Newspaper of The Sun, April 18, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated April 18, 1861 Page 2
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THE NEW YORK SUN THURSDAY MOKNINO, Al'KIL IS, 1801. Tu penally of Treason the actual nslty sjra mfn In any country, . the tct of nitlon 1 character and condition. Wo to tba tant saber then? Is a hope for a traitor to fountain, or where lio cao w ilk at lr for an hour tin kit lrreon Is oat, Trsn Is at one the too audacious and tlic basest felony a man Can torn mil I he pratest wrong to hum.nltt, and tin moat Infamous et .f Ingratitude. l'1' h "' el rdmstsneos c( human life admit of. Tlif mo appalling apet ",cur ""'lill"n ' lP' ku been the cool assurance with which Treasoi ,.. .talked abroad, aud th tamenei-s will which it h ln tolerated. We are only it awledhy lbs Itflectlon that the union of fraa dom, lojelty and wturitj lnOtm m tmpara ailed to our caw, that we had ticterloarned U cellmate Trton. W hat n opportunltj now, to learn to hate It and tohanulti and I Wl learned, th lew-wwill I worth Its coat Again we Mr, wo to the land where a traitor can And itj cr weakness to shield him frao dkelh. What ehall we do with the traitora and aUt ton of treaaon among tis We answer, la there be, In ccaatdetation of put Ignorance am laxity on the subject, an amnesty for the pa t condition of Instant and ll el repentanoa This l the feeling of the people. The conduct of the moat excited of our tltlient toward tLea obnoxious character, haa been worthy of al praise, for tta mingled determination and for ISearanc. And by-tbe-bja, the demoiratU Irish blood, which the confederate prlnta ban aw grossly alandered a Oing tainted wltt disloyalty to the itari end stripe, haa beaa sjapnrmoet In the rising which forced tot IltraU, Journal of Commerce, Stvt and Xaj itooitorun tip the flag they have dona thali tswt to prortiate In disgrace. The protle an aallafied with prompt homage to the flag, bat they hare showed that they will tolerate ne thing leea. We hope that those prlnta, and other puhlk characters of like sympathies, fur their owl lake and the aake of public order, will now atudy re ry earnestly a neglected branch of thai! education patriotism. Of the flrnt.usme.1, we kar do fear. It can do almost any part In the world, to order, and will undoubtedly get ahead of the tide Itself If poMibte. We tuppme it ca 4o no harm to itate now what we uppraad ia the hoar of the HeraUTi peril, to wit, that wa fcad In onr handi the proof that instead of the tare and atripe which It did display, It had been for aoma time prepared with a full aet of "Confederal" fii ready to fling to the brewe of teuton which It and the Mat or hoped o.iUs In thl city, whenever the proper m ""nent ahould arrive. Tlioea "Confederata" color , together with the remaining etotk of la flag-dealer who aold them wa uliould l aorry to name him publicly may now 1 bought dog cheap. But the people, who are doing their duty, demand of the Goernmeut to do Ita dutyU northern traitora alio. The rale and ahtpmeot f anna and other munition of war for the con federate, muet l lummerily Mopped. Thla open outrage on the lilvrtlea of the country haa goo already beyond all endurance. It la partly credit and partly a diagraco, that the peopU kara borne It. They will I ear It no longer, If the Government doei not take prompt meaura to eunpreaa lU U la hl(h lime, moreover, foi o efficient blo kala, which ehall preent mili tary and all other auppllea from reaching toe confederate! from forclga porta. IShut them of to thenuoliea, arid tholr career w ill I short. To Meb r nal to Mob. Laat fall, the IttrM, t.'rprtu, and other paper In the Interests of eecewiunbjm to nay nothing of certain pro-idacry or-iaad preachers ex preaivd their dolhate apprrdWa looj that the people would l romprllml to ex tlnguluh abolitlonUm, and propitiate tho maa tera at the houih a reaort to mob law. Threat! were covertly mid dexterously miuked, nd the pro-tlvrry 1'ieea fciniel to bold back the popular oullreuk Jubt enough to set it on u when a game-keeper hnlila buik the frantic doge t " Don I'viito-ilxwii, cir I" ' Ilueh Carlo wait l"-watihingthe wldle U aeo the hound elip from the loow retrain!. Three eliort month ago---not more and the pell of (Hipular paw-ion wua thui Invoked agaiiut thotio ho hhould venture to gHe fur ther offrn' to the lurdlinga of the.S.nith, wba (rrre at that very time deriding the Union and disdaining the Government, Wo know of in atama in whlJi preaihert of the Gokm1 were Individually warned that every ucted puldt waa to be eublect to thla eeploiiugv. Tulay, the popular heart l niovnl to repudi U and rebuke thetreanou of tho South, and the aecond-raU and ahabby treaaoit of lie Northern paodera. But what cnuree Khali the patriotic journal) take in regard to the excitement of the ecplaf Let the patriotic Journals take the patriotic couree in Ita brcolth. I-et tlwm calm tlio wild throblilng of lovally. Kor lotulty to be pure, Bouat be calm. 1-ct no flat or of remeralred partlaanaliip, no embittered Hntlineut, no un kandiiome taunt, render ct 11 for evil. Wear about to exhibit to the woild that political par tlsa in tho hlolor) of this touulrt, howevat (harp their ronteata KKin to v, are only the boxing inatchoa, the athletic .rtof the na tion, from which the nation didU in the grav ity of a crldi. We are aboat to chow that t he people rf thane United Mtatea are a etea lfuht aiut auUtautUl people. Let no nnieemly rioting, no IncouxideraU Tiliflcation, no raoh rudonep, aully the hallow ad majesty of our cauc. Moba are petty treaaoni. And the t at the South la but a miserable mob, Order then, fellow C'llUeoa. Order i Forward March. 12th Rkuiment. The enrollment U pro OeeJinK witu lnc.ic eitliiuluiu iu the Uth retfV Dent, al their l.o0.u.rtfr, N0. M4 lirojdway and CM Oraudatrnt. TI.e uf.ield Wullllfi are ojn trou t A. H. till 10 I'. M , dally. 1'oor huudrul ad tweuty regulan of the regiment are uuw rrtf tflni br iit duty, U which iUj uu.) I e d.ullod Tn IlAMucrta Mail NrrUMsmr Liib. We learn tbai tle Government haa contracted wilk the IUmVirv Heamahlp Cniuy for the traiia. porUtlon of iLt Vu,ud Biatea luallj from ILL ell) to Hamburg. ThartwuuaUljaoflhUlinaouiuiirlai the Baxonla, Uoruaak, Hanuw.uia, TeuV.ula, and tnrta, end their dayi of djriu.. m u oa ach alcaruaw Saturday, eoiwu.ucui'outUeiUioi May neal 1"" . 'WllI!OTOK TrBNVKBSI.f.-By I a1 "" truu gnitlemaa In Wa.huuiUa. wi Z.ZV.TJ? W-Mu TumreCw?, tn a. vlcim, utlU rrS taw daauKutraUoo of lUlr loyally, f &ttr froaa Ike PreaU, . . "aw Yoaa, April It laai kate you tuaert the folfcwlng article lu Ywrwcm Ueut, Tuoa. W, Divw, ofCon.panji, ttlG awaua, will iu an offloa In Wu'luunaburshai Ttairada7orrrlday,ao,lwUlio.lT tba naiaaa awi panose aaairuua or aerrinr Iheir euuntr la iaa ITTi tfTv to ." ! aWUaa ; i-iMwiMiw wu Miiraivaaiiai I Tava. VT. Oavan II ! K THE LATEST NEWS, bit TSLisanAra to tiih k. t: boh. War Movements, 5cc ,. Q a , Ctmvrti, April 17. ChW of IWIr Dno j, ii,!, iicHiDDa rtirril tUtrty !