Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle, March 20, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle dated March 20, 1873 Page 2
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Pi I j*r_ f„ *m s -A ••us -^4 w yrflg $k« ^oitdo £hronicU. *V HAKUA* .Editor and Publisher Toledo, Iowa, Thartiay, March 20, fS'tV Gorporal Punishmant* Tta* qiostion of corporal pttoifh inont in our publia iclioolt is on* of tho inoit difficult with which vru have to but in th# ra'uist of an ^jnimensley vanaii axporietiaa oc taicliars w« ar« of •pinion that oar iftin prescribed rains and iuotli«'la of puiiishmant can nol bo ostabiishait. Tha fixing of suoh rulea nii^ht be possiMa ware all teachers and schol ars alike, and equally capable of con troHing ftnd beipg controlled but as tho dispositions of teachers and sihel ars differ, so must the rules of tfe'v (•rnment. Prob ib!y three fourths of the teachers in the country are unable to preserve order without at least the fear of the rod before the pupils and we hazard little in savins that a large Minority, who are engaged in teachinc are unable to keep good order even with ihe assistance of a |rop»r punishment. Of course the (laTsf^r the use c» "ferule and bladg eon-' liave happily passed but a j« li«i:tl aMDunt of punishment, prop erly administrated is^ueestary to the welfare of tho child in school as well asat home. "Spare the rod and spoil the child" is as true to day at in the days el ancestry, but this deoa not imply a constant uproar in tho achool room, any mere than at home. Af taction is by far the beat method of (•ontroliing ckildren at homo or in school, but as many chil lren are reared without a knowledge of af fection the questiou arrises "what (•ball be dono with snob?" To ex 90I theM is to inflict a punishment p.p-tn the child that should bad a't to the pareut. It wonld nemi that the only rule t» be adapted is, to niuke a teacher's ability to goyern a achool •f greater importance than we now do, and in this wiil be fennd a more satisfactoiT solution of the Ttxed prohiem of corporal punishment. The following from the I)es Moiues Republican ia the experience in oce school, but we are unwilling 10 accept it as a criterion indeed we do not beiitivti that corporal punish ment can be entirely abolished with out injury to the schools'of the coun try "Under the lead of Hon. John A. lSHiolt, presi'.kitt the East Des Moines school bo::i d, •arporul pun- The Currency Question* The failure of ihe last Congress to order an additional amount of cur rency, and the opinion of the Seere tary of the Treasury that the Depart meut has the right to re-issue the forty four millions ol retired green backs, have given rise to much discus ion of the propriety ot increasing tho rolumno of currency. We have been opposed from tho firs't to any iucrease of the currency, believing as wc do, that an increase would ren der More vexatious the problem ot resumption, which must be reached bvfore a healthy condition of affrira can possib'y ablaut. The nation al bui» currency has increased about ti 1 ty million dollars wilhiu the last eighteen months, while the spo tie, which should form the baeis ot •ur circu'atien, haa, during the laat twelve months, decreased about nine millions. Il has been suggested that the Treasury Department can be re quired. under existiug laws, to will) draw twenty-five millions from the east, auJ distribute it iu tlie weet.— Such a course oi operation would uoabtlesego far toward cheeking the gigantic gold and stock speculations, whiuh are among tho evils bequeath od us by an inflated currency. Au increase ot bank circulation would ^render temporary reHef, and would 'only ten 1 to slimalate gambling and Sriden the gape between the gold and -currency dollar. It the nsoney n««d for a Look And gold gambling were allowed to re turn to a legitimate business, there woaJd be nn abundance to oarry for ward the business of the country ^IUOVC the orops, nad prosperity twould to alargeextont be rnstwrod. .Jit remains to be aeon whether or not Hn additonal amount «t currency