Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle, April 3, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle dated April 3, 1873 Page 4
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».? p4 $ I i '4 :, fi i f§ i a n -a A' $ VINECAR BITTERS Vlnmr Bltlort ?r# •if Poor Rum, Whiskey, Pjoof Spirit nn.'l Rcftwc Liquor*, dnetortd, tpiceil, nuA svveMencrt to pleas* ibe Uste, ca!!«a ionics," "Appetizers" "Ke:.ur«r.s'' &c that lead ihe tippler c.i to di-un' enne#l aiul ruin, but sr« a tir.e tx|edici::e, mailefom tt:e witlv* root* andl^rbs of Cali fornia, fr*« from a'! Ata!iu!ic 'J hev No Person can ikc those BlUerft accord ing, to and remaii* Kmg unvreif, provided their tttnes ?re *»©t ]#»trAycd bv *rother and the v'.u! os^ns ln?»or.i! the point c»! repair. pi'Iifiia or li)(lis»cBfioii. Hen^v'.ie. P.iin i i ^itc b'uwuiiilf.ja, Cuwgh, 'l iglitucu c-f lite L'iicst, i*aw, S^ur Eructations of the'., lisid Taste in the ilouib. LM»ou« Attncks, Palpitation the Heart, In fiwtamiit'oa of the l.iuigs, l\iin iitthc le^'ont of tile Kid* r.ejrs, t.ti a htindied uht pa utii! symptom*, ?'e the o{T •ptijiji of I*y prps a. lit lht»&c comp'^inti it Ins sirt jual, and oi.i 1 -ti'e will King-wonns, ScaM-Head, S^rf Eve«, En-cipelMt l*cU, Scurfy Ii«cnlorat oin of the Skin, Humors and uikims el the Sk ii. fit* whatever name ot nature, are merally dux up and rjrried .-nt of the *yMem in a short 1'JBI bv the u-.e of these Ji'tiTi. One bottle in Mich tMWcmli convince the mott incredulous of their curative Cleanse the Vitiated Hlood whenever vol i4 it» itnpunties buistinft throueh tl»e skin in Piinplea, ltrviplio:n, or S»rr-. V-a« ^e jt when you fmrl it ob airucteri ati'i fthipsisli in tl»« veins t'eans? k when it il foul your fcL-i/.i^s wiil te'.l you when. Keep the blood pure, and the bea 'h of ths y»te:t) Walker'S Vjsfg^« l:tTTf:r" art the best safe ruard all cases of et-piions and tn:«:ignant fever*, their Weanvr, healinr, and soothing pr erties protect the feam*ti the fauces. Their Sedative propert Eain.lammation, S. ratify Dunk, ma N I U- i arc the 4i(CA! ir»»ol JhiTifter r.rul a Liic-giwiiS Piiatiplc, a Pfr* f*et Rcmvator and InTigorntor of the Sv*?em. carrying islf all poi*ououa matter, and v^Monng the btaod to & Uwiltl.y ^.v-dairn^'tnchir.j it, iefVc*Mn£ and invjuorating bmb uvind nitd bod*. JTidy are ca-y ot' artirinUtr.-uion. jco»ipt in ihtir action, fit.iin in their res».iU«, safe aiW iviiable iti a'i c»f uumsc. j»r«,vc a bfHfi guarantee of its tutnW tluiit a ietj^'-hv r.dver isr:v For FruaU Complaint*, in vojHi^ cr o2J, »nar 1:skI tr at tiv* cl.iwn ot" u.iinanliood. or tlie Una t^iife, :h?«e c.uic ii.litis d'^phy bo decided an influence tliat a iinprn*. ni^nt is soon pe:Cfrptilde. For Iitftanauiafory and (It runic Rti^n* kliallaui a:vl G»« t, l.»y-ipcp*ia or lud ^oMion. Hi u ir, V.timMent and In^rm'tini! Kcvern, I'iseasf s of the Biond, i.itrcr, Kdncv« and Biaddsr, these jhtters have been most »ucce*-«f il 'C*i iJisessei nre t.iu*cd by Vitiated !Vi.«ul, »h«h i» fcenei.tily dp*•due*d by dcrangem«nt of tht rc\,\ fr»!}ow. Grateful llioueand* prociaiin Vihruah Pit* rat the rn*l wonderful lnviguraut thai ever tu»uiued "M »inUmc eyitem. Flit, Tape* and other Worms* hirkmc in tH« ifitMi of ao many tiu ittjmls, ate elfectualiy destroyed Mid removed^ Says a distinguished physioiugist: There ieeeareely an i^div-idual upon the face of the earth whose body ie exempt from the |resenc* of worm*. It is not ItpaatKe hea'thveiem-nu of t!us Invly that worms exist, kilt upon ?h'» diseased !umor» ar.d slimy dtfj-o«its that bresd th«fo livirg rv:-,f,ters cf disease. No system of Wediwtuc. no vermifjj *v no until .'imiuiticv, will lice tlie iiyst^in fiom w-miii livht se liii'.cr*. Meohaulcat lUen«es. Persons engaged in Paints and Minerals, s ich as Plumbers, Type-setters, OeM btntcis, and Miner*, as they advance in life, will be •ubfect to*|»ar.vv5is of the To jjuard against t)m take a di.e of WAi.Kiiii'i Viskgak Dittbrs ouce •r twee a wee*, as a Preventive. Villous, Remittent, tuul Intermittent Verere, which are SO prevalent in lite vaiiev* of cur Koee ent liver® tlirou^hout thy tJnitcd States, especially of the Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri, il.inoiv, 'Jen Mrseee, (.iutnheriand. Arkansas, Red, Coloraflo. Brazos, aUaGiaiide. Pearl, Aiahama, Mohiie. Savannah.Knanoke, Jaiaes, and many ofher.% with their vafct tributaries, thr»«jhoj! cur entire country thirin tlie Summer and Aat«»n, ar rema Lal iy so our: seawin* of utiusual ard diyr»e*\ are invai ?a! !y a, r.