-. cf mu u it ir .rr Onm, h : fl. 1 i n y tlirr t f ll.i in wtf imihrel ii. T W , LlU Kci, AtkMaw. fti,.. rn I. K Mmi pUm. IU Rim ''d flf t- ti f Id. n(ir, en li. Mfiittr (l.fU(Ulf wliicb Auir M -l (rtrtn tlt kiMmer fanny Mt mi Mod In j it. 1 hcp km un t cnwj KllLe Uodiiiif ftti I. fit itrit..l rn f ry 1 Igh. Th (fin wi r i lt j--l M riktmUtiKh, irni.i. biul ilinpj ylldiy amfi m IUr rn Fort). A limvy ahipiH-nl 'f uwder l. tl-tn nUp A I nlrinf hfl ! frfikilpilnt ftti f-Vln( iimr.!"!-!. In Off Nuth. 1 M.iinrm tf . rUtlfrtl ly thrily tilhi.rli.M.l.i l mk lr TlinlUrelhnrrMtHb y nurdt ul UUl" MX ra'di I MtMicr Birfmiii, ..... Tl.rt a'Hiit ' lroi . touiM iorU r-l rouiit Cilutuliu. Thfl IMrnn Uoanl Id r-p.'Hj fillioj tip Ik The f nTintininit f -r tli Nf wwrt, Ky. tirrckj 17 ta.lifo. it tor rW) are ihw tn KrrMti, A lnrKciwiffnmfiil ti tctm fur Clarlrai"a vli K"lilll M Uk)'Dldth OtMlWtatrJ I hlf IIMTUIB Tltfl tii.itcnici.1 lhrrUgUuut tL city U u IL ia CrrVn, Tlrf tt1m!fcr cnTniiiN rn a11 full. More HtM. are .1truig iliau cuu l ht -le 1. Oa-Mfjfl, April IT Tin cit.f.MH ft Owfrtjp w.ttVMit tliMiuinD -f iMty,awtijMpl lu Imiiii4i BiiuiUra al lianltttte II til, UhI rftMi.jr, mi ton tout' lull 9 aMer 1'iraitii I roftlibg. -w14ji ty 10 tUaTr" lltt.ti. RHayOiitiotM fT'trtltiiT of ttii actl'rfi tit lie Pi-m1 deal d1 the HuOa l'kl"'t,' in tiffifin fll ptNrtit crlatfi, lHi(iinliiaT tlin trwiuti! rtlll vt Hi H"Uthrrn CrurM-rittM, tlitiUrlntf llml vl riy1iiHMi nhiMiMMr)blitraiI, ann trial tli) pro plttrf UwSt wh'thfr Ifeuiat.rat4 rr U jrubUuu would rally imlirHltyiitvlfr Ilia ft tit (f Hir count r) ina'"rli'f lha the Cn ttltii.ou and Urn Wfra Mtlnpird iinaulitHUjrtly. BrHhtM war Diada ly Mynr Vnuivuu, lion IIrmi A. FfnTi, of K ttnf. ami Mbta. Urw ILMMiavHiti prevailed. ThettDtlfxl Mnlloinlof Ilia IJ.U If llut In TJnton muxk teaiiMtalDed. A ?)hiu-rer Tiifi)wiy U formltrf lo Irtnltir U aer VltM tolhoUeriin.0ut, and Iba i'i ft y fifth Ks( nenl will b rrfcly to ieaRiitd lo a call fruro bi4 .uariera. TVenf'., V. J , AprV IT Snt"r ToMan w Srra t'wUy -11 "irtbana a flttf Vt tlhp'ay 1 1 011 bb rraldmca, HifevprM-aM hlruMlf tlruiifly In fvo of aurrtalnluif Iba ti iTerntncul and f u forcing Ibi Uwa. Oir MdiUry fl'rd ItATe li In aaninn al iba lonrotnjr ud dm Imra tno lifiiied to lb aeval tiiayora fur four tefflmnti. CnrULii MtTL roan aud ajoaxru A. Yaio are both faming um.p Btltimer, April IT. (t jmrnr If u km m w.l ad uiu lavt ntK't t bla lf'l(!. I v4iiiiniy 1., Iht OiVenmrnUtatrd. l.o lnfnnwf hlru tVntl y Itivt aoma V aititf tba HUr Hattflcl IUuimh w f ti titiu Tba U'wemnr rfprwwfi lrifiiin at l'ipi.4t, nnii li wan tMNtrttatti 1iti with lh m, tut lx ull tall ttmie wan allil imdtrtt.e tne and ni T. 'tar Hpanfflai lltniaflr" waa thin ul J fa (a vtt.iM with full rffrt. Tla ' fnior llwi.kK aha YialU'rafortbatvtiiTtewty, itudaaid T.a It I tin miff wmili t annit n all fitting xaUn jtaiiiVbTr Tm Uuiou niUatl Ira prrawrtM. A Voi.-m OoTtni-r, yM Luta dtia jour duty far. OorYaa, am! I lntn- t tvp dultt , Vuk Wa'll ataod ly )''t. MuLhfiithuiiiaiiiii wai mauifaMtM. M94!0erp, Ala'., April lt.Ona pi.tlcHtaii ibla city jta taken i. litiinlrrl ami lwrny In tiiotuwnd fMiiataoriite riMjueueraia Mian ai, aiM tUl the amount lu gld. Ttirawtll Ut fnun Tl.fNMl t 100,000 men to U flld la leita than thlitr Uj-.' Tha ipiTernntant i likely toft large amtuinU o atoiiney (mm Lirnpfa,nahljilittidrrii. Uotton, April 17 A large mMtln of IrLA Citiiciw wm held UmI nltfht. at tba J nitron J!uk ftiujiaaud pilriullc reeoli.tioiM weru imiutinirUftlj vloptail, eipreiwiliig ni.flitxhitiT tlrTtitlim It IUi faduial fru3iiut. A r)Hmitku win made at ralae uu JnaU rf;lmf lit, aud tend or it tj tha rn MUaJrlphta, April 17. Th patriotic leUa Mlou 'f v. Iluma fur tba 1 nLmi haa en kindled great 1 1.0. milium. Tho rntlrttnitiit fM vuhmtreriia ttnnnoiliiitf aUuililv 1 r i)0 haTa al ready 1ocii runMutl, wlilch la inure than tha qut.ti rtvniirfxl from Phlbt lill'hhl. wbllfl tbe exaiul t Vol uittrera ty aaaro furiulug r evened bqtiads for Ibi DroUkrtWrit i.C tba rltv. Intel Uttmace fnmi llarrUtliurgatiateiithat tuore thai l0,"0t havnalndy actpttl. rWu0'r IlKeifaliaipninuiimed In fvrr of ria lamUig tbeffovtiritmontat all liaMrdrf. The reenrttin partlea aro ptrwllut the atreeta. Vn. ItMira, on.. .f tha I'bltatlflpliln .liy-l. iatita, whti rfndftwl aiith Taliuthln aerr 1 it tat Norln'k d m In it Ibajrllow lever mnk lutu mm 11 aiiuoiiglb. tTiiutwra. Yit hundred of tln. PMAit'a lirigad'' !." rf) celfftlnrdfra U innrcli, mxl they hate to ulghtli fpncbil linln r Wnahlti'ii. Hx iit-a are to m fir-1 hrre in l.n"r "f (1 'T wi Uh'mi cf Mry'an-I. The ladira el Ihla I vr ell j It aitlved to i-ar a itmctto of rrl whlta au 1 Mue. V&rribnryt pa , 4nrfl IT l y. Cirri. ba aivfcd M"r .'tiprtl Y.v. M. Ilii'tn t, o C 1 1 via A'ljnUnf (t"narult Hmi. Km mC llir, 01 l' LI tiMihtH, Q itrT Mister tlvncr , aih! II 'irernl ,1gW We MtCtiitif lie unity, C uHiil-Hty II nrnil Aew lAtnion April U. 1I" I tf Itiv v, llnem iv r Iti'kiNuttv. haj init-J 1k f'l'uwinjr epj'lii inenH iimn hi ttiif frlm ftre'iniin7:Alitai OjI. li. II ( vt N-trwIth, iut.1 llrsav H IIonii f Nrw Ir-md-'U Adjnhiht U ner.tff 4. D Wiituvnnr Uitiifurd. ti Hiiiuliary tifiivnil. tA. IIkmy V. ItiK'ik if .Vrn 1. 1 1. Q 0"n rrtl, O'l. J M IUim.t l rdilht'LI. r.iyaaj tr ilrner.!, Col. m. O Ibii of Nt-w I. tudtnu Bottom April M .ThehttmprH. It J-pviMlag wbloW Itavenlltlrtatti'iir- . !r NitMk, will tlu fl40ln h, Tln'ir tifniiiLHttt'11 Inna.d I tl Frtrt Mnntj Tin reuuinlti will Ml tnnlaud liugU ly eirf lal ttln. The WcUfr IWbk ) hn trikltnel a 1 nn of $.prfl,0tX t'Uhf Mute .ixl thaiihoi H it -n tuVn agrw lo lu irrawetheaittntiato $l,VtAl,HHI i'l the ditrbt. o tho gotiTiiiiiinte iYo-i'itVHtv, Aptit 17. Tlio laelsUture tuu fM-wttd the bUl aulh'iilhit lha ialitlu "f tr ft u.t nl. It Uundtr?tHltut 4h00,(Kmi MnlLeupro iUted. Wilmington, M.t April 17. -Tba aereaaloil UltaTvt'Vt'rnwfxtt y thaprevitknt I'nluu anitltiietAU Tlipy had plitnunl thatiKau,attWii of a rninattry U tuaiuted with rillvn fn-inthe MitilitryAi dtmy ftr the eelxme of irt It'Uw4ie, wht. h Uka by the government. ThaprJtHt ftlhtl. Saiutt r IUaiUt'ii 11 vl-tit ! Virgin Li, OtrJenalfitf-t;, X Y.t April 17 IJT'iti an envkiug I 1 rial 1 INMI tnlitiiire a In Hi. Liwtiu Cuimly, rlibiUiuUt vrr) ivhei-e Mutrent. 1h fMai a ainl HirjKa ant fiontiiiir litn vuimhi atHiXi Ah-rget-rnj H now imrad'nf lie atirtU w.U muftlo and tho luatloaul tlttg at it hra 1. LouUvilU, h'tu Jprd IT The M-miMa aw Ohlura.lnud .-llr I 1 t nHjf'11 Iiihin and imml titnu f wr ( r lh0 Coutthlvrato btultu fiee o cLmgn. htaapt-iluted a Willltry ll ard Hppitjriuttsl $,M),MHt lir tho tlHriuit ul thd illy Tha I'uk 11 iWi uu th) th'ttiuria linw a Uf hAtittl ilown, and tho tUHrtato rvrryvibrre Arm let uil T"luiiU?ei lug fir tba dcleuce tf thu 8-tuth CAnr?tfon. April IT The city eiilvnpt.nti IheCttiifdtiate nvnn.lhU iinniitig, la $.',00000 TuoU-ktf Hill Ift'jttM'tl aKi limrnw, Mtont'tomfrrt, Afril 1T.Tlie Ctlnrt hail a lou mm u 'ii tMi. A prwHlatalimi will l l-ttud to nvTitm (ultuig l.VMHH) nu'ii' tnnpN the flultl Kfftlrt'un, J"d , April IT. llildhr awi'ia Mt-virai'tt risiilitiiii inr I.Oiki tutu lniu Lucfnu O'linty bin Ihm'i. ttmiplletl villi, a llHMitrh imlan we e imI rt'nlvivl Line till r,t'uly iufn. UU fonmmud iMiniiiniKfa in iviiig i tba ren U'vnw a lltirlhi uih limirriw liKiinniff A Urtfr imls --t-i- f i. C.o 11 . UlBi-iia. u em14iil In rrmt tf il.rt I.ttum Cnlon vQ a VfilkMmne t nla., .uttnt u-ii t Imnkitg out tUi .i.vtMii, in titiwiurit.uir anaitf te in lUtHtma o .Hbivlth'luniiKiii,hiir.i inN.Mutlriali.i ilu tod HvOtiru.'t tint in tiUry fi 'in y.ilug lo iH lt it , The exrliemetit eoUidrd whtti the etuaaod lrl)ta wt'iw ilirtpl tyttl fnm the luiULiiig. Tiintoiu April IT O n"n,.r omin, ..f N jlrM.y fiM ImiiuhI III j-rtH MuaiitMi, thrttt iiif tilt etneral Oi'iiuralrH'. .lti nut tltUth hr tmunvU a 14 ii'ttlonal aer lie, tnia n. 