yill be issued. Grant's Sceond Term. V President Grant, who hae fully en iered upon hie duties for a second term as Cl]iet Executive of this coun "fry, has a very £no l*tilit»ry and civil Record to look npon. The l?st twelve Jeirs have been fraught with events 400 memorable to be forgotten for Centuries, evente such that seldom arc-thus summed Bp in Harper**'W eel- a 1 'Dn'iinsp the Presidential term which closed on tho 4th of March $368,000,000 of the public debt were canceled and whii i for the fiscal year ending JuTie 30, 18G9, the mter ei-t charged on tlie debt afacunte 1 to $131,000,000, it will 110.1 exceed for ihe year ending June .'50, 3?T*5, the sum of *lu7,«i0,000. .Th« steady progress ot reirviichmeul in govern eminentfejependitures rs shewn by the fact that while, »::elusiv» of the interest 011 the debt, the general ex penses ot the .-government for tha year ending June 30, 1809, were SiyO.i'OO.OOO, they will not excced ilia year ending Jurie o0, 1873, the sum o* $153,f0t),000—a saving ot £37,000,000. Besides this, the burden ot taxation has been lightened, as compared with the rates of 1SC9, to ihe extent ot $170,000,000 a year, without impairing the elasticity ot the revenue, which, from §371,000, 000 in 1800, has it.creased to the es timated total ot £4-0,000,000 for the present year." These facts and figures wo believe stand without a parallel in the world's .history, and are abundant proof that President Grant, net only has ihe welfare ot the country at heart, but tint he has fulfilled his promise for retrenchment as lar as possible. More corruption of offi cials was unearthed duiing his first term, than ever before in a like tinse. If the seetfnd term proves to be as prolific ot good as has the first tho Americau people ought to be highly satisfied thai it is not impossi ble tor a matt to be bolh a military man and a statesman. New Postal Regulations. The press, post-masters and all others are loet at sea in the matter of the new postal regulations. With a hope of throwing a little light upon the question we reproduce the fol lowing lrom ihe l)es Moines Register, whieh appeared in that paper on the authority ot IIon F. \V. Palmer, who was a member of the Confer ence Committee on the part of the House: Tlit confeienee report on the Post office Appropriation Bill retained the clause inserted by the Senata ex c'udin adsolutrly from the mails all tree matter after the SOlli of June, 1873. This, of coarse, cuts oil' all free newspaper exchanges and all free mail delivery ot county news papers, which by the present law, circulated through ihe mails tree to all subscribers in the county in which thev are published. The amendment requiring prepayment and of newspaper postage, and that ro- ishmeut was discontinued, in the cast dujfjiig^atier to experiment has proved highly aatis It is being generally printed that laclory. During that time 1.0 per- these two amendments pievailed.— nanent expulsion from the 6cliooie Mcssers. Palmer and Sargant, of the as occurred, and il is believed that th« discipline and progress of the scholars have been iuily up to the average." contnranoe committee ot the House, tried lo have ih^ tree circulation ot exchanges continued, but FariiF worlh ol tho House Committee and the Senate mcinbeis of the commit tee insisted that if tiiia was done, they should insist upon Farnsworh's amendment, requiring prepayment of all newspapers. A compromise was fiually concluded 011 the ptGvisiou re quiring paymont of potUg* «a ex change." Editorial Notes. After considerable balloting in the Massachusetts Legislature last week, Hon. Geo. S. Boutwell, Secretary of the Treasury, was elected United States Senator, rice Henry Wilson resigned. The final vote gave Bout well 152, Dawes 115, witlrS scatter ing votes distributed equally be tween four candidate?. Thus ends another Senatorial ooutest which has been of great interest to the pe« plo of the country. The Times and Republican of Mar shalllown arc at it again. Here ia the last good hit as we find in the Republican, "We believe the only secret