-.m atned by exten •.ve deraDg^menti of the an-nuch and liver, and otlier nWomniii viiccni. 'J'here ate a^'ays more or lees ob Uturaons «f the liver, a weakness and irritable state of tne stomach, and torpor of tlie bnwe's, being •*efgtd up wiia vitiated accamu:ai .ns. In their treat a yv.-cattve, exrtriit,x a ]Kwcrf«d influence upon ^•se various fcrgan*. is e^enthl'.y necesaary. Tltere is mm eaihamc f-r the purpose equal to Dr. J. Walker's maoA* IitrrRas, as they w.U speedily remove the dark rrri viscid matter wl wh the bowels n^e teadsd, at t!ie time rrimu'atiii^ the secretions of the Iver, snd geiietAilv restor.r.g i,k ],caiihy functions of the Berofnla, or Ktn^4a Ks-ll, White Sw«iimg«, Ufc»r*. ICiyMpelas, Swclied Neck, (ioiter, ScjofullRis laflemmat-nns, Indolent Inflanunations Meicunal Af flbtttens, O.d Sores, Eruptions of tlie Skin, Sure Lyes. •te.,etc. !nthe»e, as in a'l nther cnnstitrtmnal liiseases Wamik's Vikku\r I'lTTKRs have shown their great •uratire pow-eis iii the most obstinate and lutiac-able M«»S lr. Watkar*a California Vinegar Bit tore »«t a.) tlie^e canes in a manner. I'y purifying lh« Dhod th-y remove the cause, and bv resf'.tin^ away the ttfertt ©t tlie inflammation (the tubercular deposits) the a.Tscied paits recc ve heaii'a, and a penuancui cure se •ffrttd. The properties of Da. Waikpr^ Vinba« UtTTias are .V. enet t. Uiaphnretic and Carminative. VetfitiA'is, Laxative, Liuretic, Sedative, Counler-irritact, Sederifto. Altertlire. and Anti'-li-iious. The A|*ertent and in id Laxative properties of Dm. e% Fortlfjr the Inwly against dloeaee by pur) ^•ittjad its fluids wilh s'r.c\f. tTT!SKt» Koepidemit no take ha*d of a aystem thus forearmed. The liver, the e:emach, the bowels, the kidney*, and the nerves are rendered H,*e ,se-prrof by this great iiivicoran?. Tho Kflleacy of DR. V^LKER'A vinbcak BIT* rasa, in Cbrotiic Dyspepsia, Fevers, Nenous Lisorder*, Constipation, deficiency of vital power, and all nuiad es aflecting til's stomach, liver, bowel*, pulmonary organs, er meseular syste-n, hxs been exr»erie??ced bv hundreds of tkoueands, and hundreds of thousands more -ire ask inefer the same relief. Direetlone*—'lake of the Bitters on going to bed gt mght from a haif to one and one-half wine.RkassftiU. Kit geod nourishing food, such as beefsteak, mutton «bo|^ venison, roast beef, and vegetable?, and take out doer e*ercise. They «ri* composed cf purely vegetable ifiBKfdients, and contain no spirits. J.VALKKK, Prnp R.H.NcDOItAlD^CO,, Bni(gist» and Gen. A^ta, San Francisco, Gal., and eomer ef Washmgton and Charlton Sta., New York. BOU BY AIX DRUttfttSif AW DEALERS- HOLLJWAYS •'•o OV^ S^ryMan HIS owNfhYsicnit A U I I O I i s Pit* immense demand tor llol'owayeipled and Ointment, has icmpted utiprifimedi« {-arties to counterfeit ih»s« »alu«bl# medi, cine*. Il» erdtr to fo'fe* «he pub ic and our. tltrs, we h*»e isst.ed a new 'Trade Maik,' (tiiistiagof an Egyptian circle of a ier» pent, wiih the left II in the center. Kvt.rj b«x genuiti* Iloiioway'o 1 11 n und Ointraen) will liar* this trade tuaik on it noo* a:, t»nui»e without it. Y. Cheiiiicil Co., f«le Proprielor,. "5 Maiden Lade, New York. WL\E OF l.i u,. %n Vearaefi ^nV Sen I tins fiuvcl •. i mm ... BOOK liAfiEKT^ WANTED J. B. BURR & HYDE, i prnusiiRRS a Hartford, Uonn. owviiAGiij, 25w, El'SIvftVIls&a, A slartliu^ exposure of Mcdical lliin.bugf of ilio pnst #nd re cut. It vctnilnitg Quai'li'i. lm^ioalcis/l'ravrlliii^ Docp's, Pat i'»t MffUioinc "\'en«lcvp, N«t«il lVtunlo cheats Fortune Telicrs ait'] MeJiunu, Rtul gives in terc-tiii^ accounts of Note PIi.vmcuiis nil Xnrrativcs of ttitir 1 ire®. Il reve:iin sinrt linp «cci i'ts iiiul in.'ti u-ts all how to avoid the illR wiiitli fiosli is heir to. We give ex duMvo it) riloiy nnd liberal rommisfiiong. l-'or civcnlnrR terms aiMrenj I he pub li«lt-iP. .1. a. Ill'Hit & IIYDK 11 AliTFUUU, CONN., or CHICAGO, ILL. ACF.NTi WANT I'D FOR THK GREAT INDUSTRIES UK i ll K I'M I.I) s i A'l i:. 13 0 piipe? mi'l 600 encravii.^'-, p'int il ip anil Uitiiiai). Wi iiieu l,jr i(J eru. inerit Miilhorg, inoli.Jinp John li. (ioiJfli, lion. I,eon i'df®. ll«anl llowlituti. l!ev. K. 1-Mwiu H*!!, I'liiiip Hiple.v, AIherl. Ill isl'iino, Horace Oreele?, !