Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle, April 24, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle dated April 24, 1873 Page 3
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JOHN NICHOLSON. DENTIST. TAMA OITt, I JOWA. OfiM ow 8 PiUtrm'i Attn. [45 A. C. RICKEY, Physician and Surgeon, Toledo, i lowa |0-OSo« oVer Free Morse's Store. Resident,~l d9or«*st of Dr. Springer's. [17tf W. SOVNTON,. M. D. Physician fitful Surgeon. ALSO— B\ 8. EXAMINING PENSIOX SURGEON. TOLEDO'IOWA, flfyRcciileMe near Post Office. [32 ATTORNEYS. «. B. BBAMHAW, U. S. BRADSHAW. Bradthliw Bros., Attorneys and Counselors at Law, Tole do, Tama Couaty, Iowa. (ll 1EQRGE RAINES, Attorney at Law, No tary Public and Justice of ilie Peace. Office over Fni GEO. Building, Toledo lowa. 2 ft. 8TSCBL8, Attorney and Coun sellor at Law, Toledo, Tami county, Ufca. tl. Goodrich, -aw a ATTORNEY AT LAW, toiBoo, TAMA COUST*, IOWA. (Q$e« in Free's Building.) [8tf APPELQATE&atKINNE, Attorneys and Counre'lors Law, Toledo, Iowa. Of ce in Stone s building, over W. Walter's Grocery Stor6 v3n3tf 8 S. FREE, Attorn*,/ at law, To'edo, Iowa. Office in Court House. Also U. 8. COMMISSIONER. [rSntitf i 1 EO. L. BAILEY, Attorney & Counsellor \T at Law, Toledo, Iowa. Olfice over \S F. Johnston & (Vs. Store. 6tf STIVERS 4 SAFLEY, LAWYERS, Will practico in the Supreme and District Courts of lowa. TOLEDO, TAMA COUNTY. IOWA. HOTELS. NEW FIRST-CLASS HOUSE, Nos.7, 8, 11, 13, 15&17 North Commercial St. CEDAR RAPIDS, IA. BROWN'S HOTEL. E. L. Eso, Proprietor. Jerr. PHILLIPS,Clk. This Heme is entirely new, and furnished with new furniture throughout. The pats renage of th* travelling public is cordially tavited. FOUR GOOD ran .SAMPLE ROOMS. 'BUS TO AND° FROM ALL TBAINS. I'SICA 1 NSTlt LT KNTS. ©7 d7 tiR Y," DBALER tS First Class Piano Fortes, AND organs. Agent for WESTERN COT I AGE ORGAN Mnavfucturtd by Liikisliur/ & Carpenter, Hf-ni-lota, 111. Ol I instruments taken in exchange far aewatfnir price*, and new instruments for aa^e on terms to suit purchasers. T.A-IMIA. CITY. F. III'RU, (®UNT7 SVFU3INTENDENT, (Residence at Orford,) TTTTIT be in his office at Toledo, every 1* Saturday, from 10 A. M- to P. M. FREE EX AMIN ATION tlie last Saturday of each month at 0 A. Fee for examina tion at anjrther time, one dolliir. 71y A CARD. A Clergy man, while residing in South America, an missionary, dis covered a (alo ami nititplo remedy lor the Cure of Nervous Weakness, ,arly »d St' Ml Seminal Oralis, and the whole Ua'.n o( disorders brought oil by banelel and vicious habits. Great hum hers have been cured by this no ble remedy. Prompted by a desire to bt nefit the afflicted and unfoi tun «|te, I will send the receipt for pre paring and UMr.jj this medicine, in a Sealed envelope, to any one who Meds it, Free ot charge. Address, JOSERII T. Inman, Station D. liible House, «y tItIsyet A'iw York City. ft §. H. Frazee, WATC11E, Jeweller. CLOCKS aod JEWELRY 12U] Repaired a ad warranted. O. D. Terry, Deafer in Lath, Shingles, ftboj* Windows, Blinds, Etc., IX LVBUE OB SMALL QUANTITIES. Yard* opposite Elevator, Tolodo. Iowa. #9t with C. Lamb & Sons, Tama City. am ready te deliver in ear-load lots, ft Belle Pit'ifces Cnelsea, Tama Citjr, Toledo, Orford, Marshall or Dyeart. 14yl 4 to W»Hd'N Teak nioo«l PtirHlfr. m« prput household rcBari^c. plcosant to ka, potent for the prevent ion and cure of IsaMM. It Is Iwttcr than OftteYs, Cordial, JJuehn or faassparHla. Sold by Urugglsts (J D, ^LINRT'NSSO! S 1 PUMS* FILLFC i UUI fit tkoMuriMio dauM orplf!!(-**• AlMfevegetable—grral liver remedy TriecM Cold by Druggists. Mrs. White*tiab's fty*afk» The great soothing remedy- Price On., 85 Stents. 