Newspaper of The Sun, April 16, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The Sun dated April 16, 1861 Page 3
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nnwumi MWTji7ffw wr'-MNMpr "PJT t iii 1 1 mm n ri .- M DEATON. I fJICBWrU. On tho 14th IrirWohn rVntvrt. et eon ef Jjeoh and Marl black well, agud 4 im montha end Ult'l. -w a Tb relative end friend, ar rvepectfuUy Invited fa H i0' f!JJ"L i"u C"o- H1nim,itl gftaloek, fram bl Elm rt, gi Mr llenr. thick, and (II rear. Too, frVnde rf tho family, alao ef Ma MVn, Petri n. lmD Imek, th l.n nipt Flrrmra. and UMl'ttM W,MWetrh.eriwrftiuiIerra(uetd to atfndth la jml, n Wedneedar i.Vnwom i:t but, el 1 o'elk Brew hi lat rnUfMr, 804 Monro tt, 10 JffiMOW-On Bnnday, 14th Inet , of eor.aumptjon fVlua Arthur Burrow, gd 11 year, I month ana "watpeletlvee anil friend of the famPy ar rawnett Ikttytnvttad to attend the rooeral, frnmtbererldewea fjrYBbi .parent, 180 North Hb at, I'moklru. K,I,thk PVi6r) afternoon, 10th Ind, at 9 clock. Ilia ra WawvUI It lake o to Roeherter, N. Y 1ST , 4XWDOr4-On Batarday. April 14, Citnerin C lao-a aatUa of ibarbjaOl, county Cork, L aland I89j 80 re re. TT relative aod rYlendie'thar.mnr nd4hoeei IAT brother, Harry II. and William Condon, am tTjet'ally Invited to attend the fuuiTat, thU froe-day) iBrrnoen, at 1 oVock treeieiy, from hrr lata ma von, 140 an. It, ear. ( lith rt. 883 MWnr-On Monday, 1Mb tnet. Vara nuubtta Moved daughter of lliillp J. and Man Doarnry. " -Th relet! ta and friend of tho famllv are nvpawf fcflr melted t- attend th fanrt. thbi Tuadv t leic, from tSa reeldi ore ef bar net t,1Cherrvet. tier mnalo will ba totrnvdul pwiiij Cemetery. 184 .BCRNEY-On Monday. lBth nat, Mary Loan. aVmgbter of Tboni J. and Cetharln tmrnry, ago 1 faw, I montha and 4 day. Friend and phralelan triad ta aav My lowing daughter tram tue gi av. TV friend of tb fcmily are rfarrtfullr (netted ta latatd Um fnnrral. thla (Tlindr) aftrrnoon. at I Mark. from I i hrry f. IIT r'tuloa will balm arrrd In Calrar Oro'terr. Smith Canlloa panMi aleaaaeorr. 4 rULLERTON-Oo tlw KVh lurt. Jam rullerton, afd4Stra-a. Tba funeral 111 take taee) on WednaaJay after aano. JJtll In-t, at 1 o'rlork, from lila Kte nldene, MO Third rt, Ilia frrnda ef tta famllr, alao the rmtunof PikMla, tstdi-e, 9,F, ard A. M , and the ehfi of Nrw York Iorirr, N. S, A. I. A , ant rraxtrallr Liritrd to ettrnt. Ilia rrmalna will be Btamd la C nwood C'Tn.trrf. 31 OOWIE-Fu.ldrolr, A. J. Ce Ir, trcd 1 rear, 10 avnthj aod M data. The frada ard anttielntaorre ate rpantAillr la ltd to attnd the tnnrral, thla (Turda) afternnon. It 1 o'clock, from 1' I Hammond at. 131 HANCE-Oti 8untaf, 14th In.t, William IL.tha 1 eon of V Ullant H. aod Marj Ann I Jane, aa-ed I ear, 1 1 mentha and ft dare. Tba rtUUraa and Irtrida are rernrctfallr Intltad ti ttasd the fiiDora'. thU (Tnrada ) art moon, at 1 tHSil'" LTJ.I '"' f'4-ni FIW ar nrai araiM.., .rCCAiO. 104 MrCONSTXt-JIn Mn.tar, 1'4h ln.. Clirla, ami I Patrick and Eonle McCormetl, aed 1J moutlu anal The funeral a 111 take flare on WrinaaJar, 17th ln-t, I SM o'clock, trnm the rraldenoe of hie parent. KitJ rna at, eor. of Gold, Itrookl , n. 1 KOHRIH On Saturday, lit I" Inat, of ainaomptlnn. Inn E. Nonia, din"htrr of the late 1 bee. ortla, afa4 ft reare, S mnntha and I'J tlaa. The rvlatln-e and fi k'nda of tlte faoiHy are reapaei. ulrtnaRad U attend the funnel, at the Ailrn ft. at. 1 Cherrh, thla (rii"adayl moruluf, at 0 o'rlork. rttboot fat thrr notice. n O-KEEFE-On Monday, ltoh Inat. rileo Terraa, the) trlered daurhti r of t uri no and Marraret ITKerfn. 4t i rran and i nioutlia. The frtrnda of the family, and theae of ner lat jmndiathar, lhinlel )'Krfa, are reartfully Inrltrd attend the funeral, thla O'urrder j aftemoor, at J frloek, from tho residence of her nrent, SV4 lllvh at, kreaklrn. lw TARXIVBON-nn Monday, Wh Inat, Kilt Jan I arrr, wife of Thomw 1'. rarkinaon, la tho Sltkt, arar of nrr ae. The frtrnda and aeqnaJntaneea of the farotly are re aetfanlr tnrlted to attend the funeral, thla (TnradaM fteraoon, at It o'clock, from her late reddene. It Voornoai tit TACL-ln Jaraar Cltr, on Wedneedar, April ISth, Car a abort tut aerero lllnraa, ot amallpoi, Mattbear nl, Jr , a4 S3 yeara and I dare. " Hie remain were Interred la Mew York Bar CeakV T7. 181 riNNY-On Monday, IRth Inat, after abort ba rrre lllneaa. Ha nry J., eon of llniry and Marf Ana Rnnr, ajed 15 teara, 0 montbe and 11 dart, Graen be tho aod abore thee. Child of onrearlr daya; None knew tree but to fore thee, Mono named thee but to pralee. Tt trlenda of the famllr are rrapartrull Inrltri to the funrral, on Wednaadar, April IJUi, at retoea, irom uie rratat-nre oi nie n. drat nouae fmm lluah w Irk ava. malna a til be lnt:rrtd in Greenwood CnaeUfy. KOC1IE On ftundar, 14th Inat, of eoniretlon of tho ncakjobn Ldwerd, aon of John ana iiu ltocuo. ejad i rrara and fi monlna. Thla loeelr bad, ao toune and fair, called bfur nr rariy doom, Jtnt eame to abow how fair o flower In l'aradlae could blotra. Tho fuoaral will take tlaee thla (Toeadar) aftrrnooa tan-doik, from Vtat A-r. B. the n-latirea and tianda am nwoNtiuIl Lntited W attend, laublin ovra pleaae copy. lJ IT3WTI1H-In Prooklrn, on Fnndar, 14th Inaf, Intia Marr, wife of 1 at rick ebnUln, to (be 31t yi a aT her aee. The relatlare and friend of the family ore reenaet- lly Inrited to attend the funeral, thla (Te-larl iternoon, at 1 o'clock, from bar lato rcaiucuce. It cr tao racino at. 11(1 FMITH-On June f. 18A. Oeorea Waltaea, arad 1 ear, A montbe and 82 daya: on April 8N W4, Lnronno hs 1SI.J, Lillian Mrclara, MaJ 1 rrar, 2 montlM and 15 iiluh a irmr. niuuiu, aiiu a. uai"; ,n ir. tare: ou Arrll 1 1, ISil, rt vheu Kruce, acd 4 ruontbe aid 1 dart all and only children of BWiihen and Julio Uafmltb. Danaath Ilia and. tn awert renoae. la laid a mothar daarrat pride Theea flow, rj that araree had ateke.1 to Hie, And Uht and beauty, en they died. God In II la wtadom baa raealltd Thaae praetmia boone hla loae bad elren. And tnoueh tlie eeaket ninuldrra hare. The gtma are aparkliDg no tn heaven. ..TVIr remain were Interrod In C.taklll, Graaa loanty. 