•'. B. Perkins, etc., tte. Vi• Tbev arc a tJrnde Pnrgatlve at well ai 1% Toulr, posvrs*in p3cu«i tr merit ac in^ ai r. powarfui nger.i i i ic.irvi, (Yjtgwi.Mi w Irfl*nrr.ition •»f tha Liver Viscerai OrSans.and in Ih.i.Mts Di.eawa. For Skin 1)U« •nseo, J„i-ispt!wnf, Tetter, Salt khcuiat, ^iotclies, Sp.:», mplc«, Puitules, liuiSa, Car- This wcr! is a complctu history #f all lirnrif-lien ct in'litsliy, jirocrsses of manu facture, ctc., in all/• gcs. It i.s a complete encyclopedia of arN aol maniifactiirefi.and is tlie must entertuining ttinl valmil.le worlt of information on subject* of pensrul inter est ever offered to the public, it is adapted 0 the wants of the Merchant, Manufactur er. Mechanic, Farmer, Student, r»rid liivcul or. and sells to both old and young of all cinesc". The book is sold by agents, who arc makirg large sulcs in all jmi if ol ilit cc'iutry It is oH'eied ut the luw price of ?3 60, ami is the chew pest b«ok ever sold by subscrij'tirin, No laii'ily cliould he without a copy. We want agents in every town in the United .State, and no agent can fail io i.t wcli wiih ihi bo"k. Our terms are lib ercl. We gire our ngents the exclusive right of ten it ry. One of our ngvnls »old 1 8 copies in eiglit days, onolher sold -l63 in two weeks Our ageut in Ilartfoid sold 597 in ooe week. Specimons of the work sent to agi'Qts on receipt of stamp. For circulars and terms to agents address (lie publishers. J. B, Dt'IlR & IIVDE, HARTFORD, COJ^N., or CHICAGO, ILL. Fol" sale at (he Toledo City Hook Store. wk havi in A NEW BOOK Hy a well kuown and popular author, on an entirely new subject. The book will be profusely illustrated and handsomely i iiund, and v iiI sell readily to all classes. Ajrents wishing to secure teriitor.v phoulj ippiy at onoe, J, 11. ItUICR & IIYbK, tlAKTFORU. r'iiN'N' or t'MlfAdO, 1LI,. THE C3H^aSS^.V7 Household Remedy! Blooo-^4/ ailav the aerroue s!om?rh, and boweii, either w.^-.l, coic, cramps, etc. Their iisr-lriitant influe .ee extends tl Jgluut the system. *1 hetr liuretic properties act on the Kidneys, correcting and reg.rating the t.'w of urine. Their Anii-V. ious propert.ti etiiiuUtt the liver, in the accretion of b:Ie, a»d ne seiYa^es tbr jv:j the biliary ducts, and are avpericr to all remediai agents, for the cure of ihhous Kevfr, Fever and A^'i*, etc. m)ti 'W/n^wf'1'arto iiav.1 »n BKrlt than up r.'.in'l-f fcrepwratloncvurrfv-ic i« tha j.ublli?. 11 1» jicii (i, iliolii.wiiciil^l qu^ntUSoi Tar, mil iinou-ii-l t.u dlv avg of '.'i'J A Laa|:», r«i-"i-uiiuij t'!" ritom remniittblfciii'.s. uU». 11 im i i \i i 'il to miiiv cnr^it Aitlliniit auiI nruiirititla,, it liM l»Of.U J,i*ulio:i«wa ItfccJl!') fir c^m r,!uii:tr. »*i« i iiuo', tiark, ilrt.i or kuWiu-.v «!i*. 4Nia*.(Iini- ..•••» •, i'ritr- Big ttumtor** the Wali fe&Jligii ^'3iui.!:• it i.s,. ii, Hismsayerrtr IamIm, RinIwk His CtrMicthm* iu«-iMvfc.«•!»•. .• sit I itehiltiBf"*, ('."llisiw lllf 1 I* T*y jf 1 Hi -tfsrr. «U /.Hill!- i.SU 1 tvi-.v ISfi* ioitfur.' MPURlflQjb As an Invl^orator, Llur Corrector and Ulood Ronovntor ie anpericr to at! the Bitters, £llxlr«. Cordials end Mur».v parlllna in use. It ie to adapted to the whole ejrstem that every organ and function in the Lcdy la brought under ite exhilarating influence. It give* tone and nlrongth to tlx© digestive ap« parataa, dispell languor And debility. Invigorates th© Liver, rc^utntee the Kidacyi and Bowels, removes the e-ectof excess or overtaxation of any kind and gives tality and richness to the blood. Its corative powers alter and completely reorgan ize the entire mass of fluids and even the/ohdscf the huc?an system, thereby preventing and curing Dyspeptic and Consumptive Hymp* toui^, Fever and Agnc, Billons Dfsraa. est Fevers of all kinds, Nervous Bebil« ity« AfTeetlons of the Stomach and Bowels, ctc. Asainildand delightful Invigo rant fur*drllcate feniales, it has no superior. By Its uso nay life and vigor is given to both body and mind, sending a glow of vitality through every part, which U permanent and lasting. It Is the roost eff.ctual remedy for the relief of human suffering ever discovered, and as pleasant to the taste a1) old rye or fine wine. WE CHALLENGE It 0 THE fi WORLD To prodac. more!oai m.diciM to take, yetsa pot.nt for tb. pr.rention and cor* of diwan. as Sr. SUIT'S WSBIB'S T5SI0 AK9 BL90S Pramm, Prlc* II, or 0 Bottles for 95. *l»p«r.J bjr tb. Grafton M.dicin. Co.,PT. I.OCIS by I)ro||Uu and dwl.ra ia •"rlt.rlJIM #vev7WkaM, a SOOK FOR THK MILLION! it *fl«ctu«iiy curt -all i «j' «i N4 4 MA AC A PtiTSteCewueler to ttelsrrM er tboM about to Hmrrjr, on tbe Ph/atological u i- ttaat rlM and revtlationaof theMxsal with tb* dlKovtries la producing aad praveatiog cS Sfiring, pr«MrviD( the eomplizlaa, *c., This Ii an latarMtlug work of two handrad and Mxty pa(M, with aamerous encntvinci, aad contain* ealnabl* iaforauttlon for tb Young Crimea^ MRS