Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle, May 1, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle dated May 1, 1873 Page 2
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^jlit ^oledtf {|ltriMtrt». WARREN HARM AN .Editor and Publisher Toledo, Iowaj Thnrsdati May It 187#« Bepublican State Convention OfFLCE REPUBL'C lN STATE 1 V CESTRAL Ce*MiTT*r, XCBiQ(7B, April loth, 1873. A Stale Convention of the Republican Fkrty of IoVa will t? held dt Ms Hoinii, W#if«i4*y, Jww 25th, 187?. tjmqaenciag at 11 o'olock, A. Hi) fcf die |flitr{Oi« of nominating A candidate for Governor. A cinrtidate for Lieutentnt Gefernor. A candidate for Supreme Judge. A candidate for Sflperintendeut of Public Instruction. The ratio of rep!emutation Will be, one tate, legate for each organized County in tlie and in addition thereto one delegate fir every twe hundred votes, or A fraction itf over on?i hupdred votes, cast for Josiali I. Young for Secretary of Stale al the last jacoc men. Chairman Committee. A Nev» Party. The Washington correspondent, of ihe lnttr Ocean is responsible lor the fUtement, that a new political organ isation is forming, to bo styled the ••Workmen of America." The head quarters are to be in Washington, Kid it is claimed that nu organization perfected in twenty States. It is fitbnded bjr the prime movers to co operate tfith nil tho Grange*, Farm- Clubs and Worfcitiginen's Asso ciations in the cdutUr}', arid thereby ride into jiower under the pretense ol liaVitig at heart the welfare ot the (ilfeople. 8uoh schemes arc too com ifccn, and we confidently bcliere that ttio farmers^and laboring classes gen erally are endowed with too keen a perception to throw themselves into the hands of such wire working poli tlcians are in this new organize llort. The grangers have become so miriiertius that their co-operation is how sought by political waifs from One end oi lbs country to the other, but with their etiength has com'i wisdom that will prevent their mak I#" alliances with a new organization, ifcst is composed o! the most rotten And corrupt members ff" the old Democratic, and a small number of fonegades from the Republican par If. supplemented by a few nond« •Oripts, who have hitherto had tto particular parly affiliations.— expect to sue the "Work Bin of America" cotno to grief at an toouragement to keep the organiza tion in working oider. Railroad Transportation Illinois. gaction do business till ati cxactly equnablo plan, except it be done under the enforoetAent-'of .luoH a l&w «s will Atop competition at all competing pfcints." Tho railway official closct his re ply by expressing a desire that some law will bo adopted that will cure the evils ol ft discrimination in froights, which he pronounces incur able, by other mean* than Legislative action. To check competition by law would bo a nice state of aft'tiro, in deed, one we doubt not that would please railroad officials and all largely interested in railroad affairs. The St. Louis Convention. The lime fixed for the Convention of Western Congressmen, to be held at St. Louis, is Tuesday May 13 th. A large number ot prominent men have signified their intention to be prosen', and address the Convention and it remains to be hoped that Western Congressmen will tlieil and there learn somewhat ot tho wants of those living in tho Mississippi Val- Ly, and how lesi to meet tliem The St. Louis Pcmocrdt says: The Congressional Convention, to assemble lure or. tho 13th ol May, bids fair to be pleasnreable to the people of th'j Mississipj i Valley. Th«' great purpose is to discuss the best means of improving th lii.Vigation of Westerns livers but the excursion to Texas will open the eyes o" West ern Congressmen to the richness and beauty ol a country which has been to most of them, lor all practical pur poses as remote and as uuknown as the wilds of Afiiea. We* rust that every individual from the West, who is entitled to write M. C. alter his nam#, or to pet it written lor him, will attend tho important gathering in this city. EDITORIAL NOTES. Cedar Rapids is to have a new Fire Insurance Company, llorl Geo. Green, Win. Green, Dr. J. F.Ely, D. W. C. Rowley. S. Dowa and others are the incorporators. Brick Pomeroy says that on the line ot the Erie Railroad the ladies aro using old worn-out box cars for bustles. They are the only