Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle, March 27, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle dated March 27, 1873 Page 4
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1 il Vr3 tii temw ^k ii \/r.l mm r. 'Wi n ffoWil. £h lomeU Waheih Harman .Editor *na rumi»ncr Toledo, Iowa, Thw*l«T» March 27, 18T9v Under Which Banner? Tho profound silence of political lonrnaU since the close of the c& ot '72 tlio division :il that time of tlie two political parties that existed prior to that Cincinnati in ngrel convention, and the earnest desire as cvinCcd by some to forget the work of la#t year, and riturn to ih« old party fold, naturally suggest the question that stands at the head ot this article. Some of the more ftijtivo politicians and influential jour nals, ashamed io repudiate their last atop, or afraid to return to the old party, arc casting about in quest of material out of ffhich to organize a now part), asserting that the Repub lican party has become corrupt, and naiiI to logger hold tho reins of got* •ftiiiient. Of this class of journals, the Chicago Tihtes, whose editor could Hot take the Cincinnati Baltimore poatod pill into his month, stands at Vie head urging tho organization ol a new party, male up of honest, pure anl holy men. It wouiJ require a kjgh-'ioned class of meu indeed, to aasociate with the editor of the Times, who was so long one of the standard bearers of tho old Demo crntic party. The organization of new political parties in tiiis country lias not been fatry sucoesful of late years. True, tho Republican was organized while tyo parties were in existence but the broad principles that formed the foundation of the party we-c ot such i kiinl as to vouchsafe lis siiccesf fftom tho start. The gi and old lie pi»bli,ean paity stands on even a broailer basis than was that upon *$)iich it was organized. It is indeed tile party ot the people, and such it trill continue to be, so long as it proves true to the principles inculcat* •d into tho member*, and carries out file intentions of tboso who effected the organization, and to elfect its Overthrow will require more strength than is found in the combined forces Mtho fihattere! Bourbon Democracy, «a1 the small holt of lornier Rejmb Itflans who have Iclt the healing halm of a tidal wave. That a number ot Republicans, in common with Demo crats have been proven guilty ol cor HM^ttWPoHpt/riKtufw firfui these corrupt -men are endorsed in their acts ot interruption. In speaking of political organizations, and the effort on the part of a few to b.iag about a new or reform party, the Inter-Ocean aijs: "Desperate politicians, like all oUier desperate men, seek any tTenao of escape from political ruin, and are just now calling upon the people to give up a 1 their party pre dilections, and join them in the form ation of a new political sect. They have everything to hope for and nothing to aacrifice, and it it but nat ural that they should seek to break up existing organizations in the hope that out of tbe ruins they can con striiet something of value to them •riven." the approach of another campaign admonishes the undecided to fcoon deoido under wbieh hastMr they ex l«„*t to work. People's Narrow GUage Rail way. From what we have been able to learn concerning this proposed rail road from Davenport to Iowa Falls, the route ot the road will be quite different from that at first mappod out by tho projectors. The proba bility is the road will pass to the COUth of Tipton, crossing Cedar Riv er about Cedar Blufli, and pass through the southwestern part of Linn county, making Western a sta tion. We have also been informed that the officers uow think more fa vorably ot running the road from that point in a more westerly direc tiOn than was first intended, and making TolcAo a station. If this rrtw fel- n u. Iv v TL %, i '. .