Newspaper of The Sun, March 25, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated March 25, 1861 Page 2
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-W5-J f I B THE NEW YORK SUN. wIOKDAT MOBKINO, IUBCU 25, 18C1. lk dlitcb from Chwltrton thU morning I Wa Tf rath-ye .rireU-ig th policy of Uit Admlntstmlon,tiM I it lraporUnca, lndrMidnt of in troth, whloh 1 mora than doubtful. A corUln eonfl-anc In Ui pacific Intention of the Government will t aeeul la Uit South, even IT t littU .xtgrrtr td. Mwui lb. war dfrpalehe and the mc 4UitchM on thU iucct onilltutto a misentty normal te1cupMo jMm of conUllctieii-tlv truth probably U- U anabLUtT of tb Oovernniant to M anrthinz warlike will l accept! 1 II u t luffioitnt ruo for pur tralnc PMC rlic7 Making a rlrtu. tt nxiir, tb effect of pitier, tlmt and inlore will U tried on the cUcg itttil to the ntimeet, The meat Jndiiloui rrpub ltcaa Jouraeli advocate an extra aeeaion, tor tb rpal of the Morbill tariff I moa r Imperatively and Immediately Kceaaarv. Whatever may U the Inscrutable litue of that extraordinary ptc. of ultra legulAtloti, tU moat dcroteJ friendt cannot rtend that It la fit or practicable in the preeent rendition of affair. We ahoall not be Mirprieed if the policy of the Admlnla'ratlon la ita impoUnt condition, were to be a temper itbg on on th. rob'tctef the revenue law, tKjoaliilng Julie In the main with thoM of the teoedlng lUtee, and allowing the .mail amount of revenue, which, under equal dutlee, find It way Into aculhern cnttom hosnet, to be etulon, Tot the preeent, by the power that pretenl to t, until oxperienc has liutructed, Uler aac baa mollified, and time ha organized the popular nuMiei of the moth, to the point of do m.pjjfig and aerurln a restoration of tb ties ting, of the Union to thonwelvea and their Ioitorlty. Oib columus are fill, today with a mot Utorettlng variety of homo an 1 foreign new, to which, In tbli goneral manner, we call tho attention of our reader, having epic fur ppocial comment. Tb are Indebted to lion. Jar Jarvii Jotct, Iwraoopyeflh 8ralh Anxual Report f Die BtaA Bupertnleadaol of Fubllo Instruillen, aud tooth Stat and Lgl'.etlv docurnal. Tiut Ic Kmiaitoo TinttSiTrmnini on ni HuOf, The aevere now derm, which prevailed durlag the greslsr ptrl f the wark. xtodad from the peiki of Kalehlln, In M tine, to Ike I'llol Mountain la fleorgta. The fill of bmw, withU the radiu of ten mil of tlie City UH, wwnol grant, perhaps not roor tlieaeli lockee la all, bul la clrL'i la nitny p'aa4 are heavy. The etmoephere In thle elty vm elmpTy lireclnff, but eothe Ilnaaon, ae far nottt m Albeny, the thenDMnettr loJlceted tDktnee cold, an t what wee here a dreary U of humlt ecow wae there a Hare end blt'nf tnraado of lr alrel. TL few preiumrauona atemeri thai ted en -deaviweilta tueke the trip, were either firrod l put lM-.k( or were wedged In eulld lc la the atreaaa. .ounf hM iu the ateemtr Hero, of the Mer. ehanW Hvw York and Albany line. That Ul lift the Capital on Wtdnaedty eveulog, with abmt one hundred peuengere, nany of whom were weataa and eai'dien. The UMe crtfi p'owal braTel) through the eterm until ahiut 11 ielocc oa Vfedneeday night, when, oppoatte Ct!atou, ah neouitari vaal le nld, end waa eLllgel lo tap bar aogtnaa and lay to until morning. In th BaralncthepaaMncete wake to flul Ihemaelvee ou .rd ea Iceberg, heara lata the centra of the Uudeoa, The vdltgere approached with p'aahe and ropee, laddrr aid polee, ready l r Kh aeieUno aa they could, but all f, n purp,,.. The opeulug between the ; M h lott about M rMt, wa. e ekJ w, bnkn ..J irewh. roue Ice, ave -( wUeB no ,, dare attempt I pan. 'VaueneautluielhepoaMDgirj had been rainy fcouie without f.wd. alwb are not aupplled on Ihla boat. Late In the iratn Iboy lnduoed the ateward Vi provide euok a bteakfwt ae he ooul I, wbioh he did by cutting up a prtkorcre that kad keen unit from Albany a freight. They ha 1 so coffee or Ureal. V w tkla they paid, ieverally, flty ccnta. And here, we bluih lo add, ooouraa acane that woulil aeem fahuloua wtre it net that It ouiaa fittn tie llpe of one f the women wbo wit. oeaaed It Toentwerea number of ethool ch'l dieu on board, who had boeaatnt on a vacation vUlt to their partnte. I i,ecllag to reach home la the morslug, they hd taken no money , aod were unable to ay the ! femanded lor meala, aul were aoutdmglr refund fiod. lley had within to eat tioai Wedi etday might until Friday afV'r ooo, when the ha having farmed to the ateame 't aide, thecaptin ptaaaTt'e-e were liberated. Duitaflhle tlmt the captain. It It alleged, had bidden blmae!', and wae nowbaie to be aeea until, m they were about to leave, the puwagere aaatoi. Ued on dttk. In aa tail gaatlon mealing, and eu n uoued hlat lato their prenrnra. Tne eteaiutr hw nut arrived, aud we are stable to give hie vtral ef the mailer. The pwwnfera were haadtomaly received on ahor when, allant, on Filday afternoon, they were able te ieatelbe lioat, wh'oh undertaking Itaelf wai oave of gieal hattrd, and In which aaveral women Vroke tbicagh the lo aud aere with d fficully lee cued. Eaathlrg a il.lmn oa the Uudaon Klvar BaUroad, wet, fau'ahtag, eud many of theia pen nlleas, they attlel thilreaM to the ticket maatcr, and that gtutlemea paaaad tkem through, Toy artlted la tail c ty at ahaut II o-ikxk ou 1'rld.v night, we are happy to be able to add, without lou ofllfa. ArlniMT ok Dri ok. Tho eucce-kM mm pelltor nuog thuae who aul m'IKd dtalgna for tba nawballtlloguflhe N,Uoual Aoadeuy c! Ojtlgn, to be ended oa the coiner of tin Artnue ai i tldatrait, waeMf. P II. Wiciit, a youog arvti teot, a native of New York, graduttaof the Ire Academy, aal wbo hwrewnry relumed I, the cUy,aftrarealdeDCila Cil'tfo. Tat A M tiy U to be of Itorcheeler ilu, la three ei.hti cm each eldeof tbeoantiaealraooe, ul.Uh la ap l-oUedkya double Qghted etaiiwa, alai .f ataae, with thiee plalaia. The auouul alery ou both aareeae la a aerlae of arthel columae aa.l erchea. The maeoary of thle eloiy la Iu alternate course of rhllaJalpkla britk and DrofiiwUr ton. Th third etory will be deroUl nilrly a to tihlbltloo gallurtee there wt'J b no opnv tog (roa the ef Jet, the light all soulng from above. Tb etyle of areUteotnr ia adiptad from the !aaaHrmoaie. To building le aetlmtut to ooat ebJUl fu) 0t. Nj nulpt't' will be uaed toadoia thcitwtor, the pjroicif Iu bulldia Mac ladloaled by tb Inldala N. A ,- In . ored tflee, ineerted ea each aide of the antra 31 1. Fine Detabtukj-t. Tb expenaea of th - Uepartmaut" of New Yoik Uat year aiuwU to tM8,. Thle earn doee not lotlui pur. . rhr-11 f real eelate, eipeuit if priming aal tatleoery, aud tta Inteieat m value of apparal.w. The force of tie Drpartraeul la aa iollowe 1 Luglae CompanUa , M lloae Cooaaajea M 4 UoJl end Lelder Compaoite II -Jolal,,., , 23 0. tie ielof jeni liw.r. Iin.i a. MojtJ. in I the F.e Urpartmant, 11 agtaaera, Vl member of rna cwmpaidee, 1,411 v"""' hoe oomrl. 