Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle, March 27, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle dated March 27, 1873 Page 3
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PHTBlCANi AND DBNTIST8. JOHN NICHOLISYA. DENTlS^Dr fiAMi oitt, Opee over 8 Pattsrson's 8tor*. jphysiciari and feSurgedn. —ALSO— 1. 8. BJCAMINING PENSION SURGEON. TOLEDO, IOWA. gylleeidence near Post Office. [82 ATTORNEYS. hEOBOE ItA'.SliS, AttoHieJ at Law, No VJT tary Public anil Jttsiice of ilie Peace X)hct over Free' Building, Toledo Iowa 2 rflEO. R. STBUBLE, Attorney and Coun asllorat Law, Toledo, Tama county, IlV*. G• H. Goodrich, ATTORN KY AT LAW, TAMA A COUNTY, fifcWA. (Office in Free'a Building.) [8tf PPELQATE & K1NNE, Attorneya and Cotinfe'lors at Law,Toledo, Iowa. Of in Stone s building, oyer W. Walter s Urooery Store •8n3tf B. BRADSHAW, [Successor (o Sin. V. ble & Bradihaw,] Attorn'y & Counsel or at Law, Toledo, Tama County, Iowa.- fflUOMAS S. FREE, Attorn*/ at law, I To'edo. Iowa. Office in Court House. Alto U. S. COMMISSIONER. [vSn'Jtf ft BO. L. BAILEY, Attorney & Coungellor 11 at Law, Toledo, Iowa. Office o«r tt. f. Johnston !t Co's Store. 5tf STIVERS SAFLKY & WILLETT, XJA WYERS, Will practice in the Supreme and District tieurls of Iowa. TOLEDO, TAMA COUNTY. IOWA. W1I. TIFFANY. Attorney and ('ounsel- a lor at. Law, Notary I'uhlic, Insurance A|ent and Conveyancer, will practice in all th* Court* of 'he State. Ofliee over First. National Bank. Tama City lewa. v"-4 HOTELS. NEW FIUST-CLASS HOUSE 11,18, 16il 7 Noi th Commercial St. CEDAR RAPIDS, IA. BROWN'S HOTEL. 1. L. Exo, Proprietor. JEFF. PHILLIPS, Cl'k. —o— This Hoase is entirely new, and furnished witb nsw furniture throughout. The pats atnage ef the travelling mblio ia cordially levittd. FOUR GOOD SAMPLE ROOMS. rszi 'BU3 TO AND°FR0M ALL TEAIl'S. SURVEYINML. W. H. HOLSTEAD, COUNTY SUIIVKYOR, —AH»— ETCGINKERv O O IOWA MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. C. D. TEKIiY, AABXT FCK Western Cottage Organ, Manufactured by Tewksbury, Carjenler Jt Co., Mehdo'a, 111. ALIO, agent fbr the •(ABB, BR ADIU'RY, ATHU8IIEK AND SHOEMAKER PIANOS. fAUA CITY, IOWA «iy] F. nritir, COUHTY STJPEHI1TTSNDSNT, (Residence at OrforJ,) ll'ILLbein liik office at Toledo, every It Saturday, from 10 A. M* to 3 P. M. FREE EXAMINATION the last Saturday of each month at 9 A. Fee for examina tion at any ether time, one dollar. 7ly fpecial free examination at Chelsea, Wed nesday Apri' *_'uJ,- at Walthain Thursday, April 3rd at liuckinghuni, Wednesday April Oth, beginning at 9 o'clock A. M. A & AfiD. A Clorgyman, wlnle residing in 8»uth America, as missionary, tits •ovore-1 a salo and simple remedy 'or tlio Cure of Ktrvou* Weakness, B»rly Decay, Disease ol llie Urinary ••4 Seminal Organs, ami the whole train of disorders brought on by kanofel and vicious habits. Great nnmbtti u haVebeun eured by this no klo remedy. Prompted by a desire t» henetit tho nfllicted and unfortun •to, I will nend tho receipt for pre piling and using this medicine, in a •••/eel enveldpa, to any one who ieotU it, Free ot oharg*. Address, ^he ^ltronide, WA. A. C. RICKEY, Physician and Surgeon, Toledo. low jg^Office over Frse 4 Morse's Store.-^ja •aai4ence,—1 door Mil of Dr. Springer'*. n7»f .W. BOYNTON, M.D. Toledo, IowA, [46 Thursday) March 27, 1873. BUSINESS NOIICES. Under the above head, notices will be in aerted in this tvpe, leaded, at the rate of ten cents a line for each insertion Spacial terms given for long notices and lonsr tiiua. 8wr E.ii torial notices in local reading column will be charged lifteeu esdts a Hue, each insettion. MULLQWAY E OiNTMKNt.—Not the slight est danger is incurred in the rapid cure of piles bj this preparation. It liever drives in inflitniai on or suppresses irrita ion: but Annihilates t'lfe'm to llie very roots. Sold 7Si Maiden Lane, N. Y. Price 2-»ct* per liux. Ask tor new style the old is coun terteited. MA OP THE BLOOD- PMTPLKG ON IIK F.AI K. Case.—I h««abMn troubled tor the pant three or four years with a very disagreeable eruptiou on my face, fftid had tried man} different, reme dies. as weK as physicians, and liad givan up diacourag'-d, thitikiug 1 nevor shoul I b» cured, WIIPII 1 accidently heard of your King of the blood. 