Newspaper of The Sun, September 21, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of The Sun dated September 21, 1861 Page 4
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THE SAILOR'S WOOING a nm a it If i The figure 1 had Ml holding- w.ih or Ln I hi' Use ptelrill. t'l.l -j MtiM,tU l . ;. ., U;, linr dr with Hh rdket, an if ah. n I a.k ng do.. tlAfMr on tlif heave of tha .a twin it rouldii t le iniatakrn. It woe Jnat l,.4a Hi ! M at,.. Hal in the lull porm amnngat the rOwvl. When I tntind Ike w to I o Ml "f il fit ike night. th- bwR Itiiftfl I" fBB one a foel Infla waa, t light a t-fttat 'I'l l walk "lit hi watch j but I took i ire it akoald Mtktt ho ovw the naleh , has I than bit daughter a, ant went np to Ihe weather aide, w here then- woe nobtsiV elor by thia tttne.wiahing hrr t tir wt of dream".' and no: doobttn,. I -hoitl I see her next ila v. I dar. ay I should lave Walked Ul the llrai wolwed keda'i ciane np I a - idr mo l Co . in i irn ' in. 'Why, yon lo ,k hka the mH ml . f the WA'ch Nxl:" Mid m friend alior Ukin I glutei round at ikt night. ''Yea wla"? it o I ilon't th nk an.' Urn tim-mII, not kn .wing whit ha said, at at lota th.- BMMilaa of It. Ikaaah mrtatali it w on .' . a p. "I hope not rneaara. Tom I" Boat egam. " li, the very linn I 1 h i aal to loo . like!" "Ta MM batrt on kerning it up. and ratlin the inma-ent al inv rate, sail h I rwill didn't know to i the firM time I saw vou in I h ruddy. lint what i the nr.. I f.,r It a ka, even if v rmjld aerve a hliti 1 fir mo." "My dear fellow " aaid 1, "not at aV. -you've kept it up Mfe well po fat - net go on." "Keep it up Nli" impure.! h. "what d you maan I've MM nothing I cpt keep quiat. from more want of "pints. "8o much the better, " I "aid; I ll' V. f a man look more like a prophet in the wilder Ml it diajan I sM you the Wall trou'd". , tar all, though, a mi""inary don't l.lj" pilot rloth trou. M. nor tie hi- ne. kei.hief a you d. i. I .hi, iu rnii-t Iwnd a white neck loth tomorrow morning. I'm ipittn aorioua, rf aal MHL I aa-ure you, ' c ntitiuel L ".lust think ol the mjmMmi look ti two navy men lieinr ahoafd an nMyM!MtMJood know- Imw! Win . tlie tint frigate we Maak, Of p-irt we touch at. they'd hand one or Imth of u. over at once whn-h I, for ni pin ibonl In't at nil like !'' "ladrcd, OoIliM) , " Mkl Tufa, turning muh I 1 I raall.v caitii t under'. in 1 irAy i'oii went on 1 in bar. It di.irr--e Ml to think Htal here ' '" r 1 i rlf latti ihti a iajM mi nn count! At mm taa'll pai bat k in ika Ini bianebouinl -hip ae " "Oh1" r, lam ed I, blatkhaffa little in the dark Uiiaigh, Iwih ut We tw aa - - Mpllt it v in I my not wifliitu; to tell hlra ray ... ret yet' - " am tirad of hote I WMIt to BM t again I'm tbinknii; nt Mvaat lata tbfl .ami,' "The .ii ey. luuaatl Mil Waataotai. Iiu fil ing for the nr.! time, "an 1 yon in d-lnpin in nil orer. N an 11 thai won't do! I v., i dni, yiai can't MjmIti m V.. . r- ;i rraa I't'i. ia I.Ned, to aund by nn jd wl I o il ' "No, 1 mil. Midi. " 'i-, .ir-e'l Ini" i km i a hejp, and ni ft Mil a - nil fall m l abot . bninl, taaa I ran mrn,;.' I won') hamhag fja, at aay rate I U'll yon I've go1 . ichani ot my own, and yoa'U know m ,r.- of i' Maa." Ton, wUtjkkl I howi r. I w in ..n to alii - MM J "Tha ioaat ami atinrt of It la, Wuatwond Voull bring ..f ii hv the head if vou ilon't keep up the in .Mi r ii v rapaatad ba. vou don 'I nana U) Kay you mid N trad m en Ul ,,l tint Mm 'Kicary yu aupplie.i n kit with, fat me a JfaMiat aiaaioaara oulora, i t.-n roa waaL Ned, K'a ntita . imn. t.i IliMtocal fokaa npon nut'h laaa to -h mi. "'ktal'' aait lj "tkarc'i no Jokiaarabaal Iti ria arriou- pnouith.' "Win. ' . I WVatwool, kaoaj the . ler-tn I ke lei... Ill III ,-ll'ltlllBM tbntaali hi- -p . to.) .- fat kill an boar ,., .,".. than two araabma balnw, Tain rari ifwra e railed me I ,.,, .,.. I...,..,., ;,., , all mmum r I ,, i.. i in . w,i h I . nn '. kh a i "wi i in in in, mat,., l "1argym-,ii ha b .ng-I '.' -.ill, "..,i ,,,, 1 Matwatal tu n, .i . .... ,., . I MJJP fl jraat Jilt t.. nun It wl bin It ill "t h m Mind, I grtv ii n . i,,, 1 1 ,, it, id atan anl and lh. rki par, Uu IUt, Mr. T ma goiiti; Ian k to Homl . t "Tho MnrQ yon -li I' ' uWaw tkoro waa aotklag aVa lot it. VVaai woud," 1 aaid, "wbon yon wan boyond think Ua foryounteir. All you it to da with th.t uoleinn rhap in the nwut'len, u jiun t.. lo ,k aj anaaM poMibla, and Ul him ku,.w boloii to th.. CWiA. Anl a fot baanniaf, you needn't ahaiu a Ini i ', ft il, tni ileal lallon il that will do VOU gtwtl.' " I aaid tail ill' Joka, hut H't .two. .1 Mamod to l"n 1. 