-^9 t# »V 'X~T 1T~' iniiii Tha Elevator Question. The communication in last wdek paper, concerning the const! netioti ot ti (Irange elevator at this placo has attracted much attention and as many ot the grangers as we have chanced to converse with on the sub ject arc favorably impressed with the idea. At a meeting o! on1." ot the .granges in this place on Saturday last, the Secretary was instructed to correspond Willi the other graniies in the coiinty, And have a meeting ol all the granges in th county, to con sidei" tho iiiatter. An elevator at this place, owned and operated by the (imngi*, would prove of gre&t advantage to Toledo, as well as the farmers of the county and we have great confidence in the early con struction of such au elevator. Our business men and citizens are ready to lend material aid in an enterprise of this kind and it the tanners or grangers will do their part, we hazard little in saying that before another crop is harvested, the farmers ot Tama county will have their own elevator, aiid can ihip their own grain when thwy .choose atul where they see proper. Thdt the ball is now start ed, let no stone be left unturned to secure that which would be ot such advantage both io our town aud the surrounding onuntry. The Centennial Exposition. From tho time the first steps were taken toward securing a grand in ternational exposition at Philadel phia in 187G, the work has gone along encouragingly, until its success seems assured. Of tho ten millions subscription, the Stale ot Pennsyl vania will take tour millions, while the amount fcubscribeil troiii other parts of the union will easily reach, it not transcend, Uie remaining six millions. This will be the case it American citizens take tho interest in it they should, as it is »ot only a ualional but an international exposi tion and that America may mako a fair showing ot her achievements duiing the first century of liet- inde pendence, it behooves American citizens to make an extra exer tion for the ne*t three yeanj, to inakc ample preparations 'or ah ex hibition ot American products, that will compare with other countries, that reckon their existence by cen turies. Every citizen of this coun try, who prides his citizenship should feel au interest in the success ol the some assistance to make it the grandest of its kind. From present appearances the Ex position and tho accompanying cele bration will bo grand and impressive, and will furnish us an excellent op portunity of showing to the Orient the greatness and power of the Western world which is but in its infancy. The ivenport Gazette in speaking of the Exposition very truthfully obsor'ves "In contrast will be tho contribution!! ?f the old er nations of the earth, challenging admiration by their variety, beauty and ingenuity. The visitors will be numbered by millions. They will come from every section of our own land, and from every country on the globe. It will be the grand cosmo politan assemblage of tho world, and the influences which it would diseminato in national, mord! and po litical improvements can hardly bo estimated." Caldwell Resigned. The case of Senator Cahlwell of Kansas was brought to a sudden close on Monday, by that Honorable gentleman placing his resignation in the bands ot the Governor of Kan eas, who has accepted the saraa.— Previotls to his buying his waj to the United Stales Senate, Caldvveli was a railroad contractor and agent at Leavenworth, and with hini in the Senate, Kansas railroad men had a warm and acommodalmg friend. The Senate was long enough investigating his case to ku k out a doziii .-n, whose guilt of buying their way to the Senate Chamber was so evi lent, but with a Jreadful aversion to hurt ing the feelings of a fellow member, they have thus dilly-dallitd /.long un til Caldwell took pity upon thut hon orable body and resigned, tl us wrest ing from the Senate the farther con sideration df his election. This and tho case of I3ogy, of Missouri, are sufficient evidence that an amend ment to the National Constitution, providing for the election oljSenators by the popular vote, is among the much-Vieerled 'reforms of the times. As affairs now are, it requires the labor of a Slate Legislature for halt a term to elect a U. S. Senator, and then it requires all the tune ot lh« U. S. Senate to determine by whit means he obtained his seat. is true, wc assure the officers of the road, as wo have heretofore done, tffat they will reo^tvo substantial en couragement from our citizens At a meeting of delegates at Blairstown on Wednesday of !ast week, the or ganisation of tho tofirporary Board ot Directors was effected, and soon a survey of the route will be made.