'intuit ft b (kitii I0u) to be (xinixrrd a fiir liri puutiihhle vl T.ilua tavra. the nnuuudor to le diflil fnm Iba 10 arttd militia. Votunt"fr to irnt tlniNiW within tnfmtydtjalo tba Mtjor Huiurl'aitUveU the JiTieuoii within which thty ivalde. Chieaio. April IT A detachment from M ana vti4iii tu rough Ibla illy, today, $n rouU lui VlHhkt,atotl Tr0nton, April IT. Tha people of Tmiton baei turned out au i tomp. Ilrdlhe Ttu$ American uf floe and a duuUlul p liiu mi, known it Judgi Wt., I) tiii tho Mnp.d iind i-puuU-U taatioUd Uw fry. Trtrot.lMieh. April IT.- Our ml Oam roadei eptctibferalhiHiauiniiag, etrotifc-lylu farorof auw tnting Uie Cniop, thfCoutiutiii un i the couu y'a fl tg, uudt r ull rlrvuiuiUiwoa. Otklaud ooua ly UDe turn uffort-l to raie a regioieut of troo, CAft-tio. jjrfl IV The HurllnttrnBrein-h the HUU Hank of I , Iih offered lo adraQt1 k tba liuvanior anch enm aa Lo niAy ii-qulrafor Lb exiHiixiaout of the reMitutmt, cU'd t'T Ly the Preai anit. Vvale, April 10. At tha meeting ha'4 t t-lgbt tj euaijkiu tha GoTcnituuiil, lUitwlUa riU-oci aka aa follow 1 FKU4mC.Tuaa,,liUiiiaiiyjreftra alnrel ban, 4 1r) Ujtiialod lo attend anothi-r. 1 1 ave bng el nee cm JoWa..liUrian.ra iM.Utte.en lu 11 old I nan wiTIt,fal,M" ,'r,u-tHtl I have Dot oeaaM W-lil?aniiiir0-iTrUy V 0r7' d W tram eueof iuffr." I- ta. of t who ta i? a B'i. my frMVtwrfUieafrt, Vn Uni time fjr air trMnlo ah rink from tte renaliliiy whHi eenl tahreeae-tiii'rnbini. We 1in itacM-! a riiala U tit I I tcy of thU ct'intrva wli n no man. Low My bumb.e liia wtik ir litutUI In li.flurint, ha tltttoatainl I4titral Civil w-r Iai ln-rn hwig timUflftiKl wa rn t infct tl rut The fr ett rnva all for Aid, hiid luufrl ifirp it. Uir iu-tlf itton ftr aiidrtii,f r and we fmir.1 th frnd Ifcrm. ll la ra time rtnv t li imre ly wha fault i fjlly thl Mite i-f Ibiujra 1. It-en phkIikivI. Tlta ahlpo tile la In Iba I teakM. ai-l tiieinuitrtnf ihnmipe ami duke; td tVy ttwl.utte Ida cotmiig el'rrn ant W ale eli k. waDm-t ntflnw-ii mhh l-er. Iat ferj Daanll ireii'ietit-utd lo hie t, end, like tha Ruiaai Bnjtl'rut It atei f rm.peitfM Harltyt whr the etorm la crrr. Ami tmr akelftoiiatHl annoru U.e-Krt wliereduty 11 united ut U ivUiid. Yu Iiimw, my iHinis that my hve ff tyaintr) aitliracea tha w bote L'u-on. In aU that telatea to tht ftdiiiiblflratiou of llie('TMT.mri1t, e Land even p-rtit-n I alike nitilledt') It prtMtii.n, aihII Law Ihalrt-rfiDdfiiratiilblNadnrinlelral.rinlol'elieTetbal It will rereire II. 1 therefore thtnlr onr 8 intbert biHhrrn Lara fitada a gtii tmaUke Inarraylni them teln agalit the OovrrmnrM. f r ffr It wll Lf njoprly adtnlrtlrtared 1 and I Lad hd If pfUMiould e inalnUliifxl f.r a ahoit Hints iintL tlieyt-Mi'dlieroiititved of llnir error, Ihry woull ToluhUnly unMa with ia agiiiu,or If II-nt wed impofftiitit-, trtitt time rmgM la gumd (or a NtiM O mMitMHi, which ciil(l,t ho ami nd the C rtMl.ttitloi itoenalileiia t'larpuate without war, hut if Ihrj cx mmetarean ayTwlra war fit re, we have no elur. baiivelmt lorahy amiuid tba ronwtitutid authort ilakiiddefithl IboU irerr.inent. Itul tv languatfi can eirprrea ny avlnilmllon f the w rVt-oulw vitrl(4ieindit.pJa)edl7thLnl'iiritnoftlrltd at itre. 1 li7 laiHl like n roi k In lha mlt at ft tin oiiii, aictlivt wbirh thaaiirf:narf emwhm'Teat li Van. N t iiMvpd I'V UrriT or eedu! hv an tinholi ftrnblliottalbfy bate fotti.e-1 ariuipait 1 r thepro t-ti'rt. if the C nu-tltutio't. Tbrlr atrlrHiaii la an pure aa tba luKu'hed rttw, and tbeli loyalty ai hwrni4ilU aa T.ittie luilf. K"itntl Hi weiwad' Jitnl, tliiiiiTriiijf aefwdoe aauiguliuahle reUlliuu, and all fiianred liilla tiailora. Auitir.ijg tba tMith that we aie then Mrtflp, and will to'erate no 7;i trtMlon ijiiu thrli right by tire fptaral gov rnment leitdruig to th b .hie tticiiof tbelmrdfr htatm thank fur thir firn atnitd Ly the C u t.ttitlon and I'uh!. a-lmlratiou ai twlrtot, loe a friiitd. ami weemtra a thru aa Lnrthi'M, iiit'lM w th 11 Ina buUeiauflei tltet wt Lure .tnflrd with lii1barrfMjuetrf rilH'ita ter at-ithn liutigiiiHlion of tivil war, and wa awtnrt our aniithfiithrithrra llud wtioeter layaiiaaiilig ouabwnd tituirC b'tilillu( i -ur ineiny, a ad rrrfardli'M of rtjt wawill rally anmifl it for IU d'-TfiM e. . I'raan Wiiatilngton 'mhlititu April 17. The r(-l-rfllrw D CrtniMit liaa ptr)Htrrl circular Inntrm tloni In rt Inn li Ibe re-nt mxm4 the j-mtwl Itw, eta. It Utlieretit fiplaitu!, that rarda eliMr lil-tukoi Kliittid, andLhuikalu ifkugm welgbinff ii t leai an et(.l.t otitt'M, and I-m karo iuV tibgn, ivt em Mdnig eight o'liuf In weight, ahalJ LeUutrgrd in tte titafieftt !) ni of otaateotav Otina ! any tUua In llifl t.uitid HUtf mul-a l.NiO mite, and el tha lata of tan frnt at oume, or fratltou of an 01111 a Tir a thousand ndlena t la rr-.ritd by Uin-i, All pKkjtg. aiiYI't efl or cuttlitgr, rnnnt I eopMckM ana loaiked that their line cltaT.. it my Le een. M-i-a, engratlng, l.l) ..tpale pruttiou rolipram lu lpr c' , .eia (round ir iinlvmnd, boiv graphic ",'r and iHIrr envnli paa are to La dwred ..iiania runttrr, an. I ihergnl lit tha f-aUta .y the wtlglt of tha Aafc, in I In any taxr tieirrtd four mudii, at the rate of on fr ent. an onm. or Irw tiuii of au oum e, to any plat e tu tha 1 11 U4 aHatrn mMUrona thouaaud imlrtt, and at the rata ol wo tenia aa mnre, or invrtuintd un outxe, fvei lOo in I Irw, to Le iirrmld Ly httnip. Tha Trtftaury Inirtiiniiitt Lm I'ttud an ohI. dirrct'ng that tha 11 tine of I'll it I.Uutcijaiit K'm.fbj La elncken from the roll d tba revenue errrlcf, f baring, wbde hi c miiiutd of tie iettua tuttet U"nry llml,r( In vioUtlMi of L!i fll il outhmi lo hi duty to lha goveruiuanl, airrtnlred hi ftinaal loTritH, Wahinqtont April 17. fb a Pi-haoi p )t Ireaw ieligiapbrd t utrm bllber with l.ltoda Lt!aOadl q'A-aof tri.oe without d-liy. Additional vnWuiti'er r mpHiilra warn niulrae bj inlAyl'V the Vrli'partr-Piil, au 1 oil era are form IngtvolhT their aervlreet 1 (Jovpinmpii. Knvt Nn C. CiKriiotom, Inrnurly of Virginia, W4ttMbivapKtiit?d Attonwr Ubumul for the 1ia trlit of Columbia O'l. Ciitmra l.r .TmmtNlie reit'ii'd 1 la mm niitnlona AdJiiUnt (iereral tit the Uairlct ifUv luntbia tuililut. Tlie High talrr at .lloulrraL. Monrtatt ,4riM7. 'Ilm liiumlitiiii U enb dding. 1 1n wi'r hue flln e.x fit! e'li'-e Mfm!af Tcu-ng 1 ho duuof ttilb. 1 Ity Ual'Out!