3W*J test to the fn other and health to IteahM EoMbyDrtggWto. Mwrlms* Interesting Work, Enlarged Edition", JfieW £njraTins«, Tw-!iuulrrl and sixty rages, (MaaWecBta. Addl-ess Pit. Buns' Disivx #4BT. IS North T.jftim stycet. St. toujs, teeAdrerUtcste^ fii'.i V*" "T® l^he ^hroniclt, Toledo, Iowa* Thursday, Apul 24, 1873, BUSINESS NOTICES. Under the above head, notices will be in serted in this type, leaded, at the rate of ten cents a line for each insertion Special terms given for long notices and long time. Editorial notices in local reading column will be charged fifteen cents a line, each insertion. What Ttioce Who Us# It Say. Your Ilive Syrup and Tolu, or Iloney Syrup ha6 proved itself the most reliable mcdicjne for the purpose intended of which I have any knowledge. DAVID G. KERN. Milton, Wayne Co Ind. We consider your Hive Sprup and Tolu, or Iloney Sylup, an eicellcnt artiele, ana can conscientiously recommend it to the public. N. W. BARLOW tfc Co. Tiskilwa, 111. How TO RRBAK UP A BAD COLD. Take a teaspoonful of Dr. Miller's Magnetic Dalm in a teacupful of warm sweetened water on going to bed. It will threw you iuto a sweat and yeu are all right in the merning. 25 eents per bottle. See advertisement in this paper. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Chickens in the shell will be mirket in a lew weeks. 4 Ilia, best Rio Coff*« *& W* C. Walters, for $1. Farmers are busy getting their small grain sown* 7J lbs, Standard A Sugar for $1, at W. C. Walters. Rev. W. S. Messniei' will bo ab sent next Sunday, and no service will be held in the Presbyterian Church. Plastering hair lor sale by tt. M. J. POWRRS. Cambridge and Yarhain, tho two homeliest edilorx in Tama county, aro battering away at ea«h other. The d«pot is b#m^ painted on the outside. The color will bo light tlrab, with brown trimmings. 5 can« choice pendies at W. O. Walter's lor $1 or 11 cans for $2. The Circuit Court of Tatuft Coun ty will sit tho "first Mo'iday in May (one week from Monday next). W. C. Walters sells the beat lime ever sold in Tam& Comity, in or small quant it ies. large J. F. Lejubcrgui 'H goods havo been unavoidably delayed, but he expects to be realy lor days. btistness in a low Log-m tfc C.inlield coal lor sale by Parker tfc Lewis,Taina City, at $6,50 per ton, Cash. AKUIVBD.—A YOMTIJI candidate for admission to tlu- Bar. Judge Stru blc says he weighs nine, and is IU good voice. Another lull car load of COOPEIt Wagons just received by Parker & Lewis, Tama City. tf The work of changing the Kasj side ol the liiisL story of t'ilo Court House, and enlarging the stove Hues will probably begin this week. .Major Free, wito and child have not returned from Iowa City where Mrs. Fiee's mother has been soiious ly ill for some time. John Deere, Ottawa Clipper and Peru City Stirring Plows, at Parker tfc Lewis', Tama. Citjf. tt The painter didn tgetft very good scald on the sign ot the Western Bakery," on Broadway, at least his spelling d«n't agree with Webster or Wouster. He has it Wistrn Ba kery." __ Key-stone hay-rakes and oorii shellers, at Parker fc Lewis' Tama City. Also, OTTAWA OLIPPEK BREAKERS. tf floii. Jas. Wilson, M. C. from this district, will be in lowa City, the second Tuesday in May, lo arrange fjr competitive examination lor West Point end Annapolis Cadet ship.s Keystone and Star Corn Planters, tho best in the market, at Pat Ker & Lewis', Tama City. Sole agents for Tama county. tf -BEAUTIFUL S.vow."—If a copy of that beantifUl poem entitled u Beau- mul Snow WPS at hand this beauti ful snowy morning, it should receive an insertion in the most beaulilul part of this beautiful paper FOR SALE.—One two story frame dwelling in Toledo. Will take TWO on TIIEE HORSES in part payment 4nd give time on the balance. Apply to C. C: Whittcrt, Toledo, lowa. [if FJSSTIVAL AT MOJITOUU.—A festival will be had at Montour (late Orford) on Tuecday evening next, for the purpose of raisin? money to beautify and improve the cemetery at that place. The object of the festival is a worthy one, and should secure a large attendanoe on that ooeasion. E. M. Wilkinson has constantly On hand a supply of Baker's Bread fresh from Matson's Bakery. Il the people want good fresh bread, they can be accommodated by calling at Wilkinson's Grocery. tf DID'NT MAKB Tin RIFPLB.