Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle, May 8, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle dated May 8, 1873 Page 2
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P* jiife i} i'ft •*, iar S'" IS SM* n f, &• v-spfe-: -,*•* •"A -Jf!®! i" •111 k V 3» j(fht f^elcila ^Isrotticle. rv XIAMEN HARMAN Editor »nd Publisher Toledo, Iowaj Thursday, May 9. tSTS. Eepublican State Convention delegate for each organized County in the fciatc, and in addition thereto one delegate for every tw® hundred votes, or a fr.xciion clover one hundred votes, caet fer Josiah I. Young for Secretary of State at the Qaaeral Election. adopted by tho government. The utter extermination of that tribe ap pears the only w&Y ol securing a permanent slop to tho troubles with them, and it appears to be policy at this time to secure the extermination of Capta'n Jack's band at tho least possible expense to the government, even though means be adopted thai would be characterized barbarous by that portion o( the people whose ideas ol the noble red man have been ob'.ained lrom bocks and writ en eulogies ol the aborigines. TLe various policies adopted by diflerent administrations, with apparently the same result, lead one to believe that tho work ol christianizing the Indian will be as slow as the development ol the human race from Ilia monkey according lo tho Darwiuiiti theory. It k not advisable to attempt the ex tctmination of all tribes, for some have long since abandoned all ideas of war, while others have never re sorted to war except w hen provoked to that by tho Indian trader. TLe Christian Union sums up a faultless Indian policy when it says What ever way we look at the Indian qHtslion, out ol all its perplexities and difficulties, one thing emergeB clearly, namely, tho fully of all pro p3sals to treat, immediately, all In dianB alike." The success ol late attending the attacks made upon our troops by lite ModotS has tncourageJ the other tribes that are desirous ol entering upon the war path, and we betievo it to be the duty of the government to adopt tho most r:gil policy to effect tho defeat, if not, the extermination of such tribes *1 Arc ready for a summer's fight. Tho Guerilla Press. "So the Davenport Guzetts belongs the credit of coining the above cap tion, which is as richly merited by a number of journals, as was tho term Copperhead in thu daya ot our late civil war. The number of journals entitled to this new namo are more numerous than are the candidates for the Iowa Lieutenant Governor ship and for the present they all fail under the common banner of in dependent, which is but a catch word to ensnare tho unwary. The inde pendence professed and adhered so closely to, by some, will Ifad to re sults similar to those of tho last cam paign as waged by the Liberal party. Tho Republican has so long been the party of the people, that to effect its overthrow will require more strength than is found in the marshalled hosts of the late Democratic party, togeth er with such as are ready to fall in with every now organization that may be attempted. The cry of corruption in the i-anksrf tho Republican party is trumped up by the "outs" who are desirous of getting into power, *nd they know of no more effective method than to berate the party now in power. The Gazette thus refers to these journals: "They are outlaws from last year's campaign, having no political home too proud as yet to wear tho Democratic name, but la boriag earnestly for Democratic suc cess." The ambition for new de partures" teems to grow with the age, and tho experience in such de partures, seems not to suffice for a warning to the ambitious. The in tense desire of Horace Greeley to a'tain to the Executive Chair was eo great that he went over to his bitter est enemies, and counseled wilh those who had vilified him without •tint for the last quarter of a ceutury, but his signal defeat appears to be unheeded by such as are intent upon dethroning the old Kopublican party. In tho end we shall see what we shall sec—another tidal wave party wrccked upon the boistrous sea of a •ol tica' crntest. A Terrible Catastrophe* I OFFICE REPUBL'CAN STAll .CCXTKAL COMSIITTKB, DrniQCB, April l'tb, 1873. A Bl*to Convention of the Republican of Iowa will be held at So3 Uoiais, X?sias:di7, Jaae 25$, 1373. (bmtnenc:ng at 11 o'ulock, A. M., for the £urpOJt of nominating A canHdite for Governor. A candidate for Lieutenant Gererner. tacdidat* for Siipmie Judge. A candid*!