Newspaper of The Sun, September 17, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated September 17, 1861 Page 2
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I f- - 1, v fg NEW YORK 8U1V IWWirKlBIW, BWT. it, nun. . i - . . . , fJaaBaaaaaa fja BBeb ii eaa rase " rear" rinr- Mi Tmi " PearxT platform of lb Abortion Sljifa Tick k already nearly prroorid fo powder I. tba indignation of the tlemwrr, ii, parte IB wbaaa name It waa eewrterl. Tha TamiMnr Aeetvixtinw. now nefnrad to Itx um a nt laa-lllon. dedea the Regency of OmoM Hn-iiwii.ii. ad dictatee H tmr npnrnl of OttKM ,nUc eenti merit the expuleinn at oner of ih. ir priaciplea ami peraona from Hie party orgxoiia Iton. ? At the nnwtir.aj of the Tamroanv tl.oinrxl Commit" 'aal ti iarht, a declaration rnininuni ratrd to the public ly Elijah 1. l'i nut an I Prraa B. BwMaVT, Eeoj. , in xnswnr to, linrg a axf liargxiniiig foe xdinlaainri to the Convention ore.. wa unanimnii k adopted, xn.l I coininitti n of nine we. apanitisl to report an Adlne-a in which it ll MBMMf tliat the "ninth" Moltt Hon ad Hip it.trlguing i-Uttn.,, . who origma teal and managed the Convention, will I.. cm. phatu-allv repudiated, denounced and exeom. manicatcd in tho name of tin' Drmo-iii. People. Tha Tammany men arc not nlv t'ninn nim. by tradition, xaenrixtinn. ami nf etrafM it oeBe tlmeat, hnt tity are shrewd raoiih a pntt tlrlxna, to M that their party will iBtrltably' lie rolled ondrr an nnfathonixli'.n floo-l ol np ular indignation, Bjiaaa tho corrupt print p'.--and polittrlana of tho lata aOBfatll on rati la xhahen off hy an immediate m ra i K mevrmani There can I no iNBJrB. tint tha r-xtulilataa who have not ll toady dacllaad, will las ootiatrain"d to BOOM on Ivrnr I liN 1' Iffl many platform ahont to he put frth, a. tlx ir only eacepe from tho ilrlugc. Tamuitny ia ileing a good wnik lor tha eal v.itn.n of tha oh) Demecrxlii- tity. Having tritimphxntly ejr-ct-atl Maxait, it will now putty law party f nun the CAootiit regent-v. Av rVi a we are to tha promot ion of o(h neokiap, wo muat call attention to tha nomina tion af CkKnann k I. Vt f ir ShcrilT.m our adrertiaiaaj mtiWf, by several handjnax of prominent Striatal, BBdtf their own ainatur. a an unaaoully manly Mfld MPptatabla avail of affecting x nomination, on ihnpirtof both tha iinminx'nrs xnil the noiuiiit-c. Wo likn Um faahion. Tha fa MtBtiwoBtl and dtitact 1x0904. aititlity inv. Ucd in ri)ti; llnattliai of lllli aort, aliirli jllBBBllal man caanot ailord to taka witbo'il good tt"''. It will not In laltan, I nartalnly, at tha Mfaaation ,f the bMTO cfclel of Uio priourr aUctlooa, II?. A. PlOBAKO, Kniithi ot tha llolr H imlchic, ataMatad to tho Church of St. la da Paul, baa jut lawn afpofajtad Chaplain ol tha ivp.pini oil Eotiaraa, I A large tMQI 1 1 ol newa. inioretiting, but of lacondart tnternat , crowded out of todaJT'1 HtiK by an iineapertad tu-h of Adterti naaaai la AlVt all, MNB a cheering avldofloaof revitring InisiDMe, i , the la-et n I We nil ,;ivc. Ii. io wai am i'j oi Nrwatk Kiio-.i . Mtnitgotnerx aithtitN) men and one howilroi, at tha N iti-t., pursued and lHalttail Han. Ram-.' tonv of 1,000 to 1,000 no n and olTactive attillrry. and aftor two OOVfl tightin ( withdraw lowly, katpbtg op a running light until In' Twrnty ti.e Inaa , ro'el bivn l.een lo in Ht. lAula. fAt''i. I t' BiAW waa anaaaUd yaatarday bi orrtei ol loo ! i: i M"M on i hat v ol loauaor ilinatHm al dawi ajpacl i ill Lanituaga towatU hit ooniniatiiling ottoar, w hen wriuu,; to .m l vlatt ing woabington with a viawtoalnic bUfa aiotral. Tlia .St. J.itiia Oaajottpul difaaall PMMiIXT atrungiy. Tha Chicago TrihtHH and Aaat, aararaly ra a aura tha Praaidaat'a laUal to l roui nil . a atauk andlaikaanl it mi incut. Anion ; tha killtal at ilia railroad nnvaoio in Miaaouri. waa BaMlaAl UOPMti ol Joltd Bkow.o'k raid. A goveiiinianl utaiimar on tho Mini oiri ha-, ing met with an aocidaot on Hand lakeu lv Itbtll on r-hir-, uiili In I . .s. I I r . A I'rniiM Iva tiii nniMiii MMtad MMlMtUf from llimkbttrgb, Tiveaofi m htb irlthin the w k. THE LATEST NEWS. Mr TKi,Kin.APU to run A", r. bus. Impottaut from Western Virginia AKOTItm riCTOBT. ChtfaaaW, ..!. 16. A Txi iai rlkpatdi t.i Uie OoaaNt, rroni Caojtlx furry, dataid Mlb, atataa that lien. rcuiiied the attack along our wholo ' yctenlay. at Cheat Mountain, Aflar a long Bontaal Qau. KcmioM'- laiilvn pulaod him with tWHlloaflbla BahaJ lima, an I littla or M hyaj on our aide, lien. Vflaa au 1 Floyd are IhjiIi retreating ui ta tt' paialbla, A detachment 1 1 three hBBdJiad nan on the UaX PMBipkllalj routril three Tcnucaw e rogi in ' i f on tic wc.-t lida of ( heat Mount. no killing itn aud laking of their aaulpoulllUi A atXUilg 'ta 1 l,.o o alM tlirealellnl (ho e.Cit Hole but wiUmut lighting. At the stmo Umt 16,00 ' taBSli ajlvanced on K.Ik WbIBT, hut were drivan back MOM t oi In mile. I . o iiaater in Hf ini rhBaf Ma. HutioH. tfft, 18. i -Pan, Batiar had an latf iaw today Mrith Qov, Andrew and .Senator Wilaon, auil will I ledialaly Ml about N tu aix New Kugianit rigitneiita oW ipaola MrtHtv A mara meeting will probably hi bold in l ur thexanca of ibe nl.ject, Tlia m haoner ,los. DIcknaB WBI taUad toda under tJto i onftaOBtlon act. Awaaaa la BBlllajaaaadTha Mn una n tin- larajaalBIBra at Mut.hind. llf"- - i'.ii. 111. The i lioe are aim.-tiug the aaotvaion iiieiiiU-ri. oi tin l.egidature aj I'm aa they n au h hh cilv on their way to Yi lark k, ao that tlo re will lat no nuarBBI lOBtOfTOW, in aiN tlna. -lourtha ol both boani being ' Bi BMMBBd H ia prrwunied that they will bl all nm-ita'd T'.a aueata tbi aianing are Mew-.. Itrnnia and II" kard a the BBBBte, Slid Mi -well, Lat din.r in d BaJalB, of the llouaa, Then are now 1 m inla-r- o( tin oBM and throe of Ue Seuati I to l i.lio.ted. Many of tln iu caita not bf RhUbI, and aie aaid to uava Qa I lb Ktuto, Ilaaavd fat PUuaavfjh Piujuirih .S.-M. 10. The luliacliplloal ! a the National I.oaiiwire opapad ti - lav in th city, and 1146,900 taken. iAnolber ew Vorb It'illicut Ntarlrd Athaaa, isaat II fjp Vinton a Kagiaianl laft hare to night for the icat of war. Thee are a line ln.iv of men, tullv cipiipal uu I BBBMd lroui Fortrt-Ma Monroe fWi aH .Wrniroe. ,s'.;,(. IS, ri',1 hUlimnn. Htftl. 