thing to make a dress stick eut so as to look perfectly sweet. The mechanics have been at work f(r several days making the changes before mentioned in Tue Chronicle, in the Court House. The Treasurer has moved temporarily into the Clerk's office and the Auditor into the Recorder's oflioc, and the Sheriff into the iiranu «»uiy iouih. And now comes Bailey, tho funny man that edits the Danbury Aews, with the statement that he can get along without tho Black Crook so long as the street crossings remain muddy. He appears to mean that the Danbury ladies take every pre caution ngninst letting their skirts trail In the mud. In The Illinois Oeneral Assembly has wrestled long and hard with the •cry important question cf railroad transportation: and from present ap pearances, it will need to be written Of that august and Honorable body "the frtouiitain labored in travail, 9Bd a little mouse was born." It is Iporthy of remark that the mouse is tat yet visible. A good portion ot the Session's time hat been devoted to the consideration of vaiiotib •ehemes, whereby some relief to the termers might be secured, but noth ing has been effected. An appeal has been made by the Farmer's Club el Miliord, to the President and Di rectors of the Chicago, Danville, and Vjincennes Railroad, asking a reduc tion in freight tariff, that will corres pond witn that to and from compe ting" points. In this appeal, the Secretary oi the Miltord Farmers' Club very properly says "We respectfully and urgently Hpjk at yodr hahdS that receive s fcir tr«a:th«nt as thoie irdm whom )6u received no aid or sympathy, arid care much less tor your welfare and prosperity. Why can a citizen at Danville, one third further distant from Chicago, get nearly twice the amount ot accommodation for the alrae money Why will you insist on your friends in Miltord having to pay you nearly double the amount ot money for the same accommodatiou as your friends or enemies in Dan ville? How cin you tolerate such reat injustice, fthten a tnotnent's re must convince you that by your own acts your best friends are being reduced to beggary, and at the expense ot those mostly having no •jmf.athy or interest in your road In the eame communication, too, •re set forth other grievances, to which the President of the company applies A heating balm in the follow irtg language: While we greatly ferret that ar rangements cannot be made which will enable all companies to chargo as nearly aa possible in proportion to distance. But it is not in taiiiVay matters as in other matters." In treat ihg Ot competition the Pres­ ident remaVkfe. 41 Whilo we recognise the fault ot the plan it is ihctirAbib. It is incura ble unless a law i* adopted which will affect all cohipaniea alike, and by which the competition of compet ing points can be so far stopped as to make the rates for trans^oHatittn on a basis of charging in proportion to distance moved. I do not think myself any arrangements ever can be nude wbicb will unable companies to, The followinggentlpmen have been named as candidates tor the Lieuten ant Goveri.ership Hon. Joseph Dysart, of this county A. J. Felt, editor of tho Nashua Post Hon. Jno. \V. Chapman, Treasurer of Potta watamie County, Council Bluffs M. M. Walden, Ex M. C., and onco Lieutenant Governor, and W. R. Cole, Mount Pleasant. Dr. Beards ley's name has been mentioned, but he is by no means a proi»ineut can didate. The cCntest at fs-tent seems to be nairjwetl down to a choice bo tween two, viz: Senator Dysart and Andy Felt, with the cbanoes largely in favor of the former. A call has been issued for a Nation al Convention of producers and con sutners, td be held in New York City, on tho 6th inst., for tho pur po#e of considering many questions of interest to nil classes. Tho sub ject that will receive the greatest attention is that ot transportation, between the west and tho sea board markets. It is proposed that two delegates be sent from each Con gressional District and some of the States have already named their del egates. The Senato Committee on Transportation will be represented, and we doubt not some good will resnlt from such a Convention. Among the Associated Press dis patches last week was the following from Iowa City: •'Congressman Walden, of the. old Fourth District, Irving voted against the back salary steal, drew the five thousand