Newspaper of The Sun, September 10, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated September 10, 1861 Page 2
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' . : " - - TOB NEW YORK SUN TTJ1SPAT MORNTNQ, REIT, in, lMt Tk ftmwm Wirt ll nothing of groat moment from th "Btnferar, but nigniricant indication! of col lapaa an teen in th" ndn-l armv and rim. Il kallK! thai tbair grn.1 " i limlli r,. BrogTBtlng, and It In argued th it It MM now da "a, at tn regitnr n have aJrcvd.i Inten with drawn or North Itroliai alooa, .mi well ' grounded enpaclation.- of r-nitig urgently railed home, prevail m ng all the cotton state troops. Nothing l vot p.-iin Iv ktnmi of Jure. fata, and ivrry day of uncertainly errengthen thi presumption of HI death. The pmgTee of trenta in North OaMllM no tinue! highly rn. .,ur iging. Thi dltntttaet NfMok fur Ihcin-oli . '. la I'll few liguto w( have from the M iiw election, tnl in lag particularly low and small figure of lis While Patlbtf ,.to, i ho H, atten tion politician af tin- 'a'e mny ee thoir lt ny foaeehidowcd. Very intrtanling t. b graphic, city, and nt h r newt, will I found og 'ur tlist pigc. It ha Just tmapirad thron ;'i oM of MM newspaper, in Kentucky. mill more ef fective communication than i. getter ally nup pnned hive lecn going n thr i -h that nttte, between the 1. S. ar-eiml an. I military Mlb fla il tee, and the laalkali of Rati T,- une .-.. Oenrral AlMWI ha" Btl bam loiMlag Ml almut L'inrinn iti. A tTlnc boater paper iy . j " It i lindcrt-.l that J 000 io re gnu anl two canm-ft f.i--l thr. nigh f."..iiigt.n on pri day night la-t, intend" I f.r IV- troop at llry antrvillr, and t I, ooatreyar to th Hip.' And rompanic of well arm I Touii',nian hare begun mm hing hrtO -aft K 'itlucky quartern in MBB1 laf ihle BBIBb ml alro idy, tin 1 r the glorious old ll.i.' "I I hi ir lalnor. It ia aai I that whole regiment" have l -on BtRBBltad an I wcrwtlv ilriHol, and by thi time are dou'itle. armed. Attention ptonueated. Tra nVtrrrpolltaa Po!ke U a great bajtlta. lion for good or evil. That ia, ita power are aatraordinari- an 1 . nofmntM, Then i no win dar that among a pie je tloua of li wtly, a atrong an-l tnveterat" appnatl afl ibotttd bi main talned against the r xit"tii-e til'a MlvlM whi' li lare in the hnmla of the st.,te l'.."utiv , n atanding nrn-.j of pick ad, ttginlttil and ilrUlad oflirerv, liol. ling every of grouli I linl -i patrol, ami il l ling ali-olute , m l arbitrary mi thority, f r p lilt e pyrpoM , oral avaf Indb vidii il, la a dhitrlcl of a million InhahiUaU Noiiiing bat tha tttraofdtntry aalganekM ' , great an l lanaaly crowilad city, rotten to Dm roreofitn politic il organliatloti, eooU Ibfca thie.anmutiity to tob rate MWh M nnom il among ItmihllcMI in titiitioin. And nothhv lait a at. -in pajrttj . ii mm llnni rv-nd to law i an 1 righta, ttid a tir;nrou nerawalaUllty f.r mi roniJurt. in the illx iplni of ,ho lotie, nan pre- :tv no h a d -jii ir av'tetn from aorlv oV - tltlet'on. We ihbjk Ihnl with all it- fhnl -, Ui xlra nl trattott of the state Palktn avatrni at Ihht baa DM ii in th i.i ilfl h 1'-lull ntli m -I i f.r, .'rid produetiTe oi v .i-t and mi re't-iu ; io i, 1'nuVr tha praatwl Fkarasrlnrend tit, th polka luroo It eon"tititl itnpi.' itv, n nannafi and tn-ril-, iitpheii d annnflarlty andchata tar, lit enllei Mat Ipaaaranot .ml talf-ri p '. A'i hava ruin 1 1 and gro nj re t on lo t... 1 prtHI I i f !, apMarun i and oontlucl o thli ftaa body t.t I men. H it tbl. is tod tannR! . II 'i r i n- to Ii.' done in tie' ; uf llctplioe), wlilcb i:. . Kaper iutendeni ranin I I h, ami wblcb tbc I'ollrr OMaiBBhjtNIi '-' ii. to 'I. in; to touch. Then ia pjaa a ntdad lendtn y in tin. natttt of the ayatein toward - tha two i inllnil din era o en", ruption and tiprwtlon, wbU'h in i 1 1 it :.. i igain-i wi ll ilaaplaai vlum anl rigilatat by tbn QawMbjahinaip if thej aouM pi rptl i itallH enieten. e an.) oKiwlneoo of th r dapirtmanl of Pablk Pary tat, lly m -iking it a- pari i. a. ! neiii in, anl a- bafttbaa, at il i- poaeibla f. r 1 human aloiin er.. tiou tola, th yet it in aMhufltvor, agaiuat all the all'urta ol l m i ( . artr, D alloa nn it t" di Bnerab in iera anal i liano let and dla pilot, or to eirna arli'Tan , Opureaaltrt to indiv i liberty, and prae:i atlv In ipoaalble, the an aiauat A hatred agiun-i it arhlch MIU know no bound, and will li-teu to in. pjaa 01 I laianl for it I'OatillUt'deai ten. . Ihir oiiTie' in the"" remark- i- one of warn- nig in lariniti and pointed waralBje, 'Mot dungcr we baao ladicatad an artually rifa, laitb in the Datura ami praatii :i Inilnlatiation a the aieiu. ToaatftaUlt I tit tht bmhinry to ciM-riiptioii ami oppraetion II in i.i t rculixttl alieady, an l tnii-l la- arre-t I. at in ii.. altluMta progroa- Wt -hall lota ' tie ,f to , Ibing-l) either our admirahle mli,e lyatant, or "iir pal -'iii UMtitti Evldanoti n t infrequently Iran apire, of gioN- mlaoomlyjct and ahuaa of powat by BajlMaan, laataiaad in tha Hoanl of Polhaj OMnlaatosan h) tha groaaeit favorltlant, and aitmetim'-H by n it did and uparalllottt ahaoa lathjaii One of tbaat at I laaeai art av ahont to brln ; bafatt the public, In tb" threefold interi't of private right-, of pnlili.- Ida rli . tin 1 of an eili-i-ienl and 'rmaiien! po!i . It i our pin aea3 to aatch these men alio rule over u witb Mich a feaif il authority, more -b irp Iv and i "it-iriony. and kaap them rig. a - oaaly on ihalr daft not bafhft the ; pit. for i'ver thing in their oflcial oonduct, riht or arronir, which i" not opto, claar, and aleive autpiclon. We ihajl latgin tomorrow i iih a atory ofracanl outrage which iii make the i are oi evet one that bear- il to tilt :1c. Thia outrage, not only nnfadrattc i loll Kit) ttutd bytbaaplnt of ravorltitnt oi alu ilullatn la tht Palka 11 '.i.d. ought to ntot i lha million lulia bltauU of tin- M Iropolltnn ptitrlci -nay, the h'ojiIo of tin whole -tat.-, it nae -ir-- i- u.-iii-iii, to di in iiid icdi.-s and punlahmaiit, through tin- removal i f tic- i It Pultca n mi i If thai tin . it, and i: that if rvfutad, Ihrna ?b a ravolatlou In the Baacutiva of tie itatc Itaalf, Na ioi ..t iHaaaolal Intaraotoi Home -t ilia litnht' 'notta ol ahlcbara nhlt it aipa!) cunoncy to cl lai bat ididat tat aaatlona of the cnuntr o II miaadtoin the tjagija tht mangel pulley cl -, ! . the aiaaulalloa oi the ilcuiand rroi u u n no lavtlal 4t tl rao Ivcd. Wall if y eater, day front Soriciii baukl which an Lrtlnglu drive llnni ban- faf Mgainptkin, i i ertok all the held to th ir own hall. o . ... . .. 