Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle, May 15, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle dated May 15, 1873 Page 4
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PHTSlCAflS AND DENTISTS. JOHN NICHOLSON. DENTIST. TAMA CITY, IOWA. Offlce over S. Patterson's Store. [46 «. W. BOYNTON, M. D. physician and. fe. H. burgeon. —ALSO— U. 8. EXAMINING PENSION SURGEON TOLEDO, IOWA. AflFResidence near Post Office. [32 ATTORNEYS. ft DBA08RAW, II. S. DRADSII AW. Bradshaw Rros., Attorneys and Counselors at Law, Tole do, Tama County, Iowa. (I 1IOROE RAINES, Attorney at Law, No tary Public and Justice of the Peace. OfBee over Free's Building, Toledo Iowa. 2 GEO. R. STRURLE, Attorney and Coun sellor at Law, Toledo, Tama county, Uwa. Q- H. Goodrich, ATTORNEY AT LAW, fcffStoo. TAMA COUSTT, IOWA (Office in Free's Building.) [8tf APPELGATE & K1NNE, Attorneys and Counre'lors at Law, Toledo, Iowa. Of «e in Stone e building, over W, Walter's Grocery Store v,'in3tf THOMAS S. FRBE, Attorney at law, Toledo, Iowa. Office in Court Iloure. Also U. S.'.COMMISSION*#. [v3n9tf KO. L. BAILEY, Attorney & Counsellor vX at Law, Toledo, Iowa. Office over W. F. Johnston & Co's. Store. Qtf STIVERS & SAFLEY, LA WYERS, \Vlll practice in the Supreme and District Courts of Iowa. TOLEDO, TAMA COUNTY. IOWA. MUSIC A I NSTit U EN'I S. C. D. TERRY, First Class Piano Fortes, AND ORGAN*. Agent for WESTERN COTTAGE ORGAN Manvfactured by Luk&sbiiry 4 Carpenter, Mendota, 111. Old instruments taken in exchange for new at fair prices, and new instruments for sale on terms tu suit purchasers, T-AJUCA. CITY. K. Ill'Rl), COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT, (Residence at Orford,) WILL be in liin oflico at Tuledo. every Saturday, from 10 A. M* to 3 P. M. KttK.K EXAMINATION Hie Inst Saiutday of each inontli at 9 A. Fee for examina tion at any i tlier time, one dollar. 7ly Frazee, Jeweller. WATCHED, CLOCKS and JEWKLRY U'itf] Repaired and warranted. BUSINESS NOTICES. Under the above head, notices will be in serted in this type, leaded, at the rate of Ten cents a line for each iusertion Special terms given for long notices.aud long tihie. 6feS- Ed itorial notices in local reading column will be charged fifteen cents a line, each insertion. The Ilabcock Engine In Jersey City. I'rjm the Evening Journal, Jersey Cit v. FIRB ISI RAILROAD AVENUP.—This after n on,at about two o'cloc-, Black well, the druggist, rung the fire alarm for a fire at 1 12, Railroad aventte The fire was caused by a spark from a passing locomotivo fall ing upon the roof. Five minutes afier the alarm, the Babcock se'.f se'lng Fire Engine, ctationedat Department Headquarters, was Mi the ground and put out tbe fire without the msistam o a tjthing or anybody else. lamnge $lt.—Saturday, March 15, 1873. The most convenient and useful contriv. mice in the shape of a cabinet for keeping letters or other papers iu alphabetical or for ready reference ever placed before the public, aftd one wh'ch must have a uni versal sale thioughout the country.— Chica go Timei. HOLLOWAT S PILLS AND OI.NTMKKT.—Dis orders that eat into the flesh or inflame the skin are ex tinguished foreter by the Oin' iuent,*ai»l atTeottons of the atomacli, liver and aicretory organs-by the jpi!is. These are rules wiihout exception*. Sold TSMai leh Lane, N. Y. Price 25ots a box. AS' for new stylo the old is coun terfeited. 1'RTE MLNNIONR HORROR—Croup, is in stautly and effectually laye I by giviug Dr. Ransom's Hive Syrup and Tolu, or Honer Kyrup. The lives of many suffering chil dren have bren saved by administering this valuable remedy in attacks of Croup. All families where there are children should keep it in the house. Pricc 3 s. Dr. Miller's Magnetic Balm—Does it contain electricity It cures as if by magnetic influence Neuralgia and all pain, and is therefore being properly called Mag netic Balm. Soo adv erti»enient in this paper. Cse Br. Henry's W«}rl«r« Tonic SIH. Blttod Partlle?. It Is the great household rusnly, pleasant to laka, yet potent for the prevention anl cure of diseases. It Is better th-i!