1 bought a bott'c ami used it according to direct ions and received relief, and by nsing tlne«hotile» more 1 atu completely cured, and can cheerfully rec ommend it to those tfllc'ed wiili si-rofulous diseases, or any impurity of the bio id. H. 15 MIN'KR, Telegraph Operator, Avoca, N. Y. See advertisemont in another column, LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Three hundred teams in Toledo last S.r turday. A lai'ifi* assortment ot shoes i: received at Weruin tfc Ft-e's. The Winter Term otthcTolelo puMic schools ciosu on Friday o: the present week. Logan & Cantield coal lor sale by Parker & Lewis, Tama City, at $G,50 per ton, Cash. A new selection ot sheet music, mostly duets and quartettes, just re cei%'i«l at the City Jiook Store. Key-stone hay-rakes and corn shfllers, at Parker & Lewis' Tama City. Also, OTTAWA CLIPPER BREAKERS. U The local editor of the DcsMoines Republican speaks glibly of Jesus Christ and lln S»*." The local shonhl haye given his headers the Son's JOSJEFU T. INMAN, Station t). Bible House, 8iy i\W York-City, 1. H. Frazee, Jevellsr. WATCHES, CLOCKS and JEWEL*! tttf] Kvpaind end warra»t*4. ,«.«* l»r. iifnry'ii W«ild'l XOUJC a»v» Blood Partfler. tt ts the great household remedy, pleasant to I yet potent for the prevention and cur* of dlsesees. It la better than Bitters, Cordial, I kttchuor£a»aaparilla. Sold by Druggist* Dr. Ilosry'i Root sntl Plant Pills* Mild yet thorough—no nausea or griping—en tirely vegetable—greatliver remedy. Trio# 25 ®etts. Cold by Drugglata. •RHWUTEAAILLSM^ The great toothing remedy. Price 68.., 91 1 ®eats. Gives rest to tke motfcer tid health to U»e child Eo'.d by Druggists. Barrlajfl Guide. Tnterestiajt Work, Enlarges Edition, Ifew En:r4vinj«, Two-hundred and sixty rases, '•"''iceMcciiU. Address Da. BCTTS' Disrt* 13 Ninth X.ljiUjh gtiwt, f-. Louli, Slo. LECTUUES.—Din ing tlie winter term ot our public school, which closes this week, Dr. Rickey has read twen ty-two lectures on health atu* physi ology before the school. PERSONAL.—Use Dr. L. llurst's Vinetrar Cough Cure for Coughs Colds, whoopii cough Croui'. Con sumption and diseases of the Pul monary Organs. 8-20 The best selected stock of Farm Implements ever brought, to Tama County at Parker &, Lewis' Tama City. The Pearl," John Duere's Advance,r and Peru Cny Walking cultivators. biucd. tt Mr. Charles llemck, formerly les see of the Foster IIouso of this place, and late proprietor of llio Bartlctt House at Orlord. has leased the Har mon House at Tama City and is this week moving his "cffccts" to his new quarters. Dennis 4 Averill, ot Tama City, keep a stock ot Seeds. They are selling lots of Clover, Timothy and Dine Grass Seeds. They pay the highest price ia cash for good Tiuto thy Seed. Our Veaders are reminded that the day approaches when paper hangings must bo renewed. They can make a very good selection ot new hang ings at the City Book Store,—at least, they should not purchase until they have given the stock of Mr. True an examination. Candidates for office are begin uinsi o poke their heads above tho smooth sea of Tatna County politics, and th*n quietly pass out of sight, aiming to ieave no ripple upon the surface. Use Dr. L. IIurats' Anti Dyspop tic and Liver Pills for Dyspepsia and Liver Coniplaiut. A cure warranted in overy case. Hurst's Family Med icines are for sale by Berger& Yeiser and Springer & Co., Toledo. By Jas. Thompson, jr., Tatna City, and deal ers generally. 8-20 LJST.—On Saturday Morning March 22, between Frauk Frahn's place in Spring Creek Township and Toledo, one pocket book, containing money, and some valuable papers that are of no value to any one but the loser. A liberal reward will be given any one leaving the same at Henry Giebart's Batcher Shop Toledo. 18-*15 WANTud—A caso of Rheumatism, Lumbago and Swollen Jrtints in fnan flesh cuts, sprains, sore sbouldera, and soratches in horses that can't be cured by Ilursts' Tar Liniment.— Hursts Family Medisines are for sale by Burger & Yeiser and Spring* er Sb CO., Toledo. Jss. Thompson, Tama Cilv,aud dealers generally.8 20 nB WALL PAPER at the CITY BOOK STORE. A new stock just received. Elegant Pattern* and cheap prices. FOR SALIC.