Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle, March 20, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle dated March 20, 1873 Page 3
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fBTSlCANS AUD DINTISTI. JOHN NICHOLSON,. DENTIST.:, akUL CITY, IOWA. Ofte* ovsr 8 Patlsrson'r Sjjgo. [46 a i K v Physician and Surgeon, roledo*. iowa- Fr,e 4 w Merit's Stors.-^fc[ fMide«c«,—1 door east of Dr. Springer s^ H.W. BOYNTON, M. D. Physician and. Surgeon. —ALSO— |, WAMININQ PENSION SUBG^Ofi. TOLEDO, 10 WA. residence ric*p Post.Office. [12 A'i'TOUNEYS. l^EOROC KAlN'liS, Attorney at Law, No ll! tary Public anil Justice of (he Peace. [Office over Free's Building, lolsdsIowa. 2 mSO. Tu STR3BLH, Attorney and Coun I (j" «ellor at Law, Teledo, Tama county, I»w». G- H. Ooodricll, ATTORNEY AT LAW, A Cot-NTT, I S. IOWA. [8tf (Office in Free'a Building.) TTEI.GATE FT K1NNE, Attorneys and Counye'lors at Law, Toledo, Iowa. )f- in Stone s building ever W, Walter Irocery Store v.n3t L-, URADSHAW, |gui-PM«or 1:1 5*«ru 1 Me &«Uradsliaw,] Atiom'y & Cou :Sfl«. Ir at I.sw, Toledo, 'llama County, Iowa.— Ill {DM AS S. FRKK. Attorney at law, Toledo, Iowa. Oflice in Court Home. I"SO COMMISSIONER. HiRRlSON. B. t. IIAI,I.,tJ II. WARREN TAMA COUNTY' BANK, Toledo. Ilowa. R'I?R QOOD SAATFTI ROOM. SIl 'BTJ3 TO Alii) FECI: ALL TEAINS. SURVEYING. W. H. HOLSTEAD, 50UNTY STJ It VJE YOR, ENGINEER. '1,190, IOWA MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. C. D. TEKKY, *IIXT reft tFestera Cottage Organ, iniiftotured bj Tewksbury, Carpsatsr k Co., Mendoa, 111. A .88, spent fer the IABE, I5IUDBI RY. MATHISHII AND SHOEMAKER 1'IANOS. MA CUT, IOWA 461,] A CARD. |A Clergyman, while residing in i»tii America, as missionary, dis ciod a talu and siaiplo remedy the Cure of Nervous Weakness, !y Decay, Disease of tlie Urinary Seminal Organs, and the whole n ol disorder* brought on by (islel nnd vicious habita. Great thsia have been «urcl by ihia no tomcdy. Prompted by a desire ''encfii tho Bfflicted and nnfortun I will send tho receipt for pre and tiding thia medicine, in a Feci «m«lope, to any one who it, Free of chart j. Address, Jos«rn T. INMAN, Station 1). Jiiblu lloaae, 8iy Ntw York City. I. Frazte, PuriCe--. J* "la groat houtclichi rc 1 a t!_r p'.»6*tr.i ro 7»t pot»nt for the jirt-veution sod 0: iv O It la bet fer than Rittcra, Cu.v,.tl, lerSuamtjuirllla. Sold by UrugguW r- wrj'a Boat aal Plsat Pills. N yet thorough—«o nauses or griping—«• 7 T«*»tahle—jreat11ror remedy. Triee IS C®ld by Druggists. WhiSaotnb'a lyrsp. 1 Sroat soothing remedy. Prise en., ,,,®lTe« rest lo the mother a«4 health te •'W SeM hjr DragglsU. Uvrlsp CI aide. ting Work, BtUrgMl KMtl«a, *ew N 8S Two-hundred ko4 aixty Tsgcs, i A,dr»«e Da. DCTTS' Disnar I Slgbtfa 8t»ort, St. Louis, £Ia r'Tt Uegicat, ^|Ite ^olfila ^fhroiticlc, Toledo, Iowa, Tfcnrsday, Mareh 20, 1S7S- BUSINESS NOTICES. Under the above head, noliocs will in serted in this type, leaded, at the rat* of tsu cents a line for each insertion Special tenni gi»en lor long notices and long time. &»** E ditorial notices in local reading coin in n will be charged fifteen seats a line, each insertion. llot.LowAY'S PiLta.—The physical dis turbances to which fsmalet sre exclusively subject, 'and the ninny disorders proceed ing from ti.eir nep l«ct or nitHrentuient,are lit once releuvel by Hollowny's l'il's Sshl TS Maiden Laus, N. Y. l'rics 25cts per box. Ask for new style tlis old is ceun terleitcd. MS OP THE ELOOD* SCAOTALERS EBCPTIOXS. k Wnei.E 31191 ttt L.BAILEY, Attorney & Counsellor |I »t Law, Toledo, Iowa. "OfficsoverW. Johnston k Co's. STIVERS, SAFLEY & WILLETT, IA WYERS, Will practice in the Supreme and District fciurts of Iowa. TOLF.DO, TAMA COUNTY. IOWA. II. TIFFANY, Attorney and Counsel lornt Law. Notary Public, Inarrance (j*«t *"d CnnveyRticer, will practice in all is of the Stale. ((flies over Firet i Bank, Tnma City lews. *7-4 HALL It WAE5EN, BANKERS CirrtHpondents: K*unlzo Brothers. New sud Third National Bank, Chicago. HOTELS. HIV FIRST-CLASS HOUSE i *. J, 11,13, 1641" Not th Cominsrsiel St. CEDAR RAPIDS, IA. BROWN'S HOTEL I, £I», Prcprletor. Jivr. PBILLIPS, CL'K. —e— T'. i Home is entirely new, and furnished a new furniture throughout. The pats -»it sf tke travelling jiisblio is eeidislly Cise.