16. A parly ol fnurl.eii i .nilrahalid lllval aaoauad but night Irom near SawaU'a I'oinl an I camaorn to the r'urtraaa in a canoe, Thev rapraaant that prorlaloni ur- erv aOBKO ill I'rincaaa Anne county, and that there are Hm4 Bra haadtad rebela at SawaU'a Point, The foroa than ia conatauily chaagmg Tha veaaala tompoalng the Idickading Seat, prarioua to the llatteraa expedition, art again returning to Old Point. The (it. Lawrtnoe baa been oil' .Savaunali, but tarwupi au aawa. Wa laam from the Frenchman who deaeited fraaa tha Yurktown, thai aha ia actually Iron platad, ao aa o proUct bar aldaw and upper tli t '. .0 ' . i 1 1 It a Oraan'm ww mf falaailei ia. WnMttflnn. AVy. 16 By aa ontor iatned t'day, all volunteer oraanliatiiHia authorliad br tha War laapartment are placed under the otdera of the tji reraora of their renertie etalea, (a he ra organlre.1 at their .h-eeat'on. Oflii ora ami t et i oo mia-oonad aill reoelra iheit eon naiia' from tha OoTarBoea. Th- ab lant, quartrrmaater. and If neoaa-iary, tha niadl eal onlr inf inv ineomnlau ragiment, may tie tonal, ml hi I vin e, to aaelet in reiaina; the men. Moitr nainjliilKaa The I're-hhnt haaapimli I Major fM, n( the M trtllltr, Captain llorn'ln ti. Wright, ofthelT. 8, KnajBei, and Win HaieMk of Knitucky, Brigadier General af Voluntaera. inr atuajBliaaj OOlaVBWOinnawfi V. W. Walker, o aeverely wnun lail Httur day. by a arrwaab.nia1. while on a viniing tour with a datatohiaaiit of Oat, rtaatbr'a Oaralrr, in Man laial, waa brought to thia ellr thli mt -r . noon. Hi mndition ia eppiren'ly Improved. BTABtfBtyfl or vnti.iai.t rIBf BABaTwaBi TAvan araa a aaaaaaaada af aagrreaa. PMfiaafl in niindiar, n en, women and oMI In n, in the neiglil orhoral -.I ia'win.vllle t"' 'I'lo c caoie lootir linea attaiBU praectu-a. .eying thatf wen-to have lei n .ent I-. afaBaaaai Ibla BM i-Ina-. (Jen. Stnilh aaal Iham lo waefclBBtOB. 'I hey la ll.ln-e.l to Ifet e-t lle o( the l ite OMh nif.h re .loin a. The (.dor. of lha Highland regiment of New Yoik, Oat. Steven... were returned la them to. day. with lanitling oen-lnnuie. Arrhnl ol Aajalkaf Hrlw nl I'lilladclnh n. 'oi.W. a'.;.i. H.j. 16 -The ai-hoim.-r M iry Wooil, n hi, tha Mraat Indlaa. swaad in Rartk Carallaa. enivel lieretmlay in charge of (,. Maatcr Ni holaon. The i re a conaiating pritu-i paflr af OMIulaNI of lien. BuUrr'a Naval II i radi Jlcr cargo i all, augar and mola-vwja. Bhl Bai Captured at t at llatteraa. ForoifQ Cntelbeno.v. One Eay Later from Europe. Arrlvnl ot Ibe In1.. Hnaon '. i ',, r ' .a' ifeaf, 10 The aleamahip Angle Saxon airivtal off Una I'oiut thia evening. .S ie left Liverpool at II A. M. of the, and I, n daBdl rry lb. t inat. Il eteia nothing of inten-at from Qfaat BH lain or franco. 1 nlv ll ia lera.iied I lint Auatrla atxd Spain had al- draaeed a rnHtctlra note, an.M i; their la teatlon, In tho event of the Kraacb troopa liug withdrawn from Itoma, to ejcli placai aouie regi iroii'. at Ih.- .Ii.mwiI of the I'apil ((Overnuieut. Sign, i Itiignoul bail not BOOeptad the Liouta" n .i. of s , dv. it la raaaatat thatltwill im - 61 lad to lien. p. in, Nana bad reached Turin of tha dlataabafka lion of si mo rracti tin lata near San Klpidioa, in Ihel'toviice i iCCulL A TO0p .1 National Qejafda went in puiauit, AaalrvBa 'I'he Cotnioitieea of eight i ijiintiea aa well an the munk Ipulh) of PeatB, bad lcn dUa dv.- l hy i i.tir oi the antrum me nt. plop oili. hi Waa before the Croatien Diet thai ii .i .-nl il r . an axpeaaateaj of regret at the divoliition it the lliiiig irnail lliet. Palaad. HoVbiB funeral eefflcM were hell in all the churchea of Waraaw on the 8d, in ateajaary of tlacaa who receatly fell at Wilna, Ih.- paapla wore uu liming berui no their bata, and tha hoe. wen all OMMad, Tiaitqailltf aa not dia turbwl. 1 he In ii- h etaant (iigale LnTau-le, which a tat Hallux, rrcelveal ufdera on the HthiaT Ai:go ' to proa eed to Vara Crux. Commi-rcm! InlelliHenee. f.v M artrjM .t.i faiaduaaVny.J I.iv ai t i.i.i Sept. ll. CaNm --Salna ol t' e wei k T.x.iaal Lalea. The miiiket wai linn nl an advance id" H'L f r the middling noalltlea, While Hie fal' ileerrlptlona cloatq oa-ier at the I I i nc., i.u-i tho lower ipadhie.1 h el I allnhtlv rbeVlwd, The atock la porl a n . i. I nattral at kl)7,ii0 balea of whkh hM,00Q balea I weia Ami rieau. I Raaadetaffa aellve, W heal baa an upward j lenleexri , at il wtora an-'.' a II I. higher. Hour I-, higher, l.'-ai qa for money cloMJ at '.1.1. military and Naval Movements. On m l a.i -The 17th liegiinent, N. T. S, M. ( kiown aa Ilia Wa-hington (in iiV In k tln-ir ih p.-ii lure from uimp at h. Ni w nk yaatajftbiy, tor Waaliinirton. The regiment, under 01 inniaiid of Col. Moora, uum ben 170 rank tad Die, uiol in their march UtlOBgl irUliaaaealRh, laal evening, they at tn ctiil doxaTfad attemioti mi. I bv their line M.ldierly npa arance. Tn ii CoOTintCXTAl. lit tun. 1 hia rugitiient, eiicaii pad near Fori htaailltOB, haa nu eivial BXtrrblnp, ordeli, Blld il ii proUlble will la- olf (-.lay oi tonight. TatJ nuiulatr almut one thou - aBad man. 1 1 1 it i' mi Mi-imi l.'i i.t MKVta utvi: QoaTI The Od New Uanpahifl ami Bit Ma ine Bagimenl -. rjrocaedad to the .eal of war bv the .ami' lailrom1, latwuen I and il o'e'i" k en HnnaaVi city m:vs. TlM i lining I M Ht 1 1 oli a. Tho MWtBOltiw in honor nt th lrirt'i 1 utri-t . Trnnro ltllrw M Mantw, worn iinproAHtvely l'rformrti yttrlrtrity kvoralngi I In not fartrniittavl to nnnt'in over itiijtht h unaril of honor on tth dwsk -f IIm itaamtf, but rtoiovtd to tho lit i , R prpfWilnfl which xritel imlin-itit. ootnim'iit at Um txptnti ot th6 Mteamcr's niU- At tin- Stcrcoii Houit, ibi body baj hi atoM yadtt tin annetl gttUdoi the Phctllil Zuiawn, with Ughnd caiuIIm .liaj.a-.-.i around, in tho n-uul niainn.T. btlghtetlilig th fuiiihr cUecl oi thr (lurk rml-l.'in ot mourning with whirh the MlgM and :ii1iMfi t wfre ilrupi'd. At tin' hnnl I the ruilin resting in a Ml' w..h u U'tut lul t in t) oi' mmUm urrt'unK'l hy nr. UoUl 'liiiniMH kf-. inuloMd Ii an nvul frann. Two hoyt in iue BtUfetM htld AnuTic.tii attil Iri-h 11t.aH 0VM the cotliii. I phi -i o'ONok n the m i inn : till tho tn- niant wbvnthi (utit ttil oortsiN dopaUiod num i iou in AIM r eltlttna wcro pwinUttMl to taUM Mini m imind (lie K'llin, which wa herniuii. nilly -rull. Tin im'iutvi .' the t onuiiUlMh tOpjaHhl r With iH Hily all the ollii ors ol ll . t:t. fi-nut lii-h MarieliM In ihll ajld Ulf u-1j"iuiiu t itit'M W If DaWMtlt, The Pttnonl I'lootajfJoii norctl from ttio Sti'vi'iir.' lloSM ! K inutii pi-vt ton oKk, in tin- folloil lag Ul (loot ion t f ol let ol tbo 17th Pioelnot. under oininmid of Qapt. t'ort. (SoniM i i Um . iiiind and i i ionM, DoU hm Dl ot the Phi Is n'4, wltn arm n vi i-i-il und on pa n th h-ft arm. Col"r-Uiir r, with tla OOVOnd with iTajwi. Ikalwottb I Uat: I. ita'rlormiiite a Oirf. Tw OuttipenlaM