1)4 tfPOONF.R-On April 14, of eonauniptlnn.M llllam ripooner, a native of 111 ark Church, count Klldaro, . land. In the 8 'd a-aar i f I to aa Ilia funrral 111 Uk ylao on edneadar morning, SI o'clock, (rem ha lat mddenoe, 810 Mntli rt. fr.enda are reaivctfullr Inrited to attend. IhiMla tit. Loula (Mo), pant ra ploaao copy. 8 WAHNr.R-At Weat Farma, alter a llnarrlnn 111. laaa, which aha bore with Cbrlatlaa potV-ner, of con. tunptioo, Kuvbemla, onl dauf bterof tobn aod bo eMaWerwr. The relatiraa and frtrnda are Invited to atVnd tho tmaral, thl (Tueadaa) aftrrnoon, at 9 o'clock, frost fee Befonood Uutcti Cbnrcb, without further notice. ErOSV ATI FOU.1D. BANK BOOK LOST ON THE 4TII Int, k-ok No. R2,irT8, of the geaman'a Dank for a Inra. fVo Under, by leaving It al tho bank, will he aulubly waraVd. ln,ln,g nOO LOST 4)10 REWARD STRATEO J from No. 1I Eaat th at. on Ituoday eveidnr, a nerylanre black Newfoundland doe, anawtr tn the aamacf ROVER: amll wMuj auot In hreaat Who. aver wlU return tb dog to tn above addreaa, ahell ra. rdra the reward. 1C,1o3.1 00 12 REWARD IF THE MAN WHO aTtsUad yeaterdav, 1Mb Inatant, at No. 118 Helen. tv at , RianaratiBg that bo bad found a Del auawer. g to a deacrlptioa In tli amo daya Hun, ( bin the woar waa nig at home,) will oa'l aaaln al d pr wturw ba Doe, be will teerdr tb ttovo reward, E. Il If MAN, llBDelanerat 81 HORSE FOUND BLACK STRAY HORSE rune tn the encloenr of lb auheerlher Aiwtl 1th. rb owner oan bare VHSSBtvr awafttl ttftVtt tir ttV TirOVllltl nmTMtrt aTaild tMar I -"T ."" -' '- -a.--e- - - m jm to mii;ua.u s. ur-7 nr it, 1U,1 H ORSE STRAYED-t5 REWARD StriT. . aut nrem the auhrerilar on th nlcnt of th 1 Ith af April, a Bay Uorse, 1ft band hub, atiKhUy aprun rioto an ea n noever win ranwrn ma aeaw aiui aw ihn ocnaX. liotn atreet ana luu eve, wui re. will ro l,lia. v tb above rawer. ItTISSIOK HOOK IX)ST WITH LETTERS, ITlxh finder will b rewarded by brlniug It to 817 lackeU at, Brooklyn. 100 PIGS FOUND-3 STRAYED PIGS FOUND ngOtbet, TbwitoabavthembyprovJn aropert and paying tlpcneea. Call at C4 Eaet 88ti INO LOST-ON THE Hth INST., A gold rln. enaraved J. MeV. to II. C. April 19th, MCI. A aaltable reward will b paid by rwturnln It ao luvingion aa. we fTIlE FOLLOWING NOTES HAVE BEEM X loat or atolent No 7'i7, dated at Napanaeh, N. Y fAaermbrr 10, lon, 1,4lOJ!t No. Iim. dated at N. CS.TN.V!, ixwwmbor lit ISmgi.llft '' No. liKj. bod at Napanaeh, N. Y., DaVeroVar 81, 18gr, (UWi ff-Sllmad by OI LIIK.rV Ul ItOIB, nayabl t eta toeitue from date, to ble own order, at th Machanlar ..i. i. w vn.b ..J ,MwlaJ hv Lim. The Dr. i,1,410 1!i No.1im,data wmbor lit 180O, i,116 l"t i, N, Y., DcVernW 81, IM I LIIK.RT DL'IIOIB, payab to ble own order, atfh Mi b. mi endoraed bv bint. 1 WT Tl. . . J t"., , ,...4 11.. Miktl. mw aaeet of th bovo bavin hern atopra'd, tb mibll nr notiianrd not to reoolr oi nogotUI tbem. New York, April lltb, 1601. H.iM.1 1TATCn AND CTIAIN3 STOLEN-irefl wY Reward ho euttaerlbeT) riivin, N. Y, ard Blolew Baturday night, 18th, from 'a reaMenoo in uuteneae coany,.nrai Wiaaiaiii, la. i.eiaauiaaiic, van vi. vmb.. ttaehad to tb eeme. No. G7.HJA. with B. 8. Mantraa, fbewa I w I or, eneravrcj on wo oaneioe oi in ineioo oae ao waacuaapiaui, v ua a arrri araarorrBTCODDiu oklde, Klti-dollaiw will U paid a reward forth r dollar will ti paid a reward foi foot of ULjii at, N. Y, grain ol tirsmiL no omo. CI DO REWARD HOUSE NO. 20 JJI 1 U J Raymond at, UraoUrn, bet UfaveUe av and nanarn place, waa entered on Tburaday ulabt S 1 1th Inat, and there waa taken therefrom a Henri fdd hunt1n7 Knrlleh lr wblu diaJwatoti, Fo. Ct, 67, manefKbrnal by W, Clark Aa boo, Ixilidon. CAlaa eold watch and chain the weteu an auolu VrJTwhlUdUllS-P, 14 llnea. No. 87, torrJ by Alfred Vavalrtt t leiieve, two .old arrf Siral broaatnlne a laraa qaantitr of ellverware, tot EEckfrock eoat, and a ln)n"b, artth f lew aW krVU tt. . Tnai boT reward w 111 bo Ad for tb r SZ&Z& nssswiStsvs, urs; m CDE.--IK nVMLKCSH. TVTOTICE 18 : 11 tb partaerrhle I gtwa.UVMft.O. JIEREDY GIVEN-THAI beretnfor known by tve atrl M R..'"'. d dS Ind. fuatw.neeaifaaJdtrmwmbecolituiuedli r&s&ZKmM.?,rirw F.AW AW IAWNBUOKKR'8 TICKETS -T1U IIIKarr rrllUB rAlir IUU rjW.avrapi ra (or tn ik wm, teJihWfcgf i:wrixYir,M'.-.'ii. nARBEIt WANTED-A J0LKNET5IAB ir.i u,b ?, oe man rood waae aod ermaUnt awlorTtKat will U .r,n. Apply tn J. I. W itXLLAS 1W q attett, near ru'ton ct. rrrooklytCll BAKIir.R VAMKD "to7:0 IM TUB COUOtrra Vonne man th.t la a .m.I w.aam.n will bare a road lare acd rood wnrrat no other need nir. I all at 4S r rat 1Mb at, troni t to 0 o'clock m, 41 B4.KIU WANTr U T. TAKKCIIAMGEOF 1'rcad and t'akca. An lr I'.STWrd Are. M TlOY WANTtt) to iii a isruxa id r tarrf Itw wurk Ivrfarll . Mai l.ln h Alao, one o.' ta o Ifank Hxk ! rra, at 11) VMIIiam atrcct, np Halra. 81 T10Y .VAST! I) AT A AT A WHOLESALE .bo' loatwAcwn tovtm ilin tm ? innitii ri'iv -i- r turn knur, 14 B OY WASlT.Il A SMIUT, ACTIVE roving mnflai iiiitftu fthh) t op 'o ayfatrrt miiwitwci, nn ,ini . et!liin ta rnaarnnam and be rrnerally useful. Apply wi'h rrtrrraee at Ml sprang 1 1. 14 BOYS WANTF D TO STRIi' WIUITER-l-at 119 Front at. n BOY KNTEh-XRN"THE Ilouaas al-n and nrrjatni'tital p tlntlti; one that ba arorkod at the tm-lmwe tatre iratprrrd; none ethere aerd aily. 111 tat ISth al, eor, ad ave, I rem I till lu o'cloc 40 BOY WANTED TO WORK AT THE haklnn one thai ha worked al It llcrat no other aed appO'i al 8u8 Fuituti ave, l.rooklyn. f ACKsMlTl'I" WASTED" WHO CAS . ""'""'""F, ai'i inmrf Cll weaTOJht wall, rKil vajfainil atoady ampin' ment tven to aobar.atredy uian, at the corner of Morgan and froe aid rt, Jera, y t ir, A BineUvman prtieiird. 