Newspaper of The Sun, April 27, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated April 27, 1861 Page 2
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fjn-' THE NEW YORK SUN SATURDAY MORXINO, APISH. . IM. M'r think that nothing at present warrant hreel of revolution, tt peihapt becJ.m the t Wk rem, M lh agenoy to which mora loan any ether of th kind Mr. Skitard ewe hit preeetit position to denounce the wekne-i he ha Infused Into th creancllt of thr (Sine n meat, with peculiar boldne, and to Insist upon change at all ktuM. Dal unlil the hop ( reformation li deepr-ate, Immo IUt thr atl of revolalieu are premature, tuelcaa, auvl of sedi tion tendnnry. fft tkf It 'that th object of the Tint" like 1at of T ,trlot with bl rrce open, I to urgelb Ooefnu,enl loa.tlon I y the most ef fectual meant and motive vail.tlle an I In that object need we fc.v thai weh-rtili- concur and ro-rprrate? The' pUn truth wh'ih the Administration ehiuhl I nude tormllM, aid lh fPHJU the l-ttcr, I that twenty million of trrerorn. rotiwd by the deally extremity o -cil loali ' v irakc il-teim lc..r in ntr ly J.. win- not m imir in l-iper in Iiim with tlioer p tcele tnte r-'e. ihrj return . th. I. l,i,i if tin 'MJicrliw" ter wh -' thci . vr liirur mc-uir. The in- J clirjt1 -f hope auj er.l 111 tolli lca.ti.-1 l" Mlj aap-ineiltn prccne the ntl"i hj ad. m tin- notbiagtul to do I In it duty, anl H that the wL'If.lUw thtm I,.. -ally, with H the poi", to d-nlh n-1 1 'try, If need , DMit a (, for their chillcn. If the of this d mind, i-i tone Mtf.'ii ictillj iue.piipl iin! loiperaiiic. lull sccu- tin .nine rrunlrcl, tin nail will I will, n lately one will ! cot trut. Hot If the rvidenocof ahetol. decision rl'.l not l srievdiry fort hcoming from Washington, we warn the Administration and H frlenda an apologi., that I hey wi I I mi mn-e rrgardnl in the nu-h ot he nation f,.r ita libcrtl.-v, than rre-U before a torrent. It need no eccr t In terjiret the iletrra thAt ha hurt from the heart of tlii great people, tint TUKASON ' MIAI.1. IK r.XTF.llMINATr'.DI Mr. Sew A an uur-c tet hli sanguine dream of some new compriinl and levonatructlon and the patching up of the frag-tnt, gluing traitor and true men together one- more In a treacher can and hollow ia . 1'crhaj the relnda will te adid to d It but the pitrlot pvple will nerer luff.r it. XkvihI KVKKI Nerer will their edUke rag he cuevkwl U'i they hie around Treaioo to poeder, and aecur ed their children for miny p-ni-ratlonK, hy one terrilda example, apilmt thii dread neo-mity whiih we have now to meet, of defending, our Uhertiee and theln to the death agaiiut the word of our own brother!. They will find leaden, aul Ood their way to the heart of thin relwllion, without waiting mucA Lmgrrfvr ordera from a temporiilnR norernment. But we Ik yt for letter thro. Our ohjeot la not to Injure it weaken, but to aroune and en coiiraBe our rulern, to tbo fall raoaeure of their power, their opportunity, aud tlielr reepoiudbil lt),athe prvirr loadera of the greateitt mili tary furee, and the nobtait mvement for liberty, that eTcr waa amliodiad ami embattled on this Rlol. We wait In expectation. More HamhaaalBi. Oa WnlnemUy, our new Doite.1 SUU Dii- I ' ., . a- I triit Attorney, E. IlrLAIIILIt SMirn, Ekj. 1 m-iit an official notification ta certain bank, holdini: balance dae bunking Inatltntlons in eieded eutea, that aiiy attempt by them to forward ii ie to tkone rtatea, while the tela?'. lion continued, would be rcanb-d and treat 1 aa treaaouable. TbU waa a Ixihl and proper atep toirrrt-nt uiuney bein,; eeut South, whlili would at one be mUc4 by the Montgomery reln-la, to lupxirt their di-elm if inraJiiii; WaahinKtii", atl d etroyjin' tlwi l'uito.1 Slate fjovernmrnt. But by amnc means Mr. Smith ea Induced, iiHHi the trr name day, and before ho could haieatii communication ilh bin superior in WaaliiiiKton, to withdraw hi letter of warniiu, 'and male a liumiliatinKexpUnatl m orapnlni;!' for luiiuK written it. Now, weaakdid rod Mr. Smith write hla find Utter upon very pol tiie information tliat a Ure um not of ra-cio waa alKiut to be wilhdrawu from thia lily to meet the forced ulcriptiona ta the Sotilhrrn hanka to the Qftoen mlllioa loon f Jkki KUtut UavisICo? And we ak further, how .Mr. Smith' mind, waa MtUfii-d, within a lew hour, that it waa hi "duty," to recede iVom hit first poeitlotl. Mr. Sniirii eeemi to be a victim of the name rpcclea of hiiiiibui; by which the aeceaaioniat made poor IUciiaiam thtlr tool, deceived our merihanta, and filled tbe whole rem a try with di'lueiv hoara, until their truion waa ripe for execution. Ifnoextrnaite or biimedUte trana fer ofejwie to "the nliellin ttatea" waa In tended, why the hot hatte to p to the 17. 8. District Attorney "awarmcia" that hia oluclal ligilancewaa nredlve? Are we m-rrr to aae th cud of that ireduloua, rhilly-rlully policy on the part of our tioverniut nt and ita ofQciaW, which haa enabled the aoutlu rn traitora to act with the moat ooatemptuou auduity, and ralrn their rrldllou to meet fonniiViUe proportions? Now what are the facta in the cane. .Vr pmi boh Davia ascertained that many of the Soutu-u-ii baaka have, from prudmt motlree, kipt a larg portion of their eaiioriaiurii' In the New York hanka. Southern bank, for iimlaucc, lifia nearly a milliun and a bull' do'tjri on d ', eit lure. Another bn Ita whole lapitul. Tii ee lianki do not wUh to withdraw tin ir d"pn-.t 10 hae them aelied by JrnH:oi Uman d Ida follow piratoa, II ut ll.vtta Ixi 1 itiinnvl to the otliiera of t how banks th it If they do not kt-ud on thiir drafts for their b.ilann-in New Yolk, he will arrest them a traitor and hang them on tha noarevt tree. Of coorae, they will, iml.-r a threat whi h they know would b executeil, Mini on dra t but it la the duty of our bank to protest even one of them ( aud bad U. ti. Dis'rict Attorney hxtrii adherod to hla first letter they would bar been compelled to protest them. J-et the waruifl be promptly renewed, or the jieop'e rosy be the safety nf thli treasure. llaaw af ike War. Th Keening A has iiU'ormalion that so fully U thia work, the dcfviice of WaaliintouJ In General Scott' Judkjjjcnt, arcompUdied that th troops which have lavii tailed for from the western states will have another and unite different domination. Tart of the fori e at id from I.linoia is alreah at Cairo, on th Mw'nwippi, an I the romiin lor w ill soon follow, Indiana will M'nd her troop towards the Muwlaalppl, and it t un U r-t-ol that no more of th Ohio trot - will ) to Waaliingtou. Soia movement is on foot which will -VI. th rebela work to do on the great rlier whhh water th slat uf Alabama, where they lave Uxed tbelr seat or Rovernmsnt. The American Telcpaih Company will commenc receiving rouMaues from Wadiln ton thi tuorning. 'J'h'wc drponitul at the of fice ber (it Wall atreet) Ufnr 1 o'clock of each day, will reach WaahlnUm the nam evening. Arrangements are la-lug nuta by which an almost hourly com in ion will b mad with Washington, ib pre will thus be rnablul to furnish to th public a 'much fuller aud more tillable Idea of the state of af fairs at Washington, than they have done for ino days putt. 1VT !! Oot. Tbt Jl Orli-ain Ottctnt, of Iht) flat, . dare, th-l " ;i .'ebta row due Now Ti' an4 ether atale ftmn tl Sontb ar can oiled, wiped cmt by the i.ratliiof civil wnr." "New York and other at lex' wont then wipe oat tha rrpudiaton. 