Newspaper of The Sun, September 18, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated September 18, 1861 Page 2
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- 1 1 " . a arum - "" M I TOE NEW YORK SUN WKDBMDAT MORNINO, SKPT. 1, I Ml. rsaV I nlon NnaitntUlnaa. rF 0 ffrr HORATIO BALLARD, ""I' 1.1 I II KUIIINH'tN Attorney Onvmml HAN1KI. si 'Hi Kl N-(" TVMiaimr uiiitii n i.mvh ftmt fftwrinrrr WH.l.tAM B rAti.oR. TVtom Inrf .,f..r .ABBtllAM M rtlWKM Gnai Oatarnta.bu.'r PHKItKBtlR A K l.EK. k ni i ' " ' ttt T-m III N I VM'N I'. BBfflR, ftBTtBf IJon .WILLI All ii it Of thraw rari.li1at f tu are Drainer!, RrpuMicana, and una Old I. uie IN 'i,; MM i AnM-l'r. monl 1ntrinra. Although iiuitf Kitis'le-l of the lintiesl intrn. Uona of th Prrtai.lrut, WB Ml c iii-"inr I ti bolirve, from numem".. I inpum. .1 pan arfol combination aBa ft lytic Hi atk .tivt lnr tn made, to nip Ihr UBJmttng I Ittttlaof ' rOBIfgl Fnmi , lor polltlOft pajptaM, an I tint lb) Vrvaidant haa ln l-voil. ! ,,v loftidk! inrtu Ml taftn th alngular Mm trr f iBmrrtoiBg with Ih r.imnian'1 nf r"' rajtaftntoril in the manner aire alv kfBBgfct '' I'r.'1"' Mr. iMWt goll "' rell.-lire dlapnai tion ex ilu well with tha tbnorrftB nl polRla arltewi ea of phlliwtphrr 8r tine an I naturally InvHa an aim nat nntionniled MOtadOBI ol the floe larr over the IVt-ilrnt, No "0" l all potted in pnliiica. Midi to ! informd thai the id Secretary COOfiah an anforglflOrJ gradg trftintt hie M . "afiil rival foi the l'-pulilican nominitian in ISM w'lii'i W$M SawllOOU'ftlftd I t"fectivly by the tzcluilofl if tbi Utter front I foreign miaainn laet "printf. n'l !" aracOMafollj bat not lee AftdnMly, in oppoMti. in to hii ap pointment a I M.t i I - r'lneral. Tha eoncerUil howl "f.1 -pwatfement and ilrf ftmatioft art up fr. ni r et tO Wftftl tiOMltftMOftl ly with the dea l lift of a tNMoadOBI "lobby" at Wftfthiftnton for V'kkM' ?it'm removal, hatha too Miapiclona to lie puwed over without rem irk by ft patriotie pnwa, wlua l.u-'miss it ii to make politician, know thai the ayfta of the people are on them. Some think tbftl we Ought to lei all these inUigura go on unrehuked until Ibft w H U ver. (hit opinion ia, tliat the real danger of the eon fit: r lie. in these intriguer id pnlitn IftM tieing pu.ihe.l IBdiltnfbed under COTftf of a pi triotic hut miit'iken IblbMMMI if the preaa. The reateat eur' of anr country at war, in to b gftvernod hr elvUlftal and p ilitieiaru. The whole cmiulrv i ttftu tftd hj thia Iftftt gulp of tke lepid ftleroftOt, neither hot nor cold, wherein our chief rtUftfi ma to MtI and mnve ami hare their bftittf , There ia Ml n Hard ahell Democrat m inveteratel v pre tidn ml a ;iimil eTerylhini; tli it ktotftof' llnfaf nhil.uitliropy," aa not to Ibft Impfttif 111 and IfthftlMd of tbb byMnHtall trftcklhlf to alfttn projierty on the part of a Ui piil In an Admiei-tration. No el iee of men are mure indignant ti un LbOfti mont di linuuiahcd lor rapport of IQOthftTft contitutinutl righta, at thia MM fpirited fawning upon tin Mave interest a tia a icred uti n to tie touchod hr ii' i' im1, . ot tfftftftoo, m loo fornklibli lo lie diwlt with on eipial term wiib other tttftaf 1 eata, hr the .-wailed Mjftltj of the IleptihUc Bmmi of Pauuioin i roftiKMtion or Intftod" ed reaigralieii of Ida comniand, are unpleaeant It thick Natural aa it would In to the feel inpa of a hili-Bpir led ollii-er, who must undiT' ttnd full well IbftMMMaftof the tntritftfti in which he owes tli inViL'inlv, we earn .llr bopl he will Ite Uiu wiie to ftdop Ukaft I nit-. II would K,ra'iy the prtViden1 y-hunlm KeptlbU M pollticlftna too much, Hontluntbl , UftU- oral FftRM'iCT oei hU ImpoftftTtt ftftrvraM lo hia oountrv, and i ii"t Ibft nian lo wllhdrftn them in diigut N klOg ae he cm Nirrft elh i- outly. If litbftf utart rftftlgft, II boulJbc the l'rcaident. I linn loveinenla. It U rery clear to liiounli'ful ohsi-rrerH, th V tin Union city movement in Hun Myn Ii i;eitlu along inui h tiai f;i.t ft r any owl tn the public In tereat. A lot t pftlllwlMI are making a rein i-k-fthiv oddun jump for the VftCftOt Hid lie, an I erideutly intend lu ride Into plai n and profit on the irreeielihle anti-party acutimctit of the )ieo pla. If the latter do not look -harp, they will hft awfully windlud at lln Purl Qlftftfl in ifttlng. We bold it to l- a pie e of unmatched Impu deaca ia the knot of wird potltkuuM who i;n tOrftlhftr ft lew eTeiiini iiiiii e, to IMUBft to cakll engineer and "put through" a pntfiotic BlMlng of the whole city for the nomination of Union uudidaU for tliC ciiarUr election. No rach frame ouirhl to he iermitioil. Resolute ui-n. of MiRluient pnblic influence, nhould aMunie a loailing part in this meeting, independent of the "i iit ami dried" inftngftnMltl of tile aelt - conatituted nitrite, and MCftTft to the mnel- ing what it will undoubtedly desire tile ap potuUaaat of a lartru muinii'toe ol Ihu lieat an 1 pureal of Uie prominent citi"ii of every war I, who anally lake little part in petition, to who u the MMjtMStl for a genuine n pniv ex- proauoii ol puiuic sentiment aa to men an t hum urea, aliould he oonfidftd, Tuc llet of eandi datat aaid to lie alruaey agreed un by lb pre ftumptuoui poliliciana' committee, ahnuld hy no tnnani la- allowed to h I impnaed up m Ihft m Mr! ing. Whoever lliey may bft, there i, cer'ain to he "a cat under the meal." The Order of Hie Tloltftl Hun. Nuaii li win. .ir , of OriftMM county, pralaoad In- report aa CbalrmM of tbo Commit' toft on Nemiuaiiiius in the hue Ptopto'e S aL Cfture&tion, wit h aome ftppmprijite retnitk-, from the report of whn Ii in ouo of the Syrm llfti pepera we take the following tfttract, "Thofi Wfta ooe nanie,'' aaid he, "tliat iprftng apunU nooiiidy tn the liie of every mfttnuef of thft i " rentiiMi and of the i imlUoft, The nftmi " aupwed te le iitterdictod to our uao, I' 1 lie' e-niuniltee Uad deterini 1 to app-il to the pit- riottaaa it ita Itftfttftf , to induce him to bftcome our ataiidaid-ltti.uiT Inlbb CMlaftt V'. plau e. Tlie oianini'li e IbOUgbl H due thftdbtlngult'ied geuthiaan tint hi mine -', nil proc OUbfTa, juat aa ho eland- furtl a - tl." gr ai I h mi pionif the I'uionaml lln- UonittI I'lon. I A; pLuue.) The DoamltU b.d, finally, tin' a- MMM that, ilthougb bftwiti ft4ftfft te Ub