'i... result t igt) to fore--.-, 'I .1,,- W. i. .1 i . knowing the atiatriiirity ot the ti'ivariltttaid note., will anli takttham the mon I'raolyfhi Hm apnoaitioa ol thair bank. The bank bj (;ulbcring ibein up f. r radCmn'.l will onlt belgblin iti.ii credit, and tht la-er tln-s are rvdoei I, the la-t"r they will be I lid on1, a id holdeia w.ll I" the b-ie willing In llloal tl.e.n in eacbjug' i.-i tha umlaNpaf notaa of haaka, In abort, wbi u a out ' ..' Ion' tail "relit radjaataabla la ooia to aaj amt n iml at par in every i-urner i f the I oion, i- glvan tOthu pnh lb, a war upon It by aaaha af Infariottra 111 will null etll'lla'tliell and stiniol't' o ii ilia i ia, Mt if our city liauka l lag 'I' l -' 1 1 to take a narrow view of their own circulation .nt. in t Ilia ounucction, u meeting of "it y aaah tti earn ha lieen called to consider he mitt r. It i beand ibut the Mineral tHinatllllal III In dit taaBaaaaaaaa, aa the rirculaii.iu of hanks liha ilKeeofN. w York caii rm iter vvr i little at bouia , where it i. all Mnntajftd rroro aay opaajajtlUpa, "Hie apj il iral ion for 7. .10 Treasury notea hv mail were ere large teatenlav -much heavier than on any previoua day showing an increaa. itrg demand Irom of the rooan . no are Iseginnmg to underataod more fully the od aantagttaf thi loin, an.' the method of Mil. arnaahj W it. A m m in th- BthlMII fVinner re. fera to the of "il . diriKs a the Nw r i k .Inn. ' en rnre for Wa-I.itigi.oi wdh tha moiel of a new amhulinee, e. t , aa lempo. rary haa heen impnaed upon in a alight parti, u lar. "Mr Itavma" haa no r a-iner-an- direct or Indirect, with tbia p,per. Th. rVior-r and any other paper in Ililiimore aod Wa.hmgton who are unfriendly to the prartiee of MMttg flctitiou" n-latlona to the pr-w, would do u-a favia by copying thia diwlannei. I Tin t'nitni friiiN-i.itiKi sin The "gr.-at eaae" of I. mi r tmia against Oaaabaf atM on at f'ola-ki, (Iswego fjaagty, yo.ferdar. afaan, Owtrraa Qao. IjAW, tad at hat nag natea lJ the lohh are called aa Witn-W", to jaove the corruption rhargea made aitain-t I.nii r iiiift. and the ri. het kind of develop, menta of All.anv prartiee are expected from the trial. THE LATEST NIOWS. BY TKt.VJiHA ril TO THK X Y. r.Y. i Q M War Movement, aScc. from Wnali'ngton. Progress of Events iu North Carolina. TBN RMIimKVTM nn hbtilS rRO.H Villi. IMA. IVwaraaaiai Rata has written a letter to tbn Bacratary of tha Nay, datad "L'alted Htatr Btaaawi Itwaat, HaWaiai Inlet, s-pi. '..i, from whiib the Mltatlg ia an H tract ''In a roininunii atom ail.lresae.l to the f en. MnaVfala ( Hamilton Raag. i n, -M blat that t ajrwardt i aarca of tha fugltlrat in the 'ea. dy lo ha landed nt II nnpt,,,, Roada, dung them with prevlaloM to it.t lhara tin'. Another of tht fugitive af this party I btvt r. taitii .l ta n. I as pilot in these water. haaM his rat i- at ba required." from !!.: hi -I illlorination I cm obtain, leg ragiaa nts have bacg ranallad rVara vhrgialt to di h ltd the t ,e The w ,.. iotii.ts Mai llll near tin- water are .'eacrtlt g their re, i b ine. .,,,.1 'liking iheltal in the inierior The nirer rlt ea remain, waiting ftu pmtactlon to avow tin ir Unhra ardrttaranhi A town taitatrng waa called in VTaahlagtnn. N C, oa tha night ol the al Inat., whan it waa decided to fnttH) anoint in the tiver, ten mill I" low the tow IV '- Inv " i.t aanian if.i.i..y, : the p.,. i m rtieaa. ral hat dim led the Mil nwilltkw to reatora 1 i. I'aduoah. Ky, that town now being in p e-ioii l F'd. ral ir-.p-. ami the malla than no bunperad with nv arreaionlta, h i n ... t. nam v nn nawAan Th" Heentan ni the Traatun bai brgata iacimwad tha cbirical t tmployeiJ Ui hliing i p iron i.t i i. oil -. i oi i.;, mon hat liaea authoritod to r.ii.o 'a brlgada id Vlrgbiia and other troopa, and baa ahead; made ., rani nut fot propeili equip. p. I ,' th. in. Pardon at mu Ncmi, if.. 8t. m ,j i.. McCletlaa baa -" ucaj the I II. wing on let IlKAiHji Akiriiaoi ma Aaanrorma I'm" vn . Wathlngtnn, s pt, h, isiii.i" Privata Hrntt, id Ooaipaay K , of the Third Kegbnrni ot Vermont Votaatiwra, having i.eti i-u d guiltt by Courl Martial of "I.-, pin.; on hit . i white a tentlnei no nichal Rtianl, baa been aunumccal to he hot. and ihc ' '.-n. e ha-I I approved and ..r.h r.-d lo l. eaeculeil 'il nun lading "Hi ei oi thehrh gade, t he rrginient and the itianpanv of I .. . domm i. to et tee with io-iii other 'idacort ami privateti i b! regiment, bareearoeaili apaetlr I i' the h in i i, derail tnaiaudi'ig, liiaiora Ilia "fit i f lha of. inli r, and the IVaklenl of ht I nlted "".ii bat apn . . l a wbili thai i thit is th. ttr i . ... ; int.aii ti i death In iin. irmv rialhlacri , more mav bt raieii4ail to the '" "I. Thl i.i. t viewed In ouut Ion with th. ii ex run (saofiberi mhnm tdai aohtier,hla I rat ion- r'.s.l eondtt-1 and general good . 'i ir i ( r. ard thi tirgt nl tntraatlen tna bt In bUbah in jiave ileti Ho ned the Major tieneral command ing lo grant the panloo tu eameatlt, Braved f.r. Th ' 1 ol rlernency ntuat not bt uatwiBtain I at afli rding a precedew lie aat Ritaia oaaa, Tot duly of a aanllotl It of taoh a nature, that it urglact lij -hi ping upon or. I rung hie mini in y i mbnger the . lAVtt of a coinm in I or area i i iha whole irmy, and all nttlona afflt In tha offence the p nett.i , ,v,i,. ivivatt WillUm .S...I i, of tVmiuui K. oi ih. Third Kaglmonl "i Va i Voluntecia, wilt ha rebnukid froat laiiim meal and rettiin to duty. Il coiuoiiind ot M ijot ieneral Mirl ' ta, H. Wll.l.iAM Aatt, Adjutant (i n. i d. Hcotl war lo have I nthot thi-morning, The pardon waa read to n.e regiment, wbien heartily eapraiml it. gratification ai tbia act of i leBAtttey, uooTiau ti rata. At the camp oi Col. Vouug't roglntent al Kentucki cavalry, on Httmlayal noon, i ! I" ' i lad llemlenen -hot another toldinr ni nn. i IValter, wbUi neribrmlng duly a- a guard, Nergeant .'o-cph II. Ilr -on wa- the oflbi 1 1 f the day, tad owing in bio pieeenct of mind and dei kloa din Inline it - ore 1 1.. Ih Camp Waller I. II at the feel of Hrv wh I Inintadbttelv dbiarinad llendaraoa of bii rovol ii r 1. 1.. I had him pul iiml. r giionl. Bryton then atliiided lo the wounibai rentlnel, who latum a; H e W'aebington Hotpltal, Waiter w:u -hot umkir the rlgbl ear. The ball lodged in I be b it tide of bia Jaw, Thora i- no proanactof hi.