Newspaper of The Sun, April 4, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated April 4, 1861 Page 2
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THE NEW YORK SUN, TM'RSDAT MORNING. ArRIL t, HM. A NwBeeliraco. Ovr p town eubeorViers, advrrtlssrt , end cor rrerwadetU, wUlhtTe"-T bteeoomodtttd el (I Prarfll A rrtmo, ea the etie tarrat end with Ihe oaBatpromplitade, u at the downtown eSoei. pa Intention U la tbTrd etery poeelbte facility ecd advantage to tint doing bueions with tie Hew York era. Tut tret rotable poller of th Administration with respect to tbe Southern Trenton, Uglns to Irritate the expectant! end 7W1 ' " tlaes. Twopromtnrnt Republic! Jouroalt Ut TWl and. rM-UchniTer ustttou (4l mUlaia yesieraiycpe"" - ' "' . the rrel.lenr, account of theeusprow "Wen ,U frel falaMlj, and bellied newnnooireri Sal Intolerable Infer P lltlcl pfT.reli. " wtnt to know, without further del.iy ' "iat htliRoln t" ' " rrJ ' and prpta-r cut jeitv. no d'-u'it. 1 H" '"' dint wtU probal It it w,.h rdeaiure. if hevrr-r. W.. to, n.l cc-n-l -. U ". ce .-l-etr,lwitktliep. .licit " We tu.rtect, hewerrr, thtt tho pc.ley o th Administration would rot I the bolter far iagenueus publication. It le sufficiently la Jicstsd already, as one of pttient 1p Ulence toward a mlen-alded people, founded on the conviction tht no truo or desirable union can be second by force and thit lb oiiuelly aenee 1M mi wicked rebellion against theif own dearwt rlghu and lu'areett te well at rant noted obligation, In'o wklch tlio couftdertle ttttet beve been pushed by a ban I or contpirs ton. need! only time and trial t oxllnKalih lttelf. Of coarse It would benUort to attempt to define, tr to proclaim in a Ivanm, the rparU measures which are to enter Into a system like this, of watchful obtrvvatlnn and prudent em ployment of opportunities It It liketne Rimi of a chest plater or an aoRler, and would ut terly spoil by disclosure, even If lit muemeett could bo anticipated. With repaid to the reraise nunef Ion, we tut pect that the Adm'nlitratlon relleeon the riake of contraband commerce through the revolted etatee, to deter extenaire Importing, (i. e., B.U(clle(t) oprallI1l under the pretend! aouthern rerrnua lawt. There L no telling The queitlon li a new one with u, and "we hall ie what wa khall e." The damaRe which Ihe ao-rlled 'Mm Morrill" Urlff It do InittktcauMtif thaCnion abtoal, It, hor, unequivocal enough. The forta of the United HUtei are evidently to bt hill at far aa practicaSIa, and anyuedig u tiled haite in deeerthiK even an untenable poei tion. Me that cf Fort fomler, appears not to be In farer with the KufcHtlre. Wa hart no other knowledge of the Tlewief the GoTarn ment than la open to every oie who reada the newepapera, but hare tlmply indicated what Hal to a conraen oim Interpretation of the count thui far palmed. Aa Kattaiatdaaatty Heaaa ha Caait, Aa aatraotdlnary loaat octarrtd jeeterda; la the Court of Oyer and Terminer. Mr. Mocb-ijjt, formerly "leaoer" to tha Board of Coancilmen, waa breaght bafora tha Qtand Jury to give vrideaca In relation ta certain allefratlrm af corrupt actl an the part of the Board. Mr. Hototjoi refund ta teetify, apoa the groand that ha would, by, the truth, de(rralt hlntMlf. The Judge rafated to accept tha axcuaa af tha witaeae, tad Mr. M. waa eeat to KUridfe ttre.4 jail. If the Dlatrkt Attorney will oaly uaa all hit lafor uation, tbera will ha a large umbor of "olli clil" catdidatea for lodglnr In the Sine S-ng .State attaldiabment. Ta Braahlya FJerllaa. ' iTwillbe lean that the Democrats hat a bare. ly held their own in the Ilroklyn Charter elec tion. Aid. Katnpijcivi's election to tha Mayoralty aaket a vacancy In the repre Btatatlon in the Common Council from the 18th Ward. Tha Board of Aldermen now ttaudt 9 aepobllcana to 9 Demo orate. A tpecial election mutt be cillod, to fill tht leith Ward vacancy, and upon In re sult depanda tha political complexion of tht Board. The Board of Sapcrrieort it about eqaally divided the Bepublicaiipinlni; throe mem lioia. A a Iapa.laat lleclalaa. Tai Supreme Cenrt, at General Term. ye, terday, gevt a decltion to the affect that a peraon roaldent In thit ttata it liable to bo taxed fur personal property which ha owm or ntet In another tttte. Iht Court held that pertonal property follow! the Individual, uulesa ha can alww that it la not available for busl neat purposca, or credit, la tka itata in which ha rtaldta. In brief, the Court lock tha com mon aenae view that, If tha aatira of another ttata selects New Tark aa kit realdenct for bailaaai parpoaaa, ha mutt pay taxai hare upon bit personal property. Tuna U a bill before oar LegtaUtare which reatrlctt tha rata of ferriage between New York and King's county to two cents. It alio pro vide for tha aale of commutation ticket! at the rata of one cent a trip to fvot paeaangera, and tea oanti for cart or bnainett wagon. Tha bill la fair and unobjectionable toward all partita, aad aa It only aocurea to the people of William t bargh what haa beta repeatedly pledged to them by tha Ferry menopoHsta, tad conllrmed (a every ferry lease, wt hope U will bacon a law. . Tata itaatnar Kangaroo, from Liverpool, tha tfOta arrived at thii pert yartarUay. ThaKova Scotlaa, from tha aaaae port, tka altt, hat at. arrived at Portland. Tka aeat by both la an ticipated. KavABJUnoajrwjrr or m Poucai Tni riacTt. Suparmtandeot KaarraDT hat for aaaae ttata pee beam boy ta raalatrtoaag tht Pj ilea Preotnota, ta aaaVar te tnaat a aaora apial dlalrU baUaaof tha toroa Ikraafkaul Ike oily, lltkaa juMecoete4abJlaker,bywklckltepaeara tkal lew new pattlnote kava haaa foraaad, via 1 Iba Twenty-etTaoU, Teraaar-aifhth, Twaaly-alath aad TUrtleth. Tha Twa-ty-aavaath U U the lower part of tha city, tha Ttrenlralfhta on tka vrotter'y atda, between tha 8th and th Ward, baU fcratad Vfa portion af tack of these reoieett. Tha other two art up town. Beeae HM wUI yet alapat before this at arraagemen! oaa be got Into wotkiag order. Feur new ttetlon keueas will have taUfaraUhad,aad aa-tlaaal omoara appciote. Tbart art at tka prat ant ktaaa U rreeuwla, tn whlek .MtrotdutyU tka feur add-oaal rraclaott wlU alao Mealre patrolmen. Altogether than wlU U thirty Preeaaeta, with Captaina and frgee-M la wmjaaad, t It aoxaber ladadlng tht pattetivt Fetot and Cwy nail aVraad. VavulLr Ifr. Jo. Lovnaa, fomerly ear UlaefO-peaty B. Bttstat, (Cliy Orana diaj w-bvied atad.y, tarn hla laM iaal. , Me. Tf Waare. Bit huge In th. naOV nU- a year atnot, bulk It oUeoape-aaataartaa wtaahj havaWlaaad kit tZuZu Onal r-a-g pataa. k U M Une-trnryial- T - T a,' -ai kvt-nlarMHe,iWr,anei sum aaaltagantuaucfaa4aotWtataad.T e Utfimmt look pM U Urtaatroo4 Otjnatary, THE LATEST NEWS. a m Foreign Intolllgonce. AtrUel of lh AnriU ml Ilaflfna. Three Days Later from Europe. r AfiVAHCli IS COTTOK, tVlVUMrO INKPWIK. Iti'titr, WWneiifojf, April S. Tha ttm lip Amailct fco. 1. iwytol, tanralDt of Iht Hi, axd Qrfetnl.ea iUUtb,atilvedit lala portikU met ftl of. kiiiMt fnm tttw Yoik, arrtrad ot Q MiKtnvn te(3d TieDuketKit'a&dkadridiicad ila tatt of La- eouat Vi 1 pti clI. (lret BriieJa. Ulkelleieee' tmle oa tee tl tt b , tha Mar. que of N.toaahy anorad li tat e ttpnaeaaG t.allv t tic Ll 1 rot in the I vita 1 eaa. 