— Solicitors will also soon be in the fluid, soliciting the right of w4y and aid tor the road and it is needless to add, tlist upon the encouragement received, will depend largely, the ro rult ot this effort to construut a road, to be operated by the farmers of that portion of tho State through which it is expected to pass. Nar- g'"S« roafls seem to be one of tlie necessities of the times, and if their construction will vouchsafe a relief from the burdens imposed by existing companies, they will have 'ttM'tmpfiMlMd mighty work. 4 A Hfilt What has become of Stokes jus tice is stayed with a hope that some thing may "turn np" or be turned up that may be effectual in shielding him from the gal tow*. v v Mlonticello School, Siib-Dis trict No- 8, Tho Mon'ioello school closed on Friday, March 2lst. Thore being a good attendance ol visitors present to witness the closing exercises. We ijivc below a report I E Ilsrbaugh iletiricks Henricks lir.iner Uruuer E IS'uner II Hruner Uruner I'. It ttrui er A Hockley (J Beck ley Bcckley 11 anmi W lluuna K Manna S lUuna Snllie Hill Supliin Hill Ktinjia Hill St. .4- NE ot Joseph and Council Bluffs 8,000 Kookuk and St. Paul 4,000 Milwaukee aid St. Paul 4,100 Sabula, A:kley and Dakota 2.50O St. Louis and ('edar Itapids 3,500 Sioux 'iiy find St. l'aul 2,500 Toledo and Nonliwe»lern 2,500 Sious (,'ity and Pacific 3,000 Chicago, Olinion and Dubuqns U,50o Missouri. Iowa .ind Nebraskv 2,50J Cliicago and Sontliwe»leru 2,500 Sigourney branch 2 500 \nlral of Iowa 4,200 In lianolu at.d Winterset brSDCh*! of O. It. 1. and P. 2,400 Cliaiiton lJranch 5.000 Vilisca Brllncli 2,500 Sioux (Ji'y and Bakot* i!,5U0 From the above it will be seen l' 'i*' i ''""(I atotxla it til head ot Iowa railroads. Hon. F. VV. Palmer of this State has purchased an interest in the Inter Ocean and is now identified with the interests of that paper. Tho Nash tit Post "dishes up'' a little morsol of gossip thus. "A mat: lately pud a Nashua girl five hun dred dul.ars, It was his contribu tion '.oward defraying tho oxpens *s ot au expected addition to the popil lation ot the city. Whether the in vestmeiit will finally increase the vote is a quosiiou yet iu abeyauou. "No cards." Tho Ottumwa Courur of a recent date, in speaking of Fost«r Iho car hook murderer, makes tho following very pertinent remarks Gov Dixean not be moved to show, mercy when he sees no grounds tor showing it.— Wealth and respectability cannot avail with him. "Otlense's gi'dt-d hand" tails to show by justice with the old Roman like Governor. The neot ssity ol taiiing life as a punish ment tor crime is terrible to contem plate, but the wholesale Shedding of innocent blood, nowadays, by young bloods like Foster, in a largo degree because they believe they can escape the gallwws, or if sent to the peniten tary, in a tew months or years at best, be pardoned out, demands a sacrfice to stay the growing influx of murders." There wero hanged last Friday three persons, one iu New York city (Foster), one in Syracuse, N. Y. (Frolich), and one in Boston (Mo Elhany, a wife murderer). Stringent law aud a rigid enforce nient ot the same is the only effect ual method ot putting a atop to base murder aud high handed If Howard Twp. said School. Tho first column shows the per cent, ot attendance tor tho four months taught, and the second column the per cent, of deportment for the last monttt^-lQU being perfect: 5? S 38 61 95 79 67 68 94 .90 100 Orlejr Davis 100 44 K Henricks 44 2- l.y'iiA ilibbs Ijf umber enrolled, 98 06 90 90 ro 00 08 U0 100 Henricks t8 10 K Granger 79 IJa Granger 78 D'i Alihie Buck 05 04 Henricks 95 O llnintr rt'ill Keedy I. Kecdy 44 Anna E. Bkunbk, Teacher. Valuation of Iowa Railroads. The Executive Council at Des Moinus last week completed their woi lt, fixing tho valuation of tho va rious railroads in tho State. This valuation has boen fixed tor the pur pose of taxation, a»d is as follows, per niilo Burliugton aitd Missenri Ri*er 0,800 Uurlinglon, Cedur Itapids & Minns •oi :i 3,800 Cliicngo, Uock Inland & faciflc, nnd W ishington Hranjh. 