\ Hitters, Cordial, buchuorjusaaparlllii. Sold by Druggists Dr. Henry's Root aasl Plant Mild yat thorongh-^no nausea or grlpinf^en* Urely vegetable—great liver remedy. tfM*sli cents. Sold by Druggists. IK Wklteomb'i Sjwmp* The great soothing remedy. Prlee on., 19 •ents. Gives rest to tbe mother and heal 111 the child Sold by Druggists. ^oleda ^liroiiicle, Toledo, Iowa, Thursday, May 16, 1878. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Plastering hair lor sale by M. J. POWERS. 8 lbs White Sugar J«r *1.00 at W.C.Walters. The farmers of this cottnty are be ginning the work ot corn planting. 4 lbs Choice Coffee tor $ 1.00 at W.C. Walters- Heavy overcoats have been worn considerably during the past week. Good Tea tor 00 c^s per psund at W.C.Walters. The Circuit Court of Tama coanty adjourned last Friday. Choice fine cut Tobacco 60 eta per (ftund at W.C.Walters. Sam, McClung killed a bull snake five feet long last week, noar this place. 11 Pounds Brown sugar for $1.00 at W.C.Walters. In default of a quorum no business was transacted at the Council Diet ing Monday evening. Another lull ear-load ol COOPEIi Wagons just received by Parker «& Lewis, Tama City. if NOTICE TO TP. CLERKS.—Camery & Son are prepared to furnish Furst & Iiradloy's 6tecl bottomed Road Scrapers—the best in market. 20-23 Grand-Detour, Furst Bradley's Moline Plows far gale by Dennis «fc Aveiill. Dr. P.G. Weiting is having a front poreh added to his residence, and making some other improve ments about his home. John Deere, Ottawa Clipper and Peru City Stirring Plow*, at Parker Lewis', Tama City. if Flcteh Soluvol has opened a bakery next door to Henry Sdauntz' Saloon, south of Free's corner. Dennis «fc Areriil are sole agents ot Tama eotinty, for Brown's Corn Planter. Price §50, Warranted. HETI'IINIv.—Mrs. L. B. Nelson, who has bt-en east fcr e-mo weeks veiling friends, returned to-day— Wednesday. Buy John Deere Plows and Culti vators of Camery fc Hrin. Also Furst & Biadley Plows, Cultivators and Sulky Rakes, best in market. Key-stone hay-rakes and corn shellt'l-fl, at Parker & Lewis' Tama City. Also, OTTAWA CLll'i'Kli BREAKERS. U The repairs as before mentioned iu these columns as being done at the Court llo.ise, are completed, and the Auditor and Treasurer are occu pying thi-ir enlarged rooms. Keystone and Star Corn Planter?-, the best in the market, at Pai Ker & Lewis', Tama City. Sole agents for Tama county. tf Call on Camery & Son and exam ine the Climax Planter, and Cham pion Reapers and Mo wet's (wrought, irou frame) before giving your orders. PSRSOVAI..—Use Dr. L. llurst s Vinegar Cough Cure for Coughs Colds, whoopirg cough Croup, Con sumption and diseases of the Pul monary Organs. 8-20 Camery & Son have on hand 10,000 pounds of Wire, 100 kegs of Nails and a full stock ot Shelf Ilard waro which will be sold at bottom priocs for cash. 1Jhe safe for the Toledo Savings Batik has come. It weighs fifty six hundred pounds, is ot the Diehold tfc Kicnzle pattern, and has been made to the spocial order of tbe Directors of the Bank. Haines' Headers sold by Dennis & Aveiill, can bo used as a Header or as a Harvester, delivering the grain in bundles. It draws as light, nud will-cut double the amount of fcot Reaper. The best selected stock of Farm Implements ever brought to Tama County at Parker fc Lewis Tuma City. The Pearl, John Deero's Advance, and Peru City Walking cultivatofl. Alio to Marriage flildfc Interesting Work, Enlarged Edition, New tajravings, Two-hundred and sixty Pages, fotoneoecnts. Address Da. DcTTi' PurtfX "«v. 14 North Ughth Ateeeti LouU. Utk Advertisement. Buckeye Jr. com­ bined. tf. Mrs. Nash wishes to inform her friends that she has returned to her shop in Toledo, where she will keep new goods on hand till the first week in July* after which time her rooms Will be to rent All persons indebt ed to her or Mr. Nash will please settle within that time. Goods sold cheap. Remember tho plane—next door to printing offioe. 