Newspaper of The Sun, May 4, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated May 4, 1861 Page 2
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4 'fr THE NEW YORK SUN. BATCKBAT M0RX1N0. MAT 4, W61. It IJn a Drawa." t'n1rthlpUTn, th. New Orlean CVe. etif hat an arttclo which deserve notice. Tb Oyatw', from being: cooarrratlva Jour nil, ha tec rabidly teewlcmit. la tho artlc! te wbick w refer, It mj u RlntliO, "" tworvable end uloo-ly, oulialy eoeur4islied in nlein t toes. Two treoks sco there werep enty itf I uu. men In Uie IVm Wave rule cT In ninth, lint iodiy tliirele Omfrlj one In ha fouid. Twolse to sf Ilia Aotith 1 art, anarenl'y. many Iru ami li led frlen.U In tli North. N'w there ore now-, If any, toey ara ofra'd I assert Ihen. 'vea Tib revolu tion, K Hi end Smth. 'n I "h '' "I'1"' ' '' '"; snddea and .eoeiol. Tno ln Is . drawn, an I to-otwaingoalloiietllsw. "' n.Veil states su I IktcAnerof modern, n-' cuafriut eodh iluerlu hiwl'.'.e aid defiant attitude. Thla tl 11 willol nnrcprrrntatlon of tho ease, and th writer In th Crrtcrnt know, or ought to know il. The feeling wnlih tho rwpUofthe North la not .vflial reeling, but me of Jeep and jreneretiapatrMiam, lilch etnUace H rctl"n In'erctt of the rVmerlctn Eepul lie. The aim of the lea ler In tha southern rebellion h. from the first. lawn t excite ecclloial aelmrit's and InQaance the Soallevn m'li by rrprecntli? the North j hoatileto their p-vuliar Ir tercet. Wcknow the pct' of thl city, and wo can end lrntly aajcrt thvt 'Icy entertain no -ertlonal antiiiiv Uie lhou,:h l!icy are determine I that the tVnn rliill l rcrcnl iaint the w like J phv of t ration. Il" l lie Southern jonrnal woul I only tell the truth if lh Sju hern pnnp'o were truly ufunncd tcgtiruinj Northern ontt mmit, the diaaattvutrels-Miii liilo'wh'cti th; have been Uklty lod, woaUaouttbo at an end. Iltit the Crttmt deceive Ita readers when It rl that the fifteen fl.ivf state are arrayod In a ni'i an 1 nVfiint attltu to toward tha nia twn flee Katea. Delaware la loyal. Mary land will control W riot ;u moli, tad continue her alliance to the old flitf. Kentucky an I M'.-ouri will not aecele. and we have a atron faith that Tenncawi will ranuin In tlio Union. Nor l the Mcelon of Virginia a confirmed fact. On the con'rary, Juat aa anon aa the pre m pre of a anffident Kathnal force aaanrea tlie 1 7al titizena it Virginia of prntectlon In Hie excreta of their rifrhlful euvereli'nty, they will, we are confident, prove etroug enough to re-d.-ooa lite Old Dominion from the h inda of the ureta who h, for a time homlliate-l aul tamiahrd lie onee rtnerated cfcutthaon. By their own lrtaal confuuiun, (In aupprca Ing the return of the popular vote,) the scoev eioaiel of the CrtnnCt own atate are In a ml. norily, Iiutalana haa not yet ralaed the Orit quota of troop called for ty jKrrKitaoi Da via.and her journal do not hcaitate to fay that the aecond demand for fire thousand additional troop cenaot te compiled with. And o In rrry other atate of the ao eallexl "9outliern Coofeilcrary," (If w except South Carolina,) tltere la a ailent Union party( the firat opportunity, will derelopo km It, and, we Le lieie, In auilicleut ttrcnh to drive the usurp lug rrlwla Trom ower. No, thla U noc a war of aertlona. It la a war of rlnrlde, ami the line that It dawn 11 y no uieani a (reogriphjcal one. The ITnlon wajjc nv war upon the atatea, Ytt children, but only upon the tiailcrou and oaurpini; whoao. downfall and conlljU punUhmcnt will jet he celehratol with pntdic rijoloin(n oy f e liherated peodeof New Orleans, and tho dtlve and hamlet of the South unlvtraully. Oar Wenld-ke Trnlter. We notlrod yesterday mornint; a aupti-lnui m. cret organisation railed "Jukaon ilall (iuard." We, by requeet, the aulijoincd a-nbljii-0114 diaarcwal from Ita reputed head, 111 whiib It will he ousci-red thure 1 no diiavownl of treaavnalile sentiment, nor the ellhte-t hint of love or loyalty to the country. U ho a " National Democrat" of tho Wood, lltrM, and Stwi itripe ? The Kef ub'.le ha a few toe many of tbi pextllent ilaa of eucmica Inlhit city, who aie only the more dangcrou wlion compi'llcl, u at preaent, to deny their trite iliataiter, thru-t IhemM-lvea frw ird a- pntri ota, an I " Meal the litry of lljen to leivc tliv de il In," a "plea, ana fiiia, anl f ni liter of diacerd. lt the Incra'licnlilo of their nature lw con-tanlly rt uiemlieriil and w itihfully pi irjod afuinit. Tlnlr 1 ut'orced Jii-f.liij-1 1 loyally mows only a food-ii.iturol riKiteapt , Lut there hill lie with it a aorh 1 coom ioii-ui In all honest uiiuK th it th'y u i I inf'iUtlJi) bitrttg tfi-ir wintry ttl th fi'tt nppi, ".l'y. To flit KM'crtif (It y 1. Diii'fj Sim--I mi a nuiemef.1 lu our pier tUia mo n ur lual a aii4 liicloua laipuuiulou, i.ilitd iho Jw&atnt UI iiitard, mrHfcl Jfctrm II ill, aul llm laa ae-ril oiguiiakti at, w lirrsljUliaa.iiapiriadiuii tlio fitruf ei.l. You uaiua uie aa maliu A I tti wlilcli la (a'.ae. Ilewo my lh'. 1 an n it the eni lain ef any lullilnry comiinj wbativer, I liavi mate no aUranoeJ to any jiuni u, eiei'iii to aitvtvate Iiaiuoefatle duttilia ut all lluino, and If l-nlnr a hftUoual Damoerl tnnkl I 'i a trail ir, I mmi tu lie e a.aed aa oue. Yoiar tuf rtnnl ha ejrowly liu jfMd wi you. 11. K. llLAtiu.r. A frctl v IMrrr of MWrhlef. Through tho jocund letter of Mr. Kraut li. to the lMdon Timet, It leak oat tlut whild the tVimmWionera of J err. Dtri were waiting ol) and on at Wellington, aume of them were eivlweaMy (inplojed ejaewhcri, la getting 'aid and luinfott," ami concerting plitaol trrawui anioiig cmfederite reprobate of Now Yolk tity. If Mr. IliriM.i l could have fa-or-el u wllh j-Ciort of the loo converNitiona between Mr. FoutTTii aul the Mayor, with the editorial conclave of the . r,iJ, .tirt, ).iy I'vot, JoniHilof CViiiiikrce, Eiprm, and other orgtna then tiding dlrect'y cr iudrncctlt with the enemy, the dicloKurea would J.hiM loaa htv been Inilevcritaibly rkh In dervity, rithout aecret detail, bowevt r, they who h ive not forgotton tho public conduct ol Ihceo oiul many other nulle hero who wouU now ra-eut any allualon to thoir late attitude, will toim withovt rpriae that th rebel oommlajuner returned to Waalilagton "highly elated wlUi the temper of partle In New York, " ami oon a laced " that the New Yorkcrt were preparing Tor aecettion." Tbi account fur much of tho aatonLJiIng an tUiity of the Confederate. Nowonlar Ht tin cune load and deep that com up (rem th traitor camp agalnit the New Yorkcrt whjno' otily tliui cruelly deluded then into r.kloi prticlpitallon of th war, bat dertcl then' l.k cowardt at lb first rtdag cf the Horin They were wicked but porhap Important In itraiaeutt of TrovUcnco In thu maturing th ruadaeat and telf-ietrnctiuo of tho rebellion It would not paaa the Impudence of aome o there, te claim hereafter torn high reward ful luuu'Hjgulng the ccn Iratora to tin Ir rulu. Ileoeral WooL W r. alow to oiTor an opinion In military matter., end erpocbjly concerning the ofli:ll relation of Ugh military aulhoritlei t hot the Union Defence Cummliuo, tho Pre", and tho fublic ao far