# for Superintendent of rubltc Instruction. The ratio of represent alien will be, ene A most heart-rending disaster oc» cur red on the Rock ltivor at Dixon, Illinois, last Sunday afternoon, at which tuno ail iron bridge gayo way, and precipitated upwards of one hundred persons into ihe river, who had collected liicre to witness a re liii'tous baptism. It is estimated that there were about three hundred per sons on tho bridge at the lime it gave way, but ol the five spans of the bridge, but tvro—the end ones— went dawn. The latest advices fix the number drowned at 75, besides a large number more or lees seriously hurt. Tho terror of ihe numerous lriends of those who thus lound a watery grave can better be imagined than portrayed. Such wholesale de struction ot human lite easts a shad ow of sorrow and darkness over the land, and the sympathy of humanity goes out toward ihe hundreds who are grief-stricken by this terrible cal amity. last JACOB RICH, Chairman Committee. The Modocs. On tho oiitsiile ol lliis paper will found a dispatch giving an account of the shameful butchery of a ber ol our troops, including officers, in tlie lava beds, by tho Modoc In dians, whose hostility seems to be unrestrained by all tho means thus America's Shame at Vienna, The various reports concerning the American Commissioner and Assistant Commissioners to the Vi enna Exposition have, tor some time lurnished food lor the press through out til* civilized world. ,At an In ternational Exposition, liko the one now at Vienna, the equal to which has never before been, it was befit ting thai America should make a fine display of arts, and show to the na tions ol the Orient our achievements in the various industries. With a view to a proper exhibition ot Amer ican products, an appropriation was made by Congress, and Gen. Van Uuren was appointed Commissioner, and Assistants appointed under his recommendation. The charges are that these honorary positions have been ased lor the purpose ot making money in various ways, that bring shame upon the American people. Much capital is now being made out ol the reports, greatly to the injury of this country, because of the delay in arranging articles ior exhibition, incident to the examination ot the charges thus brought against the Commissioner aad his Assistants. It is quite probable that Gen. Van Buren and some under him will be lound innocent ot the charges pre ferred agaiust ihem, but the stigma will uot be wiped oat by any inves tigation. Internal Revenue. During tho last session of Con gress some radical changes were made in the laws regulating Iuternal Revenue, that are of interest to the general reader, and which are lost sight of by a large proportion ot those whom the laws affect. The third section ot the act ot December 24, 1B72 provides that special taxes imposed by law, and accruing aller April 30, 1873, including tax on stills or worms, shall be paid by stamps. It also provides that "every person engaged in any business avocation, or employment, who is hereby made liable to a special tax, except Tobac co peddlers, shall place aud keep conspicuously in his establishment, or place ol business, all stamps, de noting the payment of said spocial tax and any person who shall, through negligence, fail to so place and keep the said stamp, shall, upon conviction, bo sentencod lo pay a penalty equal to tho special tax, for which his business rendered him liable, and the costs of prosecu tion but in no case shall Baid penal ty