Ingftoy WMiiin.t.on. '- ''' ' pt Iho bum hi gift that it b) laour wftr te I . pUueel Mr. Uavis -u ed tbftl the ivomnilttaa raqua ' I mt iij ticket In prlntft t ftnd voted In tlm m l l la which it M roported, with l i unn Uie name if tlie ll"U. DAKIW 8. Dll aim i!, ' at ita head. N" douht tin- of " ooawiUao will bft heartily ..lopi.d hy IM I l- ITho Anauol TllllllB Tux. lr would ecarccly hove been lupfOftftd haataa Impudeuie 'would 1 iual lo thft " - .r.k. ..,..! milliia awindle. the proa JH rival oi wm i is1" - year. When military lmninea ol a IMIMtel ao rftciou aa Uiftt we hve now in hand, W" th. utuioat energy l'pl government and capital to aee the fre-l-iourH i l tho ind iUftOwnuiutation tax onee moreoB their travels, with thoir "ataud and deliver" piatcra and tir- oolftn, 1 rftftlly IiMle 100 -ucu lur l'u,,lic eD" (Wranoe. What power of corruption can pre vail upon erfto an Albany Legialftture to tolerate MM yftr to year thift ftyfttem of sheer robbery aJ paouiatio.i, for the (upport tf a act of ohar mtmm Tftgabonde, who elect theuucdvM au uua to the office, of collecting and conauminc the oeeam station tax it paaeee moat people's pwwu to imagine. I there no war to reaiat thia tyraououa lery, or to pofttpoue thcdia(jrace fal bum ofniilltia Usining ftiitll a more auit aida llai- for trilling and debauchery ? THE LATEST NEWS. mt TMLitGRArn m rait v. r. im. Important from IHissonti, o . r. . oh i imtion oi' t. JMlPira, TIIK UNIKU ('. A WA V. f". J0p) Sifi. 1.1. Three re,iimenta "f 1 nitnl I me tnps, Ihe llllllnis Ifi'l,, I ,wa .1r., nd KafWM '2nd, miehnl here Ualay and more will arrive ton oirmw, ef,,r- the arrival nffia Kiileral tnw, more than i imt moiinied reliels rode nut ol tlie town, tauind Hmlh t join lien. Price. Thev are a raw Madia IpHMd crowd, woI mountid Imt nirly armed. The IlkiM MM am Jabfatl n I baoftntl igfthti , lmt$,0lft I". -Oen. Nlurglft, with one NglMnl of I'. .1. infantry, two comptn'na of cavalry r d one of a-iillery, took piesisaion of St. JiaM'ph no l iidar last. ft ja re fiortad that battle took pla.-e at M nvt.s-i yftetftrday bfttWMI the piMknl MM there ami Mftflla OlMD'l rcliela, in which MM of tlie llltftf mr MptwWt This needa ronfir ination. AMtlwr faddgft M btafMd on the nd Si. Joftffih RallfOft i a day or two aim -, prr- ipitatinn the locomotive into the etroam and killinK Ihe MgiMHi Itportl are i urri nl here of the evacuation lijr tlie niais of t'nlumhua, Ky. At Hti'wartaville yeaterday, two companies of OoL MnrKan's RlM (ttlird had a ak'rmish with a bind Of MOftftftlOnlftbl and lou'e l lhani, killing 1" in more and capturing aeveral liore-s. LraiiiMlon HftlMaftlf Tlircntenrd. tjJtfMw Citpi .''-fi'. I7i A ' QfMpM i-'ilt ol' the St. Louis AMaWdM write aa lollowa ; Peraona arrive 1 In-re tlii A. M. leport that (Hi Wednesday tllgbt tieli'Tal Prioft WftC IBOflBg towarda Sdalia with 11,000 men, ftud that tieniral Plrauni waa tbftfl with 1,600 rabftlt and siiiieeii piesv-a of artillery. Otbjftf MMttM my that (tan. Prim Itft Waitftaabtirg f.- L lutoti WidriOMUiy niht. Ih'Mli of curpMt Ibftt LftxIngtM hai bMg capiunsl, hut tlier are not bolioveil. Partial IfOtn Pftttla i OUJIly report a Ogbt at lliack water, ill which tlie moMlMlM defeited the tiOaftl tiiiarde and hurnt the III i. k water hriilgn. Tto rapeeleil North t'orolinn Volantrersi irilaAfOoriat, .sVpf. 1 1 . The loHowlBg order wMbVMafroBI the War Iternrtnient toUy i Tlie MMMDdlflg ocooar oi the Tnltad Sia'es f ieejat Klftllorai inlet, Noftb Carolina, is au IhirlMll tO aiaept the Iftlf loftl of M loyal Nnrtli OirolbtbUM not Innxas 'l one reiineii', II Ifj hll Muhlftilhood may voluu'ecr to take up arms fa tbi United SLatee. The muster ing nAcftt will in ibft timely PanttllluM for armi and oilier neeeh-ary riinpliea. Ki-Maynr BefMt, 'nivin? roturneil from his involuiiiary injMni at Knit Lalarutbviailed the PMMmI today. rropli 'a I nlen tlnrement In Neirnrk. Kwri, dVM, l'i. The Kepuhlicina here hate com In Ii li to ahandoii their p irty orania tii n, and take up any good miuihI ITniou men In the c millg ha-al election. (Jen. Theodore llunyon, wbo war a 1) mglai elector, ia the piomineiit mndldftlft fof mayor, The Pooei pir- ty have made their MbImIIoM, POUBlftd Willi I. m Lfttinm Mtstalning the Uotfti umanL tlie full fone if which in iv is- appreciated when it ia bnown that their candidate fof Mayor baa IX nrvftftftd tlie opinion Ibftt Ibbl war, m la n.nt a ' fh' .Sia.ra, i- ae Juftt und holy aa waa our of the revolution. The Wounded orreeipondent . Ilfir..rtriirai, 7'll S'loW, Stjtt. 17 It is now Ulii ved tliat entire qntftt will insure '. T. K ilker'- rftcorety, a goretrrment ottohtl oolls isl ttiis morning and nceived from him the im portftnt mfonnfttion which he hftd gathered up to tho time he w i- injured. The pirt ol irv land where bft vfaft Iftf acjed is the h it-hed 'of leer eioctlftm ftttd haa bftfto i iftrioai ttutoyaaoi te the I nlon i Rufte, Hi nini i,s leTglalalarr. PYmtybrf, AVpL 17. In tlie llou-e (clay a mcMM was reieivisl from (i..v. M i. nlln OOm- mnnlcallng IftUgraphlo dlapatch from GmibI elliiiiller, inaontclng that the safety oi TmMMI deinaii'hd the OftfllipallnTI of QnmbflV" land, and tlie Ihlfti Inn mountain-, in KftD luikv, and tliat he hail done so, and should let tin bbipoftlttell until the I'ederal loreea were withdrawn and tlie I'isleral camp bcobftft up. Al-o a MNI from Tboa, t'. Iteynolds, Lieiitenant-tiovernor if Mi-eouri, i km what cotirre Kentui ky intended tn lake in view of th" cst-uatiou of the Mieeie-ippi Kier. Isdow the iik ut Ii of Ihe Uhin. hv Ihu I'ederal fnrcea, in violation of her neutrality. The Vim i Ion. I I.eabdnlHre. Frr,l.ii,k, ,.. MVpf. 17. more than IS memberi oi the two Rouatfl oi tli maryland Legislature are yet here. Until Plttm Will meet today, and adjourn until tomorrow. The ImprftMton is that neithet Ileus.