Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle, May 8, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle dated May 8, 1873 Page 4
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r- V VINECAR BITTERS Jfe Parson cltn lake these Bitters accord" In* to directions, and remain iong unwell, provided lUelr boncH arc not riestmvetl lv mineral poison or other mean*, and vital organs wasted beyond the point of rcpiiir. DriprnaU or lnili| rtliiii, roailacne. .'am lathe Shoulders. Couch*. Tightness of the Chest, IMHiness. Sour Eructations of the Stomach, Bad "Vttlc in the Month. Bilious Attacks, Palpitation Of the Heart. Inflammation of the Lungs, rain in the naion of the Kidneys, and a hundred other painfnl nymptont*, are the otT-sprinp* of I)vspep*ia. One battle will prove a better puarantee of its merits than a lengthy advcrti-ennM. Par Female Com JJ1H ill ts, ill yonng or old, married or sinpte. at the dawn of womanhood, or tt»e turn of life, these Tonic bitters display »o tlscliled an influence that Improvement is soon perceptible. For Inflnmntntory nml Chronic ntp« niaMtni and r.oiit. Bilious, Rtinittrutnnd Intor 1,'lttent I-Vvew. l»is?a*e* the l'.lujd. Liver, Kid hejj and Bladder, tlwe Hitters have no equal. Bach Dlscas"* aro caused lf Vitiated Blood. Thejr nre n gentle Puigative well aa Tonie, powossiiw tlie merit nf acting as a powerful atfent In relieving Congestion pr Inflam mation of the Liver and Visceral Oi»ans, and in BUicus Diseases. for Skin Disease*, Eruptions. Totter, Sa!t Ehentn. liiulen s, Spots, Pimples. Pustules, BoHa, Carbuncles, rtiup-v, nrais. Kcald-llea.1, Sore Eyes, Krvslpelas. ftrti, .«curr. ri-ri.lorn'ionfl of tho Slcia, JtiiffiOr* anii I)isea»fs or tht of wliakver name or nature, arc literally dnjj up and carried out of the system in a short time by the use of these jat.i-H. Oratrfii! proclaim VtyEQAit Brr l*stts the liioM wonderful Invi^oraiit that ever ••stained ijie yinklni svsti'in. It. II. 1Ir!K)\ tI.n BOLD BV A 1.1.'S DEALERS. A BOOK FOR THE MILLION! V A I A A Prlvttf CoiBftelor to the Married or tbote about to Marry, on tbe Phriivl jgical mji- tleft rie« and r*T«}*tkL*of #jstem. ^ith tlw dijeorent* ia prr»duciijg tni prert&U&g of* prearrr.ig ibe c.n.j'.exi:-a. Ac.. «. TLii :i u. :Etww!ii.r v. rk cf t*o htzidr*4 Ittd ^X:T T. TSAERC'UI *DGT»RIFTG*. AND WOE Eouttmierboose.aad uttmylbri* ZLarr a^« *till it ila book that ought he ixk key atd cot laid caraleMljr tht £*Seat to lay oo* if.-iv r.f for Flf»r On*i. AAirem, "£r. Butte'iritpeDsarr. No. 1 S. Eighth Strett, bu Lou:*, lfO« fkmzi Skat Pal«, Yellow, Sicz'r-Loch&g Skisi fa eiinni!..l t.i mie i»t frr-«| i,.s nnd iu i.i!l. Those or (be kikln, I'iinitleo, i'liMlnloM, lltiitrhm ii!id IlrnplioiiH are removed. Mrrol'ttlit* KerofiilouH l)i«f('a»ei SC ®®IC While Surllttt|c, llrem, 0I fforri or any kiiul uf Humor rnpiUy ffwlndie int flJ^aj pcar i n«h its influence. Ju fact it wilJ do you imr»» iroot!, and cure you more tjiprdily Uinn anv am) .-ill othtif |»rcparatii»iis romhino*!. Wl:t ia itT It i« na ture'* own rrstoivr A Koluhle oxyd uf Iroa combined with the iiH'dhMMi.l prop^rtioii of Poke Kwt divcMed ol all disanriM-al»le qu iU t4cn It will cure any 4'ltronic or Eotts* tetitndlny *},,.«• .r eauw U bnd blood. Ittienmnf f*m, I'aim In I4mb« .r lioiam, 4 4»it9»f iiuti«»nN bro* lira down l.y Mercurial or utIht )«Un5L Nre ell ruied I»y it. Kor Kvphltlw, or N3 pbl* lltle faint, there is notiifnjf equnl to it. A irtal will It. ASH a i:!onv i-A^'. i Ab?.'iria iUjfl'ils-ourl.CtJs, ti: '.t,li lj ,i 1- a •i'fcino 11.