a we can Judge, .re ,ie faith in which w aharr, that the prompt and inir getlc voluntary Interference of (Wral 1Hji tit the moment of argent nucWity, i, nx lo atone for tho laggard mivement of our own nilitary executlvo, and to tecure the ij'ily of Waihington and th loyalty of M ay land, tbau th effort of any other Individual whoroull te namtd. It aeema to tho people that hia patriotic tenlcct, however irregular, deterred the warmeit thank of any war office not TjrbolJy iiilod by red-tape, iaitead of ajtueer-' Ing offlrial recomtaendatloo to B home and lake care of hi health. (Jrawtml Ilarwer Gr.XaU!, llARiar ha reached Waahhtjrtet, and wo are aaaured that all tho report ahoat Wl dlaffectlon toward the Oerernmnt of the United M ate are hawlea fabrication. I lo h repnrtel hlmaelf t the Commmler-ln-Ch'af, and will eoon recolre an Important command, lie will however, lo asked topleilitw hla honor, aa an Hirer, to I true to hi flag. II Amur h one of I lie lwt fi(litinK oflleort In the United Mate. Army, and he makoa Uenrtal Jixaot hi model In war. In all hi ludian camp aVna. ho haa dono hi duty thoroughly, aad tl.o lndLiiw, who fear Mm, aa they Hd (le-ieral ,Iai koi, hare Riven him the nana of "big devil." Thr Trrw.ow of Wowrr. 0K of tlio aaddeat IniUuntaln the prewnt rebellion, la the troaaonof JJeutcnant Macttr, attaihed to lira National OIerratry. He ha lieen petted and foaterodhy the United State Covert mrnt, drawing large lini from the National Truuury fur aerrife whlU he really never tformoil. Ilowa one of thorn ptaua (I l tlmrni, who cntitrtve to appropriate other men' liifotniatlon aul oxjerien'e and make thrmMlvea fumona. lie ha, by hi treaeon, completely extln Kulidied hta f.ieUtloun fame. With all hia knowhde of '1ra'1e wind'' and "currenta" he hna not hud aen enough to keep out of the (i'''atrram. AtwIynU of Iko Cabinet. TilK Washington corroaaondent of the .Vfi. lay I 'otl profeaa to have accurate Inronnulion regarding the opinion enlertainod by the ntrniUraofMr, Limchli'i Cabinet, In relation tu the prevent rrial. He aay t Home of tlie C tblnel meniliora hire been rmaaly mlaiept edited for two mouth. Oitro Wai.iao. I'lO'tinoi'tlritl, haa froui Hie outlet tta n one of the immltjoM and raillral raeuilieraot IbolJalanei, He i.ter waa In favor of aattllng mr d ID Mltlea I7 a iot. hitl up eon prooilie, not baa be of r bellevM tUilo va'tatila rnluli hi waa piwiMa. Ten daya ai(o, wlien WaaldiiRton waacutnif fern the loral rkiirs it n urvr.1 In Oit'loM namcll Una mule bIkiu'.I 1iiiii around lltlllmore. Mr. Wrura ivlvoij.ud tlio tuinwifie (aroua llieeotitunivrliMia .IV. "It will lake twenty Dmnwind Inatjta I d I II, mm tl e acj ly " Thea uao Jlt; llmnatod for ilia .nr)M! f nuld Mr. Wri 1 1. Mr. Hx tan at II flu la it 1I1IT11 nil to ltal from bla brain the lilaa that in tVnith will, without a coi.fl.i-l. auliwill to Ilia Nl- lUainl Hi vemment. Wlien tlila deliulun U ooaU trml Mr. Maw abii will flaht aa rea'nnaly an en)r,li Mr. Maw abii will flaht aa rea'nnaly an aii)r,KlT He loi k the arnnml lael wliile'lliat he would. ulae. lie u k tne vroiiim laet wiiiia-inai ni aa a lat reoolt. " fljbt tiaara the truuHt, Mr, lurra la canliona ami eouattvallve, end Mr. bi in u nil uiuiii ni D la innpi irnimcia. i na ut9- - eided ntu of the CiUnet are Cuaaa, lluaia and I Wai 1 re. Mr. In tie la lor kaintnf up the r-wt oft e I ayU mall over the Houih, la the aonedad altaaaa well aa In tha neutral oneai Ha baa urgwt ur-ai Ire He r lui y i4 War the lulley of aaullng themalla liineinclo rbUailelpbla and Naw Yore, via Bill inure al onea. Mr. Omema objected lo Ibia. He drujrei DalllDua-e to aiUTer Hie nolurat ponolly f r ber lufanioiifl M'la. r-he la now ehul out frooatue row! of the w ld baa 00 malt connartlon exeaiit la IheWeel, and la houimed In oa all aldaa by the National lrooia. Mr. Dni atanda by Ike friend of the t'nlon la JUIUmre, and tblnk Ibat they hou'd not I mad lo aanr fer lb elna of the eeoraiuoiiiiH If II rau be avoided. One of our Waahtngton apeclal correapon dent auarea ua, In a private loiter, that Sir. SnwAnn ha become cenvincod that political atrategy cannot tottle th National trouble, and he now give hia full aanctlon to the tap prVwlve meaturea, recoramendod by tha Presi dent, and approved by Lieutenant Genoral & rr. President LrxcoLX tell hi Cabinet that he It only the agent of the People to ad ninietir the Government tinder tho Constitu tion, and preacrr It In itt Integrity, The Twelfth lllarnt. Tnr. Pint, ef laat evening, published th fol lowing paragraph t A litter haa been received by aeantleman In Ibia ell) from hia uou, a a ember ofl'.e ttth. New York regiment. In Wuatiliitnn. In whleh he itittaa thet aliuiil folly ineniliera of the reffiuieut werepilaonad on Hiuiony utffhl and Mouday luoruuiff, no! iia in bav Ina lieeti Uitrodik-ed Uil. ILeir food or urink. No onmlleu, There mnat be tome mlatake lit thl matter. We have private lot ter fiom momlvra of the regiment, and their atatrmont la tlut the men ell arrived aare and well In Washington. There, waa an alnrm about the poiaonlng of water, on th march from Annapolia, but It prood to be lounJlcx, N.Y. tirrAavwrar or riNAH. a, C'uvi inoLiJii'aOiior, May lid, 1"C1. Tlie II ink eubmriplinn oponoil at thla otnee, to the Cily i-l er cent, loan of $1,000,000, "in uid of Ibe Defi no of the Ntional Union," to bo expended und r the direction of the "Un ion Dcfi n-v Coi.imittee, ' now amount to (317 (na rubnirilied by eighteen difl'ercnt banka. Tho Comptroller baa I0d.1v Uiuol a ilreular to the llanki vliltli not yet sent In their nub- dipt ion, of which tho following li a copy. l'vaprct fully, W. I'.. W.tRnni, Dep. Comp. PrratvuroT or rii4uiw, !oxeniOki.rji'a tm , Mat 81I, 14C1 J Sim The Common Council of tht city hv. toby am I'linime appnoirlalail the aumofooe Uillon Hir, "In .U of the ilefeiua of Ilia N k I onal t nl n.' nn-1 authirlwd the borrowing uf thai aooi it, 11 the. tMtiiia 01 tha ixnp jratton, pay leowli4 Mi, I'm!!, wllh lnereelat ft percent , tl u a voe lotifl. ajiendeil utidei th dilution of the Uulou lidii-rMii tltonwlltea. A au vm riition llal baa lioen 'pi ned t thla otnie for aai I II inda. Will i 11 laiva Ibe ktuduuaili lufilut uiaalyour railieat cunveuieiu'e, bow d tieh we may count on froii your lUnl lowa-ila makln, up tie aruouul 1 eiilieu li.r 11 t(i twir(M'lo lairiHoe, Neijr K'ooc ifutlr. ' Kuit. T. Iltwa, Comptroller. An Iniporlnnl Prese-nluienr. Tiik (Irand Jury, for the April tinn of the Comt of Fefeluua, in coiuludiug their laUir", ma-le an lmnrtaut prraeutment to the Court The Urnnt Jury jirereut leetiuinny wldili, In mbitanoe coiitirnu the popular lielhl' that brl bcry'w aa employed to to'curo the comirmatlon of the lUrauir Street Cleaning Contract- One of the utllent feature In the cat I the prencnta tlon of the Maj er'a brother aa one of tlie partlea eoncerneil In the contract. The people can road tkopreacutintnt of the Grand Jury, and draw tlulr own Inference. Y In Mope far Iho War. W have already noticed No. I of Col roVs War Maps No. 2 la now publlahod, embrac ing the ttate of Virginia, Mainland, Dela