Newspaper of The Sun, September 19, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of The Sun dated September 19, 1861 Page 4
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r'mi " . '1 MataaWBMaW - THE j SAILOR'S WOOING A IIA KTOIT. I fH mking up my mind to an Indian trip, and lb poor plea-urc of Unniol CatOBBB Ba m Eeiroira'a com pain lot two h eases! month, when all of sadden I Ml the -nip bring her wind a quarter, with a form ia plunge of the Channel water el ng kaf t. tint aad Try Un. lamina bowels yearn aa If b felt' it gurgle IhlWWl hun. Ou deck I found th tl vsting Noll I. gilt txmr mg broad oa our le how, with Cmn'rarUn 1 Part glimmering ti windw.ipl an I the half Ma salting oer the I ale a) S ight, while we toad p (or r.rtm"Hth harbor. In a little, th fan ottR men-of-war at Npithead Walt to huaiurtw, uaturi th oud ti tin hM wa'ch, wr werwg . in - B lluoy, which wa n-l "to in I p wt ti ! In th lial alant of m a o-h i . till at l ot w. mat dad to and down m the an H -r in the fath.waa, ofl lhe Moihrth.nb If hat th IndUfl man wanted at flirt uu li I dido'l k ilrW Ii it, Hwatime, I had given up all I If a WtWuj in bar, mid lb only i r -i h m w, whether 1 -h 'il il, " rtttni'l a'jrilmr all hand th at Ip bora, evew u uli I left My Tankeo friend Juawi-nUla, mid a clear gainer by dollar Is on I Early naat morning there were plenty of w berries looking out !' r tmf a.,, is the IndllB man waa Dot to nail lagis- the Btghraevbtl, WhflB tba braaaa would spring up fi r g uu, I bailod one ot tli'in to iro a-li re at the point far a qaiat utroll over Hnuthaei Common, where 1 meaat to overhaul the whole hwtnn ra of the Tin, and think if it weren't hatter to home, nnd wait the Adnnr .It v - p'..-aaiir fir a ajllp. It waa about ail o'cloekj the mind ..-no FtOnt tba guanl aiup otf the Dockyard cani boors! y down through the iRtfWBr, he bis iihu -hnn Bbo silver, n i tka groan Rrtowsy -p v k le I on arory anrxre, up to wiere ihxv were rli-hing and poppin g on the copper of the Irigetrva at Sp'tS N J had observed a arrwtv.fovf, Hie S r.i'ton, lying bbbobr tba SB t 11 o , m 'loinl of whli h, aa th a i erin.m toll in , i .ii hid bean hald the ,av I., i u. . ; ,, v 'ir U i 1 first lieu'- nam for Niaali in : hi ixeBToln ll-'h twloaerral to of the tnga'ea; lha eap i( 1 had Mn, and hvanl of a ihe wo-t in the n . . . hia ahip waa ill I "l f lira t hell aflna'i" 'Int name week oni of tl, l.ov . had UU loilown aViiu Ida, ri a tMrparal f marine, after cnninir aehn e in I 1 nk iiut a ajlwith but awaxtbnat, In. I ooofly wi!kl down to the Point, luitpod ii hatwaan I boat a h- Je iv, anl k") htm- 'i'mii lerwatei till h w . I 1 1' Th" i "u e' i it hail hnaa 41. iBaa fka -eri. e, on I aa I ruraitnlMail tha aarne. i w. ., land v kai li , ail l aataaUy he a? . H-'t.-'low. Tom it 1 1 1, I 'tilltul n WWra an I ee leerrv a i v rank hfaeait, Tw. tail l)-aU. "tie from, r I "i BlTiM ai' i nr- ter arel .tlo-r from ntrai '.v il.pirt, ataar. In on t' nma tai k t'..i B u naaa, dirartad mv attnition ii I aaanlarad nuwn to thr h'h. The I. w .f tha n iraat wherrv orauiide I .n the -ton" h I bofaa to w Ik qalekai lowarli the town Kite-, rhietl IkMMM I w i pr t'v rei lv I r uu i ,iry ajakfaat al tl Id Bin Poata. utd alao Ih- rrtu- 1 bad a lllicbl no' ion of vnaf tha teii. tlameu vaatad on floalhaaj BtMoh al add hour. Out they jumii-., howen r .ii -in m in 111 oialrew, annther. a eaptain in full llu. a thirl, eir,"..!! aanbaaj rtffhl athwaii yeovM to hroi me In. The tlr-t I aim it on. re ineatAurM lit tha aotarioul aaptala of the t)n--taa. " llalhi, yuu -t " Mid tin other cantaio. duridnllv. " on inum "ta . l h IL" " ludi-d ' aaid I j " ami kv no, if yon pi i . Sun you ore here, we .I.m i in'eu.l alio m jroats paw for aome fVa ralnutw ' 11 And wui i l ahould do I ebooaa, air f " t adii l. " , n Mir two ahapa, air, I inll iboo' rou !" rari'hd iMaaaUlo, alniwaiam tf tiie ballyiaa whaol, " Oh, eiy w. ll,' I aakl rathei rorafiwrided t. hi hjaaaftluaDea, "then I -lull Way ;' and I aoooniiiul m.K.t itock-aUlL with My arm ful.led, lllli.l li tlier Ik. it liu i- pir'v ..I' I two. Thoywwa In plan lotha nor did 1 I Ula tliam an particulai attoatloa t.ll the w- I conde li h) atalionel thell naa, when tha can- I tain of Ihe I hwAat hud hb bw k to me, and htl amac'iii t .il dlractly faetn. A hla pila reaolvcil felluren i iime out iH'I'on' m- with the ranrniiv eun nn them, lu llpa Uhftthar, and hia noatrtln 1tk, I raooatniaod ray old FHond Wont wood. The laiitain hail hrokenliiin the div ! fore, and inw lie ha.1 ao eptnl lu i liallen(;e, being; a known dead abet, while the l.ieuten. aat nail aoveriirvf a hullet in vol. I Itload : there waa, na doubt, a mtttind . o in the tyrant to email the firm in in that hoi .lire I to thwart bia will. Vfwtwoa . a aaaninl eairMlWward and nentiomvl to tin ..'her tint bU f riond waa Will i willing to withilruw the arorua ... km in tirt heat, anil would aoowdiagly lire in thu air. " Coward ! " ahoiite l the cuptaiii of tin I invitee iramudiatelv ; " I lull ahool yon thmngh Ihe heart f" " Sir I"eai4 I to hla -e.-..n l, " I wfta Baa laok nn , and if that gentleman Ll nhot, I will be witn aaaine) you liuth aa marilerar! I dropped d..w ii U-tiiii.t i mone out t. i he line of iir , aad to kuep mi Byaa off the davlllah plai i work, though my Iduo I hoik I to kn ok tba (hi lew down that' 1 waii ppeakiag to. Another mi uu u. an 1 1 he luapeilae wo too great for mo to belli looking up; mo at tha in on. nt I Me) how am Vfv-iwo i . fao .i : ha aaa natch lag hi enemy with an at th ll ah iwad i" hi" w in' the otlun a mii'i he ekiug l r hia lit"-. Tim w. Mida guvr I he word i.i it ..i in thamiddie, nud dropp.-.l (no white ha.iiik-- c'l.ef. nana with then hand logatJnwi I.. bl theflawhof ffejejiwaad'e piatul a hen to my atoniahmont, I aaw HM aaptala ol the Oreetei nasi raornanl jerk up hi-ant betwlat me o l tba rity, lire in the air, and -I l. fail lu k he waa dead ! -abut Iwough thi h m. Qaja wbtfeta at hia fan guve roaj notion of the devili-i anlng be bod bad) hut whit waa my Mirpri' w hen In- BBC I dkad up to Weal woo I nn. I mi. I o. him: BfJ4ia yon era tha murderer oi Captain Dan- ciamla inv I'riuLiI lirvil in the air aa youpflH poeed." "Yau are niwt ik n air,' aaawatad Weatwa ..i coldly; ' Captain Dtttwoeaba MMt(bl tny lit -, and 1 hare uaed the j rivtlaga -.1 - ll-.h.'eiu-e.' 'The eurgeon b) of my upTnlnn1 will tha oth er; "and 1 am norry to My iluil we caiinoi alluv yon tar thpart." "I ahali give myanlf up to luc MtboritlN n e, aai I Wi -iw I. "VTe hav. otal) your wnt 1 lor that, uln. h I lie peruntte.l. ill attcfa a , todo iht," rc ph .1 tlwi aapti ii. w ' "- at Idawl n iafa wae to di - tain WtM nnf li) I. WMittawbUaha . in off biaaurgo. n I he wont ol .' w o, a- 1 o .a l "iii.l, th it laBOl the cuurt-m otial a fj the i lialh-nge, uu ail.uinil ity orilcr Bad .or.vel. la cnaaidelati'iB oi MVwntl traJUint BWJ dafbtg UM uar. aa well aa Brivata rerNeeeiiiat -. nMbaring hull to Ihe aatYicoi mi lint he had in l u lllod U it and -hot In- ailD- riiar oflccr, A for the rdiarge now lafOttdhi f .rward. it WM hm ub'urd i' r aui 1 aliava It, uuloMfrotn rax H prejildieo; I o. tai ea-iilai vllo.igh. al uiiy ra'e, Wltbout it. lu lha in". in t .. bail enbanicod a word or two with rYaetwocd'a IVieud .tier win. li, lift ing up ika pi-tol which 1 on the Mad, 1 w.iut Up to the i 'apt .in : "Sir," aai. I I. "you u-a'il 111 live. loin, a little ago, . i I oving me into youri on -erii-.uiid 1 have eoeu the cod ol it. 1 ban mm got lu tell yuo. having watched your conduct, that either you to -l auhniit to la unite fa-t here lor a hil, cl.