6o ml ere of bk. and 14 J ec oompanlee-ariaklng a toul of 4,WT fcan. X Fial Ixit. S. Baii, a colebratel circu. patfutmar and ptoprloto', wboM nau. te familiar to Uaaimnt a oaeofihe prlacTpal mambar. of ah. ' herM riding pr. LiJ wa. burlaw yrday. fco- hU Uu g.i UmVM atreeand Blcnlngdal. road. Ue ZZTa tb. Hth u't, M U.vaoa, of oong-tha cth bral,at the aof nearly 41 yeara. HU Sral wa. alteodad by th. tthr of .New k JX bttloi 1 MiJru oi - I Umar HeaU THE LATEST NEWS. r TEimiurn to tbk jr. r. atrr. c ForOlKIl IntolllgOQCO t Anlvnl of IkoO-aadau . 0 i Four days later from Europe. ss:,o ix amcie. Hah far, ifrrtkiX, mi. The R. M. itaanv tie Canada, "rem I,'rpot Karon tk via Qnn atownen th. llth, arrived bar at 8i3D A, at. te Th eteemehlp A trie, from New York, arrt led at Quearolown on Iha lOihi 1H Caaede ha t9o,00 Iu (peel. Th liar k of rolaad rafaelnf to make epeel pay mrnt on naaataa bada, military firoea had taken BiMiaalon ef the amount r,ulreil. II w reaartad that rrtno Ntpoltoa wet abtut te proceed I Turin I aaroCaa for ta withdrawal of tbe llecrh trorp. Isrtrjvol, Unrc 9. All ll quiet at rfaraaw. ItUitatad UUthaauiiberof peiaona killed by the Irorpa there waa ftf.y Vlira. TheLUhadeaf Ihecl.aUlof Ueaalna laoffljlel. 1 proa'almed, end hoatllltlea hare oornmaeuwd. RtTirrt haa been elected Pre, Went ef th Italian CHatulr of Devalue. The French Beaat ha finally ado-Had an ad dreaa In reply to th Enptror'a apeaoh. Thar war but three negative vale againal U. On thi rarla Doorie, th. rant are at CM. Me, Uret IlrtuUau In Wi Houm of Lord, on tho 7th, Itrd Wor olioDia .aid II wia Km that R'laela ba.1 aenl a dlaiaMch lo the fienoh boviunmeut, approvlnir of tea rrencn ovonpavon in Syria, ana inumeung that Ruiala would. If neceaaary, aepport the aend Irg ef an tnrreaaed farce, Nag itlatiuu, however, are now prrgrraalng on the eufejart. The D'ike of Mwuaavi.a, la rely to t,ird Deter, ealdlbe L-glilature of BrIUak Uuiaoa bed keas loatrucled w oonalder tbe bill tanctluolng tbe e. tradition of prleuawr oaoeping from th Frenck colony of Cajun. but twUUaal orfandar war to b carefully aoludVl from ta optraUnn f Ik maaaure loth lima of Ommoaeon IbaTlh, an Inter. eelligrebeteaiok place on Italian affaire. Enirt Java Sir Konaer I'aai, Mr, UiaiToa.,aad Lord Joan Keren 1, defended the policy of hielead, the Klog of Sardinia, aad Uaeiaiuit, while eavral Iilab neaiheie Viok the 0iali aide, and air, Boritriv made a pro Anatrlen ape, h. V ti Toe Indiia Ttiiut, In reviewing Jamato D via Uaogural apeeh, eava It never haa real a f.ubllo document to diUJQUll t Interpret aod ate ye. Fmaee. A meeting of Ilururarlaa ent Pollah naltMlllle. la aald to hare been held at the Palace lleyah II la reported that tb Emperor hi atopped the bulldirr of lr-n plated hlp, owing to remit obtained by tb laat aw Invention of aaanon. 'lhatfiaaaeffelr la aald to be aaaumlng a more erloua aapect. II I not allowed to oomuunloeM with any one. Indiptudent member of tlie Corp Leglelatlf hal propiMwd vailoue liberal avandmente te the AdJieae, oallleg, aironfil oiher Iblnga, far the repeal of the law of I'ulillc Stfety, freedon af the frea, AVo. Tee debate would ooumtnea on tb lib of Man h. Th llu licet for W1 hed ben aubmltted b the I.lillaiu e. Th eiTlltura are eitimtted at nearly eighty million rwrnda eletllog, tbe r alpta ehow a aurpftui of above belf e million. Tbe War Hepattment aim e an iacraaaed eipendlture of over a million eUrllng. Italy. The Rlclllan'e Inlcnlel to celebrate (ItaiutiM'e Salnt'a l)tf, by a gem rl holiday. It waa rtruj that the luau AahblahopCei tan la to be rreeUd a Caidlaal. The Amlrlan (hurtle eete I bat Fatuor II, bat determined to elay In ltiuieea lebgaalhe Toji remain thara. pala. Th. gpailah Unlveralty bar pronounced I (aror oflbalemioial powar of lb I'opa, and reiudlalaj tbe Idea oftranfrilng th papacy lo Jaruaalta. Koaala. The rrovlMonal delegation of dllrant eonllnued their fucctlunt in luuaUln ng public order la Wtrwe, It waa reporvd that the F.mpersi 'a brother would ehnrlly villi VTaraaw. Tbe garrlaon of Waratw we being nightly In craaaad, bul tb lmprwalen wa that peao wjuld b preaarrtd. Tnikty. Bmloua dlaaecelona bar occurred. Vbi It 'ibie- The i daman be InnairAlA... n.r.t. ..a n... lla bad bean a .,.. .v.. ,. f..r.i ,...-.. rrerceif hnlw j.M would b eerloualy alfecied. ihe 1-orte had nt an enewer lo the lart ltuwlan note, la whloh it dcnle all ilgbl of foralga Intorfe. leno. In tie International aff.ira of Tin key. lb Tmklah flat I, wlih trorpa and elx mautha provleion on board, waa eb)ul I oiubj off th otaalt-f Dalmatla. The) Ttwt, lH'1 TtUtirayti (o Qiui-natoun, IMA.) fban, Wft. Oinip'ale tranquility prevalla at llaiaaw. lire hundred oilmen-, and military al I rnately .airol lb cily vry Big it Ihlamurnlngiallglou funeral omcnoole took plat iu lb church at Wareaw. A Judicial eiuliy, rnodtiotcd by a coraoiUatoa con,M4ed F uaa and Rtianlana, under the Freai dmij tfUeu. Lti-oaaiu, la being Impartially tar. tin. Frthh anlvala of military from all part of the Oountry ootllnue lo lake plaot. Mi y w 'turn are le-iVira; the city and lak'ng up their tiiaitele In Ibeiilaclel of Wataaw. The rep'y of the Kisparor to the petition of Ihe Pole, Itamloualy xprted Tne city la allli in derp mourn'ng. Th aliop windoea contain m thlrg bul blat k r-artr booka. I'hot grai'l 10 -voitnlM it tboae wbo fell In Ihe late d rtiiilaaica, aietold In great qutntitie-i. The burial Kiouad In which they weie all Interred, hat beua dnomud with a great quantity of Qdaer and wrrelbe JUiu aleiahalMMtucw, I the deUle La Ihe Beukte, d d not coaool hie opinion in ftrr of the I'ope, but er alrong irpreaentatiine, cooientid bilaae Fail tn Ihe day cf th final vole, In or der Hal t inlgbl la returned among --the Beuature abatnl on the ettvlc of th Knparor," India. Th 11 iuly mall of Feb. lJlh bad rea bed Un glanl,atd the AmeiUm partloa here been (or. vaided lu lie Canada. The maikct ar dull. FulglU tut cotton bad adrauood. Ieedan Itleney mikrf. Tie funda ar '. fl-mer. tnuole ileeed at ,' edvnce. Tneprraiure for Wane on the Htxk K chane I al ccuaide ab'y dinilnlvbed la tbedi. count inaiket thtr waa a goo J, bul lee e-tle de rraud U r mot-ey the beat abort Ul'a were nailed I'.v. Ihade-aaiid atlhellink wa raihtrbriak. Ttcintiix of (old o Anrr waa ptrllally oajt pouHalcd br by th teielpl from th ooutineaW tVoaaaaeirrUI. Axrnii At Sat i turns. lonlon, Miirei 9. I'. inula I'm I al abara SiaKI diauount- l.rla aharea !(;:;-;. N Vk Oiual aharea 11 t. hinge. .inrM ', trijity. llretdritutl are tteady. 