19 90 fa* Funeral of Willie H. Guilford. The Funeral services of Willie II. Guilford took place at the residence ol his parents, at ten o'clock, on Fri day last and were conducted by liev. W. S. Messmer, of the Presby terian Church. After a pathetic prayer was offered and a hymn sung, the speaker made some very ^com forting and appropriate remarks. The last selection sung on that sol emn occasion was entitled la the Valley," than which none other could have been more appropriate, aud which had long been Willie's favorite. A very large number were in attend ance, including many from Tama City, and during the forenoon sever al places of business and offices were closed. At the close of the religious services, a largo procession followed the remains to their final resting place, and there paid the last tribute of respect to a noble young man, who was greatly beloved, highly es teemed, and who was almost ready to enter upon a larger fiuld of useful ness. The following gentlemen act ed as pall bearers I. B. Frazee, O. Wadley, W. S. Johnston, Geo. Bod fish, Chas. Davis and Melviu Wad ley. Appropriate services Were had at the grave, and the. family aud sympa thizing friends departed, leaving all that is mortal of Willie to "sleep the sleep thai knows no waking." Farmers that want good Reapers, had better buy ot Dennis Averill. They have just received two car loads of McCormiuk (Advance). They are greatly improved. They now have a shipper to stop tho rope and regulate the size of the bundle a lever or crank, te lower or raise the cutter bar—all while tho machine is cutting they have fast and slow gear, for mowing? ai.d reaping, two separate cutter bars for mowing or reaping. They are the best machine trade. Sold on long thrift, at 6 per com interest. Use Dr. L. Ilursts' Anti-Dyspep tic and Liver Pills lor Dyspepsia and Liver Cciilulaint. A euro warranted in every case. Hurst's Family Med icines are for sale by Berger& Veiser and Springer & Co., Toledo. By Jas. Thompson, jr., Tama City, and deal ers generally. 8-20 FREE SODA WATEB—The people about this bailiwick were no less surprised than pleased to fitie tho nil merous hand bills about town, invit ing everybody to tho palace drug store of Berger it Yeiser, and drink eoda water, without cost. Men and boys thronged in from all parts of town, to enjoy the liberality of this firm, who tlitis inaugurated the soda Water season, and who adopted this method of letting people know that they ike as wood eoda water ad ev er moistened a human throat. The drug store wn* chock full until nine o'clock last night, with men ant! boys who stood about wiping their lips, anl who apparantly eiTjoyed tin treat no freely extended by Messrs B. & Y. DKCOKATION DAV.—As yet no pre parations have been made for the observance of the 30th of May, a day set apart for strewing flowers over the graves ot our patriot dead. This isaveiy befitting way ot keeping fresh in our minds the memories of those who fell In defense ol tlieir country and that tho day may be properly observed, we recommend that a meeting be called at the earli est convenient time, Is make tineetsa ry arrangements. MOMNE PLOWS, MOUNB PIMPS, MOLINE WAUOXS, MOLIKK CULTIVATOR*, For tale by CAMERY & SON, TOLEDO, IOWA. CIKCOIT COURT.—This Court aet at Toledo on Tuesday morning, Jtiilge John McKean, presiding.