-e, by tlie l.v.o,; Qodthal uuulu an-. 1 11 ihoot you thiough .he liaatd." Tbv ruplaili UtBked at me. hi- MfgOOB -Idled op to him. and LauBg man m ar my OWI lilO, be kUddeoly Ir.ed to wreiu h till' pl-to out of my h .in i- how-vvr. I had bin tha next bmbmuI auiaer uiy kaioo, a bile ri'eatworari nd aecur d tin litiln ear 400 ll, ami to .k a few round -n-turua aliout hi- rot .m l unkUM with a lie. ker chief. My c .iiipaniou then gave me hand to do the Mine with hia Mla ri.T olli ..rtlie medico nil tba time linglng out like a lull', and lie- captain tbrealcidn wTiile the dead boat lay Mark and elir) bcbiial u, Ibe eyci wide. UM fiead down, anil the BMiat up. IBB haul rdaoiblng a platol, juataahehid filleu. Wvetwuntl toil quite u i .... i , . . , of i v-ivihiug we did. Only lie -eem. ad to lie wan btng ' lie krMM drawn up lut they MirTened, uud the aind-rliea hovering about the mouth. . , ' , "hhall weclapa tt'ipner Utwii n tli. irte.tb? Bald IbO MOOWI t me lie bad been al aea, hut who he Wa i navar knew "the aurgcou will be heard on ihe walla, he hallowi - ' 'uMBtTBT tu'hd," anlrl I. "we ll junl drop them uevoiul tide niark the lee oftheatoiiea yonder." In fact, fron the iioIm the tide wa- making, I queatiou if the ahot ooul l have baaa heard eren by tka wateruien. who bad prudently ahourod amt of eight round a point. I oouhin'l holp looking, when we ha I done thu, from the captain'" body to bla own frigate, aa abe waa clung round head on to ua, at cinglo saohar to the turn of tide, with her buoy .Ian, -lug on Ibe brick blue a weep of wuier, and ber Harv-bead rhiuiug in tba aaralight. to , aafinnral, 4 JJOMOFOrATHIC MKDicmia. Rrarinim nnwoaoraratn Brwavaa had their relgln In a rraJ pnl-lle went, mn&tnm lor all th want af lira euraaire that father, mnth. M, nil m or traveler, eonld alwaya have by Ihaaa end a! war a rely upon. eo almple thel miMake oan Bot be nwle In lla a t on: eo barmleae tha t may ua them with hnpuiiity. and en efficient the ailmayrtly BpBB them with afty. Such thay barr roved. Ti...oaioi la of fftmiiiea uae them dalby ftw all th Ilia and elluienW of every day Ufa, and rarc'jr are eeri.aialy alek or hare need to call a phy ejetau. with aome alnl ej-aclflo, bare cured thrmaelrea of afeioua chmnlo dlaaeaa nf yearn Pending, and upm which they liaraejieiil hundred m vain, and among th million who uae them, noun (fueMion their purity or arloary. But a no genuine ooln la without IW eonnaei feak an under the alaalow of ll l M ri I KK V h Hfm;iriOB, k minilier T.celaV-.l " Curativae" oi "Reoidjea" have oome up, whoee pTMatpal uae la lewr Invo. kinlaiy leetiinony t.. the w, .rtli .f III orlgliud. Bucb Waal. I Init lha fruth that eucceee alwaya throw to khe eurfao. Tliene nnTT krutvea luat know enough to COP a, but m l emeigli to INVTtNT they know emeigt, In WTKAU but liot erj.eagb to OKIOINATB. Bo they here atolen the iiamee end numtier of my rnedi alnee, and even oopied my advertiaeuienu, and wltb Iheee borruwed garmenw tlm eea eaaaye to act tha Hon, and even fane lee hia braying ia tha mar of tha aarauu-ch of th foreat. But th public, are aon,ueina adwlthauch paltry devuee, and well know how M lake the true eoin and leave the Wee counter fee) with Ua maker. They era now Rr.c iMMFNIipin by lha meal BTMlNaTJIT UOMOBUPATHIO PUYfllCIANB. They are uead by the moll I NTH. 1. 1.1' in. NT and KkV F1NBD of every oommunlly. Ail liave found theaa all they have lieen rerommrnded, PROefPT, ETPI. CIBNT and BEIJ ADLB every way worthy of pvj lie ounfldatioe and petrutiage. MBT AND PRICI Of IH UnillM n IIOMKOI'AIIIIU BPKcrnca. Ua. Price of B.nglellotee. OeraM t,0uree F vim. Oeigeatlonand Jnflanunatton, If. at. Pain, Benlleaeiieee flg ,,Curee Worm Fever, Worm Oho, Voraoloua A.ite. M C.Curee C lie. Teething. Ciylng and Wakeful neee, B ..w Orotli and Vwlilaneeo of In fant H 4.1 Diahrrh.iea nf Children or Alt. Cliolara Iiifaiitum n. H iniiner Orniplaiut. W ..Oarea DyMrAery ai.d it i. Flna, t .-, Orlpliiga, KUolM OellO, Pall Dvaenlery. . . V ..0uih Chiilera, Cbulara Hoibua, Nauaeaand Vomiting. A-ll malic A f ..Cure Coogli. C-iida, H'.MriMiueM, Brochltla, Io'luenaa and H-car Throat W x,.CureN Ticitluwiie, Fe at, lie, Niurrai Pallia, Meiiralgia and Tic I .loreuv an t..Curee Uceihiche, Hiada.-hee, Vertigo, Bud Blood to tba Band W 0..Cuiee l)c.i .c ii. Weak, Acid or Deranged BUimnch, O'liatipatiou, Liver (; inpleuit.. . It. .Curee ( . en H kneee 96 It. .Cure IIUHl itig Down JB It. .C'lnw c ..op, Bnaraa Oraupy c.ugii, D.ffi euH or Opnreeead Breallnne tB 14. .Cuiia Ball Bl.e'im. Ciocty K"i, Ery- all-alaa, Bald iKed. BarVwri fuh m IB. .C iraa I. ieurnat4m,Pa a,LameaeeBi or R .re- iinaa in the Cheel, Back, H .lr or Idmha. . . DO 15. ,0nrM Fever end Ajrua, lutanrmlttout Fever, D mil. Ague, ii. I I , rati rete Agua BO tf.,OurMPile, lulemalnr Btlrua), Blind or It:.,. I I.,-. ll ... i ObM .'.i BB lB.lOnree Di'ihnliny, W. .k I ihnm-d Bye Byelida. Fading i r W..k R ght DO It.. Cunw Catarrh, Acute ,.r Chpailn, Dry or flowing, t: Id In I Bead, I ritunua BO Bt. .Onrea Wi iarplnaO aigKah leomgaiid 1 liMii.g it. or Bpaamudlc t.ugb BB 11. .C um A 'i I to. l).pri.-ae,i. li.rri. nii,uiM.rea it . i.' na, Oougn and waraietoratlaa 60 W..CuieH Ko li inliarffi . Knlea In tl.e ll.a.1, Imratrad BaarinBi Baraoba BO IS. ,0'iie-8 lolola, F... irged tilainle and T'tn- alla, iweUinaa and ml Ufcara Bt 14..Cu ii aral Debility, Phyataalat Nemm Weakrime Bt tB. .Cure Dropey, Flo -1 Ae. mcilatioiia, 'Diinid Bivelluur-, w .it, u mty Baeretlona 60 Ot..Cnre a fl cknt-aa, Preatraft on. Vertigo, Nanae. V' not BO HI. .-. t'nn ury li aaeeea, Uiavet, Difficult or Ph. Mill I I n. i,l, ..ll 60 M, .Cur Beulnel Ko..c". meoiuntary Die- I thai aa wul ouaaennent FroaUwUnn and 1 Dnl'.htv I 00 1 .Ouraa aViro ttoulk. Btoniaeh-aeba, Kankared I BnUlb "f Ad ti. or 01 .1 lieu 60 so. ,0urea I rtuat v toaiaittni una 60 Bl. .Ouraa Preeanaee, Orampot Roaaiua t th timet or iugand Irrllatluat Pniedla. . . BB 12. .