rAaTIKOT#*. Old Grimes is dead—that good old man We ae'br shall sec him mora Bui le has left a son wha bears The name that old Grimes bore. lie wears a coat ef the latett. cut, Ills ij is n«w and gar, IIa cuanot bear to view distress, So he taras from it away. Uis pants aud gaile s—flt'ing sai'g O'er patent leather shoes, His hair ia by abarbercnrlsd He smokes ciga-s and ch4WS. Athain of massive gold is b»rnt Above his flashy vest li s alothes are better evsry Jay Thau were old Grii.ias' beat. Ia fashioa'a court h« constant walks, Where ha delight doth sWed Ilia hands are while and vary mil, Uu. softer is his head. He's six feet tall—no post more •ttftt^M» isteeih arefearly whits In liabtis he is sometimes loose, Aud semetimes very tight. His manners aro of sweetest grace, Ilis voice of sweetest tone His liamond pin's the very en* That old Grimes used te eWtt.' His ruislaclie adorns his faee, His neck a scarf o! blue He semetimes goes Ie church for efcange, And sleeps in G:imes' pen. He sports the fastest l,c*b'' ts alwkyl quick to bet! lie never knows who's President, But thinks '-Old Tip's i» yet." IIo has draak wines of every kind, And liquors cold and hot, Young Grilses, in short, is joet tbit sert Of man—Old Grimes w is hot. Around the World. Tickets tirouinl ilio wotlil—lor tine, nut ailvtfniMnn—ltave l»uen roe,cully ifaiifl l»y the Uniott and Cctitiitl fic lt.'jilt"H'l CotnpMiiifs, who livc made Mr. W. C. Tliompsun, lr Hourly two y«arn the n*wi«t :uit ol Mr. TliDnias L. Kimball, the Gftietal Tassi'iig i and'l'ii'ket Agent ol (he Union J'stcifii1., their "Gtitutal Fditign Agent," and sunt him tu Lundtin to ialcech trgi ol the Enrnji e:in IJusjiH ss. \vInch lias become con sidi't:ililt,1, and scl-ihh capable ot cou siclfiable extension. Tim tickets arottnd tlte wotM, copies ol which we have been per milted to ex:tmiiie, am in tliemaelves quite a lesson in geography. There are two lorniK, on# by way fit New Zealand and Australia, and the Mlit'r iy Japan and China. The one beloiv ti8 Irom the east westward, be ginning at New \'otk. There are eight c.npons, each a little larger than an ordinary bank note, bound together in a thin volume, like a music book, with paihtboard covers. The liist covers the journey enlirel) across the continent Irom New York tu San Francisco. Like the rrst ol them, il is not il.sell a ticket, but is exohiingable lor one, by any of the muts to Omaha, on presentation ol the general agency ol the Union aud Central Pacific line in New York.— The second cupond is addressed to the agent «f the United iStales, New Zealand »fc Australia Mail Steamship Company nt San Francisco to Sydney, Australia. The third capon, address ed to the agent, of the Peninsula A Oriental Steam Navigation Company ,»t Sydney is lor a ticket Irom Sydney, by way of Msibourne, Australia and Point, du Gallc, Ceylon, to Cal ciitta, India—a pretty circt'Uous route, but the only one on which steamers run regularly. The lourth coupon is lor a ticket by the East India Kailway Irom Calcutta to Bom iiay, India. Here a tilth coupon secures the holder a pasiage in one ol the Peninsula «fc Oriental steam ers from Bombay vta Suez, to lirindisi, Italy, where a sixth coupon delivers him to tlte South ItalUn Railroad Company, which provides him wiih a ticket to London. The seventh coupon is tor a ticket from London lo Liverpool, over the Lon don fc Northwestern Railway, while the eighth gives a passage by a Canard steamer from Liverpool to New York, completing the circuit ot i he globe. The coupons arc good for one car from date of issue, ami covers the transportation ot various amounts ot baggage, on different '"i" -''SO pounds irom New York to San Franc sco, cut/i^ t».i from San Francisco to Aus rali* and Irom Liverpool to N. Y., 336 pounds Irom Sidney to Calcutta and I ruin Bombay to Baindisi, about 50 pounds from Calcutta to Bombay, GO pounds troio Brindisi to London and 112 pounds tiotn London to Liverpool. The cover ot the ticket book gives the following table ot tiraeB and dis tances. Total tboM who are uarrlod or eonteaplat* marrian still It is a book that oujM 0 b* aadar lock and kejr and net laid cartlMtlv about tb* host*. Sa»i l» lit w (frM »f pnmm) tm fifty Pull. Dm. AMnm, Dr. BMU'.