Newspaper of The Sun, April 6, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated April 6, 1861 Page 2
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f t r w: TUB NEW YORK SUN, SATCBDAY MORBTBQ. APRIL 6, .Ml. Tma crowd of Important new and taalnxM niiM and apac thl taming, without com meat. The QoTtramwit la certainly iiow lag It talk la threatening Hj to which Urn tamttrauU aacrety of Ita mnai-lli, and UwaMmUcaa eoolo of ll baarlear, from Hi BrO, bar added a fonuldalale lnak of wwlcht And ferr. TbdoptJorj ff thlt . dan (Mrgr Md rapidity of military action, at Ih a tap tut th tnr loan had limn vommm! with It dactalr mitlfeotetlennf poMlo cn adaac,' aad alas, at It U ramaim-l, lmmtr ataly OB th return of ecret aje.ata win here alrwady ascertained that Enulan I and franc wB art Iwi la any manner the air. afoul troaaoa of th arcetUnir, ca-p'r. atora, nor Iba taarbaron rod Ut which It wai undertaken at coincidence aop pod to UdlcaU th dvelopnimi. of a pr detarataad policy which had hmn bold waiting only fat a turty of th field. '1 ben la, how. evar, n raeea to epprcben.l lurwi-'nor "to rrclon"of lharabellleu tatf-uial-e to r pel attack la hold an olTeni'v act, anxrtinf; t ) th new-fanglod theory of a twu-re iaat rot Brnrneut Aa little will th nnof th Ir toualry Cud Ibelr theory of a "MuV which woM trt floUted by any act or preparation frrolf.denoa th part af th Union they ara la Bttni agalnat- rcepecte.1 by the United Stat, which now lat jrlnt once mora to look like ooe tat the powtr of I he won J. Tta airaple truth probaMr la, that tba In tention of the "Coufederatca" o attack the mtiri forta, haa become too evt if at and too immlaent to permit the leant delay In tending dtoiaiv feioorccmentd wherever they can le rnada a Tellable. W thould not lw tpried if the label were allowed to put tbmlro la U diaadrenlageoua poaltlaaa ef aailAnt of Fort Gamier, inatead ef ralaevlng them by III oraouatloa. 1 b t aarmU that all the a mlhtra porta ara to la at onc Ucckadal, we Judg to bo prrraetar, at Itatt, Without teinatk then, we commend th Dew to onr reader. Erery arailable veaael U nlroaleil crder, and fitting oot with the heatleet peaaible moallin. of war, and with a diapatch which allow to interruption f r food eg eloep. Th teamf'hip Baltic and AdriaUf are purthaMd by thcCoTcrnment, for. war pur pee of sjurae. Troop are ji jfy c aocei trallnj; at thl pnrt neatly 3 yi) already cil lectod, 'nd a tnaaT anor comma; from Tcx aa, waicJUtl' If that inttrratin and aail aUUrtonauiHty would Ken fiud it benda full ia deallag with Ite own cenfnial nrlghlmr. At th aaaae time Uw Udicatioa of th Ira- mliate movement tb troop frm her are nnmiaUkeabla, but aethang pttlnte toward their deatinatlon or direction. UnfortnnaUly far th tooxpiratorr, they have bow no "pal'1 in tho Ctbinet to keep them Informed of th rcrU of tbo floraroawat, and w ar all alik ia tlx dark. If ay U Goo of onr father direct, iaaplre aad aitala the men who now hold in truat the hoaor of our hitherto r1o rioua country, and tb dcatlalei of oar pouter W! Uooo. Th bill radaclng city ratlroad far oral ordered to a third reading la th SenaUyas Urday, by a atrons vot. If oooey can defect It, w ahali never mHi law, hut U bribery omnipotent today at Albany Jar Gibbons waa axpaSM. W ahali whether It meant anyUiBff. Tar. America' a mail Viiaa; th lapoftan1. 1 n.wa of tho rerfunatlo. af Cunt CaTora, and 1 the other member of tbo varamian tjaoinei, with a riewto Ita reconatructioa on an on Urjed baai that will emarace all the cooaoll dated Italian ataUa. Raraarrs from Waehhtfton lmiloat that all th aoatbem porta of Importance will very aoon ho blxkaJed. The foreign reprem-ntatlve are aid t lympathlz with the decided itand talaaa by th QoTonimnit. rTic 11. RoasBUt correepndent of the Ieadea Tmti, la aboat to leaT Waehlogtoa for tli Booth, n appeara more puizled by the campUcationa of American polltlca than he wii ly tbe Crimean and Iodian campaign. The army and navy new p nlliiht'd In cur paper today la eignlficant. A nuirATCR from Atchison announces the election of LaftR (ad I'owkrt to the U. 9. Senate, from Kama, by email Majorities. laaaerteat If Ta. Rumora were current in t!. atreitt, yeitcr. daj, aad goaeral'y credited, tfeat agent were die patched to Ealand and rraaoe liy Ike Adnalnlitri. Un, twaudiattly aftai W cava into power, to a cei'eaa the Ttew of tl ei looiameste oa Aoert caa aaTatie. aad, paittculeriy, whether they wouM atand by aha Veiled matea ia lha e eul of aa area t attempt to put down rbl a, aad rerueeto reog nit a B-uikiruC-nf.deiart. Itlaeald that Uim egenkthaie returned, ead taring the meet favoikVj'e repoitt; that both Kng. jk4 aad fraoea will let Iketr nwee egtltet a fl.r Ooofederecr, end la ao naaaeer recegelaa or aaalai II. UUfit-ber eald thai the delay nf Ihe Alml. aUtralloutodecleielU licy hat been lapirtoo ewluoad by a dial re to letra the reault of theae Uaakeaa, aad now that the poeltlea of Iboie En tepaao pown la uaderttMd to be all la at wmld rpnla.M aad hla Cabinet ar de termined to tea Immadloe aad rlge.-ona maa ear fgc th luforeean at ( th lawr, at all haa arda. ttlllaiy aid Nav.l Newe. Ivportut MovemenUi. A dotachinent of V. B. retrnit arrive I I Ihla dly yeewrdey from HalT.lo, md ware Iromt dUloly aant to OevornoT Itlaad, to b de'al m f regtmealal aeir'ce. Capt. HtaaVa Campaay rf A'tSlary, and Cut paolet H aad K. la InXanBry.aoooarpaalrd by aom aMihanica, reached Iowa aarly yaetardty marnlag, aad Jolted the ear pi aad mhter al Kort La tayetto. Aoompany or two from Fort Cilumbu wa elan to have gone up laet Ight, Taeae troop ar all uudi r ordera to depart euoa kar eom datt naaloa, U loc.lion of which no en caa fi ad out Thar ar bow 491 men tt Fori ileeaaluan. A baa d oaf army omctre haa beea la aaaeloa far three daya, al th Q'aoitiriaaMrre ra In thlt dly, lor tlae puipei of dieaributlag lue era labia troupe atatloaed In the I arbor cf Ntw York. Taey have aatat yet made any ifBial rtpnii. Co!, llai vrr Baowa,tl Artilltry, praalde. Yaaleiday moralag It wat dee'dej la badlaca to laaaraotloiae from Waih'BjVo, to pot tb Pjw hatlaa atoam fiigtta la eomialaanon, aaiaead her off, al all kacardr, before nightfall. Cipl Footi, Lieut. Ate tar and Mr, Bunt, havi act alejH for nlghta, owlaff to lb pre ef battaaae thla veaiel'a aajuipaterAa cauted. All day ytaterdty nira handa war warning oa kar, Capt, Barrotat of the Ma rine banacka teal down Ik aaarjaae, cenalatlog of a full frigate' guard, at 1 o'clock al a quaitar paatoaa tkaorew war eeaat over ia tuela from the raoalrisf ahlp Keith Carellea aad cheered their e'd veeael baartlly on raechtag hti aad too o'clock tk analga waa belated, aad tk Pvahttlan lorntd over by Capt. Foon to Capt. Maam, aad hi tm ear. AUacd