sooiety Chapin ever got into wae that ot the Good Tempters, and wc have been informed that he was expelled from that order on account ot the bad oder ot his ltet." A meeting of ttiu Board of Di rectors of the People'e Narrow Go age Railroad, which is expected to run through the central part of this county, to be holden to day (Wednesday) at Blairsiown. The projectois of the road am receiving considerable encouragement along the proposed line ot the road, and we would be glad te see our citi rens make some effort teo secure the road to run to or near this pla«e. Senator Allison of Iowa, is on the committee on appropiiations, Libr ary and Private Land Claims and Senator Wright is on the Foreign Relations Judiciary and Claims. The old "flay State" is not yet ready for fe^iale suffrage ae may be inferred from the following dispatch thai flashed over tke wires from Bos ton last week "In the House of Representatives this afternoon a re solution to provide for an amend mont to the Conetitution that women May have the right to vote and hold •ofik'O the same as men, was refused a third reading by a vote of 83 to 142 1* Str" -J'w follow in japiil succession. Tlio D. A. Maliony, prapiiator ihe ftoliiavoments of the past lonr years flubuqiia Telegraph, lias commuticail suit against the city ot Dubuque for $10,000 aud Mtorest, tor injuries re ceived »omu months asro by falling on the icy Mdewalks. His right arm was broken, and pernwinently dis abled by the fall. •The sons ofliriu co'ebrated St •Patrick's Day on Monday, and great preparations tor a tine display iu the large cities were made. The number of business failures in the United States foot u i 4,0G9 for tho year 1872, with liabiliiies ag giegating $121,050,000, ffs shewn by the Mercantile Agency of Dun Barlow & Co. N«w Yroik City. Of this number 91 failures occurred in Iowa, with' liabilities amounting to $8^0,000. A ftre occurred at Cedar balls' on the night ot the 16th inst,. which ro su'ted it: tho distruction of F. Ilazlitt's Dry Goods Store, and a valuable law library of G. II. Pack lard. Total loss is estimated at $12,000, insured about $9,000. The fire is supposed to have been the work of an incendiary. The latest advices lrom Washing ton point to a possibility of Cald well's expulsion, put it is h'x'rdly probable that more than a "eeiiMiro'' will be passed. The friends ot Pome roy hope lo place him in Caldwell's seat should it be declared vacant. The German troops are soon to be withdrawn from Fiance, in accord ance with a treaty recently signed by the German aud French authorities. The majority of the troops will be withdrawn July 1st. aud the remain der Sept. 5th. Rain, Ilail, Thunder and Lightning and black darkness ail came tog«th er last Friday about 11 o'clock.— This was the first thunder and light ning of the present, year, and it the good people about tins bailiwick had control ot things ueles'ia.!, we veu ture to say they would all consent tr havo no more during tlie nine teenth century. Gov. Dix of Knur York has refus ed to grant a reprieve or commuta tion in the case of the oar-hook raur* derer. Iu this refusal the Gevernor, has shown much firmness, because an immense pressure was brought to bear in favor ot commutation of the sentence. Commissioner Drummond of the General Land Offioe states that of all the lands gntutod to Boldiers since the foundation ot ihe government, the proportion of warrants located tiv BAldierfl nr iinir ii«»ii.u 1 been one in one hunired. He fur ther gires it as his opiuion, that the land bounty bill system has failed in ils design. Three murderers were eseeuted last Friday. Osborne, at Knoxville, JII- George Drives, at Chicago, aud John A. Wiight, at Yuba City, Cal. A tew more suoh day* may have ihe elfect to stay the hands of murderers, who will soon learn that hanging is not really "played out." The Republicans ot N«w Hamp shire, tt the recent election elected two of the three candidates for Cen gross, and thsir candidate for Gover nor. At iirat the re election of the three Demooratio candidates was conceded, but laler