4eore laiw Ike War. OEOr.dK 1.AW 1ia vrllten a letter lo rr"l dent l.l!X't w, In which he declare hit entire deration to the flpitrnment condemn In the mnatemphttic termi II Interruption of com mind at ion with the Capital of I ho Nation by i,e motiof ntlllmorei the attack jpon, and the tnurr of Irpo'i In the Oorernmeiil er vieoi tla oUtriKiion, by the nmf lawleia irncy. of mall .ind telegraphic coninutilca tl.t a, and In m luHon aaya t IlUdefial'lidof 0 itenunrnl tlatttiej- at oa -e tienteinenfiMn ami evfutliet Ihoa, IfMeii innn"i aH-m, l ibal lliey pioiert ml p-eeie II mi tn tn nay luitlief lnterriit.l"li t'u e ta l,me tbe .fe will be con.pi Hid 1 1 let e It Ion llieir .it li nut', lrl the r.m"e.ii' n. I whl Hie may, ai I lit llillM fall eliere Iihjt will. (eeninlx oner- n" Pulilli- liarllle Tlir f 'r n.i I4m - i In t njeell.iir Thura let. af ir tti'M. li the onlinin budneaa, -. ibed fi:t nil ' m.l.itcc-iilrjhaie ol- up iil In I une f tl.. ir country Miall IwTPllelrfu -ill v paid 'o them, cr their f..ini!loa, in -Ixti ilal; A ll,r i -'nail U-tx tamed l.jr tlie. They l'utlhr rea (.?e,l to prep b upllal anc nnm'ationi foe i-eMiera who oi y - injurml ,bile in arrrb e, i- d iiiMruMcd tl Wa'ilen of II -IWiie llnaiiit .i! to fumUi tl e rairuita of the Sucoml ltl nert, who may need the Mine, I -I ;in In the l.xpitalt'ntilthrir departtiro. Fo ty-two re iHiiti of the 2d It-Kltnent. and twenty-Hre tnenilaraof the Natlonil Zouave are now laln fiitid be.1 Willi final and lodlna at the llalle uolnntttiition. THE LATEST NEWS. ar TSLKonArn to tiik a r. svs. a War Movements, Sec. Road to Washington Open. o or TKIIOI"?. TIintK. tiovrniaarnt lloldla; Kedlroad anal Tcle rarh. COXAIM YA Tl I'S KKA CTtOX .Y MARYLASD. The t'eettnaj la tbo Coaalry. .OTRIILTrl OV TIIK ItKIIKIX. Kroea WauAlnctaa. Itanitlntrf, April 2C General Stott a, aured a rent emau yoetenlay that VYaahlagioa waa eafe aaluai all I-enei4 altacke. tlur lntotmant onnflnna the arrival ther of three New Yotk, aud the Llijbth MaaaaAuaetla reg iment. The Pevrnlh Iteabaieat af New Tark la WaahlaKtaeu rtrnrllU, Jrf., April 25 Three cltUoni of ftalllmore, who aiaaetfihrough here for the North, trinflrra aconnnla of lha Injurlea auAVrad by lb rnenninof HmUIdmw. They had been walled eu by a aqnad of laiHaLtt Iruojia, and ordered to leave ai once, i oey ail aremaa m nave oeen m cianllrrtabla einunialanrea, one who aald ha w woilhlniiy tliouaand dollara left with only TScanU tn bla piKkak UewalkedfromUalUniuratoUivr da Grace. ' One fc-enllcman who lalt Waahliurton th nlirhl Ve- f re laai eaya Ihat Ihe Seventh Kivtmeul, of Naw Yoik,iltlvaly arrived lhar thai alteraojn, and that J.OOO truoi lu all lial arrlvad. Quet prevailed In li illlmore yeaterdAy evenlna, though the exuleuieul aawag tbe eup cintlnued Vrwa Dalllanrr. 'AuWrsW, April tO. TheKvening .lia ri tant id Hutlmore tu.8 beeureoehed. It Is rumored that theiverunient haa a detach mi ul of trtaiiNi protactinaT the wurbuien eitui a e re ailrlnrlhe MJ.eaoll Hie riiila.lelphla railroat, reel ol Ihe fliiajueliauna. Jl w 1 bo ojn lor avail and travel oioy. It la belieted llial a quorum of the L,iaUture tennol aaeeinble at Fre-tencka on Kitday. Tbe llnnka are reirlrw ti Uane email n tea ! autlairined ty the I,erialalure. A artfe at hiaaier fnini New York, towed by a tun; waebniiiBhltii by aakt frum Fortreaa atnuroe.wbU h laaeed tbrotiKh the liur. The laryn wm aelrixl. Itooiuilatrd of military atorva for Virginia, au J a lull light artillery laitlery. The Piteraliurfr irirae euva there are 10,000 tmoiaiht Rirhnioud, 1,000 at llirjier'a Kerry, aid 3.11 nt N.irf.ilk, Imludb a 1M fnnu UaorKia. It In tinted that ,lr, Diva will bwue no letter ot mniqiie uutll alter Ihe luetliuaT of Cougreaa, r-i:i.j I'rwm Maryland. Ilairtthurg. ,lir,7 26, It la reported that an stunk waa nuule by Maryhnnlera on II uioeer Vil lage, Yotk Ciaiiity, on lueeday laat, u,cinned bf a (Treat sutniHltf of ueiroea. Kellable aAciiiuita aay that whole funillirai are cltiaalnH' llit-i Atlaina, York, and KrankliiiliiunllealntlilaHlale. A rrjmtt il.iea ll.e total liaM, of alavta by Marylaud aluca the ttnublia beRtui, at tnH). tlreat l,ra -re eniert-iued In ll.e lairder coniitiea of afar) Uud of the dapiuture ol lha ebtlre alaie pultion. Thr 3th und 7lb HrlaneaU af Meuaaaielia Hla. Ihmtim, Apnl 2'i. --Information haalieen ro celied it Head t)imrteta thai tvd'mel LAwara,a ia-tiiiiiabden.liniciDa the otti and a immuou of Ihe Tlh Maaanchunrtu teffiiu, nta of Infaulry, Uyetner with t''itln C'ooh'a llflil ami ery and Major liillN'a ril'e bitnl Ion baearTiel aafuly el Ann. ania, sinr uuhi, wltuoul roaiaiiiice. , Hrlenre and Itelenae af Ike fabawba-JIri, lean Uavauea In Texaa. J" On-nat, April 2.1. The ateaimr ('a liawlai, el the New Ili'taiiS an.t New Yrk Hue, waa aelred thia innruiUK, but autMe.iuaitly rdleaaiil by orUtrol the M aiUnlue'y guvstuoieiit, uud aiuled at i tiVliak thia rteumg, Aianiuita from Ihe upjajr rlahea aay that the lubltaiysplril liiiireiianar, ami vulu.Uer coiuniu lea are I emliia tepidly. l'lunt, ra are oAi i nig maiey freely to tbe atnie. A ruinor fnnu an aulhtlilic amiua- halieuhed llraioa that the Miliinlia are Ketttn np att ther gininl'i, wiiruieakiiiln-liitlsiiMuiitleltiillniiale Abnve lli-owualllle the bmn vf I; In hod ta'un plllaind und burnt, aLd luuuy Aiuarnan lauidieH inurihr'd. Jtrnwiiavllle 1 ad alan la'en threatrne 1. A nmuler "f 1'eUvn.l Irani luid left Ten, au iiiiliDkr.l.1 1 tail Theyaie ibumbiut y au pbeil will J rnviaiima und Ineului of teannpurtatUai. The nuialer la the vicinity 1 1 ludutuula la alaint tiflo. lom ttnlern Tlralelau U'hrrlini, Cii Apnl 25 Tli P Kt I. and i:iMurrrtintinllnol this t!unrnaaloeal Iljitriil na I In thia clly klay, and aaret-led lb nnni nae of the IM ui aa 111 ana rata, W. ti. Ilaowa, of Preatou l)nm.iy, aathairrandulalator ConrfreM. A reaolu thai wna adnHed iiiprotlng ef the lUrrtaea Uiunty prieuible ami rren uUoue, whioh eoratainnnl lb courae tf t-xrteiu irjluia, and r cominawlail tha nortbwtatem mni ta t, aemt d leaathaia k tbe oonvcntloii at Whteling the 111) diy ' mit. Many run I'nlou arwechra ware nude, and CIS rthtuK waalieuaactaI with lar eel linaoiinlty. The prevalrul oplnlou beie la thai w.Ii be a dlvialoii of lb atats. AnlUKrrraalou Feellua lo .Northern !l aourl. IhmMiil, Mo., April 25. There i but litt'e ayliimtby In Nultheru Miaaourl, with the Ha leaaUaunla, mid renU tluil our railroads uu I "lle'r lutllc ri mi ani ta have lavn, or that they are like ly to l li lettered unit, are wholly uuiouudej. Droui lii'uvrrt'lly, Vorl Kearnty. April 'JO. -Tl watern sUpe airatd hrie at I) I. M. fur II mha, with Ibinvrr lUileHtolf.'d. Tla liiat le'eKniphie illeptUbcS from Ibe Kiu-t, pudiiced aofuiuid aeiucition Tleru will d' itbthw laiaalnnij I'nlon dumon htriitioitliie, Many iiLtltliiiite aeiloiin Indian trmiilia. They are tolleitlits liter the aett etueiita in Uigo imm'iern, uial conetiintlyciinimittinK iajltydstrieiiotia wUob n ay culinlnate iu a gtnerul war. livluwarw for Ihe I'nlon. II Vm.nytun, lkl, April it!. (iovcriior Dill Tna b - liwiiiat a procuiu.ullou, calling out tiooai to ilo'euU IU t ulon. lrrlrd Allnib on t'ulio, III. I Vitrii; ., April V I'a iigers from Iho dotitb, iiairl tbalimoHiaiabi'iiu raiael ai Mam jibia, lunid(ilb. finl other anulham mi'uU. 'I heir l'o ta in iniatcu ot ranrtupti WJ ceiiuiuuna, ry., aiaifrtiui there uiann to I'auo, aUkuig it Iimiu Ibe u La,u aid of th rlier, Itrinavat of Arwuk fhwayn, 20 Tw entyne thound -tolalu allnawaalMinivKlnouiiliaAeMaialal HI liulaU..l 1.I4I 1, aud uktn In tlprtu(iaJd In tula I'rwm jtnear-otl. tffrrn''i; oteo. 1 i imer Wyomi- : I aaluarriidl tu-ee ft pi Ami il. rVa a ' at la 0T" k. In" iwomlaaT. Tea eieamarii i Hie Few Vera IWi, lie Mfuai lid at o no erjj. uiifer eieitny ot IU bnf oi erir Pair. brtiiirtacA'fw Rejlmeiiie, arrived at Aa Bane, la rtullnf lat Bltil. The Crlk Kea-imeni waa diaeirjatkib. II waa repnret that Ilia mat la clear to Weehlaf ton. ltd (I nl Knaa had rune on. tt ta xnimae-l that ti OonMlliilUn, wauld aall f.r hew Voik today, UUtl Dildaltpineo from toe Naval I &.'