Newspaper of The Sun, April 10, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated April 10, 1861 Page 2
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fv .'. ttlE NEW YORK SUN. kwxDKiaoiT noiuraro, atml 10, iw. A Nn Bma- Oaat. Owtlrasbeorfbr,avrtl.r, ' of -jdt, w tawlte b aeooavideled M . N jeterta A nam at, on th rare torm aad with Ike mm ro-ptltu4, e t the djwo-tiwn oo. Oat tmai 1 to tll try poesibi facility and UnMi to the doing busln with Ih Mew York ere. .saNaer AlaUwnilM'ii Hicml IrlarVeUr vUentthat Mr. Lmooli tail to CMt kP their ceuneeit and Intention jry elo until thy a prepared to et. Th LiCOl. Admloletratlou ha hd tbo Rood mom not U mburoM lUelf with a " or;ent" at th. net of fjcrrn-ent, and lbs Republican Journals la other cltle d not concl Ihalr an il ante it not bc-laR admitted Into the IYee I deal ' confidence. OM A " and hi. Socre. tarie ar too ahrewd lobar their eorwulutloni ca IrxporUnt quortlor,., and their poiilble roun of rol'cy thereon, " tatUrA' over the whole country. In adt ance of any action, even by Republican editor, and thelroorroeponlenlt. Hence, tbtprownt difiday of executive oner ty en the pert of the AdmiolstrlIon, took the KepaUicso journals a muth by eurpria at It did the inti-Kepubllcan Journale, which were twitting the new Admlnlatratlon about IU do nothing policy, and larcaetically telling iU aappottai that "Old Al" had baikod dowa from hi party pUtfotm and hi ereikai t'lodgat, aad ni punning the "imbecile" policy of hit predcor. Nor tin ary t the hi'ublicn jinroala new tell u what all the fuddon atir aad aatitity in the war and nut al department ticu, Ibcy can only tpernltta, like other Journals upon tke prtbaU Intuition of the Government. A S-rtsnil'o DitrATCit. We rrceited, al about 9 o'llock lart evening, a wonderfal ape cial dispatch from CbirWslor, to on of our moet enterprising rontemporriA, ttbich wilt douUltM duly attonlth the mxncl-fed readers of tbeienaatlon priaa, at the mme time that cor modeet, maltrr pf-fact (hoot r.ache thi people with the aothectie newt of the day, Uayiiv; dvcllned to "invrel" in the awful ntwt aforesaid, we are not at liberty to die cleee any of It, but are permitted to mention that it tiding, tbon i h delltered here a be fore mentioned, at 9 I. M., extend from mid night te thro o'clock thil morning, according t date, and are of the most appalling charac ter. We can hardly rett rain ourtelraa frcro Jetting on" of the 7,(00 white and 2,000 "Injnn" volunteer from the Weal, for the reiiel army, the fleet f teten I ntUi State Teraol already "off the I. r," an J "the Repub lican army," under order to attack and (Hence the battetiea all along the coast, one after another, until they rat their way Into Fori Sumter. Hut no, we are honext, and mutt cawlidty refer the aaxtnei Itujulrcr to th ien eaVtoa pipere of thll merrnlnj;, for all the won derful Uxxl aad tkonder niwa from Charlce- t. Tin preporteroai report has been terl lioiet reptatodln the eennation dlnpatche of the Mew York pre, that cmeial nolle ha I eon received at Charlcvtm from the Govern ment f th United Suite, of lti Intention to proviaUn tirl Sumter, "peaceably if It can, forcibly '.( it meH." Tb poUtenee of th 1'rendi J donel wa nething t thin, whe k ateppoit forward, chapean in hand, and, with the moet elaWat of bcti, hedged the gentle men of th other -'d to Ere firit. Titr Droadway Kailroad kill wa killed In the AMembly je terday, ly a docisir Tot. W hop that lb Igitlalnr will not, under roTor of a few rlrtaoai ait, cmmtndlog gen eral attention ruth thrcuth, at the cloe of the mIo, aoerea of obecnr bkllt containing (mall. but detirabl Job. There are aa aharp fellowa In Albinj tbla year, aa In any preriea year, and their virtu la net entirely alior J-'i'n.lon. Thofmall vlite, like petit larteniea, are to Ik) lwkal after, as well ai grea crime. T dispalih from Ilarriibnrg to thla city, jeatoiday afternoon, ttatii.g that Uur. Cumm had rcoeived a letter from I'rwtldtnt l-in oi.t, itataigthitbt (Mr. Limmu') was in reelpt of Information of nn InUndwl attack on Wash ington, wa, nndonltedly, a hoax, a (lov. CoBTC doee not ay a word abjut such a let ter in ki metnge to th Lejrifljturo, though the dlapatch represented be did. OvR Washington correspondent glvos Ul to d4y, with au air of Mtnl-ofthlal authority, an (lUlfine of the view which have, thui fir, gov moil the policy of the tew Administration- It I itatcu that General Umkbo5, Secro. tiry of War, has announced hla doternilnalion tottrik the rame of eery cfllcer of the uriny off the army list, who inulru luto, or refuws to obey promptly the riUri of th Uoueral (orernineut. AnaraadNatv lufrlila-eace. Uarernor' UUnl was dull yenlerJay. Tke quaitor wet In a ry ou'arei eiatt, and Were betn( put Id rl(v.ts. Port lUioiUm would paas todsy (or tie or 'aa i f (Jo .uhuith's daserled vlUsgs. TUa old sari raw smI a lew stragilir, olllats thai rsualoed out tke r lioi 1 jit illy. Compear Its oa' garnm. I')U '..t.yrlte Is c i pletoly eaipiy. It d-k- la bsnen i ex cluneal. T sra'p. iu f-e l.a txr are u dl tu3laaadl)IU ex aul ulkshd lu the (ullswlig table-- IJi vrmet's IJaud all lledtaV Uart 10 triu at Uit.rV'fl ! 0rlvb No. u. CaieuM IM Tutal 4j Orel MjUOaaof beefy "id ai are a a barae a fl 1'jit CijluaiOus Taair estimation It uokaowu ansT'e ta tux iI Coaimodui Paotn-a. la nawly tppo'aud ad viasi la chief of Ike Navy Depanassnl, and Com auedwe Svaiaonsa his pteaemeser la Ike am laa'.Ud poettlot, teaoewkel reyslerleualy appearsd el the HijIl1jd Mavj Tard yeaterdey. They pre aeated theaaselfee fee tkelr eiual piy to If r. Ufa lar, but lurae eajslhalr so dolnf wtt only "a liliod Conamodre Itasa. x, V o, who has btrn al Wsahlnal n alltlc ea lbs AasuTioao CJUrt auUal, wa rxpted to rsxuiu la Us quarter UattvMlag. The ofS.'e e of Ike station all aasim blel Mtht Ljiaurn Itrtcevs Ibtlr pty, Wilk the exi(UBef thiee ccetfnienla, frjlhio was q'lUrlettUN.f) Yard. Te steamar Yixao rtned froaa Ihl Navy Yi J 10 IL( Valley ysalerday. New Beak. 71 dearth of tierytklag latareatlng to bejLatllei aod bouklajeie. Is Jest relieved by a pair of (tiatuy little bloe aad fold vtluaass from Ik prsea of l)iuxa Bcsieaaa the Polltioel Work of gsaeu-WooowoiTu, edltsd bj hla eoe. Tk autk-v of tha old Otkea IlKket" will Cad many 10 Tt ''th pleaauie thla elegant taeawrlal. Yslum I. o'lh AwarAel y.umal u Ufor us, fceadfoatly bound, nd a beeattful mUoellaoylt tcakaa. He mualeal conleala a'au auk a hand, aota vol sun fur lbs piano, MjaMMiaaT.' MaaaanaTk April number of bU valuabl aaacaatL 1 fla al haal. Tb eassker bar u U rowded with