returns show that the "tidal wave" has somewhat subsided, aud the Republicans qre again in the ascendeuoy. Geo. Francis Train, than whom a greater mountebank never existed, declares that he is insane. There is hardly room for shadow of doubt upon that point. A band tull of the. jriends of Oakes Ames tendered him a kind ot reception 011 lm return home last Week, and shook his slimy .hands as it he had not been guilty ot bribing his fellow Congressmen. Tho jump ing jack who presided at the recep lion alter styling Ames the "noblvst work of God, and honest man" amr closed with the following The Hon. Oakes Ames, like gold from the crucible, he has passed through a fiery ord«al and come out brightur and purer." It ia strange indeed that any of the constituents of Ames could oven show him common re epecl: in view of the developments oi the Credit Mobilier investigation. Amos of course followed in a milk and wa'.er speech, in which he en deavored to remove the stain ot C. M. alock from his vile hands: but in the attempt ho made a signal failure. Tho Attorney General has finally decided th*t Council Bluffs is the ter* minus ot the Union Pacific Railroad, and the citiuns of that place turned •ut en masie when the news reached that plaee. The citizens ot Omaha did not take part lot the rejoic ings. liAUCK— I1ANCIIET.—At the Foster House in this place, Satur day 15th, inst., by N. Fisher, J. Charles llauc^ ot Tama county, and Marier JSaoebtt of Belle Plainc. V*1t.: mmwjip A7 KW ., Vhli TI&KHES TS. SHERIFF'S SALE eieoulion, datsd JfY virtue of a spetlil the 24th of February A. D. 1873, to me dir«cteJ, issued out of the office of Ihe Clerk of the District Court of Turns Ci'unty, Stale of Iowa, ia fa»»r of Oliver Meaaar, aB'.l agiinst F. L. Clark, A leliaClark, HBI ekinli l'rny, Saih £troug, J. Jack, and W. C. Saulaburt en a judgment rendered by laiil Court at the February tetra thereof, A. I). 187-5, ugainst ihe paid F. L. Clark for tlie iiim ef $148 48-100 and a decree of foreclosure ajiaitiatisaiil defendant?, where in it was ordered, aljudged anJ decreed that the followie'i J'McribeJ real estate, o w i Tlie soutliweat "^•.tnrter'of tfre seutliweet quarter ef section No. "ahven '11), in town altip No. eighty-three |l] n^rth of range lio. sixteen [15] weal of the oth P. ., in Tama County, Iowa, be aold, or ao much thereof aa ia necessary to satisfy said ju lg* mant, intereat and coat. Now, therefore, public notice is hereby given, that I have levied ttpen, and shall on lha !lst day of March A. D. 1873. between the hours of'J o'clock K. M. and 4o eIoek 1'. M. af said day, sale lo commence nt the hour ef 10 o'clock A. M., at the front door of the Court House in Toledo, iowa, in tke Coutiiy of Tivma, effernn i eeiI ftt public oul crj, lo the highest euJ beat bkuter,. that bids two-thirdn or over of the apprised v^l ue, for cash. ulV the right, title, and inter est of the at'Ovc named defendant, in and to the above described prepcrty, or ae uutch thereof aa is necessary lo sat iffy said judg ment for the above •,imed sum together with coals and all accruing coats, unless the sameshiill he ronner satisfied. Fohruary '25, lh7a. #NIQ!1T DEXTER, Sheriff of Tama Co., Io#«. C. B. BRAD8HAW, Att'y for l'laiutiff. 12-13) $i 1-0 SHERIFF'S SALE. BY virtue of a special execution, dated 0th of January. A. D. l87-, to me di rected, iasued out of tlie office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Tama CouMy, Stale of Io\ra in faver of Henry Galley an i ng»i««t tieo. B. Sharp, M. E. Sharp, F. D. H«){er & Co. I.'wight Cameron, guardian of James Cameron, aa insane puracu and James Cutieton, insane, oil a jud me:tt ren dered by suiil Court at the January term thereof, A. V. 187'J, against (he said Gee. I!. Sharp for the nun of $S(|I 07-100 und a decree of foreclosure atraiast said deieud