'iTi IKketf r.Mi:ij.'anrl tr ntttntaf t'laetvrme lie tald t uiaitere ot tka I miaa Ami1 f f. -eeJ !! tre weola laiauile nil ky til !'. ' Tieor ihaiU-tlnno( (iiihc, eadteuelitlbeoM vm "to oua emrl'e, r I tra putp ae of ef-.iiDf ine Ti k from fi r te. To H.uh tovtruur cefwb a at Iht uro. ttdmjtf uccun.ttrti tuna, aod et m1 fne tha 1.i. dtawa' 0' ueroct on. wtirh waa ifiul, tad ke, he, fttttaup A erefua4 tba Aemb!y ar atl not tha ThattahUTrainnlappraTado(ala t'.itie Mi. C. Ftaraacof eap'alaaH that Ike preeeat eonTatflon bwaen K ledaod Pianoa, raapert lo the Neafnuaa and fi.nwlaa ojIt retuaied Bacllnery uodar eviela traaUVa, aid aa rt did not efTirt "be ilfhle -I wadlaod 11 wjuld ma la .at'i btte Ita. Ltlaiaa.ira. laUelluues of OoaauuM I.'rd Joeia Knuil ptortiaad 1 produea tea e wita toe Arameao Ueratnaunt ralautt 10 tat fuglara alat Al'aao. I.adW. CiaaniM a-k.a wuataer ipiauuo badbeiodentioet fron Fraaterltleea th aa .icca rerteiad bj tee French lain later la the rra e f MratMoa tima Mi ci. I,-td Jdiik KvaattLkdinit td tkat Viaiana had violated toa.Mimial law, bul aald thai, la laa ak- wace of Qiclal dupahea,uia t H a Uataramaat bad act Wen epptud k mm auljecU r.aaee. The Baak of rraooe, oa tkt lltt all., redoead 1U MU f f rfta.n.itit frem t to & bar fiMkl. la the Orpa LegialaUf, at JeLaa Favaa had toered h't aiuaodavat u theeddrM, r laanni the wilbdiaatl of tha French troupe from K lie atr ly U)R.d the rueeaaleata aura a prurwd ln(,aa aaaaitrd thai tha nalHamnca rf tha Bieun woula be Innnaaible. M niiLiirLt aald that the rrenek 0)eenmeat woo'd Milhar aacilltra iba nam tha uelir of l alrDarlbetialtvof Italy tolbaPipe Tnecio aa.loapinp ael at Villaftence tkalmeajla lk, and llabculdbe aocepatd aa ia.h. Uial lotted a ltaflk to the aifflcu.tlae altendlac the qw all a. The ameadment M then rej.etad fcyllttiB. Coimi Moaar ucng the I.rl lature lu leave tkt aolalloa of tha qaeMloa to the Kiap.ror. The tntire Adeteea waa laaiiy aftaad la by a vote if Ml aawaM II. 1 be Paila B nirae oa the ltd eloaad dull and low, or. The reuea ware at MtalV, IV far from teeallinf the Fmah troepi ta Rttte, llwaaienirallyrepoitedln Parla that 10,nno men vrireaUnit lobe ml out, taaalnally to ralafjree It-e gi riaon there, but really 10 make a oouatar 4a DKiaalratlaa Id thai cf Auilria en Uja fa. ItaJy. Tie sew Mialalry ta ael yal anaeiiuoad. A (rand faa la hoonrof Oatraaui, laok plaee a the fan Carlo Tktaira tad Biyal Palaca, Naplea, ao the llat. AitxaNnia Dealt had chaUaagad Iht editor of Iba Italia drl nito, tot aeaiulnf kirn of takuu ae.tOO 4uoaia frvm tha averasaot, durtaff Oaa laatMt dlrtalorablpi The dual waa pea4iaf . Tka Boaubey mall of February I7lh, waa tele graibtd. PrtTaWMlagraaMboaaCaleaHa taUa Mia, ra. pett a vary fktr baataeaa ta eoattai gooda, b 11 heavy arrtva't bad eauatd aepraaaloa ta jaraa. Kashaaga la. ;,daa la. Ijattd ria tyjeeaafotm. ' ParU, Hank U Tka Parts papere of today paV llak a teletram, dated tOth loetaat, atatUi laai Iba Pacta t at oatiaats te the pi olongattea of tka ocsu patlna nf Byrla. The lalainatkaal Oommaadar a nirull kaa da aaaalsd tbt preeipl axaeulton of Ike coadamaed Dmaaa. Vat Pacaa wauld laavt for Parta oa laa Klk Inatanl. Yiriwa, Jfarrk IS Aa lot atrial decree coersket a'lervtaa epeclal C.ngiaaa, to bt ooapoatd of M and M liv BMmbara, Turin, JforrA 3 A prellmlaary cnvenllaa waa ateaed yaatarday kilaeew aha afialalar of Pablle TTetke aad kfeaara. Aoaaiaa, ralallva lo Iba ojo atiiKtfoB af tha Rtllway of aoutbera luly. Mgndt, Narth ti Tha Taikiah CaBualaalon ert batt ptnolalmrd tboactof amaeaty grantad le tht ChrUllaa refugee of the rachalbi of Kalaa. Tkt TtfUfeae have declared, however, tha they raoaot vaolurt lo tvail thamaalvaa of the aneneely, aad bate seal a patlUon lo tht Sullen. Bat via la quiet. Agitation mtvalla oa tha aouthern frenUtn of the Prlaclpallllea. Kblppleg lataClaeace per AaaerSca. The Awaid. from Liverpool for New Orleans, It a total wreck oOSollly. Craw tared. The J II Breraoa.froatL'varpoolfnrJfaaTork, eadDa-taMiuih oa Iht SUt of atarch,oa her beam ends f had leal malnmaei, eta, Atalataaca refuied. latieat via. Qaeetsatawa. Lipfrjioot, Jua.lay.-Tha tales of cotton at Liverfoui f. the weak were UJ.000 balea at aa dvauoa of i a d aa the week, lue market elan log buoyaut bul iutet. Btlaa of eHtoo jaatarday 1&, 00 baled, Inrlualrg JOeoo to iriwelato.-t and leoiteis. Tha raaikel eloaad firm and buoyant under Ilia advloa per Adrlalio. llfoadelafii quiet. V " avta vi a v 1 '. There will be ao steamer from Gal way, till Apitlrth. Arrival eflhe ftarva SoHlaa Portland, Ml , AprU 9. Tht steamship Ho va'Boullaa. from Ltvorpwl ktttch 111, via Loo. doBderry DM, arrived ill r K. today, liar ad vleea aie aatlclpaled by Ike arrival of the Amerloa at llalihtx. tTTAT- IjanB-JbTUkf Waaale tlaawy, April 8. A communication waa pre aaatad trtao atr. KawaaoT. Buuentaendaal of Iba Uaneoa, nbmltslag Iba population of tkt elate by ouuBUaa, tat Iba purpose of appartioaiaant. Or dared to be printed forth with, and referred laa Select Oominiaee. atr. Coaaoi it Introduced a bill to Incorporeal the Cltlaeaa' Uiieraetee aad Advance AeeoclaUon, cfNewYoik. The kill autkoii are the guaraataa togolke peyweol, Iht punctual parfurmaaot or eul adieu of procalarory Botea, billa o exchange, onbtraiita, aioouola, or any slhei tvldancaa ot debt or tiuel. Aleo, allowe the aturage of Jewaby, pi a, sterka, beuda, and all property, ati the advance of aaoaey tbareoa el 15 per oaut. tntareat fer eaeaa under fr-OO, aad It tar coal, oa avar that amouat tad uadar 11.000, aid 10 per aeaa. abtve tlo.MO. Tka bill glvas