—When I commenced using King of the Blood, I wag troubled with a scrofulous rruptioe on the bacliot' my nock, extcading te the back of my ears. It had existed for several months, also the inside of my ears, both- had boen sore for more than a year, and hail resistud all attempts at healing—and they wcitt many. 1 had used your nmdictne but a few inonih* before my neck and ears were en tirely well, and liaTe not. troubled me since, and i' has been several mouiks since. MIIS. C. II. WHITE, Alden, Erie Co., S. Y. 8e« advertisement in another column, LIIIKAUY.—In presenting a young friend with Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, we hav^iven him a whole li» br.iiy—the most remarkable and coi iplete cerapeiuiii-m of human knowledge ever pub lished in a single Tolunie. A man may pur chase a Bible first, and theu a I Vnui bOuk, if he is itieiinel te psalm einging. but the third book should be *Velsler"h Unabriil^C'l as it will prove a "rest fountain of iBiellec tuel light, and will be worth a hundred times iid cost to any family that protends to keep up with the civilization of the age. --\_Imlustrial Arj'. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Dennis & Averili bell tho best coal in the market at $0,50 per ton. Hon. Jiiines Wilson, returned lrom Washington. Thuisday of last week! Logan & CanSeld coal lor sale by rarker Lewi'^'Tatna Citj, at $6,50 pvr ton, Cash. TOXSOKIAI..—If you want a ehare aa ie a shave, go to Joh* Green, un der Foster ilouse. Tlio U. S. Circuit and District Courts m«-t in Dee Glomes uii th6th and Cth of May respectively. Haina liliiioiao Ileadt rs ix the btnt in the market. Dennis Averili ure igenta lor Tama Conniy. Peter Lichty liad one ol his feet siiybtly injured by a Itoisa stepping on it, one day last week. It you want any Farm Implements examine the Stock and Prices of Parker & Lewis, Tama City, before y©« bay. if GONE EAST.—Mi's. L. JJ. PBKSO.VAL.—Us* PI Nelson lias gone east to visit Irieiula. Sue wan accompanied by Mr. N. aa l'ar aa Chit-ago. Dr. L. llurst'a Vinej/ar Cott»1i Cure for Coughs Colds, whoopii ceugh Cr©u Con tuinption and diMUMes of ike Pul monary Organs. 8--0 BLTO SAI.E.—J. HeMlebanyl. aad H. li. ohnston, adyuitine a !:tme amount of stock, laria implemeius, household furniture to bsi cCere 1 lor •ale at the larin of the dinner in Carlton Townsliip', n Frid-.y ol this week. Every fanner oujht to btar in tuind that Dennis & Arenll of Tama City keep constantly on hand the arrest itoek of Agiicultural I in piementa Suede, Coal, Sash, Doors Salt ,Cement, Stucco, !bc, 4o. GONE TO Sowing Machines sold last year, over 45,ODD more than was sold by any other Company. Kept for sale at Fraz e'a Jewdery Store, also Mach ine Oil and Needles. W. C. WATT, Agent Tata* Citv. NOMINATED JewelUr. lATCHtS, CLOCKS and JEWKLRT f'H Repaired and warraats4. if AND CONFIRBSD.—»'The numerous friends of Col. Cennell, Of this place will be gratified to learn that he has been nominated and confiraied U. S. lector for tho Fourth District ot Iowa. The appointment is a worthy one and it is right and proper that a good portion of the federal ap pointments should be bestowad upon •oldiers. RasTAtuiM'.—The deuration of the word 'restauraiut' has long been a mooted question atneng linguists. The only s-tusfaetory one we iuv* ever heard is that lrom the two Lat lu words, ret, thing, and taurus, a bull, meaning therefore a bully tiling." Any ono who will visit the restauraut of Benjamin Stone, one door west Berger fc Teiser's Drug Store, and get a good square meal, will be con^joeed- that the derivation is right. O.N' Pni:iii MirscMt.— free i xibi tion of the "manly art" took i»laeo at tho Court House on Saturday lant, at which time two of Toledo's young and gallant youths cf about twenty sutniuera eash made a desper at* effort t® get away with each other. The nanaes of tlie boys en gaged in tlie fight are suppressed lor the reason, that the publication of their names might serve as an in centive for them to afford a local ol this kiud each week. A MATRIMONIAL ADVBUTISIR.—The first number of a semi mont ly pn per, published at D.iyloti Ohio, and bearing the above name is before us. Thtt eduor, prompted by ll.e purest desire lo do good, proposes to help such as need his assistance in the matter of 'love making' and we be speak for liira an extensive trade.