• «"H- Iir'AV* '-.i-.i:*. l'-r i'airssin liie ticnvf, or liiick, or U'.ilui'.v i!:s. ,i e-v jnundlrc, ••.''""i Uver I. «1 j/j Mil also a super-or T«::i: K t»ri'H«iio Appetite, Blrenti'Snn-i I2i Ewteres IN* VVrr-.U »ti.l C"ns:::i ll.c E ooil HSn«T^3 rv.N|r«.ji' i iml 1 cfciiCi 4M*«« Ime hi »leuu I -.nn.rlr With V II. T. JiElMBOLD. I lBNETS fl.UlO EXTRACT BUCHU. Uethe only Known Remedy for Bright*, Di»» tttse, and lias cared every raac of Diabetes In vhlcbithaa bora given, Irritation of the Neck, bflhe Bladder and Inflammation of tlio Kidneye, Ulceration of the Kidueyts and KlmWU r. In ten tion of Urine, Dleeagea of the I'roMate i]und, Rtonein the Htaddpr, Gravel. Vricklust I)ri».^it, and Mucous or Milky Dlvhnnre?, and for En toeblod and Delicateronftiuition- r.f hoth J?eics, attended with the following ^vmptoinN LOPS of Power, LOHS of Memory. L)ifticv.ltv rf Brmth iaf, Weak Nerves. W&k'efulncfcti, J'i:in in tte Back, Flushing of the Uody, Eruption on the Face, Pallid Countenance, Latitude of the 5y» tern. etc. JJeed «jr persons in the decline or chanjre of after confinement or labor jiains, bed-wet in children, etc. n many affection# peculiar to ladies the Ex wactBuchu if iineqii&K'db 1£ «ff in children, etc In many affectio MctBuchu \tn uueqtiaTodby any other remedy— As In Chlorosis or detention. Irregularity, I'oiu fnluess or Suppestion of Cn^tomsiy Kvaniations Ulcerated or Hrhirrua wtatr of the I I.rn eorrhaca or Whites, Sterility nijd for all com plainU incident to the k x. It is prescribed Ofltensively by tho mor-t eminent Physicians and Mklwives for cnf.rbl 1 and deiicate conetiu ttoas of both sexes and all ages. ZIARVXY'8 EXTRACT BUCHU, -TVftp# VisMMt Afivittff fjem Jtrprudtnc**. JfabUsqf VisHpotUM* etc., BOOK A AfiEHVS CO. Dnilfffists and fitti. Ajrts.. San Frnneisco, Cal., ft (ST. of Wasalntrtmi Cliarlton Sts.. S.Y. t'OK IR. CliUH'k0.|)HmStt kYBlP VI rOKE UtiOi'a IB.CROOK'S WINE OF TALI! Tru Ycarstrrit:i!i!i! tHi hr.'.jiiovi ir. iooU's Wlnsorrartoliav.'iiiiiMj liH'iit tli.-m tiny F'Miiiiir rut-ji.'rntioucwi'Ofi'-ivd te the i ii:if. It i:» ricli in tho on Jicuinl qurtlitluSfil Tnr, ond tineoti'iifl ft* cf tinTtirori* A I,nnt!S. I" rfonin:u{ tiie r_ ir»»r.t i.-iii: tU!ii»ltjm.-«l. it Oiiv-ftti lily :iri sail 1'Jirtjll* an Coliis. ItLaj cur.d so in ail their stages, at little expense,little or no change in diet, no in eoavenlence, and no exposure. It cnu«es a fre oueot desire, and gives strength to lirinato, thereby removing OMtructionK(wJ'reTeT tiuy ei Caring Strictures of the l:retha. Allaving Pain and anamination, so frequent in thif class of die eaeee, and expellingalJ roibonons matter sxAavn's EXTRACT f» euceu. $1.00 per bottle or six botilin for $3.00. deliTesed any addreu, lecnro froinotircrvution. Sold bf dliufist* everywhere. 1'n imrrd liy KKAHNKY A CO., 104 IJuaiie R...N. T. ta whom all letters for information thould bo addrevMd. Avoid Quacks and Imposters. No Charge for Advice and Conciliation. Dr. J. B, Jsyott, Graduate CUUgt, fe/ "V .IfJTermn Medical Philadelphia. autborof several valuable VAorka. can bo consulted on all dikcai-c-x of the van uv luueuiicti vu w ui lllv Suaal cr Unnary Or^ano, (v l.ich he ha* mad'' atu a arri especial atudv) eitber in riiaJe cr f( lualt". no matter from wbat i ln( atandli attar from wbat caoae ori^inutiiig or of liow A practice of 30 yuira cur hie* 'ease iih n.'tceta. Curci gucr r.iteed. Charge* reasonable. Tboae uta dle taaca cm forward letter deerribuit fymptnm* *»1 eoeloeftig rtamp to proper pottsyf. him"to treat^iaease «iib utceta.' Serd forthe Gviatto Il-uiiJt. Price 10 Cent-. *.*• Pl.y.ictonaod bcqgm. 4,. IMXhiaacSt. r.cwyork. 0 0 OK. WANTED J. B. BURR & HYDE, ll A PUBLISHERS Hartford, Oonn. FDIYi! 9! mac. 800IPA3SS, 250.ENSBAVI1I&3, A fiariiing exposure of .Me'.lical 11 umli:grs of ll:o ptst and present It vehtilateg QIUO'KH. Imposters, Travelling lKictov.