Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle, April 10, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle dated April 10, 1873 Page 3
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FHTB1CANS AND DENTISTS. 1J John nicholson DENTIST. HSlAXJITY, IOWA. Offee over 8 Patterson's Store. [45 A. C. RICKEY, Physician and Surgeon, Toledo, iowa. (^Office over Free k Morte's Store. Residence,—1 door «Mt of Dr. Springer's. [17tf H. W. §OYNTON, M. D. Physician and Surgeon. —ALSO— ff. 8. EXAMINING PENSION SURGEON. TOLEDO, IOWA. MNlestdenee near Post Office. [32 ATTORNEYS. GEOIIQEPublic RAINES, Attorney at Law, No­ tary and Justice or (he I'iace. Office over Free'? Building, Toledo Iowa. 2 GEO. R. STRUBLE, Atttrbey and Coun •ellor at fcfcw, Telede, Tama county, J. H. Goodrich* ATTORNEY AT LAW, Tettvo, TAMA COCNTT, foWA. (Office in Free's Building.) [8tf —PPELOATB & KINNE, Attorneys and Counre'lors at Law, Toledo, Iowa. Of ee in Stone building, over W, Walter's Grocery Store T.SnStf CbleBRADSHAW, B. [Successor to Stru & Bradshaw,] Attorn'y & Counsel or at Law, Toledo, Tama County, Iowa.--. ri^HOMAS S. FREE, Attorney at law, 1 Toledo, Iowa. Office in Court Home. Also U. 8. COMMISSIONER. [v3trt)tf ilEO. L. B\ILEY, Attorney & Counsellor IjT at Law, Toledo, Iowa. Office over H. F. Johnston & (Vs. Store. ftf STIVERS A SAFLEY, LA WYERS, Will fiVattiee in the Supreme and District Courts of Iowa. fOLEDO, TAMA COUNTY. IOWA. HOTELS. NEW FIRST-CLASS HOUSE !ta.T,9,11, IS, 15417 North Commercial St. CEDAR RAPIDS, IA. BROWN'S HOTEL. B. L. Kxo, Propr««r. htr. Pirtixtm, Cl'lt. ~0—— this itensei* entirely neir, ind TVirnVshed with new furniture throxigttiut. The pats renage of lie travelling public is cordially Utited. FOUR GOOD SAMPLE ROOMS. nn *bits to and raou all tbains. •IIMICAL INSTRUMENTS. C. D. TEHKY, AOBHT LOA Western Cottage Organ, llMI«fMtnrel by Tewksbury, Carpenter Co., Mendota, 111. AIm, agent for the •RABI, BRADBURY, MATHtSUEK AND fclillbMAKER l'LANOS. ¥AMA CITT, IOWA •451y] F. COUNTY SUPE2INTEND3WI, (Residence atOrfor.l,) WILL be in hi« office at Toledo, every Saturday. from 10 A. M' (o 8 P. M. FREE EXAMINATION the lastSatuiday •f each month at 9 A. Fee for examitia lion at any other time, one dollar. 71y A CARD. A Clergyman, wlulo residing in 9«ath America, as missionary, lis •overe.l a tale and simple remedy (or the Cure of Nervott.* Weakness, Barly Decay, Disease oi the Urinary aad Seminal Organ?, and the whole irain *t diaordan brought on i»y banaiei and vicious habits. Great •amber* havtt been cured by this no ble remedy. Prompted by a desire benefit the afflicted and unfortun ala, I will send the receipt for pre paring and using this medicine, in a aaalad «nvalopa, to any one who la it, Frae ot charge Address, JOSEPH T. INMAN, Station D. Bible Holiso, 8ij New York City. Frazee, Jeweller. WATCHES, CLOCKS and JEWELRY J2tfl Repaired and warranted. O. D. Terry, Mltllr ia Xt&mber, Lath, Shingles, Doors Windows, Blinds, Etc., T* JARTFE OB SMALL QUANTITIES. Yards opposite Elevator. Telodo, IoYra. aal wltk C. Lamb ft Sons, Tama City. C-am ready to deliver In ear-loads, tots •I Belle Plaiae, Coeleea, Tama City, Toledo, Orflsrd, Marshall or Dysart. Wyl Ct '«U l*ur!fior. WftHh* pr«M ^itoiaelteM rr*S-*y. y.V*s«ntt %4kct, yrt J*t»*nt Sir Ifir nVk-l cure »', disease*. It U tktftr tfcaft ttittrt-', Cord *!, tfac&atorSMeaparilla SuMfeir kr«CB-^ Br. Hrar^sltODt itm4 Want PHI®. Uild et tlxtrough—on nausea orjriplw!?—en tirely vegetable—prcutUvcr reftcdy. rrlce26 s. £old by Druggists. Bit. WhMesnb'sBjna^ The great seetMag remedy. Price ^Wt/ tS Veals. Gives rest to the mother and feeallfcto ike uUld tolil by Drugjisu. Isrrlai* Outdo. SaterestUilt Work, Enlarged Edition, ICcw fta^raviugi, Two-humln-d and nUtjr Paces, Prlcclffetalf. .Address Da. Dura' pitrts* ^aar. 12 North Etghfli Street, St. Ixmia, Mtv 4ae Advertisement. l^olfda ^lirotiiclr« Toledo, Iowa, thursday* Aptil 10, 1873. BUSINESS NOTICES. Under the above had, notices will be in serted in this type, leaded, at the rate of ten cents a line for each insertion Special terms given for long notices and long time. (9* Editorial notices ia local reading eolitmn will be charged fifteen cents a line, eaoh insertion. ItOLLOWAT'S Put's AND OINTMENT.—Even If the whole body is absolut 'ly blotted over with pistules, incrustations or running sores, it may beheiled and p'J:ified by the ointment, assisted internally by the pills. Sold 78 Maiden Lane, N. V. Price 26c19 a bok-. Ask for new style the old is coun terfeited. ZXN9 OF THE bt.00?