801 tfu'KSMlflIWAKTri).rA ifiirCL i- man In a tdarkamlth ahon, to make bnr, nail. o. AtTty to I'. H. WAM'tL, nrar andeit.urt Ixk, outtu laland. Hsl.'M BtHlTMAKER-J WANTLD-Httyr CLASS orknivn on Nnt. raltcra and -hneaj alao a mia a wot k in the ahon, and a boy U ru 4 errand. Apply it ho, vo lievkmau it, ' ' BRl'MI DKVaVIaKot WAvTui 2 GOOD Imnda (cr dt in I ru I ii t one Ian band: Una luit totA band ii4 pvljj t Hi IMidatc, morr u4 at. HELP WANTV.D-2 Cl.tRKS RR TICK. . t.'lidrlili'lnofllcv,atline.ka,p,ror a aa. nlll. 8 cktke fur ycjcarj , li.ui.r, aud di y ro.Ja .t.r, Iboz-afor traUaa,ccNichmii and aroVntrr,4 eirlato ravi4. ApHy I Chatham S-iuarr. h. 1) 8 port.'r bratorra. iHjaj KNIFE CLEAN K WANTED. A Smart one, M-d to t lie bualueaa. At too uttUBOhl Iioay, riTt 101 ton atreet. PARTNER WANTED IN A MIOE STORE about N In eatabllahrd on t'ie 1,1 of May. Mui4 t-"""r .", yaii'iy iajuMrnio are. uroo&. rn a, irwbi , loIJt,3 PARTNER WANTED TO RAKER3, Confectlonera and Iult tkaAkr.A ttarte bavin a afore well calculated for the above bualoa Bake arreni,emrnt with the ri-bt I Ind of a man. tlu r to be enttuvted or to lake chary of atore. goat rtato uualincatloii and relmime. and wbrr in Intrrvk v (aik) bad. Addreaa LN 1 1.UIUTY, tos 17 V fun otlico. i it PARTNER WANTED A hTRVDT WD man, with Tlni.totakr foil rhere-ofa Iquor atore, aa partner, up town, lirnt loi otnv 14 asr month. Can do laro boatpixe t oulv attended 0. Apply at 141 Lrouard rt, lu the II inor atore. 81 rAILOR WANTbDA lOl'NIJ MAN 1 1 do buabcllnx, OLd make b'maalt rrneratle rxww ul. None but jouug men need apply at 51 lila at, arar pjouth. ac4 JntUNK .MAKER uan""ijk'a - . food rcnaral workniwn. rood aaleemau, un-ler lanr ruttrne out etor-k, and prrwtiire rocal avf, reneeaa pernuuentaituatioo. Apply lo 11U.U tot KpV.!xJ UatUlta are- l",Jo'.i,iii lIO.MAKaRSAND UARRIRS WANT r rd .Vnaitta ro to fluveland Api-lyto H. ILIiKIU'll.N, in) bUlli arc, Ul. ITIh ami 1-th at, 4. Y. Hs31I,8 Ti:.npi.6v.'Tii:.'NT.-iiuair. i BONNET FRAME MAKER WANTED-A 4rt rar dklaaaA IbabijI .,.eaaj t.ail 4li.a a imtm l-o 8. Jk aa a -, vl a' aaeaeaaa , iivii'- aria, ill- wwiw1 fawaayi lagAg1U8J red apply to , n:.NH t M, 81 and :'l'v HlvUleu eta r,RISMAKF.RSw WANTI I) THREE 1 a-" I vo or throo to learn. I EYELETTER WANTED-A C.OOD EYE lettrr on ladtoa giltera-ono who nodi ratend editing. Apple earl, t til Wert lCUi ... betwn-n th aod Sth avennee. 81 LTOUSEWORK-WANTED IN A PRIVATE IS'tASisa'il. larbrr and Ironer and well rinimnindod. Awly 1 "a." laya, from 11 tog.UHl lrat SUtil. tJOUSEWORK-WASTED I)R GENE- , a J ral bnnaework. a young woman with yoodrlvvro. i areucr. canal le of plain ooklnr, waalilne amllma- m. wullne tn warlc a alinrt In llu,e.Mitilvw ' " ! i awaaaawoana . . awa. . w .h eummrr Apply at 83 Varick ct, between l" Ad 11 o'eloek thla mornlu. 114 I LTOUSEWORK WANTED. A YOUNG ta American or dorlnaugtil for lif nt honaawork. ipply at kit VS eat Ml h it. -i'l H"0USEW0II K WANTED a'faIIHFCL arrvant g'rt to ro Into the eountry; ono that la wall riualiiiad with plalu cook in, waablnir and Ironing, Cntliab er 8ootch nrait-rred. jirecviAju IBLAMI, 88 ox oiv duu umee, HOUSEWORK GIRL WANTED FOB the eare of rbtldrvn and light botiajworfc. Apply A 47 South 1Ui at, llliaioliiiriih. 8V1 VTILLINER WANTED-AN EXPE- HA rlaneed Milliner to go Into tlie e Hintry. Call al fro. IKK Kit, 40 LUrl-loo at, ou liedudeday, ban ween V aud 10 A. M. 81 vl STRAW UONNKT PREwSEH WAN1ED 3 good etendr bonnet, and b'ooroar pit-eai-r, uiion dd work, wantod at 4Jb Laat llouaton at, SO SHOEMAKERS WANTED - A (!X)D 3 trimmer at 11 Fulton at, Hrooklyn. 88 si r w noNNirr prk-smcks wanti d 3Uoodband--etll Lelloy P'aee, Itlaeekerrt. V"1 ETNURSE-TwANTrD-A CHILD TO wet nnrae at her own residence, bv a reapurtalde imertean women who baa lo,t Iter bnlaa. Ai-plyenff rranklln and Milton ata, Orecuiiolnt, ovtr (lie re cry. 818 EJIPI.OVJIi;T WIWKD, DHAMIIl.RMAIDORNURsKAtESPEO tal I young 'rl want a altuatlon aa rharor trrroald aud taking care oi cliUdixu. Ait'T at lid Hott at, ooruer of Heater at. 1'Ntg EMPLOYMENT WANTED IIY A YOUNG unmarried Heotrhman, a eteadr plana In am apley er looality know buatuee well dry rooda, alao e-Tmertea, too earo of norma, a earefnl driver, rrtteeaud Aewreo pretty well, refereneo from preeaui tad former emproyera, waeae very moderate. A6 IrreaJ.CLAlUt, at . KOfltllTBONa. 84 t alkar greet. M.1II.8 HOUSEWORK WANTED, A SITUATION In the eountry on farm, by au Amertran widow, there there lea amall dairy) uuueratauda I lain eook- nit, and not a airaia oi ork. I'lceee call at x, i i ci i,iai,8 NURSE-SITUATION WANTED, DY A rerpretabl young woman, a wet nurae baby I month old. Apply at Futhurli, r.nalleb neigh Rrbood, U I , iuUm trot Itrookl) n, ef I'A C'K TXI'ATUICK. Mra.MAItYMi.LA.SF. 110 WURSB. &c SITUATION WANTED-A I lady w tabea a lruatlun to tike rmre of au old lady. rio travel wuu a laruiiyt goo Ivt aood refrreueo alveai. lu. rulre al VOT w eat L A.ItX7t.L Hi it. to b aeeu ay tune thla week. fleaee cU tori daya at 1V61 eat 84th at, cor. Bth iv. VV" NURSE-WANTED RY A KB. , anretable married woman, a baby to wet nura ' It hero n relib licet alie baa bat lur baby. I leaan mil at 1 11 Twenty aevi utn at, Ut ath aud bth avea, 84 loor, frout room, No, 7. '-4 i ATC HMAkF.R - A WATCHMAKEB want to find wnplo inrnt lu Jewelry atore; kg rilling to work on eloeka nd tewclry e well aatcliea. Wot ked ovtr S lean lu hla laat plaee, and au apeak the EualUl and firnuan laniraai. letter Sit to Mr. Ji HIS Ol KM. 1.1. II Al. Ut It, watrhinaker, KllubiAbit, Sow koik.wtll be prcniily anawerod. fwLmjQATIO.tW, "afce. A WELL KNOWN POLITICIAN BIIOWN W, TBE LINKS OF A TF.RR1ULE HYBTFJIY I lkittu!lnro..r'cUrr',M4Urta THE DEATH MYbTERY, nm ' aaianaivar.,.ni . rn rnRATCn Nkii nmrrnua MRut of a Mr. CAIN, tho rrototyn of a nolorloo New Yoik Politician of unenviable fain, that will b aaadilr rewnulaad by th world at bupv? " Tbl giral Itory baa luet oommenoed IX lb NF.W YOHlfMtKt.lJY7 Tb ncuud loataliiMwt of It la Jam publl.hed - everywhere. 