*, Pat ent .Medicine Venders. Female cheat? Fortune Tellers and Medium?, and gives 'ti tere-ting acimints of Noted Physic ins and Narratives of tlieii- liTes. It reveals f'art ling secrets and insliu-18 *11 liow to avoid tlie ills vthicli fiesb is heir to. We give ex clusive territory and liberal commissions. For circulars and terms address the pub lishers. J. ». iUi U HYDE. 1IAKTF«»RI, CONN., or .'lliCAGO, 11.L. ACEST3 WANTED FOR T11K GREAT INDUSTRIES ()K 'I'HE I'N 11 i.i» rl ATI IS 'I p-.ijes and ,'ti eiifrr 11 in^". inteij ir Knglisli und tierm.T.i. \\riit«n by em inent MilLors, includinjr .lohn It. Gonj:h. Hon. I.con Cat '. Edward liotvlan I. I!ev. E. Kdtfio Ha!!, Philip llipley, Albert Ui isbatie, Horace (irecley, F. B. Peritins, etc., etc. This work is a complete history ef all brsnchcs of industry, processes of mami fjcluro, etc., in all tiges. It is a coni|-?c!e encycloredia of art^ and mantifaclurea.and is the most entertaining and valuable work of information on subjects of geucval inter est ever offered to the public. It is adapted 0 r.o wants of the Merchant, Mviut'aciur- Mechanic. Farmer, Mud*nt, a id Invent or. an sells 10 :i TO TSX'AXTLICTZS AITS NRRCBITOAT*. JFt* Before applrtoK V the uotonou* *io »jT?rti»e la SibttC paper*, or oslog anc (ju&tsk Itcoiediea, peruse I»r. Bulls' Work, no nuttier what your diieise la or how deplorable yosr 4+DdiUoa. Pa. Bmrr* eao be cooiulted, per*on*Nr or by mtU* jti ih« disease# sectioned In his works. Office, bo. 12 both old ncd young of nil classes. The boos is s dd by agent.-s, who are making huge sales in ail parts of the c.^'intry It is offered at the low price of TAN* iL.fomiatJc'L f.Ttbc** who are married OP 5U, and is the cheapest ever sold by »ubsci'iptioD. No family should be wiihout a copy. We want agents in every town in the i'nited Stale*, and no agent can tail lo do weli with this bo,-k. Our terms are 1 iti ers I. We give our agents the exclusive 1 ifflit of teriit 'iy. One of our ng»uts golt! jN cupies iu eight days, otio'.her sold in two weeks. Our agent iu Hartford sold 397 iu one week. Specimens of the work sent to areata on receipt of stamp. For circulars and terms to agents address the publishers. North pigbth Street, between Market and Cheenut, St. Lotii, Mo. J. B. BURtt & HYDE, HARTFORD, CONN., or CHICAGO, ILL. For sale at the Toledo City l)ook_fc'tore. WT: HAVE IN PRESS A NEW BOOK IJV a well known and popular author, on an entirely neff subject. The bonk will be profusely ilhutraied anl handsomely bound, and ill sell readily to all classes. Agents wishing to secure territory should Hjjplv -.u once, J, B. UL'ER it HY1E, HA AT FORD, CONN., or CHICAGO, ILL NEW FIRST-CLASS HOUSE Nos. 7,0, 11,13, 1S&17N oi th fVpmn.ercial St. CEDAR RAPIDS, IA. BROWN'S HOTEL. E. L. EKO, Proprietor. Jtrr. PHIILIPS, Cl'k. —o— This House is entirely new, and furnished with new furniture throughout. The pats ranage of the travelling public is cordially invited. LOOK TO YOUR CH1LDMM THB OZZ.ZA.T Soothing Remedy! irm MRS 251 ^'S SOO^L syRups* h1 CH I LDREN. U&S. to IHz—'l, WHITCOMB'S! Curw C^lic i\n'l Gripinp in the JJowelij it!.«1 fir l. att4 tli« process c! Tcctliiu,:. SYRUP. 2vIE,3. PBICE Q5 OS 2TT3. fetibduea ConTul§lon« and otar oomes all diseases laoida&t Iftfcots and Children .,.1 "1, WHITCOMB'S 1 C«res Diarrhoea, Pr»«nte- rj and Summer Complaiot, ia Children of all age# 8YRUP. (l 1 PRICE clipros iam, weaknwi or ex stion in 3 or Re 20 minutes. g»v- V USa louc aad power tu tbe system. ll&DSt lag|nf.,i .w j, rp Tt ia the Infanta' und Children'* Oreat iv.: 1). 1:.^ Remp-tr, in all dijordcr* brought on ky toctlimg or any othirr caus«. Be particular in eaUInff for UBS. WIIITCOMB'i BTBl'F, and tale DO otlier. I'repared by the (iRAFTOV MEDICINE CO Ft Iisalt, Mo. !'i i LruggiaM and Dealera ia Med tcine everywhere. jyiur Me ANDlUOOYOUOOfla IHUIiraW'Q ooT^?LMit PILI/S. By eleauiac the blood and arointing tho liver and •ecretire ergana to a healthy action, Dr. llenry'i Root and l'laut l'.lls cure maay couipiaiLta which It would not be PH HTJ they could reach, auch aa Headaebe, Pain In the Hide, Kurnb newt of tlie II and* and Feet, Dnllnpn, t'hillneaa, KliiniuatitDi, Neiipalcia, I/O** *r Appetite, BillonM Syacntery, Kidney