- racovai i . . tv Mt HAJoaa, I'he V. ,.r D. parii i haa latued an or.l r thai volume, i oavalrti ragiaranta ofteclvt com paulea eball bavatbM Majnrt, an-l rugbneiitN I front i Igbl to ten romitinhi . two M ij,,.. in stead .-f one ..idy a. bereti.fore. From ihc Potamnr Tin- Itehrbi Portlfrlaa WatUuglm, Btfl. V,- Tha rebvla are tl work t d.ii on two ten Uittvrb comnwndiug ibt I c i org lumpike, (gvi Kour regimenu of ti e tiaant Ifnnaa art ffl mjiiiiml nn the bank of a dim alt creak aaar lha I'" i n . I h"; an- luneylng another hill, wli.ih nvurlouh I' out envtinnniente, with theeii-i. nl luletilion at fortift'lng It, The Narrhanal Tmllara, H i Hutton, 8tA, Ii - 'l b" UaltlnMit lunb It tin vtij tngti tttho f.d.-r il aathorl i fbe prohibiting tin wearing ol any accession eat i.i in-. Major Aletander haa etcaned flroat Purl Me llei ry, ..."i hi ba pro Ibltcil ant nntber rounnuiiicatbtn witli '.In- reiiialuitig pri . - thai putt, i i.r i ..t: in gov th I h. I'ndod Male Di-trirt Attur i, v in M ir . land labia mi tlepa foaonlin ito the prnairtv'id' Marylaial nien who are now lighting in S'lr. glnlaagal t the govennnent. lie i- oiieali V u .- I . toatln w ill. the i. . i ram vim', in mi. l. ii'v iii. ra cl aare, M.i.. AVjt, 7. Thtrabela k- .p op aa alVnoat daii) nfuigon our man a' lliel'erriea, tail tt timet make deni'ioii- taiflboj in lend tu in. . Veaterdat thert at beavt cuiiiMHtading at hVlward't Parry, Tlib Ml la- their plan H dlawi.i; attention Ir. Ill tha worka whlob ara aaiil to ba in progroaii on the Parti naid landlug lo Laeaburg, i it. hank-dlviaion It readv at all titnta to move ia ant tuiwthaiali uiuMnl notice. in.. in. i i ..I... oi., i. tor i-'ori lafhyetti IPiUtrrrW, .V. ) . .. If Hon. Nathan DrUlol. ex-Male Senator, and iiieuiU-r of the I i innntti e auth nial In the act ol the l.-gis- i .ii.n to audit utnaia aooouatt not wUhin Jurla IjCtloa of tl,.- Mate Auditor, well known for bi Mettian pracllvltiat, waa waited on last nighi ami .rented with a serenade. The niiiaic oooelated ol t harae fhklla, tiu n. Ac. II na uunied la cfttgy, and aflerwania burie.i in rdlg) Ii; the grata yard, There i. eonaider twt aacuaawnt, j Te MaMwghjag rewef, , rMi thaatM low. &.nenthrn to Mlilg tomorrnw. ho' 5TJ hare quite . large attend nee fhar. 11 gcarf nuirila r of delegate. ., . . ,H,t gat, ltl to the proUU. .,ln0 of tb. fTa htt th-re bj no rer ognirrl head and ..II Is .t . S 2 Kvr-V "" waver, eap-c., u.a 'mention la p.,l th-htJI into the liehl , .d. van. . .1 ,. i. punan Careen Ua a u h bj to Wedaaaday, aatt in eap-canon that it will lie ttdenral la that ieiy. Nomi. natioi are eagerlv xaighi, bat much depend on the character 'of ihe delegate., and ihir n mtieu in wiihtandlng nu'.ide pr.axure. Atootg well ktown person pel ft III are II. li O.den, P.rmer Ai ll. ll- .1. II ..tings, Win Itior, Thornwe fl.tegt o,ivke, of N-w fnrki li i noli, aniL A Lew, Dehwarei .in.e tli Keen. Jae. R. ThtaatMj ! M amwi l..n Laciat IMdnana, BeaatM Truum., lit tuaalot awigg. King. The Iii, bhatog men and (ir er BaBfbll .an. .. . m at pre i nt to toatfwl uf the movement. I'.x Speaker Ah ord ia talked of a p-e.lding onner. Itgiael A. law ia a eanli late fa Inaeurer, IIiiiiw ami ThmnpMHi f..i Co.. I Com mkwntiera. aad Raawell Oravaa, .f Klaga, tat H' lte I'.ngineer. Hi. kin-, i. i- sriok.n of f r Herrel irv of S ata. a pnaitkd be is aaiil to pn ler t the (batfl ol Ad petit. Indgat Job at on, Clinton and Bhtatlaad, are I... I,., .nod IV the Cnart .. Aprai, an i s....n. tor ('.Km. Win. Curtia Novee, Horatio Hall ard tad Warn llnnt, fur Atttwney tinral, Mi. Dtralaatn batpaoaal la tha Mraiag, The HaM Nlatr Flection. Me ottttf, fftaf, l i e annual atate elc tion in Maine t. k place ti.lar. The following i- ti eiote r.e Uornmot in of the prim pal title and tow nn ; Waaiti i iini , t AttlMlg, Ha, ' .'. . W.ll , ferl.e . ''". I-I7 l!i g; llubb I. nl I'.liO . t vVaterville, M tvi hi Paiatport IHI n Ih If.ol lit .l.. tl Booh land t in a; Tbtiinatloa., in i;i gj Rtagor, . . .1, 'ti Cf!l :ii I'.'r' I, till ,0g7 pj( limto wi.-k . . MM oa) 1-wiaioo a.7 m7 .j ralaa v.ii Meet hag in Pnaeatl Hall, iios. Ion. ffoahtt. AVft. r. The grand irakra iti Meeting in Far. ml 1 1 .11, this ..I ni no o, attat imaregta taraatt, Tat gailern-e rrara cruatdwl al an oily hour, u BTntBWtloa el' tint tBIB" la-rl-n ' ladiei . mid" long la-f-oa th.- baaran pointed far lha meeting, tht Hell wna nliaefj pok'-d w ith a .1. tl-e ma.., w hile all tin ap ptOBcbet to it were crowded with til thit ta grata tn aadbrara. Tbtobl " t. !'.-" wa never I. igcl befnet. 'I'he n tin ; w.i- cmaiM '( leptcaeataliaaa af all eartten. watthen nl ataptaln couacil, united for the p 0 . i, in ti .1 UM war and the r.-ei.. ration of the il.. ovei i vary Inch of the I'ninn. Ii watealhal In order by c..l. A. O, lire water, wholalhecon f bia tahti "Tne '" .r nf Paiwull Hall an tonight . te n to all, irrrapertlva it" party-, or I. nb, at Mlglnn, He clalrm il high honor, f. r that Ma-an hntrttt M i Jig f teller I. who returns lioin Hetterai will. bit brow garlandnl with rictnryi honor for oai tnlil" ... aior W.I ; honor- h.r the alo njnnaf and pttrto i- II to. nf Knttnekv) I .r the laava mil fenrhtt Dirt I ot N-w To k ; to Uenrge It, Mi ( 'lelbca, do- man for the hour, lo ihe enteral HttiagbM. and hoaoi and ibirca I onw an I all I r t.. the Irian patriot, Thoanta Pranclt Meagher. 'i re acta a ten nndrr the f aaonealtaa t i. ,, efd ..f, .' .. .v.;, t.. ii,,. t iltowlag v. tele, nwaad wholg ia , (,,ri ,,, M ,,M,, w.-tc relied today, at Newport, by Hai dfbrd i Re ho, net s. I". Ilrown, with cargo . hi, in i Maine Law, no rargn . . aoaaat aft. bah, no cargo and tchoomt J, hi. Utieb, in. irgn, i raaaa I. Atafoa, .',(. !.. (leu. Bullet left bare far W -hinKt..n ii. il ralng ti tin, in iihadhace to a telegram from tbt War ljptrtiatat. The NewJctwej -in. Uetlnarnl. y..i.',a, Brpi, Tht Math Keglmanf N" Ji i ey Vidi , t ere, Col. Il .tto j, , vo ., the leal ' I w.,t tomi rroi. Apartol tht 7th Rtgimeaf isal-u h.r, tatl repidly lilliueg i.p rrota Inte.'licacc. Six lays Later from Europe. Arrival afiha Africa aaTf'aae it st V. r.. s.,,t ti. . The Roytl Mall traiiithip .Mi . i, ti.. ui I. nop. I, Anguat Blot, la i in en town, Hi ptemitar fit, arrlveal off Cant Kaceathall Mat o'clncb, thit morning. She na -1 uanli ,l hi tin nuwi yacht d ihe Aaaucbged Pre, tod the folhiwlng auaiman ..t new ob it In .i. Ihe. '.tes per id" A . Va are .j, .,t,. tnan litooe elraail1 received. Btdiaaa, Th.