of Lbo BWth ltvunnt. nml'T ooaMnnnil of Oafptolnj Dnelln ond .lay. Kolly, in Mt ilona, An Opetl Hi ii w- drawn by (enr hornrn with Ithlfl III ll 11 a A I .ii i d I II i nor or tho I'lm-nlx uevo-. QtaaOOn oi th. UtHh It-i no-ot and OBWtfJ Of lha Phosnla Xonavee, Grand Uarbal, Hon. MUbael Connolly, HeUow i-ti iy tin- GomuiUtM, ami depntaHoni of lriru i Itlaena, WaOftnfl inonrnin lurtiv. Iii thb wdai lha ptnoatalon " tho main ttitraiK'c Of tha St. Paifich! i'athlrul, in M ' atroet, whore, while u dir.' wa- plnja 1 on Uta oran, the OOttfl canifd to tin olianrot. an 1 Hghtid taper.'' were )la oo5 around it. Tho pul pit waa draiMxl in k . Immrdiat!) alturtho oiitruuce of' the r the ealitioe was tilled y the crowd which luvl awaemhled. The (ollowiiiK were tho ullkiatin derK) I Tha Very K v. Win. Storrn. V. ti., Celebrant Key. K. Mdiuire, i:... .... Kev. t). O Ilara, ub-lieacon; Jtev. J, Wood. Mauler o Cere. moniei. MoKart'n K'-'i -a-iu ftl-v 1 iu I) minor, WM MNbf . A (Waoan nigh Moat waa aila-iaail, aW which the mnafne were token to tha re aWiftnf temb fa OiWury CaMferr. Kj Bteriom Affair in Rudm St. o Hmwwm4 HUH.. f Tww M ty AmMoI Yeeterrlay morninjr the TiKitinn ff.irfn of the laeakeaad Watta OryAan Arlum, hhatM at 112th ibnai, I In f I. in, calleil on On'riin por W of the Iflfe I'.fw lnrt poller, and a'rd that a ftHafl ku uiiinctl Mary Junhj. en i'miate of the A'yltim, had hetn ri-mTPd tie hOf friends on Mm day the l!Mh LtMi Tim p K-tor stated that U(e, ifl wanefi Hrntr when she hft the aiayltmi, end hm Ii bnd ninm died, and her nuwrnl aboul t" tnk paxOca, ha fait -ure her deaih h id lMin i ,iurfdl'v n alHirtion. The fa. - were at pji.fl tf-IeKrnphe I n iht Po- Hoa letwiaartaia1 In IWooum itraa', ani.ajr A naothai ol fnepataa i.on:ird, the Mica or ha 1 Cth I'lifimt an nidi 1 1 to a teiai in. m hu--,N' . I MA lltMleon at., when tha hndy waa fcaiat, mi th-aperimanta of iin.-h McA'plna, .u ram i fot cnri-.i, m;. tha fanetnt wai tjtahaplwa in ' two hom-. TJii"Iu at oih h atoMatl the r ii . nril Mftnaaaatantnj ojm aoiJatad tan I nfonaf. ll epMr he inrl wan a uatir of PicoU m ' and ktWfltmlftaMl? Hbabadhe n livltvaj out at rarrin', and, WOOfJN aaaiptalnid rra- eon, waa muaveal ta tha Avlam a ihoii time ain r, and her f i ndi wan infc'aaad that aha w In Utamui.try. Mr. McAlpitm ii fn-i un cle. A f Ii r hhe i ,ii tr..,,t.,! i otn the A I mn. ha inv rvank, -l,o wat attrnded hy )r, Nor val, of Ko, 01 H i l-ii tUfm t. f'inn'rl mreon if the 79th K'-niment. Or. Nnrval attend d her v rv day, and on Sunday morning nht died very Muddeiily, A I Of llloala W in ivn hv Dr. Nfrvnl, that pIu dM Of intUniation i"if the Ih.wi I., and t-tr.mfi t far pn-pirutumn Were niadi- for her lianwdlatl fiuri!, wchou any iri.juiry IMl, , i . Laatayeafnn Com- nrr .Sriiirinef had the ImmIt panad an I aS amiiif if, ainl it waa found ifi 1 1 died from the etfi t t.f an a.Mirtiori. M Alpine wm arrat4, aiid held an a witne.h in Ui iaie. Tin- UOtUMff tofatttfOtlOO will Im held tn. day, and every efrbft will raj made to i up Um mnitry. 1 im itrl haa alwajv anatahwil a Kod i hafat Mf anNRMj hot lnn dlnte fri 'u-U, and the tin ory o the wdiee im, thai h- rnno wa ae'iiniililrf1 in the famtlv whre w at wreire. Captain Hrhrini', ff the !ith Pre eimi, l Ifldnaftnonalv a wo-k to terrrl out the farte pru edm her (Jeatti. Mr. Nerval had nwt it. n aYfaatodi IfllllMJUIat, uu: ' Paa-ti ii ti.i r rKi'. lit rii.jijin, the wrld n nnwi.r I'rriti liLti'a'nr, onnnenreil hi -"ire.-x a the A-nil-in of M i- e4a laai aranlni and faity aataldUhad bh al rmdy .Iniort lUnliolk reputition. An oidin.try mai iali H tr it k e mav le an oiintfd IW, hy the life of win e ol'-rrrrttion and a liht kn-iwllo of the art ; hut u all tin iMltttattN muHiludo tneM In t night) OlvWvlttfl erety pirt af tha jireat A adeiny. nnl one eotihl i-im-m Um -to rot ol a i nle nn of bit avt'inihhinij fe.ita. nt on bntlbnnd hhnaalf loot in noaaVft Don he I. eed tin Manpja ? the attend. nit i - not t ailed, he htowly ltla it fmin tho end of bbl hiton, WhOfO Qebodf saw it bafafOi i l done with il ? he Itjlai it iu hi hand.-, and it h it vauih'-d. Wo have not -pace to enumerate the m r 1 of the evening, Smii" i' : now uu I a itonl lunal till id uj every moment of hia langthf wrf"nn- anoa, One or two tricka, howerer, mar ser?e an on amdi. taker a yuk of a r I -. altowa a hall don n er.-ou eat h to .Meet n oarl, and plate the tix rarda aain iu the pbk. I rum tha pnoh ha than tahaa owe dtd. It g Mown to each, antt enth dime n it. It ilinr -d I tint I r baiwaan hia thnnh ami fore flntfat he nm pfan uta the fmme t ml, and 001 li one tf hl til ivowi li to I- tho ant he i booti A , i in, who would eonatdot any thin,; tUf ParWtafi tot n man wh" ana plv two Itva aah , hita uiMiii a MnhO "land, ih4 tuh tktm lalf MM ' An attend nl bflnojl him a htndhffltbWf Ol not nifre th m two hot lenmre, 11 i oraOxtplat it together, ihowt it to the andlence. pa be up hi-t i oat -nh e m on at to ejM-i hi atnn, throwr. the hunilkon rit f up iu tho air, Oatchaa It, and fr-'ui bananth i.- fbldi tirawh out an opea bowi hUod Wrlb water aiitl gold ti ll. Again and auin (his i leja'ated tu all parti i tJio ti with dlflbfOnt handkt rt hie aud in the infat tl!e pf tha audi' ih v. Iii. ate, .ierldcnia, lniiieat,, d r. DsATM ytutu I.'m k.iaw. An intiue'. wm held at the New oik IliMpiial, ItW OOfOMf la. k man, on tho Irmly of John Kowan, a lad M yearn of age, who died fro in tetanu. tho result i fun ikiurv to i n.- of hit (beta, while uu Vr K. It , t u the Mint. p. tv.i.M'd had un inn r'pike fbrotd thnragh bit fcot, whleh randeted ninulntin ot mih ofbbl tOOl iu' t--ary( and daalh waa tha oontaqnanoe, a iwrUoI In pwitanrt with tbjw trttlmonjr wa nndeicd the juty. i.t rTtai fititi. Potrnn Dnon vm, MarT Deii y man, a little girl al.t iwaia nl ago, wh"' pan uta nndda at In t'trlialo it., h n U 'ii ailaelag atneo Baintdny lait, tdl yotlonlai aftafa noon, when her ronMint were loond Son ting in tho d.ek f.Hit ..t pier ll, N. u. Tha bodi not taken to bef 1 it' home, au I OOToOef S:iunuer i oUAed 1 1 hold an inqueate. It i- mppoaad thai thndotwnead waa drowued by aounUntally fall ing overt ontd InMnna Vam.. Ontharint lleManutta fell from a balconv tin the BeOOnd tnry of hoi reii- danoOi 17 Eaat IHth ftreot, to the pavement, and rVactnrad hat law, baaldea ree.