dollars and held it until he was named for Lieutenant Governor, since when he has divided the steal amongst the pubnc schools of his district. It amounted to three cents per scholar. This county (Johnson) return it to him, and so spurn trill the imputation thai it keeps a fence for stolen goods." The dispatch bears the ear marks of John P. Irish, who did n't reduce that 7000 majority" in bis race lor Congressional honors last autumn. A child in Linn County fell into a well 44 feet deep, and 6Usiained but blight injuries. At least the Pilot says so. Col. Eliei hart, the defaulting Clerk of Blackhafrk county, it fonud to be A defaulter to tbe extent oi $3,400. The Cedar llapida Republican de votes two column^ to tho bitter de nunciation of a majority of the "City Fathers," who vtited ngaiust paying $4.50 per 1,000 feet for gas. Won der if the Republican don't take this mothod of scorching the Council for not accepting it: bid for publishing the City Ordinarices, £c. or is our cotemporary still grieved because the c"ity will not make tho tormef proprietor of a part of the office ma terial pay the taxes ot last year, for which he is no iriore responsible than the man in the moon. Some incn spend a fortune color ing thoir pipes. Others spend a for tune coloring their laces. We know one man who has spent $-0,001) sim ply in coloring his nose, and is wot satisfied yet. »Ve hold him up as a beacon.—Graphic. Others spend much valuable time anil considerable monejr coloring their miistaehe. It is reported that Jas. Gordon Bennett, Jr., is to marry a daughter of Christian IX, of TjehtnSrk. The consummation ct su,h a wedding will make him a brothor-in-luw to the Prince of Wales. Horace lJ Claflin—the great Gro cer of New York—."ays that money is light that trade is dull that the jobbers ate not making money and that Wall a'reet gambling is at tho bottom of most of the trouble. -Da tenport Gazette. Pray, when did Mr. CUHto em bark in the grocery trade? Several deaths have occured frem Asiatic Cholera in Vieua, and should the epidemic Spread to any extent, it would seriously cripple tho exhibi tion soon to open in that place. Miss Lilian Edgerton, the so-called "Pearl of the platform" has been talk ing to the people dt Waterloo about "Gossip—Its Cause and Cure." The Reporter in speaking of tlie lecture says "The lecture wds common-place, hum drum, prosy its thought (what there was in it) is of masculine par entage an 1 brought up by a dry nurse—wanting in'brilliancy, wil, philosophy or practicability. It was tame and insipid, and just how such lectures have won a reputation lor tho "Pearl," passes our comprehen sion. Tho lecturer in some respects, was striking—frequently striking al titudes oflhe stilted sort, but seldom striking a deep thought." Ben. Butler, it ia fitiid on goo 3 authority, will bo a candidate for Governor of Massachusetts. Fur I lie CiiHONit'LB. From Buckingham. This forenoon, Mr. Goo. F. Ivober, a well-to-do tanner of this town, and Ernest Axon, who was working for Mr. Kober, while at work in the field, pulled and ate what they sup posed was artichokes, but which prove 1 to be wild parsnip? and b^tli died within two hours, in great distress. Mr. Kober was a German, about 43 years old. lie came from Con necticut, with the present writer, in 1855, and settled in this town, and has lived here sinco tint date, A oor man at that time, he has by in dustry and economy succeeded to the ownership ot a largo farm and a good competence. lie was a good citizen, an accommodating neighbor, and by his death the community sut lers a great loss. As he was a mem ber of the Congiegational Church, with a ripe religious experience, and had a love for the causo of Christ his loss Will long bu felt by his church associates. He leaves a wife And four children. Mr. Axon was a young man of fine promise, who came from Virginia last season, where his parents now reside. Ho has a brother and two sisters residing here. NEIGHBOR Buckingham, April 28, 187d. Our Chelsea Letter. During tho past fortnight tho Chelsea atmosphere has been rife with reports of mysterious noises in and about the hotel, supposed by tho superstitious to bo tho wandering spirit of Senaca Cicero, the late pro prietor. The boarders soon discov ered they could get cheaper board at private houses, and they moved iheir effects from the hotel thai was said to be haented, by one whoso earthly career had ceased. The "school maim," who occupied a portion of the hotel, had business at Victor, whither she wended her way, and where 6he contemplates tarrying a week or more. Tho good landlady found a field of usefulness near Mon tour, to which she h:is taken like a duok to water, and her returns to Chelsea bid fair to be like angel visits, few and far bet ween.'* Tho hotel is occupied at night by one for

