Newspaper of The Sun, April 2, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated April 2, 1861 Page 2
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'"" , " A x,V '''' I k r ! I r r i THE NEW YORK SUN TUfSDAT MORNIKO, APRIL , IKl. a "- Tba Tou Bl laa. Tier U mm fact, In the aecewlon more nt, which can aoch grief In the heart of l Amerleen ptrit, a inwiu.i ma played by th turbulent mob wli have uturped All authority la Tex, aad committed thit UU ta lb iulcldl cru-ae of separation from tli American Onion. Tht pre it democratic ttanea, rreeldentJarraaaiix, who drafted tb IecUratioa of Indeprnlrn-a, neurit to the United But, 1 7 pnnlua rrm Franc, th Ut I It or J- of toula nt and the eommand of the navigation of thoMiiaiseippl rlrer ana U Oilf of M co. Til tavinolUo Jatkiob cleared lb Kogieah apt tad their 8ptnlh not federate out of th Florid peninsula, and rootlpfwi tit SpaaUh government that Iti beet policy wm to loll the territory to th Uni ted Bute. Tet, though Lou Want coat a an Immenii am, and florid bin been n elpeneeto tbo Ntionl Treuiuty to tb amount of eter ono handred millieoi of dollera, ther it lana regret aboat Uwir uegrelafiil couree thin there In about TtiM, la wbM wr for Independence norther men fought gallantly nl contributed largely to II ultimtt emancipation from Mex lean rut. Tbo United BttM Government ha not 01 Indol J tbo pejple of Tex es, but It haeptld their debti and Ihvoltel Itatlf tn a u which cost tie country thro hundred mil lions of dollar. Sine HI, Mttly three-fourth of our adit army Iuto liwn employed In protecting the sttU of Tool from the Indian and Mexican In- careione. Wa have intlntatnej fort and garrl fom, t an enormoua expense, to protect the Texan people, and tbo return whuh their potent demagoguM mak at, li tbo cenrltcatbn or aeliur of United Sut property, and Ua Im pudent declaration that Texae baa seceded from the American Colon. A hjtry-headed old traitor, Geo.. Tveiona, who had grown rich upon tba fatora of tb National (lovernmont. triad t betray the army under bla commanl,, tn Taxaa, but thrra was not a man, aa I but fair of bia officera, moan enough to follow bin dantardly example. Well may Goornr IIocitov, the bero of Taxaa liberty, an 1 worthily called "the father of Texan indrpendance," protect, In hla old age, agaioit the mob which haa unurpwl power in the atate, and la proceeding to destroy all the legal aad conatltntltnal lifeguard of In- dllfuil and koclil aetnrity. W bare no gift of prophecy, but w have foraii;bt eiwiugh to predict, with a confident Iwlieflo it realization, that thore la not one tha ae:led atatna which ahall baa crcAter cause to rearot It lnune aeceaalon aitlon than tha ataU of Tcxaa. The Ilreohra CHy KlwlUa. Oob Drooklyn frlenla hire an oloctlon to day or charter oDIcera, bat wt confeaa to a Kreat oVfrre of leaaranoe about the candidate in nomination. The Democrat h nomlna tedUABTlN Kaibilbinch, the preaant 1'reaU dent of the Common Ooanall, aa tbelr eindi date for Mayor. The Republican bare m Wted aa their itaadard bearir, AVI. Scnoixa, the haa eured In the Uommnn CvuncU for the taat fire year, without a itala upon hi r- acter. Tli aamecaa be laid of Aid. Kalb. rt.ixcn hU oppoMBt who, theunh of U r man deaoeut, b braa a Una American la all hla official acta. Whichever gentleman li tiected, l):ooklfm w il have a good Uayor. The other renular aomloaUena for tbo ij Itarent office! area follow i Wtrit. BifmhUcant. "J....K 11'W.a. Vieuwni'a. A. af. Wued. J. B. BlraUoa. Jta- Lyira. T. D. iridaea. R cbard Vernon. J.nee .Cimwell. Riciurd Trua.aU. Thoe. Oara ataga. Wm. M. MeeeTole. TBo. Hill atont, t...J r. waiieca, A.. ,.0i at. WjoUward, 7....K K ll'lknap, 0.,..Jlm Aiirn, ll....Cal U KauUL'i ll....l)jaj UlrooK, 15....8il. Talor, lt....Timhj rerry. W....Qo. II. riaAer, n-rinrtene (Tonta IttymWvaM. Dmxmtt. l.,,,lliueit ford, I.trry II toley, rs....8. 11. Kilierts V. B. Kelly. J....J. J. Biudwell, J. B Biiwart. ....Ht Hulk. J. Hrtdeau. t W II II mall, I". Oarbeny, .....!. II Biti.MKle, W A Tarey. 7,...Jae. II. 1'ren, B O .Iwaeia. .,..Uii(l Deigen, T V I' Ta'laiejg. 9.,, Je. lAlla, T . K. areea. 1.,..W. II llxud, U V FmU. 11, ...P. 0- k'tby, ri'n U.iapbell. 12,,,.Gaa. Paiker, 0, A N-waaea U....JM. Ad. ma, 1. VUa.bJr;. 14 ...John TBniipe'T, M. M l,,,,UbM U.Telkx , aTu -. W.rltmxon, 10. ...It. ajilpea. J' C.uinliell. lT...,TkM. aIoii I'll fi. 19.... I Vf "fort. U....Jaeje Gridlfy. II 'ail llmnw. There are indepen'ent ticket in aono of the ward, and tha Republici'ia, In aearch for t'flke, are worklnK aalnet certain peraoui whom they think aunt in their way. Tula, howerer, will not te iterUl'.y atfoi t too content, d w. rard tha IWk'yn elation a. on. t be cleanly conU-Mod. aaa lloaMab la tka Wx-o'a af Taaaa. W K rr t that onr rpac will not pen tut to jml.llru la full tb Alcroei whivh Gen. 8tM Uoutron bae pit Date l.t tbo ptiipl of Trxai, ut we can brlrlly tfr Its ep-rit. A tone o ladueia of " bruLon boartcilneat" as native of "tlte (ireea lata, "in whicb IhepirenUof tbe biro of San J 'Into firnt drew breotb, would i,T pirradoe tb documrtt. lie flrat tell the ToxkU peojlotliit Ihioub all Iherxrltvut da,a of"thold K'publu.,' ibori lie cfUn ad drciaed them, be had uer tieint forcol to stake aa appeal Ka!t U'ur in. Kext, be toil then that, aflnr he hid retired from Hie conflict if public Hi and demred to pend hit remaining day wr.h bla family, he wai called fur'.h, at a caudidete for their goffragea, and electa 1 tbo'r chief mi(iitxate. II accepted thl rldeni.enf ilnlr roo.1 will end eooflJenco, and tarmni; froa th acdue lir nlaaMira of priva'o lif he irve himielf one mora to the S'-ate whiuh had houored him aad apon which be had eonferred many LaoeflU. But he aooa ftend that though h waa elected Gorenxir of Tea by the honeat tnaraea, th people war dciri in their choice of repreaonUtire in tba Lrit'atore. II had regard to hi constitutional ofi of olBca, but tha mea who ouht to hive aupported htm la til opposition to cor rapt legislation and the be trayal of the iotereati ef lh U' U-camt kli anemia a aoon a they aaoertained thtt they coult net make him a party to their acheana. Cor. Ilocttox declare with tJ'o mli'i. alt, that whan he became tbe Chief Kt cat. re Cf the Slate uf Tex ti, te lm;Me4 a yia h ui -aelf th tolemtitie uf wi etth, to mpport tbi Conititutloa anl tbilteimal noir It. II defead liU action In refuuaK t call j extra aeeaiun of the Lelalatare, bitaut the popU bt th United Bute had elected Mr. LiX'oLw thelr Preni lent, and expoeea tt BtUrly unan. thotlxed character of tba CoBrantioa wbbb warped elate authority, and voted Texu at of the Union. li,T. Hoiitob ajtati th right of the people leaner t, rrolatla, tat be U opposed to rr,laU, feiienul by unacrupoloiu demtnoKoei (poa fi ptnot., and ha prove that the whole eou me of he nl ciding atate bu Lean diahaobralU aad UaJ w. txaa, lUdanieg th legality of the Texii Sute Conreotlo. U denje tht it f apriMBted th IcUraaUor th Intaingcne of the atate, ani rjrotaat agalnit all Ita acta of naurpetion. Yet Itll heart at for tk itato with which hi I nam and