(l,0iKi.iii0; b rmuln loa of life. The tutghtnrliig TllUtea auff rd ht r'ounly. Urral immlifiNt fbor-ra, rattla, anl plga wtia ilrowiwil. Thttre wfh ttM'Trre r-nutr-atoi m lanl imht. The rUrr la full of lua, and 1 Ifl ea'U to i eltll lat a lew itvir iuw the c ly lra.lh of Nnthnnlrl .1 lUwdllrh. Bo$Um, .1.7l7."Nnu'(iM..T. Itownrraa dtvd U u!toLl, at bla rreideiit e, lu lh-oukhiw, aad M)enr. The VrrrWe d H Laourr .Sfyffrt. r,7l7.--Tli.Mnn,i n.imc, thai wia wroiktil -,ra.ttrdat, la 1. J. llitfurla of N lotk. Ihtf lituU'riKMiewiia'.otig the Lv-u. Ita bodiaM huTv In hi found yrt. Arrival from Hntuuuuh. A .V D Kit SOX COM I SO, mow Ki'itr Loons. O Cpt. C'fim'Kr.n, of the eteamr.hlp It, U,Cuy lr, Irom Sjvginuh, aiTled at thl citv )eter iaiy. Mo riort 11th In t.. 15 inltra north of Capu Uoitavw. p irvud a Hteum t u, palutcl LUck, with ci'lo whfH'U.'U emoke etaik pMin, IhhiqJ louth. (Tho Yankee.; .Sjni- thiy, at 2 T. M., tpoko btoamahip lit It Jo, on'lidil-t)ii Ihr; tha captain of the lUlth Dtattd toiVimi "Wo tak) M.jor AM'KUdix ul hli ivuiminl to Kw Yoik." The llarri.-t Laii" wilt InaM llic tar. They Ml. hx rttfam up. There waa also a elc.irt.-r t iv llo tho 1'ar, Uik iled, prohuMv tho I-aUU Sjw I'ort SuihUti tln'r were no hrvu haa la I ho wttlhf tho outitiilo tovked eon if h hut hat Uied, Wlu'it aome fuiir or five milt.H away, oeard a aalnte fircl, prohuMy M ijor .MKitoa ve-aiviD tho fori. Army noil m y ma. War IuIiu'im mimt leiluiio wlictlirr it ratal r elilnw, AciorJini;! tlovirnorV I!auJ, Fort UaDiiltuu, IUmIIo'V I-laii'l aiul tli Nhv Ywd featcnliv rmumcj the life-like aH'ct teiiiH rarily ut nil' ly lal weatlirr. Tlie truiM vn the IrlanJ were miteri'il al all Ibe roll cull, as uual, anil aa tlie iiarlera niaj K)n liAve allit x tiifuint, no eoMicr I, aU o oil two men's room. The Wrack., -uarj-ruiini,, mon. rvom., orilnance aturua, anil armi rr who lniMteil l.y M.jor IlKirrri.MtN, wba tennis lU'lermlniil to knoir the exait atata of iffairs In liU uminunil. At lrt Hamilton every lrly wa. on tha j-ei ri, all tho forenoon. 1 he romrwoy i f infant ly at the Kt wrro buIoiikIv l.xkin out for '.heanitnl of tho gurilMin of t'oit hmiitor, re (torteil to l on ita way hire. The wiua anj fjuiilies of Mnjor Ami.i.sii'k lommjnl wrra ill a feMiMi utala of an xMy, ruaiiy if theia ta'liet in;; that the ruinora atanit uo onu llng tlllii.1 wriorlrvulatoil to derrhe. 'llie quar lur of Hamilton ail J I.!ifa;ittr, recently occu pUll) thuTi'XJii trooji, aru mttily for the re u'l'i ion of more rucu, au.l couU accommojat bOO. At tho Nivj YurJ current work went oa without ccacatlon. The Wahaab, Sjy.nrutl, aul l'err). were operateil ki, the latter .llbU ly, aa the U almu.t tea Jy for any wr he Dead. J of her. At 11 o'l lock, A. M., yeetarday, the fcbrul force. In the uvlbborhood, war, of follow, i Haw. ririH'kljii Mitln. banaik. ,,,,, SI KoHIUa.lll mi 81 Uuveiuot. l.laMj...... . 400 llnlloe. I. Uu I JO K. tt. MjiIU C.ioluu (luarluti. auj aatler.j'.'ifO Total : : siT Bocrultlns was brisk all day, Cedar, Chat ham, Hudson, ami Cherry itreeta, war well aurplll with appllcanti. Tu ret enue and tuner 8et la at III la tha tream at Urooklyn. It now comuata of tat tejiueri Ilibb and Corwln, and the achoooen Varlnd and C'raaford. The North CaroUat and l'otoaiae, remain la ttalu (M. OmimMore 11 lmso, the new Adrlsr4 Chief of tU Nay Departmeot, wu aipacte to town j enterdiiy. Wuj;oa loads ofabot and aheU wrw ramsrW from the pjraaUdi o(poelt the Lyeoom UUl wharf, A vaat quantity of prorlatoal haa baa broabt over lately, frwta tiaa to Una, to thl TT)' Yard, and itowed away la U IO They ar ineodl, of couraa, for reanet fittiaj out for an.. ISuauMea at tba Doeton Nary Tard la far act Ira. Tba Minnesota and Mlaslaklppl an iroKieMtiig rapidly. There ar l.WO men era (iloyed, and lha raoUJy aUaUinomaaU proba bly ink h 60, 000. Ilerrulllntr; lor the army, la Bovton, la la creaking I brhkneu. Fifty applicant rbiltet the I'ort Ijrid et ntt lC&c on Monday. Twln rectult from thit Mullen arrirrd on Oerercorl Inland lat rrcnln. One man M and another 76jea'oM tried to pan Ibe Portland street office. Tho number of men recruited In thla city yesterday wa. as follows I Army Chatham atrt, H j Odar rlrect, 8. Nary Cherry itttet, M. CITV NEWS. Oii'iAMATinx or tiik Firar r.r.otMKTr, KrwYi'itK Volt mrms. The Gr.t mealing of what is ili'MK'l to l the Firrt IlefHment, Nfw Y'oik Volunteer, was held at tlio Mercer Iloii-e, lji.t txenliirj. Mr. .f. 8. IIamif.r waa tboNii ilmlrnuin. Mr. (!ixi.hi, Ute (4 Mia aourl, mml'i an fliciiient L'nlon rpeeih. Aa txeiii'ite rommlttee, con.lttln of Mown. Diiitiiiir, Mki.mllf, .SAnno-, Uooiavu and Aimikii, wrroapiointed. Capl. II. M. Ilimricilwas then appdnteil ililll fr-ant for the rei;inieiit. 1 he meeting; thru ndjoumed amM Mitliii-ljitl diceiin fur the l'nlon. Vol unteers join the regiment either at lb Mericr llou-w, corner f llioomo and Merer .treets, r at Wiijmin-, corner of Court araj DoiikIis atrct, Ilrookln. Pcmil oilier rs cruitlnoffKP' willlt"l,ibli.died in a few days. Finn WaiihI'mum Vi'i.i nth iia -Amrtt in was held at the Fifth Ward Hold, laat tilling, for the purj-.w of or.'aiii.liit lb Fifth Ward I'liion Voluntr rs. N. Kiiuhlkt prr'iiled. Aiiumlarof rl'iiers rre reried lua roll, wlikh was prixluccit, and three rolU wrre mil Ic out for the lijnatuirs of olunti-cra. One ill le left at Kimmiu's Lit cry Stable, on Franklin atrert, near Wi't Ilroadwuy, oo at 71 Hill-til at., and the thiol at .No. "7 Undsou ht. Am foon as the tumpaiiiua ure lillod, tbiy will be call. d together l.y W. L. Lr.wu. NauoAI. Zi.i'Vf- llie Natlolml Zouatet Jrillwi ut iho Mercer Ilou-e last ecnine', and rocelvol nlaiul lift it n new leirnits. Iiik 1Ik.iii.aM) (innn. The T9th rexl owiit, illlliUnd held a masa meeting at the Mrnar House l-.t evening. Col. Mo- Li.Al ( Tho i.lx (ompaule were all Lvwnt, and lo n mau Notcl In faor of olrylug the call of the (lover nor. About tnenty new oames were added tu the roll. Tiik Sixty Nimii L'SAHtMots,. A rot which has l-n taken in rwMraloflhe com panies of the Mxty-nlnth liniment, rhow lliat tlicy are almoet, if not altogether, unaid nous In their 1 termiiution to o!-v any order of the propir auUuniiic-, for the defence of tha Oovernment. Tint UusroN Tikmh-s.A l.aly rf n.lun- teers from Hoeton, niimliln rlht Imulrod nen, arrived In the illy last lilht, at near Iwilte o'.!oik. Thiy wero rmelved at tba rwentv-si'teiilli atmtibit (f tho Harlem and New ll.ieii railwjy, ly tba Fifty-lifth Ke ment, Col. I.t.UAt, and cue or ted down to ibe City Armory, corner of White and Kim etrwts, here they m-v, tho hIrM. This moniiii;; at ieciioVhxk: they Loouto WaiJuiiglonhylh tte Jersey Cciitml Iljilrxad, TiikFihi. I)i.r.titMKr Caiis, n-i. The 'olhmin bill ap.ra conno icuounly in the Fifjj Ward : The Oo.ernnieiil araTa to ll e Nw Y k Fir rMttntil.t f..r one rt 'iiueiil of oitive.. Theaiio- r.Ur Is it. t .Hod In New Yoik for lie pnrtioMeof lilt'inir au.l .pi 1 pn.K tne leiimni alter t-lna or. fuiiAed. T..e 4..U.I mill. aIII le a' lmte l l..irowiiotti.-tr. 1 tie roll f.r ('..mtiy c I. .lib. I W" II is 1 1 jo.1 11 iud ..y, liuiu to A. 11 ta U V. U.. it "ly- C l. Iln.wi.aTn, of Chle.1 ZouufeH,1 It is -nld that Mayor Wuuii has rec.Ue.1 mrel Inforiiiatlm to the effut thnt Ma hotua would Ii1itrinl by u mob; and at lilear

