul.huti I aw my wir to what I ron'dre t tj ha ra'hor a aoat liii'ali and irot rn my I'' .a to caa tlioa all off with It ban l m..Ir. " Hiar! hair '" .i)i Ida C uV ' lla'a j;o. lo,ta aiin at Int.'' ' l!entlneii ' Imilt answr, "wlh your lxrmt'sion I 11 now con In lo It wlkbin vu all pood W'I '" Far'n l,l.hVi(r!, I c'at tham a frifti lly nal, to tnnkn IiIii,,-i ,ld.iint a. walked straight tu tlio d nr, f's hardly tolx balievol tliuirfh neiTthi'lo fjulte trua thit tin curlons men all h Ud an I groin tvlatuia dircttly, a if I bad doiw them asm rtatoas Injury. " Thiiklnif I would trytopi cify them with their own favorite citth-wnrJ, id, "Hair' lir'"a civill." as mllit In, whereupon they all returiiwl fr an -war "Oh ' nh!" I ne.rr lie inn to H Cluli of anv kin I myself; an I after what I w of fiilCluh, I tlon't car if I never d. IIt bI-ronm, when I f.iun 1 my way up to I, was large and airy enoiuh, liut not over clean. Thnr were two ted in it, not ovi r clean ailher. Itolh lieioe empty, I had my choice. One wai rear tha window, and one ne-ir Urn door, I tonight tha ld near the door looked a trill i the aweeteat of the two, and took It. After falling asleep, It waa the Kray of the mtrnlna before I awoke. VThan I bad fairly opened my eyoa and btk up my memory into tUic ne where I waa, I made two dncoTe riea. First that the room waa a deal colder in the new morniie than it had teen orernlKht. Necool, that the olhr bad Dear thn window bad Bt aomsnee sleep'na in It. Not that I eoold ee the man from where I lav; but I heard hla breathlmr, plain enough, fie mast bar come u into the room, of ourse, after I had fallen aeleep and he boil tumbled him rwlf qnlatly inte tedwitbeut disturbing ma. 'J'hate waa nothing wend rful in that; and ni thins wonderful in the landlord letting the empty bed If ha conld fin I a customer for it. I turned and triad to go alrp again; but I was cat of eerta out of tort an badly, that evm the breathing of the men In the other bed fret. ted and worrie i ra. After tumbling an l toss lag for a quarter of an beur or more, I got up far a change; and walked eoftly la my stock Inga to the window to look at the morning. The heaven ware brightenm Into daylight, and the anista were blowing off, pint the win alow, like puff of smoke. Wtaon I got even with the eacnnd badlatntpnd to look at the ram in It. He lay, sound aslitp, turned to ward the window ; and the end of the counter aae waa draun up ever the lower half of bis ire. Hooiethlog slruik mo, on a auddon, In Ida hair and hi forehead; au I, thmuh not an inquisitive mm by nature, latntchcd outmv hand to thu ot-d (if tha luuntorpane, in siiite wt snrstdf. I uficovrnd h'a face ft1v, an I thorn. In tba morning lifc-, I n my brother, Alfrl Biyliroik. What 1 oiiRht to hiva ilutie or whit other raoa iai(hi avo done in my place, I dm't knew. What 1 rcallv ilid, Has lo drop lurk a alen 'oateuly myself, w.ih my hind on the Bill of the win lo and to kl in I so, lo-k'n n htm. Three years n I b id sat I i?vl by to my wife, tc my little ililll, to my id 1 outlier, aii'l to brotbar Atfied here, unlctji unbr inr ovi'S, for all tLo.e three j e irs no mwa from mo li 1 1 reachod tkein an I tn ml irwril rs aa I know. mail have mt rco n-l tha' the sh p I nailed in waa lo-t, nn I itui all Inn Is on Imard had ieriihed. My li irt e o ivy a Inn I thaut of mv k n'r'l at Iimno, ail of tin weary time ihoy niui' b.iw .'H and smrosr d before tiny gite ine u f r iloid. I aim I reiUicl out my hm.l ti waLi Alfiul.unl in ak him a'ji.ut my ill's hh I '. 11 ; an I Iwii a I draw it baik uMin, i. 