Ufa la ao prominently connected, a4 whaterer ber deUrmlottloa nay be he will atliUty It He trill takaao oath of demtl-w o lb Soutlati Confederacy, and xpra hi determination la th following langnti,- i lammdtob eevaelard loenar l ( to uwTplloo. oniee hM no ehartna for en, tie! ibu.1 be BurekMiltUiacttB of mj a avV ewe and tha lot ( aiy relf-nepMl. t 1otTixw lort wU It b-liur clTltatrtfe " HnndllMop'BllM. TJIwnil"i l ""' nake at ealeaTor ao ma 1 aula my ain'i m Cb f Bieetiitea of hle Biaae, except y ih p-r Mll.rrteeof my fiiartlmi Vfita I oao a- lote to Ihl I ihU calmly wilhdra from 'Be e-". WextrgtaOiTfrnireallBlhehaa " w m kae txupl ' antbmtir, but aUU alatnlaf laa I am lie CbJ.f fierotWe. The 'Uei la leu Deeslac. Tnit people of Ban Domingo hare mad aa at neat proteet agatnat th aebeR of their nmte to aubjugiU them to a Eoropean peer r. They bare powerful enemlea t contend with, but It II an Imnmalbility to ratAbllh nnro alarery In the Dominican Republic Tt text Belle f HiOMlifi llAtrra A. lUirrnaB bar publlabed the remnant if lfd btaoairut'a tllatory tt KlgtaM, which wae left In as cuftaltied a tela at hU dealt. II I edited by hi abler, Ltd Tanauaa, aad bran toIuiz V. of Ilaana'a hdttloa. Coeaeetteal Fiertlea. OtB latoat dlntcb fiom Connecticut la dlcat tliat the atate hai etn Republican by Increased majoritica. Intorestlng from St. Doming. i a i THE TKOri.K A HOUSED I A CALL TO MH3t The brig Hclio btlngi ua Haytl file to March lh. The people f llayll are raueh eiottedallheat ienip of Hi alo a eelae 8a. p mlo. To fUow lof la a prcolametioa lemied by the Damluicea i Arriat to ma iiiioa, "DoiDlBloa'at Tbe muniry la la demrer and there la but ina way eo aae tlliy Kexiuio. 'laltm, ait ce toe laai elevation to power, ha tol J the republic. "Toe price of th Yankee did not tall hloa. To day be kae aJudKl II to Satins aid le prep irleg loeruehlh Ixraialcaa psiple ueder the c lell aokefirahe xilepilceof a few puerile d'falll. aodnfth tld which will be dlelrlbuled Uhlan at five or en p-lnolpal acOMipllta. 'Tmone the Tarter will eoj y la qtlet the lichee gained by Ihl criminal ber.alu, end will we'roaie u tih an tioolcal mll ui tea lurf la CIok cf our eheln. " Tesorrbw aham will tile on our hearth aVnnra, aad th atlgaaa of lguoa.lnj' will eoll our blew. "Tomorrew.ourwtei will fly fr-n onr etm. our nioihei will renu their taiai. aad our ahildren their k11 a dageaeraa piopl merit then nut. Tomorrow xr ihall be Me to leete it ni family neither ceuntry, (lory, hooer, preapartty, anr Teulhrepoeof the d.iueilio hearih. Toinoeiew w eijireee It eaoe fir all w aball here chasi'd th tool rfl of lb Croe for th Uretyof alatery. Waal, than, ahall L th way of rartorailon r Uetoluuon. A rexolunoa, holy, nebl. Juit, araal, bcaue II he Hit Itaekjeot th preaerx alien ef a national 11 orrated at the price of the blood and fortune of It eitUen t a revolution, holy, noble, )ua. grand b caue It la undei taken to eare eur oounlry aad our bbertte. ... " t'ltharlaod I Liberty 1 IkUwa th herole cry wblea precedid U re.o'ulloo of 1M4 aad the aaene cry precede th rnoluttoa ef 14C1 1 the cry of a vatloa, which aew auppreaae tererer tao crlee or mere mcueai. Dominican I to area ! let each elll en be a eou dier ef liberty, aad the cry ef nell .Varton.' th tyrant will be (brarer annihilated. LM the Bieof patrioalam burn la oar hie a la tropical ana xlnflee our tilatenee. "Douilalcaul t arena I iham te thee who Idellitntbeioa. I thl treat day of eur country Ur are but two emaae mree wao are m eiua ana, eaa eaeae who are traMnral fOnslnleanal te armat We mnet eoaqter or die for death 1 peef liable to degradaUeo, and If we remain Inapaaalble w can no long protend to th dignity of bee man. Duttlnidate! toarme! Lt ai aaiM on la wen day and at th mom moment, aa a atngta rain. No -merry to th traitor. W mt eooquer at I aTPr,ca I .. . I 'Let not rre-e auoourtg n. ir w anaaipn net tn the cilie aad palace, w will trlueaph I be xlllagea, la the auburb, la lb plain, la lb for at. W ahould mak Ighl of gHanle which will aatoalah th world, and mak tha earth tremble under our feel. "IMtalnlcan I Victory or death, before the Jail ef the Republic. Lae pray t rroxldeoc laal befero thia beloved land of fJoLnaam be dlahoaor d. It may be ngulphed la the ooeaa. iinmiKtn&n tAkrmal enoombAl! texletorrl Let ua wear the inn of heroe before we elaap th tnirtyt' palm " The neneral of the aratla of tn nipuV.loane, Joe ataan Cuaai, alao laiuid aa appeal to the Tbeee appeal are dated aos two miathl ago, and bar bee In eecret etrculatlon. narn aw mva. A Frenohman, Aiin Ociki, Ii under trial at Purt-eu- l'rtaoa, en a charge ef tka aataail nation of Ike lata UaaiXL Wourr. Th aTalr waa really a duel, bultbefriaodaof thedoaaed mat the aecueed nil bafre tie lime, ard therefore Ibey deuaul that be eheuld be pualabed a aa ai aaaaln. Loci Vnrrx, aa old Qaaral( aged ST year, bae died. ..... Tae Kiagntot paper bare ubltahed a proton or the ex.npeeur BouLU4ua II exilie iaa h lulllb lull till THE LAlJiST NEWS. a Mr TSLX'jRAra ro ran x. r. i o Aaaeaab J. Tbe AaacmUy mot at V. i o'clock, elity-eeven menihere twnu preeeut. 1r. vvaaeraa preaeaewe pmiiuw "iibh tae "ttttSSttESS iT. m'tV and Inn u cjiu o net it-gtmeou agaiaai lata- eolig ir ter.ur oi oinc la tn muiua. Tn StbaU bill I amead the Giro Kiihange charm aa eidired t a loira reeding. TI bill no amend th act for Ik r-u!taa of the Pirt ef Ni York i act W ainaad In At el lUriiu Itiloire. Te euthoriae J tn T. Miua to lay a rtllrovt en the line f ble lioauedatag rent la N T , kid tocuen l'taiikllaandelker alreela In Ihellin tV'aid. nroiklyn, weia all referred favorably boa Ihe cvniru nee 1)1 Bjotioa of M'. Tanxx the prean.ble and reev lutnateulilrg Jon M. Niiaoa.A' itn net. tilct Atteutey, t apteral th bar of in Mnae, In lH.lun to the biliary one of Jar Ginaona, were dil led, and Mr. Naiaa a a authoilaed to appear bj onueel. Tbe bill to privet I the tale of e it 111 milk wai raw tnrted foi the oooatcaiatti a of It II jue. TL bill to emend lh chnrler ef lb oily of Mew Yuk, latlntlon to th Bureau ' Aeteanrum, a uktn up la C nanatwe af tee Wnele. Mr Ilaai'T aadeaatroag arguineat agalaaltb bill, whUb waa aeppcrled be Mr. Bmiw end otnoi, a bo tadeavund to pre II to a third reajlsg. M', Aacviaxira aad Fail aa ep'ke egalaittb Ull, aad after a long dlacxualea arogieai wai r lotted tr lb eomeHtee. inveell ute, hi. guaw move to aie(ree wita withUeiepertvflheCemxillteeoflki Waele aad order tbe but to a third reading. Mr. luani epoke at acme length again) Ik raj Hon aad it waa loet, 18 le 19. Mr Kiavaa'eUllia aolheriee tbelaeorporatloa of U Juvealle ttofotmaeoiy Aayluai, waa entered te a latid reeding. Tt Aaaerably took a recaaa tU1 d'c'.etlt p, M, Virginia Caeveatlee, Rkhmtnd, April 1. Ia the Convention to- y, air, jaaai uaaejca wuanea a innawo Mr. TkaswAT followed, fkvorlng an u Heparan by Vlrgtale. Mr. MontAOC ecu mapped a speech for aeetee'oi Mr, HCTUtU.b pteatated Ita r"luliuti uf ur tlou of tb paopl or Alhemtrle eojnty, inai uenng ttreUvae Br ecaanlin. Ue aaid ma h wae wrcf change lathe aatitinaacu if tkeneipe cf tbe eeaaly, aad when ottvul thai a utajority een taat w.y, be won d ana, bl ooure Ij tbdr v.ew. K'anlntlra wer prtir.ted from Dadfad, Ava il end M tdiat a oouxtiee la favor of tatmadtat M. cianba. TneCiV'inon adjenmed. I'xmv Mewl gem try. Jvahonierji, Aj"il 1. Active efforts are be ing aaw to coapate the litp Rtl.aey keaee to PaMncala, to farlbjat tha titatponaaloo of troope to tb Oulf, aid II will la coap vi la a few dare. kotUag Imtrtnal be bene lenetved bum Paa. annu.. 