-ivim.; other s. ero Injariaaa .She taken to lielleTtc ir fpitfi. t i r i ih TmttAT.pani)l ( Callahan, a man ol intemperate babite, attoinpMd to com mit euieide hv tutting hin throat. The wuutid ii nut neoeaaarily utal. He wan attoudod ,,v a Polka BurgOOO at the Kir-t Wanl Stalion Hot -e, whither an OfttoOl hal taken him. 1 AM.KUot H CaiaoalMlg Cah i.rv. A man nann tl CoOtt, UfUlg M 5t3 Tenth gfOttUO, w dangatonaly bvtnod he Iht axpJoaloo of eantpbeno lamp which he wat anajtenforing t" till while lighted. Puiicr InloMlganoOi aVo AnnnaT oy a atncnaaioi BTMPATiitatntii Yesterday atWnOOn, an alii od Mannadoniol wai urreetotl in one ot the saloon- ojpisite the Pntht "nd tak t ii to the Mayor i OfloO, fol loWOO hy a Ctowd ofnearlya i r .i m-! ptT1rnfj .many ol w hom OOttld Mhang him. " "nhtMit him, &ct l(y ilireitioti of Marshal Ihmihain, the prilODttf wo.-- taken tOpOll ' liea.hpi iru-r-. where lie told Intpaotot t' arpantar he a ih..i Union ii. an, l ul that he WW OMaNOu! to tho Adiuun trali'-n, ti to the maimer of conducting the war, ami bad Itei ly p Ken hia fontinMgtJ on the Htilijett. He waa allo.,L'd lo prot'eotl uUx'Ut hi. hiiMiiev. tiiin Pit Pi. An, of the 17th Ward, arroHUtl Kinanuel I'ario. of 127 Kist 12th it., and ur- ralgnad him bofbra JmImo ltiemuati. ohargad with itnbblng i't- Manuel, of 21 Bpringfti a It nlghtH i". The pOrUOl were in a ii;tr- rei when Karlo. it Ii allagad, draw a bntla anil tibU d Manuel in the baoa aud ah tumon. Tho a t iieed WO taken bafbfa .lutiee It'ennan, and commit ted In default of 1,000 bail for trial. Inn p BonnnnYi Tup Tiuvf aVnantrnii All. fill PnOPl UT1 Hh 0 I KKii. Jain 4 pgvialiae Tat'y " Pavid, a p-utu I apnarinK' young umu, w us anWjtod hy odnV at .Murray, of tha I'Hh Wanl. charged with tcalin a diamond braantpln worth f960, lYon. John H. Cotta, of l.'t:l llowi'ty. Pavii i .'t!i. l -rahlKMi tho pin front UM thirt m of the owner, and Martt d in run awav, hut waa taught hy tint olliccr, aud the itolon proiwirty i and on the paveinvut whfiu it had im-n droppetl. The jirhoner wan taken bofbfa .lutico BranWan. and (it'll for examination. Ihivin hat batn iVanuant i Iv arrceliHl Mild ia wull kuowu to the PetOOiivt Ira Ice. DiaOBDggtl Hotiai ln. k.- hate on Sumi.iv uiht a deaperate tiht tok place in the diaonlarly houfeof John Mike, 177 Kihl. avenue, between Edward Derrall end John i -Urien, whau Capt. Walling of the 2-nh VTard, owWr Irrlng, end eerrrnl other fnVre .ntered I the -rmiB and errwated Mike the ktvper, at I eleo ne men and two woenen. Tho priaonerrj Were ett taken tr Jtiatlew C n..lly wh? ' lo I I M ke for trial, and the femal i were tie twrmat aa wltrww-ee airainM him. The -nen ar retted were fined . eerh. Durin the fl rit WTerel neranne were badly nt with tamUera end pl.t- hottlea. A flrrroflrp nnntn.AR. A corpulent IV.jch tan, rWinp hi nam" nn Jhn Thodipaon, wei efretted hy orBi Mf llooj, of the 2d V fcrl, an iifpi-fnn. H" wax fouad MKT?ed in the rc..r of brjfniae If Maiden laane, with n q imity : 1 ' f i'- ti. ii in Iii. . n. O.makiiipr a g re minute examination of the .(re, pop1 ' :-ant llrai kMt, of the 2.1 Wanl round a 11 , Mf whieh had been ere cd aannat one of the . upper window. erldenMy with the inVnt tfi i aa' 0OB0M to the huildinif. ThnmfMfm waa taken In ffire natMa Odairtie and rmmnit'e I for I trial. ricKi ftx-airr f.'AHitir. YmtertlaT if ern'ym lafward of nbonf M p-pm had ga'iWnd hi Ihe Ta'k. and Ta., OanMOxWaaWafOI DatfU Millor tnp ad t i an rtain thf ea-itte, Whi'e in th Wnwd, a p't koclit nantad .1. II. MUef, a -trai tei? Ii ia r aim - ike'- fajienttjf, Wntli tfloA I et ".-ia riT.rd hy detect it- Dunanbatrf and II rim, vi.n hid bean nalntlf watching ate f jwration.. The wat' h wai "reitMM 1 o l'a ' ru'lilful owner, and tho pukpo kl WaM hakiKl up. BfAnntJra Arm ay. D.irine Ighl bntn Ml Patritk M- Manna and Patrick M (Mirer, M MauuM wan . vr r y OUt in tha aiiJo bf a knil'e in tho hand f hi adverry. Tim latt r ww I aifl itad ami takon bewatl Jaatloa Hrenuan mid bald to anawet. htcCeffre -.n-i ho only acted on the ilefeiteive. Tun Ai.iniRh InYARfitJiiMj 0texaw.Oarai ner .Si hinnrr h Id an in piett uon (hi holy of Am. tia -Smith, an inf tut t hdd nis anHtlta old, whooa death K wat chirked apoa hnf nmtbor 1 he Mm inn mi v, bOWafOt, ihowiwt tha' h tth waa tie inaal ( oonjuamtlnt of tht btain, canard hj tie dritu-xt'd having ravenl tfUMI latlen out of bad hej IfuremfMt. The jury rori th fed u voiiliet to that erFu f, and tha l' .rotter dl. harmed Mil .Smith from eutdr. Fh; ii r BUTWgltn H.iuiiKiit I'aUuk Kai rell and Oaotge I'-Ihm n. both h.irlMra, th littr lif Ing nt 18 Whno ttiaat, got Into an ait. tun when Fern ll, ai b ahntged, palaed a raaet and with it Oafnah Inn atlvtr-ary n v "kn 1 nieler the mwae, i iH ctinir a nevero w mi-mI. Kr ndl waa hrreVetl ly off! or t 'tirlar o; tV ti:i Wjini, nu t tahaa bafbfa Jnatlea fjenoiwn, who MOhod him up for ti'al. Thk Pat i iinn A nana rn. -The axaml nation w ai yt at-nlay poAtHim-d- BROOKLYN. Rt n inr in Ma HO) mo The hody of g mm I Wiia found MUUnnnlan t the lunfa ttu tnre in an iln lot on Kthih avenue, near lOih attUet, fanMIUnjj UiaiUlng. It wa taken d'lwn hr (' rone i llegUHUMk when it wa id 'ii'iii l a ttiat i.f WUIum Fiii'lHtu. A voidiri of ' an 0 Ida1 wiu ren MftUft GatnOALftMi Mr-. Ilu htnlaon. natdlng at N. M S'aMon it I 'd, fi It rem au uppar wiiotow of her re-itonn on Sundat alWnoon, and eu lolnod Injufiaa of a onrion nature, Rdward tjaitn a, n bay, fell from n ehad at the aofuetof I'm itu and Willow leireett nn Hnnday, and bfoke one of in- MgOi Ho amt oanfovod to tno im i laland C llegt Itornital. KnfMi DnOW Rli.--1 he Ualjr of a drown d man, wai ftntnd la tha water Dear Pint Ham i- ton, on Saturilay. Tho tloee ivd was .In-iM-d in n hlnoh ooot aattnoi aanta, blaeh tatiu raita cheek shirt, ray on r I hilt, w htta d'awer a-i i alu ea. He was ah ut .10 , ajM, nf..r. UMtlOU tan let! Irlrtalnfd af Oorwnet ll-'unett, at Hay Rll ,,e. WUaLIAMSBUaBGH. KiitK. Vaatarday BtamlBit, a firo au iii-covi-nal in the laaxajolaj lalaafl of Mr. Deahllar, laQraBd ttti Baai l otii it, K. l. I tow ii.u lire orig laatarl la ankaown, iiut Itapraaal witli nrli niii.tty tint ilia whol. iBtarlef wf ilia BjtBnaxtBi with Ibe , aoateatBf wen. ilaetinar il. Mr. 1 1. -. hi i. r aal Imttai hia laaa at t nai, on wnl h Ibara waa no in araBca, Th.- balMlngi whi. h vTMOaaaaaxaj in Hi.- BXtenl a ftMn, balaBoa I to Mr. Pattao. wBatlaef laaarad or not aoala n-it la bbci rtBiBad. Hi i!i.i. ar.v Hia bouaa of Mr. Jehl linn, N. t'O' I'.'unli t , K II.. waa fi-liiiiioii-ly ao- taml nn Bbbqbj niht, an.) robbed af rlflthlaa atln valua nl'f No arrrata. HuW in HAKB Wali Dai Ka.i I' i. PTUTf 0 K BOAffi wi t h leu. ..aa -lit a with greet dtafxaa i., ami a llboaii n.jin y la i olai or laxt. art, bob! bar gi ixieia aearywbara. liaini Mi-.e'a 0nt,l PbATWII Vi:t ClMtBB, Una. la., anal Mir.