'nr i' lut mi.dit hij ieaifheiaw uie. atsud.n by his bnl-hoal in lha gr.y luornnij, Into llu;li Kaybrock risaa up frnra the grave. I drew invbiud irk the seconl time, an I waited a minu'e. In Hut minu'c ho wok. I hal not moved, or ep ikeu a word, or touche I liiaa I lu J only In k .l at him longingly. If aurh things could be. I kbould Sly it was my looking that woke h ni. Hi eyos, when they upened under mine, piaod nn a audlon from faat aalai to broad awake. Thay first settle 1 va my face wl'h a starll l.k ulitih pusiel directly. Ho lified b'nmlf on hlaellioir, anl opeaed Ma ryes to speA.but nocrild a word. lliaeyrs I'raiuixl and a'ra'ned into mine; anl his face turned all oter of aghtstly white. Alfred!" 1 aald, " don't you know m?" Tin seemed to be a deully terror pent uo in him, and I though my toKo might set It free. 1 took fast hi Id I him by the bands, and simko again. "Alfred !" 1 raid Un, aire, hero cun a man like me find words te tell all that waa said and all that vraa thought liet ween us tw hrotliori? Please do tiardoo my not wi lug moro of it than 1 say here. We sat down tng t-cr side by aide. lite poor lad Imrst out crying and got vent that way. I kept my boln of hi bands, anl wslud a bit biflira I tpoke to him again. 1 think I waa worst elf new of the two no tears cam to help we I haven't got my brother' snlckneee any way i and my troubles hive roughened and hardened me outaide. Hut, OoT know I felt it keenly; all tha m ire koeuly, aiayba, because I waa alow to show It. After a little, I pat th qneatlon to him which t had been longing to ak from the time when I Ant isw hi far va th pillow. Had they all glrao me ap at heme for dead (I ekd)f Yea; after long, long hoping, one by aw they had Riven me up my wu(.Ual lM bar. J list of all. I meant to atk nett If my wife waa alive and well, but, try a I might, I could only say "Margaret?" and look hard in my brother's face, lie knew what I nteaat. Tea (be asidl ah waa living; abe wat at heme; aha wai in mr wl law's wiolt poor eoul, her widow's wtedt! I got on better with my ntxt question about the child. Wai It hora alive? Yea. Boy or girl? Girl. An I living, aurtly, aai grown poor llttl thing, what a qasstion to ask! grown of couraa, in three years'. And mmherl Well, mother was a trlB (alien away, asd nor s'ln' within br. aelf than aha used to be -(retting at tim-, fretting fl.k my wife) on night when these rose, an f the window tkiok and shivered In tka wind. Thereupon my brothur and I wal'ei a bit again 1 with my qaettloaa, and h w'th Li ansBira and whl! w waited, I thwkad Uod, iawardly, with all my hejrt and siul, for liriaglu mUa-k luing, to wlfeaud kmdrel. while wire and k ii Wed were Hi Ing too. H brother dried the taars olTliU face, anl looked at m a littl. Ttien be turned aside BBddinly, a if he rtoiomUrcd s metblnj', an 1 atoleklsbsndlnahuriy uulcr tlio p'lloir of til bed. Nothing ctnv out fran ba'uw th tdlloar but his blatk neck btnlkurihlef which h now unfolded sloly, looking! m all the while with oinst'iing atrang la Us fat that I awuldn't mk out. " iv What are to dolnnf " I arkel him. "Whil -, 1- .. - v .. . . -u are you looainf ai me ua tuat lor t lasteaa 01 matin answer n took a crunp - lad moraW of paper out f hit nkdi.ndk.'r. ;hUf, Ofonod It tarafally, and head it to th light U UtmtM rkai II waa. Lwdlnheav enl tbtowb wrltlnar the morsel of nanar f rjd remitted, long, ligilnc,Uth saarcy of the deep. Thousand atd thousand -' mil away I had trusted that Message to U ' watera-and ber It u In my brother', hands I a .vni. r... ... ... ... ' a. 1- it t T vuuir ivss vbiiiv vf HIV III rTTanssaa again. Scrap of paper a it was, It looked to my eve like the ghost of mr own past self, i eihh uvina iraure hib uivisiuir over iu kiot. waste of the sea Mr brother ne'nted dwn lolemnlr to th writing. "Hugh,"li aIJ, "were yoa In your tight mind when you wrol tho word " Tell me, firat," I mad answer, "how and when the message rsme to you. I can't quiet myself fit to talk till I know that." lie told ma how the psper hid come to ban 1 also bow hi good friend, tl