8,HOO Durtinglon Mid Southwestern 2,000 Oliicago Norl/iwcstern 8,500 Dubuque, Cliicagn and Minnesota 3,100 Divcnporl and Si. I'auI 2,500 DetMoines Valley 4,000 Illinois t'emral 4 300 DuVmque and Southwestern 3,300 Iowa Midland 3.800 Kansas City, crimG. That part of the St. Louis, Kansas City t& Northern liailroad from Ottumwa to the State line was sold on Tuesday of last week at Ottumwa by Col. Geo. B. Corkhill, Master in Chancery. Chas. Parson* of St. Louts bought the road, paying for, it $500,000. Mr. Fentoa, of New. York, iotro* dticed the following resolution in Executive Session of ths Senate on Friday last, which squints at tbe question of resumption JReiolved—That (he Committee on Ft- directed to see what measure or measures can be adopted by the govern ment, which shall girj the country a cur. rency convertible into gold at the will of the liotder. securing eater stability in exchange trade in the work of protection and Investment *nd i:i compensation of la. bor, and to report by bill or otherwise, at the neit session of Cougress.'' From Jaunary 1st- to March 17th there were placcd on the subscrip tion books ot the Chicago Inter Oetmn 14,836 ntw names. immu—Mill •••BBSS' A V VER TI SEMES TS. SHERIFF'S SALE BY The soutli*st quarter of the southwest quarter *f section No. eleven (11), i" town ship No. eigliiy-tliree fHI] u rth ot range Mo. Bixteen [16J west ot tlie 6th P. M., in Tama County, Iowa, be sold, or so muck hereof as is necessary to satisfy said julg* meut, interest and cost. Now, therefore, pttblio notice is hereby given, that I have levied upon, and shall on tho -list day of March A. D. 18T.J. betweuu the hours of't o'clock A. M. and 4 o elook P. M.'of said dav Bale to commence at 'he hour of 10 o'clock A. M., at. the front door of the Court House in Toledo, Iowa, in the t'ouiny of Titnia, oiler aud sell at public out crj. Io the higiiest an! best biuder, that bids two-third or over of the apprised val ue, for cash, nil the right, title, and inter* est of the above named defendant, iu and to the above described property, or so much thereof as is necessary to satisfy said judg ment for the above named sum together with costs And all accruing costs, unless the gamedntll fce sooner satisfied. 10 illiJ llnuiift 100 50 93 70 7? 50 i00 Delia Wing 96 84 Rider 86 8? OUici Itidcr 7o 93 70 Dessie Ilanna 'Jo 91 l) Granger 64 100 11 Bacon 9) 1)3 I.izzie Iteedy 78 .40 E Alericlo 70 100 ll» Itay 88 6 i mnes llall 99 66 Weilorer 99 OS It Wesu ver 94 100 Nor* Ashby "to ti 00 86 Oi 73 100 36 100 6 38 25 113 80 18 96 13 95 February 2o, lKTtf. KNIGHT DEXTERi

bhcrirt' of Tama Co., Iowa. C. B. BRADSHAW. Att'y fJr Plalntitf. 12-18J $• 90 SIIEliri'F S SALE. BY M., in Tama c»umy, Iowa, be sold, or so much thereof as is necess try to satisfy said judgment, interest and cost. Now, therefore, public notie8 is hereby given, that I have le'ied upon, and shall on the 31st day of March A. D. 187.1, be tween the hours of9 o'clock A. M. and -t o'elo-l 1'. M. of said day, sale to commence at the hour of 10 o'etock A M., at the from door of the Court House in Toledo, Iowa, iu the county of Tama, offer find sell at pub lic out-cry, to the hlghent and best bidder lliat bids two-thirds (.r over of the apprised value, fur cash, all the right, title ami in terest of the above uRiiK'd defendant, in and to tfce above described property, or so much thereof as is necessary to Ratify said judg ment for tie above n ittied .-um together with coiits ami all accruing eosls, unless the some shall be sooner satisfisd. February ^0, IHTi KNIGHT DEXTER, Sheritf of l'aiua Co. Iowa. WM. RGICIUIOI'F, Att'y for Plain tiff. 12-13[ $7.05 SHERIFF'S SALE. 1 Editorial Notes. )1' virtue of a special execution, dated )the lifilh of Febru'iy A. L). 