-.' .1 .llura earb, Al I!. '. UAJUM, IU II w.l-vay, iaae Ojoor bakrw Caual at. LroNa' alAOBBTia Imhxitt Pi wjbb. The uraxai il and aautiitHl artaula. will aaaai-mnaai av B. Ante, anil all verroio. Vn- fn. in .aa-aa, LYONS' BUUNKTIO PI1.I.S A a a.:ni ilialh ; .. K.ia and M a li I I :.j all Drw j-lai vfnwlara. l. 8. RAK.NKO, Pinlirieeor, U ea. k Jt -w. and 424 Bnaadwa. lUitni'i 7 iu . I'limt. .i-a la tha tawt ai 1 . in-aNwt arti -le for dreaalrif anal ' tying,, cmlLiar, preaarving eaad IB llaetair. Laaliaa, try U. Bold by all Den rata. HUJ I AHT nOTIVHUaV. KaTTaMa nann il fur I n H, I'ilh Iti'tiluai-nl N i s U .h fatMei nil uaa or laae teuate, lut.i'llaiu Oraad -i aiul l i t lit..alay. J rIM ci.Allt l.r.AN. I. aut, OaMnniaaaaUuf. n lain. B. C'raata la aina m mi n aaae latniaaiiy'i aaul ia will rauelve Max aaea at aa Uatad Tide oi uipaay will join Coi. KAiiUBl.l.vr) raarlnaent. Tlia aallVarma an- all retaly ami oi ajood ' l taxtlal. llor teal ia In lha I1 irk ..piawil" a. Ilia Hay or', ofl at Iu Iba u.ty Hal) lark. u Tarea iioiinra it. - par bbbjbmb win a- glvea far in nuia ta a i. .- on i.i n w tn oaaap. an I uaidar uralara. Baitlaa alila an Inrluetioe eaaaaaal oi" IW mills limy aa) Iv 1.) letlei I i UeUI. Da BBX U"l ttUteXia. Uepralta M'awlrd far eaataaait A. "Yntas. Uirlia." Al ly at llat Hraron ulAuii rv. l UKUK KIUK UBBBL. Vaptaln Col Cbaa II Pieraanla ii w in raniiiiiand ol it la Iti- rlineut. an. I Oaiit, iir i I i I, ..I ll . tl-t. ,aa aaaalHaal ll... LieuL tViUiuak-v. aalT ..-.-no tlllili Kruiuii-iii, ir PI rai Ki-h'iohiI ol ih. Ir.ii B'lgade, i.. I eoDimainlrd I'J l.nii.o.i. Nl'tilCMT. A law taara raenilta nltbealaire laglaaetiti to ta intiaeirjd In liunia. dlalelj i i .1 M Prince at, Daja, TlluMvs CAMLANi JOHM kki.i.v, Orderly hrgaaal. n Ta. III a -lit I- llollui Than iiioonnl will la) aldaad the aa lion -i Oraiai ly Bargaant gtraa to xu) raiNable man briiigaaa Ian laarulte to a v.-iim-leei eWarlaaeiil, una Alluia an, Addreea Caiajain 8., l.a ut :n ntftra. a (ai:i:u.l. NOTlCaBe I'oal IMIIri- Nnlli r W i n . a. N V . Bi-rr. M. IIM, Tha new elf ten! n rerniuenl PUBTAlill fcTAMPI l. i r.-iMly, ftlul t-.r aula st ll.'a .411 ... r".a.-l-an0-i v.ill t ii. tula ol H i' new atjla t-r a-i r.('iivali'iil aimi'int of ii a old leerta durlaga rwrttiaol 8IX I'AVH Irom Hia data nl llila notloa. after whlek eJaaatxt af the old laeiia will aaa Iw raoalTad tn pay naaii ax Bvaaage on li item eant from H1a ..tti.a. ealtf'lOl WM n Ttvi.nR. F. M. auciwi'i twOTicaa. WTarrr i lata aiiaar eat lo.aiv, r i. ill n i. ril i.. el ii. ia uulmly, Win .mill lie linral I i. fir".la ul flrat, would bum baaealh lin-in ajowly. Teniperauixj nnaHing every Tneaiiaj B'ttllnyi al Uleea'ker Ruildlnaa. txir. BUaev'ker ami M.ri..u ata. .1 IIVKE1 aud ..iiier epaaaera will agiliaax n.e Biaaabia tlna Tuaxdaf avauinir. 101 A. I. A I In Offln'ra land .llranbrra af Rn- aUUUaa U-.lta, No. UV, A. IV A., ata ri.iltieti-d lo la piii.tliial nl llnar L... life-U.-..IH, Wll.wety, llila Toieiiay evrioiiar, Ml kale naaia of Imlxxfeaaaaj rela i i-i t a ii- i of Bn, UBOIUIE KKLLI. JOHM

CLAI.K, W.M., I HAM IS lltVINK, H.-. . ra. . M A. P. A rio mil. and Mraubrre of OoluBalaa laodae No. a, A. p. A., are -it.-, i kg uivel al llie I. alga rooni, No. ItOti Urand elraat, In., K. Dm al 1 o'cJoeJa. P, H , Wwlneadjiy, H. i-t. l'aih, fur Ibe purjaaae of allandniK Die funeral of .air daa-aaaeil brolher, IHSKI'11 CLAHK. The Order frenerally la reapet'tfiilly Invfled lo attend. KIIWAKI) III MTKlt, W, M . ROBERT I K It-. I BON, B.8. ea II ata'eSl BKUaBIOVa. Veana MrnNa fi rtnllian A ileal ef tba Waalilnirl'ai .,iiara M . Caunkv Ti- a-.naaal aaeetlng if ih a.. , - aBVai will ba fc.w ai tha C nnli on Foniih I. ... ?. 4naa4a era ilnn 8 i-i. IH, al X '.'.l Aitlaaaa, ivy R-v Al.tttKDl IJll'iKMAN, Rv. Ilr llliikfPXdN , R.v llr. PHHTHK Muali I y lha Choir, natar Hieeli-a--iion .f Pn. i nxaxaf U A BKMJAatlN. Wat. W. l'i i RM I I, Pr-a. ' 'Ml II PE1.TON H.v aelT.r4 I I limp .Murilaa m ' i" "-. I,. I., " H- liama.iirarli. nailltaieil ilir ttan lha Tlia I Ii -..nif of lha liasl la wtebaai, Ralvatioa ia etan In 'an m.dal. Cera leave lir. i.d atria-l Karry i-vary Balllbpar axaiaahexaaiai aa MaeafroUBd laa rai. It It .!.". tllNTON IIAWI.l'.V On rk.liiial.y, 8aj 'I ly lie Rv. komiol I. g IXeAxr. aTatfeax. H. B. Chaarae. Mr, Olilawl i , . m Oar .line C II .vi Ii y, .laoRhb r .f J.J.., II.:. y, Ka, , m ,, taiy. I H DBaTaxta. At.l.KRH On M -.nday, 8-, mh, afle a a, rl lllijtea, Plan aa P Al a. .. aed W rea Ttia Ir laaaj ol lha laini.y ,ia rai-a-tf., !y mr.lad B' alla-i d the fijiieraj, vToltaeei av i l n..a, 111, in at, at 'J ovieoa, fr oi bla late raaadi ., i Tarh al, tenauklpa, IK llllK.NNAN II, taiWlay BBXeaiBB, B-pt. lol-. Baeeji, Iba la-Uiva.1 wuo. ahexa Baaawaa, Xaaxt M yi .ra, 4 and I.'. dejrB, Toe man. la ainl nlalivae of da ,-., anil i of bar fail fi in-inw, rot ii k Breouaa. era rvaaeca. - fn'iy I'.v.t'd li' attind lha f-onral, tlna (Taiwlay) af Ml raXii 17th, al 1 ..'u...k, fr en har ale leel danra, fST 8. all. al. liar ri-mauia will laa aakan la Calvary d-nnlriy 'or liitrmi-lil. I3T clititK nn exeat, nin-.-.i iraxxxp, eNaaxri Qlarb. earn I lir yrara. The ti land! end rai itlvae of tt efamily era raafiat. fallf -iiv.leit In aaland liia fotirral, al X.acl.a'k, from loe lata raalelexaaxi l.ouai HiB. ri.l liKVISK On 8 ptan.Wr 1Mb, af niaraim ia, ll laa Deelne, nift i a ... ...i - , ami 1 1 .leva. Tlia reiolivie and lnao'laol lha tinn.y are PBi a. .11-. My iovitad Bi all. lid lie fmn'ral. Ilia (T laaabarl ul 2 oS-l .-k. tp.m ilia raei duiiaoi 1. a pari-tita, ItM Th nl Ifa 170 liKARTV -On Bamlay, 8... LatB. tSaXI QaHeJ. II a ir,. ml., ami I haw ol hie hrliera, Owea. and ThrWAaB XTa riaatt.illy inalual In aaexad tl a funnel, line rT'neatayj afxaraaxeai el a oV ." k, li.-ni hat lata rasi l - a ,. I ,, tj.lva'y I laaBB y. 171 GRAY On aV-l-t. llh, Daniel J.. BOB al Ma ami Ann llray. TI i fi ii-nda rusilallilan ee of hie laarenle, and th .e.