. on braird of her. From PrrrvUle, Md. rmytrUtt, M4., April V6. The lUtlmnra fweiaaja. "At toeail-t for vValiiMr "'"" dajraiirnai Wlen II rrexheil Arnajlla J me timi, the I cleia In were fcund l.ulu tha wood. aial II ll laii-K, aireiieiKi,aa aeiau'e turn n B alrtiol. aid nut of lae aj,iaartiiielie Vutiialeera Uk nti the line M man-h trn-a Aruupnueearir on i ....-.,. ,--.. . . i VVeilorartay mine, aorl armea ai ll.e jun inum . p,aayi"eiM"Fiip,n.i j '- - - n In Mn the train returned. Ait o-ilak In the aternomi the train alii lefl w ta the Mtaav buarila Htvinient. (liilbeamiaii lk-henrmli Rimeiil ai Waah nfftLls they marebed p Itie ate ilia .t the rif enl a limae, and tlience ) lh War Pjper nitiiU" H a thoueJ Koluoleera ar la WCi uoad, rndy f t ai rnce A atat I tt ry la l 1 1 erctfd at Y tVbwii,atv Mi"tber three aiIeali"V( IU h"wl. Tlteunp Jaitistivi Iw lei' ftf.Nl up nt It Hi tl fol ear pirfo-ea. t lo-eu aiel tro- i aie at !rrpar 1". ry, and 3.tal at Norei k Tv Tew II ? i.OnO vibti.tiera It irt'iulb, tl e i orettf tbe i-lr Th whiaiiai Ann e .1 llmae! , i.i wheal, .rl Itlilllei l.ti.r a Ma arh'li - U.aat, lntim-lf-id. Illrcitled tnM the trior at ntrp-Tte Furry bar lwiicidiee.1 li h-iiu-other p,Hiit,aiipraed 1 1 I te ir the tap I Th RalHmtrt Ml, I aaa Wader aiblrh aee-na I tmlliiiU' thai linn li ervailteinflue tt la irairitn (to MI..I in thiil II" Itirapballdal't ili'elaree that II la . t a m tawli li mier. It an) a that the p waas nl an onbiiance of ae cm on ly fir l.i-Klalatnre, uniild lasanarnffaiifaifttaier niH veatnl In II. -li fiaia-aCalbenaH'Mli C ui ml"ii, lh du'e.nle, t li tinted dirertly trum the pa file. It ilenk th e atnrlr I l li me 1 1 t'l.lw in. u M Ht't inmre. Thne m hianiiT, the (In. Kn , Vulnty, ant flwnri.inf Milne, wertwlrMIn I'dnunpk K'aer, I ninm were pi rel uUurl thetlen. Knox, aial tbe aorraalntt fl K bniateil lliail tiHliMit-i.lelnileii'a bie 'een recelv"l tKiigl.t of a ieai U' 11, iu Hie puUic aentimenl it lid tifnorr, A Rentlttneo, wbiaie Terwtty einn ba dmibtM, (bitea that larere be e I thia nirn'ln, In flnl to aeetls Ktata and Rtrlpea nyini, over Ihe " Klimte Miru'a Head U.rti," aud 011 "Uulcher'a Ill'i." Tbi re la a frreiit reellna;anioiuibusinea men far therr-eatabiialnieiit o' trade, anl al mi iimanrve tlvelam ie 1 bant: ha Rraibial y lo op n llntiaila . There la no douU aa in Ihta etate tif afllra. The Mevimb RiylmeU, of New York, built the la-lilrenn the ro d, aial niialntl the rlla. Wl.l e ll.e M aa chuactta Klabth were mcvliurto rTealilturliei, ordera weie 'eeivl to atoi al lh Junction, sudfuird that ptnut A bany, Apnl III) Twn buivlred ami fifty bnxaa Jniiu.krte u.e ie. el veil today fnnu gomrSed, rotiUliilnir 8,tW0 arms, aud weie forwarded lu th r.imlra depot. Thirteen additional mmpanlea were enro'l 1 at headiniartere touay, maklnai a loinl of let cm.ava liaiettlatend or t 1 o'c tck totbty. Aoxiig tloseiKteredtoday are ten full eompa nliai of Ibe t'mti'd Tumeta RetrlineM of New York PxAexBtgn., anoffloer of experleure anl aervlc In Kuiepe, will probably be Uilunel of th tegt tnenl. at Major Piun 1 ac, of Reneca, U here engaged la ae, lively aiding the deportment by eii-ariem'e and trlair. Llent, DATita, Inetructor of lefantry tartlca al Weal Ii.lni, haa been tendecled the a lion of Ifajorln VoU I'aaa. TowaMaaolreatreenl. He will aearpt If hcanolln leave from W Pulnl. Cob DaXAmnjs of Ihe enrpa of enguieera, and Ei ftnperlnteodt nl al WeM Point, has beau aaalgn dto dutyoa Ouvernor KiinoAMa irtaff. Ixntiirillf, A., April 26Major C. It. Fry dent the statement in thia tnominice Courfer, thai he b realgaed bla poaltlon In tbe Federal Army. iMiiinlUy April 25. A proposition haa been saawle by Ibe Governor of Kentucky lo lha OoveiU'ir of Ohia, thai Ihe Uoveme-re of the botdar Stale pro. p-aaa to Ihe failed State Oovernraenl lo baonma arlitltatora between th oooleofduj partie tn lb prevent dlfaeultle. JjouiiriBf, Ay., ,4n7 23. A detachment of tlol. Ihiwaa1 rtwlment about 40il aimn. under Caj.t. Duuia, left by Ibe Nubvllle Kilboail cars thia atienaaai, Utt the 8 tulhern du'edera,'y. HI. LortU. April 25. Considerable excite. reeLt tirevalted ainorur Ihe uierchania and eteeui- boai nieu on change today tn consequence of lb reeepllnnofadleiaitch from the rtetretary of the Treaaury lo Ibe Hurveyor of thia rNirl luatnicliag klin In grant no irurre clearances to b mla tn Mlaaka t) pi, Alalainia, aail lyiuialaiu, aa eteanibnata In aamalaalppl never lake out clearau, ea, the dlaitch ui noi unurratuiaj. 1 ae aurTsyor uaa laaen n 1 ac tion In the aiatter aial ablpmenia tfouth oonlluue aaberetiifire. TheOommonC uncll nf Palroyia. Mi. have mvle au aiinipnalion fo; a Home guard tor deteive of tl e viiy. I'Mltdtlphls, April'M A private letter from HiltllTMii aaya lluil the city la qutel airalnillial triaipa are paeans from Aiuiniba 1 1 Waabluttiu wllbout tnlerruitinn 1 thai there aeema to be no de alt 0 or lutenttnii to Interfere 1 thai Ihe ctaiaervitlie Hentluietit la predotnlwillng again, aud thai all leel mote lapetuf of lawce today, Trenfon, if. J., April 8. All the p'opelli-ra of the rrankllu aial .Mercbahia' 'J'raiHia, tuinn line bine taeu ihnrtereil by the Qovoiuiuent to etiuvey the New Jetaey tnaijai. Urn. KvNott Inteuda to move the troojai without delay, prntahly on M ni-lee or Tueenlay. Cleerlamf, April Vft-The dntd lly of Riaim, A. Fi-orr, Ciiiuuiiaaliin Merxlauil taT Ibia city, waa ouial hi Ibe river today. f'usro, III., April 2C The steamer C. K. lllllman, from Bt. Iiuls lo Naahvllle, waa alannbiu od t-y tla officers aud crew while oaiaile Una plnce Uaiay. Tha diaerted ateauier waa bnardd all I I 0C0 kega of aiwder and a lanre quantity of other oolllntlauid giaala timlal on laaild. ll la aupjaaied llial the ca uln and trew of tbe llillman deaeriail ber for lew of conaequencea It caught by tbe troop ai lata annc. Trla of the Colambl to AeuiapolU. Tlie lUltlc, I'apt. FLnnirii, arrlvod her nt P. V., yeaterJay. gbe bring a Dumber of lntv. llda from ibe 1th llegineril at Annapolia, and a uufeber of paaaengura tuuniliea) from the aatne place. The Halite arrived at Auiiannlu on Wed nesday,, wbent aba bualed ber tru-pa. We I, am tror the 11 .t, Mr. Itoiai-ac, thai th fjtom u la atroiiglj lorl flail ou both aiJae. The aieauwliki t'oluuibie, Caiit. WinTiMO, a'.au airlvtdatt P. M.. Irom Ail' aillii, and inakea the following rcnt:Oj Buuday UI ruing, April Kill, tbelleitofaplriutld uuiiuin,ithptoaiuahiiMcbitorad tor the trallantallien of trtaial to WaablngUip, imtaikrd fn in New Yoik for their deeiiaiilon The Uolunili.i,on which our Info ra nit einbi kel. bavint taken oil Uatrd Col Po aanv'a ll.vaiiiuof IheN. . Ctb, alartel ot T I. M. ou Muala), g'd. laj uviihauli dlhe I'nj ler aial the llmlei lne (whleh lant waa to act aaibee.aiv iy) ufT A'lie. cum, when, ix, .r ilina tn bla wnttrn ln-ini o i. t'aiit WiiiTisoa oweil bla eiwtne, ti keep In her wake. The 11VI c aid Ciaitr 101 alc'tai hut anui iu a ead toH.uipbult ada. flu 1uea.liy muring. At rd V.UI, 111 liu'il.