- CANCEROUS TUNOBS. Case—It is with pleasure I write, in behalf of my mother, who has been taking your medicine, King of the Bleod, for a tumor, and can say she is most entirely cured. She has taken fotlr bottles of the medicine. The tumor wfcs as large as a gooie«egg when she commenced. It (s now only about the site of a grain of corn, and rapidly disappearing. She has doctored hund'edsof dollars away without benefit, until using your medicine, for which we shall always be truly thankful and can recommeAd the King of Blood to any one needing it. My mother's name is Dulin. Yours respectfully, SARAH MC.MINIS, Kenton, Ohio. See advertisement in another column, LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. All kinda ot wdathtir the past week. Plastering hair lor sale by lf" M. J. Powaa*. Snow and mud are mixed in one mighty mass in the Streets aad pub lic roads. Logan & Caufield coal tor *al« by Parker & Lewis, Tama City, at 16,50 per tou, Cash. Seve-al side wnlks in this place are in a wretched condition. Whtra is the Street Commissioner Wall Paper trimmed free at tire Toledo City iiook Store. C. C. Whitten, Esq 19 enlarging his residence by th« addition of a wing to the cast. Another lull car-load ot COOPER Wagons just received by Parker 1.% Lewis, Tama City. tf Fanners are sowing grain while their good wives are talking ot their garden and "posie" seeds, onions, fco., &o. John Deore, Ottawa Clipper and Peru City Stirring Plows, at Parker fc Lewis Tama City. tl Reserved seat tickets for the Peak Family Concert can lie procured at the City Bonk Store, same price as ii purchased at the door, Mr. E. M. Wilkinaoii Hm feeetlMy traded for the "Junker property" ail'I last week irt jved into his new home. Key-Stone hay rakes and corn shollers. at Parker & Lewis' Tama City. Also, OTTAWA CLIPPER BREAKERS. tf m™ 'i ['he grestwt beneficiary in stitution of Toledo is th« Wall Paptr Trimmer with which Mr. True trims all paper purchased of bioi, free ot erst. Keystone and Star Corn Planters, the best in the market, at Parker & Lewis', Tama City. Sole agents for Tama county. tf er It you wish to avoid the jji eonvenicnce and trouble of trimming yottr Wall Paper after it is purchas ed you should make your selections at the City Book Store where your paper will be trimmed foryou gratis. The frame buildiug, formerly used as a blacksmith shop which stood ad janoent to Walter Bradbrooks wag on factory has reoently been moved to the back part of the lot, fronting •a before on High Street. Iron harrows wit\)40 and 60 teeth and also the celebrated Eureka dou ble row stalk cutter aud roller for sale at Parker & Lewis, Tama City. Iowa. tf Miss S. A. Hay8 has gone to Chi cago to lay in a supply of milliner) goods for the spring trade. You may expect some nice sty lei .when her goods arrive. PERSONAL.—Use Dr. L. llurst's Vinegar Coagh Cure for Coughs Colds, whoopicg cough Croup, Con sumption and diseases of the Pul monary Organs. 8-20 DOCK HONTBRS.—Three of Toledo's young Nimrods went duck hunting last Saturday, and returned Monday, with "nary duck." They ought to take one more trip and then--well, give way to others. Uae Dr. L. Hursts' Antt-Dyspep tio and Liver Pills for Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint. A cure warranted in every case. Hurst's Family Med icines are tor sale by Bergerds Yeiser and Springer & Co., Toledo. By Jas. Thompson, jr., Tama City, and deal ers generally. 8-20 AN INTERESTING "CIRCUS."—Last week mention was mnde in these columns ot information being tiled for the arrest of a number of persons, who were charged with disturbing a series of meetings ut Monticello, *hat were conducted by the Spiritu alists at that place. The arrests were made last week, aud on Monday morning the following persons were arraigned before Justice Fisher Wesley McAnulty, Geo- Rogers, Charle^Bradley, Perry Wheaton, Taylor Winters, Charles Budgett and A Mowery. A jury was em paneled, aud a host ot wituesses sub poenoed, Stivers & Satley, County Atterueys, appeared for the Pros ecution and ml go Struble for the defense. The whole of Monday and nearly all day Tuesday were spent in the examination of witnesses, and the Attorneys rendered their pleas on th« evening of the last mentioned day. The easo was submitcd to the Jury about 9 o'clock P. M. and re turned at 7,30 next morning haying tound the first tour prisoners above named guilty of the charge preferred against them. The Court fined the tour one dollar each aud costs, which aggregated about $35 00 uot inelud ng their Attorney's tee. The case was one in which much interest was taken, and the Court Room (in the Court House) was well filled much of the time with spectators. There is probably a moral lurking some where in this, which the boys, who had to plank down their stamps will profit by. Every one admits that Dennis & Ayerill have the largest and best selected stock ot Agricultural Imple ments in Tama County. They sell Brown Corn Planters Haines Head ers McCormick Reapers and Mowers Garden City Plows aud Cultivator Germautown Plows and Cultivators, .Nothing but 1st class goods. All Warranted. COMING.