-l ke bawtbera, JaBa P. and ..,.. re. ii.wimI Bi allanil tha funein , on W.d-iea-lay .I'ler i. ..... t -ah Raat at IX I. k, from hu lela tian- di nr.. fro al. 1 14 1IAMII TON- On Monday aiBBblgl al I II llllllb' It I i-it Htattfiejaerp, BOB oi John ami Anna M.ila llamlilam, et,'i-d 14 veaia, 7 rnonlha arid ?'i J... Tha frnviile and ralallvee of Ihe famtlv are rw "I" rax illy Invltod tn aUeml ll e funeral, no W. I tea, tiy in. rntox. l.lh Inet, at in nV-lm-x. fnn. hia late laalJ'naa. ilia ramalraa win l ukan w Braana w.a.t lVn.ia.ry f. , ii.Bnii'iit. I. ndoiiderry fire la. .il) apara piaaw pp, nt JAO.1 III Oi M il.y, 8. i. 1 ih. Mary Ann Jarpiax.l la vad hiM of Qraxax W. aid P. Uu J. a. and tl BaXataa and I il.ya. lie In i.tla and :i...iaililan. aa of lha fain y are t.i I - lli't'y inv lid I., altr-'-l lhi f.noiral, tin. day fTaaar)aJ I7ll.. fi ni IRA llnileon at. Mnakatuo. (laawa) papara pMaaa anftp, nt KUMAX Oa laartat. iirhUn. the W!..ed w.'a -i Teraaoa Keetaan, aeTati aayeara. Tha reiexiaia an-l f.ieti.le of the tami'y are ra et - U" illy inv it. d Ba ai. .1 the romoai, llila ffnaa dejrj . nr .-ori. ITtk n 4, t tU ii'ilak, from "Hi Tin ii !. BVntxVya, lit KI NSi nv On Haadef momiai. It j. loth. M.r: arel Kaaaadpi erBaex KeaaadPi ..-.1 ti yiai- ll r frian.'a and rrlallvae are roa!-'.-lfnl'y Ineitr.l to ettervd Iba laaeral. Ihla flaiaelay arwaiMna, I7ti in. t. at t o',-li.k, front bar lata leeldenia. lrd e.i idawel li law on the Ifltx Inal, alaer X llnaoriuf llraeeai .1 ! ahani. ya-aitgaal abtld of YTimaiB eai tteaj I 11 w 'i a ft'liaxla awl laatMiia .ra rre;a. tfaUv iBaKad t an,. .1 the Baaerak till. fi nan,l . vj fbwiiuoii. at I ..'. ... k. f- 'ill Tenth av.-. Iftfl BATKOI0 Oo Moadar, lept, latb, Williun fa reel deal of IhM ally fir the l.iat liil yaara j bi Ihe tlal year of h.a aaia. I'la tri-' Iba BIBXUi ami th.aae of hlabra. llvar Baiutiat and Ina l.r. ih. r an-'aw, John Bhiohl, alan nl ha in pi, ewe, AVilli.ui fl., Wil la'n an I -r ir.u... ..i ,m,i i , . - i .ii. i the funeral, on w. diiaaxhay afierniaxa, at IMtahx k, f .. i hue rreldnaca, IT Badiidaa ei, wliBotil lur ll ,-r invilnl'141. HI in wuilaaxiaunrhi na alixaaaj. 8 I'. Ii ih. tin mat J. Bharwiaal, in the .'ititn year of r la ata. I am una wait to W aaliinton. N. J., i i laexraaaxli i-wi WILDBM on a irdap, lept, 1Mb. afattaiarlaa llltieea. Maria 0i Welden, daafhli r of tax lata Capt. Jamie Wi lili-n, of thia oily. II -lii-lil l'i. .ii 1 1 ira ra-. Holly nvilail to all.).. I ll o funeral, on Tuaaday aftikfuaatn, 17lh mat! al I n'rl.M k. treaa the OBBreb of the Aaoen- i.-n. lin aii.iiiil. liar non.lna will lie taki'ii to i . a. iv fbaaalary Iba laexraMBli Alluuiy laipetx I Ivaaae i ) y. IX) ri i i ki n uti'x i h Al VDKMY UK Ml'SIf -IIKRMANS. .' Adnilexltan. M i aula, to all partx of tha hiaiee. DO ia OpM nl 7 ki I lo i'. .Ionian, a at a ; to.s.m n le at s RaTtna Tha Habere of ibnaa paraoni who .-..old i t i ladniUtataoa bad eaulafawill la ia.--.v..i ant avenlna tl a waea mis Mi KVBKY BVWIINa up IHE WEEK, Ti-.- v. . ni ho in i jno foeinaaxtxa of HIE 0 MEAT PKBSTI DIOITATRUL I. i: i: i: M ANN, A e '.r.l I a lie. e'elirxted ORCUBBTHA nP TUP. OPERk. Th-keex, Plity Oeaab axap Iw had during the day ..I the Ai ol. Inv . I M'la .- : llhalPa, in Wall i-tr.-i-t ; i- II.i.ii ikV. II la.e Wai. n, Mall A xVina", P rlh, P--ii'l .v laVta and all oihvr aiBale et.-rea. Tn kria may likewise ba had at IBS rli . ipal hotela, an I la ba aviniiix at taa door. hh PARNUBia AMI KM 'AN MI'SKL'M- T oan.iat a-.ll.'ilatioii of the pxopla. Uaa induced t i- Kxaaaai u entra ra i,.r A BBORT TIME LONOBR, THE aieuvci iiiiP4porniJN, which haa attracted Baora itlanlloa than a-iy oihr . .r. all aeat aeen al the Mneeurn, lelnir 'HIE P1K8T AMi UNI.Y ONE ever I roaubJ I.. Aaaw ka ; and aa tkr urnal diffl ail. tv i.t ..laaiiuiie them naiaee it that lie .. THE I.A8T THAT WILL HE 8EEN IIEItE. Ev.-rv p.o.n-.i wh.i haa tha lanat ,-iirt.aaitv an aae l.lin ehoiild ami rxoa tha opxawtualtr, Previoua eevaaerneulx IbrlAd hie BxTMATNINCl here BUT a pew navt, A .1. Ibe i eforr, -in m luaa la .1 in .1 aai raxntrnent. it pal ad by A NAI IVE ARAB KEP.P KB, PAL 'MA. mil With linn ia to !, aeoa tt all home, .1 v an-- i-vei.inir. aa are, n's... THE WHAT 18 iff tBA LION. MAMMOTH I" AH 8AM.-UN a LIVIN'l 811 ARK. AQI'ARIA. aeowna'teie aa 'f leefna n.A, munsier 8NAKE8, II VPPY FAM1I.V, 4ri'. Ailmueilic to all, ota, ; Children nnder Bin, 11 NIXON'S ROT VI- CIRCUS, Gomel llth atia.-t ami tkli ava is. i OMPI I II IN I A RV BBNliPir TO HEIIAhl'IAN Ql'INtdAMIa On Ihla (Tl UDAVJ NIOUTi 8. pi. llth. KXTBAOHD1NARY AND ATTBACTIVB AltENUI KNTKBTAIN VENT. Ul 111 tba eplelldtd ..mpain- ippaait aaataU-d I y II HRW ABTIaTs, mkiiilaetwl for iba .. . aehai . uU'Mi PROtiRBIIOR or TIIK (' 11 A B I (I T o p fLOWIII, 1 1.. laati arrangadi aud vrlll ah.rt nt 11 o n. s, fri m paUaai Qardei!. mad 'Mi: MASON. drivln;. tan boram at--i enetnmed af OODOIMB oi IdHRBTV i rrejla up tth avenua to tfd -m -1. In sii, araaua. at H ... . 1.. r i. i.. Bowery, t . Park, up Broadway tn i.i: Bereft, lo (lardan, Adaaixaioa w& aenta ; ahUdraa 15 .avnte. PKRIIAM'I GRAND A- INTKBNAT1UNAL BXOl It 'iON, euil.i.-i.iu the BaAaTTRRM a:.. I MIOI'l.E BT.VTK8, ... 1 the CAStllAB. P..r fn 1 1 aiilrnlara, iw-e ealvertiaamfal In NK VORK HiaULD, IU DAY. THREE LIVnTa TfTfALBI Now on BXHUUTIOM I'Mirx an ki.roant I'avn.lOH AT J (INKS1 WOODS. TIiom- w ' ah-e have lanai nhlnliird al imwte.peifl. PRUM TUB NORTHERN 8EA8, ami nt a gi-tail . .ill ,v of I. ah l.l..r and ui.juey. A LABOI TANK luia I ecu iTictodln tliaaa Imnliliil (rtwiula. In whlok they araeilnl.iPd, ami whloh le eupnlnsi wilh PI HE Ol P.A.N WATER rroru ti e l a Hlvtr. al Ilia rate of Klli.llOt) UALLON8 DAIL1, by mrmia of a powerful Btetuu Pump, which throwf a ait uirti Hlreain ttimus'li OMR TUOL8AND PEET OP IRON PIPB. UOad etith OfaaaoA and laid expreaaly lor that pur. A Imiaeim only xficw. Children under ten, IH ota. 'I III! v.i and 3D AVK CARBoonvey paaeenferx to i, .- ih alreal, willdu fi inlnule'e walk of Jonea w. .., the pleaaauteet rauiiUe in thia vicinity. PUKNISHED ROOMS TO LET A PLEAa eant furniahed room and bat room lo let Be a email family; aleo a good ttura for dry ajnoda at U Caxtliaruif at, old tao, W, alt t'llt Taw taaaTtaTeJiy OTT AND COI?rrPT OF BBW YORK. Ta f Aa I'raVr. nf iht City a .Vi tr York Ao Wa .ra w.-n I.-rho.ea parwnii t. All the Im portaxt p. a th.n nt tli.rlff, H le a mailer of the Xreateat o.tcreet B all Ihal lha .ffli-ar eelecle-l ehnV a oaa W I." not .ti p iseeaofe the nf. ea-ary anall A.-aalora. bi i wbofflaohaa Iheb.aiiitv ao i-ondnet lie Intrliwle erTeire tn e manner IfBfl oldfetlorafbla to tho" a fur whom t may I a hia duty to tranaart baamfaa ;atdwhn will, et lha name t'ma. perform tlal duly fearhaMly and wiltaa I partiality. Pmm Ihe h na aud luiimala kn.'W'adrfa we hate of p. L YuBe, Ina praeeiit nnil aher.oT. I BpeacaT toeay we kn. a blta la pwaasa bt r .' t k ml nf lahxatagd aUUty p xaaha a oaaful, kind tod Rut eraatexnear. fi. haa had an axfierlanoaol twanly year, cnnarled with tha iirtT. i.ffl.