AOMUOBS,Cenatlpatlon, De bility, Fevers of all Itiuda, Dynpep. Win. Jsnndice. aiid oi!,»r kindred coniplainta anting from a low elate of the Lody, or obstruction ef ite function*. Being free from Mercary and other poiaon* they can be taken at ail timee and uader all circumatan* cea. without ri'L*ard to diet, busineea or pleaiure. They atiniu,,.tc» the weakened and d:atempered part* Into healthr action, giring them atrength to disbardenthemiiolvea and throw off tiin ohitruriiun* whlch^^e the flrHt cause of dmeare, wlthont prednelng either nauiea or prlpli(. All heary and droway aenaationa, which are the forerunnera of direful diaeasea auch as Apoplexy. Paralytic Ntroltea,£c. are eftoctually warded off by a few doeea of these aearchirK I'II'I Full dirwiioai inut auh UII.ia Usrmui. Fraacb and lyuliii. PriM Gmti a box. rnoirad by th« Graftal Mdicii. Co., fil. Losli K.. •ell k/ P^iauu and Oaalara ta Metklae mrjwkm. T. UMITil it BKO., Agricultural Iin plempnis'. UTil.or. Con], Litnc and Build* tag Material, •fiJl kinds. FARMERS' C(jUMW. Mr. Oliver Darlyraple, tlie great Minnt'Sotn wlieat farmer, gives high praifie to tlie OJesca wheat, ol which lie has raised three crops. He says it has yielded three to five bushels per acre tnoro t' an tho Scotch, fite, or o'.luir varieties that he has grown, ltd weight, per bushel, has been from two to three pounds more. It 6tands protracted storm»beUer. The Odes sa has taken the highest price in tho Milwaukee fharket. With iu mill ing qualities he is unacquainted. He Could not afford to raise Fife rather than Odessa without a etuium of from 1G to 20 cents per bushel. He began with 80 acres as an experiment, but this year sows nothing el*o. Mr. I) »lry tuple has made a large amount of money in wheat growing and iaen ihuBiastio ©n the subject. He closes his article in the farmer*' Union, froth which we cotideiiso the above with the fallowing: "When we contrast our present prosperity with the depressed condi tion of corn-producing Stales south of us, Minnesota farmers may justly congratulate themselves that our great sta'plles a success. It is no lon ger an experiment. Willi it the bat lie lias been fought and won. It has given value to our lands, business to our railroads, and a foundation to the pursuits and enterprises of our towns and cities. This year one lion died thousand Minnesota fanners di vide am ng themselves, from the sale of their su. plus wheat alone twenty million dollars. Can the same num ber, in any of our sister State* pre sent a nio*e satisfactory exi.ilnt? A Small Fruit Garden. The owner ol a new village place proposes to plant half an acre to fiuits to supply his family, and wish es to know how he can make the most of this ground—what to plan'., and how to arrange it. In the first place, We must deter mine, in a general way, about what will be suitable for a limited space. It will not do to occupy it wiih large trees, such as standard apple trees, or even cherry trees, as commonly grown, lie can plaut dwarf apple trees, and perhaps some of the bm'til er growing standards if he keeps them within bounds, which lew would do. The fruits which would be best adapted to this halt aure, would be the following Strawberries, eti: nurts,'raspberries, blackberries and gooseberries—all small, and giving a fine supply through summer. For autumn fruit, plant dwarf apples, dwarf pears, and graps. Tho two last named will give a good supply lor winter but winter apples may bo best bought in mar ket, as there would not be space enough fur the Baldwins, Greenings, Russets JSwaars, lied Canadas, &c. What is the best arrangement for the ground This will depend on the manner ot intended cultivation Very few owners in this country will want to spade the whole, or want to keep it clean enliiely by baud cul ture. If the inquirer has a hor.e, he can keep tho garden in order at a moderate expense by using the cul tivator or harrow. For this pur pose, the trees and plants should be set in rows extending acrosR the