— As the name indiuales the pap«n* is to contain advertisements of such as want a wiiu or htub tnd, and ean't get them by the ordinary course of proceedv.V*. The advertiser's name is lo be left with, or sent to, ills edi tor t* wli«m all replies, photogiaphs etc must be sent. The editor of the Advertiser has kindly sent us a 'puff of his papyr asking its inser tion, but w* prefer using «ur own 'pulls' ol such sheets. This is a raro ehance for the editor of the home made side ot the Tama Diajmr to gel a wile. Spccial rates offered to wes tern editors wlio ave branch ollijiS in Chicago where they g^t their 'pat ent outsides'or bowels. A Ut'NAWAI'.—:On Tuesday about 10 o'clock A. M. tha team of Al. Coates look fright when al the depot, and came up High street to Broad way, then till i:iiig to the left they pro ceedi-d toward the North Pole at Gilpia speed. The box was thrown tro u tlie wagon in front of Bai tlutl's Hardware Store, an 1 the wagon be came uncoupled in front of the Jail. An immense concourse of citizens were after the team trying to check them, but all cf uo avail. They pas sed down Broadway to street, thence to the left to Main street, thtuce south, to th'« outskirts of town, thence west until they were caught. When stopped they still had tVie front part oi wagon attack •d to them, and were found to have abstained no serious injury. There was no !i»jury worthy of mention dane the wagou, and although the runaway was bona fide, yet it was a kind ol harmless on*. WIIO EuiotiA.—Mr. J. D. New­ comer, lor many years Deputy Clerk ol the Courts lor Tama Countt, is gono to Eldora, Hardin county, where he lias purchased an liiteretit in aa Abstract Offico'. Brv Tu* BEST.—21!t,758 AM Singer LOST.—On number of invited guests ware present, and as tho hour for iliecoinbat arrived, the pugilists jnade a iearful lunge at each other, but no fatal result followed.— A second attempt was attended with a like result, and then a third.— As tho fighting weight off the two buys appeared about a^ual, they r* solved upon a more effeminate styh of warfare and waded in, with a seri ous loss of hair, which was strewn about the floor by tho pound.— When it was thought the boys had exercised sufficiently they were sep arated, The one who had invited in his friends ti witncsR the "duel," presents tho appearance ol having been down iu the fight. He wears a "bustle" over ono eye, a "chanty" over the other, and shews hard treat ment generally. The other has one scratch on his face otherwise unin jured. The former claims the vi3to ry. ,(f ihe mothers of these two young men would place them across their knees, as they probably havo done, we doubt not it would have a good effeet. Tiiav ?—In a petition for a Writ of Replevin recently drawn up by a Tama City lawyer, we find among other personal pro perty claimed of the defendant the following item?" "four Jars and four Judges, 15 cents eaoh.' If the attoi« ney is right as regards these "four 15 cent Judges," ou^ht lie not to make known through the public prints their na res, or at least let the peo ple kuow whether U?ey are on the Circuit, District or Supreme Bench "Four Judges" owned by one man A pretty condition of affairs, indeed! Come, come, trot out their names aud let us give them an airing, or if there is a mistake in the petition let us havo it and be relieved *f this suspense. lievenu* Col­ SOWING GRAIN—-We hear of a num­ ber ot larmers in this county who have commenced the work ot seed ing. The roads, previous to the rain en Mouday, had become quite good for tho time a year, and the ground has been iu very good condition for sowing wheat. With favorable weather, the grass will soon start aud the happiest and inost vdiaerlul part ot the year will h« upon us. Use Dr. L. Hursts' A nti-Dyspep Uo aud Liver Pills for Dyspepsia and Liver mulaiut. A otue warranted in every ease. Hurst's Family Med­ icines are lor sale by BergerA Yeiser and Springer & C^., Toledo. Monday morniRg 17tli inst., between the Tatna City depot aud Toledo, ono water proof cloak and cane. Any person fVndiug the same and leaving it at the Post Ofi!6e will be suitably rewarded. "A Citizen'' has a communication in this paper, conce-ning the con struction and opeiation by faira.urs, of an elevator at this place". Such an enterprise v/oiild I e of great practi cal good lo the farmers, and would greatly help our town. Humor has it that tho Citizen office it soon to be moved to this place, and lo occupy the room we are in. Whether the report is true, or isa"dodg«" to make us pay two prices for the rent ot this old shell is yet a mailer of conjeeltit-*. The latter seems inest likely to be true. WANTrd—A Exi'niisst Bfsmuss.