1 on it for j iii mute i r la,,. "Indeed. Collin-, " Mid he r.ivtlv, " I, Uiiok you'ru right. What do we MiloM do, Uul gire up cv. rvlhing in lilt- l..r a in re mkoillll n MawM an.1 keep turning up "ill w.iter lor ran -together like the old in, .ok- .1 .1 the ifroun I : MM they grew OOM lad apple lor their pain-, and na have nothing but ewr M Many dull watcbti and wild eraaaW ah,.re to rOMern'raf Haw Many aiilura luvit turned pre.n her . anl rnii-aionarioe, just awaMM Maaatnlna;, In -dent, an it were, lailfhl tkam 1 . pot to in what vou .4ii l help oeling now m l then in the lery ,. i.l t. Mb, What .1 - it in in in th MMjHa,lbd, alawl BMiaatbon ludrrnof kt LMd In Uie da Aa Wretw.aal -aid thi-, both ,.t tit itnaind .... the tirtrail. mil. loaMbon . oth .. . ! ,, ,,f tiidatkuow wkal, waai ikrungk I hii im breath wi l, . I,,,,,) , ,, , the aight I had Man a tkutlMitd tint ' o white wake runniue l.r. ... .,. ,., w, . nia.kinihe Mkldki aa it it hndbaen umi on t , the green ye, -I o' il. w.n. , ,,1,. , , ,,,,,,..;,,. , ,U, . .,.,,,, night ahead. ,, , ,he , loud- had n aloft aval where I ha.) btwd loukilu ball nil,,,, ti Ml tha long rueeed apM ,.., , ,. , ' '.1 up, and a, le,r glaring gla,.i the aky a pale n death, -hot UtNOrfn it on the l,.,ri,ni. I can I la lorry fot havntrg lo Ma," add Waatwood again, hut lan'l ,t ., hat tat thin to leave hiane ami Ire ada, a- Umm men do for tha oka of earn ing the im pal tatha baatban? Oil, aai.l he. ',,1 tft puu3M in the WOtM lot one'a actiiHu. coiiiing l. -k uu hint Ika -e.i i- tli worat, MMMally wban yoa'ra an ell, , , am) have nothing lo do bat count the "a,l-. ,.r Itatar. to th.. paiwenger" bet on.le.k. fbaaa Iwo daya. now, I've i In, in. ,t mom than I aval dl I in in ula, lein'tg. t thai inn, " death out ol in v koad rati tun., tka "-ua ttaibai round um a- I r.ana I loin Mow, I think "I hiia . . i,, MM i hrlaa y.-r bt tbuakle ..i il,. Ukawtal . I ian'1 hell. n.iviil- tka not: he l;li., "'1'waa a laVM lie' Slid 1: , t IJkwaV JrM wuiildu'l I at here, i i ., , i,., A'e"twotal. " "I dou'i kn,," koa I -hull i" ., ,. , . tbroo ., lii.vygr."r irn 1 I, i f , frtMh gunboat to i ul ..a" .,., mat jr we vera t bavo iti ,,, , ., , ,: , , .,,.1,1 Wt MMilab -l ii.r - hlng bill n : ggini Id l.i.iutm.ii tbov .,,an , ., tba MM avwt My naadwlth prile p ,- pent I bad ,u tba arn " Neit BJOruil.g the hre ,kl , I ptr'v wa- lu high "pirtta: Mr. Kuwk, the chic; Jul r, rlggatl up ", i,e ninaa. in white tfoaMrl and I'ompaiiya jBor.el, Uyinit hini". If out to pie.,-- the yoang ' odiaa, with ahoin he latgan to l. , regul.ii he ro. Ha waa a" hluntering a n young lion, an I aalt loiigiu.l a.- u t haniie pilot to the nam : but with the la, In - the p or in the cabin, he wan alwai twiatlug kU -e .-laik into ti-;,-language, like vt i, ,it Ml in booka, .. ,1 til' a raartbiug wcr n't good aa ugk, ' The wea'.iiet , j .;. '. I . . . .1 i mi t ,r , alraadv bt tba lima aje gpl ,4. c'oud banking to loowaed, the - 1 in-k. uiulei I total and the uir ii" e 1 v. in rath I blukth. fwo a three lizv gull- in UUf w.kt ,' .11 t., Ion. alive, and .how t ', 111-t h -. .. .1 1 vkola black L afcoaJ of parptiiae. went tomblinj Hid billing P acroaa the kwwa fr half au I ill till low n tba; dived uf a Matdan, boa l-forarao', 1 na aj 1 1 aD' otliar in tin MBM aout, like 11. inv tUaa through a g,.p. My genilein m mat wai t,, ba mm . very where aletut the del.-, and MtlvO enough, I oiuat aay; Ika Boat m mil,' bowaa lungal tv. 1 a or three young lailiea ufi. a- pallia a- a dm log. mutter, allowing them 1 veivlhiu.' in board an I out, and he. ; mil out 1 -e. .ml lower -ml tail, to abow them koa (aal "be could walk. " DVe know, ilft" put iu the third ma'e, i:oniing liom f iraard, I'm In doubt it -t going to lai ratbar a rnaeer, air. if yo look round the lariatard ataa-ele,' S.ire enough, if our line gwntl, man had bail lime, aaaklal hut politeue.-, tiat to 1 art aa aye hayoutl hi- apraad ul' cloth, ia wou'd have noticed tha clou I- gathare 1 all in a lump la n rtl a'tarard, one ihooting into anotbar the btaaat of them lowerina d tarn hi tha buriaun, and getting the name ceiot M Hi wane, till it hulked out hudil.v in the raid 1 i You'd bavo fancied the belly of it acarce hall .1 mil. on from the white i aid-arm ,, awl the hol low of it twenty coining aa ataalthily aa a ghoat, that walka without feet after you, itafaoti to youi.. ami the akirt ol ila winding-lbnot iu 'alBgdoan coaw" all the while. lata A Willi Id, BIPtlV.. A. CIIF.AP AND ytTIOK PA.HAAUK TO Llvarj-..l TttiiamilN a I, na1 e ap'eod d llfpwr aMp I tlANI Kl I.HK aalla We.l i ll B pi mi, For laaaaava tipit (.wrd at Pn IT, K.l aer, fta.'ei ltrat,j ir at the eawaa fta Pearl at. Drafla on Inland' r a . a'" 'fce'lll f iu..r PAMfioK to r. 1 1. r.Ri'ooi.. Br ihe n aal lit I, i. A Pfk t Tni rant .- . lily foal aail . to T 1 I I 'l'k lll UK ah a tt Pi paawafa tpp'i o-i h..- I. f . a ,.' Beak a i. mrtr, r I tAOOm wilt iv. in ' Mia 4'IM pOI LirRtPUOb TAPtOOTTI I.IXK I aula 8, t, lav geraawnh -mbi tvr ",,'.t, H '' pOt'V MANSr.ltlN'll H-... p , r ,W. tjw.1 R.t-er. Kanv app iealtmi, la Maria to at. ure i..e try ap vifg 00 l-lld or t TAP Bt'tnT A CO . So g.,.,11, at. aria :,".ij E0I UINDON SAILS SKPT. '.MsTm' 1 PAW llllRY, i ,,. i R p. . ,'. .!, . in yd c ,,, .late pantl . a .d f u ,d In p -,, vi",,, i, a at Itrai .ge prioM Por poaaagf I kpdy ia TmUw. 0. MOIti n oik i. ato 1111 LHlll MVRHPOt if. TIIR t MPPMSIIIP a RII'IIAKIII RLTt Oaia lavinaMVHh trill oanl m e atiaaM t.. m -r . Thta .hip having 'aai i' lln adnaaif hit la I a faaOaat ablp awOal aVaaa forafva aneja paaaaugari an.i Uta,,l akilM Per ii : it , i i J. wi ni Mt urn v. r.i H ,,ti, i imriiu For LOKIXYir-TIIK PAVOKiri Packet ablpkADI I It INK I. IN, it p.t r. it Rwl river, aa.'a 9' t wept Thla lUp ha a very Hue aeaond eat to. Alp i ... hnaril , l ti e.c.i . ' Ttl'iMP ipin s it k gtai lane, j:r. Pmrl .t. ai t t FOB LITF.BP00L-0;.D BIJkCK STAB line Ahoparkattblp VTNOtURI t;at llarria, lying at Pie. H. Raat R ver, aaila lo-Morrow, ri.e CHAMl KI.I.OR. ami. Ha,.t. Nth, P I aair tn ly .a, bona t, . It WUJJAIU t e.ilbieV anK M. OLD BLACK STAR LINK OK LIVtERPOOL PACeoltTII. Peaaagefieu m u. Liver".,! t.y lua f.ih.mlnij ttra ciaaa packrt a1 i, aai utg oa ana MH ani t ul aauli U . i, AaXai.u, Oittlraacsr, aVaaRuk Auatralla, WnOOUra, Jotaa Br ni l, Baua Wi.