—One two-story frame dwelling in Toledo. Will take TWO OR THEE HORSES in part payment and give time on the bal.tnee. Apply to (j. C. Whitten Toledo, Iowa. |_tt t)ennis fe Averill have a tew more Buckeye Si-eders left: While at Buckingham a few days ago, we heard that every dealer in Tama eounty was out of Seeders but it was not so, tor D. & A. liave them. BUY THE BEST—210,758 Singer Sewing Machines sold last year, over 45,000 more than was sold by any other Company. Kept for sale at Frazeo's Jewelery Store, also Mach ine Oil and Needles. W. C. WAYT, Agent Tama Citv. if Another full car-load of COOPER Wagons just received by Parker & Lewis, Tama City. if SNOW.—Old Boreas is oat again, and as evidence of the saint- we rel to the snow that Ml on Monday and Tuesday. Alter a good deal of blowing, and a desperate "effort on the part of the elements, we were favored with about three inches of "beautiful snow.'' I will hold public examination at Chelsea, Wednesday, April 2 Wal thain, April 3 and Buckingham, Wednesday, April 9, beginning at 9 o'clock A. M. F. IICRD, 13 14] Co. Supt. of Schools. John Connelly ol Toledo, who has been appointed Collector of th Fourth District, has the true ring of a gentleman about him, lie is cour teous and- tinn, and competent to fill any position of trust or profit, and we congratulate him most heartily on his appointment.—MankiU Times. John Deere, Ottawa Clipper and Peru City Stirring Plows, at Parker As Lewis', Tama City. tf The Cedar Rapids Republican is en tit lei to our thanks for tho follow ing "The editor of the Toledo CHRONICLE says it cost hi:? a nickel a minute to eat a meal in the dining foou» at the depot at this place. A man of his eating, capacity ceitainly pot his meal cheap enough at that price." ACCEPTED.—The bonds ot the Treasurer and Secretary of the new School Board ot Toledo were accept ed at a meeting of the Board on Monday evening. A Card. ED. CHRONICLE:—I desire to an nounce, through the columns »f your paper, that hereafter my barber shop will not be opened on Sunday, and those desiring work in my line niujt govern themselves accordingly. I will remain in the shop Until mid night, it necessary, every Sum day night, but I wil' not in future do work on Sutidny foF eithct1 regulator transient customers. jotiN GREEN. Nk» GBASOE.—On the 8th inst. a new Grange was organized, and on Saturday last the officers were duly installed, at a meeting held in the Court House in this place. The style of iho new Grange is the "Lythwood Grange, ot Toledo, Tatna county," and is sta'teil with a membership ot 32 charter members. The regular meetings will be held on the third Saturday ot each month. Mess. A. J. Wheaton and G. W. Sweat are Master and Secretary respectively, and to tho latter we are indebted for the above tacts. Des Moinesis still agitated over the discovery of oil RAILROAD FREIGHTS. We here with present a few facts concerning railroad freights,that may be of in terest to some who ship considerable over tho C. & N. W. R. R., it not the company itself. A Tama county firm, who received a car-load of machinery, wagons and pumps about two weeks since, ascertained the rates over several ot the different roads. They lound that they could ship from Moline, Ills, to Tama City over the C. £s N. W., for $78, while it cost only $46 Irom the same place to Marshalllown (via Grinuell), a paint 25 miles west of Tama. re was a difference of about twenty miles and a difference in freight ot $32 in favor ot the longest route, The figures furnished tor transpor tation via West Liberty and Cedar Rapids were even more extravagant than the first. Tho machinery was shipped over the C. R. I. & P. to Grinnel!, thence to Marshalltown, thence shipped back east to Tama City, with a net tavniy of fifteen dollars in freight, albeit the distauce was about 40 miles greater than to have shipped via Clinton over the C. N. W. Comraont upon these facts is eutirely unnecessary, as the rotten ness ot the railway management in this Stat* is too evident to need pointing out at this time. HMipB From Tama City. Ed. CBROSICLH :—It is natural for man to hanker a'ter a good many things, ami one of these is to see Some of hia own writing iu print It Is probably due to this more than to any other one tiling that prompts me to attempt to