-, lor the want il a quorum, will I"' nlde to Iran I any bgfttMM T'b'nruible Hnmmary. Tba ftntrleft of ftrtlclm for the State Vair, ' VTfttertown, yeetcrday, hsitoil up over l,M0 Torrwrrow IftUw land a gland holiday in King itori, Canada, and thft Mayor ftnd Council will att i d the fair in a body, Daniki.S DlUKinftOM add I a trftntftB dow Union War imise uwatlng In II irtfird yftft lardiyi BmImm m gftturaHy -a p n U I, and ilac; dlanlayad, iima.ts 1'iuv is Mki.iiikb, v. ho m ftkw 'id lo -peik, toWgraphftd as fol low! i "I cftnaot go to lltrtfurd today I go b the tVir, Tftlblng Ut ever with me Kindt i the wo d." In Uoati n yiwterday, JOO,000 were t ikon for the te w Treasury not) a. Qrftftt ftUUftorlDtbiM re ftBtU'lpalad tbrougbtail New Rnglfttld, aa ,.., ae Um amenta ot to work in all quartan, M my M boldillg o" i I "iiseipien. of tha li eSllna Involved lu wailii t; lor tbll I 1,1 the preernt cMWil, An ftpprebeiiahm belni tn ) . t that tlie whole 300,000,000 will bft taken up Is'l in t'oi res tftftftta, un l that Ihoee -h" d I make their in .'-' lUOnl - u' th" P'es- ent nraortunll) will rtfttn i im a ohauv lo n' t like lutarrot and Mcurily igftln, Tbo innlrriwrj of the idoptlon it Un N., tioOal CotUtltUtloO as c lelirated ml'lllUdel pbll witli met ftpiril yr-l. idav. A nddkr ' lb llft'eaclliuwtti 13th was kilh.i yoatoidiy, bmi II i'i i riry, by abot from iclsl- pialed hehlud some buildtnga on tho opptadto ldi of tba ii"- A I J-pnundftl MMM dfepNMd lhm, killing lie or l. Tli" 'tiatior 1 nii'iorn, now waiiiun to go' tliruitrh Ibft hlo k id" at Did Point, is command, i d by Porrlftb, li'-r "Id captain. She is really iron -pl tad, no haavlly m to Impftdo br aailUtfi due Inip rteDl ftXpadltlon for tho southern COOftt M one kimws when- i ieiw mi ita way. aiad anothafl is or aOM will I to, Acouma ol their doitlMtlon and dowg will loan be due. The general publication of Umm totti, ao far ran Iniaifftrlng wlUi tba dnigti, forma a put ol It, bydi'iii'irali.lngllierebclawlth unilnilM bll I'aara ol altiu k ut many poiatOOtOMh All the Itanks id New OrlftOM uawnil"d Kjaicie wyn cut m sterduy. I.. 1'. Wlker, the rubcl Secretry of War, haa reainned in corse.picncft ol 11 he. 1th. Gen. ilragg is hie -uc. caaor. Tho Marvland UgUgtHI niuisloro.1 ycabar day 11 rMmbM in the lower lion and in the MM tO, The relxila tired on our men with cannon ICTOM thft Potomac t rabarplbarg, on Friday Saturday, Two l lal. Anderson a gum soon .,eiii ed them, ind I Bag ol truce canto over pTopoaiug to mitt, POSTSCRIPT. Important from Kentucky rTATi.TI.OOI - NOTIMtl At; tlN-T Till? MtMlaftV OtVfMIUl dttttKMOft v ACTION, ltmnrilU. ."'. 17 --..- BlO SOftth' ant cars hue ti"i ftTrlrod, Pan it KoOefoau'l brig dc la now laodbM lore, and it i. md rsmod the, M to praOOM MbWlfd ftVtf tin- LOaavrllbl ami Naahvillo Hollrood in m dlfttrlj . 'Ihe Home UOftra are ell out in uniform. Their deetinaiion is mippsrseil to be aoutbward. Affairs in olissourl. tolofOtoaoamto Maraag Tawanu bonlnM lei. ft, rrut in IVl-UMNKi ulih th MIoK i , All in ipiirt l.i ir. ( ii, j't,ai' n..i Rft rol tiinri t ItVM BM H 'MhI tbM Mi n i of if illi iv, MttdtrCjoL toltll uiiur tiiu ttbtt h1i ,t, on ht lot hi Hint- h llltlfl dottM Km! Ibtll Uri tmin of bt nu'hi.( nIHmmim, U Mi ni, m1 v ill dfNT mi l th'; IHQMBti ! wlj MNM M a Um, Ninth i-lii'iiU lltpfl i Iii-iii . The P'KuIjr UoOM UlMfdl 1ft WtWiBg thft inui nl ry on h lldlPi OokQlMM Mod Klw.iril-, iho Unl BMH mm "linn Um- regular fufOMOl &I.vmi:i T..I1111 wMtoV BMl the I titi-r i-ui (i'H ijt.' IflMp will m 1 1 tp h"7 tHuiiihiy , hv in wi pt lln- MUllV re gion nnrth oftbi i it jr. TtM ti'iH inl will hVHIf ili'tl-Oy put tln'm in mot ion liti I -tit miff if Um i.nii i tfavli. t rlrar cut thf hinull .- 1 1 1 . ' i til' r fit t n , ir tlm wmmLi lirtwiH!! hpn - ml GIlillleoHMh Tin- i IllWrtl HllJN 111 tl- I-. Sulto. Mi ..tin Will U' i, m l limill. HR1TKH ITItoIll Jff'-rfm Cihf, Srp4, ll.Onn, lopn will nv infiiroo lav'Einlon t)innrrow, Urn 11 h, with 4.000 in. t, llmnlm-li. l'i i brlort- I KlnN JfJlrm fVy. .Vr;,. J7. A nun MUM I Or if ti'li uMivtNl hTfi tmluy un l llAMR, that on .-Utur- dj Im4 QMt Prieo, with I7iOIW OMB hoM ur- loundad Ixinpton, mnl hinl Mill it HIMn Ml to Coli HttUlgan lo lumMMfefa Colt m . i ,mi n fjMil, whdti Prioi 1 1 rf.r'il t-i H$tt h iii bich wunl t imt bo would ffivt him until Motofuil I oVelocb tn riiru ml. r, .unl If Im ittd D0( I. woi1 loarrli Ml him ith i Mm K M It in confl i ut I jr t f i mi h t in nUltovy nuMton llOlO that Qoil .St uriir.d, Iiiih y thii llmO. irh- itl Lealuutoti fnmi st. JorWpn. sod thru UoAi Pvta will go. k loueb of bli uld oinj.uint. I'lirihrr K iiIhi kv lit in-. Ckfoog! S7il. 17. A MjMoltl tlip it' ll l lh" .mri,,n Irt-tn CtlffO t-xl ty nVh : 'l h M MftkM of Kt'iitui ky lyin writ of tin CuihIm rlninl Kivcr ha Ui-n 1 rl in i un h-r id rurtft lioinry OMtfotg All OOUotUMfOlol uitafti i our i m hihitfil. Tbi nnlMHit QoOiilOtfi OitttMid tbi rhf stnmi'r HtopMUMM mnl Qiiilli, on tlm Ofim btlbuid yc-.terJiiy. Um' conUino'l I0J ion of in n. A iliMrtrr from Jill ThnmHnji'i -ygt tht fi.riTH oijMiUi Columhu nutnUir 'J.I,nm. Thnj n'Tfl r.i't'-l, ulnh'lrrv., mu nh'irt il prov;4itni, Tm opinion vrii ixpfuoMd Ubil bla ntuuMiuil wouhi i-' daUfaoadiOi - mi im. in ot It. inn I. ImiiriU Sfptt 17. 'J'ho Journal liOTOI fn-m in1 ry iUurtiT that tlie RMMIt waiitain UkV Tallinn nl KinttM ky, l.y t lie reU'l troops, i, pIVOTOd Ift tawOUNUMlw Of iU'Un -i N, tfOM hy OUtetetrO lighti m004 who IMMMUIOi thoir pur pir ! " lln,; UlViUOfii M riVH TOl.tJNrKKIIlNil. The ikoloUM of u unw rftiimittt, un !r OOtU" niM J I t urran Popo. uf tbu tktyt n grodUaVo uf V.-t I'oint, o iuo i-iunp tliN wee k at tin- fur gfOQIldit Ik-AT thf City. . il..n, li i v OicOdlllgly livi ly. lh'niil-H infantry, tinny cv nly ;tni! urlilh-ry coiiipttniea aro forming. Ono cavolfj oonponv ia oofnpooed ofOoraii u, who 1 ..'ii tft'tvifa., ami an artillrrr Kuupinr, !50iUMUi under J. W. Scott, will have ut Hilt, of FOlt Sumter, (tbi Nw York police man.) an Kitt l.ieu'ciiant. A roguaont ot oovoUr, undur OoL June- L Jul, un M. ('.. haa Intii m-jirlr niimiMl. 