1'iovUloaa a-w dul '. Conaula VlJiaUl -,fur moaev, aidCii'JJ1, t'r aicoiint. ' Iaisiiin Motar MABKr-r. . mdon, fri.dir. Tt a I uHita. la u.e II uik of 1 g a d ha t atcn aeJ A 1 1) (tin. Ibe ruunry market te unchanged, ma line Nrwn. Tin I). D. Si'tn I ithiirt near fieri. Tho I oulaa Ika'. for Na Y, ik. I in back the Ith. Taa liaiiuta from Near Orleana fur I, terpool, wat C1T liaruiiutu tr.e ll-, win toee ur matte and aaren (el water In the lol.l. The Oooqirart, tahor near Uel)haad, 1 bieek'ng up. T Tnt la, from Southampton the "lb, and tbe .nro a fto- I.W.rjool th Cth, arrived al thi -itoli 8i.iiir.Uy 1 heir ewa baa batii antlciatod Tb ' I ring (1,(4-9 in epeci. X.XJLtllU. t-OMJUUMHriciuite, rTuiAra (on, AfuriA 113 -A letUr wi rol from lb Vic Prenldent, I whloh he ataled thai it wa hi Intention to U ebaeut during lh rruln dar of th Senate, and la order to afford an opp ir. lunliy for th Senate to alect Vloa. 1'ra.Wrml in (envarc, b. dealrad thi (act to be made known. tin motion of Mr. Uiu, Mr. Foot, waa nnani. mo ialy thoaaa Freaidaul pre (ivnjior. Mr Four ( I ) balng omdaciad la the rhtlr.aald be itealved tnla unaadmou iproaeienof their eoofl. rwxfct.dgood will, wUhtfull reoognlnoa of lh. paiaoaal auuipllunl whln It Laiilled, and h Irut ed with a full appreciation of the direct and con. UUlrai I rralionaibilltr trap raad, UunwAuntf Ur, Wu", a oommlltoe waa or dated lob apM'mrd le ooumuebate lh farlot tb lc-'tlun of a FjaetcUrut JW tmyjrl U be Viet Free Id ant. Ueetie fiaium indWiuoa war appointed thi ooianulree. Mr. Wif'P'eetntfd lh credential tf Ur. Sua nan of Oole, ed Bmatorlo eupply thaplact of Mr. Cntti h i leelguad. Mr. Buaauaa qoalifltd and took hi eett. Mr. Haul mod tetek up hi icaotut oof j th eiotMOdo'enicerr, Airetdto -tKaltlJ M llaauuT (lad ) aTd it f wlpotatnocl to tit area alone ay la Irrceniuer. Mr llaoatii'(Ky J'evored pMtpoununt' 11 tbaughl II wouia be violative of uiaiie to malt- aeueialeneepol lhiiib.irdiuelee cf tha Beaatu, manv of whom would b led lu actual dwiitattou IlwabitJxtiatdUlrlhatlhlctioo atoddt Buatnot ed until the aeil teaeton. In order Ileal lb, rV-'...aiia. l.,k forward and make eomo slht aaiiM..11--"'' . , . .. .L ..... . provleion for their eub lathee. If thi laravilod Uloiat the cflluie would b ""r . -i. .. .liui aatilcaa. It j l iiv raauiuutfu dleti tailed waa a IU frTbHiaand mictTvu yatom.nd wold ulu r ... i.. c..b .i.a anv aovainmenl e aaith. Mr llaia.(N U ) wilh due repacl, aald. the rJuWi vu iol luillfled In lie Infarwe i lbl leer. wtlTl. a .nr.l eweep. Bat H would aotb. etrtnge If the 1UI of aubordlaal ahould wciub a lilda i aamlevUou ronrrlloii Mr I'.al durlug ni4Mlvi'i I'M ,lxvv '", L ai r'r iuown m rfh.M of the Heiaaa cbogd tor potltbwl tcaton. II. araw th country waa aew la thamldet of e revolutioeutml thle we ant tb. prrpar time to make removal, of autmrdliat who, ao tar a k. knew, wire all boat ret faithful man. Mr CirTouiaCN C ) oppaaed a new ataetioa, ra maiklrg that ha, netthar now nor heretofova, knew tb. Bollilcal oolaloaa of ear of the aubordlaal. Mr. IMivaLaa aald political proaerlptloa waa to li r-ractload lor th fl at lima la the Ben ale, te lb. public Injury and demorallaatlea a he thought. Mr. jMiaeoa (Teaa.) fat factually to Trad that the 8111. go Into mcu-re iraajon. Dlag d t Mr. Nanrrm tOtegoo) reorgalred the doctrln ttlHln vleti re belona; lb apolat" Tb only auretloa waa, when aba died war. te b amlpad an lb. wonnded ettlprxd. He knew the alminUrara tloa wa. very much (mbarraaaad by throne of OaunUeae faalanxo wbo want pUee. II'TlagbuaV. nee at tlat depaitn enta, b repalrad Ihllhar aad uuta erwy avenue leaning to inoucm rrery aaeretary aad head ef bureau crowded by old meat atd younff man, Ung, lean, end gaunt men, aad fat men, end avmio wlih f Ul aalta of hair, and by bald-heeded nun. (Laughter) It wa aald, "Neeo nddbd wbll rt-m. wu bora eg," but her war Ibaoaaidetf ofl.oara flddlurg 4 the leave. and Sanaa wLUthgevramul waa Uttog oaaarry. ed. CmlCtrW lb prteent i genol ef th omantry. h would turn th federal baronet again! Ilea c flV aeeker. doing to oet ef lb publlo of fifl en bualaeae for Orrgia, a gentleaian from llllnol took htm fur aa offi aeekf be we etendinf In the crowd. Raid the gen tleman U hlai "I kave nted Uat little mat te you 11 gat th Toe omen," (Laughter Bin men were born to greatpeaa, othr here honor tarred upon thee, and he wa alioul beiag located in ta interior ar iiunoi, in an omc n aia noi daall. (Leughtnr) Mr. Beaoateanvea motion to poMpnn eeelde. rattan of Ik reaolul'on IU1 the eaoond Mmday In lcair wa nrgallvtd II again! it. Mr. PowmlK, JmovadloUk up Mr. Hurt revolution providlrg for tb aajoarnmeal of the ttenaleeMe Ue today. Tie B'pnbli, an, for the InlUme. were atteteptlnr to bring lhanteet for EboelathefalClimlar He w mid not lead bi pretence to rich deaedlng worka. Mr. Tlcmrjil. (Ill) tepllel The B'naWir cenw paUKil that they did nut trauaet bualneat.but hew could tliey, when b and hi niudfl wr r laKnllr akiig dilatory motion and calllag for tb vae aad nate lo ate lima. TneB-eaUr hlraaelf hed abown hleenxieiy In boll ontolhe or firea for hi friend aed wanted thi laaolutlo poavpnned until I lekember.ln order lhal,mean while, they raiaht enjoy the crumba. Did enabody aver hear of Iiemaciaia anpoii.t'.nir Repub loaaa t effljtf Yt II waaawondairil thing the Reaublioau pro paed le lurn eul ote Dimorral H ime Banalar on th nlber aide wet ready to dlairgenlre tb government, break up a rjnomm and et"p the whaetaofgovernauntln Older to keeelhelr fnanda In iffloe, II waa not tinuaual to make thaageeof oftVere during eiecutire aeaalntie. Mr. Poanu U reply ta tbe reinaik that b wa anilou to bald on to tb tfBcx for bi party faenrltea, a'd reel of them war her In office, M Lime hed aekad ofSci of the admleatrativn. He warat,fi(l,nl lliaadinlnba-atlon would never etippt't aiy but RepubllLana. except inllk.end (ider enoraa la the elate Male, with a view to build up I Republican paily there. Mr. .loueao egala moved to u Inte executive etolon, wblrh prtrlU.!, Hi agaloal 10. After aom llai epeul In tb irjutlr. eeuloo th Senate adjoumad. MKW YOKK I.FdHI.ATrKKHcnale, Tlie 111 In give leril tff ct to the derlaton of th Oimniltte of Aibltretlim ef the C'nainlerr af Cominwf, bi amend th l.iolre Law i to amnd tl law for tea oollrrtlnn on len la f nunaealdiaite, and bieothorlae tbe Cealial Paik C Murolaiaioer t ravUw lb ta of th Cemmlnalooera appulntad by the Mayor, Aldermen, and (Jimnyaia'ly af Naw ork, wtrerepuitrdcaaiplete, and ordaiod I a third rradlog. The trill lo authorize tbe trenafer of raae frma the tVnitt of BavaloitN lo tie Court of oer and Terminer, waa renotoil farora'i y The I'eaon f iu miailuuern, pj Intad by tb l.a glalalureof New Yoih,, made a vwluminnua re ort of tbeir pruoaedloga, wbiah wa ordered bi b tainted. rmji r-n RalalivaUlbelilaud Neelgailm Ie. Ci. Limiting lb leaui ef t ftl are of the Uilill. Aenrmbly, Manh 21 Tan local billt were Allan, read ftuaiaraco, oltai log f ready fur third reading. Mr. IlAnnr preeruMd from th tab. a 1 bill preeented remonetrftnaa from Ihe ategopruitiaeoie on Ihe Uavlwy route agtlnal Ik Broadway railway, aottlna t.rm lal Ibey wculdmakenoBriaagement with lb Inoor pOTatunof lh railroad to withdraw their omnl berate unleaa onmpei'f d to do ae, aad protaa log