-la, OoanoaUori T, rnion. BruhzewaU'T. J - .Jrtit'it'.ai, t'riiT.raa. l)RAi'3 ON TIIK R'll'AL RA.Na-d Ulavm HaaK.rt't Co., laa ata raava or Eaoa-ANr. H-onaan aelt ' . v. LLUAltd A O'.'IOM. to Pi le, aa STT.AM WERKLT BFrrw.i- N hP.W YliRJt AMI I.l vl ttl- e I. I J and -,,., uaaaeneta al j . c-. . Town. Ireovui. The Ijaen-. , New T,:f k aad Prl a ; f -,ia "l-a.i, ahtp 0iup-.y Iniaad ,tatc.ina met t te.i p wared Ot,'da-.,u'l Iron aaMaMbipa aa foil ,wa CITY OV MAN(.rlKjiTrR...tlaerU7. H-l. tlai K is , ,; .,, RitinUay, aVtui I th CITY OK NKW t 'HK M.otd.y, Ol ri. KHINHI RiilL aMlalafi III. I'Mn a.l OVarf an ... 11114, Sal'irdar, anon. fe, Plar V N ell R ..... RA Kl OP PAlMAUR riRtrr cauin jr- d. v Uai la, , nr, rTKKKAOE a . ibi do t, lamd n MM Bleera.. ! I n a 1 mot, in OJn 00 Paeatv,, , " tm le i t Pa , it . II . . 4 Ri.eii.aL, aVutwarp ,v . reduea Hiring! rat Per-. 'ut wtal.lnal. bti-a t.. IhWn nan, la ,-a. our ticitiaa 'neae Por fllithai llf II melliai. IpOIr 01 ll.a Ottiiiar.y'r Othcea JOHN 0. in; a a . tavtl tflM 111 Br.aa.av. W Y TAPSOUTT'S LINR Ot UVKHPooh pack arm. 11e anlweilhera oettttn'ie lo grant oeHifltieaea of lavetoge lo ai d fi tn l v..r.".l hy thatr rarortta Ilea at parkeea, c-.-npnama: aa pari the f41aw1ug artlpa, net Wilt. T APR! MITT, PHKRAI.n ISI.R, AblllOH DaUtADNOI '111 T, M ANCIIK.ITKII, VIOTORY HKN.I AIIAM8, CON4TKI.I.ATION..I J. BO YD, WKHT POINT MOORT, PlliKNIX i.'NIIP.RWRITPK. AK Kl.,iWK, CAHIIHIAN aklna. ataxeUioi il. al.tra, aah,p evry o. t;ya. The a ibaartlawi are hat age.ila I 0 Ilia v 1.,'Va i, a. r . i t st oii'irur. v ,i ai,of nrbMk thoy t aal ceitiflttaiea, t, hkata Una Fat ITT AN. ' I'.a TO IRKl.ANll, ,. r. IV,, an tilt, H to taBUa l ata, i aya1,,.. .0. t.auwi.l. iio'eigt ,..t Rttaland Iralaao. o.a,,. I at W 1MB, at the LOW RUT KATt'ol lUrenlare., ail pa I u wa, may na bad aj a plication if by lettar, WMlhaWl l-Mtaga ak. an -lo TAPHCOTT 4 Hi' -Kl 1, "t N V ek aeT a. 'llil TAPROI'IT, M1TII Lir kvp ..1. Ml Ulltl.US. pHAROR OK HOUR POB KKYPORT. A-on and alter Una Lata, Iht ttaanihraH RKVPtiRT will leave Nc York, -i ..f R bbioini v dally, ftiiid. " ixraptad at i u'ciock, P. M and Kvaart . - A t H-I.e-'lill jiflKAP KXt'l K.SION IX) CAMPS OM a-' buuati lalatid. rate ti oania 'y gulan Ialao l ferry, f-a of W Ua uail at. Ian ihe llullery and H UH feny. RaMtl ltre evry hoi, frwn (A. Ml. T P. M OB Ho" in.layv araty half hour u T P M att It'll ' IXClItSlONS-rrir. -FAfOKITK SEA . net COU. KI.I.HWOR1TI w I MluOB, A. lo chattel, Will- 1,1 w it ,, all. tiateea f.,, g i-eUa . , -i.t,.. . '4 . J04I.PH t. ma n TIN. iu. .lib at auWnaaa1ti 11 )KN 1 N(l LISA TU fEKS.tSB.ILL THE Ml Ai ntihA aarte Jay el piar every aau a. mam I . . t il Wwt Mr. at.dJotl ata Y 1. lera, BaatlOgl 1 , l. Perry, Terryto,i, tn, eiug. Ravm .tiew, 0 -wi Point aud rerulankA u I,, . laavMPajakikUfatf P. V. t4taaartfo nAV flliAT TO ALBANY BTRAMKR AKMlMi turn aiol llarrlatn at ev. yM.n tty, Wediuada tndPray, Para to Buflaki 7, it yiai Ian llcketa at - 11. ,,.w w, 1 ,r P,,tk l'.oue. Mil i;. '170 HllAHU all ttOrtM. HOAKO A PKVY RRBPRUt'ABLB Youn 11 cm lata.- iiaullid n in board. M 110 Ninth at. 0 .1.1 latavat ,u t-i tier week. Privilege a .aal, Willi not and cold water. eel-l MMlea ROAItll ANH I.OIMIIMi AT f TIIOMP .... at dotal taaatd and Iratglag M 6u and $1 a waokt a.... rooMi '"i man and thott wivwt a ag a woab with t-an-l. daykoaraMo ami kalaara taken al low ralen. akkj jlTgiag lot ' eta Old il a week, aIJ aaa 'lea DOARDIRO -CHRAP BUABO -PISE ' r-'iiia, with . I lent I..., 1, Ir ,in g t,. $J a week, ladlee, fnoa tl 18 10 gf I gent WO, all and ita, kilo to lu aide parlor, whS phuiot aroMh man all r.ight, and InggtaaeBgr tha waok r algM .1 itwa than balf pnea. t.a taapeaaf I at. tltau Rriaul W4J and Carnal aaMvantaa MOAHIUNli-i SIMil.K Ok.NI'l.KMI.N r a getitientaii and a , a aan .iiaa-u huajrd aii, i a c.i,'- ,t ti , -e aVt aailraooa , Obarha II . PKI.TIIAM. au. a.M.. r olnilMlh I'l'.N 0RNTR 00VP0RT Xat.le i, i.t. 1 .- a 111 eta a night, leaa uy It, a week; agigla laioaaa lg tu But aaa t naghtaui Then, a aivg nam Mat vita SI ai go i it, ruutaa wuu o,. k ll.rai a We-k, oira'e y I -', t:eio. .. .11 (hii al UUtaltdfe. llo'ia. la Vre.a , .. tiaal i I r a,'a. a, l tta lot) T OlXilNOii To OORIIKI'ORU Wil li Ja t, i,,,,, .. . ,. ,, ,.,i . in ,. nig t -rtaana in, i.i Hi upv o.i". .1 the i i ii .1 int. p n.e alt cor Tlaanpaeu. Boala nitalemht Uiteit .1 I li ght. ae.n tlat Q OK TO i 1.00 LODGISU WITH Ot aaa -CO, ,....,i .,., I. ti I,-, lllglaaud i ailile"l i,-mii, H ai l tm-u t'i.'iA to $ Pl eakl mitn and w iff gle't. H 11010 la o ,1 tt It ... t. a r night, lodging al lv raiiti . B'-gaa, No. 10 Oak at. ei. batwoatt Hooaartll aiul Pa r,. a. 1.1 MtU iii iii .!". 