ae t.olhilude, a lar;.e fori of jmluemen ner titloiied in llw iiumodUto icliiity of bis rel Jenie last i'rnlii. Tw" men, n; p.ireiilly Fnli-liinen, in tha eouro of a K.n eraui ion j eMcrday a't'moon, oo iwurdof a Willi.inisl.uiji firry Iniat, rofcvI ilriiiirf rMiiputhy fir IhnSnitli. mmiliate a inimtar of men gathcrol aroun.L, draod lln in from the cabin, would have thrown them ovrrl.urd, but for the lotcrfcruic rf Hcral prominent tltlictK There is to I e a prlio flht this morning oa lU en vie priaeia, HecitMl, i.l ulsmt ie liiindml and liny iun,!ui cnl Uuu lant rreu laj tulle ferry Ual Tiik M earn hip (iUvovv, from I.lrerpool, nrniir"li'.Mi'f..rtiMl, isnlby il.o V 8 C .Haul, four .uku Wv- of the ahip Oeneial UiikLl!!, far kill. lit; I' i U'.u Til" t of UialTcmel, They wirol ikro 'li rliuiR. al Q iirjiitluJ, ly ollloera VtM'iam, OHanv. and Krv.n, of the lla l.r r'.k'c. The naniwi . 1 IU pi Winer, are J min Kixtv, J.ais P.iut, I'aAMi t'OU-IMS Blld T. I. 1'lJkTIIU.T V.K, CovlMHIlilNKRI UK F.MK.ItArloM. TI IWOV- alar liartoi,,' ol Die Ilrd pliue jester li.y af. lernaai-FnHvUlint Vii.iivn.k in llie Mo buiUir U luff I'.'ore the lbwrvl. It attjotirnrd aoco flr f riranlrttiojk the week! ttalrmmt t. aa liUu! -Niiinler ( enilgrai.1. anlved suae lh ti.t of J-imiaiy up lo dale, ll.rTI, aalnet 11,040 arrved tuire during Hie aarne time la.l yeurj l.&lw rnveddiir ng It.. nl week. Nurnls'rof luiuutea In llie vru.uj4 ii.'tiiutior. under Hie tare of the B.mhI, I.H. Azmi'it'ile rocri'ts during Ibe put week,; 1 xtiijiiuna dorhu ttie nmc.tiu.aL. $1,019 V.I, leiiv.u. n Iwlaia-a o t4,tak! oO ot ilia aju.miiUllob fund li. the Itaidb Kmioi.iimi VotrsTtEita at Tiir Dirisiox AaHoHH.- ! AJjaUiil Alu"i, ll. of lha Heveolh .ml 8 vriil.v.fiii.t Ki'trtuieuls, wliUtl.eapproralvf lb tla 1 (liuiial ami oUlceni o( tha Kirst U.vlakn, baa coiiiin. u' da v luiilei 1 ni"Srraent In raejk'.n.e to th iuor'4 call f.r troi'ps, .f wbivh Lu ttlt .. uiivtt .ui follows 1 Th.lioM'riK'i of I'.il. ."late har'nz lived a procla nut on for ll.e e.i'lHiaieiil ami fnrollinrM 1 inioia lu Nui'i'iit, in 1. 11I 1I11 and diifeul U.eCou.t tulloo and It, ol Hie Fetleral ll'iveriimetii, an f.tfiv for ttal iiiii.. will lo r-neil .1 the Amensl, rorner ofWh I. ma K'ui.lnYla, InlhecilyofNewYoik. It la propiaed lo ratne a n'gtiurnt of l.Oia) mm the aiiiua Ui l uinlir tlie ru.ea aud leiiutaliwiia ol I'.io I'u'U'd futra Army In ivery particular. Offlo. boma, 10 A. M t I P. M U.U.ALUa. K .a, April 10, isd. TuiwLiy be Isauad a aupplemeatal Mice, aa follows 1 Fiaar KnnviKNT IftTioN.i. Ocun 1 Tba orlo hour, for I tie rnrottni.i.l at the Arwual, roruarol Llm and White itr..u, will Leroatl.r be frvta U A. M. I" t i: M, daily, Ail offi. e w ill alao l opened at No, IB Cantr, rlml, which will U 1 If u dally fioni X A. M. UU 11 r.M The Police 8' baa gl.en Mr. Auaa prrruiaaii u I call the police to hi aid, by aeadlssj printed circular, to the various ataUun houaea, glT' lag tha hwatiuu of the recruiting oftwea, raquMllng the nirailra of lit force to duwot aooordlogly U auawer to iuqnlrle. of persona desiring to nroll. Th. ft.Uowlng army oath ta dmlaltrd to east pemai Utrt algnlng i You aolrmnly .wear to (enre th OoTeramanl ot tha 1'att.d Huim, awl to uphold Ita CotuUlutlo and law. lo the li. of your power aud ability, walk lu iu ert ice, .0 h.lp cou Uad. Mr. Aura l." to oomplal bis rritaeot tali week, when offivcr fir II and Ha dlrUioo will ta rhewn by ilecllou of members. atr, ALt-ax already has rurolnent la prisaat hand, lo the number of about M meo. Kotuaol. UarawdhWard, whowmdlatbi Mealcau war aa a regular, ta getting up a aampia. aud baa 0 uiru eurolled Ageialemau from areenpolnt, calling at Daad quailer. on Uouday, pMgwl bimaaUtdraDorta) laaai r n,ea eoro::d from tur by thla V It atlxUiaatat la Front af the Newwpaprw OrBrrw. Tra Boaaio!nrs Fobcbh to IIam tub (tab amd Sruirr a -Tun I'uuok Callrd hn.-Aiiosit tw o'clovk yaalerdsy, a U-rs nwd tollcclod In front of tb lij Honk Sos, with anry yclli of "holat your iIsr,' "ahow your cxJon," etc. Their denial d no lelngreidily om4iod with, the crocd Incrcxtc, and locame mora violent ere y moment, (fcroata mi openly mvlu of .lormlnn and aching th office, aud bundled, of eaciled oioenltl la dcoanelatlona of the paper aa aeonaaion oTRan and enemy to the Union. A use of polioa waa tent for, and a they xrlred and haetlly dror th crosrd lck fro ha baildinfc a storm of yells and threat, aroea, nd of lianda, rained abort the head the crowd which now filled Prinllog lloua qoare, were ahakeo menacingly at the wbidowa th obnoxious esUUIfhment. Th HunJiy Timrt ofliee, allaaled In lha ame building with tha toy llaolc, oorered lu rlndowa with a flag borrowed from the hotel text dor, and a domed with ll word Tam aany" amid Its stars. The crowd Kieeted It sltb enthasiastlc cheers, which were augment d by Iba display of a beautiful flag from tha tindoaa of the Tribvn: office. All thla time r. llontos, proprietor of the ry fnwr, Hood t the door of bis office calmly looking on.'and eplj Ing to the Inquiries of those who addrw d blra, thit he would ncrer Tab a flag In bedlam a to a mob, be would sooner hate IJ mil.Iing lorn down, but thai be had no objeo Ion to the American flag and would willingly alsolt whenerer Major AMrraaoi arrlrea ia hecl'y. At length, Capt. llnc'iui of tha d I'reclnct police, requeated Mr. H0KT0S t alse his flag, which waa done. Th crowd becred the flag and groaned the offl: which aUnl it and then depatted en ni". The t'.rprtu office waa next called on, and Ithough the proprietors for tome time declined alsingaflig on compulsion, they at length omplicd with th reiiiest of tha Ciptaln of Mice, and the folia of th Stars and KtrlpeJ oon waved from tho flagstaff of th building. From here a grand race took pine, between he .oliceaiil the molv, down to the office of Journit oCommtrc. II ith (uiiliea took ho mid He of th street, la tholr eigernes to each the goal. The Journal, not liking to stir up the wild anlmabi" by any prolonged pHa4llon, hurriedly ran up their flag, which ran heartily cheered by the crowd, which again tartfd for another race to the A'ck-s office. ly this time, the police of the three nearest rards, thaSinwud, Fourth and Mith. had been Mllcd of th impending riot, and were on b ground tn full force. Th cr owd now num- wrrd four or five thousand, and appoarwl Tery ouch excited. A splendid national flag waa infurlcd by Mr. It. PowM sound hU aano(iatra, u tha City Insjiector't ofn-e, from their rlndowa In the third floor of th Arirs bulbi ng, and waa greeted with hearty cheers and fating of bats and handkerchiefs. Somo young men constituted themselves a jmmittee to go up to the Iiisieclor'a rooms, did noieily demand that Hie flag ahould lie put en top of the building. As was rery proper hey were promptly KTt down stairs again, .lie proprietor of tha .Vers declared that ha ruuld uot rabt lb national, or any other flag, compulsion, but that the police might rale t if tlu-y did not feel strong enough to protect berawlres without. Tlie noisy demonstration t th crowd continued, and Mr. Atu, th U.ijor's private secretary, who waa standing In the door of tlio 1 file, w as rlruck by a f mall .ton brown from the crowd. Th