('.'i aBarnnuigat Cliaiiga ef Ld-s 1 regu- laritlea, Plualiea ol II a. Flj.itat.i.ii, and . i . I 1 . . . tlai Heart 1 00 PRI0I HP CAftES. flaae of Thirty-five v ale In niona-eo and ft - V $9 00 Caae .a Twauty-ahjU vlala in moraaao and r 7 no Care nf Ti u . tanu morooooand Book.,,, 6 00 Oaeeof I itn v , plain, and of Di- i. i lie 4 no Caae ol In teen laiKM I N a I lo 1 and II alk. 9 00 (baa of an alaa hoaeejNea I to 16 and Rook 1 00 fl e nnM wiih it 1 1 . i HeTl. 9h . to Bl, aV'ei.laai'dtlielrudeaui.p'led in our neual Una ral ttrBM. Theee med;, una, ty Ihe eiiio'le b.n or oaaaa, aent by mall or expreaB, free of ciouge, on the ra- elpt of tl.e ( i lea. Addraao Dr. P, Ul'atl'llUEYS, No, v.: BROAD WAV, New Y rk. H. B. Dr Bumphreya laa returned to hi old Mid, No. Mil BROADWAY) four dour beluw j Pi nice at, which I a leant flue I tip,eu!arged and nm nvated. and where lie w ill lie happy to ae hi old fhenda, patrona, euatnmeni and agent. BBj room fir coimultalion are open during lha day, end palienta cueu.l him M all bouia el No. BBJ BROAHWAY. Ul NDKEOB OF FAMI1.IF8 have their eea ot HI MI'IIKEY'H KPKIiFtt", and uae them da ly for ' every diaceae ti w loch they are exp.eMd, with tha nmet pri feet eucceee, curuig them at the beginning, and without i ienae ,-r haw of time. r. i oaly do they get along without the expenee of tailing a doe t.r, but witl.iaitaerhaie elckneae. No family who Uavn once exiriemed the comfort, freed. iu from anaiiiy and exempli. u from e knee c iieequena BBOB the uee of BOM of tlutuphrty'a Bpeciflc, will aver 1 without them. Am ng ti e dlaaajM ni '-t promptly cured by atme aimple a'aHuflc may le JBjaaMd DVSPKPS1A, fnan which eoinaiiy thnuaaiiila auf Bir, rViheueiuvMi. CkajMBiakt, vtak or u. .4 utomaclu, with II.Hir ever preeent alleudat'ta ol hue axorge, aaraewaVney oral dread a a.i-. n m ... , , i- a.ti liavu laien cured of tbtf OondlthNI bf liumph rey'a I' i . , c. lc.a than by all i4her popular rem ediee. FILEd or IIKUEHBlIDins, wl.Uii alwaya da pcud upon a nongeetiru ooiidil . u of tie abdominal Ten. hi ci.c'iial..u, and l.encuai B09W I'.iftatly our,d .;,. "J .ili. aiiolta, I. ate been in tl.oue an.U'.l cevea cured ly h0 1'11-H BPEC1KIC. Mo i attain of however l..iig etuuduig or obeliualc, but will be ii'.umaU ly cured by them. BOBJI KYU AXD WBaVX SldllT fUpand upon en atrnal iwaliid ntnditi u. and era cun.1 i.y the opiUAiJtY pii.i.8 Ti. fn la art nnr wij jing youd eye and ai, i, who have beeu cured h thia luva'ua'ole rrmrdy. t l 1. 1 it .1 li e raotl olatluateclutra'trr baft I n t uied .;. ol ,aa l j tl.e CATABBU PILIA COlOHl AND (III. lift are unlvrrwd'y and rmuii l.y cmd by the u-e . f the Cut t.ll I'll. J. n luiuo aev i a ca .ea with ll iflallllliatiull ILu I L xwat I'll. I lara um i w it Ibi m, DlAliKlloHilAND DYpKNTAUYR, eo f e., and a. 1..I d timing the but a 11 iioiiir uiotilh. are guaci i irllyaud perfi-ctly bj 11 u UlAluttioKA tiu Dl 4btN'i KY I'lLU). thoiiaanda of Uvea art H,...i ery vuMi- by 11. .-ae eifi. t ul and yM b.uu.lee reimd.ia. A twenty -five cunt lex t talne eome f uy tl .-a. Time eie not a auiifle oiieof theeeai'W .Ileal .il aai con triad and er..ved from yeait aipw cue.-, u ..l found t. laiu'.l Hal tiny haveboan aWMtllllWIldtdi and they uuiy be i , hod iijciu lu every BMtaUOt fof a cure. No limn can aay they liave lajeo Btoalvd In a alnglt Inidano In tha pumhaae oruM of a iii. ... out of Home rvmcdiee. F-.r 1 1 you pall g. t any eim. tlul numbered boxM and Book of Du e. I t . i it you keve hle.i lajxea and Bur k of I), rec to e. Fiom ft to an you get a full eel. In twenty larg Tiaia. c l.U nu.g the entn e aumbarad e d Ictieivd tttL w ith e I ill manual of due.tioia. f. Mlung Ilie miatVBEFVb and EFFICIENT FAMILY WKDl- Cl.NK Cnect kaow n- -a heel I nail win, h any iilotliex or patent i ayi pitwciibe eucaeeel oily fuv hetaell.tuiil drvn, or act vanla; and w w ill euve lu an kueae, in d.K-tor'a feee. In I uie and niouey expended, ttv tone ite cuel every ua. li M'lU.I'-i OF FAMlLlFfl make thia Cheat and M.... I i e. FAMILY PIIYHU'IAN, eud w.irjia ii. 4 do wahoiil il lor lllly aoliari pei year. Iluii.liad of prreouK lu purchaen.g a vaao ol tuedtcintie, bv Itiua prtarurud and t.ken e aped tic wl.nh haa cured Uum of a dieeane of yeanr" etaudiiig, and umi w Inch they have aa,.ii:,el ea tie. ded any aiuouul of money. VOL' CAN DO TUB BAMK. KKUKMIIKK TUB PLACE, 609 BROADWAY, attha out eland, hair d.ana below Pruaoo trt, at theeignof Ilie B1Q 111.1. Agent and tli tratle enpplied ae uauA. Dr. Ul'MFBREY'B ufllu raeiatantiy onaa due. tos the day. wiatuj bt imj i tVBtWrm' during Uauuew Uaua. yBMBTMS HfQBXI 90 RIGHT TO THB BTOtD, BBFtAJCr BRLUtF r btof tour OOTJQB I PURIFY YOI'R BRRATB I BTRRmi ntl.N YOCR TOICR I BPA1.DIN0-8 -TBBOAT C0NKLCTI0N8, ' THROAT CONFECTIONS. TBBOAT CONFECTIONS. ARE XMO FOB CUfUlYktrN, 0OOD FOR LECTURER, OOD FOR PUBLIC BTRARXRR, GOOD FOR BINQERB, OOOD FOR CONSUaTTTfaal aErTTLEHZN CARRY r?auinO'S throat confections, LADIES ARE DELIGHTED WITH btaldinom turoat confections. CBII.DBEN CRY FOR Saf AIDING 3 THROAT CONFECTIONS. Fney ralirre a Otg . Inatantly. Hiey clear th Throat Pbey glva atrangth and volume to tha roica. (Vary lrapart a dallclou aroma to th breath, rtaay are delightful to the laate. Hary ere mad of aimple barb and caanol harm aary on. I advla every one who baa a Cough or a Buaky wane or a Bad Breath, or any dlfSculty of tha TluoaB, gW a package of my Thruat C-jufectlona, thay rrtfl relieve yuu blatantly, and you will agree with aw Hat "they go rigid to tha epot." You will And BWM vary uaeful and pleaaant while travelling or aawnllnu public meeting, for etiUlug your Cmgk W allay in your thlret. If you try ooe package I tm aafe In eayiog tliat you will evor aftarwarda oon aider them Indiapenaahla. ToB will And them M aa Drag.; at end Dealer in Ifedielnea. PRICK TWENTY FIVE CENTS. By aignatura la BR each pa kg Allothanar A Package w.'.l Ire ml ly uiaik ,r p. I, on ra Maptof Tldrty Cent. Addraw BENUT C flPALDINa, Ma 4t Cider etreet, N. T. , in.,1 , .ii PIT l.l V . ....... . ' ' CURB BICK ill. HA' IIR. CURB NEltVul'd UEADACUR, am ALL KINDS OF UEADACUR. By tha ua of thee P.".e tl.e period. o attacka of Bta e or M. Ueatlauha may lie prevented . and I if taken al Ike coiniu'-u emenl an all, k, Uuiue- 1 Mate relief from pain and akkneea will be obtained. They euldom fa.1 in removing the Maueea and fanedeche, to w In, n famalea are eo auhject. Tl ey act geutly upou tha buwala, remuviug Ooa kraueee. F' ' Literary Men, Btudont. Delicate Female and aDpereonaof aedeiitery habile, tliey are valuable Baa laxative, Improving the appetite, giving lone and rigor to the digixrtivo orgena, and reatorlug the nav ktral aiaaticity and atreugth to thu w hole ayatem. The CCTllALIC PILLS ere Uie rcault of luug lu MBtigation and oarefully ceuducted axperimcnta, aaving been in ua many year, during which tun they liave prevented and relieved a vaat amount of pain and auflui-iug frum Htiatlache, whether origin. tng lu the nervuua eyetem or from a deranged .elate of the en .m. 1 1. They are autl rely vegetable in their compneitlnu and may lie taken at all tlmiv with ierfect aafaly, Without making any claluge of dot, end the ebannca Of any d aagreMhle laato ruudei ll ia may toadrnka iabir them to children. BSWARR OF COl.NTK.KFEITB I Ti e genuine have five eignaturia of Henry fJL Bp;. I .n,; on i a h box. Bildly Dragalaauda l 0tht deelora lu Medl A box will be aent by mall, prepaid, on receipt of I- PRICE, H CENTS. All ordoia el.ou'.d lie addreeectl to 111 SKY