whose benefit the Fifteenth Amend ment wae adopted. Tho doors are barred and w lndows bolted, bo that none may enter. Even tho Reporter editor, who had beea occupying a room in llio hotel, carefully measured his room findiug it too small, and in the quiet night ho folded Ins ni^ht- clothe gently about him* «nd, like peeler, atoie away, bearing with him his household gods, and the appurte nances ot the Reporter office to si curef quarters, where the spirit oi Seneca cometh not. Tho hotel has been formally closed and on th'. door is a placard, upon which is printed, Hotel CtostD—Gliosis!" I have already said too much Upon llie subject, but as it has caitsei? so much talk here, I may bo pardoned for what I have said. Vinco Matsic, a Boheniian, fell on the circular saw al Spetiee's saw mill and same near getting his hand cut off. Luckily ho fell in tho lear of the saw instead of in front. A. JtSrkowsky, a boot and shoe* maker, who has been carrying on the saddle and harness business here has failed. His ereditors closed htm up last week. Brice, of Tama, City, has rented the building tormerly occupied by J. B. Brown, and ia gliug to stock it with groceries. On Sunday a epan of ponies be longing to A. Jarkousky ran away making a toial wieck of a buggy and vet qHnrrness. PENINK. Waitham Correspondence. The indications ol growing weath er are not flattering at all yet we rest on tho promtso that seed time and harvest will bo given us whilo time lasts. Tho farmers are general ly done seeding. Tho amount ot wheat sowed here and herc-a-bout is unprecedented. Wlion will the farmers of Iowa learn to cultivate less land, and do better work Ui. til they do, their miseries will be un* mitigated. Of course there is a general anxiety amongst farmers to extricate themselves fVoin debt,but by ovcr-reach'ng they will defeat their own end. Let farmeas learn to do good farming, save their own pro duets in good time and [condition, and above every thing, let thein learn to say to tho greedy agents that swarm the country seeking whom they may ruin. Mrs. W. II. II inds recently ro turned to this place, having spent the winter in Western Iowa and Ne braska visiting friends and teaching instrumental music- Dr. W. O. Bcane recenlly return^ from tho State University, having finished his studies in the Medical De partment ol that institution, and ro sumed his practice hero with increaa* ed competency and hopefulness. Ouuie lltllu ciuco A. 1. OoiVy oulil his stock of groceries to M, E Lovejoy. Mr. Lovcj iy and W. II. Hinds aro doing a lively business as grocers but it is Btrango I hat they are so Blow to learn the power of printers ink. Messis. Smith & Lewis aro busily engaged in repairing their mill-dam, and the probability is that, after a long suspension, tlrjir excellent flour ing mill will soon be in operation again, Mr. Quincy Willits, well known in these regions as a competent and af tablo teacher of vocal music, will teach the public school here, beginn ing the first Monday it* May. The citizens of this place are much pleased over the flattering prospects which their neighbor, Senator Dy sart, has ol becoming tho next Lieu tenant Governor oi Iowa. A man of good understanding and of sound judgment, just and honorable, thoroughly in sympathy with tho in dustrial interests ot this Stale, he is the first choico Ol tho people for that position. SCIUBE. Council Proceedings. Council Ciuungn, April 28, A. D., 73. Coudtoil met pursuant to adjourn ment. Present, his Iior.or, the Mayor, sud all tho ConncUtaeti fixoept Ald erman Satiny. Mmutes of previous meeting read and approved. Claim of J. W. Coo, services As sexton ordered paid— Petition of W S Tarbelt, et al, to vacate alley running no' th arid south block No. lit, County addition t,o Toledo presented and read, and up on motion, action thereto) was post poned until next mooting. Commi.tfee