crowd remained In ho tlclnlty until after dark, but nothing fur hor transpired. Tho .Vrw. raled no flag, but rill probaMy hoist una tod.i.v. It Is at least roinlsedtlut it will do so. Ling after the owd separated, a formidable force of polio emaiued near the Xtu-s building. Tun S1.VF.MTi1 Kioimkit tioixci to mi WAt'.s. The S'venth ltegiment after drill on Cue-May night la.t were aildreiwd by Colonel .ei ikiits, Major Miialkr and Chaplain Wei Mf, onlhe present condition of tho country nd their duty. They eiynilie.1 1 heir rcuilinrna 0 march to any where their mrv lues may a necdoil, whenever called, and were notl kl by their Colonel that they may be called .1 at any moment. They were accordingly rdered to pack their knapsacks, tallug only wo traveling shirts, an extra pair of trots, rrcrcoat and bhnkct for each man. Thrytnay ffobably lav calhd on to drpait for Washington ly 12 o'clock today, and understanding tlds ara already. The raining of a largo flag bearing ho letters N. O. over the armory, will bath lukllc signal for their departure. RrrnciTtio roa Tin First Rlghu'.tt--Iationai. Ui'Aiiu. The Fit liegitnrnt, Na loiul Guard, dl. commanding, Is now ecmltiii'f very rapidly at the several point rppointcd for this purjawe. The City Arsenal, orncrof While and F.lrn streets, Is it head uarters, but branch ofDoca have lieen estab liheil at Ibroo othor places No, IA Centre at., )ndc'd'ink Hall, ou Clbiton, near Grand street, uid on Spring street, near Broaday. Tha oon are recruited for a term of three months, md lu such numbers Hut it Is believed tha rock will 1st completed at a tery early data, tach company, as soon as filled up, la sent town to llodlcr's Island for drill. Ruc-rcimso Uou-a.-.M.J, Gen. SAMpronD fill furnlrh from his office, at 10 o'clock thla Horning, pi luted regimental and company rolb 'or recruiting. r-atrlotlr iMrellr. A meeting, representing the capital, Interest iod iuflumi. e of thla city, and embrklng all pohli, wss he'd yeal.rday lu the rooms of the Jutruber of t' .inmerve, lo receire the report if a .innilltee, eptMlnted 011 Tueiiday last, lo make pre'.liu!ii.iry arncugemnnu for a mats meeting of lur cittiJ, 1 1 Icwtlfy loyally Ulha Federal Sovenimuil In the prrseut crista. Oipl. HaaiauiL .latedlhaoljeclof Ibe runtlng. Be remarked that be did not .mi Hi. committee la lie room from whom tkey .ipecieU a report. But a their alaence, be aald, oilier might M trougl.t U fore them. There waa organ! latlon Uc.lioua of Joining wilb ihem, and 11 might M adrlaable lo join with Iheiiand bav a couunoa auetlug. a.-TiOH or to. rrocx rxcnuroi. Mr. Kaiao's, Pruldenl of the N.Y. Block Kichanjrc tmI the followinir rraolullona, wUcb bad rrvvloua y beea adopted ly thai laidyi Hnolrei, That the merobcra of the New York Itock lUcbange, lmpreaarrl wlibtbcdeep aeuae of ai duty which should animals every heart, lo ma. win lb aoterumrnl of Hi. tinned B'aie. lit aup. tort of the C' .nulilutiou aud th laws, desire. In ilia lriod of puUio exlirency, to gtv encourage Bcol to Ibe C.oernroeiil, by pledgtiig our Bdetlr to Ji. Inloo, and our resolute determination to stand TI It uud.r ail rircunaUncea. hfolrtd, TUI aouremttte be appomtaj to r trnwnl th New York Buxk i:xchauge at a meet. Af to b, bald thla day at ba Chamber of Com. averce. On a-otloo, lh Commute of th Slock Kxchang ma Inoorpuraled with tbe commute, ol c I aeua. Mr, Pi.raiixia riwfcl thai arrangauieuta had sen mad. Ut a maas meet Dg ty other bod e. 1 but M Ibe call of lb SBerchanta had been publ abed, Ih.r. w.s a dclr on lbir part to uu I lit whatever l. ouatn.1 on night b made. The lion. John A. D11 entered the ball bar aadd BDlhustaatiO applause, Tb Hon. na. M. I.Tirr thought lb eomwvltteee f th Hveral orgaolaaliona ahould tw rrpreaculed ta tbe decaotutraiiou, ia order lha there should be a un led tlaucl of th tlaena of Mew York, lo gtv. Vtngib and authority to lb v cut. It would M well thua Dot to (oreaull Iba act on of otrwi bode., but to make Iba dsaouatralm what .1 should ba, th fra csprH oo of lb etlMcv. of N.a fork, Irmpaot of party, la behalf of lb country. b-Crorrnur rxa soared, that lb Oouumuasra aaaoluiuioa b tnoraaaad tu order to cooler wltb tbar koalas desires, af jolalog th lulndd meW ktf . Adoptaci, . . li li IU .t I (f VAi 'iml, aimJ ml h 1 p. fjnin lii'.'U IV 1' tM.leifJ'rfwvf iu I llflr tV't. w t "tn c4 1 nu.J It, t .l, wv.U.. ul r . 1 J t i tv rr "I t'17 I cj. nt aJIa Kata. ru I imttftl all I txtr.i: . . r Jinny It fcrran ' j .Mr. v pctn I'n.ruM isVMilnih irfH.ti i r uo wr in ir,nl lr r, r n' l!.HfM ft m i 1 1 "' ( 1 in tf ii 1 em t .tii . n' a f-lUltf tf.tll t. I ttllittl I.,.f I I Ww It V. P. C-ritt f"'ir, f 11 t nt - .nl I it) 1 i I i, tn ii.nir, . f 1 ., tbt lUa'tiMV, 1 . ,f, t4ftf It...,. m . t t ' ur l. f Ittn.ftl It IH.tUf 'r, V.f, ,,-, , ,, ,V f -,, .. I lf I HpT al It f If litre Mi. 1,1 I t 1 1 .1 ti , ! 1 it , 1 . ti irt-Iut t. ; . nui iif .: n . 1 t y 1 1 l .'(t'M'fti M . . Ia I. vr.JalCU.t ti') H fAw)vi V I K'u'U A 1 ti tu1 ''i it of t r 11 B-jn 1 , I p ! 1 1 4 I I I 1 '. I M' mi 1 u k !. Tl 1 p . 1 . iiinf pt p i' intif'ni nf ' f 1 ft" P ,n.- ft nl It hr- ti n irillfmMid'i lf r w 11 I' I lit. Ml'l txlt. , vl I I'm 1 11.. 11, t I r t n let M ,t t. ,ul u I ! I tkty '"ii'",'. f -ptT ) O 1 " 1 1 11 it u t Tt ''f'l to I n it T r inrtt'fV f U 'ti. -' -,'l . t'.wl, p. M. A I ' I l. t' I .0 ' - ' tTft I'-attv t flat '' " I 11 it it J, taffll-P Vlf I ' I" if t Ull lilf, Wll II n V ' M l.tAt iir.U. A iv n - t-1 it o -ul. nJ f f-tinil'it i4ii-ifi en twiiir t. I t It' III . tali It I 11 1 ti ti-. f 1 1 'll lUtfi fl t'i t'n; hidit f til Mii' 1" 1 1 o t: - 1 .).!!., it ) lit XI. I It il hi l i I h 4 t p-l'l il r I I nt 1 .1 tani tin i it n- i tl f ,1 1 1 1 r'.ip r iiit 11 I 1 1 iie'f 1 1 r ,tTCT I j ln- f'If III n -. I' t I. J r r- ,,1 I un wip ' itM.t., jrfi-t' . .1 1 u ll nr il itifpifr I." 11 loirt. I-1 1 , i. , 1,,.. ,t.l M I (l.M ,' I Hill ' I l Utt.t t T r v 1 1 .11. 111 'i I tin t it-It 1 it r nn m h?i , . - t ul 11 t r f . , .tit O I I I 'I -tl il wa"' t ll t l I I II ) TTi, i.iitftl I 11 ittttu- !!, ( tit'i.'ttri of rosTini'T, JuII. j;av.s' Proclau atioa. Ztoiitip mr$ April IT. I'ltrtliTiMtiuii by tho ?!. ..i.t.ftl.i C mrtl''Btnict if Ani i i. W irif-, Aia4aitt Ijvmn, rt-l I ,t t ll .lut-. I Suii, ktii ty prt:!mtt! ti nit . iti U1 hip t 1 1 ii tie 4ii(.Jfri. v r. t'i nn rn ..t.irt', (t.rl.iO 1'Hpwrtf 1 tpl 1 .ajf it. I il rv. ftnuiitlllitri'l' ptilirrting tit tupctiliii fimi-l nil ut-l'iiftl 0 'rrfiiiti.' Itirrrof t Iti il mi u ou f n foititfu ,. rr, ih1 wlHrrtttr ll lit tl u in 1 mm d'ltj f thH g'iinim tit t fj , 1 tlirtriirl lu i' iiti 1 it- ' 1 J- in lu Mtvl lUrtlcn if ili ppl, by nil ibt tiiitiv u, 11 li ti 1 vt Imtit'li-t aik! utMt-aut iitI- llll'il V I Alti p'iMfl lit lit fl Jaiwvil. N , 1' nf.'n.I, JiiitR . it rrrltVit of " C i '. ' trti of AtrrUi, ' li -i-tlt , my v - m 1 linn, luwltiut I thwe who muy ilritlrt I y H rt.ct1 In priitti in I Vew n mi tU In ;li mitt, t ..I tM-t ('"'crnniiiit In rfwUtrnf fn wti.tfii uinl .ti . tl m tfgrrthl n,ti mL itp Icnlh-u frttiiu bW iwor!ilterofiLjn)usindf0pnrtl,t ll"aiitl ilflci ll 1I tf IlilMl ('ffU'Ctlfntl PlUtlM, ll 1 I til lutlljor httify I1 ppffioiM pplyiiirf for hUrr of uurifuu, to nue.d KLttrmritt tu iUm;, giV.iij llif ti! i. iil fh Itbltf ilfwHTij-isfHi of tb u hunt. lir. l"i fA t lfirrpnf th Tpttw, tvtmu of I1 'nn ot 1 It c ff It owiht li! riM tl tiim in. niitl ti v W l.i"l llUHlli I I 1ft ' , 111 tl t r-l'll I ll ! tlf- iim nt, mil ililivtr tint Mini ti fit h.'i.i' y ! iHs ..r ('..lhtnr i.f t " ril f I i.liy r t' mil C iifttlriitn PUti' I lt liy ) 1m IT" 'II til I t t - .'tClfMa tf ?' li', falj t . . 