- , i, .hm ffatt aaaaaacat that the armt in (ana-la it alioul to be retalWed bt iOOraan during tht mouth. I'rohtbli. M,o00.j The 7V.a.. editoiiaiii calli'on tha goiern in. nt to rlnln cverv iiervt lo devehxit the nil in nn m 1 1., iton in Imli i PJatwhara II -iv-thai it l.i Haver, th. re .11 . Iw . , , ( w i ,,, -it theentirpri i the part nf tht govern 1 no ni. If them i-. bants ami manufacturer w.ll I '"i.t out tin- way. The govariuueul n II waive all wiuidra when tbo protperiti til the "';' ad Ibtaal ten I miUioni me at The IkiUfl V. in in an article on fugitive flmlet tl,. ii ii. Federal cente j, hanorforth lo l clearlt- identlneil wil t the ah. idltion ' l Uveiy ' I ho i -. i- I iboriu ban I., make 1 1.- I'ninn opulai in Kngbtwl benoa 'i.i- ravuniBUitn, '.' v kiorlg bad left tralaml fu BJ. moral, Wc-t India advices b id leooi r ii,., afttiag tbtl ii... privateer Hatnlat bad nn-: -unk furtt raatvU, ctuainir gn at ill. lie lit there. Ii w.i.- mairtcd that land Monk would -u. . ..I Hit l. lleoi a- Qovaratr tf I'tnada. Praaeet The Km parol Napolaot In. gout i. ilge. ritt, W heat and corn are to be admitted Into tht parti oi i ran lam pora rllt , f ,v , fdutt . Itnljr. An i'ii".it.nit iliplnmttic cir-ular had bean I Bhri bt It ir. ii Birat li, exidainiag Ibtl tn.- prat dung brfgamllnn nem the NuiiHilHtn proiii... a I' fi in (otte, aada rung hit tin- mmenl mil not saute in llaetfort I t th. unity 1 1 I'.'lv. Caidlnal Aatunalli i iirvparlug a rente t, ii.i- oticuhir A pamphlet on "Rom," latued In Parlt, ta. N-rta'lbal it the Papal iMveran t ".i.ta in r nudngtheguaraniaulfere. lurtha imhtpun. '" fa; U'dy Ihta, ih" i oi Bonn niuai ba ippealed t... and htl H lie i .h i , .. Kintnuel kin.', ih, piench lroo on ti. r,d. It win- .1 iy will u. ,, n, (by the t tr.o. Ilnngnry I b" Hungarian qu.-tiou i u d t.. ,. bj hated lu ll I iwei II im , f Ih 1, h rath 'i'l, I jj,-i llouat bad tgratd opun lutihht latiu P.inairnr, whuepreitd hit tlnitera tact lor. at thi pttriotli aagtiiaai - u i. HivalBi A lUpuiatloa from FiiiUnd, on mutt i. BUx'bhoun to demand -.-p.. at a front gu i.i bad bean I treated by the Kuttlau auttiorilbw. Poland. A new refc rlpt by tbt Kmperor uf Buatit t. Ibt liovernurot Poland i- i. i eonollial rt . toll". I'eataH ralal lm. IBgem r Pit Africa. I.ivggfiiub Cm M u hi i. mI. , of oat I' ll ll the week IliO.OUO hale-, at all tdrtact "I l-1.... ... per ptatuda Prba, -,d. lo U t Th trkat cliaaal baoytni at theadvnitce, 'Ih, t.... l -link in port i tatinwte 1 at s, .oun hale. iialuiliiig hole, if American. Latent I'eeimerclaJ Intelilgeace via ttaeaaa Ion o. ( I:i4 7't,'..ip. fnan .'iriaM. ) .i'iy., .s-.ji. 1 Tina steamrhip Africa tukis out to America Cifd.oOO In tateb). Tin- tab 1 of cotton 1 aaterdat (BatnirJtt ) w. nj 10.000 lailea, the uiaikut vlueing nrm at Friday - pnott. iiUK iiiaTi KKa The market ia firm. SiktuftiiiM 'retting, Aug. itl. t'onaola cloaod today at afMtOtTdl lb! tinmi. AlrHI AN St... KS LttaRetlttl I ue-hare. : la.'.i I I , llliuuia Central eluuus. 3'J I U an 12. POSTSCKTPT. Oistrar I ion Nomination Oeolinod! Athv, .Srpi. fl.-Uon. I.tmah TnFWAiat ban .leelimd the nomination of the HiTacuia IVm.a-rnlir Con en tion for Attorney (eanaral.- He Kne, for ni..nion of pari .irife, and a united and unconditional war .',,,) tfw,,, and la-lieve Ml rftWt not in harmony on thin 'I ,i,,M " Ih' U the Conventioa. atat Klecllww. am ..Mi, i.i.i art 11. We baie relunmfrom 71 town, whirl, irlva ... .. IM1. 180. wtehbtrnt 10,111 2lilhi-t , ,',"""' Mi ).m. i;,74 ' MM Hell. n.n 'I he I mon war inujoritv in tbea town is .':l -I "".and will ! iu the whole sum i',i,it ii'l,iii I ."tl Legislature i. Urg Iv Rapthliota. al , ' hough then, mil la- m inv I 'mon II im. rata eh. ted ji.ii.1ly by Ihe lUpiihlicau" and Fmon II. 110 .rain. Ki ataakfi rrnnl f.nt, A , I, .patch fpan ( 1 ui RagoolB, was laid bafort (lie l.egi.latuie this en ning, the ..instance f w,i, i, , war, that he had and II, k. nan nn lu-coi.t.t of reliahle infurmaiion thai I tha Federal nareoe ware nfaaat i.. attaatt nai l 1 point t, ,c. '"ojk proev. tha' (he Federal ami On- ) WBtralt lon-e. -hall let .llnilllaoe, with drawn fhan Reatacky aad enter Into iwaagai tiaaa it rtffjtet the tewtralhy enui. j flrjat, 11 (ion. Anderson arrived ben li. in Fraiiki .n, tin evening. I roil, tt nnhlnelnn. BVaiittnat, Hi pi, 0, TLe teaMtraai Ibrti. t.. .ten, on M .11 1 lidl, three Mrthaaft n h- lo in llaile; ' i .-. u,M.., h .ve every g do atiot, .1 being coiupleteil. On .Sunday every tbing in thai i e iBilJ wa qniel, Lot i,', ,. li the t .il lerall. oa ne.l tin i . on,:ealn.l hat - i.i .-, throw nig ,1.. II ii, tu t. encampment of nit picket at llaih l . Krueais. Two of ll " hell fell hint otid tl.o Olio passed a nilt i" nod liana la itltlltilta f..r wi. . l an tbanahn ( r tdvataatd on their picket, and tuMtwoH tbefr tutnbtr. Cairo. CWi ,i, .v.;. ti, 1 1 hi raatrtad that the ni'n-i t. rrtt tt f chin, l.iis, Ky., under (ten. I'olk, have Inctaaeed i i i nglnaata of lafaa'ry. w.ih -ix t.i.i lai'.n. -. t mat battery, aau thM bat talk ii" 1 1 ' aialn . He htt a g'un' and three ,t iillier. ',ii. Tb5tw ..i, s t.,r,-e rataalaatt Dalatta'. ... i i-.-it. . Naalhrra lirnta i in LouUeillr. ii ii i ? i ... xrjt. p, Vice Praakliat Btapbaat w ll -a nd the ;. I1 iu Ci, hatond. 1 In- M mphii .1 ruum i nl th, HIi announce that the eiemaer Hartford tjlty bat beat oap. lUled b) H e . I. i.,l gun hot ami h.- eu.ire i r. w ink u i ri-oiter-. , Military and Naval Movemonts. Ami .r. i At i iiAiriii'i i. oPVICga, It i- reported thai Major Lymle, 1st lotantrv, who urremlered 7o0 raguhw trotapt, to tabaV rtorfia frtltahkjla New Maghm, hat la-en if.-t.di.i opt, Patter, of hie owt regiaieat, m I Capt, i.i?-. .,f the M Cavalry (lata Mount r.l BIBrrnan,) and tent ta Stata Pt Ibt trial. M i.' i I wide i- a n.itiie of Vermoiii, and enter id the , i i, in ltfj, lei, thnutaad I'm dan mueketa will ! rent Iran Si. la i in to ( im iiuiati, to ! rilled for the government, Thej will than bt nearly aqnal to any now In una, Cavalry lo.r-.-n ara btiat -1 1 it, n, ' In lanttl to st. Loab at rapidly ., iv ii.i.-. The mnim tt ht Cut lanatl tn hirf. Iy for tbt trmy and tht bora, tiada la thai city i.- then for, very l.risk. '.'in Ii.i. ii BatOAIM U) recruiting under the ino-l luiiiiuhle an pen. linn , oiip.uir baa ttattdy i n mattatad in. ami it It ttttnajil that Comptay F. , ('apt. Win. Rtatoa, recruit- lagal i.i Hon b, 188 Pearl aad MtjVdi ttneta. will le niuateted iu today at 1 I'. M., when pay