peucil a squib to your paper. The reference in THE CIIROSICLI of last week to the Tama Citvun moving to your place has occasioned no little talk in his lace, and I fuel confident iu saying that you were misinformed. Business here has improved con siderably during tho past fortnight, and last. Saturday, particularly, was a very busy day. Considerable grain, cnsideriiig the season, was on the streets, and all branclns of business had the appearance of recuperation. The implement business is very good, and it we are to judge from the amount of machinery our dealers aro selling, the crop of '73 will exceed that of '72. I have known for a long time that, anything in the way ol farm machinery, Irom a tooth pick to a threshing machine could bo ob tained at Parker & Lewi.*' and with a view of fin ling out the machinery they handle, I took a look through their stock, which I found to contain the following: Graham Seeder, with elevator feed Buckeye Reaper and M'»wcr. as sell rake or dropper P. Manny's Reapwr and Mower, new style Madison Harvester Grinnel 1 fleadei Aultnian & Taylor's Thresh er and horse power the popular Cooper Wagons, Keystone Corn* Planter, and Shcllcr Star Planter Sulky Rakes at $35 J.din Deere, Peru City, and Pearl .Walking Cul tivators and Stirring Plows Ottawa Clipper Breaking Plow Buckeye Walking and Riding Cultivator Gang Plows Iron and Wooden Harrows Wind-mills Engines and Force pumps Coal Cement Hair etc ad infinitum. SiUMA. From Chelsea. We IITJ a sanill exhibition of mus cle last week, and the persons par ticipative were of Teutonic and CVItic blood. The "onpleasantness" was occasioned by the shipment of two empty coal barrels to die Plamo and was brought about as fol lows T. J. Finch, ex J. insist ed upon vending the. barrels free, while J. W. Shaler, the station agent, insisted on tUo freight in advance.— An altercation fallowed, and Finch's •'irish" was ittlTlf l, and Shaler's '•dutch" became evident. A little seuffl ended the case. Tne goods in the hardware store of Patterson Bro's. wera moved last w*«k to Tatna City, and this leaves the field open for a good hard wars Store iu thisplaoe. While Mr Car lisle, a teamster, was here after a load ot gO!»dsj he received a kick from a lidrtM, whioh rendered it necessary for hint to be s#nt hoaie on the cars. Iron hu rows with 40 and 60 teeth and also the celebrated Eureka dou ble row stalk cutter and roller for sale, at Parker & Lewis', Tatna City. Iowa. tf A RARE RECORD —The old 'Gtrard' Fire Ins. Co. of l'hita lelphta by its official report ot rma y I '73 shows a cash c-ipita! ot, $ 0-),0-*)0 00: capital and surplus, $G5-J,321.29 and liabili ties ot only $0.^01). This C)o. was in corporated in 1853, and its stock is quoted at 147. This old and re'iable company ts represented by Nelson & Barker. NOTICE—Oil next Sunday evening Rev. Ml. Messmer will deliver a loc ture in the Presbyterian Chutch at this place, on the subject of Woman s Rights. The bare announcement will secure a crow led house on that evening. Card of Thanks. To our many friends we express our united thanks for the very pleas ant surprise tendered us on the fit teenth anniversary of our wedding day. The many tokens of your re gard expressed for us on the occa sion ot our Crystal Wedding." will ever bo cherished as memorials of your respect and appreciation. May

tho kind hand whioh permitted our union fifteen years ago, and whioh lias led us safely through that period of sunshine and shade still lead us, that we may ever be worthy ot a place in the hearts of His peoplo WM. E ROGERS. E. B. Eosiu. Wo take this occasion to express the thanks tf the printers to Mr. and Mrs. Rogers, tor their kind remem brance in placing a very fine cake up on our table and express the hope that they-may live to celebrate their "silver"and ''golden" weddings. ..Ml*. ED. A woman aad two children were burned to death near Pomeroyv tM* State on Tuesday 13th inst. Illtuitww CONCERT AX» EXHIBITION.—We un derstand that some ot the school children have tor sotuo time been preparing for a concert and cxhibi tion to be held at the Court Ifou.:', on Friday evening, the 28th inst. From what we bear regarding the matter, we may expect something quite rich. We hope to see the Court House filled to overflowing, that home talent may be encouraged. Admission25 cents children, 15 cts. A SURPRISE PARTY.