ware, Pentuij lvauia, ami New Jerney, with part of Ohio, Kentucky, aud other adjoining itatoa, ind delineating tho location of railroad, ci let aad town, the United Statu l'oru, &c. Hie map are engraved on stool iu lb hlghort tjleof tho art. Anlval of Ike Northern Utjbt. M,C09 IXTJIXASURB. The ateamahlp "Motuam Light" left Aewtnwall it noot, Aiiil '.', with 810 paaaenger and )S3, 10O In trea.ui. April JSlb, lat. it, Ion. 73, louiged lr w th etMuuhlp "North Star," bene for Aaianwall. Hay S, al M P. W, Ut. tO.SO, lou. T3.I0., iAc aleamer Chaaaploa. New roblloallona. Sua MlifKii. Thl I th latett of the admirable talra of Ei.u.itt, aulbrr o( "Ad am Ileile," "Th Mill on tha Floaa," Ao. Tb writ loj .'f tb a autlor form an xc)ition tl the genoral etaruiterof imvela, Tbty are luore lifcdike, truth ful and fi ' aa plwtuie of hum in hUlory mid , nu.l ninnoipieiit'y lee over-exi'ile-luantatid lujUiy title Imagination and tiervou o aid t ion of the reader -lea ment-tl Intoxication lu aboil, while u a eouj Uaioof moialarlrellgloua la erlly, Klve- a aulutary direction tn the emotloua x.ttd. lUmiu& UuorukM hate republlahtd Iht v.Auiue, whlihlaxii!lon. ' Win. Rah. Today. The Albany Burgeu corpa unit the iultui 'iVniavaa aud Bapper and au'.tr, n t latter, cuuuandad by Capta. Ut.aaie ,ndI)raaT, will leave fur auuauolu tudav, onboard ( mtn lurat t AMaiuN, aad Irilurlog the OU he aleaw frlgal Maara, at 11 o'llock,' I lueer, THE LATEST NEWS. 8 1 BY TMLEQlUrn TO JttK X T. MPS. 0 War Movement, fee n tperlal l)lrail to the Keer York nan. fToaVioief.av, ay fid lo("l.(lrt dlaaatla. (tctinr. prtviil among Col. KlLiwonrn't He (rltrent of Fire Xouavea, at the loerficient pro vUan for fwel, llbing, Ac, In whlih they are taking Ihrlr turn after their predeceoaora. Comp'alntl o1" Jobbery and gros Impoaitlon In the army rf n'ract are rife. It It to U hoped that IheMeii' are only temporary lacldnntt to the baMe with which raa'.tert har had to be driven at flrt. A (J"verr,rfint py ut Jtiit retnrne.1 fron the South, vho rejorbi trooi rapidly githerlng at all tho principal point. Very Important tnOTement on both side are act-tally Impend Inp. Oko. II. Lincoim rat reeelveil the appoint ment of l'oitmaater of Urooklyn. Prowl Woafctaatea. tfViawfeaton, May .1. Fron private aonrcea lielieved tibornlirely riliable, It la aaeartained that Virirmia herarlf d wo not meditate an at vauie on Waahlnton, that auhject being fur tbo ronnlleraticn of the Confederate Htate. Their thtwing troraa Into Virginia la laid to 1m In anl ii Ipal (i of a de larat ion of war by the Noulheni ConitT' ta, aa well aa the anprelienhiou that the gatheilng of a large military foroa here la oeaignud ulilinately to InvaU the fvoitll. CiiAKt.FaTirr.ura, a memWrof the Khtn (land ltegiment, marrlrl HAnui HxAHri.r.r, one of the daughter of the Regiment, laat ulght. Tho Cawnotilrat loaUlalaro. Ifatiijril, Mnii X The licghdature tinvni paaanl, tfiia morning, a bill appro, rlat lug t'.titO.IK)') for thenrganlijiion and equip ment nl a volunteer militia, and to provide lor ll.e public I'efenao. It provlby. fur ten regl meata of volunteer", und for the payment of tinilollara ir month to each nun, lu adlitlou to the regular piy, t'roen Hoelaealer. ItmlitMir, M"y It. Nine companlea of the Ilnrheler Itegiment, under command of Col. Qi'iMnr, left 1 1.!" mnrrlng for Elmlra, via. CanatK algua. Tho Ctth regiment, the 'ire Depart tient, and other, gave them an eaenrt to the ilcpot. Hie companie were all full. One regiment ha been rmTuited here. Tho city haa appropriated iMKM)to fit out the regi ment whbh haa gone, ami thecitixenahaveeuh- eerilxd JtO.OHO fur tlie family relief Tun.!. On full company left DaiuivLI tbi mornlnj for r.lmira. Frwtw North Carolina. WttMntfon May I. A dlanatcli from Ra leigh aar, tb IUlatnre met yeaterday. The Aaaembly aiieedily nrganlred. A bill calling a Convention waa paaaed una nimnualy to aeaemble on the 20th. There waa no reference of It action to the people. The Nmlhorn Cunfederacv flag I Dying over th Capitol. North Carolina I virtually out of the Union. Th Governor ha organized a camp of Instruc tion at lUlelgh. lie recommend tha rail ing and nrganlxlng of ten regiment to term during the war. lie aaya tb Hot ernrkent 1 now concentrating a large fore In the Diatrict of Colombia, oatenalbly to protect th aeat tf tlovernment, but uch a force cannot be allowed to remain within the limit of Mary Und and on the bord er of Virginia without aarioualy endangering the librrtiea of the people of thoao atato. If tbev be conquered aud orrrrin. North Carolina will become tho next prey to tb Invadera. Priicy, then, a well aa aympathy and a feel ing of brothel bood engondered by acommen Intereat require ua to exert our energin lu de fense of Maryland and Virginia. Kverr battle fought there will bo a battle fought In behalf of North Carolina, and there our troop diould be tpeeilily tent. Adjutant General IIokr, In an army nrdor, railing out the regiment, aavt th aeat of war la itt ileetinatlon. and Virginia in all probabil ity, will be the first battle groumL The Now JerwoT Troopo. Trtlm, May X The Flrwt Kegiment, Col. JoiinaoN, the Socond, Col. IUkcr, the Thinl, Col. Nan on, will embark here by midday, and joining the Fourth, Col Millkk, at llorden town, will leave that place at four o'clock thla afternoon, with llrlgadier General t Rrjcrou and ilalT, proceeding down the Delaware and ClKanimaka Canal lo Annioliand Wanhlng ten. 1 he troop and ftoro are lu a Hoot of four teen ateum rroiellera. Ihev will probably paaa Philadelphia bofore 10 o'clock tbi riming. Col. F. Waiiiv, (J. K., goes with the cnntimteiit aa lju.arierrn.iMer ticnoial, aa far a Wathington. rraia mw arney i 7"n'iii, Jo, !t. Tlie fleet of promlleM,w!th I Hie New jinn y vniiuiteir. nave ("Mara tnrouirh the eanal,HiMt will piuceod no l1ter Ihia evelileg thori 1 lun'me, where the lliel w 11 author, aad loiuor tow leave In Iwu dtlaibmenta II e of tha pr 1 tllera will take ainraiuiltloii abutird bcCire II . ilblldelpliii. I'roui I)rlaHnrrl'olon olonlerri .VIiotcr Inn. H'iiMiaj'oo, .tfey X Tho Govenmr'a proa 1 1 iMHlhai, uiioilorlng Uie vulunleoro of the aute, baa plvvn a new Inptlua to U10 war uuvamenl hero, Ibree comiainiifl were awoi-n In yealarday. tlova nor bna made a roinilMUlon for 1,000 rlflaif. Klpbl or nine hiuidred rltliM and rnuakot are now In Wilmington, which, when added to tha colled for, will pirn e the auio In a condition of ilr KidahU of Ibe Olden Circle aie plentiful bete, but til e keeping vary quirt. A t'ulon meeting will be he'd tn flenrgetown, In tha rrcemlon end of Ibe elate, Tueadav. Tha (Knaiixi. 'a proclamation waa net tgned by the gecreUry of Huta, auKfreatlnir auaplclen re. (aiding th lo; 'tj of lb latlt r officer. From Albanvi ,1ftu-fiy, May X Gov. Moriiam haa receive. 