—Mr. It. Dickinson Ad vance Agent ot the oil Peak Family ot Swiss Bell Ringers, was in town yesterday, ainl ntado arrangements for his Troupe to show in the Court House next Thursday evening Ap. ii, 17th. It in:iy bo well to state here that this is not the Company that did not put in an nppearanoe last winter at this place alter they had posted tlieir luils. Wo uudel'staixi this is the Senior Fainiiy the mana ger Win. Peak Sr. being the fat' er of the Win. Peak manager of the Com pany that disappointed our people a tew months ago. From the numerous notices given by papers in places where they liavo played, we expect the entertainment will bo unique, chaste and highly attractive. The best selected sloek of Farm Implements ever brought to Tama County at Parker «fc Lewis Tarna City. The "Pearl, "John Deere's Advance, and Peru City Walking cultivators. Also Buckeye Jr. com bined. tf. WANTud—A oase of Rheumatism, Lumbago and Swollen Joints in man flesh cuts, sprains, sore shoulders, and scratches in horses that can't be cured by Hursts' Tar Liniment.— Hurst's Family Medicines are for sale by Burger «fc Yeiser and Spring er & Co Toledo. Jas. Thompson, Tama City,and dealers generally.8 20 BANK MEETING.—As announced last week, a meeting was held in the Court House last Thursday evening for the purpose ot further consider ing the subject of establishing a Sav ings bank 111 Toledo. Quite a good number ot the prominent citizens were out and considerable interest was manifested in Bank matters.— Between f-i.OOO and $5,000 were subscribed in addiliou to the large subscription that had been previously taken. There is to be a meeting at Cedar Rapids on Wednesday next, in the interest of the People's Narrow Guage Railroad. Considerable in' terest is taken along the line of the road, and with propor management the road will be built, pa-t ot the dis tance, at least- The starling point will most likely be Muscatine, and there is a growing disposition to make Toledo a station, fftould the road be constructed. PSRSONAL.—Hon. William Windy Yarham, ^ditor, printer, pressman, d6vil, elo., of the Chelsea Reporter was in Toledo last Saturday. He poked his neb into the CHRONICLE sanctum, but the fighting editor was not at home." FOB SALE.—One two story frame dwelling in Toledo. Will take TWO OK THEE HORSES in part payment and give time on the balance. Apply to C. C. Whitten, Toledo, Iowa, [tf A few more Buckeye Seeders at Dennis &*Averill£. The season is late. Buy a Buckeye and hurry your grata in Lightest Draft in the mar* Lew» We clip the following from the Kocktord (III.) Rtgister. which needs no comment: THE SENIOR PEAK FAMILV.—-This popular troupe was greeted with a large and appreciative audiance, Sat urday night, It is sate to say that their bell ringing is characterised by a precisivu elegance and finish, such as no other hell ringers in the coun try posess. Miss Fannie Peak shows such careful study in her speciali ties and character songs, and her performance upon the statf bells was repeatedly and deservedly encored. Miss Julia Peak is undoubtedly the best harpest who has ever visited our city. Her difficult feat ot playing on two harps at the same time, a differ ent tune with each hand was hearti ly applauded. Mr. Yarnelle has no superior in the profession as a ballad ist. He has a pleasing Voice and is alike at home in comic, pathetic and setimental airs. Alt'. Wyman's Dutch specialties were characterized by an eutire absence ot slang and profanity so common with a certain class ot com* dians. His acting istiuished, elegant and brim full of fun. You can laugh at Alt. Wytnan without an effortk Master Willie rendered his specialties in a manner highly credit able he gives promise of one day being at the head ot his protession. Thl&^whole entertainment was render ed in a manner very pleasing, and we consider them the best company that has visited our place for years. Reserved seats at City Biok Store without extra charge. Card of Thanks. We take the opportunity of ex pressing thanks through THK CttRN ICLK, to the good people ot Toledo, for the pleasant surprise on Saturday evening, the tweulieth anniversary of our marrirge. Notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather, there wire quite a number present, and wo teel gratelul to our triends. both present and ab sent, lor the gifts presented on the occasion. 