captain, liar Ing rm'sd to help him, was then under the rnmo roof with nur two Belt es, fiat there be stopred. It was not till later in tb day that t beard of what had happened fthrouah this dreadful doubt aliout th money) in the matter t f bit iwecl-beart and his marriage. To l Oontmmtd. WlY.ltCVM. friiE U)KKN('K Mf.llI'lNOALK UI' lliKtatutliV, TtfoUmineUanfttrarlrmc li'ltr vrW n iv tin. V, f, H etser, to thf "O man Aei med Vet umttt'oi tfianiUrlu'(''a 'cm, A fENKrACTPIJ3. There Is wsn In th public erN whesa nsas had all alonit been aaaoclated, ta uf mind, with tee Yankee,' IfieiaV and niambtut Bo It la eo ne loorer, and wa dealre to wraet her atsie from all sonh nrplcteii aaaedatloa la all otlii r minds. Whatever notliau w may bar ef wotnanlr drllrf and re- prfatr,w U1 all admit that wnriita alanebjthe Noi-u oooo Nanw the hear Kurae. Whether w ahaH have U niale phrahiana or not la a qaeatilon blrh mnet be deeldi'd by time and f rlnelple, and not aa a matter ef tart. Trlle, prtiudlm, caprlte end cudom tear aa well bekara thenue'vea, for If there la ree.ll' a want there will the be a rifflr U there be a calllna,' Iher will be a ioniliit.' Natura and Ha BisnBoak'tr ar elesrs aelf siipplrln-, and Uieuxh Alt end Faahlon us Uudi r, they luoot yreveuL If ra. Wlnnkw doe not want te treat yen, gaatle tmn I nor dm ahe rranerlbe a rt aioien fur reur wlrea; but medeatl appear as a Bienjinrar ef boaltli aad haf plaiaa te lour larABTe In the cradli la tkara aar Mi la proper In that f A narte of ti raaaV it petl neeeanbvl'ljrrar what Is or Ik not need tor a lb anf erM to bu lUtened to. (xd speid hiT oa In r b m blr lrut harpr mWI'n, Bhe It the moid sao iniul lieiiefsctresa our little ens evar eifjnj ed her datlos-ptrrntaBetrierpted. Ju-topia tha door for her, and Mrs Wlnfliw trill prove the Aiier!e.ui Mo rrnreMslitlnaalaofthenarwrr. Of tliUwe ar ae sure, that we Bill teach enr 'Suer te say, 'A Ilijtaain on Kum. Wikstow,' for krlplnf bar te strrlre and aaeatie the arlallif, enliletlnn and teetlilo siemv We conirra everr word avt firth la the lYoapnrtiw. II prrfonns prerlnolr what It nronsMos to 'perform -everr aartoflt, imthln bva. A ay villi rour; CordUl,1 1'arenrle,' 'Drnpa,' 'laudanum,' and avsrr other aar tXc by hlch the bsbo la drused late atup ldit and n uteri d dull and Idiot! far Ufa I Wa have never seen Mrs. Whu'eknow her a1f Uiioiirhtlieanparitinnof'hertlOOTUiita BYBLT ri)U C1IIUJKLN TU.l IIINU UUe had Uw ower a e wmild make bar, as slit la, a physical saiUar t tha tufaat raoe.' tnam-T no-oirrAVT to MOTHmta-MBj, WIR8U)Wa1BOOTUD.gYUrij th eel tbiaf that yea caa rely upon to ftv rest to ronreeli, and ra Uef and health U rear tufaat. KR3. WTNSLOW8 BOOTmNa ITKUr hMrbeeu the mean of raettrlm the tfooalnf spirttsot maay aaotbara. niala tha naaoBefth rear ta as IfU. WTK8- uiwi ownuxa bysut, Teveeryaaetheewna a ehlVArew aajkarm hresa anyof thaeoraplstntaln! end lath ferled of testh-hV,wsayVootleyoar-m preUdlma,ee th pre. I Jadlara af others, stand ta "th way ef th taUef thai wtll be sore-yea, abaolately sore t follow th as f MBA. WINBLOWi lOOTMIMa IYRUT. DranrlatseTerTwkeraBOwkeapMaU. WDoTLOW't XXTUUIO iTmUT lor children taothiraf. H aaedl. ctneta the United BUtes sail Ilk It. Illaa aUndard modlchae sued lie fame wer'd-wlde. nyatclaras ardor and ao It waerevar Its au albet Kar kesa wtv Porlnd th Oility pears of an prase IsnteJ aad bs ereaeln pnpuUrtty of MM. WIMBLOWB BOOTH ntO oYBUV, Innnmrrahle -nXweiaiar" and other bob trama, pn-pare4 by praaeaded M D.