1 eoniniiiBieatlona from the War lieportmenl exproaa Irg nl Uk I one for the promptnun and dieiwuh Willi whieblhelruo ware aent from New York furtbedtfiawenf the Capital, but rro.uwlina' that un uaire men be foraarded to tUI p ilul until Anth er advliea ate rerrlvad from the leruieut, all being deemed now aofe al Waahlaatmi. Knowing Die diaappulticaeul Ihla will oooulon, Ibe Uovemor eana'aily diwlie that erjo or Iwu n gi. nunui of the prtariit nnlformtdfona whkb hare alreiuly len mdered to Waahlnalon, bat bave not jM lefl tlie atnle, may be received by the national autkoilllea, with whom he baa coainiuuleatM ou the aubjnti but nn'ea the Dejai Iment will two aenl Ihrae reelniedta will buve lo tw dlaehargeit. Auatiuw Van VMirrvH la aetlog aa Anlaunl Adjutant (li al of the Volimtwir Mllllla only. Dcmi. Caarmji, who baa been Aaalalaut Adju MOIQeuerolofUieNaw York Hiate Milllia. under Uovemor Kimi ami eueoaedlng aduitn alralloni, reialua hut old wltlon. MoveoaeoU of Troopo. 'Aden. .V. May 3. The firat comp in v of Ithaca volunteer, atoiil 100 otrong, lelt air'Njw York thla eveuiag. The aoo ind ooNUiy vr ganited, and awa ling order, f 10,000 have been BiiheirUiod for Uie aoldleva (aralllaa. Thoi a era now 1,M tivopa qum laired al thl reu drivoua, tuuof wblib anlved today. TutOi.on.U (T ljluii'iludaoomu)y from Watarloo arrived lail iiiribt. Two oooipii J from I'lloa, and nu from Tlith. Dnavtl!e.and Cuba, airlved lodav. Tb Canenarwf aa, Cai HranitM, of Danavlll, bate J nut anivxl. Tl.ey wi I be teuapixwlily quartered lathttVolr!lupl!t.t Cbunb The Bv. Tlio u K. llauiuai haa Undtred the uao of bla church lo. Butt mmpdn, .otvr f.Und, Mi'i .-FW. war veaaelaaml within tw j mlioa ul our aliore, hound aouUi,al..uih ovlmk Woliuwday tvanlng. Tby weie pivUbly Ibe Uotkading Bed from llooton. Firo al Ileal on. NrfHthora Tho Hicamer. The, n,ay .f Corporal lloaioa aad OalUmoro Ilotton, May X Tli. l.irg. brick bulldlni, IM Commercial meet, tire.) lor atorlng cotton and (wper atock, waa ileHrove.1 bv lire laat night, It waa owned bv tlio G'u'v'a Tfharf corporation, laa, 20.1100, inoatly liuure-l. Ilia bialy ofCorporal Nkkihiaii, who dd of Ida woumbi lu llaltlmore, waa today delirereil up to the Mator of Lawrence, for interment thnre, Ueinarat were made ly Governor An 1i: i w , and reipoudcd to by th Major, 11) periniMion of th Scretryor the Trm tun, ib.i aleamer lien, of the and llaltlmore lino, will tail tomorrow wllh a full cargo for llaltimoro. Mm ft furhiddeu tu call at Nuilulk. Ilallroad Arrldrol. 0,!,aao, May 2. Tb locomotive of a train from Toledo on the Michigan eouthrrn road, exploded Ita toiler nine mi let from here tbi evenlniz. LHhinr tha lireinaji and a uwtlon foro. PrweaOeaalral auaaSaath Aaaetrleev. Orttdltd Earthquake la Headoxa ( UTES LOST. EXPECTED RKWLUTIOX IX PERC. By lb eteamer Nnrlbera Light we have Panama pa fell of th J Hb 'l. (rwlral America. Th tlomlura Ial'tuie bai aulhorireit the Kxeciitlve lo make eerte n cr ang In th Inter-ore-ardcRallriwdComraiileeroTitrart, andtl Ilrllbh drtt la mod ptjrabl oul of the Ooveiaraenl re ceipt. Numeroua aaaaa!iw.llona anl roliliotiM hav tak 00 plaoe witliln the laal few BuonUia. laOeta Roaevety IMnif reroalna ejnlet, hut lb taut Oaveraixnil I Ut from popular, ant 1'ie Minlelera taily want a leader lo p 11 down the proa nil poily In 1 lower. The coffee crop thla year haa notetceedel 4700a) Till. la's waa al Ual oinUtlnna tHH per q'tlnlab Hiai'b American date (roia Vallaralao ar of ATll ftd. and Coilan, IHh. Tb town of Maid a, a tiiatod en Ibe elem all) of the And, C"Ualnlag almnt li 000 lnlib luuta, waa dtiejed by aa earlbq'iake en the Wib ef Mweb. Aliout 6 4-s on thil evening, a abork waaeiperleteed from Nirlh t Stuth, and at the oan time from South fei M ntH, whlih laaled almut t aecooda, lejolnf la tula every dwelling and pub lie ed Ibe In thp aee, and deatroyiag upward of a Hon of the p-j u'allon, Tlie aioouuaof thla dreadful affair are terrible. While famlHre oreewipl away luM eternity In ao InrUnt, awl the frw lli'.l Meoried are lift borne lean, rukel and tlitvlar The calaalrophe h tbiown a g'.rni over Ik whal o'Ubll. aa maay of tha leading ti.rallle of Hoatlatro wnobadgoa to reald at Mnilira on aoumut of lhair blle, li 1 OTbbed. Th coa merjal comniun ly of Valiar a!o a'ao are '.Ikely to aur heavy lot-, a a large trade waa canted on lietweeu the two noca. It waa refwirled that Han Joan, a low of cei. aldetal te lmnteun, eleut M) leagnea froai Min d.ifji, waa a 00 deatnijre.1, aud llial Ibe river leaving It oHiriiial taM, luid ciimp'iley Inundated the I J are 1 but thla a well aa the reputed destruction 4 two other town, reniiirea mndrnialioa. TLeaaomereeof ValoralMi la roeovertng front II e al k of the roreul boivy failure 1 bul eoun deiiee la atlll fnrfrom ro.lored. 1 he AuatrallenimrtetaMp Marco Polo put Into Va loiainoouth H.l of April, In a damageil alata Hho waa fiora Australia lo Knarlalxl. with ) lM- aefurora, and C,l 00 ouma a of gold dual on board. When) ST Cap Horn ab ran I'Ul of an Iceberg, which dlamoifled bar aodeouad other Ua-oagoa. Ilualnrtw la dull ta 4b In l.liaa ami CiUan, and lb difficulty of procuring exchange eouaea treat Iron hie to merchant. Ameiiron gold la aolling al SO per rent preiuluni, and drafia ou EugUuid are al lo ho bad. There have liewn few foreign arrival la Valpa raiso during tb fotlnlgut, ad buaineaa t vary dell. from Ttollvla the new la dlacouragtng, th eons liy lieltaf rtrj unaeltled alui.e the dejvariure of laaaaia. Pera. Peru ' In an exceedingly umiettled an.1 dlaorgaa Irrd alaio with the bouriy proairt of atifahor revo lution lireaklng out. 'awigra la atlll kept a clone al the laUn t of Hon tatronao, without any apportot charge agaln-tt blm, and Ibe trealmenl he baa met olh. In being refuaod a IrUI, haaeroated a very ill feetlug aftlua! Ike UoverniDent. rreakdeol Caimixa apendo the greolert pott of bl Urn m bllng al ChorUlaa, and II I rarolf atbanoecon b bad to e him, excopt al Ibe card labia. A meenl propoa.iUin hronghl forward In Oongreoa to ebwe the oiHwiliiig trade to all foreign veaaaia haa born negalived by a vote of Magalnal H. Thaob Jecl waa lo throw the Paclfto fttoam Navigation Cornnaov out of the coiot carrvln trade In Peru. onri aiiranaoiaa reruvion lino 01 Al Lima a ciononv la bolng tormed a tain for the pnpnaeof wovkin tie eeUbralf d gold digging of Jan alaya, PMp John Watt, of Bath, arrived al Oollao, 14th April, fnra Melbou no, Sioaaaer Ilorwl iMiurilU, May !. Th tteamer Union re ci'ntly In the Walatah river trale, repairing at New AlUny, waa burned thl morning. iVoa Otf,uoo. It i ruppoeed tho engineer perlahod in tho flame. riloveaaent ef AIaJer Aadcroaa. VMaiMphia, May 3. Major Antir.ltaoi paaaed through thl city at noon today, tnrovt to Washington. II waa recognlted in paaaing from depot to depot, and was greeted with ln teuae enthualaam. tr'allnrro aad fwiepeaolona. Pfivn, May 3. The Boeton Commrrdal llul. frfie't lint of bui-luoKa change in the United State give ,TJ failure nd uapenion In New Yotk, I'a in ifcwtcn, fi In Clni innatl, 3 In Dilti m re, end 17 in all other placoa a total of C9 for the week. Mix Teoorlo Wrerhed. Mimlrral, May M.1 he brig Minnie Daw Bon la a total wrock, and one man waa lott, Tlie rhip Spartan U aahor on a eandy beach ; clew aaml. The ibiri Marion la ashore, la hogged' and thumping ba.lly on thoiixka. Her crewhae left her. Theah'p Powerful la among the rock at Cook Point. She la at anther, and pump have to he kept a-going. Th aliip Sal.icla it hard on the rorka, about 1'imilot Wow Farther 'Point, and thumping badly. Tli road In all direction! aro blockod up with drifltd mow. '1 he t!iiof three men hav been recovered. The p'anger by the ateamahip Uniteil