war thaa muelered en th qutr. tar deck aad tk ahlp duly oV dared la c:mml alon, for a apaclal oral. Al tU armamaot la likely to be uetd aoaatwhal Ulakly, bow and atroc g (alaak kar beea aubameuttd lor Ik old oaea un dereBaauaa. Tun botlen kaw aot Uan touched, bat tk (Balkan and carpenter auda aa Meelltct ;uia of at hull, Uth brief Uee allotted to th.. At aha gwaaml irnamM aaj of IMtaVM, traaar agBllfcnaalcBlBiy wewtohtw ireta lfc atla, ahf "SSMSS; fTtcrtag anal mi aa eypaatad la waalfma Cp. Saeci. ItaaoaB, af MarylaaA. LUu EotitHTtOwrow,H. Tortu LUtat. If. C Ftvr, Maw T k. L'eut Wttxuat D Wurrixo. New Tark laUat. W uai If. 0 tatwj, Pjoo. r)mteVtr Joaw i (IliL oa, Mrw Jeieay Mertaa lAent JtwaL rtaoim). New Tk. Th K'tlaeen aid other atelaoaa wbe nural lalhaahlp 8 me of to parti naanlupply th plane of eesthera eeooder. Thar.whaMea Uaflretcle wheal emrf 1,418 ton ber.heo, aad waa ball! M 0-enrt,bi isto. the cantaa 11 (uaa aad about 100 omoara aad men. Iler aereloa llat laoladaa twe general erulaen, iadCMpectl nata. 81a rdaraed (rem China lie lanwoer, aad we about to be pel ta er dlaeey, whia ah we Older luddaw'y to th Onlf of Mx1i aad bad nearly bene Mrippid at n-oolu rjnonMunday, whanth laatrnetlona le get her iet4yorM,eaaatiam Weehlegtoa. helaah only ateam frlgat orer oooTertod from th Iflsg a roedHlo,lato Ik ooeaoalaeloa etee,a(A Plu4 0 tint dayt. Thlal aome'hlog thateeuU U done la eery few wde la the wjrld. Tm war eat twe ef mailaee pit ea boatd lie aa UWJ, by aa araalng paper, the haa a rrgaJar gtwd. Ih'raare no petil order to l eat aayoahtr toAmnt war her at pretant, la eorvette 8 ita nab wl'.l prUbly V put la head t ader, or early neat weik, bni it will be dene ia cetnptleeoa with du-artleaetehef her plaoed ta a elate of re4l naa,whU,thCommea4at tactleed wetka ago. Trewoik nalhe Biaaoka and rTabaeh la going ahead aalalerttt4ed'T, Thar la a rumor We! Ike aVrmer will be aakea out of to Ixk le let tone other eblp It, The rtrrnua aad rjitjlrg SeMraiailn la fie atreamt la attiru 0". A 'artaoucjutafelaltor eaeebed. We hear that Uet nlgtl a cup:e o' CTJj" left Km I lltmllloa,bul w cauol f.-uch MrfV truth ef the etorr. The Vailed t aw euamer Watw Witch wa to haTegaae ia OManlMtnn jarMrdty at Palladel. phU. the will Join the heme fleet. The rowhetlaa waa allJ at the N Yard al t oNWek laat night. 8e will not leave, probable, hantr early thla aaotnlag Man were up all nlghl "filing thlaga S'le haa n board eeeen or etgta boat howttter lit lea Hag p arrow, aad aa etwa ordinary quaatl y of ahot, ahali aad ammsnlitna. Th Compaatea H aal K, aieatle4 ebree e harlrgrotae from Weehlu(tm, balosged to the Btoood AillUery. Thty were een to Ue Ntlleaal Otfiul Imnu'Malely hefor Mr. Lu.iLt elee- - A whele equad of llbarly man, oa a aprte, from fort Uamlltoa. war abeul towa laet nlghl. Thai' 8 Carernatwil haa Jatt chartered the mail etoamahlro Daltle, of the C'"XDe lie, aad th Ariel. oftheVianraeatllne, twe of the faeleart of American Ueemere, far the parpoee ef oarer tag V, t troop naJer aealtd otdtre. The Ariel will, U la eald, like o bwd aereo or eight Comi aalee if Isfkatty and Mtrlaea, whl'a Opt. Btaai'a Company of Flylag Arllllary, aum nering ninety man aad on hunJred horaea, w4U he putontheltaltl. The eteamatlp IDIaoia had beea chartered by the government, aad will go to eea with ealei or der today, or tomorrow (tuWaj). II nulla end pteaacgete or Kiirep go out In th City ef Daltt- The earam frigate rawae I under ordera to eel from IhaWaahlnglou Nary Taid tomorrow. Tn rumor I un that aha la to go to Charleston. Sunday morning la the Hate find an (er th ailing of lha THE LATEST NEWS. tr TMLmsKAra to na m. z-'vm trTATB LlXltmJtTChTB Boaafa, Albany, April 8. The bill t lacorporat the New York Loan era1 Aareolauoa wee ordered to a third reading, alao Ik bill to tnoorpocato skaalag The bin e nana lb twee of milk n U-J-; ZZXXZ23& rant aa aoa anoruaa aieuaoa. irwagni ea tae a raeaiar. fj the Duraiae etexplaratag hie role, lie akauld eapoert the ull baaaaaa a tatlit red Ike preaaat tretglil rata op- praaaetre ana uojuei, Mr, Laruaa aaered to aaak Ih prorlatoa of lha Mil epeuoaUa beearaaa Oroeaa rail and New Vmki Mr. Rnaamoa epaoatd the motion, although II might ta of more bent I to hla own ooaaUmanee than the pnaeal bill, jet he wa abora eneheen. alderaatoDa. The motion waa loe. The bill we than read a Ihlid lime, and loal lay 10 to la). Mr. Krixuu mored to teooaalaler, aad lay that motion oa the tome. Carried. The Mil to eateUiarh a Nautical School la New Yorh llaiibor waa peered. Oliawtlonof Mr. pawtoaa, the bill reduelag the fare nn all lha New YerhC'T Itallroada wa or dered to a third leading by II to 9 Tie Aeaaembly bill faar Ike moie ceiltln pualth met I of the ertrae of murder waa laportad ai vtraail, and lha report agreed It. Aeaombly. The bill to make lha acta of lha Ommtlt of Aibttiaitoa of the Cheaolaer vf Cemmaice Mnaling, waa tiperted fkrorably. The Mil to oonfw eadlllorel Lagialatnre powera on II aerda of fp'irliora wee repot led for the cja elalarallon cf the llruee TaeCanmllue on Cllle aiad Villagee raported enrcplrte, the bill to citato the Mrtrooollaa Ilaalla lUililoa, which waa agiaed, aad Ike bill ordued le a third reading. The Rr(taat al anaa appeared al the htr with Joiia U lSaiaoa, Aa elant IH.trlel Attotnay, wko had rulaiatoilly tuireedeted hlaiatli to anewar to ear cbage made tgalaal him. Mr. HtiaLrr arpaeral aeoouaeal for Mr. Meiaoa, decleiltag hla cuaal I rerawtd to pleed rot truJiy. dl erllf or Ivdtreel y, to any of Ihechaigei, end dKlerirg that he bad nerer evaded arreet, bet had bt an all the li me at bte place of buitntM. alter a loog aiaaenatnoD ivajoiinica waae eaopi it appotDMog Mewre, K.i.iiaowixa, 'rur aiad I'aaavnaT uotomaiva ut iiarwia iDTraatiaa toe cite, with iiauuattona to proceed fonhwl h, and wun power to eoaa rar perenna aiaa rapara .h power I e Ite mew ntime. M'. Nauoa waa ordered late the cuaiuily of toe HTgeeat-l Arm, a mvtloa to rvlteMa him on parole hating beea laid on the la ble. Mr Nfih waa then remov.d lucuatody Tae cerjcuarvtal reetalalloma of the ganale the aulealialon to lha paeple of theprnpoeel amend nnl K the Conatltutioo. prohlbltlig the aaaja of Intiai'callrg liquor aa a beverage, were recooeld end en aumien at Mr. Wauaa aad adopted CD to 33. Briiniaa treeioB. Oa motion of Mr, Woonm, the bill to provide f'rthe emesdmintcf thl charter of the City of New Yolk by Commlaotooeie aad tie eubmlaetoa to a rule of the poop e, vne moved forward to take Ural Coemtiere ef the Whole. Toe bill waa finally rtetored to lae original ahap, andordeidloalhlrd leadlag. f-eaaare for TteUtUa af tb Yl'gUla gaapao. Ilea Iave . KorfM, April (. Ilia echooner Lacy K. Wamn, ef Iltltlmoia, we ea'aad la Utaapton Itaedetaday, hi vlolatlcuof the leaptctloa Law. 8 la la ciiak dy of the City Bergeauh Defna'tlea Ta Calleetor. jAfU'inUt, A., ilprti t. A. L. UcCutl !avD, lex eolUtataar for the wiataiudlalrtel of Ihla oily, la itportod "alaaaootaded," a C e(ialtor to Ih amou4 ol thlily thouaaad doUara. KeaMarky tajtelatar. iMiUrillr. Ay., ilpriO.