tefortaatlun la aa attraoilv for. Tb fjrmar puUlUhen, a W. A J. A. Wood, ken) told th wrk I Mr. Wa B.Daaa. Tun rorHCstoc Asp tixal rnAoaigxiiai ve'.aaaeefaUoastai Etfliak lilexory, ba baa ptbUaaed by Daoairi, NscxtoL. Las A Co., BjMjo, a Vol T.rflhif JJdllUai, wlU la aAoaklM af aa Mi x, aiuHt'l ticTpkka akatch af tAiar, 55Stt5raSE!SJS ftiiIIUoalntUMfUrn Iharvu, aad MM lout fan tmU i(eM of tb pafea f taem. oraoa for th aaaaialMd klttorf, wUak he 1A bihlnd. fsold la New York by PMiir, Oi.atl. mw, and tf saw ) Tea. A latter from Austin, thaeatital of Text, arimiithatlliMt of lb CooeerHloa, la de (Kiritif Ojveraor Donron, h djitaU.nal a !er portion f tb pcpl. A pwtaot m.! waibeidattbe CaptUt, waloh wa adlreeesd by lb Uoteraor. Tb epch of the old o!dir awtkeaad deep Mosatiom. Don. A- J. IUam.Toa, Juet ntareed (pm f- treta, 4fd hi errta te Me It L'cloa, and denounce th motlT. of Ue gteaaaleslat with boldoesa '.d le'eae. lit proauttau kl Intt dUi in (path ual lu anrvtr hould ak seklr( a ttlsn. A vacaaer ocuirlf In th Rtt Renat, th lnpb'eihl llttm.iw out, and oa th toth lt4 (pjifnan). eltet alia by trlataohent n'nty, In rouniie which ftf Banoaiaaine naariy a thi u4 mejutlty. nubsouea ar lra4r bmrf tinJeitd loben. llocnoa.and h will tenme nn re than ever th Idol of lb people. F.nwaaa Ciasa, whn th Curtail) ul In power a Oovetnc r, I a weak man, who will b wanlly na aol t" ride lb alarm. Tb Coventor, ha dj Mned with xit prorldlsc for latlnf lie expnt tod Ik sbambtr are (rlnconthtnuoeyUith haaia of la tax col lettoia. THE LATEST NEWS. 0 ni Ti:u:onArii to thk n. v. r.v. Foreign Intolligonoe. Atilvnl f the Te la. Three Days Later from Earopa. Shortest Trip on Record 0 i Irftrtl luliiirrtoii on Amrrlcnn AOitlrN. tGYI'IIAK FKVtM IN UVIXrOOt.. Interesting from Italy. ho.mi: TO III! Til II CAPITOL. lertlen Hlat la Aaatrla. The Knyal Mall SUaouhlp Tersla, from Llv rpol at thyA noiat th SOth. and Qiieeostowa ereolng Itti, artttid at thi port trdy mornli f . To Tarda hi mad th ehotiaat trip oa romd. Bt I tin 115 pMntgr, ant Ha ,004 In epiel. u puini tj th Fsrat. arlk Uja. J C. Waau, let V 8. C H Chin. OjI. llinav. foiled BtaUM Aimj, aad Sir t. Jm. tTOaa, tlatt. The CMJ of Manchester eirlTeJool oalbeMlh. Ureal Britab. Ifd rALHPnamn hevlnf aootpted th offloe of lxd Va.daa cf th Ciaqu Pjci had to realtn au seat la riluuaol ler TtvMtea, but wa re elected without oppraltlon. la hi epsooh to the elre.ore, be advrta4 to lee oriel In Amwiaa, aid xpi eased a fee van! bops thai, let the reeu'.l be what it nilgai, It would be broufhl abeal by aavletble adjustments. A mallgrent (srsr had been Imported Into Lifer pwl by an Kfjpvlaa frtfaM, e4 euadrv deaik sad tskan place, aad Hvaa rlaa to CjneUarabl alum. Fiosspl remedlel nuaearee had been adopt, aad it wa believe thsl Iter wa no cane for furthar fcr, Tb Boaid f Trad rtom for February shew a fallirf la the experts of J,U,Mt a ooea paitd with Ftbiuary, 18C0. Fiaare Th Pari IMIrit ha aa dltertl oa to preaeaee of the rrtaots of Orlesa u tb faaerai of ttwe Ducbeaaol K'e.1, aid aek what eusa a etrelin means? li aaialh La,Usj people ae no paillctpatlaa la sueh manlfseteltuns.aad thtake Uodtkat th freal lam 1st of tb WMIdars aol tuiioreiaat I tae eepriua or court. The Diabop of l'jloUers had kta osadeesaed by Ihe Couiri'l of 8-aa, to ba fjrmally rootiaaanded for hla laKraanJarseraoetkeBxnaaqeeaion. A rails letter eejs I.-d Cowlxt hat deeaaadad explaoatloDe from Ihe French feveraen ratpiet Inf the expedition te Abyealnla, and the annexa tion of ooxo lairltnty aladoulr. Warlike tumors la Pari had depreewd the Itouree. Kealee, hewever, oa th tfrth, eloeed arnasr al CI. 10, Italy. Tk a dlacaaatoa oa I be Komaa quastlea wsa a ttaued on Ike SI lb. Uat Cavoca anamialnel thai II waa urt-sul that Rone ebouid be tin vedlttelv declared the capital of luly. Tae truestar w.ll," be slJ, "take plat la ounes'iienae of e law adopted by the Ueembere, and without ear dl. luibancs. The time lor II will Le fixed by lew We a flir to Ihe spiritual power of the Pepe all lie tuarenMc for IU liberty aad moral force wkleh a Metd'y (overrraenl oaoavsr five to the Pepaoy. I ho thai mUk) opinion will very seoo be disenesd furixe nx.lsinttlia,and trial Trance will etrree with us In lb mittr " Count Carooa tupp irtad Signer HvownouranKi'a propeaa1 wkliih waa aleaoai ULaaisui ualy ecreed to by toe Cuember, Tb'sproj o.l lion le aa follows i Tae Ckembar berlnf krard the deo a-ailm of the afinlatiy, and to log col fidenl that, after hevlna; Invirad the dig a ly and the Indevande-uoa o( the 1" ps, and la uoup'al fralooi of the Caurek. the pnaotple of n, u-luteiienilon wl'l, In cacMl with k'rence, bs applied to It 4e, tad that Home will bt made the capitals! Italy," Th l'oiilibcal gen d'arme al Caaln-, aear VI Kib", arauid tolievi lieicteroua'y atiackod the i illienf, Ihiee of whom were killed. The ladlg. nation was general, aad the paop'.e wr ebraiag a.ld:saseslo Nrjtxu prajlag him to protect the oily. IVrfn. SItirch St. The Onndm, of Ixtay, eays: It has Leon rot fled to the Manilla l Af soil! ot tbait of lhliru of F.JcUnd, tlisi tr Mlly wou d ttclre hisu le Ihe nsjue of the K ag of Italy, Tc e l'si!aral U ,ut oil bas male a aluular dso'ara tlou Hour iblnleierat lUilln. IfilciH, ifani ao.Tne iVrsvtmn;a, of t)l-, ssjs. tta mof.ineala of the Auetrlen arm tare e,io tlturd Order beve beagtvee for tie uiaatruo lion of additional wirks u the fortlbMtious of re'a. Asmtla, la V enuajrurrela elate that Ihe Rnn . ii aolepnibo llungarien li 1 laraon, bjt w.ll pncud latrrio Hula JVr bis onront.1 in. Tt lU'-r- , teilA'ialrli waa oiru'eal-atlng e oooii oi itooii ui v.niia, ar.d ra .xid war like pr.pareilois lu u-ner.l, la ratltraied. It was vd lUailO (M oi.n sre in movement. Auairleu afu.ors were said to ivgai hvstldilo aa uioreaud nioreileble 11 I'ii Is fii'iii end Ire IMy aaaert lust lb ra teniLtf of Auatila on l e Po werepaiely dsfou she. It Iseooflraif I Ibtl aha Austrian had eascuatsd canslu po Hloier-u iVeotbereide of the Po Saieral lielit estiai. nn a xiurslou to Vt obe, bad b toughly pipel o J, nolarlthatamliug lliat ltlr)ple bad been tfavif by I be Au.ailan Drlarr, Tee I rarer ir of Austria had sane lonM the pro. posed ilttlcl raetgkn'aailon of Trstuylisnia. by xk'ih lbt provlrce wl I bs l art net le III firmer poa liloo e f eutwmiey. A engulaiy i Birl look plete elL'o.abe twraa IbsOduea aad tke Uiumalo Irka'-Laeta, on ike iMoealon el Ihe elirtlms rbij r set we kU'sd.end 1 serteusly, and niauy s lnhlly woucsltd. ' Portagel. The Ct'auibetof PirutVaa had b-ea dlstjlvsd. Tbe M, direction of the M oils of 1oula, would eoaMaue le dlreul publlo slllra. Deasxaaik. Tae rianleh. Otfsrcmeitv it Biaklngptenera liece lo be naoy lor all kteulualille. Ihe 1th and Vltb beilelloas but I rilvs cn.l.r. w uaiib Ir n Bdibii'( and a ih'.aiwig III tot l&ih April lb tflsil f e .4 Hit batia'lenii win la du'i'd, A laiwryi f n flad i saw ul. reedy, eullnrseotnrn, user lb- l'un'.l uj"Jsl,w'l! bs r-aJj In May, TarUey, It itlllues cetlauid In lb H' rx-goriai biliriao ll'.lltorjH.Vi and tb Tuiklak 1-oJi-a. Tbel'o.lels saldlokav rafuasd te 'mil Is thepowtis before pionu'geUon, th reforms II la Wads lo graal, (pprehsndUg Ibat Kisala uiirbl again lake up the rtaject or a pernunwl confer. nt el Tk I-oarsM areaaldl) have lrsla.d oa comcUeue anth their desiaad. Ilosxla was said to b uanaoed with anarchy of .