Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle, May 15, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle dated May 15, 1873 Page 3
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WxittN HARMAN Republican State Convention A candidate for Qeveraor. A candidate for Lieutenant Governor. A candidate Kbr 9\iprttne 3udgfe. A ftan^ide'e for 3(iperinten4etai of Pttblic ^bj'TNCtlOB. The ratio of representation will be, one delegate for each organized County in the State, and in addition thereto one delegate for every two hundred rotes, or a fraction of vtr one hundred totes, cast for Josiah 1'. Voting for Secretary of State ftt the last ^.•neral Etectloi. At the time tor holJing tho Re publican Couveution approaches, tlib •campaign between candidates for the second position on the ticket waxes warm ami it no cxageration to s.iy thai tho nauie of Senator Dysart of this county, is oven more favora bly mentioned throughout the State than is that of any other of the can didates. The strength ol Mr. Dy sart lies in tho tact of his acknowl edged ability, liU unimpeachable in tegrity, and his thorough sympathy with the intensu of agriculture, which ii struggling under the bur thens imposed by merciless corpora tions. The able manner in which he has represented this district in ^c State Sedate entitles him to a pro motion, and should the Republican State Convention see proper to place his name second on the ticket, it will bestow an honor upon a wor thy and efficient man. In this con nection we would call attention to the tiekot at thu top ol this column, a ticket that appears most befitting at this time, because of the manner in which the candidates have identi fied themselves with tlia interests ol from the Vinton Journal are so hearty our own ideas, that wo adopt them, and in doing tliis we are glad to see that thoso who know Mr. Dysart best can give him eo hearty a sup port: Salmon Ames Mill. .Editor and Publisher Toledo, Iowd, T1IIH-UUT« X«y 15, 1873* TATE) OPFICE HEr\JBL*CAN STATE CENTSAL COM MITT T*, 373. htBlOi S, April 16t!i, 18 A iUte uf, the Republican Farty of Iowa will be held at Sos ttoiim, Waia«sd*7, 2&cb., 1973. '.bmmenc'tag nil o'ulock, A. M., for the fmrfose of nominating 3\cou Bicn, Chairman Committw. lUpubfcban fttatd Ticket. For Governor, C. C. CARPENTER. For L'euiehiiM Goft-rcnr, "HON. JOSEPH DYSAIIT. Subject to the decision Ot the Re* ^public nn State CunventfMi. called to fill, and to discharge its du-!. ties with ability that having a large I "0,,ie larm io Tama County, wluuh be has man oj the plainest manners, anil of I "0",° people of Iowa the nniiiu ol Joseph Dysart of Tama county, as a candi date for Lieut. Governor, and We are proud to do so." The Louisiana Troubles. The absolute anarchy, incident to the dispute as to who aro the Gover hor and State officials, is as evident to day as it was live months ago. It appears that the authorities in that State aro utterly unftbie tJ keep down an insurrection, but it is prop «r to make some allowance for the idispatcbcs coming from that part of st be country, for already some have Leen lorged, and sent over the telegraph wires from M«:ne Vo Texas. Tho warlike disposition ^nanifested by the faction, against .which judicial tribunals have render •d decisions, is but the out cropping* wl that old trait inherent in the south to rule or ruirt. It is painful to have to know that P. Chase, and John uin an jaBt personailv managed tor year?, (and regaid to such ajipointiiKiits. SQCcessluily caVricd on) he is just the this same horde #re urged to oppe&d and disregard ihfe administration ol the State, an jutminlblhMion that has beeit rrcog tiized as sdeh by thu court*. It is tinlorlunate that anarchy should havo tobtain so strong a foothold and %o the indisposition to yield to the proper State officers must be SMtribu •ied the horrible butchery of the ne «J»ro»es that took place in Grant parish & few weeks ago. Secretary Fish has been officially •o'.ified that the Parliiment of Great ISritain, tie Parliament of Canada, fnd the' Legislature ct Prince E l Id'ards Island have perfected all ncccs :4pry legislation to give effect to ar Mele* 18 lo 25 and Article 80, of ilito tfcMly of Washington, which reb'te the 6*h«ry question Oakes Stuart credit to liimselt and his constituency, but like too many ot our aMest men he coveted the Presidency to such an extent, that he wo'ibl resort to chiclnevy 'it toconlt* only secure the nomination. Doting t'.io early days el the Republican i»arty he was an active member, an sought the nam iiiation for President in 186J, at the Chicago Convention, which selected Mr. Lincol j. Eight years later, he permitted his friends to look alter" his chances for the nomination at thai Democratic Convention but he was at that time defeated by ex Gov ernor Seymour. I'or tho last few years lie lias been angling along in the muddy waters of Democracy, but he dies without receiving' the much coveted honor of AraencAs Chief Magistrate. In tho face ot" his political faults, however, let it be said of Mr. Chase, that ho was a man whoso 'i!e work will long be remem bered by all lovers of liberty, and that his namo has an honorable con nectiort with the work of severiug the shackles ol slavery from lour millions ot human beings. lie died at ihe age of 35 years. The namo of O.ikes Ames is fa miliar from his fatherhood of tho Credit Mobilier scandal. lie was nearly 70 years old, and had been a member of Congrcsft eleven years. Had ho ilied a decade earlier, he would liavo left a record that is wait!) the wealth ol Ormos. John Stuart Mill was an English Philosopher and Political Economist and in bit death the world sustains a heavy loss, as his views wero respec ted the world over. Mrs. Savery, of Des Moines, is loafing around Washington, a'.id elso wheie, in the tiopo of getting a con sulate, or other place—whereas, in our humble opinion she would be mnrn ui nUon ol luttno u-atiS/nur es, ana mending ht?r liusbarxl s socks. It her services are needed in other fields of labor they will be called for This button holing btuintss is ba 1 enough in men, but lar worse iu wo then.'' Tho above paragraph is clipped from the DeWitt Oltrrver, not so touch to criticise the writer, or con- It is sufficient at present to say that Mr. Dysart is amply fitted by education and experience in public dem.v Mrs. Saver)'« action in trying life to adorn any statiou ho may be t0 i appointment as a consul ,ort' 1 8" .to say a wror^ ul)on our an incori uptiblo intijiity. we think i however, to know lbat a «:Ui.'factory enough has been said to justify us in examination is now requisite to ob offering to tho Conveh'.ion and the regulations in Nona of tho civilizi mU candidate lor the farmers and that!,, v. he is recomm«ndud to the people by globe have so poor class of a record, in ni arly four years lecis- eonsu n as thoso went out by Ameri. lative service, ul uniform opposition ca. This ttalomeiit, though humilia te) the encroachments and «'Pprw-j ting i trap, anJ no, to s i o n o e a i w a y o n o o i s s When we add to this that he is a h° ihA®e ol Amnricaiw, both at abroad. It is gratifying, taia a consulate, but that iximina tion is not as rigid as it should be, noithea would it be stifTi^ii.