-Th LegUlatur cf U eaato adHunad aine ih ymterday. Ihla rVaaarola aad Tcxaa. Sr (HUam, April 4. A oocond company of . aiiavta. numbering 100 men. left Ihla clay thla evening to join the battalion at Zauava befme FjI l'ackeraa. li le tepoited tore that Ih V. I. (loop of war Iliucklyn air vdilT renaaola barber on the Hal ull ,frtmKy Weet. Advlcee firm Icdlanola, atale that th V. 8. ateemirMaahaak. together with the etoeme'eSar tf Ike Weil, and Koaplie City, were lying ouieide of r' Cavalo bar, walling th arrival of the Federal trooae from Draaoa, to Iranauort Ihtaa to New York. Tb oloemer Faehlon hat beea char. Med by He Federal Qavai nmenl to traneport Ite iroer from Indlanola to Foe Cavallo bar. Tat ftopanlm er expected to arrive hrtly from ttu Abtonlo, Kallroad AecdaWat. TrrMnnf, Pa , April 4. An ntio on th Baeleralttllroadraa off tb liaok ihla Kaonaliag and wa piaclplleted down aa embeaktneal taramy. fivefet. W. Ii. Miaoa. tupailaiaadenlof lue load, waa mloualy lajuiad. The AaeacUtcd Frrae of lb Bkatta af Natr Ytrk. AUmvv. Aprils. At th annual meeting of the Ateioaetoa Free of the taol of Ntw Ywk.neld In I ilea, today, lha ballo wing effieer wr ehoraa for the enaulng ev i reaaiWytcrtae Waaaua, of ltuffelo I aVeavrtery and 7Vuurer txua U. bVi aaaT,o unuai AMawiw ctatattaiiaa J. u. vat lib. af Aleanvi u. J. Iluaraao. of Brraco m Aieanyi u. j. Iluarutn, or Iaao lint, oaf RochaKwr. aad Ih rieaMest m ewataiy m of fit, Brethaai at Caltadl attataa Him liaai A tllm, AprH t Maura. Lam aad PoataV "opt ware otootort Ualaed tUtee laaator ytatorday tayaaaaallmejortiy. Wmklngton ArU J. It U aadarttoot that the t"ifwy la T'eaf will leoeiea offae for irffcotr roe la twe yiare, tor th raiaae Of tae men not aacea una rr Ik leet n mo. A B r he he maoe for two mlllUna at an eaghfb jaerrortum p eo-lom. D w Cimnit Bee tarea anaaetawd Aa4a Tieamr.raa I a rttfctTn, Jta O. T'tan. Fiat. wwHrJii'lai II Taowtoe rjit-aaeear a Corntna, MY. aad Nit I) traaar. ra n.ver al Hew llarmi K raeanai Olieeif at -Uv4i, Tn e U Tma Maiikal far to Ktro D aaatoa i' Vl'rtei tnaa 8 loereo, aehlaf Hagtater lnt sarp. Th' loairaof D-i"mtl l unr c(tar trn the i'iIJ cl of the orrania toa of th I, tad i ffl't I Ike new toirltorta of Daeotoh, (Mveata, t Mataoa Sh Tlaa-taaha Waraatla. Itieimmi, Apit 5. Ia th Coarentioa to day, ih aal'owleg tmotuilon, on of th eertfe of nro'urloaao bafor that body, wai ednovd I laena' deplorlrf lha preaaat dlatravd emit Uoo of the eaanary, lamemlrg -he wrairetkat have in al'td eeoHiif tke etaaa iiMtMna tketi e-n-nee too (ah the federal O ireramaat, h it m bl of lit bteaa ng of th Valim. Imr.ed wilt te InapoiBH-ceto tta peera, proeoevtrf ead pe"e;rM of the p o te. we tir dee re thai ee adja tmnl he tracheal by whloh the t'ntoa aaay h le-oaat.b llaheo in IK tateaiiir, aad , proepertiy aad freieraal fttllnge be reettnid tarougkeut the lead Prom t'ha-laMM. CTnrfcrfoii, A"t &. The quaattio of tho aataptcn, by tle Ce-av.ati'aa, of Ike prmaaaaal (k niautb caf th K uitere CVmfederacf wat de ar ctd la the all aualre today by a tela of lea to IC. Ta reaay Bap-tea. Tie ry F.arrex with new from "aa Fra. olanauih Ud of Merck, pamed Ikrngh Faiarl Eeaatf AaalllMk. T tt la iialmp TUat. Tk OVdw All la 11 tl It hare a treeeute lial ef $1 Ul,;, Tho ttalrag I ara Geo. CKcoi, Apnt ft. .The fugitte alarM taken frfan, lataa rtt, VT'diaeedaa nvHetag, were eaaaaia ed IWote Ornaaleptoaec CwaaiBaaa, et tavHatg&t d yeaaeetday, The rwaf tea Ikaj ware fuieiaa wee cWar ena tediaputahlaaattbef era eccerd ligly deileared toltetroner. Tkey were lekea to Si Louie la therrwalagerata. T Vfoeer Wtramaag al I litaharg . Ptiuhurf, April 4. Th moTmot to bring allbnalanaatraapaotion to a par baea le muck air a liaened I xlay, la eamteiiatao af tk uapieet g Ik tMtig w ma ji aad Wire oaaaa tetakt. MKatowl aad Virgial na ar Mill reeetrea, but are alaaoal ualianally 4rar CI dlKanUI I. IvUbvry, Aprd 4 The tterbealre Ittnk of ntwburg raeiufcad apeole ptymanl today. Vm Day ha Bottom. Ihutrm, Apnl ). Faat day waa obaerrtd by a taal aurpeaalfaQ of buelDeee, raltgloiaa eeirtoea ta maey of Ike churohea, aad a rery full attendance aa piaoee i of anaueamanle. IteelawallM al tho Datk Haperlateadeet. Daeai pariaTunrr, iuut, Marah 1), ItCl, rC-r. H. D. Morgan, AWv: IlaAB flia I Having, for aerea coruumtUre year, held etaia etnoaa, to the dutlaa of wbleh my aliaoal uDdtiaed eweatloa haa beea glreo, 1 have taaaaan mmpelled, during thai lorg patlod of win, to aealeot my prtvete btiatinaae afljae. Jaatioe to my ealf oonjatreine ne to devote eoma lime aad alianllaa to my pareoael U toreei. I, tberefera, raalga Ike rffice ef teprinleadanl of aha Heehlag D'pu-t-maaal of lata atato, to toha effect oa tk final of April aact. Your truly, Jaj. If Cooc. CITY NEWS. raruATvaa Sctzsva or A Sosridao Bt-kTia. Marahal Braoaaa, oa Thuraday, relied a allpper baik alaplarea tb Beat KWer, ea aa. plelom of btxg a alaver. The reiasr waa prma lure, a It vtaeel had aolhlnf aa beard to orlml nato bar, though from neptoloo clreutaetennae ataadmg her teoent meveanaato, thr Unit eVnbt that aha meant to go to Ik eeaat. Cockt MtKTUU Th cValn th defeaoa la the Court Martial of Cot. will be dell rared by Mr. COoaaaa, th "-W1 aal far Ih dahece, al th dry araanal, ea afternoon Beit, al five o'clock. 17. 8. Ddttbiot Arroaiar. Upon the opea lag of the U. 8. Dbatrtct Ceurt, yaetordey morelag, the new Dlatrtot Attorney, E. Duiibji Buna wa worn law oflloa, Arrival. The U. S. Revenue Cutter Bar rlet Lane returned from eea yeetordey afaenixae, aad nam up to Ih city. TtBRJicit IIcllkw McMabi'. A tarfi au. dlacce aeeembled Widneaday Bight al Irving Hall, to liaien to a leature ea Ih lib aad charaitor ef Tataraca BaUw MoManc. by Mr. Tuoam Faaiiia Muauaa. The rpaaker enlarged iion the men ef 'il," In the laet Irtah rrrolution, with ehaructoriatlo feivor aad Impretelvaniea, and hatched the ael'enl feUune of Mr. MchUaca'a dtrotloa to IiUh lndependeaoe. Mr. MoaTairo largely abated the fortuaae of the epaehar la lha vlclaelludae of the Irtah rtrjlut'oi. wat lnsluled with him In the tnaapoitalloa to Yea Dlemaa'a Laud, aiad fi tally tixpid from the Brttleh lion, making hi home ia tan Fiauc1ne, Ctllfjmla, where the tvattful life of Iba exile wa lately (nought to lie etilbly cleee. The lecture ru lie toned to with ab.i rblng Inlereat. M ABgCRBAna or tbb KLaxaatga Thla waa the aonaewhat tomaaile oaptlon aelecledby Prof. Yica ana, for hla aoleoAifiii lactuia