agaiaet tbe Injury to Ihelr property aud Ihe lure aieu of Ihelr vaetad light, Mr. II aam al 1 vra.ntel a, ramooaltanc rem Ihe mttltery, and five from properly owoeravmlnt th tame road. Mmre. R..iueio, Pirv a, eTl.ln, end M Irra. hott, ireaecledprtitionalbr the mad. the following bill war rrpnud favorably by the committee. To amend th act of HCO to alter the plan or map of New York. To relee tha aa'arla of th pbyalcUn al Auburn and 8ln Bing prleoo. Tb llrroklyn But Ara-nl MIL Toaineud lie charter tl Naw Yolk. Mr. AVounaurr, from tb Btlecl Cmiralltee on Bundey laae.reioiWd bill to amend IbeBunday law, ao w to allow lb rale of lagar beer, tl and a'l n.all liquor, on BnnJar. Mr, IUli irav nolle that h ehould prenl a nilnmliy nport. The bill in rtUilm loconittb! lall'aoklyn, audio amend the ll-ooklya chart r, wa ordered lo a third rvadlag. Mr. V11 xvrr bdroducrd a bill to 10-nvlde fir lhenindmealof lb ctarvr of Nw York cily, and the submlaalun of lh aac te In peipla, Tb name w Cruinlaaioiieia lo ami nd Ihe 1 barter, are Mreera. llla.llW.U Fiah, llaolal F. T.eiaio, Win. M Maiw, K .bi. J. 1) lion. DtndT V.len line. It A a (I uld, Andrew Canlgn,J W lo ll rop Cl.anlir, lletm W. 11 ennou ud Wa B Mo Ley. 1 be (barter wtBirudrd by Ihe C immlaalonara, bi b aubmltced bi the Klector of New Voik, and if appvottd by raaj.a-lty of lh ele. lor, then to be eulenlued to ilia l.'gialalure, and if ratided by them without amendment, te go Into effect. Mr Pirate uava notb of a motion touapod lh trth aid 43d rulaa, far raltlae to Ihe con alnulloui.ftte Uroadway ltillrva.1. The Art rii.b!y atallahrd Ihe afternoon raa'on and niod th wealoua al half pa t 9 a u., and 9 p.m. Mr. rieacB tfhred a reenlulloa, liurlructlng th Cetnmmee on Jav (iiniiuei'a bribery ia, to en quire Into lh rrjeteia of log ro Hag, ard report whether any threat had lietm ma le by any par uu baalde ur ouieid of the llouw, to defeat m bllla If other ware not aupporled. A lopt-d. Tbe reHirl 1 f II e Committee 10 f llilale lh La eibNeof the Uouv, ww called up. A prooliion wa again mad to enbutltitt lb old eyiterotl tb QrinJlcgCimtnlt.. Flea IVaahlngtea. Jl'i.Aia (0, Jfrin 23. The Secretary ff ihe Troauiy baa advullaed far propoaala lilt tie 'J.1 of April lor e'lhl mllcb ua of the avick of ibe United Bcatea,te le leued under Ibe ail of Februaiy. Tula aum will be euthoieut for Ihe a aula ol th Treectirj during lb pneeat tl'al year. Col. Pi rv M abb, n w In Waahlagl m, la about atartlug fur 1 uroia on buaiaoa ounmi Ud wlih th xmaummatiuu of hi gnat IcutoniBteeiner ester. pelae. The Fieeldenl hta been an beaet with cflh'a-aerk. era aa to be able lo ride out only twice atnee onroiag liaoolS.a He I rereirtngaovlalta whatever to day, allhcr tt flirndehlp ur on bualnaaa. Wn.nm, .V.ini ii Th Benal today oon (nurd lLa filcwlig noiuli a'lmui Jaatt M Bi uat l'ortmeaier at ,lnaavill, Wia 1 ABi'llllitLl W. Cauriixii., lualjiaMtar at Wheal cng: Auikbt Toil., r..r.ia.aater al Lexlrgtun, Ky 1 Wu. !. MrM 11 IVrtmacter at Nhil'e, Teou , Facern in Biarumaii, Cuilrcior at Niagara; Jaaxa L Ml ioBiL ofKanMi.r. rl. Mitahal (er 111 elate; Wa I. lunea, Jr ,ofMw Jaiaey, Aw rtaut 8o. nlatyol legation el Farle; CuabiiiL Wiia..,of Ibluoi, rbei atari o! Lgalijii at London, Joiik t. Houab, olTanaaaaee, ConeultoMI TBoiac; Jouil llAa. I 8. Ulalrtrl Attorney for ludiaoa. Ia addlUoa to the above, a number af land offi. oera end army promotlone were coBflrBHd, In c'uolng Uetof Leutauaal Colcnal LtatobeColo kel, ia pier of Col, Bcuara, promoted. rTaaAiri.e'rin, JfarcA 2 1. Th number of oilier. eeaWera m Waahiigtoaaaeme tobeoalhelncreaae. Tb lwperruei.l o.-ullau to b thronged with Ihrm, much to the luterruclluu af the puKc burdueae. The removal will be nnmrrwue In the elvll braachi uf It Uovarnmwt, and Ihey will lak ai w oua w case (a a b prqurad fur ufboiel eiib-n. Wu. Jaib. of Illluol, haa ben nomLnikd for (lavaruut of llfavtab Dttrttv Kxub, of Weahlagipo, hei Belief, aad main by orer of th t'liul, bogo and oountar, fell n -kaua tweuly acran dlffaraut bank, amount Ing to -fW.OH', alao p.atea, die, etc, Tna pcclc. ..ea contaia Ihe (ollowlrg Ihlrtr thouaand dollaie In eoua'arfhll on lh Bank ol Augutte, Male, I4d,0vil unelgnadonui, trrfali on lh Blat Hat k of Ohio, t30,0m bogua on Ihe Columbia Huk, Waahbagton Ciiyi S30.0HU la ceui.le bleonlhe Fatmera'aud M-cbaalca' Bank of VlTginla 1 t,eoO f aeran denomination I eounttrfali on the Camden llcnk, Jaiaey, and four platoa 1 f tha above bank, Illaa of the dauoialna tlrn af ten canle, cue dollar, and two aud a half duller puoea, nr aleo ctpluied. Th Cabinet, In a aaaton yaawday, wa occupied I reflating aemtaaitau fur the action of lh Sen ate, wbo at Ul'0111 to doe lb teaale w aoan w irractlcabla Mr. Ilouowir, of Indian, for Co-arnlloter of IMcuU, vaa rtported favorably to the Braata to day, and II I bettered will be connnntd. aotarllh-. ataudirg tl claim of Mr, Food, of MenHimp ahlr. rTbe nomlaatlca of Haair Wirrrra Davie, of Miry'a-id, w aavay to UuaaU, will Uaeat I oa Monday . . The following I understood lo b tw prrgrtmiu of lh Nrw Yetk ap.loameoU (gratd poa I Cullactor of the Pott, llmaii Baaem Ntral Ott- orr, Biurna Dmaraa, Buivayor of lh Fori, Jaura tvareua tvvum, a-mt rjmosr, n at. rn.aTUBFuan (Mtrial Aiprelaar, faaao rliiamuAa; Pet OSca, VuiuuTari. Naj Agn,D. D. T. Mitaual i 8i,b-Yeaau ', UllBAkor IIPTi'll BANt'tl. A. Il I aia m. 1 u.-iaaa jr-M lie (li'rt'i Lttf r neif il. vwuilbtt, that ear rUayth.rr-eUatUud the order to Major Aamaaren to put fcl omiaaaad la readlnaa lo rrae-aaa Fart luanMr, upon th ar rival at that plan of a United State war etearaer. Thar, ta ao mtentlea. H It .aid, oa the part of the South Carolina nulhotlllaa, to pro-ran Ik vto- nation fat euok a manner a the United aat for emroana hat aaea nt to employ. Major Aacnaoa I I ordered It i report North Iat.rt.llac fraea Charleaataea, TTdaAiVori, I March 2L Th. Charleeton Cburtcrof Itlday laat, raoalred bar, attto thai Surgeon F ef Ihe V. S Mety, had airlved lhar. with ordar. from Whlngton, to vUlt and raporl on Ihe condition of For! Simtor. H wa permit ted to gi thither en th. condition af bUg toooea- paalad by Captala HainTDir. Th Ourier note lh arrival la CharUatoa Of Mr. Httain and family, Oongreemaa of South Carolina, aadaaya, "Ufol h left Waahlngton, Mr. Sawian deelred him t ay to th poplf CharleaVon.thUhe we for a peaceful aHlratent, and would do evtrythlng la hi. pnrer lor aa amb cabla trraegemeol till affair of lh etanlry. Mr. Dounr alao report, thai Omaral Soon gar. almllar aaaarancee. lh Frealdinl favor th aam. policy, and a ma jority of th. Cat inat dealt th. arllhdiawat of th. trorp from Fort Fiokan, aa wall a. Fort Sumter, rYaiftiflTfoai, March 23. Th Charlaatoa Cura', of ike Slat laat, received her, eare the aa nrll in that Ihe trrm of aerrloe ef twenty all ef Mnr Atiaaoa ma kad nearly aipired, m a mietak. Major Aaorouou waa dally In rpctatlo f r aaivwa, ,., an