-a, have aprana a and tired but a muahroon aiteterjaa, wlile the BOOTH. INO kYBtT haa bnon awatanUp loireaetna In pop, anty, and haenane a huuanhold word and thoaeaada of Bwtkra thank Haa. Winston for the health af abate ehlldren by the oea of ber invahiable areola. When tha praeeal raoe of "Oordlale" bar lorJowed n the foolat.1 ef their aIiaitriooa pwdaoain f mhb. wu-iuwv rjixrruwa sykut woi - tune to tw a popular favorite and a hleaatua; le rrr Bsotlirr. Ron (enalne tmleaa the raeermfle of lA'ltTlH as Ft Rilaa, Nee York, Is aa the oaUll wrapper. Bold br DraicrXa thraujboat he srorld. rVeolrelefliee Ho. II Ondar reat. Mew Terh. Price only S3 ooota per kotUa. rati 1T81 AYi:U'S COMPOUND RXTRACr IUR BAI'ARII.l.A. Ifn one remade I more Dardad m tHIa enantrr than a n liable jtlerorirr but tha alak ksre Ihmiu so oas raaa chtwtMl lis th worthleaa prvparatlon of Bar. aaparllla abroad. Uat thay are dawn-tad eriai wita tlw psnte. Yiit the erne raanot be Mamnd for Ilia Impnaltlora finm ehlch tbr have eufbwvd Moat ol tha aralled KaraaparllUa In market cenUlu little a- Diiiiiuna loaajia. aio. la. aa it evar will be. pewaaful elterallve aad aa elfHetoal rvBiedr. Buck Is AVer's Pitrsct ef Heraaaartlla, aa lu tiuly wo !errul riure af ilia an as raraHr ef eom plalot allch require an alterative anedlefne, here atiuwlaiitly ahewn. Do oat, therefors. dUsaad thla iavalnab e eieilelne, liesanae von havelHtoa liapiaad upon by Bom'thlin prvteuilnr ta be BaratparlUa, ablleltavaenot Wken yen have end Afaaa-fhea, aud not till then, will ou knear tie vlrtnaa af Baraa paiilla. For minuli pardculara of the dioaaaaa It curia, wa refer ru to Aiefa Amarloan Ahaaoae, el ich the asent below nanwd will faiulea aratla te all who call fa It Atsa'al'aTBaaTV Pnra. for tha rura of CbsHre fieas, Javntiirt, lvuvui, Indwitton, DvHntrrvt oil MomarA. KVvat(laa, llta.liu-1, lies, AAeu wahmn. earrem srllna; from liaordeT! htonu ah,lnni,nr Afuroai f noWwn ar tlu lioMvU flat. Mo-li, ttt 0 A Irrtr. lAttr fenvtiaiaA Driy, H onnit. ilml Jinltfta,mt a 9iarwr yttt, and Jut VortflnrfAa Mlmxi. 1 hr ere Bnaar eoatad, as that the m-wt oanattlre saa take tham pbaaaatly. and they are the beat Apert atit In aha aFAria Bar all Ida MimaaH af a faintly phy-le. k l.oii. t aaoB so taara raa seoai lira aiuaaa mv lie noa ne ana en ar eapnnei pled ike re with, ethar preparatkHia which the make more prom era, Demand ilia's and take neotbera. Tba sick wan Uie beat aid the ra la for t learn, aod thay should bave It, Preparad k Da. J C.Aaaa B Co, fwaelL Maes. and aald by all Draasleta, everywhere, nihil l)4eeld DARLINU'S LIVER REGULATOR aad bleed purlber. 111 Nassau at, mhlo 010 PERUVIAN 8TP.UP THK QKNUINI artlel nan We had at It caahi per bottle laaaal prtea 1), al e kWatn Bison s wuii a.lO,as iHUVEsa ciiJkricKs. oak P.RIKS FOR SALE A FIRST-CLAMS U plsee, now delnn a vsrr lood buameaai ale twiaiUsfor sale cm aU tha aveauaa aaother jood hualoM atrwBS. Anv bskar tat waata to et a bakery D Uaee. now delMi a vsrr loed bualaemi alae .hould call at MiTCUtUJ.'a Meal awaae tinwe. rao. II Cedar it. I CANI)YST0IIE FOR SALE THE OLD muidlahsd candy store, 100 Leeosrd.fc aold tbesp Ia.lo COAL YARD I-OR SALE-LEASE, PIX turer, trade, kenea and raita,Ae. Yard wall tU ted up. all ahedd d 1 a ood lesae a.d very low renti a aoid trade ritahM-lied. Will be sold eheap for ealkllhcrUUut home and caute. Appli 'No IfJl "lUsbeth Bl. aO.leH.1 AND OYSTER UARKKT FOR sat- -a oo4 chanes for 1 ar I men.-A Bah anl rrt-r markat for sale 1 real very low 1 prlys of atanJ d Aatiina sad s, $J sMd on aeeeunl of doalh iall st Vtt Flhlh ave, for thU wsek. 1K.1H.I GKOCFRV STORE FOR SALE A LARUE nocerj .tore, en the Mb sve,ea eeeountoftb nriar beiaf alrk. loulr lato NbieteeuUt st, M Boor, UUllJ I nROCERY AND I.IQUJI 1 u sale. ArplBtllOk-lrhthst, I.IQUJR STORE ,I'OR btiivMOaoiv. 