—A very pleas ant surprise party was given Miss Lydia Powell, at the residence ot Mr. Galley, on Friday evening of last week. Miss P. leaves for Oskaioosa to-morrow (Thursday), for the pur pose of attending school at that place. Keystone nnd Star Corn Planter*, the best iu tho market, at Paiker & Lewis', Tama City. Sole agents for Tama count v. tf Notice el Dissolution. The firm of .Smith (iibsnn has this day by mutual coasent. dissolved their partner ship. AM the accounts of tha firm art as sumed by James K. Smith. Toledo, IoW«, March 'Jt, 1873. JAM KS F. SMITH, 13«l4] W. OIHSON. noli ATE NOTICE. s TATE OF IOWA, TAMA COUNTY, S. S. In Circuit Court for taitl County. Notice is hereby given to all whom it may concern, that at a term of the I'iivuit. CourY in vacation of Tama county, held at llu Court llou-e at Toledo iu said county on the 18th day of March it 1). H73, an insirti meut iu wrimij{. bearing date the 'J Mi dtv of February A. t. !K"B, and purporting to be the last will and testament of Henry ColaW. late of said County, dacrnsed, was produced and publicly read in opant'ouit: and that llie next term of said Court, to be hoMen on the iih day of May A. 1). 1873, at Iho Court House in Toledo aforesaid, has been fined for proyi ig Kaid wit and at one o'clock 1'. M. of the day last ahovo mentioned all persons interested are here by notifi and required to appear in said Court, ami show cause, if any they havo, why said instrument should not he probat ed mid allowed as and for tho last will and testament of the said deceased. Datod Toledo, March 18, 1H7:5. L. BUNJf, Clerk rcuil Court, Tama Co Iowa. 13-14} ORIGINAL NOTICE. ^TATH OF IOWA, TAMA COUNTY*, SS. To The Great Western Insurance Company, You, nro hereby uotilie.I that there is now on file,in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Tatna County, Iowa, n petition of A. W. Guernsey, claiming of you one hundred and ninety six and 2.1-lOi) Dnlbirs with interest therein from January Roth 187:! and costs ns justly dm him for money paid on your bel.alf an-l cerviues performed for you, and •osts of protest of draft, and that a writ of attachment baa been issued against your property. And unless you appear thereto, and de fend. on or before noon, of the second dny of tho next Term ot said Court, being the May Term of said Court for the year A 1) 1K73 commencing on tho firs' Mniday of May, A I) 1873 at the Court House in Toledo in said eo n'y default will be en* tered apninst you, and judgment render ed thereon. 8TIVUK8, MfliEY #W!LL T'P, I# 16 Att'ys for I'laiutifPs SHERIFFS SALE. BYthe virtue of a special Exec uion, dated 3rd day of March, A. I). 1'7 i, to me directed, issued out of the olfioe of the Clerk of the District Court of Tama County, Stale of Iowa, iu favor of Lsnnder Clark and \V Johnston, and araitm Mircn Lea vens, S .rali A I.eavena and II McC o tuick & Brother, on A judgment rendered by said Court at the February term thereof. A. I». 187:1, u^ainst the said '•lartin betyeiia for the sum of 5'.M"2 17 IttO aed a decre.i ot foreclosure against said defendant- wherein it was ordered, adjudged and decreed i.ti.-it the following described real entitle, lo-wit 'llie not lii Imlfof tliv northwest quarter ofaectienNo nine (9), ia tawnaliip Sr. eighty-four (81) north of ran*« thirteen (13 west ofjthe ith P. M., in couniv, Iowa, be sold, or so inue.h th-raof as i« uecc^ury to satisfy saiJ judgment, intcresi and cost Now, therefore, public notice ia here given, that I have levied upon, and s'tall on the fth day of April, A. I). 1873, he* ween the hours ofo'clock A. M. and 4 o'ciock l\ M. of said day, sale to commence at the hour of 10 o'clock A. M., at the front door of the Court II uso in Tolcdty Iowa, County of Tama, offer ati sell at pub ic o.ttcry, to the highest and best bidder, for isli. al the right, title a id interest of the iibovo named defendants in and to the above described property, or no much there of as is necessary satisfy said judgment for th ab ve name 1 sum ing 'ths- wttii costs and all accrui-ig cons, uuieaa the giuno shall be sooner satisfied. March tl, 1873. KNianr DEXTBa. Sh-riff of Tama Csunly, Iowa. G. R. STKUULE, Att'y for fl ff. $8 00 [12-13 SHERIFF S SALE. BYth« virtue of a Special Execution, dated 3rd of March. A. I 1873, tome directed, issued out of the offic» of die Cleric of the District ''ourt of Tama county. S?tate of Iowa, in favor of Si ruble & Young, and against .lo'.in I'ollock, J. Catharine I'olK'ck, Joseph Bunk and Margret Burak, ou a judgment rendered by sail Court at the February term thereof, A. I). 