dallveied oaWed aeedey la Dr. Cnatti't ohuroh. Tea lecture coo elated In a dleeortetlon en the multiform elemaaaa that make up all forma of orgaalo and Inorganic life arouad and llhln ua 1 and referring the my. larioul harmony of Ihlt grat d chorua of complex cperatlona to the prealdiag Divinity of the llaaveoa. The lirture waa a moat lnetruatlve one; end though purely n'enlafto In Itenaler, It wet neverthelea elcthad la language extremely populartad glowed, In ocoeaiotanl paaeagee, wttk th Imagery of bewitch. lag poetry. Would taal our cltlaeu geoerally could b aMia'ed to euch lactaree the puhll latoHl gene and morality would b 1m proved, A IlAaneotta rnjaEiiT. The batchera of Waehlngton Mai hat have preaeotod aa ale aal geld waaeh aad chala to Mr. Jeua I. Acani, the Mar. kalCleik. The entire prea, at la worth $100, Pours CoMMiMioREB, Th CommUttoo. re met oa Faldey afternoon, whoa th raatgaelloea ef the followlag pal olmen war tendered and a. erpeed Jaur W M3im of the 19th i Joua Doa,1r,oflbe8ih Wa.ll Taannn.of IheSlati aad IlnwiiiLAaa. ef lb 6th P.ediact. Joan M gniTB, Faraica U. Uawam, Mtcaut. Uuraa, Lorax UiLKaaru, aod Wu. taiiaaa ware appointed patrel. ate, ead eaalgatd to the ljth, lhib, lDlh, aad Hd Fnttact. Flrea, Iaaaaaaaa, AarHrafa, eVo. riitan tc DaATn. A child, 12 month old, eoa of tfomta McLaon, Mo. 1C1 Maiden Lane, died on F.lday, from bum received by upeektleg a eea of melted eeallng wax aver lie peraea, luaa.1 daaou a child tour J ear old. whoe Parnate reatae al Hi. ID L tile lit trel, died from a aid received by upeetllng a pan of h l water ever lie peieoa. Siuiiaa. Miiiiaei. DoroniETr, a natlr f Ireland, hi year of eg, oommlltod anldd en Tbnrader nlgct, al hla raeldaac Ne. 171 Waal flat alaaet, by caaltiag hla throatl with a reaor, raiianr. An unknoun man committed inl aid e about ha'f part 8 o'oUk leal evening, by jump'ng oeibard, from the Jereey ferry bool. J r Jfcka'B. The act waacamnallttdahoit. ly aar the tool had Uf lha Ntar York alio. Fattca laaolkvmoa, eVa. H.aCK AcmOKrr RS AT WORX. Jr.DBDIAII TBtuia, a vtrdaal ouotrjmtn, balling from tt Ltwrenc coanly, N. Y , while etroUIng along B oadway, wMlndueedlo (ntar Clark' aucl ot atere. N Hi Broadway, whir he porchaaed i h thought, about tlu worth of lha goada lb eta, under the, erd w at greatly avlaSl by beiegptteexltdwithebll tl Ih amuil of fcjdo, Hapalil 15C, aad pnmlltdlo pay Iba baeavito. day, but lramlng eflerweidi thai ta bad been the Tioaunofaaenamiaoueewludr, he madeomplalal allha MayM'aifnoe, and lallcar Uianaca area die. patcbtdard aoa nluived with Ike money paid liar Iba good, , jIxcxvry or SroLsw Goom. About gl,0M worth of Iba laoa geod atolaa on Ih nlghl of tbo ITih cf Nov. las wm'raoTTd ytatorJ.r. The cOcar .bund them ooaawaled uadar toe 0 ar c.a ayavb U Wm Uakat TM kou I whk kw Blatvwaa flat rear, wit af a ntad haf aoer ta Hate rrli naaaaa Dana ead Jauma Own. all Oeraai Thaa etMaa claim ItM ataegede wore plaoed t a ar rveu via out tkr kawwiaag Twy.vMra, aaovnvae, aO atrwavd Teaeurgtary wa aath aareacf afeaaara, Tata. Wa Ftaaaa, Itaaoetora, viMiCt Weeah a , aod anew after Me eifraleetoa, faaa w ih af tk etolen gwod war reaoeeraa, eoa eeeetai atnjararTtd Oa af he. Oan. teaaiwa, wu eoavleaed of tba eilaaa, aad It aew I at Pt a. Taa whole tiatatl eeelea wa Bbewt 3 f-cd worm, nearly all of wkiek aa beea ricevatid. Foaoiao VtRoirtA Statu Djto. De toctlTir Rib amd tiiOwrr, can Fallay. errtatod a yotutg an, eatUag hliaeelf Jaum Kcliott, eharg d wllb btv ag forged acd altered Tirgtela lto C Br rati beode, to Ike am taal ef eeverol then eaodd lur It eppar Ilea vkree wek ago, the arena"4, wb w Ivaa ta Waahingtoa, awat to Iatitj. a Cuw A Maoa, bmkare, Ni. M Wl eMat,eriialof tae atovebrede to BaBjeitt et. abut lie Bid end returned him Ih pro. A few daya ago tnaa buaal to Ik amoant of 1 3 fa 0 were ealo eecl lata by II acoaaad, wlvt. ttmat, In Heewreeoe (Igaad him. ea4f'K M. Baaaoea Tkeb oker wartdmtrad kaaaeli tta la a. a ead ratal the pooad nbjeet to hla t a tt Frinaoan tnlbrmaaity tn aha eirnt aootlHr aaay were Mtoanamaca th character of lee hot da, ea o ea mekleg laaaf aBWary taqolrl, a iiihi taaeaw to ta aWgearvata la the atoaottme Baaeieaa'MMEiLiorr. drew fee tloM eaaonouat, ba " lanaaa ealaawad hut draft to t by," aad ye-.te, ,, ikepnt'emaa hteiaelf ayg-arad la Ihatr (flaceiKg.y led rnB', but wa promptly lakea !, ruiawiv. bi IhelwaDaieevivea. who had been nal'&t if the affair fma perf-olf reepaoatMa pent. loeteka to 11 aad Qiartoa end da taiaat f ar eatviaaaam A Ii-'ttr't,r roLtcv? SraaitAirT. Oa Thrraday otgkl Star C aaaoa, of Ih Cth Ward, wh.'a en duty Ua Brad aey, aear Walla ear at, vb eervrd two mee, roe of whom wa lntoxloaVad, and tao b ware no'ey ne rquatad tbea to gi Tiita y Ittme, when ore ef them, wh) proved to bl Poal'wtM'ageeoirtai, f abe Id Ward, boaaaa vary Irawalrai a d alevlv UoKana thee aln mjaeat ad Uralt go hwi wtaaa ibey drew out tbotr eraie aad ite tTlcer peeve! to be pttteomea Bowl la at' He It Want. Conaoa than aianed I o aw.y when the 8vrani rautht told ef Me 0 abao't ettmpted at wreel tlfo m him. ta tit he fl. ad. however, ettd Corvo arretaJ d iook bim te U wee lotkid up ta the tiaatlan U ttitt el ctgit, eet yaawerdey mara og waa taken b.fjra Jian'c. Ktixr what ttoetvid e cbtr of baleg o-iaik a.d eieetdetly agelnal hiaa. net to be eaasuMl today, I.BtJAL ttXruBTH-rSIDAT. ataprraao Taw'1. C "ar Oner mattsri apiin Tht FettpU er rf ChmrUtJL lartaejr f . af, ft. ltimr) A.Bart ef. ml Tba occur. eocea out of which the ectloa pvew have atrraa'y beaa taade femMer to Ih publle. Tt p'altlilT ela m to have batee legally elected oa 'he evititagof March It ah, lca, to the elaoeof tr ..tee caf tba Cburck cf lue partlan, cm Catoa Jeie, aiad to have been deprived raf the certln taa of tbalr elaouoa i eat to have baen prevaated from tawainal tipna ttedutteaof Iketreffice through lb ful aod miaTanduct of trie defaodaata. Iitfeodatato moved to olemlee tht eewplalot ea Ih giouad thai It waa aa iqn'Ulca ecilaaend a damegee eiau d becla'tiud , alao that the eompl.let did tot atote fact aufflotent to oonaalluta aoauaeof actl'n. The Couoeel for th p'alntlffic-vjtoaded that tt wee an ertloo aa law, let the proper ooure wee to eerd Ik caa to In circuit for lata). It wlal be remembered Ike! the motion for aa ln JuMllon la Ike reee wee din'ed i and Ik Julg menl now aooght br 1 for damage, paclaloa wa taeetvea. Court of fie era! f'eaalaaa. llefitra Keoaanlor II or r tun. The Court pronouaaed thlt mornlnj, Julg met I upon lha fallowing prleaoere i Elw. O'Kan waeeenltolh City Friaoa for flea deycoa eoa vtctloaofaaaaeaull aad battery; Mr. Cttharloe BaAkeebergkWaaeentiolh PaaiileaiUry fur ikrae moaika, for an attempt to eemmll grand larceny. Ilogh Waid, waa