1 nvgT l'ltt AND DINING SALOON FOR 1 Waaia- 1 &JLl,WlZi tS MtoTo.'Stt. ' y'astUaa-AUaaUc,- Ceaialaad Varle psoHHTJUrnOat JJTO ALL DtBXASaal r n i in i i na intrri iirilli si iul Hma af ska MeiteaM lAaaeeBernT Weosl airissi "." L3' 5r Di " Sli5S?' s at. aw Bfeeavaf . wa laeia a'afisiMrraf rafinv prruTn av wn.Tittn Uhm lB4nea. Taeaa wb are snnkrtaf with aa f ike arsspinwie ef eei na ef Bsmnmrtlea, soeh as aoiirh ft iw frees the liiaaa, senwuaer tain fas ar tw. siisisialve braattriiMI or earas. rweie ei BtanMB sneenesslM pew r the hesva, shod at Dr rrruoLst. eh Ba Biaa law (reaiat Ba4e the traataaeot an ewe ef eenaunvtina hJe sveoUl sni4 air rears eat wke mi rw ta mriM. na Ba'b-nta In the ettf Bn4 BtMiertw4 of New Tor tenia In the ettf riehMenred el asvttiwi. In all ewahie aaafa. rll b-ei anfltrti fri anflVrtna la nsrane4 kr tha tral anal l)f 0. Q-rfStlW- Omonma aa, B Mr (va. N. Tf. li.lnn.t4M 1 benrs Irea'aieiil nai rrnleli DR. BONl, IM WEST U0USTOH tTT enrea iXea of th keert, lenos, Uver roBwwa. fewialeemealalste, anteale, emwtltiittoael and serr- eea eiiwaaea at every anaraeaeri esa serea, stow arofula and a.1 skia bassen eeraa. Oflle, 11 te a. IKMAI.1.9 OK AIX AC1KS f.RK MORH . er leaa alttlcted than men -and vhr f The reann la plain. Men, seaerall spsialu. are mora nrleai CPKVed In active emploemfnt, and have tliej lieieflt of nip" air i while women, etpicUlly truss whe are msrriee'. are emrleadln diora, atinidine to their hriai4eH dutlea If woman eienplslns dawn ai s a d e of I'llla or Terriers, wblrh n-it Oblr weaa, na litit oiten ileatmistha frail anri falile run.tit.itlon If m n f elatlri'd anl a-eaklr nee tn9 li'aode, alanr wle 'IhUlitSe dirrcei.ea b taeia the tao Wa man bikmI aticDathceloir reDediiia sa well aa rain, and mirea. Imi ml of tliemeaaiire In 1 sr Andr eon' Y A I.B 1.1 Yf. COUIIIAI. sll tint e. 'd ha reiiilred in rive ersndon1 eLo-af to the f -in te e"tm - I ha f aind , and tnr all tlioao 4l.eia a ti whlrh th 'frniale evet m lastihert, there la nrtlitna which will hi found morehKerielal tbaao t bis (.''idle'. It baa been tliornuahlr tea' at. ardlo saroa haa It tailed It la vers plisaantte the lute, and will nrd rsnaerauaea to tha weakert. Plohlar of I ald(. eua netnre la uaad In lie pept'atlm, aod mar hst. kmal alltiroaanl'lipiMiCtaaMT, I'eraevie la lis nae all that S'e aflllrll and h f re Ike hat ef atim. rmrsit In.rei elll Did that yniie haabh to evere lpM-t. haarnstlvlmp'nved. rKICf f I I'LK II if. 1 1 V. for pate at vl Kishth are i AVI Saeoad are , coner8sh street js rar of Ave. II and lloaitnat, end e irner Allen and Htsntos t, Naw York Assnta in vriiiim.imro roroer nonui mn no nm ail., ana aniirandat Krnntlrn eimar Mrtleaad Iranklla ives,andat VD'ICoortst mhHI 4v'osi FkosTRD rr.r.T ahd ciiii.blainh-u hi SITB MAORI CKrAK I.IMUraVr. 8U by QlltlN, wa Hneery and (irand at. e&d other dtwa. (uu VaM-litOrerartebBt, PrtaeKwxta, W.1M.1U 170R TnK PILES. X lIR-tiKIIAMOt VBYirfABTJIItTjrrnVAltr la a oartaln ajire for Plana In evT f'ejoe aud eouaitlav rwtiilaa, iiaavres. 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SCARF-PINS, FINE HOLD AND CORAL, $1 eeh,r A for ft, for aal at MR-tHdNd Jawelry Btera, toniludaoa street. S0,tlS,4 SAVE YOUR DOLLARS mmm HUTU, TOM HATTIla can be fwaid al baa MKW STUHBL inMASdAUBlllr-srT, rr doors from Ueekmaa at , aad next door t th Nsoaaa Beak. Where he eprs for aaks H18 8PK!N BTYI-M P riNat MOLJOtKIM UXa MAT! The saax a ar wild elsewhere for if aad 14. l:ai.l. aim at auiuv w " Time neve enaxura UaaoUarrajUkaean. m . t --" - --'"". Yon eea oav a ioffa tar eTUYUSU AT BMlTll-a. attisa SEWrKO lUCnDTES TO REHT AlfD POB . aalaaa-ar-a, Waowtar WUaenX Orover a---r aaa auaiaa, bm-tt vjaa Baajajnai nana. band, .Bsedl or part sarmatit. Rooom uldaa. aaalu . . era, Beadlaa, eae. Maafilnea boo ah t. exebaa-and and SWrww.0' JJLKU1K.BJ0 Broadway, reosa I. wMmmwm, eae.. h4taat-laT4 CPECTACLKS OOLD, SILVER, AND SJ steel aBesUeles, atevooaooeea end vlan. oaara Sir"52"lVu"h-? " " " -. 