Newspaper of The Sun, 28 Mart 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated 28 Mart 1861 Page 2
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-r fi "Mr!"" ""' r i f22PHENEWVdltK SUN. MIKtU : jrmMDAT MeRSIM), MARCH 28, UOU ' - i:. tin . i ' (I'm irt' ll.-M .1 I I bii f w"l - .' r t " S ! r e rf itrr .. i (1 BBS n 'J en i l-.T r' i , i r it c I cr at or th 'i oo to ul I fju I WT Ml IBT "I u I wit loot tot 1 U' hat rid llt th haf w pi. at eta fell i drl fat tot it th tb ''I t'" I f ' ' '1 1 in M .i i ifft t, i HA v in 1 II nil ii ' Weil iv xlt ,n JO i" if.. . till .J I Clio Oil 1 I si I i I ' l lU'. I ill ,.j J, I leu f ris. . felM e rtui 1.1 ! ' o"l . i S'X "' I sq i. -II W ' . i i ,: J" " ' V re ' !" ,- .. ' jiaiI I Eermsk ef their Ceaatry. On of th moit raortlfylruT and humiliating eflctiOO ugcetd by th ucestlon raove nent, reed upon the fct that almoit every rromlient and ocllr sginl In tht movement Vu enjitrd tli fTor tod th petrenaje of lb United 8t OoTMDiBfnt hi repeatedly ! eltred hit nnilterahle attacbmtnt to It, and Iim vei taken th ntntt solemn o.itli. pie Igirig tit fidelity to It and tn tin Constitution nnl Uwl of tli Union. Jiwrrnwn Haws, the Provision tl TrBtMi nt of th Southern Con't'le .rery, bi held n fconorsbl commUtioi at an officer In th United Sutei army. II lut taken not only the lolJltr'i oth, but th otth a cabinet ifllcer and th oath of a Senator of tli United Slate. Certainly li hai no private or rrscW griefs suffitlatit to excuse r pal 1!U hi effort to disrupt, digrc an! deitmy tot country. II ha esjijtl a fullsusraof It honor Honor, too, which brought with thorn not only grot baloence, lint profit. AuttAHnx H. Srirnii also, th Ylr. Trenldentof the MontRomery league, hut lorn A Bepreenttle In CoPKreM, hi takin th oath of G.lelity to the National Uovernment, and ha fn jiientty dnrlarrl lit oppieHlmi to a divaptiimor llio Union. Of Coiib, the I'reti- dent of tt Miatf,omery Conrowi or Hfvi. win and Si mill, if IxultUnai f them-u hn liaT bfld lorratir ditlumatlr, ronot ir and bomo afltmelit under the L'l.lled S'a'm Oorernment, and holiiTe liecome lla hittorejt rem lee, aid of tune. tralUroul and fonworn naval and military officers, who hive d hon ored thoir oame by turning Kalnt their coun try' fltg, It I eneiuh to ny that they have ihowa tb rankert and tbe baeeit InKratltud. Dut among the moil eaddenlng eahibillnna of anpitriotlc feeling ar tboae rotenlly in id ly Jon C. DaacmRinoR, 1U YicI'rI dont of tVe United State, and now United State Senator fiom the gallaat and loyal Stat of Kentucky. Mr. BRiCKinnnxii ounhl not to bare for potten o aooa the hli;h and uncarn- I honor which the united people of th U tiled Mite conferred on Men but a Utile more than four year an. Who via Mr. HiiiCRIKRIIxm In 18.'C wbrn th American jmnpl, Ullovinir. blm to t I lojat to the Union a the atata to which lie lietongod, and, In their imagination, rUthinK him with all th virtue of a pitrlol, deratod him to the econ hlnhentoflice in their Tokening aome natural gXhi of oratory, without any of the olld qualitle of Ui tU min, bi flrit national notorloty rpranK from a perannnl quirrel with a democratic reptawnta I vifrom tbl illy a quiriel In whlih hoK'm l no dvatp,e. And wall oiriipylng the position of Vlre IVeeidrnt of th United Mtatox, h ronaontod tobocomo the cmdi.Ut for th lVoildcncy of tb handed conspirator who, a a Drat Hep to wirda Hie cmArmitlon of tbelr troatonahl ocheme, broke up tbe Charleiton Coiiveiitlun nod divided anl Jemoraliaed the I mot ratio rarly in etcry nurtlwrn Mate In which It had roaintalnrd It' ilcmimncy. Koptcen(l during tbe lout I'M-id.-ntlal ranvn a a true friend of the Uulm, Mr IlnirrKliflurKiic received vote In torlhrrn elates which he could not have obtained hid It then hen known lha Ihoa who put him forward wire oniRwl In a deep laid plot to deetroy th Union, and that be wa wavrrli k la hi loylty, II iook Rood car, however, Uor alio plot wa re oale 1, to ocure hi election, a Unionist, to th Uni ted State Senate for a term of Ix yean. W venture to ray that if howcr now a ctnJldate lx'foretlio Kentuiky IRuiUtare, for Senato rial hunura, hi Kuctoea would bo raor tliin tloubtful. Hi mount cethr In th Unite I Statu S nat ahow that he d w nut rtpraeent or nym TtithUe with the Union feeling which pcrvali Li itato, bit thit all hi pympithle are with the revolutionary government eel up at Mont gomory. He baa proved hi nnworthlnew to represent in tb National Council) the atat which haa been made lllnsUloui by th borolc qualitle and lofty patriotism of Heubt Cly, and which even in our present national troulloi baa had a CsnTcrnaa to vindicate It dero. tlon to tho Union. VT hav heard it (aid that 'Sir. UarrKiifRiiiGR will reeign hi seat in the Senate ahould th preeent Adinlnktration re fuse to recojtnire the government of Jcmcaxoa Davi.h & Co.; but we are Incredulous upon this point. Mr. lluct'Kuainoi know th valu of lii priwot position, and he 1 not of that class of man who raehly throw away prevent benefit for Imaginary future rewards. We hnpo, how ever, that while It remains in the Sunato, he will try to ail thu pirt of a Unittd Slate Se nator and not the port of an advocate of Mt-cs-ion. iKpeilatUa ef Eattteh Cwttvlcta. Eolaiil In enth a high reird for this country tint the rend ui not only ber pnuperi but bir ci!mlnlial. Though sho has colo nies In evry part of the woild, to any one of wUch the mt,ht export her unprofitable o Hpulatlon, sho kuuauch faltli in our rtpull can Institutions, and Is so deeply Influenced by the rpirit of Chrlrtisn benevo lence, that she mlecta the United S .utel at tbe beet recptacle for tboee who lou'rilmto no Uiing to the support tf her Kovemmmt, or ar an expense to her taxpayera. Wbaaber landed aiiatocracy doom it to b their duty todriv from their estates a por tion of their Impovcrithed tenantry, they prudontly relieve themselves, at the suns timt, of fmther reeponslbillty end Increased poor law rate by acndleg tb mberabi out cast to bom American port. And wba bar police autbrritlea find it difficult to on trol tb gangs of burglars and plckpxkots tbtt Infest her princ'pil aitles, they kin lly sugei' t them that tbey can tnd a ntoro pr A'.ahle and safor field for tb aTce of their talcits in tb Nw Word. Hence it li that, not withstanding the ItiWt of our Cilmr.itl Courts and tb terrors of Sing Sii g, there I an npl supply of English burglars, or of bur glar who hvlarad their trade in Kaolin I, to uedirtak tuck atsrerl a tb mlAory of a bai.k, or tb plilag of a well flllel a'ore. Tbe laat Enfcliah iaaportatlon o' At olJ-cti of Americau plilUuUirepby I noticed In our r port of lb ,roedln,i ythttrdsy at tbe moot ing of tbe Comnilrsiourrs of Emigration. It appears that six persons, discharge 1 from Ko Unh prU(i., wero lent to this port hi un organ ization ctliul "the rUihnrgid prlsonrs Aid rljclety," Of courie, our city or t'e au thoiitiea will tie to it tliat thete d's.liirgod l-rlsonersar sent ttk, whlla It will be tho duty of th Uenerel (lovrrnmwt to luforui th-Iliilh-h (iovurnment, in the most dejllu terms, that th deportation of Its lilirratel criminals to this tontry it a (Ui-rant lolttlon of Intern itlonal comity and will tot be ta-jely endured. V have enough of expends to bot without undertaking the reformation or sup. Tmrt ortbriinul and k-hr Jeawl w.pul Uouof the old wot Id. In tie bill artWitXi'AM Miaitn, x-Kagl'tar, Jani Davia, a number of tb Hoard of Super, visors, and Joorat' Soothwobth. 