\o. 1 II. Kl(hta SU*M» SW Lew, M«. Lwt^ito tex tfrunzt a» nmirnrATi. I appljiu u lb. Dotorlau« »b« ad.M-ilM I* •a, o«tnf ujr Quatk 8—asm. fr— Or. BatM" •Mar wkat r*ar dlnaM l« tr tn «ptanbto yaw SvnataabaaaualMS, parMaaltyarbvBatL lMa*M Milan la Ma ntlu 0*aa. Ifa. 11 003 Miles. Days. Hri. NiwYo-k to Omaha 1,801 Otaaha to San Francisco 1,914 PanFrancisco lo Honolulu 2,100 Hono'ulu to Auckland A tickland to Sidney Sydney to Galle Gall* to Calcutta Calcutta lo Bombay Bombay to femes Sues to Alaxnndlia Alexandria to lirindili Driniisi lo London London to Itlverjieal Liverpool te Jiew York 2 4 10 14" ft 3,890 1.277 5.230 1,815 1,407 M72 324 1825 1,200 200 8,000 n j- 6 I 20,945 101 ,|j| Tliis shows an aTeragA progress ot about 204 miles a dtiy, or just 11 miles per hour, which is not putting ii girdle around the earth iu forty minutes, it is true, but is yet a tnar veilotis improvement 011 the possibil ities of a lew years ago. The :m provement, however, is much greater in the comtort and certainty ot the journey than in its speed. The most i notable thing is that there are regu lar linen on a'.l the routes by which these tickets are given, forming a coinplcie circuit of the globe. Ther .• is a daily train across this continent, a steamer once in tour weeks trom San Francisco to New Zealand, leiiv ing every fouilh Wednesday, as March 26, April 23, June 18, etc. On nil the other routes the passages are a great deal Ihore frequent than on this last. The Japan varies trom the the Australian route between San Francisco ai.d Calcut ta, ie Pacili: Ma'd giving a passage from Sun Fian cisco to Yokohama, Japan—-1,700 miles in 22 days the same on thu Peninsular & Oriental, Irom Yoko hama to Hong Kong, Cfina, 1.6u0 miles in six days the Peninsular fc Oriental Irom lloiu Kong. China. :,r»00 miles in !-J2 days. Thus liii rwnte Irom San Francisco to Calcutta is 9,-^00 niilrB loi'g, and is tt avi Hed in fifty days, trli Is the Australian routo ii 13.812 mil's long, and is travelled in sixty days. The torirci route around the world is thus 4,012 miles and ten days the sbo-rtcsi Railroad Gazette. Tub Gold in town, in tiik World.—A respondent ol the Rutland Herald, who has recently consulted -Hon, Atnasa Walker on the above topic, gives his atisWet. There havn been no extra data ot the annual gold sup ply, except the year 18fH, when the California discoveries were made

Previous to that, time Humholt es\i mated the woild's stock of gold at jsiO.OUO.O'illjOOO, although the antli-ir ities wiiieiy differed on the subject The gold product from 1849 down to the present time appears to have been as follows: Three years, 184'J»51 $139,lo0,0()0 I'ive years, IH5"J 5tJ 72'.»,4iK),W00 Five years, 1357-61 073 :d-V,0ue Five years, I ij.V2-tJ(l 410.01 ,001.) Five years, 1 t4G7-71 505,2i)I.OoO Total $-!,4} i,O8.,U00 Mr. Walker says that the amounts not reported would bring the total, in his opinion, fully up to$-2,600,000, COll. The proportion ot the metal which has been used in the arts can not bo determined with any certain ty, but it has been vastly greater since the discoveries in Caliloi nia and Australia than belort'. On the other I and, the hoarding ot gold has doubt less dimmish during the period rcferied to in till the countries of Christoniloin. He thinks that alxMit $1,710,001),0 M) have been added to the coin ot the world since 1848.— The dollar contains 25 8-10 grams. The ounce weight is 480 mains, which divided by- 25 8 grains, $18 GO 4 per. oz. troy. But the stand ard ot fineness of the coin dittei's iu ditlerent countries. The Whashiugton Chronicle A Kenttiyky editor received the following "te frera a suhscriUer, askirg that a falss n tic» of i ie desi.ii ns gin beo*rr«uti"l: 'Sir i u^iit a fpw errors in the obimary of lnyse which appeered in your paper ol last Wednesday, i was born in green up ee, ne-t cablwrll, and my rotire^ nsent Irons Inanes in 1809 was not owin t® ill heltli. but tu a littlt truble i had in connection wtth a horse, snd the.cos of my deth, wat. •Ot small pox. pleas make corrections fer wioh i enclose 50 ce^ts." A German preacher near Dayton, Who objects to his congregation chewing tobacco iu church, requested them lo leave their cudh" ''out of doors on a flat rail, in a fens corner under the steps—tiny where, for there would be no danger of the birds, geese, bogo or anything eating it or carrying it Ttway." "What is your name?'' asked ft census taker. ''John Corcoran." •'Your age:'1 Twenty-one." "What your Kat'ivity?" "Well, that's what bothers rae. I'll toil you, and may be you can make it ont. .My ather was Irish, but is now a naturalized American citizen my mother Eng lish, aud I was born pn a Dutch frigate, under the French flag jo Turkish waters. Now, how is it? A German physiologist has dis covered that tobacco.smoking hy beys, "interferes with tlie molecular changes co inei ient with the devel opment of tissues, and makes the blood corpuscle* oval and irregular at the edge" Auy paront can thus asceatain if his boy smokes by merely taking out a handful of his blo.,d corpuscles and observing, the edges. —Danbury A'ewi. A few me.mbars of the Forty. Second Congress hare returned their •5,300 "back pay" to tbe National Treasury, their consciences not per­ mitting them to keep it. We hare not yet semi that any one of the Iowa delegation has refusud te tako the money, or returned the amount dae hiin to the futtd eaUcd "coBscienc© money.'