'ii !:. 1 II" I ' LAns MAKI.IIY KOU U. i,, ., ;,. leornei ..t loading avonait .hki akorUi i, i ti e loading ivobum il New Yo k nil Rrooklyu. Any taut In want ol agoud a I abiaild nil al MITt'llKI l.M It ,.t tiOM A.m..,. TT Oodat at. Mil IMi'll DAXKRi I'M: I ALE -LOOK, LOOK O ... k llnuwtl buy a oakeiv with Ava yaart' luaf al tlo o tntuiwi rant i ttora and llvlnganati uonla, ii, d a " liaaainriili praniltM with anili'e ... Hattiraa. now baking 111 liaryobi pM taeok t hat 'gvedflOi "tanie akvacbad N i agent neadapp'y. .t pi - d,agWtalta alierL batwoaa ott aud Tib iVM, MtltIM nl IM POR BALI -A fJOOD I'AYlSti I .'in i.t tb fig " . e, ot w,ll eichmga a .ewiug nun- -I." k tie I ti till.", in one "I Ihe law! cornet t ie. i ti y ikon at, Bruaklynt having thee, hut re agouey ot iota ol li.e bg liuchinea, with piiv.hve ,.t Mlllll .' Habere. TltO hnaiueaa haa paid well Willi ,na I ti.ea, enough ienu.1 out to pav nil ekpeuetta. gnatnll for twlllugi the owuerh.-ia ulhar bnaliieM iii New York. Add,, "a II, R 910, gnu Ulhoe. ael'J IT PAR0Y AN1 TOY NTOUE, STOCK AD ' r'taluree, tt.r aal. t lira!1: ailiialed on Broadway, dwelling, rent .!"",. Thla in a rare clianoa for a aaily wilii a amall capital. Reaaoti given for Belt ing. Addreaa U ft A., atetruolllaii 11 AolJN V alVS'lia kjaeWJ JjOkfORtiPATHIO MEDIOINKB. It, amirra Tfowoaoravwio Itaail had Ihelr tttgla In a i-r at pnblla want, madlchwa aar all the wanta of UB curallviw that father, moth nurae or traveler, an 1.1 a -.y. have try lhaan, and a'waya i. ly u.,i,, ao elmplelhel mlataka aao- nrt be mad In tie en r. a harmleaa II ,al at) may uae Ihrn, w ill, linptit, y, Ml , fleaj, )hM all tnay rely n.on tlxra with aanaty Such thaw baveprora.1 Thonaan.le of nuullMa row llimn dalby Inr -II the Ilia and HaaanM of every day Ufa, and j rarely are eerioiialy elck or have nea.1 lo call a phy ; etc. Tl.ouaa., ,1a, wilb emoe alagle eperlflo, hava j rired ttiemaeirea . ettrl,,uarl,r.wil dlaeaaM of yeaaa Handing, aj,,l U, wl,'. 1 they have MaJM hundrogo In vain, and among the tm not, who nae them, MJMJ l- their airity or etaoaey. ni aa no genuine coin la wuhoU Ika eotititjarfaa. i under Ila. ehadnw of IlL'MPIIRRY'g UPaaJIPICS, a m. inlaw T.aadi... " Curativea" or K.-, ,,,, hat. ODMi up, whtwe prlntlpal nae hi a, law Invo. kinaary Uallnemy hi Ihe worth of tho original Book Iraah la leil toe fruth that eueoaae aiwaya ihrowa M the anrfaoa. Ttatee ehallow knavM Jiiet k now enongh lo OOFT, but not enough lo INVKNT I hop know onough a mtAI. tail t, A enough to ORIGIN ATat go they have atolen the nainea and numhera of nay medi Mnea, and even oopled my advertiaaanaaaa. and with Ibeee borrowal garinMiki the aaa aaaayaaoact Iba Hon, and even faneiea I, a I raying la tha roar of tha aantiarch of the nai But the mhlla are ecqiielna al with eiich paltry de na and well know how lo lake the true coin and leave the bane counter fag with Ua maker. They are now RKt 'OMMPNIiFTl by tha MOM RMINF.NT UOktOROrATIIIU I'll Y Ol I A NK . jltey are uae, I by Ihe n et I.NTP.I.I.IOKNT and RaV PI N'Kli of every oouiiuiinily. All liave fntind them all they hava leen re. ,.n, mended, PROMPT, aVFI CIRNT and RRUAIII.R every way Wurthy of pu Ua otaifli lance and patnaukge. t,tT AND PFlm OP BllktPUREY IIOMEOPAHIIC gPRC'IPlCB. n. Price of Rmgle 11 lea CerdB I, .Oirea Fever, QoBMatNa and lnflamnietlon. II i, P . i. R.atlaaeneae ..Oniaa Worm Pever, W. rui Uolle, Voraeamui Aplte u kV. Cu raw. Colic, Teetl ,ng, Ctyltig and Wakeftii. m Bk.w Or.h and Feeblanaea of In fanta wj e.Curea DiahrrboM of Oilldren nr Ad, ,11a. Cholera Infantum end Hunmaar (Vanplatnt. gg C .(',, .. I y and It Hy F t, ColUS. Qtiplnge, Biltoun Oolhk tall Draantery... ..Onree Cle.lera, Cla.lera abu hue, Naiuam and Tewntiug, Am nnttie B-eatliiiig M T..MraaCougha, , ,1,1a, tl atraeueaa, Broehitla, IwaMietiia and Awr I n gg g. .Coree T "olhat I na, Paoeat ha, Nemaul Paliub Metualiria ami Tie I,,l ,naik M g..Curra MaadanhM, goik it ..u. i .e, v.-.i.g.t, Roal, of Bi.n.I t., the II . ' 4e 0..Cnrta Dnpaaaga. Weak, Aiud or Deranged gtonuch, tl.'uat,,.tioii, Livar Oanplauik . .ffg 11. .