'I a aepply of arovlalooa. II I beJevwd, are entlrge-atIF-jrt Ftckaae. Tiope, arrvalaa aad aiMiealtwa are fl wlag Into Ua C taatava Ara,y U e.a.bra, aad lw !&( iruupikr. pertidal MaergWMry Hit week. TLMirttd e.!wtawal U rtPea U (rto'.Ubud ty rta'A aattwtay aa aafawaded. PnatlgalWa v dee Lake. TvUrit, Ajxil ITb pevpellar OU, a 8've lejnl, Urve fa .en Dvaaiik. arrteed ha Bnday anunlag ianA., Aj-UIr- Tn waaeaer CewWaa aad mtHf T11 rw" AtJ.eaL. ad MPirYtAera Lu giu rw' w," - Pr Oa'lfVlt. Election of U. a Senator ? fat r"Vanfc, Hatch Utk Toif Ex ftiee aitleetl Itre, btlrgt the fjlUwag Bw J a A. IfoDveaau., wa elected V. I. leaaaer by tbe Itl.l'Ore( Ji4alceH'oi lat evealag, ncxlrgM Ml of 111 rote It wa afterward! awan'etl a cerntetae by tbe floreraer, flnbta qaaaAly lb rletk indamtav1l of HI T.te baring h-tnrwt, leaving MoDoveau on r.te abort. Aa l-.eatigili. li prepoaad by a Jeiat oemoiittae, the ttl'Hteae iif Mcloooau., alalia thai bl alaetloa depewde la lb eettl&cale, trea U Ua eaaaoaitMa pnttaialael bint, leerlag ground fjr a futar cooteet at rTaaalDgtM, eheuld thl LegwJalar .i aafter tleet another parly. Oeaaactfaa Bantlaa. faferd, A jml I The Repab lota hart prob ably carried their Mete ticket by aa Increu'd aaa. jortiy. They bav both btaaohee of Ih Lf Wnr. Looaiia Raublloaa, I bellered U b eleeted la lb Flrat CocgteaaU nal Dlalrlci, by It aaj wily. Tile rf llertferd for Orremort llijoxieoeia, Rtp., tin, Lnoaia, Dene., I (Ti. I'er Coatrea, Dwieur Iem, K p , 1,111. Urn, Da , l.MT. Th Flret Benatot lal DUtilot I Democratic by tn majority. tlut'oid Couoly.AU lb tow but Drrer Bur. ling ww, ui Cantea, glv BeoKsetk' rot 8.MI aiajerlly agalnat hint. Ltat year II we 110. Dimcciatla majortly la Ntw Il'vao, M3. tt Ial R'le!. Bl. Iai!i, Apnl 1. In tba municipal elec Uojliday IheaailR-puUlcan ticket waa elacwd by fient ttOO te 0M maJorUy, Tha now aDooodltlof el Unloa tlckai wa ooly iwoceuful in two We'd. Praea WaihWajtaa. rtoeien, April l.Tbe IVeeident hu p round (leuiw Little, Merahal fr No-th Carolina Dark! L. rbllllfa,Mirabal,aod Lawtenre Weldoe, Alttroey, fir le eoiitbera Oletrlct of Illlnola. AUo Ihe fol owln( n ned retireaaenrM' M aeoarl I'ihiL F'7,8t Iki'i John V. Al'ieadar, L-x-Ina ton i Allen P RU'btrdann. Jt(Teea Oily I Cbtile L Muller, Hannibal, Wee f, Pjorwheua, lndepraoenee Bibtn IlirUa, Kanan City I Joba L llt".ti'er, g Joenh) ale... M.lancthen Smith, Rxkixrt, I llnm i Uierlet II J.iaea, Freeport, IlliOnie ArklUee Wulieo, R'annoad, Irdumai abd tieorga II, Wllrm, H ubaarllle, Ohio. Annrf Ihe ortArxiellua leal Widneeley, wn ttaiof leaan Frnj-aa, iditnrcf tha geneea Uouoty Coi'r naanoMr at Banwa Fa'le, Niw Y ik. Th Maine dlttt;oa with VI" P eatdenl Haa. ua. hate agieeH ii tbe dietntiite nf Ihe office la that title. M'tlf Feniia ha claimed the rtgbt te III I- r jilland offl aa. Mr. (lomii, th r-preaemailre elect from lh fliae C4gnaloiial dlanci of thai elate, denied urh nbt, bul utlded to the naj riry of Ihe del egnlloo. teey bevlog agieed to Ibla imui a to culoff a I ou eletis Mr. trMintprha)nthlr(iie In writing, glTK lb- C NlKtorahlp to XVltxiaa WlU4aaa, bll nid law pulnert th Pet Oftka 11 Major Dili, tae Fb)iaieoUthManaUopltal, to hi brotkar, C B. li Vraaniiu ('. F Telnet la uucalmoua'y monrnrDandd fr Diatnoa Aarrnav. ami C nrlea Cnrk for Marehal o( Maine. W.thlrtrt. e !, Ceilirtor A Et. port; W. P. rVingete, Co lector ef lltegnei Tree tlermra. Collector ef ll-lbet, and J M. Dring, FutloKaler el 8aco. Theea and other appoloa- enrol will prcoao y ii mo tnie Tae Baata Fe Hall, aoVpew-frniv, prW 1. The Santa Fern til, wtib oete to lb 1MB u'.l , arured hare andj,oe lag ote day ebead of tlma, but biluga ne newa f apecinl laipottnaoa. Hi Iadlua were eeea oa Ihe reuU. Tae (raaa on Iba read to FjiI Wia Uatturt. TI ecntrectole on ihte rout are making prepx. ratioaa to run aa xpree from Fert Wise le Caaen City, to conned wnn tnu mau. VbalaU Iarlataiare. Ii'chmnnd, ApUt.1b Senate his agreed to the II Bae aoaeudmeol, r ative to thl Iruahr tf tbe arena fioia Ik Bellona Foundry. rluw Senator preaanttd a prolaat aralaet tha paeaag ef lb reanlutlone late lew. Tha Sue reniead t permit It to go en the Journal. Antra af lb Neil Aanerkrma SaJBogj at tk Bahaaataa. Vflonif, Jlft., Afrit 1. The steamship Moita Aaaetleaa, from Liverpool oa Ihe Hla, via L.tnooaatrty ontbou tuaDO,anraa era at oMIotiklkuinornlnf. Her date are emlelpeled. Tbe eteemehlD Tlobamtan aalled at 9 ffoleck aa B.lurday tvealng for Llverpoil. Tfca Daath af Jadca Khaw. Boston, Apni 1. A moctlng of tha Suffolk Iter, waa beta today, and eomailMee appointed te make arraegenenie to attend the funeral of Judge Baaw tomorrow, ltteolutton of leaped to bl memory were adopted Tha Bady of Oaa. J. Hhertdea Faaad. Tot onto C. W., April 1. The body of Hon. Joiia Bnaaisaa, a member of Ibe Canadian Peril menl, wh alaapi'eertd very mealiriualy eome tblrtg over a year agt waa feaod In the rlvw U n on gtluiday bight. Hauttlaga De Caha. Tha bow ateamshlp of thla name will be launched from tbe yard of the builder, Jbbb- miab HlMOivso5, Uroenpolnt, today, at 12 o'clock. Thla new iteamer waa conatructad for lletara. Valoktb & Co., of BU J anode Cuba, and la to take her place a tba pioneer la a new line of eteaiaera between thl port and St, Jaffa, aa aoon aa eh recelrei ber ma. rblnrrr, which will be put in at tha Neptune Iron Works. Htr dimensions are ai follows! Length of keel. 21a feet I an dcik, 238 dap'h ef held, 27 breadth of Wm, .11 1 o er wheelhouae, 25. She ha three decks, and la about 1800 tona bur. then. The keel it of white oak, elded 12 and moulded 15 Inches i tbe frames below are af white oak, top of hackmatack aad white cheat nut. 1 be floor U solid to tha tlocr timbur heads, fore and aft. Stem ami item posts of white oek, tli inner stern post and apron of lira oak. Main kulaen J 5 by 15, ia sister keclaona, two oa each aide, 12 by 12 Inches, llilg keelaona li by 12, extending the whole length of the ahlp. She ii diagonally atrApped with ft by 6-8 Iron from bilge to aocend dot k, secured to frame by 7-8 inch bolt. An Iron (trap of the tame dimensions coo entirely around the ihip inside. The planking i of oak. Each beam in the lower docke i wall npnrtd with boeom ard lodging knee. Celling in lower hold, fire atmktof Oinchea tblik; balance 7 Incbe thick. Th cabin deck I to be furnished with fifty flrat clae at eterooraa, of extra large ilie. The dlnieg room li forward, and the main cabin aanldahlpa, ladiea' aalooa aft. Uer atern will be ornamented with tba chlralrlc order of St. Jago. She waa built ondor th superintend ence of Wat. I). PiiEi.rx. Toeeagiae la to be a marUe beam, ef till incite dUmetnr of cylinder and 11 feet strike with two hollers, li feet wide, SO foet long; Iron water wheels, 29 feet diameter, 9 1-2 feet wide; eheft j inchea diameter, Tbe whole angina ia made of extra strength and finiak. She will be faralahod with aa Independent ataam fire pump and bollor, and aa engine for taklag la and discharging cargo. It ii Intended that In all ber arrangement! the ahall not b sur passed by any steamship afloat. CITY NEWS. 1 hb Rbtcbjik) Ta6ors. Th Unitid Statet Troops brought from Taxa by lhtomalp Denial Wabeter were token te Fort Hamilton,, whoa thy will (wall further order. Tae Fort hai reienlly been wltheut a ganlaon, (th companla formerly doing duly having bean ordered to Waablagtoa v ml watke ago,) and waa occupied aelely by lh wttri aal children cf lha eoldlera al Fort I ampler, Tb returned troopi ar la xcllanl haaltb, Th oOUr mphatlully eontradid th report that Ihe mgtmeaWlaTtxiiareorhavabeta damotallttd, aadiaytbaltbeyartituitrui to thalr aiiegleuc, to tb Vnlon, Tub WgATntB.