1 hough all estimable cltlietl, none of them poems any nglnoerlng skill la tb construction f bridge. Mr. Mirn Is an excellent engineer In a nominating convention, std Mr. Darn fonld estimate th vain of aa ambrelU or a lady'i pararol to U quarter of a rent, whll Mr. Soctuwok tt capitj of writing a good re' port upon aty lu'Ject from th building of a bridge t the construction of a picket fence. Tb name of them gentlemen have, probably, Uu Insert-! In th bill, only to be rubbed out and tthsr name Inserted, as soon a there Is any propped that the bill ran be pass ed. It It rala tktt thr I a "blgjeb" oon eaaled In this project, under th guli ef "a nocessiry Improvement," and If this be so, we hop tkLeftl-tur will give It sanction to It. ttinbseuitnlllUioptrkm. Thaeesraa te gtod lu klKlnf this l firt la the were aeere VI .- u. i..iim Mr. poouin (Wla) said that If dbsM wa f rJTpa molutkm approTlDf of th Ciavan- TliR Texas Legislature, according t th disjtches which we publish this morning, I In full sympathy with th itceetton conspira tor. They hav endorsed th action of th Convention deposing (lovernor llocrron. Deeply do w ref ret that the old hero ef San Jacinto, the father of Teran Independence!, should hav th doe of bis Ufa e-u 'littered by the rpectad of a peopl whom th United State ba protect d and nnrsod Into Impor tance, nnldcnly pros'ratod lneitli th dv fotism of a re kleis rabble. Thirn Is one con solation, hoaevtr. 1h Indlm.s are again on th war path, and th UnlUd States Treasury will not lie saddled with tkeljine of driving tbtm buik to their retreats. S ffAtMje tVsaM Ja. Aw Orttant, 2C-Th Txat Lsgtalatur Tiir Trrstdrnt, In to a resolution of Inquiry pissed by the Senate, has Informed that body that the puUUatiin of Major Air lKiuifn' dlspatchea to t!ie War Department, Isdeinied by U'm, at the prent moment, t be inrrpethtnt. Though the evaciistion of fort Sumter Is now considered to bo Inevita ble, theAdmtniatration keeps its counsels so well, that outsider! do not yet kniw when it will tak place. TIIE LATEST NEWS. ar TKLxaiura to rua s. r. Baa, XXXrUlk CONUItl KXTsva aisaioa. Vi'othingicm, Marrk 27. Tli Chair laid le tir lh Ply as th foUowtag meaj from Ik l'n stdant. To tit SemSBy tht Cnded Stain .- I hav teosWa.1 a copy of a teiu'utlon of lit gin ate raaied on lb 2&th Instant, rtq'iMtlog nit, It la my opinion It la nut Uoompeubl wltk the pabld Ir.Wieat, o onranunlcil to th BtDsl lh dli fsWhlsof MJr Ri-iiikt AaMtsno li lb War I) -rartmnl4uilir Utlltuab hai bMu tneommaal at i'orl BiwMr, Oa examlpstioa of lh oorr pendiro thu oallad fcr, I hsv, with lh hbjtttil rerject In lb Bust, ojm i em,clusIon thai, at lb praaeal m tuJnl, tb publication of II would La lnesraillani. S'ad, AaaiBtH Lio.'L. TTain hotok, Mareh Sfllh, 1C1. tl HasiiKiaaiKoa (Kr.) novtd SoUkeuplh rest l.tlonuilrodueid by bun ystaidr, aivlsinf m vllticiawsl ortti l,dinll topi froi Ibeaacedid s'a'a. n did not utmA making any reiuirk', aa hera4alradjsxoreawd h'svlea-s ou thai sub Jsct, an4 distn d ih voUuuAIidoUm W b rt aatded as a li at quaation. Mr. fnamnu (M.) lupved there would lie ao okjeolloB to tual, liul ramludad toe Mutator taat aj quium waa pra--ns. On motion of Mr. IIllj, CN It.) tit Baoat wint at txfcuilv aawtoa. Wtn lb door wr opea d, Mr. nawa.aauHjs a, aaircvtd to tok up fiia rasoluiloa aajlugif ii unties touts pit ten ne wouia ace pi sir. Ci.'0M4'a subsiKuto, wlilrb also adviae lust in f-ttiottil aibeir from auomi-nng to oodtiA la rtvinu in Ik Coa'ttferaM siiiea. If ibadaaatt weieuol willing to i xprm u opiolon haliikll frinldtbai tb vi-m would baerfataet laklag rp It resolution, aad if the luludd to ex;rse li g n oplLloa b luk it rr gttnied ikal tbe t iw oudb In It afBimal.i beacs, k k 1 f ar Hit vtMitid nsy,nd tUal lha tsklng up of la rreoiuilou mtKblbec.itialdidaleaiqueeiioa. Mi. llioa (slum J was In favor of tbe ruolu Ion, but k ibougbt lost Mr. Cnxouu's aaienlmenl ai.ihiofar. Ut did no i kaow wast rt(bl lb Bscau tdlnsprulblr optnlruU lha Frssl fit. t to tbe o.lecllim of Ik rviu. Mr. Buroiiianxia said. If his raeohitl m lie laktn up, II would ie fcr tbe BmiiM to dejljs waataar lny would ocl Mr. Cuaou jib' aubeUlnui. Mr. Wa (0;lJ hopd inai lh resoiutiio would b kku ujs in order to bav a juar vjI oa it. Mr. ItK-w said thai It Senator from Ohio (Wane) aad aoi duwppolaled bin lie had el wsis fouut that Senator an beoerl, open beirwd, aid fratk nun. but Ibe point be mads wsa ibis i Tbal the lYttidect, by ibe Consdlutlou, I tb C mouii dr lu Colefof th Anny aal Nivy, and b sin, tbenf-ns, by his own volition, lni sucl M0ra as b a d.m neeeetary, and may b re. quired. lluSaalo IbeeoLecUni of Iberevsans b! meu itiorrfntb8iuata, or fr blmilfv as one rf tb Siuaure, to adrla him la matters which nst In bin lif 'aw. Mr. Ui acuta (N. 1) ) waa In fsvor of lh original rMoluliuo, sad a warned t o father. Hi wuu.d ran aik tbl rteiav.r fiom Ksnlmkr to a csut his MuliatUuVi if it eu d weikm lo ras i'iw Ilea. It wmbtd bowsvrt, hi sulirt'luie in us at oMd. Uixnie hab-lltred lUltt l'naldanl, ue dar Iblsxlt-I.D: lawa,basno power to col.ecl In lu lh Cofei tia'e Biawv-j bane, b abold allaln from tb soampt of eutaiiaiattig tbtt ouio li u- lHwaat y taixrssalt U wiaiisa to av .id a collision. Ui kiii said for trruoe alrsidv autid lha 8 twin wetiratiDfl fer oun f their wsy to edv ai the rrastdent IlsakbaMp ltKS-kiaaiiii wbetn- r hiaietolullnktxirudi.u to K-y Weal an 111 Tutugsi Bhkala, ireo, ti v ill a never wllkdraw the iiooiip fiom tboee f r.a Mr. llsat aiaaiisia r- p iud tin I'.e rsaoluUoa a l vlsse, tn.der iliiuviieie s, ibe wltadrawil of lb fid-isl ir fiom ihs Hialis of tb Co frdeisted Biatea lli urn e.d that lb rAi.uaiu n.bisoid ibaetiuu, Iho.iu I wet witiua tk limiU of teai-i cf Kit I J, r, biwer, cy BeLal r cboje to m si an a naudoMttt Iiex 0 udetboie (will f' u. it- opsie'lou cf ibt rei luttoo. tin iil be a m-l irof ir-va and rasp f il e ostdettilm. lis i Id rctiiwidsr II rsubtisl to 11m piilill lsceihl l-e lr-x irould b wnh djkvn frum K y Vi'm aid T4iiiirss. bd latbar Ibsnbssiidibei'efiof Hi ria lulb.u b wiu'd b vtlMia lorsv tm ibM luli stall betxolu did ty te retclLllaa. Mr. Kios. Toe nenatnr having aaaa-rrad Me q'leatioo, be laid h wv.uld like to know wnMiir ii wssloo.'dir l-iiuceaa snieLduieut xff.ul ai .