8. McCtAis. L. A. MCCLIix. 'The handsome Cake, placed on our table by Mr. McClain, places us under obligations to himself and Mrs. M. for their kind remembrance ol the Printer, who always has a relish lor good things. Mr. J. B. llonnegen, the candy man from Cedar Rapids, was in thbt place last week and if we are to judge from the amount of goods lie disposed of, wo m'ust consider that Vie is meeting with that patronage that the excellency olVie candy mai utacturcd by him is justly entitled.— Being well acquainted with Mr. II. we have no hcsitency in saying that all who purchase of him will tind him faithful in the matter of filling orders as directed. The candy sent out from that factory is unadulterat ed, and at an early day the works will be run by steam. Farmers save your stalks don't bum them buy a Stalk Cutter of Dennis fc Averill Tama City fer the small sum ot $30. Warranted. "What crowds ot people! what crowds of people!" exclaimed a well dressed, good- looking matron, as she noticed a throng ot farmers about Dennis & Averill's implement es tablishment in Tama City last week. Our attention was likewise attracted, and immediately crossed the street to see what was the centra of attract ion, finding upon our arrival that it was the immense slock ot agricultu ral implements of all kiuds that and A had managed to place about their establishment. We secured the service of a bright eyed lad of 14 summers, in whose hands a Faber No. 2, and a Ream of Flat Cap was placed, to write a list of every thing that that firqa sell' The boy did his duty—and did it well. From a list as long as the moral law we notice the following ot which Dennis & Averill have the exclusive Bale in this County. Nichols & Shepard's Vibrator threshing Machines, Mc-, Cormick's Reapers and MoWers, El ward Harvester and Mo*rer com bined (room for three binders) Haiti's Illinois Headers and Harves ters combined, Quaker Reaper and Mower—Dropper attachment, Star Wagon, made at Cedar Rapids and sold every-where, Buckeye and Row ell Seeders, Avery's Spiral Kuite «talk Cutter and Davenport stalk OQtter for $30, Brown's Corn Planter Furst and Bradley's Riding and Walking plow?, Stirring and Break ing Plows of three diffe.ent makes, including the Moline and Furst and Bradley's, Good Stirring Plows for $14, road scrapers, Suikey and Re volving Rakes, Corn Shellers, Corn cob Crushers, and every conceivable kind of au implement from a garden hoe up. Also Pumps, Salt, Stucco, c. ment, Bloosburg Oskaloosa aud On tario Coal. Any fanner in the Uuited Slates ought to be able to mako a selection from such a list, particular ly when such reasonable terms as this firm gives are offered. Dennis 4 Averill sell tM acst Headers—Haines III. Heador. Sole Agents for Tama County. M. J. Powers w turning out the finest harnoss ever sold, or* Seen in

Tama County. Let all who arc interested in the CitiztMi's Savings Bank bo preseht at the meeting to be held in the Court Room 011 Tuesday next at 1 o'clock P. M. Dennis fc Averill sell the the Mtd Jacket Breaking Plow. Latest Improv ed and Lightest Draught in tho mar ket. Mr. Galley has just removed his largo stock ot goods to his nrw sure room in Johnston & Galley's new block, where ho is ready to wait on his customers—and they are Ugion. Parties wanting Wail Paper will find it to their advantage to purchase at the City Book Store as tho paper will be trimmed for them without cha-ge, and the paper will be sold as low as tho lowest. Eggs are abundant in the Toledo market, and it's a fiue thing too, for be it. remembered next Sunday is Easter. From Capt. Schaeffur, our County Treasurer, we learn that tho taxes of all kinds paid into tho Treasury dur ing the months ot February and March foot up $49,044.82, of which $37,079,50 were paid in February and $12,505.32 in March. BT. v TIIE BEST.—219,758 Stftgir Sewing Machines sold last year, over 45,000 more than was sold by any other Company. Kept for sale at Franco's Jcwclery Store, also Mach ine Oil and Needles. W. C. WAYT, Agent Tama City. tf We are informed by the County Treasurer, Mr. Schaeffer, that 011 Saturday last ho deposited in tho First National Bank at Tama City $5,737.19 to tho credit of the State Treasury at Des Moines. Ot this amount $5,508.89 goes to the regular State tund, and the remaining $22&. 