ooaTlcted of aaaeeaultoa hla mife,lnehoellBg at fcev end dabbing bar. Tn ceee haa been repotted befur. Th pilaunar wa awiUajad to Imprieooraenl la ling ling tar a term of tea year. Thome Henaieeaj, who wa eeavtoted af grand Urmny, waa eral to Ih rani tonU try fur twj yean, Mary Die, charged with 'allng from her ean Blayer, wa aval tot" FamtaatUry far on aaealh, on bar plea ef pally laraay. Th aaaa of Jam L lltrlata, kar anaa, oaea SUdthoMmeaf lha Court forte remainder ef lha ay. The Jury teedarrd a verdict of aot guilty, and the prlanaar waa etlaobargal. Ta Court adjourned to 1 A, If. aa Bttarday. BROOKLYN. Thb UaacAjrrrLa Libbabt ELacriea. Ta lctloa far OSaar aal Director ef ta Mar- eantlle Library AaeoclaUaa imultad la tk ahaie ef fb fvallowiag namtd geotlarnaa i Vratdent-Jaaae U Fretklngaam. rice jTwirfeviC-Ieraea Thoraa. CWriwaeeiaarij Sertorw Kdula CndarhllL Ifmiino rvnoa-jap.tU Worth. TVeanirar Janm Uwa, Jr. iairertera Albert O. Woodrufl; Joaevah B. Leg gatl, Thoma II tbankland. Alexander K. Orr, John B. ttrattoo, ttoetge C. Rabtnaon. Richard II. Tut her, Theodore K. Boltk, Jaha J Haanaha. ataf nora c lraatK afua B. Gowlaf, WIU 11am H Wallace, William 8 lerrer. Of'ng and Iticorclpg taarwiailaeead fire Director wer on Ik Independent ticket. Tne total vjte eea waa 650, Fontt) Drowjiid. The body of a man named Anoc O'Ntn, waa uusd al the fxal of I).y atreet yeeteiday mornlag. ne epoeared tab about thirty yean of eg, and we dreaetd In black coal, vaet and paatalowna. Tb name wa found aoaikcd en a pork kaadkaroklet In Ibe p cka ef Ike deoeed. Verdict, f juid drowned. Tub Quick Cocitt HourriDB. Oa th Sjih ull. a dlapute aroee batwaaa two man la a blachamlth ehop en Cypres Hill Btad Oie wee e farmer reared Joaa tuim. Anmi Jtooa, am. piovad In It ebop, tried to ralor a gool fealmg b Iweaa ttaoentetidlog partlaa, when ha wa aa eaUed by Bum with a hammer. II railed aa ax to defend hmaelf,ardatTuik gvmi oa the tare heed, eeuelng a fiwa'ure ef th akull, from th f feoierg wblon bedlctl. The olrcumaaaaca war Inveatlgaied, and after a Ihorwach examination, Ike Jury fourd leal Jam (truck the blow la eelf. daftav. The priaoaer wa dUchargad. Taa Siwxr UioTnaa. Micbab. Waijh ead raicrx Gtreoa, arret tod oa Mondty for In clVrgt riot amoogat lha laborer oa tower, were brought before Juettce Coauwaix, yeeierday, and held to awall the action of Iba Oread Lury. SiMx.trra ra Ilia Court or axaatoirs. Daaia. Ltwmrac pleaded guilty to barglary la lb third degreei and waa nancd to lha Baal ITteon nar tnrae year Aaiaaaw Wnaa'H pleeded guilty to flataera la lha fouith degree, ta paaaiag oouuuifetl $10 Mile, and waa eentoered to tht gwat P.lto far two year. Joaepk Jaaaup, II year of age, tndlokrd fjr bur glary, pleaded gullly to grand laroeay. and waa enteoced to the I'enltenilary for two year. Ri-s Ovut. A child about 8 yean of age, named Tnoaurloar an, wa rua rr by a light waggon ta Oouit atreet yaatordayi ha eauwt re cover, WILLIAMSBURGH. Frxa Di Korra itrbwt, E. D. At twelve (fclork on Thuredey nlghl a fir waa dlacovarad la a atebl la Mk abee, ewaed by Mr. MABBAaar CAuraau, and aampbtdby WBUAB traavna. Tk bulldlag waa enttraly deatroyed. Ltos Itta'i fully lmurad. The ftreoommaaietled to aa aljoUlag building beloaglrg to Wa 8wxu, which waa damaged to th ami of M. Sataob Auault. A young rowdy, named Jam mxuji.wa yettorday aanl f a three mentka to th Penitentiary for aa eraault oammlated aa J. W Paiuot cath nlghl of tb alee don. jersey" ciTy, Fire. Laat night about 10 o'clock, a fir on und In lb dry good aid futalaklag etoreof Mr. McBama, adjctnlag tootr Etchang la New ark evmue. There wat aaldto be about 11,000 wnailh of gocdaln the aoi which wer damaged to the literal of $900. Mr. MoBaioa era laavured for 1,(00. roimcAL. The delegato to th Demo crttlo Vnion convention btv nominated Joan B IUioiit, for oolleoter I Jeiiey City in plan of B. A Fauna, drtllaad, and Joan Tab Voan fjr Water Otimalatloner la pie of Job Caubdt. Btcoad Ward Dtiroorailo Union Motnlnatlonav For Aldnmen, E. D Bicrri choaea Freehalder Jauu LvncHj Coutablm D antra faaaacL, Albx aat' Kim; Jnatlcea of th Feaca K. F. C YocaOj Wu R. Bbowb. Third Ward Aldarmaa CaaiLaa If. Haainra; Cheat a Freeholder F. II Ncauri Jtualoee wa. Wantaai Oaoa Gtaj Caeamblae Biabaao Mo- ABALLII 8. CoOLABAJI. Jbbibt PiLOTt. Th report! befor tho Bmrd ef Filet ComntlaatoBer af th Slat ahow thalduringlhmothof March, th Jereey pilot

brought fat raaaal Into roil, boarded t' el tat, out of eight ef band, aad to-k 81 te eea. No kotldenl. Dicuan. The Hob. D. 8. Orioort ha dtclined tb nomlaatloa of Water Commlaalonar, glteo him by th BipubUcaa Nnmlnallng CJOvan tlen, al llalr Beating on Thuradty night Th Coot mill appointed far that purpoee will fill th vacancy. Kdmor or DirAixATioa. The City Clerk of Ilolxakao, Mr. Dabomb, I aald to ,U daiVaanl hi eaah aoooutto. Tk 8hlr I undergoing la vegaigtAlon. pttamoVAl U wtd tohtfl,-), A oi BRatrnoti t rmtom or too th aarprttag, eO eVatka, raaa, aaaat, maattoi.wteaVav rrawUbUaradplajMaer.Tj.alraawapurva- l-Jh-iweUA B. S R. Ittnwav Roaravinato Ravn.rRKT la fhe rrjtl aja. atllatieia.l nmtrtr. II beata eld eoree, pnrittee the fcload.laetaHkla tba aratrm rwneeed k-tHk. re eratvee aad ea terminate, all k) aad eouafrlatlamal dleeaawa. IIUlerI-Aiellreeaadlramaithetvet;ea all auriarelaae earn eeaw reua atVctlttaa. tomora. nodata, nlern, earaaer raeb. tewtra rtctaa. revet "trea. mil rhewm, aUw dWaeea, aad all ether dlaaaaea atidag from anlntpureetaieofOiebood. .. . . BAIjWAY Oon yctneltaefAea,tl Jehn at. Mew Yerketty R. B. Bemedlea aold ky dmgglata and ttorekeepena rearywhere. Thiv vmi aa A oAUt dat at th Mima m Children ara entefaahooLeed will fle-k thnier be htmdrao to an Btraant Beara, parformatd by liarr brleebaeh, aad all Ibe ether euraMUae. TRtrrn Johhob's TMRra Dollab Mor.a ahln Hat la equal to ear Fnar Dollar lla U the rite 1 call end i famine fee foeaetf at hla ealetwoem, ttnder Iranohtt Betel, ogpMlt the Cli UaU. riiRaaotKiT. SntAaoRM abd CrrtzaBt will And the PnaojMioaL Caaiarr an agreeaht puuw to viaall It earttalaa many rare eartoatlttM. ata amlnttin with charvj and full wrlaen deaertptloni f eheraeter green delir. Rawama alwa eeen aad fro tovVleora. Ne. lo9 Breadway, aear th park. LArtnmtvt to wtaa oood nxAi.THf Tcto aaahaelt,almply br aatog Pr edraau LlfB COR tAU etlca removra all latbetruetlowa aad Ir reealart'le. and eeeae Iba bloom to eoa to pal aad ear. worn rabattk. Lluoaredaeaf aedtm are aav taklag It, ehoafew awneathear were nn lit verxeaf the . Tre en htA laa-4t la al.e roe wft tod twa are benettted I many ware, wkb eaanot be tteertihed to ea Prtee L Fer eale at l eve. t 11 Allan ad. K. BUeatoo, and ear aVith at. and aVeeed ava. wkolawal Oapot, Bouts Beeaa , wjlllamiraurta Bow wrrrmi aaArn or All. flKOVKR A HARKtg CFLKlRTFnM)IH.LKH HKWINd MAOUIKM. W and opward-4y tire id ear, N. Y. BAaara Tuooe-rtaara MatobattaadiiaeterUelelnrdiwilagrtdaaB V2? isLtttrtsiTSMaj: aUIEaUkX. riOTIvUKS. Fet Onto Neticaa Tba mat' far Raiwp rlt am,a,naataaa ted lUveas er V. t Utataaaar ILLIMa l,ilielwaitUiniieea8aMrdar,tnaath daeof AMiltitlc'e'tHk a M . . 