—{Citizen, Bro. Cambridge migiht have stated at what timo tho Court Will hatch out the young Tuesday mornings. He might have improved upon the phraseology by putting it iu this way "Judge John Mclvean on the nest," that being iu accordance with the idiom used iu connection with hen setting, goose-setting, atid why not Court setting W. C. wallers has just received a large lot ot dried fruits, which be offers at the following prfe## 16 lbs Dried Apples $1.00 13 Peaches 1.00 11 Currants 1.00 8 Blackberries 1.00 10 Prunes 1.00 WANTSD—A case of Rheumatism, Lumbago and Swolleu Joints in man flesh cuts, sprains, sore shoulders, and scratches in horses that can't bo cured by Ilursts1 Tar Liniment.— Hurst's Family Medioines are for sale by Berger & Yeiser and Spring-j er & Co, Toledo. Jas. Thompson,1 Tama City,and dealers generally 8 20 Mr. Chas. Herrick is no longer lessee of the Harmon House, Taml City. IIo tries the City Hotel, and Mr. Ilarmou again becomos proprie tor ol the hotel bearing his name. Dennis Jk Averill haye the largest stock ot Agricultural implements in Tama cottMjr, Go Mid examine thein. There was an eclipse of the moon on Monday. Tbero will also be an eclipse of the sun on the 26th inst., and those desiring to witness it, had better start early fdr Europo or Af rica, where it will be visible. The sign of tho City Book Store, which tho wind blew down some weeks ago, is again in position. In additiou to the old one Mr. True has had a new sign put up. It iH of the kind usually adopted for book and stationery stores, viz a large pen. Deputy Sheriff Beilby has a board er from Chelsea. flhe young man is good humored, and apparently enjoys looking through the lattice work of tho Tama County Jail. He is to put in twenty-four days, as an-Mono ment for potty larceny. One hundred aud ninety head ot cattle passed through this place in one drove, on Monday of this week. Among the cattle was a small pig, which the movers said had fallen iu with the cattle east ot Cedar Rapids. West Union has a poet, and that poet is in some w»y connected with the Gazette, as witnesseth the follow ing Mary had a little lamb, Shi laved it som', JK»U bet But she seld it for a doll*-- And subscribed for tne Uizette. Ihe Milwaukee side of the Citiien had a new heading last week, which was so poor as to call forth an apolo gy from tho editor, Who says all right next week." Tho Milwaukee boys aimed to imitato the stylo ot letter adopted by THE CHKO.VICI.E, but they Ji ln't get ft good sottld on it. Try again. Bt v THE BEST.—21i»,758 Singer Sewing Machines sold last year, over 45,000 mora than was sold by any other Company. Kept for sale at Frazee's Jewelery Store, also Mach ine Oil and Needles. W. WAVT, Agent Tama Citv. VF fti*. J. W. Clinton, agent ot Cor nelt College, situated at Mt. "S ernon this State, preached a giant discourse last Sabbath Morning, in the Metho dist Church, upon the subject ot a general education. Coneeruin^ that institution some remarks will be found in another part of this paper. Rev. Mr. Catlin, of Tama City, oc cupied the same pulpit in the ev ening. The Tama County Sunday School Convention will be held at Montour, on Tuesday and Wednesday May 27th aud 28th. All are invited to attend. Every minister, Sunday School Superintendent, and friend of Sunday Schools is expected to be there and assist iu making it the best Convention ever held in Taiua couu'y. JOHN KINGKRY, President. J. B. DENNIS, Sec. Mr.Andy Maiden ot this place, on Monday of this week, shipped twelve thousand dozen eggs to California, all of which were bought during the last three weeks. Of this number, he bought three thousand seven huu dred an 1 sixty-two dozen iu one day. If any town of interior Iowa can make a better report than this, let us hear from that plaoe. OTTER CKEKK TOWNSHIP CisBrs.— Wo are under obligations to Mr. Abram Tompkins, Assessor, for the followfng figures, taken from his books: Number of wettings 180 families 172 white males 513 females 454 voters 178 militia 113 acres of land im proved 10,886 Bushols wheat raised in 1872 05,731 corn 115,490 Oat» -26,^41 barley 3,720 Pounds of wool clipped 1,188