- - -. .. .i ..... .. m rt mad II would laat vtal 4iy II waa, tber. icie, arairsi laaiiui upureoiiiefia Mr. Baaraisama nmikd that, a I a djA MVrl da). Mil wis a mere prates:! not to tskeup thatteotuMiu M alb lis p-Mnmd lha II lb rrmlor wr prepared lo im wttaoul dla tueilia Mr CotltMta rVi) nmaikad Uat tk senalo-a p lb Kiotl can sld bad nH laid ant Ingi Mr, liatraiaattxni r-pliet tbat they bad bad Ibe au. lea opomluslly foe that purple. Mr. Waar hoped Ihe rtenul'n t.Ut bt laVea tin. aoiiai ite ws veiy tmle io d", liey sheu'd liverticrsston lte.dll nn knrw W"M tl.e Atolntfratoa foUv i. Ig , be. hoi hi enur. talDtc vai) a ri-rg opiLln-. ltd was ai aVin n ipnae ii em. jieoio: Lot alalia 10 a y tail ire Bsu nchi, uidtr lh pi stal clicu.i.iUtxie, to ree l etr rptnloaa. Mr. narairr. (IJ. )onsieiid tbl Bestir from lit I for bla isai and fiank In rrnuisleir hi lotvlrtl.-re ' ts1 tiaebid i-i'lnl whin w shoirtit adva lb rxsldral wbai ibould ba Ms p lie du In tbe aJie-tioenf th Ba-iste. Tisr ourbl ii til n dmlatna-. lis tk ugbl lbs Pre'dnl wa' a man of tot mui b i-nidecce and ir turn t.i imdernia Ininvjtc at fedtral authority In tbl stalsd Mr. Do-iLtTna uadsrstond thai II vat t prred Ibalth Pnre weiH 4jnuni It-mjirow-Mr- O'liavn dtil.llbpwr IbuaVi advla tr -ieiciiii. Mr. nasisissrpn did an res wly Ibey cutd Mtetpraeaano .IM wllvoiildrliy, I Mr. Mkiiiii (Orjwiiild v lar Ihsreeijiitlon. lt waa alioul to littnra hm" t Oejrm. aal whin be leai ted lleue1VnO qnrl'ors wn'ild le rnpfun.l'd tot tin aa tl I' ecoaisnot lbs adnilils ustiiti They oud srexl to kl.i.w wle.ler It wis (lesce or war. 1' be should led tbem tbat be did no kiow, lley wmilla-k him wbst lis wu siiJ to WMliltloiifor (Liu!") Mr. IT sea m vid lual ins BnaUgo mil tx-cu-live lies i n. Mr. Iisk sier.iwis liked fr IIs yeis M nsys rm b'e int iHili isle op his TenoluiHii. lis eiij-o-id hull inlcMlacwj-oleiel aeirlof 11 Mr liisoM ifc,d if Ihi lesoln wn be lake uobs would sprees bli v. ewe. Tbe B aw vitd the leiuli being 19 M 10, be qii un, llr y irarenl. oloti aaiiuide loaojoninanl 40 lato M1 i live leriii n A 1 this i led there was all I no quotum, anl tho Bensie vi trd. Boarestt.sis war ratde Id like a rsrasa, anil 11 direct lb ertf ut at Arms la gt af r It abiea tees. Mr. Ilisisrssieoe, after, aa be said, be bad rlvaa lh r uhlan an ipjr-rtututf to loaflrm tbelr Im mlLatlolie, ai.d haling f 1 ly tMscbar ad bis owe dniy. be runvid thai lbs HiruUi a-ljomn tiao du. Toll was 1 ba teed to TBei was much lau.dit.lit dsbUi In ties ml- tioi F.aal'y tb 8 net 4Journd till tomorrow. fTTATK I.EIJIJSIrCKK-rVaala. Athimy, March 27. Tim Drooklya Il'oid. wsy Kur ad bill weioider-sl to alhlnl reatteg Mr (losa Ht'oliired a bl.l ti aaiend lb law cjn cimtiirpiriofrf wills Mr. M Toorar lnoii(hl In a bill fur lh prolse lln and Improvement of the Cayuga nation of la dlana. mi.i rsraSTi. To lersllss lbs detlslona 1 f the Arullratlaa Com rulte of lie Ubsniier ef Cowmen. T HMd tbe II oik'ynB werageand ll.alnare act To amend tbe charter of tb Nt Y ik Cirn Kt- Cill To prsvent lb alulttrill m cf nillk, ani stop tb Itirriolqswtll milk. TvliHvriraUib I'.mal Acad my. tlon art depoa'ng Oov Hoctto A bill k also (aaaad lb Llrur to raise a Regiment of 1000 mo-anted B.fliaa fir tb pro licUV of tk boDtltr. 1 Bine tb departure ef th federal trior, tt In diana In large number, bav been devastating Ik f,i Mler, kllllrg atd driving back the len'e s. rupaitar f rdialTrarsfro lit steamship At Irons has arrived at thbt iri, with Drtsr date of lb llslbud. Tr itean lbl.-s Oen. Kuak knd I inlet TTsbiler, rtllad OB UiKlhwllk th fadeisl tnspi. Tb Arltoa breugld to ledlauola oompisle E rd (1 of lb 1 1 rivalry. T ere were no Meal Ireor la vs r.'e Qraod. Tie state lroo oosupltd te gsn 11 to. lii-liin deireaUaa earnings on th upper b Idei. Preea Washtaatea. HWi'nc'iri, March 27. Th Sonata, during Iv routs Ktreiiiv Blon 10-d.y, oionraiad lb fn ' mltg lmtrliala-tis-- IduaU Cluleadiauf Varmout, Itljti'r of tb Treasniy. Divid K. Ortarof Ohio. WutlsUr at IlillrU. I'ltdsnck llisADMck of Uelo, Minister at Koua-c- IV111. II, Corwla, Baeretary of Lagalloa at (I W V.n Hora of Itwe, Oniul at Martellls. J.mes'l, Jrn of renosylvanla, Gnuml at Iya. tV, II. CirpiLter, pr Niw York, Crnsul at Too C 10 It- W Bln'e'dt, of Niw York, Consul 0 roeral at 1.-M. William r. M.n;um,lr . of N t'j CaroMal, Cm- so si N tigno. .tll'l II Arrolit o'l llools, Cnsiil alOlasu. N-vl Mcl.aaabUn, of Indiana, CJ lasul at L.ttk. T, II. I.swrtnc, f M4S C'Jiuul aenaral at FiJ- II" ee. J-ik Ilcwar-1, f Cmn., fnvil at Mae'ria. Itirbsiu V. l'areoaa, of U-l , Onsul al Bio Jt neiio. Mr II rty, of Ntw Yotk, Bn-rilsry of Lsgstlon at Tiit in. Olnrere fir N'vuli--0irg T irner, of O il". Chief Jusilre , lli-e li ,ia,tf M snonrl, O ir-1 n N Mitt l Califo-uia, Allsl J.imle I llsvtd liiylse. of Missouil. Ms lb si 1 B D. flanker, o' N-w lttr(sblre, Attonsw 1 tieiiaa C einsus, of M seoutl Hostility 1 Jubn W. North, of UshmuIi, niiveyit'llstetai, Hindis fir Ilsootab 1 Win. Jane, of 111 loo's, 1; vrnx-r . I'bl orw-a 11 lee, of OMo, Ualaf Jiisdes 1 LO MllistnPlf I'sBDlylvsnla, Alien A Tirtna, . I kanl.rky. Alsislaio Jjsllceai lllnry N. Veil, Anniii; Win. N Bkse'er, Msribsl 1 tlo I) lli'l, of Mlcnlian, B irv)ot-i'lmerl 1 J kn Una- Terterdsy morning opened f arrp atd cloudy, sad at tk day prugraassi bvy rain csm on, and lfi with bat llttU laUrmto sltm, all ny. Klsarabt wratchea, breed to perl grlnaat lb duahy itmht,wer gseerally armed wltk umbttlla of aa aimer of walr-prm and cwn pllnlo4ly,driprlngly,plaabl bilker aad Ibltker, with seemligly aotbing dry about Ik am but lb fountain of lb milk f human kbadneos. 11 most, II seemed to b rtgtrded a som alisrlstloa of thatr own miseries, to poke tha points ef their un. bralla rib la th peoplt' ys. a si a Illicit Inetitioo of tb lame IrUk'lag pslou al tb b. k of a vtctlm's nick teethed the hlgbast bumor Iks dsy waeespibleof enooutaglsf. Umbrella man smd to atjny a nil af grim happiness, a tby rapidly disposed of deloslvl articles, wh'ch in geoeral ar M ls for rs'sr of prttrelloa a self s, wkalever their pile. I It avenlng, lkrarod Viissea" wtra full of chilly, stasmtDg fatal, agr to reach tbilr homes, wber Ibey sppatd prlaeU pally lo ily, for evening temscmsntt were very poorly attended. On g d n.y rwult from our mlalatur drlsg of ) Saturday II msy dl put of tbe lotig-netlscled strasi cleaning, and wa this satisfaction w lampsr onr ooaaplalats against lb iy. In Ik etenltg lh tain oaaaed, but Iks mud tad chilly air Bad II most uncomfartab'. Smvinui in St. raTEtrn' CATHRnniu UilyThnndiy wlllblcsll'irsU.1 la Bk PUrick" Cilbdr1tdsy, by soltmalllgh Mass, I which Ik most rUv. A'cbblshop llooara, Very Rlv'lcar Oeterll BTissa and Vs-y R.f. Archdeacon Mdjav turn will assist. During lha celaliralloa Ihi cere mony of oonecrllng tbe baptismal, and aoolattng oil for tk ensuing year, will lake place. Mmon. of Keniae. 