18411,1 tft NOON lO bAT. TVBSOLVED PARTNERSHIP TnE FIRM MJtt BANKER A RUTTEK, butehrns ll4 Morrb lar rvarreirriiriv ciTiriTinv n-ivrrn d iraaWta iMMrhTT,.M,im,pmwn4tniw pnfJloimryi etui fit nW tttWi-ctory rffcrfne OMK mU tLe t UkflT.St IIutoo tv.liltlrn Vtim Iturt rmtilov.r m tgt ekrriT mnA rtntiilltv. a nivu i..u.ij t.. It. irlaniib.Tli'a I !AkHla.t Al AArertiMtBvntfl for tho Klllita. inn svs saiLLtso system ill PRH3RI OP TIIK AOE. Asntw 'AniiTf w all rue ituniM cr lipiI raw CaWpraf trwy fo ft ASVTIIISO not ( c JDrERTISlSO U tki SC.V. atSTthlnf wanted ran bo had ef beard of on tb trot atttrmeforOMK HILLIMO, by ADTEItTlxl.Ml IN TIIK WX. LUTES Tit AN WALXINtl ORUDLNU T0& IT mrDalBODY CAN AHXJRD IT AND Pi) EVERY riRTOrE. kmaat Eotakllebed City tirrolauUm. IAIXT ATTVUO FOR tMH SC1T I U1LY AVFJ4AUK FOB IKVw aal.dAS IA1LY AVLRAOB FOB IfttW ai4M SMIllag Advertlaementt. KMrLOVMEVT-Feir Mnlro. WAXTBD I0T aantadl la oyater aaloon,eor 8th av A l)tk el OY to attend new atand -494 IVway, up atalim, M WYtoh-odbar.wantM 4 4th ave. ft OY that baa been at the enln tra4-Il Payard at 3aAtj worker on lamre-lW Droavdway, 14,1 ARBERboy toahave-45) Greeowlcli at. It IJLIR on bread and raka-li48lith ave, Tt iR-WUboywauted -;4NUIUma, oprtadra. bw iI.RMANIiutcberbey wanteoVlB Hilton at,l)kly, KA1N F.RS wanted 4vtfa at, on4 door wnt Mb are, iOHORX bloomer proaarr wanted -ITS ChryaUe at LIKHER , trot elaaa hand -t4 Broom at A1STER anted-Oraham,8d ar.brt ItMhilNth 4 UOEXAKERJon copper nail work, 2 W JSthrt. ILK and fancy dyT anteJ-t3T Bowery. TRAW bat wartier c, 111 Myrtle av, ltklyn. 13J ALKSMANPLttllar, Oeiiuao.MPIvUlonit. IM AILORbl work In etoro-144 Navel t. 60 OR t good (arpanlera wtnted-19 Cherry tt. CI FLIXDERS wanted -5 Wart IToad way. BOYS at rmbrelle-i! Murray it 0 PAINTERS at aVrteu, N. J. J. 3. POST. 11,1 K.IPUV.MKT-Fr Feanaleo. wasteTZ ' OOK fplatn) wntrd-t40 Hudaon tt. IM OLORCD cook wanted -44 Croabyi. 14,1 OOaT.8tKambcrnuildawantrl.4 4th are. 14, HtLS lately landed, wanted (94 4th are, ft ITtLfl on euatom paota-in W ISd at, eor 6th are. 1RLS lo overhand-lOO Naaran at, room 4. N PERATOR on W W'a-ttl Kouth td at, Wmabrtk. I-ER TOKrt on W A W eeeln mchlnea,Tl Croaby MR tTOR on PlurrrV, on eapa-ldO Droadway. r ERATOR on coatom orate 87 Chambrn at tl 1 RAW avwrr wanted -74 Carmine at. ! f.RVANT of all a ork rhambennald,1S7 W 1Mb at, AILORK3ai.ted.-J4 1llckaat,rrw3klyn. 74 AILORES.S on rn-tom roata- IM Jay at, ltklyn. HUNK book nnlahrra-eor Hank t iltoreker ata. I WAVTKU FOK IltH HKWOKK. gt IRL wauled, 11 to 15 yrara 10 Jwwm at. V) IBL for general houaework 114 F.lhth are. Bl IRLofllforllnMhouMwork 4 Ureen it. Bit IBL for (eivoral hfeieewerk, l'VS Fu'ton rt, ltklyn. I R L for boow work-1M Botilh tt, Wmaburih. 10,1 IKLforii-neralhouaeaork HI Amlly at. IT IRL for houaework 111 ttroadway, alter 10 A M. " HITI'ATHINM WNTHI-By hnleva. m in i i aaia ai I a " 3 tai k erper by a young man A, liot , rJuU cloA. S buteber gng Hick at, Itrooklrn. bS Y a tailor, lately lauded-VU Uaibr at, frout. 9a Y a boy to dilre bono Ac- Cll North Cth, Wnuburfa r young mu to woi k on coal a -C J 1'ji.t Droadway, Y t young man fur any k'nd of ao'k tioi 6! 8 Bun, Y practical rimdueer Mach.. A II. 748un. 13.1 VI Oil K WATIT. O clrau bouae, by a woman 114 rth at, t maburrh. ItOAKUlM. aaltnrnvael,tM. m-lfiTthat. 4thatnrv. (mat. lrLt I JARDfor rhlld, atftll W47lht,nrer th ave. ! OOD board for r'rady mm -180Thompaonat. IM iaiikum: tu i j.t. IRM-UED roouMtokt-UCatUiine.t. i HlMlNI.HH lllN('IX. IKKKV for aale -S" Vea-y , Coffee PUnd. 1 rrCHF.rtaliop.atock ttiiturae 45 1'oriyth at. 1C1 rrCIIER ahop for ! -C9 Court at, ltklyn. Hi CAIIELINn (hop for aale- R 8 If. 1 Faat IT ay. IMNO Hatnon for rale-Johneen, 17D Canal rt. Id, 3 I tAV,M,ra,'yrlb''e., ,NCY dtrblldreiiw clothing atore,tlil th aae. M.8 K)tTRV-toiv,iUrli,rtiturf-)forf!.' 17J K 1UI. 4. .. .. .. fv -.... I. tlVtWulMk - 'ZZru. f, . ,.,.., . aav n...i AINT atore for aale rbaop-387 rearl at, a ari-TV atfaat rrtr al-.Ml Va'l at. le 10.J IM 800 annrrv t..r Kf Il.oon.aa'. na.r Allen. AIlTiri.lX FOR HALK. N Indian algn for a rarer atore-J K, 77 Jun. 134 IK F. bouae fllturee, cheap 48 Roee at. (8 JOCK t pu'ley.coat 1N pr'ci 81 Ml F. HouatooltM An-IMKKB Panta. 41 a ilr-4V I'roome at. 11,4 IH'MIR for aale-11 Ke.t 11th rt. t,t ORF, wagon t C ty Fiprvaw l-5Dowery. 8S 0KjE, 7 yeara old, 1S'4 bandi Al3 (inwnalch at. (I'RhrtStKuluroswellretablbhed I'eck, (178 Bun, IKMTfltE for aale 110 Meat 4'Hbat. "1 BOCF.RS aaifon, eor N. Mh A Sd eta.AViubru. 118 IANO, 0 ortavet prtoe 74-101 Feat 4 th at. 10,0 rOVFS A tin were below rat-ftMatbar. " 114 ADLEHY hardware, eoTOKd.llO Canal t, 10,10 TFAM engines bollere.teukr,e,5ft Tomi Una at 1 0,8 RIM I Cart, gifl-eor 47tb at A Sth are, M,J IDLF.KY hardware,oov'd A plated 1 10 Canal atlO.t i TFAM rnalue, 8 hora -lit FA't 1 1th at. 1,8 ' aVERrtMITH'8 tool tdro.i-1-11 Canal at. 1C, I 'ALNLT Conoter-811 Droadway, room 11. 10,1 1 rR A PPINQ Paper, 1ft nta a bnnrr-S in Onioe. If MILK lloale -cor Alnaley Kwejate, Wmaburgb. IV groaa bra'd acrewe, 84 t!ojr,SJ Fulton at, likljTj. TO I.KT. UTCll CR Ptall to let In a market ..4'.3 ri.,vimtb ava. ! OTTAOKtolet-MlPaventbave. Ill I LAXIRd or prtmmta,107 sViuth 6th, WmrbrKb. KA RfrMT rooma, 1-iS Fulton, oppoelU Church at SIT tHIMn tb bedrooma to lei, new bouae, 83 III rutin at OOM, clua A bedroom, (11 a mouth -75 K Hftuvtoa IfiRKtolet, Irooma-101'f Dlvlrlouat 00 TOKFa 1 abow window, 18 Fultoa, oppoalto Churob rORK to lrt-A Barrow at. 8vS lOItE to kt-4l)J Hudaon at. yy rORE, 1 rooma, (I Dlaialoo at; leaa liven. 141 r1T.Rpartofbeua67 Varkkittolet, SOT at FI.OOB, 4 room, rent 414-14 DownUi at. 15,1 TO 13 rooma, all Improvement 453 Hudaon at. 10,1 BOOMr) A arttchen to let -84 Greenwich av. 1U HOOMgtolrt-lJOlJaMlat, 89 hOOMrL with modem lmiroremiuti -17 I.udbw at. iNDERBOV, W llowrtTi ell ra p.ta cheap. 13,1 ' O.IIAN Y, 1ft renta farei from Robluaon rt,4 I' M.dally ILL trreguuuitio cured by tb Lllo Cordial 81. I' IAIUN'8 lloardluit Agency.-4i4 Ilroadaay, M I A EDS t a 1000-CAMF.RON t CO, t7 Ann at. lo,S lALY'BMuale Store, 419 Uraud at, lB,t IR. ZF.IX'8 Fowdrrt to euro druukenoeaa; drugfU. iRUNKF.NNKHg run d by Vr. Zellt Powdvra. OR teacher, acbovla A puplla Call 8.19 Proa Iway. OR all obatrnctkma, try Auueraoo-a Life Cordlal-gt I ALVAMSM ari'lb i daUy-4S Charlton at, 14,4 'ANT gl a )lr, veahi fi, bur. coat-2M;Wti llraume M'ANTKU. 'ARTMCK lu poullry 4. rcartable- W nth ar. Ul VOI'M'. VUITK poodl dog-Call Hi Hulllvan at, rer. V4 INHTBICTION, IANJ0 A Jig Danrutg tanubt -111 Fat 18th it. 18,1 rEBWQXAi woxici:h. lOUNTY IANDS, Ac-SOLDIKItS, Bull. Llor and othflra, who bar at rred In any oi trm wara, ri obtain their warranta by apililnii at HiNaianoi below Fnltou. U.D.UEOVTNK, Attorney for l'o d Btatea claim. I'la 14clw rNFORMATION HWANTED OFj JOHN ' I RlLT.Y,who arrrved from touty of Ungford In , fa ahlp Adelld on Saturday tb Mb of April, lnfor. I TTJ'Jiti l- ,l..nbfiill raeadvud br blaalater. ANM aatlon Will lie inanaiuuy raaaaavaaa aur aa airier i .,.v ElXJt Y, 841 Weat 18th at, neat Hudaon. 