nitiini ii en. All atemban of tht notnntny an requbrd to !" On ttat at headquarter, I.I South -trect, tbi- mornlag at 10 o'oloek. Tilt It. S gunboal h.-; I r.e Stale lefi Bar. badotttboBl Augual 6th, in anarch of hhaarl vatia-r Sumter. Mu ii tai RgAtttagga.Tht Board ol MU tan Fa. iiiner- -till continue their daily tun sionn at So. 7-.i Walk, i street. Thus lar th.-v bava aaamiaed one baadiad and itv appU raata, of whom only BTry-Avt wan nlactad, li..- txtm! nation tn not raijr -nict, lauug on in, id more iii an Instructive form than at a let oi tapahilily. Ponlgn ogham treaenting rertillcatn of cummMont hold i;i eturape. aei otutllj pameil without txtmlnttj.m. Twouiy. ll r.e q p caul - Ioi in.litari n..-itio. w,re .,... ad ).-.i. t.iay. and two rejected, Btl in 1 1 lb eruiting i- again very dull, liovonior Morgan wai in town yeatarday, aad lo l l i ci Bmltatk n whh bh -tair, ami - tnt lead. iug oil,, r ,,f the new military "eggn'tttltmt, i .lb a i lew to the ...1 i tion of Hal plan to it . ilitaU th.- raining of 1 1 ,. .-iJt,.-, i lh,. ieuj ol th, r deli "-ration, will nut vol u.,. pul lie. I hi i" ale mam- leason. fur (bt p it ilulli ena in rac ing, but probably oat ol tt. -n. ug.-t n aui (Ai .,r.,-,g.-i, ,. thai ... many tci-ounl have bean nnbllthad of Ibt bardahint t.- Hbltb Vldliatcart bile heen , ., ibrough either I ,,- igntranetoi raacalitv .'.t th. r I'ommandlng oHiotn, that men an- afraid t 11 -di', a. new mum., hm the faei iathal Ihuea vary agMlcathwni btvt beta tht ctnte oi rernoi lag th.- at .1, and now no -oidicr-art mon tenderly rand fm Hum our-.. rnian Uituut lautau ItK.uMarr, Tht Thud Kbode bland Begimeat, which ur- riled ben Sunday tibiraoon, db barhtd yeeterday mondng from the Mttmtr lomuio. .1, teat Lu llamlllon, eaiactlag to nccuui the burner camp i th i. ,i, . .. ,. , , ! "" 1 1-" i"ie,l. rhi iigirneai oontbtlt ol ahct.t .on men. MlLITAI v CurrillNn.- The in-., tion of mllihvv clothing Hill continual at Utt Btttt i.hiaricr,,,,,.., Uenenl'r nfflct, Tho mttariali 0 whl.ll il I- COmpO .- aie mm h , i , ,.. tbott luiulilud -.-in., lime ,iu,. I'alioddv1' liming Inaui , it, dually I "i MKIIMlM.KH. Tbt ordi r. !',,, -the b partUN ynterda.t of tb.. Wublngton Urayt tod Third Irlali Voluntean trtft oountermwd ed, and In will remain until furthet onlera, l'i i a . i nn laitn BaniAmt, -o h i,. ' i ti. Mtai A tunntent ajiptared in tome 01 the ,s, ,,, ,,,, r. , ,. - , ri) ,. in. i.i w, ulii rtiriil the bnt regim. nt of the llrlgade, I bog leavi lu ray tha; the itttantenl i- not , ' i I u ihc legimeiiu of the r!i Itlfgtdl a follow. ,t J; . " ' '',-' '" 1 " '""m u. lei by l.l. llt. C ,. . ,3. 'I ' 11 ' '-'-I Begimeirl to I., raited in pn.U- ikljliia the Ihl Beg in t.. be no.. m ;,. It'll t tit nb Begluienl to bt labwdinNen Vork, iii 1 1. ba wmtuamltd by Coluual Thou utt 1 ' -" 1 M' - km I ihe ti, llegimeiil mil ! rniraial ot Iwui-oiiirautltaoi'artllb'ry and four or -i n.-w . i cavelrt , ( ..I. Mail (I it having tAttbority trom the War lemiimtul iu i alto fi m tha Governor of thi. - at.-1 1 rain tin Irish Brigade, be bat dtl tna i.d in- regiiuei t ttabovt tatad. The recruit lug onliwtTor the tirt Itaglmenl ate a.- foUuwt A Com pan :o:i .Seventh ivvnuo, II ' (a.r. of. Sutlulk and Heater ,ij " 1SI Avenue A. I " IM Chatham Itrttt. I. " l " I South itmot, " C'fv lla.i Park. I I 106 Mulhtrry ttrttt, i i Printt street. a " i-'7 Mborty .treut. bUlllBT Nl iiliNr. Colonel I . ' ('"Sti-iKi Aii...- -Tlui Surveyor of the Purl bat tttlaVd abajatlf at la the ratdt of njtoatd. ing under the c.iiliw-atii.n act, and will iiumr. tttl) lila-1 the venial, have lieaiu aeized at this pull. ANoriten Summit. Tha brig Mary McUae, juat ariived from Liverpool, waa ,,.. yeator! day, by onler of Suraeyor Audnwa, umler Hie 1 euntunaluai act. y citv m:vs. TttaMrTTk) ..a IV. a nr. run Senp Rin. -Y.-r'er.lny Fnlte.) Htatet ramrhei:onr Horry, ( fter hearing the tentim. ny of Oap'a n Preeman and Jit m ite Thompnon, by which ,t appeared that the prisoner had refuiwd to nrruh 1 the ship's lde,) r, in m.le.1 the prinoner. Mr. It (Igdrn, c.unvl for Ibn prisoner, more.1 for th. ir dinrlmrge nn the ground that the whole ni i'ler wan "imply a disagreement between t, tarTdag, and not In any pr,.nir rn a mutiny. Mr. Andrew., f.a- the IW.triet Attorrey, aid Hull he tb, eight i would In- neoes.nrv, Bpat the teatim.niy, to hold the prisonera. ll wa a clear r"" 'bough the offence waa not of eh heoi.,,,. a natnre an other, of the name rlan which fre quently .anno liefnre the IBgefJa, J Tiiet'ofpro -.her "aid he would oi!v d.-id. that .,.... r,t agMfhllll to w.r . .t lha dttewibti m' ibn prltagaia, had heen ratdt . nut Tilt whole loi'tel wool.) ... . , , Mm rnaiaihelairti, wh.. w mid .i . h. The pi.- II i w. .. . in ,. j I n ,x lmK nation will pro'mhly I.. ..,,'ihoed tialay. Tim TahVifnga eg BnAan tuh Btrggag , Ci itkii .Ia. Rs .a Tht fliailaag men who haattd to take tb" oith of allegl inee on Friday baa, wbta they aad othen of the onw of the revenue itilt.-r .1... keOB, ttlfB ptM off, htVt btta I drawing bt Iroat the l.,.. rnun nt h.r inanv year, and tat ban lao-n In tht revenue service ov.-r olgbtata y.-arn. Tin y are now i .mined on bOtH of tin- .fa, m, but will In- win to nun nf (be fort in th uran of a day or two. The Traaoarj Dtptrtanat win uVtt they m pbtiad whan (bay ata i naat to w. rk hard will, nil receiving any imop nn.cioo Ihtftatl and there i, a potrihiBty that they may In ' tratrtta ,rtialel and aawjggtal to death for inuti- 1 i.i on lawnl of a L'nltod Statin ettotl. 1 be oflicer- nil look the oath cbeerfuhV, Tun Mi OaaaQtTiaa. -The F.vt-Ldve Comuiitife hatrlag in charge Hm arrange- J io, ins in. ..... .ti .i.u o-igc.piio, met ye.ter. day, at No. I Centre Mr. el, made some addi tion, to the 1'oioinit'ee on SuVeription, aji poinle.1 u (, iii iii of Three to make ar t.ingem. ntn with the ugenta ot the Irish line nl nteanaos for the lran.K,rtation of, and riatlrtd to inter into ,'on.iiiuni. ation with Mtltaaa tf attajr cities who might deaire to act 111 .an junction with the V unmittee. They then adjounmi until bemorruw, (Wadtaadar,)M una o'ebsk, p, M. Tub CtiAgrm CoMtttaaifrn, The OtMtio tioa to awtad the City Chtttar ant Par orgtab attlaa ynteiiVty afieraooa, io tht chamber at lb.- Iloai.l of ilin.