8 rctatr. Ulticw for Nstirana 1 Afvls Bat dsre,nf In va. T11 a Casaor Di.Tacrmi Wiu.tiMson. Tbl l'jilce Com sls.l uers bits rendered thrlr de cision la Ibe ess if detective Wiutaat ia,chargai by i,erlntn.dsal Ksissnr with cition and dus.l.dlsnr of orders. Tbey decide I hlra lob let giillly of Itiechsrgirf InVttesltun, bat gul'ly of illioUdienc of order, and be wu diauilisd fiom th dspaiunint. Itai.t and UaatnALM. A lecture on th ebiv utjictwi dallveied al CUatoa llsU, lail evinlng, I7 Col Cuss. CasaoLb, late of lb I tall in army, aad head ef Ik staff of tisn. Ainusi. Tse audltnc waa as laig a could b lip-rtsl, Ik uafavimUt wealktr being liken. Into aocouit. lh littuivr UgiB by ttimtkleg on lb Imporw tit to tb eaut of llbsrrj, aad to tkit country la naitu-itlar. of tb araulaltlon of Iiallaa Indanea- Oortrte i Wn I" Mia us. Cilef J01- drora. The lt;llirg svents of Ibe laat war war im 1 Dsiniiei jniiiirin, ui istiu-wsis, associsss J.i-Moa. I U.kytldlo, f n.rlca Mrldi. Tua: Is a blU Ufor. th, Uglalature rr jvld log for tho re-b.lldlng of MuUm Bridge at an eipeoM of tJ5O,0O0-N.w York County to jr marly tbe whol. cost. It U propond tht tho work (ball be done under th direction of 'Commlarlon, consisting of five persons, three -Wonglag to New Turk and two to WetUheiur wwej ."Hj ,r.iponjty, Jho ftfr Tork ComnlMlonon named 1 (" j ,.1 J. .11 ..1 . - UI kill M Iad , r. K-J T.ata.dT. tiuaaa. TBS CI Cmiss.ld ilslfi a-nendmanl wisaeiln orcer is in Msulu " n was uoi yet baiore Iss nie Mr 1US naisik d Ihtt If lb secsdaj slates wiie erui tel tt r-ue'n eat of lb I'tlouh wwla'.vorbl ib-Jr g, Im .npeecs. Hi wuld ge llilll 1 ts vrud vi t.'.eia lb Ir llmnai b wiuM k'.v V n inytolug naroiabbs toe lle ssk ef p- ! b-ti ll ey a noils pujto of K.y aut Toririra ami river wl.l b. 1 b. u two pil. Is ar UM1 for u aad not for biu, 01' st j sttioas f tie rouotry kevsaa In-1-M11 11 ll eiu sd up e "y the ooTimeresba ln,lii to ti Nink, .him wl.l uvr yisli lka 11U.W. M'.ttaia fN II) 'v)id that th ressl'itlol W..1.ML01 I 1 k.Kb,- I hsv wsr approae log tie i-'i f tMist. ti atd If bi it sol u una we Ym uoli viu'd 11' . tty awroduMUe, nd 4,oeioibi be Oiiaiitst, aua 1st un eeeld Mil w-n 11 soud si j. Mi biavss. (It I) i'l t'.t ll wa not uooar f r ibcausvj Mil 1. sbw wan u wired r- to. 1 1 (0 I..'!-. Its wuiil.l uoi aaelt v its to t I keui-n llsr-s.i u.l u anboit ssylng a raw wii 1 lerjuc Irn whet 1 sd been turid tr M irs lii IiimsskU Bat. xisniiai Tbl o.iuiry wi'i ssi.iflMi wbalib.4 j- iuji woula hsvs Ummi bat tbsy siicirdid Mr, Tl .ic fN- J i"P s-d Isktng up lha rte dution. Hi dlii in i-rofera 14 Da wry pri' I In nsneiiot Jw, leit hi wsuiad ltonnw hluiw.if oquistlruof duly. Hi ad sain no ptoeiiioa wblthksvs li Biasle lis t'3t It sdrus'lsl's. d-ulinlk It) Jct. Ill dcalrtl lokiep thss-iiisi re;ini iiellscL Mr Tccani'Li.' (Ill ) ol.J-cl in rising was 1 1 uy hl In voting M tsks ultl tasoluvos, hs d-d uA lerint Llasilfaa coaimlttsdoiHi wiy or aaoioer I iliess Mr IVtoii wou'd vits to tiktup lh rail. 'iitios, wt"h lbs vt wof off-rlsgai amcndmeal to it leg It wltbln II e. opei ll on kt to like. Hi bought that tl wo'iM Im wlss ir tn Prasldsal to ildii.wiutruHi Io4j t n 1'ikirs, ss a un-il-rslooj IbirwlU bs. or hive bam wlihdrawa f tin Foil Satin r. I'm ra only (n in lis UotfrdirUt slates nn oocUflsd by lb U 'Vint tnautalMalsoieiy. TasM wsie the only plaoe ablck e -uld und V a uol laiou, but ibi reajlulioa gres faitlar. Ii st tka. tvi 1" rt d-ntto w.lblisw lli 1 troost from I pMnts la lb Coufidtrsls stale. Tb Conf.dktaia swUitwinga isvolultona7gov. rnmentean tlalni ooly whit Ikay tesupy. If 1 w willing, under tsbriinif circumitaaoea, thai Foils Boiutsr and Pitkius should b given uj Trey were !..!, and neither af them pretectal anyttlag but Ibe harbor, whlok being la paaaaaatea of tbe rvvolatloaaiy govsrameat, ws akould ao Vi'H U lsUlBg tbem gel ualeas w Intrad te hl' Asarmibiy K gllretltlous wstspreeei.lii In fiv., are! ten ramotutreilnff against the Il-oetwty Rillroai B true remonstrance 1 weie tiimsruualy signed by ruiliiarv aad nreraea. Tbe fidlowUig bU wr iep irked fsvuab'y froas ootnoiltteea : la relatloa locieesif aiiirder and araoa ocour rbg previous to Miy 4, 1-tii J. To pievstltha salts of Impure milk, and pro vide for Ibe pinlehsaBl thereof. To legallas lbs coatiatt for gtalltg lOTlh street. Thbill to allow Inauianot oi-tnpinlas to eltara;s tb date of tbilr Cical Jlsr, ws refsrrid to b reported oomplt. The 1411 lo aaiend tb Insolvent lsws, was noted forwaidtoaxooad croiltlei lb wko'e Mr. Woonavrr mad unanimous repwl frora IbeoiniBQltta on elite and v.lagea. la favtr of rrpr allrg lha BIHlon 1 of Ik Mstio e.lum P tile lsw,wbicb ereaualb tfl of I tsawclnr of Flio. Tc commll't fsent the ifSo of Inapivlor unne eeaiy Oine'.linnf Mr Netnm, the aiollonea age. Ug wltb the repottof lb Cmmllt adreras to ha b II to regulsia ibe rale offenlsg between New Yak and It-nokljo, was liken from lha table. M'sa-s Naniirrr, Fiaasa. Paovovr, and L. C. Antaawa tpoks la favor of tbe bill and, agalual adi-ilrg ILe iiporlof tbe Cimmltire. Mr. Moots vlnlu-eudth tiput, and slalidh ladbesrd no txpresaton la favor of lb bill la Iici-klfn. Th bill was dlasgteed t", and aenl to the Com mittee of lb ehu!e II mee. lb Betas cnLCiirretd retolutloa fer lb aoiatdwecl ef th Constiiudin 1 1 prohibit the sale of tnloxicalltg llquuia, wrv ca lad up. Mr. PitacB moved to lay them oa th lab'. Catrlad. a-Lia ruatm, Ammdliglbaacl relal'ngiotliatratamleslnn lo lbs 1 fHos 01 tb Biciiiaty of Bate ol words uf cotvn-loo Oic-tnlsg th ootTmratlon of lb Chamber of CoDLiaioeo' Niw Yo'k. AnwiDila'o y of lb -act rtlatlv tvi sawarag In Brook' n Aasuolsg lb art Incorporating lh New York Con Exobaatf Tnv atlrg 111 sdnlleratlon of milk, and lo atop Ibetiimelaiwlll milk, Tb llnlem KUlrusd milk freight bill waa tskm op aa Ibaip-tlal oidsr air. HOBiasoti atgitea ia i.var 01 in aut ror wbnb, be raid, thou aais bad petitioned, and not one leroonstiouobsd been mide against II. liter guidtliotgl sgslral tl policy pursued by tbl tad. Peay ICxarewe. SI. l.ouii, March 27. To l'ony Exprua Ibsa.d Foil Ksstney on tie sf-ernomof tie x5tb, with ite f 11 1.0 ditpf.i.h lor th Nm York Aaso- Gllil r-ess : Mia t'rnnv, Mtrih IS. Inlvad 111b, sblo Ma-yL hnlior, Naw Yotk 1 Kib, K diaot, 11m. t-DtCots1, fri in ttwer east. Billet tfdi, snlni Js-ob 11.11, La'rti-n ; Mslsy, DiLg Kog, Tbsaiea'ter (IVdenOttaiatet oa Ise 9ih for l'eifcu e, wnh 1J psu gsre, aid nearly a m llloa In ttiaaute vi.n-ii Ttosarv vrtml Ibe bill rbiaglnf Ibi murd-r irUlo'BoBsrs Barm frm 8 a Franoaao It l'.sier Ouny but Win II use pssss I lbs till iT.r tit veu, Iks lobbl ikouilog aiAbiuiasli tally. Tie Letlilslursoonllnusd to bal'.ti foe Btnslar wlUnui 11 any prrrsa. N randidsie has y.liiiiltto la'ftbatuiilrid nnaikirof v Is. O aurdi-ra CcaNunia&u dkd tbia tuomtng. T'orckconst Uibsidiubaaarilvtl,wlihBinl wlcb 1 Ltd 4 daieeof Fib 11 Tie U. S iloop if war VTyomlog arrlvad at Htnolula os lbs O.k In search ig lha raiaing sl.up of war Levaal. Tbe Ilono'ulu Adrtrtitrr of lb lltb, asysllwss Ullsvad, fiuia Cipt. Host (.if Ik levsut) lnlaotlon aa to his c mrr , and Ibe se vere s.e!.a 1 f Oeto'oer SJ It 13 n or tilth. In wbl ih wballrg bttks, ships and I is btlg Cons -l luff iced more or ties dsrcsgs thai In I, vial bl mil w th sir"ou. dial stets, wh'i.h haJptoved falsi lo Iks skip aid all ob brad. Coaui tcui The mark al S ia Fra clsco war dull I-tbmut lut'sr bad advanced toSsesntspar ib Riflaidtvgars bad declined to abmt llSo, air? quli targ lisniscMoi s, no prlvals term, del