10,106,1 SOTICR-MY WIFE ADVERTISES THAT ab waa compelled to leave in from tb want 4 Deeaaarlrtf Ubs which la lalae, aa I cau provg any Oourt. goiin li. waiwi. 41 WITTMM HIOSON 18 REQUESTED TO natnra bom to hi uuhppr inutlicr, wboai krwHnTadecllnlua-n aeoount of M abaeooa. An mrwnwlvbi jnturawatiou of him wWI bo riward- ato. HtogOoCu Bklrt rlUre, 84J Frbioe at, IT ' 4A4Jlg-0IVUIl I ', a-'.-- . viwei-fl ARriCI.l.f rOB HAE.R. rU'tRiAors roil flAtn cm:r-0KB rent Vd hand al tealad aorkawar, atth dlalaloai , II.-tit built, only In aeot niontha bra private i t alao onrt rood YO nnl rto-rop tiirfr ataron. Lll Ft. " ,r, "v r. 1Y1 K)U SALI'a-A IIUMTIILI, SIAV. u I ' feundland lnp. 13wrrk.a aild. Vn e aaen at tho ontnt p Hi rt, lor thrre daya, I Ito.M tdiM 1 1 V) l)lr, I'AUT AND IHRNTM 1DK tie 4 ,al atmne bnr'e, dirt rart and barnaaa. all lu rnal rid it hM tultahletr toe waenn. roal raitortntk. C '.u I o rarji al ItM K.t l.tltat.lti,2XsJ H0Ri: nIS SAt V.- sMAt.f. f'ANAm" al pnnay, flyrataetd. iieilV-rtlr aoind and erntla, elthnairly nrw tirbt tuiainrea wakfon, h.inaefe. dr , br f Hal, rathe aa tier baa ihi lertbif nee lor tbatn, k.lirr.tlHaat. KaWJ HORn Ft)ll Wi:-V tlRAYHORSK, lrt haiida. van bnl't and 7 ware oldi aound and kind allbanieaat auiubuuof rltlti r a eartoreipraaawaa aoiii t Im ae ti lor a (aw dire ouly. out bitaiaaatiior atawitireouiy. riir at 04 aao nil at, rat lludon and erirk. K,tT3, inir. HOiisSK)R SALE IcTllORxfeS JUST fram the muiitry, from tt to 7 year old. from In to lit handa bla'b.l t for roal i-ftrta, rtei Mnree, lee weinne, Bpravw. ea any dnwn town work t will be enldeheea, truded for auallrr poo Ice. Inquire at Ml Canal , 4. Y. lii,tn.8 pOlfSK Ft)R SALE ONE GOOD DROWN 171 borae, (It foreartertmak,erany work, warratt ed anond and kind, tnatoale or double harneea. To n aa, at 8"4 V ret 8.'41i at, until auld. 4'J Hoirs rou sale-ij hordes, sitita. ble for rarmen, rvprnrnien or leeroeni alaoouo rpraarni lOanld 1 worklnal borae will ti Lumiirw at nrnrr uld it. and Mj rtle a c, llrooklj n, lu the yrn. wry. au,.n,a H0R CART AND HARNESS FOR aale- A mare 17 band hlah, round and kind; alao toal eart and dirt boa, luirrieae, all lu loud order; will eold cheap. Apply Ul Molt at. 0 HORSES AND CARRIAGE FOR HALE a rajr ef l-ob tailed bay mnreana, 1A band hkrb. 4cht yeare old. annaad, kind, aete, and faat lor famllv Iannan, aina,aeie, ana laai lor lamtiv (our eprluftad K.ickawav eairlaee, aid mi aiao a lutDi tour ajTiuao. aarnraa. Apply to GEO. W. aaijaii, ao. ria riinou tiirooBiyu. IO,llrM HORSE FX)R SALE A IIROWN LRE between 7 and yeara old, 1M4 liaiola bbjh, aula. dte for meerr, erprere,orvrlneart waamn, aound Jul kind In all kind of harneae, and will be euld elieap, al the owner bee no bualneaa for hr to do. Cau lal rmatNo.lfrtlXlanryrt.N. Y, lo.lrSJ troRsrsron su.k ok lExniANon lA. for aniallrr oni-e i lieaay ran bore. a. Kw and 4 bauda hlah, rl and 7 yeara old t elan a low 1 rlord Urt borne, i rlee (.A t all warranted roonil and kind. 0'iulre at 144 Fourth at, nrar Urove. IMlI.S H ORsK FOR SALE A FINE GREY borae, a teara old, top waaron and butclter rart. rill be anld tCMrrtber rto. In the butcher atore. er arprratv. iminire at oxo i nirri 87 HORSES SOLD CHEAP OR EXCHANGED 2 horaee from the eoajntry, from 14 to Id Imnda rfah, from I lo 8 1 eara old, poney bnlJN tit lor tnieka, rta, bwi waimne, butrhrra. rrora-ra,or any bnatnaaa: rarrantod aound aud klud lu all baraiwa. Inquire at OJitreud at, N. Y, lil.'i.S.J f ANOLI S-UI'Kll'.IIT AND HORIZON- tat Manelt-a for Imnlne' rlntbae, wittliit a tieautl. al gia ou lit anieico wnn areai rapiuni dtvoo, wtt A lllirral dianiuut to wlioleaele daalor. Itew arrneiw glaeu. 1)IM'N at 8IIAKI', 1i I ranklurt I, near Clin. , TAClilNVTVAND III.CKs"mITH TOOLa .'A for aale at low prlnea, tiy the eiilierrUier, a hi I , aavlnat the buatiirea; uiachlulafa' and blackirmlth toula, ' kMuunuTlnee and boilvra. Apply to II. WATMW LVW. No. 3 Cherry at. l.'p4.n DIANO FORTE-IN COMPLETE ORDER, I niltalde for a urw N'ntnucr, prion low. lu lolre at '. t Jac t ti f . - wi PUMPS NEW AND SECOND HAND Wortlilnalon'a, Guild and GarriaonV, and Holnu nd IWkw'e .team pumpa. IVhIkm, Jeff hwaudblo' uaoOv hand punilai. For aal" ritv low by ' VNM. U. ANIIIIKM Hi IIHO, mhlS,n7,4TutP 411 t atct atrw t. 5tTiM ESOINI'. .., IOK SLE-S'reia J etirlne, ahaltUig. (aillbe ami baliffara, eoiltitrr aaOaiidrniiiwoteWiy divcri.n oil band. VtH, IrKI.NIN at 411 Ann at. 1i,l 17,0 JCHOONEK roil SALE CIIEAP-AN Old J canal arhoonor will rarrylftft tone eoal, brlrk or Tmheriaellerunuinftt train, Ae.i wilt run two we aHatelarwlilbMenldrlieapIo clcwi tlie cine rn. loa Jre o( N M. A. UJ3J, at 1'ott Ulcbuuuid, Matou I . d. in, '411,0 rIN FOR SALE 10 TINNERS AND Kootera.-8ral buaaa dumny d cbareoil ami coke hi, lc, 1 x., 10-11, II X) I al-i.llKl,ly ,1 inar.'d alio, t fun end alna. 1 or rain rbeap by A. AllH'MmiN kj.Sl&Wetr'ret. In.afll 0 . iitauons iwi"s.T.iT(Fii ea p-io farm. ' V plantation or lallraad curia, 0 farm waaona, mr florae wiimn, exi'mawaieuaemt tiarnaaeol all bide, at the lactory ul Mlt II At L MALUiNt, W ar. rn at, Jrraey, lu.l'r',8 . VA0,J ,iee, lin 'f AOON FOR SALE-A LIGHT, ! 1T- i waeont In uae abnnt one year: eaah ha owner haa no lurther na for lt OVly at U4ft lilet-cker at. up atalra. 1M7.3 BVfaMENN C'UaScHN. BAKERY IWl KALCT'llEAP IX) A GixmI tenant; It haa been occupied by owner lor the laat Iteeil year, inquire iiitf n era sia i ai, m-.. .! . i!......!. lii.i'nM.'t V"J. .'W P a ancut noett apply, lO.VBH,'! BAKERY TOR SU: -THE LKA5B ANH tlturee," with tlaa oed wl,l, will b e.ld cheap, oaulr OlTSeooud are. JOUN AKIN. 10,1VI,3 3AKK.RY FOR SALE WITH IIOKSK, Cv g wagena. 1 aledee, rltturaa eompb-te for ewrn lnf re i'l buiilu I....M. ,ii.i..r fi4it tit tt lnrl the on y na In the ht akery (u the plaoo. Anply 17 lee. a at, nr In the ba. cry, Carroauarllle, lih aveuue at aod lllid at. lu,'.04,l fl A II TIER'S FOR SALE THAT LJ w.ll hiuiwn Itarle.r'a Helnon 140 Fulbin atieeU ear Droadway, known aa one nl the beet atauda lor I rneralbitelneaeduwutown, llraaou for aelltnK bar eg two-time. Apply aa above, or at 804 U-iwery. 