1873, against llie said Joan Pollock and J. Cath arine Pollock for the sum of $1,013 38-100 and a decree of foreclosure ag'itistaii I de fendants wherein it was ordered, adjudged and decreed that the following described real estate ta-wit The north half of the southeast quarter of section Ro. twen y-eeven (17), in township Mo. eighty-two (82), north of range No. til' teen (1) west of the 5th P. M., in Tntna County, Iowa, be sold, or so much thereof as is necessary to satisfy said judgment, interest and cost. Now, therefore, public notice is hereby given, that I have levied upon, and shalt on the "nu ly of April, A. D. 1873. ba» tween the hours of 10 o clock A. M., and 4 o'clock P. M. ot said day, sale to commotio# at the hour of 9 o'clock A. M., at the trout dour ot the Court Hons*! in Toledo'lowa in t!i# County ot Tama, offer and sell atpubiif outcry, to the highest anil best bidder, that bids tw» thir ls or over of the appraisctl value, for cash, all the right, title and in terest of the above named defendants, ia and to the above described property, or se much thereof as ia necessary tosatisf. a*ii judgment for the above named sum together With costs and all accruiug osts, unless the same shall be sooner satisfied. KNlGtiT DEXTER, Sheriff of Tama Co., lows. March 5, li S 0. U. STRUBLE, 18-51] Attaruey tor Plaintiff. Si: I!' A YEU Tlsr.Myy TS. SIIEIII Ft'S SALE. BY virtue of a. special execution, dated the 3th of March A. 1873, to me directed, issued out of the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Tama county, State of Iowa, in favor of John .Stevens, and against .1 Foster, Ellen K Foster, Wil 1 am Johnston, N Johnston Soloman Keister, Rebecca Keister and E Austin. OP a judgment rendered by said Court at tho February term thereof, A. D. 1S78, ngaiatl the stud S Foster, for the sum of $770 1S-IH0 and a deeree of foreclosure against said defendants wherein it was or dered, ndjndgrd ami decreed that the foU lowing described Uenl estate, to wit: The South east quarter of the South west quarter of section Number twenty-one 'Jl) in township eighty-three North of Range fourteen (Id), west of the "tU 1*. M. in Tama County, Iowa, be sold, or BO much thereof as is necessary to satisfy said judgment, interest and cost. Now, therefore, public notice is hereby given, that I have livied upon, and shall on the ,-th day of April A. IV 1S73, be tween the hours of "J o'clock A. M. and I o'clock I*. M. of said day, sale to commence at the hour of 10 o'clock A. M., at llie front door of the Court House in Toledo. Iowa, in the county of Tama, otfer and sell at public outcry, to the highest anil best bid der for cash, all the rich!, title and interest of the above named defendants in and to the above described property, or so much thereof as is necessary to satisfy said judg ment for the above nnmcd sum together with costs and all nccruing costs dnlesa the same shal be sooucr satisfied March 5, 1873. KNIGHT DEXTfitt, Sheriff of Tama County. Iowa. Sti-ers, Suflev & Willet, Att'ys for Plainiiff. [SG,7"] [l'J-13 SHERIFF'S SALE. BYtiio virtue of a Special Execution, dated 3 I of March, 1873, to me dirtclcd, issued out of the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Tama county. Stat? of Iowa, iu favor of William Cramer, and Ed ward Cramer, and against William Co win. Henry Cowan. lolin It McCready, James Chamberlain and William E lline nmn on a judgment rendered by said Court al the February term thereof, A. 1). 