—The local ageut of the American Express Coin pany has luruishei.l us the following figures, showing the ainouat of busi ness doue at the Toledo oflic* dur ing the year 1872. Ain't sli'i on a-t:c!c» Cultivators, Climax Corn Planter, Molino Wagons with Johnstons' Patent novelets Brake. The ccl* brated Moline Pumps, (keep a pump Wagon constantly in the country.) Eureka Double Row Stalk Cutler, Furst tfc Bradlay's Sulkoy TTake, eto. Besides this, they carry a fine and ex tensive stock of general hardware, which will next week be greatly iu cprasel. One hundred kegs of nails and a car load of wiiw arc now on the Way. Farmers desning any thing in the line of goods kept by this linn would do well to firsl ex amine their stock a-i 1 ascertain their prictB. Ed. CHROMCLI I BT N I'.W case ot Klvoiimatism, Lumbago and Swollen Joints in man flush cuts, sprains, sore shoulders, aud scratches in horses that can't bo cured bv Hursts' Tar Liniment.— Hurst's Family Multeities are for sale by Bwiger &, Yeiser and Spring er Jfc Co., Toledo. Jas. Thompson, Tama City,and dealers generally.8 UO P-W'ki forwarded $ 780.05 received Would it not be well for the sevrral Granges interest ed, to examine and thinR over tho following proposition? That there he an incorporation ol Farmers or Pat rons ot Husbandry lor the purpose ol building an elevator at Toledo, the capital the incorporation lo consist of. say Five Hundred shares of Ten Dollars each, payable in monthly in stalments ot one dollar. The property ot the shareholders lo be lialilo only to the extent ol the amount subscrib ed. Tins would secure every stock holder from loss after having paid the amount of his subscription.— Let the Elevator be under the con trol ol the Granges, and in this way la liners can get every cent out ot Ihrir grain, thus cutting oft the pro fits «f middlemen. Every farmer at a glance will seo tho benefit to be de rived at a trifling expense. L«t a meet ing bo ailed at once ot the different granges iatoisted, and let 'hem act on this or soniething similar. Send your delegates to the Court Houfe at this place at once, and the people of this town will m«ret you and as sist you in your enterprise. think wo can raise several hundred dollars, besides a lot on the Railroad te build the elevator tpoii. Actioo isooly necessary to accomp lish tho end, and any farmer can well afterd to pay the amount proposed it will only be tho amount ot steal ing from ttiu loads ot wheat general ly sold inordinary markets. If Ihe foregoing is acted upon at once the elevator can bo ready t® receive lb# next crop. A Jas. Thompson, jr., Taw* City, aud deal eis generally. 8-20 IN 2260.7'J Total receipts fcfthe year SOW.84

Expenses including agent's Salary, drayage, messenger and railroad con veyanco to and from Tama City §525.84. WIIOS* NEGLECT?—In tho annual statement ot the Auditor con cerning the apportionment of the interest duo and collected on the Pernianant School Fund, wo find that uo report was furnished from this county, and that the Auditor had to estimate both amounts. The amount delinquent was estimated at $1,000, and tlie amount collected $'2,007.59. The question i*, who is to blame for the proper returns not being made?'' We trust tho person whose Muty it is to furnish then* fig tires wili not again bo dcv'cliot in duty another ye»r. MACJILNELIR, WAOONS, ILALTDWAWA «fcc.—TuloJo can boast of ono finn that never feels the pressure of bard times, and that never has occasion to complain of the dull slate of trade.— It need hardly bo added, that the firm here ment is that of Camery & Son, wlo havo just been receiving machinery by the car load, and who now have the largest aud best stock ever brought to this rfofuuty. We looked through their machinery department yesterday, and unless they soon stop ordering, ihey will find it necessary to rent a quarter section ot laud some place out of town tostoro their machinery. Among the almost endless variety, we find Deere's Plo vs an I Calliva tors, Fuist «fc Bradley's Plows and TA.MA ('JLSTY. FOR SALK.