-u. A majority (I.I) if lb- in. mlao were pr.. cut, when I he temporary aaalttata, AM Pnaatat, lath the chair. Tat netgnntbwi ..I Hon, Wm. p Ittrtanyti was aoeratad, 'I'he Committee ..n organltttloa, through their clitlnana, Mr, K F. Pnrdy, reported tbt Bat of : il.n of older. With Ibt rtltBBBM mill btl It BTlB. M. Rvtrl fit I'litailcil, and Jul.u Hardy lot CI. ik. Adopted. A rtaMath I Wtl adopted, inviting the Mavur, emhen af lha Ceanani Uoaaoil tnd DavM T. Valentine, p-q., t.. .-. .uiuun'.ate to (be Com mhvlta their riowt nftht exisiing delect, of lie City Charter, and what, ver suggestion- f..r ihoir Improvement they may bt plat nil to n ihe, A Npr. nl c. iiiitii.t.'o was appointed to reput a li t of St.-. I ling C millc. s. The Coiuini-ion adjoaraad till Thursday af (i in," n, a( tlttee o'clock. luPOItTtTt l 11 Kit I 1-1' -In tb- i.'uited Sla'. - llittricl Con" ye-tenlay Judgt Bettt gtvt a ihttltltn ill (he . Ml of III" bark Sir .h, Mited oo "o-pi.-ioii of fifing out MglUvtr, tad , "ii ! n. il il.e veteal. s. Mwaaatnin - Paartrax. four Oarmta singing Hxlttle, tbt Motart, Venln, Pidella in IN. V. I." Iciitthl. bold a tamn lightl I. In:. I and I. ill latl eiening nt Tlvoll li irdell. The omtrtainment oompriaed an taeellent na il niid in- ntmental ronoert, Fin -1 ORgWAt Kin. i s. V eon,--;, ti lent, A. Ii. I. .do In to bnow tho date of tht depart. nr. ol th- -th Regiment of New York Volun. leet (Viral n rmtn Kitl ). Col, Btaaaaa, Thej I. it.n May 17th fur iVtthiagtnn I'll i.r CiiNMItainggg I'ili tkii. Tag term oi -'i i.b ... b. L. Taylor, 0. II, M.r- shall and F. II. Morgan, Pilot Comml otlnittrt, having expired, the) gara re.-b.tcl by the ( bambtrtf Con itirct, ytttatdayafaarBoon, l'. Hit... I- tLliBgJCaa." A iptclal meeting ci'thi Board waa bald Lett evening, PraaldaM (i l et iu the . hnlr. A M rfau ol re olulioll- BAM adopted, tag) plitntniing tha lloaorablt Jotepb lull, of Kentucky, oa the patriotic ionise adopted by h in. niid apiiiitiu,: a Joint Special Commit' " to far with him, and to tender t.. him the hoepltalltiaa ol tbe eity, ami tba un of the Uovtrnnr't room in which to notlva hit frlemia, A w.ia recetieil from the Mayor, tranamitting a ttriaa of resolution, o-'opte.1 by tin- IVarklaaaaea't Unbm, -ttmg that great di.,r.'s exists among them, and that they trutt tho City Government will em pio. u. many men u- panlhlit on the puhlic wotkt. IMVrred in a Snn i.d i laamUtaa. A -t .t. men' ,'t the ci,, lit i f the Treasure waa received fhail the Finance DwpgrtgMM, .-In w ing I hit there i a nice in the h and, of the i bamlieritin of(j 117,292,86, A coniniunhwlion wat tftatatittad to the Board by tha Comptrnlbaj, ihuwbig that than bat hten aapandad up to kagatl I8d, on ae ruunt nf tbe Croton Water w.-k Rajtaadon and Nin Renrvoir. tdlo 167 li, leaving a bahtaoa uatapeiiilod of i;,.i;'i 01, Btiwad lo the I u .tu ,- t ',,ti. notice. ti i n i ro i tun.iKN or vrmigfgggg, A tat. in. nt w.i receii it.1 from Iht ComPn troller o the dlaburtei t- mid to famtlUi of volun is ii. m ihe appropriation of aj i,mj from the .'.id of Jul; to the Blat of August. From IhU it nppeara that 0,077 lamdlaa bava '"it rulbved, onmpritUg Ii.i". u.luli. and I2,auj chlldnn total. 111,00. uanoua. And thit the tuMHtnt eapendtd Uyl(ll,fliM, Ii wa placed un til- . a 1 1.:-1 olnl the Pr, UuV m dec ire I the Board ml,. Ittntd .'n 'li ., u quotum not laditg pr-'tent. l'.'Mnii.i Co aCIUMgg, -There ii a a hare .tuoniiii in itteu Ian, e on the -.-anion of the Board of Caaaolliikia, ItM oven lag. in onnta quel-., e of n'V. ral mtmbtn btbjlg -till ttleo'llt Irom 'be ally, Petltha.t w.-re nttd of IIm Oomptny -.. , for . i. ,.,.-r ; ol F. igine t ionmaiiy li. I'or a M'wenginoi Rirtbe gittlingef ".'iintreoi, bo. ti c. n 21 and 8d Avvmtat : of prup.rty owner, .a, u ., .iruet, t,' I-,- n jithl a p rtiaa of eg p. n i.. lly Hen. for pavlgg tatd tl t fr tin twlwat to ( iij liatl I'laot -. .i Hook and ladder (' n nan No. .! to btvt Cl -1 pud bt ""' ' '"i the I II II. H..w i. to l. raninthd nienbai ., i td bv him t r balget 'o- AetUttni Bnglntani of llumunt n.o c aiptn) .'', na a utw ctrrttgt : uf ihe p.,ii, Contrnvtlonvn. f. r tt idtltion to ttttbin l unt iii J.l, o h I lib tnd lii.h Pro in.-t : nf II. .. 7, to baic carriage re limit ; of M. th p u lout Pali graph i.iuc. fur rii.t uf va through tba ttror la, lo run lint from Botton to vytihttigtaa i "i i.. i:. ij . k,. to have bis new git Luna r tried, All of which were referred. Anwdlnaati wa, .idipici, reducing the up- PrOJ rial ion to ever dtlurqUI BthM iu t lxia lioiii 1160,000 to 4,000, lictolutfoni wen- laid over lo have truck of li. L ii j.ainte.i; to repay tntountt rtottvtd fa; liny In KtKdutiont weie adopted to priK'tire lemp-mry location for Kugine Con. 2il and 16, and new location for Hoe' 37, and directing the Coin ii,, II, i to coinniunicate bin knowledge..! furry (Vim foot uf I ,,ii I, in It at rant to .Statten, Inland. Keeolution were referred to fit up lianenient of H. & I.. Cat. 14; to tit up houae of I loan ' o to, to pava mix ttnet, frotn bth to 6th aveblW j wllh fVlfn pvrnmeec to advnrtlae m .. I em ine f. r Mtron F.ngineCo No. 0. Adjourned ; to Monday next. I Ir.-. ol. n... In.,....,.. KamrarvB Pinn ia Mi nBAV Smnrr. t.wt alght lost after 11 o'clock, a lire wat diacorare,! ia the tint I ,lo.,r ol 10. to Murray Mrst. in the fancy .tore of H"-h it Friendland er. The fi enon were pnimptly on the ground, i Ion notwiih.ta,ing Uieir uxertinnt the entire ho I I.I I tig wn. d.-troled. I It tf.w.r wa orropied hi .nkwoo.l. I m tto '" t0'' Wb" loa aatimated at I The MgJ fl r wan orcupied hn R. S. Wheeler S. (.., lo.innla. t irer of i utionn, ifielr loe ia al- ul tl'i I in-. He. h ft PrbFadlaadar, on the third fl.or, lo. alnul e l.,lti. tt . 'i in A Co , dealer in dotlt, who ncru- i yd il i .i ml '.'ii ftoon baaabaal giD.ijno. ! Thin i ale I i alue of Ihe huilding ia tJO rui " ' so it Monay ttraot, by analnl . r i. -, i- do mat" I in the nppT ftorien. lb. total I rt cintiot f.ll mu, h, if anv h ,rt i MOO ti Owing t iht l it., i, out at' which the lire ... tmd, the thovu are H id, parlic- tmri whi. i, i oaH fw itliftlMl. Rea fm ii tan Kitxao nr ai Rrairra Avnmr C,n Michael RltaiJ, a MB I'i yeaint age, who I in laveniie, near o i h -In . I, wa, run newt kill-l on Mooda even ing. I.i car No. M "f the Klghth iv.