No. of cattle 1,093 Val no $13,823 horses 500 24,985 mules 12 «t 535 sheep 222 29p swine 1,440 3,043 vehioles 13 w Moneys and credits 530 Corporation stock 100 Value of taxable farm machin ery 550 Number of swarms of bees, 101, value, 303 Total value of personal prpp erty 44,731 Total value of land 211,303 Total assessment 250,034 Amount exempt from taxation on account of forest and .fruit trees 3,690 ADKAH TOMPKINS, Assessor. jQlUr Ctoek, M*y 12, 1873. I. OO. F. TOLEDO LODMC, NO. 179. WHEREAS, it has pleased Almighty God, the makor and preserver of the universe, to wrest from tho bosom of tho fitmily of Brother C. C. Guil ford, his promising son, William, by his sudden, unexpected and lamenta ble death and WHEREAS, such death must hare paused a severe and lasting wmind in the hearts and aflections ot our brother and his family, as well as his acquain tances and vUmpanions bo it there fore Retohed, by ttlis lodge, that we keenly feel the sting ot pain created by this calamity, anJ deeply sympa thize with our brother .and his family 111 this, their trying hour, sind sincere ly hopo that the governing powers may so act on their tninds as to par tially, at least, console their feelings. Suolvcd, That a copy of this reso tion be duly signed by our presiding officer and attested by our Sacretary, with the Seal ot our Lodge aflixed and presented to tho family of onf brother, and that it be spread upon the records of this Lodge, and pnb* hshed in tho county papors. Done in open Lodge, at its regular meeting, May 10, A. D. 187 W»T. IECKIIOKP, J. S. OORK, Com. II, W. BOVNTOX Ftom Montour, Mi K DITOR:—We arc not posted as to iho phraseology or signification of the new nanig our city 1I adopt ed, but to give a rough guess we should judge it meant business." Now, when wo say business, wo do not wish to be understood that we mean any particular trade, for that would btf doing a great injustico to the place. The whole city seems to be alive, And much rejoicing is caus ed by its rapid increase iu popula tion. Montourites seem to be natur ally of a productive nature, as they are nearly all engaged in giving their gardens what Paddy gave the drum, a booting.'1 Much crodit is due D. II. Way who would hko the satun, as ho in building a largo store on tho north west corner of Main street. Hope this disease will prove contagious. Mrs. Kerney, a widow la-ly, is set ting an example iu the millinery lino at her now shop, worthy of imitation. Quite an accident happened to the o'clock freight going west on Wednesday evening last, at this place. The switch was left open, and tho engine and several cars thrown from th*3 track. The engineer and fireman jumped from the tram with out serious injury. The Indian Village township Con vention was well represented from this place, and Indian Town but nol very largely from the vioinity of Townsend's school house. The weather is not deserving ot much credit as yet. Hope to report more favorably iu our next. CltESESDo" The Publishers ot the G'oldsa Star Magazine have chosen a now method, designed to increase their already largo circulation. Their offer is as follows: For $2.00 they send the Magazine one year' together with a beautiful Oil Clirotno, worth $7.u0 richly framed. They also send free to every subscriber a cortificato enti tling the holder to one sharo in their Annual Distribution of Dividends, tho largest premium ot which is 1250.00. This is the trua way, as, after issuing a periodical and paying all expenses, a surplus remains. This the publishers of the Goldtti Star give back to their subscribers as Divi dends. There is no chancc for any humbug about this, as the Chromo nud Magazine are richly worth twice the subscription price. Read their advertisement in another column.