—That BOW —The first number of The Chelsea Reporter is before us, W. W. Varham editor and publisher. Ths Reporter is a small eight page paper, with three columns to the page, and is truly a a very respectable paper considering tho size of the place where it is pub lished, and tha meager advertising patronage it starts with. Vict La Reporter, if that's what you call it. what is it?' which ths editor of ihia paper bid off at a Sheriff's Sale of Millinery goods last Saturday, and which is worn on the back part of ladies' heads, is now offered for sale on rea sonable terms. Like "Toodles" we supposed "it might come handy some titnn,-' but the' pressure of hard time* seems to render it advisable that the thing bo disposed of at some price. Apply at, this oflio'j.— Don't all e«me "to wunst.." ORIGINAL XOriCti. '^TAtEOF IOWA, TAMA COUNTY, S3. To The Great Western Insurance Company, You, are hereby notified that there is now on file, in the oflice of I ho Clerk of the Cir* Court uf'l'ama Comity, lovra, a petition of A W Cuernsey, claiming of you 12'.' and ninety-9ix-one 10» Dollars irith r-nterest therern from January 30th 1S*71 eud coels ns jiHlIy due hint for mor.iy paid on your bel.alf a ud services performed for you. and JOSis of protest of diaft, mil lhat u writ of attachmeut has lc«u issued ogaiusl your property. And unless you appear thereto, and de fend. on or before noon, of the second day of the next Term of said Court, being the May fcrni of said Court f«r the year A L» ls7:5 commencing on the firs' Moiday of May, AD 1872 at tho Court House iu Toledo in said coan'.y default will bs" en* lered agaiust you, and judgment render ed (hereon. STl Vi i:s, SAFLF.Y ,( WliXl TT, 12 15 Att'ys for Plaintiff's. .S7/A7.7S BY SALE. virtue of a Special Execution, dated the 2t'lh of Fell. A. D. 1*7:1, lo me direct ed, issued out of tli* O IRCB ef th Clerk of tho District Court of Tain* County, State of Iowa, in favor of David K Lord and acainst Jasob W. (lower, oa a ju lament rendered by said Court at the February term tlie reef, A. 1). Ht'., agiiust ihe said acob W. (i wer for (he SUIM of Sl'i'2 07-1'K) an a decree of foreclosure against sai Defendant wherein it was ordered, adjudg ed and decreed that the following describ ed Ileal Estate, to-wit: Thenoitheust quarter ef the northeast quarter of section No. twenty (/.!() in town ship No. eighty-two north of range N». thirteen (l lj west, of t'l* Jt'i P. M, in Tama County, Iowa, be sold, or so in ich thereof as is aeeessary to satisfy said judgaient, interest an I cost: Now,,therel'ore, public uotieo is hereby given, tint I have levied upon, and shall on the :ilsi iMy ot March A. D. 1H":!, between the hours of 0 j'clo:k A. SI. an 1 4 o'clock P. M. of *-iid day, s.ile to cnnuci o8 at the hour of 10 o'clock A. M., at the frontdoor of till? Court House in To!ol, Iowa, in the county of Tim*, n!Fer an4 sell a' pa'i'io o it r.ry, to the highest an I b.*st bi 1 tar, that bids two-thirds or over of ths ap.iraisvl value, for cash, all the right, title and in terest of the above HIIU I March 1*7 !. defea lant, in aud to Ihe above describe 1 property, or so much thereof as is ne:em*ry to satisfy said j'l lament for the above uaiued sum, together with cost* an lull ac.:ruiun casts, unieis the satne Khali besoouer satisfied. iFebrurii-y 1M H7 i. K.N I'! 11T prXTl-'R, Sherii sf Tama count v. Iowa. SriVB.tS, 3AFLK. 4 wiL^'srr. $8^50 12-13 AM'y for Plainti#. SHERIFF'S SALE. B7 virtue of a special ISxecitionj dated the :lrd day of March. A. I). 1^71, tc me directed, issued out of the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Tama County, titate of Iowa, in favor of Leander Clark and W V Johnston, and ayainsi Mart-n Lea vens, S .rah A Lcavene and II McCirmick & Brother, ou a judgment renderc I by said Court al the February term thereof, A. D. 1*7:J, against the sai I Martin Leavens for the sum of S'.'