power W bold real aetata for efOoee, aad to attaollaa head and knack am -ae. laaxeeutlvetaealonthtnamtor llanar Tea- wvoa waa eaal la aa Bvpetmiendaat eflhe Biak. lag Dtrartmaat, ta place of Jtuat M Ceoa, who, 11 la uadaratood, mint. Tat noatlnasua creeled mack tiolta eat, and waa rararted ta a eeleat My, Immedlatery after the reading ef the JiaraeJ, Mr. Eoataaoa aaoved te lay all la'ecvaaleg bats neat oa Iht table, for tha ptcpooe of maviag to take up Ihe reaeialloa leqnlring tha Oaa -It a an Cltlea aad VU gee te revolt lor tha eaa-dere-Haa ef tka Bau ta, without further delay, tbe all aavaial taUla rape lag ika granaa ef (Sty BUI rat -a of laat year, Ta tastia wa lent by ti to Aatong Ika petMant watt eevara again at a Bread way a lroe , tad la favor of u 1 Hon of the oi ruiy la wa. Several bllla ware reported nivoiably from Com mittee, aaoanget ot ere rot lit salt or tat I) r aotlaelaad ea Iyag Island I te et bMah a eta ta fund for tha bant fit, and relief ef tha Bmokbridge Indb-a. The bill ta allow laturaa t Companies le ehaaat tkede eofibetwnuaaUoa of than- neoalyaar la certain caaaa, waa ordered to a third reading. Alao Ika bill reorganising and regelating Ihe eommoo eckoolt of Brorklyn. Tbe bill te pro ot tht Croton Aqnedurt from In jury during tbe progrtm of work on Ihe eiaaplalle or lepalra, eea aViwa from Ik Senate wi.k aa xttn el Tee lleaee conourred ta tha aeaeod tetaa, and tkt bill aew goea to the a veraor. Tkt bill lo amard the a-tklrd act by nqou-tag Iheoonarntof ona-alxlbof tbe credltore ta eaab'e B debtor to tekt the benallieof Ika liaelvenl act aamannfee-aUUdreadlBg. Kj Xaaaea movad to reeoeuntt, whh lu rtruetioBi to atnke out tkt enectlag olauea, aad rad alrer egalaet the motion lo atrlke eal Ike eaact Ing elauaa waa low) by M to 68. Tbt Mil wat lien raad a third Hate, aad loot by f ayes to M nays. Mi. Biaaaau. moved to raceo der tka vale and t Uy thai motion oa tht table. Carried. It Sonia Carollaa txato Oavanale- rkarlalo. S. C. Apnl 3. The Booth Car laalSIteC&T?llo. Jday. by a vote of 14JI. reVneOoft-etltutlon of the Cnrodarelt Btatee. 1 bt willekagt Ihalr votaa tMorrow, wkao be SoTltywUl Uroduoiduiaor U. r-t -r Ebk-ak Brla flow Somlf Hock, April S -Brig uaj Frtjojcfc, PtBanTTAomTuraaMaad, wTih salt, boadl kaarevartl Me., baa put la hero oa notooal of head . -" ong ntw - " ""-": w. t. I- abxil tb! M7afMaic-. TMewn-rB Mel loot. Pre. WaatiUgtew. pTjieMi."', April 3 Contrary to the at nraietira 1 f bifae.e iht Seoietere of Im Treaeury raa eerM.d tet to areept n 1 B telew nlaety fnai 1 1 the 'l a4blaa loan. T e aoaouat tkarafett detetntaat upon leoa'y abril threa aitilieaa oaa kbtdie. idiuaaad. Ilia aald tot lerrstary caa If rue Tiea ur foe Ibaremalader, but ea tkla poiai tbeet I" no 4aeetalratlon. tl Put of Iba Tree"rt prpertmeal, bae gone to tf oba oa Oovaroaaeat flaaarie. kaaloaaa. Tee rrieiJ.U kae appnlr ed Caatiaa Guana, or IfvateetpeH. 8 leienr ( ska Curl of (J a w la Eiara ot R Untarr, of Hew fork, ted Joan K. nPaiaaoa lam alBolklUr. M ateaee Cnawra baa xeea tarared Ike eiaw-V. war CeitotaVat d, aow ftttlor o-it, aod atMiifek. totaaeni-ioWeilco, II U tip.ctadtkal kt wtU leaea ta the tttt a taal Tkeatetk t crul oa terel' a eaaclat craetdaea. Hon f tka Admlal-traelnr, and ea Inn-4 ale t.raty wkb Ibal gevatBiriaat U one of tht objeuts ofehewiieelia. Tbt Bfealeh fleet, wblck waa ta kevt been teal tatbtOalfof Mxio.eiilbe4a.ayed not!) further laewuctliaa oaa oarereiv-a inm Mtaria. Tt a eeclaioe of Ike Bee eary af tha Treaeury la re,. (Hag a.) btda for toe loan uatfer tt, hta ceiaed great dieappntotnieotaKrgbildara. Tbey a'l'ge theatveiliaaieBl rava aa each direction. Bed the entire (tOM.lon been awarded the evereae would lava bean MV Tee Beerelary bat oo cladad to leoe Ha lury notee iar Ike reraalnlag ava muiluBa. af'nlatar Cttv wat, v wat, oa M'sde, jlaeusnerted 1 Ties tie rv deak t dmellrrt 'lmlntelraS 11. which Mpaadel dlptoni.Ut lit tiODt belweeu tte iwa cminniee It - aecertalted 11 t tut V tnrk Cf I ta tkt CwiVlaialtB'itta bava rene'ved Invtrufia-it i. root from I'laaca, Ir teed bt taretgk lb R.ildeal BtioUer bete, la n I'la to Ita facbltallia af aoutbera Cera aieice vnlk t at (moire. Althoiijb ao iffialat aotlfteelloa of tkt oora lug of Frenrk aad PruiUab flaatt baa lata ra re! red here, geat.eaiea la prniaiaeat poetliaaa are satlafiid that their mnvsmaata are la claae eeo nectlonwitk lae obattvttloaof to kem peUtleal tvenla. The eoallouel ve"ne of H.J or flaa aloCol. taooala Hrboond, Vuglaia, v owed la oonnec Hn vrlih laa call for a eeveewtea roaveel on ehara i tka ICtk iaatant. vntee murk la nael la VTaah- Uv a, arpecla Jly la aimy cKclee. It bade klaad Klertlaa. VortViai-e, Jpnl 3. Tht election todty re e:wd la tka eollie defeat af the RepubUceaa. Ooveiaor Srtioot la re-eleeied by a large major. Ily, aad the le gta'at'ire It etroag'y of tha tame po litical ormp'.tilra. Meaart. Butmain and Kaowat bats defeated the late IttpubUcea mea.bert of Coogrtaa frotn vhU elate, I lar front Taxaa. Onrrrfoei, Apnl3. Oovernor IIortTOv hai eol t maaeef a to Iht MfUletare, proiealag agelaat the Qonvnlloa, aad appeallag l the Lea: tela suit to aueiala klm, and claiming etlll to be Ootataor. The Leg-ielurt teuk not the alight aetlcaofit. tte Ttmlala Male OovonttM. eer RickmonJ, Va., April 2 Tha Virginia Sta.a t nr.orloe raaaaao. bled eo-dey. Mr. Boon, of Paaquler, mad a epeecb, expnelog tka utter hi peleaaaeaa of Ika North giving somci evil goananaea to the Bontt by oooetliutlooa 1 meadDnenla, be atged a Border liete Ooa'ereDea, to aeture a nalted withdrawal hereafter, with a view tn ftftiiNi renanelnuitlfwA. Mr. KioiuiDMa, af U tovtr ftlloweJ, urging lmmtdut le aeceaaloa. IIaTy rargevy. I IU0tm, April 8L The Jnrnal ttttea that n D. r.Bieautw, of tka lata Inn of Bioblow 6V Kbiobt. eto dealere In Pearl etraet, kaa left tor C.iUnnkaowa, leaving behind hlna ferged antaa to a aroauot of flfry tbouaaad dollars, la Ika haadt ofbroheta and o era. Daeuk of Cap. Betryaieua. Vtiraroa, ria.April 3. Capt. BiatTera. ooramaadug tkt Wjandelte, died je wdty of brala frrer. Mayotnlf AicAmanoI, I'd., April 3. Our Municipal lrrtlaa eanaa off lodey. Mr. Mava wa al acted Mayer, by about 1,0U majorliy ovw Me Mrne, Catonlaa, kTactlaa. VtUa, April 3. At tha Tillage election held at Kant taaterday, the Deaeooreee elected all tkt v llage omeera aad twtblrda af tha wrd efleara. Tie ateloviUe average got), Oaot a lUxaaap la