C. SPALDING, M Cedar etreel, New York, A Btagbj b.4tle of gPAI.DrNO'S PREFARKD laLkL w U ...en ten timet, iu annually. BP.VLDISii S riUlPAHKD GLUR. t I'Al.: ..n . PREPARED 0LUR. i I'ALiil.Nii . PUKl'ARKD ULL'R. SAVE Tllb PIECES. ECOMOM Y I DISPATCH I eT-"A BTITCU IN TIME SAVES NINE." pa AaaocidenUwiU happen, eren bi well regiilaled fxanillea. It la very dtairable to have cheaii and awivuuiatil way for repairaig furaitur, toy, crook ry, Ac. 8PALD1M1 S PREPARED GLUB I aaeate all audi mrganciee, and no hoUMhold two aBord to bo wltbout It. II la alweya ready, and up D tba at ic k ii ig i .. i.l "l BEFl L IN EVERY H0U8B." B Bl A bniah aooomjauuM each U lie. Prloa BoW. Addree HENRY C. SPALDING, No 4d CRDAB at, Haw York. OACTIOM. oartain aaprinolpLod rana are etteraptlng M abai off oa to uneuepe. ting pabllo Imltalluua at By PBVAJLBJ) GLUE, I would oauilonall par Ma to ereteilne before purobaalng, and aee that aba hDMM, BBT BFALDUKit PREP ABBS GLUB, aeaj uoc feae.aai wrayw AU atkex. araewliitV JTBBT HIIJTABT HOSPITAL IN CONTTBCTIOW WTTB TUB ARMY I BTBBY SUPPLY OF MEDICIfTB BTOBBB BAM TO TUB ALMY, BHOCLD havb HTDBARD'S WILD CUEBBY BITTKR8L Thia La mora palaMble tuan lha bee Pert Winae nd enawer In every iwapect better ptirptaea. PM th tick, th weak, debilitated, oonvaiMOMt tap taere, th I awl wine are not Bt ..eeM a tba WILD CHERRY BITTERS. One htMpilal al WMhhigton baa ordered eome Iw taalr palienta, and all ahould do ao, In all branobw W the earvloa tin Land or eea. The WILD CHERRY BITTERS la an artklaef great value and Importance, ontubtniuf tha virvuaa of a ton lo, with th power of calming irritation and Ibrainlahmgnervouaaxoilabihly. The ImnaAte de rived from Ite uae, by peraona affliated with vaiion Beeaaae, hw thu it he a power ever mar thea Me of the dieeeeaa of human Ufa i and althea gb tbare la unanimity of action, yet their appeara from the certificate following, a dlveraily In IW re mil, a variety of cure. Tl.e rcaaon I that thia preparation of WILD CHERRY, la a epw IB and aai um Hi r, upon tha Liver and otlier .l.geetlv wgana ; and tliat the want of action of tha Liver la generally lha cauaa nf dlaeaaa, or one nf IW Brat rym4t.m, whether il b the Fever aiiaing fn.m lha waiil of proper biliary etauetion, fuuctionevl deranga event, oi organ in diaeaae In either aa, Ihe BIT rERSareaeafeand certain reiaedy i or whelhe the time riaee from eudtlen excitement, deprea akw of eptrite, or th faintueaa and laaaituda, the aa af tha Bitter la Judlcimia, and will an rely rawauv Rw cauae thel protracW Ihe dneeea. Thia bee boan aatiafacturily ehowa by tea expert - Onoe of hundred. A single d'ae law eeved life, and by timely using B baa prevented long and aggravated disessaa. Thia reparation I e certain wdafiee, allaying all narv. (Ml exretralnlify, and calming nrrvetia Irnttcua, Balpitatlraa of the heart, dixsiuMvof th head, fain I -aaaa, and all diaiaew ariatng from a eympathatlo af, taaion of Ilia atomach, are witiraly relieved by a vary few .1 see of tlieee II iters They ar alen luvaluabl In all lrllloiia oomplalnM, aoch a Favor and Agrie, Jaiuidioe, Biliou Oili. Ifletalency and Dyaeutery accompanied by de Inaee and lassitude. A few dtaw will rallv PALPTTATTOR OF THB HEABT, DlZZINaVM OF TUB BRAD, PA1NTNESS, and all duexeaea ariai-ig from e ayaa nathello efJaotlou of tha Stomach or oonetipetioa al th Dowel. In all DYSPEPTIC AFFECTIONS, ee well as ka !b hecteo fever of SCROFULA and CONSUMP TION, it lis been round to lie highly aervioeabla. ll la Bbn a UNIVERSAL TONIC, uii1.sm1.iuj lha Liver, BtimuUUng the Secreting Organ, and dif flainginto healthy wrtlon all Ilia digaetlve ipa faioe, overooming Languor, drowainee and Uveel ande, and m.i Ufa and energy to lha whole ay stem. Thia PREPARATION OF WILD CTTF.RRY la happily adapted la tl.e wante of tl.e Mode al Faculty, end it h ia already taw . me a favorite remedy with many M dlcal PraoUttotwia, On phyel i epaeke ae f. alowa, and ooreahTa siven ti o ai i iigeet li Unrmli Bt It F. 1 1 1 1 ) 1 1 A 111). DmrhtTx 1 I ... e i veni'ned lha medirln whlek tai hv prepared, vLxi Wild t't.e-iy 11. tiers, and win. n v i recoinme d lo tlia nubile aa a raxnetly fn HRRVuUB WBARNEBBand GENERAL lit.liIL ITY. I artlchs wall atxaptad to BP fm d ralil t in auch casus, e v. eli as to promote gen eral hi alth. Wll.ll l IIKRRY t Drtrmtia rirfinxVina) hM long been regardtd ly thaprnfaainnM ti viu- koala n -it wul. no aadativ, and turrefor an,, "l. a ' d iBaiautMM In eyetem, eiilmilig Irritalloll and tl iniuialiu.g Nerv, ua Kx.iUhillly. U ka d ae being admirably catculHted M afford great n . i la a DKItll.i TAi.o d the ai i....h,.r.f li.e eyetem et large, especially when I' Wdeli iiiy la united with general or Itasd In. in'. ll.. lit nle MgaldsitM exeeUentlo ba given in li s It.ciio Fever or Bcmtula ami Con aimptioa. Ilwi irtleularty uaaful in th Oieietal Dabikiy w In. h .iu u roller e inlhuiimslory diaease. U lias el so I een uaed to at I vantage, and f" III d V- lie aellal i t. d to nay Oaeeaof DYHPEPSI A. II la auvoaiic eef 1 n. IN nUUUTTRRT I Bt I KS. This Mlalit'tiie w l.icli yuu hv pratauwBi lis. I Irani, ti-annly sectnetl in ll all tha out o-e of tba Wild Cherry, but len-fully ami Judn looa.y onov pound. .1 w nil It, hi e oilier Imp. .lUuil end p. -tent ree egente, tl e one aeeatuig th other, and tha a bote Isgriher forwilng th mMlawatful and plew aai.t eel u -et nl inadioinB for the e, aoo i.tiakmexiacd tha object for wlucu 11 le m-chvitly r e'.ded. 8. KLMINGltlN, II. D. Pre pared and enld, wholtaal and retail, by R. P. Illlt; M.I.. N ' I atreet. New York, and ay Diugga.ia aanorally tbrratghout the country. It IIIItlltRDS YET.ETAIII.K AM I I11L10US PIMA I . . ... i . i ... ., l . c-m j with hnn, Ln kia kliapca. k. T I" "a luvve tsaan a. long befor th p-iVIa, nd Hit r tlemaml bo greet and extenstre, i .1 na tulugy La required to laoorarnatul tbarxu tiieir curae tlv pi -i-erllts were dls.overe.1 by the proprietor, and fully I. att .1 on hlfra If during protractedanfTer Lng. Induced lu the dleelierga of laburioua odlclal duties. The Rev. B. IlinitARD, ih..ugh a mlnlalar of tha vrjsjiel, also studied medicine, nnd wHauexert Oadai 1 emiiienl phyaicuei. Thea IMle ere ou p.c..i of iiii . dient he found BSOat e icoeesful la many II. . c and ciLiea, torwloch he prte.-ribed due uig ,l.ia aaieiisive ti a v is, for upwarda of thirty yea re. To" dieeoverer, Ian etroriffly eppneed to tha UM of . I. t. d I cmeihca, I i.ver t ..In eivctl the IdM of bringing Ihee IMJe bef.-.a the publio, until urgeue y lmHirtuutHl by hi numroua fnimda, w ho Lad a v i e, i. 1 their leuiedud t ll. la H is in till wavy II. i ,i I , ... I la have beau couierical on euileimg bUe maii ly at large. Theae p Tegettbla, being extracted from certun ineibciiial herlM, ly a leciiliar liieml- J eal pr.-cecs. The d.aie neceeaai y for even eeverM ' oaece i pmall, obviating the naussa and disgust ax oeriencetl in swallow dug liuge doaeoof uiedicuia A I'm iralive, A.lerative, or Touio ectiou may ba pi-ial'iord by these F. lie, s. cordang I the maimer La which they aie mllliinialt led. They will be found to be wou.lei lully eth.eciotie, when taken regularly, lu ainull d. .ae, for ismoving vsrioiui diaees of tba Liver, Slotua.'li, end other digestive eairetu. I They ere 1..4 pruaented lo the public ea auntear Ml ain-en, but ee a preventive, and newt .a. (bl remedy, for Ike ui.ail numerous class of ilianeeM luwl.i.hwaareoapoeed la thi nimiala and on tola , aauliiii-i.t. IhcMj'ilU ar mil. I, bul elTianual in Ihelr npra- rgoiie upon th eyeti'iu, mi cauaing debility o tM i great ex.-iteiuenl. TI.ey are pern. -i.y tciteand pro