State hnvn arrived at Quebec. Only oneateer age puaaeui. er la mlnr Ing. Another elitp la a-lmre at Sandy Diy, 3d mile below Farther Point Array aad Navy. Intelligence. Fort Hamilton. Tttrc Mai ix Camp, Vt "taiday waa a grand gala day at Fort Hamilton. There waa a drone parade In the afternoon, to wll neaa which thuuaanda from the adjoining neighbor hood weemhled. The artllloiliaof th Third lo fudry ar In ci p. Bom lity tentt beta been put up In the tear of the fort, eat h -onmrrwdat!ng from elx toBteanmen. Ilstweea the "roof the com panic are ptraded and drll od. The quarter In tlie fort bave len turned over lo the car of th P. I Haalllon Garrioiu, which mnalered yeaterday aa follow i M. Company n, Flnil Artillery JO I'.eilwny U IS Uatal .10 Tiaal, exclualveofoffieera T3 Third Rkqimkiit or U.S. InrATrnT Thl refrlmenl, of which five oompanie are eueamped at Fie t Hamilton, haa aerved for many yoar lnNw Mtxlco, and Txu. Tb mtn have not alept In a bed for forty nonthai lb camp ground blng their eoucb. They expected to be houaed " on their r turn to a popwlatad eountiy," and are not at all pleaaedlteliiff obliged to lie on lb flld u wea ther colder than they have been aeciurtomed to of lata, while good barrack ar vaeont la lAtayette. TbColotlofthR-Jah (Barrack), U a native of Flame; of tb other office , 11 war bora North, and S3 South, Tb cempanlr of tb Fort returned from Tax la tb Fanplr city. Three other, which had ao aaiubledat Iodluoola to embark for New York, are ri'ited lo bave bcoa recaptured by Major Van Doe. The regular gamaon of Fort ivkena, bo. for th adddlon of lb AllanUo' troopa, eoootaled oftwocoaialeeofthetalnl Third. Tha following are the ttattona of lb regtmuit Ive componlee at Fvtl Uamilton, three oompanle In Taxaa, and two oompaaiee at Plcken. Ca. Hxaiia. who waa detached frorath Pi, batau, haa, II la reported, been ordered toaamm ooomiaud ol the TJ, H. aleaw frifele Wabtah, now nearly ready lor aea lu lirook'yn. Thl ahnwa that the Oovrnnu.ul bave con&dunce In the Cajaalu' loyalty. All th army rendeivou were dull yealardar. Ileerultiiig auma up aa follow: Army Co lar at., li lludom ., 0,' Clatham at, 1, Ntvy-Uheny at., 51 1 r-outb at, tl. To at, HI. la .Mrmerlanl. MaKacliuett In received with funereal pomp the remain of her murderoil ton. The let imt of the Ualtlinor mob will toon be ton deilv laid beneath the toil which amoked wlUi Ihc'llrat aacrlrtclal blooit of the Involution. The tuif of lhat venerabl and honored tat will glimmer with a lovelUr emerald, and ita ioleta hold amid their bloom new and holier lneenae, when lit earlleat niartrr of our army of liber lv khall havo been laid to rett beneath them. We envy her ber grat a. A mare abid ing honor than that ofatorlel um or bronze entablature consecrate thm. They aro more glorioua than monument. Honor to the tta'e, and to the dead a garland of Immortality, wa tered wiih the ttar of women and hallowed with th grateful and enduring tueuiorleaof a people, It'iirU, POSTSCRIPT, Proclarxation by the Preildeat, 90,000 MonK MS KEQfIItI-J. irMflififii, Kay S. Th Prealdent haa !- med a prorlamatl n In view of exlatlag exlgetxrloa (alllag for 1 2.03 1 lotunteer tn rerve at tnttntry and oavaliy, f-r three jeora, In addition to Hi TtS,KH men colled for by the proelaaiatioa of Arrtl ISlb. The regular array ta alao te b lacreaaed by eight additional region nl cf lufaulry, one of cavaJry, and ore of artillery U.Onj additional aallnr ar a!o required, to aerve I ol le than one or more than three yean. The dilal'a of Ite orginlotlon of tha -e forcra wl'.l be aubmllted to Congreoi al tb -p-i tcbing aowion, aad the Prea'dent further call onal'guel cltliena to all tn aupp eaalng level! aad maltitalnlng law and or Jar. Iran naltloaoro Coloo Meellar tlallimirt, May 3. Union Ward meeting wa.ebe.dlnnlgblloreugbcut lb city. lHlfg4a were e'reted lo the C.ty Convention, to meet next Monday, The delegate meol tomorrow, to laka ac tion r:ttiv bi lha public aafety bill. Keaolut oea were a.1. 4t In all Ibe warda, d-larlng the auark vpnulhe U. 8 Inep paaalcg terough the city a groaa owtrage, aad that they would devote their for tune tnd Uvea In defence of the Cmet Melon and law of Ibe fulled Hut -a. Tl retolution alao atlniatlr tb proved ciev tleuof a IloaH of Polilc Safely aa an altemia to laviluttte o militviy e timby the t,egta'alure. Ibe meeting were large'y attro.led aud very en Ihuaiaallc. Itiuitor are current Ibat lha t'nlted rwali a tmoi hav rnaeed Ibe Muylaud hue, aad are now mev Inj toward Ibe city. Tlie Penale adjourned wllboul taking futal action on Ibe conuuittee of aafrly bill. From MU-oorl. LtjioyUm. May .1. Tlie Union demonalra tiru he'd here laal evening waa broken up try the Mreindonlala. One tuau waa abot, but not kll'ed. Spirit of the People, Voi.tirrixa or Tin 75th I!ot. Kiflm TAarNoTim All reeruiU Helonglng to the 75th Regiment of R.flee a e requeali'd lo aaatmbl al the lendetvou. No. 41 rrlne al., to reoelve lntru tu.naaboulgolaj uitoqiiaitera lath beginning of nettwok. The omcere are alao reque-ted lo at tend for further omu latlon. Srconi Rkoimkit or Fibkmxv ZonArr). A movement I on foot to form a eeoong regiment ou' of Ibe Fire Department of thl city, to be called the Second Regiment of Naw York Zouave. A meeting will be held for thl purpoM al th Gotham, '.Ol Do wet y, tomorrow evening, at 8 o'clock. ACaluio the llcwoAtuAt. Colonel A. Aaimvn haa laaued a oall to the Hungariana la Ame rica, reminding Ibera of lb aympatby and aaalat anra beatowed upon lluagary liy the p ople of thl country, etnttng that b ha ' ready offered hi ml. Utory awvteoa lo lb government, and xpralng tb belief Ibat tb Hungarian all hr bla arnoa of InfolAfdnra lu th United Btoloa, aad will feel grwtlAed In alteatlng it by auWtantlal aervlco. In o-dar to earry out tbaaa view, the Hungarian of New Yotk end vicinity ar invited to meet at th Aator Houoo on Saturday evening, (i X e'olnck- MrraoroLrrA-r IIomb Gcad. A apeclal miction of the Committee on organisation of th Home Guard waa held yeaterday al the Attor Houae, for ibe pnrpooe of gtvlne' t formal recoptloo to Vice-Prealdent navur., Kt Governor BTAjnva, of Kanea, and oVualur For, of VermonW Th Vlc-Prelder4 did not make hi appearance, but the otbrr two gentlewen war preeoni. Speech were made by Ex Oovemor STAicroM, Senator Form and Mayor Woon. Tb Utter gentle man aold, In tubatancr, that he w gratified to e tho organltolton of a Horn Guard) didst think U would be much uee, I'll wet a nice thing to have. He refolded the prrarnl a a conflict between Re publican Icatltirtlon and deapnturm, and thought the prraent no time to oonilder whether, In uplwld lug the Governmeiit. local right or Institution weitM b Interfered with or not. On motion of Uon. Jona Cormurre, a rvanlullon waa aduplod that each Word