- -. wvvm viBiscier. aiinna aaa roe btddna tb expert of arms,n4 had seal Udy of Utope lo the froDlu re. Itdut and Chlast. Tb I'. . atoaains Hartford aad Dteotah war si Uoog Kueg, and th Uaglnw was al Bkasgbaa. Te uew In y wtt iguoctd by th Mandarins si Foo'Jk.'W, 1.9id l'.u,i reaebs Trisat oa lb Stia, an root for Ktgeid. Iitst Pur Perala. ii'Mauciai., .irmuol. Jlard to. P. if Tk coUon aaarkst u i1 '" """iqusnc of th holiday. . a,' ait qutat, but sttaty. Prof laloaa ndm. Uarch JO, P Jf Conol cloe U Jltf! ',nooey,aadoia;sl,v for aocount BsieanMUaoU ll-utral al STaM dltooaat, aMaxtjajsj st ttM. gatxaTaaa M Th esttw market opened "aWj"" r4" e"fhtly. but closed dull, MsneOrleana Ire erdlaalre, lto taao' do. eaalMfrano. Bale, of lejtnuooult lock U port, M,o babM, ' w ' XttrMtlBg from W.uUagta. ' THE ADHtNUTRATJOXS 8ECKXT tOLKT. WaMtsyoit, April . Exteatir M tk asJU. fary aad naval pteparaklaa are, II la persistently slated la ilmlataketlon q laeier thai they aseta deVnsl'TmrpcMSOnlf, end tet notklosj la In tadd not tinctlf jat fi d by th law w jlcb. II u Utdulr f It riealdMltooaforealo Ike etleal chUabClly. irre1staarUiLdlihkt BU la this partioi'ar, aod blondshad b th leault, the tstn.lMJlty must fall oa those who provoke Ulitl.adlhjmrtic of the Ineuferal Is is atd. thai lb AdaloUraUoa will at b Ihl af- Ysriau fkeorle or reaeoo are glvea la Ike aswspeier for lie paesasl mtuiaitdaraoasvelioo, aaioe g them that Itey a. are oaly raoeatly atimuiav ea byth twall ofoartal tat and eaeeie'pal iltcilooe, Uitlbl lakKewalobt aa l-ror, for el lb very oorr.msrtafneet of lb AdmlAlatiatloa, tk Prteldeat aod Ceblaet etitertalneit It idee f islakrctng bjtD Pota Sumter enfl P ekee. bul owlnf to the e edition of la ooamry s ILe lleje.ecd nnon-ecqealatair with lb me i at Ibeeoenneiidlf Itegovtrrimeat, tb pmK-al of ILeptaL now prrgreaelnsT wa Irnaraciuwbls. wee neesaearyflrail laaosrl a Jiettteiitof ibtn"Ubueelhatte sue present by IbaleU Administration. Aa telbeeeoresynrthe ubjerte of th military ttevinieoU, Ibis w dseaaad abeotutely na sry eepeoleily the ealllag of v easel with slad erdsr. Voder the Use Amlnunrilo.lirw.r peasot.a wbo'ndee,lnly oisaaianleaed Its pu viee. from Itnte lo lime, fca the eeoeesioalste, eid, sefracfwtlynrruired, before ibey were rsjuiad lorthelal fiMm t and aoonrdin toe rernark ef en t x Bx-rttaiy, lbs A fmmtelraUo t Ihu al eays fuuad Its f rarrrarseo i the threshold. Tb pternl A Iministrstloa. howerer, with a fu,lap(Hlationof auLh obelrucaoe. hss lualtet tn attuel knowltgeof Its purpoere le the ment- bere of she eableea, and pertapa eeveral trusty o31. Cera, etd leken enoh prereula laory raaMjr el randar Itiexilelmpowlule l Improper y attire aba IraiMfJdaa. loforiuailiei Tke Ada.lulstrstio while onnslaaily pmelalm'ng leoIlt 10 be paee, rlaln, I al ll oan only be be'tl lo ettlil e40om.!eti Illy by IJl e4e, end Ibat however farloi'tauJ secmatkfs nay bs Ik luoirf-.lloa.e IMel rg lis mnune, II IsuMsr roolilUjiBtl I toaar,i'nre li uu prer and p'aai. In o bet wddalaalihe AleiiniaUaUoafthoUid b judged by lanta. Iial FjiI Piikert bee r wlllberelnfieeaded mlwof no deuot, aod anib renaid H FtI Bufiter Ibe Adaiutn4u,n will do all in its piwrr lbs lointf M'Jji AsiaasoN, rlntun hi efac uatino cf Ihe post. It e.wla be, ariiroul dlsh'ioer, vt coenmbling tb ( to tb sekoowleda. u.eiili( ant ilg't c'ali.d by the t) iii'elerele Htelre, Ineey wey reeogilsinif Ibe doclrbnesof teceesie Tktncdlrgaln tb Gulf beyond lb ralltf of I'orl I'll bsrs, will bs gitiard by cirruoa re Tb abrv ha bae eiaid firm reliable ource wish tiw lo alow to em extent tb ls of Ihs preaaal military pvparatlon. Is M'd'll'e to Hit other Califjrul aip Jatmtnl re the foil, wiog . (If'iaox It Wiimrx, Kglster of Land Office i and (I C. 11 a vies, Been ear el Roniji , J in W KMt.U-giatir i aad W. II. I'aarr, Kaoeifer al llutbleint. Oio II Tieouif. K glster i and RottL O Wat- Buseilalesidleg Ageatof Ike lad eoe of aartaera. I arj Miaiei Fisa dllio , tc the annbrra dlalili I of I Celir.inla,aod Iir. Wa, Kan. Marshal for the northern dl-arlhA. Diaava Attnrtey aud IlMitn. Ilariaows, If tr skalfer th S'ulhera D rtrtol. Geo IMwLaan, Postsnaeter at Bacrarasnio. Tlia f Uowtsg ajipoijilminl cf Pottmaaaav war waCstndey t Auusanea It. Cownoa, Iadlaoapoll, Ind. Wa Iltuieua, Up togflald. Uses. Iviriaita. We.tewa,N. Y. Jona H. Vexuixa, Behanertedy, N. Y. Joun F.Jaaae, Nw Biunawlck. M J. fins B. Oairmr, Newark. N J. Jiauia Jowsa, Treason, It J. najstas, KuLa, AUtghsoy, Pa. CMaa. B. lUJiainaa, bevesiporl, Iowa. Senator Sesmn being dataaad tare on Irualeeaa, ha bean obliged la abaadoa kit psoseed Inluie la nreafclya, oa Frda next. Many Hpolnrcaenta have base published as bet eg made, wbeo Ibe case of Ihe iollv.doel aaruad hav no va relrt d the eonsldereMoa of the Prtaidsxst, Taeon'y nasror IkeUlatrlot oC ilu btalhua tar lethal of Ulonl laaroa ea atsnkal. On luiulry al th preper quarum It la under. Vied Ibat the new treasury note pates are newly leedy, at d Ibe note I will be Issued within the II we allowed depositor lo piece th eoln esy ta etgkl sr aea eaye aivaa tae epesnnsj in sua pioe. (feuaiaffoa, Mandaf, April 9. The follow mi eppointnssnia wer made today i Wa L. Ansa Collsvrtov al Astoria, Oresjea. Uiaaawa B. Baaen, of HleeonrL Bupertntend eel of Iedlaa AlfJi Caotral BupwiaMadaocy, Bl Leu la. riMH M. OwooD, PMtsoeater al Cambridge, Use. Fiaea Cmwrrata. Chatlntvn, Aptti 9... .The affair! in thi I city ere culminating to a polal. Abov.1 MO aua left Ik city Ihl rsorolrg for dif ferent poltts la the barber. II I eetlruaked tbnl aear tOOO man r tUlloasd on Bullirai.' aad U'rls I .lands, and along lb oeeel rompeale are arriving from Ibe Interior and th diBsicul post wdl be further eirngthid tomorrow by nssr on lhouad addltlenal aol. dlers, Tb gTeateal nlhuslim prevails amo3( all