(?,;,." Orren H kneee gg II. .Cutea Rearing IViwu eg ak.0uiM OroupalBoMaa Oronpy Cough, Ditn- rultot OpprMMd Bieallung M 14. .Ourea Halt Rheum, Cruaty Riujatena, airy Biolaa, H.I U.a.1, lUilier a Iu h fat 15. .Curivt H ,i,umali.,,,.P4,u,auni4ieea, or neae Ul the Cheei, Ike k. H da or Limbo. .. M U. .Curea Pevei and A t'. a. It, lent, llenl Fever, DUMbAfluo, 1)1,1 Inretrtala Ague gg IT. .Ctirea Pdee, Internal or Kxlttmal, Blind or Bkaatlagi Beneul or OhatlnaM no IK. .C'lrtw Oi'thaltt.y, Wenk nr inllamed Bee or Ky., PaUUlJI or Wtatk go II. ,tlrea tlaUrrh, A tilt, or Clie.tile, Diy or PVlWlng, CI, I In the Uea.1, li.llurnia gg 10,. Curea WwaajiUkf Otaagli, al.ortati.liig and pal- hatlng ,l. or Bj aatti l,e fjollgh gg ffl. .Curea A.thma, oppriwaM. I,ttn iilt.Lalaired Braatbinw, Ooughand Btpoi haatkai M tl.. Cute. Bo i ...... N,,,ae in Ila II, wl. In, pared Hearing, Kataehe gg H.,OureN tt-rolula, R,o,.rgt I. a la and Tun- ella, wollioga at, .1 o .1 I leeia gg M, .Cutea Oeneral l ktllty, Phyaloal or Merroua Wtadiueaa M 5..Cirtw Dr. oar, Pin Id Aeeuiuiilate'tta, Tumid wotloura. with B anty ganiatlom go H..C',r.w kaa H. kniwa, Pi unit alioii. Vertigo, Nana. -a. V it Ot) i IT. .Cur.". Urinary Plaaaeaa, Oravah Dlflh nil or I', ,1 i lualhai M IK. .Curea Ben, III al K.tic altaaa, iiirolunlary Dia cltargaa, and coe-e. ,a,,l r ,.l "t .,, and lien ''t 1 oa at. .Ourea gtre Mnulh, gtoma-h atdia, Ka- kerad M on ,.' Ad i i , i Chlhtraa M to. .ti,, i, a ti Inerj InonnllnnnM M II. .1' nea praaakrea, Can,., or Bt.aama al the II mot or (Tilngand Irritation t 1'iuntia. . , go BJt lOurao H .ti igatOhanM ef L bs gtrgu- ktrlliea, Ptuabta .,t II ei, Pal,.utiuu. and even Djn aaa ol the lleait 1 00 PRIOR OP CASFJ, Omo of Thlrty-flvo t .' . in niniinani and b - v ga gg Ceae of Twenty -eight viakt lu unuecoo and Bank T 00 CaaaofTi. eut.v v,:g" m nMrooooaad B.a,k.... 0 01 Caaeol Ta.'t; ' ... a. plain, end Book uf Di rect!. -na 4 00 bokea N a. 1 to Inland Book. I 00 Cant, of an, air.e l.,ea INn. It.. In a l II . k 1 00 H alaikej w,ll, , hint, una, tft.-. togl. Agenta a. d t, adeeupplie.1 uu our ueuai Uba rallertua. TbOMBMd nea, I y tha etugle boa or raaet. ei t l.y in.. 1 ,,t eiprcaa, free uf charge, oa Hie ratatpt of n e prtoa. Idreea Dr, V HI MI'IIKEYS. Ho, D0H BROAD WAY, Nea Y 'ik. N. n Dr II miphrayi Ijw returned to hie old Mid, Ha Ml BROADWAY, four doure below P nrt -t, which haa leeu filial up, en'erge,! aud ran ovatrd. and wheie I e wig l liappy to aae hia old friend", i ' IMaOMMI and agearta. Ilia r.",ma for t.inat illation are o en during the day, and pal.enta MMBtB him al all bourn at No. Bgg BROAHWAY Ul KDRKM OP PAJaTUM have their eaaa of UafPH UTI PRULPIO, and uae them daily for Wary dlaaaaoto which tliay are eap.ee4, witii tl Moat raarfket aueoMa, oartag Inara at the and will, ,ut eapenae or hate of tllna. N l only da 11. ey got along without tha e t p..,, ... of falling a doe oT. but wghungoei luUI OhtklMtM. N. family who have, oaoa aed tho ooutfotl. fraadoM frOM anxiety end eanit , n from a ,'kiiMe c.,naeqaara upon the uae of BOMB of llumplirey'a BpauAo, will aver I at without B0M. Among t, o di".a-ea meal proniaj cared by a,itt aiuiple h' a..ific may le mentioned : DYBPKPgJA. lYtan w Inch to ninny Ihutiaaiule auf far, unaaneaa IVerhajaiaeA lerok i r acid irowiarAa, with lluatr aval preaanl aateutlaiila ol fcnj ajunra, OV.J.OI'1. a -.t dr.U'l , tlfrtu.ll. M e per- one have haaa eared o lalo nmdlt'iM by u imph rey'a II. ipapalo PUat than by all tabor i..pular raaaediea, PlUCg or BMBBBHOIDti wkUh aiwaya de pend up i aaaugoatlva en. lit. n ef the all linunl at t . ,, . nnle-u, a,1 lit , u, ver " i fialtXy U. ad by aalat ind appncati ua, Iwve been la ll.oia- uidaol caaee em,. I hy tho PUB IPB0IF10. Mo eaae. of how, vet I ,ng abcdiug or ubaliiiale, but Will lai iilUiiagi ly i trad by them. BOER RYU AND WKth. oinitr gopond ujioo an int. . i,..l i.t rl I onutlil Baandara cur.-l kj the DPI UAUfY P1IXI. Th .law.. la are it,,w or; yuig ft.d eyM and atghli who hava bMa oared by tiua Invaluablo rrtuc'y. CA rABBtil of lint MOB) ItlaglllM rl MarM have bee i fined - m by tha a. A I ABBB I'll I.i UOl'UHl AMI ItH.ns are nnlveraally and aromialy eured by tlie u of the UAXUtl HII.LaV In,., ma auvera caaea w th hiOaUtUiaatuu iu 1 1. KM 11 1 .1 J in I ll d w ith litem, IMARRBUaat ARD DYORMTARYS. K fiei'tenl ai.t a. tt.d du mg the l t a.tini r BMUtha, an aaaol p""iu'ilvai. I t ite.t. I.l a I .iti t i. IDV-iMiiY ii li. i . uula hvea an - . .1 .a.,, .. cur lo- In aa e:h , t ,. ,d aaa ha, ...leaa .... I - A i . I. live t,it I OutllainB BOMg t '...i oa Thera i. e ... i aamgle ..i et,f tl.aaaapo- hull a ', n li it.l and appraed fr..iu ffMJg h ... .. d f" ud 10 00 a',1 l al 11. ey reooiinnet.ilt.l, and ll.ey may latr.ltal ,., , .-v.. y , . ei r a cure. Mo man can eeg Utay hare boon gooalved In a alugM Uutewioo la tha puicuaae OfailUglO "lie ft Iheae reuudiea. F gl ytot oan got Miy Bla i Ihe numbered boaal and It - kt. : Ii ,e i a 1 , t yuu ,a.e i. n , laiiea and It k of D.reo MBOa roro II to $R ywi gal a ntn eel, In twenty large vuua. c.iiihaiiih.g the ouliie uumherad aud lette,ed .at, with a tail uiai kl ul dlrattlona, ft.rniiug hi t I SRKl I.i. d II I H UM' FAMILY MKD1- 01MB Uhoet kt an kvh t Mwhlcbany notbol Of ptieut ,an pi tw. i ti e au, ivaaalutly lr I . aeil'.chll" dtaUa or aarvanM and which will Mvgla a ekneaa, in d-. t, t 'a leea, In l ine aud luoiiay eipeuded, five bniee iu c ..I t-vi ry vcai , HL'RDUKDI OF FAMIL1F.S iimke 11,1a Cheat and Hanynl tneli entire FAMILY PHYnl.'lAN, and ,, i do aetthoill it 1. titty doluua ion- year. U indied." of paranua, hi p r haaina; a caee ot MMhtluati have Ihuo proourodand taken a pert he which luta cured them d a dmcaea of yaorw MuRugt Blld Upon Which Ibey lotve fanillearly ex pended any aluuunt uf luuney. YwU