114 WlUJAMB.TArL?B,reetmieter. flag V Kymad. 181, 113 aod Its Fulton atreet, aed 111 meed ray. pviar atw or vne r ratirana a MraT tu ruHu 1 1 In the itreehl um i BALr AT, aip-werata RKABiiN (i nirtitnil.TV. ncvi hrrahy ainoeaeelhal Hair, faahlonakt aula e.ra-a vi oa BPRINQ AND hlMMru tXOTUlNO. new ready, wli be to'd at fie w 1 1 wilt ta meat Tb meet of th firm la 1'KICKB TU Bl IT THB TIMES, vrn If the tea Nl) MAROIN FOB rBOflTH If" Com aod aea what laahlamtbto ftbrle iu U eold foi tn a eil U Ilka BVa preaaat. HT.I Flat Far alev-A Ileaae far all ajrvwml etcta la ManbatUavltla, 100 br I Oil, foe gTO, perable 91 p waek. m evajy Moaer evetalng et the -tlvBaVead - 90 righ'h are, at Tt e'eleak. P. A. PUlTaaVB,Frm't. U.D. 8UAKOT, r'.d. dKLt Byaum Um Balaam. BITFXMATI8M, raCStofuLA, SALTHTTJhf,. IraUlUa beUualitb mwtl eertola aad aafat reniedv for tharneatpeljireland protracted forma ef thoea dl et tlaa e d uleera, fever aire, u-raateel, the wont cawe ef Impurtty of the blond, liver and kit. neya treneral deblllir, dvepeptla, lnadptat Uon. ptlat. Ac FrlndpUdotllarandi eeaaaaiiaa. I Tt-u. per not ua. Car ywar OaaaOj Par aaaa BtMa THM FWOtf MAefB FBUMD. JMBTTBwt abl raaaaay fcr eotub. ealaia, aatfataa wbaaa. aak. tm. Tba low tarbaat wbleh tt la eotl aoav- k. tat err eaaae hat tt oonvawtanltor aea,. aad aha ttmatyaaeof aetagia botnl Bete liawM tta aiaa. aea m aauaam ajearia awrva m aa wwawa iUAtlTBUoItV-a1Otwetvwtet. Ftda It ear, leas bottle at M eta. ClU,il f eat vaaw aeeaaeeal taitraVa rav avxaaalaa alaak mt Bpriagltrlmef CleatMa. raadr aaada or to aeva, out aad made ta the meat tatty taaaater. . Oaetaaa roam net eouaiio. rtirntening eweae aq aauarean (btpattmeIaalaanmiiia. Oeede to tab Mae wulhe asldat laaa petoa. thaa at any ether ntitllita let, Money returned u net pimm. l.utkla ki, ' F. . BAI.l7 l.totklagavl .nwriM. . ne, ti Haa. f aod II Bewery. BtkW BTUTBJtriII Laraawtttonlaamany, Oaiwd taa thawantaaw- weaa era. at Una aeeeea ef the fr etriwrlM from thle eoaa plabt, can be eared by aeleg OUfcrd1 fliwarweelhl Mrloaa Pllla Frtot 16 eaau par box. FBIIJJP I.BX, bOl Breadway. mhltftb mocwBTW ntyricBBr. eiamaellaa af lha Teieraaa af th War eflSlt, held al the Mereir llou-e. Ftldee evenlag Apl oth. It wee uaanlaeAuelr revolved l That w de rwUtlm hie Bioelleacy Abraham Llnctln, l'raalaleat of the fulled BtoUa, for the reatrpelatoiarit of the nl lommbalon-r of Fanaloaa. Ueoree C. Whit. in. Em, wh ee faithful performaaea et hla oraelal evtirveialmantwentoet cerdlealy voocb. That a CM ef the rraoluUaa be aoh'laabad "fa, anvr oi pup ae, ana e and a deelre to de laietlae to o rale a. ea be Baaolvt olvad. In the tun. Herald, Tlmea, Wend aad Ihtllr Ne Br order Oeb ABKAIIAM HALI.Y. rhalrman M5 WM.IJ. BBUWM,ec. FaUtear Nllo A maaa aaeaetlea wrlll ba held on Mond.y avaala il.a. Aarll 8h. lCt, U r. t that ell paliaUra will he pr lr Inttieal. it 13 uewere. an II It aopea w.r..n a a aaaywa aeabjaai look after thai Bricklayer of Braaklya ata hrby aa tMed thai Ih leiUatm fee af Oa BraaeB Utdee, No I. ef lha ally ef Nw York llrlaklayir- Ualaw, wti b trtyceota, ttll tt tril ef May, Br erder efthet'oloo,F,UaAKK, 1'ieetaeati F. BbLIVAN, Becre-ary. ' 4S A. P. A. Nadoa Tba alBawra and aaaa ben f Weahlaatoa Ledge, No. t, A. r. Vjanae quart ad to meet al tbelrlodrereem ImartlnBJtBHL eor eaf MB eve ewa mi at, on Baiaaay. the iiaoawaBmi, t i Colter, In parade rje, to attend a ana aval ef ear late baetker. TBOMAB KVLB, from hla lata reeiaence. ore weet r; me memaen or tne erdee la gttr-er are rep-ctfulle levtted to ettend It erAjie f WU. BUaUlKEY, W' M. wm McKNiotrr, . otuejia lUkrre lha mwmbeare af Ita Now Tark Fracrleal Jouraeymen Biker Ileaevetent Boeletr. ereieioe led to anad tberxultr merUna. oatatar day evenlar, April f tk, at IX e'cla et, ea bttrloewi ef rrtlmorraareIUbbr4uitat before the aaaetlag. Membwt wbe ara aver alx aiealoa la amen to tila eeel ty,tre tti etted laetuad at eettae oy tmaei abaiy,aall roeotbeta aaglecvlai theratialllpaeltlve. Iv be expelled at Ul meeting By order el rBfan HOVLAhl, Frm I FATBIClT IktALI, Bee. tea. m .USaUltaiOVS. Bleuttat Cbainb Twe Bar. IBmawifte B. Ml BRAY, paaao of the Market Street Oaerek, aaaaor m taa aaaraet atrem ajaarea, arrew moralag. Mrvlaae eemmanelag A lea ta tb evening, tare lam wtQ fwataak. BxElttf wiu rreeca laauarrew etlOX e'etoak. eernraenoa at IM I Bntaoatveal rwnai m rata BVa a aceaelWiamrthaV,wmiof 9th avet. Bar. fiBO, la ev-uan, reaaver. tieiiiiiwaa aai watatt PHIae aervlea everr Bandar al 1M a aadlMFJI. taaatfree. all A attach rhrlttlaa fwarrk, ftaraar af ruoeaaer an xtatn av aer. at CLMMlNtiH, Wale tar Bar. (ir.UI UtJOV. will preach at lew a. bl. ea Bonder, the lib met, end alth tie Chrfctlaa thatch at Oreeop dot, el 1 n. at Commualan etaamt at the cleee of each Mrvlee. Lay preachlag at J p. ra., with Aatlick Ckarch. IU Braakrya Opaa Air Praaohlag Tk Cntm pal wUI be preaehed teenoreew eftarweea, br Mr. RlagxLL, enfumal etlr, Janotlea of FUtboaa aad AUaakU area, tnweklyp, lag Plr Falata Ilawa af ladaatry, IU VTattk at The rer e'er hlld mnl terv la every gaadey,com. maBcUg el I o'clock P M Bb-aaren aad frieadi are enrdlally lnvlttd. Tb hlldren aiag, wttt dtort ad. dreeata, 11 bbilatcs Ilawa, 134 Chatham at Thar will a praachla; by the Chaplain at 10M A,M.prayar mtetli g at I P M-, aad a tomparenea meetaaa lntke evealo al IH Cakck umoeree. All whe fetl aa la. brwt U Ua referveatt-n ef th laeba-tabt er eeidielly Uvltad. t U.lOuT.tec W Her ttr Jeeepfe C. Mlee will Preach ha tlae Neith Wrt Preihitarlaa church, 60th atreet, iaroidaandKbAvneB Buiday, AprU I.atlO; A, M,aad T4 r, M. 1111 Tb OU Caaal Pare! T- n. ftoclely atBl coniir WII .ivrajt and th arera. every "a'avaraaltae. atlMa'ctnck. Addramm brMaae-r, I LOYP ad tutK, and aim li g br Meeera tit (.U e-dFARKUOlai oo-eai "tieTi; K B49- ttrrr, itmt t b. 8v7ARTvToi?r, fcfT v Chat ch r Iba Eprabaay. Btaataa ftraat, betwren Eeawx and Noifuk ita. Bervlom atlOH A en T, P. M. Beat frt. Th Be. U.JT KtMUtQTOM wi i preach aext tuaday ereningTlM Ckrlatlaa Cbapa', 17ibat,aar SthAvwaaa. vtreeen AOtaaiaer.aDruiin. at iota a m. aaw P M J&S3., 11REWEIL twaaVet-Motalng. "Dutle Uua" krmfia7'Whrih)olTa Man be ar toe peeve, lawoa. ne. a aaaa a ta Tba elhedtet Piolrataana af lSfiTMrfm etiett elll held mrvtcee to-tnorrow In thouJmUjae (lln..p.,n.. t lata e'eltek A. Ill amfaaat at IH P. M, aad praaobtf a at IH o'ctoakia "": iaHSSawlJ8BB lEuaieuri. rmwm raaaf AMWaaeatearawrrtaaarUlb Ivtd a ehea Ckejehtf: Bwjnwa eterwaa Uaavwrtlaa Wtom ead atdraaaee rtiwia ae in taaittaea at eeaavaa mar. ? aw aw tret Frew Wlw aeaa-rtat emaxtw, 9ettb at, gear Brwavinr. In p t ntABAat rtv rreacWa itomerrew el Unk. W , aad W P. M At Ike elat et iba aaatal g eevtr tba eealaanne ef tb Lord'e Fanaer aim be otoerva. tl watah all CkrletUna ara Invltaa. 