liken ilaoe In fn elgn banie. eonssq tenl oa Ibe piobaU cbsng In tb tariff Candles are dull ad lorlaagtd Flour anl Ro cofl e are firm. Wl eai. Is at quality. Is quiet al tl for xpoit, aid Uitlllug fsr Miw l'oiksltl. Ike rtevbgellsBi imfafl, March 27. Th Nw Tork and Kn Rsitnad steamer Olaaa lefl Ikl pert far Ti ll do tb' f lencoa. Tber la sllil a gwi deal of tct lu in lower tea or tr. isxe, out 11 isqnl' boke op west of here, and tb steamer will rubab'y g 1 fu.riik wilkoirt oirncultv alrbi. Ptlmart Water Cap. March 27. Cats Tlsmos. wlo realdid about 10 mUr north of bira, oommiwtJ luiota yeetaidiy by ounlng hm tkrrel. II" body ws found l.i a awaup aiar hi I oils. r.eunUry dlslrti. ll la stid, w lb rana rue leavia a will aad iwo children. YlralaU flail C'ea veailetj. r-smoaii, March?!. In the cmmitteof tie wa. le lousy, Mr. Ttrssn, of Jackson, 1 QTiieJ a tubetiiiit- for tne nJ )rl'y report, miking now an u-eqinv cl denianu lelanvi lo slivcrv. Thss'itailtaie wai rtjiewd -yeta 17, nsyi 80. -t Moavsoc mrvrd Ibat tie fl-sl r.soluitin ofl'isnp rt, wbUhdiclaiei ll-itihs e'slss wbsa as1 iisl eonrtiluiiein ws fornd, wvt nda petrV.iiuterilgiitiMuy Inrartlsg 'sod .till art," aflvt ih word "w-tti," w dtttwd till lo lscan IVi-eiatlatl.aaPly or Ike ftlUiea'l Hfj Iavi, Ac. SI. ill'', .Vdri427. lha Stay Law pised ry lha lfKis'.Hui oaths tin tail, ws ymtwday dio'sriui ty Iks Boprsais Court of this Bws, tin. cravl lidutsf, a. Isr as le'ete to tiulrscis auads I n vl .us to ibs aia( of tbe srl. Tne i..giiisiu M-journ tojay, ovexlnrsd) stem if, YlrglaU aid Ike eaikra OoaveaiWau V'rAmmJ, Va., March 27. The Virgln'i B is Cnvinvoa, lBlakt, njec ed Mr, IIu.u's euWilicie, (ba Cnstulaa vt the Cnifejera'e Stater) for it ip"rt of the C iu.u.luee on Federal ReleUi na, by Dsys I , sai none. Weeiera Navlgatlea. Cl.nlanJ, March 27. -Th Krew steamer Porteattilb, of th N-w Yotk and Erie Httlrosd line, lift this noil ror Tvlsee laat ali-tutatsk la ',oIvtluJk'.ik. Officers f t t! 'o-fclo 1. Caas. I.t Armour, of Jl.ty'sn4, At c'tte .lost cs 1 Cqia'avd Tiwn. .!, Msball , Pol. 1). Ktwards, i.f Ktntucky, A Wrrey, liU'c-oraofCu-liiv 1 11 rsmUmty, Cilacta-i-fijiatoo's mils Yok city. Julius Wblta. f r Cb ciga 1 Wm. Clspp, Jr., for Ihs Plsirlitof Vtirmsil. .f bn l.twie 10 II 'tfira, Perlh AnVy, I'.lwln I aimer. M laaukl. .1 hn I lt' I 11. I) tboqiis. llolait Wji), B irviyor, llnrpt'in, Va. Jta A ilk.n, Olti-er l-r 8sle-n, Mies. Mm. II Vsli.nt.Bwtsjorst Ot'.r'l. Mi. This .1 Oaida-r, Msrshsll for the VTsalt-nDlt-Ir 1 1 of Teaniatne Jikn McCumack, A toroty for tbe Western D's Ir.i-t of Tent late. John I,. II. iiklcs, AltonK y for lh EtetttnDsV tr.rt of TtnnesMOS llailubai M D mlal, MuslisI for the Etatara district of, A JdaenCer.s, Attorney for tbe Stutters dls tiiriofYlnriala. Wis. a. Ilsrt, Maishall tor lb northern district of New Yolk. Amhioy J Veaey. Attoinay fir New Jirsey, llwajsb lleso at, Mirsbsl forNrw Jvsay Gen Howe, a leney fir Vwewal; c. C. f. Dild w n, Msisbal 'or Vermont. Tne following n nlnatlone fjr retmaaar, were sotfl-mid Mongolian 1 Oso. (I. Hmilk, at Osnsva, Ntw Tor. t has. C Jianlrgs, al F.saloi Pa. O'o. Pandas, el Abingdon, Vs. Ilia. II Itsrgaer, al HsrrUou-g, Pa. Alex MrftauM, al Lyachhurr, Vs. Waldo M. Potter, al H.reeya, N Y. Rolf F BtbCars, Mmpbls. Tena. Uorg Dsw , Albsay. N Y. John M. Bv-ckton. Mi) sell!, Kr. Aimott M CUf-p, Doffslo. at N Y. .1-s. M Htarrut, at Rrt. N. Y. Wm. F. P "pr, al L'W'e R ck, Atkanaa. tlavldT I.snesar, at Cslr. Hharroo Titdal at B-llvlllr, rUnels. rat in ornua, I) P llsllowsy, Indlsaa C wamlestoner Bllat 11 Hodges, Vermes! 1 Uao U. Hirdiagi Pena ijltsjulsi Tbiia. C. Tbeaker, Ohio, ttauisra in oiuir. Wm I) Weehburoe, 8 irveyor Usnersl. roa HtaaaaoTa. Abner Tlbbelta, RegtsUr al Lutd 091.-. it rarra, amBaaorai Fls'dlna" 3 ihnaon, Indian A I ant fer th DsU wile's la K.msi Clstk W. nnropsorj, ef Minnesota, hit beea appelated to the Moitnam Indlsnt Buferlnlead tncy. Tbo. A jKkaoa, to be a Cblif Boginaar la tk Ksvy. TLr war a number of Army aad other ona-flra-atlona In addiilen lo Ike above, led tiding Ml Dsy le be lieutenant Celotul, ta place of Abur bmrnbla, ptoutoted Private acot unia from Ntw Ml x'co resreaetit thtl lb Texs gperlsj Ooramlsstoner have tost with little, Ifsny success In Ula 1 loess loa tTorts la thai lertltoty Tb pro-rtectof aa extra session of Codrt la rot moiiirastrg. Many of Ibe Rspublloaa Bwtator ate opposed to It. Tb s abject ha not seriously lccupildlbil en' Ion of lb admlnlairatlon. I.calalaaa Coaventlea. Xeu Orlront, March 27. Th Convention lodty adopted an ordlnanc dividing Louisiana Into a'x C -nirarslonal dlatikts. It abto adoiUd an irdlasnce, IraojrHsrrtag Ike public leala of tt tat lo lb Uovmmal of Ibe (JonVdettU BUIes. Aa ad abol-aklrg free btnklag, and tnlrodacbtg gineral -.barter ey.tem, waaiasetd. Adjsutaed aiiw die. OH Well Bxp'eaUn Leva ef life, Saeitfa, . IF, Jfurc 27,-Testerdsy whll Iw msu wire dtllUng aa oil wall near tbl p'sot, tbe ss e xptnded, killing one named Hutaa Cook, and dangstoaa'y lajurlsg Ibe oteer. Uallreed ArrMeat. Vtka, if. V., March 27. Wm. Amdusor, ol Iba flint ol Aanaaaosi A Boss, of lliwkiaavdle, seat Usually kllsd this morning, at UolUutd P.tet, In aneuint M to gttoa lb cat of lh Dlaek Klver r.silrosd wkea tbsy were la melon. CITY NEWS. Urnox TiunLootcAL Skmisart The 2Si anniversary of th Boolsly of In,nlry of Ualoa Theological Be Binary wa eelebralad lael ivirdog, al th Seminary Cbspel, No. t Ualvsrallr Plfcs. Tb attardacc wa good, sooildarleg lbs usp'.ew ssnt stale of tbsweatbar, aid the xireuM war very lnMreal'ng. Adrsa wiil dsllvired by Masirs. f. Jmscr and J Rn n, of Montrose, Psuo., and J, T. Count of Uosolulu, Isaderkh Islaada. Faib poii Tin Dmrn or Tin CoLoaao Oiruui AatiraA fair lnlaedad lo asalst la rais ing fund fi-r lb support of tht Colored Otphaa Asylum, wss eptntd oa Tuieday forenoon, at No, 744 Broadway, and will oonktnue, day aad vntng fot tkte da; a. Th above losUlulloo I a worthy era, having c tnaiantly la lu cue ever two hundred eolcrod ctlldien. lMru MrAT, Dealth-Wardon STOOitrr, andUttt-Iaspeclor Ooonnav,eld yastetday caicasaef vtalat lstsllof roan LurreaT, No, iM Wsst Washington Market. Tb who' otrcM wtlghsd abou'. 