be less than ten dollars." It the lailure to comply with tho provisions of the law is through wilful neglect, or refusal, then tho penalty shall be doubled. The abolition of the ofliue of Revenue Assessor renders it neo essary to pay the required tax before embarking in any kind of business regulated by this law. The articles subject to Internal Revenue tax, to gether with the amount required per annum, from the dealers and manu facturers, are subjoined: Rectifiers $200 Dealers, relail liquor 25 Dealer*, wholesale liquor 100 Dealers in Mall liquor, whol6* sale 50 Dealers in Mall liquor, retail 20 Dealers in leaf tobacco 25 Retail Dealers in loaf tobacco 500 And on sales of over $1,000, fifty cents for every dollar in excess of #1,000. Dealers in manufactured to bacco Death of Hon. Jas. Brooks. Hon. James Brooks, senior editor and proprietor of the New York Express, and for many years member of Congress from New York City, died at his residence, in Washington ou the night ol the 30th ult. He was a man ot marked sagacity, as an ed itor and politician, and has long been in the front rank ot the Democratic party. He was among the number who were sadly connected with the Credit Mobilier affairs, and probably his death was somewhat hastened by that fact. His remains were convey ed lo New York for interment. At tho time of his death Mr. Brooks was in his G3d year. Jack Irish, of tho Iowa City Press, is as unsparing in his villainous and malignant attacks upon Hon. M. M. Walden, ex-M. C\, as Brick Pom eroy is upon Schuyler Colfax. The gentlemen thus maligned have tho satisfaction ol knowing that they are so far superior to their traducers in everything that pertains to manhood, lhat the missies hurled at them have only the eftect to secure to them the hearty support ol tho thinking pub lie. State News The census ot Wilton, just taken, shows 1/290 population—all white. This a total ol 27 less than the last Federal census. The Grinnell ITeraU says—"That 'old chap' who is peddling piety and perfumed tallow about town, is here by informed th'it we have had enough ot his palaver in our office. Byron Clark fell from an open window in Dubuque last week, and suffered injuries that aro thought must prove fatal. lie had taken on board too much corn juice." A fire occurred at Avoca last week which destroyed the Delta printing office, Towuship records, and a law and real estate office. Leu $1,000. No insurance. A lossil specimen of tho extinct dodo, a bird of immense size and pe culiar formation, has beeu found in the gypsum mines at Fort Dodge. It has been bought by an Englishman as a gilt to ihe Brinish Museum. Council Bluffs was tossed and torn by the high windot Wednesday last. A portion ol its high sehot 1 building was unroofed, one hundred square feet ot tho tin rooting ot the Deal and Dumb Asylum ,vas torn off, and two tneght cars on the B. & M. track were driven a inile by the wind,wind ing up their voyage by being run into by a eight traiu and smashed up. The Supreme Court of tho State in the case of Ctiai is May appellant, from Iowa county, decided thai who ever sots out fire between Septembor first and thefiistot May lollowim is absolutely liable for all damages caused by its escapo regardless of the question oi damages.—Grinnell Herald. "In behalf of the Patrons ol Black hawk county, wo entreat tho press of Iowa and ot ihe West, to no long er hold them responsible for the 'se cret meetings, ol the less than hall dozen bastards who concocted it ou the sly lor purposes of their own. They are not only in no senso re spoustble for this deception, butth'-y privately a:«d publicly repudiate it and its authors "—[Waterloo Courier. An interesting railroad case was tried at Marshalltowu last week, which resulted in giving the plaintiff a verdict lor two hundred dollars. The case was \I. E. J. Boardinan, vs. C. & N. W. Railroad Company, and the charge for over charges on mer chandise. The amount ot over-charge in the case was only $1.70, but