1 1 .i mm uihI liddli tn ik'-m un- kept huiy niht itay, am! alvrtiie for journeyman. ANorni'ii UUlWi isvAaioN. It i r i-ortril li.Mi'i reU'U, under l?oll, OOflOT, CMM 10 Cunibariaud Tonl, Knox ounty, SatuttUy, and uipiurod Cipt. QolitiU'l ixnii- any ol illUii G kUlldf Movi'inettiM ut l'i im i- NuMleon. Att'imi. Sipt, it Prinoi NamImu Md aulM IliOtd at CinKfOM Hill to flight. TUOJ leave in the BMafUlttg h'f New Y"ik. Kiih Kour I.'tb.iri'rrrr. Moh4 .1. Staniunl, tA MadiaOO) ( 't., aril arrvaleil at hit fOtldiUOt on M' ii'' i;. by Uaiabal tlarr, f New IliTOD. and lokiU tO Fod Loiojotti atiatr iitor, llai.ii 1 Coroy WM um- I on Moiftay, new PUtltfllld, N .1 .l.y Dipot Marshal n.'njnniii, if Newaih, ami aUo taken to Frt LofWOttO The ntUdavitM cliareil that t'orey waa the ial M "t a r.'l,i' (f "-i"in-tr- in bll MlgbhOsf hotMl; ihat h I l tiequenUy nail that he woul 1 IQli nothing linttfr than to he permittoil b boOl Lincoln IbtOUgb tha hOOff anil that bi hahitiially dMOttUOid ull loyal moo, ami ap plaudrd Uto ooursn of the robfli. Military and Naval Ittoveiuents. Tliu 4Mth RogtuMUl, M- T. a V. ((Nuttln ental (irianl) Culi I'aituv, ltf their (out) a. Koit H. miihon yeitfniuy morning. t aa earlv luair, an I UUUoblug to th t rt i niiiou. hck, illmlliw ipOO a itiUUlhoOt for tha MOt ofWATi Tlii- r"hri ha. I baoU MOOload tbi 'lv pfiTlOUI. on I t- ' ry thin Iw inj: pot in n-a tun- . there Wart hut Httli lUhiv in HMfiblOU to tb butt! tbi tenia bivtng boon H i rtMrgi "t 1 ' fn-m eji 1 1 omponji Tuo umu h i . r..r t Ion time Ii n anxinun to lyr. an I 'he lutilll eiieotl bl thvir wi-he i:i lliipt re. t WUIlld I MwidUy ;rj4 i iiw1 . routodi it daol oftu WnN ingi i ho oAltMH i Ik: m baau iiiltbiotii in t lia1 r f V "I 1 1..I1- In 1 4 Hfttt'l .hair t i III ill 1 1 - cipline and tlrill, Rtld have Hilar -haw I. .' a ti) MUfci tbo i. oon uf th.- hfrit in thr voluuioal iMviuti Wii uuiform U Ibe liBH li that MOTH hv tbi rOgulil tnaipi. l.tik llue OOOti (! ! Itgbl hlue paiililoonii. Th" . .v all mine, with the 'Hi 0a Id rille. A twliiaphit- 'li(u' a from ('). Muj!jy, of the UUl RigtlUjOnt, N. V. S. V., aUlv. Uutt l apt. Jamcv tuen'. i.. lvin in h !aup rou Muditioo. on lottiuni of Injuriai mitiirioi m Hnnilav, tin- lib ni-t. A no pfrteUUlltJI iVPU ghran, it is riiipHVso., lint lie wji .h-l hy Mil Ol tin i iieinv ptlbotlb i mm futu KkuiAVKa, Tbi i""11 Iflra Bmv iM bnut bow Ntturnad to thli ty. il f lodttd at tbi iLbtiery. i'lin-e bundprd rtHrU-d there VHtifdiVi Tin 0 lOM ot i tn lJ Of u load, ind th objiitkuibM ineiaUji os pulWd. e lure from a notice iu wur uilv(rtiwin; ool umi, tiat tic rogtimnt U t wooMd to l'or- IffOI MoniOl forihwith, uui ur.lnl tu mut ter toimrrow, fully unirbrmel, armml an. I e.uiptii. an. i til inonbifiwbo un ilreM to Biael ili in in v ..rain,anl ilo lint BppMf at at tin' i im ippulutwdi Will biVi thru n.iia'r pttblilbtd in ihe it p.t.M an tluatertern, that the true rbireoUf DflTaiyoMOf them maybe knuan Kinrafoiword to th' it felbw-cttizcnu. Tin- Kire Zouovmi bavi dMM bftdlv a! U-e -though wo nuhpcct ntit laJIv m it han leen the faahion to rvprewnt them hot we imagiue the man of ltaat m-lf .e.-eft amon them will abrink from being forever hranied ui a coward aiul a dOHrtM "l ' trut tbey will iitiw cou f to their duty lik men, and make a record for thcuiaelve that will cau all tuuir 1 4 im i failing, tube turgottou. I Rirt.irn Taw arm. A bottary nf Whltirwth,ri rlflajd cannon, awnt to the 0reramrrt hy loyo! AmwtranM In England, waa forwarded from thltt city to Waahington ymtrHaf. Th hatt-ry haa hoitn fitted up with carriage, iMLwaUM, 1iii.I-t, Urry wagowi and IVgn, of the l 'rifted Mtatfit pattern. The calibre nf thn giit i rtlannt thro in hen, ami ia - - nil ; Um miI-k nfthe imn,m ilfcnding -irirally to tetflWajfci The FMj.ctile la conical at both MHI, ltd 'hn cylii.drii il rlion N a npiril nlO gnn lOCnTfl tfOtki with tha lw. The cannon i- oHfbl fwi mg Md londl at the breerh. Hifie.1 gun p-r-fwoi tidvantauM over the -month bore trly where a distant t.l ji-ct in to Im attackeil. Pbl ill (ftMOMMJ under elhtmn hun lrrd y irdi Un- p ef.-i.-ne- ii given by artilhry men to m-.'h bom goai and eeatMrim; proj ctilei. Ibl Jime may l" id if rifled small arrnt, ami mutiv pi jre on record of the iut.ot ev.tcu toOll ot MUOBrb bfafni at hhort rane OTif the rlbV . Vf thi.i puKsr nno or two rilhvl gum oijy aie MUcbid to MMB battery of HtllUVT, )i PA Ri 0 IHiTlll LfftBHOff Hk.hmi t r. Tbo I loont K-rmier.t, C ROOI. went on to Vt'a-fiing'on i n M n.d ty evening UtOti They wOfi rmiT.-yftl direi y fiom their catr.p at Tur tle It. y Itn weiy ttt KoaaltetptrVt, whiiiieo they (nerwdod by the N. .!. Central It K. IU cut i r. "About nf roi ruiU INM mustMed ) ypfU nUy, and eent lo the S-arsdile cimp. The we of jrnu piny waa rnol unfavor.ihle for nt iuitinrf, IMMj ially in tin Tark, which wa- alui'tnl nOMftodi Knurr Tiiilti. lipaiiUHNT The 4J Urtgi ment of Ni if Vork Vtluaterii, Ctl. Tin'oii, arrived bifO fnon Al1 anv yiwlenlay evennv. and wrrr iMiartrrud at Ihe Park lUm lt It ia pnJiahle that they will h-ave tinliv or tomor row. Thoo I'umVr but alou S70 own. their i - rtlitlng no! having boafl nejw . otupleutd when they r reivel onlern to Mfibi TliK I'norUI LRU Sliirmrni Strip (I), l.ient. i anni.ii ding, U V..nh n, waa formally put in ommivtinn yi a'erday afternoon. CITY NEW!. Mriisr.- Yefrtiirtlay afentooo, aa tlie -Up In-. waa being U)wni te aea, and when near the Narrown, a difficulty rtccurred among the erew, and during the melee ono of the na nifii wan idibbadft while the perpetTator either f ll oi jumped oveil-tanl (tho latler pr bally, to avoiil bolog taken). Mr. It io. U. S. bottdUMJ "iV ol Uie cutter llih, awing tha man in the water, immetliately went to liia aa llitunOB and MKWOOdod in rearuing him, ml tbilt Irturned him te the ahip, which pra'.VMled on hrr voyage. 1 RATH 'r I t HIKlV Kii.imfrti (ivfi.ira. Rt-Chtof Rnrreoif, Jamea Qnllcb, d.ed ut hia reeideliee in tbirt citf, oti Mo idiv ITiltlR Mil A RMithl( oftbl OA HI0f IhedifT. n nt h.-nnehei tt tbi Ftio DeportmoBt WM loll at the OuMf Knini r' OlBoi, laat evening fir the purpiae of Miaking aiTangemrnta to honor the PORmUMi It maw Mated by 1'x Chief RnRtlMUf Wettmin that arraiU'enn nt a had In en made to convey the lxnly to vToodbridgO, New J. r-ay. at H oM-n k, OR Wodn !.iy morning, nu 1 that no time would he allowed to have a public de uiona'ralion by the Fire 1) jurtment. It wa.1 thought iunxpOa iHmiI to ado). i rmoIrUoOI at the present tim , ai. i MCORlinondid that the dllVafflRt branch. of the I jat1mi nt fOquntod to tui i an I adopt IRCb rri' lutluRI II they may deem pr oper. Ni w ('nt'KT-lIor k if ilia I'vaii The work of meting new court lt-.u a m the I'ark ban llMR commeiired. The ground hcIoc'iw! lajBiiK'ii'Ti 7 felt wM of the pnaent eourt bOQOO, running .100 feet towanla Rroadwav, ml extending Inn k Uwardn the City llall tOO 'Id'- building U to Im of whit marMfi, 2 1 1 fet Ir front by 111 depth of tniin building, with two wing. oJ 1 1 1 feet ia depth. imi Dfm'.m 4rnATiAiH. A grand Union dMnomtreUoa will Ih made, at the tJoOfKtf Insti tute An I i: 'itT evenina.''