organisation of the Metrnpnll'an Ilsit Guard (end three delegate to tb rrett.tur lo lie he'd thl (Saturday) venlng, al lb Cooper lQHtitut,for tb puqioo of produclna coiweit of acti n. A Mrrrtso of the 22d Ward Minute Men of tb Melroilitan Horn Guard, emulating of ,80 mi mliera, waa held at the Wechawken Ferry H. ltd at., N. It Tb following offl. eei wci tflected tuiaulmoualy l Cajit. Wiij.iau J. OTxvov, I.'euteuoila, Jtoxa Caaav aud Wit Haw KM,aa. U.Mrrii TfKTrit Kit i.r. Thla German regiment la now drilling, three tlinea dally, either al Harmonio Gaiten, on Knsex atre.t, or at Tbomp. kin Sipuir. Maay of tl. aren bave been regularly Inxtturt.d oa aoldler In Oanuony, and not a (ew bav fought In th war of '-Huoder lb loodarehlp of Col. 810KL, thlr preent eonuuondar. liy th gysuiaatle training to which they are all nhjected aa menrbera of the Turnvereln, lliey are perfect lu tl, firat grand reautaltra of good aobLara, atrength, atlllly aad enduraneei aud few, If any, rrgtmeula will be leund Hauipoaa them lath qualltlia. The Udy ftfenda of Ibe Ternverota have or gaulied a avieiy 1.1 etiiply Ibem with hoaplta' atiire, and a portion of their uniform and camp emtlpintnt. Tboao denlrlng to aid with money, or aay of tb article wanted, tan do o at Turn Hall on Oech. ard atreet, between Heater and Canal, any aftemooa, or Com aeven until teu o'ebiik ooch evening. HcAlMlCARTKRa HltTH ItlMIKK-rT wit Mil nu, HrTM leitsn. May Bd,!)!. Editor f tht ita Fork b'un. Una (lit Many very In jurious rtirt or publlalid lu luo city per concerning aiy eommocd. Mi n'nul bobinging to n rrglmet.1 commit ml for which we ore blamed. Petoaia repreoetitlog themeorvo e in my Itittreat or eo 1 ting money, orGrrna of clothing, AV-., avowedly for me. Ni rwm ta authorlaod to do Inuuiieaa fur, or lepraHonl too ta any mailer con neited with my regment, aare tj.iartormaaler litii'iiv andPaymaator I'ma lu rrr. Thaae two gtnllrrceu have ln duly oummliwlinod lo Irana a I all btiatneaa for my command, and ruay geae rally la found al Tamn any U til. will you lie eo kind a not u publish tha In tuiting and seurriloua remark a that or now dr. eiuotlng In regard ! ua, which ar caloulalod to In jure the cauao for which we are raodyto a.'rHce our Uvea. My emoeraar gentlemen of tandlag aud milllAry exp-tiMioo, many or ihm bavin aenejlnlhs Uutod Sulaa, tngllah and 1'rao.h arm too. My private ara bard working, honaet mea, a Urge portion ol whojt bav noon aftlv errlce, and will compare faoably with any body of nun an bated hero or elaowbere, for order an devotion to the couae In which they have pledged their aw viae their only dealre ami auxlety 1 to be nt tmawi. dlately to th aewno of oullon Wn. Wao, 0oU VMABtnAL ncitMHAsf. To (A EMtor of tht Pun ; gia t An oiliela appaarod la the Boa of Id Inat., to which ibe fola.wlng le my reply 1 Your reurter ba infcl a gnat error la a paragraph In yralord)' sr, inwbiih I am repreoeniod oa a aee ationlat.' I aul no aooaoatonlet, nor hav I vr uttered any aeitimoia thai con bo eonaldered a ntvorlng aoceoolon. I i devoted to th Unnatl tatlon,thl'ulon,tnd th Flog. For that Colon, and under thai flog, I hav fought honorably ; ant I eameally pray thai the L'nlon may be perp aualod to the lataoi poolaffity, W.lh referrne t.) the raiting of the flta, 1 htv '7 1; "7 i!"S I kmgr have eonird over the vremlrea. J, C. Bcaxitau. NwYotctMaj3d,1Set. The Hleckado. CommodortPEKDuaiAST luue th follow ing order, announcing the strict blockade of the port ef Virginia aud North Carolina t TO ALL WHOM IT MAT rOKCKBX. U.VITXI1 StATX FLAII SllirCcMIlRRLAJP,') Orr Fortre Motitoa, Va., Apll 1W. loiit. t I herein call attention to the proclamation of hi I'.xeePcncv, Arhaiiam Lihuolw, Preeklent of tin Unt.'d "State, under date of April '.'7, 1"C1, for an eHlclent blockailo of tlio port of Virirlnla and North Carolina, and warn all per aont lutrrtated that I luve a unich)nt naval force here for thpurpoea of tarrying out that proi tarnation. .,,, All v.taela paaaing th (Jap of Virginia com Ing from a diatanc ami Ignorant of tha aro cUmatlon, will b warned 0 and tnoa paaa. Ing Fortree Monroe will be required to auchoi udir the rttn of th fort and iubjtct them wive to an examination. G. J. PrNDKaanAir, FU3 Ofikar, Coinmauding Uom Squadron. ' CITV NEWS. Booaoroa IMatteUral neoiara ta Bora tb CMaai at Now Tor, rkBaaelpUa A Week or two atace, Mr. KEirrnr received Infonuatiou of a deelgntobornth city of New York, the supply of water to be cut off at the time the city wa fired. A guard wal placet over the malm of the Aqueduct, la the two COCCtlel through which they were, and wa made ao atrong that no attempt to cat the ptpei could be racceaafnllr made. Since than full evidence of tho design luw been obtained, and ad ditional information, and the citie of Phila delphia and Uoeton were Included In the lht. The leader of theente-prlt ar well known erce-olrniata, eome of whoae nameaAre now In poatcMiou f f the police, and whose rolcet htv been tiltnetd by tha recent uprising of the poo pie. Tho whole police force la been on th alert lime the firtt lutlmatton of the probabili ty if the attempt being raade. Hire It a letter received laat evening from a tource entitled to cowi deration i IietavTLLK, April M. Bis, Hi vtrvel'el four humlnd mile to be ably aelely lo mall Ibi IcUor. A Ihoroiuhly organ red plot la now In progrvoa of execution 1- turn New York, rblla.Ie'i hi and It-wu n. A t on of the men aoaigntd to your cily ar In your mldat, and olbei ere on U.elr war, Irneie waaf toy f It frw I dare u loll you how I know, for ihol waild lea-l to my tn.vtiable dtec. tlon. Hi cooeeiiwai.e of which you eon readily Tie' Intention la te Are the thrva cllle ilmulU neoua'y, at a njtoy place a raxalbl, and al the name hour al n'gbt. Tbi la to be done the night bofir th attack on Waahlngton. I a the dliei lion of Ih whole pi. Ooa buodrel and Iwin'y-flve men have been aotlgned lo your CUV aial lliooaiyn. a an oiglllj to oaro . no mnroi Thla la ta t a movement of the govorni enl, Utoinih known lo Pavi. Al find be dlaeoungRl It, lit einee 1,1-naiL irnclaaialli n he haa withdrawal ble citlilon. The men enttualed with the eae ittlMa o the p'ot all lloo to th buier lample of Hi Kn be of ll.e (I. Hen Circle. The plan baa been maturing for tw month, bul did rot Im lode New Yoik un'll within o week or liadini Tho men aanlgned to lloetim aul Pallo (le'Wa bave been at their raxla for a week, hut tlie deterliilnat.ou to Include new Yolk baa rauaed a deUr. and now Ih time will depend np.i how aoonDtviala to Mlvk Weahlntton. I bave to'd jni, ml all that I knew, but all that I en wlln aafi ty to myarif. The cl.anrea are, you will disre gard ll.e warning, but I feel lliat I have, at loaat, diarhargeil my duty. 1 am noyuur friend 1 I am on of lb moat mv. relrxllng your enaiul re, bul I am on ojion, and I hope an boniaulile f. 1 ex(eet 10 flabt you to the death, but n"t with luelfer matche and campheue. IV) not do Ibe people of the South the lnjiunloe to believe lhal one out often among thea would for a momonl aanctlon thl beib-begolten aoham. II U foreign to their nature. Thk