30 to the InsatiH Fund. FOR NOTHING. Wall paper purchased at the Tole do City Book Store will be trimmed free of charge. The Tama County press has a Har mon ninoiig its editors, yet there seems to bo want ol harmony among the members—lielh Plaine Union. Well, what of that? Tho Benton County press has two Frosts among its editors aud yet its members cau't keep cool. E: M. Wilkinson has constantly 011 hand a supply of Baker's Bread lresh from Matron's Bakery. It the people want good fresh bread, they can be accommodated by calling at Wilkinson's Grocery. tf Tuckedupbehiudwiggledarn'dpho olativeness is the latest addition to the English language. It is applied to the furbelows and fix ups worn by the ladies. A'E .-t VER TISEMEifTS. SHERIFFS SALE. BY'20th virtue of a Special Execution, dated the of Mftrch. A. 1). 1873, to me direct ed, issued out of th •tfice «f ill' Clerk of tba District Court of Tama County, State of Iowa, in favor of William F. Johnston, and against William llardy aud Mary Hardy, «n a judgment rendered by said Court at tin February term (hereof, A. D. 1373, against the said William Hardy, for the sum of $48j.i"il, and a decree of fore closure against said Defendants, wherein it was ordered, adjudged and decreed thai the following described ileal Estate, to wiu The south half of tho south-west quarter of section No. one [1] in township NJ. eigh ty-four, [mj north of range No. sixteen, west of t'io fth 1*. M. [Btcept one acre in south-west corner thereof for school house purposes], be sold, or so much thereof as is necessary to Eatisf/ said judgment, interest and cost: Now, therefore* public notice is hereby given, that I have levied upon, and shall on the 1st day ot May, A. D. 1S73 between the hours of 9 o'clock A. an 4 o'clock P. M. of said day, sale to commence at the hour of 10 o'clock A. M., at the front door of the Court House in Toledo, Iowa, in the county of Tama, offer and sell at public out r.ry, to the highest and best bidder, that bids two-thirds or over of the appraised value, for cash, all the right, title and in terest of the above named defendant, in and to the above described property, or so much thereof as is necessary 10 satisfy said judgment for the above named sum, together with costs and all accruing costs, unless the same shall be sooner satisfied. Marob 1873. KNIGHT DEXTER, Sheriff of Tama county, Iowa. G. R. STRUBLE, $0,00 15-16 Att'y for Plaintiff. ORIGINAL NOTICE. i^TATEOF IOWA, TAMA COUNTV, SS. To The Qreat Western Insurance Company, You, ore hereby notified that there is now on file,in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Tama County, Iowa, a petition of A. W. Guernsey, claiming of you one hundred and ninety six aud 29-100 Dollars with interest thereon from January 30th 1872 aud costs as justly due him for money paid on your behalf and services performed for you, and costs of protest of draft, and that a writ of •Itachmeut has been issued against your property. And unless you appear thereto, and de fend. on or before noon, of the second day of the next Term of said Court, being the May Term of said Court for ihe year A 1873 commencing on the first Moidny of May, A 1873 St the Court House in Toledo in said co in'y default will be en« terod against you, and judgment render ed thereon. STIV15R8, 84FLE1T J- WILLIiTT, 1310 Att'ys for Plaintiff's. SHERIFF S SALE XOT1CJ BY virtue of an execution, directed t« mo from tlieCleik of tho Circuit C«mrt of Tama County, Iowi, 011 a judgment obtain ed in snid Court, on tl-e 2 Ui day ui Jiioutt ry, 1872, in favor of J. 11. Taylor, as ptaiu titf, and against J. T. M'ller, A. J. Eby, John Meriele. J. Sweatt, Robert Blake, and Elijah Callion as defendants, for th: sum of Two Hundred aud Sixiy-Seven DoU lars, and twenty-three cents, and costs tax ed at $22.40 and accruing costs, 1 have lev ied upon the following real property, taken as the property of said defendant, to satisfy said execution, to wit Lots No. one and two, [1 and 2] in Block No. three p!J. in McRobert's Jlst addition to the town of 'l'cledo. in Ta^ia County, Iowa. And I will offer the same for sale, to the highest bidder, for cash in hand, on the 1st day of May, A. I)., 1H73, in front of the Court House, in Toledo. Tama County, Iowa, at tho^iourof 10 o'clock, of said day when and where due attendance will be giveuby