13 poued. aad as Is suspoead, wa net older than tlr dsjs when kdlsd. H wa taken lo lbs M yor'sofflot, and then returned to ths oilsl dock. StRiKK -The dirt ctrtraen of th Fifth Ward hav lefuaed to work at Iba reduesd rate of igelnl hut s'a-vU'on price, sad wtra th weath wsges sffuded by Mr, UacaitT, fifteen cants ptr load. Btvstalcf lb ward at now la robelllaa r open, ao tbal Ibe work ef street cleaning can go on ptooirty, he will no doubt be obliged lo gtv Ikera fair remuneration for their labor, Juuitmi, Amnio. Our Jersey friend al Klrtsbethort ar itquesled to keep a sharp lookout, now a-dtys, for cuppers, narks aad brigs. Ws noiloe ledey 1 "C eared-Brig Tho. Aohora, Wmkivs, master, f Eliaabilknnrl, N. J.," olttrtd by 11 M Iisaama A Co Ts Ta. Achera wu eelstdenlst eoaslof Afrlua or Cue a year ago, forbelag eagsfftd, II w a alleged, la lha slave trad, aad let off aa usual, not saving any ,b.iy on boat al lh Urns. Tb Oort 1j clsarid for the same port, eleand by It. M. Bsaaax A Co. This lira Is la tk eorsaerv kuslnaaa, and make large quantities of water cuts. Ta kaiks drif. fon aad Boulhemer eleared for E'lssbithpert 10ms tin ago. W hop ibat tbey arrived lately and delivered their 01 go ia good order. E'lsabetbport Is attraodng eourtderaU trade from Nsw Yotk J uat aow, aad II would be weU far th New j-rsy authoritte to laquU Into k suae rtef. v.vldly dtplctid Tb aptakir having himself been sugsged In lb IVarful atraggl of lb psa asg of tb Vsllutno, and lb lg of Capua, ek( tbtilllngl of ittu. With bitter haired h alluded lo tb bttberltle ef Ibe "Iljo-billnos," or Nesiolllin Iroopa, who acluslly baruaj all ti a larg aumbrrof woumld prieinere, who were Itflbshind by Atotssrs army al lb lims of a mnntary te; u'ee, al lb pesssg of th Vollumo. Tb fall of Ctpns, aul Ibe triumphal entry of ( Into U e cilii ws deseilbel tlo-Uint!y 1 mare than one gltwlrg ulbuts UUg pall by Its way lo Ihs squtdiohs of boys, monts, nd voun, who. Jilting llkl v.teruti, bed so powsrfully aids! list niu'l. Tl le.:turar concluded with s glowing yeaegjtlc on (liinul M, end a fine peroratloa oa lb futsr uf Italy sad Ik United Stale. Tiik Amseicah Socibtt fob ritowoTcra National Uhitt. On the Gib. of Mtrdi there waa orgaa rid at ll B.b' II ium, a axlety bearing lb above title ll 1 aul a poll tic ll bat a moral ae scelatlra, stitlBg foMh In It oonitltutloa 1U objaot bt be ' to pnanose ths union aad welfsr of our 00m- raou riMiniry, by adJrissis, publication, aai all otter sailaU means, adopted lo elacldale and In euloale, In accrdance with tbe word of Ud, Ik do'lt tf Americsa cluunra, Mpeolally la relelleo to Ibe subject of Si avur. Itsoflivetsar! Btaoax F. It Moaaa, President. JsmsT Boottbb, Treaaureri litmaaBD Wintow, Bitii nut,8'rtarl. KieuU va C anmUtee Joua W. Mreniei, f insrrr E. Moaaa, B D'traita, L llorxnrs J. T. Mooss, J, n Bowsa T. Ilorxni, II. J. Bint, Kbwus Cane vbj, Wa. II. r ca, C. Dceois, J, D. WaTaaasir, J. II Aaaxw, Thus Tiutoh, A.O. Jsaxna. Tb numbw of Vice Pie Ideal I CJ. Tb Honorary and Corresponding Members, wtoa name are In tb printed list, ai on han dled aid sixty one. AbrivAL or tiik. V100. The atetmthlp Yigo,Cltala Qorjuiaa, which lei Llveraool on lh Cih lnel , arrlT.dat tkll potlyastardsy, IIrnw Is aiticlpated. Tbs C ty of Bsltlme-e arrived al Qutenatown on the nth, on her voyage out. Man Anotrr Cuao SriALiaa Cactio;! to Pstssv. o Tueaay morning we published the particulate of the recovery of a stolen child, by twins of a paragraph which appeared is Ibis pa par laat week. Since than Information of a ca almoit alrullar ta tatur he reached us, and we publish ll for Ik bintfil of parent, who, 11 appear, cannot be to eererul of their obUdeo. About four o'clock las! Bsluiday afiemcen, a Udy, having two cblldten with her, went lali a store on one of our n.osl public svtnuss, and whll purchasing good Ib yeuag one weal lo tk door, la a few moral all lb eldest of them, a boy ail year old, wis mlfirleg. Tbe other child aald b had beea tak en c ff by a woman. DUIgtnt troh was I m me diately mads, but In vain. Al a let hour, hew ever, lh child wm brought bom by persons who had found him crying In Ik street, a long wsy off boss whsie bshid been takn, and stripped of hi outer clothing. Tk lahnmaa wretch had atolra him tioso his ko hsr, and after dragging blm off a long dlatanc ib robbed th helpless child of hi clotelag, than leevlag him lo perish of cold or starvstlon In the streets. Taat saok a thing caa occur In bread dtylighl tl certainly tatbsv alarm ing, and II Is to bs hoped th irrtlsn of lh po lio sutborltlea will be aroused to btlng to Junto tbsbtu'a1 WTatobei wk pracllo such berbarlott modes ef robbry. frraU Trn Steamship Mosnt Vernon, lately aabor si Old Inlstwa "but morning takn on the Bit ano D k, for xminsllon. A Lkiter Fbom StrrBRcmaDitrr Kis- axuv Mr. KxaatBT baa written th following lettai to Ibe Osnatlssloners of Polio, n li'nlag hi tea-ans for dsieillnge portion ef th detoctlv fore lo Waal tngtoa, al lh Urn rumor war current re lstlv to sn sipnelil attack upon lh Capitol 1-. Casiati. Dsrsmtsav or ma Msraoroirraa ) Peuoa Ornoa or tbb BorxautTBiBaiiT or Pe- uoa,Nsw Yeaa.Msnhll.lMl j Astra Mrjlitm FMc. Gnmatisiit Ahaeao from lh etty ad aa ex. eaeof duty while here bar prevaaiet nee from making aa earlier reply to you 1 of Ike llih lnak About the Utter pail of December last appear earae Indicated a posalbl exttaetv breach of th peer la tbl city, aad (root aewepauei articles sad other evidences of publle apprehension, 11 bene we nereasary to acquire nob. ufermaatoa a would enable tbe department to he 1 resdiaeeo le prompt ly smoteee aa oetbreak aheald y uoh ooour Msssber of the fore who weeld be Bsoet likely I acquit alnteimaUoa la regard le sush movement, were directed to lve lbs tubjot Ihilr aUantloa. About lh kh tlm laJorraatloa Wat received from prime partiea, whose aamas ll would be a vlailon of con fidscc to dlecloaa, thai xtnalvs anangBni wire epp ehondel for durrup t'rg the Oovernwsni, aid II we prasjottd lo extend to parti belonging outatde the City of New Yotk. fader thee elrauoaVenees, It wa deetred ed's ibis to tak th uaual oourae, and sard a few mem to Droner no'nta for otsr.tln Notk uTgwasebtatuadtaimpllMJ any resldenl of ths Btats of Nsw York ta apprehended movements Nw haa Infonattion been received oa which any Judicial proceedings could be based. 