-ki woent-reil tbs tfiei.ieiae, aiat aiaiu anw the IU lie mid ter c niqun 011 run nlig out f 1 uu tie It aula 10 Ju 11 iu, aud Ihe fits atianier wi-ea mhi n ingtihar. t'aaie lip Ibe noble t'liea ipeake, fnllonliig the lead of met utter, null' 10 P. af., when we auhnr ed near Ihe frigate Cotiatltutlnii, lu Anuapilla K'aida. TI.e New Ymk lib aud a UiMaohuett regtmtot eereaUl drtalued here, ua ths mllrotd bad tavuibYtreyid. Wtalneaabiy, April Mlh, the fleet ett aiurd imo tlie river Heveru, and an-iboroil abreaet of Ibe I wn, when tbe disembarkation af Ilia trooai and military stores waa carried u tbrouirh eullhediv. Tbe Bevrutb man be.1 out ten mile towards Wndiinelon. lathe morulng, three pro. Iatl leva laden w th eaatern troopa, vut Havre de )race, cuius In, and aa on of them, with a M fan chnaetta coci(ny, (waaed Ibe Columbia, a uilliiary looking man at their head anked, "la lha rillr ad 0en, ant being anwered, "Nis1 he replied tn a ib-tri mined toue, "TTten we'll op U." Ibatnaiiiaemlairked In the Naw York eteaniera wereaa tullowa i V. B. MdatU, nth Ibwinienl, 00 loard I'liliunbbi 1 U.K. Mllil'a, Tilt Knglmeut, on lae.rj It. It I'll) ler 1 IT. B. Militia, Hill Ke-lmelil, on liand llultle Kbode Iabtnd Kagliueut, on board CoaU. ahaal, t'u the lauriage up tbe lUy, we dlacovered that the 'lbl ahlp had la en removed from her ataliou 1 tt" the iitouth 01 the p.iionuu!, and ii Tkuradiy miru 'lig April ibUi, at I o'. ba k , tha IumIoii came eluni' s de ll.e Ini'iimbla, an I tikeu ," tbe 0 h, 1 "i.nn. ,."',. mX!' wiyfor New York, pre ceded by the lulttc a' il Arle'' Atl I'. M., April 1Mb, nil tbe ata.imer Junea Adger, witblbe bi-tg peir iiilaw, followtdl.y the AlaUlia and Maibai nu lUlr ay to AunilallU with tnaat and aiippbea. At 8 r. M. paaaed aege tbree-maat I prnpaPer ff the inouib of the Kpail aiu ak, h uiKlupth liy, with trooai, and a' aame inn. huw t,, H 1 , ahoai1. ateuibng Iniluae locotuu u ba.iia w th two email routs puling ml fi"iu alaire, , na r w ilch badaiur, Amcrtoan flag flying. In atawiaonuiita we t!leonveed the boata cmt adrift, thai eraua bfiviiie got onboard Iht attwmer. rrutatb'y they were the crews of th ra4iind llfht ah'pi, r I nu.11 men lb ring for tbrlr I vra from Ylr.lnia'a ahme. fin Thliladay nmrelog, Juat befor ws left Amu;,, lis, II niUioad Irirylaiat Maryluud arrived th m -eiul 111 il 1 Hirer and aeai rn, aial heavy nun,, to lu.. 1 lu loitifttnf unaKiba. The 'UM at 11 10 lb .iy mid Cbaib were dlsilieuel, uu I Y.r.'liili lll tike ber runk amouf the leW's as ee,. lkl 1 ut) to Hoiith Csmbua lu Iguo lay an 1 dla giaee, TL UilunuMa reached ber wtnuf al lour o'clock . Uilliiary nud Nrrul Inlcll'gciic. rmruillng for eonie unexplained reason li rapidly f Ding off, ca-b of tha o(B 'ea avontged until Tburadjy, fiom 8 lo 10 laen erety diy, Ye-itorl iy there waa only oue enllated ut Chatham atieei, two w tie aicci ikwi st Uudeai street, aud fou f-ee. ', 1 Cherry afreet rende-vmia fot l. Th i I e i atl ti . ei-eet raadeafoM la pot out I in . d.,fl- wh i a.ey w ouuat It a aaeawur fl Hi Ih'.lirjl forjTiiea A itetmumai i,f Voltril flAlea tiimj left 0 eronr'a laland ; eaVrday, Fort Delaware, aocom raeiW by a eoimlaeioaad otaoer. The chartered atenj.ier Yankee whleh eameovMl an me tiraiKiyn n .vr vara n i la-aur wrpi, left Ikla rl M. day 1 1 Join (he bkokte fleet tt tampiMVt ahel..k oubnerd II ieoad tri"i Thie pieftlera bom the city anchored la lh elnam Dear ll.e terelilof ahlp, tee) only loo, XI IK-rnn mM reialurd ft-r trrrt e. The chartered elewi.-r KryaVme Btaaa ea ee up K aa iIa .... r.i..,.. &a arjnell t Raivaa rnn . sraxbi tlie tribal thai a eul dnam lo frl Hia-iHon, I Tv nirr varuloik were cnaaniaraiitv aeiuvenwi yeelrnUy,ly a tuie.r that the Vn a Txaaiiar of the I'nitrd "Hiileji wnaon the rre ilw. He la aald to have veil the Ua-nmandaat, aid liaperl! lha dllafeiilwikailiie!nn. tuitnnr repurtar wm una. ti una twhi inp ui ,,to ,, wl .jn, sbether r. ItaaiUN rea'ly waa tn town or anl. The atewn tm host Mitdlcello, Cpt. Oaont, left the Iy Yen! on Thunalnv, aa aa eaoon to a aim. erafHrke.aliuraantluybght. The utter wilt ley oft Cap May lo await die .lerac of tiie Mmli te'bi. Ti aittamiblp Mount Vernon, which errlvad rvruiog feom Purlieu L haa benehrlared ley the triiTctiioat-nt, aial will Im aedlatelr rniceed i.i tlie Naty t ai I, lirt" '.ln, aud la) fitted oil aa a unb at. I.eatean thi' Kotn'a has berths fi-Vaj, up to eerv uinaalate iiiil l.fiOO men. fthe ba fire lMid, and ree l I' I o,ea. ir mo nnt. "Ihe atean.nh Amcniti, W.aaOnill, rtUr of th Guil'b, Kiarney, t.ortda, l.nat , of l. I. Wit . e t'a H tat,lit lite, ate liarlre,l by Ihe C H , 1 10 vie T'e It-liMiae t k tm laiaM '00 laila of li-t.ej. Toe lie "ita Mai.l I'ttanaCO Int I.l'int Po ht, lav at the tail ol Very street, aial proatbly wd: te bartirfd. TBe V. aei.ii ar t'arlom, under It iveuo colnra, ladmlg valuable m-rrloea In Ihe lower laiv. All ea.4la raitwa'd taMtid ate taai-ded by ber olh'era. tkia,iieially it la neieawae t.i throw uahot a-niss thel-o-aaot a canel. Metfaaeaand ttna ait aeertetalluli h thia ae-ece. The d'ap.teh taaal Yankee ba-nug lep aiiel her arniaataoiM aul bad a ritemnAt andaail pliacl in ber. aaititl again ytm ter.lay. with aialid onleia Tbe ktiaaallp He Hobh t'pt. Im ww, tirrlved laai rl bl fnon Aniinjtolla, M I , where ihe haa been to iiney Iran f.r Ihe defer of Waihlnrtm. Tlie lie rtto left New Yoik ou Mmvliy rnorntn April 1T2d, with CO lniM of IU PiCth Itag-mrnt of Moaaactiuaitia. and n of the Klylne artillery of luailon, and I home Hhe went to I" irl M ineoe, and from there to Aun,ipot a. The D A aVt left rei return for New York on Thursday, tn company with the llaltle and t'olmn'-la, paaaed the FloliJa, Au goal., aial Mvtnn, with the brig Perry in low, wlthliielx hour' pail of Auiiaiolbi, and ai S P.M. same day paaaed tbe eleainabtp Montgianery otf rlmlth'a point, with lb Klgbth K-glmeoi of New Yoik ou Imarit. Twn latata' crews were pliked np at a" lee tbe lie B-aoofTKIvldm Creek, Va ontheiirah, Tiey lab-naei to Mtionuer T. tl. Tlitimpaon, wreeva,l nn ll'uff Point, Va., April ih. Ther ware n .! to leave with n two bieirs, or take tlieoaih oght for Ibe B aith. They aped In op.! beaita, ami wet taily out a few houra when dlaoovered tv Ihe De Hoiu. Two of their men ar In Jail at Lincedar, Ya aial were told that tbey ahoif.d tal at-ieve 1 e (bath without they lock th oaf h to fight Sir Ihe B aith. POSTSCRIPT,- War New. Rteamahtp Ariel, Capt. f il-ios arrlred laat night from Pert Munnaj, Left Fort Monroe SMh two prises had been taken al Fort Monroe, on vf tliero a acbotaior loaded with artillery and amnvi. Hilton, and lh other proptler ateam tug In Ihe act of towing Ihe achoonerfroin under Ihe guiu of lh Cumberland Frlgata, tbe C'pt. of Ihe achianer waa euf poed to tai the Coaamander of the Keveuu Cutter, aurrendered to the Oonnalera.7a.ana tun alno he waa to b tried by oouti martial the next day and would b ehot, or hung. Tas eopply had la-en cut off from lb Fort by lb Inhabitant, all th light hail been itmitulehd tn th rkpee aial Cbeeieak Bay, with tbe ex.eptlou of WlUowby IJghtHihlis which I lighted by Ihe cr-w of the ijoitwl gut ahlp Cumberland. Tha light bad been put mil aeveral IIomm by Ihe peo)4e mm th ahor after being lighted by th crew of the frigate. Ou th Vh tnataut, a guard had beau ditalled from tb (riral to prevent mi lar pro ceedings. Kenlacky. JjouuMf, AprilH. Th municipal author! lie bar returned fnnu yeaienlay coufereuc, with lb cltlrena of Mad eon and Cmclnuatl, ex. preaatnaT eonfldera' that amleabl rctailon will b preaerred between th three cities during lha status of al Ita ITaraaie, If., tprft 24. Tb leading In fcvor of aecaaanai la overwhelming tn Ilenton, Henry and M. vim it frouiaiea. Irapart nt frarn Texaa. .Vcw t.Jrin, April 2C, Houston (Texas) ailvice ray Ikal a courier bad arrlvod from ludua. rtnla, eta lug thai the. Federal troop luul euarop ed at Ureen Ike, taken Indlaiola, ad eum'souoed fialifying theuwelveii. The troop nutube 01SI, and an additional alx hundred war expected from SAn Antol lo. Jiulg Havs, with a party of Taxtna and twi Iilaceaof aitillery, la fo titying hlmaelf with cotton ailea anil siuid taiga on 1 ig IalanL Its feared that be would li atta, eed by ihe Federal forcae. A let! r fro n Itrownavlll atatea tliat aew bad len reoulviil that I'oarrvca, with COO Mexican, luul croeaed ll a Ttm Oraude at ft tara, Uld Ihe town In aahee, and killed It American. Two coniraaue at Kinggubi barrack baveeUriel In purault. CITY NEWS. Fl.Afl n llalMII AT TIIK PcHT OKKtCE. About l.taJO aMp'e aaatiub ed ytateriUy marnlng to wit nee the raising of a Ul flag over tbe I'oat OffliW. Captain ltrMiajta' pocket-piece, froa It position on lb gt een In front of th edifice, sent forth It r. port. At the appointed time (10 o'clock), the flag, which n,euauiea thirty five by thirty feet, waa hoiated to the flagstaff erected over tbe Cedar aire entrance, tbe aple cheering the flag, tlie law and tbe Cinstlull'ir. General D.t lata Pojtmaaler, ad dress d the mu'litude from tbe roof orer Ihe portloo In Celar atnit At the conoluaion of Oeueral Dn's leuuuks, the crowd deited with clieera. Aitiur.ti. ok thr RrKAHrn Kktstovk Stati.