anti. wherein it wae ordered, adjudged and decreed that the following d«scriued real estate, to-wit Tne east half of the southeast quarter of Ihe south west quarter of the souihea«t quarter of section No. eight. (H), in township No. eighty-live H6) north of range No. aisteen (10) west of the 4th P. M., iu Tama ninty, Iowa, be sold, or ao much thereof a* i* neee^a iry to satisfy so id judguien t, interest and cost. New, therefore, public notice Is hereby given, thai I have levied upon, and ahall on the 31st day o' March A. D. 1871', be tween the hours of!) o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock 1'. M. ef saitl day, sale to eotunen:e al tlie hour of 10 o clock A. M., at the front door of the Court House iu Toledo, *owa, in Ihe e.iunty ef Tauia, oiler nod sell al pub lic out-cry, to the highest and bent bidder that bids two-thirds ir over of the Hppriscd value, for cash, all the right, title and in terest of theabove named defendant, ill and to the above described properly, or so much thereof as is necessary to satil'y said judg ment for tie above named um together with co»is and all accruing costs, unless the eime shall be sootier satisfied, February '0. 187i KNIGHT, Sheriff of Tama Co. lewf. WM. KRlCKIIul F, at i y for Plaintiff. 1«-13[, *7.05 SHERIFF'S SALE: 1") Y virtue of a special execution, brl.* -'(-.Ill nr A h, 1873. to mp recio'i, Issued out ot tl.e office or .he Clerk of the l»i,itr:et Court of Tama County, State of low-i, in favor of W Johnston aud ngaii.Bt Job 1*. Leavilt. Mel&iiie l.eavilt, Albeit Leavilt Lamb & iSon and ftilhatn S Voris on a judgment render dered by said Court at the February term t'lerecf, A. L. 187:5, against, tlie said Job Leavilt fer the sum of $2tor.'.i I and a de cree of foreclosure against said Dufen lauts wlier«in it was ordered, adjudged aud de cr»d that Ihe following described ltoal Est tie, to-wit: i'lu southeast ijuuterand the e^st half of the south West quarter of tlie north easi quarter all ir! section No. twen'ytwo (~'l) iu towuahijt No. lighty two (iJ) r.o"ih of range No, fifteen £101 We?t of llio oth P. M. iu iama. Cjunty, Iowa, be sold, or so much thercot' as is nec essary to vaiify said judgment, interest aud cost: Now, therefore, public notice is hereby giveu, that I have levied upon, aud shall ou llie «5l»t day of March, A. D. 1S73, be tween lue hours of 'J o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock P. M. of said day, tale to couiiuenye at the hour of'10 o'clock, A. M.. at the fruut door of the Court House in Toledo, Iowa, in the Counly of Tama, otter and sell at public ouicry, to tho and best bidder, for cash s .'. 1 the right, title and intcret of the above named defendants, iu aud to the ubove described property, or so much there of as is necessary lo satisfy sail judg nent for the above n imed sum, togelher with costs and all accruing costs,unless ihe sanis bhttll he sooner eaiisticd. KN'lGlil' DEXTEU, She rill of Tama County, loWtk. Etirers Satlejr &. Willett, Att.raey s for Plaintiff. Feh. -7th 1873. SO.'Ji) 13-13 SHERIFF'S SALE. virlue of .a special Kxecuiion, dated the of February, A, 1). 1873, to me directed, issued cut of tlie otliuo of tho Clerk of the l'i trict Court of Tauii County, State of Iowa, in favor of Leander C'lark and against John Goodfellow aad B\„ AUD Gjudfellow, on a judgaieul rendered by said Court at the February term thereof, A. D. IS7, agaiust the said John Good fellow for the sum of:1128.-11 undade cree offoreclosure against said De:e» lants wliorein it was ordered adjudged and de creed that the following described Real Estale, t}-wlt The West Half of the North east fr quarter of Section one'1) iu Towu ship No. eighty six (Si4) North of rauge No. thirtecu (13) West cf ie fith P. containing 7fcoO-lUO acres according to Government purvey. Also, ihe east half of the North east fr. quarter of section No, oue(l)iu Township No. Eighty-iix (S1 North of range No. thirteeu (13) West ef oth P. SI., containing 7» 66-100 acres ac cording to Government Survey be sold, or so much thereof as it oejcjsary te aaiiafy said judgment, interest an 1 cost: Now therefore, put lie notice is hereby given, that I have levied upon, and ahall cn the SI si day of .March A. D. Ie73, be. tween the hours ot 'J o'clock A, M. and 4 o'clock P. SI of said day, sale to commence at the hour of 10 o'clock A. M., at the front door of ihq Court lluuue la Toledo Iowa, iu the Coun'jr of Tama, offer aud sell at pub^ lie outcry to the highest and best bidder for cash, al'. '.he right, title and interest of the above nlmed defendants, in aud to the above described property, or so much there of as is necessary to satisfy said judg ment for the above named sum, together With Costs and all accruing costs, unless the Same shall be sooner satisfied. Ir KNIGHT DEXTER, RherifT of Tama County, Iowa. Stivers, Stfley & Willett, Att'ys for Plaintiff Feb. 28ih 1873. 