choata rrtalaent. Tfha Catnatb i al CamtltataB. OlortwtVn, af. C, prif 3. Tbt V. B. M. attaa kip CJJunibla, Captain Baaxr, front New Totk, arrived kart al B o'olock I hla (rutaday) CITY NEWS. Job CiU!ti.rtTO!t. Tha ttwimer Marion eelled far Cfcarlrelonyeattiday tftemoon. She car ried a fair cargo, wilh ea aveiega number of paa orgMS. Cnvnrn Cosbkcbatiow. Tha ntw Memo till Church on Forty-eighth etreet.belween Cth and "lb ataouee, will be coneecialtd Ihla forenoon al 10K o'clock:. Tht termoa will be prvaohed by the Eight Rev, Blthop Kaarnpaa, of Uu. Kev, R Axinoa, D. I) , will bt the peator af Ika churvk, CotiMiiaioaxiia or EMiuntTiox. Tut re gular weakly meeting ot the B rd took place yea. tte day sJUraooa President Vaaruaaoa la tbe chel'. The wi ekly atal acaenl la aa follow i Number of emlgreate arrived since January 1st, 1M1, 8.M0; agalnalt 1st anlvfd bare during tht earns limt laat ytari 1 M arrived here during Ika preaenl watkj 1 061 tcmaleaar la the vuloue Inrtltulleoa UDCe tha aara ar tna iioaro. Tha aggregate re. eelil during Ihe peal week were f 1 lot; eapeodi luree duilrg the eame time II B29 43, leaving a ba lance of tiOGOCaoflkeo jenmutatioa fuad la Ihe Bank, Tte fullowlBg it Ike moathlT roanu ryof airlrele al Iba Caatle Garden ending Meroh SI. rr). tv, itondoU Mwewvertnot Freer- Jwt ,Krr ii.ot.oonj. It Uverpool, M 4S 0 Loadoa, 114 1' 1 Ualway, Clu It 1 Mav.e, 1UI t I llaiaburg, til tf 1 Bremen, tit 1 I.egtuan, w JiJl 831 Total. ,.j,m Mr Caaaxor, Ik Ctk, eUlod Ikal be bad re ceived a eooumunleatloa from Iba Lommlaaloaere of Public Charities aod Correction, tea teg iba! they had aichaaad a eVamk tat fer tbe parpoae of Irai poHiagiaaeeogeisei.d gooda from thtclly lo lb eevaral inellinlloaa ander Ibalr oharga. aod wlebieg la know li Ike I! tmralmtener if K xHgm llcn did wtwteh tvnaa tkaeavie Joiat y. Is atop tt Ware's bland, bearing a ponton of Ihe eipete tit per dey. Tb ma Mar waa raferred lo Iht Tf ara'e Inlaid Committee. Mr. Low then I fferad Ibe following resolution la rata ranee te tka dleobarged prlaeatr froaa tbt City Ptlaans la Loadon, arrival hart duriag th laat week by lb abip Margaret Evaaa. -wiped, Taal Ika U.d required ta Ike caae of tke kip Margaret Evaaa, for bilegtag to able port aaven paaatogers, wko are aald to be discharged erimlna la, be rend ad on Ike application of Oep lala Moaoaa flaid before the Beard tkla dtp by Mr. Low) with a not'c to tht own -a ef aald eklp that IX a aballar ceee agala ooonr th Bond will be ta treed, or tkt ptaeengert lerurned al Ik axpsnee of th ahlp bringing lh n. Tba resolution wa adopted and th Board ad- jetaaea. Taa I-ra noMicroa Cro-tr jAcantAS held aa bqaeet oa Wednesday, al IheNowTerk noepital, upon tbe body ef BiBL Powmx,tht sailor who wa llsjurad a few dare ego, oa board tbe ship Almaaa, as Oraeapolnt, L I-t while In a ftlbl with Juasra M. Vieaaaa, tha Brat mate, ana waa died or bia InJar-aooTteaay nigaaa Tbe tvldtnoa addncad thowad lh aaoaaeed it kava beta the aggreeanr, II wnl en hoard wklle lak xlred and eomniaaood akuting tka aaata. aad truck hlu twice with bie tet, ee ha wa aiming a third blow Ibe mete ealiad a halites aad avutk him upon the ktad wilh it. The Jury rendered a verdict of "JuetiCek komlclde," and tha ma wee d lack art id. The dartaeed waa a native of Iielead, (5 af ag. end era a Bailor attached to tke tweal. AcxinigTAixv Siiot, A young mia namel Rout Ditrv was dangsreoaly Injured tee rdey, la Iba store of Mr. S"Vvoitb,Nj tM Broad, way, by Iba accidental dleckarge of a ptatel. lie had tke weapon la a aide pocket tod whl't stosp. Irg rv.r. It tell to tht flour, aad waa dlechargeU. Tbe 111 entered hta light kreeet, peoaed through tb lung and loCeed la kl abuuldar, II wm taken to tha New Yoik 1, where tKetato reaoova Ik ball war mad bul wllhjut nooaea, Vatal Falu Coroner Jackmab bald an Inquest on Wedneaday, at Na. IS Baxter atraet, uprn tka body ef Jtaxuua Carrai, a native of Ireland, tt years of age. wke died tram a fracture of th hull, received on Tuoadey night, by falling down a fUaUof a-lrt al tba above bouea. Tbe Jury feu-Tlae recurrence to hate beea Bcotdentel. FwtVn) lastltlgaart, dko. A &Tiurr Fioht. Ajiparw Uraaa oliiu MSB, deputy ekerlff, aad XnwAan MoOemn waro f ff U mtolvto oa vTidnoxrlay afitre Bran, by ngkllng al the coraar of Brtadnay. aad Ilouatoa aaraet, and wklle railing la' Ita gutter wtrepeuooodupoabya poUotaian, and Vakta ba f-nt Jo'tiea VTrre TTe Kagtatratt Bard atck K Float paid tka lae aad waa aieckarged, bat al Crania being eberV waa lcakad up. CavoBTta tna act. A man calling htra aeif Jona lemuwr waa detected early yeete-day oiah-g, Inlheetoraaf Utaar Jnrrata, Kt. tt Vrlldam strret, wblrk ke bad robbtl tf atsaa clothing. He wtt locked up. FaTAL FlOBT WDILC OAMBtDtO. To H'rre, a heavier, died yeettrday al Ike K. Y. Ileeplta:, from laju-iea reoelved oa tka lMk uU , wkbe la a taht writ ana IttatiT Rni.uwt. Cwoear JarufAn h.d aa lea.iaati.poa tee body, when It epp e la tvtdearathel rbunrtead oaa Ftao rxira jMiaro wata raaiMiag wttk ear1 la a otebleaiNi 1TI M-ror av when llwra etweta aedconeaeocedaavleiBa Jnaeana erkieh cardtte play. Trie eaoojeH Rot-uaa, eeety worde eaeaed, aad H 'era evrark Boixure la tka raoe- The ie eta r waa about 1 1 ret lata, wkao othara preeeat eeear tted the lee eeen, Hoea after, hewevar. Dorrs egem attempt d toeirikeRoixrei. when I ee laner tacked ap a clak, and elrack Mm upon Ike fere. teed, kaooklng blm aer a eea to tha tie c. Tte Juty retnrred e vatd ct of death froaa tajatlea r.o.i'edel Ike kaada of lUatr Boixiea or aow utn, uioercttcaatlancra nf grl proveoaima a I) . d waa a rtlte af Ohir, U yaart of age. The ptiaeoer wee held U await tha notion of tha Qieed Jery. Anaaat or a llonm Tatar. A Qermin Daae.l Item 1 ip"rii rut a waa arreatad 00 Wet af Wk ktn.iara. Nt tt Pint avaaae, Ht wat em In eater ud leave Ibe nonea, aad waa, an after, utre-t Id alegar bear ealeon, arltk a rly all tleetnlin Btopar a h'e pa-eon. Jutlioe Daia. aen, f ee wbora he wa takeo, lorked blm up to lltelr. ALtaor IUol nr A rifcrodair. lit. (ito (1 FBMa.of lltd'ey.CIt wkllaetlkeoaraar of llroa-Iaay and Fulta eiiael ou vTedoaeday, got laan a ctowt, aod aftet gflllr out ka m aad hie wal't, wbirh oaalalned I1.IS0 lit Ihiaka li wat atoleo, bnl kt may hart drop (td it I.XQAL BJtrORTe-WED.'tKOAT. Caart of Oyer aad Terminer. Ilrfott J'letlee laeaanaa. Bribery in tbe Common CounoIL till. MOVVTJOf PKPOnit TJIK