- The eteumcr Kryatou Mate, direct fmm, arrived here at noni yeuter day, btiuglngu iaaengers dilonel ItmKwtta, of the L. H. Anoy, anl General Twit.iikm. anl Kmi Ituvvr, l., la tli of ltiaton, aul Mr. PaxaiiiT, Minder of Cugiea fro'u Kauaaa, bound home, The Ke"toiie rilaU' luft Wuhlngtounn Wadnaaday afteinoiu, at I n'dia'k, au.1 brings eoiim forty or fifty lags . f mill matter for the N irth and laud, aU "I wUbb la In charja ol General Twit. ill I J. ebe alao briuna tbe dlapntcbea aial ln-tni,'. tlnuafmn ti iit'iuoetit to Mr, AuAua, our newly B ll U'd M.tiiatrr to lavlon. Tb Keyatone Htate I 1a tvfi coiuianies of I'nltivl Bute Mirlnea on tnwrd, an 1 1 well armed, and was we'I provided hi real! any alt k that might la) nude on her, but alas met with 110 Interruption on her aaaog down lh Pofouuvr. Mr, ItattNT la going to Philadelphia on usln connected with the War Dsiairtairnt,

Thk T.tMMttT II.ILI. General Committee held a epeclil meetlni last eveumg, and ad ipted resolution In favor 'of auiUlnlng the Govern tnenl, the I'u'ou and th honor of our country fL, and d lurtug that tivaaon muat be put down a every 10M, aial at wliatevrr aacrlflo cf blood and treasure, Altbesuggeatlonof Wa. D. K-ntatov, a Com mittee was appointed to put up a twnner with the following tuarriMnn t" Th Union muat aud ivuiU laj prcaen ed," In front of Tamimny Hall. To He tiit,.r of On Sum liming not lord your inquiry rihttiic to the whcrralaiuMof the valiant Marshal 11., I ran ell )ou ho bi(or at least was, afear dnyl ago) coiiflnod to Ida houae, from th effects of an inipriesloii on hia frontispiece made by tlas igor .ta n plication ol th ilcawd dexter of an lndic.iutit Mtriot wlajin he had inaulteal by some of Ida sot cfeioii remarks. II felt tri 1x4, and ii'iir Immediately, t'uAMBiaa SrnEKr, ,tpn7 25, 1801. llrva, Arcldcata, laqaeata, df. Tiik llouirmi: or iViiuam IIooAt Th' ictutr.l ,1 IrulUr 0 Iht prical Hecrttary of Ji'iii Ihu-U, Coroner Schibmer hold an impteat, ot 1'i.Jay aVnioon, at th N York lloaplul, In the iaae . I Vs. Hoot, who wa allot .utle tn-iheal.o theniahtof iheub MiMiKte, a drnuty aherin", and died of hla lAlurica n Tioiraday atlernoon. Tt r fa, ta 01 this i-iaa liave already len give to tbe na.b'taiif tlettcs. A iT wlineeara teatlflad to Ibeir tatllef that Ihe ahiaitlng was aildeuu, and Ihe t! ironei'a Jury rtntlered the (illowliig vetdirt, " Tuat da. coated rem to hi death by a 4stol abut nound tt Ihahaadanf RawaK.a 'Mera, April 0. 11, and IhMaald around waa arctdonldlv iflew bnihT weuld meupr Mid le un tor carry. o a pt ', aodiorcaraleaaandeulpaMatweof it. Oathiavee tfkt, the Unrulier raejamied BatKjam to prtaon, tail b will probably ba wailed col taday. ae la a denu. ty aberlfl; aod waa foroallr a twikxman deU.led at theTorabe. Tbe daoaaaej wai a nallvi of tbbt oltr tlyaaraoraf,aod Ula ataaoit Uo fVlaWe aalliorHa, a m,uBr;er Brother of lha Prir.iU Secre. ) tarr of Jarr. Dana. Ha waa well kniwn to tha Tnilcr, aaa Ma auteoadaoU are of a queatiouaU Oharwier. Thk AcctiiKUT at run No. ?. N". II. Tim K. J. CtxTRAj. K. R. Co. C.5btjri. The body of Juna Bun, woo we drowned a Tier S.N, B.. o- Thnrad.r, by the a ivlua; war of a Widl ha- amlrn loth N.J. Oulral K K 6o , rerovee. r., n a ,,, Mil, vtiwt aatiHean or a an unuie urolt. Iiapiaaueat tkal tbe daceeed.w lh a are m oiher of rr,ia, wae uraiw Ibe nridare. awa iai tbe arnval of Hi ferry taau Kill von Kull, wka tbe btld.e, wlmb, m roteeanea f ita 1 lar s, gav way, and n any war precipilated into fie w.t.r, A I, ho ever, exoepi ibe de eased, were ream-d ll w aa inendeia that the It R. C . bad been iti. fledetirvlnesmir on of the atruet'i-e, aid the Jury, ta tLrtr verdlrt, eenmred lb enmeay 0r allowuar II tet tat used, when they r aware if this bawa'uHty. Thadeaeaeed aa a nali t a f I -a axd, (4 years of age. A WwetKMAN KlLLPJS AT TIIK NrPTONR llf'S Wonaa. jAuaa IlarAt, employe.1 at treNeptms Iron Worlia, No ga'i fieivnd avenue, waa Itat . i kllletl yaeie dty, wbi e eu.aed In aaa atlnz to Irt I a ''at, which ec r mud and atetak blm wiU gimtforre III waa a liV.i-eot ihia illy, 1r)ear I'uge, Yerdai."Aa,Jeu a! deaih." Ill v AAt rAaiAIIT Ten IVrUHt-t-a Iv. 'tars lit ar Wimn.a.' and Fasuntii a 8roai . tO'h leualing in Il.iwarJ atreet, were very aetbaialy Injuird yeatertny, by taiing thrown from a hM wiitaiwht e 00 ll e 'llb ruuir.di e It ad, ne ir Mih elrcfl ll.e bo-ae rail n e-iy. Me. WiRiuiea wa ot.veyed to tb N. Y. lloaplul, and Mi. nruutt 0 hlavJeaJdtnce, ' IJJiAI. KKI'OltTS.FIIinY. MwpreBi t'aarl Me tnnllrr of Atvlrnn J. Ilacllrf This te!ter ca e up agiin, purauanl lo anljoiirn airut, at tbt Cbamlra of th Court before Jnallce liamard. Mr. Ilwkley rate ball In lbs sum of ISOo, to a ptwr at the next C iurt of Oyer and Teriiuirr, ami waa then discharged from rusbaly, art of (Jenerml BeantaBa. Iisfore Itecorder HorrMAft. The Grand Jury preacnted a batch of iitlict menta, arel a uum!r of pr aonen were arraigned, among wh m waa Jamea Dlggloa, npiaiarbig In Ihe uniform of the United Blaiea Ariry, who wa cbargeit with h'gumy. In havlne ma -rleil two wivea. rnaiaier pineiea raa guiuy, ami the 1; mntei stated that be bad Juat eullated In Ibe regular L'n.ted Hieira Ariey, wbereupiii Ibe defendant waa remand ed tor trial. Martha Preston, a black woman, waa sent to the rttiltenliary for nin monlba, on ctaivlctlou of an at tenii al giand larceny. The pelt Juror were dlaoha-get or the tern, aud adjourned until Saturday, to hear uiotloua, aud to paaa sentence. DROOKLYN. Tun War ExrrrrMnxT it BitrtnicLrw. Yratarday, Actmr Brigade Major Doooa laapeoUl Company O, lilh Regiment, Capt. Lawmtio Ha IAV, and they war muatrd uto lh aervb). Thy nuitber 80 a en. Il la genera ly auppoeed now that tbey will st. I on Monday. The new Commlaaary, Mr. ITa av Hru, has, siac Wedneadayi oompleld areauaeeaeut to furnleh lh t'th Retrtraent, now quartered al Uie Arsenal, with aulartantial roeaU three time a day. Th IVibr wood wwter baa been Introduced, .coiktnf atuvea fiimlabed.ato, Th regiment numiatr Va), bH.dea about TOO reriulu quartered in Willlamaburgo. Brooklyn Commos Conrcite Tub Mili tary A IIojir Qvard. An adjournwl meet ing of the Common Council wa held laat ven lag. Th llayor sent la a eommtmloatlon. In whleh heurirtaib nereaally of ralaliur a Hire of about 8.000 men. In b (ormeal into Regimen!, for lh purpose of protesting tb city. Ha nieawata that M dbx'reel men b authottxeit lo rala 100 men acb, to b fm-med luto companies and regtntasd. The ubjeet wa referred to a Bpectal Ornimltts. Aider u O' Roast, of lh 7th Ward, len.lare.1 hia reatgnalion aa on of th Commltle ipoliitBl lo auTly th aobllera with equlpiwiita, Ao. II under stood that lb money appropriated wm to go to th support of lb aoldlera' nunltlM, IreiMad of being expended for equ'pnnflnta, aa It now waa. A d. Darroa elattl t atl sine Monday th com- ram- baa met once or iwic a oay. Tby naa na taed one rertmenl lo leave lb ctiy,400 