. Several of tha laost prominent MiakerH of eat h of vhe great pirtiea have haMii invited to addreae the meeting. Union meeting were held hut eveuing in nearly every Ward of tho city, and, notwith eteJading the unphasaBt ': of the wfulber, th. y were gciicrnlly well attendetL IIi'.itMA'fw'H Vkat at tiih Ai'APKMT or M i A gentlrman connectod with the pnH-i delihenttely loads with powder and rtix marked balls a pistol whit h has previoualy blOR taken apart and thoroughly examined hy the audi enre. Tho balls alo have licen examiuetl, an 1 the men who have, marked tlwm IhoiUMlfH I dn p tbem into the pistol. The weajion i aim ed at n plate Indd hy Mr. Hermann biferi bin brio at, find, and tho six markod balla are found in the p'.ute. A iramblff of mineclianeottii MtklM mUnRRI from the atidtenee he rolla alowly in a h mdkar ken htef, and thia ho nlowly roJU into ln?bQU 1y while tliu audience waUli him. Thear'i i doa are found on the sid platform, thirty least from where he rttand-, in tbi inside of r bORM which have been pliOOd thoro bifori the arti . le were tdle ta. Onee ihe. audience thoaht thev h 1 1 MUgbt him, Ui. he i Imniilv prrten,ial to hide an orange in his pot k-t. wJiitc, saying it was under a hat. The blmdi Ah, ger.i U'rnen, von th iik 1 vr uld tain it out, whan I it i- tbore -Ah, no," be HmMR d( ruining lha hat, ibowbaR the or. at -r. and taking it up amid the ippliRiiof the lUdlinen, Coming down to tha tdg'1 of the singe, U Mllly held the erange up botwoafl his thumbs and foretingarx, ami alternatelv 1 UMdi it disappear and I IRpMI untd the au di. i u was convi uetl that he BOeded ii' MMbitl tor hi' trhkf.

rn01tRi 1'ahit.- Vatea tui nil bald I if' ivintnR t Rynn' i intnor of t ;r mm Joum itfooi and the HowiTv. for th.' MITtaPJI ol IROBnllll il a new Cnion jairty. bu'lpoodonl ol p litn iiuit mid men of Jdh- irietn e. S-.twith-land o; the UnnVOfUbli tat ol the weather, ten . Oftbi city HO 10 represented, A eoOUnlttil .un nppyintfd to ill a h up an addr. and moll ten.-, which udi ie pHftintid to a QoMitl Oi mlt tm nMitbtR on tanorri.w ( ThurHtlav) o'.aiiing, and afigrwanl" eiaced bofOffl the pulVi . The peculir obj.'t trt .nf the n.vvement am aentiHl in an iblverti ment. No Mono IntohmatU' Aum t .ia. tUMtOtf i.sTB. The Polloi Ounmifsioieia y.strday ' a.-aMd a MNlutlORi directing that ;sljce not to i fupush information to the icweM.kir4 of the arreM of wves i Thk I'ai.ov It PuCRfRJUL We have con ed u communication in bihalfof the fout tren men, Ulel. put in iro'j.. tm I at ! tho Jiok son lur relubing the oath A allegtaine, Thy i . ' t i i l 1 ilit t In i r iii.i.; I u i. orooin'etl hv no dish yal s - ntiiueute, hut simply by the hhipo of i .ii. .Iim bargotl freui tbo tervice, and tbu cscapii'g "the tyiaunotiB and ahmiivo dia i pliiie uf en 0lUt.t r who has ntVOI w a wilurs favorite." Aa do other in-taik:o 1 disloyalty haa yet oct urnjil among tho common soldiera or mibm of the I'uited States, wo should uot won der if that w.- the dotlge. Thuahi ry Aomht. Mr. Morris Ketchum hai n apioiutod agent te receive subscrip tioua to the naiioimi luou in this city. Akotiihr Hrizi'hk. The ship Realm, just arrived from Havre, with a goueral cargo, was auixedolT quaiantioe ytwtt may morr iug by or der of Surveyor Amdkewo. Rao ATT A at roroiiRRRratiR. On Friday, 20th rf IVfrtftmhwr, thera will he a grand e.njr ai nil haU rar on the II ml nam. from off Pouth keepiie, fir tho following ptixea : Firnt priie, forty-five dollar-; aecond prie, thirty-flva dol lar; third prize, twenty fire dollar-; faurth prize, lifeiidollani. The di tne row d will Ite five mile", with one turn, the name cniir-M aa that rowed at the regatta given in PDghke.-p. uie in 160. Hri.i rvi a BooRtTAL Mr.mi Ai, 0, ..,. a. Some nf the moat dietinguiahed dical men nf thin city, in louorate toilay a new n' -1 t' college In the It-11- vue Iffo-pital. The lecture.ra in the rvtnrM- (mono I t-tday, are Pr-ifi-H4or J. R. vfOtd, A. II Nott, Flint, Mefeady. I) -rem us. Child, Smith, flay re. Birker, Taylor, Rlliott and A. Flint, Jr. )bll ia hut the preliminary rotii-e. 1 he regular cmrse UMI on the K, b of (ktolTr. A (Nimpant roR tiir Wmt,-, compiny j of V) Itoyn and gi I draff ", from iininirmi applicant, por children of ihe t itv, h f; the nftie w the Childien'x Aid .t - ietv, yeaterdav afteriv-on, forthe Went, u-'d r th eharge if Mr. ' H. Kriedra n. They wen omv.-ycd in ftagen to the ferry. It is a ina't- r of poldlf con. ern tha tbi N UM af ih- .Hat i.f v an very un. -pial to thir im or- I font l.i I -or lev orphan and U-inelrM ehll Iren. ( Mr. Trai y will lejive with ano'her MBpwSf in two Wf-ekt. " Thf. I.tYrieK Ta.iRur,ita' PntRRTV. H This ia UM titjp of a r-puklwi,; bole monthly Mritlnal kORNl from the ' Homo of lattlo Wamh i. r by Rev. W.C. VanM-!. lUrlly any kind of reader rjn ini-w of thr-o MMi worth of iM-rmT 'ht pIltMrO, inf-irm.itimi, jkI- 1II1 iHiTinj, niutir t it r.'ii.: rn j i i at" ' lag, fnM one h itt niitnlMirf. W nl f tho ev ery individual in our crty might re.i I anch a MRRMJI at leaat once a moR'.b they could not hut bo the hotter for it, A Ni'w FaTRRY. A new Statn Ulaud ferry haa ' - ' " e-itahluihed, running fnwn tlie ' i of ConUndt street. Tha UuIm on the linsi are the Pomona and the ThomaM Hunt. CoRf ITRTIOR or UniTait.sAi.iaTi. The (Ji neral OoRHRtloU of ffRloOronMlti aAeemhle.1 yentnntay a Kev. Ir. Ohipin'l Cbofob, lfaad Way. The delentiomi from the northern utatea were gnu-rally full, tlnaie from the South were uoU III. h, A i ' III I rilra, HrWtW. Alt. Fnti' in lit w is SniRRT A't'i l-'JoVlock bin i vi n. ng, l tire oe urred on the aMcond ttooff othe fiame building N. 1r7 Liwll Htree oc- cuptid by Roberl Bacbati, Iismageahout $1 to no iii-uianee. Tie tire wan iORMd l.y Mr-t. K.U ibitl act identally Mltlflg lire te MRM ululb- i;. iROMUIARf Virh. 8me darin ineenli ary, on Monday .