1873, tome di recteo, Issued out of the ollice of he Clerk of the Di'trict Court of Tama County, IState of Iowa, in favor of W L'' Johnston and against Job l*. Leavitt, Melaine Leaviti, Albert Letvitt Lamb & Aon aud William S Yoris on a judgment reniler dered by said Court at the February term thereof, A. 1). 1870, against the said Job 1' Leavitt for the sum of $2i0ii.'.)i aud a de cree of foicclosure agaiitst said Ltafendants whci't-in it was ordered, adjudged and de creed that the following described Real Estate, to-wit: The southeast qUarterand the half of tliesouth West quarter of the north east qimrter all in a'eciiou Not twenty-two (-2) in township No. iglitv two s jJ) r.o~ih of range No. lif'teen p."'' We.-t of the 6th l\ .M. in lama County, Iowa, be sold, or go much thereof as is nec essary to satily said judgment, interest and cost: Now, therefore, public notice is hereby given, that 1 iiave levied upon, and shall oti the 81st day of March, A. D. 1^73, be tween toe hours oi' 'J o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock P. M. of said day, sale to commence at the hour of 10 o'clock, A. SI., at the front door of the Court House in Toledo, Iowa, iu the Couuty of Tama, offer und sell at putiic ouicry, to ilia higiiest and best bidder, for cash, all tho right, title aud interest ot tlits above uatned defendants, in and to the above described proi erty, or so much th?re of as !b necessary to satisfy said judg ueuf for the above uaiued sum, together with costs and all accruing costs,unless tilt tame shall be sooner satisfied. KNIGHT DEXTERt Bhfcrilf of Tama County, Iowa. gtiveiB Satlej & UilieLt, Att ruey s for Plaintiff. Wb. 27th 1873. 12-13 SHERIFF'S SALE. BY virtue of n Special Execution, dated the 22nd of February, A, D. 187 5, to me directed, issued out of the ottioe of the Clerk of the Iii trict Court of Tam Coun#y, State of Iowa, in favor of Leander lark, and againsi John Goo'lfellow and Ann Goodl'ellow, on a judgment rendered by saiil Court at the February terra thereof, A. L. 1873, against the said John lioo 1 fellow for the sum of $1128.41 anda de wee of foreclosure, against said Delendants wherein it was ordered adjjjged aud de oreed that the following described Heal Estate, ta-wit Tho West Halt' of the Norih east fr quarter of Section one(,l) iu Town ship No. eighty aix (tjCj North of range Mo. thirteen (13) West of le 0th P. containing 78 6t-l00 acres according to Guvernmeut Survey.. Also the east half of the Mortii eusi fr. quarter of section No, one (t) in Township No. Eighty.six (8 North of range No. thirteen (13) West KNIGHT DEXTER, Sheriff of Tama Count*. Iowa. Stivers, S*fley ft Willett, for "ll.'i*nii« Plaintiff Feb. 28th 1ST3. 1'2-1-i $T,3l "U •"/•h'Ofi MLverUi it in the Omoxica*. £*f mgmrnm. NE A J) VER riSEMEXTS. SHERIFF'S SALE Br virtue of a spetial .execution, datid tlie 24th of February A. D. 1873, to tne direct"J, issued out of th« officii of the Clerk of the District Court of Tama County, Stale of Iowa, in favor of Oliver Mes«er, and against F. L. Clark, A Iclia t. lark, Ilex ekiah Pray, Stth Strong, J. Jack, and V\. C. Saulsbury tn a judgment rendered by oaii] Court at the February term thereof, A. D. 187-t, against the said F. L: Clark for tlie sum.of 48-100 und a decree of foreclosure asninSl said defendants, where* in it was ordered, adjudged and decreed that, the following described r«al estate, to-wit: virtue of a Special Execution, dated the 24tli of February A. 1873. to me .lirected, issued out of the otbee of the Clerk of tie District Court ot Tama County, State of Iowa, in favor of Thomas A Ireland, and iigaintt Shaler Day ton, Administrator of the estate of Dennis K l'ay'on deceased and heirs at law of said Dentils li Dayton on a judgment ren dered by said Court at ill" February term thereof, A. O. IHTJl, again*' lliesiiid Shaler Dayton, Adinidistratar of the esta^eof De i nis K layton, deceased for the turn of $162 .17 and a deciee of foreclosure against enid defendants wherein it was ordered, nd ju 'ged nml decreed that the following de scribed i'eal K-tate, to-wit The Not ill West quarter o,f section No. fc-nrteen ^14) in Township I»o eighty five [Fil North of Kan^e No totirteen (^14] West rf the 5th, M., in Tama County. Iowa, be sold, or so