as it was regarded as a test case, much interest centered in the result. It was first brought into court in 18G9, and has been attend 3d with consid erable costs to tho Company. Tho Times, from which we gather the above facts 6ays "At the first term the depositions it had taken at an expense ot some t7C, were quashed lor illegalities in the course ot the proceeding. At the next term the costs were all taxed to the Railroad because it was not ready for trial. At tho next term the veidict of the Jury was set aside because the attorney for tho Railroad hail proceeded improperly in present ing the case to the Jury the Jury it was claimed, had been tampered with, aud the Supremo Court ot Iowa sus tained thtt position, which brought it back again for a new trial at this term wilh the result above stated." The arrest of "Governor"' McEnery for treason is biing discussed by the New Orleans papers. The Kellogg Government has twice decided by the highest court of the State to be the legal one, yet this McEnery as sumes to bo Governor, issues procla mations over his name signed as such, maintains all the outward forms oi a government, and advises all persons to reluse to pay taxes to the agents ot governor Kellogg. IIo appoints officers, and they attempt to assume their functions, and not infrequently the attempts end in bloodshed, as in -the case of the barbarous massacre in Grant Parish. It this conduct ot ^McEnery does not render him liable to the charge ot treason it would be hard to discover just what would constitute that crime —Inter Otean. 5 Manufacturers of stills 50 And lor each still manufactured 20 And for each Worm manufac tured 20 Manufacturers of TobaccO 10 Manufacturers ol Cigars 10 Peddlers of tobacco, first class (more than two horses) #0 Peddlers tobacco second class (two horse*) 25 Peddlers of tobacco, third class (one horse) 1ft Peddlers of tobacco, fourth class (on loot or public convey ance) W

Brewers of le»s than 500 barrels 50 lire we rs of 505 barrels or more 103 NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. HomeSnu South-W est Cairo & Fulton Railroad in Arkansas. LOW PRICES, EAV TERMS. Tlie Cairo and Fulton Ruilroad Company hat a land grant from tlie U. 8. nmouuting in tlie cg^rcgate^ nearly Two Million! of acres. Tlie roat^uns diagonally thround the Stnte of Arkun«as, from the north-east 10 the (outh-west, through 'he city of Little Keck, and terminating *t the Tex as boundary, where it makes connections with die 1!. K. system of that State. On the north it makes conucction with the 8t. I-ottis and Iron raiUuaJ, terminating at JSt. Louis. The road i» miles in length and the lands donated by the Uovornment are in alternate E»-i:a*ia alon eaih side of the line. The grant embraces A TIN I UMAU is temperate, having neither extremes heat or cold. unsurprised in qtt ility, quantity or rarie'y Laudi will be sold at law prions, and on easy term* of payment. TICK can be purchased at t! St. Louis and Iron Mountain riilroi^ ti£*ct office, 10 {Jotith Fourth mreef, Stf*"Lotti», allowing holders to stopoffat any ttatiun to examine land.*. If lands are purchaved from the Company, fare over C'iro and Fulton road it-turned. For further paiticulars addiess J.A1. LOUUIIli HOL'(ill, Land (.onjuiv.iouer & F. K. I!. May Col. Sanford lectures in Vinton, 15th, lGih and 17th. The National Camp-Meeting will be held at Cedar llapids next month. Little r.,-c\,Ark. 12,000,000 ACRE'S OHEAPIAEMS. The cheapest Lad in market for sa'e by the Union Pacific R. K. Co., In tho tie liruat I* atte Valley. 3,000,000 ACHES IN CENTRAL MLBBASK, Now for sde iu tracts of forty acres and upwards on five aiul ten years credit, at 0 per ceut* TTo advance interest required. Mild and healthful climate, fertile soil an abundance of gool water. The litis! MAlsKIil' IS TUB WEST. 