on streets and alleys report a« follows: We find many of (lie Sidewalks not built and many of llie old wulka that are not in accordauuc with Ordinances No. \12 and 25 the 8idei7ulk north t-ide of Ohio street not all built, and some of the crossings not put down. Ou the north side of Carlton street all need changing except Mr. Butikeriit'e. On the east iido of East street, most of the walks are in u bud condition, uni the greater portion need cliaugiug. The walks en High Sfeet, east of Broad street, need repairing and some gril ling done, at the corner of Dr. litynton's lot. A small portion of A. Philip s walk not fi i ished. The walks on East of Green street, north it State ttrecl are not built. Would recommend that Street Camrais sionei be instruct to put down the prop er and necessary crossings, an the Mar shal requested io notify the parties interes ted in the unfinishej walk*, or that the same be published. We would call attention to the waiki about the Foster House not ia as- cjrdance with ordinance, and recommend tliut it be iuuntdiatt'ly rebuilt. That all manure piW, or any cfFen»iv» mailer, or tbstructi.jii in any alley in town, be'ii oui a! ouc-1, ami lUal- llie Mnr Hlial be instructed tQ see that this resolu tion K# co'itifliad wiili wi'hiii ten days, or to ent'orco tie ordinandi relating to the ob struction of streets nnil alleva. The Sheet Commissioner was ordered to unmedintely tnUe charge of all lumber be longing to the cori-iuratiou, and put it in a safe jiluco for Keeping. Finance Committee were granted until the next regulur nueting t» fie report. Also Committee on Ordinance. The Recorder wus directed to have 100 deeds printed, for unc wf Council in deed ing cemetery lute. Council adjotirne! until ilext regular meeting, May l'Jth, 1873. Attest GEO. L. BAILED Recorder. State Auditor lluasell has' issued tho following circular to the Treas urers of all tho counties of the State: Dea?. Sir:—Tho financial condi tion of the Stato is now such as to warrant tho expectation that the State Treasurer will have enough hinds on hand to enable him to promptly pay all demands aga nst the State tor some tin e to come.— Under these circumstances it is deemed best for the public conven ience to authorize and request Coun ty Treasurers to redeem all Audit or's warrants presented to them when I hey have State funds on hand suffieieii1. for the purpose. Von will there!ore please do so until otherwise ordeied. Yours truly, John Hpsssr.r,, State Auditor. LISl' OF LETTEllS remaining uncalled for in the Post Office al Toledo, Iowa April 28th 1873. ,r \T leer Wm IInrrl«oii Mrs. S A I'.ieiell Mrs. «eelia Ileynet' (J W Berry Moi»r«. Bhoea k Ce Strali I? Carver 11 Well* Frank t'.van* II PH'olcott George Foster Frank Welcott Isaac Graham W Wilson iltnira Hcgue. Person* calling for tb»fe letters will please say advertised and give ite of this list. F.M1LY 1,. D1LLMAN. P. Absolutely the best protection against Ffre. Tlie Babcocfe •p^i Fire •fcxiingyisher .'r-rv^r? -v' i.' i 'M 5 Pr& t! it U BBC* w AGENTS £hykg| AND HOOK AND LADDER TRUCKS. In daily use l»y the Fire Departments of the principal chics of the Union. The Government has adopted them. The leading railways use them) SEND FOR THEIR RECORD? P. w. FARWELL, Secretary, 407 Breader. Hex? Icr'j. 73 Market Street, CUtfJ& FIN A llEP OR NO VICE. In Circuit Court. Tama Couu\y, Iowa To whom it may concern: Whereas lteb 'ce.i Ki^or, guardian of the "linor heirs o! Jesse Hopkins, deciasel, has filed her final report, and asks Io bo discharged as each Guardian, 3 lid report lui.-s been filed by me and the day of final hearing therein has been fined to talte place at the next term of said Cir cuit Court of said county, commencing on the day of May A. I. 1*7:1, and on the fill day of May, A. I). 1-73 (he matters set forth in said report will be heard. AH parties interested therein can appear and take such steps as they m&y deem p-oper. Toledo, Iowa, April 25,1873. L. IS. BL1NN, 18-191 Olerk Cirr-iit Court WAGES OR ALL WHO AkE WILLING TO Work. Any person old or young, of either tez, can make from $10 to $ VI per week, at home, day or evening. Wanted by all. Suitalilo to eiiher c.ty or country, ami any icusoti ot th« year, iliie is a rare opporiunny for tlioso who are out of work and jiiey, to make an independent li*ing. No capital being required. Our pamphlet, HOW TO MAKE A. LIVING." giving full inslruclioni ue it on receipt of Id els. Ad drees A BUltl'ON & CO., Morrisauia, West chester t:0., N. Y. ""rywhere, to 8e i ORIGINAL NOTICE. gTATE OF IOWA, TAMA COUNTY, 8. 