avaanete Kort Snaitar. Tb eurply of pxrliioa. and fual wa. kaatly BtlBCot apaedily rellered h. will be oomJ peM lo burn aom gun eartiag, n ataled tailtl for! would bi given up to lh Seulk Oaro Una ulhorltle after an eiamlnalion by lh aalbtr laed afflorre, and receipt fir lh properly. (Jol.ltrtad had a lorg Interview with (lie. Fii-aaee and den. Uiapaaoaau. (leerad Stal. Canveatloa, Aujiula, Ga., M arch 1 1. Tha 8taU Con vant.on adjourned on Halurday night. Tb Onventinn aloplel aul omalllutlon, which la t) be raUflal or reiartad I y a vat of th people al an election lo take place In July nail. There 1 nothing new from M m'gotnery. It le generally bellertd la Cbarleaton thai Malar Aeomuoa evacuated Fort Sumpter on VTedneaday Ibe troop from dlflereal portion of Ik. Suth are coeceulieting al Fenraeula. Tb TlrataJa Stat Cewvewtlea. Itxhmon'l, Ya., March 23. The Virginia Stat Coavantloa iaaemhid to-day, aad MX, BaiJrwia finlahtd hi union epaeok. Mr liiucaor iiUEr,ineacommevoa aapeocm la reply, end bad not concluded whan tha Coeren tlon adjourved. After lh adjounmml Mr Batnwrrr wa pr. aanud with a beautiful wreath, la behalf ot tU uriou Udla of Virginia. I Atrr Froea Texaa. (liilifttim, Ttxm, March 22, rin .Vein Otlnnt, March 13 -The Hiate I,e;l.liare met en Ihe 13ih Inat. Tbemaaplare of the llonae end Senaw, twk Iheoath of altegtanc to lb w Uivrnmal, a few of thtm nndrr prntrat. Covenv.r Ileiaroa aud lh Secretary of Slatt, hare retln d from their c Qcaa, and aurrendered the arcblvee. (li.vrmarHnurrToj had Iraual an appeal to the people, denouacirg the atete ouirenlbin. I'Leoieireatiun ha paaerd a e'itl ll for th army bll', providing fir Ihe raising of only on mouuted rtgirnaul- Dealh af a Member of Coacreai. .f.Tanfoit, '.!., March 21 Tho lltn. (I, W. rb Btaroe, Mi I er of Ongreea from U12th Die trlilof Prnnaylrania, died her today. Front Noifolk. SitrfJl, March 21 Cnmmtdor Jri-in Tit aiN, of lb U. a. Nary did bar hiday at hi rvaldcuca, rtklp Wrork Jl'tlrm, March 23. llrln II. Ktee, from New York fur Dublin, 1 hor al Plymouth, Mt. Fart uf her cargo lea two thrown overbjenl. Be I laeVIng badly, and may begot ojaftw diacharg latr. Crew wvd. Ihe bri LauietU. from Mae far aaboiaal Viucd l'--i, oaeo She will gat off. Hallerr Explerdea. lrM.l no n.. .... Irtimttomn, AT. 1". boiler ef lb panor ml. I of Beam A lla.w.. ainlod. d laat night, naklog a eemplete wreck of the lul'ding lately artcted. Two man war Injured, on danger uaiy, Fire at llaleabnrg, III, Calcihurj, HI., March 23. A flro tbl tuoralag did coiald Fabl daanaga tothbaBkfng houeeofA D K'li., rl deelmyadwrm adelu Ing buil.lBg Low from $10 604 to $11,00 1 la luience $ 1 (.1.0. lire la Nawbotypaia. .of.m,, 21 Th North Church la

Nawbuiypnrt ww di atroyrel by fire Ihla morning latin 0 Buitu,! year old, wu kIL'ad by a falln g wall. "CITY" NEWS. Tick U. S, Mail Moamahlp nienville, J. D. Bit I ok, commander, from New Orleaa the 13th, aad Havana 14th, arrival al an early hour Salur day morning, rl ha Uaa had an uaueually aerara paaaage, with alreug ga'w from th aaflk and north weal, the entire diatama from lh latiUd of Cp Florida. Bh brinja no aw of Imparl anc. CoinRFnCnriiiT Aitlpm. For lh bn Ct of thi chtritt'rie lnetltutleu a Ltdlea Fall will be he'd on Tueeday, Wedneod ty, and Tburaday next, at N 141 Broadway, They hate, lnc Iht opeulrg of the lutUtullon, admltwl l,fld chlldrao, whom Ihey bar educated. They hav aiw la th Innliiullou 216. They Deed aid. F.ttTTBN DiM-ritABT. Th twcnly-voth annual report of Ihla Iwlltutlon ww Buhmltted on Saturday. Tb pbyelrlan bar treated II 411 J atlanta during tb year, Tb Trcwunr-a report ahowa lh aum of $10 70 due Ihs Dlepemary, So im itt ok Milk. Owinn to th detention of railroad liaiu by th late atorm, lh city waa but Imperfcotly aujj.led with "pur Orange County milk " ou Friday and Saturday, Thi. fact privaa omlnaircly la I our milk 1 not from diatillaiyftd kin. II I not all of the'k aad Ciutou 1 and Ihla la aomethlng te know. Tai vSmriAT. Yeelerdtr wt Talai Sun day, th fl. M day of llily Wee', eat ee euch ww obwrvad with uaueually Interesting cere monies la Ihe Roman Cathullo and Fplecopallaa chuickaa ef th olty, Aa lu name ladlettea, lh day commauoratra tra entry of Chrlel Into Jar luelem, when Ihe people strewed palm breach ee Lu ill way, Coca rmi kit on. dollar Mill 011 tb. D ink ' llanulngtun, VI , ar reported by th pUc. CnAaar aiuivst tiir Iltanoa MAtreiu. Ta B pedal Coaunllto of lh Blat Beuaw, oonalaV Irg of Maaara. Oeabt, F. P. Mcarar, aad A. Mc t a, aijolitad lo Invrerlgal lb charge aralna tbe Niw oik haibor maalera, left Albany Fridap artermn,lo enter upon lh dlacharg ef their dutle. Th ttteatlon of lh Senate ww called la the rbaige .j Mr, Oraar, d h I thtesfor chair nan cflLa committee. Ciivbi 11 orTHsTrnrrias. AIW th nttal Irctur al lh Cbarch 0' the Furllana, Friday va ing lb lltv 8. at I)atu took th chair. Mr. E. W. Curat it stated the ttjiat of th meeting to b tha praaentatlen to th church of a request fbr a mu tual osuacll, to eettle a multitude af difficulties, aad 'o to eosldr whathtr th lataraataaftal chnrch la particular, and the caue of Christ la lh ally of Naw York generally, would not be aubearved by the dlaeolutlon of the illation bet wee th pr. ant Faibir, Dr. (Jan. B Cuuvxa, aod lh Chnrch of lh ruiltaa A vote lalng taken, the abtie r quest wee rejected by lh church by aa overwhelm lag majority. Tb Ural tegular report of lh Chnrch 1'ieca Cooihrerc wtt next reed, abaa our reporter left. Tb meeting ww ttaandti, with a rtportorlal rept autatloa from lh. oily prate. rkrea, laaatata, AAdBta, cVa. FlBE IS DaOADWAT. UoTBCdlOS OP CaMTxaaaar UA14 Yiaierday mornlag, a few minute before o'clock, flamei were seen break, log eul of lh building eltuettd la tha rear of No Col Broadway, koowu w Canterbury Muale nll. occupied by Foxdi Coiaaa. Before the treaun arrived oa the ground ta bullllng ww wreppet la flam, and ww ta aa boar' time a lottl wrac c The building waa formally knows w MonrtHtlt, bul fcw bea oocsalad w a concert hall forab oil a rear Tha building belong to th estate af Kv WlUIU d lb low In bulldio umueUto almi.1 $1 00a), fully lasuied. Th I 1 tl F Id Cc U about l,0U0, Ict'lTKl. Itl 8crro IsraJTrcroa. Cornr 8cnTxm am wa notified ytrdy to bold aa lacjueat upon th body of an Infant found eaaoaeled la tha cedar ofrlJ.vlWeat 111 (treat, and euppoeed ekav. been aufficaVed by lu mother, a errant I tha bona. Form rn nt Watm. Th body of an un known man wa found yatterday la lb river near Bedlow' lelend, aad Inqueet will be held upon I today. The body bad bee la th. water x verl Fatal Fall. Cronr 8cnsym held aa tarraaat, on Sunday, upon lh body f Farxena Ca uru, a netlM of Iraland, CS yw f age, who wa killed oa Saturday night by fall lag down a dlabl of etaira, al hi reetdoan, 119 Nlalh at, Ytr die, "Acoldeotal death,- Fouvd OftowintD. Coroner Scanutn held aa trqueat upon lh. body of an unknown