-v. -rung, jmurnd aetne catnphena ia the elaplMnirds of tho building corner o( Nitith IVOnm and Old street, an 1 net lire to it, but the tfl wus and iXtiURuUhod larf, 0 any gf a damage wn dotio. The h i tid ing in u. -i d tii a llqUOf store by Thnnias Hlley. FaIsk At. arm. The 7th Dl-trict alarm at .1 o'cloeh yeotirdny morning, waa a fal,-e alarm of HlO, whic'i piiccvvled from the bnlldiog No. 1 1 i Chatham itJOit. TlfR loATR AihpRtio-- Cash OoiOMff Sehir mer oeterday held an n ! t in the cai of Mai. Dnnlop. the yiaing woman who, it wai itatt l, h id died from the tflbcti of an alKrtion produced ujMin her at tin residence of her uncle, No. 049 Hudson etreet. HfUonOI waa Uken, frtKWtagtbnt '..t-. l waa uDiniUTioil, and 2ti" of age ; that two yeare ago Mhe cum to t!i ii. country from Scotland, and went to rnaide with In r ur.cle, Hugh McAlpiue, at th- alnive house ; in March lunt she went to the laetke & YYutl Orphsn Aylum, aaamretr.. A week agnSatuidav, she waa taken very ill and wai attended by "llr. Ward, of Harlem. 4 la TuiwtUy hint she waa brought to her uncle's where, on Sunday morning, she wa- found dead inherited. A llr. Norval of this city attended herf.irafew days, and at her death gave a certilicakte to the elliH t that her death war caused hy diw-aae of the heart : whereas, as now nnpear-. i waa the remit of m ibortkaL Bbe touf one of tbo obiOat that her uncle had treated her badly, taken her earnings, and had ovorcoine her twiee - til m that she had had a miaodxriigo. Or. Wood, hearing of the nhwve f.u te. aent word to Coroner Sdiirmer, who htopp-d the burial of the Ihtdy. The te.timony of llr. Nerval waa not obtained, and the caae waa adjourned to await in apjatarancc. FutiNii Druwnkd. Tho body of R-lward Hickey, a boy, D yeara "I u,; waafound ytaler lay in tlie dock foot of 23d --reet, K. R. It waa token to liellevue HihpiUl where an in uest will Im held upon it. police Inn lllUi o. r, Ae. arinu ArrKHrr at Htlllllli -Abeut I u'clotk on Alonday evening, two yirung nu u named Win. WaJhtre and Mi haal Stefpheoa, entered a saloon at No. 1 bl avenue M . kept by t n Schneider, aud rinding Mrs. SvhtLel der, one ef them Mlfod her by the throat and ht Id br while the ether broke opan adiawor and commetiei-tl to rob it. 1 ertunaUdva .v. man apj':r-d near tin preiuines, nd the niguea latamming frightenud, tied. They were purwuat. into an allev, and after a dt'apcrato r. .( -t.,u. aecorod anil taken I - Juaiicu Hreiuian, wlto held Ihom fur trial. BnCRIVlRQ Stoi.KN OoOOiw Mi' haal t, a pawnlnroker, at Nu. IS1 Spring utreat-t. nat ar resUd ytOtdiy by Sergaut lird, .t tlie Sun' ry Hipiad, charged with nvt-ivitm a lirge ipiantity of gM Ui uliin froia a ltr-ju'wa.y tinn by one ..J" thuir lerkt natai The;ii tuiw ' I Cook denieil ha mg pajbrelia-re 1 the gwl but utlmilted having rtaKviv ml them in pawn, iumI wa committed by .tustie Rilly t'r trial. cai-h hk up Vi vm Two laws, PQBiad Tboa, Wriht and Inmuol LUM went irreotod ymtifdny In Ibl gnrv of J, u, sibarp, lln, 61M lludaun MlOlt, wblah tUOy hail broken into to" th. pargyau of theft. They RnrOaW ked ii In Juatiui IdMURnbuilw Ht A not 00 A.tkav - tutk. M-Muuim, of V . lOWllVj IttOOta d Patk. atcCailrey, got Into ft (-.gut togitbii ymtifdiy, when tho l.illt r .-:tlil .a-1 hist HiK eaM in tlm dliniili lur nitb ftdbb mife, uuli ting a d oigercsi wtaind. M CaftVi J ftftl am -t d, and J trtue Ilreniuui lot ked I' in. up tw IROWftf, A liiARR Mt.ifc.ia Ski AVTWfTI to DftOl iui CttllwUaj - A won:. 1 1 named M tn Moiiriw, vftl nnrjatid -t.HUiiiUv hr atteming to tftbi tbi bfe o! : little gill tur yOftfi cid, by throw ig li'-r mu ihe Itay. U Ippedf. ibftt she had t.t i tmvn ( in the i4up 1 h iMtlnaughl, fur Uvon ioI, Vm bilNothi noiml i"t to m. the CftptftlQ ili-ti . red thit -die wn im-.ue, and suit bftf bftcb Wthecitv ift ft tug.boai. When ot) Stan u I 0,0.1, -he iWtiUrauly threw over-I'-i : a bOftUufil hitlo girt whnm had with lur, but the child waa nvcutd I run drowning l.v the pi Ul, who impld nverbu.rd after her. Ike womftRi wbinlftbftR tft Court, ntated that ',u- , hlld i-t her nu n. but that a mftfl who had charge of bm wislnd her di stru. ttoil fur the rOftkou tnftt ftt bar diithi ionM Dfoperty would n-vert to Inn,. She Rftl loobod Up tO AWftlt fftP tbot iiftmlnfttloft. AititiT i ' k BuaUftR Fttt;i:Rrt. D'tective Fftrlej on MontU) ritumid to this (iir from Mailltoro. nitar Cl. havinu In hla nwiial .... Bnglllb nnrihant, named (Jeo. Wilv.n, and hi. Mm. chftTgod with having c 'inmitied forgri.w to the am mill of over '-'0,IHHJ poundl "'erlii4;,on the linn of Bruce X Taitrrhiiehl, of Yorkshire, Kngland. TblfOTRUaTI lltlvod i this Utvp r sttann r Kangaroo, on the Huh ult., md 'were MrMMd by I'ligb-h i-llia rs, who to the SuperiuU'iid, nt oi' I'ulice for aseihtauce. De tftCrttvi l aih-v waa put upon their track, and after a protraeted n-arch, found and urreatod tbiBh They wire sent luuk te Kwgbiml yeatoar d ty in the ahip IieQdnought. Tlie forgeriett wen r-i extt nsive that they created qulto a ami. suliun in the cmmumty where they were ooju- mlittd. CHaiMI OV Maviikm. Peter McOratb waa arn'etetl yeaterday, charged with a fttlontoua asaault umii Jamea Carmicluuil, of No. i l l Washington street. wbOM ei he hit oiT. Jut tice (Uiue lo-.kcl huu up to IMWH . UMtt ttavtWRTrWTnKDA V. tipretn. Cwwrl. 5'rvf frwhi7 K rtrwrdinnry flftd Ml ?-i-fr 7V r,.Th t.t tf, rtl. frtrd t'-tt-cfrrv r itattb r rm-an --This we -mi'i bftfiin the C-iurt sitting at tkncral Term, tipon return- fto two writ, of certiir.iri iseuetl 10 Mt II rw Itrennan. a rmlica majfitrate of thfa CHi 1 bi ra.ator IU chariO-d biMi tli" -.d HMg -; trae or the 17th of Septemler, 1o '. wilhvi I I ' ' " . ' " ' t onlinin e. pnhrMtblR Wf jrerHrn with promoting ftmomwagei of -r-oi.s I Rnder nreteneo of inbiitotlon lo ihi r-en "f tbi I ty exrept he lie dult permi lf 1 hv th an tbitri e- in esorUm that right. Now. in tin 1 day in ipieetimi, Mr. Falconer waa h a ling f Tt ti m U MaTtfO OnMHtVRM in Fi-t itrwet, mik n,r j deiii' nMra'jofn aa allege I, and itinx vi . en . Isiiiruage, w hit h rat-'l the crowd tntedi -orderly, oOllRR the ftreffs -o that ther were im- , (. , -,,(.:. un. I Rlibtngl Ml h remirks 'hit th 1 boIlM were rnsde laughingat.N k f. He rijo.. invited Ihe t ritwd to wan and hear him en Hnrday next, and he would talk to them in rpire ot ti e Inw and the RRl r . It i RMR tended, on the part ot pal im tb it thll h it a lawf il u-e . I the lit-vny of irpa-rc'i, and that any law tending to ahhlg that ritrht wn on , & netittitiorirtt. while on the other htinl, Ihort Atto'n-y A'lth'vti hohU that all -o n prnrp d inw ore iBRlmMaRj and as Mib uht 14 le ftbnted. I'onK nl Um ml RjMUftOUn. Itet.ire Ke-oriler BntYMARi .ftdin ,1. lit.