-l'J 17-100 ard a decree of foivclos ire against slid dcfeii la-iti wherein il was ordered, ndju-ljjed and decreed that the following described real estate, to-wit 'ihe Borlh half of ihe northwest quarter of secticn No. nine ('.)), i.i to.vns'iip Nc. eighty-four (81) north of ran^e iiurtesa (li west ofjthe oth P. M., in Tauia c-mnty, Iowa, be sold, or so miijli th-'reof as is ne^css«ry to satisfy said ju lgmsnt, interest and cost "Now, therefore, public notice is here! y Riven, that I have levied upon, and shall on the oth day of April, A. f. 1^73, be tween the hours of (I o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock P. M. of said day, sale to commence at tho hour of 10 o'clock A. M., at the front door of the Court House iu ToUdo, Iowa, County of Tama, offer and sell at public o.itcry, to the highest au best bidder, for cash, al! the right, title aad interest of the abovo named defendants in and to the above described properly, or so much thore of as is neccssary to satisfy said judgment for thi abovo name I suai together with costs and all accruing costs, unless the 'Same shall be sooner satisfied. KNiailT DEXl'EU, 81ierilT of Tama Ceuniy, Iowa. O. R. STRUBLE. Ally for PI IT. $ 3 03 [12-13 sTfT:EnTsls:iLE. BYthe virtue of a Special Execution, dated ord of March, A. 1873, to me directed, issued out of the offic* of ihe Clerk of the District i'ourt of Tama couuty. State of Iowa, in favor of St ruble & Youiig, and against Joliu I'cllock, J. Catharine Pollack, Joiepli Uursk and Margret Pursk, oa a judgment rendered by sail Court at ths February term thereof, A. 1). 1878, against the said John Pollock and J. Cath arine Pollock for the sum of $1,01 38-100 and a decree of forinlosura agiinUtti 1 de fendants wherein it (fas ordered, adjudged and decrsed that the foJawing described real estate te-wit The north half of ihe southeast quarter of sec.lien No. twen y-scveu ('27), in township Ko. sighiy-two (j?-). north of range No. fif :*..i (15) west of the 5th 1'. M., in Taeia County, Iowa, be sold, or s« raucli thereof as is necessary to satisfy sail jdlguieat, intereit aud cost. Now, therefore, public notice i^ hereby given, that I have levied upon, add shall on the 5th d»y of April, A. D. 1873. bs tween lle hours of 10 o'clock A. M., and 4 o'clock P. M. of said day. sale to commence at ihe hour of o'clock A. at the front door id the Court Honsi iu Tole lo'iowa in the County ol 'lamv o.Ttr and se 1 atpublic outcry, to the highest and best bidder, that bills two-thirds or over of the appraised Value, for cash, all the right, title aad in terest of the above name.d defendants, in aud to the above described propsrty, or so much thereof as is necssjiry to sa'isf said judgment, for the above named sum together with costs aul all aooruitig o ists, uuless the same shall be soouer saiis&ed. KHIGiiT DEXTER, Sheriff of l'auia Co., Iowa. March 5,1873. CITIZKS. 0. R. STRUBLI. 12-31] fl.90 Attorney tor Plaintiff. .VA' ir a van tisemkxts. !!K\M. STONKS RK.STAIR A XT Is wkere you can get A GOOD SQUARE MEAL .At any hour. A large assortment of Boots and Shoes and Car O E E Sf Kept constantly «n hand. One door west of Hergcr & Y'eiser's Drilg^Store. Toledo, Iowa. '8-ly SHERIFFS SALE. BY' virtue of a special execution, dated the '!th of March A. 1, 187 !, to me directed, issued oiu ef the ollice of the Clerk of the District Court of Tama county, State of Inwa-, in favor of John Steven's, and against Foster. I',lien E Foster, Wil 1 am Johnston, Johnston Saloman Keister, Rebecca keister aud 1J E Austin, on a ,iudgni«»t rendered ty said Court, at the i'ebruary term thereof. A. D. 1S7:?, agoiast the Bnid S Foster, fur the sum of $. it» 18-li'O ,md a decree of foreclosure aRaiust sa'd defsndants wherein it was or dered, adjudged and decreed that the fol lowing described Ileal estate, to-wit: 'Ihe South cast quarter of the south west ijuarter of section Numb-.-r twe. ty-one "21) in township eighty-three (8:',) North of Iaiige fourteen (14), west of the oth P. M. ui Taina County, Iowa, be sold, or so much thereof as is necessary to satisfy said judgment, interest and cost. Now. therefore, public notice is hereby given, that 1 have li vied upon, and shall on ilie oth day of April A. I). 187 !. be tween (he hours of t) o'clock A. M. nnd 4 o clock P. M. of said day, sale to commence at the hour of 10 ./clock A. M., at the front door of the Court House in Toledo, Iowa, iu ihe county of Tama, offer and sell at public outcry, to the highest and best bid der for cash, all Ihe right, title and interest of the above named defendants in and to the above described property, or so much thereof as is necessary to satisfy said judg nictit f- the above named sum together with costs nnd all accruing costs unless the same slial be soouer mitisfied March o, Ib7 !'