12-1J $7,34 MBW kD VERTlSEitES'TS. Bfthe SHERIFF'S SALE virtue of a Special Exectilien, 2ttli of February deled A. IV 1S7« n- r** directed, issued eut of ihe office of the Clerk of tVe District Court of Tama County, State of Iowa, in favor of Thomas A Ireland, and ajraiust Whaler Day ton, Administrator ef the estate of 1'enuis f! L'ay'on deceased and heirs at law of said Fenuls E Dayton on a judgir.ent ren dered by said tV.iit th" Fehiuary term thereof, A. 'J. 1^71, again-' the sail Shaler l'aytoti. Adniidistrater of the estaieef Den nis E Daytofl, dseeased for the sum of $1 'i2 o.l 7 an o dectee of foreclosure against Mi.l det'eudants wlierein it was orderel, ad judged and decreed that the following de scribed Real K*tate, te-wil The North West quarter of section No. feurtecn (14) in Township No eighty-five [8j] North of Ran^-e No fourteen (14] West, cf Ihe 6th, M., in Tama County. Iowa, be soli), or so much thereof as is necsssary to Satisfy said judgment, interest ami cost Now, therefore, public notice is hereby given, that I have levied upoi, and shall on the Slat ilay of March, A 1873, be tween the hours of 9 o'clock A. M., aud 4 o'clock 1' SI of said day, sale to commence nt the hour of 10 o'clock A. at the front d«or of the Court House in Toledo, lona, in the county of Tnma, ofler and sell al public outcry, to the highest and beat bidder, that bids two-thiids or over of the Hppra'sad value, for cash, all the right, title and in terest of tlie above named delendant, iu and to the above described properly, or so much thereof its is necsssaay to satisfy said judgment for the above named slim togflh er with costs and all accruing coats unless the S.irne shall be so.«ner Mitislicd. KNIGHT DEXTER, Sheriff of Tama County, Iowa. B. BRAD8HAW, Att'y for Plaintiff. Feb. 26th, 1S73, $0,00, 12-13 FINAL REP OR NO TI CE, j^TATE OF IOWA, TiSlA CO UNITY, 83. In Circuit Court, To whom it may concern: Whereas li Administrator of the Estate of William Whit more, deguised, has filed his final report, and asks 10 be discharged as KUCII Administrator, said report has been tiled by tii'c and the day of final hearing therein has been Axed t5 lake place at the next term cf siiid Cir c.tit Court of said county, commencing on tlie fith day of May A. D. on wh'cli day the matters set furth in said re port will he heard. All parties interested therein can appearand take nuch steps as they deem oper. Toledo, Iowa, Feb. 17, 1873. L. H. BI.INN, 12-18] Clerk Circuit Court, ORIG/XAL NOTICE. J^TATE OF ?0*VA, TAMA COUNTY, SS. To El/.y Johnson and his wife Louisa A Johnson. Charles II Itobei ts and his wife Mary Ann Kr.berls You, and each cf you, a e hereby notified th it ou'or bofore he 25 day of Aptil AJI 187:j there will be on file, in the o'licc of the Clerk of the Circuit Con it of Tama county, Iowa, a petition of Squire Bruce claiming of you i-aid E'zy 15 Johnston Three liuud red dollars oa three promissory notes, and claiming of all the defendants the foreclo sure of a certain mortgage given to secure paid notes, •aid notes and rnortgagj being describid in said petition. No personal claim is made against any of said defen dants excepting said Elzy li Johnson. Aud that u.iless you appear thereto, And defend, ou or before noon of the second day of the next term of said C» iri, being tho May term of said Court lor the year A. 1). 