- w on trial tUr on a ibftfgft nf MRftrnj m, Septem'arr a yi ar MQ, niaCTK'l Mini . I. ma- vrnhft whde he had ill t, r wife living. 'I bl marriage M the worid wife wRiOOnMU, The ra-e was not con. lu Ih, and wdl In continnnd otnorT w morn inw'. A y ung man Rftmed Tanner, who wmitrid a MOVt URIi siri'-e .r the t-rgery ol Irnlemarks In h'tvutg on n. I ihe ptintmg nf irdtow.tvi P. II- li lr, tiaa tbti mornUMJ dihare l, with a: Mtm tutj. n fr."ii the t'..urt, in view of the Hi t that the ;,i'v laib d lo nran iiob a ver Uil a ibi 'in.". Klain H'eani a.on wai MOrt to Ibft" Stitl rbon no tbtoi yeifiind itRbt ntontbO on eon n t n n i f graini iniiy, I r stealing a trunk at.d eteitrti'i at a place in tifenwieh ntioot, on tlie Jtiih af Annoai, Snrah .tsne OirMteTpOOl pb'ad guilty of aaaiult at.d l.ittt ry, niel mmindan for aemeti ... It ipptan ibftt dii and Rntmi Liwll en gaged in an awfnl row, at tlieir jiremisea in Hroom- rwreet, where fljfah elahlesl Bmmi with a knife. 1 ln i.i ni l Jurv pffoeantod a hatch of new in HotHMRva, and pnoreni were arrsiuned, who were lomandad tor irbil Timm w bVyrinoli and oihern were arraii-ned for bomliMi and murder. BROOKLYN. Tni- Aii.aniii BtRRRI TairKi. u act WbV latseoil by the 1 ..-gislature of IRA9, directing the oUadng of the railroad tunnel ia At Liu tie etrrrt and removing the ste.nn cars then MmlOR llirni I UnOR property not only in tl IRWB atrta-t, hut on istrefta running parjIUd tbOTOUl. n'avl which wi 1 not be bonodttOO MM by th "improveiin tit.'' Tbi vt lisea ihe m mm to le raimd at 1110,000, avhi.-b U to defray the e tpa naM 1 f runoving the tURRil an I to pay the rnillOftd eon piny for rrmoving their IftnnlRUI from the fiN-t of Atlantic street to lluu'er PMnt, .lout half of thin Ittm haa been paid by tbtb-e who fa wired tin' pro e, t. Tr-'jiertv own it w ho dft Hot think ibof are hftnafltiftd there hv nl. i it. Th report i lh (Vmmisioners fi now l IMlRMteil before the Siiprenie Court on RrmHnVj whi h,il ia I l.imed, will iuvali late tin act 4' tin- -i:. l.ttur-. Argum"t Rftl beird 0mterday Ih fro Jo io Dnivu, aftt r which the Cbmti tool the papara, I'na C-iin N - mi!atiii!im. The commit tt appointed at the Ufliftft me-Min OR Situr day last, for the purp R of making ne. mmtf arriingi'menta to nominate a Union War in let Without rOgnrd to party, nvet at Musiril Mil on MondRf wi tling, and after an iRlftfohinol of rientimen', upp tinted the f. Ho wing C-nnmit-tee on Nomina'ion?, to report a li-t ot Qftndl" dntca at a future mftatiog, RRoII iy -r S. H. Powell. ex-maor F. 11. S'ryk r, IWnj Plinoo, D. I. Miller, Wftlwr Ibirre, mid J. i. .M iran. A report wim em ulated that a I -t of eindldfttftl hud already U-en agreed uisjn, but LtftpnOftn that no ndociloni wore made. Pnoiraoi I'aiik CiMMiss!oraaa. Tud(ri Acrughum, of the Supreme C mrt, has appointotl tlie foil- wing gen'Ieui'-n C unmiaolonom to 1 iy out Pro pert Hill Turk : -tinnville T. .Ienk Tunis (i. Ih rgen, Piier O. GorRftU, Silaa Jaiid lam and Wm. U. IJUwrem-e. Bnooai ra HoRTltlVaVTORAt S'iriitTY. Tha annual exhibition of thin acci'ty will be given at the Brooklyn Acadernv of Muic, on Wed iieatdav, Thursday aud Widay afternoon and evenings of this week. A lecturo will he de- liwiral a'Mfli :il'lMrnirtin and eveniliir. on the. heat variotiee of pliulri, fruits and flOWOfi eultivated and rooaltf of culture, by tho unait nucceaisful Horticulluristfl. JERSEY CITY. MrnnKK is StrViKX Cihttcty, M. J. A man named Ooover wju arre4tei in Suex County day before ye-sUrdiy, on a charge, of delil-erutely murdering a man named Sk'dlen ger, Noddlflg in Handy Stone townahip. On Sunday Croover IRtlotd a sorvant girl employod by SkelUnger to leave, and, while Mm. S. waa remotmirating with him fur bll conduct, he used olh nsive language towards her. Mr. Skelbm ger told li tin ho would not allow tim to use Much language to hi wife, at tho aamo time ordering bim( to leavu his premise. Ooover rcfin d to go,' and Skellenuer walked towards Mm. when bi delibomUly leveltnl hi. gun and ibftt aSkellcDger in tho L; a i, killing him in Itftfttlyi ILamva wuo Aan thodbid with PiMfLna Baehtw, Tan, B' inborn, or any DaRRfRIURMRl ol Ihe Skin, ah.siUl t-y the " Ba n of White I. '.!," whteh la to Ita hai at 4A Booth S.- .-il I at., WlUiawnr bunjfb, at th low pHw of W oenu par bottle. It a an eioeLlent preparatltat. loADtRa' PtftATRH WftTCR Chaius, One. two uui thrtno ,l.l!m im-li, Al U. 0. ALLE!. ilfi Hroalway, one d'tor U-l.'W Cunai aV CltH ANIl 111 TM-4-PaitWANKrTl.V t VRRD wltboui pe!u DAJtLtMC A Coun . t BV tYyN HALVE never Tali. It'iy It I Try it, and be o-n-o. Vites tuM a tnsn . ftRMbatlaO riar.mteaa. 1), S HAKI.1M., in- i.i l i lo-j Niveau ,t, N pom jfnCaJ-. , IM III 14' MKICTlrftt; reoitT TIIK PEOFIaRft LNION TIOKJT. WbatoaOi tl a foilowlnR i"iutiiD laiitdaoel .y the H' a . Oeoifi t mt' ot loeaulafto waa d i-hJ im p.sini.'. V . i -1 t:. oei.iion, i..-.Jao dyra ur-e avpt. ion, i4U imi i IUi-WfU Thai . .. u ewliemol hl vlTiviitici te roqumttdto 'v ttiv MRawy atftluo w pr.ure the anoembhag U aee aaaaftligtl ; tba !Vvi- in tlie vat.oua Hi-ojti-u hr tba ml floaRan ul tl a pro eiTCimor- oi i i . : nth. .,tin a may Im f , iu 1 mvtMrj a tba u. oj uf (ho tit kit tare ..vmiDelud ''Aive'en fttt ftv-aeirvd, hy nwulrn n tha Ori Ttnttno fr ta the it aod QOUOty i Hew Y"ik, ti at Un V rim i oi Ni w Voita uv la tnitliilla un el in t WUa Ishtiti ra on Fiiinw, tlie iintl tly MHemb at ha I' paat T "' Jk IV M l tuny (ntO rRarft ih- j i r.f i f.j h tUtoi at H. ih in ihe loll .wing ftWH&Rukihatd aakera have i am tuviMd to i prmoat aod jaddrmi tie lliiatl ; on. Ta-.i 9. Dleldaaon, N. y. lion. jjoeRti it iteumuo ' lion. wmktnian au.i, II -n. At drew Jin l, ionu. i.-'TenuT Ounanaj pv.n. QOV, O rtin N. .1. lion. ir, U .It Ki ll n. Win. M Heredllb, Pttm. It in, lMiie t; mbr, ky. Hon. Toeniai i i , II ai. A S Ik vi ii. Col. John W Fiituey. ii n. lie ttarrtii ih.n Lyaiau Ti- miloft, Bon nod a u ty Ih.n. U ht J. Walk-, litttti Bun A., Hon. It rail i Ballard. 