CAM DO TDK BAMK. RRIIKMItRR TUB PLACR, hSI BROADWAY, allbeoldetutd, hair doora balow Pi utoe an eel, al Ibaaguoftlie UIO Fil l. Agei.le and ll.e trade euppUed ea ueuai. Dr Ul Ml'HKKY S tahoe taaialenlly opau dnaa Ma ilia day, wlaM bo BUI ho Ouoaulkad during buaua-ehtaua JaMITUB K BIGHT TO TUB BPOT. i BMPaJfT BRLTXP f STOP YOUR corjQH I fOHTPY YOUR RRBATH I BTTHaWlTTI YOUR YOICB I BPAtDIRQ'g THROAT C0BFECTI0RS, ' "alOAT COHFECTIOHS. THROAT CONFECTIONS, ARB MOO FOR OtaCBOVMEM, ODD FOB LRCTURP.R4 OOOD FOB PUBLIC oTRACBRR, OOOD FOR RINGERS, OOOD POR i "NHI MPTirBg. orNTij:uEN CARRY HPAXDrNO'8 THROAT C0X7ECTI0RB. LADIEH ABB DRLIQHTRD WITH PAID ISO'S THROAT CONTECTTORB. CHILDRRN CRY FOB aaPALDDJO'STHltOATlJONIT-CTIOJfS. Bkay nhrraa Onugh Inatanily. (ey elear Ihe Threat Ikay give Mrangth and volume to tha voice. Bray Impart a dellcaoua aroma to tha breath. Ibay are delightful to tho laata. !W ere made of Umple her he and oaanot harm pona, I edrlae ovary arte who haa a Ooogh or a IT iiky eaaa or a Bad Breath, or any dlflculty of tha Thraati je" a package ef my Throat Cannealene, Ibay offi relieve you Inatantly, and you will agree with MRM "they go right lo Ihe apot." You will Hod Mm very ueeful and pleaaanl while travelling er atMtllng public meetloga. Cor atUUng year Ooogh yur tblrat. If you try one paokaga I im aafe In aaying that you will ever eftorwarde eeaw ttdarthero li.dlapma.hle. You wU tad them at

Am Drugglata and Deal era In Itedlclnea. PRICR TWYNTY-FIYB CRNTS. Hy aha-nature la an each jau a aga All otluwa ere A Paokaga will be aent by mail, prepaid, on ra agM,of Thirty CauM. Addrma URNRY C. RPAUnta, Ho. 48 Cedar elreet, H. T. CatPDALIO I" 1 I. LB CURB 81 CK HUADACILfl, ODBB ITERYOt'8 HKAHAI'IIR, CURB ALL KINDS OP Iir.ADACIIB. Bp the uae of thaea PUla lha periodic attar ka of Bwvniia Ot Bick lleedaohe may be prrvenied ; and flakanMlliaamummcemantoran attack, Itntae neae relief from pain and atcknea will ba obtained. They eelthan tall In removing the Haueee and hVedache, to which femalra are ao eubjnot. They eel geully upun tha bowela, ramovmg Ooa avaueaa. Por Literary Man. Btudenla, Delicate PamalM anal lO paraona of eedaotery habila, they are valuable faa laxative, Impruvlng the appaUe, giving lone and rigor to the dlgaatlva organa. and reatorlng tho aa amal olaeticlly and etreugth lo the whole eyetem. Tba CEPHALIC PILLS are the reeult of long bv Matigatlon and carefully conducted ei arrlmenaa. having been In uae many yaara, during which lime ttary liave prevented and relieved a vaat amount of pain aud Buffering frum Headache, whether orlghav hng lu the uervoua tyatem Of from a deranged MM gf tbeetomach. They are entirely vagatable lh their corapoeitloB and be taken at all tltnea with perfeet aafaty, ar,-. ,i making any clavige of dint, and llieebaaua If any djaageeeable laate raaidera U la away lo aggagl tar l1.. t-ii. t , childiau. UK. w A HI OF COUNTKRFEITg I T e genuine have Bra atgualurea of Dairy Q, Rpald.n; on , a lh boa, Buldly Dmglata an 1 a '. oRMg dealereln at tug RgM, A box will be aeul I y Mall, prepaid, on receipt ef rW PR1CR, 2ft CPNTS. All ..r dei a al.oujd be add eaeed lo I1KNRY C. SPALDIHO, 4 Calar .1 eet. New York. A elngle lattle ot BPALDTNO H PREPARED BLL'K ...... at ton tnuea MooM annually, BPtVLDlNO S PRKPARKD ULUR. BPALDINQ'3 PliklPARRD OLUR. BPALDINU'S ritKPARKD QLL'B. HA i 1 TUB PIECES. ROOHOMYI DISPATCH I low-., a STITCH IN TIMR SAYRS N1NB - mm Am aocidenta will liappeu, evea In well regulated bauiliee, il la very dourable U. liave a ma cheap MfJ onveiueut way fur repairing runiikura, kya, croeh- ary, Ac. RPALDINQ'g PRRPABBD OLUB nae alt all auch emorgenaaaa, and ao kgRggkaol can okord to ba wtthoul It. II la aiwaya randy, aad Of to laoatocklng point. -UBRYt.'L IN EVERY HOUgR. - Hi B A bruah aooompanlM each buttla. Prloo B)ota. eVthlraM HENRY 0. BPALDINa, Mo. 48 CEDAR at. Mew York. OAUTIOH. Aa oertala naprlncijilad perauna era attempting la faOB off ou tha uuaupectlng pubUe lmllaliona ni M7 PEBPAEED ULOB, I would caution all para MB a araatlnt baCore puxobaalng, and eea thai the Mllkwaaa, Bar- BP ALDIJtO-R PREPARED ULUB, og WfTdTTARIY. T IOI1T CAYALRT " oT-.To reate.enk. rg iiahleavry hemg rf-T Ti JZ ' t'J ."."'."''""ent, ,m. of which! toMjMjd l e M0. It. Lanoere, la now In pri-awi "'m'T".1 V" a? A' ""'l'""k. 'he headvjoarte,, , whirl, la the War Department, Waahn,gVL an 1 a hre, , I e. N 1 p.rk Pla-e. ainar Br.wd.ey, H Y. r ant 19, In r beige of A, ting Adjnlant P. fc McTigte. Several lnd icevnenla are .aTeted lo gen- aBMea wlahirg to raae eianamtea of it man ears. IB well aa lo ptlvatee aiultlti.aia ..f mdtaary utaio.a. In akwn promotion at guaranleed. All appiieatinra 10 the MorE Nutaw are to l a.l.eaeeed lo EM Aeting A t 1 1 uu 1. who will atlpp'y rree iaaaa tt ofTnwia and mtvi to tie Camp of Reti,ev,,-ia, at Bua,edle. W.flelawter Oamly, New Y'k. ae" t4aclll mx 'iu; its WARTRD 11 e n' Urfn Wi" r,,''',"""' r" N RPilMKNT mmVmMl EXtP.I.SIDR ItKlilAUK, CI. si i ... taYI.op. Oammandlng IRDCCRMRNTg TO YOLL'NT RRRgT Pay R I r MeMa. Wivea an I f in, nee pntvi.lad PT 1tdlg f iiTIIoMimi. gino