—Last Thursday evening, as Mrs. 1). Ap pelgate Was purchasing a ticket for •the Peak Family Concert, a Twenty Dollar bill fell ''rorn her pocketbook onto the table ot the money changer, who quielty shoved the XX down his vest pocket. The young man was feen take the money, and after the concert, Mrs. A. was a^ked if she had lost a bill ot that denomination, an examination showed that she had and she immediately proceeded to the law office of Appelgate fc Kinne. Mr. A her husband, being abeeut, she pre sented the matter to Mr. Kinne, whose fighting weight at that time wits about '28-), and who accompani ed her to the Court House. Mr. K. made a statement to the young man and demanded him to "fork over" his ill-gotten gains. Wyman quibbled a little but one daggerous loek from K. was sufficient to indicate to tho trav eler that he had met his master, and with the statement, directed to Mrs. A. if you were a man I would make you prove your preperty," ho handed over tho money. To add that he was considi l.tbly chop-fallen is entire ly unnecessary but that he will profit by his experience in Tolede we have not stated. in Use Dr. L. Hursts' Anti-Dyspep tic and Liver Pills for Dyspepsia aud Liver Complaint. A cure warranted in every case. Hurst's Family Med icines are for sale by Bergertfc Yeiser and Springer tfc Co., Toledo. Bv Jas. Thompson, jr., Tama City, and deal ers generally, 8 20 The Ministerial Association ot Central Iowa will meet iu the Con gregatioual Church, at Ogden, Mon day evening May 5th. lie v. Win. L. Brady will deliver a sermon on that occasion. Tho Ceutral Association of Con gregational Ministers and Churches, will meet in the same place Tuesday evening, May Gth, and will continue in session until Thursday noon.— Rev. F. Ilurd, our County Superin tendent is Registrar of the latter, to which a cordial invitation is extend to all. i BUY Tlli BEST.—210,758 Singer Sewing Machines sold last year, over 45,000 more than was sold by any other Company. Kept for sale at Fraz e\s Jewelcry Storo, also Mach ine Oil aiid Needles. W. C. WAVT, Agent Tama City. tf A mammoth Blue-lDottle lly visited our sanctum Monday morning, but tarried but n little while, having evi dently got into the wrong box. Af ter flying about the room for a few minute*, bumping his head against the window, yelling ''Y a-r u m—Y-?.-r-n-m" it \d88ed out tho window—hoisted a tow inches—.ind started toward Chelsea. As ii has not returned, we suppose, like the dove sent out from the ark, it has found "land," which, In this case, means the lleport«r ofllce. Those in want of a superior quali ty of paint, of any color and shade desired, mixed ready for the brush, will save time, trouble and money by pmvh isinjj tho justly celebrated Ciiicago Enamel Paiut. formerly sold by N Lewis tfc Co. at Tama city but now kept lor sale in large or small quantities, to suit purchasers, by C. D. Terry at his lumber office, opposite Elevator Toledo, or at Lamb tfc Son's lumber office, oppo site Harmon IIJUSO Tama City lowa. These are tho only places in the county i*. is to bo found. IIBADACHB MBDICINB.—A scraggy scrawny old blistor of shattered virtue Bhe, that domiciled at the Fost^I* House, and sat at the parlor window "from early inorn 'till late at eve." She hailed irom, God knows where, probably about the Michigan Southern depdt, in Chicago!*She pre tended to be a vender of headauhe medicine. We recommed that a coat of tar aud feathers with a subseq'.ieut free ride on an oaken rail would do her jjood. No charges .made for this notice. Iron harrows with 40 and CO teeth and also tho celebrated Eureka dou ble row stalk cutter aud roller for sale at ParW tfc Lewis, Tama City. Iowa. tf The following are tlie names of the Petit urors: J. S. McNeal^ Jeremiah Smith, Tlio«. Ashor, Is«m Vest, GKio. F. Kober, J. F. Ward, T. J. Sweatt, Arthur Pratt, II. 11. Williams, John Zeinan, B. C. Berry, Peter Whannel, C. E. Hayes, Andrew 15oylan, F. B. Sanborn, V. Keal, Hiram Klingman, and