U. S. steam tranaport Coatza'oalcoa, Capt. D. S. B tncoCK, arrived at thtt port last evening, in 30 bourn, from th Washington Nary Yard, where the Undid tha Rhode Iibrad Kegiment- She report 1 having oa May 2d, at ti30 p. m., off Hampton Roada, tpnk tteamer Quaker City, on a crniae. and May 3rd, at 4:30 a. m., off Cape My( two tteamer, auppoaed to ba the Hrrit Un and Star of the South. FreKRAt. or ax old New Yorker. Mr. Fma EaiucM, for half a century an organ lat of Trinity Church, wa burled from Trinity yeaterday afternoon. Ue died al lb g of ninety-one year. Mors Ftnma Wajttxd. The Union Defense Committee advertlae for more funds, with which to equip volunteer, with we en aur wlQ be hotl!y reanded to. TRAirsror.T 8AiLEO-Th U.S. iteam trana port Choaapeoke left loot evening for Washington city, carrying oa board COO barrel of provision and 120 bead cf live cattle. Th Columbia ha on board COO stand of arm for th 15th regiment, anl a lot of uniforms, and I awaiting order. Siiocuxo Barbarity. Wo tent a tpeclat meeaenger to the aloop In which are the Taanrr family, to make Inquiries as to tblr eindltlon. II renoit that b found them atlll on board, with th grneroua-hearted captain, who tn ought them 10 thla city. They were aejied, the father and his on, whipped MOlaah each tb w IK and moth er chased Into a twamp, all becauee the man refused to bear anas against Ibe Star anl Stripes, In the rank of tb rebel. All thl In 8111th Carolina I 'How do you know th number of strip laid on T Did you count them f Nc, said Ibe oldest am; I fainted three limes. A by 1 binder watched and be told me " "Wei a tbe blowa wall laid on f You had belter Ullei iLn "Wherar "Ontbanuktd lkk. 'Hnw long agof "Three woe k. To the oldeat aoo. Where ere you bomr" 'In M. A11 uUue, Florida. "How old ore you I" l'loa'lknow., tlin you read and writer "No "K.d many otbera refita lo enllalf ' 'A Croat many. 'What waa done with thenar "Sura were wblitl, aome were ehviMl with dog on running away, aom ou thing, aomaan other. "r bo were tbrae people V "Pr whites. The rich niancandoa ba plcaeca. He bbea a pour man lo so lor blui." Tb old intn culd, "This U a nlgjer war any how What would yon hav dun If you bad not got wayr Irpwred myself 1 an. I all of ua would bare drowned, rather than flxkt nguliL-t Aannuvia.1 Tb wiTa waW, " The old man would have d m It, bul I told hhu uol to throw himself lo lb davil." Tb family were very poor, laving left all. Fifty cent handed ua by a gent man war paid tbtnt by our reporter 1 ami other sums will be forwarded la lb nut manner If lefl at our counter. New York Bible SocttnT. At the month ly meeting ef the New York Bible Hx-lety, 00 Thursday cental hut, th committee rejiortod the ditrbulliin of Sail volume among destitute families tnFliat, KlevantbandTweily-aeonnd Ward dur ing Ibe post month. The principal buaineaa of tbe meeting relatod tn aupp'ylcg tbe soldier end aal'. crsofth fnlloi gtola aervlM sud the volunteer regime.!. Tb genU of tb Hoard bav siupUsd tb toMlere u Ih forts, th marine In th Ntvy Yard.and on tb vtasola of wr,and alao tMtnty en ef tbe volunteer regiments which have left thla city or are sow ei.tloned In it. The Testament used In Ibis supply Is a noil pocket volume, easily carried In the knupoack, and having an appropriate colored design paed on tha Inald ef the cover, exhibiting at Btar and Strip, with tb Inscription below 1 "To th deftmder of their eountryi Prou!d by Ike New Yotk lilb'e $ooirtyiiud also with refer ence to appropriate Uxta. Cunlrlbutlont for Iblt work war announcsd, and tb Board authorised he further prosecution, ao a to Include every regi ment and every vessel of war passing through lb city or leaving th harbor. Tb number of Testa ments already distributed Is over 11,000, Americas Birle Societt. At a meeting of the Manager bold at Aslur rise on Thuiedsy, communlcstlon were mad respecting the dlstrl tributlon and priming of the Bible at home and In foreign field, aad grant of book war made to tbe American Sunday pvhool Union and vorieu other soctelle end Individuals, for missionary purposes, Jackv.i Hau, 13tii Street asd 8tji Ay .l I'Jitor Sun: To la)njul published in Ibe 811 of t'dsy to the effect lhat a suspivlou organ lzal'os, t nder ll.ooinmand of 11. K. Uijcvslv, ore lntlielahiltfmeiJugat my bouae I unquolned. lyfala- There has bo.nuo ouoh maetlnj. Cap. tain J. GnasaJt.of tl.a Jackson auerd, UoL Wa. U. Ktmrov, oommandliig, haa rcoaioaslon of my rooms, and lluti tifganiaallou will hardly b oonatdared a traitor. Martuew Fh-lavj, Fmpriator. Hsy a, 1w!U Arnird Jllall Ship The Prcthlcnt of the IVIlle M..11 Slesnuhip Company write ut a fullowt 1 PAiinoMAiLtfrtAitmiirCo., ) Niw Yia, Mayl. ltxlbf XJlter Sun ; I bsve lecoivnt a dispatch Uom tbe Bicrrtary of tbe Nsty, advising me tlial be bad ordered oao of the steam alooiis-of war new in the Paclflo to Aoapulu, for tbe protection of our ateuirawbl)ecoainga!Kitl. Tula, with other precautlonr, will Insure Ibe'r eullre vfety, with Ibe r iwaaengert, lualuitud treasure. Vry ris raxtfully, Alla McIsx, Pita'U Aa imiTAL At vm-ATKiOTlc, a landlord, la Philadelphia, turned the wife and children of a poor volunteer out of houa aud horn on Wed uceday. Inability to pay rent wo th crate. Diotrr or ItetnotrAL La w. J nic DaXtT,' of at oportov Court of this oily, ha isijal JeawB. Drvauato oempUaaad prtala cirsalsW algastef all thoUw,aod rdlnoaooo lalataafl ah -o-owxoneatof totally of Krw York, to b ar rargod with roearenreto the oevoral doporlaasraw andbureauj tbtreot, aad mkvTMHng full Bate at Ih aoetaloa of lb Courts, orplaatatiry of tea power aad dnllee of the cily authorttl. Tb aa prerlmenl wa airthorlttd by tb legWalur ef 191, and the selection of Mr. Dxvxuw t rwtstwa tli duty I on tminenb'y fit to be ravt. Hrrw, AccldeaU, Iaejaeoio, Ac. Srrtiors Fau. Mr. GxrrAan, a me-abar of th firm of 11.11 A Co., doing bliloooe aINt. tl Heokmaa atreet, yeaterday Ml freot tha third svry, through Ibe bskhway of Ih store, the ground floor, where be waa found Inaooaitla. He was crave; ed to the New York Hiopltal, aad la aald to be vety daegeroualy lajwted, roUee lalolllgea-ee, cVe. EmCXZI.EMKIT AT A PORTBR. .UailRT Bnrr, colored, a porter tn tbe store of Tewwaaaa A Gais, dry gixals msrehonta, la Warraa awoet, wa arrested yeaterday, chafed with havlag el vn rlou tim emlieesled g-aata to the aggregaa vala 01 oooui ax,iaai, wnicn li aou to nolo rl eelvar of stolen roods. On of the re -elver vtMV also arte ted, awl sums of Ibe goals were found owe- " blepremuMs. The two ptumera ware eomaalMoa to await examination. StrAliro a Hortan Asn Waqor. Enwrw Cnawm alias Doorxrv, a mackuieat, living la Us. lent, was 01 reeled yesterday, cbargod with otaaltaar ahoiaewid wajon, which lie hired at the etaWoM or UMVic 8. Can 1., la lira klyu, f u th pur-Mao at onuns . Amorio. a no pn-prny was rooo end lha aaxusrd waa locked un f r trial. A iimi of saaaull ill-it officer Foitrm, of Ih 1Mb rvo- atrev, i aiao landing against bias. I.IillAI, ItlUMUTt-FKinAY. town of Ueoerol Weadoau I'.efor Hsoorder UiwrMta. Ibe '.'toad Jory and Monaljey, Uocklor CV ta. 0 1 II0W I ITT (OMTH-VCT ARK ORTAlKIa. Th Grand Jury for lha April term haviax flnlahe.1 (heir labor, coma la court today, aad artor leading tb Court a botch f Indictment, rawl Uk followlag unpnrlaut prateUmenti Now li Th Grand Inauaat of th cite and eounlr 0 York, at the cno uaon of their latum, raepeewej irvioD ansa aoej uav causoa a laig naiaoor 0 wttnoaoea to be aummoned bofote Uiona and aeon toed relative to oomipl prsetiee believed to eaia oa tb rl of wane of our lueol otSeev. Aniotax otbera ao examined, were Thomas llojie and Aolho nj 8. Hope, flam whose testimony II appears tho In Ih month of February, Thomas Hops drew frosa a bank forty tbouaand dollars. In bills of Ity aaa on hundred dollars each, and look the saea brs tneuiai y 10 u. store or Anthony 8. Hone, where he met Andrew J. Hockley. Ilackley had pre viously to d each uf the Holies lhat he rwrulroa uj auua vmirj oui ano aroca,- oaa ha reoetved the money Hockley aold be thought there woe ao doubt he eaulaTj get ine contract.