8. To William E Shaver You are hereby notified that 0D ot before the loth day of April, A. D., 1873, there will be on file, in the office of the Clerk of Circuit Court, of Tama Oountv, Iowa- a pe tition of Jesse S. Lallue, claiming of you the satisfaction ola cer.niu mortgage given liy lienj-M. Clair and wife, to you, William E. Shaver, on south half of lot No. five aid tbe south half of lot No. two, block one, ia rt'esl Irvino, Tama County, Iowa, and dat ed February 28th, 18 ti. for the sum of Oue Hundred and Fifty Dollars the saaio being recorded in Book B, page 108, of the records of Tama County, Icwu. And that unless you appear thereto, and defend, on or berore noon, of the Second day of the next term of sai 1 Court, being the May term of said term, for the lyear A. D. 1873, commencing ou the first Monday of May, A. D., 187o, at the Court House in Toledo in said county, default will be en tered against you, and judgment rendered thercoo. 0 'TUT A !«T» ami novel Lwbroider* W Ai\ IJdJJ i»g Machine. .Send for Il­ lustrated Circular, to the McKee Manufac turing Co.. ye1.' Hroadwnv, New York. Tin: i'arlob eo:,ipamun. Efery l.ady wtnti one! Every Man ought to have one 1 «_'eni on receipt of ID cs*. A Id less L. F. II\1)K & CO., I'.ifi .Seventh Av. New York, Uon-ion i'lirtatiou Signal*: Sent on receipt of 2") cte. Unique Printing and Publishing House, 3tl Vesey St, N. Y. Tlit Hecknitii g'iu lNntalile Sewing Uaehllie on days' trial many advan tage overall. Satisfaction guaranteed, or money refunded. bant complete wilit full directions, jitckwiih Sewing Machine Co., 8(i2 liio idvray, V V. THE M:» ELASTIC Till 5S. An ira poilaut Invention. It iPiainu the Rupture at all niuee, and under the hardest oxerciee or atverest Btruin. li is worn wiio com fort, and if kepi on night and day, effects a permanent cure in a lew weeke. fiold cheap and stnl by Muii wheu requested, circulars free, when ordered by ltu« Hen lhe lilamio Truss Co No. Broadway, K. Y. City. Nobody uses Metul epring Trusses loo jiaiicfui iliey sliji oil toa frcQneutlv. 7 I7.1y GEORGE RAINES, Iti^lS Att y for Plaintiff. is at THE OLD Sl'AND AGAIN, SIGN OF THE STAR ^RYSTA*tp I His horses are lively, safe and fast,—hi arriapes are in jrood condition and safo.r— cest of accommodations given cu3.omere.— Ties as reasonable as anywhere. [-1^ BENJRSTOKTFK RESTAURANT Is where you can get A GOOD SQUARE MEAL At Any in Tama County, consisting of Domestic and Fine Dress Goods, Heady Made Clothing, Boots and Shoes, Glass and Queens War«\ Hat* and Cap*, Groceries, Ilardware.and Afiri—I ural Implements, Umbrellas. Parasols and 3ST0TX02sTS OF ALL KINDS. Shawls, Marseilles Quilts, Wall Paper, Ac., &o., which they arc prtpartd to sell at LOWKST prices for CASII. hour. A large assortment' df Boots and Shoes and O n O E I E Kept cooitaotljr oa head. BQfe. One door west of Berger It Yeber'a Drug Store, Toledo, Iowa. 18«lj C'fL iX •6-1 y, NEW STORE! ASMUS W0HLK, Has just opened a new Store, near the Elevator, where can be bought, GROCERIES, DllY GOODS, BOOTS AND SHOtiS, HATS AND CAPS, QUEENSWARE, GLASS WARE and WOODEN WARE, At tlie very lowest cash priccs. His entire stock is new and NO 6&D GG09S OFfBBBB for sale, at any price. Call and cxaa.iue befure purchasing slewliere. 2-1 y THE PEOPLE'S STORE W. JOHNSTON & CO., Itave now open mi on exhibition, the Largest Stock of General Merchandkft Aiming to lead in all movements, having for their object SMALL PROFITS aii'l Quick Returns, and to lunush to thu neopla ot rain.'i County Goods ot llie Host Quality ami Manufacture at greatly reduced marginal prolits, tiiev would solicit an examination of their stock, con lid eut that they can give H5NTIR.E SATISFACTION 24tf Both as to QUALITY and PRICE w W. F. JOHNSTON AND CO. Special Announcement. In addition to our former announcement that our stock to Cry Goods, Hats & Caps, Boots & Shoes* GROCERIES, QUEENSn ARE, Speaks for itself, «re take pleasure in calling attention to th# followina Special Bulletin ORBEST rfi OUT!- I?.* yp Uisvfa LuA'dcRsl£f o \e 4' FREE MORSE.: TOLEDO, I0W4fi

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