1M M. Jaaa arheeTtt nabarrwV, diet attwwt, near Othaeeua. tte MATTltWll wUI e-aeh ta anrrcw. ea eeaat. at law a' M. aad alNf a, Bewatel eeatt eeeamtt) wu) be Biatimg el ta ewee at the moralag avMc. ig Taxajttrt mnA M, II to ma-rrow, al t K .M.t t r. M. by 'he Faat. R.v, tTwiaerb. FraaaBal Bar, W. K. OSirP let j. a. eaaauii later, 'a l maaa Mlf.ft B. viral amauagt taitleet I iai aawiak, Ul rMveedab Cmwrtki v. a law Bl . WW. AW w bag. !U aad dra aaea.-ltoe T U BavOWri,af vtml Tew ewrnd. K livaaaw will arrack tomrw at w ea ! r. at nta a awe IP. M.aaadtt' lag. All waa wall tae rtfetw. ef th tvt te, er gajreaawlekki'eer fvwr,ar att eirdldy aweaa. weaei em pwa. ewe Her. Dr. nauMag wrtU ptaaemBoax ttoaday eaariaiae ead ra-lae al IB laadrard at BaetHl are-eta toadaalnttv tk ervJeaoc ef rataptiem after taheraornkgearvlo. M Mefeimld Datem tlbwtoaCaarra, caraae af Medleca aa Orrat aear er ela eaaee ear of Bar ar. HavMbrw,wbaB,y bexfeeed tt p ecktett Itabhalh; wlv'e-e al h.lf tat lo.'clck ea.. aal h-if gaatTe'el ek p m. All ere ctrelally lavlt-i te attend. Batafrea. lid TM ItrMa C wrhatlaa Caa-rb eel I h4 Dtvtaa wwjiM a a ta 1 1. Ar'll tlk. at w heeea ef ABB A II t M AlUHor, C Pevwa aa, eev llaloa aiaait . Wit; ieaabtath. P.w.e 7i I P. If eag bU ptet f e'cl JOHN VufCY. Ueretkaewe have tba Qotpa! p.etcbed urate them, (Xaae aad hear. Kg Trrauaera'tcat AilUaca Bar. A It. liHUtut. R, Ik,prwaba thaiarwioahef re the yeuag awa af ieeHt.auaaarevea.lawa al the M rar et Ckamh, it otte. Boaar ermla. at tl eb veWateelrriaee. WerU! II -at aed Hernia et. Tuaedar aad Frllar ereetaea. alle-eteok. W I .riat Cwtrrch flkvlaa ( wapwl-1 8th at . asv Ithava Buaayarvtee,atlOM A It aadTidP.M Ptaadar Bcbrek A. M ,1 F. M. Bar. J U UKO wat, MlaWtt U abarg. baatttree. lot J. I., miabaa la la PYawrh rvnlrg. alTM a-ek-ck. at lha Seatry. tin PIM at, -taa ih roiniaaeii ti ib prepa cte I iarat te demtlea the ec'eod aaleg ef Cnrutt, the Mitlle akua, dta. Be." taaulree. IU firaxtMBt, BL K f'karrb. be. Wreea aad Iprtn Ua Rev. CfKB H. HARRIS. Prater, will Mth eramaara al tot etarwk A M. SWeet-lR llgtttaFaetaajser.t,'t4iTHo'cl'ek P M,abt-wt -JTblaaoelr(thU-lr(llMt Meeuiu fjr tho ptmatttianof II aiaawt et x e'ateoa r. M. and othire Invited Beau free. ""itr HJLHKIAUEbp. COOV-MeMULUm-Ou Dee 1Mb. I Be. Mr. Beae-aa. Fetter al the Ckareah ed Ibe AemwMlaa, Bteeklta. Mr. Uaeele B IVtow. of Xiaawtoa. a. to we maim a, x. rMaaerlvaale . para pleaee eepy. lil MUIAFR-HAU.-Oa the let laat, U 8t Paol'a unarea. wii'iaajuna , n i nee n av.n.alte. bla, Aetna Midler to alia J, IUU. Balbmor pai c pvvaee varr DEATnS, CONFLLY-Oa tba 6th lnt, af aeanamptleo, Mar ganl OonaUy, daughter ofleaalet and Margaret fKrederivai ead rrlend af tba family ar r I fbfiy brrttad to attend tba ftmwral, (Tom bar let naV timia, t3l Meane tC ea under areernoor, Ita laat, et 1 ojoloek. Htr imalna will b token to V vary Oametory for totarmeat, Ml CBOMWKLIe-oa Weaxiaafar. Otrref Creme-eO, Tb foiwal ata take plea oa Saturday altar aaaa, April Bib. at I ecteak, km tae ketteawal aabureh el Meethavwa. Tba reJaHrto and Prienda ar raayaajtrtiH tnvttad to eltead. itl QBCaO Alvtn E. tVegg, ronngaet aea af Blaa aal Johanna Oregg. aard t mootba aod It alar. Ilia runararwuTtake ptaaefrom hit Ute real taaee, IBB Power at, Breoktra. B. D Ttofalaaoaendae cwahwaaaemal th teaalty ara rtaiuUnily tavtuaai u 161 nACOnworrT-Ia Oraarnta, It J.ea Tamday, April I. Ilatthla Baaakweal. Ik marly af Btawa Iawaad,la tba I let aar of ale ea. ldlataMpkaaatiaenpleameopr. Ul .TTON-In Bawahlya, a Frtday merntag, Aarll y. vrm oenoa, agaa 0 yean. ma and frtonaa ef tba fatally ar raayaaV to aoan tale nwaanl. aa teodar tew m vte mean, nwa nut mm iwamnxaaai mat at, wlthoal farther aaOtoe. Nev Urtoa Inet, Baanah Aaa. daagator ef 'rak. O. aad Barak Haat,la tb r1beriliiaa'd trlaaaa ef th ramfry, ami mem bar ad Ceaaaaay D.I 'at ara raeeeatrally Cvttedte attend utoranervX aa Boaadey, April tm, al 1 amttak,framtwe padiaam af her pnreale. M Matbar. BCNT-On Thuraday, 4 pril a, Patrick Hunt, aged .berelaUvM aad frkmd cf the family, aad aba thorn ef ble brother, re er, Jamaa, Tarrwaea aad Jaha Dual, aee ef Ble brcther-la law, Thomat Ilual aranwpee folly bivtud to attend bi fenetel, from bl lata reeidenaa, 111 ava, A, thai (Salwdayl after neca. at 1 eVock. ggi MATnxW8-Oa Frt lay, April Mb, Oeerge Ma- Ble Irleoda Bad nUUvm rjareermtfuly ravtted to atieaad tba funeral, from hie lata tealdanae, t (J read at. Breoklyn, B. D on Sunday afternoon, Ith load, el tMemlcok, 151 MOOBE On Friday. Mb bat. Emma Lou lea, daughter eg William and Aaaa Metre, aged I yean, e moan aiaa ear Tba retau-vee aetd frt mil of the tamflrare raeawt rally bretlad to ettend ate fanaral, ea Uaioday erlar. nana. Tth Inat. at I tvaloak, from the rimdmue of bar pexmRIM Treat Utbot, goo McnENNKTT-Oa Aprn 4'h. Theme Mcltmnett, a naUve ef Qaimttra, Co. Meaabtn, Italand, aged aa vaei The f teada ef the family an Invited to atteat hla funeral from th Pellevne lloepltel, thl (Saturdar) altetnoea, Apali Oth, et I a'cloek. xcO MeOOOL Oa Friday. Mb lant, Oathirlae. btlered dauetter of Charlm ead Mary McO.ol, M'd I month aa Ideve Th ornada aod aauaalnlenam ef the tonally are ra mevtmlly tuTTwad to attend hit funeral, on Sun day aftrinoen, April Tth. et 1 o'clock, from the rtnt denceef bar paraatr, (I rat Ud at. 141 MrUNNA-Oa April Btb. Maraarat VeKenaa, a natlra ef the Per ah cf Taaianee Tewn, Co, Ltm'b, Irelead, axed 4a team tier friedde and aaiaalataneaa ar rearpttrtfulry In rlted to ettend th funeral, en Seader alWoeoo. Tk leel at Vi a-oleck, from tar Ut ratldoaca, 11 Faurth tree. 1 PARET-Oa Ft Iday, April Cth. Chailae, eelr aea of niram end Mary Fatei, tied I yean, 1 mouth Bed 111 date The friend anal coonilntaaeac af th famQy ara r aewanlly Uvlted to ettoad the ftmeralTaj tuaday aharaooo, AptUTtk, al 1 eaeloakpr.elely.fraa the reeldrnoeef bU pareata, K9 Wrat lla at. Svl SLOVER-Oa Friday, the fth Inat, after a Uager taalllaeee, Jvm, wife of Abraham at, jtaoraw. fnaerel eetvioM In the Methtdtal Kpieoopel ehureh. Aft hot, bet Rd and tl ava on Bandar, taa Tlh Ute, at 1 V, e-ekeh. The ituaalat will be latorrad ia Oro wood Cemetery. Ml BlilTII-In thla city, ea the Mh loaLef ectriet (aver, Fanule. ywazaeat dingblar ef Jena J. aad Mary SmIU, ad 4 iiaa auiana Ban af tb BuaBy an fullr Invited to a lii a I the BmervJ, from