olasese. B'nator Wim at r. Is Ml flog as a rommoa loldlsi . It ll'd rsnxoo are repldly arrlfU'g. The adjournment of tbo C-nr sulioe I ipavted ton ni row. Nil wer vereal ars outa.ds so far es kuewn, Frn .llealseaaery. Ain ':( ry, Apni 9. Jai k. Dans mado a rtqulaltion today uu th Qevrouieiil of Allieia for I MO trooys. The Miselwlppl 11 rig t Jo, 1 80-1 strong, arrifsd al rsecola oa the Th tnal. Tune hundred aid est en'y (irirgi troop fur re si Mils, bava passed tbio.gk bsr wltkla lb laatiekeuit. u:s.t.ict: or uovt:nxon curti . IliitiUlniry, iu April 9. (ioiernor Con T.e baa saa4 a tneestno into the Lvit.elur lo 10-lstlunloriirnti-L mm.iu.. . He lecemmemU ..e orgei-irstUia of miliii add other miiire proiar al Ibe prevent f rie j. Tbo mraage was relteraJl) ir.t so'el -jio-ultlrstoiipoilby Ull. .x Tiaaurr gun ssjs tbal no ata'.l loin will be nipi'itd lo supply Uu, half isil'Jjn lean for war puroms It la titled Hal the (1 vernorbaamelred a tst terfruta r.ieidenl Limioln slat ug Ibtl be fl.n urn i) he lniliuation of a daa'ga I) al eck Ibe City of Washli glon Beelea Maiura. Union, April 9. The House todtv rrj. let the Malrepouiea Po'lco bill by e vote 1'f 4 1 to IM. The Beatte paaeed le aa ergre aemenl Ihe kill abolish log capital punishment by the tailing vt of th Bpeahtr. Th Btnat folia 1 to 19, on member being ltnl, Mr Ooocaioit, lb nw oollsclor, ha rlgnd bis iniDss Uiut.uanl Ooftxnor of la Co on-a-wtaJth, Tba Tlrglala Oaventlea. Richmond, i'a., April 9, Tb Convent iou wM Into Cemalute of th Wko!. Ta 111b lesolutlen man up. Mr, Wis t th following subttllnts for th rsin'uiinut The people of Vlrg nlu here'vy declaie tbelr n tr nl to thi rrcogiltlen of Ibe sessn'e la. deneidet oe of the so eded tlelee lbiitlbt.vtl.all lireatd as indsrwndent xwere, and thsl pr.'prr laws still Vs (aieed to eflecl tteir ssparalloa, The ai Utitu e wt rd iplod, W ajlloal rO, Ctia'tor nrctleu. .AjKii, Ar,il At the charlor vlecllou h'dsy, He 11 no. rets f aril.d the oily by orer 1 loo reajomy , sev ,a cut vf Ike lea AU-rniernoJ Buifle. Amcng IL Aldermen lleoted I KatiT-eO ennui jr, wboesrriia a ward ueually itepuUloan.byuMKOsj.niy. waiiau Hii Tiee, bn4k rof Ik. editor of the Kn kJUvtw. , le oe of the RoimbliciB lUerraeu. Maatrlpal K icl.s. Ttmtim, April 9. At th loctlon held In the iliy lo'l.j. ibe following ge.tlemea were ilect.d- Wa K HKlia, H-publicta, a Moor. Mr ttraaui, Ijsmocrst, Miisliall, and a mul jrtlj of luruoojeieei We Word nud City liuksls. Thar was ill) Itttltixcluauut occasional. Twvaa ITtrllea al Klaabeta, R. J, A'tmrra, .V. J., ApulO.kl th tewn elec tion al K liabtth, yesaerdsy, llrsixr, Kepublioa. wsa slrcttd by 141 maj sniy, Tu wboi Beixiblu rautlcbM was also ekcksrl. yr, th Dao cral carried tae town be 100 majority. I L'Hl county, trur BtpnbUuaa audtw Dtaio .ratio sown elb : art sleeted. Iha NavlTIU. lufato, April 9. lb two Now York Can- treJ KolroidpropeiJo.. whleiijlea Baurday.euc, eeeded In fuming a pea ge through Ihs lo In lb ntit. Two loo tkesl eavtfr up Ik Ink lo 0I4U, Tart Iormm, April -Th Potjy Kznran, ertah aster taeablsraiij tar she Aiiulilia Preea. peaaed fcejra todey M r. at . sTaxe IVtwIVw, JTarM 17 Tk Joint LesrU taelf Qiasmltsee, te laismlgill th (set etmtustd ettth Ik reeist Beailertel eiseaoa, have net r. nnrwd.en4lbeqieeneeftke legality of Kr. If Deeoata's eleettoa ramalna a last ndfiasd. Il la usasnteed the! fc I wllUeg to eevttr aaiaker o Urt, end terreadev hi preaanl elvtauge. If th Oenanitse lepott that no election ha taae pleoe. It I raomted that aome of tke wtinesee tefus to Httits bafure Ibe Comerfsiae Tea bill to amawd I'M Tetaerrer-h Crp nation Lew, o a to eutherla lb p-eeeat einpstles so ooasolidaU and eiMad their linee te Ball Like, to me th Eteeera Una, ha paaeed Ik groate. ktA bill ka Vsea tnlrodticed la Ihe L-glslalur, effertaf a boxes or premium of X'flO le ay par oa who shall flrtt grew oa Gallferala aoH, and prepare foe market by uaeklaery ettd la thla Matt, lu bales af tetlea, of ex I aea lhaa M lb, sack. Tte bill for Ihe ereetUm oft bonedary osmasuv ioa, lo eel ta eoocarl wtih lb UMted males Boueafary Coamiesiaa. la raaoleg th easlera boundary of that eaeie, hsflag peaaed beiu llmre oribeltlalatara.)elalinfallo will becil.ed eht!y, ferihe eleoaoaof a beuadery onnanl suaer, perhep ahl wash. Joaie C. IfolUaaaa guild lb ba ahow for the poeiiioa. th new of Ik fo-matloa of the tertiary of Mif eda by CoMreee. bas given great eal'efaclloa I Ihe eiilaee of tba Waaho mlaing region. To llih Dwtrtcl Onul of Ba FrtMlse ha rfuad to obey th as of in Ltglalature, Ireae ferr ng the murder trial of Uoaaoa Sure to P,o tr County, ee tte ground thai it I uaamatttutl! sortka L gUlaturaioatwc'at Julio, al funtiton. An er p.l an Ihe Bsprem c nrt he he mved. 0i oil apilage are tefarat a having bita Ola vrred boita and eouh In II imbadl 0 maly. Toeaaaouatof ooal ehlnd fnm Ouarberiand and lie llisek II sm nd ooal mines. nd fro atonal Dialls ton. n F.aao' lep rial t) bt Iteeeaii tea "isi lone, in or twe elnssereeilueled I Ml bet eorve th level of Ihe eel. Tatomsuniplirn of cial In California the pee year wsa S) OuO tooe, of walch Ine aasiuol sappuad from He Pac a coaal wm oelr 11 AM lita. T eMana IItoU ihiax thai ihaCimber lard td ll'aik D amoud mine alone wid yield 15f00 lonsrtryiar. Tke mlaert are working a high p Ibe P arer Blfer ae I.)tt n City The ee! er au he vry f.f',ral.le far iker pa ntnese. The WMhiagtjn pejxrsixt ruitel-e w ml er p of lb Mrniorr, ta ensuing eeaeio, el to ,0T0 puuiale. The tjewiorrsls have cored n convantloa a no. ruinate n eaadit'ste f ar C Iteei on ibe M nf fl iv, erd the K-peU raoe oa the to h. J, J Bret aiex, 1 he mist prrmlner.1 D'rooriatte ca id taas, llialLeaeof tvsry kltd bas hen t , y ol 'nth leantory for ms lime, tut icaotMa i aeveg place. There 1 en Iscreaai iieenlf e lunWw son .pars. T.e griet etap'e ! axjor fron.b territory has given erliVlyto .'