0 immunlea lion la a polio sstsbUahmeal are of a necessarily eenndenslal character. Aad la this csss Ihiy hive been eepeelally so. To mak that publlo weuld be to degrade the officers ef tb fori, lo Injer Ik ruefnuw of Ik Department, and ptevml II here after from being oonnded la a a sals dspos'tory for well fonadsd sueptdao. I kav thsrefore only to say, In further nply, Ibat I btve detailed Iwo detestlTs for ekewalloa at Washington on Jsa. 1, 1901, and Ibey remained until about tha tJi Ptbrwarv. when all aoorehtn- slon of conasottea fur (vll with parties la New York bad nearly ubabld tbr,and Ihiywsre oallad bisk. Oa th Id of Jaautry aa additional mta wu sal to Weablagloo, who lemalnad until about tb tXrib, aad resumed. O the Hth of February on men wu aenl to Baltimore, who remained full! after Ihs 4ta of March. About tb loth f Fabmmry lw af dltlonal men were seat 10 BslUmore, who remained Ibir antll th tstk of February, when tkey returned. OathetTihof February lh too men who had been la Washington were sent back again, aad they remained uetll Ik Mb. of Merely Vary reaoaetfully. your, Aj.; JOHN A- KEtWKOTt lof CctrKisaioftu or EtuoaAtiot The te gr weekly meeting of lh Board Wok place ye. Irdy. T President Ctsts Ctmt, Rq4 la the Vbalr. Tls weekly ilatemtnt Ii u folios Nm- ter of emlgtett airivtd slu Janutry 1st, lwii. C,!ll. solimllJIM.srHTsd hsr during th same time lest r, CM srrived here during laat weeki 1,110 lamatea tt le to various laal.luUona nndsr tb cue of Ib B aadi atgrrgate rerelpt during tbe peat week 1 11, leevlag aUltaceof ,t44( Cltf IktcsmmuUlloafusd tatbeB'tlu Nipsy sasnta were mads last wetV. The fo Iralt g iiaituw, all dirhrcl prisoner, arrived h'reon bwrd of ths ship Msrgstst Ktsns, from F.ailani, Ttetr paeitg bavin? ben pel, by Mr. PrsTareos sgsnlof lb D's-hirgid rrlsoner Ald Bcrltty, ho a' so deporltad la lbs haoda ef lh Ctpts-a f lbMttgatIKvan,ltblgiva to them oatltlxsitlfal li following autounle, be'ng pirt if Ifcilr lainlogi will la tb pr m. asas. so i-BisoN. auotrvT Jta. Hcsrnr.Ss. I'.nunrlll P.Uoa, I, d.n,Xl 10 Jsn,ri'cis,!3, Catbam ' Knl, 100 Tine si-, usinsim -- l j' in, -j i-i MsotJoht,T4 ll-txvn " ' 1 00 Il'r list wnon, lit. MsMrton " " 1 no l'rriaglUl, 15. WokhamOtumon " S 10 Tb ownetso' Ibevesael were ptl tadar babl aa a Cre C-r br-glng over mob peeesngfe. NielberbwjIneBaU'ag before tha It sari, ll ad joutrd. Tim Ilsiinoa-MsiTxa I.ttrsrioATioir. Tbs Banalerial Committee to Investigate Ik affslr af Iba karaor-niastsrs of this city, wilch has bttn I sreirloo al lh Astof II nil s'nci Stta-diy, ts m.'J.urtid lo mail al Albuy n Ftlity nixt. rtrra, IaqeeaSe, Areldewla, oVe. Frf-L Tintoton a Hatciiwat. Officer BiOLaViOftht 1st Precinct, wbt'a trying lb doer of lh Trinity Building, lael (vsnirg, fell through ebtarrtrif and btok hi Ug. Ill ws laksa t" the city Hospital. Tub Caitbitcrt Hill Firi. Fir Mir hslBixrs Is stl'l dlllgtatly UtfrtlgsUog the Ctntstbury llsU fire. Ai yt, n ith'cr dsflalltbu been elloiti d. Fot A Cpaass, lh P.-oprilor, stlaiatalbelr Ice at $4 son, Knxrn or A Fall. Wm. I)i rrr, a mi son try trsds, dls 1 on Wednesday, al Bllvu lloerulal, from Injuries rt eel ted Ike day previous, by felling out cf a 4 h story window of Ne. SSI WeelXta etiaet, where he was al w tk. lie was anativeof Irelind. 15 years of are. and leasts a fin. lly rwrldlsg la C4-.h etreet, near Id ateoue Ontcner Jausasa held aa la piest uooath body AitoniKa Fatil Fall. Frahus Ostium, a astlv of Ihi city, to ytar of eg, died oa Wed- nesdsy, al lb reeldcnteof bis parents, No. 101 CBuTBUOAa NostuiATtoi roB MattJ Brecklia RpubUraB attyorany Cot-b .Uad a Mo. t OoMrt street laat svesloj pu-poe of nomtnestog a sdldatf piaoeof Kr. naoav A. aTswr, ocUoed. 1 Tbs Oonvanaoa was called It eider ty Ml Basil rr, Cnslrmaa of Ik Mater ""l srMiiMi ne tr.a un 01 ! -"-1 aaiounced the deoliaalbm efatr. Ktat, k.H rfU.i.-lik.kM.iii Avenlntf. w1 Mr ltssar Howsw, of Ibe lsl Wsrd wt I nu.e of OsKuis llau. and aooitnated l r... . it.- .KiLMai-u.iii.Uis for lbs kt I Mr. CaAXLls J giiimxan, of Ihs lOi'i rtaisdtkaa be tad bad aouversstiii Ptumrair 8 tit 11 en lb uljfl ' tbs ...k.. ka . k.. A 1.1. ..!. iiess ll a nomlnstlon. Its thereupon moved that ' LsatieBiiwucaHanvaociaaiaBoii. i- BuneeqeeM'y wtd awn. , Ur.l M.'assiasa. of the 17lh VTtll tbal lh Cottsnioa go Into au lhfnn wh'th was red to. Tbs tt'lowlng 1 salt 1 WsoJe numVtr of veV. f ' rm-mrs 8"i W. CmT, 10 On aiotiis BTsaaea laearannailoakf M'.B-'itoim unsi.injisisj imld gefeiei sjrjiaui.n. Joans TtiATn of it a It Waid. Jsara Rhtst or ih aih Ward, and A B. U inn Watd. witaatn.lzttd a Gvmra tt upon Ih nnrnle. Ta C madttr wo aler cam I wi t aom'aatod caLdidaia rr Mor, woo " dared to Ike Cmmllw by tbeeoalmisn.- ktsllsrkif.ieshs SMtsirW koaor COttiS him lie bsd hnptdUiiftlhiT would r ossdli'ssa from tbe Writeia District, l.i lbmiht jr-rer to give klm it norauis-i tntir netj to e'ert am. ii-tcsn'ii'i went to serk. There wsi-nsl t-nni 1 ertie 1 srtv whteli ks full uoi ft let i t Ibe elert'rm rf Mlrrrn KunrLM'. h tmolicasa d d duly b (sir f M listed. Mr. aialnurt Jg. . -A Ia .t . .1 &. r Jtntt I1l. nomlnalton, ledtid, etuld lib cbei.s-vtntloo. HaookLta Crrt CockT. Brroi Cvtvra.-F.ut11 AiLtaagvUr) ' rrr A Qrrsnon lavokvoto tn Rn', Io lli'tsrsssrus Celts in Nsw lt II iiivmjw, an inr, aoasonm ils 1. w llaaiiita ottbeeld Biwery Thsatre, 1 ippuediolbeplaiMig for boaid fur 1 1, wtie oa credit, until he nlitalaid aa cc( m enable him te psy ber. lllms-lfstvl k tbelr tettdtme with Mrs. Aiirw, aad I it t-btaire.t an esggan.ent imurrd a t anatualirgtofluu. Mtsawblle le Is rti toglvsbostdlng bouitkiepers a lien o b gsot rsarafrs wiekeaut tniiegi-m s Mrs AiLse aa'atd lie pnpirty of Kin ooaelatUg rrctelty cf alt owe snJfcn tblattical eaidtolw aad som finl.t Insa, refusing at tbe sts e tit I 11 I lib aty nor brerd. Mr, IluaLfx witda t btainsd aa enreaamsat. aud Bii Third avsnne, from lnjurlee received ley falling front Hie roof or hous No. Kiu Kiel I It a street, wber be wu epiaged In assisting a fileoi lo aj Just a ladder. Tbe en-ideal occurred no Mondsy aftarnoin. Otrorier Bomaass be.d an liqaeat la the rase, and a vetdtet ol ''aocslinlal death'' was ruidssed. 1 retire lateUIgeacf, dVc CAPTtina or Allfos.d Hobolau Two yeuag men nerned Cuss Kurrtc and PaaiaL Roaou, wers d.ledtd en Tuelty nlgbl lurking sboulth praralse No 41 Orchard strut, and ai. lasted ea euaptdea 1 being burglar. Ol being Iskea before Juitlce Brssaa Ibey wer roogaisd u tbe tblev-e who enters land robbed lb dwl llrgof Mr. ll.B. Mtiarrr, No li u. chard street, a few ntgbe ego. Th po lo found lot ef kl loa key upon their penan Tbsy wsr lckd up. ConrntBruT Motbt. Wsc. Swttii and EnwABn Barnn, both yoong men, wer arretted yaiidsy, ckartd with faloaleuajy pswrlag a eountatfeil $1 bill of the Mercbaata' Psnk of Low. ill. Miss , at the porterhouse of Fcbbbv, No. T3 street. Tiey war detained by Jus tice KIU.T to answer. AtsACLT rros A ToLirsMAa. Officer IIab ata of the lltb Precinct, whll awampung ea Tuee dsy night, to an 4 Tuts., an atieped eonvlcl from lb PstilHalltry, waa assaulted by lb cnuvlet, who draw pistol and attempted to boot him. Tbl tfficer knocked tka allow dows, put irons upon hi wil f, aad Iksn rduraed aim to lh renl'euHa-y, LXOAX RKPOBTet-tVEONBtOAY. Ceart ef Appeal. DeJkatin cf PMit StretttTht Ciy of Do Jala, rs JfarsAaU, dmfnfiOafor, 1 , Tkl gim wu notified In tbe Sun of Wdasdty. The oa'y question of law tnvoltsd laths right of a Cirpora Uon to open a puhllo sttret without compensation, la Ik kheaoci f a grant or dadlcatlOB of th lead lo be arptoprtatad. ly tb owner bimatlt Th llousnd Ltad Company foratarly owned lh rallr sue cf tbe pteeent city of fliffslo, and many years ego, dedicated road 1 1 Ibe oa of Ike pub'io alorgll'g Buffa'o Crask- Taat