J. li. Louthan. WAXTI 1—A case of A large number of our State ex changes had a crushing editorial last week, entitled, P. oeeedings of the Board of Supervisors. At the close ot many, a little line in rackets read "concluded next week." Etherial Mildness" is phat they call Spring. It calling by that name had been an inducement for Her Etherial Mildness' Majesty to trot along earlier, it is to be tegretted it was not sooner known. The best selected stock of Farm Implements ever brought to Tama County at Parker tfc Lewis Tama City. The" Pearl, John Deere's Advance, and Peru City Walking cultivators. Also JJuckeye Jr. com bined. .tt. The Belle Plaine Union, speaking ef Chelsea, says "that village has 110 religions organization." The Report er editor is a "religious organization" of himself. Hoping the Union stauds corrected, we drop the subject. OKFORD LIMB COMPANY.—Our at tention has been called to a very fine pamphlet prepared by the Orford Lime Co. who announce that tbuy are prepared lo fill orders for Lime, or any article in their hue on short uolice. It a little bundle, nnd it laid on IhAtidewalk. We hired a small boy to dissect it. It contained three Uladet, oue Weekblad, two llegittert, aud a string The loser cau have her hustle by calling at this office. It is a harmless little bundle, and not in our way at present.—Pella likdt. Behind The Scenes iu Washing ton" is'the title of a work soon to bo published by the National Publishing Company of Chicago. The Work will contain a graphic account ot the Credit Mobclier Investigation, tho workings of lobbies aud a gen eral expose ol tho way affairs are con ducted in and about Washington. Gardeu making now in order.—r The big boys aro beginning Lo talk ol base ball, the little boys of mar bles, tlio girls of croquet, new bon nets, hats, aud tho general paraphor lialia that go toward making up a lady's summer outfit. The ground hog has been ont dat ing the last week, tho first timee'iucso February 2nd. He has seen his shadow several times, but it failed to feare him back into his bui'ough tor another six weeks. NEW GROCERY.—Chapman tfc Rey nolds are working like beavers, plac ing their room in order for opening their new stock ot groceries. The building, as stated last week, is the one recently occupied by Berger tfc Yeiser. This new grocery will bo in lull operation by Saturday ot this week. While iu Tama City the olher day, we were greatly surprised at scaing about tvery other man we met with n washing machine under hid anu, looking vury happy. We followed the crowd and soon found the cause. Dennis tfc Averill had just received the first lot of champion washing ma chines ever sold in the county, and every person wanted one. They are tho best washer made. They are email aud fit right into a tub. Cheap. Every farmer ought to have one. Warranted The following lines were written for April 1873, but they are very ill timed, if intended for thi* latitude Hail, April, true Medea of the year, That makes all things youag and fresh ap pear, What praise, what thanks, what eommen- JlltlOUS #111, For all thy yearly props of morning dew When we despair, thy reasonable showers Cumfort the corn aud cheer the drooping flowers As if thy charily could not but impart

A shower of tears to see us out of heart— Sweet, I Inve penned tby praise, and here bring it, iihoumatfafcf, Lumbago and Swollen Joints in man flesh cuts, sprains, sore shoulders, and scratches in horses that can't bo cured by Hursts' Tar Liniment.