1S7-t, commencing ou the firat .Monday of May A. D. 1873, at the Court 'llou e. in Toledo iu said county, default will be entered against you, and judgment render ed tUereou. rasi and G. R. ST'*(IDLE 12-lo] Ait'y's for Plaintiff. ROB ATE NOTICE, gTATE OP IOWA, TAMA COUNTY, S3. In Circuit Court for said Court!)/. NOTICE is hereby given lo all wham it may concern, that at a term of the Court in vaeaiion, of Tama county, huld at the Court House at Tule lo in said county, on the 1 lih lar of uch A.D, 1S7U, an in strument in writing, bearing date theaJxth day of October A. D. 187'J and purposing lo be the last will aud testvnent of Clans Speck, latu of said county, deceased, was pre luce 1 and publicly read in open Ciurt and that the next term of aiid Court ts be holden on the 5ih day of ly A. D. 1873. at the Court iloitie in Telcdo, has been fixed for proving said will, and at 2 o'cleci M. of li.e clay lasi above mentioned, al! P«rs as interesiad lire hereby liotifie i and required te appear in said Court, aud show caase, if any ihey have, why said instru ment should not be probated and allowed as an 1 for tlu last will aad testament of the said decease! Dated March 14. A D. 1873. L. B. i?LHf N, Clerk Ci cu urt Tama Co. Iowa. 12-13] ORIGINAL NOTICE. gTATE OF IOWA, TAMA COUNTY, SS. To George Vi Fowler, Jane Fowler, Eli Fowler Eli Seebert. aud W. Johnston. You, and each of you, are hereby notified that on or before tl.elMth day of April A. D. lfr7:5, there wiII be on tile, in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court ef Tama county, a petition of John 15 Beale claiming of you all the foreclosure of a certain mort gage givoti bv George \V Fowler and Jane Fowler to said l5e:i!e on theNnnh east quar ter of the south east quarter of section Ho twenty-three [23] also 'he North lialffj of tlie south west quarter of section Nc twenty-four 24] all in township No eighty two [2] liange No fifteen [I We-t of oih P. M., ci ntaiiiing one llum'red and twenty acres more or lets, according to government survey.also claiming a personal judgment against George W Fowler foi One Thous and Dollars on two promissory notes with ion per cent interest thereon from October olst 1872, also claiming a reasonable At torneys fee for foreclosing said mortgageand thai unless you appear thereto, and defend, oa or before noon, of the second day of fIn next Term of said Court, being the May Term of said Court for the year A. D. 1873, commencing ou the first" Monday of May, A. D- 1873, at the Court House ia loledo, in said County, default will be en tered against you, and judgement render ed therton. APPELGATE & K1NNE, '2-15 Att'ys for riainiiff, ORIGINAL NOTICE. j^TATfl or IOWA, TAXIA. a n i u e n a n e e e e n e e e i o n i ••/thing, .adTertls i ST1VFKS, SAFI.EY k W1LLE1T, the CMBO*ICL*. £tf ]2 16 CJUJJir l» To William II. Fitzgerald: YOU art |lier«by astiA^d that than it now on fil*, in ilia ettie* of the Clerk of ths Circuit Csui'i of J'titii t/Ountj, Iowa, a petetion of Nellie M. I'itzgerAlJ, C1A!IQ« i°g of you a divorce, on account of dsier lien, ami alto claiming the custodj of M«t vin F. Fitzgerald, miner gon of yoursslf anl plai u ti tt, and that unless jrou sppetr thereto, and defend, on orbefoi e"Noon,of ths Second day of tke ueit tern: of eaid Court, beingj iho M*» (ei of eaid Couft for the year A. 1). 187iJ, commencing on ths first Monday of May A. D. 1871, at the Court House, in Toledo ia said County, default will bs entered against yoa ait4| At.'R. for 1^^, sfa BEST THINtf IN THE WEST. Atchison, Topcka & Santa Te R.B. LAIS. DS! THRL3 MILLION ACKIS.' Situated in and near the Arkansas Valley, the finest portion of Kansas, E!e\e n ysars' credit. Peven per cent la» terest. 224 per ceet. reduetioa to,settlers who improve. A FREE PASS TO LAJfD BUTIKf. 