'J'iie groat mining regions of Fiee passes to purchasers of railroad land. Sectional maps, showing tho land, also a new edition of descriptive puiiiphiet with new map mailed free every« iuro Address O. F. DAVIS, Land Commissioner, U I*. It. It., Omaha, Nel SMWI.NI ILACHING IS THE BEST br THE WOULD Agents wanted. Send for circular. Ad dress. 'DOMESTIC' -SEWING CO., N. Y. CD LUstablis-lif lHoO.1 WELCH & GKIFFITHS, (gi FASTEN YOUP, WINDOW. No spring to breakT no u i n of SAB cheap, durable,very EASILY sash at TTOW 'TIS DONE, Co's LANDS greater di­ versity cf s«il atid gre.iler vari# y of pro ductions than can be fund in the fame di- tance in tho U. e. Thu toil f-rolu ceafrults of all Turietics, mull gri.ins, 'ini oy and cetton. Stoek ranges are abundant. applied holds any place desired, and a seif-fast- ener when the sash is down. Send stamp forcircular. Circular and ed locks cent six copper-brouz- t{ any address in the p-istpaid,on receipt of ,"0 els. Liberal in ducements tn the N-ade. AGENTS Address PUBLIC wholes for Library of Kentucky, Five Hundred 'L'liousand £5'-' -I V 5 Dollars, which has been set apart by the Managers te pay the gifts ia full, and wil be held by the bank and paid oal for this purpose and thb pur pose only. U. S. VEtcii, Cashier. Only a few tickuts remain unsold, and they will be furnished to the first appli. cants at the following pricas Whole tick ets, $10 halves, quarters, I-SLOTJ 30 for $ j0d 113 and 575 or Fire v youiing, Co- orado, Utah and Xovad i being supplied by the farmers iu the l'latto Valley. Soldiers Entitled to a Homestsal cf ISO Acres BE«T LOCATIONS FOR COLONIES. Free homes tot all! Millions of acres of choice Government Lands open lor entry under tlie homestead l'w, near this great Kailroad, with good markets, aud all till convenieucts of un old settled mutry. o Manufatt'irers of SIW IT SN'I'llloll To ALL OTHI:I:3. LVL'HY BAW W AUKAN fid). il'ILEIF, HELTINU AND MACHINERY. Liberal D(scounts. Price List and Circulars free, WFLCif & GRIFFITHS, '^!(n, Mass., Detroit Mich. UfiKihe ltcisiugei-Snsli Lo.-k AND SUPPORT LO TheRecret JJ Out. Mustache and wliiskersin 4-'days This great secret and 10 Jolliers. Gamblers Tricks, Cardiology, Ventriloquism, all in the original Bok of Wonders. Mailod for '25 cents. Address I*. C. CLTLEU, Car thage, 111. REWARD. For any case of Blind, Bleeding, Itching or Iterated Piles that 1'e fling's Pile Remedy fails to cure. It is pre­ pared expre^My to cure tlis Piles, and noth ing else. Sold by all Druggists. Price 1. FETTER FN y»r I872 #J "t A NEW INVENTI0N."^keSSa$ YFi:. PHYSICIAN'S. CLERGYMAN, 1 DITIiKS, AC t'Ot'NTASTS,Mi:R il AST-'-, iml and business Bir-n: I'riitrctiiia awl kfi-riuc in al] liabi'tical onlur all Iftt.'M, tills, rtcopid and 0 TIMBEIt utfjer documents daily ac­ cumulating In tli" i-'i'-n"! 1 rontini' of tui'iness free from iuvnv fruni the obswrvati'.n of th» curious. In this tmiill cjiUui-t letters can tn filed iml ki'jit Slwuve at lianJf'.'i ic.uiy lufcri'iicn. It is mad- of black walnut, is quito ornamental. Tlie E:H!IJ Cat inet can lie u»i-d on tlie desk or hung to Ihe wall. Send fur on illustrated Trice Lint and Circular. Address, CAKLOd A. COOK, Chicago, Ills. Absolutely the b«at protection agarnstPIM. Tlie BaDcocfc" W\ U D. wanted KEISINGUK SASH LOCK CO. No. 4H Market St., ii.irrisburg, PA. io,ooo GIFTS-! 1500,000 On Tuesday July 8,1873,1 he Teird grand Gift Concert, under the management of ex OoTevnor Titos. B. L!ram!C'ie, an 1 ized by special act of author,, LLU the benefit Legislature, for of the Public Library of tucky, when Kentuc­ ky. positively and unqualifiedly bsmes off iu I'ubiie Library Hall, at Louisville, Ken­ 10,000 gifts, ALL CHSI), auiouut- ing to $'(10,000, will be distributed by lot among the ticket hollers. The money lo pay all these gifts in full I3 already in bank and set aside for that purpose, as the fol lowing csrtiOcate shows: Offiae of Farmers' and Drovers'Bank. Leuisvillc, Ky., April 7, 1873, This is lo certify that there is iu the Farmers' and Drovers' Banic, to the credit of the Third Grand Qift Concert, for the benefi tof tlie for $1000 for $.".0OU. For tickets and full