® There is an immense amount o(. work just now needed 011 our 6trr trust the street Commissioner, whose office is a thankless on «, will not be slow in making the much needed im provements. Daring muddy weath er some ot Vne street crossings are literally Juried in mud, and the soon er tliQ necessary repairs and improve ments are made, tho sooner wo will be compelled to cast about for locals from another source. DIBD.—At the residence of James Woodward, Monday, May 12, little Raymond, infant son ot James and tho late Annette Struble, OVER 88OO.OO 420 In dividends GIVEN AWAY! To the subscribers of the GOLDEN STAR MAGAZINE. Which contains fifty pages of splendid reading matter. We also give to every subscriber a splended OIL CiiROMO, rich ly framed in Black Waluut, with gilt cen ter. EAOII subscriber also reoeives a cer tificate, eniiilirg the holder to one share In our distribution of Divideads. which are at present ever $800. Agents are making from $5 to $10 per day, working for us. Send for Circulars or send $2 for the magaiine ono year with the Chromo (framed) and the Certificate. Ad dress, GOLDEN STAR, ORIGINAL NOTICE, gTATEOF IOWA, TAMA COUNTY, 89. To S. II. Trouly Yoit are hereby notified that there U now on tile, iu the ofli.e of the Cleric of tbe Dis trict Court, of Tatna county, Iowa, a peti tion of Jacob Yeiser, Jr., claiming of you eiglity-five dollars, for services in effecting sale cf certain lnnds for you. and that an attachment lias been levied upon your pro perty, to Rucure said clulm. And unless you appear thereto, and de fend. on or before noon, of the second day of the next Term of said Court, being the September Term of said Couri for Ihe year A I) 187o commencing on the third Monday of September. A I8T0 at the Court House in Toledo in said coun'y default will bo en tered against you, and judgment render ed thereon. 0 B. STRUBLE, 20-38 Att'y for Plaintiff. j* 0 0 t£ m, 0 CO a CQ 5 0. 0 75 0 0 tn 0 0 O CO SHERIFFS SALE. BY virtue of a special execution, elite 1 the 2lst of April, A. 0, 1S7:1, to mo dircctcd, issued ouc of the olli-jn of the Clerk of the District. Court of Taini county, State of Iowa, in favor of Ocorgo R. Stru ble, aiul against Stephen Hall, issandria Hall, Louis Carniichael, Win. Smith, E. I). Rice, John II Tliede, J. 15. Spaffurd The north half of the norlh-west quarter of sec'-ion No. twenty-seven (27) and the south-east quarter of the south-west, quarter of section Number twenty-two, (22), all in township No. eighty-four (HI), north of range fiftocn (15), west of iho 6th 1'. M., in Tama County, Iowa, ba sold, or so tnuch thereof as is neces sary to satisfy said judgment, interest and cost: Now, therefore, public notice is hereby given, that I have livied upon, and shall on the ."1st day of May, A. 1). 1873, be tween the hours of 9 o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock 1*. M. of said day, sale to commence at the hour of 1 o'clock P. M., at the front door of tho Court House in Toledo, Iowa, in the county of Tama, offer and sell at public outcry, to the highost and \,est bidder for cash, all the ri^.t, ti'.",# Ajril 21, 1873. e BY21st Jleedsburg, Wis. virtue of a Special Execution, dated the of April, A. D. 1873, to me direct ed, issued out of th office of th Clerk of the District Court of Tann County, State of Iowa, in favor of The First National Bank, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and against Cyrus K. Uoblish, Mary L. Dodfish, his wife David D. Appelgate, Lewis