per to be taken iu eveiy peculiarity, situation, oil- I mate or di-oase where an alterative, oathartio, of laxative Would prove beuetlclal. it F. lIUillARD ii CIRCASSIAN RAI.M. A cure for bmua, bruisox, cula, contuauuiis, gun ah, a wound, Ac. The bU wing la a list of maladies for which lha BALM is particular iy apt. 1 (cable, flat OneriaxTa t i.nie. T ai I'ariTaa. n Scold Head.' Ilaaiila'o Ir. ii. Bait Biui a. Tn-ria, an Bin . a one I Cal. ra or Tua Mm ru ; Bci avv or Txra Gcvie; t'oaTue aloi-rii ami Tm., .at la Com i i aims i l i i: v c't.1 . u liia 1'aKTU Htl ti una, axro PlUIIVINUTllR IlKXATII ; III MSB Ml rtl'AI.M HWII, laca asu list isra . t.i ve ami a oa n aio.aa Alao, for BuxootbliiB and I- i the Skin, when, after t.vo or tuiee ej..luaiious, iiskuwetl Won lei ful affoott For dcttiaing the Terth, Canker, Bre M mth, and eteolatitalugtu mouth aiid t. ..aa in Fa vera, thi! Vlicle Is one of Ihe veiy lad t' a can le imcd. Per aona uauig Una as a t WMh nta-l u. I bvar tha Tva.tli.e i .e. It rnirhtiM tha In Mill and net. na tha teeth tothall m iniali ve w hlleuees, kavrdeioi tkegtima, Be . t tc F-r .vulrfrn;, Ihia la a miart valuable artkle. All naraoit w taking to aliav with perfect ease and cm fort, shouid use line l.-Uon. It nude. I u I i an aoft, aiul anaootha tb i. c, ao that ike iMia gkdee over il w nil a PBnat avrleet freedom. For bathing end lairaousl clea-ilnieee, ll ia en ex. treineiy tiaH .d at lu le. It naaua the poree ol Ike akia and distwlvea all offensive eecretion. B, F. in nn i mi d UNRIVALLED RI1EUUATIC LOTION For the permaiient relief of Tic D illaUBMl. Men ralguv, T.- thai I e, Ithciiiuatism, Nerv. us 11 aai a aa Otalic, Cremja or BaxsmuiLiu Aaitlou of the Musouau gyal.-m. ll ueaala no corameiidatlou toeneure ooiitiuuaiiol with all Ihoae w Itu liuv on. e natal it. li ia an in Valtuble remetly ll a la like a ctier-rn to aontha and quo l, end, finally, lo annihilate ell IIiossbu litis aiina to w luck the uervou ayatam La eo otiLauauitly expiat ed. Also I., le taken Internally for Clin, Cholera, Die' i liiea, Crampa In the aaotuaoh. oldand oletinaU tVugh mix uu teespiMinl'iill of the 1. ti. n will fournf eynip or molsaaes, end lake in teaa--.uful dpseathtiwor four tunas a day or ulleuer, w hen uu OU. '.. I. 1 : . 1 1 a. Inn, Per Pain to the h o, a. h. p . ir - Colio or Plat ul. i...., a Itissiaioulud lu hot water and sugar M but as u can etp It. Try it, nnd you will never b witluail 11. KF.V. n. IIIlillAKD'S CAItMINATlVrl HALVE. Tide salve ia fit ee extallenl Ihingewhlct ao fatnliF bould fall In keep iv. ay on haira, F.a goii a, r. -a. Pan ul 1 loara, Caihamclte, or An mi i, fooaimouly oallaff Alt-hueas) Ague lu th brvuitai I liu o, Ear-a e, llurne, Bcahla and Mbea Baathl Paluaol allbmtbt, 11 Is Sure Bliei'itloi I Belay tb laxln at once, by stuuulatiug tli cillieh and - if- al cih; ,.ali,.:i. Tlie liiet pih cel. 'i c n liiituedlata relief. It ha been tor thi laatt rtyye 1 1 'n t lapul , amtna mi utatnx rtdtt'- isiluily IntTMsl .; AUwoaak Uatrbxe ftt any of Ibi "I ill - ea, snd v e aieaura tha f..u . 1 1 . i a I .. a i - iu ... for it Alt at ini - toe family m the caaxp ...i a . tl. 1 I o I v. : 1 IgtM, Orde a a I. it.. I aid 1 r. tulitiy xttepded lu. Ad ttraee .0J Fu kM at, Mew York. L3 ac in ptB BXXLDrER-8 SAFE GUARD. A MBW WaXAJPvjMOr BWRNGB BAFETY AGAINST DEATH I ! BOLDTBRB, w ba galieauly BBBfBJBI their BB etw W tl.e 11 v.rttnient, aboold lw pnaarled egWnW B knea and Death try inglorttaia - - - Fn s II Is wsll anthenticate.1 far llial In ell were elite wei far ketame a ecleure, mora dtaslha hav nanlled freaa RckneM than from th itaai.alltlM ef war. Is every Midler be wltb RADWAY-B BBADY RRLIEF. II will prove eaearvieeabl M BWiakat, pletol, aword . Isayourt. It no dea rer will result frniu B'liiatroke, Dierrbea, Dyeetiteey, Fever and Ague, T I'hos and Tytiholrl Fever, Rtaaimalism, Neiiralgiaa Ueadach, or other palnaj Oniigb, C-.ld. Influenaa, or Asthma. With til remetly plentifully nerd In the ramp, no McknaM Will break rail or peetilenco prevaU. RADWAY8 BEADY BELIEF ha bean fairy proved to le th m.. Imta.rtanl etiipmerit of tlv eved sal stores. Il seved tiie kvia t tlKiuoalld id tnitliere In Vetuttmei. New, anil Raaiador, taith Amerttta. II also prove.1 iff great value t. . th gl.lh Regiment, during Heir entwmpinent M Bj .aianthiA, a vtaiehed forl.yall the offieera, and pi. erde ol end prlrete nf th gallant E.gbth. ghoiild Hie chance of v ar rwjuire Ike preeeno of In lh malaritai Lagia tts and Baarehfw, anil m p'autato.i.s..f the South' rn Btalee, RAIlWAY'S HKAIlY HI.I.I EF wfB prove of in re erviee, if need. I- en all ti e laitterlee and artlllerlM aftkeearth. With Una remedy, Ihe base of life lie Ilie tl -e tee of i lunate will 1-e emalh without It.and Bepeuilctil upon tli eklll of Ike army eurgeon. un arfillmated, at. 4 Without experience ea lo th dieea. tM aa they prevail In those liavahUM, th loee of Ufa will lav fearful. RADWA YS READY RELIEF will eeve th Uvea of Iteaea wh may la eeixed w itli any of Die cltnioAt diaeeaee of tl e H..uthern BletM. F r twelv yean B hM tat-Uled euceealully with th m et fnrmidebl of lavstllenoe ef th rice, c-Ut.ii end eugar planta Bona, RADWA Y'R READY P.FI.ll'F, aa a preven Nve end curative t.f diseesee Incidental to the H i th em BlelM, La no experiment but an e'e nte fa, l In can of Wounds, B ubas Hjtaiua, Oiui-Bhtg W ' la. H .' - a Of Itirolirt W'.und, II s sppllixation af BADWAY'B BEAKY I'll 11 I' will U f TWM aarvlea, and, If used Judlcitaisly will prevent liiflam inorvatlceaaon, end Bare th nn easily of am BBaBbaBk ARMY IIEtJEBSITTEfl. On of th moet tmportanl military raqulsltM Which the Government overbad,, U RAIlWAY'S BEADY BELIEF. Is the St ILDIKH'B SAFEGUARD, and will iinSavcl htm on all nctaeion aganiel en ki e snd sudtlen Mtseks..r peat-entnal iLeneee Every thxmp. Fort, and Bhiii afdiUrr and Naval Butiniialaaild b upplid with tla powerful wee4c.11 of deleno. bmauTpoz. Tb military bulletins ann.etnrs that Smell Pot, llMelea, and Maliiruaiil Perere, l ave broken .ait In different regimenU. Tlie ga'tant Maine Regiment i BU detained -May Kd -aU Wi'li4l'e 1" - at. and rail ansip M Washington. AiatafMliB, Fortreee Molinev, or welhng the ick list t. an alarming extent. The Ottveniiueiit, by neglecting to eupply th mtdnal More with BADWAYB READY RELIEF have onmmllte.1 a erl. .tie mistake. For thi remedy, tVmly us,.. tbelr.