th net. dreoeef her feUer, TO BeetnaT are, thl (Utardav) antraeaa, atitweri. wtn RTOKrS-O Friday, Nh but John, maef Thaa, eae ceanance atoaee. aru i yeer eaa i aaaotaa. Tba rrteeada aad talaliim fufiy tovTtad to anawd hla raaure are raepam d. thb (Batariay) eiwaaoon, al I rwna,invi iwtakH. ioa TBATIt-Oa Twurey vanlag after a abe-t and pthtral lllaewa, Harriet Xoalee, bajhat eadghterof WllBam aad Mary Travta. Taa relattrea and ma Bl af ttoBtamaayar fataat. rally tavtaaa to atti g tae moan eflarvtaam.IihtnatmtMemliaa.lTem ner yarataa, lao itira are. W At RU la rtehltaL Werek Mb. af Kt .'rrSvift: tb beloved nflhef Jeha Walak,laleef n. at. nmiMC JKWTaOtTArayi buti ASBCMI AMXBlCAlt UU9XUM FABTB1 TIOLIDAT WBET, sa ikraailaeet UTUKJ rwjajaajv. HKABgwhtoB IX Y from guerar, LIvlNO AZTEC CniLDBKN. AamtownaBatn. Cnilaaranaanamleal TOIIN B. GOUQII al Will deliver tk taeomeareble Lretur ftd tta I New Yertl baf ir the "Meruntile Literary Aara-clatiow-M on the -UUUT8 AN 3 BTIAnoWB OF LONDOet LIFE," AT IK VI !Q BALtT Oppnelto the Academy ertf nale. Tl'lObAY KVKN1B. APRIL Oth. Tteketa Twwaty-lv oaatt rcrtale attha Llbrtrr, the Boobatore aad door. No mora llekete to be eold tnea Ibe UaU el I eemfortekir eceommeaeie. lioortcpeai ail, Te xamtna al a'cloek TBO. B OOUGIL WILL DELIVER TWO -". a e at aa.a.l... al- ejeaat. Ike WUlalt etre-t M. , t harah Bebbeth Bohtala- tuhjtai-' The Btreatt ef tWM. ai a.hteaed Bhadawa eaf Lend nTTT!. o .. ..-L . a.... . -X... - m uie." iieae'ea sw cwa vwaaa, -a aa-par w ea urarto Merrill I Sore, eoraar ef Qraad and Iawla ate. JfJ Baauale eor. Or d aad Orchard ra. A. J. Caot, IDT ureeeaa. .cviioor, wiiiott m er atliv II..U. on laeeriniiaeoi tare at I 'cloak of the Leobue. HorpaaaiT. Le- 110 GRABD INDIAN EXIIIBiriON THE fameci ladlaa Chle'a, raeently tn Waahlagtoa, win give the laat eiltbltlea ol their menaaea, ene tonia,wardaaoeeM.Utbatrbrllliaot emtumae, eo taturday aitamoen, April d, al I pa aa. Uaorr opaa IU p. m. ,'1 ickota oil. cJaildraa 10 ela At OtoPar Ineittuta, cemer Mh it aad eth eve. tsllAl.ti nntXT FEDESTBIAH FXAT 1.M0 VJ UaULJbiaara-FaleaOrwwa. IM mltm at tt a eomaxaaacewaaal eaf every koaar. .LNaere eaaa at Ib-'eiSil-r all evwr eaw ai evta aiuieiiBDawui. inoioniae Itwbitmwamarmall aorta ef amnaaalaig triaktt niWAJfaat, TbaraTBMkfgaJKtSALldA wlfAT IB mM MOfbsf JNA5l, aqija; UAL OAtbVA riAFfXJrdrMialaXx3 Lady, xitsrvtiiM qcxmiTifYim bkax. end UtcMU narVwrtlea. AIjtlNO rliln.Y hUU WVWUCMXfltB, , ALL TTJ1. CITT NIW8 OT BATUBOAT aVaTuaR FOB FULL ANT paAFiaO TUKbBTB OBFAT LOOal! BVFNTf, . new taraiaaptcta ta our naUet, ag to the rear tatam moment, pee toe BUNDAT MltBCUBT, tevayugna t taaday raarntag. Th ttmdar Merewry waeaUrrer olroalarla tkaa anyoUaaWtemdaiyjearaaltoAajeria. ITT A ORXAT BEHSATIOa COMINO TBBtnrNDOUt FLtTTrBBr0 ttfOwO TU BVIL DOBU IN TBB ItaTBOFOLU. Thiiiientaiiimi tl if t bit I nl ilirftr BED DCBTLIMK, baa Braarocd a Iremaadaaa talaar atvag a aarwata euaae aad 4 1 eetale eriaaleew la the eaeve ilk whew emaaleaa tla t beeaa that ter evil ware ottl be e ewl eaa laid bare, by tail aaltmlidamaf lawtaa nn BXYmBBan mb bhitbb. th ffhleaahU tad h. peeetnVal aahaBatar, , . MtUHHMtT, tk heater af a gambita ttaaj mt-OAnf. aa tofimiai bat moermfwl atlltola, Mtl-MtLTOM, h bawtfehlag kaehaad deatrayw! ABB FOtTtAItB ar lit: ne I, LITIHa MBit AD WOttnV. wrhaflewra NID BVNTUMB't OBKtT L0QIL BTOBF. mmTLatt tup. dkatii-mtsteut; ACRlMIOlt TALB or urn Of HEW Y0IK. Feer eaa who d-elree tt pad rhta aaarat tad b-uajafu'erraoate tb parU e wbe have tn-4 la aevaralrvaealfaretetlM" taathaeeeMt a thtln wf ladleaatloa aed adar hnab A tba ermraaalle, aad who here hitherto eareeed lha aeaaglag head ef JwaUct, thatuld rt a eopr ef TUX BAVT YORK MEKCOir FOB AfRlLMra wblrk wfll to ff eet at al Newt Ageaoit at II Ma ea Meadar, April fnh. DOtTT FAIL TO 0BT A COPT. tfcTONlY AND BLaOOD.-MOBatT ABD " iiLooni" Btrtag werdtUearae fr'm the llpiif abaautlal aromaa. Frm aae wb.e tare, Imparlal beauty aa C rdadwall with th laxutlaat aura audi am ahleta eacbeled her, Fiem en abet fact eipreraed la totllgeaoe, wbeee look wee gentle, wham eetee aalgt wa lew and haaay, w If It rati from eeaee chabhat aaatoata barboaom Tb taa ta fir me pewr r tear law and maa-rh imj to quaneh-ae, net t qaeach, but te aa nag my thbet Icr rareagel W routed by mael-aoeanrwl meal-whet aheuld I live fee, bat tar teener anal bleed Momrr Ann BLootal" Aad aba wh utter t tbeee wtrdj I th parlor tf flae a bow aa oald b eeen la upper Bow Teak rem from a vetntomM.atd aofe, and paced aar vcmly to atd fre evtr the Braawale earpat, wtm a nelaelamttep. She wa ayearaaUy net ever t ruatyh cr twraty-tro er thre ytart of age, ItB. mpabay (armed, and finely featured. Htr rather pale fee looked ytt tta mere white beeeoae the wa dreteed la black. Thar war a elnale band ef velrit linmali aeet eu-daja. I MBaa ' abcal ker heavy black hair, atd laltt eaatre, at forehead, gleamed I re ey Jitptl tuby, brUlant that it aaa mad like living fire. Bet btlghl wai the fire which centred ta her graU black yea, a bar thought! eeemed to tntenely Ut aa. cltaeteot. And a color, not lk a Mat, er tba rlmaoa glew of pleaiore, cieaa tct on tor chock. It weedarkemvoelUa lerylehue e Uaaree bleed boned there. - Buopmad to to a wmlrhy wtdew," ah earaUaanm aaahapaawd along tt richly-fur tlahad reetn.wttha few only to tVnaw me, and they tae fearfal of aar. power aod my will ewar t dletbey me, bar, la that real aaetrepo'le, I eaa aatlaty my wUdaet dadraa-eaa trerthadew many a mnay epot-oen make Death aap plAltaateandmyearva.t. Aad no law au nach ma for I win abiald myeolf with geld and with tare Icryt" A light Ineek at the dorr aMerrapted the eatang aaUleouy. Such la the thittllag 'opening af rTKD PanNTLIBTMl gnu UcU etoty cf 'THB PBATH MYSTERY, a Crime. Tale of Ufa ta New Ykrk," which win to yubtiehed la the NBW YORK MBRCUBT, at aaaa eaMeadayrtxt A tale ef mere lateae latertet t aa comprietog a anater variety of lnttreatl ckaractere, rereallatg theUghUandihadewaof real B U tto Mat iwpaDa. wa neve pnkllehed. BED BTJBTLIBE ba aa rtral U deploUag New Yetk Ufa, et ttoe trb yurftitrt 1HK BZW YORK MIRCURT, Uraad at noon on Monf ay. will eaadidly admit TUX MEW YOBK MERCURY l 1 be ret aale ea Ifandar.ttnoenkyall Mew Agtnli U Mew Trk. Braekty, and the ruhurbe. tBI LOST AT4I FOaTltD. BOY LOST OB SATURDAY-FROM 92 Oliver it named JAMBS BUTLER Aar Infer, matinea ef him will be kl .dly received by hat fa tear, MAI RICE bLTLKR.WOUvarn. ' g ' DADOS L08T-M CENTS REWARD FUR i- a firemen bedre No IS, a glaa II, tod et MM ,T et fit, lnialr at K6 et J BLUM. -U-ta, BLABKET LOST IB MERC1R ST bat 8th aad Caaal ata, ea Tharedar. 4'h laat, a blae bona btauke', boead with led cloth. 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