Carniichael, C. Lamb & Sou, Ilurlburt & Edsell, Nicholas Kuhren, and the First National Rank of Marshalltown, on a judgment rendered by said Court at the February term thereof, A. D. 1873, against the said Cyrus K. Bodtish, for the sum of $3,559, and a decrce of fore closure against said Defendants, wherein it was ordered.adjudged and decreed \hat the following described Real Estate, to wit: Lots No. one, (1) two (2) three, (3 four, (4) five, (5) and six, (0) in block Num ber fifteen, (15) in Bodfish & Harmon's addition to the tewn of luka, in Tama County, lows, be sold, or so much thireof as is necessary to cstisf/ said judgment, inter est and cost': Now, therefore, publio. notice is hereby given, that I hare levied-upon, and shall on the 31st day ot May, A. D. 187 J, between the hours of 9 j'olock A. M. an 4 o'clock P. M. of said day, sale to eomuiecoe at the hour of 1 o'clock P. M., at the front door of tbe Court House in Toledo, Iowa, in the county of Tama, otfer and sell at public out nry, to the highest au I best bidder, for oasli, all the right, tit.'e and interest of the above named defendants, in and to the above described property, or so much thereof as is necessary to satisfy said judgment for tbe above named sum, to gether with costs and all accruing costs unless the same shall be sooner satisfied. April 21, 1878. KNIGHT DEXTER, Sheriff af Tama county, Iowa. WHITTAM & COLLIER, $7/19 VJ 2J Att'y fjr 1'luimiir. REFEREES' SALE. is hereby given that pursuant tcf IT t^O judgment and order of the Irtstrict Court t'f Tama county, Iowa, made 011 the "24th day of February, 187 ?, is a causei pending in said ('curt between Catharine' Uemu as plaintiff, and Anna Novak, Yince Novak, Catharine Hankot, Vrank Saukot, John Sanknt, Mary Hankot a*d Michael Boran defendant!), iho undersigned Ref erees will, on the "24ih day of May ls^i, at the front door of the Court House, in Tole do. Iowa, between tno houis of o'clock A. M. and 4 o'cl ck P. M., and eommcncing at 10 o'clock A. M., will otfer for sale and sell to the highest cash bidder, tho following land, viz The southeast quarter of the southeast quarter of section No. twenty eight ('J and tho east six acres of the southwest quarter of the southeast quarter of sectiou No. twenty ci^ht ^28), all in t.iwnship No. cighty-ihreo (S::), north of range No. thir. teen (18) west of 5th P. M. JOHN SKRABLE, JOSKPII SKALA, 1'liTER IIACH, Referees. O. H- Terry, Dealer in Lumber, Lnth, Shingles, Doors Windows, Blinds, Etc., ISXlIUiEOU SMALL QUANTITIES. Yards opposite Elevator, Tolodo, Iowa and with C. Lamb & Sons, Tama City. Iam ready to deliver In car-load lot?, at Belle Ptaine, Caclsea, Tama Citjr, Toledo, Crford, Marshall or Dysart. 14yl TO THE SUFFER!NS. The ltev. William II. Norton, while residing in Hrnzil as a Mission ary, discovered in that land of ined icnes a remedy lor Consumption, Scro' fula, Sore Throat, Coughs, Colds, Asth• ma and Nervous ff'eaknest. Tho rem edy has cured myself after all other medicine hdd failed. Wishing to benefit the suffering, I will send tho receipt for preparing and usino tliis remedy to all who do sire it FltEE of charge. Please send an envelope, with your name and address on it. Address, Rev. WILLIAM II. NORTON, G7G Broadway, New York City, A CAfeD. A vMergyman, whilo residing in South America, as missionary, dis covered a Palo and simple remedy lor the Cure of Ncrvou* Weakness, Early Decay, Disease of the Urinary mid Seminal Organs, and tho whofu train of disorders brought on by banefel and vicious habits. Great numbers have been cured by this na« bio remedy. Prompted by a desiro to benefit tho nfflicted and unfortun ate, I will send tho receipt for pro paring and using this medicine, in a sealed envelope, to any ono who needs it, Free ot charge. Address, Josuru T. INJUN, Station D. Bible House, 8iy New York City. Burlington, Cedar Haplds& lllnnesu* Railway. On and after Dec. 8th, 1872, passenger trains on this line will run as follows: am le p. M.lei IP. x. ar r. or 8-30 0:00 St Loois. 