! kiuoa of bosi. Tte farmer, kevt Concluded lo n-dlibf th ex. rm'e of Calif ,rt.ll. and heiatftM th.rinwnd te let tales tsurolusif ciala forexort w 7 m - ' Croat .rprilieas wsra making In all part of thelerrtirry f ta niak to the uew mines In Ms, per County, eaat nf Ceaoed range. Nutting 1 1 inter. st fronj Oregon. urn n oursau Drtrefrem flrillib Columbia it Ike I'lh, and O agon end Wsehlngton Terntortee lo lea 90 ih, arencalVNl. The etresaer O to axrlf ad kl Yvtorl 00 tb lllh of March, fi , F.aset Klfer. Amwig her pteeeo rare slAdr Faasiuaa'yt M'actfoirr. Tb Oilavilat gifae lbs following tume-y of newefrom ll.lti CrluraMti Te st it Yale, Flying Dntckmao and Marl left New W etaamster 00 lie lath of Marc 1, for the vp-rif-r lo ne, otrrylna; govt frelgkt. M ner coouuus to lease New Weetmlesier every dsy for the mlre, many In caaoe, but lb largset portion geoersllvchraee eeexer A compeay 1 1 French mloere t ktoaahe B tr e-a akligeibigk a. 10 par day to ue man, with elulcee. Il le rapeeted Ibel the British O srnmtolke dsterrelnd li Hntld navel depit et tiiiiaiault, nod ttal tlhoiot 1 alr.ady et aside tor .that pa pie. Arrlvdf4h,MpK'ectre.BraV bHgOilvee loa. Bow York) tbtn, etaamer Bt Loal. P.aama; rhoerer O'.voa, Memuerr It ll.y I,awe CalUlie. ali h being repor fmrn rm Ihrny whabrr ofj th ooes of Lower CelUerole, walch are geaeeeUy raportad to baft made a dlnary favorable fkra. The lav 'k Da'eware, Cpt Kneworra, a loe' lb Balbenao bar. Dies-has aata. The reek, with er -e b'O karreui e( ptlar oil, waa aeld al ana Uoa for 1 000. Tae eklp aaio Baxoa, woo, aa rtea oltv aora voyeienomtnaceasiMMIxicilo ta- ropa. uosiHXMxaL . vanai ee nrm at nasi lepsiasa. tard ooeytinvtee lo tnrp-eve t a1 of J. B. dp C a. lo, Brurar I alow of eel al Ihe re wot our et ptlo. Tcer he beew bat Utile dene In the do meatio p-ostooe merkM thla wk. DlmlUera as. tielpel aa nbuadant om of grain frvoa Ik prostal tavorahle IndloaUeoa, and ar about to eemmani. operations nlgkl end dy. TVtw dlsHlUry ha cntrsctad lo dtllf er In Jry 60,000 gallon of pal srtlrtt al Mo also is bbla. demaetlc aleehol la July and August, al boo. Wheal ta Brm a ll 0 ax. STTATB lMaunJkTV&-mmf. Albany, April 9. The Senate wai employed all thi nauraug la th QsratldTatl ef th cuaply MU. arm nw ixennia, Mr, Cotrur reported oowp'ele the bill emtadlng th revleed eialutee. In retlon te trial by Jnry. Mr, Mtaieaaa, far vrably, aulbortslog the eor. poratlan of Ntw Yotk te borrew money, Mr. Roroa, fevorably, li prtvaat aad nxnlth tk rale of Imim , adulterated or swill milk Mr. Mtaixata, fa voreh'y, providing for the pay ment of eartaln caaal cUiaa agsjns Iht dlyof It iklia M'. OaiT, of Ihe Oommltta to lavstlgte th cbergss aiaiost ibe New York Harbor Msetere, prase tad lb rsport nd enbmlttad lb teatlmony. Mr, Oosnanuv submitted lbs rsport In Ihe ces of AnaniJ and Mimw. reqieetlDg lh. Orvernor le ramov AnaaL for hbitual drunkannas and iertvlrg tllrgtl reee. Th Csoamltl ask farther 11 en for Inroetlgsjltoa ee to ollora. The repoil wa. ordered to be pitted. The soenal aopply Mil wa ordered lo I third reading, aad passed -Aye '., ny 11, Aaaeeably, On motion of Mr. McDasUtorr, th prirlleg of the Hour we vxteuded to Jeaa U. UiaaiK, M.C., durleg hi Uy I th elty. Th House ouueurred la Ihe Banal raendmela lo lb annual appropriation bill, which tow 10 ine uof ernor. A large number of bill were ra ported from eprdal oonilnlttaee, and .aut t tllrd reading,

Ae mg th most tmporteel we. e Ihe f il'ewtng To eibrr Ik Contraclieg Hoard to fltct Ihr 1 snal under e for repair. To auAJidlhtLoag KtilroaJ Oompcty' chiller. Ini alien to -rst t bill, 1 berks and notra 11 "It. due on bobd lys r.lslif tolb. Cbn.L.lalMy if Ih. ullj of Nsw V. k The bill lo IniorporVe Iht At arieia Church H.l,K.i'y H cis.y aaa oidired lo a IVtil reedl.f Mr WriTeaieitled the hl v exampl lasr betracd melt liquor fron. e eperatioo of the Kt clas Bundey laws. Mr, CeTiiaotp e'dlhe rep rt,anl 11 wa laid on th table, Ibtu kliltnj the bill. Tb Broad? Itillroslb 11 holng vnoed In th flrtt Ciainm'tie cf 11. Wh 1'., Mr. 11 tanv .aid thai lb l''l wat lolled with romonal encee, ant a It waa to let to will lims upon a measure thai would ttoM so m ich op; altloe, bl n of ill) ley Ihetlll on tb tabl. Thmrion weeoamed by yas T3 . ueyi 81, end lb great Broadway luilroal I . w Itus laid laally al real. Tke "LonrL-vks bill" wa then lakta up, tad debated In Gnu tuee of IHe Wsls Th Coles and Harlem llrldg bill wa lakta p In Commiile uf tb Woale. fted at er a anoag opixalliea from Mr. Yaaun, wa urdrd to a third rinding. CITYNEWST Tit Taklrr SraifK at An via CiUeotor Baaaxf re-'elvsd yMarday, from several , chants, a pretest jalast ptyleg dotlta, under th claim thai they caimt be f r.-ad lo pay (barn until lb rt f ami laws er tnforeed In all pwii ef th country alike A public luj'ilU'.l 11 of tb cfiioeri of 'ptuo nifni K , a R. et f 1 look pUs on Tutadty Ust, at C3 Ftal B.eadmy. After it I atul CeramonJe, P. W P DiaauL Wairaao pienld V. 0. W. P, J.N Srt.n, of Q.-een Point, wlvh a beautiful gold haded cane, for kl Mrvlot aa dapuryof Ik IVtbb'O, Icgeiber with hi uallrlog ttrvloe In th of tempsska.-a. A lfttxb of think to Captain IUnT, from Ik Workloe an' Ktlltf C-iaasalite wa lecently read at Woiklrgm' maetinf at th ornr of Uoualmand Votl streets, aokaowlsdglng hi sr vice lo th unuapleytd durlag Ik peal winter and la Ik winter of 1U7-M. UjitOsUCAL SocitrrT. An nttrlalomtnt f aanllrely IUir etaiecttr wa. grvs rl th Historical Boettly, lst tf tnlxg, for lb purple of illog Ihs 8 cly In Vb purebas of amtgotfl cetil biurlef Kolaiko Hon. Lrmir Bataiaa pr itled and Blf. Dr. F. L. Hiwxs la bebiif of CoU XaruutZBLTs,readaaoDiewhal lengthy pepir by VbelaMar gollmaa on Rtmlnlacsnoj fKe. etuska, Th hall waaomrdad frith a moet appr rletire audleaoe, and although th sandwiches aad te oonuura a lb meeting of the Society we est dlepsnd nl tk oloa of tk anterleinmtat, L aa a mosl happy oocaalvS for all, Afivuftmtatf. axarntt, U nvr IT. g. Diet. Ataornay, ha ilaxel m kl asaaehtat. Meter. B. L. WocrarMa aad at At-bais. Ttxxaa) axsBsnJiWsxtJ exsVtJtWaaxalfjlBxa txaVaM BvictDK or cVraratni Tab Stnuuu, Jr. -Oa Monday eveataf , about tea eeloek, Iraraaa Van Raa.enxa Jr,fLmrlyefASiejiyiOommlkVed aula da be ewellowlo leoa key by one Uui way fie went into t or lsu4eaua. wall !- Uun Ilorr, al Nt. 4 'SB "wi the elem I coTsoftty wim a Iir. Bnax. and levtllnsr eaverai svael nn In th bat lo del' k. ke drew from his p mkel a vial of laudanum, end remarkleg thai th.e wer now asking a leet dilnk erllk him. he sw.l.owtd tie contaet. ec the fl , aod death nd la f mr hoar aflerwams. Tk body wa iseened M the red aeiar of th family f d.oaaaed, la Foutk At sou, near eaeat. Mr. Tut Raisin aea. who wa ouB) J sirs ef ate, had long rate a dUei paled la btoravXlta, aad had squandere.1 afwvuaa. Ate-il tar fiau age, a rmanl-d a dangkler of x Orruaeistaaa fl at. Wa.. A Isviseei wiUh he Id upon tke body today. SuotrtAB AocaEST A battle of td water explVe. yseterday, while being haadled by Boat. Bmeru. la Tanaa A Wrutal aod waMr Caetory, aad txw pc eff al ir-ee forND Dnowran Coroner Jaoatrta held aa larpietioalkebedyof a unknown men aViul U J ears of eg, found drowned la lb Kecth rlftr near pier M. Deoeaeed had brown hair aad goatee, nd we dra W ta a beowa evarooal. browa past od ovee-eUet be bed a leathor bell aroaad hi waist Vsrdwl, "death by drowning." AooitmrtTa. Yeeterdsy ntnrnlng, about 10 c'olock, Prtsa Dealer, white eeeendlng the etaim boueNt. lit Arson C, slipped aad fall lo the leading, and wa o aevsrely lajir ed Ibel t e died last evmlng. jreev Ititr rail rrom stortraca In H.