10,810.1 BOAT STAND FOR SALE STORE, FI X. turea, 4 Imata, lara lloat, aud leaan of atore and ark-room; rent, glO l-er luouthl oppoalto the I Ittte rate, llarh in, lout ol 1 1 Ith at, on ave. At rrlcefraU arm. willraiontliirvnilaeeof tirimrtl.O. NFW IAN, or of rllbillKN KI)IH-.KT,oObomMlat. 10T BLT'CllER'frn5nOPAND FIXTURia for aale-at 144 Weat 1-ithat, lurt. 7thu.t --ta) we a rood chance for a rmall capital l will b void heap lor caah, by applying ou the prcinla Itnniedl tely, lu,17&,1 BUTTAR AND CIIaESS STORE 1 1 )I aala-clieap for rah-tock, niturra, and 8 yeara' aue, with rood et-artroent lor a family i atlr uiclmy aeon for bpIIIuh. Apply on prriuUa, 417 Moth are, ralMr. HAM ll'r), ISlntbaieduour aboraaJdat, 10.l)0.1TuaTh BUSINESS FOR SAI.I-t3i0-A llvRE chanee To lie dlaiaawal of, an i.fltoe luiatuew, that irnarauuwd to pitatw-e from g Jawl tn iH,, diuliig beueitalx inontlia. 'lerme eau lie made altb the ropraetor, wlioaeoulyreoaonforaelllng la tht be la bl lend to leave tlie ktale fur auiSe ttlue, Addn-e Ala HA, boil rill Sun olHoe. liW'i.i "i0FtToYSTR AND EATING SIXWN J fur aale chea p-the oldevt evtabllabod In the How. wr, or irtalUI'.a theatre, now doing a ond bnalnia-, r partlculara, tuqukr In tb argar atore, 61 IWrwery, ma eaay. 10,lUf ,1 HOTEL FOR HALE ONI. OF THE OLD. eat and beat pnbllo hone In the elty, In the heart i f hualnre. good bare and low rnt. In intra of 'IIOB. Ci.ARKF, f 1 Cba'haui trrt, fr J daya. S gent need apply. 45 LEASE, STOCK AND FIXIIMiPS FOR aale to lie anld rhrep, the teae, atneb and flxrnr w 4 the atore 11) lllurw at luuat bo aold Uila aev, aa boowutr gueaout of town. CO MANOR HOUSE Ft iRSAI.Ie-THELEISE i lAand Rood wlllof tlie Manor llnuae.oiithel'alia. y Cametery rued: rent paid im te May I. Aiptv at bepramiaia. IIKNHY U.rLVHr, proprleto,. 10,1 l f:at AND PROVISION STOKE FOR hiananr IO lei. Willi n ,w-i av, a uiui, yn, ibilnar a fiaal iHialueae. Y 111 br eold died for iiumedietcl) , aal nr to let. with a leae, 80 1 1 ulu.u at. Hi-unk- acali I' a Celt K era. iri'iii M ILK STORE AND FIXTURES FOR aale muat lie anld tlita waakaathe edveitlae pnuot htteud tilt, haalo utber Inialuiwe tu attend to. flda ia a chance mr a man wltli li'tlr niouey. Call at 18 Avenue II ami al tor outsell, alter 1 o'clm..

10,1W,0 rviiij; ROUND FOR SM.K-A WHOLE- IVAeele B m n,llk aviand. bori and w avou.eaua au I eiarra blng Hiilahle for Itio bualueaa. lu uire lor 11 dw a, al kri Secuud ate. 1C81M OYsTF'rAND DININO SLOONFOR Sal thetoik aud fiatureanf autly fitted up o ater ind dlnlo aeleon, ulthaoiia-rrootu,nowibdo a lair eualuree; will l eold at e barcaiu. For Mrtlrular wiuireoulh prnul 3' Eighth ar. 10;k)4, IJESTAUKANT AND OYSTER SAUJON 1 V for aale, now doing a rood brarltuMi rent pa'd to boBrtofMay,4tt.ourtlaudtt. 40 IAIfIU'M KTOI'.K FOR SM.K 1IIR A vtock nd fllturee of a thread, needle, fancy and auiorW ajmrvi mr ,,r, a ,, ,., ,,u, uutjr aj Ctuaiivet, mr Tuw 10,1.0,1! . nulls Apply lu wi ewrc, itm irdat. BOABII Ayi K009IH. BOARD-A CHILD WANTED TO HOARD. V. Ul roeelv tlaa vei y bet of care, In a amall faut r. ApplyatOiWrat itbat,uarbtbai, t) BOARD WANTED IN THE COUNTRY BY a rraperUblo yoaoi lady for 4 nauulli. Addre Itia J. f. IT, Itreuklyu foat Ofllco. 10,11'JJ BOARDING-A FEW YOUNO UENTlE aun o U rommodated with baud and a lara front room ou the eanuud Hour, lao two ladlo, If aiVlriiK tt 101 Madlaen at, IM, 44.' mid Hefc.eew alia raaertfiabaw. l,lbA 9 Aucxio.ti soncus. ACCTION NOTICK, CROCKKRY, Olea. fA. china, and fa nay toevde. p. J at. h. ha rtLCTT. iuetlonerr Tuwlar, Ant II 10th, 1 1 o'clock, al m 'rari a, a aarre ana B-nerai lad aterk.ln lote to alt tit tnJ counter rrtsllen, mut Lxj (wld for raK , ;u sou rr una fvi ctin prR.nti, intiui.vw At'CTION SALE OF CROCKERY AND laaa-III.NRY (I KV Mt, mill aril In lata toault, ei fueeday, April lith, at M o'rlork, at M Maldan Jims a lareo aaeortrnenl ef (lower, mulberry, white, jranito ami enrnmm ware, ylaaawace, ehina, do. Ule iiett,re, and iroodj carefully rrpacked (or ibirn icy. 10,141,1 Al-(,TK)N NOTICE-SALE OK FIJRnT- (Arnre, thh day, at II n'clcak. I.v 1IKI 1. 1NIIR4- 1AM, aunloni-vra, will le anld In tlwlr aalea rooma, Vil . 4-w Howrrr, tlie lumiturai ef eavrral lamllaaa, aim I anal and bar mam furniture, 7 eplendU! otmntera, t aabralaud, rae (ttlnas atre fiituno. plrhiree, bar. 1 rrahnw raaaa. l'awnbrokire aale on VVrdneadar at Ji'toMork. Hy order of FTANTON A CO, M New nalat. Full partlculara day of rale, 8M AtXTlON SALE..-E. 0. ADRAM3. Aertlcnvvr, will aril thla day and Wedneeday all be dry noda tn itora fA With ave. near imh at, re talnio over from MundaVa aale. Dale pnaitlvo and nthokt rrarrve, lo commence l 11 o'clock. i AVCTIONhAI.E-OVER !1l.000 WORFU fa. of eletrant boutahotd futnlrore, at puhtle atirtloo. Ma day O nriday), at 10S o'clock, t.J rat liith at, N-ar itli ave, mnat-tmf of rorewood, mehoirana lack walnut and enamelled biireane, twwlateada, a la, week. tnuda, anfalavla, mlrrora. eurtaine. Itruaarla, ' la, Ilium hi marain rarprie, taiinunra, rnina, eie rlajriL allvae allva tare. Utile fuller), Act e'eo larre aaeniiment bar- arnt aud kltrheu furniture. Hale altlwe. 810 auction Noncrii. wiuson, auc l-ttonei r, will aril at the atore, 4') I ley atrert, fnO ire, . load a i llonta and rthoe en iiioadar. Aiwtl In. at 10 clork, a. m., a crnerai aaaortunt adapted to the arar n. JT84MT,1S AUCTION NOTICE s to ntu'EKrF.rrR. Hone rate of furniture, thla Tnradiaa afternoon, al a'rlorft,of ell the parlor, rlmmliar, din nareom, and ibrary fumire, coiitiilneil lu benao No. IM 1 wenty- oaewood. mAboeanv. and aak furnltnre. anal rvt er, near nil ave. i nere te every oearnpuon ot eda and heddlny, over iVal ) arde bnawwla and inerain trpeta, Ae. Fvery attlrl will be wd J lo the bleheet Idar for raab. Commenelo' at 8 o'clock, fwiarleely. Mr morauiur itv BY DANE A. MATHEWS & CO., AUG. AlCTIONrrM. TllloIiAY.Tl FiTlAY, AT 11 OftATCKa ki irrontor our eutaa rnotn 10 Araaenta.naorr'ifl'oitet, CeaWulla tola -I anrrrl mare, ton; tail, rrar old. I Innae, lt.'dlil(k. 1 btlelneee waeon and 1 art elna-le harneea. Ily order Vi M. V, LAUD, Conatable, lat Dletriot Vurt, 8l CALVIN T. HAZEN, ArCTIONEER - Hy J. W. tllMK'af, a-rr Carpet fttore, tina and 870 Canal at, Mar Proedwar, Sraeday, April 10th, At It o'clock, at hla atore. J. V. IIIMICK V III ermtluue the aale ef h I bnlraalo fttnek of Eneltab and Amntlcan Carpctlnr, Oil Cloths Cue-. Mais Ac, At Auction. Auy quantity of arde a Ul be cut that purchaaere ra tire. lt),16,8 GROCERY .STORK, FEED WA"gON, AC. J Am t Ion tomorrow at I0W o'rlork, at l.tod ltroad- ray, eor Alatat, etaule eroejarbw, aeears Ivuucnsto- aooo, muntera, ilat(ortii ecalee, etaud eaake, ahow aaea,etwlvlnjt, kra, nalla, laraw brown borae, ptaV 1 armaprin feed waaou, afetelha, liamrae,top waaon lirpnaiv raiuircu. naLu.iuiv.i a. vainai KR, ancttoniicr. xw "n. SMYTH. AUfmONEER WILL He wll thliand folbra lot data, at 10 o'eloek. bw rderof tlie Admlnlat rotor, the look of clothing, fur. Iturr, Ac, In the rtoni m 1 bird avenue. 