-iit to se cure an appointment l-y most olhcr governmeiits. A special course of study must be coinpu led. and a rigid examination must be passed before an English applicant is sent abroad to look after the commercial affairs of Great Britain, and, as a conse quence, i£nglakul Las ihti best confeule in the worid. Captain Hall's Polar Expedi tion. The Arctic Expedition, fitted out by our national government, and which sailed lrom New York, under Captain Hal), in June, 1871, has been unfortunate, as tho latest tidings in dicate. Captain ilall died of apo plexy the November following the departure of tho expedition, and a year later the major part of tho com pany becamo separated from the steamer Polaris, an 1 after much wandering about and suffering, were rescued by the Tigress. This expe dition, it is said, reached a point Within 464 miles of th« North Pole, which is same 59 miles further north than any of the preceding expcditioi s have penetrated. The suffering and loss cf life attending all polar expu ditrous, would seem tt admonish those who seek fame, of the usnltss nrss of a further search for An open polar sea, which would undoubtedly be of no utility should it bo found. But it is not iu the nature of niau to abandon the work of trying to reach that part of the earth's surface, about whcftecenitb the pole star describes 1 Cornell College. Thtu institution ol learning, situa ted injMt. Vernon, about three hours rids from this place, on the C. «fc N. W. II. R., having many friends and supporters in this towu and surroun ding country, demands a passing no tice in our columns. It was first es tablished in 1850, and called the Iowa Conference Seminary. Shortly after its name was changed to Cor nell College. During that period, not vet a quarter of a century, no less Cnau 6,988 students have found their way to its halls, many of whom graduated, who, with many others Ii is a rare ocowrrence indeed, that three men, so prominently known as tllose whose names stand at the head of this article, piss from the stago of Action within the brief period of lor ty-eight hours. Chief .lusttee Chase died at the residents. of his daughter in Now York City, on Wednesday Hie 7th inst. lit* was a lawyer of acknowledged ability, a far-seeing statesman, as he proved liiiftselt while a member of the War Cabinet ot Mr. Lincoln. Many places ot pub'.ic trust had been filled by hun with „ol taking tho lull coniBe, are doing excellent labor, not only in this State, but in other States of the Un ion. The College is built in one of the handsomest locations iti Iowa, oh a campas of 15 acres, which is beau tified both by nature and art, making it one of the most desirable places to send the youth o! our State for edu cation. Tho buildings consist of three massive brick structures being the maiu College building, and two boarding halls, one lor ladies and one for gentlemen. A Faculty of 14 Professors and Teachers aro em ployed. Two recent additions have been made to the Faculty. One, 1st Lieut. Isaac T. Webster, of the Uni ted States army, filling the chair pi Civil Engineering aud Military Sci ence, and the other Prof. S. N. Wil liams, filling the chair ol Mathemat ics, lately endowed by Hon. D, N. Cooley, of Dubuque. These two chairs aro supported without addi tional expense to the College officers. Mr. W. F. Johnston, ol our towu is ono of tho trustees of this excellent school. May she prosper in the future oven more than iu the past. Win. IT. Harrison, Jr. of To ledo, is one of tho students, and we learn is making his mark. Wo ought to have many more there. The com mencement is the third week in June. It is a fact worthy of rcjicmblanco that of tho ten Senators who have thus far disposed of their back pay by returning to tho Treasury, or do nating it to public purposes, one just oue—is u Democrat. Of thu thirty-one members ol the House who have done likewise, seven are Democrats. Will tho. Democratic press of the country please stick a pin in that. Tho New York Tribune of a recuit dato says: Ot those who have disposed of iiivii niiuiu uinri »jo« man uy appro priating it to their own use, tho fol lowing is a complete list to date SBNATORt'- Henry Wilson, Mass.: I) Pratt, Ind John Scott. Pa. Alex Kamsby, Minn. It K Fenton, "N. Y. Wright, la Carl Schurss, Mo S Morrill, Yt. O I' Morton, Ind. Baynard, Del. IilPllBSINTATlVKS. W It Roberts. N. Y II N Stark weather, Ci. N Potter, N. Y Coburn, Ind. Hoar, iss. S Shellabarger, O. Monroe, O W Townsend, Pa. W U