rote, ujrfdrxrwTjdatlhfoatofOlk etrtot,N. It De ceeaad wai about 4 year of age, bad dark brown hair, rod whlebere aodWmalac baa, and grey eye. II we drteerd In a grey pluah vert, brawn panta, and black cloth eont. Mark a up. hla hand ImU eeltd thai he we a ehoetneker or eadalar. Ver dict, Death by drewajag." Dodioi or Tin CoaoxrcM. Coroner Snra nxa held aa Loqaeat, aa Saturday, apa lb body af Joaa aaiXAarrra, nail re of Iraland, agl IT year, who dlid oa Friday Bight, al Ike Maw To-k lloapllal, from Injuria noslvtd ea tha Mew York and Erie Railroad pxer, oa the Bight f lh Itch Uat. Young OaLLaaax belonged to wbll I term ad tha night gang," aad wa engaged la plllrg oocton baea on the whatf. Tha workmen had reached Ibe fourth tier, whloh they war complet ing, wbn a cotton bal fell and oruahed OeLia- oaia, wha waa al one tax by hi oompanioo. to th City noaptua), doner Jaona bald ta laqn! npa Ihe boJr of Olatsn Faaaau- tared K, a aetlreof Ireland, wha died al hi naldtno. St. tCA Baal Thlrteealh etraet. Th rUnanaad waa a haakmaa, and, aocoroV bog to tha ttetatMiy of hi wife, waa aura lo tamterat. Uu Menlay, he erenl abroad with aom meui to eeiauraae at raw ica-a aay, au reiurneii horn oa Tueeday mora bog, wheat be wrnl elck to bd. U wa aaicad wlih camera, andoa rTelnea day btceme d.llrlou, and died on Friday morning. Coroner J aoxtiajt hald an lmwt, ou Btturday af arnoo upon th body f uitnkownmemnd anSdardey, by the Twenty third Freolnct polio, al tea foot cf l.ighly third ilraM, North Hirer. Tb loojwt bed ma been oumpletl when eur report r a left, but II waa auppoaed that lh maa wtt ao jldenlailly drowned. AcriDtjrn. On Saturday, 1'nTr.n Driott, an arrplnye en boar 1 the eleambeat Whitehall, ljllt el lb fjot of axivernnr etreel, fell Into Ihe machlury. and uatalnad a freut ire of th He waa tekta to tb New York II Mpllel. Ctnunit Beuia waa taktn to Id New York Ilueptie! ou Halurday, (utTerl; from burn r CttiTfd wbll ah wti waahlng near furaa:e, a arrk Iiomwntcn aea oar cioauing oa ura w '.. ww tairead. and b.r x,lrtfa4, bol II U thoughl that ;'tllll rtVvl maly InJ'ired. 1..- Will ! FaOca Iatelllgrr, 4,0. A Child Stolut axd BcooyritrD. A little gill t year old, daughter of Mr. Utinin, aiding In Jams atrael, ww Wen on th SOtk U FJm Bar y laat, and no Irecee of her war ob taiaed ualll Baturday. It appear thai a varraol woman bad picked up Ue child tn front of Ihe tmldrnw of iiaparaat, and uacdll to exail th i)npatbyof Ihoe to wham aha applied fir aim In bar wandrilng ah bad reached Slug 8 ng, aud a few d.jl ago whlla lac and Ciublis CaaruA. brother, wcer walking In th wyxli la lhal vicinity, they eurouhtertd a woman neaily fo m to de-lb, aa.1 bavii g a child In bar arm, aha beg. Red trei lo like Iht rklM, which thay did. and placed 11 In ctarge of T. Maair, oreiaeer of th poor. On Friday Mr Mabvt obaerve.1 an alrei-tlte- ment In one of the N Y. pepei daeenbing th child, and elating that Mr, Uaaasa of thai city had lost II. Mr. a. waa promptly notiaed, aal r recorded to Sing Sing, what to 11 gtaal J ly be luucd ILeloatons. Inenamerd the womau who stols Ihe 1 LI Id la believed to be Amh MoCcoext. Bli baa not yet bean fouad, Aanreroi AXoToiioD.CofTrrRmTKK. Aehotltlme Blnce notorbut dealer la counter fail money mala bla ai'iaranc al K Bedford, M , where he eunwedrd la diepiarlDg of lrg anairunl of bed money, boih la bllia and nia al. Marshal Tibkv, oflhal city, finally got on track of th laolrioual, whs pssaaa ky Iht nam of Getat naxBa, and folbiwal him to Iht city. liars Heat a, 11 ww found, cccpit room la a esiall bnust In Ws-urur all I near Broome, where ble repined wife alao lived. Mcrahall Taaar applied to the detertlra office for'aaalataaoe, atd tfEcere Uihbbtt and McDocoal war detaUad fir Ibe woik. Frrcedlni to the houa lnl celad, thay gained admiwlm by alrategem, andOnally found thalr men In the aula. Ue attempted to make realstaac al firat, but waa even tually p nueded to go lo Fullca Head (uartor. He otatlsatelyrefuBsd toga to New ntdfurd without t irquiaitlos, b'el whan h fouml lhal au-h rafuaal would prolong hi Imprlaonmaat, h oonwoted to BtcorLpeny the Marahal. A can lags wee called to the door, and the omcrr conducted biot to It, On of them had get bla aoat tnald, wha Htluigav ndlenrpiingand daiVng Isle Brown Btrast, tan lower Ja Ihe II iwery. The offloar gars chaaa, atd Jin I ia lh fugitlv ww tnrnl lata tut Bowery, gratleman wboe kleeallnn hid bteo called to lh race, audJauly prd an umbralli In la mat,' fa. a. rfT-cluelly cherklng him la hla mtl earrar, and allewlng Ihe ((S.-srala come up. A pair of bandouue were then prodiioed, and Mr, llAaa wa taken to the boat aid etarted fbrNtw ll'dford. Th rrl'fcrr hw long been known f a sort 01 mldd eraai, who acted ea a md urn be tween the maoufaciursra of coml-rMl moaey aad th aclval peBHtrs. 1 1 la aal J thai Lie oourlc'tlou la iut to fi.low thi arm I CiuiKir or am iclt Ar n Itttiit ao ira.r A r.ij.aCATiua.a 8roi, uf N I Cenaoa alreH, rcC complain! eaelint FolU-a DftlMr llicnaaa Hnvra. al Ihe Kieax Market Pod a Court, onTneeitey, ibtrglng him wilt aiaa.illlng herael' and bar hue! aid, who la eaid to U criAy, Her husband had beau asi I lo tha lliwriitanM of Ckaiitirt aid C-rrrctlcn. a f.Ttnlaal arj. -a- a. a a a a --- .-...,-, t .a.'urn. 'iXLT'X'im'X fiXZ wb ami w'th her, but i ma refueed to go with tha t Ulcer. Dttva want out ad sooa ret urn I wllhtlliorBwB They then ami Mrs. S to die Fere Market Polio Court fjr a w Arrant, but Jueiloe grass told ber lo hav hint brought before bin. She relumed ant found tbt abovaduaaed eiDeere In Ihe atreet, and aeked themtetekthmtiCoarl. oa reach leg the rooai, Bonn ww Blending nar Ihs Slavs, with poker In hi hand, ard a nielto fbllowtd. In which, tha woman asts. Dnrxa stinik hsr huabvnd and her. Be.fBeveiallioiM B.i ww Itkaa toCmrt, aad acaln ami to lha Commisiloner ef Charllla and Coirertleaa. lla lh oompl tint of th woman, cm car Dun ww hold to appear, la ball of $), al lha Court of OenaralBsaalen In April. Th ifSoar deuiee that mora for we ua 1 than ww uccaMery, aud raye lhal If h slruak tli woman. It waa by aocideat, Aiiikst o Uackmin. Thuannoil beaciU uf lh tlramall. Fuel un Tbul-dey night at lha Academy t f Mutlc, wa a hei veal for the hwk nan. end when Iheenteilu nment wee eeacluda t, mu-h d fliculy waaeipritnJ Inwruring tlrtr ln.ta. 1 o add to tha 0 tifualoa, lhar wr .are taa or twelre Clilicr In the crowd witaoul llzbla. a clrriim. ace, whloh en em h a tigbl aal la auoh a crowd, migblbaelieiKlM wlih eerl rue rcaii'i Heck la epamoi He en, ol lh Vrjih Precinct rlio, weo htd teeupeiiloa cf taewrrtBtfOon llat evening, bulk Lute t f tha nurr.lur Ae Owm- I-.1. hiici liita.aidHiliiidevinadlin,iTiat dri .