IMASl) JUKV-HK 18 C0NTCMACI0V4AXD 14 8KST TO KhDHWOK aTHKET JAIL. The Oraxd Jury Ibis af taono, throagh their foreman aoaoiueed that a wlaieea nmmoned by them, Mr. Oeorge Uouutjey had refused to anewer queatlona ut te hbn. The Judge aaked Mr. Uoualjey why he would ttuiver taeqiiaaetoiio. t Mr. Mouwioy a ted that they were af each a ne- V lura that be would prefrr I bar th airla a af hi oour tUbeAiraanaarleg tbem. Toe Jodte eeld be bad thai right, and laa few suiaotee Mr. Ltneritoie entered the (J tort room, aul Mr. Moutijoyaf era thwl ooneul Uoa with hlr area and adlimit tbe Ceurl ae followt t If yowl lienor pleaea, I taanat aaawar Ik Ilea pal to me. I think It would degrade m in the eyes of tbe oaouaually to do eo. JadgalBgrahara Tbt law of Iht I.'glel or doaa not excaae you on Ibal ground. Yon are t appear adglevldnce. Toe tratimany la not la lie urad agelaat you ta aay pioea'iil it, eltU or criminal. Mr. Moantoy TbU la all I have to say, an? t thlrk II will degrade me. Judge letiehaoe 1 da tol tklok that la auffl dead exeuaa. The evldeaca )ou will glva tn tbt Oread Jatyla private, aod doea not become known te Ihe public The law rrqulrat you to testify to the Stand Jury ta regard to tbe abetter which they hv nneaejeced ion on It la batter to anewer. Tbe foramen of the Grand Jury will rape the qneeuoo. Mr. Mountley-.Tbera I ne naotaaUy for that I Itrua to anewer. Judge Itgrthata Jtr. Fo fata aa tht loaaj Hon. Tha Feearaaa, (James O King) Freaa whom. If aay one, du'Jrg Iba laat Ikree year, kave you re ceived moecy fot tha pnip-wa el laHutneing action oao maltart ponding he five tbe C aa 0 run Mr Meuatjoy Irafueetaavtwaf. Judge Ingrabaaa Mr. Vendasveort, (tht 0 tk.) yon will di aw up a eetnml too al. Tte cnriiTiii at waa drawn op end Mr. Mtua'e Jay wea taken Into loaWidy. Tee law pravMee tket In theee eaaas Ika t fending party shell ha ta li lamed In tbt eouety jell for n tana aot neeedteg blitydaya,OTb7alMMlaoeedlagBatM Tna Jodge d&tcted Mr. Motanjoy ta ha Imprleone 1. Tkarumonaf Mr. Meuatjojt ratalalag eertala taocey, said to have been paid for tbe canaumma tloa of aba lleckley arreat elannlng oeweract, ta gaaei ally kallaved to be Ika oeuee of the taquietaea by Ike Grand Jury. Tka law affecting Mr. Meaat Jo)' oaa I vary atrial, and ekoold a writ af habae cieptiab leaned la hUbaktlf, or a return eeattag tbe feet, tbt cfnosr tatutag would kava ao dtsert Uon, but would baeompelladt raall tha pr-aaar teeuatody, Agaat, anotbar Ore t Jury aaay pro poard the aaaea queatiovand If tna wtaneas aaUI ta roeea to tcawar he may be agalatatpt onade Caaat of t3ot rnl Baaaiaan. lltaaa Rtoorder Baaaaut. Mary Trainer wu tried today for rocolvlag stolen good. The defkoo it's danghter. Mary Kekoa, a girl IB years of age, teatllad Ibal eh waa In the employ of Mr. and Mr. Bxat, raeldlng la Mlh etreet, end thai ehe stele oilverwere, Jewe-'ry, gold and eHver coloa, to Ut amotuil of ITS, whloh aha tald aht brought to her mutbtr, wke kaew tka eh bed eto len the nrilcla. For tha da-ndant, aee'ber daughter tretiaed that Ellen r ma to her mother on Buoday, aba havlag beea abate! from her paranla 1 hoaa for eight month, wbl a they did not kaew whet bad become if heri her mother aekad her for money lo pay real, a aha aald Ikal aba war earning $3 per montkt Ike next dev eke returned with Ike raoaevi sb e'so showed eome Jewelry, whloh eba aald aba had obtained from a young man who kept tempany wUhhar, The wltnea, Ellen, laetlnodflhet aha wat taken bark again Into tenloe, Mr and Mr. 8 ) katlag Ct'gtvaa her. The money the brought lo her mo ther ehe eeld wa spent. aaverel minor oaea ware mepaaed of, and ti Court tdjcui nod. BROOKLYN. Tan BaooxLVB Cauarn iLicnoa. Tha f jllowlng la a complete llat of the A'dara-a elect ed en Tueadey, together with tkoaa holding avar t alee tbe new n-embart of Iht Board ef Beparvi ore, Ateeeeurt and Oooatablee I Boaan or Atnanuna. irorila. irarda 1 Alfred M. Wood, D. I 10. Daniel Or ean-D. Dan'l MeLauaklin. D. 11. aaa. A KlmbalLE. I. Jamni P. Wallace R. A Peter O. Tttor. E. B. Jams Lynch, D. S Charlea Preahs, D. T. Bfu B Belknap, B. S. Ja. A. Van Brunt, K t, Klakard Tartan, D. 1. Dennis O'Eeafa, D. 11. Eea a Strang, B. 14. Edward Murphy, D. B. Btaaat Taylor, E. It. Charles Sethi. D. IT. Timothy Parry, Br It Vacant, 1. tteorgen Flabar.E. Th vananry la th Ulh Ward la oooaalonad by tkeeleotion of Alderman Kail BaUck ta taa Mayor, any. Tba Boa rd will aland tot until the vacan cy 1 filled. The new aaembera are Iboee euwted from tha oddly anmbared ward, lat, td. A. Tat others hold over froaa last year. mass or SOTBBVJSOaa, Tba Ibllewla g u moors af Ika Board nf Super visors, wart eleettd la the oily aad ooualy town i IFards. Word. 1. La' Henley, D. 11. Frensta O. Etrby, B- B. Ji A. Daffy. I) 11. Geo. A. Itew aara, D. . Joha J. ovsdwsll, B. It. J ph Adaaaa, E, d. Samuel Beotk, E. 14 MamnMarvay,D. a. Patrick I-rberry, I a. Wa A.Fnry.lS. T. Jan a A. Pratt. E. la. CaarlataT-kt,m. IB. jemea OempoaU. D. II. Thoaaa Moava, E. B. T.TJ'.Talla-ga.D. li. William Tultl a. t It. Jaa-tOrUlay.kVi . Tkoa. F, Green, D. V. VTaa, U. llaxaard, B Platbask-P. S. Orooka, ba. Nw Vrttekt Wax. J Cvaepeytl I. Oraveeend Jasqnes J. Bdltrejl. Dee Mew Loets Onliaa B kaaek. Dean. Flatlaadr-Jaka L. Brdar, Eep. Deent crate, Hi B'pusUoaae, li ladspea-eat, 1, afard.

S. Fraaela B. Ealry, D a, Btayhen a. Mean. K t. Menu Braaa, I). 8, Tboraee Eyan, D. It. Tt a. Conway, D raWa. It. Michael Oelttns, D. 14. Demard MeOerroaJ). e. u . et t, at, II. Tkoa. GrlaU, D. Dernsrra , 7 1 Bepubllcans, t. eonsTABua BUOTBO. TV aide. Wart.. lat. Mlehl. MoOowan,D. td. Oeu. Co'gan, n, td. Chris. Yeltb, a. Oth. Jarsmlak Laos a, th. M okl. Douley, p, Sth, The. Keating, p. 7th. Mlehl.Jewdaa, n. Mb. Wm. Frinirnp, a. Oth. chaa. Ilarvev. n. Uik Ilea). Yeleor, a, 18th. Joha Aaaliitt, n. ista, John B. wuson, a. 14th. B Ciffray. D. 1Mb. Jot'hWtlkeyton, a. loth, II. L.Oatk,D. ITth, D. lturact, lap. loth. J. i,u r, a. lttn. Louis aetaen, a. leak. v,s. WL raalck- n. Dtmoorsm, 11. lUtpaouoaos, I, tan epenuene, i. Bhooxlik Co-most Cocaau Tho Oom moa Osuneil met laet evening, tho Frtnie at la Ihe Chair. Th Fir D-t-rtmsnt aonunltteea of both Dlt trida praranmd a largo number or report tn favar of buy tag aliaa for eogtaa house, repairing ong laat eVc.,aU tfwbtchaiaaeVipead. ... A report in favor of awarding a oealreet to build a bouea lloaa 11 to Jona Boa "or tM4l waa at, r t t e ea Intl In