— Ilurst's Family Mediuines are lor sale by Burger tfc Yeiser and Spring er tfc Co, Toledo. Jas. Thompson, Tama City,and dealers generally.8 20 I%«wi6ileiioe the birds will sing It--'' DENNIS & AVERILL Received this week two car loa Is of McCormick Reapers and Mowers. TUB ADVANCE."' They are the best Reaper made. More ot them in use than ot any oth •r kind. They only charge «tp j|er oent. in terest on notes, while all others ehargs 10 per cent. 2t Among the recent contributions to current literature, is a poem of ninety lines written iu honor ot Anna Dickiuson. The author of the poem makes a strong appeal to Miss D. to marry but whether she will pro lit by his a 1 vice is yet a matter ot cou jecUire,• y-'' I —__—•1 v•• wn'jiwi r" Have }*oo any of Brown's Brotv* chinical Torches This was the question asked a Toledo drug clerk the other day, by a healthy-looking blonde, whose measurement was about 210 lbs. avordupois, and whose attire and general git IID" indicated that she had long been coasting along the rural districts. The geutleman who furnished this item came away »without bearing tho clerk's replj&n. 5^ Sewing Machines repaired at tho Harness shop opposite Post OlHc. SODA FOUNTAIN.—Berger & Yeiser are putting an excellent Soda Foun tain in their Palace Drug Stole." Mr. G. II. Goodrich is having a cellar dug, preparatory to putting up a dwelling, as soon as the weather will permit. ERRATBM.—In last weeks paper we staled that the forks preseuled to Prof. Sterrett were ''heavy plated silver," when we should have said they were solid silver. We are glad to make this correetiou but proba* bly no one was misled, for any fool ought to know better than to believe an editor who says silve plated forks cost #32 per dozen, by wholesale. I. O. O. F. ANNIVERSARY.—Belle Plaine Jjwill be honored with the presence ot a number ot Lodges of Odd Fe'lows Friday this week, that being the Fifty-first Anniversary of that order. A largo number of the fraternity from this place Tama City Maratalllowu aud other places will be in attendance, and a general good time is expected. The Vinton Eagle man has been to Burlington, and he gives the hotels of that city the following kick, to which each and all are justly entitled Burlington can boat the world Tor poor hotels. When a mail has reached such a degree of christian perfection as to be able to sit down to a breakfast of tainted meat, sour griddle-cakes, strong butter aud dish water tea, asking 110 question for con9eieuces' sake, ho is ready to be translated into the realms of "a Bur lington hotel—'Hot before. PKAK FAMILY.—The Conrt House was well filled last Thursday even ing to hear tho Peak Family givo one ot their Concerts. Mr. Peak was not esent. As Swiss Bell Ringers they are a success. Miss Julia's fantasias ©n tho harp were really excellent. Little Willie makes a good appearance in his character songs. MISS Fannie walked her "drum sticks" across the Silver Staff Bells with all the alacrity given lo human nature, and as for striking the wrong bell—tievtr. SI10 played the 'Devil's Dream"—a very pleasant dreatu too, when 11 Eil from the Staff Bells, by so facile an artist. Yarnell's imperson tion of a "Broadway S vcll" was a faithful one. Alt. Wyman played his Dutch characters par excellence, and tho 1 Quaker Courtship" by him­ self and Miss Fuunio was too natural to even justify a smile. Tu adopt the mu'tion in parvo style of expression, tho concert was very good, albeit the girls were as homely as toads. Miss Julia could probably see better if she would lay aside her eye glasses, which appear to be worn for effect Two of Tama oouuty's citizens have taken board and lodging with Deputy Sheriff Bielby, whose hospi tality but few have shared of late. Their names aro W. W. D. Parsons and James Catlrey. The former ro sides at Chetaea his legitimate avo cation is that of a physician, but £or some time he has been engaged in the work of dealing rich libations of the li Oh, be joyful." Last Thursday he was placed under bonds by the Deputy Sheriff, and the morning fol lowing, both of his bondsmen, hav ing become si«k ol their job, came to Toledo and surrendered him to the Sheriff. Beiug unable to get others to go on his bond, he was lodged in tho "retreat" furnished by Tama County, and presided over by depu ty-Sheriff Bielby, and will receive proper care until Court,- unless bail ed out before. The other victim lives at Montour, (formerly Orford) is a native of the Emerald Lsle. Ha