- aun UMinad before the proper aula intia. and llaal s ,nu.Bgaruou(.t it la loucj lhal tha rauclar aid iuiiXMLaiv lamps used on lh eoacbw aud eoroe iflbsmcoelw high w $39 per piir tbe lees ear rliesble Ihey are. Toe ubjicl of Ihe arreata and Aiiealalerarrpr-ltbeowarraof oeachMto eupply igr la that ran I rslis.1 npnn. Mich Inonvenleao ' Ua eipenwoed lately fur lb want ef them, ard lo Hack laaprsiora now hav Instruction Vi atrial srwy driver ufa back whuw Lampe arsnol proiarly burning wtul ha Is oa duly al nlgkt, A FsUIIliLT DailK AXD AB AlXKOBD At AacT Cham or Fsbjcbt Officer Surra, of th M HUtrlot PoUe Cntt, anrasaad 0 seat a 9. Fix.. a twatlaman SB year ef eg wb I ehtrged with haTlng ooanmMwd wilful sad senupt perjury it arua snaimiHeq wunu aaa rrupt perlnry in wsermg to affldarll Irsfcrs Justus CueBOuLT, baiglag that ha bad bean violently aauuitod by Ir. JouaR BAoiu,orCl Eeatllelsereet, on Bus, BWWtWg enai Mi day but The leuer, w also TanaAa Mo Era, ar. raaasa wits oiae. ww nsia 10 Dell. B itseq isnlly Mr. IlAi ua eppaarad bafor Juetk Bran, aad chargad Fix with pat Jury, lhal he did not awaall FiBB.Bndbtaughlleiward toarlmsay to eorrwbj. rate what h a-Id. Tha labia ware aourdlngly turaad. ud Mr. rial fsuwl hlmaeda pria.ner. lis waa takti before lha maelelraes tad hsld to bell to aaewtr, Ta oiLrinal dlifiju'ly bet wean lb paitle rcouirtd la a potter houw In 4th sue, nwrnieireet. IlorjIC U01 bibt. A man named Jam Gail ww arise ted 00 F l.lsyraornlrg, al th South ferry, having la hi possession about $30 worth of plated antra, fctk, rpooae, ctitor. 4., whlh auU'qneaily prwndto bare beat stolen frsm th bcuto of Mr, Koiiixt rai4.a, of Brooklyn, Th prisoner ww taken to B-ouklyn fb IrlaX, AwAriT wrii a KnirB. Tiioa. Douonia rr, an Kngllah youth IT j er of age, ww arreetal on Friday, charged with aaaauHIng Miouaxl Dal. roa, of Mo. M Centre street, and atabbirg him aer. oral times La the aide and breast, Infl cllor danger aw weands. He aw takea to Oiurt, where be etated lhal Uatroa atrnsk blm twle beate b n at lh knife, end that he lotlleisd th wound la wb' aafarac. Th magUrate held him to ball la 1,C) to anewar, Abbt or IVorriTK. J.n Porraut, for- marly a waiter al Uaurr Hstsl, Elmtrt, and on Coxeurra Rooruu. wars arrested oa Friday la tbli oily by Denctlv Lu, of Klmlra, and take bank 10 answer a ebarre of grand larceny, Ihey bavlnr, w alleged, robbed the room of aararal boarder tl ike hots', of clothing aad Jawslry to the value of abjul ii. tbb uevrcuve, wno hw oewn la lh city ara weeks Btldlbi th ruerellan nf neis nnlloa Ww aud ku g after lh two man, suurasdad a ar 'a rcilito.f ncwMtwaeoiCBpp-rrty, AtSAVLT AHT AllMOat ItrBltr. A ttjbs Laaxuit, a( 111 f taatoe rtreat, aad one Tat- lob, llrlac lath. tarn, hou, got Into as alteroa Hoa, which resulted In Ltwata btlnf violently aalted by Tatlo. Ialhflghl Ltmiia lnethl gold watch, aad ha ebarre thai Tatloi felonloua ly robbed him ef th lima ptao. JuMlo Baaxc. aaa taauad a warrant for Ihe errest ef Tatuib. bit! M U ootwtdsrod nwhat doubtful If lh ooxtf lalal for robbery can b aurulaed. Thi relic reported a new cotxaterrelt 5 bill on Setatday night, oa th. Biak of Lima, N. Y. LBOAX. KKFOKm-tATl-RVAX. t'ahad State BUtrlrt Ooart. UncU Sam aa-l lA Leather TraUThe tfmlto Btl' ta. 1,00 fifdc, wurrbd B.Q fmportod by Ben eaWii and OoeUrvy, ty irriy Xmluek) Th facia af thi Bans appear w follow. Th. claimant oa an taring th grind 1 qnastioa, prreeoted th. oa'y Invoic. I tba.r poearaalon, aad which ww mad ami la rainar awn arare tn Basoo ArTWi lhar als CrrM a consular cerbtaMe thai each piper dot waa worth fear , making lh vain of lh Inrelo la American CBTenry, $1 $M. Subse quent to th entry, bat kafor th pprlsre had aeaoth goods, th lalsianw reoetrad abeoklng tanleaof th aam good, mad out In I.a Piatta Uvsr, and convene Into exchang on Liverpool al Hisses Aires, By a atari ing mu tor awj 00, whloh by etaruto Ueoualto $).24, and be latter desired ihelr lavolcalo b corrected bythla lu lavcc. Th vain ww fixed by th Carina nenss w per laat lavolra. Tne goods, however, were eel red by tha Collector for fraudulent lavoie log aid the claimants 4' Ing bond la Ihi Court, t deere ww entered thai th food be dellvetad I th claimants, on th payrsant of dunes. Th Col lector, bovrt'ST, demanded not only lh regular tal of duty, but a penal duty of to per caul , be cause Ihe appraised value al Custom House x esedad Involve value by 1. peroant. ThaelaLmut Inalatad that by their eaoond levalee aubninsd btfor wtlon Ihey amended Ihelr entry, so lhal lh appraieed value ww the Invite value. The claim aal tandarad th rearular duties, whloh wr rs- fused. Thsrwnpon th claimant now petitioned Ihe Court 10 enlsro It order to lh collector lo deliver up the good. Th clalmanla twisted tha la Ihi matter tha oolleutorwe aa ofS)r af th Court, Th Court dismissed th petition, upon lh ground Ibal under ibrliag statute Ik merlu of lb qacetioo In laau could not properly be coealdared In lb pi Hani form, aad that th claimant ni'iat pay under protest, and krtag tha action to recover toe eurp'ua. Caait af Oyer aad Twraalaare Befor Jiistlo LxnABD. roitr-Jcfroe) nf Matutmthttr. Tn. trial f Joaa Ratma fir th. uutder al Jona Ilaauaa, which enmmraerd on Wrdnoajay laat, ww eoa eluded tbl eftenecp, Tha Jura after beiag oat eevtial kes-s, reodnrsda vsrdlolof gidlty of man alaughta J ja th Uiltd degree. apiaoM Caait, Dteiiltm in(U Dalln Cat.har1$ Dtdin rt. John ev.710.Vfrl Thle ewe ww atettd la tha Sew on Ike lMhlxet. It cars up upjn motion to mak theoooiplalnl mar rtaln. Tb plain If ww formerly A treat Cmmlarlonsr, and lLa auil ww bromhl to recover an amomil al leged to be due the plaint IT, for hla latereal la car lain rontrsrte fur pavlFg Maiden Ltn and Oirt landl Btrsst, which h walfned to lb def-ndanta, upon enterlnsT upon hi duties a B treat Crmral aiorier. The Court bow dearth motion w to defsad eete, Fitxpalili k an J Farl, wlih col. Th m Aloa of dtfrcdant, Hliiwe I, le partly granted t far w to order th txinplalnt lo b mad mora daunll la lie charge aad pclfl -atlon. Common Plena. VcrrfiVfia Ihe cut ef Alltjtl fjrycry. TcnAVram and JMrf ta. ffi tank 0 f Cvmmoa tereU(A -Th particular of Ihla caw ware elated I th Bra nf th Hit Inetant. Th action ww lTeuaht by tb p'alnllfTa, wha ar liroker, I cover a Uesed ralancs of deposit wlih th d fandaaU. Thdafaadaat owrd Ilia! lh da pwil had barn drawn eul achck of th plain liffa 1 lo whloh plaint. fr replied that th check ww forge r- Thejury now rudrl a verdict for the p'alniiH far the amount claimed, with Interest. fut af Ueaeral Seardea Frtdayt Bi fir Judge MoCtrwa. March 21. Tt a yta r$ fmpritnment for Far. (pry -Honeywall Vincent, quit an old man, wa thi morning sentenced to the State Ftlsot for ten yearn, for the forgery of aa assignment. Tbe Ceuil remarked It ww a painful duly to par firm fur a criminal Judge, to eentence aa eld men of lh prisoners g (60 ) yea Ihe Court ww compelled I erlmlnielor the law faithfully. A doubly painful duly II ww In thi caw, far lh reason lhal Ibe prlasreT twice or thna times hed already been an Inroel of lha ete P. Leon. Tb lowest term waich the Court could Imp ww