-ila w ill prevent andr ira rnd.aibleiuiek lime Btnll Pox. Mtavatea, Yellow, Tyi'buB, Typhoid ami U t'llter alternant diseases. Lei the O- venunenl si 1 1 ply eveiT 11. ' larv depot and Winampuienl w ill Midway' R -Iv R. let. No alckiiiaxe of a ftert'Sia nature will prevail. Every Volunteer eho'ild pn.v de tkemaeivee With a few 1-.I-II na of thia remetly. II will rotet 1 y..u sanal sud den attack of th Bad inakgn ini ti coidsra, and trill Lu all cwtae of Bit kneaa ex 1 . .lite e OttBt, The NEW YORK ILLUSTRATED NEWS of thia are. k esye 1 'In a f urner nnmber, we reminded IVem tlatl thi Ptral I) vWton of li.e t Bill It army In K iaaia lead iuffertd leaa th:ut any 1 tia-r d Vinc.ti, baOBUM Mar thai DaeoUBfj read ma.l Mcb a.ldier cany but, bandage a-id pr-vlan.iia lot himself ; if bt theae lie oeessriescvery rao'd er v. 1 1 n.l.l email uuaiiltly of at,.t 1 ,v ..:,. , -'-v. KUlWAY'S READY RE LIEF, l e v ..I 1. 1 1 1 y tl-i .ve at tual banetlt daring the .'amigil, lait will eacep many hours of pall ami sulTeruig fn m rhactmatla uffe.-tinua In after IIBA 1 ...... ,. UrrTl e 01 ileal lu which our oeuntry la unhappily engaged.'' HARD BUFFERING. WONDERFUL EFFECTS OF THREE BOTTIJER. One of Ihe Private of the Elifhth Bog.meut, al preeenllu Ihecily, relates the fotMWfatgl "After our arrival ai Aiuia-.lie, our C mpany, nit.ler Ci l. Lawrence, were m loved in 114 irentht; the Brat uiiikl we ala4 with our ban lo Ilie weter and 'irheede reeling on our k napMrkl iovplllowe. In lit morning, tair blanketa, which was our only covering, were so wet with tha heavy dewe that we wt aug the w ater out of theru tn streams; OUT liirlbe and .1 .u were eo etit thai w cul l hard' n, .v ll 111. I I, -d ll.. ee l-uca of UADWAY'S KKAHY BXLIKF, Iwo of which I gave away to my cuinadra, aial tlie other used myacif and a .ared l'lirliy w ill others. We all leaded our knilaa and Jouita w tl Us READY BELIEF. In a few n.-iiienla la lameiietwand atilme, pm e d v eaj-i:..s, left Ua Watben liavlitglio Ii 'i,.r w un ua 111 AUK BELIEF end walnr. n.rere.1 and inv.goiatetl UW, and etiabled na. w ith the e. d of twu India, OOtV aietuig of taat.l blent 1 It and aaM ptsyk, to atand guard duly, work lu tb trenches, and wlaaailMirr. .we foi twenty-four lion., having only two hours test. Be tang Mth READY III. 1. ILK lasted, we could pfa form duly, bit when tlaa gave. .ill fed eicka and, by the order of our 8 irgemi, relumed to Hub I .ty, I am certain thai if there was plentimi aupl ly 1 RADWA 1 ri HEADY BELIEF lu th reg ii.enl our eillTetliig Would hav las 11 trilling. I intend returning lo my recuiteul In a few deye, and wit toka with ma a giaal eupply. II La the ramus! ol xnyaelf end 111 at of my friend in tie i.'trnniuit tlialyu take Immediate el In latve KADWAY'I READY BELIEF added to Ihe medical et..tee tat avery rtgiiui jit. It will mvo the Uvm of thouaauda af our troop. " DRINK IT. If Buffering from thirst, weakness, fatigue, a le pouiiful of READY RELIEF, i" tumbler of vuv Mr, will pniv of greater eervio than alcohol, wbiaky, or any other hquor. MOSQUITOES. Our troop will Buffer greet ann.vyanM from thi bitoa and etleg of mtatpnt.'ra. Th weof Virginia and th oottou, rice, and eugtu- lands, ar exceed ingly istLsomaia, and Inflict eeveie and olistiuall nt end wounds. If RADWA Y'B BEADY HB IJEF le applied bi the billon pail. It will lu a few VAoBieiiUBlop the moel taiibiluing itching, neutra lise the puieon, end allay lutlammetion. Ball e tin aa 1 hands frMlywith Ike READY BE LUC and wiiter the ni.aapilt.aa will not ti.aible you. H B. Benietbtw ar a. .Id 1 -y druggiet and atora kaepere everywhere. BADWAY A CO., N... ti John at., N. Y. VACCINE VIRUS. We here enmpiaaett errangemente with a phyal taaiii'f extended prMtlo to fiuuishu with freel vaccina viru from bttaltbf liilanle, tn chcnocallj soeled gloss Inlaa, and w ill eupply phyaicieiie aul wirgnoiie lu lha at my with either vaccine matter ta calte, iu the tolas, fi r till cunt eat k- air two tuhee one containing vatcin uuUler and Ike i4ta?r ecala tan-Bo-cento, capable id vaccinating el least ten per acsia. We will gui aiitMevt i y tula of vaculu tu la trcaih and pure, end froM healthy lutant. Addrna KADW AY A CO., . J Johu at,, Lnoluilinj the aiuouul in iswlaire elamja. BADWAY A CO., mytttf'OuO Bt John t B T IIBKHS. CIIEiVP AND BELIABLX UAll. DYE llRIEMT A co.'d COLUMBIAN 11AIR DYE, PRICE TWENTY-FIVE CENTS, Run!, if not Is4ter than any Ugh-prlaWd Dye now h uae. 0'ir agent iu Ike city 111. tl BUburfaaslvj Ik fol Lowing wd known Dl nhgiU aial Bt-'iakceialre I A.-te I'ort. L. A noani.rv, Dmug at, 91 Eirfhth avenue. Gattv A Co., Diuggiela, 41V rl-. . 1 avenue, uoi HI. st. Founts A Faiseiiti.n, Perfumsrs, 415 Gludaon si. I and a. . . et I .'1 Sixth eveuue. Pai azzotto, DiugiaU, Halt, r.. ft II .use, No. 90 Dasb&Co., n ir; 4s 43 Fourth ave., cor. 811 RaanaACo., Diuggist.a, rortiM of ilouaton stn naavenu Oi oorur of Aun end sta-.t- u st., am It Bvenu D. Oomsr Tl lt d al. Dt DUTia, Dnlgglst, 44bOrndatt near Rldgi C. II. Thou-., Druggist, 1116 linda-u, cornar c Daabrvieeefl et. W. W. TiiAVaa, Drugirlat, ) prl rt J. B WtUTBa Oor. C.a until and Uivuigttai at. and e t in r Baolaon and Bontgranary eta. M". E. Paosaa, A t.-t In ll nr. 80S IL.wery, Baaeoaa'a New Dep. 1. ITI Division at. Brooklyn. J B. Oajrv, Drngglat, tfyrtle ami Franklin aval Da. li. Ko. a, llr-o'ii-at. '.as 1 tl "lit at. F. W Qomi IBQa DrUggiata OH Fm ton el. K.fl. Hi nii.iii.iiii, D.i.g...ei, ByrlleaeaA Carl U. C., Di iis', ld Fullou st. U ....nn ' .,. Ti Bai l or A Co., Di ugglata, South Oth at, cor Stk btiwaoa, D. Ugglat, S nth ih at, oof Seventh at. D. Nowii i, DriiKg at, htl Orand at, near 'aai a W. 11. Sates, lb 11 -gist, tlHUnuidet, near tit J. TOBBHIxli'S Vanity Blore, 06 Unuidai. W. S. OaOaa, Druggist, Boulh Second and Niul Its, and Bi i Grand al. W. li. lUAJias, Druggist, 1 wi Q rand aft. rVneort, .. J. P. A. It - .: . H Ulecker et. .',..,1,1 L. . Peon A Co., U ill nf Pliarmaoy. Alio for al h IVuggtale gvuerally throughout tba country. Bianufactured and for eale fwhol Basil and ratal M No. 4B BoUTa tUouau braaav, Williaanabunri LL aul atwa'su. aeksWi'l aWFBBTs rTavArTTPtTL SET OP TKRTI1 ON QOI.n ga, 00 silver tl. partial relet a from tl to B per tranth, with or atari extract ing ihe raw, 1 Teeth Slled with rmeitl r.ld nr llver, from M oerile lo tl Mab. T'.-l 1 extra led w.lhiarl pain M nw It E tveiier Car. a. et and Bowery, by br. B nXI RS. Ben'r. eelt ttae'lM A R1IFICIAL BONE Puh F11.L1NO AND a ram.alrltng leel'.a however hadiy decayed o broken, put In a ft, will ait ln, OraVaj of tr4h, . and warranted for life. C. D. CRAWFORD, Dan- I list, tl Amity at, on aeetsid kkioh from Br.adwey. MB Mac'm A RTIPICIAL TKFTH rNSF.ITT EO FOB -ll lowest pritae, let n-iiei with fold; BL bone fllllng, 0 eW: silver to ct end upaard keMli e.lraotod wlabea pain, '.Be, by Dr. J. B. OONWAY, li3 etwa Blh i 1M tai .nd Sd .v. a'tUMae 1U4 DR. ntlYT. DFNTIBT UAR RKBOYKD from IVH Bowery fsitoT Broadwey, I .Lsahuv lra.ii at Fu'! aetta of teeth on aire ailver, ae ,..w as Bt. do. gold, if., pletlua. t. Art.s-,ai bona Bll Ing Pus 1 ten without pain). 