-Our clirait yeaUrdty mein'ng d'aoloeii It del K lout humor. Thl wtelher ana no pleeetnt,inr decldidly annlea- ut,Ut loxlnated la a lerperof lrraaelut ua r art' my. DaVi 11 aferaeea had peaaid, how ever, th itrilrrMd Into rplrtt of pneltlvi era Uii, tld townda a'gll laiued Ina alormnf blue Uiligiao fl.k. Tint If aw CoLLBrroB The new collector ef tbl pert, Mr. Unit Daaaar, la aald to bat re to WabUigtoa,lteutXrr with the ovUael la neonate rtxdaaaootmacntd al.h hlineaoffi-a, Mr ryaaiAiemaiiiiaofbat, buttSaKtato be r. tv,4by Mr, Itaaaar latkeeouja uf a week or ana days 7 MB Vnu Tb Baa avjrlk ahoie a'eam leery -U, trU U th Una I Ihl evuie ef lw anwala, a a w bvat wtU va l "t-l wtai, U aVMaa !. Kml.ttad, laadieg peaaev ! averaavaa aal uf Ita ulat 1 It e - vv I ita avei tiva, K4 iy Tbe Naw TABirr. Th new lariff want lato oi-eraMoa yra day awwalng , aod threoghovA Ueday er.aeatrl-1 Intoiffact to th beat of th ability ef the Ceatnea tleua clnk, wba unit la DLAtiarum.1 eptnloa the "1U a a mod II " Tba bead, akirb In lie A ab'aa etory, pa through th hinds of th ca.k. Wbtr, baker, ura-er, ale , wm not mote beadled about la Its faoelfaJ oaraey thaa any uafortuaat antrehaal I Bow, wb la ao enx'aac xrith the ptorlaou ef th Koaaiu, tarUT, aMtmptalotakaealaeom'giiaent of goo la. Tae rt glre eae cn In lh 0 ae.on II ,ut drama a tallow l EaAar iatemter ef liaea UI waat to pay Ike da lle oa i ea bn'e ef llneo." neary otera iponteiy, irat nrmji-'-iiTwiawf ktend did pea ray U hei to tae aiuer lock, a rf" iTiDortee "I'm mil I dea'l kaow Kauy Cletk "II aid he aeot to Broad street, t b ot enaed by the Appnimw.' tnpnexer haataaa to Appralacr, get hi thread aounaea. aad hurt lee beck le aewll lh dull. Knt.y ;-"now mech data H weigh, air r I iiio tar "I BUI go and aurerer thai." it Clerk loac aaere) -t-New, I meet aacr taia the ral a, eo aa to get a lh ad ral waa." I pter lia deipehi Uow aeon oaa I (at the (onOef" nnwy Clerk "ton day sail week, I hope, Birr" MteaMare, la rwhee another mea la a (rati hurry, to pay hi dalle r a torn eetlola, wnieh Ihe ai gn- cletk earn I m tad enumerated at ell "Hare eh kladaea to ley thl overt I will bevatoatudf Ihl Ual aoalghler toaajrrow, ant eein letat-.du." JorrRirctMArT Ilocia rAnrrBRl' Krwroia Thejoumetmea tone painter held a met meet Irg et No. l'l flowery, laa evening, Mr. P. K. Kteix In the chair. Teilcl of Ike meeting wt to deeneod Ik Mual trad wagia ($1 per dlea) at Ikaoofnawcemeat of the prenl eweia. Tale astremenl 1 not Intended to bl a atrtk, but a nanvemanl for Mlf-protoetliai, a lh hxaee arlac a dealr la cut down tttetr wegee. The foilewlng beeee were leyeittd M willing to y Ibe rale dtennadid Mateia Rootraixia, Fos vbb BnaLar, ttaars, Fobiob, Irawaar, Faaa and Lnroa, la oooelCemMoo ef Ibe tirH('y naCavaraW lata af Ibe weather, 11 wai reaelrtd to call an other anaaa miellng at Ik tame p'aee oa M mdey MIL Aa Inflation ni recalred to altaad a maaa merVngoftbe tl'wnk'ya hmiee tnei,oa Wad. neadey evealag next, at 100 Myrtle avenue, Abbital or (Iks. Miiumox Qea. Miocbt. Muuaoa, ex Preeldent of Mexi ht arrived la thl city, aad expert eoea te tear for E iroae. Th bbtory of Oea. Miaaaon, like that of all whs have bean proenlaealln Mexican po Ilka, I on ef etriklag vloU.lladee II wa bora In th dy of Mexloo, and 1 alirut 10 jeea of eg. II fatly entered the ermy, and aerved uader ALraars t wai made a prleoaer by Onoaroir, but etcaped NAad (m oourag and daring, b tweme Ike acmtnal leader of tbe antl Liberal aad Clerical petty, aad during lb bl civil wars rot lo lb auprem cemmeal of th force of that unpopular faction. Oath ltd of laat December he fought bla leal battle. He bad man bed a'o-eeof . C80 men In atta-k OtTMI.who hedeutnel) COO under bla ordere. Tbbaloom manred S o'clock In th morning, and lent ad boat two heiir. a large number of M ttaot'l man dteeiturg to Ihe Liberal la th hee of th flgnt. Ir li reported In political circle that aar wotthy Meyer, finding that ther 1 (real objection to lb peaaeg of the Tax Llry bill, eent op la Albany, bae oompromlaad with the republican ma. joilty, wd 1 willing to accept hla own $40,000, for onto expenae. la lieu of deduatlen trem other de partmental t xprnne. II 1 reported though w do not believe Ihe rumor thai Camtrailer new baa team captured Dy raaaiaaoi Taa Slavs TaADi The V. 3. Maiikal la reapectfaUy Infeemad of a preralaal rumor that alarm r fitting out eeaaawker between pier 40 sad M, Seat River. WoBurao Mta. There Ii to be "an enter. talnmaat, cnatatlngof music aad lcl are, at tha before room eoruer ef Moat aad noueton ehraeta, very evening thl week, from S to o'clock. CnlldranrDotoadnilltdnnletonoooapeiiled by tbelr paranla. Th genllemaa wba eatabllabed Iham and la eerrylag them oa, ha ao bJot, but to afford ivtry man and woman who dealr It, aa opportunity for eniertalamant and lartrnctloa at no eaa whatavir to tbemaalves. Ta lecrarara tbl week, btatd Mr. Oca, will be CpV Utat , MATrnaw IIalx Sunn, and W. W. H wr., Ei Tbl avanlng a treat may be expected, ta tb hnatirau lecture of Mr, floes, oa "Gnawing, making and (cuffing." A few rovnea from lha magic btalern will b pretectal by Mr. E E Ram ma CoBErCTio-. We are I .formed that onr e'atement In yeaterday' article en Etater 8 may, to th Iffect that th new Mecwrlal Cturch In Uammottd atreet wai opened for Ihe rl fme on Sunday, and would be oooeeoraled on Thumlay next, la tnoiTrect, tbe building having been coeae ciataj In 1804, and t per at for lb lent fir or all Stbikk, We are informed that the ourney aran palmare of B ooUyn have etiitck for higher wag, la unloa with tnoae of their crafi la Ihla clly. CitT Mortautt. Death tn the last weik eidlag April let, 400, decree from latt wk, 0; from same week lail year, 4. Acute dl, T20; chronic. Id; xte'nal cauaet, t-l; adult. lilS; Children, 188; n-lee, SOI; fmal, D0; oolorad peraoaa, 1. roLirx Comissiobxr. The Police Com mleatouera, al tbelr meeting yesterday afternoon, brok Wauaa A. Baowa, of tb Sih, aad Joaa Orr, of th Mb Prt olncte, for neglect ef duty. Mo lee than twenty-two patrolman were