-oadway, rsr 4Hh etreet, ml wee sarerely Injured. He wae take to B.lleruo Uoepraal. Poa taxalfigrwao), eVa. Fdtui aa Nxetrirr Rxoxii'TS. Jntis Iltvu. former y nwsptpr canter for Joiw 1'ist.n, wa ar eted yesteidey, eharged cob lectlng, wllkoul aulhorl y, bills due Fitin, aol for omkenaninfftbe leiaec I the reoeipl i. B f ersl iihi lit lag In Lwxiagwa afsau. K f -h ar tiua.yatk st'et aad eje"ie a avanue, er 1'ius ewiadled out o' fom H to fit exli. IJava was Ijrked up by Juries Coeentxr. Snomso Armar. An affray took pi ice eteuoyeeterJey, between loo yir men nem4 Cairn notitrauHj aad Tno UoQnaex, b.lh are. pi. yvl la l'ssixt type foundry, aurtag which lb Limer draw e tevo v r at d euol kia autagenlat In Ine bark II waa prururrtlr arreated and o rm roliud lo the Tombs, end MoQuan was leksa to Ike N. Y. II' pltal, art ere hie wouud Is B l taoufil . '''' ,!''"'chracter, abial a fill. xae 4arret wa) 1 . iii itbLiar ani Anr.xrr. iixjbi kkoks- It roil a yoneg man, was trrtsted o Tuwdsy, coarrd with has og. on the 80th ulk, br. ksa Into th room of Pilaris l.iTnvmi, I thi taneaeet house No 401 Wisi IMi street, end alilaaiber. erom, J.aeliy, the vtlua of $30. T pri oner coafesaad hi guilt, aad wms locked u I ir trial. Tnoa. Cnn a touig T. igUshmsa,wM dsHcl ou Mieaoay boraiag m tlia I qeof eter of G. B Una c JtLSr if lem af anus aed Hoi atrsea.wb ch be had broseo lulu foclae purpose of vbeli. U waa locked up Ailtufji TnaiT or a IIomk. Fniticu IlaixoaAa, a prlntM watrhma tmploytd at High Bridge, wes trveetad oa Tuesday, on (usptclia nf leU g oooornad In th latcaoy of a here v'ud el iCO, to Jouro,of No. ilPiUslrest, Tbo en ed dialed th barge, but waa held lo ball ta $000 to auewer. Cai ran or uAujotn Dcbolab. H e av Or.a 1 alio Joun MoOviaa, a barkeeper, wa airealadea Tueedey, cbargtd with hsrlsg beeia aa lect-m pile of Jona lloww, now La 8tt Prima, ta breaking mle the e.ora of lleesr I'm sal lo. No. li) BlxieaTeous 00 laeti.b of February .!, and lobbtiglt of laces to the valoeot tlOO, Taa urd wee lckd up for eaamlaelion. A Villa ui Caoro. DtcUv Wruo y ta-dy enessed Jotna J. Baaaa alia Una , wh 1 charged vrllh having violated Ik paeaoa of ieeelual stria la daugbtsr of wall ka ra oHlaa. Tb detail t th vOlali's open itl al of a rash a beastly ck erects r a to bt unfli frr nub toanee. ft edml'lad al mill, aad wa lock- ad ap. U eeotsnee will no oVnbt a Air lif 1 rriava. laxMAI. KStaatTta-TXEtBAT. Bap as Court. rrrytalanry m PrtKtnUnjt lo Optn and In a we Mnrcs.BatferefAe AjpWien s Ihrrm JfUtar -The petilleaee kertda sk lo kave vacaaal aa meat for aa alleged Impt ovemenl la Tih strait, la Ikla city, or to aar libany la show thai etc aveteament iheuld b faoastd. Tea ground oa which this I skd r. tal Isrg amount ef Ihe ww ik wa perforated wltheul any eontract, aai (let II dc no apptar 11 tkoa who mad lb aeeoeo ant wer sv.r sppiinled so lo do, wail II dee ppaar lhi thos wao were appointed did aol e'gn kl eiiemment, Th Court bsld thai boo of Ike objeotlon wire eo taken at to permit Ibe petiuoaar to prove the mailers ell.ged It bsl not b a alleged lia the Wjlk wse n w'l d ee, er thai il ahould her beta due for las. The 04J Uloa la, therefore, I jo lat. Tke er ml objexion wa not a allegation of any fact material lo th subject. Tb petitioner was, howtfsr, allowed to prvvs that eerenln eraaure wer mads In the eontied, by whleh all th paitlaa were ebeeged. It all other reepevU th a.qilloa. Ilea ws denied. A tuabet of I bee cae we dtitded, ill la volvia tbe eeme epieiae ot Irtegulattiy eomplalned of In Ihl Uunano. leapeHer C'earl. Tkt Derlm Cm.CharU$ Drrim r$. Jam PL-ntrick, rt al Til cat, whkh ka frl llmeebsei stated In Ibe'un, we new called fir hrirtng, bi I as lb ptitlsa wer n-vt ell present, th matter we put eref taaBT Tanridty, An attach men! wee liaatd gsxaVI Mr, BtlUwll, on of lb defetvlaiiU, Cf a we eaee.i-1 a 1 si. UsTore Beesrder llorrwia. Tb C nr. eiiteccsd Tbomvs Onaell, wko yea. lerday pleed iniliy of forgery In the fourth degree, lo the Bias Priam for term of two years. Toe cee ef the people vs. Abrakam Ward, for lerreoy or nmitted oeme lime ego t the ttvr of IL Nsw York Dyeisg end Pruning eetab'.lshmtat, wa continued, and result I le tbe eoer Ict.ea of Ihe dedacdeav, Tae pilaer wa est.inod to Ue Bm'o Prleia t two yiara. Fdwaid M-Csbnnd Kiberl MMJary, plead guil ty of burglary la the laird degree, end wer r msn'ed fir sentence until BsluC'y, Join Cuff, a ycutj nun,19yirs of ajo, andaOniral Pi k l.b.rer, wee esul.uool huh Bleu P1U00 for lo iara, oa coovaidoa of giaud la'evry Join An e. who doae buetnee al l Chatham iei, w,e ornvlrted ' recalling slslen good, oois'Siiacf aoaartily of sewieg silk, tesl,hi., w .Ink wiie at li f rr u the Were of D.vJ. lied A Co , In Broadway, by boy la their employ, Tbs l)i J 'nMcIlf.laa sal John Kigen. isetl 11 d its ii H e p liMcr, whj we seat to Iht Bute Piliouf-arlwt jsiis. J 1 j II tr? wa oonv'cttd ofgraad lareeny, aad wt irrcsadtd f r tsaueao, Tbls wis sue of nr.t Itiafuve, lhay hirirg drugged aad robbed lhaciiailaefnbilg. TNenee McOkijell pleed guilty of f-gery ta the f,uilh c eg"- end wee reneeded for ssoleoce. This a a a ens of naterfelttng. JERSEY CITY. Tim Ctuimtn Biacnoi In ltgdaon coutty leak pltee ysUrday, aad passed eff quietly, 0 tmn Van Voaiv. R-publloaa, le probably ra ti erted Mtyor if Jersey City, and O. C MitTJi aaia, (Dsrn. aad Au.) fjf B scolder, else Aaaiuiu B. Jtwu fvr Bchool Bupl. Joan B Joeraaoe, IIsih wae raelected Mayor of Hobuhta. W (hall hare full return toaiemw, BROOKLYN. Kxuia'oN IUmai Cobpoi.-Artbcii'.forta JOty Court yeete . day 0-1 writ 1 aaiAi fvjmi. Th prloaer wa on. lira sine conflctd of n assault nd but. ryo.eaHs wit, sad eeatanotd ta th Penttntlar. r six monies. 11 . 41cllsrr. wi ashed ua Ik rrundi lUal no cut flotM of ccavtotloa had been Clad In th Ceuntv Giath'a eSlo wiihla iw 1 deys after sen level. Ground UfValaed and th prisons dUcbugMd. Fiiik. A flr Irok. oat In a fram kaild iTitnlutilei (hour by Mr. Jon, Btown, No. 1 Ttl mta ttraet, abvul I o'clock tstrdy morn lug. Lotabi,ul$160, SrAaroBfa Cokiati bi or tub DoinD or Enve-Ttow, A regular metlog of th bowd of VlducaiW'a was hall lalvlng, lb PrasUaotlo Ik chllr. la follewisg Basadlrg Oommlit far Ihe cowing ye .1 wes aaousiel 1 firfcoof Cous. CVrrvmiase Braleard. Hall. Jska ton, D W.Birgen. Beigus, MiKtany, Finale Burr, Dunham, Uiuutr, Oaorg Field, Murphy, Beahanr, Ualfiald Akool flrota-llodman. MoCbitky,T. W, FUld, Wraant, Plereoa, Defer. Toorne, taKkev.