-a. turina which Prof la haa tear l a . I Hie oefeeni . .t r dan.a.o ii. e crtnniiii.ity lor bxaaanaral nia.'nrwice and npi ightnraa of cherarter. There la pnaalaly no orerf rrariertad wtth the niy entity! - i rvemrnenl whara ll a ilnllae rial' no in.. re attai.t ..a ..r tfmalar rfxtoae Ulll) in th. eaaniee..i a. faaactlnral ihnn lha aha- ft's , til e. There can 1 vm-r 'ear wptal lo HV. v.i-', tnd naiif piparxx b I m Ii IhtBtiow. ...i a I e baa n lla .Iii. n't and it i -. .:.'..!; Tbetal re. Wa, tba ajialarxifad fwiaryara in Ihe i iiv - Ni V ira. ra i mm ud UC.UKHIf K I V I Ul I. lha pn-- I I ' ' I 8 .-" ' a. . faandidHte for Ii r anion ol Bllf.RlrP il ihe ei a-i.uaf eias-tl..,, tkld I . mf him tha - , p to li. e ' I Itl- D IT. II R J lloail W. B. Ilaelie. .lao.iw I. B.-.-. srll. H.s. W II ,a.v. Lair an, JaaxXB R Wintiex, lloraaa II. Ulan, II P II inn. Be) P. ls'.i 8. Van VTIiik'e, P. II. Owen, .iin.naW Serard. PiedarxdkRxpp, llliarlae A P.aiawlv, .lamea N. Plait. lie. rga Do P laird, J itnee ' bt llilnffar. Baimul II. Ihairtnov E W. BBaiffxann, ...t Matthew a, 8. II. Tl ajar, P .-r rapnol, BUulay A Martin A 8mllh, leXMMl, I. A. Arthur 8. Marriheav, Pndai t-k A. r.w, ll D.Ooedlnar, Eaton. I'aa a A Tealar, P.oki T. Riirv'ee, ,i . n Leeel iia, Klw.- I Dew It, A Mann, Jr.. I. a i .1- I lln.ry A. M. it. J .hn 0 enei ind, BreaUaa (' . Beaedalet, P I. Pxi or, M O. llair.ii.lo-, Ceoil-el. ir A Pvoa, Baaaaxal axxwdai n, Jaaia W. Ilxiedlct, Taera-l A WlPOBi A'.d e . II . a .1 oaa, i ii i. Joba O, Peaxk A. W. Baadl'lt, 0 irltaR B. i'e, P.. 8 Ox P. W T n-nay, Jaaaoa M. Bexltb. Bunilk IXaelami A Burets Ai -Ir. we, Obil .'. Flax p Al.-aao'lrr Ram I ton, jr., WaolXMytat P, 11 ,. J "In. M. Ilirtsan. P.P. Mi-liny, 8. w. A R. ii Beeaa- 11 iy k. p-n .n, volt. 1 axna I. DyaM A Bay- llenrv liep. m 1 AV Iham C. Rilaeell, IVvar'ey R ewBBaBi P. Byrne, w. h ,w anlWait, i.i ii .i . Obxaiaa datdait, .1-, I. N laike, Joxepti 11 Para 1 n, Jr., Par il Thuextoa, 01 . D. 8a no, II i 8 11 .. ao, w . . ... A .1 . Pai rv, M . I' Ms -lay, II O. DoBiiaat, flaorarf M M lier, Alla P, Man, W Rdmi nda, Vaemaaai aVxeaaari M an A Pana.n It arr. II. II, it a l .da A W . fl. Ila-irtl. Iti-'iit, 1. B Brlawoada, E. W. r.i'n alee, Wa tar L 1.. a .ii(rat..ra, o. nr-po ii. Walai s A. P. Ou.tiinan, v.. Unnnhue, M'I'ar, 8i..niaobui A Henry R Kaov. MlPer. mono n a p tabard Pam'i M. Rsymond, Mm" A R..iiiin, It I 'd II. Un na, ,l.n. oa, 8 8'nvtev, 8tarr A R nrfflae. IJauomlae, Akvaainakw A Lawla it. bVaxl, jr., linen. R.0. W.-liii-rr, Bnanay, THUX t R a. It - I t on, t a ly A Thxe. il. Whltaliead, Baadee, Va n.. 8. II..- all. Homer II Sl lurl, E. H ll ! due, ti E VTloiler, II. II lahnalk 8 H thlahma, J hnK llakrtt. Il.nnl. M M ih ni, U ii of P. Mamh, c. BVftaVaidn Buiitb, T .lamea ill, ver, .laino, W. P iwler, Oharlea A Hapail , Jeatph II. Oheaaa, Rii i anl Hia. ks...e, OhaiBBaa Ot, w- lllxi i P. Ilnwr, .1 i, Rraratl , 8t Dwell Ai Hwain, A. M. II xelnw, ll. W.iiriawuld, OliancVi I . 8taw.n, Raufmxn, Pranb A Wll- Rdw'd M. M-i-r.ll. cnaenn, M iftlmaf I M 'ta, i. E. ii. , TWadiha B.ituderx, A A M. 8. Tl.ianpeen, W. R. Brail . t . 8. Un. t, Ik P. I'm ". Ji .-. It II noi.i. k. OanrpjaO. Bariett, p li ttfarl I man, L. E Rhr. J ha R M.-.rl.oiia, NaUi'l OAhren, Datai Pnsl i.', John llowltl, pmiti,, John bawikbi, Jr., It It iwlaa. IWt A, 8 etatuaM.iie. II. M. Da way. WlnBRlon A IlllchOOok, Julitla B Poinerov, J L-man Van It irrr, fJarld I. iy. . w. M k s Jamaa w Bniyth. JinJah A Dkrklnaoa, .1. .t.ii ll. BecUey, BheloVai A Br inn, liisir.r 8. 8i II, P. 0, (talilinn. Ml Iter. Part A Wohaab J.'-nj PoaL tpencar Clhttoati If. D, D, J. Draka, Jiafph 8 it iirwav, W ..I 11. Bawlay, .laoma Bldh'uay, Blrxi j . Piantlxo A Plan- Jobs Biaaell, ders, bfortlmea P..rler, D Its, llakar, J. W M . ., P.ta, J . k, P. T. It .', II. in- .1 iivi'ie-, V B. I) ilton, tiioruri P. btarlliia, Br. v M M Q.isid, C. P. I.".' a, E. E ineadorf, Ji , Ami oral Wlfht. P. II. 1 .l fl, I. . W. OntlatUL I 8 II .aland. Bub ml Wyi k...p, P II. LoBW, Mallhewa A OttBIB, John A. M apaa, A OomwxU, ii Dailey, JrH A. li. Ulii . .. k, p. R, Oburohl I. II. M". i Jamflfl W. M nk, H.t'.anlal Nilea, Jamaa K. 11.11, A. J. Il.tlpninailaa, P. ter liillei., L. W. Tliiiilli, Cluiim -.-v Bhaffio-, 8. V. Ilali.y, c. P. Wm p. Lea, Oorfaajo p.ika. Jr., m 8. Broaaley, LoVaU A Ponnau, Win. A. (I ataXTBa Jol ii Allkttj, w p, .i imaXi Richard : RUlott, Oh irlet E. M Hi r, ..-." 8t.i, a. M. A. Kiltahamlk ii. i ii Banner, Merman ii Brxj .a, A 11. in .Let, K II Rnlraoa. i i.i:. Obaa. Bimna: C. Otnial.le. A. M. D. MM. M II Kllla. O R AT. D. Peltoo, 8.inl Ainnee. K Allan, A. V. BatflO, Win II Hihlw, A.Ulbbx, M . ' .V Co., II a. P'ru-t, K A A da ma I irderick U. Buraham, wm. K. afford, Utanga U. P.-rater, litso-Kf N. William., Jr., Wm. ii. j. ars, JobnH Wabnai 8 mford A p.jwler, O. P. Browabur, p. Nolan. Jarata w. Molxarmott, Wm. It. Co pint, -r, K. A. Canamlt'i, 8ainn I II. Ilnina', II P. Avar. II, ii. C, Thayer, w. n. Ingfiaoll, p.. P.Traflai A Pranllaa, Jobx .1. 1 11.-1, Warren tl. Brown, Wm. t, Wory, Pvhh. k A Oanunn, Jaha II 8iavan., Pennington, 8allivan A John Conk A toaa, Jaa.v hiss, LUarrlaoUi lb 'Ion W Aiulvrwe, ti. R Bleele, I. oiilnii p,.id, Nalliaii 8 illlvao, 8. 8 Kly, Pit,-, Van Antai-n'. n max D. Jamaa, r.. p. a m ii. o lam ey, Walter DuraflX, P.. II. It. owed, Ruhatt ti. Hulabinfx, Joba w. Baanaon, fJfnejreO, Blanche, Boberl Pnxberoe, A. II. Raavv. W. II Kaiikaa, 0. A. bXrmkle, Wm, B. Boaa, II. C. Iiinl.all, P. P, Kenotr, Qaaraa Dweu, P. J. Wila. n, W. R. Ni., .l .l.n II. Paofrtp, .1 st pi H. II ikiaa, John II V all Darrfa, E. A. II . ilttlr, Aaa I. I.athr .p, P. D M l a. .In.. 8 Pattern Wn ll. A iken, W. T. II rdaall, Alex . Oetrauder, I. i.u R. Na'.,..n, Uorattn 8 i Thoe w. Imllh, Qliauiuw B. Blaeper, Wm, A. dak. M M ia... a a... IL Deorge P. Havana, ,i ahurmnnd, ll. my Uiildaniltb, Van P:i .v H 'I, g.C OIlaoB, Thabhi-rM. Ahunl, T konixa txinipl y, John II. Pony, W in. I . TraptjijUi, W. P. Antral, Win Laws, ii, P. II Juno., K. W. A (I. P Chester, tM.eetera A Keuntskiy, E I. Hamlllno, ILnry While, Jameo B. Wtatxrlar, n aiaata, .1. D. l av I. i, R. lert Often, JeafihR. Paltcn. J .hn RcCalulI, En. ai . .ol p. Lot ro, 8 u ,1am A llils-o-k, W ii, Api'ar, A . banfiird. 1 .1 itoi'a Qtgt, A. lain 0. K'l'a. I' J. -lo.. h.inai't!, Win. A. WI ttnwfc, liisoirt. 