1 lie FftCtS ateul thie Grant lire—lew prices, long credit, and a Rebate te settler* of nearly one-founh,- a rich soil, andaplsn did climate: short and miH Winter early planting, and no wiulerinj of stock plen ty of rainlsll, and just at Ihe right season coal, stone ami briek on tl.a Pne cheap rates on lumber, coal, &c. no land owned by speculators a first-class Railroad oa the line of a great Through Route predusts will pay tor laud and improvements. It is the st opportunity ever offered te tlie public, through the recent eoiapletion of the ri ad. For circulars and general information, ?.ddress A. E. TOUZAI.IN, Manager Land Dep't, 6-14] Topeka, Kaneaa. TO THE SUFFEll IN'J. Tho Kcv. William II. Norton, wliilu residing in Brazil as a Mission arv, discovered in that land of med ic.iios a rorncdy lor Consumption, Scro fula, Sore Throat. Coughs, Colds, Asth ma and Nervous Weaknest. Tlie rein t'dy lias t'tiri'd mysi-lt alter all other modicine had failed. Wisliinjr to bfiifflt tho suff'.'ring, I will send the receipt for prrimrinsr and i11i this remedy to all who du eir«» it FHEKol char^o. I'lease send an envelope, with your name and addreffi on it Addreas, Rev. WILLIAM II NOIiTON, 676 Broadway, New Tori Citf. for sale, at any pries, slewhere. Special ORBEST fmrtv ~yayTfW» riw—n NOTICE Oh INCORPORATION. NOTICEof ia hereby givea of the organix*. tion a Joiui Stock Coiapany, and the adoption ef articles with the following among other provisions 1. The name of the corporation shall be '•Tin CaaosicLE COHFANT," and tlie princi pal ace of business shall be at Toledo Tama Couaty, Iowa. 2 Tlie business to be transaeted shall be iht OWNING aud publishing the TOL»DO CHRONICLE, and doing a general job print ing business. 3 Five Thousand Dollars is the amouat ef capitol stock authorized, but the same may tie increased to Ten Thousand Pol. lars. The amouat of Two Thousand five Hundred dollars is lo bs subscribed and paid up before the commsnceoibnt of the corporation the balance, of the sto^k au thorized may be issued at aay time when paid for in full. 4 The rporation shall commence Janu ary 1 1873, aud extend twenty years with' the privelege of renewals. The aflairs of the company are to be conducted by a ard of three Trustees,' who shall be elected anuaally on the third Mouday of December of each year. 7 Tne Citopany ahall nut subject itself to any itidebtedneis or liabilities higher than forty percent, ef its capital slock, '.. 7 Private property Of ths s'ockholders 8hall he exempt from-corporate debts. NEW STORE! asmus M. B. C. TRUB, MARY C. TRUE, FLORA M. COLLINS. 10-13 AGENTS WAN TEEM lor the }rieat sensation of liygieaie literature, OUR DIGESTION Or My Jolly Friend's SECRET. In. DID LEWIS' rsw werk is aa im lllt'lisf sticrpss. Saves money, worry, aud precious healt h. and shows how to live *v«ll and grow fat »n (1 a week.— Agents are Coining money, »nd doing a world of good wilh it. The same chanci'S still onen. Dclav not, but addresa at once, E. II ANN A FORD A CO., Pub lishers, l'Ji West Madiioa Btreei, Chicago. won Has just opened a nesv Store, near the Elevator, where can be bouulit, GROCERIES, ORY ©OODS, BOOTS AND SHOES, 11 TS AND CAPS, QUEEXSWARE, OLA ARE and WOODEN WARE, At the \ery lowest cash prices. His en'ire stock it neir Mid R0 OLD 639M ©FFBRBB io-i a lk. SS- Call an 1 exai.itie before pWch.asiig 2-13 THE PEOPLE'S STORE W. F. JOHNSTON & CO., IIRV® now open and oa •xhilutio I, tho Largest Stock of General Merchandise in Tama County, consisting of Domestic and Fine Dress Goods, Heady Made Clothinjr, Boots and Slioei, Glaaa and Qaeena Warf, Hats ilnd Gaps, Groot-i ies, Hard wsre and Ajrrioiil* ural Iui|ilrmciitH, UniliifUas. Parasols an1 nsroTxo^rs -A.LIJ iciisras. Sltaw's, Marseilles Quilts, Wall Paper, Jbc., Ao whioh they ar« prepared tossll at. LOWKST p:i«es for CASH. Aiming to load in all movements, having for their object SMALL PROFITS ami Quick Returns, auJ to lurnmli to the pvoply el T.itnn County Goods the Best Qu.-tlity and Manufacture at greatly reduced mnriiifti profits, they would solicit an examination of their stock co*» fidfent that they can give HIWTIREI SATISFAOTION UH Both as to QUALITY and PRICE W. F. JOHNSTON AND CO. Announcement. In addition to our former announcement that our atock la Dry Goods, Hate & Caps, Boots & Shoes GROCERIES, QUEEXSW IRE, Speaks for itself, we take pleasure in oalling atfcentton to th# following iBpeolal Bulletin 1 •f-n FREE MORSE, TOLAIh), IOWA.

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