-Walllaf, V. 0. Uirgtr, W-ltlock. rmry.MoOab. - VspwU, II9WO, Flsk. AfawVi Bmltl. T. W. field. Burnhasa. flnkim. Ueyd... Mijuartoratup, ruipt, WeDm nott. isireri a Troane, Uatt, Piereo. Howe, Smith. A'e aiwj KoAoott-Uulia. F G. Baram. Sjraaaa. Hetlhup, KeUsy, Canvil, Lloyd, Murphy, EaaV aa, raw ye. ' Arenas aVrf-LaVar. MaCUeky kwa,Wx4tjBf. awwwrwisxfa.aiiaataaaa, pare ease, v. Cad wrasfiVa wa wax. Tu lien Itsrwert. efo away steBe , O'sbaas, Bralaard. trvMnt OrwAm Aa;-:raranoa, D , Honor. CotWit OvwAaat AsyftrwtBelUnghara, Daa hea., Carroll, lAnml Ce trrsNs. 1, wkWoek, Wblllef, Flake 1 1, D II n 1 a, P. O. Berren, I.ivd 1 I, Uuflalf, Lambsxi, Bsahury 1 4, Grakam. Jjhn-va, Bra eard 1 B. Perw-a. F.ermea. Carroll 1 a, Ke eev. MoCb key, MrnsnaoM 1 T, Tsore, II tee, flel'IrgHem t , Pod men. Parana a. Piers a . F-etmen, MiXstwy, H 10, p, II Bw ra. V. H Il a, rloydi It. Ilual, MrOara, l.earberti Ltahert, Wattins;, M Keuty 1 11, Duenam, Cornwall, uev e It Bsa hury, Ttaa. B 4eaa 1 Bay lie. Bjregu, Llnyd I 10, Burr, rVatierd, IT, Mrby, Ymosn t, Nevthupi It. Burabem, T. W. Field. Mslli 1, Nerthup, Jaigaw, 0v F,e"dt M, Om. Fielt, Mnnhnn, Burr 1 11. Wynenl. Hall, Ju Milt, rsrry. Burr, M'i J I t. UsU, Parry, Bomb td, Blawett, T. W. Fiel. Pselpei t3, Paelos. Ora karp, Jtauioa I M, T. W. Fm1. P taloa, B wir 1 IT, Bwegue, Mataw, Coli II, Iletnesa, rife 11, CairoU. Clor4BohjNt 1. Kwl-a. 8berr, Cr '1 1 Ni t, Muflald. Mealir, llek N. 1, Marphy, tttiitbeea, peery. IMmary, No l.eo'araltleeof N 1T.N t, a. mitteaofN 10 1 No. i, mmliti of Nt.l N. B, eenwttie ef Nt. I. Th Iwel O-onatttae nf Nee. B. 11 and C, we- dlnced tor oorl the bmindarlee of n new B"ti 1 Ii'etrlot fr Nt. Ibtbulldirg ee be erecaadoa Willow, upon proptrty now owned by th Brd. The ee mllu I t directed ta renovl p'eee or bulldlaf new nohool housae for Noe. II aad tJ Cover or Hr.istoss BaroBK .Ivimii Gab. neon Ann Aasoiitirae Wa Btoaurv, ooavicUlof an aaau'l nd battery cat a woman, wa eewwneed lo Ihe Peritestiaty for M day Jain Covie, Jiara Bit tr and Jaam UtniJM wsie a alnad oa aa Indict eal for minslaiigkuw, bul cmaeel tr dafeadaili net being itady, th trial was p-i eff till rvrtl mid, Naoaota Binwoaa, c f 'df d of fovge-y, I peee Irg ei.ueiarfell till ou tr M em Ili'Jr of Maae4 wee tcnUnrad lo Bute Prison tor five year. BTtnniito. Two tailor named Jons ItoK' reit and hnrnHonan, Hiding la WJlsw street, g'A Into rhspitt on Mmtsy isleg about dag. KnoiN st'uck Mcanir, whareupvnlh letter etah, bed him In wtk e ptr of shear, lafliei leg ndaiMirou wound Wttrar wse arrestod, aad P.ooia wae takea to thi N Y. Uotpital, Buiimmo IttritOTiMKitrs. Th total no. barif bulliag rcted la Brjoklye, from Miah 1C. lo Much 1SC1. wet 1W1, lssiflad at follows: Brick aod ewoe dwalllnr. 1 storlee la halghl 1W; three story dwrl legs OM; four etoilee aod over 4! frasn dwelllna 9 storlee 491: three otitis 1V0; four etorlea ae4 ovor ; pub'K building of brick end ftosi SI. of wood 11: bmldlnre for man- Qfaeturtog purpneas, brick id ton ag. wovd 8, O'tbs msuulM.toi'! on I. a br ry, 1 erh fo lory, 1 tK-xfa-V-ry, 1 blaa.ktmlth tb,p, I chemical ficaoitee 1 fl iur adll, J fsstjrlee, 1 ga how, 1 hl faettrls, t boip nd skirl fictetUsa, 7 Japeaipg 1 stabll. h venta, 1 Iron ou dry, 1 lineeed oil tartoiy.l marble flalahing eeieblisbment, t sug ar Leuae. 1 taw mill, 1 roe La oil factory. Not c'asitfl ad 10. FntM is MABcn. Thcra wer thtrtran first and elsnrs I Ibe Western District during lha moolh cf M.'ck. Tb tot' smvuolof damagtttld not exceed $V". Meet'y rtf ered I7 Ineursne. . Crr T Mortai nr. Tlia total nimber of death la Ihl oily, led wek, was M, of which there were tT adult and M ehlldiu 1 of lb 4T were male. WILLIAMSBURGII. Diauio ItioitwAT Ronninr. Latt week two gentlemen named Txanxa aad T ra ai, wkll drif Log on lb Mjt tl Arauu Pjnk toad, wr stopped by sn armid man. who demanded Ikalr money. The gwuUma la fr of their llvs,gr utwkel ikey had about them. They wee Iksn permitted le go, with th eaunoalxlos te drive ee fast 04 Ihslr hois c. uld carry tees.. Por wave reeeoa ae oomplnlnl ha teso aaadt te lb p-llia. Dirraunac -r rxv Hcrio AJin Srtl mTb Common Couacll at a mre.rng oaMeo. day night, nulhorltwl It purchase ef a tit for aheu'tforlleek aad Ladder Go. Mo t, of U Extern District, te eael of M'w. At lb anat r sue they uthrisI Ik salnf th bona aad lot fjiuwlyoooontadby Egtnfht Ni (, la I.aentrd S.K D..fcrIOO. Tte alelakng let oould aol b parr based -, tbaa 90 or BMt). Ssbak THtar, Th hall of tba dtrsilUg h ate , Nt938Bmlk bh trt, occupied by Mr. KnwAae Utaxf, wae entered yesterday afternooa by km antwk Iblsf, and robSrd of two over. MkXl Tnc h'n TEaarr jrim. THE KEVT YORK TBIBITNB of lefty 00 t das 1 mp ef th Terrlterlm belonxle It the felted Bratee, Price t eo scuts . $0 per tenura- Addreej THE TBIBUNB, NrnYerk. A Stri Baik ro Saviscji. TkU U the season t purify th blool with tdran ta , Afwd;sesf BBUvDBKnrfl PILLS will lamre health, II U tike plarlo your health la Bsvlnis Bank wkece It li safe, and yo ar ) our on Treat, Bold at 94 CANAL St and Ne 4 UNIOM rQl'ARE, Tno'i wosnr.nrci. Dkiri at Bibjom MneoiiraaconUherirTbodr.wltri tbelr trlek eud rents. Baraum'swMBCferasfullof aefeltios aod curlMltlm as uew. A nun a vhti toar r rucica or bo, Ush ea tetteg, oil sloths, rusxs mats, matting, erlndew shades, table and piano o era, drusrete, Duieh earpea. Ing stair rode, Ae , al Iftuw ANnxxaoN. W9 Bowery. U- Urs t assortment In th elty, aad will bs sold lost than auction pries. LAD BO TO WIIBJ OOOD ttUAVTmt TOO eea have It, simply br uatog Dr. Aadtenw LTFB jol'ltt.ebtm lemoam U (ihstruatlorai ted Ir refularitlsa, ewd . Mm to eeai to past and ee wernchee. Ilentreds ot 1' ar n taking It, ebeefe months aao were oa tm rreof th are f e. Try one Is nlaesaut to tilt nrl yon elll find veil ere benefitted te many ware, whleh cannot he d mlherl In an edeertlwm. nt Price al. Fee sale at 91 tJrth eve. I 11 Allen at, cor. Btsntoa. snd eor Iinh sL and Bai,d eve. holoaols Desoa. 44 BoulhBeeoud at, VVllUi,burih. How wrrr n ( Kiim or Alt. ORIIVnt A BAKKHS CrXEHRATHl NOlnr LIAH nr.WIMl MAruIMEB. tto and npwanla tW Bcoadeay, N. Y. OaQ-EaxUxJU niUXICHft. Je. B. leawati ill deliver I re lriar. n Friday tad Beracder e a'ars, llttt and II hluta. at are eerwaia I aoyteiian rai 'eh. eor o' Broome ata. for th. benabl ef the WIIUt at II V. and Keventli Prabrtriaa (ereh Bahhtth oheU. BulRcTe-Tbs Br-ere of Loudoo," 'Lliht and gba-do-, of Leavdea IJfe " Tisketa, ro a ta eaoh. eaa be nroeured ef Ghartm MerrIM A Boasv eor of (Iran snd Lewis sts: .leal Sem mbseordr.ndaadorrhardMat A.,1 Cewsintiraad r. a. C Veilott . WMettiii erellhe dovr en Ue evinlneid lb lectul. Door open at . Letreai .clock. 