the undersigned. Dutcd at my office in Toledo, Tama county Iowa, April 1st, lS7o. KNIGHT DEXTER, 15-16 Sheriff of Tama County, Iowa. SHERIFFS SALE. BY virtue of a special execution, dated the 141 Ii of March A. P, 1873, to me directed, issued out of the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Tama county, Stale of Iowa, in favor of Mary Keefe, and against Cluirlcs II Snyder and I.avinn C. Snyder,on a judgment rendered by said Court at the February term thereof, A. D. 1873, against the said Charles Snydsr, fir the sum of $5J.'ii.2'.», and a decree of foreclos ure against said defendants whereiu it was ordered, adjudged and decreed that the fol lowing described Real estate, to-wit: The N. E. qr. of N. E. qr. section No. twenlv-soven [27J also Ihe south-east quarter of the south-east quarter of section No. twenty-two [22], all in township No. eighty-four, [^4j. north of range sixteen, rltt] west, containing eighty acres, more or less, reserving right of way 10 feet in width over and across the S. E. of S. t!., 22, aforesaid, across Ihe north end thereof be sold, ot' so much thereof as is neces sary to satisfy euid judgment, interest and cost: Now, therefore, public notice is hereby given, that I have livied upon, and shall 011 the 1st day of May, A. 1), 1873, be tween the hours of 'J o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock P. M. of said day, sale to commence at (he hour of lo o'clock A. M., at the front door of the Court llousi in Toledo, Iowa, iu the county of Tama, offer and sell at public outcry, to the highest and best bid der that bids two thirds or over of the ap praised value, fir cash, all the right, title and interest of the above named defendants iu and to the abovo described property, or so much thereof as is necessary to satisfy said judgmeut fur the above named sum to gether with costs and all accruing oosts tin less the KM me slial be souuer satistied March 26,1873. s Free Gratis KNIGHT DEXTER, Sheriff of Tama County. Iewa. M. T, WHITNEY, $7.60 1-5-10 Alt'*' for Plaintiff. OllUlINAL NOTICE. TATE OF IOWA, TAMA COUNTY, S3. To J. T. Miller, C. N. Miller, S. C. Mclve uan, J. 11. Taylor, and ll.iyden & Kay:— V011, and each of you, are hereby notified that on or before the 2/ith dav of April A. D» 1K73, there will be on file, in Ihe office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Tama County, Iowa, a petition of C. B. Ilradshaw, claiming of you the foreclosure of u mort gage 011 Lots No. one [IJ, and two [2] in block No. three [3], in McUoberts tirst vddiLion to the town of Toledo, in Tuma County, Iowa, and asking a personal judg ment againxtyou, the said J' T. Miller and C.N. Miller, for Ihe sum of two hundred and seventy four dollars and eight cents, 1$274.0HJ as money due him on your cer tain Promissory note, seemed by said mort gage, and for costs. ISoth said note and mortgage will be particularly described in said petition. And that, unless you appear thereto, and defend, en or before Noon, of lbs second day of the next term of said Court, being the May term of said Court, for the year A. D., 1873, commencing 011 the first Mon day of May, A. 1873, al the Court House, in Toledo, in said County, default will be entered agaiuit you, and judgment rendered thereou, and decree entered as prayed. C. B. BRA1SH.VW, 14^17 Plaintiff. s ORIGINAL NOTICA TATE OF IOWA, TAMA COUNTY, S3. To Edwin Gibbs, John Underson, Heasty & Morgan and Happock & Greenwood: You, and each of you, are hereby notified thai there is now on tile, in the otlice of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Tama county, Iowa, a petition of Levi D. Nelson, claiming of you the foreclosure of a contract for the a-ilj and conveyance of the southeast quart er of the northeast quarter of sectiou No. 20, in township No. 80, north of range No. Iti, west of the 5th P. M. i 11 Tama county, Iowa, and asking a personal judgment against you, tho said Edwin Gibbs. for the amount due on three promissory notes, amounting to four hundred dollars and in terest 1 hereon from June 22, I8tS8. And that unless you appear thereto, and defend on or before roon of the second day of the next term ofsaid Court, being the May term of said Court for the year A. D. 1873, com mencing on the first .Monday of May, A. D. 1873, at the Court House in Toledo, in said county, default will be entered against you, and judgment rendered thereon, aud decree entered ad prayed. C. B. BRADSllAW, 14-17] Att'y for Plaintiff. ADMINISTRATORS SALE. 1) )Y VIRTUE OF AN ORDER OF SALE, made by the Circuit