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WILLI sMi, 411 ItUhak are. ll.Hf,l I.'ARM FORSALK INOrlANORCOUNTT, N YTbU farm ooatalee II aarea af Beet el aaa land, a (end orahara, waU fanned, end asver faille rpileys. The deeula house eaataln taa room. Ka modem lotprereaiaeas, hern, stable, AM , alt twarly eaw. Tebe sold onlr le emamiusaeeef the itraah ef partlea eonnanaad with It App y t A W, 1 II Nv.lAj seal erafrsror, 4M Ureadeay, eor llsw sr4at,M.Y 1,1HJ IARM FOR 8ALR-OF 114 ACRSS AT WalUoarJord, near Mew Uavaa, Oana, eed keeaa. farm and eel betlei ad eel kollotoaa, m appto area, fw sale ar aaa Ur laarvad prarry la Maw Yrk er Til ON) CtuVrfT Mo, I Fine at, or M fthet, WaUlmrs- aaji ,taa"lM Xobaa Rroakl, FARM OF 100 ACRES FOR 8ALK Che, en lain Island. anllaa rwra Brortly, er ear- ahaoae lor elty peopenp Laapalc HO. 0.14 umaiaaa urevaaye. aalat I4aellf PARM A. aeraa. FOR SALE, OOKTAININU SIX arrea, andar aand enlt'raUan, tarln bet side -a aa - W1U aw solo ewparaaa or wiinaaar. toai farm la sibaatad ene mile eat of Ihe tbrlrtu rUlaa a .i,nUa- l.a anl aatw' walk h ma and ooeoalte ane Willow rve station. Perwww irantla a farm Should look st this. Can leave Heth Perry dtreot, er earn . WIlllaBaOaarvh So It Naw Trek. rBaanaaaeo by era Pr partlcnlani Jaaoalea, L. I - ". -: : a ........ . .. : an aaa ea lauuaaaauaiaj ujj 1 'ewi mkOaaaet L'ARal FOR SALE ON L. I., M MILES AV from Rranklyn, M acre, hauaa, barn, waters, as ahMlloteUlIih Ward Breofclytvi eaM lata wnt be oold low er aaenaiaraa ear a rai I low er aaenaaaaad far a farm or Bar beota and she. letre J. BAMstla, Ml Oraeat at M. Y er.P. O. FARM FOR SALE ON STATIN ISLAND W aeraa, at Blooanliurlw, wrth abnndanaa ef trait and Bne water view, 6 ralnutoa walk train AVejat, rckeKidacaeets. 8. 1DI It CO,Bi liberty rt, lsaVa3l TIOUSE FOR BALK OR TO LET A Threw XX atary brick bona, with browa atone baeament front, all w Ith Bw Improvemeuta In It, at M h at, bo teevn tat and and avee, flrvt kouae fraa eoroer af Ind are. north aide, laqalrs of B. LAJUJ, !0 West 44lh CPanrYik. 1,14,4 HOUSE FOR SALE AT FAR ROCK A war -A houae la pod repair, with bara and Oif aenaaf land. In rood order, pxrtrawk and part e morlaaapsafrwialred. laijulreef J. WICKUAM. Ill Prootst m4l HOUSES FOR SALE AT WILLUMS BUROa TwotrtwrbaarmeBt aal aub-eellar brtek bmiaaa, with water, laa, Ae, Mea. Ill aad 1S4 BOITH THIRD gt-Only I mlnetos walk from tka Peek Blip r Grand at feme. Prlc 84 are) and $4,100. Farpartlonlar. apply to B. A. DOatlXO". oo th HOUSE FOR BALE OR TO LET IX THE beautiful villa of FlalaOeld, Maw Jener, a email plain nouee, j roaasa, vns a aereer iaea,orai aere iraaeeiwwa leKpuraerB wrari r 8. YAH rlalaaoid depot, mire ef R BROWN, tl Fnn sV BL Y uua aeae'aaa TIOUSE FOR SALE A 8-STORT AND A Jbaarmafitframebonaaajidlot.ftn th north aid ef tfM at, bet. d and davee. Harlem. Forpsrtleu Un, tiv.aln ef A J, 811L8n!4,eor Had at, and 14 ar. Alas a tana of about 100 aeraa, la tha lass of tteahel, ci For particular, apply aa above, ar to WM. A.JVDD.BVml.Ct. 1 0.110,1 HOU8E FOR SALE-)2S0 FOR SALE, la Mk it, Wllthuaubari b, bauadeara tetorr brick hoean; 11 ream, baeemnnt and eallar, foldlaf doora. aTatoa, water In. huae all neelr piperet, f laxaa and stain from Id floor to yard; I lOftO ar morn. I nqnlr lam laland Pottery sVpot, III Pearl st, M.Y. 10,111,4 HOUSE AND LOTS FOR SALE, ON Fifth vs, oe door from eor, of 11th st4 house eontalns II rooms i prior I 'JV title perfect. Alee, I Ms on eor nth ave aad lutb at , web Ineatud and od view of the hartwr and bay i prto $1,1 W. Apply to OKU. IUMMK.U jTOM, oer. W are. and MidaUa st, Breoklya. TT0C8K FOR SALE )1 800 WILL DUT aval tba I Starr and basement brick hoe, 10 Rat Met at, rear eta eve, eontato aod Crotoa watar, end ine a-reri ta pave wun naif aaa paraaaana inoaur of JUUN W( EBIIt.ll, I Wall at 13,153,8 HOUSES AND LOTS POR SAL. OR leaae- Htmae and fud lot w-at aide 11th ave. M tret south rrom 4th at, II rooaaa, latorvat prlee $.VWU renra ror a l s-l. limaaau loam vaa