Upson. Ohio O W McCrary, la J. |{. Ilawley, Ct E Wells, Mo. W A Whteler. N. Y. Swan, Md Eli l'. riy N. Y. Farnsworth, III. V." 14 Sprague, O. "A li Cotton, la. Van Trump, O W Ilazleton, Wis. O W Willard, Yt. Cn bhs, III Merriman, N. Y. J. R. McCor mick, Mo W Meriick, Md. S »S Cox, N. V. A Garfield, Oj .1 A Peters, Me A Finkelnburg, Mo. Esty, Mass. Altogether there have been but five Chief Justices of the United Slates Supreme Court. Tho first was John Jay, of New Fork, who was appointed Sept. 26, 1789, ar.d who resigned in 1794 to go to Great Britain. In December, 1800, he de clined a reappointment, and died May 17, 1829. John Rutledgc, of Soutli Carolina, was appointed to tho oflico by the President, July I, 1791, but the Senate refused to con firm tho appointment. William Cushing, of Massachusetts, declined an appointment Jan. 27, 1793, and March 4 of that year Oliver Ells worth, of Connecticut, received the appointment, llo resigned in 1?00, on account ol his health. John Mar shall, ol Virginia, occupied the office from Jan. 31, 1801, to July 6, 18U5, when he died. Dec. 28, 1835, Roger li. Taney took the bench, which he held until his death, in October, 1864, and on Dec. 6, 1861, Salmon P. Chase succeeded hun.—[Daven port Gate

tie. The Stokes case still bangs fire. The Supreme Court has denied him a new tiial but the Court of Appeals, which Stokos hopes is to furnish a loophole, is yet to bo heard from The criminal, as he undoubtedly is, has means at his command, and if 1 nfore final Ari exchange says that iVith the opening of the current year, tho Uniou Pacific Railroad has deprived members of Congress and govern ment officials ot the privilege of rid ing free orer its line, the President and famil) alone itmaining the recip ients ot such favor. Even the cards of invitation,' issued each year to Congressmen, asking them to run over the road at any time for the purpose of 'personal inspection' aie discontinued, and tho gain to the company, according to the estimate of President Clark, will be hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.1' It is a well known fact that Congress men and other government officials have had free passes over many liues of railroads, and it is hardly reasona ble to expect that men 1Vho accept these little "courtesies" would as sist in legislation that woull curtail the privileges, or operate prejudicial ly to the interests oi railroad com pauies. The New York Court ©1 Appeals has decided unconstitutional tho law of 1872, levying a oi mill tax on the taxable property of that Slate, for ihe purpose of supplying the defi ciency in Ihe Treasury ol New York City. This ruling cuts down tho revenue to tho extent ot seven mil lions ol dollars, and tho Comptroller ot the Currency is without means to incet tho current demands upou the City Treasury. Gen. N. B. Baker proposes that tho Republicans shall unito with the Democracy in selecting some* good Democratic lawyer tor supreme Judge and elect him without op position. Suppose wo begin that policy with tho office of Adjutant General. What has N. B. to Ray to that?—[Waterloo Courier. The idea will probably not strike Nat. very favorably. i i Mr. Wiilium Elliott, who Was Clerk of the Courts of Cedar Coun ty from January 1st 1809 to Janu ary If,I 1873, is louud to boa defaul ter lo the extent of several thousand ilollars. Eight thousand mail bags of pub lic documents have been sent from the folding-room of tho IIouso ol Representatives since March 4, was among tho Washington dispatches ot last week. Another light has been had with tho Modocs. Four ol our soldiers urnru kill-4 «."