1 t'i 1 tn'lif ft1! api'll Aiiti ifj rn.l,Wfire n,j iiiii.i-s..oii or IrtttT v' mirq ir i - I 'il t fti.y tf tr 1 .0 1 txiti r or tl.c iiwivr t' !', aimI tbe vn 1 uu In f. r t' 0 t rnr t fliig. 11m- w " ti tt .-.d ti v i i I I .V C liwHleiA-t H.'tsvlH it ! uil (w nftLw l p Mi not ii t fril in mit'ti Tt w i I ii Hi' i uttl Mum of iti Ilii'ti-Jin I iiMrt r lj in !' vif "Ur pii)fnl(l w (li rrjnrfill 1 1 nitf bnnlrM twi 1 li tj uu, t in tut'. ii im i, it 1 iim '' tA tb i"t:nnl J.-1. 1 , w. la U ec lit! tttti tbit tlii uiioi"t IU m, nt ( r w w ti h'lIi) l tuipYyed tx tr 1 lticU luil4Miimfcl Tfitiel, nliall fMert1 tLelawiof t' 'w t 11 e Ifiutu HUtett, Aud Ibe itvtri' tlmii frln tbrrn fort e rp,iilitloic-flh(lrrotiJiut,tlut nball itiify ull iUiniitrt iluiiecoiitrftry tn the trm tbf !, liy in li V'thei. Jartulitr commtiwloD, Hit 1 'ltllnr np Ibi tum bra lettykrJ by tl Prmllut of the Qj.tirrHt HUUat ivl I do fntlbttr FipiUl'yin ymi nrtll rwiiai boMinrfo i , civil Aid mill U y uqiIi r Ibe AulUurity if tj Cvu'i'd',rtc . I! nt tbey le vlgiltval fnl lel mi lo tlio of the duttee tlu-r ti ibt I 0 ii oreuvtT tilnit ibe i- d )t'p.e ol Jr.f ( hi dir I- S tnt. tin ti y 1 , tlelf "i'.t--y, 'n il i i't i' til. i of pfc' Pat'llt, lr U 'iti t' C WM tlf ll' l' ' Irt r, tl I 1 .JK tl .'it' ii 1 i i nu ik'iiUr I r i I t'i. e Wll M' a 4 T l im lit") H l1 ll' Imi ! - -ipJ io" Tok.!. t tbunHohri ' i pf"iu im.1i", in p iu t Mr ooiMHittt, hi iiMlui-iitiit tl i it'itlii'i ty l.d iffltniy of tin Uah, Htd in , p "t m, n..i ; ! Ibi un nil rri U imiyU'.ii j,t -t fA a.:I u di fi nrt-. Mid ly vblol, uihiit tin 1 rtv lu cf I Tii.e Pi-nvidi ik, v.? 1 uy h tM tVr it )!! tiud li n i .1 p c- 1 1 wit'trVH thtrfof 1 lutte nt iny I tu 1, mi 1 I :iT ea.lltll tbi fl O'tbf t'i llf dl rHttt tall14 f VllfTllA ('dttiU Kl) ibiy o'Ai-r.l, l:i t'. y ro1 Ml.- lord oue tlaouiuul elrfht bundrcd uu I y DOC.- .ll rilrtliM I'i. IbOiimrTttt'-m, (-.- ctArvi fhtil. ?lawincliui'tl ?ldillna Hofon Aprtl J7. H tmi lu lccn tlie thea (ritofu'i ettrtotttiii.iiy mi iti 7 AtoHenu'iit d'nti,' Tent riLiy aih! lotluy. C i jtrtuis im l'iA 1nt i (nAii' I av t uiiroi.t iiittt -irriY iil,, ah 1 ttVt luj up Ibrtqiiitrtfri pnn dt?.l (ur thum.' It I. 4.h, litli od Mb reiuiiittuie 1 kp.1 ted t I i.v dt t( V e uiVl.t, '" Ab.iu the Hrtuimr whip -i Mu'ikJi Utt'U uhatrioiol. Tl Xl'fla Gi!rtAton, April. 17. . The l.uten. Arlr.oru Ootivrutl inrl ul MfUHill imi tl t itli, t nd UM ; tot rtetotutioiiH tr it torn in,; t'u tv.iuu ul tbu a tviU 1 (JUtOaJ, I rom f Uarlroiou. CkartuM'vu April IT. -Two mllii- nt..f tlm(iu f I era ti 8ttf I. itn I dm Imi'ii I iUu 111 Out lly9 fco-l Nw Oleum wiuit 1 (lt. Tnu UM $ift,oiiyn-i win 1 a UiiiihI o O itrivr lnui, nf N .ith ('m.Jini, 1. 4 1 Urtpli e-ltbfi Hfjrtliiyi'Wtr, t'int Inluj UWi 4 -rrtV Ion of tbe Fort of IN irtli Cimlltii OEOAuU. slM7fa, i7 AprilM. Us -n V. iinUmitlna U KeiMJntlly eimiftiiuU aut llUu'td, nut iisA'iy utuilJer tbeulTie of uortbeiu v I'linttt r . iutre r eotude. Hundrvdt of lutt.'Ui m, itliniittV, bimS ftiluntver, Aiequiftly ffrnmi; iu Ibf H nub, iitttuy lecrrlly, tameri ike ujitlitrm nUiitotJin. 111 iAre they vttu be ftund. An udia Ivlitt wr rplut i amuhsI iu the Ooutb, nud mid aiuu. nn invlv itud lA..sU1y oilcied. ' mtot'K wivu. Proridtnet, Apnl 17. T ie l.-rfWature lodjy CJuuinuouittr nj proprUtfd jK"hui ( t inllitAiy nUIatH. Tbe K .ifOKittglli. Kll-'vl ' I"Ulfl .1iiit Iwn iAih $Uu n o iih InttHuutf T1 t-MiiW bnve otTj'tHlio tlie Mild $:H6Iai, I'Hl Uttmrti. A. V. EiaM.ct btftj(niea 10",0ih) Vtluutetrkre cjiuIu lu rapid' frvra ell 4tite of tho 1 Ute. Tbe revtMt ii.'mim pretllii. ItllniM Ait A, St, PiiuL Minn., April 17' iio. of Ihln 'le ntny, tlny IkhuimIa p - I tin turn for out iHafiun nt of Tt'luntt'erti, In 1.1 iku.hj t tbe cull tiMiutue Vr I't-irlm. nt I'rom Montaonirry JLfiWfyoiiifrjr, April V, Fifty thouKand Ttn Bcwee And Ke iliu'. y I Tpi er ttTi'rrd thU muru leg k Muutomery to the 'm P.'purtiucut. tbMfOUli. St Levi, April 17. Tbe State Jwrndl pub Ifebt tbe fo'lowlnf reply from ChTruor Jaouom te Be rtUr Cajusom t Kxvcvrtv DsvArn(.orT, Ultwourl, JrOerewo Uly, April IT. Bill Your dlnjtrb of tbe 1Mb innt., tiuiklngi OAl on ItiMJiu! Irfjur rftfinauut of men, fort i vre'ti'.to m rrlce, hA ben rrcelttd. Tbere can be. I aji rbctvd, to doubt, but thfe mru ere lntfiwlod to fonu p I of tbe If teidcbt'e atuv, to meksi Ar upon tLe iople of tbe eeccedi.d etatec Your niulelHou, iuiiy J u da incut, lillle.ail, uucon etitutlouitl Olid ICTO iittoiiiuy (a U Ol.Jt.Ctt, I nb II uuAud d-atlol'&d, bud c uu I le rouiialiod with, hoi ouomAi. wilt Ibe r tats of MUwurt luruleti, 01 etti ry 1 u 1 uoh bu uiibol v rniMAde. (ktictuedj C. F. ,!,., Gwfiru'rof MuwAurl. DUOOKLYN. MlllT.lltV AXIi rAlIIIOTC MotHMESTa. The jounj men of lha "tb, and 19th Wards ara ahout forralnj a compary for the purpose ol offerln their Ben lrute I he governs cnt. Tho who iK'sIro to tnrcll ran do so at th Wlfc-wam, en rijrmj'i, tio.ii- Dj Khlliasi'itue, dl. tiii.tiivM, of tie 7ith roilmrnt, h.viU rued the Kllowln order t 13 TOtl. KTt tlradq'iailer taooatta, Avril lltu. IML OtSCB Vn. I. Tb oebcrrs, u 'lantomUairxst sOrcra, and of tbu reiu.enti terels wderrd Is eaaemM nt lh. Ara.o.1 on Tou-4sf nenlnar. trmh I11.1.11 , f.r drill aul Iu.-hxs.ov, la tall nnifora a, nrorn. au.1 1 Irtnta, niMnoim eJ. rbedtlerlof tli'.lnare lira Is, Hal all ihrwede. nent la the prora-r area aul row ticnem aaa, ba xaoaahed by Ibe stale. Uy order of 8cn. Uauu, (Jot. 79th !. At a mee'lng of tha Ilaard of Directors of it Citliens' O.s IJ,-ht Companjr, rerentlr held, t waa rwajyed, "lliat la ,moI lha exirttrj af lb time, an I th demand that Is mad upon rears; Indlridnal and asao, Ui un for an txprca. Boo of lojal sonllnients, a liherlr pole bis at anrcereeled at the works of IheOmnanr, and Jm Star and Scrips b unfurled therefrom." tbe flm ia to ba raised on .Saturday af ternouac, t flock. Tb First rrodnct police, bar Inn no Hat wjsed the money for one last night by su& criptloo. It will U digital rsl from the station loan a soon a It ran Im placed In rwltlon. NotwithslandinittlMCTiieraldliibtjr of rise ry prlrate wrtie Ihrrmihmit therl'j-. not 00 las thu far twn diplas ed from the City llall sr from any of the lititrty poles under control a tb CorporaUon. EiinamoM or tiik IIiiookltm llonnoct Tit Bnonrrr Tha pt.rlng .tb lltli.i of th Imoklyu Ilortltiiltural Boslety, wa, opanod jt erdsy afternoon. In tlie large anloorj allaohrsl ti lha kadtmy of Muale, Tbe collation thla year la argrr ami tetter in every rtrs'et, Ibiui on any prw. tins wion. The prirn- sl ci.ilnbcun.. ar frewra. Jona llcisisiaav, riivsnca and Foi, of lr lyn, li . Hash v, rsroVni r, lo y, I! Ijtwnar, lay iui -wow. laoua, KariuinT, 10 Haa. A. caui V. J. IUsot, .aMfnrr, to Mm. t'uaaaj bulif Zsh. (raraewr, tiMa. A. A Iwol IiraJn rn: Lotia MrjiAisii ol A tnyi Jiai, faunm oa rB.earas Ma. rlcii.. Ma. Isuaasi aud cllirrs. aenre .ailetita of Ji.lia. areoit eahltntlit alao lena, Palm Iresa, Iiid a riivrr tree, atatanlaa. farlattaca-l taf plant, in am at variety, 8 iffo Palm, faoultw, Caroeliaa, J ,pr nlcaa, rul flow, s, Ao. Anvaigat Ilia nwel notleis. ie coMritnitLm. wwia JaUfornla pine, 4 year old, R feet lu height, lha lraoi,a or dretou tree, tlie Ame Icau p icrw ilant, lud a rubrer plaul, Av. Tlie astro palm la rumlnent on Ibaeeaitr of a Uble occup ed hyor aimeoul flow,, IsMketa, soma of which wr. of Teat beauty. Tbrre were a'.ao scan .flue irpavlaim 4 vecrelaea, coaniNtliiir ol letllre, ra.iisbea, iba ub pi .ta, a,d trt.