man a tM. H.nau4 4UrtUairooklyu. fWio KY. 0 We4 kid st, Bihll.ll , prtee 5tav 1 1.154, Jtae HOUSE FOR BALE OR EXCHANGE IS the vUUure of Beenearknrn, Columbia Ceu. a Bandannas hooae, and aboart one aer ef land, adioia ' tke Bieertoar Aeadora)-, and ! raaoh needed a Iboardln bone for the puplle of that tneHtiitten. paly taQ. W, aVJDaTjrr, lha Oraad rt, WUIIam. bau-x, la L Ml,Ua34ea HOUSE OX ITOBOKEBTO LET OR FOR aale-1 story brlok. balcony, bet and oold water. hath and aa, rentsfor BUr prtaa, i,W. Inquire af ItOBTKT PitKLK, U BeaaWw Plaae, lUtwauai. aahAtae114 HOUSE FOR SAI nf WILLIAMS. borohTwe story frame hooae, roll lot, fruit tree and everytbln in gjod order. Inia'.ra en tb parmba M. itDevMat, B Q rand at. Will k aeio ai luaaunauia aeswak HOUSE ADD LOT FOR SALE IN WIL Itasnehnrfk Iloea two story, tsaieiaat and attle i lot W kr 10U i waasr la. Thla prope-xy a well worth tke atlaatlon af anpHallata or tboas la want of a none, rnea B,oii yaai aun see aaa premise. a.eaa eiiuaaa an ra inaaansaawin. Where all u, asotloo wilt be flrea. B,mna4aa. HOUSE, Ac, AT ROSSYILLE, ETATEJ bland-e I otwr and atttae fraaa bwaae, bare, aVa,taatkwtUl4aawmef lend, very pleaaantlr la eal4 near the vlltoe,ea the WsoaVrew Road, lead ana la tha daaaa. Taa haaaaa ta ' aaw and la aaaA L npalr, aW UW la alao a rope walk a pen tke armnt 8alKsav-, - - rasaia." LIQUOR STORB POR SALE HdTaK aleek aad flxtueaa, nilk loe. of llior at tea, M4 awaaa aaan aa, an pioprasaor nariuf oaaer Dialoewi attea la. j, 0.1M LOT FOR BALE-THE VALUABLE proeerty ea the.l W. erar of Ba otreet, and lxuuta arenne. 4t fast I lockaa, ea tbearena, by A feat on tha atreet, terms near. IttiaJaw of M. U, CRABTO, M vxiua, and 1MU rtnot. lo,llM LOTS FOR SALX-100 BDILDINO LOTS, baenttfallr sianatad and fraalad, al Kaat New Tar. a Atlanta aad Paltoa avenneai thne Uaeaef ally rallreada tenralnato at thla point, will he ooad lew and onrcaenaaMo teraaa. For parti onaaea, appir to AUaraTtB lVtctJ. aeot Mew Yeck. Klaaa U. BA1I tdaeilO -" T IQUOR STORE FOR 8ALE-7.15 THIRD Aalave, lane toavnaant belldlna real $14 pr month; meat aril thla wsek; p.ios 8i Apply U the stare, orUIleeaardst. 14 LANBLORD AMD TXHAJITI . AQRXSMIttaTS. MMW TORX BUM UtrtWYatD FOBJI, TBal OODNTFt OF TUM BUM OfTICM, 4 eenhj Bar aet, eUBwkaaltTaa. Mil k- T IQUOR STORE FOR SALE TnE Stock aw an flxturee er a i aalei aond reaaon alve and flxturee ef a neatly fltttd up Itmar store for mlv, 15 Feat 1SU at, must hi oU this week. J7n iot vaiBa. yui aa as pre- PBOPERTT POM BALK AND EXCIIAQE tttr and f Jouawr. We her (ood etty praperlr ta the bast loctioaiat alaoeeaatarr aenta. and farms la New Jener, MaaaaelvaaetBS, Onaaectlont, oa Loaf In land. Rata laland, la New York, ap the Bedsee, A, ea eaar karma and moderate priors. We bare coed boetnea prooeity ta dlflareot locetlan. and Waalera laaate for aal or axehanre. CUIUHRIaKI OO ttoal total rasekanaJleUWall st, S. Y, aab4 iaao"!!! RACE COURSE FOR SALE OR TO LET Bbeldnk Park Oonne, at Memereoeek, e half mile race traok, aatd II ace ef land with halldlutra. UaaMfllldTthinDmer basrdenlf wlahe. Land valaable for Beltlnf la lots, or Imerovto. Teraas eaar, laoiaVeef F.ALAUKACR,lPlnesC nahUada OTOKE FOR SALE CORNER STORK. houaa and tot, for sale l food wteaea property. Me. a urann, eornnr Of aeeona K, VTHitasnaourrn, au anaborrh, ellat- I - - IS' piaruraar niBliaoaa BPear a MIW. reaa ssiaasaa era, exeoaaya. irHALio rii.x.1. CCRM BOX ITlAniOaW. OCKM aTJfeaTOC. WADilTiaa. orjBw ajx pwajt or rritPAaifc BVBb as 1 aharl,ah rHI1l aawaatoiat arrewser MoA flme) aaar k inraadil. Mad M BakaaatahenaiwaiiiaiwlafBa attooa taaaedtbl rsn-f f r1- - ' - 'it H tMiiasi, ersetdeasiaUlasaaiaamjraaaaadal. (das to whloh toaaalm an ae sakaw. TJaarMttwaUyBPOBabakSBsIs laiiii i tag tartfsaw- tv, WttlAHrmmm. awwaawa1, al pensns sf setfemoarr AaMf, tr ar valuakUas