fined from eae lo thirty day fur vailou I offanca. Complaint again! forty liven patrolmen were duvulaaM. Boabd or ALBBJuao r. -Preeldent Oxarrr In tb Chair. A rteolultea to provide fc-cimmeda-Uoni for th Bprtor Ceart la lh nw City nail, eo eooa aa the Supreme Oottrt and Dlatriot Atlor. nay aball b coomraodnld elaiwhar aadar th provlalon of th new ect, wia adapted. A reeolutlon l have aa Iron ratling placed round Ibe new are boiag dug round th Clly Utl', wn referred to th new Committee on Bepalr aad Bupplie. Tb frpovtlOB Counaal wa rquted to live hi cplnlon tn regard to Ihe eouat'tu'Umnllty of the law. making the deolaloa of Ihe Fire Coeuiiloa re final. A oommunlcallon waa rrcetvil from th Pel'c Commlenlonere, naallrg, thai ea aooeuel of it la reat In lh Police fore, four additional a tall on -bouaee will be leqitlred, aad reqiwetlag the Urn. mau Council to make provlaloa for tha lent. R fenred to Commit! on Rtpalr aad Bappll. Th following eUUrutnl of th oondltloa of th Tvauiy wa received aod filed r Dtlnoan, March Md, t,W,ft0 49 Keoelpta. $1 1,919 3 i Pay. maaht, $tW,Wl 10 i Balanae, Much Olh, $1 U0r

it 8. Th Board than adjournad to Mmdiy next, Boabd or CoraciurB-. At th regular aaeetiag of the Doard laal vanlag, a repon wm rtcalvidfrom th Creton AIudqot Pepartmant, la relation to ta ecet of trip bleak er Belgian pnveat!, ard lha appropilatloa aaede therefor by the Uteamca Coaacli. a" no u Innrolnctloo la Ihl ally, Adjoamtd to Thursday neat. rtrra, laaanr, AocWteata, eV. Fixb rs Euzabbtb Stbibt. YectTday suornlag, a fow mlaule bafor I o'clock, th polio dlacoverad amok laaalag from th aecood fl jor of lb toaeaunl houa No. tt Ellxabtth street. Tha omoera found the smcke preoneduig from lha aptrt tneata of Joaa FLAaaoaji, aad h wa found aaleep, rd blawtfe we la th mlddl ef the florlwlik berclotllnf wrapped taflunen. The unfortunate people were rescued from their perilous altutllon. The fumlrur la lb room wai damaged to the extent cf $100. Mm, F Biota waa a bidly burtid thai ihe waa Ukea to Ibe New York II ani le L It la ittppoaed the oottple were Intoxicated at the tia-e, end thai Mia. Ft-atea la (otag too near the rlove ant bar cletk oa fl a. Fibb u Cabal (tribt. Ao attempt wai mad batwwn 1 and 1 o'clock Ibis morntrg to barn aaaldwoodn bidldlag al Ctaal atreet. Tbbul'dirgtocrupld ia th upper part by a numlirof poo fauUllae, aad In the lower part a a auoe etote ly Biaoa Levi. Tae lacradlarire acaU tried eoene rulitlah la the cellar with campbea, and tkaa at fii to It. Th amok arouMd lh lu. malt a alike hooan. eed the flame were eiluuruiab. J Ufov ihty oould gala biadwty. Lit I and hla aeii aw wnn nrtntta toe auaplcton. bntou btbur Uknubefire Juattc ixattta war out Barge. FiitB ia Writ SavaJrraTtirTii Sntxxr. The daeUlnghouaeMo 14 Weal Uih tlreU waa eel o fire, ab-ut leo o'clock yeaterday laeralog, ia con qneacaof a defect. furnace flu of Ik adjolaag bouee. No. II The bulldleg, which I o weed II Captotn Wliaoa, waa Oae-vred nltnt f 1M. The fuinMuri cf th ooenpam, I. K. Ilaauoaa, wet lao-aed alaiul tX4. Tkebidldiag No Iti earned (ad ttcu(Aed by lltKUat" VTaixi. awr, wa wi Fm n Crrr IIaix Placb. A newipapef attnd at Ml. t City nail platt, oorapled by Ji R. Vim, caugSt tr frmn th atota,al)ieil arvea o'alock yeaterfay mntnlng, and tn vck nearly diiroyid taa about ,; Insurtd for (1M la th Btu) vttanl laroianc Co. ScALBBnTS Diath. Coroner JackmAs held an lo,nrt oa Midy,upon th body of Maat Roanaap, a ahUd C year ef age, whe died at the reetdenoe of her parent. Md xrt, aear Wih av ana, from aalda received en Buirday evening, when the upatl a ketile of bo water ever h per. sob. A verdict U accidental aenin waa rrnaeren. Fatal AccmrirT. Coroner ScittBMrB hell ea laviueat, yeteerday, uym Ik body of Janes Ooaarr, a ahlp carpenter, who wai fatally lejured en lb let of March while al work npoa the ahlp Joha Cuttle, whar he Ml upea aa add end re ceived a dreedral garb Juat halow lh 11 knee. lie weaaaativ oi toi ciry, vt year er nge. a rsrdM of ao!deall death we rendered. nNCtoa BalslHaiaara, dka. BtrBOLABV. The tobacco mtnufactory of Mr. Viboxwt Kocaanaao!!, N. W Petri a met, wa broken Into early yeaterday aaeralac, aad rebt ad of aboat BM worth ef (waff aal tobaeon. goal hour later a eolered xeeteaa aamad Hlaairrra Waiaan wee obearved peddiag eauo aad tobaooo about the Fire Point, end en being queatloned, anted thai oae Jeeam C. rfiawuf aad "Peimet Iwnr" bad glvea berth arttel to I'll. Search wa thaa made for thane men, and Uruli wa r reeeed, aad Jalea VTrJaa locket him up ?ror ex r ' " Th natt waa datalaad M a wtlaea. BTABnrna AmtAV. On Sandsy evening two ynting man named Mionan. Oiaioa aad llroa Mo Drxjeorr got Into a fight together la a tenenaeat keuae In UT etrerl. near bth eve, during which Ihe latter wn dnnireroaaly etibhed la lh ebdomam. Ill waa eoovid to 81. Lxkra UMpUal. and Coua IJXQAL, aUrtaBTK-JMO.'xOAT. C'aait ApaWo. Th Iltrthrop will cute, rmently slated la lb Be, resupled tbe day, (MsodayJ aad aa aAbev eaaa wa ca'Jel Ha pee tor Ceart. RAivinnt tf Principal and Agent Aaron Oayin H af. AndfnH Wln d Ct , w. Piter J Xerint et. a!. The Jefendent belaf agant of Wl eeler A Co., bad laeured lalhelrewa rnma, oa auoount of onaelilhof theehip Metoka, tt peltry previdicg thai In ceeo of lues li should be payttif to deTeadent after th preen u a notee had bean dedceted. Oath ft of Oceiber. 1SB, Wbealat A Co , having Meoma latolvoot, mad a geaeral aaalgaraeal to p'a'attn'a of all their pf operly fir thebetwaiof auehof their creditor at might lie autaortbtng aald ntalgnment, relaaaa tbelr elelm. It doMaol appear thai any of ike crtdt lote did rgn II. On Ik kotta of October, lfcM, A Ueyda, la be. htlf of th algnre, wrote to defailent a f il. fow I t-Utneg became the aanlgne of W a eeler A Co. wa wieh the laruraace tea oaaalxth Me hn.tbe f oaraoo-iuot from O.-tobr r Sd, ISM, and w will be eieenuleblo for the premium froa thai time until th exp retioa of th irnmt poUcut, tr waril M dirat f Arm ta U eanarUad " Tear nev er, It appear, directed euoh caaoelleeloa. In I) eeaibrr, 19M, lb ahlp wa lo!, and tbe dafentaol, hariDg received the tniuranna, readerln( an no ocnnl ehowlog thla balance 19 be $1.74-1 41. H ty. den, II erpearr, oldecvad thai the entire prenuua era deducted, claiming thai lh only deduction akooldboof h portion accrued eabeeqneatly to thalgurolto plalallB. Dadmdantirtqiiaat edblm to take the balance af milted; ha declined to take II at that atnta, earing he would draw for It. II Arwrd drew for only fi,Bi0; hi draft wa paid, and without further demaad, thl gull wa brought. Tba groaada of Ibe enrnslalnt were thai the plaintiff had mplyd th dfndan to lnur ibalr Intonate m Ihe Mtloka; that detendaata. In vlolalloa of Ihe plalatiaV Inai'UctloB, neglected to do o, but permitted the mating policy to oootla ue, sat their premium nates to remain In poeeee eton of the company, and thai ubnqienl la thl loan, lh ompeay dad noted the entire premium, atd claim thai defendant ahould pay lh porttea efatich premium a eoerued prior ta OttoberSd, KM, a wall aal reatdu oflhebalanoe adanla