ot whom hail to be left fehlud, and that lb tbttt bad lo be proaui id nX and bedding. He re'arred lo lb fact thai lb Cots saiaaary Oeueral of New York bad m no way a'ded lh-m In Ihetr endeavor t eqn'p Ibe men, and ioke of th eont mmus atteufon given to lb b atuir alar heir aopolnlmeul. Ald.S11101.ra remarked that -ha arranreraeita hail been ao made that the etet amuld bvcom reajionsV. bi for evaty dollar expend d. Tb ree'gnullon of Ald.0 Koixx waa net accepted. WILLlAaMSBURGII. MoitR !?RW CoMr.tllR tlllRRVIITY OK PATaior w CiTutnn. A meeting wa bed last night l 115 Grand street, to form aeother oompany o' Natuma' Volunteera, Those present were lavtted to enroll their uamea, and tn a short lime M alaned. A meeting waa a no he d al Columutin Hall, 1J0 G and street, to form a 'Keaerv Guard," hr bom iroteiiuint a'eo to train traaa who may wian to Ml. ler active service, shou d more Iroojai 1 needed. Th W I bunnburgh Kquestrian loatitut baa beau offered, free of charge, for a drt I room, and the gaa company hare oftVied to tight It gratultouely. Mr. Biurax Lrwia, the proprietor of tbe Oiea, the largest pulillo building In Willlamaburgh, baa of. fared tbe fre uss of hU building aa a rndsvooa to all recruiting pnrtle. Ha offat thki acoomiio.a. tlo 1 a a alight appreciation vf tbe cause of freed m an I tb Coastitution. JERSEY CITY. PtTARTCItE Or Till SltCOTD RfOIMK.TT. The Serond Iteglmenl of th Hudson County Drt gade look their departur this (Friday) afternoon, al halt-peat on o'cha. k, from lb Jersey C ty Depot, for Ibeir remh-tvou al Trenton. Ther cuu'd n- have been lee tluui ItO.lXH) paraou In Ihe depot, anl fur ball mil or roor along lb Ua of tb rail- roaa. 1 he apparatus of the entire Fire Department was drawn np la Une along Montgomery street, and were piutbaelydecoiaied with flag and bunting. At heir post on o't lock all waa rmdlnea, and th lara, 1'J ta number, moved alewly away, while tb welkin rung with cheers. Tbe ataffoflueis who acoompnuled tbe regtosent re aa fnl'ows Clonel (Lieut W. Welb, U.S. A) Gen. Ilatneld. acting. Adjutsut-tii. Vaalloulen, actint. guai1er.inaKter Henry llrinberhoff. AaHletaot Quaiter nuieter Bewell. Ouiiulttury Arcbitadd llruwu. Surgn.n--Jobn A. Q il.lor. Aaalatenl Hurgcou I. C, Wo:druff. (Mr. Lang etair, acting ) The tnmiandee, with lb number of tuuakets, weie as Tel ows 1 tXunjwny , Capl. peer AOmen, Comjny B, t apt. Hopper IW men. t inieiuy C Cai. Grain GO men. 1: ropiiny D, Cai. LlUlembibl. . . ,W men. C(a0lliy K Cut. Tiaiuelly 8iueu. tJ.uwniy FiCaps, Vanbuaklrk.,.ratmen. tminy (1, Cr. Ihker IH nun. Coin. II. (7iuavea) C-i4. Babeock.tlt meu. C .n iuy I, t'tipl Van V 'Orhles.,01 men. Sd Com. Iudeja-ndrnc Guards, ., Lieut. Dumilug, oummaiider. ,40 man. Total number of muakets 6J0 Nearly all of the men were provided with revel, vera aj,d bowl tnlvea. Vpon arriving al Trenton they will be lui-ulabed by tb General Government with Improved )aiirt musket. Tbe regimeut was entirely unifbnnad by lbs cltl tens of Jersey City, al an upone of til,00l Oen. Itravo haa received th appointment of Drlgadler General o' tbe New Jeraey force. Bilgadler tlemral lUmxu) will Imnudlalely r turn and make every effort lo plaes tb 1st KegU n-etitupcm a war fia.lpg. A Urge number of the oettaisof thelat Itrgiment becoming dbanultflsd at the delay, Imvo reaigned, and Intended to oon net! tbeniaelvea with regiments in New York.' Ixii'or.TANr to SklllT MANlFACTc'REI-l and DEAL! R8. Yon are hereby notified that 1 own LETTERS PA TENT of the I nited States for tha MKTIH I)K If MAKING III Hll' SKIRTS HY MEANS OF FUHMS OK I'll A MM, All hoop aklrUi uot iropirly mirkod with the date (April , IMli) of mrramo patent, by autluarlty Irom me. will be eourhlered lofrlugeiuiit. I also own a tt, ra Patent of the tiilted Statiwfor EX IINSIONHKIKTS. All Infrinaer. of thre imton't tmU be htU bat l tor aamuvss ie (Ae fullixUnt a tAs lav. Luxxiuuiuartooa uusxal issus, L. A. OMROHN, trl rYsrren at, N. Y. I.tonx' Maoxptio Itar.cT Powder. Thserislnsl and uenuioe artlelo, will cxtermmat Koachea, Ante and all vermin. Free from poleoo. LYONS' MAUNFTK) FILLS Aresure death to Rata and Mlee. Sold byalldnuv tbtarrerywhrre. n. B. ItARNtA Froprietor, No. It Park Row, and fli Broadway, Thr Daily Militaiit PtarLAys is Hnoin- way, are area from Itanium's Museum by thouaaeile, a ho are iuallr oarer to ae hie multitude of curios- Itius, which ar both attractlv and amualng. Harrt's TRicopiirRoo la tb beet and cheapwt artlcUlor. dreaJng aad bean. tiffing, cleanins, ruruna. wreaarriaa -ani 1- han4tetry t. Boll y Ul drugg-t Wo-ar wrrrrnr Rctrn o AlL. . .. OttOTITl 'aim ...,..-. CBJBfATXO NoIfirxWS BWIaMi MACHOTA. o and newanU 4'e Bravtaray, N. Y. aa uasAT waDOOTIO- D nucwa or , Uek easMtng, tl eletbA) ran, naaaa, mattlaa, ehaaVaa table and ftann eaeerra. draorla, Dutch r Ina. .stair roda, tuu at lliaaa Aaa.a.-a. 9t A oikat MEDocnoaT ra rmictsi op Eio- srbadaa. earpe. ttaaaeresaaa-wtnwaltetbcrr,atwtll tosoid lea niiairA-iY. (err Itsrda) taraUn, ' I'BderthesnanloeaofCet FD WAKYR, bl'ed Htatee Henatoe from Oregon. MfLL'NTF.EMS WA.vrMl s ro ve I CrRRO OOKDO LKOIOK. lleaal 4trtera No. (I Itrftadeay, ChM. Ont- laghleies Bilooa. m Thie rarlmeBt will U emoered by able e-d eompHrnt tnea-eScera wh serred la the w Mealean star. Vebmtaers who vUhtft servf anaW essert- eneed oflaeii UI oleaa call aad enroll tkatr - natnaa. The isatU ef th J) (K1RIW) I.KOIOM la, i1 he Mar and Mtripe oa (very flag-iUll Irom Mala to Teaaa." . Ik-anetenlkOd. . JAMKi) DECATUR PnTTBR. 1ST Colonel Comoiaadlag a a TnlaBleera, .lltrBllsB.-Ya ran ohmln therleht kh.4 ef rrar shlrta ard lilaakrla aheae. al tbeki.hsnls'Hhlrtlter M hunt '. S-siGJ.l.-l Ness- Vork .ttintur Vslamreta! T be rem. pewed entlrrlv f TnH.lera. and raady to do del al a u, cm a wai nina. lor 11a- r.teeiion Ol lite an I BTa- rertr In the rtjel New 1 1.1 k. Hook are oat-u ( rllititeeraatbii tM Chatham Manila at enrolled. New York, April Mth, larj. misvahd AI COM IU fait. IliRKN VII Hll), l.t Lie.' Ws the nd, f timed d ) ptedae nnraH ea, aa m vi ef boner and patnote to support and defend the Ton otloB of tlie Clot d eutea and Ihe Aeierleaa t'nhm, aad elae toprtitia-t llreand rroia-it in the city 0 i,w York eaueclallr daring tha etlatenao f the prea titleai, ailh uai Uvea a.d our lurtaue. S6.113.J f ol. I aieainar') Fifth Itealnewt Neve Yark Velnnte a-A ria-niltlne n'hea mr thi Keelmeni haa lavn nia-nid at tlie "Kid .ra.lo." Nit 0 Centre at. rti Kemmt la neailj IsJ b anleipsct 1 1 leers 1 1 a fee oa)., ,.l,i Tetrrana r the War of IMl'j-Ye ar reseerttnllr InvPial to attend divine arr- lee at the Relormed llotrh rhureh, tn Waahlngten rtqiiare la a laMty, en rfc.nuav n. it. A p. II vath, al I o'eioek, m. Bertie hr tlie Rev. r-. Ill TrtlN Irt r.,rr Velar, sa attend, and mett at tha eon f Waafctnrton d liars andtUitt lt na all attend. U. KAYMonli, ltrlg. Oeo.t AllK'M IiAbY, Col. M.lli.1 rMh and 9lh Ward. Orroth.rdo Igim. Rerr .Ua wanted lor tbe above rrabnent at MTlar.k st, neil IHiatrker st. Our motto la "the Stars aad Stripes on every flag sUafnaa Main to Trias" ' JAa liri'ATt HlirrTkR.C-4. Commanding. ' ElUUiKMcUKaTH, Captain. xcl,U.i I'nlon Defeoce Cosnmlttee. The Cemmlttee 00 Collections and Buharrtptlona, fotnaM from th General Commnte ppotDtd at the aresl Mass at Union tbtuare, have pre pared books id siipertrtioDi which are in tb ban-is of iu sevrrmi tnewira-rs tnereei, vis t ALtJt. T. srt.WART. WM. K. IIAYhMKYeR, WM. E. jNiHOIt. K. A. rrilTIIAf'S, It. II. MeCI RDY, hOYAl. fllKI-IU T either ef whom subseriptions and parment assy be mad. All thee wh d'etre to uphold the Constitution and fXovernniefit of to t'nlted Btabas are eareostlyre. S seated to make litamil s .bam lotions tmniedlaaelr