8ft (TENItY iillEEN. AUCT, WFDNErjD:Y, I A. April Hlli. at InVtoVloik, at the auction atore, 84 Wllllam't, alnrobtof rrne-ikw, wince, laiuor leara, white lead: alao at 11 o'clock, clotblu. i. dry 80 nu tauty guouv, atraw tood', to. f MOORE, AUCfirNEW UOWEHY I a and Oliver eta, alle tliledar, at II o'oieok. roun ara, arret n oil aod luplaave caps, runir mill, plat mu aud ether at aloa, ptliitliiM, minora, lawlatoatbs Mdliiir, eiiaire, aaiimu Utiloa, luol rb tit rWrigrteior, aatlituria, daut,i rmti lliluxiw, 8nu DOiririiTY." AUtTR-WILlTTtU. atliedaa at 1iM oVIork, ataalearoom Hit Nawaa bbmuahold furn'tuii', eaipcta, aofaa, rhaira, rentor llilee, tntn-aiia, waahatands Iwrlpti-ada, mattranvo, luuL-i-e. 4e,e. Alwaut IZo'clork, tnfrout of mlee. tOiii, one liev man, wartm, batiaeHi, whiis bbrakot. o lie p rrinpforr. Bold to tlie hlylirtt l Diuuor, IM) IIOUTt'.AGi: SAI.i.I. "fi! MJKIXY. A ctloniwr. aillM-lltbUdar at t o'rlork. at 444 anal er. tiuraaua, liifineeila, etialra, teniae, wr aa, ao'a rata, iiilrrnns ewnwta, nllclotba, niattrareea, leather rda, kitclirii lurnlture, ge, 41 PWNIIItOKER-S SALE WILLIAM C. IIKM.IM wlllacll. (hi day, at 1 Joy lock, noon, larKe bit ol timedta mial plefl.'i a anitatde lor the pra Itwa-nn. 11 order ot lllLMlY lARHLLI, iCI billy tilth at. lr) DAWN nROKKlTs 's:Al'.7 0FTiwlA5Tsi I. byJIlllNMUnTIvril, 1ft K.t ItroaoVar, 'ueaday piornllie, April l th, 1HC o'clock ,oonaUtln f ladbai'ariitKMitUiiieu'a weailn aptairtl, rkli allk loca onnai.iine taiituiiieira weal In aotainl, ri oeka. aliawla. eloAka.aklrte.Ae. ndorlaino troeaa, atiawi-, cioakc, aairv, e. eloAkr, aa Irte, e , Panta, worthy the atletitlonof ata, vaata. altlrti', ge , i"i a Bill lelraile. iy II spring at, le trade. tr order i II. II. BO I.OMON, I'awubMkrr, 1UI P. ('. liri.KI.EY, AUt.TH-WII.L SELL on Wedneadey, Airll inth, at 11 o'clock, at thg areliaiite Kachanae. bv oi dar cr Ilia Hunreme Uorirt. . vn ,iniiinu,i, nwini,n,i nuaiuva, aiv lider UM direction of K IM F1NUM LLL, W, Itet No. thl Jainc alnwl, !Bi 100 B, fram building Nn,lW " " Vuillsttwtnry brick building. No. 1" " " 8ihi74, aa Mapi at Ilia olUci 41 Wall at, .Tauiioi y Couil. J, !, nMl III UIKIIIUAIlli, Ally., 14 Wallet. JEMI-ANNUAI. SALE-AUCriON fiO. 5 line Hoola, ahoea and brogana..-ll. WILmiN. net'r , will anil alaiut l,uuu eaaer, at tho lat atoi of . i. UAI.K,4'iHrrat,onTnraday, Aitil in tloek a. m. 1 be atalninie coutaliu) a larce and f jrled ajMirtmeiit tor apring trade, and muat be eold to rlio p litvoloea. lb,14,8i Tciails"luTt-sTwlNoMin 3 Iron aefea, prinlln prraaee, Ac, Ar, I'llAM. IIM A KAIKt'llllJI. Auctlonoara, offloe No. IIS aareu at, will aell thle day ( I ueaday.) at 1 1 oVI. k, at 14 1 anal at. Ilea Ceeutre, Id rtory, W of O rover A Ha. erwaewtngmacntnr, pnuuoN preaane largo alia. ol llerriiiK Iron aaliw, a 'luanllty of mualtua, a larre 4ol miullu baa lor aroeera uae, e-r ,e. Alao nine ark, chains tjpe, rubs Ac. JdllN KF.LI.Y, Hherla 2 J. IKkTaRT, AUGT'RS THIS DAT J at VH o'rlork, at th auction rooma, 1 Nortli Hlllam at, nvartftaitii aale bono hofd furniture- eou Btlli of lara quantity of lealatrad, Tlalr lliattrewara, adding, iiia.luir'eiiy ertenniou dlulu taldee, roU. llilee, chain, lounge, kitchen furniture, Ao.; lot rouglata drawrra, WrllNFHDAY, lTTIf, 1 10' o'rlork, at tlw auction nionia, 1 North S II ani at, aalrueti aale the entire etoek ml tlKturne of wholeaale lkjuor store, large quantity of ercem, go. ilTM. WITTIRS, AIHXK. WILL SEfcL. TV 11,1a ilar. at tlfg o'eloa k. at (VI WooaterrL 1 ilar, at Hf4 o'clm k, at ftj t eoater rt, all a reiiteel fairlor, rbauiber, fliulne-iooui ud kltclunl rultuiw lu tb al.ore bunrei Sue lot. tt'-'S tUM.AHIMiTr, AUCriONKIR-ObFIOr, v V 4 p-.vt llroidr, will aril the lialanee of tb we et eimnmr, ar i .lamaa pup, eomrr ol iJlusrrr l,at lOJajoVlutk, ou 1editiaeU,rjniuilitlug of bual raa and frock mats Qarrcnabi, pants drawera, te.. laodeak rounteia, aare, itovre, ami pipe, je, r.rt .11 ynoda anld ou ilouday will lit dellvrred today. iu,aiu,ie KIMIa IIKTATi:. "tOTTAOE HOUSE FOR HALF: CHFP J 7'rriua eaey, A 1 itory eottae-e honae, and lot of round, 1iiiHi.liirblatiieot, nuder citlar, crntoti. alUauilnaa. lilireunllie pretulaee, pnn ai, ennui do, lat hour 1IOUI the Fat Ititcr, lo.liW, rjOUbK FOR SALE OR TO LET-TO A ' X amall American hml'r, a ulee rottiir noitae. nd larim uanli-n, with I Irety of Irmt, lienuerr. Ae-. leeawntly aituatel oil eUire ruute. lonr mm- llom tl Wllllatualnirab leirl'-a root Y.) I If anld, eliil I ndaiiall aeiwa oi around i,owlthlt. Inuulre at V loi-lourt, near I'o encr '. IIMI4S4 rjiil'SK FOR SALE-ONE OF '1IIO.-K l A ha liaiidaome mtijre boua"a on -tilth at. f,a t weat f loth ave--rrntoii, .aa, mariile ruentrae. Ac, mMirte ar In iron! i-ranu-anil f laaninea: ua vinajlie, Vlllbeinldtor '. Alijiirof I', MuRHAX, nert our, or of F. M. laic I II, ; Uli at. 10,lol,g fJOUsES FUR SALE IN DRtXIrTLYN 8 IX tiew. well linilt Uiiim for aal lu llronkJyn, tn ft ood nelrhborhood, and m ar the eara, a me on skill leu atreet, nrar W illouihhy aveuue, with baarment, lb cllar, wat ir, utu and trtntrs rontaiuln aevan noma- price a)-. na. Ibeotlier, ra Colta on it" Tuabby aaoiiai , near th ftlwvr, u ith pbiai, 6 rooma. rala-r, Ao trine I.SU I. lerma aa iaaeal in 4 avw. Apiily tn VM. MA 111 IN, ireokllu are , 4th oua aoutti of Mutle v. 10,llM.6 tlOUSE FOR SAI.F A 2 STORY FR.AJIK tlbonae, with Hood ivllar, kltrlaii, tao lull loti, and ruit treaa; iifbw, gl.tifai; -irau remaiu mi lamd ml mutlaaye; aire of bourn 88 liv Hit altna'f ! In New. II at. Mar MearroUi et, t.reeiivlini luaoa; wrlm. reiiulrrd; pib-e, gl.l.wi, luuulreol lilt IIAH1I toNKM.butb pteinlaea. lo,lll,4 L" AND FOR SALE OR FXCHANUB lOtt Itroaklin lot,mirandlae.erairart ijtvoirtit n a email lumae and l.l lu lvuoklu or uey thl rlty, II koree ef laud near I'lattabum, New a ork, 4 arnw la Viwtneld, New Jrleeil "lluixwoue liel.ware I en. lieu 1 grocery etore or ealc. Addrra. 