( Ivaas. Of .sladijlmn ehao. iDli, .ix varirliee, fruia lb. k dill o It. C Town Ban, of flay Utd.e, aro oo f xbl .11 no. Waioju-kI land wist in atteudaiaw dur g the eveu n, aa.t died Kieatly lo Iba eicjoymeot f tl .4rltbalalidilia lb; L t-ct tb w alb. r, Ihetw waa a large attarKlain;. of vt.ltn .. Tb ahliatloa will contlsue for two diya. Th. p aluiua were awarded btal uibl. CoRtinrit' Imqimt. Coroner Hobtos raid an Inquest yreterday, upon t'. body of Amr laanaM, who was found dc-ad al ler re dence. No. tl Kat TUllle .treat, on Morcfy monititft. It waa I flrnt HCMlM-ctad that she die.1 ol liit ioa Inflic-Siyl y barhuabaud, bulttatpe a Imlle- destb wi b remiliof IntcmiracKe an.1 a rrdict la accor Bknse waa ren.lcre.1. Her hii'trud who wits arreea el w liberatwl ou tb ren litiou .f Ibe verdb-i. Fatal Rimclt ok ai AcrinEiT. Coronar Inrrxrt held an loqueat yesterday, upon lie body f EiouBirrn Canon-ros1, wrr-ie parents teeide oo te eorner of Atlantic and Cirltoa avenuea. Tb ceased cave lo her death lu oonaequenca of tr arlea sustained whilst 'aee-sawUi " Hhe waa nine ear of age, a veidict of accidental death waa rwu Urd. JEltSKY CITY. TllRKATESKI) ATTACK CrO A NKWIPAm IrricK tiik TuLicr. Koncr okdkred out. b mob which pathcred before the American UamltrJ office, in Jcrsy City, on Tuoaday lght, threatened that if th stars an.letripea rer not dlsplay.d during yesterdjy, they did assemble at niht and demolish the office. luring yesterday a large number of c!tUca raltd upon lh editor and proprietor and an earored to prerail upon them to dbp'ay tba a, but th.y refused to comply. A riot baloft dtlclpateil, the Mayor sent tha following eom lunlcatlon to tb Chief of IV-lce, jeeterday ftarnoom MAToaa Omrr. I Jersey Cily, April It, 19C1. '. L. Jfarfnas, ChU of rolien 1 bar. been Informed by Mr. J. II. I.tok. editor of se Amerfran atandard. In this city, that pieiara. cua bava lieeo made byeebuu auauua -thla evuilng lb pnprty, prvaaea, Ac., ia tua 1 herolr loatrurt aud require you lo cause all lh tewber. ol th Polk lli'lmrtiuent to isi ou dty al e.eulng, for lb purisai of dlaier.tu4 a 1 uu twful, tuniultuou. aiAl riotona a.euit.laffe. of per. sets, aud sinitlicm that vtoletare to ttie ieiaona od property o! cltiseua wilt not b loleniic. (J. ai Yosr, Mayor; In accordance with the aliov Instructions, ba entire Police force era asM'mblinl at tb tat ion house at balf pant 6 o'clock laat eren. li;. there to hold themselves In readiness should beir services I required. Tin greater portion f tha officer were armed with rlula and rrvol rs. It was reported that a mob was expected rer fron New York to assist in the ilotoua aroceedings. Quite a number of tba friends of the pentlo ten connected with the Stamford office tea . red their services to assist iu prevent in tha ob from carr;lng their threat Into execu ion. Tbe editor, Mr, Pr.sin.KK, In a loading ad!, erlal last evening, says: "As to tbe all nut ve prorfMrd by the artoa In als aOtir that we ahad ruber " tbe Aruerioar a or lfse the tocM." w. fil.all do nsitbivr." Reverenring the War. aivl Htriira as tba iym ol of tba natlou, and ready to do our full duty In Tibold.tig it, by land and by aoa, wa will nut In bcdience tolbe tbieataof ary mob, or to Ibe au hortaedorileraofauy tudivolual, or any bcaly ol sen, surrender one sjiark of liberty which we aliart ritb all other private cilll.rnc." A special meet lug of I he Union Minut Men rbo ara supporter, of ibe StamlirJ waa railed ut iiIkIiI, at Cooier llall, nnl mia sup swd to bar reference to the tbrcatene I riot. Tb Indrpmdenra fliianl, Cjpt. Graham et U.t niht at tba llud-ii House, for th sorpoK of drilling. The company will bole! lieahelvc in readme lo responl to tbe cal af tb Governor at an boui a notice. The;) j now receiving racrnlta and oealre tobari Jielr compiny nnmtn r 100 slron. The Hudson Guard, Capt. lI.urFlt. met 1a, ilubt for drill and rerrlv.d 30 nos- rerrulln fbey meet on Kilday tiliibt to take action 1. r.r.uce to th national difficulties. Tint WakKxcitemivt. Tho Tliird Reg! cent, (Artillery.) Major llf.T,AMrit com nandini;, of th lludann Ilrigade, numtrln 180 men, have tendered their nrvlcos, and wL a In res.Uncs In 21 hour after roce'vinu ot ler. Uen. llATrikLI) has communicated t' or, Oi.dkk the offer mad ly Major Hkxa kr, and It la tindcrstoO'l that their service uva lawn accepted. The Cominunliww Zouarea held a met-tlr. TneMlay nlht, and unanimoui-ly reaotred t ffer their sen ice to the Government, Harry' Tnicoriirmira s the bert end eheap.t artlrlo lir droa Ing and beat tfvlna. rlraulns, r-iirllnir, nnvrrriiu and r-torinx tr aUr. Leah Ut It. Hold by all ilrurgUta. Tiik Old Washihothi Fi.o, wmr At tmsrk. an.1 .ran ablch Oou. Wsflill'.uTos rsb4i Hattryr at Ibe evaruatlnn "I thl. 'city by tbe tsr ab, la to ba Mn .1 llarruiro'. Mcwiuiu. Now vvitiiii itBirit or All. OKOVI'K IIAKKIt'4 CELntRATFIiMllrllUiiK KKWINU MAfniMt $40 and upwarda-t t liroadway, N. V, A OltKAT RKDVCTIOX IN PRICES OP K tab earprtlna, oil clotbA russ, msts nisttln.. wiao ahadi-s. table and piano eovcrs, drucscs, IhiWh rari wa, .talr roda, 4e al Hirau Ahomtaos, t9 IViw, Lha lararat aaortroent lu tbe city, and will ba M ' Mian auction prieea. or..i:itAL. rtoxfcKH. " oaaha. Cwlda, IlenrM-oma, and Horwr, ntha cbrat, are the frit .trp. toward, consumac wffnsT. b sdvlaad In lime, use llollow.i-'. clli.Cr, tad 1'Ula. 1 bey wilt (lr. Infant r-IV, tVl rrari m proTes theia the tnwt rtmadiee lot tlieM IlyaKw Ltfe Oalmiu. inilTIATIgM, BCEOlTtA.BALTnUEfV. i emisly f the mart painful and pnotrartod l.rm imm dlaraae. t alM old ulcere fivr wrca, er.a p t went eaeM of Impurltr of lh. blood, llv.r and atran-s l.lle isuaam I. tn. mort etrraia aoa aers, reiural debllitr, dvnen;"i ln.H.I'yt eou oo, piles, a, rrineipai wrvs ..wuiauv m, io wboitla. J At thla eaaart af Ibe year notblna Is el I Dr. LANOLEYI) Boot and ll.rb lliUsn, lo on or jaanaaw, i..wjw, .iuuua anu i.i tr atainta. tttmon. CortlebMs, eakneaa, and all G ttornplaluU. PrloaHOand licenU bold brail Cre yr (,Hh fer I-lntw -1 TTaal TUKJ-OOH MAN'bFIUtND.- ttADAtf ZAIXK! rOBTF.R-8 COUGH DAI' a .aatiaiila rraMr for onviha, eolda. asthma. . u eouah, ce. Tba low pi loa at bleb It k. o aide ereryene to kerti If n.enlanl foi aair use or aoiu pna) IwlllpreuUwswt auwiaoi Md by ail drei kl CKEt, tit Onawi rrta,lH, a"" at ata, . W 7