ving having satisfied his fine he was released on Monday, and Parsons so cured bail on Tuesday. I School Report. Report of Public School of Sub District No. 1, Geneseo township for the term ot four months, ending March 28th. The first column shows the average scholarship, and tho sec ond coiuraq ,)&Q per oent in deport ment Sohol'p. D^p't. Rstella J. McElhenny, 100 100 Viola Hansel I 08 90 Ellen D. Briek 90 08 Esther C. lleey 100 100 Notman Hay ward 72 50 George S. Brock .y 80 60 Elmer I) Hay ward 80 CO Chas Huey 1 80 88 Chester Gurnsey '100 100 Charles Lusk 95 99 Henry Tedtord •, 1, 99 98 Jno Ted ford 80 7f Cord i a Ted lord •'. 99 09 (Frank Andrews 88 80 Minerva Iltyward J00 100 Sarah Gurnsey 100 100 Sidney S Brook 98 80 Cfiauney Brock 05 Lowell Brock i «90 15 tVilliiun Ilausoll 98 90 Flora Huey ,^,,MJ00 100 George W Yea 80 ^0 Isaac Yea 92 i&8 Number enrolled, 28. M. LAETITIA WAULACB, .'• Toachetfc'i' Ax Exi'KI.r.u\T FAMILY BUH.K.— The new Illustrated Polyglot, Faini ly Bible, just prblished by 4.I10 Na­ tional Publishing Company, 116 E. Randolph St., Chicago, is by far the most perfect and comprehensive edi tion that ever came under our notice. In examining tho work, we find in additien to the Old and New Testa ment, Apocrypha, it contains a Con cordance, l'salms in Metre also a carefully abridged edition of Dr. Smith's Dictionary }f the Biblo, a History of the Religious Denomina tions, both ancient and modern, Chronological and other tables, which arc of great value to all stu« dents ot Biblo hUtory. Il is beauti fully embellished by 450 Scriptural Illustrations, well bound, ami lh& typography is faultless. It is ot it self a library, such as no family should .be without. The work is sold exclusively through agents, and those desiring it will do well to avail themselves ol the first opportunity ot obtaining it. Mr. L. Bingham, ot jntour is agent for tho work, and will be in this place in a tew days, soliciting subscribers. The excel len cy of the book will sccure a large sale here as it has elsewhere. PURSO.VAL.—Use Dr. L. Hurst's Vinegar Cough Pure for Coughs Colds, whoopicg cough Croup, Con sumption and diseases of the Pul monary Organs. 8-20 COMMENTARY,—Tho Commentary ot Jamison, Fausset and Brown on the Old and New Testament is re markable for tho vast amount, of knowledge and light that the authors have been enabled, by patient study and diligent research, to present in the work. In tho preparation ot this book, tho writings ot nearly all writers upon scripture have been ex amined, compared and their com bined knowledge succinctly placed in this one volume. A large part of the American clergy, including Bish ops and Doctors ot Divinity, have endorsed tho work, which will be found thoroughly evangelical, and almost indispciisible to Sabbath School Teachers. Jones Brothers tfc Co., IS# W. Madison St., Chicago, are the publishers, and L. Bingham, agent. Ho will canvass Toledo n-'xt week, at which lime ho will aWo show DR. WJI. SMITU'S UlSfORY Of TUB BlBf.l!, from the creation of the w ^rld lo the Apostolic Era. The author's name is so familiar, and his writings HO well known, that comment Irom us is wholly unnecessary. In addition tj this will bo found a history of the Jews, of the dispersion, from the taking of Jeru^ah'm down to tho present tune. Both tli eso works are copiously illustrated with tine en gravings, printed ou a superior qual ity of paper, in uioe clear type and s tibeiaiilially bound Tho Commentary has be«n exam ined by two of Toledo's ministers. hose endorsements ot the name Art subjoined The Commentary of Jamieson, Fausset tfc Brown, is an excellent work, judicious, sound and well adapted to meet an obvious want ot the people at the present time, espe cially the Sunday S0J100I teacher and scholar. Tho old Commentaries of the entire Bible aro too large and ex pensive for coin.aon use. We needed a popular Commenta ry of thorough scholarship, whiuh should give the reader, just enough of the .circumstances