much thereof as is necessary to sdtisfy said judgment, interest rfnd cost Now, therefore, public notice is hereby given, that I have levied upon, and shall on the "1st 'lav of March, A I) 1873, be tween the hours of 0 o clock A. M,, and 4 o clock 1' Mo'.' said day, sale to commence at the hour of 10 o'clock A. at the front d-orof the Court House in Toledo, Iowa, in the county of Tnuia, oflcr and si ll at public outcry, to the highest and best bidder, that bids two-thitds or over of tho appraised value, for cash, all 'he i iglr, title and in terest of the above named defendant, in and to tlin above described property, or so much thereof as is nscessaay to satisfy said judement for the above named sum togeth e,r tfcith costs and all accruing cdsis, unless lite same shall be so.-ner sntNlied. datet' virtue of a specia' execution, tith of January. t. D. 1^73, to me di rected, issued out of the office of the Clerk ot the Circuit Court of Tama Cmiiity, Slate of Iowa in favor of Henry Galley an I 'gaiu"t lit!'). LJ. Sinrp, M. H. Sharp, I". I). Hu|jcr & o, Dwight Cameron, guardian of James Cameron, a« insane person and James Cameron, insane, on a judgment ren dered by said Court at the January term thereof. A. D. Rgsinst the said lie#. B. Sharp for the sum ol $^()1 (17-100 and a decree of foreclosure aitaiast said de.end ant*, wherein it was ordered, adjudged and decreed that the /ollowing descrioed real male, tu-rit Tne east B'alf of the southeast Quarter and tbe south west quarter of the southeast quarter of sectioti No. eight. (H), iu township No. cigluy-five (85) nonli of range No. sixteen (HI) west of tho Ith KNIGHT DKXTJ5R, SlierifF of Tama County, Iowa. B. BU A DSI! AW, Att y for Platr.tiff. Feb. 20th, 1873, §0,00, 12*13 FINA REP OR NO 'FIVE. ^TATE OF IOWA, TJ MA COUNTY, SS. tn Circuit Court. To whom it may concei n: Wltereis dapp, Administrator of the Estate of William Wlii'more, des'.ised, has tiled his final report, and asks to be discharged as such Administrator, said report has I'een tiled by me and the day of final bearing therein has been fixed to take place at liie next term of said Cir cuit Court of said county, commencing on the fith daj of May A. I. 1*7:1, ot, wh'cli day the matters set forth in said re port w»ll be heard. All parties interested therein can appear aud take nucli steps as they nifiy deem oper. Toledo, Iowa, Feb. 17, 187" L. r.I.LXN, 12-18f Clerk Circuit Court. O I I N A NOTICE. iyTATE OF IOiVA, TAMA COUNTY, SS. To El*y Johnson and hi* wife Louisa A Johnson, Charles Roberts and hts wife Mary Ann lUberts You, nnd each cf j-ou, a'e hereby notified ill it on'or beforche "ioday of April AJD 1S 7 there will be on lile, in the office of ihe Clerk of the Circuit- Court of Tama coun:,v. Iowa, a petition of Squire Bi^rie claiming of you said Elly Johnston Threa hund red dollars on three promissory notes, nnd claitnihgof all tlie defendants tlie foreclo sure d' A cer'nin inort/flge given to spcure said notes, said no es and motlgng,: being describ.d in said petition. No persona claim is made agiinst any of said defen dants excepting said Eizy Johnson. And that u.iless you appear thereto, and defend, on or before noon of tlie M-cond *y of the next term of sail Ce.irt, being the May term of sai Court for the year A. D. 187:, commencing on the first Monday, ti is"-t ,i,o iv..., ii.... .. iu Toledo in sail county, default will be entered against you, and judgment tender ed thereon. T. 8. FREE and 0. R. STRUBLE 12-loJ Ait'y'a lor Pltiimiir 1EQUATE To George \V Fowler, Jane Fowler, Eli 'ow er Kli Seebert and W, .lohnston. You, and each of you, are lie why notified lb-it on or before the 24th d»y of April A. I'. 