11.00: 7.00 P. M. If A le 7:30 8.20 13tiri:uglon 9:2'i 10.20 Columbus Jun 10:05 ll.Oti Nichols 10:24 )l 2 i West Liberty 12:15: 1.40 Cedar ltapids 1:20: 2.34: Yin Ion 2:40: 4.25 Waterloo a-05 4.50: Cednr Falls 6*10 8.00 Nora Junction^ 7:40 9.32i I.yle 8.-0(.: lO.Ot'i Austin Si Co., O II Warren, W. F. Johnston, l'eter S.uitli. and C. K. Bo'lfiuli, 011 a judgmcot rendered by said Court at the Scptcmbor term there of, A. D. 1*72. against the said Stephen Hall f'r the sum of $!i:iD.'.)3, and a decree of fore closure against said defendants wherein it was ordered, adjudged and decreed that the following describod lteai estate, to wit: ftnj interest of the above rained jefendants in anJ to the above d^jcribc p^oporly, or so much thereof as is ne^gggary to satisfy said judgment for the above named sum to gether with costs.'^nd all accruing costs uu less the same ^'n&ll be sooner satisfied KNIGHT DEXTER, Sheriff of Tama County. lewa. tf. R. IIRADSIIAYV, Att'y for Plaintiff. Feb. 26th, 1873, $7,35, IK/JO ts, sidewalks and crossings rn,j SHERIFFS SALE. wo r. A.iiat 12.10 12.15 10.2O 0.3C.: 9.2C 7.05 4.45: 8.23: 3.05' 12.07: 10.55: 10.30 10.00 9.3* 9.16 T.4S 6.30 6.21 £.02 2,30 1.10 12.45 0.20 c». :o 1.40 9.55 Minneapolis I 3.45 I 1.25 11.53 St. Paul 4.O0 I p-11. ar A. u ar P. le p. le MllVWALiKKG DIVISION! 9 2o a le Cedar ltupids 12.40 it ar KM CenUrJ/oint 11.30 a. M. le 8.30 A le Fostville 10.45 a Mar West Uuion "PACIFIC DIVISION 7.40 a 11 ar 1.10 a le 7.50 a Cedar Rapids' 5.15 u &"r 11.20 a le Vinton 2,^ s ar 12 50 ar Dysart 1.25 1 le Mt'.sL'ATINE i iVIS10N. Mescaline 12 OSplTii. ar Nichols I l.Oti a le Talaco sleeping c».-s, own„d and operated by th'.* line accompany all night trains. Connections are as Follows. At BUKLINtlTON with Chicago, Bnrling* ton & Quincy Railroad for Chicugo, Peoria, Cincijnati and Louisville, Keokuk Quincy and Kansas with Toledo, Peoria & War. saw Railway for Logansport, CYlumbus, Pittsburg and St. Louis, via. Rockford, Hock Island & St. Louis Railroad with Burling, ton k Missouri River Railroad forOttumwa Red Oak, Nebraska and Kansas, and with Burlington & Southwestern for Farmingtoa Bloimficld, Missouri anl Kansas. At COLUMBUS JUNCTION, with CI I cago & Southwestern Railroad for Wash, inton and Leavenworth. At W EST LIBERTY, with Chicago, Rock Island & l'acifie Kailroad, for Iowa City, Des Moines and Davenport, At NICHOLS, with Muscatine Dir. B., C. It. & M., for Muscatine. At CEDAR RAPIDS, with Chicago & Northwestern Railway for Omaha. Counct. Bluff's and Chicago, and with Dubuqua it Southwost?rn Railway far Dubuque. At WATERLOO and CEDAR FALLS, with Illinois Central ltailread for Indepen dence. Dubuque. Fort Dodge and Sioux City. At XOIIA JUNCTION, with Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway, for Mason ir and Charles City. At AUSTIN, with Milwaukee k St. Paul Railway, for all points in Minnesota, At ST. PAUL, for all points on Northern Paoific Railway tbe jreat Lake Superior region, and all points North and North, west. IV. II. PETTI RONE, WM. GREKNE ASJS Oea I Sup t. Gen'l 8uv». C. J. IVBS, Gen'l Ticket Agent, Cedar Rapids fog*. TIMK TALH,E OP TUB TOLEDO NOBTH-TO?aaN RAILWAY TltAL^J LEAVK TOLEDO, Accommodation, 7 MuU A. it. W45 A.M- Accomodation, 1 p, u. Mail, 4 3d P. m! T.m.v cttr, Accommodation, 9 A Mail, II 95 A. W,' Accommodation, SO P. II. 4, Mail, 15 y IQTTho Company reserve tbe right tetJ vary from this at pleasure. tickets are purehMHilt—4f fate is paid on the ears. JtV 09al3- L. CLARK, Superimlendent.

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