and general *copo of the text, as to euable him to comprehend it. It is commendud by tlio ablest critics and divines. Such as Phillip Scliaff, D. D. Bishop McAlvaiue, D. D. II. W. Beecher, C. II. Spur geon, Rev. Charles Hoge, D. D. lJev. J, II. Vincent D. D. and many others. R. N. EABHART, Pastor JS^. E. Church, Toledo, la. From the oursory glance which I liave been able to give tho "Commen tary of Dr$. Jamieson, Fuuuet and Brown"'' I would say that it will un doubtedly prove to be the work for the people not to ba superseded for years to come, not too large, nor too small, for the household, the Sabbath School and the general reader of the Bible. It comos within the reach of the masses: aud will be found a great help in the daily study ot the Scripture which are able to make wise unlo Salvation," I would be speak for it a favorable considerat ion. II. A. "BROWN. Pastor Baptist Cltaroh, Toledo la. An Ottuttiwa firm is buying six thousand dozen egg? and one' thous aud pouuds of'Jbutter daily.—[Dav port Gaistte. 1 It that firm continues to do that all summer, Oittimwsa will be enti tled to the laurels far the shipment of chicks in the shcA- Jeromo Collaiuer, ot, Ma|H9kcta was fouud dead in his Lumlie.r Office last week, with a pistol wound in his diead. A revolver was found by his !*ide. with .0110 chamber empty, but liow his death was brought about does joot apfetr. iUSiiwAi'54} M. O". BOYLE i is at «HIE OLD STAND AGAIN, at the GN OF THE STA If His horses are lively, sate and fast, —h, ciirrbtges are in pood conditiou and safe, Hest of accommodations given cus.omere. ces as reasonabli as anywhere. [21 Guardian's Notice. Notice is hereby given that the uSdef signed. na Guardian of the minor lieirs «f Ira E. Thompson, lieceased, will, on the first day of the May term or tho Circuit Court of Tama County, lowa, file her petition in nU court, for Anal discharge. KUSKLIA Z. MOSS,. lti Guarditifc s PROliATE NOTICE. TATE OF IOWA, TAMA COUNTY, St. hi Circuit Court Jar said County. NOTICE is hereby given to all wh6m It may concern, that at a term of the Circuit Court of Tama county, held at the Court House in vacation, at Toledo in said county on the 1 Ith day of Aptil A. D, 187a, affida-' vita of James Gray and Hugh Haodgrass were tiled in said Court, alleging aud set ling torth that prior ti his decease, Jatnee II. Oldenburgh, deceased, made a verbal will, and stating the terms of said verbal will and IVsunicut ol'James II. Oldenburg, late of s:ud County, dcceascd, and said affi davits, alleging said verbal w 11 were produced nnd publioly read in ooen Court: and that the next term of said Court, to be holdeu on the 5th day of May A. 1). 187:{, at the Court House in Tolodo, has been fixed for proving said will, and at 1 o'clock 1' M. of the day last above mentioned, all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear in said Court, and show cause, if any ihey have, why said instru ment should not be probated and allowed as aud for tin- last will and testament of tha said deceased Dated Toledo, April 11, A. D. 1873. .« L. 1J. BLlNN^uis Clerk Circuit Court Tatua Co. Io«ibs^*'' 16.17] ORIQWAl. NOTICE OTATE OP IOWA, TAMA COUNTY, £18. 0 To J. T. Miller, C. N. Miller, g. C. McK iiitn. 1. B. Taylor, and llavden ti Kay: Yon. and cash of you. are hereby notified 1 hat on or before the 'J.'illi rluy of April A. Di S7o, there will be ou tile, in the office of the Clerk of tho Circuit Conrt of Tama County, Iowa, a petition of C. U. Uradshaw ul'iiming of you the foreclosure of a mort gage on Lots No. one [I], an I two [2J iu lilook No. three in McRoberis first ti'ldiliou to the town oi' Toledo, in Tama County, Towa, aud asking a persoual judg ment against you, the said .!