* CP rKstabligh/ 1B30.1 WELCH GRIFFITHS, M'kuitfacturrirs of Siws. SUl'KKI'.H Tt A Mi OTIII I 4 KVIiUY hAW WAltUAMH) I'IT,ES, 15KI.TIN' AM) MU'!lt\ERY Liberal I/scotints. Prlcp List and Circulars free ^cflt cf) wurn & GUIFFlTIIH, flooton. HIa^«.. & Detroit, Mich. Ihe (n iiisliud (J :si lerl v. 200 nr. which is not hull 'hecost.. those who ftftarwards send money to the amount of il or more for seed may also order ^.'i cents worth extra—the pl ica paid for thn Guide. Ihe lirat number is b'aiiiiful, giving plans for making Rulral llonio*, Dining Tit'ilo Dec .ral ions, Window Garden*, &c., and a mass of infoi ui.ition li-valualile to the lover of 13:) pijjm. oa tine limed iper, s inie 50!) eiigriviiigs, aud a superb Colored Plate and I'li'-omo Cover.— flu'llvsi edl'irt'i ot rf to i»D j11vt printed in English aud German. JA'dlv-l VIC1C, cot Hochesier. N-w York. AMERlTANTOHN-PLANTERr Seni hv express on receipt of S'-i.6!). .. S V & CO. Mauiit clurers, !St. Louis. Liberal leruitf to dealers. Seud stamp lor circular. rWUMERS' & PLANTIUtS'NURrsntY A It tfitl pay to setd and gei free prices beti.,re buyiug. Address Isaac Uifgord, tits Moines, Iowa. POHISr AND miiOi'JEN TRIES k 3M3! says It is slated that by a 1 lumler due to the haste with which business was transacted at the close ol the ses sion, Congress voted to the president the old saWy ol S2i,000 and the new one ot $-0,000. It would be a great stretch ol generosity for the President o asstiniu that the blunder was committed in the largu appro ptiatiun, but l^e thinks that h* will try a id get along wilh one salary until Congress cm reetily its own blunder." The Bank »1 England covers five aerea ol ground and employs IM0 clerks. There are no windows on the street. Light U admitted threugh open courts no mob could take the Bank, tii«r-tore, without tunnon to bitter the immense walls. The clock in the ceatre ol the B«rik has filtv dials Attached to it. Large cisterns are sunk in the court, and engines in pet leel ordur are always in readiness in case of fire. The Bank jpas ineorporated in 1G04.— Capital, £90,00U,)U0. THE LA It .ESI' STOCK IN AMERICA 1" Millions Kvergrren Trees: 12 Milliqins European Larch, etc., oic. All grown from seeds in oitr own Ntiseries. Als i Fruit and Forest Tire Seeds, (.'atnlogues Free. ltOUEllT DOUGLAS i .StJNi. Wnukegan, 111, THE WEEKLY DSi V olllllif I Wf'U'.V-IWi). A la u 2-r. U.SEihu Kcisinger Sasli ieu an I Support lo FASTEN YOUR WINDOW. No spring to break( uociitiing of sash cheap, dur.ib e, very enslly upplied: holds sash ut tiny place desired, aud a sell'fast ener when the Bash is down. Send stamp or circular. Circular and six oopper-bromt ed locks sent io iiuy address in tlie U d. pisijaul.on receipt uf ."0 cts. Liberal in duceiueuts to.lite trade. A/unis wanted Address UldSlNUElt SAii LOCK CO., No. 118 Market tit., Uurri.-bu:g, Pa. i irx -i '^"isl^hi Zi Ni vni MACHINE tS THE BEST IN THE WOULD. Agents warned. Send for circular. Ad dress 'DMMI-NTIC" SM'A ING \'iIIN Cm., N. A i-l- SOLD(Er?S Who wore wot ^1 ed, or contracted permanent diseaa lite arniv. can ce/neiwii.iisj 1,,. permanent disease in army, can ge/ ppii«i»iis by writin JOHN KI UK PATRICK, Gov Claim Agent. M: lleb lurue, Ohio, inclosing postage, L- MATTIII'.U S, Dry Good*. Groo ries, Clothing, and General Merchandise £2 ORKINQ ©LASS M-ie Je iff male, ?i0 a wecK guaranteed, Rer s|tciable employnient at home, day o evt-ning no ca|iilul required f.Ml instruc tions and valuable pn'it,i|^'' of g-xiJs seni tree by i"ail. Address, with six cent re i ii fit stamp, M, YOUNG Jt CO., It} Cort land ttt, N Y. AGENTS! A RARE CHVNCElI We wi I piy all cash who w' Il oil i'ry tiiiu farm ngeiiM 510 per week ii. wiui us at once. Ev I 1 in I expenses paid. Ad­ dress A. OUULrHlt &CO.. Chu-loUi-.Mich. fier itiiy I i^geiiis want ed! All clas-ies of wurk- ro.2 iijj peiipie, oi t'lMier 8i*x. young or old. uake more y at work us in their spare oom -uis, or att the lime, tli u at any lliing els.!. I'artioiilars freo. V.Nress G. STIN- AQS Si CO., Portland Maine. I soilI*11 i wiih Caiari'ii t• ii11y y.