187:1, there will e on ftie, in 1 lie office of the Clerk of the Circui' Court ef Tama county, a petition of .lohn U Beale claiming of von all the foreclostir? of a certain mort gage givon by George \V Fowler and Jane Fowler to said Beale on the North east quar ter (j) of the south east quarter of section No twenty -three also the North hslffi of the south west quarter of section N* twen'y-lour 24] all in towuiship No eightv two [82] llange No fifteen [I West of 5Hi 1'. M., containing one llumlrel and twenty acres more or lefs, according to government survey, also claiming a persoinl judgment against George W Fowler fot ()De Thous and Dollars on 1 wo promissory notes with ten per cent interest thereon "from October 31st 187:2, also eluiming a reasonable At torneys fee for foreclosing said morigageand that unless you appear thereto, and defend, on or before noon, of the second day of I he next icriuot said Couit, being the May Term of said Court for the year A, 1). 1873, commencing on the first Slondny of May, A. D- 1873, at the Court Houee in loiedo, in faid County, default will be en tered aeainst you, ahd ju Igctoent render ed therson. ol 6th P. M.. containing 78 06-lUO acres ao eording to Government Survey be sold, or so much thereof as is necessary to satisfy said judgment, interest and cost: Now therefore, pui lie notice is hereby given, that 1 have levied upon, and shall on the 81st day ot March A. D. 15173 be* tween the hours ot *J o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock P. of said uay, sale to commence at the bout of 10 o'clock A. M., at the front door of the Court House in Toledo Iowa, in the County of Tama, offer and sell at pub lic outcry to the highest aud. es bidder for cash, all the right, title and interest of the above named defendants, in aud to Ihe above described property, or so much there of ai is uccessaVy to satisfy said judg ment tor the above named sum, together with costs and all accruing costs, unless the same shall be eooner satisfied. BEST TH1NU IN THE WEST. Ateblsoii, Toptka & Santa Fe R.R. IjAi\ DS! TRKl:E M1JAI0N AC'RBS. Stluat*d in and neHl- the Arkansas Valley, tho finest portion of Kansas, Eleven wears' credit. Seven per eent In terest. 22J per eent. r»duetio% to settlers who impreve. A FREK PASS TO LAN I) BUTIR*. The FaelS a'eut this Grant ur«—lew it is the b^st- opjjertunity ever oiTerel to tlio public, thro'. gh the of he r' ad, be liouu'lit, for sal®, NOTICE. gTATE OF IOWA, TAMA COUNTY, SS. In Circuit Court /or said County. NOTICE is hereby given to all whom it may concern, that at a term of the Court iu vacation, of Tama county, hold at t'ne Court Home at Tide Io in said county, on the I It Ii lav of i rch A. I), 1 -!7ii, an in strument in writing, bearing date theeixth day of October A. P. 1H7J an pttrpoit ing lobe the last will aud testament of Clans Speck, hte of said county, -deceased, was produced and pttbliciy rea in open urt and that tlia next term of said Court to be lielden on tlie 5 day of May A. I. 187:!, at the Court House in Teiedo, has been fixed for proving said will, and at 2 o'clock SI. of the (lay last above mentioned, ail persoas interested are hereby notifie aud required to appear in said Court, ati«l show cause, if any iln«y ive, why said instru ment should not be probated and allowed as and for th i last will and tonaiuent of the aid decease I Dated March 14, A.. D. 1S7S5. I, B. BLINN, Clerk Circuit Court Tarn* Co. Iowa. lii.13] ORIGINAL NOTICE, j^TATE OF IOWA, TAMA COUMY, SS, at any Dry AI'PELGATK & KINNE, "'13 'Att'ys for Plaintiff. ORIGINAL NOTICE. I^TATE OF IOWA, TAMA COUNTY" If To William II. Fittgerald: YOU are ,hereby uotifiod t!i*t there is now on file, in the ofliee of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Tam* County, Iowa, n petetion of .Nullie M. Fitegereld, claiiu tngofyoua divorce, on neeonnt of deser tion, and al*o claiming tlie custody of Mel vm F. ritz^criild, miner gon of yourself •n i phtiuni^ u that-inle»« you appear thereto, and deTend, on or before Noon,of the oeeond dav ot the utrt term of said Court, hfiingjiho May term of said Court for the year A. D. 1873, cotnraeueinr on the first Monday of May A. D. 1871, at the Court Home, in Toled in laid County, default will be entered aeainst you and juignient and decree rendered thereon, 8TIVFR1, SAFtEY A WILLETT, *2-1* Att'y* ^JE CRBEST KOODS enmv for mf Plaintiff, MMPM Tn-~ IIWIIIH) r. STRAUSS' u prices, long credit and a R'-bate to SBtllers ,,v of nearly one-founh a rich soil, and »pl»n- did climate: short and mill Winter early planting, and no wintering of stuck plen iy of rainfall, *»d just at the right season coal, stone and brwk on tl,u l'ne chc-ip rates on lumber, coal, &c. no land owued by speculators a firsl-class Ra'ilioad cm •he line of a great. Through Home: preduefs will pay lor and improvements. reoent ooapletiou for circulars nnd general infm tBatloer addre»« A. E. Till ZAL1N, Manager I.Nnd Kep't, C-14] Toptka, Kr.nst.