-nu, . H. Co. A h-w mil. lit", I, fu,., Iw h lit Inetl ei h tod fiomc. No. K. on a cunt if h ing drool, ...4 diM-rd-ilv. e then alt. mp'e.l to get upon the other .ar, hut fell in ailiaic- ..f the wheel and Wn rBB OVet and kul.d. An laagtM will lie Md iqun the body Hn. at .ruing. Il rnanl Horn-, driver . f car No M, wa. arrenled and .1. lo IWail the h i tlllg ol Ihe il quest. F.o si. DgiiwRM (hgaaat MtiraM btM ye.l. rday Ilia Innly of an till, known man, i.t. ,,,t H year, of ae, b uief lit. win. I in tbe dock IfaM of tVllileliall ntrwel - Dteatttd had dark brawa hair, and wadrennel MaMotmpM hwha. whHjt .Hn. light n.nt, and laaitn. S n e Il.n h.n.k were loom! in one ol hi- pocket. The lanlv had Inneu thtal two week, iii the wahr. Verdict, " rajaaaaM drowio ng." Daowaan The iniyof Jtwrat O'Brtea, I milneol Indand, II of age, f'a yesterday al the do k f l of Chamlnsr, Tim , on .Hatunlar' night lef bi houne ro 5 carouBt ttetat, ttraai one that ,,nl hi bat ami coat, and wo, get I again til VI He I- i upM M il to have Inn 1, .light I v d. ranged, on ha M ata ta hat henta Irafen bntvlBg H, Tht (la. il. n were, however, e ti,igui-h,"l I, f.,re jnuch damage wan d An imiueat will be i.ei 1 upon th,. 1, id tally, Pwtlue lalrltlgeBtt', Tna Cot, litTtnnt'tig Jatlba Kelly yet. teiday read in ad in. dti kdta in the'..r Majet Barlatlaad Mr. Mea.1, charged with a Abrabraj 1 n.sauli aptaCo litra.11. .1 Hut bonetitlUtry, lioth gi ntlorm t wm n. hi 1 . bail in 1 40 1 tn 10 ;p.i.r aiat an wet al Ibt fltnofal hararloat. In... Hi.", wl... w.r.. rotitataul Uttbeaawult w , re held Iii I .,, 1 1 and keep tbe n a. e. A III tat WITH (in Nat Knur. Tw, men Bt d Hini.-I T tint- and John lidl got int., iqstml together icnler.t. iy, at th" r .rner of Path .ni l W. rth .tr and agree I loetUlt Hn- matter by a dual with kniv.,,. Tbey ae I 'fly nocared Itrn tad adjnBraad t,. a bark yard m the v . nMy, where they fought 1.1 'il 1 tintm 1 wi-h.oil, rat about tbe hnad and aim. A 1 .li .in 111 then 1 .1111.. in an I air.--., I them 1. ,il waa larked up it the . 1 1 BOB 01 Wat l l' en lo Hie llo-pilal. F11...M.0 . A,. ii 1 1. Wm Haiti. anl Tboe, Wttm, hath oolond aria, got lata tflghtto gethtr yaetardty, iu Thomat ttreet. Wilson tlitew a. up lull tf -, I lata hi dv-rsnri ', l .ce ami Ham. 11 tinted a lavtn gaetl la tha hi k oi I.i. ink with tbo edge of a ruur. Htrrit w , l rr..l.-.l and lot ke I 110. and Wilson wa t lo (i e Hoe pi tai. Vlor-ATtan ftit Llojroa Law, John W..II and Henry Illldohrand we.. tr nv-(.-,l yettertiay, charged with ksvplng their luhli. h. us,-, i tl., Hth War?, , ;.":, on Suud.y lur tbe tale of liquor, In violation of law Thej were held to i.ait io newer. DuMirtut. .H a p.. 1.1. Kit 1 n pot DitLotrat Tt. The Pol loa ftmatiltilnntrt ynltidti ,!i,. iiii--c,l tr, in the Dtptrtmenl potlcem in John F. Hiette of tl,,. Precinct, he bavin ; btM 1 and gulllj nf exprmiag tantimenti dithnal to the I', .s. 1;,,,, riuoeiit. s viral -miliar, a'..-- bavo been i-h re the t ilnlonera, bat ihi i- ihc nuly it -tan, .: which ha. rueultad it thi i nl-;.. 11 0. Il.e party a, , u d, t ouri ui Meat ral Basmbtao Iteiiin Bacon lor Mon ta, Jt K' 111 It ' Tho Horn' two i ,.n . ....... , . , .re totrvieted yeatarday ot highway rabbery, The ciivumtltmat oi tht can wen limpiyt One Jan.. , Mtfjwla, on the M 1ml , p.ian.', tlirougb W lllhna ttraat, drtah mm lager ular, tad when b'- 1111 hid ( I llbam square, fell ditty, eat .1. w ti. i.i .1 toil into a stupor, (hi awakening he found tbt or four men, im lading th nrl ontrt, on and tln-al him, some holding Mm la I, whibi one nil. I bU pnakott. Both wan Mleaotd ta ten 1 Imm bamim nt. 'I wo F r- .ti .!, -, taBtariag in unltbrtB-wtn convict ad .1 taamll tna batttry, Indag rdmrgod with a bayonet a , unit on 1 polhtoBitii, and wen aeuten I, tha nnt named John Kelly to th.- penib athtry lot four nn ntha, tnd tht other, 11 11 1 Tl inlote Iind oil, fir -ix inontht, Charhtt Dumat wat watemad to tho State Prl ', 'i (, r tbn. i. .r-. I 1 u Moohntl 1 .milt with u hn re, m Henry Swift, fur ritygarj in Ihe fourth d.-gne, ft u dug . uuntotll it,, nainnttuetd to gutt I'ri-on for two yean. The Qlaad lurv U MBted a batch of new in dictment, and .. large number : ; ri-uuer w re arraigl e.l. BROOKLYN. Flftftt An lUtOOCUpftd hotltf, OWRMi by Mr. Joba BiMbbaw, illniild in ButUr Mntt, nmt VnutikWu AfHtot wit dUcotwid to tn on An botWiM Nrorad llinT nt Ink viHlrtnU' intTi: iii. Tbfl ll.irnt ft wctP BpaMNufy ,.st:iit;iii,h'tl. )iinuh!i An ilium ) An fWbf&y fupt noon ww rauwd Uy bttrnliiii of u tiir iurrl ut ttio tcMX) ii IwMinMn itrMtt DuRoieAn IttnsaTKP. Officer Mclfthoci, if tin- M r't int l, lUlOOVWtd h nun iii tli .ro of Mr. lUrrifOOt in 11' ni nlrct-t, uc r KImrQ ti'ii i,,'iif'. fu Mt iiiUy Mofftlng. nn-l tMk htm Into cuj-IimSi n iif hub iMvtng tin pmn!Mia Tin1 to) UMO lm htl DinM ;i- John Mn!I iiVy. Iii wii lu I. oil 1 p i.i iiriUi u li a iipj. Tin ttott n I'.ttru k t i'v tc. in I'.itU t nn , t -rn-T of i 'I in! un Av.-ntic, w i 1. Iciiiini-I inttftd on Hundt) night torn -ruUiiil of u'-mt flfty doltifi in bUlfl nau i in. VVILLIAMSBl UGH. A Nin Cm it. ii Pi.iiii f. I. mini, oi 1 1 1 k Cnngan Bruaa. SoBtO three or I iur hundred ptrtoiu arttn tt tn tided ytttardty, i" ptrtlclpate in lite ex.-r.-i-. of laying the corner -'.wi of tba near ediAtte of CUrbrl Cbarcb. Tba eaia. ntoay .i lai Ing tba slonc w.i, .rl,,n.,,-,l by the pattor oi cbrit Church, liar. A. ll. Par;. . i. . Ill - i.w building ahenuonimtted iii i "im of ii..- i... alt meet church rdftieti in WiUianra bltrgb, 1' i -situated on It-ilford Avenue, nn- I, dbttely in the rear uf Dlvition Avenue. 'I be lot i.- Jt l y 126 (bet, tnd tnt huilding in to bo lUti by 70 (bat, and 7.i felt bigb. with two lower, it will li iii! thi.-.- front entrbte, and will -ent 1100 pul on. i. to In' built uf II II tvllll N. .1., etotl", under (he Mi'rinleti. telle., ol .1. II. UihiM, trchilecl, of Hon York. It will , o-t u u urtf- ,,f e '.' I'l l in Call Al l i Meier-. re. siting in Rating ,treet, K. D, wat ttvtftly j burned on Sitn.iai night by thtatrtbjtntal bong ' ing of a lluid lamp n ar w here .be wa, sitting,. Hot raooyery broontattradiloBbttgl, BgVMM Ai.n.FSi nmu Kioiins.,.- An. drew Simon, residing in South .'.th -treal, K. U, bad bit ami btoken ytttardty whOalght ing with an. ah, i boy. j Pomia DaXD in Hi-1, A little girl 5 week old, the cbilil of Mrs. Upton, reelding in H 1 McKihben atreet, K. D., waa found dtiad, in her . I..-, I yoeterduy morning. Coroner Mnrpoy held an inqurnl upouthu body, aad a nuvbu of death rom couvuhiiouii traa t-.u de-red. I Lameo wbo aaa rn, ar wrra PivrUM "''"' T-- aunbn, ao7 rairnnna ei ihe a.m. rtwn.ta lry u " , . , r ymn. L,Mm. trl.leh e. U. 