81 ra. jol A. II dfray, Edward Itiaeell, J. II. Rnuoa, Cbar.n ll.Si i th, R. .1. Hi'. Iain. Robiuaixi lin a ii. M. Plympton, Jamoa II. WUaon, Jamaa 0 R e, A. .1 W iMar.l. II hard A. M. II inly, w. w llnwe, Henry I. II iwlaud! l'. ni A Daldwlu, John N. lay lor, M p 'I Levy CoUen, El .jab Bmwii, John Owen, 8 Voting, c Praer, W, OflUtly, Wm, lla iry Am.KIA, A 1 i .lerl.lll, H ia. Ih Hilvclti . iv, JI. Bf, l vine, W V M.Ih.niil, fj, A T. 8 ivonaon, E II K iiihall, Samuel T. .I.mea, "'i."'.'1-' Alfred H. Umiimr, it. p, lawver, w..i. Oaburno, Jaioaa A. Mo re, ,i praula Walhm, B. Rnelkrr, Obarlox at. it, John Haxaatl Jr., .loacpb ll.llrny, Th a. ti. IwartwoUl, Pydi i v 8 llarria, Jaiuea Buck, H, P. Pxrnxworlh, A"a'. CHell, .1. In. R. Walker, Simeon T. llyila, C. Pine, A. 8. V;ui Duacr, MurnuHl 8lrall.ui, E. W. Puttar, N..hTuijt-!l, Jr., W. Wi.lann, lb. ll, A ll.rma, H W. Bain, Uoa. Van Wh-kle, .Itl.n I'hlllipa, Joaeph O. Levi, Win. U. Ui.le, Win W O sslrlih, D. J. I.j. na, H. P. A i., tlephaa Braliirrd, J .lmP.Orav, .1. P. Mal . u., Wa. J. Ilniy, ! J?!i" S' Palaari Baymour, .1. W. terUR Predk. B. Swill, Bu.kU-gkam A Swift, Haybn Odmu Thinnaa llreniian, T D Mali. Henry W. Clerk, R rjar. J. N. Lawla. Jr., T. B. Barnaby, iif"' 8 Horace Barnaul. Wm. B. Pearaa. j. Bmbauan Henry, Jiaui Byrne. a R. atrdxall, . D.iaxualok, Jauiaa 0, btoavdaaa. axNMaaTgaVaeaax B f M. Pkiaaaa, Bderm BL Daaalxa, ' Ofa, Pm uel Brona. A. BT. ..flay, (the: lex H. Baxafc. Bleharal Bt'ttl. Char'eeCrelT Jaw ea 1 .ylor. Tb. mae Parflngbxa, roa .lvd.n Joha V. Ilixey, E-1" M Hot loom, Jr., pred-k Bmyth, It J. R. O Bl r. II.- ty N Beaet, B. C IVear tew, W. Jnalaaaw ,..l i, n K into, ill . 4 Wh aeteed. I ... I' i Clee " - T tB.ll. J. hi C. tl rax . aam W irlaw.wtb, Ore P. I . I'ifard, lii a rt W. UofJdarA, M J. In A. Week e. I .1 0.. da'n, W II. P D l. h. nana, I" aa " Km-. R L ji re, T "lr A Qalna. bH N. a tn-iiaa, I E H I eat ' Wn . Bin run II B .hwa. yaw .1au.ta B-. lwe,ta, P. J I ii. . M Jolt. It. I.t'and, N. (I ii.-'.ik. f.ea.rgi I. iiR'aa, Wm. : k s . i i 1 1, jr., Jftrrraua C'oddiaa;- Ban.'' R kar Wt ra. Ban, H .1. ' K II D. T-wna.nd. f D M rr. Jamai Or 11-y. 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IM 1 TAX a pVopli-'s, 1'ii-nii nntl liopaltiiaan Naaxt- A niatiiiiu. A nil h. ir . .In,' ..i the ni a na of the 9th Ward aj for the p'lrj.ii ot ralitvi'... the f PKOPLM'I NOMtMATIONB. BTf nr.. I. at thf 8tata U-.tiviaiti. -na, I rltl al 8vraouae, ea W Ihe llth net, will bf bfld ai tha IKeecket Hnlldimm. L N on Tufedaj f von Ing, kha ittli inat at h ,..h.jaBH Rifna r. A il t l ii ir, , flBj Wrxxtfonba edireaa BBBn All:. 1 1 1 1 1 1' 1 1 si v bi la laetaxjajflflflflfl' AHAPl'PT DAT l HIP, .10I.I.1E8T DAY YP.1 IM iiMP.'II.Mtl.Y THE IIK8 I' DA V "ObT." t Ulb la abiiHt Baaha B tattl. , Do it while ynor'e aottatl 1 Wo1l an v.. to tha loath woranol "Jattlheat" f Ti-.t ii (til a II larrup Wrong. 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M. faharp I aa an avenging huvonetra 1 Place 0 Its-, a I,-, instep and har' r.-. .mmonly known aaj n p. t.i" of Pprlxg atli'i l. llance la ptaaMd Cprorldrd a linla ta n t p inohaa to her loirri n I n. i. a. i. ...uteyr t. ptil I,, tl.,t N.'w Or- 1 I. tu.atiava inlsra al mrachiue) to THR PI81IIM 1IANK8 j 11 ia ine'a-i. holy lo ramkomplale tlt.t lb If will ha I 111: LAST TRIP ol THE IBAJON, 1 Ihit Uu. i Una. ia '.ia apoa i ratninnig every j one with a OtOoh .-1 JotAIVV na .hall laat ' them till naxt Rxcurtrioa laaana i aad to aiiirrxea thia day Imle'li ly on lha Memory i.t Ina Pair-mi oa t.i I the met ritwt Retni'ii.. lai.aa ..f tln-.r anlv-eolar n rtiii.i adajrtohfl pfngladoni, yrara and yeara hetn e, fnni ain. ing nil other tXiya whii-h I are ohed Ihalr jayona Tina-mark L a'ht along a a I day highriwtl nl P.aiatentte. A Medium baa ntaalntd from RpiooBBl a Baclpa for i n parina for Ihla laaaalio i. only ' TUP. NEC I'AR AND AMHR08IA OK TIIRflODS,. . Whi. h are I'o.iml, on aiialigation, bi lei vary elml lartnthe "Pioir" IndnlKatl in by 1'.-; i' ' aa Pat niaa w hat need oaid "'a" diwlre taatlar f Already a 1eta numhar of gxclxl, nobta iri owx. ami H e in. -mi 1 . atititnl Indira nf tie Stale, have ar nflgvd In a.a1 ill Ihe fli ut feativity, A world-ranow aed HAMi,',.f w i. la'main- I a 10 it ttlBJ U- Bfld. Ihal thry t. I not "l.lew" tlieir ) own trumpeta,H will ha on hand b. aiir tha em ro i party up to li vaetliK In Trenainy N tee to an tin lniiiU.l OXlant, ly the inaplmig stroma of Yrankeo II. . site, Ai .," oi act them o lPXXxBIJ it" bo any gi refill l.sbwtrlai, feet, ln.ui a "walk op to a Moiin-I ile la Pour " A. r Me laxitlaB of tba Hill, ti eilamagea win I e (Intq actlra oi i t hear) i . .r rwi oat. I Ut i. Hainan $1 llll Ih tl. will administer to ti t- r binoi Individual xa their Appn.le an. .a "Is AT MODERATE PRIOR, Aa forR 'RRY HILL hlnia.1', la d veo not pap, ee I., mxkf a . pili," mi Ihla Ana trip, hut bi taka mil hia I ttl.uu r in PI N Thr atran er will at pat PoBT I. 'PAYETTE ! I Bt iw mi-ai ! tl e atapatlltloo 1- iree Bprtno at. ax in. H .. .. P ar 4 N R. Hkf " " M IV k 81. p I 11 tt BOARD A.PID BOU.nN. DOARDINO A OERTLEMAM ANH IMS A-I wife, Ihrao xliiglo geutlemen, tad two or Ibraa lal n a may I atxaonunudatod aUk god I. anl ami pla.unai.t ro..uia, by opplylaaj nt N . B Ptka at, a Ithln li muiulaii walk af tho U iy Hail, in .1 term. I., nut the none. afll 11x1 DOARDINO A FEW QENTI.KMBM tod AJ ad iaa can ta aooommodalad will t-.u-i. A'ao ici.tlui... and wne. Appl.i nl Ml White .tioct. xcii uniMt BOARD A FEW'KCTAiu.i: Younn aiaai oen la xooomruodaled i Ih linarda tl 8fQ AfJF x Niiitli at, in-ai 1st ave. at $11 p.r wet l. . P. ivil .go fejjjaafl laaxh Willi I.i. t ioiiI i-ol l water. a-1 1 Jtai'lst BBw BOAIID AM) LrODOINQ AT fl THUMP- wl aon at (I. .al board imd 1 slg ng I a r.l a...l $3 a waaki tlteroomtfar man xnd Ihalr wlrta l.iauil pnawrek with lawrd; tlav bonrtlara ami lialgrra bikt-n at low raits, hr i:, , i, u.,i $1 "ek. ,,1.1 ..n,tlavj . . to 9rl T,) M.00 LODGING with Or ', . "Jlhoul board, Oooal, olaan atngle and d..u hie hsl rnoaoa, B- anl fn,m j ox t,, hi per week man aad wife 4 JW, Blngla r. al n. .itnlai.i iiighi, l.algmg at 11 .aula Mai night. ... PI Oak ati t-et, laXwecu Bcaawvell and Pearl. arU Willi UNluN DIMK SAVIN-liH I1NK. No. 4l CANAL, COR. VAH1CB 8 TBJEBT. Open daily fmm 10 a. ni. to I p. in., and fnantba T p. m. 8ix ner cent alkiwed on all aiima of fiat and under, and five per cent, on Ui per amoooOX. li.Urtwt all.. wed from O biter lat Till 8 BANK I1A8 RJJCEIVEr) OM DBPOBaT DURlNai THE LAST 1W UOKniStV aaWl.tH It. a a rtaa.aJlb V. "OHWOUT. ftaoHt . I. CUAPIN, eVicratary. eel bTtixVbTulal

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