- 11 was proved by the rytnc teller that th orty thouasad dollars wore drsww fiom tbe bank oulbe lllb c'ayof Februtry. Ota the evening of that same day a resolution woo passed by both Ihou-ds of Us Common Coaactl. award ln a 01 tract for eloonlng the atresia, to An drew J. Hackley, for Ave yearn, el tiT,000 a yoar, alibi ugh there were twenty-two bidders et loosar roles, one being a low sot 190,000. Il further ap pealed that a contract was executed olovon dan afterwards, la pursuance of that award, which eon- 1 tract tho Means. Hope teetlfled wee ownod la errsat fourth jrarte by them, Andrew J. tloeicley and Bear. 1, JamlnWood. Andrew J. Hack'ey waa also swora ' a a wltnsHs, but h b'ocked the progrea of the la. 1 vestlgatton. by refusing 10 atate what he did wttla the money he received from Thomas Hip. It waa ' clearly proved, however, that no part of the forty 1 thousand dollars wa used for or shout th doing I of work under lb contract, Tb aubaoqitent pro- j eeedlngs In respect to Mr. Hackley are already known 1 and while the Inability to compel an I name- . dlote aurwer by him baa prevented a cnnelusloa tt I the matter by tht Grand Jury, II wUl b th dure of IbsD'etiU I Attorney to renew Ih mvostigattoia , al th arllbt proctleab'e day. 1 1 Tbe Grand loqueol wore isforrood that en I I Oeorge Mount o. wo conlned In the ooitaty I all I for aeoDlemnt orfiaurt-In rafiuilna. lo iii.,i La-I fore tb last previous Grand Jury thl quest! 1 "Fiom wbom, If any one, during lha Ihrae year have you received mnnev for the im-poo of ' lufluencuig a tlon upi n moltcni pending Ufore tha I Common Council V The meocol Grand Jury, bo lleviDff that Mountloy mlghi, durlag bla imprisoev ment, havs rea.lred bit posilloa, and bo willing now to answer this aueotlnn, caused blm to be brought, before them and thoroughly exiunlned. He now testifies t "I have not received any money within the lsst three years for the purpose of injlatncusg auy maltsr endlug tn tht Oiuunon Council, or la ucnncctlon with any auch woltor, or any mailer peidinz before any Committee of the Comrmai Cmmctl. I never, while holding tbe ofltca of reader to the llrd of Coiincilmen, received a sum of money of any amount whatever exceeding one buudred dollars from any person whatever, or for any purpoee whatever, except his salary and three loona upon houses be was building. R. A. Rrniitrio, Forerran. Jama 8. Toms tfvcieuif. Tbeaiand Jury were tbeu d.acbarred. with lb ihanka of the Court, sBM A number of prisoner were analgnml, wba werl ren amlod for trial. A young man bj the noma of J Parol liaaibman was eanlenoed to the Bute truM for two years, on Ms plea of guilty 1 f an anemia ajl c.ri, ,.n ... ifl.A .!...... - - . . ' 1 'P n. ... ..... j. , u I'up.iTpt w4 u ainuugsr so Ihisoaildiy, anl lold His l.uil that he hod been tcu! td by ivsityand atvrvatiou to aleal. Au Indictment f..r inurdsr waa nreaented a.ralaal RniollcMisl,U the h.nulelde uf Wauaa Ili'-1N. '1 he Coin I adjourned to 1 T. M. on Saturday. Farther IVew, see Xhlral PsToarsy, Cash ram roa K All., CANVAS, IIAM.Isn, BOPK and all other kl 1. is of PAFLK-MAKKIUi' MrUCK. 08 CUFF 8TRLET, New York. Patent U.nfkrmkttkii IIrkar, Ahaolutelr pur 1 mad br proneas which Is deelaroa nv ths CailWso of Fhyalclana In London, lo be the onlr trna and natural on", b whleh all tho nntrttieos 1st pauunia qaaiuow 01 tne oneal are preaervod 1 ralaaa anoa, or ethnr i'ithi. in vimiw ua im 111 iim worm, ror tiis j st tho Msnofsrtorr, Ns. IlllCsat 14th at, one , from the Aeodsmr cf Wuale. il.4d alao, at Me. M I Main eve. one dour above llih at. VII - BaH-ularly delivered to families In all parts ef tbe dry, Dsvise k Co, Family Holiday at BARvrM'a Mcaitrot Baturdsv Is s srest das for famllL at HamamW am Mu. f( JUUw la 11 -e. I ann. Chlldnn beliis out efMihool, report thither crowns u ses uis living wonosro- tue lieors, IUlUIT'g TRICONfKROua la th best and cheapest srtlelo tor grossing sag teaoa tlfying. ck-snlns, eurllns, praserrin and 1 astiiotin tss hair. UdlsstiT i. etoUbraUdruairlsIf1 1 Sow w-mrnr rkach or Au. OROVT.R a BAEKRfl CaXJSBATED NOIalXtrlS BEWllJa MACBni UO aad swaoaa-) Goeodwor M. Y. HILITAattY. Tha Boatoseot of Wont Petal Dallarlea artea a Rlaed Cannon, Hnwluan,aad appersand Minora. i?l' now about completed and a moaaonffar has gone kS ion Am wsahmslon. Uils snernooo, te prooure tne mastsr this Reotraoul tnlo the regnlsr servteo, and also t ransefor the oaulomsotaof thoeenia. ItwULl laar-k racurefor the equlsmsnUof tbseei-ps.11 will, la anl sauntered late aorvloe this neitweok. A fsw ssperlenrvd srtillerists and soeas morhaalos mi aappora and miosis, are wonted. Airply at Usadauarl I taiisMxBroadoar. ,lta.Mi Tt m .laaoafal TT i am al 11 at rltira naasj" .Timmuf llthJl. Mar ft. ISiil. Wntd-.10 n-m-f bnfWn mni l drammn IminMUta-lr. Applf i BxiaTtswv. ww gsn, . sTo.'aw r.a-u U-MKAKA, Acting AdJX ir. wm. . v.Toniwvia mi, fniiBiinuiain. Tj. i 4.1044 Pprclal Notice Tosapaay Ci. lofaatrr, log sarroaaaar-per'andmlneii, will muster at Com poo oj iaapertlon, ttaturdtr mernlns, Ms 4th laMui.iiisncrs, sou A.anal it, ri. E. ear or Jswr. rr A few mora goou bkh rirociTeo uvioio inataieiion. bv rder. II WM. CONWAY, Usui. Tobsnteero, Alteatta-Ya raa oblala Iho nslil sine of arsr fhlrts ana lilankets cheap, al Mechanlee bhlrt Store, SVe Grand st, s,llK MI-KOks,.! neadnorterw 4tt7 Hroa4 way We n atas , otuted for Us Id Beatment SCOTT LIFH OUAExM f noorlr fullt qnartors and aiibslsnejnee farwlslisav onidiruliui tho ralL This onms will bo ornoerad WI erutlemaii wh bav ansn aTvico In Mexteo, Oea, 41 H. II. WARD, Commandant Wm. TIIJ'BN, KatX inssnrrr. i.ieuk iviiaa.4.,, ST,tf!,0 rvuiaio vxYvsxtMxnwEsnw, B AllNUM'S AMERICAN MU8EUK- TT1I1 rnriitsr rnsnrt nf flllna HfHitias sjai CrartloiM for the piownt weak hlthseto nokaowa. ma to thU ealsbltahmint, as th foLowlna- tat ill showy HrK 0U) hh iiKirniuciltMrooooo-dlAoaTssart wiexa. beautiful and id fairy enotnre In tho world ALB .Ql'AKIAL GARDKN, M.)tfflUt VJIUCU VOIUKU VOOaOJaT. sal AUU1I. I FAMILY. Ai OM aiao. I rruvi KN'lIf, potrvutu VOIUKU VoOfljaT. E I aiilsdaieiUdxaan4e,texllosailiet ' 1