to ie Commltle, e to TUEOPORE DCUOM, Treasor. er, Ne, to Pine street. . ' ALKX. T. e-EWAET, Chalrwiaa. "fet. U. McCoaoi, Secretary. Ju,5, Saa. Ward Nlwwte Slew AtlosMtaw A netting of Ikla Guard will take elae tnUereotm m (rtatuid darl Ann YT. at 8 . ra.. at W April 7, at 8 p. m., at WM J. trUKYoVa sC N. R for ta mrvom ef Berferl.a taot ol aid tbrlr oesaalaatton pie lows to taoderlag Uielr sevvtet to the l. . Gwurnment The roll book will be eou for tb Memtaars of reqwlette qaallneattone. By order ot Oimmltte ef Oreanlsation, Waa. J. crftryon, Jaa, Caaey, Thomaa Tooruton, llaraaa SJud. Andrew lilac, Becy. 4 NaMlr fT War Nat Trk Mlaate Jaarda wMI 11 said en Bady, th S-ath. at I o'eioek. I en. rail teaiperanee one, for hoea protocttun lu th City of New York, In tb publle sowar, foot of Broom street, t. H, Br order of E. t'ALCOMLU, Captain, L. OOD,llrat IJeuliiana. II lleeMl QasLrter'a Uaealaiar Drla-r eialar urlaar,, City of New York, , April JT, 1501. ) P peel, '1 "Ti Order. The eendor Reriment.n under eommaad of HICKLt-1 and tbe of "Jackson Light lafanti GEORGE H. II AU. wt vol. iianir.1. w- strr.H under command of Cob etll go Into bwrraeke thia day. (Saturday.) al la 'rlock noon, AU eompanle bow oraranlalna. not attached to oibar reglmeiita, wbleb dtwlr to loin either of the reetmenta of this brbrmde. ar r4oatsd to report at the brbtsd bead cnuuter ta lb baarinent of Ik Lite Hall, or at tb head itatr terwofthe Jsekaoa Light Infantry at Mo. IU Grand at, near Itroadway, Dy order, liATiir.i, a. eicsiLiro. Cob -leelalor Rert. ail CmMIALUtVIa, - - Jack ton Liftbt luaatrr. u.-'tj, rnitKi ( ft. Aclgt. (irnerftM ITT CoaabeS C'aliU, litoplnT Coach, ami all Pulmonary tVmi eTrlin int. r fffitHuuUly ori br yaini tixrr aieaaai rw g, adi ktaa- sswtuniiowy j l..cM 1. ..... . e.aa fll tl.a. U...:.. . Itr.v.joiiN iHmt.tMi, ) , I'aator of the Da rren Haptbt Church, N Y write 1 -1 aaown tne virtueeor iYNr7n EX- 1'ytnoHAVf, a. dfre.iuentlrt.te. them on m , w, a ireuuenuri hen allllrted with and ttmllr, when allllrted with CDLGIIB or CiiLDb. I believe it to iw one or tlie beet nmediue ever ulaoov. eted for tbtee maladies." Dr. W. W. WINTF", of Mltlctacrllle. Ills , write t it U w tth great ploeeure that I can recommend viair Exm-ToaaaT to thoao aofferlDg Irom alronihlal Af. teetlorusbarhigueediteltbtbe moat sailafactory re- suite." M Al'RICE BCHvVATcZ7f Ceneord, Wis,, say 1 "Whm tlie 111 l'l7iC mill ia-evalM at thU place 11 aiaiiied to llHenar phvaielaua. Invarlowa eaer, JAlNh'a KXl'bCIOUA.Nrwaa uaed, esaj. It did not tall to cure." . REV n7T JONES. Itecb of Charrh of St faitbol.miew (Pr., Epbvo pal), llilladelphla, write 1 'lu all eases rearmhlkng (Nmwjmptlon, I reooramend JAkNE-B EJtl'M.IOKtNi', barlag iu so many cases witnessed Its bcnenctal effecte. COI'Glia, COLDS AmBITiRTNKSl(IF BREATH. Mr. J. E. HlLDRbrll, iT Uxsrk, Jackson .eeunty, lewa, wrtba 1 "MrfamUy having uaed Dr. JVYNE'S EXPEC. TGHANTfor anumia-rof years, 1 can safelysarlt fives te ijirlckeet relkif ol sny med.-el ever lrlet bar CAM tills and COLIaJ and SIIORrNESS lF HRKAlll. aud 1 ran. therelore, oouscaautloualy re oommend it to the public. Sold by H EG EM AN oTcU, 101,359, Ml and TW Broadway. I rilraulquarlera 4971 llraeidwav Rerrali wauted far the Yd Hreimrnl rKJIirr LIFti GL'ARII. now beerly lull; iiuarVra and auba'aneuos furnlabt-d en aisnlne tlie rail. Thia eorpa will tie ofnoerad by eeutlimin whohtreaa'n aritu. In Mexle-i, tlen. ,1. 11. II. WAllD. Commandant Win TILHEV, tu 1'reaaurer. Lieub Clue. J. Mc'lU'HV.Vuartrrmi'tn. KT.'.f.S.C tui:.'M:uAia .xrncr.w.-aT-ji Dr. tilflerd- llaaarapathle Illlloaa 1111-, No 4. DR. Git FUl-v'.'l IMM I ol'ArillC BILIOUS ril.LS, No oi. DR. GIFFORD'S HOMKOI'ATHIC BILIOUS PILLS, DII1ECTI0NS IOR I SINO. TheeaTliia like all pure Homeopathle dne no paia, airkniaw of atoniaeti, or env aneaaiueas whatever, lait cure diataww by actios dlrrctlr upon tb organs effected, tlierebr geutlr and promptly reetor Ins them to. tlie nomt condition, aud tlielr efTort la perceilhte only aa they commence to cure t nor la any other eneet even aeairable thau an unmediat rrrtoratlon ot tb S)stem to a perteot condition of health. Ther are prepared wRh ppeelal refereoe to tb vari etal HlUJOl H DER AMIKMEN IH, eo well kwawu In all eommunitieel INACIIVK LIVUK, UlNSrll'A TION, IIEFhAtEll Al'I'ETlll. IXIWNEiS OF SI'IRITS, JAl ND1CE, He. Two Ulla, and vaarnlng, will reneralle reiaov eli diftienltiae ef Una kind In a tew da) rontlne however until oured. Twwut ilv cants per box, or -r boxes foe II, with look, vent by mail free of charge. Addrtas TUILir LEE, No. ISO William tt, New York. Hold at Ttnshton's No. 10 Aider Howe, Noa 4'T and 4011 Uroadwar, and by John Mesklm, No. CIV llroad war 1 alao ta llrookltn. br -ra. lines. No. 173 ul- ton ai, sad Milne, No. SIT Fulton st and ba Dmulsts and Dealers gene rally. J5, ITA3Th.S.'f; Faalrnlr Nailer .Tlie lalbi far KarwDr, via Hotitham4oB and Havre, per Catted KUtea ateam nil 1.1 U.S. a 111 rir iul thk office on StrLRDAY, the Tth day of April, at I11H o'eioek A.M. lnb N IU J AM 11. PAYLUlt, Postmaster. Hyatt life Balaam. I.IIEUMATISM. FCROFLLA. SALTRHEUM. Ac. Hyatt's Lite llalnam is III moat e'liUln and stfe remrdv fir the moat paln'nl and protracted form, ot thoeediaeaeeei alao old nice ra, lever aoree, er)'alpalaa. the warat e aw ef Imiairltr oft he blood. brer and kid. uie werat eaaeeoi tmiairiiroi in uiiw. 1 -neys, general doMllty, di sismwIs, Inslplent ennwoip. lion, pllea, Ac. Frmelpal depot Grand at, M it. 'botUi per lei Kellga Mpriaa Kt)lee. OFHATSANDCArS., , ForGeuU and Youths, In all their arlety, i iiat opened, 1UCH IMliiltl EU sritAW 0U0D3, for ,-.cbUd-adInfan-. ,,,-,,,,. "Hav lha Falleu ! IX3YE OF STROXU DIUSK CURED DR. ZELft'S KEUVISE TOWDERS. Mev be given In Coffee, Tea, or Upior, anknowa te the drlnki. For aale In'NEW YORK at No. S3 Division at, and til Fl(hth are. 11KI a IKI A N. at rlarra'a. ITh Fntton at at. N V.Vt A KK. at Dr. Meroura, W4 llroad atreet. MOIiRlril OVi N, at C. . Freeman's store. F.H. W ELti) CO., WlwleaJe Agent, 115 rrank llu street, PRICE ONE DOLLAR. lt,ItS, BKItXEKAIa ttOTICXaf . Part- tlMhlBaT. AT.C08TIM Tb heat pis to make ye-ir emrefuwat Look at the li iceairon ia rnea on tn rrleeat tllaea I Toe wav, 4DVio WU 4 MIOSIS Korlna Corta. I ItiialiMaa) BaHa. Fanta 1MU F.verrthlng etae Ie proeaeHan. Callaedeiamlae Allahail beiaiUedattW MAMMirru ciArrmi wAt:Kiiorsaor OKI). A. IICNTKR at (Mill IU Naa. Wai a H Beaaarf. rtn. I a now arerria ta efler mr eitet aiv sleek eg Keilnsbttlesol Clothing, ready mad r teerd-e, news enl end made in the mont tntr manner. Caatoaa rcawa neiw.tteJIed. tBrokeklng rood nd caiidraww Bot rier v.!. larjdaln tkla lloe allll Bold at Iaae peters than at any ether MaMlea evens. Moravr returned tl not rleweat t.ieAtilne nevsar wae eolow. t.H. I1AI piVIN, No. Tn and Tl Tiowery. tabM JiTuTk t Vltl Uegeat atore 10 tfae etar. a 'itrAr ami uii.ttiti.K mm dtv nuk-r- ' - JO'.Ul!IiIArilA! . DTT, d-bUaoldatthi tr w-if low pH. ai IVENTY Tvi. If NTS, sod ti airevi to be i e,Mal, U t ot trlii, than tny I btw I iceu i-) e dow ra u e. Mannfaeanred anA for aala. wtielaaaja ne retail- aft id muTii ufa ini) .itM'timou, uu where ell nrdira are.n.d twa-d -whleh wt I b punctually alteodial to. tc. ale l.y lirne n4siene rallv. apS 4ao' Bi:iaiiot;i. ttby al row auflTrrf- Alfaprlna CBwiplalaae uchsa,faunitee. Liter and It lllo'i 0 ble,wik oeae, Itlae. t'oatleenea. Il'liehe, Dlenrderef ,taw. aeh, and Had llaval, nan M cwred by ir IwtNO I Kt-MI-ootaart lljrh H.Uira Bold eieiwheta, at V, and M eenta 13,11, 11 vtewtaal Kpbwrapal " fbarrk of lb Frwi On, pel- aa iitlta at., west ef !th are , Iter. 1B ). M.fllU I'aetor. Ktwldrnce, ix: aeataothst. Naleeaertlceeviry HMnday, a' 1"H oVoek, A kt. aud "i P. M. Heats tree. alt ttin'ltr Market Mrert t brcb.