grounds, with a wide alley or space at each end for the horse to turn up on. Every thing, even the straw berries, could then be cultivated by the horse. It equally convenient, the rows should run the longer way of the garden, when it is oblong in shape, winch would permit turning less frequently, and would require shorter alleys at the end. Tho number ol each for the half acre may be about as lollows Buur square rods of etraw bc-rries, 400 plants 50 currant bushes 25 black berries 30 gooseberries 50 rasp berries 12 grapes cherry trees 6 plum trees 12 drawl pears ol sum mer and autumn soits, and 20 winter varieties 12 dwarl apples, mostly of summer and autumn varieties. In addition to these, a few trees may be added of small growing standard pears and apples, to b' kept half standard form by pruning, half a dozen peach trees, well shortened in. liy planting all the proceeding at the distance laid down in the books, the owner will about fill out bis half acre garden. We make no allow ance lor garden vegetables between the rows, as they can bo grown to ftdvantage only while the trees ate small, alter which tney do belter by themselves, leaving the lruit garden to bo wholly occupied by the lruit. —[Country Gentleman. A Cynic's Dictionary* used a drink. Honesty—An excellent joke. Tongue—A little hors#tha! i« COO* tinu.tMy running away. My Dear—An expression used by man and wife at iho commencement of a Odessa Wheat. quarrel. Bargain—A ludicrous transaction, in which each party thinks he has cheated the other. Doctor—The man who kills you to day, to keejifoU from dying to morrow. Wealth— The most respectable quality ot men. Esquire—Erecj&ody, yet noLody equal to colonel. Jury—Twelve prisoner# in a to try one or more at the bar. Stale's Evidence—A wretch ifrbo is pardoned tor being baser than his comrades. Modesty—A beautiful flower that flouiishes in secret places. Lawyer— A learned gentleman wiio rescues your estate from yottf enemies, and keeps it himself. The Grave—An ugly hole in the ground, which poets and lovers wish ihey were in, but take uncommon means to keep out of. Money—Tlie godot the country. An Essay on the DoctOfl* BY THE ''PAT COXTKICOTOR." Quick, go for the doctor." Ali rii^ht, I'm going for him. I've been aching to go for tho doctor a long time so bore goes There are a great many kinds of doctors—big doctors and small doc tors, old school doctors, doctors of the new school, and doctors without any schooling whatever. There are doctors of law and doctors of son-iu laws ear doctors, nail doctors and docfors who go at, you tooth and toe nail, eye doctors and IOU doctors electic doctors, and not of the elect, who go it mostly on the tick. Thus we have cold water doctors, and doctors who straw it' a good deal root doctors and doctors whose motto is root hog or die Spiritual doctors, and doctors very much out of spirits magnetic doctors, and doctors who haven't any magnetism in them—or much else laying-on-ot hands doctors, and doc tors who will take anything they can lay their hands on, except own physic. Sweat doctors are numerous. II they don't sweat their patients, their palients make them sweat. And there are doctors who are compelled to sweat arouud a good deal to get their pay. Among Indian doctors are the full bred, hall bred, corn bred, and doc tors not tifeit at. rr'.T—-Tf least not to medicine, tho latter class being far the most numerous As a general thing, Indian doctors, as they call themselves, know nothing whatever about Indians. Maiiy never saw one. But that is nothing strange in medicine. Men have practiced med icine all of their lives, without enjoy ing the slightest acquaintance with it. Herb doctors are popularly sup posed to 8f)&nd a large portion ol their time in meandering through