tfddoa. Oa the trial ef thl cauae, Judgateal wa teudai ed for th pltlaMta. Th oeae now cante ap aa aa espial from eertela ruling of lb Court uaoa tha trial, tha defendant appeallag, aad oea. teadlnr thai they araamuiad to deduct treat Ihe lea ooDecaed f jr tha sarigaet tha oalrs pvaralam, Dtolalun ileal lid. I BarranTata Caveat, I i7e a Bochdtr iladt Zfi M'Jl.YMtr I Prortr A Wt!l ef Wdliam Umnhant, daeaU. I Thla la rather aa lnWreatlag eaaa. II appear thai anmaalm pravtoue la William Mercheat' daath h watkn atck. Vfhll In thia coad.loa,h waa I urted by a Mat O , wkc i attonxloa and kind, pre eeeuved h regnro. Ararwnrdt, whan fully recovered, aad eumgal la eol .noting teaie nmwighie teanata, te bee era I ncquaibt d with a M at Cnarlotie A. L . Tola onaunl ncqunlntance wa followed up By the mail, andttenlwd tn the pnrtlee aagagtng tbera eelvte to rech other. Their manure, however, we Boelprned, fee lb reeeoa. It li aal 4, thai Ml LVto llmnpy -aioic-irvlnarenlrtaacat,tbea k rtly to come tn. In which Mr, Merchant wae a party t lie leetlmony not blar admladbl after aha I sd become hla wlf. WhU thia ull wa pandlag, aad before thtlr n nlave. Mr. Marehaat died, and by hla will, which la now offered for probata, h bequeathe (30,009 In money, to Mla0,aadlh balaac of hi property, about $Si),000 tn value, lo If lea L.b'a bttrothad, aad making heraolaex laVl of hi will. Tee dicedent left two elatert. Mr. Jiatl Can- ntnghem end Mre Jexteatl P.ntl, ti whom he baa left nothing. They content the validity oflu wjl, alleging tnaanliy on lh part of deoedant, end tnat aa undue la fluecce wa exoittd ever him by the TTi prooetdlcti were adj turned to Wedneaday DtXt. Caart af Oyer aad Tr lacr. Otfor Jualic IaaaABta, Tha Court waa opened Ihla morning, and th llalef grand J nrora aalled. A qxerum not being pttaeat, aad ne bualnaa ready, tha Court adjourn ed. BnpreaB Oaart- Jll tkrmagtifor (A Dttlructim tifthtQtt-u amrhw DvilHny. TA FtnpU arri Tht irrmmt. aioru o mfor arfontl. TA Bvptmton vf Ri h tuond fxeinry II will b rnambrl ihl In April, 13CB, the Legtalaiura pteaed aaatlnppr it log Cuauataaleoer to Ink ldaac aad earnrd H amount ef damage auntalned by reaaon f tha bumlag of Ihe Q larantlee Htapltal upon Sttiau I.laad Pureuaa to their appo nteaent-tneijnn. mllunr took rldno,and reported lbd"a a al glOT.tfl in. Bubeequanlly th oounlj pa d over to th elate treaaurer Ualr booda, to th aiumol ef the award, under proleet. Th Coaemueloaere of Embjratlen new claim the! the peymeol ibould hav been mad to thim aad not to the atate ; that they are Ibe proner cue todlaucf ttt fund tob glatrfniKd firllMpltal la Quaraatln purpoe, by virtu of th grial power conferred upon them by rUlul. Tny lhaeeajt now mov that th Cnirt lmo a nkiitla ati' to eomcel tbe oounly of Rlehmond to pay th an,oual awarded to lhm Tba county del mi Ihe grenad fleet, that lb let of April 10th, If 00, la uaoooiltutiol aad void, aad there neither Ihe atate or Co ami toner uf Kmlgrelloa are entitled to any aadar the award ; and,acend, thai If Ihe act la valid, payment haa already been made to Ihe etaaa, ah'ch la Ihe proper party to reoelv tha fend. Tr 'unaBt wn adjourned to In tfik ef April. Tbooaa will probably go to lh Court f ArreeJ. Scrrict of SummtntCordtll tt of, j. John A a0ilfrrf. Action for good lld aad delivered. Tb suanvona aUlad that lh oataplalal would b Hid la Ibe ilBoe of lh Clark of th County of Niw York, aad did tot atate that a c py we anneio J to th unuaoaa aad aaivd lharewlth rfpia the defandaaa, although uehwalh feci, o a the 20th d'y after tbe rvieioflnrumwiona thtdefaDdanl ved a aoek of epptaianoe and demtn 1 of a c yf ef oomplalat. The plalatlff aHornev d sregardid It 'eotend for a oopy of thl eomplalnl, aad up notio ti Tit eJtujamenecf oat entered J jigMfot, Thl waia mctioa uptoth jrt of th dan dut to aelde and vtcale Ihe Judgmetl entered aa Irregular ; the motion peptra anowlng lh abor ntcta. II eld by tr Court that a plaintiff earring a aum nrora of thl kind t aol bound to wlt until lb x plrnUoocf Iwanly deja to aervalh eoraplaltt. If a demaad I not oocr mad, bol raty etv lh mate al Ihe lime of Ihe arrvlra cf thiiumanj, or al any llm before eiwy ef Ju lgmanl eubeequinl It ret, and the llm to na er oommeeoee to run from the teivlee of Ihe oomplala. Thl meilea wa lb eilfore denied. wllU caU. Uaait af Oaaaral Mtaalaaa, It f jr Recorder nomtna, Tht PnU ri. Ilitjk Ward In tbli caw th defendant wm remanded for aeotenc upo eon vlcllon cf ea iraul; with th lntsol ii kill hi own wife, Mrs. Bridget Ward. Tae tragtdy took pi to oa lh Dih of February, la Avenue A. Tee de fendant went to lb houM, where bl wifa thwt wa raatdlng with htr r-tlv 11 nld thai h wtk d to kll bar, Il being early tn the morning, aad added thai ihe would Me him no an we. Tnla ra qutil being eimpllwt wtth,ud4aaly drew from hi prckel a leaded platol end anaped II Af'"' at bTr rmruth, but Iba ehm led lie aim. the bail Ktlag the totooded vlotlaa, aad atruck It floor. tb-et dragged hla wlfo down the ilalra and atabatd br.aeveral dau tat abdomea. waUt nd thigh, and efterware bol blmeelf la lh tomach. wlthaadg Ihl otuidwou. on, Uulce, Ike r.WW.i 4 o. bl owe llfo by the prteoner, tbe partlM bnh re rovwed. Ttire w. ia v.ry warlau. tantlly d maulMee lh bMteoa of thl tfftlr. Th ptr. e war. Irian, aad had bean marrt.d It year, aid h lVc lira living la Irelnad. Mr. Wrd haA moaar dewuiled U a tatk la her nam, which Let huaha"l olalmed. while aha refuead to glv np Ibawaitrwt ef II. A Wag tar la of lotpi lawman -tl( h, bl fat.. Ther wer Iwabwrwi bsfor It C tart tall auraing eetllBf ihtir dlaxmte. JiheB I-etand, eenureellorellew.emertargedwtih ueaall and hattert , by a lawyer from Ihe aute of New Jerryj Mr. rmnlngtm. Ii appeared Mr. Ireland pleail guilty, and wa aad 10, a alBUrlW U mlliga Uon wer pretented In tie behalf. LotilaUabtawitky, allimgtrlan refuge, and a eouiaallor al lew. waa alao la a acrep being ebarrtd with aarault, piefhiied tgxlnal him by a MeenpollUnpollcemaa, ard pleaded Bolgutlly. U wae umxtdrd by hi bell, a P .tender, end wa nearly going lato Jell for ooanamaat, bit euSae qaeBtly annrgeoieaa war mad that Mr. Ilth Me.ikv etilVoa aarnla.toarnenr far trial le- motrew. Taema ttartli waa naad til for aa aaull and batttry. A large number Of oeraaaeate, wae were oa otn, were called at th ber to plead, and thtr eaaee wet ee dews on lie aalandar for a certain day, for trial. Among th number ware two young wo man, LoulM Campbell end Julie Barrett, whe m rheartd Hth awlurr. A Mr Dttri p eeded gullly af attempt to rommtl gmad bar. ervry. era wnn rrtnetueu p mw J. ha MtCltery, for penlag counterfoil bill, waa anal to laa panlitnltary for one year, on a plea ef forgery la th fourth degree. The prieooer, whe waa If yeere of sg. wa aeacaarealed la oourl by hlBetBr. TMoouitadjounadtoll A M.,Taaaday, BROOKLYN. Titr CrUMXB Ei.icno TaoAT. Th election for M.jor, A'detaaea, Birperrlaora, O aata bbnj ard Ajuii ne lakes place today, Th pot will baripeaadalann-rlatandel-vM al ubhi. Toln dleaaloa jettetday ware thai lr-er will be a buay Una All Ihe dead walU and fonnee about