-n-, a .,1 Was cred by a siiii(mc r-j u-jdy. Vji sen receipt, post pud free to all alHiutel Kev. .itliAD, Drawsr 176, Syracuse, RKW.VKI). or any cusi of Blind, ceding, lioliing or ici-raied I'ites iliat Ding's Pile Ri-niU' y ills to cure. It is pre­ pared expressly to cure lh« I'iles, nndnotli iug else. Sold by all Oruggisi*. Price ?1. BA KTI.l-ri' HOUSK C, A.V. HEliUlCtv, I'roprieior. 1*Ifni#ueil 13 house has lately b«eu new lui anj ntliera ia£ imjijuinuJ, u.uil 41 w promise? to give uavi-li rs ample aud liiiaclorv 'it'cooiiuod 1110111. Ceiiirally 0Med aud Willi good Colo rcom counoo s cl with 1 tit* noit^e. 4lt "oomell^OOLLEGET" rou BOTH SEXKS, U'lTlt TIN K .1 L'1H1ENC'K0 i'rotessors and teachersi I.ill Classical aud Scientific ourecs: I're paratory, Commercial and Ornamental De partments ample buildiugs and appliances', and:i75 students annually in a town not' ed for temperance. Hoard and l'ui'iou lof For catalogue address the I'resident, lt.E IVM. F. K1NG,D. D. Mt. Veruon, lowu. t40tf ORlfORD ADVERTISEMENTS. 0RFO11D .lifi-t. Family Newspaper One dollar a year. Six iy cents for six ineuihs. S copies, one ear si I'welve copies, one year jill). I're mi'iiii ^'2 in books ur prims. Twouly-five copies, one yoar i'reinium in books or prints, wliicli nc»y be nuioced from our Catalogue. 60 copies, one year S1J. Premi um a I'ateut Lever Oroide V\a:ca worth {15. Our large catalogue of books und prilils sent free. DKOl'llER JONATHAN i'l'U LLSHING CO., 45 Jieekman St., New Yor' EXCHANGE BANK, O. 11 DUTTOH & SOlf. I'. SMITH & BItO., Agricultural' Im plumeuis, Lumber, Coal, Litneand Build lug Material, ef all kinds. [2 A 1)211 XIS Til A1 OR' 6' NOTICE. given, that ay been ap pointed .tid commissioned hy 1 lie Circuit join of Tama comity, in ihe Slate of lovrii, Administrator of the estate of John Dickenson, deceased,nuti all persons having claims against said estate are hereby noti lieil to lile them with the Clerk of said Court, cleirly B'ated and duly sworn to, and wiihia legal time, preparatory lo their being allowed or proved: and person* owin said estate aie requested to nuke immedi ate payment to the undersigns 1, aud nv id costs. PCHUG NOTICE is hereby the undersigned has this il Dated at Toledo, lawn, this 4th day of March, A. D. Ib7-i, BOON DE FRANCE. 11-14] .Administrator. IVE. ar. J=SO ^TXjJBjS is tit THE OLD STAND AGAIN, SIGN OF THE STAR ud sta^ He an I fast,—h nditiou and safe.,— given cus.ouierg.— curriitges are in gonit Host of accommodations W E U & •hut* wit* at the lowest possible prices. ii.^Lw kem e eos as reasonable as anywhere. [21^i Blanks.—blank XG£%i.oirjs CLOTHNG, &C. c. ragg 5® dl— DEEDS, nf the Cash btore, Toledo, Iowa, G. BUTTKFRITT, aM 9. e 1 cmcn Ca n Ul S OUrao1 before a, E UNECiUALSlT WEED SEWING MACHINE AsUldj unpr^cJ,^ oHot-cJ to tbe public «. the best family btwin,' Machine in the market. Bee it and test its merits before you buy. ATTACHMENTS AND FINDINGS FOR ALL MACHINES. wiiag Macliine Depot Broadway, Toledo, Iowa. MORTGA Blank GKS, Quit (claims and Justice'! at the tjiiKOSicLK Ollioe, E E, in GROCERIES, HATS & CAPS, BOOTS & TAILOB, fiND CUTTER, pwrcha^ing Goods from this JSstab hstiiueiit can rely on obtaining VLAltK, Agent. OF THE BLOOD* ID MOST THOROUGH FUlliriSS OF t|| BLOOD TIT DlfCOVKBID. dCRBS ALL HUMORS, FROM A COKVow •HUPTIOJT TO TUB WORST SCROPUU Br lis n«e Caocera mf* cured. «n4 Cancerous tumors are dispelled without the wn •eon's knife—Scrofttla conquered, and Couann Bon prevented and cured. Venereal Diseases, Mercurial and Wn* al Poisons, aud their effects eradicated, and vicor ous health and a sonnd constitution eatabllsliaS* Female WeMknesa and Diaeaaat Dropsy general or partial Swellings, externalol Internal and Tumor* are reduced and dispersed la a very short time. Bryalpelas, Salt Rheum, Scald Head aa« Fever 8ores arc noon removed by this powirfui detergent medicine. Scorbntle Diseases, Dasdrsff, Seal* er Rough Skin, and Pimple* quickly give wav leaving the skin smooth and fair. Chronle Diseases, Fever and Ane Dla erdered Liver, Dy pemia. Kheamatism, Nervous Affections, General Debility, in short, all th* numerous diseases caused by bad blood are con. quered, and give way before this most powerful corrector tlie King of the Blood. Bach bottle contains between forty sad fifty ordinary dose* costing only one dollar Prom one to four or Ave bottles will cure Salt IlheiiiD, Scald