• T. Miller and C.N.Miller, forihe suiu of two hundred aud seventy-four dollars and eight eents, ~i$-74.t)HJ as money duo him on your cer taiu l'rouiissury note, secured by t.uil aiorl gagc, and lor costs, ltuth said* note and mortgage will be particularly described iu said petition. And that, unless yon appear thereto, and defend, on or before Noou, of th seooud day ot the next term of said Court, being the May term of saitl Court, for the year A. D., 1ST:', comtuenciug en the first Moil day of May, A. D, 1K7:(, at the Court House, in Toledo, in said Cjitnty, default will be entered against you, and judgment rendered tlisroou, and decree entered as prayed. k i .***•! C, B. BRAl SHAW/ 14*17 1 Plaintiff. j^TATE OF IOWA, Ti MA COUNTT| 83. To Edwin Gibbsr.Tohn Undnrson, Ileajfy ft Morgan and Happock & (.ireeuwood: You, ami cachofyou, are hereby notified that there is now ou tile, in the office of lli& Clerk of the Circuit Court of Tama couaty, lowa, a petition of Levi B. Nelson, claiming of you the foroeloure of a contract far the s iljand conveyance of the southeast gart er of the northeast quarter ot'sectiou No. -0, in township No. Ho, north of range No. Mi, west of the 5th I'. M. in Tama county, lowa, and asking a personal judgment against you, the said Hlwin Qibbs, for tho amouut due on three promissory notes, amounting tu four hundred dollars and in terest thereon from Juae S2, 18tW. And that unless you appear thereto, and defend on or before i oon of the second day of the next term ofsaid Court, being the May term of said Court for the year A. D. 187IJ, com mencing on the first Monday of May, A. D. 1S7:'., at the Court Hntue in Toledo, it said county, dofivult will bo euterel against you, and judgment rendered thereon, aud decree watered as prayed. Q. li. BKADSHAWfe U17J Att'y for PUlngj ORIGINAL yOTJCS. V^TATE OF IOWA, TAMA COUNT To John Oaks, Eliubelk Oaks, George W. Oaks, John A. Kelley, N. Lucas, George F. Wools ton, Mary 1. Woolston, and Levi II. Marstetter:— You, and each :f you are hereby notified that there is now on file, in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Tama County, lowa, a petition of Isaac Straws, oUlming of you the foreclosure of a oertaia* mort gage, executed ly saiT John Oaks and Kliz ubeth Oaks, on the following described real estate, situate In Tama County, Iowa, to wit: Tho north-east quarter and the north hilf of the south-east quarter of section No. .50, in township No. M5, north of range No. 10, west of the 5th P. M. and asking a per sonal judgment against you said John Oaka fjr the sum of three hundred and seveuty tive dollars,'with interest thereon from tbe first day of April, A. D., 1872, aa money due him on your certain promissory note secured by said mortgage, and for costs. Both said note and mortgage are particular ly described in said petition. And that, unless you appear thereto, and defend, on or before noon, of the second day of the next term of said Court, being the May term of said Court for the year A. D. 1873, commencing on the first Monday of May, A. D., 1873, at the Court HOUM, in Toledo, in said County, default will bs en tered against you, and juJgment rendered thereon and deoree entered as prayed. C. B. BEADSHAW, & STBM & STUAKT, 14 17 Attorneys for plaintiff. ORIGINAL NOTICE. j^TATE OF IOWA, TAMA CODNtf,3J. To John W. Crouie, and Mary Croase. Ysu, and eaoh of you, are hereby notified that on or before April ?i, 1873, tltar* will be on liie iu the office of .the Cterkef.tldlCir cuit Court of Tama Co., lowa, a petition of Ji. K. Woley claiming of you said John W Crouse Thirteen Hundred Dollars, on five promis sory notes, and claiming of all the defend ants, the foreclosure of a certain mortgage, given »o r.ccuv* sn*d nous, »aid.tijto« *nd mortgage being described in the Said peti tion. And that, unless you appear ihsi,eta,Jaad defsnd, on or before Noju, of tie Second day of the nest term ofsaid Court, boing the May term of said Court for the yaar A. D-, IS7u, commencing «a the first Mou day of May, A. U., 1873. at the Court Uouse in Toledo, iu «ald County,-default will be entered agtiust ycu, and judgment render ed tberiw? •tt. SMtUBLB U-17 Ittortey for Plaintiff.

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