00 a ,..k ot) ow to $1; am a gam. (So eta. All work we.-1 anted, aei Mai'ltO rr 1. f t ii-t 1.1:1 ii -tkktii-tiif. am- A en an Ttt 0 DftjrRMl .lei.t,ala tare 11 Mi Rrif tewnliful full art la t IS and ti 1 pmi " far it. is arttM41., werra.tial Isxlf lh uvuai pri-e i lane Slaug t.i tie. kM Bovaery, -i i- " I' In etre.. mm lta141 tu r. ArAItTMI NTS TO I.KT A 2D OR SD fl.s.r, in :t. at ry and lasemenl l.rt. k titeiaa, wilh all Ua m.-dern Impntvemema. No. 11 wat 4Mb ata west ot vUi eve slat 1-atory brlt k fa.lory, tafe.t front, wttti steam engiiie. Apply Ameii.aa Tula Works, 4Bth at, east of 'nth eve. ael .' ! APABTIIEWTS TO LET IW HANDSOME I rlek In Mb at, WlU smsl urgh, nn e first fits r realy ptere.l, .. 'fling dta.r. 3 rooms, Iwse metil and 1 1 ..l, w uler lh ; 10 1 t A a.. . . tlaga I ta re, will Bias ami e eer ; rent Irepiire of E. II Ql INN, .oOaife le-uae, fait al, 1st N . lh ran ami TU bi. self ;ii IT flAKKItV TO LET THE OLD B8TAB lalen r. a ll tsn t Ami i t- N miE and s D WIJKR, rdfk tM Yarlcw t. alt flit HAKKKY TO I I I nil I.F.ASK-TIIKOI.D eeiai lo.! rd hakaiji No, 4BI Al anUc at. It ejk bra, to let w 1mm fur tarn nf ere, to eg. ai losttital telrr, in ne other retat ripply, also Ihe lakf iy, eornei of I'.e.d and II rcen at. Ils...klyti, to lei or lease. P..t furll er p-l t nlare epp'v real dean l . the corner ee a, cl AHKAII Akt KMX. self tMtt HOUSE TO LET THE THREE SIORT Isick bnuaSi No. lei p .wers ai., II ...k Mi. Inqnlr of BADRAl' Locewood 4 en . No wi WMhlngbsi al., N YJ aeT IU. I.IT Hi 'I BK AND HI ORE TO LET THE three ettry l.tame ami at. re, cor. of Baaf..rd snd He Rail. aa.'. II - it yo Iiel'Ut at 11VHK.AU, LOCEWOOD A CO, til WesbuigVai et, N Y eel taaaiti CTOBI-aS, Ae., Tl) I.E. I HbAJ? B. EN T.I O New atoraa t awMkne saapa -t n . ttej-a, 23nl at, ve. A. 01 eap ronOM net 7.lo 1 I nl ave.; fine epanm.'tits tt3 T ird ave. Apply rat p-eniiaew, orbij. II. DOUJ1ITY, IW Itmerv .a r. B'.auaa. eeV'.'ta MIS fcTOKE TO LET, ND. SO NEW OAMAL fi P. 0 A flrat r tie nan I I .r latfkw1 1 a rdraaaii a. I .r- 1 g beaxi otxxipled f.s-l ialt laieuiesa tl.e !at 4 y.are. Belt 11111 FIB. ATTENTION LADIE8 1 Pl'RII! Fl'RBI! FI'RS!! tha old eat .1 1 atual New Y uk Put M milfactarlBg C ., Iveiot. at Clalhain at, .Ter gttwler btertMO1 Hit lite tl.en vr. N wi the time to gel yair win- tt i au.t foi tale ait tiau the ueue pr.. c v .. cavee l.-irge. freeh, end tl.e leal ael's te.1 at.a k .a" Fura Ul le f.air d. al Ihe followinir v. rv low ral.w : a' W di i Mmk. Cape. M .tl amlCutla. t ' M . VTalei Mmk, lull X Cas. Muff and Cutis il i . Ml ' Mil k U OfM vi anil Cuffa, $n M ; Pratt Mini, f. M tl and Cuffa. tl to $10 ; French Mink, mil M Cam, Mutt end C ida. $u I $if: French, Sable It .n.. 14 II and Cuffs, r to $10 1 Pmich Mink Hufra. $li.. $:t . r u Mid-. $.' t. S3 ; I rWIt I BatlM M ttra. $'J t-. $.1 .VI : Water ami Ki.i Mink. French Sahle n I Ante, lean I" t h ltd R lh M .rtni S t'sr. $C l.. t" Valor ms,$l tai $0 : Kablr, H one M utm, K 1 i. M . n ... M .k M i -Itn, Br. ok Mmk. end 1 1 ray fl.lrln Bl'i rrel, np. al ly es kWt A larite variety ..t Chlldl-aO Kan y Put, New York Fur Itatiufaeturltig Co., Depot sit l i am at. I l.KMISlt. Manser.aela BtM'tW a-1 1 I U a I III Mtl All. UNDERHILL mis, WHOLE a aale and n-tail diaaltn-a iu Sue laiuily gtacenea, 671 F gl.lli sv-e. Fine cie.-n a ol black tt-iia, tl sir. sti gsr, bulter. Ac , cheaper tl su evsr. sell 14410$ BENZOLE KAPTHA-SUBSTITUTE Pot tuilvnlnie f..i niBliufs.tur.iig ptirp.ia.-a, alike It west rates. Fr ssle m ifuatililiee to suit, by I lll.MKHHtn (ill A WIIEMON. MB Maiden Luie. ael7 li' Dan l. B EB81 SB'S OIIKAT SPEECH fob tl.e Cni.ei This sttperl. eugraviug, ttkaatt L&a la in-w trTaitat -,t fl Bt per Dopy, A.'t-ta ., .nnd II II. Bt RNKTf A C Q,H Naaa.i at. N.V seli its.' DR. HOMER BOSTWICK, At nun: nl' severl llieilnal works, will colillliue the pi -lice ol mialicuie antl sutgery, alls'. E,al l.'that- 4 d.a.tswealel Hi. ado ay. aelfltac'IM GZ. HOUSE, LAWYER a Adviun t cash on Ne, Hill, Drvt. M rl gagM and Clauo place.1 in hla hsude tor ITiTllMTtxeeft. LAW HI81NESS atttvidial t-s and c. .Ilta tious Md pmmily. Office 14 WAI.I. HI. sd Ibstr, New V k Attorney and CoUimellor Lu the Bute and C. B. Cauls. se? fill LIGHT I LIGHT I LIGHT I A GREAT VICTORY. CemphriKi and Piuld OXMrM n Slid, and Coal Oil I Ring. Tne I'NION COAL oil. in kner glvea ti a $n aai I g it tba wui .1 ever BeW' Ir an one alnglt- lamp, Willi no danger hy aphaion, end at halt tlie r-at ot snyttni g now lu use. C-iu.pleiie lauil aiteiadat sauiall axptse, end nets lam pa, G 1 O.k Cana. Wu ka, A-'., alwaya uu band, Righle lor eale bt luanuleahireni tady. N. It. None ol these lainpa tire gntlbl0 with, ul my stamp : patent, applied tor in fmnl of the h iner, end w ithout whloh it ia unlawful to make, eell. or ue Bay lm)irovacnenl. Lami eliere.1 at anypiiae in tlie lily, or ly ,-vptess in tlie ctauilry, on noti.e bj letter or tat fl w ise, Is-iu : left at n.y place ol bush res hi No, tn or:...- at., New Y uk C ty. rial. ahicll. m ia iruatanuasl lef.-re pevno' it ia a ked. -.ll -u ,v 1 1." 1 1 :. JOUR BCLVANY. L HI Kill MKTAI.IC FA I NT. Ti is is the tatet as web ea m.wt economical paint know . .g alsail ONH-TU1 KD Ilia price of Had. Il is, far all purposea except for ia liansml. Worth more than d.aible thai of the lavet lead p nl. II will preeae velRllN AND ALL MkTAl.ll two ..r three Int. t-e aa liaiir as iaul paint, and ll will pre erve WtlllD. CANVAHrt . r any material HRICK WAI ldliatuited with ti e I.KIUOII MK TAI. IC FAINT, will wlmll o no ilanumtwa lo, 3K ERAL YEARS, who lead pen. I will n a seep out dampnees n.t oneyaer. II Ilie public knew the TAI. IK of this artlcle,lhey w. aiid use no other wtien tlie preset of w'avl waa pal iie.1 e a, lha only otvjoot, The uolor of thia paint IB B I an. la. me retldlBh brown. Fur sa'e st tl e manu a turers' .rlos, by STEVENS, UHoTm.H A CO., t'2'2 Pearl St., Jyt 11154 New York Ma.'!iliie De-. Lluin : I IGIITI! LIGHT 1 1 ! LUCID fill., tl c rapist light Ln Hew, t'd, fn a i icl.t c, taper Ihna ki n acne . tl, and w ill taint in kenwetie. lempkeiie or taail oil lamp. The antra ai liter is tl.e sole aan ut lot Ike sale of Hie atstve i il iu li.e , By , nr.. t tin oanw p'-r gallon tl- gvert d in any rt of the cly tiee ..I ekarga, Dep. t 1st Ca na -I M It Vet .v i.l QrM I" lilt, L.l I - oil warranted not explosive. Lamps altered at a trilling expense. J. BABRBM, Mil $tMelB MONEY TO LEND IN bMAI.L 81 MS, on bond and utotlgage, or otOM relialue a, curdy. Til is searched ; Ii vestments ma e ; and money haanttl Willi care and d sputch App v to lit NT A TtlDD. 