the city are plaenrdtd with Beating haadb'Un, celling opm votate to npoon Ihl or thai raadldal, and circu lar were thrown about la profuatoa. Th City II all wn tbe treat centre of ettrndiea durtig th Pweaeoo, aod tha nunaerou nelgt boring greg ehopa did a maahl( btula. P l'lttc ware upprrmoat, aad lb rublle boatnat wae little thaughloC II ah caadldatee for Ihe Mentally bet eg mamhere of lh Connor n Oouaoil, aad all Ina ether ataaeber being either directly or Irdlrectly laterealed aa lhaoa tatl, th Hoard a'Jouraed over et Ik bet meeting until Wednredey ivenlng, eo aa It gtv all an op. porteully to mtwd ahatr electlnaearlag datlea. SiBrxior Scwkb Labobbm. Th Ubortri etnploytd on the er la D ber 4a atrart, near Dl Kalb aviaue, about folly In Dumber, atruck yeeletdny moral eg fir aa addition of ten eent to thtlr dally wng. Tbtli wtiea tout far here been 90 eent per dr. Th al'lke-a dmv arorkmen flora th treeii In l"i buah aad Fu'lta ar.nuaa, when a stop wa nut tn thalr proceeding by th polio. Ifviitit!. wiuit, Mmuan. Oaar, and ParairB (latana war a-rented and held bfawnll xftmlantloa on Touraday. Fibk. About non yesterday a fire occurred la a paint fcty, tool of Smith itrect, cnod by th overboiling of a kettl f cornbtltib, matrrlaU Th Bam war extinguished before they made mcch progreaa. The loae 1 erUmalel at $304 no laeurnaoe. Sobdat AtiCTgjmirra. Gangs of boys reald. lag near Ibe line of Ihe lh aad 11th Ward, havi bean In th babll of Indulging In row th ptat two or Ihre Bandera, In which aVmta aad atlik wer uaed aa tb ptlnclptl weepoa. Laal Sunday, they were wnttbed by the nolle, and Local IlrLla, TnataMo"ta,(lmaoa Winaii.aoJJinn Ilea ia were emnted. They wer arralgaed before Jueilee Cnaawaxx yeaterdny, end fined $10 each. Thla wl 1 have the effaot of puttleg a atop to auch proceadugi hertaltor. JERSEY CITY. Etbikr or Ti!iblUb- Airo Tsng incrgrt Bmt. Yterday foiwaooo, about 0 o'clock, ome M0 Itborara bl Ihe employ af th Long Dock Com any, who are eagaged completing the work ta the Bergen Tuanel, and grading and laying the track from the tunnel to Ihe river, (truth tor a IncraaM of wagea. It ppr tha on Saturday laal, lh con ti actor voluntarily railed Ihe wage of lb m from ti cant to V0 cant. Tn nan nbaeqiaatiy determined to demand $1, and aeoordlngly pTiceed ad In a body from the Waal end of tha lunael le warC lb u( Cook, forotag ee they met theea, each gaag of mea who had rafuaed te tura (nt and Jota thraa. Word waa Mat 10 t itallo boaea, wbaa Chief ef Police hLrawtr aad a poM of police proceeded to lh eoene, aad tha rlutora dlapereai. Ihrealan lg, bowavar, to icarura agala In th afanaooa to drlv away aayoa that ammplid to wark, Sana Mvanty at eighty mea who were eompelled to leave woik relumed agnlr, aad during th afteraoao May new band wr put on. Th rtotar made ra further dlatuihaaca. Cobjtu LoArxRi. Half-a-doxen orner loafor war arrwtod aad tektn bfor Bioarder ef Jerary City, aad held to ball la $1M eech to keep th peace. Bctdat Ball rLATim. Four young men xnrB taken before Recorder Tiuixw, of Jeteey Clrr, yMlerday, aad fined $1$ each for playing ball rorLi' Crrr Co!mnrrio-. Th People' DeanoeraUo Clly Convention mil lad atghl at Ooopo'a Hall, In Jareey Ctly, to complet thalr no. mlnattoaa. Mr. Jon D Mnua a wt choaea chair BM,and 8 D llama, B oietary. Toe aoalna Uona, emrplete, are a foliewa i For Jfavor Jnarrn O. Dmi Rntmtrr Coan r l.v C M aartwriA ta. ra-Ai)I Oitntntferlonrr A. 8- Jswaix. OUecfor a Zui mi II L. KKmtaia. in-wr, lafomflcl Hard Auu Jiarrn, Atwar, 8d toC'A rTaraVtgMrrn Mna. ITatVr Commiaalonera Davio 8. jUenreao (long torut, D K Cvtrra (.birt term J Orrsiso or inr. Citt ITALL.Tte nw Clly Hall, which baa juat baeaompleted In Jareey City, wa. opnoed lo pnbtle lnepajglua laal night. Tne Common C uncll held their Aral meeting there tonight. H0D0KEN. StncrPK or A GKrtMAv.Ao aatniwn mia, epperMitly a Oermao,ni ftuud jeefrday after noon, lying ra th lower road lo Dull'a l'erry, ihut 11 rang it, a head, aad a platol lyteg by bl t. nibulfir f.t night Incite in tnag-.i, wall built, high ferebead, ugtl eueaul.iton a' 4 dark auburn hair. II. wa rtrwtd tn a brown ee?k rvero-ei. black o oth firwk eoat, black Coih veat, mixed rMrue panti, fine liaen t-x, cha-kd n- k He, if I at ebd lliwi A iuortnd in bo.: v.m Aunt uu hie pen n. In wutuh Leerritoe ta O-taianlhai he abol himaelf, not for want of money, hut being ttied uf I f, and 6lvhUl 11 t.peie to k.a brother and llaier." 1 1 uanie a rlgneil le it Aa lnqu1 elll na held hi. Titeartny, nt I P M , at he Scarf Cironer BuirniiT No 1(9 vv hlnirvui al eat, lilkan. Noxi"Ttoxa tx II ji okrx Tha convention la 11 boUrn for th Dorulurn of D a xrat'c Cry Officer, at laaa nlgbl al Hurcao'e C ly II t'al, Mr. J. C. Frnx, P eejCen. Tnef illowtiu aomlna Uae. nt ueae al ft t-me ear reprtrr left i For Mayjr Jiw It Ji uxkih, re-neutuwaj. City T Wa Baxriiaao, lityCetk Wa K. Ilanainoa Third Wart Aemmarim; Ooaecllmnn Gaoxaa Wilhiui, re anmtnatwl. Ju-aoe o! Ue rmce Fuxobucb W. Boubittot. re-anni Innird. C-awtab' C ta L Mranm i ra-aoralnated. To CLrnovtry. To roecg tiit murtb ef your pvopl youahoatl pr-pmly nngnre .nd the prio.lple ef II uuan N.b in, aI le nn.Un ihU row eh.mli btoctrje maxliitid vlth Phranolovr. Gall oku FowucaA Waua. lie. lui itatMArar, Iuit'i TaMoornsraooa I t beat aod ab-ararl article tw rlag a( heaatl KWeak axd DiBiutAnn Fbxales should act neglect eat-ag a hotu. of Dr. Aadamoal . . . urs uuauuti. jra udbdial. raey era naa ea warm a tr ta,tltKr e.r7.h ita.fftrsia tea, AttaadKaawast,M.T. Now wTrrrf bich or All. OKOVr' A HACKS' CE-FJt-ATKfli N0B)aU-E8!l UV WI.NO MAOHDfKS, $40 aad up waxaallW Unadway, N.Y. GI-IlAIa nOTICBS. Oyali'a Ufa llalaa at. itnEUMATistf. scBorp La. SALTmtm-v. a. llrattt U'e rtalaam It the nxm rorteln end ear retnedr for Ihl moat paint.! end protracted forma of thcM dlaeawe I alao o'd nloera, (ever anree, arrnlpelaa, lha aerat enure of Impnrltr of tha blood, liver and ald rera, aroeral a.'bllUr, dy.p'ta, lnlplnt oou.umn-t-aVptlet. Ac rrlnolpaiarMiUaraodat. 16 cU. pa buttle. 1 rVrlag. Iaat now prepared, te othw mr exteoalvt stark ef Spring It? lee or t lotblng, ready mad or ta order, all run, cut aad read. In the meal Uatf maaner. foina reum not Killid. FurnUhlng rood nd chlldrena 'ffrtmiuiniAtanmii. (lood la tklallo wlub eoldalbMixire, tin atanv etber aaUhUahnMut, Money rArael II net plaaawl 1 loth In netar wa elw. ' Y. B, UALliWIN, . . , rloa.Indft Bo. err. adiM tDTuThkS'lli Laral aaor I th city. Near Talk Peel Oflaor, April 1st, IIS01. Chile Not1 I hahv (tven, lha th mellt hereto- i.pelrhd f-m tliia olTt-e be Ihe Htaalngtia, few Lmuoo. tod herwleti rteainor. will hreniwr be eenlbf Ballroad. and nlllclwe nt 0 SO, P. M 101 WILUAhlB. TAKL0d.rat.uter. GrSTEMAL. MOTICKajn Vmf year tlaa tar maun. "THKivom MAirt tbibiid i attiTanf w.atwmv nnrvl rvtnnn atrall.1 J, vesntabka maegy lw eoagaa, eelia, tataae, waee.a ntaeara,, The low ariraal whleh tt laaeU ee'3 awe eenrr ewa in nee iv eonveviiaav anr aaa, aan t timAl mm 14 m rf.L. kAetlAwtU mm mm k mMm 9 aftr tinwa Ita awt. Bat ay au rnfryat, an ty iiaij. a Biiiierar. tiaonn-auii ,-K.e n rnee le omi karnaaetuee alio caa. S34J, BnTut fkartag PattaraM af Itatarlhnh KaeW d Itaa, velvet, BrunvaaK. tnree-pir eaa lagraia aarax roan, matting ta. mate, fntawvrwu m i njrrnea r ta pthiea .tfBovn U HIKtH AHiJnUlllll VM iHrawaai lanrl KJIsk. Per th aastrneHaa ef lea ef Bjaxvawjo. AtrTB. Fl am iruTA. oaub3 Ub eleeflbehladla aaa. Try FTJgJ BUAClint, WiTX a. . I. Hu Km ertieUi i all manna Over 100,000 hettlm ef tkle Pewaae enM aan eg la.1 Maimer, roe nam u ee Bean aad jreaLvriltissaili srgh, at at eaa per Britleanaena Onrad Tfaa theaanW are. at Ihla aaanea ef the Tt eaft rtn freia thl Runt, eaa ae earn r eaeng utmt Hoe nil Price to eal per box. Kg Breadwaf. Ifl SOCIBTT nrOTICBH. brraau Bear, ISA CfcaJbaaa -InehrUlat'Ald B-wlrt.uxlUaiT le Ih Ham V" ita ranlr wet klv ttnn-veoee naertln u tk ' thla eventag, al TH fiWk. Come aa I He tbelr at hope for thefellaa. 