i-U',t.i wbaej aaaawabty dlocharged, The regnnenl ,a now at Ihe neat , war, and haa beet, newly iimf .rtntal. w II be f.irwkidnd I aime.1 lately, Apply M uHM loLleut. PKNNOi k. iv-, n, i a. I'ane'a left aa ai..a for the men wip lot MwarOV 00 lo Ihe rag mrnt. aet4 tUI COalla -tl kl HI,. WHAT is ORARtTLAR PURL f ROT v V V rrilna pu a. i. .leieey pine, eiu.p'y hr a , arw g fnoji tajr naktve ftweabt ,,r klrknry a,,.l .wk, f'tnuai i.i it, hnehete M por rant. MaaM than any Ahet kieiwn k ndlmg wraal ; try It, and y.el will OM no ,4hrr llrenilar fuel Yard .1. a' .1 I lib evrnne. aal a ita M pOALBF.INtl WHOl.F-SAI.R AND RR. Ull agent f,,r the aale f BOM0 of the lawt red aal, and lotlngh raatla. I will aell al tne ,,wrat ptfltiho., ami hy rata,: al tt 7r, e, t.. : eh, e. rai gr urate . I fnn,a.w. a ..... a, I and deth tarad ',- Ihe yauL oor. and ;ire. , w , na., . Rev n v a,7 aioi Ibaawvell aej ae!3 '14. 1 17 MAT. CLINTON. (ai iftsT PRACH 0RC1LARD, kkd V and while aah .awl. alwava oa I and al Ihr low. M market price, al Qt'ERtpRL'g, no Canal, and 4n H ill, ave, lata Mi and HRb at. aell 14a. 'lew -i)AIe-at.r. PR1 TOR, THIS WT5KB. V only, tor ihe Ut r., and wbM eeh r wl, eV-ve, range, gtale and fu niaaw ata ea. delivered free end into, lug II w.y, near at. erV I.l J r.NI'INK PKACH ORCHARD GOAL of the Bret tptahty, at the h.wtwt mi, a ,a pnoa. ft. an yard, no eenta -r l,t, leaa fpan the I .taaa Ala,, for aale. Ixtlngh, Lnual M .inlam, ami Nark omltht oaala, iiknkv ki kvp. mt Cavtal end Oontia, and oor Jane and Weal ata. mff Mac'104 kJlTKUIOH RKI) AMI WI1ITRA.8H " COAI.B, For Family nae. aere, Mat and delnered fcan alala M a I p.tu ol the Ci.y at tl in. ftrr ,.i '..W lw. O-d.-ra left ,i Ho Warerlr Pla.e: 7M WaahlngVtn at. ptOW.wl lllh at, ,w Pntry and Wed atr.-eU A.TEEADWELL, Agent. eel.l it 'IUT VrTOMINO VALI.KT COAL, t.tal-TIIK laad otl for atove and ranfe nae. Free lairiilng, full we gl.l. and tm d ial. L' i VI i A CO. jr. aurl lh ava-iue, oor ITll. at aad V4erllr niiniijLKH. A 8KJN1KICANT PACT A DltlTIN- guianed Maleanian, no Imng aake.1 wlial are the principal pt..I.i,ama of Mew Bttgland. repitethrbtw Ki .:', . t nuaee man. The foroe al hie reply ennauted In the Ihr thai New Rrigbaadare have e world-wide ea e race of hardy, etnletlo men aud women Mwag and vigiwoua in taatf and mitul. aphal Ike Man enall be maualy depatuia on tha aere end treatment e tna a,,, I I. Nea, , alary Maw Mujia d midhar pro- tata HER WIXILOWg gOOTUINO RYBUP fiar bar Iwlaa; there ua no end. en of country on earth where a haa beau oo long and ao uaivereelly , -I TIIR Ql-RWTItlM AHRWKRRD. Aa la frequently aaa ad, wno la a H Wl NHl i w I we will almply eay that aha ia a lady who, f upwarda of II yaara, haa unnrtngly tla vnted her time and Mlaaika aa e female phyaieiaa and mime, prlnolpally among children, ghe ka epertally oaidled the and wanta af bur numertMia elaaa, ae genarally overtaatkad or aarelanaly treated try the faculty ia loo many te- aaai..w. and, aa a reeult of I hia effort, and practbal kiiitwuidge obtained tn a life time apt at am nurae and phyalclan, ahe haa ooanpounded e Biadhing Byrtp for children teething. It ea aa ilea like magic giving real aud health, and ia, moret.ver, enre lo regulate the howeta. In MMRBBwawE of thla arUota, Mia Wi. w la bectaning wurld-ranownad aa benefata.,r of bar race; children do oertala ly auaa or and hlaaa her: Miajoially la una Ike oeae In thla dly. Veet ipiantifcwa of Oho fltaahing Byrtp are daily a.l.l and need here. We think Era Wuualow naa mneorta iaed her name by thla btvaluable article, and we alnenrely believe Ibotiaatula of ohildren hava been eared 't an an early grave by ua tunety uae. and that uitUl.eie yet uubtaru will ehare tka beaiegaj aud unite tn calling her bleaaed. No aomaa haa diacliarged her duty to her Buffering little oata, ka our nrtntftBt until ahe haa given it Hub honelit of HBB WLNHLowa bootuino SYBLT. Try Ik, an, Ahe re Tar rraow Ladiee Kuagor, Aaa fori (EM, A DOWN TO WE MEECHANT, Havuig ajuwed aeveial eleepleaa nighka, diatnrhad by the ag.aiiea and orlM of a Buffering ohiid, and ba-o-oiing .,,.,, -I that aire. WIN8LOW8 BOOTU lrMJ HYBCT waa Juattbe article now lad. procured aeupply fur the child, Oa reaching borne, and ao. quail iling Ida wlfs with wlial ua hail Lata, alia re fueed to nave 11 administered lo Ihe aliild. ae alia waa elnaigly In favor of Hunioaupalny That . t tha child paeeed In euffetiug, and Ihe paranta witt. eut eleep. 