total lo lmpiieoamarjt for life, aod when the prison door would be closed agalcat him, ll would bit almoat the tame w lh cloa lna of lha I, mh ovrr him. Patrick Brady and Jubn Oowaa war anl to lh city prison for aaaeult aud battery, th firat aamad for thirty daya, and lb latter for sixty, BROOKLYN. raoiiAnir Fatal Rksclt or Ix.rritrw. A man iarul MclllJjeorr, rolling In Wllltw riact, ww serleuely Uaten In a pJiter hone near hla realdenr, em Belurday evening, Ihe 10 h Inat., from the iff cte of which be be itco been oonfued to hla room. Ycatarday b began to grow win and 11 ww fueled that he covld not long surrire. On the same eveelny, Aawrx wwatlttkedaud sa veiely beaten while peaalng through Fargueon etraet. Hie lnjurlea are also of a sariou characitr, No arrnta Lara been mad ia either cte. Citt MouTAi.irr. There was a total of 111 death la tbl city laat wee k, uf which S3 war men, $3 women. Si boje, atd 81 girls. Tha prin cipal dlatsaea were, spoplsxy 3, ockauoipliua 14, rouvulelona Inantl' 11, croup 2, diphtheria 2, acar let fever 0, typhua fever 4, paly 1, smallpox 1, 4. Voder oue year of age, t. rAituu CoiXTSBtair liiixs. Sarr-eant I sV tilt 11a. VI wly ay lu w l, tl waura raj ja. ea eg rn iBUal (level I 8""f" t. o.lh. .large of pai.'ngunto,-. I V UrM ecflha lXaT.u4t a--,aast-wl A .-as --s V ... . tl bills on lbs HrlgLloo Bark of MMaachusett. al lha store of Mkiiabi, t duiix, aad al other place of bualnew. Stoat Esorja AtttrLT. About 113 o'clock an Saturday morning, Jons Mtaa, rtsldlog el 111 Hymouth elreat, committed a murdrrou aaaaull upon Lla wife with aa axe, fracturing her ekull ad lhal II le fearad lhal shecaano auirlr. Ma at had been liberated Lam Ine Fenltekiltry Ihrw or futir day prevloualy. where ha had eeiradlruxly deya un the obarge uf druLkeacau. Ilappwrah v aieariBkiegaa aoon w t 1 ae'nd with delirium, Mr. a tea'da In en avj iln ug aparta ' wlal Ilia natter waa, when th ttiktedilBklegss aoon w he got ott. and wa 1 Mra Hmtrr, who apartment, came la 11 tw 'ben the Infuriated haabaad mabsdBtlhsni, and fractrt ad Mrs Brorr ekull, and a'ao arrloualv Injured Mr. Bioi-r. Mab than lushed out ofiha Lease, eeyug ehei he would dtoanUmrelf. Hehw n been eeia eloce. Tbe UJuied parti war takea to Ike City U'wpltal. Brookltt Cm 1'OLnici. Th following d'gata lo lh U-ptbllcau Meyora'ty Cinvsntlo I tomsHIMJO Inat., were elrsvad on Tauraday "llui. i-uib l. uru, usury a, llowao, (I orgs (1 Marten j II ward-l.aao Yea Ketuen, Wnu Demlng, Charles Weal, 11 ward Andrew Flligarald, Thorrat U'lavay, Francl E. WelUna: 4 h wardhzra lltldwin, A. B. Uarce, A Meieeli; Pik ward (lvre Klwards, JameaR B id, Bi'tlmore B'ackweod, dm ward Luclsn Ilirdsfis. B. J i:1wB'a, P. K D.yo, 1th 1 watd E 'gar T. Crowell, 8 11. B U. Turner. J. R lis Bevere: r?th ward John L. Sjedee. John a. Adams, OtorgeAIgiri yth waid-Lharles Jenaa, Alexander I ntermll, (lgt w Moorei loth ward John B II rbday, Wat. M. Tlitiaw, O iter T. Baardi llth waid-O-org I). Weekr, W. B. Wins low. Wan. I'rla; 11 h wrud-W L. Uuubtll, Charlre Father, A'exibder Kii llc waid O. M. Baac, J B. Beaoi, H (I Pagtj llth ward J. II l'arry, Uaorgs B. Moll rain, Che-las W. TuwBsud; lbeb ward Wax, CahllL, Chnstlaa Nsldlg, Denial Maajsri Uth werd- 0 Ilugal J. U Lvwill, J Wsllai lTlh ward -J M. i-earna. A. M. Bllee. Sidney M'llliam, IN ward The. Howsrr, Patrick afcCo'ao, B B FHk war Hemual W. Ttuslsw, AukmI BlUery, J, U. Ulaaa Tha Eaatara II stoat a gatss sppear to be mnaa lv la favor r f Frumtairts 8. aoutfrr Meyir. The Weaae'n DUtiHti rjeegetea ue bstwaan O-a u B HmiTit, Bttruta Caouau. aad Wa. A Corr. Tbe rollowlng an Ik dalrgetea (lerlad tt thi Meyoralle (avenaon to meet 03 SUMrtUy (today MlteAieorkAM " al rard u u Whitney, B RUy,ao. Dhr. ty. Id rarrf M. Ceiaiieli, p. Fiiapalifik, Wm Ralan. M Bonf-J. u irtis, W. M. Parka, J. L. Burn. 4M ITanl A. Websr, J. HraegBB, St. JibsnUeyo'. UA llurdU. C-irr. T. Pmslain, ohs WlUUnann. fi'A Tttr4Q Franks, M. Mai. phy, JshaFarras. I(A ITaru-J ilut Cunnlagham, B Mihan, M. Dalley. b(A Irord M. CaaiplieUl, I. Mi-Donn.. P. Uiff.rnan. "(A irr.lP. HtnUaj, II. P. Kellv P. Cawdilay. lfA rVrrd). Own, Jm McQuwei Jamw MoC-uley. UIA lyiird Thr. Merlir, III. Hudson, Tho V. Porter. lit VTard n. NjiI a. T'. Helmee. Wm.Uiwd. l.1r Irard Tnra. Murphy, .1. Uooahna, II. C. BoiwelL 14(A rfordD. Riley. Fel. Clark, finer Uerea. 1UA Hovif (lo. W. Ba ear, Tho 01 win, A. Ma- hall. 1UA IKord-CaarlM K-lbl. J. it tl. Oeo. Buckholra. ITiA It'ord M Lwh'n, F, Colon JobnC"r-y IrVA Hani Thonw Dowerv, p. Mo C're'd.o, A Sect. 1U(A H'od-Jlui leiry, Ilea. ry hVler, Booeri E id. Alderman Haiti EAlarLXUv-n hw e appirarrl BnaJoritjortLedeBgateathroiigkouttheelly. Th pilndpalo,n,lL.'a loeppoaltwa will LeAJernieo Jiu A PtrtoB, wao baa a-lsady reoeteed tb uiiliai n lulaatlim for Mayor, I!UIH(U IS TIIR CO TBT Or Sxl0eT. I tb Court, 1 ester lay, Prra MoPxxuott p'aal d gnllly lo anaoiplsd burglary, harleg bean da. tooted la breaklDg tbrongb a window ef Haiti Aaraar. 1 tor, cor asr of B jorum aad Faolaa auast. Baneaao ww deferred. Coaataa MuCovtaa pleaded faUry to aeaeut and baatwiy upon J w noaiiaa, aad ww aen tented to the Pei Ja-eiliaiy foe W oeya. rinrrriri Veeniv waioo vewdof loleceul ex m- ma u In -M'm i1 ait. ed ,j I'll i"Bili.-a tiaiy f.t 0jt IfoMrsAnoir fob HAToaor BttoonnrjT lb DomooteUo Meysralty OaBvaatton met al up,, Capitol" on Batarday aTranooa Mr, J Aam la ia an, af tho Eighth Ward, la lh Chair. Af soma frivolous diecuasdao, lh delegates writ to woik lu aarneat, wd the rarmll of ihelr lab nu th. Bomlaalloa of Ma am KatBruown, of at.T lamebaign. Taat genaiesnaa appaaraa at ,& noon, aad, rclvleg th oorjgraaulaaai of kl. friend, accepted the nomination. A derma KALanJiara we alao anad the aandldat ef ia National DernacreAle anventlon, wkloh teat Moraagu uau. in n-pwoucBBui wiu nominate rt Tueeday next. WILLIAMSBURaH. FlBB HI A TcSIBTtST IlOCtC STJ nfhjtl1 'clcck, 11 night, afiiewwdlsesvered latUlsw arpartof ahoaao thtoorntr of Raah Btrsst, sat Wyth avenu, X D. Th ant floor ww oeoastet u grrrery, by Mr. AnoLrntr Hraa, th appal, maa b ftva or als familiaa. Tka onaitsnW af tka siora wars entlralr destroyed, lavalvtaaT ateea of about $100, Uauied air $!,( la lh Brooklyn City Iwuiaaca Co. Th bnlldlneT I owned by C. Fmo, and la damaged to lh. aaaoanl af akvai 150. Th fir ww caused by Eawren Asflsm, a boy la tka employ cf Mr. llina gelog into ie etaatavi kad lighting a match to gil seeeetata-, aad teres- Ing ta matoa trpoa ins noor, 11 tgaitea eta Bsaaa numing nuia ww aaa iBBa rroia a ewa caused aa explosion, and tha ubee-jaeol a aaa whirl uent eeald I (tailoa, Fr eddy Newer, Tsaaarel Ocr Cocrrnr FobbyebI SOW 13 TBI TIMR to read anothrr tlorlona story ef th Rerarntl- "Mrue that tried mrn'a aul" when EVERT AMBRiatM etood ehoulder to ehouldcr with hi brother Amrrb-aei la arm for our common ooanbry Mainet a forrlga d ' potlem. 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