11 n Jno. II. n . ion , n iioaiii r. tludfti lltnuy V It en. Call. J- aih ii Oan I PrOUtleOi Ky. HntiOi Oree.i y. feCrmtui in Hmtf J. Hayoeard. R Ihe Oemmlttee "it tie State nun, itifi f..r the ,rty and .-..unty i f Rew York, on bihlH ol the lavullitna. Caoiaititultonal VmUm A J. U. Iianne. F. A. TDlmidga. Tl umm 8. Heny: Jaaiet l-.k, Demotratlc. A. It Bradford. .!ar. h Voorheee. iv il'iw"??' CuuN' Y- atajMaaj, Coloo fur the Halaa t the t'alan Th- driMOl of th. lath, lrm.KS.Tl, " Jlrl, r?Z v." lUa . Iba Uuloo innnuuliana nuida at Bvra'u Bria. lllli. 1W. art ballad i.. aaanxnbla all Sct liarden, 1 ami M t:ili .km at, Ihla (WialoolaTi avnuiiK. Hrjit. IkUk.IHUI, at 7J u-oiock. JAMKs li iKttiN, tnT juitse M. hawin, VS, Tar tft'rklaaarala fanarll at rtraao It i ma. Ml lit. sim. Tliurmla , vr iina,tba Ivtk inat. .t )i o'l'l" k. All v fir-s-av r . isprar- -al i.fll war, n Irii-raa . r wagva t'ttba VnluB- H trrra. a iMinmi. pna. u- ti.ctr fan.illas, tba fB .r nr. n . '1 -I inl i In. I. -a aa ia Ctm c.i H'call' a ' I iall .pailr, Iba ats lltlnn nf all tm ffi.wt iDllaital. A Inl rYsJ'Iftkaa df haaOBa ttva Mlar fft r e mp-Tt with I hft a Iril nf tha tlia mM mm tl f alfct ' ' I fat ' t i ' iti-ana la favr raaR ,t I .'is I It n H artr. t. KH I itti L fj t.l 'HAM Itwfa.M.MM m i;i MMI KM IKP, tl. (' VAil. Ouaftinlltaa: J K. K im. ni. I. iv Chairman, jfiaNi!i.o jauHia. IB I I Mia iia'lll nu.o tfT moticm. SI RrotaUai Wnntrrl fi-r I nmpnrir . "Vatra Wt Ii '.. : ;.t :t h "i t A-in ry. t'P.KriB. 'K i n K . - Kl . Oti s- M I'.rr l Bl it. ... , .1 a, Kr; nil. ic .1 Cst Oral f r . ' II , ! haa a. i ,'li I li e 1. ''ill- C tlauaUy. 0011 wa W.i nri af Ihr HUH,..-. Krllrf ' Bil'lOO ty tha .-t.... ,1 to, lawn New I. -as. Bar K'.a C'.Ncw. Vorh, Atii. mt aubacrtbrd i.t HPT I,, i .t. I- Mial ti it, i v tip atUartai thaioa, H 1.l. l..o. Annuut paid rait by aaid ioatttaol B tl- taralUaa of thaaft patrVftli iun wlai T.a.intap-4 II .tr stiv.cM lu tl a oVraMft .f i cir catntry. )H t l rlaaj In Um . t. . i t.-n t oa. B I hi. I am..ui.t I 1 s I t. I fi'.f '.ttsj IHft N. t.'il I isl .1 Ki-l N'. Y k.M.t I lih. Mil . I'.ltmtl'i TT 1 1 II y-. ,N 1't.l'M.VP. Illrv Bl ii wkhi i . m - iii ti sir I a Bfc,- IVINft WfiKftl f. t Mil I KK arlt Ofl i .t. Kelt, ar Ihr Flrat llr rf. or Ita U . it- n . On I. "i tb in nv iii nt. olll raoo'aajo Ins rt raratllta aft IllOlr bftftd.iiart.-ra. t4 r. In, . at, Bb ti ry r.' aaOftlorad n i" ti .. ', r.c laa Oaltao B Ht..i'. t. it- II larsatva qtiartftra I at'aoaly, Onpa. B T. CAJnaAm aOMUl KKLXT, On), largt. 11 9 Flrr Z7isi 1 1 . n.l.,1. . Hia lrrV. bb. . N v 7 . v .k. 1 1 i.ih. mi. Bon a an i OatikoOj Ho. 4 I. Ptlnaiaol m nr.ia fnaa B tit llftadqtlftrMra ol ihr Ulala ..r r.ik. Ibl M rrftlntant mil pr'.',-l arllhoul dkUlo ynnm W tuortiQi Itotft ka loaairl In Uaa w. .. II Tha lur.nuvra "I hi. rc'intim. ts . , ,. . m tin tliair 1 Bar' is. tni Baufta. ai l a m, TaurarSftj, I'.itu, f'tUf H nt. I'. I Hlld, Old aqtUnpftd, III. Tl. aa- mmo. H la-ta ul Itia rtT tnat.t wl.'i an-alra.. r. MMI tbOOn. H amy aaOl and do not oppaoa at tan I I' tar Biaoiajadi il 1. naiftklara d atdftovatM, and tbsrlr i ami will la. antdlnl rd In lb- , ity pipi-ra, la fl ntilrr II nl II ry may Ih intra las ktuma In thai. H tni' il aia- t.t I 1 1 r mpla ..I N w T ik. By nr- W d'r 0, MrK loam t.t'.l'r.iuVIIUlKr nmal . V.T. T. PaVIMKATaMt Adji iat Mlru af Vh VnrW. i DftBOTOI V iit irrtnal Nrw V. ,k t: I., H t. 1.1. mil. f Omrral 'trd.-ra t. Bnrfentu oi Kianaaa-aO win Immftdlaaaly, iia n Ibalr rnoal ai. H.ii.tmar.t aa BUcb prtaiftftd In .a.. .. Mr . ."ry in Is'r ,tl tha Ba- ftnaaiit. Tl rv arlll fnrv ird at aa aarlyft day aa isMailtla. I" thia M ton. In, ftall. wmir faaaa : lat. Tl.r tninilaw itf u. n r. ctnair.1. r.l. Tb nnmbftv upon wina rl ,urj c .daaua af jiri'vii'tt. vats inaliiat . Id, Tl .-in. in'' B'i'r'lil', tn tlir vlnia. 4th. Thft nunihftr ouoaatHI lo lo Uaa v.ri.a,whohad I tjorti ptoahlUftly vaillialr.l, fah. Thr atiw. aoaiaoa as pnoalWa, .if t1 oar wttttB til lr a sis . i .1 t;tt,r . . t, .. . , ,i, . i. h irmarka aa rimy. in tba op n n : the attrfi uo, 111 i.trata una rully Ibi Rbtrra i- is By oi'l.'j oi uiv rfttnan t. r In CTilaf, o i tMOBaVKM H itk'.. al lis-iiara!. arvinr vlr s I af BO 1 . I -I an r.-p.ltlaa aai the Mnl. al Knack . t . n tUNHW . a. 1. .rt.vVlH t Mial af Ffrfta Vorb. DKFO1 ' 'k' tOLI N I KKIW. .'ti iiioat, Dini irroa'a i imni Nrv s i: l. lop. I.i. H'H. NOT IOI TO K.i IMKNTAL liROBUMl During loe FOHHA'IIVI RTAOI nt Kririmana, nnttaoonata orgnu . u a m-.i ai ii - 'U, u n roquialuun funaai, a v i ri'LY of rnao, Bald aoqutaaihai nauatlai mad I M l'MCATI lo writniif l.y tho. ottrioon. waiulai Blautal l.y tha OMnnaoadlua' oil Iftr. lai Iba Ouloualaf a Rani- t il ball liar toaai nuatorod Into Uoltad Htataa a, i.i.,, tl.r Mi'ihcsJ Dlratftnr u ill, opmi n.iiiaitliai. made in duplloota III writings iaaur inadloftl ati.plta Ihroa tiK.iitha. Ba0mat t' Dot r.lar r.ita nrftftnlaaftloQ, tntiat ila- I'ttn rnftdhol ftupplafti Fataa tin. r. rt m.-i. ai rur fnyor. Orai.d at. 0. K AilNF.VT, M D.. arUIBAtWIII Kodkaf I) rnrttor. I I.MH1IAI. .-oricKa. I I'asw oaaro Potior - JmK l't..r Mti.11,1 V.HriT Hlvll. Thr new atyla - I 'rri.turil POST AO! nTAMPaH i. w rra-ly, l.-r hiJa ..lit. K..-tiaaftaHk .1 II .. ii. a atyln f..r a t r..iivalan, HV ftoamnil id tha old lanaa duringo nf six HAVrl (ton Um .lata ol tl la iniliisa, after whloft I aiOTnpr of thft all laouo will nut lot lonolTod la pay- utont m Prataranii lattara s. (,t fr..m thia . tinea. i ... :..! W. ll.TAYI.OK, P. BL J SOUIKTY IvOTlVU. A. P. A-Tha Maaihrra of KaaUbllb I laa N i. tl, aie l t.t maot at ibail t.. ma, III II Wary, Nl Y . In lull riyalia. al l'.'X .'. Inok. il. ia l - i. day ol d. i tauiiar. ai, tn attend th I liinaral nf tall lata hmthrr, IIK'l KKI.l.rt. lYaaa hi I iU i. a. in.'.', Mh 10, Ava. B. By ortlar, ROBRttT MeUdlB. Boo. Bm. if A. P. A. Thr tm. i- s mid Itcaibrra af Ct.liiinl.ln Lldg. J... B A. IV A., aia iii'sstnd W i tneel nt llr ' !.'.. r. still, N '. OfftM atrnet, A Br.s.Vlytt. V.. , at 1 .cl.s-k. P. 91., VTr,lnoady, it.i.t. l-.a, fnr tl.u pi,risr . I an. I. ' tlia funeral . f .ail .hs.aaao.1 I ruthrr, JOBRFB OLARK. Tha Orilar ili'lirinUv la rraisrs-lliilly Invttad In attend. 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