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Ho BirAhar who baa ever triett Mm. WlNlilWU BOOITIINO HYRLP FOR naart.rtw ww ooliaant I let her child piaa layangk trie tliatreoaitig and trHRBl oii .1 idbMlllllgaRgiml the aid ' una nvoltiab'.e preiauati oi. If Ufa and beaalth can he eel,,, ale.1 by dollars ad oeiiu, 11 la worth tha wabgat In gold. M , of bottUn are Bold every year in the Uni ted BMolea. Il IB oo aal and wall tried remedy. Title. IH T11K Vi s OF Tna YEAS, when children teething are olm.cO cartaui to ha alg , letl with Djamitary on.l Diarrh.ea. ktia. WINaJ HW'B 80OT1I1NU 8YELP toiling -Mfrlyfra Iheae dliwaaea, and will give nanindiote rattal all pain and dwtrtwa Irnatttnl the proMM ' t teeth ing. Every m.liai alnaild pionj, 4 f, har child ren. DRLOOIHT8 KVKKYWIIURI! NOW K f tip Era WINSI.OW'S lOOTBINQ 8YKI P f, .luldraa teething. No medicine la lha Dnaad Hiuea aella like It It IB a atainbird moil'i ltia, and Ita fare t World WldO. Phyaicona order on.l uae il Thai a let tka magical til.,, u have been wlnroewt. Haw a ua or oecarrarkiTa axn laairinan. None ireuiilae unleie the fac-aiuule of 0U BTI8 PERKINS, New York, la on tha .aiunde wrai iaw Bold by Drugguan thn.ughout the w.trld. Principal ogtce. Ma 13 Cedar at., Mew Yora. PrUw tUv ES aaata a bratle ,hoi IJHK KURMAN8 RHEUMATIC A NHl UN I I. ,11 fr Ila Rheurualbuu, Eeuralgta 8 rama, Bniiaea, Bore Thrtad, Paine la lha abo Back, Ac. It ia alao a aure cura fur the PilM. Yr t and be oaivlnoad. Price Twelve Cauka wr buttla and can aiwaya ba obtained al it 1-1 Bowery, IP invtamn at, N . Y, and at 44 aVatth and at, aad en. noutk llh and 3th oka, WWamobuigk. EM ABP AITTPT'l. 8TT OP TRRI'll Of OOT.TY gw.. tan ellver llu. partial p terra fnaw gl a It par looth, w.ln u' wttlw .1 attracting the - ,, Terth fl r-l with eemet,la. fold r "er. r .in AO . get. la In gl each. T'alh eiarute.lwiln.eit pain al lu N K .v.-,er Canal at and R we.y, l.v b, H. j YttLHIt.-i goat, Belt 44a. 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WINK, 1&; WiVJtT lltHHTOS 87 - A ' ctlitw difteaee , f tne htwrt, ,u iga, lllearawg tl,r.tta, DOrol It .tirttauuw of tha liver, kilneya, e male romplalnta, Ac; errnfula, old wire, favea a. tea, and every fori,, of BEttt il'eaaoco tnrwL OOJIca b. aire, from II lo 4. to 1. P. kt al Mae'lJS I WkR'L RTRBSTRBI GKKAT tPRROH ma aj tie tin hat Thla euperb engravtng, gozggtaja la in w .aTeicd M gl 'jr. per Botry, Ag.a.u wanUil. II. II. Ill KNKTI A CiMil Nomoii at, N.YjadJ 2tac' l)R. nOMKK lKtSTWICK, Al'THOR OP A -" a. ratal medical w . - ka, w Hi onntlnua the pro.' thv .d inettitine and amgery, al Ju K.wl al, 0 tt,. tweat..i raa MIT aaarTll I. IIDL'SE, LAWYER A-a Ad' i ea caah on N,4ea, ll.lla. DraOa, Mort gagee and t iainu plat ed i . I,, let c..i.octiun. LAW Bl'BINKM aUt mletl to, and collta Hone m ..le piomiAJv. Offlee Ik WALL Bl. 3d goor, New York. Attrrney and Ctalnaallor u. the Bute and II. A Oonrte. aeT tfllt . LEA K Y ROOIR uk RVRRT DR8CRIP lica parflt Uy tight with tndaa abuor l i t ai d tletiioni ; uu and .1 tli rnoAoa ; Un ami Bl ret .lol.l.iug promptly attend ad lo. o, I'll IU IN, at. aelattafllft LEllltill M ETA I.IC PAINT. Tina IB the law! aa well aa nt el cmnnanlcal paint kaowa ccnRng ahoat hnh third the price of load. II la, for all purpiawar oaoept fur ornament, w. , ilh more than double ttiol of the tawt lea.1 pauuk. It will preaa-rveiltllN AND ALL M kTI'A LM two or three Umtw oa long aa load point, and II will pre eerve WIMlD, CAN VAH or any material haigei . Hill, K W 'All.B latiiihvt wllk the LKIIIOU MB TAI.IC PAINT, will admit ,rf no dompn 4 for 8 YEEAL Y i mi Whhn leetl point will nut keep .ail damiaitwa tor one year. If tha public knew me VALUE of thla arttclo,lhoy w.aild uee no i4her when 11,,. of wlial waa painted waa the only object. Tha wdor of thla pa , l tB a hoiiila. tt,e rwldtah F"i Bale al the Mat ufai-t'trera' price, by rJTKVK.IS, BROTH KB A CO., t'tt Pearl at., )yV tflfH Maw York Machuia DapoA LiciiT : light : : light : ! : 1.1 t in OIL, the chaapaot light in the world, ., u i tent cheaper tl.ou kar am oil, and will burn i,, keireette, oaaophoua or ctaololl Uunpa, Tee aub an ,1 ei ia the Bala agent tor the aale of the I Ik He oil In ti e city ; t n, e I'el rente per gallon ; d.greretl In ai. part of too city frao trl Dep. w Ca na el. ei U U ; ue lory at Qreaopolut, L. I. Tina rrll warranted not exploalve, lotnipa alter..! at a krlflkBg oapanao. j.iianskn ari: tta. 'l hi ItAONKY TO LKND IN HMALL SCBrlfl, "A on I A and un'tlgage, or oilier n.lhthle ae- oniity. Titiwi Maioliaut Inveetaaenai made; and money I, n.,l w ith ewie and d e,Ui. Apply to 111 NT A TODD. 11, Naaaitu at. N. Y. ,4 aMIPlll N0T10R T Public t AHTMKN, BXPBBMMEMi and DitiKK8 hi TUB .AUri, to lenew tl.e r LI 0 B II Ml d . Null, a ia hetehy given, hat Renewala of lac waa In ki t1 Mlk Oartaaiid lEpreaa Wagotio, and to t. i it .., Oartnten, will ha panted ai Ihbt OwEat httWMIl lha hie Mot In A. jl. and 'I P.M. L. .Croa tia lo ma .ni M0RDAY )e nt Inak The itnnilotr n,ual tw tiowlj painted oEaggkataEi rt tne tula ,r oyagona, aocurdlng to law, and Ua t, il WagutlO l it J I lo tl e Pit, k. Weal lLa ORy ew.', W,te IhtJ '.! ujtpetled, .invlhe ., ,1 kJeenae, after I wing ihecked Lv the i , .. . .-, in' at ' prceenlrd to I Pkrot M.irabdl. r Reneoal. UriruM wul la, aaeard altar tha mat m rkaerti . Ry M.ivor, J. i' RUBiniAaa, Firal Muahal. Hayt tv iiih.-a, le par tube ltth, teal ayjoa RKSiovAi.-n;ii;:vKW ioBKWnra nd Prinlm - Ratal ..-' nielli J,rke eoalen lalautL Mo, go Due no at, iai Droadwayt latoNo.!oJ hnut Riancb tin... a Kg. llu lie ndway, N. v. aid No, ua Po ni p. nt -t, 1 jokljit. a ii,, iJg UtiRBACH & MANNING - a . o ita or T Rt NRB. VAL1SKH, CAHPR BAOg, A.' 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