Court of Hamilton County, Iowa, and to me directed, I shall expose to sale, on the 21)th day of April, A. D., 1873, at the door of the Court house, tn the village of Toledo, Tama County, Iowa, the following lands and tenements belong ing :o the estate of Jame'i Clark, late of said Hamilton County, deceased, and de scribed as follows, to-wit: The south half of the north-east quarter and the south-east quarter of the north west quarter of section number thirteen, (13) iu township number eighty-four, £84J north of range number sixteen, [10] west of Ihe 5th I*. M. of Iowa. Said premises were apptaised at the sum of Two Thousand and Forty Dollars [$2,040,001, and will be sold to satisfy the debts of said estate. Sale to commence at the lour of 10 o'olouk, A.M., of said day. Terns of sale, one-half cash balanosin one year. O. B. PRAY, Administrator. Dated, March 24, 187*. 14-lft ORIGINAL NOTICE. j^TATE OF IOWA, TAMA COUNTY.3.S. To John W. Croue, and Mary Crouse. Ysu, and eaoh of you, are hereby notified that on or beford April ^5, 1873, there will be on file In the office of the Clerk of the Cir cuit Court of Tama Co., Iowa, a petition of B. It. Woley claiming of you said John W Crouse Thirteen Hundred Dollars, en five p»nra:s- sory notes, and claiming of all the defend ants, the foreclosure of a certain mort^ago, given to secure said notes, Mid notes and mortgage being described in the said peti tion. And that, unless you appear (hereto, and defend, ou or before Noon, of the second day of the next term of said Court, being the May term of said Court for the year A. 1873, commeuciug on the first Mau day of May, A. D., 1873. at the Court House in Toledo, in said County, default will be entered against ycu, and judgment render ed tbereoa. Q. K. STRUBLE. 14-17 Attorney for Plaintiff. SHERIFF S SALE NOTICE. BYme virtiM or an Execution, directed to from the Clerk of the Disrict Court of Tama County, Iowa, on a judgment obtained in said Court ou the 21st day of February. 1873, in favor of Webster Broth era, as plaintiff-', and agaiusL II Goodeuou^lt as defendant, for the sum of Two Hundred and Fourteen dollars, and firty-lwo cents and co'.ls laied at $.7, and accruing costs, I have levied upon Ihe following personal property, taken as the property of said defendant, to satisfy said execution, 0 wit: One Orover 4 Baker Sewing .\t». chine, one Show Case, and a lot of Milli nery Goods, Notions, Trimming*, aud La dies' Furnishing Goods. And 1 will offer the same hi sale, to the highest bidder, for cash in hand, on tb» 12th day of April, A. I). 1873. at the Jail in T'jted •, l'aiua County, Iowa, at the hour of 1 o'clock of said day, when and whore due attendance will be given by the undersigned. Dated at my office in TolVlo, Tama Coun ty, Iowa, March 20th 187.\ KNIGHT DEXTER, Sheriff of said County. ByEMBielby, Depmy Sheriff of sai* County. [S4.5i] nl4-w2 ORIGINAL SuflCtk ^TATE OF IOWA, TAMA COUNTY, SS. To John Oaks, Elizibeth Oaks, George W. Oaks, John A. Kelley, N Lucas, George T. Woolston, Mary 1. Woolston.and 1**1 II. Marstetter You, and each :f you are hereby notified that there is now ou file, in the ofti je of the Clerk of ihe Circuit Court of Tama County, Iowa, a petition of Isaac Strawn, claiming of you tho foreclosure of a certain morl gagc, executed hy said John Oaks and Elis abeth Oaks, on the following described real estate, situate in Taina County, Iowa, ton wit: The north-east quarter and Ihe njrth hilf of the south-east quarter of section No. 30, in township No. 85, north of ratige No. lt, west ot the 5th P. M.j and asking a per* sonal judgment against you said John Oaks for the sum of three hundred ami seventy five dollars,|with interest thereon from the first day of April, A. D., 1872, as money due hi 111 on your certain promissory note, secured by said mortgage, aud for costs. Both said note and mortgage are particular ly described in said petition. And that, unless you appear thereto, and defend, ou or b'fore noon, of the second day of the next term of said Court, being the May term of said Court for the year A. D., 1873, commencing on the first Monday of May, A. D., 1873, at the Court House," in Toledo, iu said Couuty. default, will be en tered agaiust you, and judgment rendoi ed thereon and decree entered as praved. C. B. BSAIHIIAW, & STEM & STUART, H-H Attorneys for plaintiff. OKIUI.