•! Kfnn,'cil. N Modocs are reported killed at tho resent writing. NEW ADVERTISEMEXTS. HomeSruK South-West Cairo & Fulton Railroad Go's LANDS In Arkansas. LOW PlilCES. EASY TERMS Tho Cuiro nnd Fulton U:ilroad Conipanj lms a land giant from lho U. S. iiniouuiing iu the tggregnte to nearly Twu .Millions ot ucreH. Ilie road ruus diagonally tliround the hlftlc ot Arkunxit, liom thy north-cast lo thu »otuh-wesl, pa^iii through Hie city ot l.iit lo KucU, uuil (I'vmiiiating at tho Tex as boundary, where n i.iuuts couiicctions w nil (he J. li. gystem of hut .State. On I lie norih it makes connection with tlie St. J.ouis and lion railroad, teniiinaling at!,Sr." Louis, 'llie road is -itJO miles in longlh' and the hinds donated by the (Jovcrniueut are iu alternate sections alon^ each sido of the line. The grant einbtacts a greater di versity of soil ami greater varie.y of pio duciiuiid than can be found iu the *amc dis tance in the U. S-. The toil pro in ceilruiis of all varieties, frniull grains, rim and cetloo. Slock ranges ni v abundant. Til K (I.1M AtK ia temperate, having neither extremes 6f heat or cold. Tl Ml'.KIJ unsurpassed in rjiiility, quantity or variety Lauds will be sold at low prioes, and oil e*ty (sims of payment. 'I li'lv Kl '3 can be purchased at the St, Louis And Iron Moiiiitui!! i-iilro:ul ticiiet oflW, tfl, Roufh sirejt, St. bonis, allowing holders to stop off at any statiou to examine lands. If mods arc purchn-ied from tlit* ^'ouipan^*, fare over Cum mil h'nho ti road returned'!' For further particulars address J. M. l.Ot'iillll HOLGlf, Land CouLiiNjivuer C. & K. 11. K. a free use ot tho eaiuo will shield him from tho gallows it will be used lav ishly. Justice, in theso days of the monoy-king, is as slow as the ap proach ol the triilletunm, and it wilt soon obtain that prisoners will rot in their prison cells, or die of old ago decision cau be reach|4. Little Hock, Ark, 12,000,000 ACRES OHEAPt'ABMS. The cheapest land in market for sa'e by Ibc Union Pacific R, R. Co,, In the the Orcat lVatte Valley. 3,000,000 ACRES IN CENTRAL NEBRASK, Now for srlc in tract* of forty acres and upwards on five aud ten years credit, at 0 per uent- No advance interest required. Mild and healthful climate, fertile soil an abundance of good water. Ihe UKdT MAKKHT IN THE WEST. The great mining regions of v yoming, t'o orad.j, Utah atid *'cvada being supplied by the Uimers in tl)c i'laltc Valley. Seldisrs Entitled to a Homestead of 160 Acres BE LOCATIONS FOR COLONIES. Free homes for all I Millions of acres of choice Government Lands open for entry under the homestead l'«r, near this great Kail road, with good markets, and ull the conveniences of an old settled country. Free passes to purchasers ot railroad land. Sectional maps, showing the land, also a new edition of descriptive pamphlet frith new map mailed free everywhtro Address O. F. DAVIS, Ltnd Commissioner, U I*. Ri It., Omafctk, ,SEV I NO MACHlKfi 1% THE BEST IX TUE WORLt). Affents wanted. Send for circular. Ad dress 'DOMESTIC' SEWING MACHINE CO., N. V. 09 [Established 1830.1 WELCH & GRIFFITHS, Manufacturers of S iws. SUPERIOR TO ALL OTHERS. EVERY SAW WARRANTED F1I.ES, BELT1NO AND MACHINERY. Liberal D.'scounts. Price List and Circulars fre (H WILCil & GRIFFITH]*, Boston, Mass., & Detroit, ,«Iidh. DSEihe Rcisiuger Sash Lock and Support to FASTEN YOUR WINDOW. No spring to break 1 no cutting of sash chclp, durable, very easily applied holds saih at auy place desired, and a self-fast ener when tho sash is down. Send stamp forcircular. Circular and six copper-bronz ed locks sent to any address in the U S. poat| aid, on receipt of oO cts. Liberal in ducements ti the trade. Agent* wanted Address REISLNGER SASH LOCK CO. No. 41S Market St., Harrisburg, Pa. 10,000 I S SaOO.OOO On Ttib'«day Ju'y 8,187'!, I lie Third pr«ind Gift Concert, uti ler the management of ex Governor Thos. E. ItiamleMe and author ized by spccial aet of the Legislature, for the benefit of the Public Library of Kentuc ky. positively and unqualifiedly bemes off in l'ublie Library Hall, at Louisville. Ken tucky, when 10,000 gifts, ill cash, amount ing to $-V0,00", will be disti ilmted by lot aniuug the ticket holders. The money to pay all these gifts in full is already bank and set aside for that purpose, as the fol lowing ceriiOcate shows Offi e of Farmers' nnd Drdvtra' I5 tnk. Louisville, Ky., April 7, 1873, This is to certify that there is in tho Fanners' and Drovers' Rank, to the credit of the Third Grand Gift Concert, for the benefi of the Public Library of Kentucky, Five Hundred Thousand Dollar.