Aomiactltm tt rOWlth BU- thorlalrg lb transfer of A848 froea lb aooouat of Ugbtlag etreets to lb Art depsrtsneat acconat waa 1 Trl rVBMtes Aa ordlnaaea nrsvtdlnc fir tha ragulaalon of eteam fire engine companies, we submitted br AkLFsBBI. Ittaovidsaab-tthaeoaapaalaiBh-l bo dsanralMltd by tba name tnt Bmmt -rt-vyaow i te In tha nmuLueL sll iMaienardaa trttk a Bret elaat a-riae ehaU be entitled to a eotap-a-al af 70 ttaa atoood citaj tngtatl M man, QM aa- gtav for ttch regUt It rrirllad, at a aatary of asat par taauaa. ... araa debate eaeaed, the aldermaa general r i treaalrg laa ot-lnl..n thai tht aa ary waa tu klgk, wk.aihewk-eeubjecl wu laid ever lul next taatHnffi eri e-i fevra.rra.tliie and tepalriaf Feartb n-ieiA I. T mtmA Firet evrw froint3i1etrMM,tolhe Mtv Hae was avoided te Taoejet Bai-ita roe aw iiw. Tbe aukject of lat Bghlk VTud ratpa rat brought up and laid ever, when tkt Urail H- Joaraed, . WILLIAMSBURGH. AproovTwrrrT or rotTtftrrra. Mr. otir 8. AU-ta, of tbt llth We'd, hat beea appoialad Foataater ef Wl l.aaaeburgk a peeitloa worth at.ara rer aaaur. lie ie el preaent a eletk la Iht Board ef Water Oa ealaelo wa. BattaoAn Ixtxkmos. At rangomentt hare bean erm weaned for Iht eittaatoa of IhaO'aad treat aad MealtwaEallroadtJrtealown. Much of the etnek reriired f building Iba mad I alraad T on thaaroaad.aad ae aeon ai the Ovelle out ef tnaamnod tkt work of cotuuuenoa will be cms aaeaeed. Amwmaa to Vot lU-nalLLr M caum, Houai waa arraaUd aa T eea lay for a aaapt. lng to rat llrgaL'y, but wat davkarged far want of arldeaoa. JERSEY CITY. Fiarvr'a NpmiATtott the following 9r Chief Fogluvr aal a tlala cat of lh Jettry City Fire Hitrtmer.t have I so made Fer Chief rlaer Btasxi. A. Faaton, re niiiehiemd i aad VTa. Ilnwani A'eieeanl' ll VTaid Wm tt Bemvto. JoilM D N Laa. ti werit Jon llatrrt, Jtatt Waat nnjt. td Wer. Baivu Msatt Naiaoa 11 (Vvae rotnavx. ad .Itmrr Jauik. 4th VTard Joaa Bra -ran aad Tana Oa. e'. Pibb ConvnwroairB J'a E. Ittiorr, Tnoaat Ilowa aad Cuaaum nonrt Ditcaar upok Tita "8inr," About a dor. eo pereont of tbt vileti ckaracter whe oorupied rooeaa In aa old balldlrg la tka Cth VTard, kaowa aa Ihe "chip. were taken beftre recorder Tn aaa, af Jeteav City, f eel rdey (ereanim aad aeol to Iht J til tor CO fete each. The building havlag bee cieand af Ihe oettipan , Ike proprietor Ulead I) hive II torn down. ScM.rit IlKATiia Pitivuran. Enaov froai tka ejetum offending stent, whleu, tf pertvltted ttrenala at thle eea-nief tke year, are freeakt with gnl denser te lire Itfelf. Cm i Diniiam, ncilofeJA.rrr-n'.il, Riiei MeTiau OoejT, Batir. Put, and ell frvrre are ifeedllr cured by tbe BKtMVBkTII P1LIA which ihooldtaaeed la dear eaMlrleat fullrte re mote til oradltb, and tmperltia from tbe etemach aad bewele. Oh I what heartaches weald be prevent 4 tf theee Pill war ated with fcarlemaem and promptltud la tk beginning of s kneea, aMdat!SeeBmprbAx.wlthallarrertleaa,at the FBINClrlJt OFFICE M CANAL gT, alee it Ne. 4 b'NIOtt BQUAER, N.B. Can be obtained of dealt! generally, Yotrro AitTiSTt, nr oaniR to 4!rrtTArw prtmtlfleallrtt what partleutar brancb ef art they are be nature betariepta..hoald eoueull a eome tent rhienol'rl-. Ia reeeltlng early and lellab'e advloa much time mar be aaved-roputatlaa end pru litrelnM. Tjrt. wltk full written deaeriptloni af cbaraeter, rtv-a daily by FOWLfcB A VTF.IX8, M Broadway. Ltrmnirio too yrun good intAtTaf too ran have tt,etntply br eetog Dr. kaeV eraaats I.IFB CHIAU wblcn remove all ubetracUona and lr. retaiarr , ana eaaet the It! Hfit to eoxfkfl to fh-lti And Mnwotm riitpftat. 1IaB4r-l-of lulitH .m ur t.klmf It, ...- l ircr- . v- i .tvT Iwb t te ttnBI mtxea WOT tTtm ( TDTaTw mBBJ n,. Trvteahatlle. U la pi aanl ta take and yen alii And row ara benefit! en i ha d tf tn an ai tted la manr ware, which eeaaataae attbedta an advartl anant Price OU Per aale at tlUgntk ava. lie Allen vt. ens. Baa ntoa. aad ear totk et. aad B..,d ava. Wkok t Depot, ea Boata rxeooa tt. rtu unaauna. Baeetb TaijoiaaaaK Bhehe-ndehaaBaertawdreetBgaA ttttvrtti&: Sow wrraTE amAcaj er Aix CTIFetTaDStlgWlWl MAGtmTjrEA. netaadepwaxda-ett Broadway, M.Y. taEIVEKAJL ItJOTICEaaa atynaaUfo ateTZUktATISir. BCHOrlXA, BALTBHaXM,. Bracra Llm Balaam It tha meet eertala aad sen remedy fa th moot painful and protracted forma of tbe went eaere af Impurity oCihe Mood. livr andkld- aya,i Una. . aeneaaldebilitr. dreeenela. inelvleat eoneuma. tton, pllee. do. Principal depot tl! Urand et. le eta. per kotOa. xot To Fa lea BaffeaUa vekh lajd-raarJaa. dvea a. h hea4.ehe.nail aead Jlaalne . I10LLU l Kirritill PILU are a enrtala aura. wara piKipri They will glva y'a vigoreae bealth, a good eepetit aad a nt complex a. Direction with every bex 113 10th Ward Y. B. laden andent Roaahllrata Club- Tba niemb-rt at this Club ar raquee d te at tend a eacclal esnettng oa Tharedap avanlag. April 4. IMIVal 1H a-ekiek. Be order af ActjILLE CAIN, Chairman. F. W. WEBCK, Seeretary. 0l Was. H Mad'ay, F , vrtil largaro aofaro tka Irving U arary AmoslsiKn this (Tkataday) even tat. 4'h uiet, at tha H.pUet Cbarch la 83d it not td aadldavaa. Bubfect-Osd an Moul at A, llreead f run tintemf aad Fhyele logy. Admlteloa It eeate, SO Cexre ywenr Oaagti far am a Dtm. niat rooA MAhra rEuatD." iJldamb sadoo porrrEw oouon bilbau. a ie Pel le remedy tar eoaaha, aella, artkma . wt ap ing eena, aaa. 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Y i at It AVE', (SaTln faltan tVlkrank. ten Pt-a, St rsrtnarlv l and BS P.OWhXLI i CO, Wheleaale Agon-, , UFfi-tkaa et. far tke teatraetlea sdjnBTrnra, Al An, tt tba kms art is ef that ktad ia ass. ail SMiu Over 100.001) li.ltl.e at Ikie ! eekt dartag leel Bamau r. Porealaal 44 ad etreet, Wlll-aaatierga, at Bt aants Tared TVo lllaisali wr-n tre, al thle eaaaaa ef the year, tuStrtng frem tkla asm p kt, sen be sored by a ag OtttersN eaaomathia feidwr fstftlosg .... i . '.' nrOciBanr Ttorweam, Nottro-A. F. AT-a BBamksva of Pkeeaatx Ladaa.