\AL A'(7TTCE. s TATE OF IOWA, TAMA COUNTY, SS. To William Provan, Lydia Provan, J. H. Shutts, Nimrod Norris, B. F. Smith, Charles Wheaton, C. II. McCormick & Bro., F. J. Upton & CD John Young, Arthur Farrar & Co., E. A. Mc.Nair, and Korman Jordan, Partners as McNair tl Jordan and R. II. l'urdce & Co. You, aud each of vou, are hereby notified that there is now on file, iu the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Tama county, Iowa, a petition of W. F. Johnston, claim ing of you William Provan the sum of eight thousand two hundred and seventy five dollars as money due on seven proinig* sory notes, and on contracts for sale of real estate and for money paid as mortgagor in redeeming land from tax sale, with in terest at te .1 per Ci?nt. from May 1st 1S73, and with costs including ?3"II, as attorneys fees, and claiming of all of )ou the fore closure of Two Mortgages given to secure the payment of said notes, and Ihe fare c'osure of the aforesaid contracts for Bale of real estate snd other rel'ef. And that unless you appear thereto, and defend, on or before noon, of tho Second day of Ihe next term of said Court, being tho May term of s&id Court for lite year A. D. 1873, commencing on tho firit Monday of May A. D. 1873, at lit# Court House, in Toledo, in said County, ds» fault will be entered against you, aBd juJg mont and decree rendered thereon. Silvers, SaHey & Willett. Attorneys for Plaintiff. SHERIFF'S SALE. BYthe virtue of a Special Execution, dtted 17th of .March, J873, to me directed, issued out, of the otlice of Ihe Clerk of the District Court of Tama county, Stat} of Iowa, in favor of Beck, Nauman & Bro., and against James Danson, on a judgment rendered by sai I Court at the February term, thereof, A. D. 1873, against ttie said James Danson, for the sum of $22l 'Jl and a decreo of foreclosure against said defend ant, wherein it was ordered, adjudged and dacreed that (he following described Real Esla'e, lo-wit .1 frame Dwelling House, Barn and Gra. nary, situated upo i Ihe north-west quarter of sectiou No, four, [4] iu township No. eighty-six, [8(i] north of range Ne. fourteen [14], west of ine 5th P. in Tama couuty Iowa, bo si I', or so much thereof as is uc3 essary to satisfy said judgment, interest and cost Now, therefore, public notice is hereby given, that 1 have levied upon, anil shall on Ihe 1st. day of May, A. D. 1873, be tween the hours of 'J o'clock A.M. and 4 o'clock P. M. of said day, sale to commence at tho hour of 10 o'clock, A, M. at tfca front door of the Court House in Toledo, Ioffa, iu ihe Couuty of Tama, offer and sell at public outcry, to the highest aud best bidder, that bids two-thirds or over of the appraised value, for cash, all the righ', title ami interest of tho above named ds fendant, in and to the above described pro perty, or so much thereof us is uecessary to satisfy said juJgmeut for the above nan.ed sum toge'.her with costs and all ac cruing costs, unless the same shall be soon er satisfied, KNIOIIT DK.VTHR, Sheriff of Tauia Couiny, low.i. MILLER A PRESTOS, Atty for l'iaiiiliff. Marcli 2 1878. 15 14 $i).W& S 11ERIFF^S S ILE. BY13th virtue of a special execution, dated ths of Marcli A. D. 1873, to me dU reeled, issued out of the office of the clerk of the Circuit Court of Tama couuty, Slate if Iowa, in favor of F. J. Tice. and ngaiujtt Lawrence Smith, Catherine Smith aud Jolin Meisuer. on a judgment reudercd by said Court at the October term thereof, A. 6. 1872, ugai st tne sail Lawrence Smith, the sum of $12'.. 84, and a decree of foreclosure against the said defenfl. ants, wherein i. was ordered, adjudged ai^| decreed that tbe following described real tiu, l« wit Lot No. one [1], in block No. eleven [II}. in W. 11, Harriain & Co.'s addition to IM town of Toledo, Tama County, Iowa, be sot4 or so much therecf as is necissarj to sati*. fy raid judgment, interest aud eost. Now, therefore, public notice is hereof given, (hat I have levied-upon, aud shall en the 1st day of May, A. D. 1873,between tbe hours of 0 o'clock A. nl. and 4 o'clock P, ft. of said day, sale to commence at the hour of 10 o'clock A. M., at (he fiont doop of tbe Court House in Toledo, Iowa, in tbe county of Taiua, offer and sell at public outcrtf, to tbe highest 1 nd best bidder, ti»r cash, all the right, title and interest the above named defendants, iu and t« the above described property, or to much thereof as is necessary 10 satisfy saM judgment for (he above named sum together with costs and all accruing oosts, unli^ the same sh ill be sooner satisfied. Marcli 2li, 1873. k KNIGHT DEXTER, Sheriff of Tama County, lows,'''1 APPELQATE A KINN1B, $&80 15-lti Att'y for Plaintiff.

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