*. TO THE SUFFER IN'}. The U. v Wtllimn II. Norton, while rvKidinji in Hrsizil n* a .Mission jirv, (llscvt lt'd in lliilt Itlti'l ot tlie'i IC.I1.-S :t icini 'lv lot Consumption, Scro fula, Sore Throat, Coughs, Colds, Asth uia and Nrvous Weakncsi. The FllEKot oliaip'-. I'lcast, 1 send tit) oiividojio, with fjasjust opened a new Storo near tlie Elevator, where c*,i GR TCERIFS, DRY GOODS' ROOTS AND SI10E.S, HATS AND CAPS, QUEEXSWARE, GLA,^S- V\ A RE and WOOD E .\" W A RE, At the very lowest ensh prices. Ilis en in T*: ®ach Volii'iies, ice $4 each in bonrds, i cloth. Beau wor in sheet form. In ordering from other deB ers be particuljtr to ask for Peters' cloth. The two volumes contain over FAVORITE E'S: of M.-auss', WaltMa, it is the only «orr nnd btrnifil ed n AdilressJ Slusic I'ubliflier, 599 n n NOTICE OP IR CORP ORATl 0. VIO'MCE is hereby given of Ike organ ,,. il lion of a Joint !ilook Company, i the adoption ef articles with the folio* s 1 M0 0&V GO&BS OFFEiilsia II vt now open and on exhibitioi, tlio Largest Stock of General Merchandise lit Tama County, consisting of Domestic and Fuio Dress Godds, lteadv Made Clothing, .! ihiong otiier provisioni: 1 I lis naine of the corporation shall "IheCbkojiict.b CoMPAwr and the pal uee ot business shall be at 'JV.tsi-, Tama (,'oumty, Iowa. 2 The business to be trauaaeied »l,aij tilt owning an publishing the Tun,. I'ltBo.sict'K. aud doing a geusral job priii ing business. 4 Five Thousand Dollars ii the amour of c-jpitol stock authorized, but tlie tjrr, may be increa»ed to Ten Thousand I lari. The nmoitnt of Two Thousand Fin Hundred dollars is Io be subscribed j., paid up before the commencement i~' eorporatinn: tlie balance of the stock t,\-„ thorizedinay be issued at »ny time tt 1,tu paid for in full. 4 I lie rporation shall commence Jan,,, ary 1 ]87o, and extend twenty years Vein t-ily lins ftirt-il niysflt alter fill othi-r int'ilicine li.r taiktd. Wisliiiiii to bi'in fit tlio suff'-'ring. I will fcml tlio receipt, for preparing :f!«l 'i-in litis n-mi'fly to all who de »ir'it y«»Hr name ami address n jt. AtMietn, Rev. WILLIAM II NOltTON, 070 Broiilway, New York City. xi'.a. the priveltge of lenewu s. 0 The aflairs of 'lie company are to U conducttd by a ard of three Truitrti who shall be elected aubHally on tlio tlur, Mooiiay of December of each yoar. 7 Tlie Company shall Lot subject i it to auy iudebtedtieis or liabilities Li^lit than lorty percent, of its capital etcc.i, 7 Private properly of the t'ockliol.ieu h»ll bo exempt froto corporate debts. M. Ii. C. TRUE, MARY C. TRl i FLORA Jl. COLLINB 10-13 W STORE! ASM US WOHLK, ire stock ia^litw'fiii C.iU an.I e.\a:i ine befor p^ice. slcwhcre. W. F. JOHNSTON & CO., purchasing 2-13 1 STyjtifiih Roots and Shoe*, Glass and Qticons War.-, ITafs nn»1 Caps, Groot-rii's, Haniwai'tjatnj Agi i-ul ural Imiilfments, Umbrella*. Parasols ailtl DbTOXIOlSrS OF ALL ZKZIISriDS. Shawls, Mafscilles Quilts, Wall Paper, &c., which •Iiey ui6 ijfBpart^ to Ki'll ,-it. IiOWEST lues lor OAS1I. AiiniiiL-- to load in all movements, having for their object SMALL PI IO FITS an1 Qiiok liiitunm, ami to Jurnuh' to the ic-ot«lw ol County Goods ot tho Best Quality and Manufacture at greatly reduced 'marginal profits, they would solicit an examination of tfceir stock, con­ fident that they can give TESrtfTIJFLE! SATXSFACTiprJ 24tf Both as to QUALITY and PRICE W. F. JdHNSTOM AND CO. —1—ALaate- Special Announcement. In addition to our former announcement that^our stock K Goods. Hats & Caps, Boots & Shoes, GROCERIES, QUE ENS $p«aks for itself, wo take pleasure in calling atietitfpjl to the following U/0.ER tA- OUR aC/pce FHHK. MOHSfi, TOLEDO, I O W A

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