-!, which has been set ppau by the magers to p-iy the gifts in full, and wil be held by the b^uk and i aid out for this purpose aud this pur pose only. It. S. VEECII, Cashier. Only a few tickets remain unsold, and they will ba furnished lo the first, appli cauls at Ihe following prices While tick ets, $10 halves, 5 quarters. Si J. "«i»: 11 who'es t'or $100 30 fjr ijOOO 113 for $1000 and o7-3 for For tickets and fuil information apply to TIlOSi E. DRAM LET IE, Louisville, Ky. Trt erjR y Agents wrant work­ O*' vr V ed All classes of WORKING 1 ing people, of cither sex, young or old. mako more monay at work us in their spare moments, or all the time, than at anything elSn: Particulars free. Address G. STIN SUN & CO., Portland Maine. CLASS^TftT inaie, a wet-K guaranteed, Rer Sp-tctable eniployinent at home, day o« evening no capital required full iustr uo lions and vahiat.»lo paeksgj of goods sent free by mail. Address, with six cent re turn stamp, M, YOUXQ & CO., Iti Con land St. N Y. AGENTS! A RARE CHVNdEll We will pay nil agents 510 per week in wlm will wiili n.» at one*. Ev ery tiling fnrnUUo I ami expenses pai2. Ail dress A. COULTER & t'i).. Ctnrlotte,Mich. 1TOW 'TIS DONE. 11 Out. Mustache and whiskei'Mti 42da.','s Ihis great secret and 10 others. Gambler's Tricks, Cardiology, Ventriloquism, all in flic original llo .1: of Wonders. Mailed for cents. Address D. C. CUTLER, Car tilage, 111. pared expressly tooure Ihe Piles, ami noth ing else. S 1,1 by all lni!T_'i~!s. 1'i ip,. «]_ A BOOK FOR THI MILLION I A Private Counselor to the Married or thou about to Marry, on tha Physiological it: rs- nut" 'K Grand or The Secret KEIYVIM). For any caso of RUnd, Heeding, Itching or I'lcerated Piles that Do Ring's Pile Remedy fails lo cure. It is pre­ 1 o tarie.i and revelations of the Benin? Jystem, with ihe latest discoveritfl ia producing auil preventing off spring, ineserving the complexion, tc., This ia an lutereating work of two hnndred and •nty pagee, with numerous engravings, atil contains valuable information for tboae who are married or contemplate marriage still It If a book that ought to to under lock and key and not laid careleaalv about tbe house. "J "f S«"U»e) for Fifty Out,. Aiitf, I No. li Kl(hlh htreo!, St. Louis, Mo* T^=r* T.3„MI inuno AND TOWSTTOATI. CjT Before tppljln* to the notorious gv*cKs whoadvortiM jut-Uc paitert, ©r using any vjua«k Keniodie*. peruM Dr. Bolts* •ork no oiftHer wh»t jrour di»««e it or toow deplorabU iriSr 41' ®irrT* consulted, pcrtonaUv or by maih J* fSSU"*1»«ntfoned In Ma work®. Office, No. ll Nortll Stmt, between Market and Cheuut, 8t. M«i \n r-* M. J". BOYLE is at TIIE OLD STAND AGAIN, ,*t tie SIGN OF THE STAR II 8 I'orsci are lively, sufe and fast,— cavringea are iti good condition and safe est of* accommodations (tiveti cui.nmen. Hcsaa reasonalii* an anywhere. [2lj.{ Noticvt Notice ia hereby given ihit I have this day given my adopted son, Harlow O. Green his time, ns if he wag of age, and that I •hall exact no portion of bis wage*, nor be come responsible for any detiia cf his con trading. H. following QRKI .:v ^Hted at !o- a NEW GROCERY HOUSE! CHAPMAN & REYNOLfiS, & DEALERS IN if\ At t!« oldatafid d! BfeRGKR & YEISER,'-Wh»«r- W Brptcksy High Streets* TOLEDO, IOWA. The undersigned having opened the largest and best stock of goods ever kept in their lice, respectfully solicit a share of the public patronage, A liberal pnc« paid for all kinds of Country produce, and Goods sold as cheap as tfce cheapest. CHAPMAN REYNOLDS. 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