a teuraffre, haprartraf th BPrtMae, flvtaf lotas aal ttoer to the dlaeevlva sriaaxs, tad raaaai-tad thata Id etoaticlay aad strn1h f th wbel ytoas. Th CXnUXia niXI an th rvavall f leeaf brvea. BntaeaBaaiaanaUlysHutTp1aBw awreVaa aa assay veeam, dartm whtoh ttme tberhav frrraated aad rellanwl a Test amxenat f pel. aad sat. rarl a trsea MNdaohs wbe her orirloatin la th aer. u irwaaw. at Iroaa aVsaoavtd state at the lavsk, Thar aa eetirety Vaeetabla ta thetr turaaoatttoa, awrbstaJcanatallttaioa wkth perftet setter without matin any thau of diet, and (A4 aassaao tf t taoarraaohit taut rsnderi If sarr a. tvaaasnlstsrArwi I A4aUfn. BFWARA OF (MnkTraTaaTHTSI Th raaaauat hart Br lnaaaes af BaOsaaT 0. WrUHTSa ea eeh Boa. HVlbflaaTwtaan4aUtaWlaasnmMeactw, A Ilea wU k asa4 ky amU prepaid aa reaef tha nUCMM OMMTfl, Al arden skwald be addseaaadto ttatHKY a BFAIaODM. aKMOedataUMewYork. (SirOLLO rwszr" CEP waa, ""'a.lBijaa' "" " THAT A pcppir AMD burm cmm M W1TUUI XUatlav Al faase rrsfsnaaaitali rsrrasaeoBl bar Mr traud wevAaT mjford vaajiaaataanaahta pre tee ijW, eaf f laa mat artwaatArxaieprrerr, MatarrvuaJ, Co a rb. , 1M1, ttXaWALBtw,. I hav triad rr Cephall FOls, aval VD4 fAews sU tbaA 1 want yeo to sand me tv doUaw wrth Part of thea anew Oa aaeiatih aAaar aait aS tha Brat bOX 1 BOt fro ta whom I sr laaat Ma IUss br asaU, and ebliaw VonreblaerTant. dAaxata UUtNZDT. OataaUOBB, fAa, Pah, t, Ufla IwUhreato aenlfaaaa more beat af your Osaka. kUPUas-i aatHror4rsdnsaieVs4sawnA(rrm Usm, "'aw!AatfYAWlm)IaaaaOCBM. aWatroa Ckxaz, HtarmoToii on Ptl o o n.rrav. ali"Br7 110171 J B. 0. IP AIbTOW, Mat Toa win Bleaae eeal M laptBOtakj M Twat CfAtl4 Plila. aknal them Immediately. toawrown. SDffJMB. r. B-I have Bead a horn ttfwuTUk aad ad aaa Vbbbbsi Ohta. Jaa. IB. IBB- O. Baaxaana. laa. ' ' I Tiad laclaaad tonaatydrraeaaaa. Barwhleh as anetker box of row Cwpaalt PUk. XhaV tri a Tenwaaaj nraawiva, v. BITBAT, MW.I.U,1N. If. tl AUwa Bs, ( IwtafeBjraMMslrauawiwaBtwBBBiwbCktobrea ewrCatpSeaie FU aor partaaadarty kofaee aar saso Ina iri. li ra kve aavtkAa. f fik aand, aaaas aaVaxViMBaiaWBdaMeawl I Blah Biiiia7tBieBllrlaetlnitwea1aywaaaBawdiai am M BBX aw fwor a-aiai waioa a awaa aaala V8Twn- oxbubbo, Fraaklta Osu OhVaJ I MB,e,loi, u KasCia. aakaaal Inltwwitr aaa Beat Bmltwantr-flvaeantolwlarwedala aaaal baa of "Cephall PUla." Br aaCanhalla PUla." Baaal ta addraaa af lta. FUler. lUrnalaWhwrx. rrankila Co. pea, rtlla week haa a ikirm mi nsiik at- larow-j q lUT.n. TratLABTi MlotuJxt,l,18tl. Mr. iraaJtr, Brxl to Ian ahaeel aant to ye far a hex ef Orphan rui lor uw ansa ea ana lauaauae aseaaaeae I and Htm. nveneaa. and aeaielaad the aama, and tbey had s load paaeeaMa aaaa a ara lamaoon w nana aar mosm. Timm ftaaa ar ana aaaii. anrer malL Dtreetta K-m,StZll fa aawawahwr, "ersU, Fa. 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Tba raxaaeoae demand lax kbe artUI ICephalV PCM I tBTidlf tnorssaa, Mr . treldln' wonU BOt atxaaael hla aarae wtke M u Mh4a4laWaMtopewaaeedBTtt, aTTWmfaWdsrfftT,IVsatdWa,iT.l. Tkwtiixwaaytotbelrmv(blroBaalTOattkMal aTswat BU raxO r aTsass, 'aarpwrt, JL 1J lrdaahe PtD aa taklai th pease af aU Untie, Jrkwm ttd rkanasi slat MaaltaTWa, awaroaa, aTa, xwMtoaWlsrraamalsnspartbeheadsslw. aTvewi OU faawaeTsaal CtBabaaaft, Oaia. Bbxwafhaf BBBBaeautr a Ml b twlksraa. fPaVLDEHa'S PREPARED GLUE I rALDUta PUTARB) tTLDM, IPALDISQ'S PREPARED QLUE I aUTlTlIRriXCMBI OOhWIfTI DIBTATCat tr eABTmsi ns Tns Iavb Wuii. nj jmUStt-SUB ivwnaani war sor iwairaMyranMTB, Tna taneAV aaaa .. . . 7a avavuvvi-D raaBMTauuuj UiiUM s all sneh awoerteaaelea, anl no haaaahatl . aa fa. 4 to be wttboof M, It I alarays rsadr. kAdiu to Laxatf pOUWw "CBXaXX Of tmi BOCBaT." M. B.A Bnuh seeonipaalos each beWa, wot, Aaatraw UaTaNAaMaJPAUaJjaaT' IwWe, PrlMJB, TtB. 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