-Tbe Rev. CTaasm. err i. Ml RKAY, I'a tor ol Market street Ck res. wiH preai h b.morrow inor, li g and rrenlnx. f oralag aeraleewlUeommenoeat 10 o'ol.iek. Kvet Ins a vlci at 7H o'clock. I.lPH Tbe rtewlab rartb-alar ItaptUt Oh Elder H, J. I ratine, Paatcr, will, on and a.f"' morrow, April vH. met t regularly (ll V.) for r Ui tlie puhuc mem on the eomee 11 don ani 1 b.pher ate., entrance on Christopher, Avtk Buudars at UH A. M aud IK I'. M., add ea W daj evenluga, at IH. Heats Ire. t new. N. ('. Iyke, II. ft., v.1'1 Prew the North Klrrt Prrebjterlan th rek, t itk at. It April ith, ai tot A. Mo and IH P. M. J. I..nkhs)U ta Prearh at tbe Hanrta. ary, lie I'irai at, to-morrow errolng, al TH o'eioek. 'onthaFalalmaot'of lbs lYophsdea, lara,'a Uwatst. lion, tl oeeond Cnlng of Christ, the MiUenlai. , ." Beau free. 11 IJrreB Htreet M. K." Cbwrek, Between Ilrnome and f raios strnt-RrV. Cll AS. K. IIARRUV I'aetor, will prraeh to-morrow at tiH a a. and IM otloek p. ai. '.renin euhject. " Wh.t U the date o? the Chaieb In relation te tlie War." Mietlns for t-s of holUxai at I o'clock p. ra. neau treat aud atbera lavlted. " lot OrsUsutaee af BaBtlna wlU ba AdaaaaU. lev 1 to-morrow (Saboath) erenlnr; eervteaa eoraiaeis. etrgettH o'clock. In th Freewill Baptlet church, tpath atreet, near roadway, Freacba lu th mer. tng, at iu utkek. 111 ReUa-Wa Naxlro PraH. Fwla. Caarrti atT the Atonero.nt.3M at, eor Id ar, Rer. M. K. WlU ISO, Krrtar. Serrtere at 10H era and IH pm. Rtil Kv. lliabop BUb'TUGATEwbl preach la theevt. tug. 169 Yaaaa Men aad Mraagrr ar Crdla-lg Invited by tbe EvaneelleaJ AilUnee loth Calvary Bartbit Cbnrck, en 13d rt, bet Mh and fdh area. Baa. day evening at IH o'eioek. Rev. C. B. ai) INBO.l, of Brookl) B preaches. Lectures to tsTorkltlKnien, oor f Mott and llouaton eta, Tuesday aad Friday evenings, atao-clock. III C arlatbxa t'-dpel, ITlh atreet. .ear Slh Mate) rUrexf f'aarregatUaal rharra, Bear llort, BronklynRav. WASHINGTON GI.ADDRN. Faetor, will prearh to-nnarrowat 10H o'eioek . mana In tbe evening at TH o'clock, i) youag man. Sundae School at S ad i o'clock. 1OT Referwaed Datrh M-adea Caarek. earwa-r Madlaon and Governror ste. Tb Ker. Ihr. IIAR. UbNIILRGlt may be expected te preach to-morrow, rer tier, al 1UH e'elock a. m and TV o'clock p. m. All are Invited to attend. BeaU tree. ,1Ire-Uh' CTiarca, Hevrnlh at- bet. Sd mm 4th ste. - Sabbath, SMh, Rev. J. T, LAMNO, fro n I'euliav Ivanla. preachta morning and afbtrnoon, aad Ker. E. . REINkK In tb evening, at tbe usual hours. Tboae who wait the return of the Havioc, and all wlm would nnderatand the sians or tne pi time, ar cordially lovlted to attend. Seata toaJb M irtAKRIAORN. ULACK-RYNte-Oa April d, by the Rev. Mr. Colllne, Mr. Robert Black ta M 1 Joseph Rrno, botli el this diy, IM MeDl.ltMirT-McCI.URI-On Tburaday, April . by iter. Mr. Harrle, Mr. John II. McD.'rmott U Maas Sarah k. McCayre, all of Uda city. 1S VKATIIr. BRADIJCY-Elllslarth Bradley, wlf of WMIIarn Brsdlrr, a native of Caatlemaloe, County Kltkeaay, In land, aged So years. Her irlrnda are reapeetfully lovttel to attend th funeral, from ber Ui residence, uth st, near He ave, lit t'RANrOr, rrida n ilai. Anrll th. after m anon lllneat, nuaan 11. . .-T.-. -7. a. .. '. . .. .-. Crane, daushter ef th I llarldU. Craueand betM A. towauiyi aged 1 year and n months. 1 hs frlenda ef the fetnllr ar rae-wctfallr Invited t attend the ftinaraL, Uiia (Saturday) afternoon, April STth, at t Cclk, from tbe reald-iee of ber aunt, Itieb Muhy, S V) Uaon at, llrooklyB, E. I). IDS CI'LLEN-On Thunday, April ?bth, Joseph M. Cullen, eldest aon of Andrew end Alios Culien. Tls funeral wlU take piano thia (Sarardav) atar. noon, at o'eioek, at 101 Eaat 11th st, Tlie frfen.b 1 eat the family are reepect'ully Inaittd to attend. 800 FARRELL-Ia Broeklyn, on Tburaday, April tb. ofeoneuniptlon, Ketran FarreJL bob of Ueruard aad Mary lar rail, let of Ardaah, County Iogford, 1 - tan. area 11 years ana xt aay. ... ,. 1 tie frlenda aod eeinalntnet of the famlle ar ra- apectrully Invited to attend Ihe funeral, this learar daj 1 aiternnon, at a o'clock, from his let realdenoa, 4(1 Pearl at. Itroaklrn. I1 GARIILTT-On Frldar. April With. William TeU, elceet ,n ef L'haa. II. al.d Ann B. Garbatt, ageatt yeara, U montba aud llldaya. .... lb runeral wbl Uk pise this (Saturday) after. noon, at 1 o'clock, from the residence of hla aarenta, eor. Raltte are. and Smith at, lat N.r York. Tha aels'ltea and friends are respectfully lnrltod to alt-eid. 1 biladeli.hia papers pliav copy, Vtlu Gil I.FN-nn Fiblav, April h, Cathsrtne,dauh ler of Michael and Catharine GlUeu, aged 6 years aad v months. 1 he relative and frlenda of the 'amlly are reepect fully lutlted tn kttend th funeral, tb- (Satarday afU-rnonn, at 1 o'clock, from tbe real Jenc of ber ' sa mite, sn Mulberry at, lea HKGrVAN-Iu Braoktrn,on Tbarsday, April MS, Adrian Hem au, In tha lid year of hla as. Ibe frlenda of the family ar ipectmll Invited U attend tho funeral, on Saturday afternoon, .nth loat. at x ereloek, at the Cbarch oa tb Heights, wlthoo, further invitation. o BOOAN-in Tburaday, April 2fh. at the N. Y. Iloapital. William lloata, aad J1 yeara. llUfneoda, and ihoaeofhla father and mother, and of hU brolhera, John and lleorr.are reapeetfully bl. tiled to atleni th funeral. Uda (Saturday) afW. boob, al o'clock, from ti Ollrtr st. IBS MlXVANY-fm Tkundsy, April awn, Miar u Mul trry, a wetlvewf IB 1'arb.b of Luamigh, lore Co.In Und.iathen4Ptaroi maaxe. lib friends, and those of hU brother Patrick, an) reepeetnilly lavlted to attend the raneral, esi , Saw. dar afternoon, at 1 e'elock, froaa hi Ut realdanoa, N.14EaatWdat, 1 MeDOlGALL-Oa April Mth, John J. B, ItoDoa. gall, aavd Irs yeara, 4 montba and S4 days. Ilia remains will be roed?rom S York at, ru-ook. lyn, on Bunder afternoon, sth Inet, at tt eVcJoek. Tha frb uds aud relative are reepee-ully Invited ti at tend. " McKANA On the SMh ltut,at 109 West 1Mb tt, "ffit.7lSi - CBat-rja aft., net, at 1 H 'eloek. Her trim are respsetmlly la. vlted to attend. ' OVERTON-ATn Thuraday, April SMh, Willie Les ter, eldest son of Wm. II. and JiaarphiM E Urutua, aaed b ) ear, 9 moutha and 1 da) a. The relatlVee of tin) family, the lth Ward aad Sanitary 1'ollre, are Invited to attend tlia funeral, oa bunder aftemooa, Sitb ln4, al 3 o'clock, from tha neHdiuM of hla parents, 2bl WeetHNbst. 1S3 l'ALMER-ln illlamlairih. on Friday, April SO, Henry J only child of Henry J. aad EltxaboUi Jan Ja ajie. I aimer, agen s munina auu xu oara. 1 lia ealaliraa and rrteo.ta or Ihi. fa and fricuda of the family ar rerpeot. fully Invited to atteud tb funeral, from the realdeue m tbe raaldeoe .74 Union av. or lite gnuimoiner, Mary rrguaon, ia 1 nion ar llllamahnriili, ou Sunday afternoon, at 1 o'clock. Shi rouJtRLWOn Thursday, April SMh, John S. Pol. lara. aaeo o years. 1 he relaUves and friends art reepeettully InvtteaTto . A 11.- A.U...I ,1.1. is...hI.vI aftnanoon. XTUl lnat, st 1 o'clock, frim his lato, 1 Sullivan st. Ilia remains will U taken lo Btergi-ea vm at. trry for Interment. sow TIBIII.1S-At New Ttruwlck.N. 4oOB thaleUs but, of con-imptlon, Eleanor, elVft daushter of George W. and lluialetb Tibneta, of Mew York oily. VENMAN lln Friday, Cth I t, of onsompt on, Mrs. Manh Aamarta eman. Her frlenda, and thee of the family, laesj fully invited to altood tbe luaeral. this (tetardayk aiteinoon, at 1 o'eioek, tb realdeuosif Itenrw Auaht. ri.. Wealtitnat. -a WHAI.T.EYOn Tbureday. 15th loat, Mrs. Joka tSrtefr-ffiitfo f he, am ln-l.w. Jamea McIH lit. amypefuily larlted to attend Ik foa. raLeu Sat lar afternoon, ITTtk Inet, at 1 vVok a- bet Ut. r-Ii-oa, Itart lody, T rtf