130 RaMau st, N. Y. st-C "4.,, "..3 RORBACH A MANNING, MsmrrsircBBaa or TBI NES, VAI.ISEh, CARPET BA08. Ao., No. 9 WaaitiN ar. and fsM Baoanwav, NEW Y o Kg FACTORY, 1M Maaarr tt Nawsaa, N J. E M RORHACH, T F MANNING, haa tkan wkolaeale prieM dm an I'.e wr. JyU n'llti CTATE OF NEW VOliK, IJ (JcsaiianasTi 11 OirriBKAi.s Prrmrxivr 1 Jaitw York, July Jii, IBttt K Ik-els hereby given that n..h.Ue litirenfter will he paid by tins Department fur article furnished, or foi any aeivice rtudtue.l to any olficer, regiment, or company, uuleee auch claim la baaed on written au thority from tills .li e. C. A. All 1111 11, Engineer In Chief and Acting Assistant (uarterinaster UeueraL Jyll WWeVTk'ia T A X S-'ESTI HESTEK COUNTY a- Uxearsatil u, Weal. heslr Ct.iiutv, will lae a.a.11 wild lor turn: peltiaa d. airing their b'ilU can obllimofO. W. D1TCIIEIT, Westchester Lund Otlne, iTown at. am building, comer, .fl hatham and Chamber atrtel. MUtWIBt CTOP TOrii LFKS-PAIOTYOlJBRoolh with BLLIt KY'B India Bubtter Palnl. Aa isntal by peleuteee ir on oantafuot. BM Orand, 1M Bvwwr, IT Peak tt, , 40 nth , 00 tan eraWUiaavs' THIRD AYEWTE SAYINGS BAJTE, 0M. M emie and tBab at, . CHABTrmXl am. p PBB CBBT IBI BRE8T a tiared aa B B a Is front tsie dollar to una tn. ueand dollara, DF.Pl 'HITS WIIX DBA W INTEREST FROM MB (HTt IBE R. Rank . aa.,, srsr, day f nan 10 to A eM . rai Monday, Wedneedsy snd Bsturtlay ovweWttBa from 41.. S.' i.k. BPENCEB K.UBBBN. PrW ' aBBB' m PHI N S CHI LPS. See'y. mmt at jaJARNUM'8 AMERICAN MUSBTJB H TWO SI TERR DRAMATIC TldaTI IBM IWBBB Wi Bt I RV AFTERNOON, al 11 O'CLOCB. RVRRV EVENING . O'CLOCK, W At BBeb Of wbtflk arlll I is r-.,rmral tka DeaaMJ dgl TIME TRIES ALL. IB and Ike leiu'l able tun! p..p sr Farea, PLEASANT NEKillHOB. flB For eniioaiiiee, aee atlverttaemeni on Bd pea. JuB Admimam. tt CM. Child te under Nn. if aW 8H HEUICLKSV. H J J El.tell II.D'S lil'.M'lSK FRJfaP.VBAnOBa H HEIJfBOIJi'S BVCBX for th BWkkW. K BEIJaTKlLD'S B-ctr-for Ihe tlldrwy. ffi It V I V lit d 1 ' -t BVCnC bf tl . aa H BFJJsTBOLD'S BCCB1 t r.ajny. 'Btj HELMTBOLD'H BoUUC for rMrooaWas, Bt HElJg01JS Bt OHD 'or BB of BwaMBal Wl BK1.M 10 1LIV8 HI l tin for Dirsrsw Of Ytetoa fl BEIJf HOLD'S HI UU for DifBcull Rl wMlag Wk BntXJBBOLD'B lit fill for Weak 10. flJL, HE " Bl C nl nakaBBj - JaJ BELMBOLD-f BtlCBC for UnlvaMal taVtBOBA bbHt BELMBOLD'S BCCflC fair II of Otawaw, BRLMBOLD-B Bl'l.TTC for -'.ghl BweaW. L. BBIAtBOU8 BCCHU for WMWfelaejM, flLl a xflBU i, BEI.VBilLD'B BCCUTJ for Dry nam of tM BBkkl BELMBOLD'S BCCHU fur Bi paeon. fS BBLMBOLD'S BCCHU for rstn la lha BMahi B5 BEIJS HOLD'S BCCBU f.s- BfBftBSB af Bw aj HTi ildaawitn tearipurary Buff.voalign and Lee of Bag4. RV 111 : m tn 1 .11 H BUCBU for M 17 ecxl aTaWeVWBI oawa. wBh wiaat ir aaieittltei jl Itoeiaxr W Beabvaj S Hal eil dlaeeaaa of 'H: IEM A I.F.'t t'KM A I ES FFM At JB W wwAiai-XMrxtwatwa rei,T , M PBBAaVBI awMaflM fwxsstsen TAKK MO MOBB PILLS. W YAATJI NO MOBB PlLLB. niBT ARB 0 WO ATaBB, B Til r. v ABB Of BB ATArTJri CKF HBUSTMILD'B BCCUC FOB M ALL COMPLAINTS INCIDENT TO Tn BWaTJ m BO FAMILY BHOlTd) HB WTTBOY H AO FAMILY BUOt LD BB WITHIWg Dk . 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" iBJ Wat F HIBBARD, -'MiaaaBl M Pi'ee fl per ta.ttla, 01 4 f t $B. dalirwad lo BU etllreaa, nam, Unlsk UAst, (ttsr ar Bam ma WW Ono. 1 J II Fl. Mil. MVS Bf BIT R ACT in ctlO. -m scrawnpertkid by reliable and reel -! ta," Bf Icauw from Profeaan of Masked fl illaaaa. Oaaa me . at al other. - m Prefaxred by H T IfTl MBOtgv Preraieal and Analytic Ohaaalaki tea ft tiil. Tenth at, - uw ' . ssiioit, n IliiliiiakaW - RBCBSSABT CACTIOB SWild aBBjBtBSRl mm l-a-eta try to aim 17 a 1 at.a. seta, la wldotl M IKVJ .-.u- pi all and I TTinlhlaaa Bucko thry lalVag J ASK FOB IIKlMBOIJi S EXTRACT BIHj TAKE HO OTHER CV EH OCARABTBRBy Bfl Deacrib aymptrsxij La all oocxurnrmlaatlaBaR AD ViCR O RAITS, leBtflM UAI.M OF WHITE LILLIES LAD1B8, ' i etat lave y,ai tried ILu excilent and highly psr- tffii fumed prejiaratuai for all disfkrircmente id the akia - su. ii as PIMPI.ES. BLOTCHES, TAN, BUM- BB HI KN, HAI.I.'IWNKHS, eVc. 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Th eiasflda ar I annually carrtetl ewey by tin deetroyuig maledfa H tl.rpi-ograeeof whkh ia so treacher.aia, tliat wbM I R-at was merely a Hi kkng, or trritalloB In h I IhnaU, gradually Increaeee, until regular fl af I cughins le neaaaeary every morning, La ordaw M IB relieve the lungs of ti e lied of mstter whloh op- Hi piaaaas ll.em. Iu like manlier, pains a kick M BrM fafHi wete only flying, ur nn vlng jaiius, asm berxxra IS- Bird in 11.1 Bitlea aid cl.twt. or under the shtailoaw I blade. I have uiaale tk ure of ooiisumialeo sap bjm Baa -'al sliitlv for the ptuit tm year, and ran rate M flfl bundrada of patieuu in lha oily and iieignhorhood of New York, whom I have real. . .1 lo ltealtk, la Wf all curable oases, relief from Buffering le guaraa- J lee.1 by tie first twenty four hoii- Ira-iUnrsil. Dr. I Sa" M C O'TOOI.E, Conaniii!!..!! Pl.yamiaii. ft Third IH Ave, la ltth end 19th ata, N Y. sS teas 1B4 LOB THE PILES fl 1 Di I PIIam S VegWable aTaefiary Le a Ml lam cur for Pi Ins, In every firm. Ia th wosw H caeea of thi durti easlng Bectio:i, and whan all H other mean have failed, the patient muW buibmR Bfj lh DtsAirt- pronally at hla office, 1ST Pone att Dr. I pham ha dev. ted special attention tu IhW aRsa aaee for more man to years, end may b arMag I In reletioa to thi or any other oompUUnl, froM $ I I : - 1 lu the nornkuj until o', l ick in th vv I tag, al hi Medical nana, tfrT Fourth at, td dM I frimlli Bowery, lsOw .au Ihiwery and Brtssdwu. I F. C. WKI.I.B A CO., (renaral Agents, 1 IB r.rabM I Un at., B Y. hrM tyill LI F K COBDI A"la-FIMTLK8 0PAlal I sgt who ar BufTeruig from Inward waakuMOaj kM of aj , l u-, general pr.aitreliou of me ejWaaa I 4,, and w-aild nlMin reuewe.1 health and MraagBtf B hnuld make trial of Dr. ANDERSON'S FEMALE LIFE CORDlalL. Mi4har who hav ilaiighter of a weak and nerv oua ai 1 u. a. . ahould gel bottle ef thia BBBRBB BTRFNOTUENINO CuMFOIMD. and 1M ilusn lake it II is the beet oonaetor of tat Hp ' FEMALE SYS TEM ar. ygfT rer produaod. F -r a. ll a.. ,i:st:eeeli-g ra " fx w:l' w hirl femalee ere . often tnaab'tal, M all fl a certain teriiala, it he no equak all THY IT All. WHO A lire AlFUvIBU, jflj a 1 like huudreda who r now asiioyuur goed 1 health fiom ite timely uae, eo yeti will be. II aa I be taken el all with perfect eafety, and Kf toa tally devuld of all deleterious or poisonous drnaBa 1 Price J-l rail Is Hie, lilt HIX I UK FIVE I u II JJtBB. Hb . Tin loihrwiua- ere the principal egenciee : L. as M II as: ey,91 Eighth aval Kuala 4 Utt IW Allen BO Blum - at. and cor. H'niaton at. and Are. D 1 kBxa loy, cor. Second eve. snd SOth at ; Whltat oor 0 lunibia and Blvington ata, aad rue Madieoa aaad I M -ti ..,,.,, sta. WUllamalairgh Malloy A 0el I tVaith Sth and Hlh aw. Hna.klyu. Ory, oor. BTeWa I I and Franklin eveuuss I fJKOCEUT AND LloToR STORE FOB I -I eele. A grocery and liquor lon will he eokl BH rheap, as the owner tanuot attend to it, lav vlng BJB anotlar store to attend t.. : lauel b add thia wwtu 'fc Bml tin, 1 tald up to October 1st. atpply t BueeB I M at, near are. D. t T 1QD0B 81YJRE FOB SALE. A Uf I atoro , a. I ". t e a .11 si a fsl t V si all on For Pe Bcular eifiy W Bowery, eol4 41$ J Mm

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