- ISA P. A.alil ksldtks areaath eanaal balTel JOSIE'S BeeesaVy rooms sM Broadway, aa Friday evening. April tin. Tekste sea he bad el the dearer af the esmmhaae, the ntiht ef"th bdi. euiut airman, vr. r, lAg nm.WxC0ULE,Btaeliry. -- 44oa,t A. O. . L-og Ialaad-A Sonoral awaatkag aftbesbevaOrder stu be heU at Tent-oar Mail, earner of York esd Pert etraeti, araaklm, an Fri day aver lar, April t th, al TM s sak. All m makers ertraqujetedtoattaed, ae an tlectian f.r etliowemr Ibaeneulng rear win U held. II' erd.r pliltXTP CLAtUC,a.V. MICUABLDAILT,0,a. All LI Ptatlco -To OBrorw aad Wttatsis of R. L Bnaw foeial Ualoa Ma. t, tad tba Ordar la gon. era), art roeweot-d t) meat al the Mnrth Baptet fharab, coraar Vhri-I her and nwdrorar ., thii narsdev)aoan,allte'elMk, lae-end the ruacral afa ratnllanar Atva Puralatl atta -laaae le r A. T. A E-aankPlea tVodgo No. 9 A- P. A. Tks mtmbsra are requeeed te imembli al their Lrdee tea-, 18T Bowery, thle orating, tba 4th Inst, et ISf olio.. U availed th.usete pey a fri.atlr vi lli Is Hanover Lather Lodge. No. hi, et their Utll, b-wesn h end I'et etraet, nth ere, Bv order. JO. BtFU FUSMINO, W. M, DAV10 CEOrTriUa, heeerdisg Basretary, 0i a for ta tuaaat or Mr. CnaWFOED, al OS Msel readwar. Bat m ki read iv nxiDtrn, or nrooai iklm. K. I . tx. ruEK, r, t. cauwi t a sf tr v. deer. Open ik. Adms-en 10 aaa-, al tke AUMlo Brtek kayota I Tba stagnlar moathiy ma altng of ihe New York Br klayanllen vaeenltveteaMva Ualoakwta be keid la fjaavsaltoe Wall, lit Woo. tar ai rieiThured w evening April athj Puaetnal l ndai tt it rsuavait'd af alt mem hired tha Ualoa, ae bueieaas ef imp wtaaselt te eaaaa b aara IhaPalsni ante tba etogteaed Tweanjaraal WiLtiiM turLT.Prsaeaa-anVE. T-JeWn, fccareharaary, Mt BTEFLEin, Ivrlt br aVmhaW sF-ef m-ewS tocurrr wotices. A. P. A Tt a nil we nael hwe Yerfc LeVaa. Ne , ere reiveat4 It meet at t reaaaa, II Wane-t at. ikaoa r even na. P'0 t, h-t. al 7H a cUerVt Ik- pert eefaeyoig tvtal tillaaxver L-iiii r lada. Na,ls melr r"aai m IlPiberair tut , eeh e,tM tk an IM.e, Clla. ki. Jlnblr, W. M. JOUN C, WILtVVB. a, tit flatlra A at. II, ft. 19 A Blanth'y af the aMve t amh w will ha be H J at Laraea llall. 6Ttb erre n aad TU :ve, ea Tearwter eve .lac. avtl eta. at a a'aieaa. ail eaeeitere la a-rear are M) ed lttU.4 aad pay nMeti eetlea a( anV n. tritViM P. MetXBOV, ra a I. Mil PI ON, Bee. IMUt atlAJml IK-teUICS. At,-rrrrf-''tDFr- le.a 'i t i r. taea I CLDarr-Ia Mi Vernon, oa tbe a, tee r tka Err. J. H. Bkapara, ua. ef irrral Barriaataa. Meee. te Him I i.lemia ioeUa.ef irrral Barri ttta. Maea, U KU l ami ne ooiaa, mae, , w i e.. ,." ten Olaeed parart pleaea eopr. ID BANtiFL-WtT-oe tbe TO ktarrh, be t. i Ke-r. M'. Keex Mr afstr. Keaiel. of N tew. l.-et Haaa. tt MUe Bopfa P. Way !er ef EkWd Wer. IVl, ef Frma Pjad. h-mt Ulead, KI BKaVTU. A YatUt-Ou Ar U td, Barak, wits ef Joka J. Ay- Her remain will be metered from her late realdavtea, tnt Wret trxh at ta Bt. U-ba-i Chorea, here ta re nai al art low will ke pert arm"d, art - wklch ihey will he t.kta t N J lor talma . tlt.e aad frVtdtM lh y, and e' her brother. Wm O Hebb ere rretctral litf-dlc tt'end el Itechnreh, ! Ill e'Cu., A. kt. n Frtder. Bit Irut AYIR.", ht Wedrreder, Apri. td. Ilellenar. a l'e ef Jeme Ateta eatd ti ttre g rain. tad 1 daya Tbe rela Itee ait frleno a tr ramity, and rteiiv k.ref F L BnwB'rlltitloi rkt t end tne "ta brr af tbe 'r'or la veoorel, eat nwyvamlir I r.-d ,HI te taner.1. lilt nhi.r!,vt aw a. el It anet. rrm the NotOt Uaii-t Ot.i eh etrair ct Ohibtorter and Ba Meid ite, won. I lanaar iueita tlen. 0! BfClLFT-JoMeb, aaa af WUIlam tad EUataatk Brelt r, eerd 1 year. I manth aad t aat a Tka raUtlna aad fnnaat am raamay are saayaat. a-ifi. Urn-1 te attaa! tha ferral. (reen ah ra . eVajee of kU pareuie Ckeam at, araeklya, ea Tknte- gat arteraoo, era mat , at a acne 1 1 PIACK-Ot Wedne Iti.ld lae. Mars Mlaek.Ua tetloved trim tf Oeorge Bleat, farmer If af (JotbUva, Coontr Trreaa, Irabu d, ar- ti yeara Tb nuune e a mean Ita ram Hr Bra rmpeet fully ktvttr ta attand tha fnnend. from w law reel a tea. TT7 Waeklogwa at, an Ir-av aOere tv.Mh Ir. at t -cork Brr rm.bu will be taken te Oret award Ctmetary for lnieraent. til DRICKN-la lUoomlBrdtW, oa th tl laat. Jemeo T, Braaa. ibe beiovtd aaa M Jo-a aad tUen reen, agad 1 1 aara, 8 a nth aad .b daa, raa reianvea aaa irwae - tbe fat aflr are retaeei 0U Uvited te at na tl l PaeeraL thle rbere) anert on. t'h I net. al 1 eNoa re. Cram tl rreld- a el klepane ma ie s a pmna. Iivtn ee, tree mieaej . m r" muy en it niitcJiMtdjr fcrli llalU BVTJ.-OB WedoK5ar. td laet, Mar F.llaa.oalr dauaburef Bletard 11. aad Mary Aaa Bull, aged 8 jeers 1 Bm.ttiat.dt daya The re-avm and Mrtek of tke naOy an reepeet fiBy bteitad te attend aba r r , aa I rid at ad-r. nonn. tth laa. at t a'aloea. frem tha ree x ef her f vesta .ggaurUtat, altbo ol furtt.r Intltttl . 108 CHIgllt-tl Tramoot, WeeteheeVr Co , N Y . i d. altar atour.cUJ lllneee, FWe tbrUtee, widow al tb let Jaha Ckri-ia, egad tl yrere"Osei.tba end leva, Tbe fun'l eervloee will take plaee aa Friday formed Chorrb, ulna et. Tk ralaliree aad rjienAt af ine raau.r are r aeewaur taviw ! . remabewUl be Ua ta Babraila aburgh, 24. J .for Utimwat. It DtVRNPOBT Is Booth Erotklm, April td. Joha Feet Itevaaaatt. Ir . 1 1 eaw of Joha Davraaort. aod granr n t f lh lata Juhn Davenport, or the Ida ad cf Bermada, Med It years, 1 a nth and II TaareUttvea and trVmda af the. family are reaeae. tally tnvrtad le arterd hi raneral, an Header altar noon. April Tib. eU e-Ho LTfreer. hla lat ralonea, tilDeetawtt.eltb-tiifu'theraotloa. lit FAEMTE la Brooblin, an Taredty. Id laat, at th raHdanea of bie aarente. TH llailaoa are, James Far avr. rathe tlet rear of I tear a. The - -- ef the faml'v are raeaectfnllT netted ta attend tha funrral . en f au 'ay moeeJaa, ath laat, tt t4 ceb-rh, from tb Chnrehof the Aew mptlm, eer ef York aad Jay eta. All ay aad eatea parwe ay, are niCEXT-Oo tha ITth alt, of etasumptloa, Jamas m bay. a. ed 1 1 year. H-relatlvea and frteods treiaavaubralry larvt-d tt Bttand tha funeral, thle (Thnrtday ) arVrason. 4'h tnet, tt 1 0'elO.k, frem tha roeideaee eg hie aktera. tit T-.U.Vbattatk attach ma. Mt mclTKN-On Tuatdar. M Inst, atsr a sbmt Ub tarn, jamxMaakaa, aged 41 ptatt, 19 aataths aad il Tka ral.11 1 m and rrenaaj af tha rnatDy, alee tha at tna uermtn Dremraa Bos ty, art r mvtlad 1 slim I Ike fanaral. aa Tknreday , 41k hmt, al 17 e-nnk. Iraea bJs -tarem- denK lot awveath ava, aw, list st, tl Oreanwoad CenattVry. Ill aRLAHD-CW,dneray,ldlost,rTIlUamIar. Iand,agsdleera, -Tka ra-avmaa1rr--wetnamaarry are rami a axBy taiatl ta aamnd tha faaarat, tkla Trkuredai) araaaaan, a I re-eh. tram bit lata reaieaaseTtTa' FkVyemlh at, near d eve. tTl LAtQEIe Br-etrra, Wi vanity marnJag, April UT Mr. Orert i Lares, far ma af tear, aaeuteot terevnaa ht t teWeeef tka Jeamalef Cseaaaatoe. la tkeWtktearef kUega. M MaktAUOH-Oa Taeeday aftrrsean. ad last, ef eea enmpt-n, Bug McMaban, U taa th rear of ki Hle fa taa win take alee aa Thtnaaay nasn. April stk, at 1 a-eok, freaa kia lata raei JtwaatlMbel. Tha meats tt the nany am "TSJ BYEB-On Mat d ty, lat loot. Moats O. Eytt, of lOta Prertnet Pali alma. In IBs did rear al bis aaa. Tbe rnlaOvea aad friende ef tna family, aad af hi hrothera. Waahingtsa aad Deaala Eyer.a alba Sellcs Depaila nl la tm-rei. are leeaartlally Invite d i an id the I ral, on Tburedav afternoeivtth lnet, al a Ccloe. fmaa hi Istt rt-dtnM, ledWaal Wthet. tit Bt ILLY- On the morning ef Ut td laat. Margaret BaUly, n native ef Co. Loagfsrd, lrala ad, aged 44 ywere. Tha friend. af th family are reepeetfuDy lavtted te aaaral. en Tburaday ai moon, ath kmt, tan her lata reaideaea. 