roal wu after wares rc jm-s d aad by Iba proper . tkorltlee of Ik villag ef Biffslo, and wu built a aadstlU ixlsts. Bubsqusnsly,lh olty of Buffalo, profemel ts discontinue said street, and opeaed another ef tb sane name, rutalngte and from said Creek, which new 1 treat cover Ibe lot la controversy. The ap pellant contends tbal b had ne nolle of th open ing ef lb la new street, and aeere that he never re ot.veted any compenaeitoa for the proptrty e!imd by tbe CatporaUoo. II a eouosel urge that Ik ap propriation wu uoeaaatllutional, u II wu Ik ap prrprletion of print proptrty without oompanaa lion, Usocelnttppellaalls entitled to Ike tot, IMclaion least vid. What it a Dom-iHe CtrjxwatinnlWm, B. Whltfart vt.lU rmiama ftulroad Cbmjieny Th plaintiff In this ess suts u adaalnlstrator of Jere miah N. Kng, deceased, who wa killed whll crossing lh I-thwus on lbs dafsndaala cars. TO complaint al gw Mgllgncend mlaiuuagamealoa tb pert of Ik conductor and ffl an of lh Irsla. Tk action ws commenced In tbe 8 tpsrlor Court where a demurrer waa Into -posed lo she oupltlat by tb dcret danl. Tbe argument on tbe demurrer we beaid by Juitlce B teteorth, the dsfsodanu eon leading that tbey were a foreign corporation, doing btiela la a forelra ooutttrr. and that tka ad aom. plalnsd t f wu commllMd in a foreign state, Tbe tjouil sustamed Ihi view of Ibe ease, aad holdlsg tbal It bad no JarUdictlnrgav Ju-Vmwl Air Ut da fendaata on demurrer. TbepUUnuiriaeaappealedto tke Oeneral Trm of thai Court, but tbe Judgment wu then affirmed. Hi then loik his can Into this Court on epreel. Tb mala polai urged by th platan f is, that a lb company wu Incorporated trader tbe laws of tbl stat, II la a dotiwafte and not a farrign corporation. In answer lo tbl pnallloa, defeadsn'.'e counsel urges tbal to reoognis tb rlcbl of lb anuria ef Ills state to control the oondnel of eiu (ens el tua stale in otbi r eounlrtea, and lo punish tbem lor wrongful acta, would te to establUk Ibe new tad dangerous dootrln Ibat a ferelgm powar wu entitled to direct the affslrt aad to ooaerel aots of lis suhjecti, wllbla our borders. II wu sure ike Court would act found ai y sack precedent by lis decision. Decision wu reserved. Csail ef Oyer and Veraaiser. Before Jastloe Lsnaisn. ita'tlrntfti br ejoaf of Bu'mtu.Th Court adjeurmd ibortly after th opaalag Ihi morning, no bulns blnr readr. Tne District Atinnw wu prepared with two cum t but la one, an Im. portant wltnau wm absent ea aoeoanl of dokness, and In Ih ether, Ibe Fire Marshal (who we i testuyt waa not rtaay, AUJouino teTaureday, a 10 A M. fasprense Oemt. Verdict ayotaaf VaniirbUt Soman Jorim . Ormrtru VanderMU. Thuroaa cans on al a Ctreull of this Court hld by Jaetlo Welle. Tb action wu brought to recover dacatgas for lajarla received by tbe plaintiff oa Journey to California la IW. through the alleged fault of the detandtal. Th plaintiff purchased his tick off YanuevUlSaadMUM In Ibe steeoshl North era Llgka. ne wu dstalaad at Ike isikmas, which ooraeleaed losa of lime, haaltk, Aa. Tbe Jury retutaed a vtrdlct for $480. CaJseel Blaue t?UrarlCeart-tTeeitea, N. 3, BMbr Jsdgs Oatxa, JforcA SC-ZTenry A. Bmr tf, D&yi Jojim Jt Co. This U a suit for aa Infringement of patents for machinery and praoaas for staUag hal bcdlM. Tk Court this morning postponed tk hearing of th mo'loo for a preliminary lajuactlon agalas Ike, nntU lh fiaal hearing, and or dered lh dafendanla to Ills a monthly aooouat, under oath, of tbelr us of the InveaUea, and t lv tb oemplainanl, Mr. Bona, eeourlly la th ton of oa hut-drad thousand dollars, to sesure blm against loss .ror aaoa amount u a may re cover. Owrt ef Oeeeml fXeeel, Btftir Judge McCvn, At tbl Court this meralnf , Iwo prbjoner wr arralgued. Dialsl Warda.1, who wu cSa-rsd with grand larcmy, wu discharged, tb Oread Jary baring dlamiaeed th eomBlalal, uma tha ground of iuufuilenl IsatlBony. OeorgtC-iiurUnsa was charged with a felonious assau t la using a kalis against Iba oomnlalaant, aad ws alao dlschtrgsJ oa the asime ground. Btvsrsl ether oaeee were oaths caleodir far trlaL bul lh dennduw not beirg ready, thsy were ealisid, sad Ui Court adjooi rati. BROOKLYN. Tib Bbooklth IToancoLicHAL Bocntrr. Tb Mitch KtblUtloa of Ih Brooklyn Horti cultural Society wa opined al lh Atbsaaam, in Allantlo street, on Tuesday vning, NwwtthstaadV log Ib poatpoasraept of lh ihtblltoe frem tbeTueeoey previous, Ibertwu a finl dtsnlsy of many v.rletlls of green-boua plsata, out flow-, A0.1 ai.d th attenOaooi of vleliof wu b rs no serous than might hav beea expected, taklt g lata accrual the d.gigieaU( itate of Dm arefht rv alt Mrs. AijbvI. ble wardioos so enskie b f.i ll, tfftaglilsv tb palalart erd vl wardribr, atd It give ber aneidenali a. for the anount t.f bU lndebtMrwe, p weeklyoal of but salary. Tntaiffr w. in b? Mr- Ailin llsanun Ilea undttire iiiscouiwei j. r. laov r. q ttsHBaeat- ten to test ber ghl lo dtia a 1 11 p opr a 1 lUv,Bdltthrotubtbebetlff,alokHk ne to hie p-seeiwloa M s Allan sp esre ir-s end gave a counter boud to hi is ihi in a toobtalaiut dedvety. At ills Juv ir.i psity spv-eand. and uteJer the tlG.a HOf t c -le, c.sia.ed He p ("petty ty v.ruta s sill sale txecktee 10 ma. uy iisuaua, a-a le was dsttvaied to bttn M-a Allm the ebeilfi feraol tetumlng the pmij eber If demurred te lie cou.p'a'nt lor ic Dsfexdam's eeun' el arad Ibai toe prj ooe d not be aiaistaintd a mal.theictioo e .mitieiioed liy UaoiY Mrs, tun sit Irltl. and not itato, u! diet waa itndsnd aaalast Hauail, Ths Court took lbs tspsra. (If aoirs f r p'.alunl A, F. Wasuo A Thbatbe ron Daookltb. It lha a Niw York Dramatis AasodaVgn. nagof atlrg for a plot of groand on F oJ ormwltalVe Clr IlalU antn which bvildlsg for iheatnoal Berjwai. I'jJ reaoy oeeu prevwa Tnecoetortbi eet'nuated al Vila llio. Illioal I.iqcor SrLLtso. Th. parties plseded gullly In lh Court yesterday to silling Ilqior wlihsutl PATxim Lvops, Coss tutrs Dsnra, llistv Lxwra, aad Lxwm Mrrattv fined lit, and la others wets aAsdt CaHriixng AcciDiar. Thi Wnxun STACtrou, reeldlng st Mo. t,wuriouly lojared ea Taesisyl th (xplosloa ef a fluid lamp, which LealM. fotje. gsgi In lea'eaisklng. llw hasbsrl Udly burned In his efforts to exllii Asm. WILLIAMSBURd BtrraurAB Notraanos. Tl sub cansof lbs lltb Ward bars male Ihi lg , mlnallon, For Aldsrmea Dikas Bt tr B patvbKr,JotraH. Aoamsi for Const iian Wn sow. As tb norolnstion of Mr. 1 n ceivee vnia sail aisisvor ny rim o RenBbllceB. II I uadrstoo thu th M. Huooe hu been, orwtllbepjl Ir I against htm, u sa Indtpendesl caadi, A WOBTnr ClIABITT. Th te versery of lh Wl'.liamtburgh Indu will be etlibraled this vnlag at 11 lb barifil of lb Imttlutlen. A s rue ( xi silence bu beea ptapoaed f s'umiii 01 loose wne aiieno, ano im to b spplld to It mauttenaaee of Ib Polick Dcwisra. CnABLrsDi Bulged man, waa ye-lerday irn'fiA tleeWAiTiB, ehaned with arf 41 upon ibe pireou of Mrs Jaaslilu won-an. 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