1873 tgainst the sai I William Cowan, for llie sum of $-1 s.100, and a decree of fore closure against sai defeiidvoa, wherein it was ordered, adjudged and ducroet that the following described Ileal Esta'e, to-wit The South west quarter of section No nine [It] in township No eiglity two [*'_'] north of Range *ix'c?n(.](] Vest, of the :"th P. in Tama (7iuuty. Iowa, be sold, or so much thereof as is necessary to satisfy aaid judg ment, interest and cost. Now, therefore, public notice is hereby given, thai I have levied upon, and shall on tho f)th day of April A. 1) 1873, be tween the hours of o'elock A. M. and 4 o'clock P. M. of said day, fale to commence at the hour of 10 o'clock, A M. at the front door of llie Court House iu Toledo. Iowa, in llie County of Tama, offer and sell at, pub!! ouicry, to the highest ami best bidder, that bids two-thirds er over of Ijie appraised value, for cash, all the rigli'. title and interest of the abovo named de fen Inin, in and to the above described prj porty, or so much thereof us is necessary to satisfy said judgment for tho above na ed sum loge'.her wiili cosfs and all ac cruing cosis, unless the game shall be sooti er saiisficd, KNIGHT DEXTER, Sheriff of Tama County, Iowa. G. IS S: RUBLE, Att'y for VUintlff. MardiOili. 1873. 12-U ORKSINAL NvTlCE ciTATE OF IOWA, TAMA COUNTY, S8 O To William Provan, Lydia Provan, J. H. Shutl*, Nitnrod Norris, B. P. Smith. Charles Wheaton, C. II. Mccormick k Urn., I1'. J. Upton k Ci olm Young. Arthur Farrar & Co., E. A. McNair, an! .Lirdati, Partners as McNair Jordan and R. II. Pardee & Co. You, and each of you. re herein* notified that there is now on file, in the ollice of tin Clerk of the Circuit Court of Tama county. Iowa, a petition of W. F. John-Ion, c.aiui ing of you Millinm Provan tin* sum o! eighi thousand two hundred and seventy live dollars ast.totirf duo on seven promt's eory noics, and on contracts for sale ot real esiaie and for money paid as mortgage* in redeeming laud I'rutn lax sale, with in terest at tea pei o 'tit from May 1st 18i3 and with costs including 35350, us nllorueys fee#, atnl claiming of all of mu the fore closure of Two Mortgages given to stcur the payment, of sai notes, anil the fure c'ostire of Hie of resaid cotrracls for sal of res! estate and other rel'ef. Arid that un'oss you appear thereto, an'l defend, on or before noon, of the Secomt day of the next term of said Conn, being the May term of stid Court for tin year A. D. 1873. commencing on ilia first Monday o' May A 1873, al th ''ourl House, in Toledo, in said County, de fault will be enieied against you, aad ju ,g tnent and decree render- thereon. Stivers, Satlcy it, W iucit. 12-15] Aforn. vs for I iinniHT. SUE 11 t'F S SALE. 1)YOih virtue of a specia: exeoutlon, dated the of January, A. l. 1873, to me di rected, issued out of the ofliee of the clerk of the Cir'uit Court of 1'auiacounty, Stateot' low i, in favor of Fnruian L. Kaoe.atil an ag'inst. .J isepli K. Bull, John G. ill an 1 M. b'. Bull on a ju Igineut ren lerod by s ii I Court at the lua irv ern tnereo'", A. I). 187-', against the sai Joseph K. ill fo ihe sum of 3i-"i7 tM-loti and a decree of foreclosure against the siid defend ants, wherein i was ordered, aljudgel and decreed lliat the following d^oribed real es tate, to wit The north half of the southeast quarter of section No. five (6), in township No. eighty feur (84) north of range thirteen (13) wosi. of the lib P. M., in Tarn* county, Iowa, ba sold, or an much thereof as is necessary to satisfy sailj ilg a, tiu«re«t an I coit. Now, therefore, public notice is hereby given, that 1 have levied upon, and shall on the 81st day of Mar., A.D. Ih73,between the hours of 0 o clock A. !•!. and 4 o clock P, of said day, sale to commence at the hour of o''*lock A M., at the front doo* of toe Court House iu folelo, Iowa, iu trie county of Tama, offer and sell at puidic outcry, to the highest nd best bidder, for cash, all the right, title and interest of the above named defendants, iu and to ihe above described properly, or so much thereof as is necessary to »alisfy said judgment for the above named sum together with costs and all accruiug costs, unlejs the same shall be sooner satisfied. Edbru-try '2~, 873. KNIGIIT DEXTER, Sheriff of Tama County, Iowa, C. B. BIU1H5I WV, An y for Plaintiff. $«.