1). -f ' i "a tgt8rMopoiit. .16,11,0 I KASK Ffilt SALE OR hXUHANt.E IjgOiio three i aare' leaa of 80 acme, gnnd bnlldtnm .iZTZ 1 .1 I. .11. hMM ami vaamu. tt rimu- . aid fruit, near tl i eltr, home aud weoue,D cow a, I, wrultry , n'eiialla aud wauure to commence .work. Bn.'Tr.ll lr full term of !-;, aaetw r.ah, .U JjJ id'JVjmiu one year or will t redo furinrrchaudlaa am a luiatnLaa. API 1 lo I ARMUIa M Il4u.dw.j-. I wmrjl a ' OTS FXJK SALE-4 LOTS IN WILLIAMS- burah, on Oraham are. eaah lo eaah lot tftxlits tutlulbig aimer. . r. oorjier oi Jacaaon eat la iiv,i, rum ...I aiitlered-arwde eUUriWltRrwuo iiauuaaua rn u l...lll.... u III 1.. U.M ow, aud on neay term Iroadway, N. Y. Apply to l. McM A III W. 871 LOT FOR SALE AT WEST HOBOKEN i A lot So by 101 feet, on which there I a null atuuj, lo good repair, a aausruer kitchen, curraaat awabea, gratatwuMa, A. aald luf laeodoaed wttk a ctwsrw. rjj ssizMfttevsa mo iirr. ArARTMENTS .TO Il.T-M.VI.RAI (X-awnfMl ftfkf.atmtwn nriii, A. KMftnd IMttht , nfl lii (,fn,h U th it. nr ltt , mr aTj, i rvn. fiw i v iv Apply Mfj rwretv liaiw a APARTStENTS TO IXT THE tri'l'l X paitof tlie f-.ur atory I rick bnlldlny , Si 1 Fnl I, Pronklrn, 1. 1 , rontainlne trn4arvjrucms fr Ell 'nltm Inh y pararad and painted, with i a. v atr, diunl.wa.b r, 10. Thla la tlie W location lu Hie e,t awiae, lln althlu VI mlnutra of lull nt loratlrn lu tlie City for laid' Cln 'lna ulton ai-l I'll aalairteai all 00 premiere. 1 lu city ear part tho door. At) l lSioie APARTMENTS TO LET Willi IMMEDI. . ate VMwwaaionlhofrat flooi, front and bark L annie. and front and taek laihivi,t, trnt ay II, No. Btaploetn-vt. Alao, t'ie lit Door, 4 rurmo and l-aae- ' laut, rent fin, No. 81) R- n irk at. mr-, rant (1 IV, So. 313 Madlaon it. eart.t, Alao, Ira waienl Ml'T N. 114 , JaSEMEKT TO IET AT A MOtlilUTB J lent-Tho Kiaenientef 4'3 ll.-ootueit.iat. haamf , lao an entrance on C-nU r etirvt eintable toralitv t uyerptlllard Baloon, Apply of . LM7.I AN. M Uriou at, ltliui, OTTAOE, Ae. Tt) LET.. COTTAGE -S aiatile and H Iota, at Karenawnod, A I , etoua Ofeet tr-mthe l-oatlandlnaireiit rii ayaar. In. alroofMrm. MA1M.ll.No. 4:h lat llou ton at, X. jer to Mr. VAN LT, HavrnawoiaL 10,U.',o J0LE TO LET ATYOKKVII.LE-A A four atnrvbi Irk I nlldln In withal. tat. 1,1 and I rr.aiiltable for a tenant houee. Imniltn of ft AY, UMoriliat. 10,j;VJ ilOMESTIUDK()Rt,.vib-Fl1lSVLE-5 A new 9 itory and baaemrnt enttare lanurre In ath ahetanb and Pth atea.itrevowoo.l, romtnandiu a 00 view of the ocean 1 1 tlr a am itt atumiiil rennlri-d rah. Iraiinriet lit HKlLl.aa Wll.l lia, Haul a Vi Arnla, Montaiuo at, ueir 1'oat othce, Itronkli n. i I'l.lrtV.'rcKl J0UK TO LET-TIIE HOUcK AND A atore Ko.44 Mailon ,t, near II a Centre Makat t Ubllahed In 144 1 with ree and ftjltuive empl-U itttiai, Aplyou tlie piTmle', ll,ljo,S lOl'.SE TO LET I OW-A I U WW. HOUSE Awlth 4 Iota, In Mh ave, near tlthrMtmoklrn. Kal.le for ark) rial. i. Apply to It. VALINI iwr, oortA lib auj Mil are. l,Ual,l eof ttdat, bctath joum: to u:t-tiie three story A brick bou-e. rent a-"', No. 0 Varick atixt, nrar rankllnat. Apply 114 Kara, at. iu.'ii'-i jou&ii to ixTefso "roii" iv A. dwelltn with wluita, mile from llereen I'nliit, r ttaate lb pot, elabt rcyma and kltebi-n, ntartilo iinlrla aud aratee In fiarlors eltenalaagiape a bur ath vlnea, Inm rallln nea, raniaeciioiiaet view oi .lil J. 1X14 f, 177 Warren at, Jemf ad Btateu wan, 41 I JANUFACTORY TO LET-IN THE REAR ' llof hnuaea Nne, 18. th and 17 t'nvly at, near Canali I illdlaefonratnryandeallaandVOfaitbv 1ft, An l bnlrabka altuatlon. Allwv to Mr, DAYTON, log adieon at, or to H. llt.uiic.HT, No. 4 Nell at.lUSl,8 JARTOF A NICE HOUM'.TO LET TO A amall raudl I bouae eaat ol mall family t rent 413 a month. Apply bCth at, cm ave, u iOOMH TO I.F.rt1 OI1AND ST THE V Qd floor, eonatettn of room and 1 bed rooma; on natrttna of room and 1 bed rooma; on i a hitch, tit aWi tor ajaoaifrnm rnnj rent. AplTiX5!aiU. a i A' tt bet naat aa a -ant ba back rramu V, 10 iiowery. OOMS TO LF:T-FR0Nr AND BACaaS w room with pantiyand cloart.on the 8d fleo, , BV (jrand at, iw.l for a dreae nutker, milliner, rm ' olderr. A a pier ou the etonn for a ahow eaeet renl gift. Apply to J. II. DOIUUTY, 16J llry. lM4a1 ' ' JOOMS TO LET IN BROOKLYN-WITH V Immediate poaaeaalon, tftaemenl with range, tw d-lor on flrvt floor. 8 rooma on third floor.and eellar, dy one other family In tho henee, a flitnrw, No. kf iwerw at, adiaee t bi4 eltr railroad end frrriiv). Ap y b S'.'S Atlantic at, llrookl) u, ar So. 7 Hold at, . ,opatllia. 10,116,8 OOMS TO LET TO A'SJIALL, REsrFXT. V able American funil'r of grown neraone, 4 room lid llOnref lu Ueat 84lhrl: wat.T aul eta; alee rtmrnteof 4 rooma each, at 103 vit81tat, EaVINU MACHINE TO LET ONE OF ' W IIF.F.I F.R A WIlJttlVB, nearly new, with all flinpruvemepta, and in f trt ret eonditlnn, to let at per month. all at till n I ath aaenne, over tho ' ire, between BVtb and 4'ith ata. 10,108,1 TORFX c, TO LET-4 STORY STORE I .'13 WMhlurton it, giUV) 1 1 atori attle and b. I tnkln Walker at, eH'alt Mem and tlooi a, rhawp, aud 14ft I ratiktliiet, lit Walker at, 07 Monroe ,l lreeneit,1W Market rt . 411 ami 440 lireenwlrh at I andlj r.aallt oadwar. In Cilharlno at. and otluf ' on, atorae, and relnone. Iiituli-e 81 ami lat Ik i Kaet Ilroadaay, and baoment 87 Walker et Mr. HrL, TORE AND APARTMENTS TO LET-IN I tMlllamatinrrh,8blnrkarionitlifrrr)',ln rlnutb bet, between 8ud and Jhdat, a rtore and oreial f airtmeet- of room nl two lied rooma. 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