the fields, culling herbs. Nothing ot the sort. Lots ct lliein wouldn't know catnip lrom pennyrile,' i':' they saw them growing. They oull their herbs at the druggist's. There are lung doctors, and doc tors with very little lungs, although tolerable livers. Doctors aro good livers as a general thing. Th! throat doctor appears iu a va rietiety of tonus, not strict!y reeog nized in medicine, The hang an stitution of a horse can bo broken down by unskillful treatment, yet, in selecting a physician for ourselves we occasionally lorget that. The horse doctor sometimes gets more kicks than coppers, though he is of the tew privileged persons who are excused lor looking a gilt hor9e in the mouth. The healthiest town I ever knew was out iu Illiuois, one summer, when the doctors went easi to ait end a medicdl convention, neglecting to return lor several months The dob tors loitud when they did get back, thai their patknts had recovered, the drug stores had bursted, nuises had opened dancing schools, the ceine lery was cu: up into buildiug lots, the undertaker had gone to making fiddles, and the village hearse had been gaudily painted and sold lor a ciicus wagon. bo* Although I have metaphorically gone lor the doctors, let nothing I have said bo construed as reflecting on them as a class. They aro good humored, aud can, therefore, take a jok^, and lor the most part are char itable and humane. I have a good many friends among the doctors, yet they are the very last meu I want to call upon. The Modoc War. A most shameful slaughtor of troops by the Modoc Indians oc curred in the Lava Bed in Oregon on the 2Gth ult. A special to the New York Herald is the most thorough throat doctor wo have. His remedy—a stricture ot hemp—rarely fails to cure tho most obstinate throat difficulty. Few per sons have ever been heard to com plain ol their ihroat alter the first application, Barkeepers are another variety ol throat doctors whose mixtures, alsoj aro too familiar tj many people. Cold water ia tho salest thing for llie throat as an inward npplitiUictii, I'epper doctois were quite popu lar some years ago. They don't pep per us so much as they did, though many doctors are peppery enough yet. Mustard doctors are in the army for iho most part, tlnless they are mustered out. Cancer doctors aro almost as nu merous as cancers themselves. Every cancer doctor exhibits BO many can cers that lie has taken out, that I sometimes wondered if they didn't take it out in cancers. I was once shown a tumor so large I asked the doctor if space was valuable, why he didn't stick his patient, away in a glass jar and let the tumor walk arouud. Corn doctors should not bo over looked. Some of them are very skillful in taking off a corn. A corn doctor took off a corn tor rae once, and he took it off so far that it was nearly a week before it was back again. PR \Yaler—A clear fluid oncc No man who hasn't horse Sense has any business trying to bo a horse doctor, although he may get a diplo­ ma to doctor men. Uvea the con­ says '"The toreo under Captain Thomas, which started to reconnoiter the po sition supposed to bo held by the Modoes, numbered sixty-nine men. The object was mainly to find out bow tlui Modocs were situated, and whether the mortars could be brought up and used effectively against them, As the troops ap proached tho cave in the lava beds, about 10:30, our command was brought to a halt, and the men al lowed to tako rest, Tho story ol the first fire is differently reported, some saying five or six shots were fire3, and others only (our, but Tiek n:ir states positively I hat it came from a party of nine Indians who oc copied a bluff to the eastward of where the troops were stationed.