. KNIGHT Di:xri:ii. Sheriff of Tama County. Iewt Stivers, Sufley & W uM. Att'ys for I'laintilF. [$6,75] [lii-ll SHERIFF 'STSALE. 1) )Y virtue of a Special Execution, dated the 31 of March, 1871, to me directed, ismied out of the office of the Clerk of ihe District Court of Tama county, Stat 3 of lowu, in favor of William Cramer, and F.J w.ird Cramer, auu against William t! Co w.m. Henry Cowan. John McCready, James Chatuberlaiu and William E lline man on a judgment rendered by said Conrt al Ihe Febiuaiw term thereof. A. D. i87:j spainst ttie said William Now, therefore, public notice is hereby given, that I have levied upon, and shail ou the otli day of April A. 1) 1873, be tween the hours of 'J o'clock A. M. and o'clock P. M. of said day, tale lo commence sit the iijui- of 10 o'clock, A M. at the front door of the Court Utilise in Toledo. Io#a. in ihe County of Tama, ofl'er and sell at publio outcry, to the highest and best bidder, that bids ino-thirds er over if the appraised value, for cssh, all the rijrli*. title and interest of the ubovi named de fendant. iu and to the above described pro perly, or so mtirdi thereof as is necessary to satisfy sai judgment for ihe above na ed sum together with cosfs nnd all ac cruing coats, ualess the came shall be aoea er satisfied, KNIGHT DEXTER, 'Sheriff of Tama Oeunty, Iowa. G. R. Silt! RLE, Att'y for Plaintiff. March 6th. 187.1 ($f.,751 12.13 OntfilXAL XuTICE riTATB OF IOWA, TAMA COUNTY, S8. U To William Proven, Lydia Provan, J. H. Shutts, Ni in rod Norris, H. F. Smith, Charles Wkeaton, C. II. McCormick ft Bro., F. J. Upton & Ot John Younp, Arthur t'urrur& Co., E. A. McNair, aud Jsrdau. Partners as McN&ir k Jordan and It. 11. Pardee & Co. You, and each of yon, are hereby notified that there is now on file, in the cilice of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Tama couuty, Iowa, a petition of W. F. Johnston, claim ing of you William Provan Ihe sum of sight thousand two huudrud and seventy fife dollars as money due on sevea promis sory neies, and on contracts for sale of real estate and for money paid as mortgages in redeeming laud from lax sale, with in terest at te-i percent from May 1st 1873, an I with costs including $3-' as attorneys fees, aud claiming of all of tou the fore closure of Two Mortgages given to secure fbo payment of said notes, aud ths fore c'osure of ihe aforesaid contracts for sale of real estate sn loiher rel'ef. And iliat unless you appear thereto, and defend, on or before noon, of the Second day of the next term of said Court, being I the May term of said Court for the year A. D. 187:1. commencing oil ths first Mouday of May A. D. 1873, at ths Court House, in Toledo, iu said Ceunty, de fault will be enieied against you, aad judg ment and decree renderi thereon. Silvers, Salley & Willcit. 12-15] Attorneys for Plaintiff. SHERIFF S SALE, BYCth virtue of a special execution, dated the of January, A. D. 1873. to me di rected. issued out of the ollice of the clerk of ihe Circuit ~Vuri of Taina couuty, State of IOWA, iti favor of Furtnan Now, therefore, public notice is hereby, given, that 1 have levied upon, aud shall on the 81st day of Mar., A.D. 1873,'between the hours of o'clock A. ii. and 4 o'clock 1*. of said day, sale to commence at tlie hour of 10 o '-lojk A. M., at the fiont doo1- of the Court Houso in Toledo, Iowa, in the county of Tama, offer aud sell nt public outcry, to the highest i u best bidder, for cash, all the right, title and interest of tho above named defendants, iu and to the above described property, or so much thereof as is necessary to satisfy said judgment for the above named sum together with costs and all accruing costs, uu'.eis the satue shall be soouer satisfied. Esbruary 2i, 187 !. KNIGHT DEXTER, Sheriff of Tama County, low#. C. B. BRADS'! A *T, A DJIIXIS T11J TOR' S XOTICE. Pl'IH.10 NOTICE is hereby given, thtV the titrleriigned has this day been ap pointed and commissioned by the Ciieuit. Court of Tama co"iity in tha State of Iowa. Administrator of tho estate of Jo'B Dickenson, deceased,ami #11 persons having claims against sai I estate are hereby noti fied I* tile lliem with Ihe Clerk of a.lld Court, clearly s'ated nud duly sworn to, and v/ithin legal time, preparatory to (hell bents allowed or proved and persons owlbs 8iii I estate ae requested to make immedi ate payment to the undcrsignel. aud avoid costs. Dated at Toledo, Iowa, this 4th da df March, A. D. 187:5, BOON DE FRANCE. 