information apply to TILOS. E. BRAMLETTE, Louisville, Ky. Or P. I. DIBI'LB &CO., 161 La Salle St., Chicago. TO Per Jfty Agents want- ed I land St. All classes of work­ ing people, of either sex, young or old-, make more money at work us in their spare moments,or a e i e, than at a n y i n else. Particulars free. Address N Y. G. S'L'LN- SON & CO., I'ortlaud Maine. WORKING CLASS IF Male or fo male, $00 a week guaranteed, Rer spcctable employment at home, day o» evening no capital required full instr uc tious and valuable packaga of goods sent free by mail. Address, with six cent re turn stamp, M, YOUNG & CO., 10 AGENTS! A RARE CHVNCEI I W e w i pay all agents §10 cash who will per week i n engage with us at once. Ev­ ery thin)} furnished and expenses paid. Ad dress A COULTER & CO., Chariots,Mich. BENJ. STONE'S RESTAURANT Is where you can get A GOOD SQUARE MEAL At any liour. A largo assortment of Boots and Sheet and O 0 I E & Kept constantly on hand. ONI "I 0 door VEST Drug Siore, W^i Extinguisher, 4 %r- v. Self Acting Fire Engine ANI HOOK AND LADDER TRUCKS. In daily use by the Fire Departments of the principal cities of the Union. The Government has adopted them. The leading railways use them. SEX.D FOR THEIR RECORD r. W. FARWELLV Secretary, IN Itotiwty, Ygtk. 78 llarket Btnst, CUTIFTT 'a! -rt 0 O 0 5 I O MACill.NI: S* "31 a -i r* W \J O E TP f-rl Vaf" '^*0 4 r- o 7 Vrv of lierger & Yelser's T'.-ledo, Iowa. im:. 13-LY jr. BOYL .B THE OLD STAND AGAIN, SIGN OF THE STAR 11 Ilis horses are lively, safe and fast, —hi carriages nre in (rood condition aud safe.,— i^est of accommodations given cusiomcrt.— esas reasonabis as anywhere. [21'jC FINAL REPORT NOTICE, In Circuit Court. Tama County. Iowa. To whom it may coneern Whereas Rebecca Kisor, guardian of the minor heirs of Jesso Hopkins, deceased, has filed her final' report, and asks to bo discharged as such Guardian, said report has been filed by me and tho day of final hearing following thereiu has on fixed to take place at the next term of said Cir cuit Coort of said couuty, commencing on the Cort­ Cth day of May A. D. 1*73, and on the 9th day of May, A. D. 1373 matters set forth in tlie said report will be heard. All parties interested therein can appear aud take such steps as they may deem proper. Toledo, Iowa, April 25, 1873. 18-19J L. K. BL1NN, Clerk Circuit Court, THE LARGEST STOCK OF FIRST-CLA88 Agricultural Implements In Tama County, is to be sold at DENNIS & AVERILL'S, Tama City, Iowa, AT TE1R.Y LOW PtllOBSi ELWARD HARVESTER, tLWARD COMBINED HARVEST I I Strong, durable, runs light, s t\v- time, .shells grain & scat terings two or three binders, can bind on it. McCORMICK REAPERS AND MOWERS, Will wear twice as long as any other Ileaper. Long ti 1110 given and only six per cent, asked on all notes, YIBliATOIl THRESHERS, Manufactured ly Nichols, Shepnrd ffe Co HAINES HEADERS, May be used as a Header or Self-linking Re*per, BROWN'S CORN PLANTER Have been in use over twenty ye*rs. Call and examine them. FurstSf Bradley Cultiva tors,Stirrin£ and Break ing Plows. Grand Detour Plows, Moiine Plows, Advancc Cultivators, Corn Shellers and Grinders, C-.ii'B and Cob Crushers, Road Scrapers, School Furniture. WAGOKS. Pumps, Sash, Doors, Dlossburg and Oskaloosa Coal. Salt, &c. [pjfcT Repairs for all idlines kept constantly on hand,—* ^11 goods warranted. ASMUS W0HLK, IJasjusu opened a new Store# near the iiiovator, where can be bought, GROCERIES, DRY GOODS, BOOTS AND SHOES, HATS AND CAPS, QUEEXSWARE, GLADS'-' W ARE and WOODEN WARE, At the very lowest cash pric«j. His en! ire stock ia new and NO fiOOBS OFFERED for sale, at any price. Call and exaxine before purchasing slewhere. 2-ly Opsdal Announcement. In addition to our former announcement that Bry Goods, Hats & Caps, Boots & Shoes GROCERIES, QUEENS!) iRE, $e-, Speaks for itself, we take pleasure in calling attention Speoial Bulletm our stock to to thd IE U/VdER FREE MOUSE, TOLEDO, lOirA

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