Head, Ring Worm,Pl» pies on tlie Face, Biles, ordinary Eruptions, ctc From two to eght bottle* will core Scaly Eruptions of the Skin. Ulcers, Sores, and Canker in the Month and Stomach.Erysipelas,etc From two to ten bottlee will restore healthy artion to the Liver and Splekn, Will nw Ulate the Bowels anil Kidnoye. ..... From two to six bottlee will be found effectual in curine Ncuralgis, Sick-Headache, St Vitus' Dance, and Epilepsy. .... From Ive to twelve bottlee will cue the worst cases of Scrofula. twalv* bottles win enre severe and obstinate cases of Catarrh. From two to four bottles will care the Worst cases of Piles, and regulate Costive Bowels. From two to ten bottlee will core bad cases of Drop«y Price il per bottle* er 8 bottles for |L Bold by all Druggists D. BASSOH, S0!V k CO., Prepr'i,* ItstssHmonlsls In local coltann. BlflUe, & f* 11ME TABLE OF TIIB TOLEDO Is N0BTH-WESTEE1T RAILWAY TRAINS I.iiAVii TOLEDO, Accommedation, 7 3# A. M. Mail, 10 45 A. M Accomodation, 1 P. M. Mail, 4 89 P. M. TAMA CITY, Accommodation, A. M. Mail, II 55 A. M, Accommodation, 2 80 P. M. Mail, 6 15 1*. M. SSTThe Company reserve the tight le vary from this at pleasure. A fists iEu FARE: —15 cents if tickets are purchased,—if fare is paid ou tho cars,'in «ents. L. ('LARK. Superintendent. Chicago & North-Western RAILWAY. THJS-SIiOItT & DIIIKCT LIN* TO I A O O Delrtiil, e r«-1 an i!. Itnffalo, Siet Iteii^ion llndtrc. I'Mlsburyh, 15.il11in»•«'. asliiiiL'ltiu, I'llll ADKLHIV, NEW YORK, BOSTON And all Points iu .'ieiv England and the Canada^. Alue te Cincinnali, Louisvilh, Sj. Linis. Nsw And all Points Seuth and Souih-Wee'. This in I ho Shortest notite to ount ll Bluirs Ontulta, Salt Lakt AM I'JtlAWOrsc-to, ANtl ALL I'otNTS IN TIIE WKSTbttN TtkrtT0*lOS. This Line has adopted all modsin provement' in track aud e^uip* nie.'it, including St «l Ri«I«, Luxiirioua Ha and ll**p. u a. .tlI'l.iiforina. ua4 IVmluirlitiuic M.ifri/ Air llrakes, Ask lor and see that your tickets read via thica»ii it North-Western Railway M• Hl:G II1TI', H. P. STA N' WOOD Gen 1 Sup t, Gen'l Psss'r Agt. Burlington, Cedar Rapids* HIbam* Hallway. Ou and after Dec. 8th, 1872, passeamr trams on this line will run as follows: a Ie p. M.le if. it. ar r, sr 8-30 6:00, St. Lculg, I 11.00' T.M P.M. If.a Hie: 7:30-, 8.20: Uurl:cgtaii y:2j: 10.20 Coltimbus Juni 10:05 ll.Oti: Nichols 10: 4' 11,*2 ^eutLiberiT 1216 1.4 i Cedar Hupidi 2.31 Vinton 4.2o! tYaterlee 4.50: Cedar Falls 8.0t) Nora Junction! SHOES, ii P»wUa» P. 12. .. ar 12.1s 10.00 V: 102t.i v.St: 9.2 7.»5: 4.4f: 3 23' 8.00: 12.07 10.55 1:20! 2:40 B-05: CUi! 7:40: 8.01 10.0( Austin W 30 tun 7.4s e.e« e.o» 8,30 1.10 S.3i: Lyls 1.40 I K.65 AJinneapolis 1-2i 11.55 St. I'aul p- m. ar a. »t ar 12.4* MILWAUKEE I)1V SI ON i U 25 »Ml« Ced«iTuJ7id7* l2 to TSTr a nr 3-52 tenter Point 11.30 a. m. Is "0 a le 1'oBtville 10.45 a ar West I'uion .40 a ar 6 10 s le PACIFIC liIVlsfJKT 7 50 a 11 20 a ie 12 50 ar Cedar Rapids Vinton iJysart n nn ft !e Mont sr 2.65 sr 1.25 Hie MssesiTne 12 05 f» J-oQ a ar li'iohols ll.OiJsMli *'e#P'n^ cars, own.d and operalsd y lllf Moompdny ^11 night trains. Coansotioas are as Followi. u 1 A] 1®L^LI-N GOOD GOODS I'0.\ with Chicago, Burlisf. ten&Quiiioy Imilroad for Chicago, lVeria, Citici nati and Louisville, Keokuk Quinty and Kansas win, Toledo, Peoria ft War. saw Railway for Logunsport, Olnmbul, 1 tttsburg and St. Louis, via. Rockford, Rock Islaud & St. Louis Railroad with Bnrlinf ton Missouri Uiver Railroad forOttumw* K»i| Oak, Nebraska und iluusas, snd with uiirlingtou & Southwestern for Farmloetoa lilo)uifield, Missouri and Kansas. At COLUMBUS JUNCTION, with CM cago & Southwestern Railroad for Waih intou and Leavenworth At WEvrLlBEK'lT, with Chicago, Bock uland & Pacific Hailroad, for lows City, Ous Moiues and Dave.iport, 1 with Muscatine Dir. B., C. R. & M.t for Muscatine. At OEUAR KAPIDS, with Chicago TO 1 St «ortJiwestern Railway for Omaha. Counst. utfs and Chicago, and with Pubuqut i a. ,Ui,wa ^r Dubuque, -•a nr E 5 UI0 an,, CEDAR FALLS, with Illinois Central Kailread for Indepes C®tUye' que Fort nd Si0UI «, U,l JUNCTION, A#'e^,for with Milwsuki* s St. Iau Railway for Mason Ctj snd Charles City, At AUSTIN, with Milwsukee & 81. Pan' a P0'nts in Minnesota, i -c "-A.Uti. for *11 points on Norlhsrn sciho llaiUajr the great Lake Superior 1' gion, and all points North end Nortti est. w. n. PETTIBONB, WiM. GREENE, wlL 0 1 S"!'*' Gen'l Sup't. C. AitfJW, Uen'l Ticket Agent, Cedar Rspidi Iow» w ..,

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