8D.FUjT.aVe. A. 0 H A Oneral Irae-ettai ewOagaf tW aIIIlearar;.V order wtfl b held at Mll'tmaa' an Tth art ear. ea WMnenai Hr iianTtirori va nweiNtr r-nlltn I t It ectcce, I ta pryiae n eieetina I rffleerefor iheeneetng ree. Breraerev. .1 KKiuuaAM, a- Ph Boaiut TUatBuc yf ' I A. A ef IL, Brxtah'yxb Ttea Maxafcaea' Mo. art ranweatd to attend tnetr igalar monnj meetii a, no Wedtdtr, April td. IBS Leer af All tie end Columbia eta. al TJf e-eack F. U , a law bnelarea cf tmpertnoe te be treaaactad, Pattrl eRendaeea la reuueated. Hr elder af AN Dill BOYLH. Prvalaeat. J AMU BBOK, Beey. M Tb S8ih AaaJrrmary af lha Harlae Tel perana Borldty, nnxillary te the New York Peril etrrr.wui mhiiii ina M'rixere- vanrea, ern Med Uon and Catherine ete, the troanri arre I nt T t e'elcek. Adcreeee mtr h ttwiM frt e i UlaltLVB. I. HKACI-IUt (HARLEM J JOMf t;npa euai r-u i-u-iij u, aau outer enipmataarv t aeenaau. u eeni rrnei Batarpttee Heavtntend AaterUllea wll I ameeUnitliUfTneidatl evenln. 11 nelenk AaMeintloa nreelTatlngaaperlorlngueraneaai III ri itmiiea meant ia ononme ute era n tf e hell plot eoaveelett t Ibe eitr, aceetalble be aevernl raadenrd rt.en Tetmeeeer. ntentiL, la n1 . Ir lnelnlmei.Wi. Memberaerereduttd te ht aid taat. oao. L. II, Prnl uaau a, nrtr, ae Tha Heanhere af t-beeelx I.edae Ne a. r. a , are requaatea te anett nt tn Ledge r eo Tuetdar t tin laa, April , et Tm, to par frleni to FaaUkUaa Ixtdan. No . aad ea Arll Ua vlelt Ji timer- Ixdre. Na 4 i I ur raar o du MUKKOML, W. M WM OGLE, Sic, rtetl-Tb nemhera af tha Father M tbe.T. A. B Bodite ere reunatted to el'endtH eenlar mouthly taeellag tbl Tueeaar veatnrl tnrar oeu net avi enmBBi nr oraer or attae vviutua, area, jajarjj auau.iai,, I- V. It. flarlrty-rxattne U err 11 inai a rrcninr m-eun el ta ta Iilvlata above named Soilelr will be he'd et Union I an SI S J ef Via it nna II nv, ea Teetdey evenlna, at 8 e- Metutiere are reouen'nd In attend, te IWt wl I flu I eettlr meat e ieraln th mnaeve Inn! lie I a bank, nod alee a good many ether maul- aer'aln totDlvieloa Itamnatxraof nU otaer It are invited le ntttnl. Ily orfer of P. NUIEMT. nibaralaa NatiaaaJ Grraaa-AU efflr end Bembenof Ue hv aaaad Camatar. IheMwtahln tefolB. ere rnenatUd to nitaad II taoathlvdiPI, Mmrnaaclng tn Wedneaday raa.l apnino,nna enunif a in area Trail naatla enna ameth until fartm-r baiIi. Willi I rvrneelM to brtM hie mnakel to the drill-room, r I ena r xennnre. eorw.r er oixa trrt na 10 ava. WARD ar.i.rta.-s uaptaia. JAMMS MALOl Bacrrtary, IM Netlca-A.O. II Na. T-A aaaarhlv ef the ah.vl Bomber IU be held at Mlu-aea'e car MM el and Jin are, aa Wrdoeeday wraolni, ad. at V4 eet ek Aalmemberelanrraaranrar ad ha attend aad lay up a fi-e elra.n 4 eflteel Srerdaref JOUSUALLLO. F ATK1CX CA-TBELL. lea. '-.. i A. ISA.-! LedUre. Na. -fl. A3 A. a PI eewmble el their LedM idaa Boom, Ne lt I J ery, thl Toodr evealn. ta M 1 tt. nt tig ' 1. reveirn inn niennir TWitenv an ben of 1 tOAmm ff- alx Laiga. Ne IB. aad ef Maids a- Led, A. P. Am EanUiiUea. era aaeo lallr reoaxud I aurcrlnal aad tn maeter la full for Br" JOrU.IU FLa-MIAd, W. M. DAT ID CBO WT Kt.7, A. O. IlfhwralajM, Na. lf-Ta wt nflum n. wan twrt Biiwf, nra rwtwJwwn attend their reaalnr ancnthlr wtuu. to We hali.' Maaanaai nau, e-reerot lout at. aaa tan eve Tnaaday eventnj, April td, at TM tfetook, Pun attrndanMl rtauted of ell the memhera, f elect wfrteere for the tnault g year Be err of w. L1AM M COO WAN, F. JO UN LEYDKN, 8, n Hwkeii af Teaap'ar Idge 20 aod A . Mar rennaeted le attend U their Lo I en Wedn-edar next, at 1 ra, to attend th ruarl f Bra. JOUL'TU lvjNlON,7em bit let ree'd- M Metckiw at Mi mbera nf elatrr Lodgea ar ra-cl fuUy Invtted te attenA By ordar JA8 Ajtl)BB.'ll M. JA8. fl. MILL, Bee. x,I,f)J A. O. aflllheralaaa A anaeahly Mae lal lh abore erder will be held at ratrlck Ca-alW uer cf Delaacav end WUIett ete, ea Tuaader, QA Infant l(IU lMk All nmla. mrm rm to attend, M there la bnelneea of Imn-rtenraT TsmU traoeacHnt. Rrorrlerne JAMK8 MxiOUUUrTf r-f! '" deat. PArmr-LAED.NFA.Becr.Urr. Ul'H DATamS. ! BAItMABTI At ITiiriein. N- ,fc u. a emt. Jer 7MA Urtbday, Mary, wll M Capt TtmetUrt mm tm. i BA BW int-to Broot Ira, ea Tneedar, Mar I of d'p'herie, l.'btrl.ttt n a.r-tb L. Herwlak,! cbuei inoifee ana jaa iterate, agea aye ttb and 14 a) a. Thla lovnly bud M yonni and fair, I alb-d h.nci. br nerlr do.m. Juat rant te the hew Inir a (over la t'er.dle oul hlonm. ITer lemaln. wer L,hn4 la th Cemetery of F gtean ' ii nolJKA-On Sunday, March Jlat, Pntriek Balg a utlteef Ci. Weif'rd lrnlemLea-d 4.1 yere Tb rrbxida of the runllr, and tb mnatrwr. h lu-tr II are nnpertfutlr u.nUd te at the faneml, thla (Tbredty) afb nor , W I !, t 0-nlce.l from hU Ut reeMeaat, I Merrie at. tc DVVLI-(ni April 1,t Catharine D-rila, gt.i er ef atlaal. an erne ii'Tonoor ef Ervaeoart, Oniwny. Iielnod, la t a Mth rear of her aa. aha ITteuua u. ea.ii.lna..-. la. InaulV we tpacarully tarltnd to attaed her hmeral, en Weea e nfWurwn. td una. nt 1 eHtlmih. rnwa he- I letM.-.ce, Go hlx.h ens UI (7th and th ita (1 rxiNni, n rtrttk n nhiu. vrim. Done hue. ated t yeera end $ mantba. The rataaenn and (rlaaan at la a-nOr er rwe rtu taritaf ta attend .tb funeral, oa Wedna nfttraooa. Sd I", u 1 eeenek. fram the r ae ot hlafi'her,4ILarriat,rtbimtrurtaiWBOilcet PuLGnKItlY-O. Maafar, IprtHA Mr Mar. rr im'i.ii ni. nt i r, ten ni ikt taat i wi.w.j .". j.h iitu.. h wwtre. I TM Tie ua e taa family an reMtraJtr- trta kttead Ike ruaerai. O'clock, hem her 11 tat. una any nwliecea, t t.un r .. m . .. . . ... .. rvai r. vw war. eeu iee.ot vcertev tn ; t alalia, b, aeaarterar John B and Elaaba Fret r. t vrar, g laetin. aad II day, rtetlieaea, 110 Charlas it. ll ONN0N-Oh IprU 1 Jemee.eaoW Jarnta ' nnuearen.arna iiwra.1 monua m ltd... Tl rrtatid. ea th. nunllr. nn t hU kt- J. hn en M chad, nr -arpentrally lavMad to attetl tha fnneraL Ihla fTueedMl afteraaoa. al a frrBthr.ldeaelkl.pareate,(i4rhlrdst. leaf ltrBthr.ldeaalktapareate,(i4rblrdst. leal BATUAWAY-Oa larf.Mar; Feu. Hathaway, daug tIf rTI'lla if. Bad Aaa I. B ri .at, l,df7ara.l monlhaa-dllra, if T-trel-vlvna l -iaaaaare nagiufn-y laita I attaad tha hanaral, eo Wedneaday eVrnoa. 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