1M Orchard et. attend the fat al t el tk, fri BEDMOND-In Brooklyn, on Wedn-sday morsier, Id lnet, Dora, daaabtsr of Daniel ant Margaret Bed Btond, eted 1& reara. The fr-ndaof the family era rmtaotcally tnvtted U trad tba raneral, from tka residenoe of at r feth-r, 64 Eael Warren it, lul (Thuralay) afternoon et I o-eloek. IN TXCKWa-On th td I ret, Wm. Tusker, sen ef Mentis eTut it er and Julia Barrett, at 1 eart end B month. Tna rx nasex aaa ramuy ara rawjaawany anma aaata Iba fa wai. ttle (rbnredar) afternonn, ata leal, a 1 eekk, frtm tba mil it eg ki para-, MiVnMave. a VOBt-On tk td teat, Mr. Ilenre Tom, aattvt of Germaar. aaed S4 teara aad 8 I1U Ms te an leee-jCullv Inrtte tt at I hla ronenLetiTTiuredarar-rneon,AttU4lb.aile-ock, from hie late reeadsoee, 4H3 Pearl et. 111 WILBOF-Oa Wedaeedae, td bet. ef oonsumitlnn. MeryAan Wikaa,agid 4 lean, 10 month audit ere, ... 1 steal eiete r, tou ue teit oe, lee we Btaalv h 1. But tie Ood the! heib bt reft na, nonrrrrewiBai. TVt fr-r-a and l taaotrallr tnrn-t t tSaneen. ttk tast, ef tna bunlty are re. ' femoral, so Prils tt attend bar fanaral, an 1 1 s oak. fraaa bar lata red. dea,Kirtrstara. tn ZtKOLEE-CUrt Eiwtnala Uegter, anryealldaf e-oaa n aaa tjaraaaa n. zu gie r, ago w Bveatca. There area an rr not ar am n all femur ere ri amy invnea M itlms noon. Mhmst, at Inl aa PrU ay areer. "-w parente, 1 1 arm aaa at. riJmtJLio uxTBmrrjkMaMiurwm D-BSTJafS AiniRICiW nTDSXTjK EABTEE nOLTOAY WEEK. Wlthllm.viiiiliimleanii at LIVUMi CCnUOaX. taa.Ua BOABD utl HOOBIrl. ATBTJIaOltTrXWrn'-AlXWmrarTCrr. able atea aaa ka eeooaea-da 4 wttk goad heard t-.Ttfei.Srat?4 amaBtfa. ROARDrNG-M WOtKAT KXDUO AJ tun la board Ossarertabla resaat, wWh gaed board, tt ieis gl a weak and npsnraiimd and t-nll-e aattad a alee narier.with plane i waeah- m a allaleha. sad tte.sTede i o ' - ar elagM (Mtlemnn 1 a a lis aliei reaaaa akaas 41 Laepeaudat, aaat Itraadway. maJaTisa!! ROABSmO-l OX I mKsrjtCTAiajt , - dad with toad and oemtatalim hoard with alaahi sedeia-a naaalinata lnrVlrmpranfiTO, DOABDIKO OH TBIBD AYHNUE A AJ paw rasBsstahla nana ntsa nan ka linmitalit avoaaa. tab T10ARDIIIO-ClKJrnJ3rKH AND T1TXIB a-s wives er a raw angle rantiemea aaa be aosemnie dalad with Bead beard, laa bee uHfsl loaetlan, near two atag reutesi rvema furniehed or aafaral-h 1 1 n maviag at may. a pp-yu alien tt. ataariit rtOABD WATTTID Alt UATUtUnBnBD Oreom and pbtta atmpie beard wanted, for aa elderly hi dying jrhaaM , luera trthe .attyi terrna meet ha sasdeee . Addraea. eUU ( all Baafioalai- to M. J.T.boiovtb-aOtase, aeaa Uvlas .alsne prefemd B.U9A DOAEDIHQ TUKKK OK F0TJX TOUNO J- pan aaa beeosotnme dated withgead board tad m be aassmmedeted with gead hoard tad me, where Ihev ean stake then re. si Is mapeotakla yeaeg lad t, Atplyai twa atry rromi r. a,lU. DOAKOIBO-A FEW8W01X GKNTLX aymes, alee two yenrg Ud'ee, oaa be eocommodals d with UL-aartCBtVivr sa SaS Itl T ODamca, tTTTH OB WITntfDT Doar A- -Oeod etesa slnila Bad deahl bedded teems. 2J 'Tf-a M 1H "osk. Blr lla raame ta Ut, by the all ifct er week. Lodglip at li etaU. at If OOt ssasarfsejlit apMlbtaaa TODqmOS-AT TUB TBAVBLBB-a neiismt, a var-x. at, I aeors treaa rranknn hn rmpeetelile men aaa be bij si iBttal Attsd t sleaa tsmmitttls&Ueaa. at ll am. t-r eiS a-aweamanmtuTsallliitaapaJai.n-rnte etrAaeairaaHriknajTewa(nU Tina evsr seen as one ae a taa nt, ineiaoiai BEABSwrnahaar-rmall eoret af amo eg bicka BarBlNfe, TtAteca, fUBH BOlKnArrTTBtjH.y tte BOLIirfX, thICNg.ABD, tha EOWPYVrHlU mClAE, eWTAe Tb B1AB jUefBOtflliA UOS, WHATflTDtat e MOlwfrU B . t'X- anrtir l.lVlrani AZ.TI11 t . 11 1 A-U Et-JL. Ada sasnaS aaata, Okllaran a-asr aicnrcBAii nfjnvnxn. rjKEAT FMESTtA3 VT i, laooh ara-Pal.e r.iT 1.10 oeftarawae IM ealia st tie iiwiiaaiaieil af biw.r Deere ea i at ellllav. Aliale-Wm. tft aec llltl4ra,ie e-tle B--cn,l. G.A. A0UU. B.lla.MtTaTk-B Mosf.r to loan ; ooo to loak m Read end Mortgage, ea Be. I at.te la rale Illy, or Hfklrn. le earn ef g 10 and aewarda aU tl'",t. Inv.etlaperaheaiai aaararagea, Aa- ttitt luaiihf, I wiiii tt TO MORK OOINO TO KEVT T01K TO r.BfaTlltOWrStVttnaiO frem NEW T'HTjr jiuivcnr, u..i)ken. witi.ihtaBu'Hi. fnWABX, aad citl T Be-t, Wad aad Beaek te hear " OVrKOTON BfVTTrrao Nee. UM tie ri'LTOi sralteTT, DROOKLTN IMPORTEtB inn jrHBtaA A VTTII ta vrn'.I.rgALRag KrTAILRKJ. IMPORTiaO TUala OWN J. ASTOLbbiMO peTcki pob cuima, OLasa, lu, rOECASB. Wtkvt ta hand lerre aneatttlet af Otlaa, Man. wartaadothtw a wrtkrlck aad deelrabl ar m Of reeaat Importe liou, whbtk w tela r tar aaie . FOB CASH. iprlresi 1 v ui mPl a of mel aaallkrfar ax aer daaeeL I ranch Cbh Breatfa Pie tee far H eenbr. Ten Platen TM nlelraVcen rrMtch China t'atnr Bervten. vtt at--, for Itj reach Ck'aaTea ftervloea. 44 pl-aea. fer ft. 1 reach Uret rat-d Tra Bervtoae, 44 piaeea, 4 . ArTD AM. tTTHFE OOOO IN PEOPOITtOSf. Wlver PleNd Tee t -, It rAVe- for tit ti'ver Meiaeti.r vrtUr.cUu i. . I (M) h rfa-edtate rttere I eo fnittrrl ted I ereert rarta, aer eren. . . in B'tver piaiM 1 7 alee oanare, per eeaea ?c I JJ ll pOvtr Plated Tea Be r a par dorea . FrrndiChuBBaBlnrreee,e(h Fretwh t.blna ft vtradli bra, eaah .... a IW (ll-refl et,ueo wen lot jvnrv llea'Vd Tea Kalvee, the doaea ID Ivory Handled Tie . 'air nnalltr 10 tron ntoa. meaiia -v ne.iw, eur itor quail- tt t taoaett .. ft Iron Btoae Chlaa Tea Plates eue-"i. quality, pevdoaea , at Ou ideaeaaerl.aulgiaMllobl-ta,Cktmpeae aad Wire . laeaaa, and lair cat alaea D.aitra, M p em Ore dorea eeck eop-tlr onatwy Irarr haadla Tat t era ita vtaaivea,i'rver, ran aav t aataxl I tv ooi rairqaaurt at rw. Oondem-rken ta plala IV rare. 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