«0 £12-18 "Wi V" 1 sii::r.irFs .SAL/:. BY virtue of a Special Execution, dated tl.r '2. th of Feb. A. D. 1s"3, lo me direct ed, issued out of th otiiae of th Clerk of the District Court of lama t'ouuty, Jsiat'j of Iowa, in favor of David K. Lord and against Jacob \V. Gowcr. on a judgnmui rendered by said Court nt the February term thereof, A. I. 1873, against the said acob W. tjower for the tuiu of $li*2 07-100 and a decree of foreclosure against said Defendant wherein it wae ordered.adjudg ed au decreed that ihe fullowiug describ ed Real Estate, to-wit: The northeast quarter ef the nortbea? quarter of section No. twenty (*.!0) in tuwu ship No. eighty-two (82) north of range No. liiirucn (13) wesi of llie 5th P. Al in Taoitt County, Iowa, bo sold, or so much thorvot aa is neeessary to satisfy aaid judgmeut, interest and cost: Now, therefore, publio notice is hereby given, that i have levied upon, and Shall ou ine 31st dsyot March A. l). 187 J, between the hours of U j'clook A. M. an 4 o'clock P. -Vt. of eaid day, sale lo couuiecoe at tho hour of 10 o'clock A M., at the front door of the Court House iu Toledo, Iowa, iu the county of Taiua, oiler aui sell at public out cry, to tho highest an I best bidder, that bids two-thuds or over of the ap, taiseJ value, lor cash, all the right, title at,d in terest of the abovo named deftudaut, in and to the above described property, or BO much thereof as is necessary to satisfy said judgment for the above named sum, together with costs and all accruing costs, unless the same shall be sooner satisfied. Pebrurarjr 187-1. KMUllT DEXTER, Rheriii sf Tama count v, lows. STIVE.IS, SAFLEi & wu,JErr, f8 W) 12-13 Att'y for Plaintiff. PUBLIC SALE OF SCHOOL LAND• N'OTD'E is hereby givin, thai I will on iui24fedayof April, A.D. 117 -H, at. llie hour of two o clock P. M., at the front, door of llie Court House, in Toledo, Tama eountv, Iowa, offer for sale and sell, to the highest bidder, provided the »nme brings the appraised value, the following describ ed school land, to-wit, Tho nuriheast quarter [J of seelion No. Mxieen[ltij in township No. eighty six [Sti], north of rmgeNo. fourteen [It] west of ttie -/th 1*. M. Terms: -One fourth cash down, llie bal ance iu t**u years, with annual iutereit al the rale of teu per eout. per anuutu. March 24, 1S73. TIIc.MAS 3. FREP, I "-111] Audi to*. NEW MEAT MARKET E S E A I SMOKED MBAT. MEAT, rOULTKY. BUT I'ER, U'iC.* & I, A HI), At the new meat market just opened by S5V1ITH & GIBSON, throe doors east ol Printing office, Toledo, 1 JWJI. StcriTCaah paid for Hides, Butter and Eggi. r^l-ly •TOCX3 OXUBAV Household Remedy! w At •••n InviTorator, I.ivcr Corrector nml illoctl Rcuovnlor la Bujcrler to all tlio miters, ldlxiri, Cordial* and Sar*n« par.Has in u o. It is eo adapted to tho wholtt •yctem that every orgnn uml funct'en in tho 1 oJy i| brought under its cxljilaruticj inllu 'nro. It tone mid strenslli to tlio digesllve np« parntus, d.'aiclHlangnur anil KOility, lnvl orates tho Liver, regulates tho Ki(lney« and Bowels, removes the effect of excess or overtaxation of any kind and eives vl. talily and richness to tho blood. Its curative powers alter and romiiletolv r^orpan Ize tho entire mars of fluids and oven the folida of (be Jnn an system, theruty preventing aedcuriug Dyiipeptic «nl Consumptivo Sympe torn*, Fever and Ague, Bilious Diseas es* Fevers of all UiiilB,Nervona Debit* IF.TT Attentions of the Btomacli nncl Bowels, etc* AH a .nild and delightful Invigo raut for«dclicute females, it has no superior. By its uso nav life aud vigor is given to both tod/ and mind, sending a glow of vitality through every part, which ia permanent and lasting. It l« the most eff.ctual remedy for tlio relief ol tinman suffering «ver discovered, and a) pleasant to the taste as old rye or fine wioe. WE CHALLLNGE gj THIS ft WORLD To produce a more delicious medicine to takf*. yet se potent for the proveutinii and cura of diseases as Or. BZKST'3 WOSLS'3 7S27I3 AK0 BLOCS rUBiriZi. Priee 81, or 6 Bottles for 95. Prepared by the Grafton Medicine Co., ST, LOCI9, Mo. Sold by Druggists and dealers ia medietas* Qmywhere. STOP AND LOOK IN AT NEW BOOT «SH0ESTORE OF W. J, BURNS, .fust established in tlie build ijig south of N. gvo99i'y, NEW GOO&, NEW STORE AND NEW PRICES. *', »"""i LAlJUiS and GENl'LEMEX will consult their own in­ terest by examining goods and prices before purch­ asing, i A Specialty matle otJ/J., SEWED v^ORK. "k 4]

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