— Capt. Thomas immediately threw men into skirmishing order, with Lieut. Wright's company oil the liyiit. The latter, however, had not got into position before they were flanked to the right by a party of fourteen other Iii'liuna that had eotnf up to the assistance of those who fired. The first cross tiro on Wright's men proved very demoralizing, and they broke brick in confusion, leaving their gallant leader in an exposed condition, and supported by a few of his non commissioned officers. In the meantime another small party ot Indians had obtained a position to the left, and opened a raking fire on the two batteries of artillery. It was a fearful trap, and tho first lour shots were only fired to draw the troops more directly between the fire of the Indians on the right and ieft. The rout was complete. The watchword was TO SEEKERS 600D BAE6AINS, We would respectfully an nounce to the public that we have received our new Spring Stock of Goods, Which have been selected viith much care, and with especial reference to the wants of tliis community. xf Our Calicoes we claiiii are not surpassed for beauty and quality. Our Dress Goods are choice, serviceable and adapted to the season. 1 Our Shawls and Fine White Goods are various, nice and in viting. O Our line of Summer Casi meres Tweeds Jeans and Cot ton ades is complete. Our Stock of Cloth ing is Very Full. & We sell Choice Groceries at a very small profit. We have a large lot of Boots and Shoes, that will be sold elieap. We have a general assort ment of Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery, Boots and I Sauva qui pent. Contused ami demoralized as they were, the men became an easy prey to the Modocs, who, confident in th protection of their native rocks, shot them down like so many frightened deer. Occasionally news was brought in by the seared stragglers, exag gerated in the extreme, but signifi cant of some dire disaster. Many of these men, who had deserted their officers in a lime of peril, liarl seen a hundred Indians all around them Fear had distorted their vision and made them so helpless that ono of their number was afterwards found dead on the field without a shot. He had been butchered by knives and so panic struck that he could not fire a shot in his own defence. There was a mystery about the at tack that nobody appeared to solve, as to how the troops were so com pletely surprised. It appeared so strange that a party of sixty nine men should be almost surrounded by Indiana, without their being aware of the sign ot an Indian as far as they could see. This iact alone will give the public an idea of the nature of the ground in which these Indians fight, and what our soldiers have to contend against. During the night arm Spring Indians, coming thro' Colonel Green's lines, told him where the remains of batteries K and A wero to be found. Colonel Green immediately moved forward his line to the place indicated, and there, hid in tlie sage brush, were the naked bodies 61 Captain Thomas Lieutenant Ilowe, Sergeant Power, and six others. Colonel Wright's body lay a little to the left, anf on the right was Lieutenant Harris, se verely wounded, and the bodies of five of his men, stripped of all their clothing. Forty-nine men wore kill ed and wounded, out of a command of sixty-nine men." SKETCH OP TIIK DEAD OFFICERS, WASHINGTON, April 29.—Captain Thomas, reported among the killed by the Modocs, was tho son of Gen eral Lorenzo Thomas, formerly Ad jutant General of the army. Lieut. Howe was the son of Major Howe and son in-law of General Barry, the commandant at Fortress Monroe. Lieutenant Wright was the son ol General George, aud nephe w oI the late Genoral Sumutr. bhoes, R. Hats and Caps, Not ions,and other gooJs, to which we in vite the attention of close buy ers. Our goods tvere bought with cash, and we will sell as close to first cost as any live house can safely do. We have no baits, but we most respectfully invite the public to an examination of our goods and prices. Toledo, Iowa. 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