10,117,1 llyaat' Ufa Ba HJraTUAin ra rr anar riiarr t rout I Au r i a, a t via, ilt anxtja, nan lb . blot iaa aa, eld ulcers, fever sorae, the eorst eases rd s bus see of the Mood-Rier-arial eemtlslata, deblUiy.llf ead kM. aerKteetptsateeeeumvaoa, 4mm nr most tr finely cured br fhb rreel purlnar. HYATTa LIKH ILALBAM hu cured rheaeanl af and It will BMrteiare euro aar ease which reeiked kr asaeV letoe II teheeyBB aeeeedanee : tke dlrsrlla.s UYATH nrtt BALtlAM eared Wlllatt Jen b. Esq tNatllllbkasI.efde aad t r Ible eloe aa the lee. after his phrsleU ns had dataaed thai ampnav UYATI-8 UrT. 1UUAM cured Ura.1L Bally, 'easaasaar. fib. hi ssarison a sernae BiiBe. after he had beea la tba B adray liesyinxl aU monih.laad then th-u.Ut t be laourabla. rrb.ciiai o ot. re ursn it. Is cts put boMi tlx for 14. IK al.d Ireaea HavUs-Qaak. OOft-MK IKn AVK. ANH 49m BT, ClliBTeHtD 1KM BIX I'm CENT. lb'TeUMT alloead en " aepialt, froxi oa Uai It toe bog "ai"! Ant,:'?" "'n!.7 --" -. niiB ik M' HOH A Pit It. Itr, ItklS?i dslli Tfm rWriSlM'MAy. Wa neediy ad B rfurdara-aaln-.' ock. B. 8. 31X8 8 7. MM.' BHIibiiih fjaied That lheaaA trlsy ar. al tbb oasa sf th yr, rtflt ring from this aora. pUlnl, eea be eured by Being Giffcrdv, llorao . atbls lanmariie xnue so eui par aox, rxHUUirL.1 009 Br tad way. aaixj at nadeea Halt, 374 nadeaa m- Kagrlsah Tsa. raxrjr, 7a:aurrfluslnrriln,te. elegant luxrala,9sCd, and Si i ralolotba, Cs M per yard i paper baoglnas, a UiTa .tie t LANj5oN,l7IIludaoaat. o,l07AM.WAr A CIILAP AMI HKUABIJi HAIR DVU. BKDaT CO-S 00LUUDUM UAIB DYE. which b told at tb extremely law prio of TWENTVTiii'E CENT 8. ad teawanfed t be wiual, U not betUr, than any hlh primd Dye now In use, Msnufasrured and for aele, whelmale or retell, at BOLTtl BMD et- WlLLlAMBBUIUtll, ,L. ., whet ell eri should be address ed -which wLI be punctually alaTuded te. 1'ot eale by DruniUe as trolly, apt XtacTr rtaw rtea MeiBsw f Ti sm.eraaie. eB ft- taatr re sdeei ismswias rla hie (WisWaaayl s laa. al their ball. B-a4 sy. CewTl ad eaaethxaeaUl ftf " i vl. !o eer1rtte-ei e east, Ada-arlr at all. aUCIUBDAl-arnxeW.r. A tStwasI Teeape-aaea) Dvvataaatratli C ant Let r tee Order M ev taaai wlilhpleesUilrBal', 1 Bewire, llu mlr. Arl' II. it IS eiuck. M-. PoKBeadtlli-ee-ikevsetU stMr s eei ta eVealM (Iba leb and rbeCaaVI BKte will ale Ihs nv.ll. 1 Th frt da ef Iks eaeee si CMIe aa lev I'd adwlttanct !. Br rsiomi HOf KB. W, C. J. mWO. B lnAM. glewa re lha tf.teei Tern . - BNOWj Boeiel t'ek No. 1 wlU kaU a r-bll ler av ea IMS sveama, Mee sTi FLOYD, OUT SB fsWr. VKK aa ua eaese U adr a tea ealr nMxtag nrl jnnis s jiaiia m aisiMiniruuia- raa r-" am..t m etiall tfMd I e tod. Ill m,aji, n a. Tb Tpree vea.h ealaavra enw.r. By eiJ.f Ik Old Caaal el sad I. tVeW le, ol'ed el DM lleaeea at, afeestte a wreamUUevrnlna. AsXiaabr Mr. BOBIMD HIJIKintr arvieta-ra. FrteaAs e Tasaeerai lti a-ikhN mala end'1 ae-4 "".. r IruUe levlted-fr a, JOUB Ql A. Pt 11 T1MJLT, aaey. A. O. Hi Na T.-Aiarl m" 1 ebev aamn .lit be hsd at MU u B twh st ned Trh e . et 1H .'sloe. W4 j, In. Apetl lith. far ra ib a ta alt d n JOUNUALUUAK, Pies. raTBl.K CAM1 Bee. A O. It., l-w Maid -A -swtatT Board of DUeet-a will be bald liTieae eor keek aad I'e rl .ta, Hroeklaa.e n iur aln, April llih, et t o-clork Peeetuil at S.:rfT 1.1 .JTI,7-.tiiataii uaii. s lirii.,1 1 iiBBaoN,c.D. i,i A O af iribwv wlaaa-AI' the ami if jau-lid le rer-d a special m.rin "?", AMI lllh. I laaviuri w te aa leaeM H.fJat riTia.Tsii-v n . VlaTef kUTIN. Befy. ...-. BKUUIOUN. ea saa by laa Uev. II-. Cehlli Church rl the Half 0-e-r, 4J e , b. I Out e-,tMa W.d eday eee ,in, at i e'clKkT 9 a DKATUH. BORCHKBDiaea-ta Bretklr. i T-a and 5 d' JTa' Bo,clu'a al 4 yens, I Tl ui aeiflmae 111 b nelt al ihe bee JU?"74."'0,h, 'n Kant eve, eor. of Ba ( Wrdireday) alt-retoa. at I eVeet, BBYANT-fet Menrtar nth l-et.atV- a i no.s, ef era. !( n ef laa brain, Jeirr tu Mihel,tged 19 yter f nu-tl Tbe relaw a aad Mends t tba taevOy an fiBy reqaeaed W anena Uu tunsn: IbbfWc aaralnf . loth at, al 10 mm, O b his aenea,KI IJir.b th st HI rmlo wtu veed te Bt Pstrtek's wh s I'tt11 ", f B'lnlemwUi bt sd-rtl far! ef hleicut. ThUdNI-.Mn rvsmond. a nslleser I cf Mialetn,CouttyUMX,lrrli.d,U tae rfhlsar. Tb frt ads of the fs-rir. end th-a m traiBln-tew, Wllllaie MeOVdrlck ecd ll'A Ien. ead eor. la law, W-fer I.e. 1,7 epeettaiiy la ned te eVeait (ha faneeaL a i SSfl7i ltf? n -. OBIHXIAIf-Oa Tureday.ftU laAOath gav, Ike gambler ifjiu) ,s BiUte4 axed 1 vser. ft AAtl ib If r.a Th nisuds of Uas ramllf , and else tb fr eniuelBleasre ef his brother-la lew. Jebe ere rerpeerftilly faivlled U attend th I. Tle'idey after m, link lsr. nl 9 Mteea rraldeaee el ler patenta, 1 19 Wetagtea st JEMNTNOS-At Mount V ion. Waaleh a mst. Mows Jeenlo , al FalrtUld, Conie the TTtb year ef bl, era. The friends of th family are riwpartfun ettectoea: ur' tiU rdn ay) McflBATn-In B'eoklyn. oa Moader. Mstaarel, wife of JeOa MoOrath, ef Dn rail k et Dm as oa, Cunty Car aa, Iraka yrera, U.r reiaUvej aad frlnaA. and these ef Wlertessad Jrhara reepeetfnny lavttsd the feoerel, ea Westoeedev sitarnswa. 10U e-eacaa. it a her let -aadenee. I P alsVe I sains will he takea le tk Oaeaata m Cnsn.l'latbe .terlateraMDl. ' MeLAl'OHLi-Oa Meadar, tth I'st, I alDla, it ly danshlar at James Bad Mary ub d 1 re. as ,ihs 7 44 day. . Th taimni d ni as. antMrnlya fafiy uaviiw to atte-1 tb fas atraarfrom y of her parent, ear. ef Ivota st, ad at (Weaeadeyl after noses al 1 o'oleak. II Wbe.toClvmlmel,r BISSFXI OeTaeeley.Wa i,eRers MiIilaim MlebaelBewsU. aedllraai Th miatr eaa ma... ex taa manly tally hrettod le ettaad fUeTairal JaTbu! neon, Ayrtl UUwall sTIeek. rreea hi. lata 14 Leeb r, wtthoal fertaeTDSltn. BYDBB-Ia Jeraay OHy, oa Taeaday, Ctarkana W Brder. la la tkth year af bh tub as ana retsnim ex tae naOr s aVBy lr lied to attoad hi faaaral, tbiiTvt al IW eloek. fr a tke raolter.llO ) Mmbirry et, New York. payer f lease arpy. SCANNAIX-Oa Moaley aUht. Jama, a eeUr e el BaUconoaea, County Cork, Ire 41 tee . Mb ralatl e and Mends, nag the- ef an .pMsfslly tnrlted to att d th Mi (Wednesday) eiVr on, 10th Inst, Bt 9 ' hit UU rvviaauw, 140 Bail 49th at. BMITTI-Of leeriel fe r. Jnlla Aaa, out Cf Jol n snd Jolts Bmlth need 9 year aid . 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