11 l-l] Administrator. M. JT BOYLE is at THE OLD STAND AGAIN, SIGN OF THE STAR His horses are lively, safe and fast,—ki carriages are in pood condition and aafe.^— Best of accommodatioi a given cm.otuers.— ces a* reasonab'n as anywhere. [21*a BLAIK.S.—BLANK COMNU, far Ihe sum of $-1 s-l0(), and a decree of fore olostire against sai defendants, Wherein it was ordtred, adjudged aud ducrsed that the following described Heal Estate, to-wit Tlie South west quarter of section No tiine iu Township No. eighty two [MTj north of llsuge six'eeuMOJ V ast of the -"nh P. in Tauia t'uitny. Inwa, be sold, or so much thereof as is necessary to satisfy Slid judg lneiit, interest and cost. DESDS, MORTOi filt, Qnil Olsims aa4 Jastlee'l Bin air at the fmeNiCLa Office. As &n Invl-Tt.• .-' tor, I.Lver orrcet: and Elocl K.-"novutor is ti:petinr to ail tli* Bitters, Elixirs, Cordlnls r.ntl Sana. |*ar.ll i«i in v i, ]t is eo nc!a ted tj tLo whulo »j«tei:i t-vi-ry orj-m niid ftr:i in Ihe body i» brought uuder its ex!.i:ara: E5 iuRiii'me. It give* tone nnd stren^rlh to tie dlf,-rsthe nf» pnralas, dispels^nor nnd de!illl}, inrl^ratrs Iho Liver, rc£nltttt» tbo Kidneys nnd Ilowcls. removes tke effect of eict'sa or overtaxation of any kind and givos Vi-' tality nnd richness (o (be blood. Ita curative powers alter and comj Ictoly reorgan Ito the entiro ciass of fluids and even tho solids of tha human systeia, thereby prevcating and curing Dynix-ptic nnd 'onsumitllvo Sjmp. toiiiH, 1'ever and Agar, Bllionn Bisons ei, Fevers uf all kintls, \ervoas Debil ity. AiTcctionit ot Iho Stomach and Bowels, etc. Asa jiilJaml doligl.tful Iuvigo raut for,lrli'.ut6 females, It has no Bupei ior. By its n«e no'7 life and vipm- ij given to loth body and mind, sending a glow of v.tality through every part, which is permanent and lasting. It Is tho most ofT.ctual remedy for the relief ot human suffering ever discovrrci, scdaa pleasant lo the taato ui old rye or fiao wine. WE CHALLENGE GX THE SI WORLD To produce rt more de!ii-i')in medicine t.. t«\e, jet so potent fur the prevvutii n nud rure of dr eases si Sr. lilts? 1 7,-C2iB-3 SiS:: AltII BLOW PC:.miE, Frlre 91, or (I Bstlies fjr $2. Prepared ly the Orafton Medicine Co.,ST. T.Ot?I5?, Mo. Sold by Druggists and dealers iu mediciues' Ovsrywhere. •»o To. W *nt a MijuM'ior article of Wool­ len l'ain and aoino extra lu-avy Flan Hela li 'ini the (Jennnti Mills, then call at tke UNION ?TOKK. DO To« w ANT some new plain or figured Opera Flannel, heavy Water l'roof, laucy Scotch I'laids, Moriuos or oth er serviceable Dress Goods, call ihow at the UNION .STORE. FO* WAST L. Kaeeiand and against Joseph K. Hull, JoUu G, UuII and M. F. Fiiill on a judgment rendered by «*id t/'oiirt at the January term thereof, A. D. I87J, agaiust the sail Josiph K. Bull fo ihe sum of $257 8t}-100 and a decree of foreclosure against tho said defend ants, wherein i was ordered, adjudged and decrucd that the following described real es tate, to wit: The north half of the southeast quarter of section No^live (•"), in township No. eighty tsar (81) north of range thirteen (13) wsst of the Ith P. in Tatna county, Iowa, be sold, er so much thereof as is necessary to satisfy sai 1 il£ esut, iutsrsu au I eon. far Wain $5.30 [12-13 tiff* some p"Kl A-.nns, *hoavJ itmei, Mnn Cassiuiere, liroadcloth, Alaska I'lotli, or iteavor—you will iusi ihem at the UNION STOltK. no You WAKT the celobratod Whitnoy Boo*, for men or boys, or wool lined Boots or new style Alaska overshoes, Water Proof (Jailers, Kid, Calf ®r any other shoe, clbotv your way into the UNION TSTOIIK. DO Toe A*ART soino fine'/suits of good suoslaiitiil Clothing, somo ohoico Groceries, or a lino ol best Crockery, don,t buy them until you have ex amined £oods and figures al tho UN ION STUB. DO Tee noi know that the above neifoeit goods and many olhera have just been newly purchased, and aro ot lerod to tho public at theverv loweat prices, at tho UNION STOKE, ledo Iowa, by the utoprietoia, Wieting Bros. I ill I

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