'e had aa 41 ,, rnm at ihe lew aetneaT MtaatiBtt Banah nm I an taartllei t j.- j,n, t Hi Am l.avi V.aii km. i an Pi-e, ' ' ra ."' i n la . etaBL A i. J l-ii.-, 4 IHrowlwa-. UK IIRMMV 7KI.Lt KKKVINB PllWIiKBa, T' i ' Hf, TJIK LOVK OF tlllUNO OfUltK. Por oeie it M Otrtttoa Mratt i Mr, neaei, tit I i a Mr, II..... ITS r .,i w hnnAlrw , f lr. gef-r' "4 n -wl -t N. ware. Pit, i K . NF lint l.n I mnV HattmnM l"isari Pnwmaa, T , ,ae-injjuaa g(arhee. At ard nl! -e"o f eernw f tawa. LVORI KAUMTTIC P'.UJ) t are onto t.n t gaaa t m a i tr j tnnia ktner.n.P, r,,s,H f-r-.m.,. It ik Mm, andtM I nl... "nir't Thi, ttgajM ia Ihn tsrel l ..i,.,.,, , , , .. m oat . v n, , ;, eutl v. i--r-rmt and ia- rotg the bear, ljuw, tl n.ia , o,. i.lloc The tl. iiiher. ol Ihe I n. her Mai. gi - I ' . 1 I II .. I ' 1 ' n ' ' I. IH rknjm W t. ii ii.. i. in., nrataera m .1,.. , al. v, ii,io,l,. ate re,-,.-i,, m ei at il.elr rnfc s..t,e.t-,l , e. an W.d.-.l. . . Ill g, I ttaZ brrlhelllh, Ur.war.i a. N I'iKiu ma. dieli KUWAgU CUM lag I s-loa'Ul Milan a, art lotfiiw. virr Baaatm lilt 1 1 lit 1 1 M KM r N Y NTRRB All memin. it thia etglaeal i -.. New v.rk . . lie T, Intty w II re t it . , i,, nl . e ttwrnp aT losifi.t ..... i learndale, ,. . inerett nnt, own. deni u r"'Mr " lOtei'ttat will be rem, n.4 an 111 order ai -' M K I., .. 'Kit, ". I mo . I ,.: Hi,, ,, r y el I IM i,o"h','r "V,"'"::"'.' "aaraVild, t'-- '"" Tl "'ioi ll mrler, .., ,. Rt,,,,,,, bn heau lemored fruui gew Ohawbara .1 ", rr '",';''", " " ',"," i n.e t lataaaj i th. It. g meal wilt 1 , i.. e ,, t .1. A f lew (fi.nt, rauaUa mwa, ara wanted at iitiiilBaa ' alo ftalM ay One "llore for 111. I lrcl.,,,,1 Ottth If or gmt letirnaul of the I a,, Ih: idr. i, a m " ''l ' Ul..- ..oil , . ,,,, , ltl , 4, Prmoeal. Iieadiuailta t . , . ,,,, Wl UM Pari r,,., pmuj g ajtldlli V M ti,. Karat led Weather, af Oa. fl ' """' ' tn r it , iti S' '" tl iuinU.. g 4, ..tlal so-Jet. t iiV . ,WJI,MM mi uni t mcJ I II llld. il th rgoai.t. tl , 10 ""' etaattl ta oln ihc I.I Heat.. ' IWeelei. It it t - ,i i tri.Og . j ' " ' Iheywlllb I, unit imintaltgali la ' ' Join In K. g. ,,. u ,i it,. ,, ,v., Anniv at i i i i m k ... a '" 1 ','" 1 " y ' ..' iii when ia. '" bjrdleelau : d. tttoTlTI , i i. Moataaro ataaai i' nr.- 1'" '" ' ' I'rtat let head lUnrtem, i;i ..., ,t, I-. muatai i, mterele. II . ,, , A 2 MaMLCli; ATf.!. oTly':W,'0lt ' BwtilaltaiulTa), PAaOld l-o I. ..... .I Netlrai ii.i . ,P Men. i a will u- i.e. i ..I MAgpgnt, b. I., lufleaerri t.r. I, i.nei. , i,,g ol, lues, i , .- .tcn, Huh, 4 col, to, uli.g until tl.e f. How g M'.., ,,r. Ht nn wdl ' laavt (I. and nod r....lli ;in ,l, W.,.n,ol,- ,'h. enepe ' '- re, . i7 J DVKIPeVmiCII i:a. nKUOSTORR POR SAI.l- TIIK , "''".,.,'''' ''-' "f a Ileal ly tin . I up drug :' " - d. .. i -.".-, at ' , yr'-"-"'v..e .i..... .. rt W ; I : '' Kb y sidiiK k iti sai.k srtii nvJL- , ' ' ' I lt , I f n , ..-.I ti" I , ttaee, .' rutin , and ..llr i tart t tt .1 fltpi ... wui I ' oeaobtri-i . , t-.the higi.o-i .,ff." Ihladari u. i eat,. ,, rd m- hualneat. Aj j. i. u. n nowu f at CO., 419 B kdaat j-iu 1 T KASi: It'll rtALE nil T. i I. IT jfttH I ""'- " ' e .or nt ll ,Ul ,-. v , i.i g -nir I tan rant of the prem'aea ba bran eewinlod a. a i ft ie si re, nl Mi .. and awae-nMb loBiUwhnMnt I .. he II e la I '.'I , on p. oarlhinl hi the ..... i ne. or the but neat, u ho.:.. ,,, ti,,. ,,, ,ii, , , iv. Our Oertann uttlaauo w,u o,. well i., J l.,.V nl e. !!, . .. ..... .. . .. f . , ..n. m alt 1111 b " IVIKAT MAI1KKT KUl SALK-SnriCK I kon ,,l ,:,.. ,, kt :.rn,e. Ling I ,'w "' ! .' ''. latnbbelieil leu feara, lhaowaorl k. Wlahei i lei the ,t.,ei part of tba holla Ullo. .una n will bujt the tall Bat, I , r , tent- I ' ' I'l I ' Rir, It W.I ,'.l In. I W I ft t, i it. . i . ,1, t ..... ... beg'bulng tie I, mi 1 Iti : II lu rt, Brooklyn, tttll1 j j GTOCK, UN ll Kl'.s N! irNKXPIRlD -'" 1 t i.,. oi Ihe book .. ... . irati tatrt N- .114 l,t,.l,, I nt, I. r aale al a J : o , i in .n. lha I'll mines. Mil 1111 01 IM :;i ii 1 1 ins. Ar. w PAU. PA8UION8 H I.I.V II I.UHTRATBD In DKMOHKart til- I r.y M.tror of Tl Pt i now rtady, euulaUiliig uairlj lot o'lgra i": vlnge. Vearl) tl cU.tHiorle einHea lo .-tn.; inaV "I " .' I, . A ,' Ihe rboet illuatratad w.lh a very I, n;a An, .i. : . r.l faahlon ptale. large pl ,te ..f . !.nta au.Vt am Ihrei toil alae.1 laatien... Y. . iv tl iu . '.'. it,; poatwiga Me. Patditbed Itl gmadwey in il . old ,veri where. 114 no' , '- n ml ( "W. l.i0 PKH iiiN. llilS WBRS Ollly, lor Ihe lanl ...l and whilt tab c.,J a,,; ll. ra, i'o ... . gratt and fun ..." tlata, dabvarad trig yt in. d elt o Onet t g Bowery, near Brooatah eve. ' 2 t th.-. pOAle THE IlKST QUALITY OP KKf tUl v.- aah cool tan bow ha puiehaeed of T POgrgf uod . BBO., tor. ot -ti, t ,, ,i Id aetn, w at ihta houte, t a nv el n, a -i . t:.-t it ..... i.ri xk cternrd and dellveitd. It 0f tt u.c Unit, it.v.T no I eat :in A 'in. 'KNI1SK PEACH ORTIIAJID ( i).U ti " ' t, , i.i -t ,, .. , t , Juwenl market pna) fr..m yard. 10 ceuU ia r tun lata frota tbo ttattiM 'r A ! i .'. bel b, I, i.t M -.t I i-'mda li s nl If I ' ' i , al I' lie. and c ! .1 ,1 ,- .. 1 We t -I . .. T J4 ..''I'll A MA WY0MIK0TAI.1.KYC0AI., fl.'-v-TB Ali't . I tt a I- .e l. .1 1 , ..!. ' 1 Fwhlh aeeniia, eor Itlb nl nl.'i." i a 4;i.HllH tl. Ill MltlliMM. PVE, I'M! AXU 1.1X11 INFIRM A K 1 Pr thelrcal I' d daaftfj BAT! mill tion, , i -r Kit i ,-io ,. aj ,t , .1 "...t err.- 1 Itl A , -dit il i . in, nt c ., latl.ait.-vt n 1 ' I Be rUlKNVN i)V SOLDI Ki Si HD ALL UOKEV AND PAi'h'iy Al, TO SOLDIKRfl BY iiti.MUNs i:.ijJ 71 IIKii-tDWAl A', I I.I.V lltl'.fV r 'I'11 U, s. GOVERNMENT PEBMI88X) e POBWAUO TOT1II MIV AT FfBTgW .. ' An si:.i; W'ASUl ffQTON A si) W OTHER PODfTII POR BALI TaAl KflB Turn; is iuk tn.iia' TIIK I'MiKI) rATEt. THSiBORBAT l-VSTKHHASO I i-Rfl , DELPHIA KXPKKS.Sl'a SANT vS K( 11! V. au.T .'U -fJ j53 GPECTACLBEUOOO AM) lirti 0 , g, imfrovod I'm, . utiMiS ,s ant a, ratprteei rem, toouraiau a,ij,,nt.db.iiaieolfB m by au exwrteneed pistaiea '.,u.'iau. Ail ItS le.uclanbuugbl, a,, ut... . . li-digol ereovh Paired, btaellalGriu.dnl, i Ulton , X r.vr: TAXF.H- WPWciliyTEE co. TAX a. t.,ii lota U Weelx'teaur ciuitv, wUifl tlied . euldloi tax. a ; wrUe.aarmg thr Villi. w .' t o, una ,j i. W. Ol'l CIIKTT, WanlclB V 1 V' " '" " buildllue, tat.wl' ChadJl tSSi l ( i.'i.uittti. ai'ijm H'?1' o a AH

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